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Heat 1995

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I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
Check, charge or cash?
Make it out to...
...Jack's Demolition. Tucson.
Taking me to breakfast?
I can't. I'm meeting Bosko.
Hey, Vincent.
Where are my barrettes?
I saw them on the kitchen table.
I already checked.
No school today?
My dad's taking me to the new building|and then to lunch.
Try under the sofa cushions.
He's already a half an hour late.
He's going to show,|or stand her up like last time?
I'll make coffee.
Out of time.
Mom, my barrettes are not on the couch.
Wear the blue ones.
I don't want to wear the blue ones.|They don't match.
- Did you check in your bathroom?|- I checked everywhere!
What do you want me to do?
Find them!
- Mom, pay attention!|- All right, sweetie, all right!
Daddy's going to be here.
I won't be ready!
- I can't be late.|- You won't.
I will be late!
Before Daddy comes,|we can find them if we look together.
It's all right, baby. It's all right.
We'll find them together, you and me.|We'll find them.
Just relax. He won't come|before we find them. I promise you.
Give me another refill.
What's your name?
You're Michael?
You guys always work together?
All the time.
Real tight crew?
Real tight.
If this works good,|I'd consider going again, you know.
Yeah. Stop talking, okay, Slick?
How's he doing?
Hundred percent.
Right on schedule.
Made a right on Venice Boulevard.
{y:i}We're a mile and a half from you.
Just crossed over the No. 1 lane,|300 yards from you.
Get set.
I am.
Here we go.
We're being held up!
{y:i}- 211 alarm. Armored car.|- There's the call.
{y:i}Three minutes.
Eighty seconds left!
Get back! Get back!
Get back!
Slick, see that shit coming out of|their ears? They can't fucking hear you!
Cool it!
I got it.
Got it.
You had to fuck with me.
Want to fuck with me?
What are you doing? What did he do?
He was making a move.
Dumb motherfucker.
I heard them.
$1.6 million...
Forty cents on the dollar, $640,000 to you.
Here's $150,000 front money.
Get you the rest in two, three days.
Who owned these?
"Malibu Equity and Investments."
Roger Van Zant.
Owns banks in the Caymans...
...runs investment portfolios|for offshore drug money. Stuff like that.
You ripped off his bearer bonds.
He's insured.
That's the point. He collects|100 percent from the insurance.
He's a player. Maybe he buys|his bonds back from us...
...for 60 percent of their value. Makes|40 percent on top of the 100 percent.
Sell it back to him,|that's an extra $320,000 to you.
Try it on.
Kelso called.
About what?
A score he's putting out,|he wants you to look at.
I don't need his score. I got my own.
Says it's clean and low eight figures.
9:00 a.m. tomorrow.
What happened?
Don't ask.
Find the ambulance?
- Dumped it four blocks from here.|- 22nd Street.
They torched it.|Burned the guns, clothes, everything.
They were airborne. They taped the last|few seconds of the black-and-whites.
Stolen from Fresno two weeks ago.
Yellow pickup truck out of Whittier|a day before yesterday.
You taking this one?
Or does it stay in Division?
Does this look like gangbangers|working the local 7-11 to you?
Robbery-Homicide's taking it.
We got three motorists.
All they saw were men with masks.|They were distant.
TV man over there, however,|he was closer.
Did he ID anybody?
He was hiding. He heard it mostly.
What about them?
According to the TV man,|this guy started mouthing off.
Somebody called a guard "Slick".
Now, I figure this guy...
...went for that hold-out piece,|ankle holster.
From here...
...bang, bang...
...bang, bang, bang.
This side.
This guy has got what appears to be|a double tap-entry wound to the sternum.
Tattooing around the head wound,|scorched bone, close range.
Probably executed.
It was $1.6 million in bearer bonds.
They ignored the loose cash.
'Cause they had no time.|They were on a clock.
Which means they knew|our response time to a 211...
...had our air, immobilized it, entered...
...escaped in under three minutes.
It's a good spot here.|We got good escape routes.
Two freeways...
...within a quarter of a mile.
Traffic video camera?
Probably disabled. Check it anyway.
You recognize the M.O.?
M.O. ... that they're good.
Once it escalated into a murder-one|beef for all, after they killed two guards...
...they didn't hesitate.
Popped guard No. 3 because...|what difference does it make?
Why leave a living witness?
Drop of a hat, these guys will rock-and-roll.
The shape charge.
The shape charge indicates|that they are technically proficient.
Proficient enough to go in on the prowl.
Let's look for recent high-line burglaries|that have mystified us.
Run "Slick" as an alias to the FBI.|You'll get the phone book.
Do it anyway.|Who's moving the bearer bonds?
Check the usual fences. You and I will|check Cuzomano and Torena.
I want you to take Goldstein and Alfaro.
Hang in with Forensics.
From the bomb squad,|I want the explosive.
If we're lucky, it's exotic.|We can trace the sale.
Get your hand out of that man's pocket.
Anyone want some pie?
Gotta go to the john.
I had to get it on. He was making a move.|I had to get it on.
Split's in the car.|I took out of ours evenly... make up for his full end...
...'cause I want to pay off and get rid|of this motherfucker right now.
Hold it!
Where's the rest?
We're late. You look too good to go out.
I'll just jump you right here.
- Where is it?|- Squared the bookies, baby.
There's more in a couple of days,|so don't sweat it. We're late.
Come on.
You gotta be kidding me.
Honey... ain't worth the risks you take|for $8,000. Like in "Risk versus reward".
Let's go.
Get your coat.
There's no point talking.|You're just a child growing older.
What does that mean?
We're not making forward progress|like real grown-up adults living our lives...
...because I married a gambling junkie.
Get in the fucking car.
What am I doing in here?
You're not!
Leave the bank book and the car keys... the kitchen on your way out!
- Are we going?|- Keep that crap. Dominick comes with me.
Don't even think about...
Tell me Albert Torena called back.
Albert Torena call Vincent?
Report came in.
{y:i}The explosive was Dy-Ex,|{y:i}used in demolition.
{y:i}You can pick it up in Nevada...
...Arizona, New Mexico.
Too common to trace a sale.
That's wonderful.
You all right?
What happened? Where have you been?
Lauren's dad show up?
Didn't call...
...didn't show. We waited for you till 10:30.
Now, does this guy have any idea|what's going on with this kid?
I don't know.
Fucking jerk.
Is she okay?
She's been in her room all day.
So, no, she's not okay. Neither am I.
I made dinner...
...for us, four hours ago.
Every time I try to maintain|a consistent mood between us... withdraw.
I got three dead bodies on a sidewalk... Venice Boulevard, Justine.
I'm sorry...
...if the goddamn...
...chicken... overcooked.
Coffee, sir?
Will you pass the cream?
What'd you get?
What are you reading?
Book about metals.
{y:i}Stress Fractures in Titanium.
What kind of work do you do?
Lady, why are you so interested|in what I read or what I do?
I've seen you in the store.
What store?
Hennessey and Ingalls. I work there.
If you don't want to talk to me, it's okay.
I'm sorry I bothered you.
I didn't mean to be rude.|I didn't recognize you.
I work in metals. I'm a salesman.
My name's Neil.
I'm Eady.
You like working there?
I get a discount and there's|a whole section of books in my area.
What area?
Graphic design.
I do letterheads and logotypes|at night and...
...the store's a day job|until I get enough going.
Who do you do that for?
A restaurant.
I did their menus, and...
...a small record label.
I've done two so far.
You go to school for that?
I went to Parsons.
Where's that?
New York City.
How long you been here?
About a year.
Like it?
Not really. I'm mostly here for the work.
Live in this neighborhood?
No, I live kind of above Sunset Plaza.
It's a little house I rent.
And it's kind of rundown,|but a beautiful, beautiful view.
What about you?
I live up here.
That's very funny.
Where's your family from originally?
They're Scotch-Irish.
They emigrated to Appalachia... the late 1700s.
Where are you from?
The Bay area.
Your folks there?
My mother died a long time ago,|and my father...
...I don't know where he is.
Got a brother somewhere.
You have a tight family. I can tell.
You're right.
City of lights.
In Fiji, they have...
...iridescent algae that come out|once a year in the water.
That's what it looks like out there.
You been there?
No, I'm going there someday.
You travel a lot?
Traveling make you lonely?
I'm alone. I am not...
Real lonely.
What you doing here? You crazy?|This ain't Disneyland.
You were supposed to get back to me.
Where the fuck you been?
I couldn't break free.
Let's violate his ass right now.
I do for you... don't do for me, is that it?
Listen, man. I swear, I was out all night.|I'm hitting like a Flamingo matador.
That's got nothing to do with me.
I'm cutting it smooth. I'm generating|leads and shit for you. I'm a dancer.
You bullshit.
I paged your ass all day.|I hate fucking paging.
You're a speed freak,|jacking methamphetamine again.
Where's your empathy?|It's a substance abuse problem.
Empathy was yesterday. Today you're|wasting my motherfucking time.
You fall in love?
Did you fall in love...
...and went off somewhere?
Tell me that, I'll settle for it.
Give me all you got!
Give me all you got!
I swear, my brother Richard's going|to talk to you.
I heard Richard?
He's going to talk to you.
He's gonna meet you tonight.
He's not here, is he?
No, he'll meet you tonight.
What happened to now?
I implored him because I knew|you was coming this a.m.
I swear. He said no...
...'cause he in Phoenix.
"By the time I get to Phoenix
He'll be rising
He'll probably leave a note
Right on the door"
Tonight's the best I can do for you.
He'll meet you at BJ's on Alvarado.
At 2:00 a.m.
Be there.
You be there too.
I can't be there, man. I got things to do.
I got things to do, I got places to be.
Be there.
Don't waste my motherfucking time!
What is it?
It's a bank.
It depos cash on Thursday for distribution|to all the other branches... cover Friday payroll checks.
So on Thursdays,|the command branch has got a full whack.
On the prowl or strong?
Strong. Through the door.
How many guys?
About four, or three, plus a driver.|You walk in, knock 'em over, walk out.
You want $100,000 in advance|against a ten-percent cut for that?
Sounds like a cowboy score.
They hit the hold-up alarms,|I gotta get out before the cops show.
They hit three hold-up alarm systems.
Two Telco and a cellular.
But the signals aren't|going anywhere because...
...the night before... cut in...
...and trick out|the alarm system computer... turn itself...
...and the video recorders off...
...20 minutes before you enter.
Architectural, electrical plans?
I got that.
I got the boards already built.|They go right into the CPU.
What's the estimate?
$12.1, $12.2 million.
You're on.
Let me give you a little idea|of where my estimates come from.
Nobody knew the merch was yours.
My way, you get 100 percent|from the insurance company...
...take the bonds back from us...
{y:i}... at 60 cents on the dollar|{y:i}and make yourself another 40 percent.
The operation doesn't skip a beat.|We all make out.
Sure, you got a deal.
Good, because there's no percentage|if everyone gets upset.
You have your man call me|and we'll set the meet.
Yeah, okay.
Nice talking to you.
You gonna deal with these guys?
Word's on the street|it's okay to steal my stuff.
I'm going to kill these sons of bitches.
Have Harry bring me the spreadsheets|for Canary Island's Offshore.
That's not really an estimate.|Those are exact figures.
I have a printout of the bank's cash flow|for the past two months.
How'd you get this information?
Just comes to you.
This stuff just flies through the air.
It's just beamed out all over the place.|You just have to grab it.
I know how to grab it.
Okay, here we go.
$13.9 million.
- I bought it.|- Good.
What did I tell you?
We're on. Call Van Zant,|collect the money.
How is he?
He's a businessman.
Chris is at my place.
What's wrong?
Husband-and-wife stuff.
I'll let him sleep it off.
What happened to you?
When will you get some furniture?
When I get around to it.
Charlene's gonna leave me.
Not enough steaks in the freezer.
With everything we've been doing?
Vegas and the Super Bowl cleaned me out.
When you gonna get an old lady?
When I get around to it.
You got something else on the side?
Nothing regular.
She got something else on the side?
- No.|- You sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
I don't know what you're doing.
As Jimmy said, "You want to be|making moves on the street?
Have no attachments.|Allow nothing to be in your life...
...that you can't walk out on in 30 seconds|if you spot the heat around the corner."
Remember that?
For me, the sun rises|and sets with her, man.
We take the delivery of cash|from Van Zant...
...then I drop a deposit on Kelso|for this bank.
Bank? What bank?
What about the platinum thing?|It's ready to fall.
That goes too. Then the bank.
Want some breakfast?
Are you okay?
Yeah, sugar.
For real.
I'll do good.
I'll see you later.
You Solenko?
I'm Don Breedan.
Grierson, my parole officer, told me|to come here, see if you had a job for me.
You're familiar with this kind of operation?
I'm a great grill man.
Good. Good for you.
You'll mop the toilets, hit the dishwasher,|bus tables and empty the garbage.
Give me a hard time, I'll report you loaded,|drunk or stealing.
I'll violate you back fast.
Twenty-five percent of your take-home|kicks back to me.
Rules of the game. Call Grierson,|check it out. Change in the back.
What are you waiting for?
{y:i}Malibu Equity and Investments.
Roger Van Zant.
{y:i}Please hold.
{y:i}This is Roger Van Zant.
I'm supposed to collect something.
Someone will call you back|from another line.
{y:i}I got a package for you. There's a drive-in|{y:i}on Centinela. 2:30 tomorrow.
Just send one man, alone.
- Who was that guy?|- Nobody.
- Who was that guy?|- Nobody.
I gotta know who he is! Who is he?
He's nobody, Neil.
He's a legit liquor wholesaler|from Las Vegas. Alan Marciano.
Chris will make up.
- It's too late! I'm sick of it!|- Shut up!
Here's the deal.|You'll give Chris one last shot.
After that, he fucks up,|then I will finance setting you up myself...
...on my own, anywhere you want.
Dominick will go with you.
And my word counts. But right now... will give him the chance.
Clean up. Go home.
Clean up. Go home!
Give me all your money.
You'll get smoked with that shit.
Won't be you.
He's coming in alone. Send him through.
Vincent, hey, man.
This is my brother, Richard. Vincent.
It's all right.
What have you got for me?
Before we even get into that, there's|this crew ripping rides all along the beach.
Now, in the back of a trim shop...
...if somebody wants to pay|a little visit this weekend...
...they might find two Turbos|and a 911 Slope.
You're looking to rid yourself|of your competition?
I'm a good citizen.
I'm Donald Duck.
You got something to tell me?
Check this out, cuz.
How do I know if I tell you|what you need to know...
...that you're gonna do|what the fuck I need to get done.
Hanna is straight up.
I ain't your cuz, you rat motherfucker.
And you know because I say so...
...after I hear what the fuck|you got to tell me!
Fuck you.
You understand?
I can get killed for telling you this.
You can get killed walking your doggie!
All right, man...
...there was a cat I was locked up with.
Did a couple of two, three years.|He got out. I ran into him.
And so?
He's a big fiend for action.
Now, if he'd have said nothing,|I'd have thought nothing, but...
...he goes on and on,|telling me how he ain't done nothing...
...and nothing's been going on,|and all this bullshit.
Right then and there I know...
...this cat's got something going down.
Pretty fucking great.
Albert, what's wrong with you?
You drag me here, waste my time like this.
You saw a guy on the street|who's an ex-con?
That's right.
Well, I am...
What do you want for that,|a junior G-man badge?
You gonna make the call|on them Porsches?
Is he kidding me?
I'm telling you:
This Slick is no joke.
He's double time.
Say what?
"Slick". What does that mean?
That's what he calls people: "Slick".
Tell me about him.
About 6 feet tall...
...lots of jailhouse tats.
Got a big-ass peacock right here.
What's his name?
Michael Cheritto.
{y:i}Thirty-three busts since 1976.
{y:i}Eleven for armed robbery, |{y:i}three convictions.
{y:i}Two out of a three-to-five year beef|{y:i}in Attica.
Three years in Marion.
Five years in Folsom off a knock-back|to involuntary manslaughter.
{y:i}Jacket's two inches thick.
Who do I have there now?
- Drucker and me. And Schwartz.|{y:i}- Tell SIS...
...I want full surveillance. That's 24 hours.|Round the clock, day and night.
We never close. Open every day.
{y:i}Bug the car, the house, the work.
{y:i}When he moves or sits, |{y:i}like in a restaurant...
{y:i}... I want pictures of who he moves|{y:i}and sits with.
Then run makes on them.|They got jackets, trail them.
I want it up and running|by tomorrow night.
Put your hands where I can see them.
Put your hands where I can see them.
I tell you what to do.
I tell you how to do it.
Now, with your right hand only,|your right hand only...
...take the package and throw it in here.
Behind you.
{y:i}On the right.
Roger Van Zant.
Who's this?
You know who this is.
Yes, I do.
{y:i}I sent a guy to deliver the package.
He didn't call. Is everything okay?
{y:i}I tell you what, forget the money.
Forget the money.
It's a lot of money. What are you doing?|What do you mean, "Forget the money"?
What am I doing?|I'm talking to an empty telephone.
I don't understand.
'Cause there is a dead man|on the other end of this line.
Do you like it?
Look at my ring.
Did you know?
You are insane.
Do you like it?
- It's beautiful.|- It's good.
Don't ask him where he got it.
What do you want to be|when you grow up?
I don't know.
Just like me.
I don't know either.
It's me.
I was wondering if you'd call.
I've been busy.
Can I see you?
I was afraid that was just...
...the one night.
Not for me, it wasn't.
Yeah, me neither.
Can I fall by?
I'll see you in a little bit.
Goddamn convention.
- Which one's Slick?|- The wide one.
We got two transmitters.
One's in the wheel well,|backup's in the firewall.
Here we are.
Did you say goodnight to Neil?
The blond is Chris Shiherlis.
SIS has got a revolving tail|and hung a wire on the house phone.
Cheritto's cruised the precious-metals|depository three times.
Platinum, silver, and some bullion.
Sammy and I think that will be|their next score.
Who's the loner?
First time we've seen him.
We're not on him yet.
Get on it.
When these guys walk out the door of|whatever score they're gonna take next...
...they're gonna have the surprise|of a lifetime.
Baby, time to go.
Showed you a good time, didn't I?
You fly.
You're cool.
You're lying to me.|I can always tell when people lie to me.
I ain't lying.
You're a hot dog.
A regular rodeo rider.
And this was the monster fuck|of my young life.
Now, I got to get my ass street-side, sugar.
You don't have a truth-telling style.
What are you talking about?
You don't know what this is.
The Grim Reaper's visiting with you.
Where have you been?
SHU at Pelican Bay.
Folsom, B-wing.
I am a cowboy...
...looking for anything heavy.
Billy said to come see you.
That is why I am here.
Why don't you call this guy?
This guy's always putting guys on.
Thank you.
You're perfect for each other.
I knew a guy in grade school.
His name was Raoul... whatever.
You could take his fingers|and fold them over each other.
He'd turn his eyelids inside out...
I can't keep my hands off you.|That's the truth.
That's what's so wonderful|about you in that...
...bestial sort of way.
This better be earth-shattering.
This is to Raoul.
Yeah, Vincent Hanna.
Here's how we found her.
How old?
Sixteen, seventeen.|Been here about six hours.
How'd she die?
Beat her head in, same as the others.|Cerebral hematoma.
Who's that?
Mother and siblings.
- Why are they here?|- It's fucked up.
Somebody inside knew the girl|and called the family.
Let's go.
My intuition says the DNA check on|the semen will show it's the same guy... it's a series and ending up|in your court.
Sheriff's getting anywhere?
Not yet.
Get off of me!
Oh, my God!
Where is she?
Easy, easy, easy.
Please, come on.
It's okay.
Where is my baby?
Where is she?
I need to know what happened.
I guess the earth shattered.
So why didn't you let Bosko|take you home?
I didn't want to ruin their night too.
What was it?
You don't want to know.
I'd like to know what's behind|that grim look on your face.
I don't do that. You know it. Let's go.
You never told me I'd be excluded.
I told you when we hooked up...
...that you'd have to share me...
...with all the bad people|and all the ugly events on this planet.
And I bought into that sharing...
...because I love you.
I love you fat, bald, money,|no money, driving a bus.
I don't care.
But you have got to be present|like a normal guy.
That's sharing.|This is not sharing, this is leftovers.
What I should do is come home and say:
"Hi, honey, guess what?|I walked into this house today...
...where this junkie asshole|just fried his baby in a microwave...
...because he was crying too loud,|so let me share that with you.
Come on, let's share that|and in sharing it...
...we'll somehow cathartically dispel|all that heinous shit."
You know why?
'Cause you prefer the normal routine.
We fuck and you don't speak.
'Cause I got to hold on to my angst.
I preserve it...
...because I need it.|It keeps me sharp, on the edge.
Where I gotta be.
You don't live with me.
You live among the remains|of dead people.
You sift through the detritus.
You read the terrain.
You search for signs of passing...
...for the scent of your prey...
...and then you hunt them down.
That's the only thing you're committed to.
The rest is the mess you leave|as you pass through.
What I don't understand is|why I can't cut loose of you.
Let's go, baby.
I met the manager.
Is that the boss?
I did time for what that motherfucker|does every day.
Can you just handle it|till we find you something new?
Can you do that?
Ain't a hard time been invented|that I cannot handle.
Why're you hanging with me?
Because I'm proud of you.
You're proud of me?
Why the hell are you proud of me?
Come on home.
What were you doing there?
I was skiing.
I was trying to ski.
That's what people do there.|You go skiing...
...and you meet people.
You try to have a good time.
- Did you have a good time?|- No.
Why not?
I'm not good at meeting people.
You met me.
That happened without my thinking|about it.
Which is why I probably...
No, it's because you are fine.
Take off with me for a while.
New Zealand.
I have to go separate.|You can meet me there.
But my job...
I got money. You don't need money.
You could set up a studio and work there.
I don't know.
What's there to know?
Are you married?
The last thing I am is married.
I'm a needle starting at zero|going the other way.
Then, all of a sudden...
...someone like you comes along.
You don't know me.
I know enough.
Come with me.
What's wrong?
Nothing's wrong. Everything's right.|Will you go?
Hi, sweetie.
You forget your mom was picking you up?
So, what's going on?
I felt like being alone.
Come on, I'll drive you home.
What's happening?
Captain Jackson wants to know|what's going on.
Nothing's going on. Stay off the air.
Open Sesame. Right there.
There he is.
We walk!
I'm there.
We walk! Now!
He's heard it.
Heads up.
- One's coming out.|- Hold it, Captain.
Vincent, he's not carrying anything.
I see.
- Here we go.|- Not till my boss says so.
Both of them are not carrying anything.
- Let them go.|{y:i}- What do you mean?
{y:i}We can take them...
On what?
They didn't steal anything yet.
It gets knocked back to a misdemeanor,|they do six months and they're out.
No fucking way.
I'm not taking the heat from my boss.|They are not walking.
That's exactly what they'll do.|They'll walk. This is my operation.
I have tactical command|that supersedes your rank.
They will walk away|and you will let them. Fuck!
Back to work.
LAPD, the G, what?|Where the fuck did this heat come from?
Maybe it's the score they were onto.|The place, not us.
Because it's been hit a couple of times.
Assume they got our phones, our houses.|Assume they got us right here, right now... we sit. Everything. Assume it all.
How will we buy the bank package?
I'll front that.
What about Van Zant?
With the heat we got, you want to play|World War II on the streets with Van Zant?
No, I want my 750.
I got more motivation to whack Van Zant|than either of you. He is a fucking luxury.
Our problem is to take the bank,|or split right now.
Do not go home, do not pack, nothing.
Thirty seconds flat from now, we are gone|on our separate ways. That's it.
The bank is worth the risk.
I need it, brother.
We should stay and take it down.|That's where I come out.
I roll with you, Neil. Whatever.
- Whatever.|- Not on this one.
On this one, you're on your own.
You figure this is the best thing to do?
This is the best thing to do?
I've got plans, I'm going away after,|so the reward is worth the stretch.
But Elaine takes good care of you.|You got plenty put away.
You got T-bonds, real estate.
If I were you, I would be smart|and cut loose of this.
For me...
...the action is the juice.
I'm in.
Yeah, sure.
Let's go.
Fuck them, let's do it.
Let's go. We got a lot of work to do.
Tim, I gotta call you back.
- Can I help you?|- Are you Alan Marciano?
Who the fuck are you?
Who am I?
Lieutenant Vincent Hanna, LAPD.
LA? This is Las Vegas.|You don't even have jurisdiction here.
Do you know who you're pushing around?|I know people here.
Las Vegas PD takes you into custody.
You are extradited to Newark|on a warrant for smuggling cigarettes...
...up from North Carolina three years ago...
...or you go to work for us.
Cut and dried.
That is it.
Charlene Shiherlis.
What are you, a fucking owl?
The lady you been talking dirty to|on the telephone every day last week.
You can't tie me to her.
Who needs to? Your ass is on a plane|back to New Jersey, jackoff.
Why did I get mixed up with her?
Because she's got a great ass!
And you got your head all the way up it.
Ferocious, aren't I?
When I think of asses...
...a woman's ass...
...something comes out of me.
So, no big thing.
All I want... her husband|and his whole fucking crew.
You'll work with Sgt. Drucker.
San Clemente Road and Hermosa...
...that's where we cut through the fence.|That's the access.
The security systems around here|are a joke.
St. Vincent Thomas Bridge,|that's escape route No. 1.
No. 2:
{y:i}Over here. Anaheim to the 110.
You got it?
Good. Let's go.
They were looking back... this direction.
A container facility?
What? Cartage theft?
Too visible. Too lowball for them.
There's an oil refinery and a scrap yard.
Refinery only pays by check.
No cash around.
Same for the scrap yard.
Stealing hubcaps?
A refinery and a scrap yard.
What the hell is going on?
That's what we are trying to figure out.
We thought we had it.
Thought we had it.
I got an idea...
...on what they were looking at.
Want to know what they're looking at?
I mean, is this guy something,|or is he something?
This crew is good.
Know what they're looking at?
The police department.
We just got made.
Okay, motherfucker!
Kelso come through?
Yeah, you can build a bank with these.
Name is Hanna.
First name, Vincent.
I smeared this sergeant five yards.
Hanna's all over you.
He's on all the work cars.|Michael's house. Shiherlis's.
Not yours. They've been|losing you at night.
He's a hot dog.
Graduate school. Marine Corps.
Lieutenant in Robbery-Homicide.
He's taken down some heavy crews.|He blew away Frankie in Chicago.
He was a fucking maniac.
He was working Narcotics before that.
Divorced twice. Current wife's Justine.
He's why the extra heat.
The vice sergeant...
...says Hanna likes you...
...thinks you're some kind of star.|You do this sharp, that sharp.
Look how sharp this guy is to figure that.
Funny as a heart attack.
Three marriages? Do you think that means|he likes staying home?
Means he's one of those guys out there...
...prowling around all night, dedicated.
With him and this much heat,|you should pass.
It's worth the stretch.
This guy can hit or miss.
You can't miss once.
You sure?
I am sure.
Let's go to the garage.
Where are we going?
Where are you going?
What are they on?
{y:i}TAC 9.
{y:i}They're northbound out LAX on the 405.|{y:i}We got four ground units.
This is Vincent Hanna in Air 18.|Who have I got?
{y:i}This is JJ. I'm in Air 40.
{y:i}Richard Glover's with me. |{y:i}It's on the 105 eastbound...
{y:i}... approaching the 110.
Revolving tail?
{y:i}I got two units in front, three behind.
Have one of them pick me up|at the Vermont on-ramp.
Let's go.
Am I 100 yards, or what?|Am I close or far, or what?
{y:i}Three hundred yards, center lane.
How're you doing?
What do you say I buy you a cup of coffee?
Yeah, sure. Let's go.
Follow me.
Seven years in Folsom.
In the hole for three.
McNeil before that.
McNeil as tough as they say?
You looking to become a penologist?
You looking to go back?
I chased down some crews. Guys just|looking to fuck up, get busted back.
That you?
You must've worked some dipshit crews.
I worked all kinds.
You see me doing liquor store holdups|with a "Born to Lose" tattoo on my chest?
I do not.
I am never going back.
Then don't take down scores.
I do what I do best:
I take scores. You do what you do best:|Try to stop guys like me.
You never wanted a regular-type life?
What is that? Barbecues and ball games?
This regular-type life like your life?
My life? No, my life...
My life's a disaster zone.
I got a stepdaughter so fucked up...
...because her real father|is this large-type asshole.
I got a wife.
We're passing each other|on the down slope of a marriage.
My third.
Because I spend all my time|chasing guys like you around the block.
That's my life.
A guy told me one time:
"Don't get attached to anything|you can't walk out on in 30 seconds...
...if you feel the heat around the corner."
If you're on me and you got to move|when I move... do you expect to keep a marriage?
That's an interesting point.
Are you a monk?
I have a woman.
What do you tell her?
I tell her I'm a salesman.
So, if you spot me coming|around that corner...'ll just walk out on her?
Not say good-bye?
That's the discipline.
That's pretty vacant.
It is what it is.
It's that, or we both better go|do something else.
I don't know how to do anything else.
Neither do I.
I don't want to either.
Neither do I.
You know, I have this recurring dream.
I'm sitting at this big banquet table and...
...all the victims of all the murders|I ever worked are there...
...and they're staring at me|with these black eyeballs...
...because they got eight-ball hemorrhages|from the head wounds.
And there they are,|these big balloon people...
...because I found them two weeks|after they'd been under the bed.
The neighbors reported the smell...
...and there they are...
...all just sitting there.
What do they say?
No talk?
They have nothing to say.
We just look at each other.
They look at me...
...and that's it. That's the dream.
I have one where I'm drowning.
I gotta wake myself up and start breathing|or I'll die in my sleep.
Know what that's about?
Having enough time.
Enough time... do what you want to do?
That's right.
You doing it now?
No, not yet.
You know, we're sitting here... a couple of regular fellas.
You do what you do,|and I do what I gotta do.
Now that we've been face to face...
...if I'm there and I gotta put you away...
...I won't like it.
But, I tell you...
...if it's between you...
...and some poor bastard whose wife|you're gonna turn into a widow... are going down.
There's a flip side to that coin.
What if you do got me boxed in...
...and I gotta put you down?
Because no matter what... won't get in my way.
We've been face to face, yeah.
But I will not hesitate.
Not for a second.
Maybe that'll happen.
...who knows?
Maybe we'll never see each other again.
They dumped us.
They dumped us.
What do you mean?
Chris slipped away.
He doesn't talk about their scores... there's nothing for me to get|from Marciano. I just tried.
- What about Cheritto?|- Same.
Transponders got put on a bus|to San Clemente.
They dumped all our surveillance?
Yes, at the same time. 9:00 p.m.
I had coffee with McCauley|half an hour ago!
We were on you.
Then McCauley drives in to LAX|where surveillance can't fly over.
His car's still there. He's gone.
Does anybody have any idea|where the fuck these people are?
Hear from him?
Not a thing. And not hearing|bothers me more. Where's this guy?
This guy...
...we put him on.
Says he knows McCauley.
Who are you?
My name's Waingro.
I've been living in this office.|How well do you know him?
We took some major scores together.
Why haven't I heard from him?
He's probably busy right now.
But he's real thorough.
He ain't going to forget about you.
That's reassuring.
I got some moves I could make here.
Probably be a big help to you.
You recognize the grill man?
D-block. Housed with Dobie Rush.
I ain't got my break yet.
Cisco and Pancho didn't show.
Haul out the garbage. Mop up the back.
Take your break later.
Piece of shit.
Pick up!
Where the hell is he?
I want to check the slot for the work car.
So did I.
Hang on.
Use the land line. Call me at 103-7206.
Where are you?
There's cops all over me, man,|like a cheap suit.
I can't dump them.
They know you see them?
They're doing parallels.
I can try to dump them again.
{y:i}How are we going to know if you did?
If not, you'll draw them to us.
Go to Ventura.
{y:i}Pull them out of here.
I'm sorry. Last thing I wanted to do|was let you down.
Pick up.
Neil, man. What's up?
What's up?
What are you doing here?
I'm looking for a driver|who can handle scanners on the radio.
Right now, today.
You remember the drill?
Yeah, sure.
You cool?
You know I'm cool.
One answer: yes or no. Right now.
Yeah, man. Fuck, yeah. You're on.
Out back in five.
What's burning?
What is this?
Where do you think you're going?
Don't move! Put your hands in the air!
Hands up!
Put them up! Now!
Get on your knees!
The keys!
Get on your knees!
Get over there!
Turn around!
Put your hands behind you!
Get down!
Stay down!
Get down!
- Down!|- The keys! The keys!
Stay down!
We want to hurt no one.|We want the bank's money, not yours.
Your money is insured by the government.|You won't lose a dime.
Think of your families.
Don't risk your life. Don't be a hero.
I want you to sit on the floor, put your|hands on your head. Anybody feels sick...
...anybody got heart trouble,|lean against the wall.
The key.
What key?
Sit down and stay down!
Sit there. Don't move. Let it bleed.
Get down. Down, down, down.
Put your heads down!
You guys working a case|on a Neil McCauley?
This C.I., Hugh Benny,|called in about a bank.
Far East National Bank, 11:30!
I want a block at Figueroa and Fifth...
...and I want a block|northbound Flower at Sixth.
They're already coming out.
We gotta take them in the car.
Wait till they are all in.
Get clean shots. Watch your background.
Police! Move!
Move. Move. Get down.
Move it. Down, down.
We did it!
Get down!
Get in the car!
Go! Go!
Come on!
Get down!
All the way down! Get down! Now!
Come here.
I got you.
{y:i}Tragedy in the neighborhood today. |{y:i}A bank robbery spilled out into the street.
{y:i}Claudia Newman, live on the scene. |{y:i}She has the latest.
{y:i}This afternoon, a neighborhood was|{y:i}terrorized by a bank holdup gone wrong.
{y:i}With the streets full of shoppers and kids, |{y:i}police and armed robbers...
Excuse me, bartender.
{y:i}Our top story tonight: |{y:i}Robbery, pursuit and, finally, death.
{y:i}A Los Angeles neighborhood is shaken|{y:i}by a bank robbery...
{y:i}... that ended in homicide and terror.
{y:i}Michael Cheritto...
{y:i}... one of four men involved|{y:i}in the foiled robbery, died at the scene.
{y:i}Also fatally wounded:
{y:i}... another suspect, Donald Breedan, |{y:i}who died of gunshot wounds...
{y:i}... during the extensive gunfire|{y:i}between police and suspects.
All right, hold him.
It's all right.
He's got blood loss and shock.
I'll give you quarter-grain bottles|of morphine for the pain.
Bottom line?
It's mostly tissue damage, which is good.
His clavicle's fractured. Can you rest?
Six, seven hours.
- That's it?|- That's it.
Take off your shirt.
Take off your shirt.
My daughter gave it to me.
I don't give a shit. Take it off.
Listen to me.
Nate's going to pick you up.|He's going to take you to his place.
Where's Charlene?
We gotta go. We're on the 6:00 news.|We gotta get out of here.
I'm not going without her.
Think about that.
I will meet you at Nate's.
Where are you going?
To find out if our out got spilled|along with every other damn thing.
Who did it?
Who wasn't there?
See you at Nate's.
You still want me?
You come down here right now|and get me. Dominick and me.
{y:i}Okay, baby.
{y:i}I'll be there in two hours.
All right.
Goddamn you, Chris.
Goddamn you.
You're on a plane to Los Angeles.
Why did you do it? What happened?
- They made me.|- Who?
Where's Anna?
She's dead.
So is Michael and Breedan,|the guy who stood in for you.
Who did it?
Who did it?
They had Anna, man.
On his own?
- For someone.|- Who?
The other he worked for.
Van Zant.
Van Zant?
Are you sure?
Van Zant.
Did you tell them how we're getting out?
I don't think so.
Come on.
I don't remember.
I'll call a medic.
I'm not going to make it.
I can't feel nothing.
My Anna's gone.
She's gone.
Don't leave me like this.
Please, homes.
Don't leave me like this.
You on a cellular? Use a hard line.
It's a new one.
The guy lives on Hillside Terrace, Encino.
He's with me, my place.
Next, Waingro, okay?
You got the time?
I'll make time.
And I need a new out.
Is it blown?
How can I trust it?
You got it.
Stay healthy.
Charlene Shiherlis.
Drucker's got a safe house in Venice|to stash her in.
Neil's transportation.
Get on the phone. Somewhere, someone's|trying to put it together for him.
You don't believe he already had a plan?
Sure. Now he needs another.
Would you trust yours after this afternoon?
This rat motherfucker,|where did we get him?
He's a C.I. for a burglary cop.|Called in the tip on the bank.
On Neil McCauley.
How much time we got?
Eight, ten hours for him to set up|a new out. After that, he's gone, bye-bye.
You ratted McCauley to us!|How'd you know?
Who told you?
Who told you, rat motherfucker?
Waingro, where is he?
How would I know?
...what do we have here?
This pretty?
This pretty?
You piece of shit.
Told me you wanted out from under.|You're scared, right?
You want out? This is out.
- Yeah, what's your end?|- I don't need no stupid broad.
How'd I get into this?
You heard me. She had a rough ride.
Fix her a drink.
Look in the cabinet above the sink.
Fuck her.
You better get in there and stay in there.
Lookie here.
My name is Sgt. Drucker, LAPD Homicide.
You want to put Dominick in the bedroom?
He stays with me.
So, what now?
He's right.
You want out? This is out.
You believe you have to betray Chris?
No shit.
That's right. You would have to.
See, if you don't betray Chris,|you victimize Dominick.
'Cause he'll be an orphan|when you go to prison as an accessory...
...'cause you got no parents to take him.|So he ends up raised in foster homes...
...juvenile facilities.
Then he steals a car.
Then he winds up in gladiator academies|like Chino and Tracy.
Fucked for life.
You know what happens,|because you've been there.
Dominick didn't get a chance yet|to choose his life. But Chris did.
If you give up Chris, you get off clean.
You can do it...
...for your kid, so you can raise him.
What else are you selling?
All kinds of shit.
But I don't have to sell this, you know it.|This kind of shit here sells itself.
{y:i}Here's an update.
Drucker's on Line 2.
{y:i}Hold on for a second.
Drucker's on the other line.
Conference him in.
Go ahead.
Vincent, it's me.
One answer. What's it going to be?
We're set here. She'll make the call.
That's good. Here's the deal.
Hugh Benny has reformed|his wayward life...
...and become a born-again good citizen.
Apparently, Neil got sold out to us|by this cowboy named Waingro.
Waingro used to be a part of Neil's crew,|then went to work for a money launderer:
{y:i}Van Zant.
Units are at Van Zant's house|as we speak...
...because he got shot dead earlier tonight.
{y:i}If Neil goes after anybody else, |{y:i}it's going to be Waingro.
Waingro just got himself a suite|at the Airport Marquis...
...under the name Jamieson.
He's there now. I want you to get that|to bail bondsmen, bookies...
{y:i}... assignment officers|{y:i}and snitches in County.
Anyone you can think of who'll put it|on the street. Deploy a team at the hotel...
{y:i}... and personally check their coms|{y:i}every 30 minutes.
Because maybe Neil will go for him.
How're you feeling?
Banged up, but I'll live.
He's here.
Neil is still here.
I can feel it.
For how long?
Seven, eight hours, max.
What did you do?
That was you?
I don't sell metal.
Would have been okay, you fly out after.|Now it's jammed.
We gotta go together.
Those other people were with you?
My friend, Michael...
...he knew the risks.
When it rains, you get wet.
Get packed. Let's go.
Why did you do this to me?
It'll be all right.
Do you understand?
It's going to be all right.
There's a Camaro at this address,|Level D, Slot 18.
Here's some cash.
When is it over?
Twenty-two hours from now.
- Then we get out of here clean.|- When will you let me leave?
Go now.
You want out? There's the door.
Will you let me leave later?
It will be different.
Do you even understand?
It's ready.
This is my friend Ralph.
You didn't tell me you were...
Oh, my God!
Where's Lauren?
She's at Lisa-Beth's.
This has nothing to do with me. I'm sorry.
What for?
Sit down.
Don't you get angry?
I'm angry.
I'm very angry, Ralph.
You can ball my wife if she wants you to.
You can lounge around here on her sofa.
In her ex-husband's...
...dead-tech, post-modernistic,|bullshit house...
...if you want to.
But you do not get to watch... fucking...
...television set!
For God's sake.
Put the television set down.
- I never cheated on you, bitch.|- Maybe you should have.
- I should have?|- You're a party to this.
I made Ralph fuck you|because it makes me feel good.
Our situation is absurd.
Shut up, Ralph! Sit down!
Why is it that I have to figure things out|and explain them to you?
I say what I mean, and I do what I say.
How admirable.
- You bet.|- Except none of it's about us.
I may be stoned on grass and Prozac but... walk through our life dead.
Now I have to demean myself with Ralph|just to get closure with you.
Passports, traveler's checks, plastic.
The plane...
...charter terminal, LAX, Hangar 17.
Call letters are 1011 Sierra.
Touches down...
...holds for you five minutes, then splits.
The plane will stand an FAA check.|Filed a flight plan, the works.
Where's Chris?
He's gone.
Said he's going on his own.|Went to find Charlene.
- Did you bring him here?|- Yeah, I did.
What happened?
It's a free country.
Check in with me at 9:00...
...everything is still cool.
All right.
I don't know what I'm doing anymore.
I know life is short.
Whatever time you get is luck.
You want to walk?
You walk right now...
...all on your own.
On your own you choose to come with me.
All I know is...
...there's no point in me|going anywhere anymore...
...if it's going to be alone...
...without you.
I got a live one.
I'll hold.
Show yourself.
- Do it.|- Shut up!
Now, just one second at the window...
...and it's all over.
Hey, man... know any place to rent around here?
The grocer has got cards on the wall.
It's not him.
It's not Chris.
Unit 2, this is Command.
Take him at the street.
Check him out.
He's John Peterson.
{y:i}Valid ID. Car's registered to...
{y:i}... Bukowski, Gene.
{y:i}Ran it to DMV.
{y:i}It's clean.
Let him go.
Thank you. Have a good evening.
It's no-go.
Would you like a cup of coffee|while we wait?
Yeah, that would be nice.
What do you got?
{y:i}Nothing's happening.
Hello, it's Vincent.
{y:i}What do you got?
Nothing's going on. Waingro went for ice.
{y:i}That's it.
You know what?
Neil is gone.
Flying like a bird.
How do you know?
We still got bait!
- Maybe some time!|- What do we got?
What do we got?
"Bon voyage", motherfucker.
You were good.
I'm going to the hotel.
I'm going to take a shower...
...and I'm going to sleep for a month.
Come on.
Motherfucking waste.
Assholes shoot themselves all fucking day.
Not you, baby.
Not you.
Where would she be? Her name is Lauren.
Lauren Gustafson,|and she's supposed to be here.
I need somebody to help...
I got you.
You'll be all right, I swear. It's okay, baby.
Let's get a doctor!
Let's go! A doctor here!
- There's your mama.|- Let's just calm down.
- Is she on any drugs?|- I'm calm. No.
Get a trauma surgeon|and a vascular surgeon.
I think she cut both arteries.|I could hardly feel her pulse.
Her pressure's down.
So is her respiration.|You have to intubate her.
It's ready.
When's the last time anybody saw her?
I don't know.
Where did you find her?
The bathtub.
Give her large-bore normal saline.
Keep pressure on those bleeders.
Give me two units, O-negative.|Let's type and cross her for six.
Where is Respiratory? We need more help.|Get them down now.
Let's have X-ray ready|for post-intubation chest X-ray.
Your daughter's out of surgery|and she's in the recovery room.
Her vital signs are stable.
The surgeon will speak to you|in a few moments.
She's okay?
She's doing good.
She'll be okay.
She's going to be okay.
Oh, my baby.|Why did she do this to herself?
Look what she did.|Look what she did to herself.
It's all right. It's going to be all right.
I'm here. I ain't going anywhere.
Do you understand?|I ain't going anywhere.
It's me.
Plane's in the air now.|You're right on time.
I still can't find a driver...
{y:i}... so that's in the trust.
{y:i}One other thing...
{y:i}... I gotta tell you.
The guy you want is in the Marquis|under Jamieson, if you still give a shit...
{y:i}... which I figured you wouldn't.
You figured right.
So, so long, brother.
You take it easy.
You're home free.
Take it easy.
What is it?
Home free.
I gotta take care of something.
Is there time?
There's time.
I'll be right back. Just leave her running.
This is room service.
A Jamieson ordered a BLT, and they|screwed up his room number. What is it?
{y:i}- They're always doing that.|- I know.
Thank you.
{y:i}Your attention, please.
{y:i}We are currently experiencing a fire alarm.
{y:i}Do not panic.
{y:i}Do not take the elevators.
I'm staying here.
I'll check the stairs.|If there's smoke, I'll pull you out.
What about her dad? Should I call him?
He's somewhere in the Sierras.
And she chose you.
She picked your place.
It's not right, what happened to her.
No, it's not.
Is there any way that... could work out between us?
I wish I could say yes, you know.
But... the end...
It's like you said:
All I am... what I'm going after.
I'm not what you want, Justine.
Go on, if you have to.
I'll stay.
I'm okay. I can handle this.
Just be careful.
Call me here. Let me know you're okay.
Security. There's a fire on three.
We have to evacuate all floors.
I can't leave here.
Why don't we just talk|about this a bit, brother?
He's here on 17.
Look at me.
Look at me!
Look at me!
LAPD! Don't move!
Put your hands on your head!
Switch me to TAC 5.
Drucker, JJ...
{y:i}I'm in the lobby level by the stairwell.
What have you got?
{y:i}Teams are moving up the other elevators|{y:i}to the 17th floor.
{y:i}Elevators are all out of commission|{y:i}because of the fire alarm.
Fine. 10-4.
Let me have that shotgun.
Told you I'm never going back.
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Hafid - the sea
Haine 1995
Hairdresser 2003
Hakochavim Shel Shlomi 2003
Hakuchi - The Idiot CD1
Hakuchi - The Idiot CD2
Halalabad Blues 2002
Halbe Treppe
Half Baked
Half Past Dead
Halloween - The Night He Came Home
Halloween 2 (1981) 23.976
Halloween 3 - Season of the Witch
Halloween 4 - The Return Of Michael Myers
Halloween 5 - The Revenge Of Michael Myers
Halloween 6 - The Curse Of Michael Myers
Halloween 6 producers cut
Halloween Resurrection
Halls of Montezuma (1950)
Hamam - The Turkish Bath (1997) 29
Hamilton CD1
Hamilton CD2
Hamlet 1990
Hamlet CD1
Hamlet CD2
Hamnstad - Port of Call (1948 Ingmar Bergman)
Hana-bi (Takeshi Kitano)
Hana bi (Fireworks 1997)
Hand That Rocks The Cradle The 1992 23976fps CD1
Hand That Rocks The Cradle The 1992 23976fps CD2
Hang Em High
Hanging Garden The
Hanging Offense 2003
Hanging Up
Hannah and her Sisters CD1
Hannah and her Sisters CD2
Hannibal CD1
Hannibal CD2
Hanover Street CD1
Hanover Street CD2
Hans Staden (1999)
Happiness of the Katakuris 2001 CD1
Happiness of the Katakuris 2001 CD2
Happy Accidents 2000 CD1
Happy Accidents 2000 CD2
Happy Erotic Christmas (2003)
Happy Gilmore
Happy Times
Hard Boiled
Hard Days Night A
Hard Eight
Hard Rain (1998)
Hard Target
Hard Times
Hard Way The
Hard Word The (2002)
Hard to Kill
Harder They Come The
Harder They Fall The 1956
Harlem Nights
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle 2004
Harold and Maude CD1
Harold and Maude CD2
Harriet the Spy
Harry Potter
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002)
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002) CD1
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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets CD1
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets CD2
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban CD1
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban CD2
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone CD1
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone CD2
Harte Jungs - Ants In The Pants 2000
Harts War (2002) CD1
Harts War (2002) CD2
Harts war CD1
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Hatuna Meuheret
Haunted Mansion The
Haunting The
Haute Tension
Hawaii Oslo (2004) CD1
Hawaii Oslo (2004) CD2
He Got Game CD1
He Got Game CD2
He Loves Me He Loves Me Not
He Walked By Night (1948)
He ni zai yi qi - Together - Kaige Chen 2002 - CD1
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Head Above Water (1996)
Head Of State
Head Over Heels 2001
Head in the Clouds
Heart Of Me The (2002)
Heart of Glass
Heart of a Dog
Heartbreak Ridge (1986)
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Hearts In Atlantis
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Heat Team 2004
Heaven 2002
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Heaven Fell That Night (Roger Vadim 1957)
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Heavens Gate CD3
Heavy Metal (2000)
Heavy Metal - Gerald Potterton 1981
Heavy Traffic
Hebi No Michi (Kiyoshi Kurosawa 1997)
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
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Helen of Troy (2003)
Hell is for Heroes
Hellborn (2003)
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Hellcats of the Navy - Nathan Juran 1957
Hello I am your Aunt CD1
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Hells Kitchen
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Henry V
Henry and June (1990)
Herbal Tea
Hercules 1997
Hercules in the Haunted World
Herencia (2001)
Herencia (Inheritance) 2001 (23976)
Hero (2002)
Hero (2002 Extended Cut)
Hero (Jet Li 2002)
Hero The
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Heroic Duo (2003)
Heroic Trio The
Hi Mom 1970
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Hidden Fortress - Criterion Collection
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Hidden The
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Higanbana - Equinox Flower - Yasujiro Ozu 1958
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High Fidelity
High Heels and Low Lifes
High Noon
High Plains Drifter
High Sierra
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High Wind In Jamaica A (1965)
High crimes
Higher Learning
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Highlander III The Sorcerer 1994
Hija del canibal La (2003)
Hijo de la Novia El
Hijo de la Novia El 2001
Hilary and Jackie
Hill The
Hillside Strangler The 2004
Himalaya - lenfance dun chef
Hip Hip Hora! (Hip Hip Whore)
Hiroshima Mon Amour - Criterion Collection
Hiroshima Mon Amour 1959
Hiroyuki Sanada - Twilight Samurai 2002 CD1
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His Girl Friday
His Secret Life
His brother 2003
Histoire D O (1975)
Histoire de Pen
Historias Minimas (2002)
History of the World The - Part I
Hitcher II - I have been waiting
Hitcher The
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Hocus Pocus
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Hole in the Head A
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Hollow The (2004)
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Holy Matrimony (1994)
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Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York
Home Alone 3
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Home from the Sea
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Homem Que Copiava O 2003 CD2
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Homolka a Tobolka
Honest 2000
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Honkytonk Man
Hororr hotline (2001)
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Horses Mouth The
Hostile Waters 1997
Hot Chick The
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Hour of the Wolf
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House Of The Spirits CD2
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House of 1000 Corpses
House of Frankenstein
House of Games (1987)
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House of Sand and Fog 2003 CD1
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House of the Dead
House of the Flying Daggers
How Green Was My Valley
How High
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How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
How to Beat the High Cost of Living
How to Keep My Love 2004
How to Murder Your Wife 1965
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How to Steal a Million CD2
How to deal
Howards End
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Hum Kaun Hai
Hum Tum
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Hunchback of Notre Dame The
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