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Heat Team 2004

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It's hot
How hot is today?
Its recorded by the Royal Observatory
today is the hottest day in these 5 year
It's 36.4 degrees Celsius
Oh my God, it's burning|me! How can we stand this?
What will you suggest to cool us down
It's easy, let's listen|to some cool music
Uncle, I want a super hot one. Thank you
Officer Li, this is the last treat by me
You like the super|spicy bean cube, right?
Amy, you are my best partner
Don't do anything stupid for|a man who doesn't love you.
Officer Li, I am sorry
He told me that it's her who|seduced him, it's her fault
If not were her, he|wouldn't have brushed me o
I've already checked it out
He is a notorious playboy in the force
He is a playboy, you know
You can kill him
But can you kill all his women
If you are put behind|bars, who will feed your dog
Sir, her boyfriend has arrive
What are you doing her
Would you calm down, okay
I'll kill he
Okay, go ahead
Susan said she's willing to die for me
Are you kidding, mam?
She said she dared not shoot to kill
I leave this heartless guy to you
Give me the hostage
He is the man that is worth dying
She should die instead
You said she wouldn't shoot
Come here
Come on
Everyone freeze
KC Wong, you've broken my heart
KC Wong, have you ever loved this woman
How about me?
I love you to
For the matter of love, I never loved
Okay, I will commit suicide|after killing this woman
After losing two women you loved
you'd be very desperate, right?
He causes this mess
If you want to shoot
I'll kill him first
I won't believe in it
Let's play the game,|the Russian roulette
Either you or me will die
It's your turn
Hands off
I am sorry to make you|bring it to my office
I just can't leave this office
Never mind, take a deep breath please
Have I gained weight
No, your breasts are a bit bigger
This always happens|on the brides-to-be
This is a physical and oestrous reaction
Is that true? Sure
This is Bobo Fung of the Interpol
What? I'll be right there.
Why hasn't the criminal from S.|Africa been sent to the airport
He hasn't set out yet
What the hell
I want to stay here
What the hell
Madam, he said he wants to eat|goose liver and drink Lafite
If not, he refuses to get on board
You get out first
Come on baby
Do you want to marry me? Come on
Come on...
The 2 Interpols are|supposed to report duty today
I heard that they're famous
One is called YT Lee
He is great at shooting
he shot numerous criminals
Another one is KC Wong, he is famous too
The FBI once came to seek|our help, they just chose KC
But I heard that he's ugly looking
He has poisoned lips too. And he|always loves courting policewomen
Have you seen him
Someone told me that Li isn't that smart
Actually he is afraid of women
He always gets nervous|when seeing women, and he
KC Wong
YT Lee
There is still enough space for you
Sir, I feel sick
I don't want it to be over|loaded, you'd better go up first
See you later then
This is Ken Ma, American Chinese
He robbed the British Museum once.
And he robbed the safe at|the Central Bank of Frankfurt
As well as the Sotheby's in New York
All were big cases
Some years ago, he was caught by the FBI
He was in jail for years, after|release, nothing was heard about him
But not long ago, he committed|some more big cases in Europe
He is a wise guy
He hired different people to|work for him for different cases
They acted like a military team
The International Crisis|Control Centre was informed that
Ken Ma has arrived in Hong Kong
But we have got his in and|out record from the immigration
I believe that he's|using a fake passport
The passport is true, but|that's not his passport
I always want to work with smart guys
Do you know why
Cause I am wise too
Officer Cheung, are you looking for me
This is Bobo
She will be on her|marital leave in next week
You two please act her post
May I introduce, this is
K. C
Y. T
I've checked on them
They two are the best guys|in the force, just after me.
You don't have to worry|about the work while you're on leave
Thank you, sir. Okay
You guys just work hard
I'll be backing you up
Work hard
Yes, Sir
They are our team members, Ko, Eddie
Michael and Kit
I've already known them!
Is it hot? Lower the temperature please
Sir, the air-conditioner|is out of order
I've already lowered|the room temperature
Is that so? I thought|it's the problem of someone
In fact it's the problem|of the air-conditioner
I've already asked for maintenance
KC, this is your desk
YT, you take that desk please
One chair is missing
I seldom sit to work. Take it
Sitting too much will cause haemorrhoids
I won't get back those things I gave up
I won't take back those things|that are got rid of by me
Just dump it
It's a no smoking zone
Say something!
Too bad! Why do you call up this late
Who's on the phone
Sir, it's Madam's fiance
Sir, this one
Organic fertilizer
That's stool, sir
Who is following Ken Ma's case
I am working on it now
I've contacted Mr. Fok's men
If any outsiders are|coming to commit crimes
they'll be informed anyway.
You mean the most powerful|triad kingpin in Hong Kong?
You don't have to get|informed from his fellow.
Just approach him directly, that's it.
Good, I love this line.
Wait, let me get advice|from the senior first.
All right, take your time.
You two please come here.
What's the matter, pal?
I am not your pal, I am police.
Mr. Fok, may I ask you|something about this person?
His name is Ben Ma.
Being good at fighting is no big deal
Be frank, I have got what you need
But you just step in
say something and show me some stances
Do you think these things can|make me tell you what you need
I wouldn't do that as|being the big boss here
I don't want my fellows to mock at me
Well, what do you want
Since you have come for a visit
why not sit down and have a meal with me
What don't you want to eat
I can eat anything
Well, let me make the order.
You know what's most famous here
That is the "Red|cock", it's really great
Don't you mind spicy food?|Okay, let me try first
Bring him a glass of iced water
It's not necessary
You want to tell me something
It's better to drink some|white wine with chilli
You'll have two different feelings
One from the throat to the stomach
It's so hot that it may|possibly blood your stool
And the other one, it's|straight to the head.
It makes you all wet
You raise your head and|find yourself all wet.
Can you tell us where Ken Ma is now
I've been in the underworld for ages
I haven't betrayed anyone
But I know a person named Santos.
He is not like me. He has a big mouth
He is not as righteous as I am
You can seek help from him
Give them Santos' phone number
Yes, boss
The value of this meal ends right here
Brother, you're so great
You drive the cops crazy
You can try this and|sense how I am feeling now
Call the doctor
Yes, boss
This is the schedule and shipping route
Right on schedule
Santos is over there
Police, we want to use you|as well as your bike now
Ko, we have got information from America
Thank you, madam
K, we have got information here
Thank you, Madam. You're welcome
As being informed from the Americans
To Yu-fung, she has a green|card, being a good citizen
She went from Beijing to|New York for studies in 1996
2 years later, she|got the GIA certificate
Then she has been working in
an auction company in America till now
About her relationship with Ben Ma,
It's not mentioned right here.
This time, she comes to Hong Kong
through the immigration
You can tell at the first|sight that she's a robber
And she is lustful too
I don't think so
Her figure is better than yours
Her eyes are special.
You can tell her blueness|and mystery in her eyes
Even she is a robber
she definitely is not an ordinary one
But a lustful one
I mean you
Agree with me or not
Who is that nonsense|to write me such letter
It's from an anonym
Is it a letter of sexual|harassment or threat
It's a love letter.
Love letter
You did it! You're a|notorious policewomen hunter.
Yes, I love wooing|policewomen, but not your type.
What type
She asked why she's|categorized as a "type"
I bet it's written by him
Look at him, he always shuts his mouth
I can tell it's because|of sex depression, right?
He wouldn't write such letter,|he's not that kind of person
Hello, I'm Macy
This is so hot
Why are you here
I am not happy.
Follow me
What's the matter
You said I could come to|you when I feel unhappy
He spent $10,000 for a bottle of red win|and shared with his friends
The wine was sour, so|I just voiced that out.
He thus scolded me
saying that I know nothing
He said I should not bother
men's business and told me to shut up
Sometimes, men...
Men need face and respects
You always feel better after biting me
But I don't think|it's good to do so now.
Come on.
I feel better now.
Are you Michael Ng?
This is a call from the police station
Your girlfriend loves you so much
You don't have to bother how I know it.
I repeat, I am a cop
You'd better come to the Hong Kong
Headquarters to pick her up
He is on the way now
Thank you
Do you smoke again
No. Never mind
I am no longer your girlfriend now
You don't have to quit|smoking for me, just go ahead.
I really quitted smoking
I promised you to quit smoking
I'll wait for him downstairs, bye. Bye.
Look, be careful, man, all right
I've just gone after by the pigs
The pigs are after me,|they're giving me heat.
They know what you're up to, you|know what I mean? You tell them,
No one can stop me from doing anything
Look, these pigs,|they don't run the beat
They're pros, they want to|catch you, they'll catch you
They're the pros, they|can do these things
You know
Is everything ready for tomorrow?
You want it, you get it. No problem
I'm your maid, I'll help you out anyway
When do you think we can get off tonight
Just fix your own business first
I have to work over time tonight
I am sorry
Mom, would you please record|the football match for me tonight
Yes, I am going to leave|now, order a beer for me then
Well, it's almost time
Order some food for us please
Order some pizza please,|it'll be quick and tasty
It's too dry! It's not a good idea
How about Shanghai dishes
That's too greasy
How about Chiu-chow food?
I don't like Chiu-chow food
How about Japanese|food? Any Japanese food
How about shark-fin soup?
Sir, if you don't like|those food mentioned before
At this time, we only have this
Anything would do You make the order then
The air-conditioner is out|of order, now it's 35 degrees
we are eating spicy hot pot
We can only order spicy|hot pot right at this hour
No, I feel not bad
Can you make it
Sure, why not
Eat more if you like it
Officer Li, this is an internal|shipping carried in a low profile
A diamond necklace of the Royal family o
Brunei Darussalam will be transited
Their ambassadors asked|our force to escort it
No wonder I just can't check it out
Will they rob that
There is a pink diamond on the|necklace that is weight over 100 carats.
It's worth over 10 million US dollars
When will it arrive in Hong Kong
It just arrived 20 minutes ago
Call the Security Bureau
Relax, it will be okay
Don't panic
Although this is the most serious robber
ever happened in Hong Kong
The Commissioner asked
whether we can handle it or not
but I scare nothing about it
Let me put it in this way
I love handling big cases
Don't be afraid, I can handle it
Those robbers are tougher
than we have expected
But I have confidence to break that case
I think so.
Your ass was serious hurt, wasn't it
How do you feel now? Turn and show me
I am sorry, sir, it's|not convenient to do so
I'm so glad to have YT with me
You're welcome
You two did a great job, just go on
Yes, Sir
I found you disgusting|at the first sight
I haven't had any idea of flattering you
You're so self-complacent
you just care nothing about other's life
When we are carrying our duties|we just can't avoid sacrifice.
You shouldn't value your ass that much
Cut the crap!
Either you listen to|me, or I listen to you
I am the boss here
All right
The winner will be the boss
Ask all of them to get out of there
Yes, Madam
You fell so badly
You had a stupid turn
You looked silly! You fell|like a piece of pork chop
You've got no bullets, just|admit your failure, okay
We'll wait and see
Don't do that
Don't take the guns with you
just throw them into the se
You're the boss
I understand. Whatever.
Guns, weapon, come on
Madam, we've got|something on Santos' line
Whose call is it
A woman left a message in his voice
mailbox in Mandarin
I've got the necklace
call me as soon as possible
It's her
That woman
Cs her phone on?
Yes, Madam
heck her location
As long as her phone is on
we can check where she is by|locating the launching station
Charter Garden at Central
No moving
Call GFS
Let's move over there
Yes, Sir
Should we inform Officer Wong now?
No. We have no time
Yes... yes... thank you, bye bye
They said that the|suspect is now in Central
they are on the way by helicopter
Why not call us
Y.T. Said it not necessary
He really said so
He really said so
Call the Marine police
Yes, sir
Okay, keep every signal per 15 seconds
She is still there
Find her
Officer Wong of the|Interpol, Cat is on phone
Radio station.
This is YT.
Please block the signals around|the Charter Garden for 10 minutes
Sir, this is such an urgent|task, but you need approval.
Do you know why it's so urgent|I don't know
It's because it's really urgent
What rank are you in? Can you|afford the consequence of it?
Do you wanna die
No, Sir
Yes, Sir
I am going to do it now
Everyone pays attention to|the telephone kiosk around you.
Our target will show up soon
Officer Wong, the network is down
Our target appears
The location is at the left telephone|kiosk out of the Prince Bldg.
Bobo, she saw me and KC before
Why didn't you call me
But now we are leaving
I am here and you want me to leave now
Yes, leave now. Leave... leave now...
Don't move, drop the bottle
What the hell is it
Are you all right
The doctor is coming. Does it hurt?
No. I don't mind pain
Macy, where is the|bull with a broken head
I am a cop, not a bull.
It's just the same
From the wound, I can|tell it's broken by a woman
By a criminal
I'll stitch for you.
Do you mind pain
He doesn't mind. No.
I've just forgotten|to introduce you to him
This is my boyfriend, Michael
This is my ex-boyfriend. Y. T
He is that cop who|yelled at you on the phone
You don't mind pain, do you
Well, sir
Have you ever seen such|a strong doctor as I am
Doctor, I
He has broad chest, it's just wonderful
Why not show you
Do you think it's so charming?
I am always excited whenever I see that
So charming
So attractive
So exciting!
Doctor, can you finish|the stitches first
What's wrong with it? Why it's so hot
Hello! Nice to see everyone here
It's so hot, so I bring|some fruit for you guys
Dr. Chu, are they from your farm
Sure, you have some peaches this time
We fertilized them|with organic fertilizers
Come on, enjoy it
It's too kind of you
Can you tell the difference|of these two peaches
They look almost the same
One is more red, and|one is more fresh. No.
One is bigger and one is smaller|No
That one is fertilized|by poor people's stool
And that one is fertilized|by rich people's stool
Smart boy
It's true, they are|fertilized by my stool
Let me introduce myself|I first met this officer
My name is Chu
Dr. Chu Yan, Vincent
Okay, you can leave it to my secretary
Leave it to his secretary
Come on
Let's go into my room
Why are you so anxious
Well, you're my friends
so you must eat those|peaches fertilized by my stool
Leave those to the|junior police officers
Enjoy it
Come on, don't be anxious! It's hot.
Where were you at 12:37 pm?
I was at the research centre
Research centre
You lied
At 12:37 this afternoon
You were holding the hand o|a stupid woman with big breasts
Is the right, Mr. Chu
She has big breasts,|but she is not stupid
Nancy has just got a Master degree
in the Harvard University
So you admit that
How about you
You... kissed with the|officer whos just come
I was at work
But you seemed like enjoying the kiss
I just held Nancy's hand.
But your tongues twisted and twisted
Have you ever thought of my feeling
Bo Bo
Well, let's get married as scheduled
Just ignore that Nancy
she doesn't mind to be my mistress
Just let her be the mistress, okay
We're over
Where is the criminal
He is in the cell, sir
Wait, my colleagues are out there|would you please give me some face
Honey, I am leaving now.
I won't pick you up then
See you in the banquet.|Come earlier to play mahjong.
All right|Bye! Bye
Madam, this gentleman came to see you
Miss Fung, I am from the|marital service company
I am here to send you|invitation cards and cake coupons
You can drop it here, thank you
Bobo, since we're not getting married|just dump the invitation cards
but I want the cake coupons back
Ben, let's go
You, remember, even I don't|want it, don't ever dream of it
And you, be smart
Don't bully women
Sir, do you need an ambulance
Police officer assaulted me!
Can you see that? Can you see that
You adulterer, you
Let me call for the|ambulance for you, okay?
Who is the in-charge here
I want to file a|complaint! Can you hear me?
I want to file a|complaint! Who is in-charge...
I am the in-charge of this office.
Boss, what's up?
The cakes...
The cakes?
Yes, Madam?
Take all these coupons|to change for cakes.
Yes Madam.
Let me tell you frankly,
I won't spare women.
Don't you think that I'd|spare you for you're a woman.
Sir, are you nervous?
What does that mean?
I see you sweating so much.
And your hands are trembling.
You're wrong.
I sweat for the air-conditioner|is out of order here.
My hands are not trembling,
But I am just preparing to punch.
Where is Ben Ma?
Has the goods delivered yet?
I tell you,
actually I hate women very much.
Especially those who don't go
straight but fall in|love with criminals.
Sir, what's up with you?
It hurts!
Sir, do you need me to|go to hospital with you?
The criminal's hurt her leg.
Wrap her wound please.
Yes, Sir.
I am not interested|in knowing your story.
You had guts to write, why|don't you have guts to admit?
You think I did it?
What's that? Show me.
Only you'd write this shit.
Wow, this is shit.
Well, it's implicative, but it's true.
It's gentle, but it's tough.
I like this line.
This is a very good line.
Your heart is broken|that breaks my heart too.
Don't cry.
You know? In the valley of love,
there is a man who is|ever waiting for you.
KC Wong, it's useless,|it won't work on me.
You want me to admit it|so I am forced to admit it.
Why do you like me?
You're ridiculous.
You're tough.
As well as practical.
You despise men.
You're the symbol of the women
of this age! Fantastic.
What are you doing?
Actually I am this disgusting!
Do you like me?
All right...
All right, hold on please.
He hung up.
It's a call from Santos.
What's the matter?
He told me to look for him tomorrow.
Is he with his gang?
Can you help me?
You take the diamond with you,
find a safe place to hide up.
No! Let's run together.
You have the diamond,|so they won't kill me.
I'll contact you, run!
Run from that side. Go.
You must call me!
All right, let's co-operate.
Your hands are so soft.
But women have soft hands|may not be soft-hearted.
Where is Ken?
What the hell are you doing?
Shut up,
listen to what I'm|going to say. All right?
Ken is all right, you hear me?
He is safe, as ever he expects.
He gave me this. He said give it to you
And wait for his call.
You wait for his call, understand?
I understand.
Right, find a place and hide.
Whose side that you are?
I'm on my bleeding|wallet side, didn't I?
I'm going to be a banker.
Why did you bump at me?
Why did you stop without any notice?
It's you who followed too|tight that caused the trouble!
You sure didn't want me to follow you.
Drag me up now.
I am dragging,
but you're too heavy!
You'd better die alone.
Don't drag me down.
But we are partners.
I haven't admitted that.
Don't move.
Are you all right?
Are you all right?
Wait for me, let me move first.
Don't press on my leg.
Be slow... Slow down...
Why it's that high?
Slow down...
Wait... Oh my hand...
How is it? All right?
Give her a chance to run away.
Are you all right?
How are you?
I want to see your boss.
You'd know it very clearly|that, if not were me,
you can never find the person|and that thing you want.
So, what do you want?
Three conditions, just very simple.
First, I don't want to be tied here.
Second, I want new|clothes, nice clothes.
Three, I don't want to stay|here I want to live in the hotel.
I just live in a hotel of five stars.
Five stars?
That's my wish too.
You nuts!
Now we have our own|chip just listen to her.
Let's see
what she is going to do.
Actually she is pitiful.
She screws up her life for a man.
Do you like her?
I pity her.
Thank you.
Too bad you're a playboy.
Actually you're a good cop.
I am sincere to all my lovers.
Whenever I see women|feeling sad, I would...
I would try to comfort|her to make her happy.
I don't understand.
Why women would fall for|a person of your kind?
Look at me.
What's the matter?
The answer is...
Look at these two... can you see that?
These two soft, gentle|and moisturized lips.
Look at it, they are so smooth.
I have two lips too.
Yes, but your tongue
is different from mine.
Even men can't resist my tongue.
Come in, just take it as your home.
This is upon your request.
This is a detention cell of five stars.
Before the case is finished,|you have to stay here.
The decoration is a bit old, you know?
This is the government's style.
But the setting is not bad.
With beautiful view.
Listen, we'll watch you round the clock.
Come on, change the clothes.
I picked that for you|The toilet is over that.
As I judged, you'd be|wearing medium size.
You look lustful.
Don't you think an affectionate woman
is especially sexy?
You just don't understand women.
If you want to solve the|case just listen to me.
Be happy.
It's bored, why not do something?
How about playing mahjong?
The specialist said,
playing mahjong would cheer people up.
I don't want to play.
Come on, let's play mahjong.
It helps to solve the case. Come on.
Okay, let's play in Taiwan style,
$50 as dividend, $10 per fold.
No magic domino.
Let's play 16 rounds, 50% of the dividend|will be added or lost in each game.
Three of a kind.
Three of a kind.
Three bamboos.
I made a mistake.
Three of a kind. Okay.
Grand slam, no flower and no character,
banker, total is 108 folds.
Fifty thousand.
Three of a kind.
Three of a kind. Green Dragon.|Bingo.
Grand slam, three flowers, banker,|total is 110 folds.
8 and a half pairs,|single one, no odd numbers
one kind is missing, banker, 64 folds.
Bingo, no flower and character,
slam, banker.
You'd have behaved! Are you sick?
You don't have to be that harsh!
She is only a criminal you won't|get money even if you win the game.
It's you who wanted to play mahjong.
What can I do then? Should|I deliver the domino away?
Are you sick?
YT, I have to go out.
What's the matter?
Private matter, but it's important.
Just take care of her.
Please move the luggage|into the car for me.
Are you going for a trip?
Why don't you ask why I|wanted to see you this urgent?
I broke up with Chu Yan.
I lived in his house.
You'd not ask "So".
You'd ask, "What's next?"
What do you mean?
The date of marriage is fixed,|why don't you take his place?
Do you think it's a game?
Do you have to brush others girls?
By the way, we have just kissed twice.
Yes, twice.
But it's so important to me.
For the first time, I took it as work.
But not for the second time, right?
The second time is...
It's actually a misunderstanding.
Bobo, why are you in KC's car?
I am waiting for him.
Are you two really falling...
No, no.
No way, I must talk to you.
Sir, it's not necessary, officer Cheung...
Actually you are too innocent.
You're cheated again and again.
I don't want you to be hurt.
Thank you for your care, sir.
Don't you think KC looks stupid,
Actually he is...
He is so cunning.
Girls are easily cheated by him.
But his lips...
He just bluffs, he is nothing!|I don't think so.
He wrote beautiful love letters.
He is gentle and caring.
When I was most desperate,
he gave me great support and care.
Bobo, you know?
Sir, I always take you as my idol.
I know, but ...
I really love you.
You think I am serious?
Actually I am cute.
Sir, I didn't take you as my idol,
but I think you're really cute.
I won't bother you two.
Take your time.
Please give me a help.
Don't tell anyone about|what happened today.
Especially about the love letters.
Sir, it depends how you treat me.
Don't worry, I'll treat|you in a very special way,
you'll be satisfied. Okay?
Thank you, Sir.
You are welcome
Sir, and I'd like to tell you...
I am sincere...
You're really cute.
Thank you.
It's time to eat.
What do you want to do? Tell me.
We are staying alone here don't|you worry something would happen?
Don't mess up.
You know?
I can sue you of indecent assault.
I am sorry, I have to take a bath.
Please... Come on!
Hello, it's me.
I am missing you so badly.
Are you safe?
Where are you? What did they do to you?
Don't cry.
Come on, don't cry.
I won't cry, I haven't cried.
How is your wound?
I am okay, where are|you? I'll come right away.
I don't know where I am.
Don't come over, it's too dangerous.
Tell me where I can see|you I'll come out for you.
Can you?
Yes, I can.
Come out!
I am bathing!
Get out!
I am so sorry for what|happened in the toilet.
You set the phone there for me to steal.
Ken won't call me.
You can't come here.
I am on duty now, I just can't come.
Let's go together.
Don't worry, my phone|card is still with you.
I'll be right there.
Do you want to try our lovers' set?
My friend is coming give us two|glasses of orange juice please.
Who is she?
The suspect.
She must sit next to me.
Is she the one who broke your head?
That's right.
Is it worth?
Miss, do you want any order?
Why do you ask me out?
Did he bully you again?
I am pregnant, I am|going to get married.
After getting married,
will you treat me as good as now?
Why do you stare at him?
Why do you laugh?
Yeah, why?
It's because he's silly.
What did you say?
Just ignore that.
She is using your love on her.
You're getting married soon,
Would you spare him?
Do you want him to love you forever?
I am sorry, she's blaming me.
No! Just ignore her.
This is none of your business.
Have you found a new girlfriend?
She matches you so|much, she is short too.
Did you tell him?
Sir, I don't quite understand,
I am a doctor, but|we're still so careless.
I got her pregnant!
But I promised to marry her.
So, you'd better forget about her.
Are you looking for me?
Where are you now?
I am at a restaurant.
Leave her to me.
Let my hostage go.
If not, I'll shoot.
Go ahead.
Shoot then...
Drop the gun.
Drop it.
Call the ambulance!
What are you thinking?
A hard-boiled cop was|nailed by a female thief!
Losing love is okay but losing|the suspect would be shit.
Can you shut up?
Calm down.
I had put a bug in her pocket.
How could we get Ben Ma|is we didn't let her go?
Bobo... come over here.
Why did you call her here?
Can't let her know.
Bobo is okay now.
Don't you trust me?
What would you like to say?
You stay here to back us up.
This is an order!
Do you think I am coming back for it?
Do you know
why I tried so hard to get it?
Not for its value.
I just want to put it round your neck.
If you don't want it,
I don't want it too.
I'll give you that,|but let her go, okay?
Don't hurt her.
The diamond is not important to me.
You can take it away.
I am really touched.
Are you insane?
You threaten a cop by seizing a robber?
Are you a man?
How can you make a woman as your shield?
Shame on you!
Come and shoot me.
Do you want a hostage?
I'll change for her.
Are you really in love?
I told you many times you|can't do that for a woman.
You let her escape once,
But did she care your|feeling when she escaped?
You should not be that affectionate.|I am not.
Police, don't move!
This is your business now.
Why didn't you just shoot him?
No way! I just have to write|a report after shooting.
We are now supposed to|be at the safe house.
And I just told you to|wait for me downstairs.
Why didn't you listen|to me but walked up?
Why do you want me to back you up?
Stop answering back.
Shut up.
Women should not answer back.
Don't bully women anymore.
If you want a hostage,|I'll substitute her.
Are you telling me?
You know what to do now?
Give me the necklace.
If you take it, we'll all die.
Am I dead?
You're all right.
Only your left lung was broken.
Why did you shoot me?
Your eyes told me to shoot.
I told you, when I counted to three,
You ought to throw the necklace to|him so as to diversify his attention.
Then I would have a chance to bend down...
Let me explain to you.
Thank you, pal.
The gun is right here.
Hand and neck, right.
Higher... right.
I just wanted to tell you|that when he counted to three
You go over there, and you|go over there. Thank you.
Throw the necklace here so his|attention was drawn at the necklace.
I would then have a chance to bend down.
I would attack his|chest by my right elbow.
He would feel pain....
Then I'd stab at his eyes.
He couldn't see and|then I'd kick his penis.
Feeling itchy?
Then I'd give him a big slap.
And I would grab his gun.
I would get his gun, that's all.
But why did you shoot me?
I couldn't tell so complicated|commands from your eyes.
We are police.
It's normal to make sacrifice.
Stay calm, the doctor said,
You can't get angry anymore I am sorry.
Forget it.
You aim sharp anyway.
It's just luck.
Are you kidding me?
Miss, why are you running around?
Right, I want to live in this room.
But it's a single room.
Add a bed for me Just like|the practice in a hotel.
Add a bed for me now.
Why do you smoke?
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