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Subtitles for Heaven And Earth (1993) CD1.

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Heaven And Earth (1993) CD1

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My earliest memories were working alongside Mother in the fields.
Always working, my mother.
Each grain of rice, a symbol of life, never wasted.
While we worked, she'd teach me all I had to know about life.
Mama, where did I really come from? Where do babies come from?
From my belly button.
Don't worry. God makes babies and puts them in your belly.
You have plenty of warning.
The fragile rice had to be planted and transplanted several times.
Our rice paddies were always near the cemeteries...
...because we believed the spirits passed through the soil into the rice... the new generation, in eating the rice...
...was sharing in the spirit of their ancestors.
One day, in the summer of 1953...
...the French came.
They destroyed our village.
And the following year, we went hungry.
I will never forger my father's eyes... he watched our house burn to the ground.
But, as it had happened to our village for so many centuries...
...we rebuilt our lives.
Mama, where do babies really come from?
Then, in 1963...
...the peasant countryside changed forever.
When the Viet Cong first arrived that rainy season...
...some of them were remnants from the war against the French.
Many of them were displaced immigrants from the North.
All of them were angry.
My parents taught me Vietnam is...
...a free nation.
That is what this war is about.
The Chinese, the Japanese, the French, have each tried to rule us.
And we have won!
The North and the South are inseparable, like sisters.
But in 1954...
...the French and American allies separated us and kidnapped the South.
Can we stand by and watch the kidnappers...
...taking turns raping and corrupting our sister!
That's what this war's about.
Why should outsiders come in...
...divide the land and tell people to go north and then go south?
If Vietnam were truly for the Vietnamese people...
...we would be able to choose the kind of government we want.
A nation can't have two governments any more than a family can have two fathers.
-They have bombs, ten men for one of us! -He's right.
What do we have?
We have rags! We have rifles!
And sticks! We have sticks!
We have no rank, no promotion.
We take no money.
We are your servants.
We respect your homes and shrines.
We are your family.
Do you want to dance?
It was my brother Sau I loved the most.
He was always there to protect me and make me laugh.
Sweet rice, black beans.
You be very careful. Write, Sau.
I will return.
Le Ly, I will return.
Be a big girl. Always take care of Mama and Papa.
Protect yourself from ghosts.
Take care.
As they went north to Hanoi with the Viet Cong...
...I felt it was the last time I'd see my older brother, Bon...
...and my younger brother, Sau, for a long, long time.
Maybe forever.
But it was Sau who was ripped from my heart.
You understand that a country is more than a lot of dirt, rivers and forests?
You know your brother, Sau, may not come back?
I told you many times...
...the Chinese ruled our land.
Many died.
Le Loi, Jia Long and the Trung sisters.
And your ancestor Phung Thi Chinh fought to throw out the Chinese.
Your grandfather fought and died against the Japanese...
...just before you were born.
We suffered much.
When the Japanese came...
...your mother and I were taken to Danang... build a runway for the airplanes.
We worked like slaves.
Our reward was a bowl of rice...
...and another day of life.
Freedom is never a gift, Bay Ly.
It must be won and won again. You know that?
I do.
See this land?
Vietnam is going to be yours now.
If the enemy returns... must be both a daughter and a son now.
From my father, I learned to love God and the people I could not see... ancestors.
But I would learn in time... father's words would be twisted by events.
Government soldiers came to our village with the support of American advisors.
Your village will be safe.
They built barricades against the Viet Cong.
It's part of the new Binh Ky hamlet.
Many of you will be asked to take militia training... you will be prepared... resist the Communist rebels!
You will be rewarded...
...with food and money.
Your older children will be sent to camp...
...for military training.
But younger children can go to school.
Your village will be happy and peaceful.
Do you have any questions?
Go to your leader.
The soldiers ate our food, slept with our women...
...and searched us just as the soldiers of the warlords had centuries before.
But the government leader, whose name was Ngo Dinh Diem, America's ally...
...was a Catholic, like the French...
...and that alone made him suspicious to the Buddhists in our area.
The Northern leader, Ho Chi Minh...
...had been a great patriot against the Japanese and the French.
We heard stories of his compassion and his love for Vietnam.
What are they? Americans?
They say they all have blind blue eyes behind their glasses.
If you take their shoes off, they have soft feet and cry in pain.
Take away their glasses, their boots, they can't fight.
Not very good soldiers.
Not very good fence.
Your president, Ngo Dinh Diem, wants to know...
...what will you do if you see a Viet Cong...
...or hear about someone helping them.
Turn him in to the soldiers.
And get a big reward for every Viet Cong you help capture.
During the day, we were a government village.
But each night, when the soldiers returned to their base and we played...
...there was never any shortage of Viet Cong fighters.
One night, the Viet Cong came for my teacher.
Have you been teaching these children to betray their country? Traitor!
The first thing you should learn on this night...
...Ky La was saved from the oppressors.
We're the liberators!
The night belonged to the Viet Cong.
Even though I was scared...
...there was no real choice.
They fought for our freedom against the Southern government.
No matter who's asking the questions, either side... stupid, stupid, stupid child.
Any news from Sau or Bon?
They're training in the North.
-Any chance for a visit? -There's no time for sons and mothers.
I told them we needed her on the farm.
For all the help she is here...
...maybe we should send her with Sau.
That'll teach her the value of work.
Don't say that!
Le Ly must do her work like everyone else.
She thinks she's too good for work. Too busy flirting with no-good schoolboys.
-No, it's the big boys that bother me. -Don't talk like that.
-Be quiet! -Don't hit her!
Do you hear me?
Do you want to send all my children to Hanoi or Saigon?
If I can't have my family around me, what's the point of living?
You always think of only yourself!
The French, the Japanese, now the Americans are all over us!
It's good they go North.
War is coming, you stupid, selfish man!
Stop it!
Forgive him, Mama.
Don't cry.
I've made your papa lose face.
If you ever do that to a husband...
...I'll have both your cheeks glowing, one from him and one from me.
You hear me?
Who's first?
You talk now or it's bye-bye, Charlie!
You dig, asshole?
All right, it's your ass!
Kiss it good-bye.
You're next.
You talk?
You going to talk?
At my mother's request, a local wizard examined the umbilical cords...
...of my two soldier brothers...
...who hadn't written in over a year.
The older one... strong and healthy.
The younger one... in a place too gray for me to see.
No, that's not true.
I know Sau is alive.
I feel it in my womb.
Did you hear...
...funny noises last night?
Maybe voices...
...last night in the rain?
I did.
Here is your trouble, then.
Your shrine... too small.
And we have a lost soul...
...who needs to come in.
That's all.
Just build a shrine outside...
...and everything will be fine.
The Viet Cong ingrained in us a sense of ''xa '':
Duty to land...
...duty to country.
The ant became our moral model.
We formed cells, associations...
...where no one person accumulated power over others.
Only in battle or by your own hands will you be immortalized.
You never moved up in the ant society, you only moved further in.
If the Viet Cong won the peasants over... was because they lived their lives with us.
But every time we ambushed the government soldiers...
...twice as many came back.
Get your sorry asses down there!
One day...
...they came for me.
Papa! Help me!
Tell me quickly. Why were you on the road?
Cutting grass for the water buffalo. I didn't tell my parents.
Why were you on the road?
I didn't mean any harm!
You are can bo cai...
...VC cadre girl.
You were warning your friends.
Where's the VC base?
I don't know.
How many battles have you been in?
What's your rank?
I'm just a girl.
I have not done it.
Do you know what this is?
Think what this can do to your body.
How would your baby like you with no nipples?
Or maybe I could cut some skin off your ass to make some sandals.
Think about it...
...Miss Viet Cong hero.
And when you're called again... prepared to tell me everything you know.
Don't move.
Don't move.
I haven't done anything! I don't know anything!
My mother used my dowry to bribe a military official to have me released.
And now...
...the villagers were suspicious of my family's ties to the government.
...the Viet Cong came for me.
-She did nothing! -Stay back!
No respect!
You've no respect!
-I'm coming with her! -No, the prisoner comes alone!
Stay back!
Our men were betrayed.
The informer's here!
How else could the enemy know so much?
This village is filled with traitors!
Government sympathizers that would sell us out for a relative...
...for money, for privilege!
So I ask you:
What should we do with these people?
We must give these people a lesson they will never forget.
See it?
-What is it? -A grave.
Your grave...
...stupid girl.
What deal did you make to get out of prison?
Did you promise them some of our ears for their belts?
No, my mother bribed an official. Why won't you believe me?
Little rich girl!
You want to live?
My life is in your hands.
What does that mean?
I mean I won't talk to the enemy.
I've been shamed enough in my village.
If you want, I'll go far away.
I'll never come back.
You talk about this, I'll kill you for real.
No, don't!
No, get off!
Shut up!
I was never to understand why I was raped...
...and not killed.
Or if I had ever really been sentenced by the Viet Cong.
It may have just been a warning to my father.
But it ended forever... relationship to my village.
My sister Hai found us a job in the city.
Papa stayed on the land to guard the spirits of our ancestors.
In Saigon...
...much to our confusion...
...the monks were being arrested.
I've never seen so many cars, so many people.
The other one.
Madam, they're ready.
This way.
Country fresh. Good workers.
So, which village?
Ky La.
Near Danang?
Ly is wonderful with children.
Perfect babysitter.
How old is she?
Is she strong?
Yes, she's very strong. She started to work in the fields when she was four.
They'll do.
Let's go.
You'll be punished for this, you stupid girl!
Making the Master open the door!
Don't be too hard on her. It's been a long day.
Run off to bed. I'm fine. Go on.
I couldn't sleep.
I couldn't either, Master.
I am not your first.
Yes, you are.
I was raped... the village boys in Ky La.
My poor thing.
Have you bled?
Stupid girl.
You weren't satisfied with a perfect life in a perfect house?
You had to seduce the husband! Made him stray from his wife.
Look what it brought you.
That's not how it happened! Anh cares for me. He loves me.
Do you think a stupid girl like you means anything to him?
Now you're going to have his bastard.
You'll have to get rid of it.
We'll go see the herbalist tomorrow.
What are you doing?
Oh, I'm sorry, Madam.
I'm expecting a child.
Yes, I know.
We learned it from the herbalist.
Who is the father?
Don't look so surprised.
A boy.
Someone I met in the park. You don't know him.
Why are you burning incense?
...I don't want the baby.
I was praying to be forgiven.
In front of my husband's ancestors?
I don't know what else to do.
The boy's Catholic, like you.
I'm a Buddhist.
I see.
Le Ly, I have another explanation.
I believe the father of your baby is my husband.
Oh, no! Anh.... I mean the--
You know I'm not well.
But I have given my husband sons.
Beautiful boys.
As fine as any woman could've given him.
Don't think... won't pay for what you've done.
You and your daughter must leave the house at once.
But why?
Nobody knows but you.
Let people think the father is some soldier.
I know, and that's enough.
Men are like dogs pissing on posts.
They go once, they go twice.
But Bay Ly's no threat to you. She has nothing for a proper man.
She's just a country girl.
An ignorant, stupid, foolish child.
A maid that will never be a bride.
She's nothing! Worthless!
Absolutely not.
I won't have her in my house.
Not as a nanny.
Not as a housekeeper.
Then as number two wife!
You're crazy.
As concubine to the Master.
As your slave to kick around.
To warm your husband's bed when you have better things to do.
Why waste your health on a man's rutting when you can leave it to a stupid girl?
You're always number one wife.
The law is on your side.
-Please, Mama! -Stupid, stop!
They must go now. Today, before supper.
You tried to get rid of it?
Yes, of course.
But your seed, Master, is too strong.
Now it has hold of Bay Ly, too.
Please, help us get by the best we can.
At least until the child is born.
I won't throw you into the street.
But I cannot ask my wife to let you live with us.
I'll put you in an apartment.
Not in Saigon.
How far away do you want them?
How far can you drive in a day?
All right.
I will send them back to Danang.
But we have nothing!
With enough money until the baby's born.
I'll send you money monthly.
To a bank or a relative.
I don't want you to know their address.
That's an absolute condition.
You will have enough to live on.
My steward will handle everything.
One day she'll come back!
Don't forget her! She makes an excellent second wife.
Promise you won't forget her.
But the money never came.
Madame Lien saw to that.
My mother sold snails for a while in Danang...
...but soon gave up and returned to Ky La.
My father, ashamed that I was unmarried and pregnant, refused to see me.
-You want Mary Jane? -Go away.
Hey, GI, number one cigarette?
How about some boom-boom?
No, me no hooker!
-Give you $10. -No. Cigarettes?
-$15. -No. Cigarettes?
What you hiding there? Those baby bellies turn me on.
-Come on, give you $50. Come on. -No! MP! MP!
No, you fuck off!
What's in the box?
Johnny Walker, cigarettes.
-What's this? -Marijuana, huh?
This is all I have.
That's okay.
Where's Kim?
In work.
Kim work.
I'll wait for her, little sister.
No, baby. Baby.
You go, 'bye.
You go, 'bye.
I look for Kim.
Me daughter.
Kim here?
She not here.
Please. Me daughter, daughter.
I come long way.
-Go away. -Please, please.
Me Papa.
-Papa. -Get him out.
-No see long time. -Get him out.
Please, please, please!
Go now, you stupid gook asshole!
-What are you doing here? -Papa's at the house. Paul's back.
Paul's back? So soon?
Paul, good to see you, honey!
This isn't a good time.
Oh, baby!
I'm six weeks in the fucking bush. I need some pussy bad! Now!
Father came a long way to see me. Not good time.
He's got time, I don't. Get him out!
Come back.
I need some pussy, now, baby. Now!
He pays my bills. He's my man.
-Will you come on? -Give me a little time, Papa.
Come back in two hours.
Let's do it.
See you.
I came to see your sister.
She's at work.
Selling near the base.
-Is she doing well? Getting by? -She's lazy.
-But I help her all I can. -And the baby?
I don't know why she had to seduce her master's husband.
When she got caught, did she keep quiet? No!
Yes. She has brought shame on us.
An unwed mother.
But she's not the only one who has brought shame to us.
I do the best I can, Papa.
I'll be late for work.
When you see her...
...tell her I came to see her.
I miss her very much.
She shouldn't worry about being punished for her mistake.
Life finds a way to balance itself.
Will you tell her that?
Of course, Papa.
And me?
You too, my little one.
Your boyfriend treated Papa so bad.
You would be ashamed.
You were there.
This is not the way Papa taught us to be.
Do you think I like what I'm doing?
Someone has to make a living around here. You don't help!
I don't know why I let you stay here!
My boyfriends all complain about you!
Pregnant women are bad luck!
How disrespectful you are! If Papa--
Papa what?
An invader!
You sleep with the enemy!
You betray your family!
That's enough!
That's enough out of you!
And I'll marry one, too! You'll see!
And I'll get out of this goddamn country!
And as for you, young lady... more charity for you!
Go on! Get out!
Get out!
Do you think that you're the only one Papa loves?
You spoiled...
To survive, I picked through the American base camp garbage.
And it was there that I first saw...
...the remains of poor prostitutes who'd been murdered by men.
Thank heaven it's a boy.
Put him up to feed quickly. Too much blood.
How will you care for him?
Better give him away or kill him.
And your shame will be washed away.
You're a very lucky girl among the indig personnel referred to this office.
I will have no problem placing you.
Provided, of course, you play ball.
No big deal.
We'll do it any way you want.
Now, you do your best...
...and I'll do mine.
Open door!
Don't make such a big deal about it. Just a little suck.
You! Call MP now!
This man try to rape me!
Go! Go!
This is supposed to be a joke, right? It's a joke.
Months went by.
There were more prostitutes, pimps, black marketeers. Everything had a price.
My family was suffering.
My papa had gotten old and sick and could no longer work the land.
Hey, GI, you buy? You buy?
-No, not today. -GI, you buy? Smokes? You buy?
GI, you buy?
Hi, Big Mike.
You look beaucoup sau.
No good day.
I got something might change your mood. See those grunts?
They're leaving for the world today.
So what? They want souvenirs?
I got Chinese jade, Big Mike. Mary Jane. Titi money.
No, they want a real souvenir. They want boom-boom you.
Beaucoup boom-boom over there.
Plenty of crabs over there, too.
These pencil dicks are clean. They've been in the bush since they got here.
One of them's going home to his wife.
Want them to go boom-boom some scuzbag and bring home the clap?
They're willing to pay $20 each head.
Le Ly good girl. Fuck off.
Okay, five flags. Just for one guy. $100 for the other.
$200, real money.
Too much.
You joking.
These guys got the bread from being in the bush.
I told them clean poon is expensive.
Look, Le....
They beat the odds.
They want to leave something behind. A memory. Something.
Le Ly not that kind of girl.
No deal.
Jesus Christ, you drive a hard bargain.
400 fucking dollars.
This is green.
That's it. That's all they gave me.
You give me $50 commission, you pocket $350.
Support your family for a year, easy. What's so hard about it?
15 minutes. It ain't even work.
Just lie there and let them do the work. What they'll do you've already done.
They don't got all day. Take the money...
...and give them a story to bring home.
You're no cherry.
Just do it for fucking world peace.
Come on!
Send the poor bastards home with a smile.
My father was dying.
I returned for the first time to my village.
What are you doing here?
I heard there's trouble.
Where's Papa?
The Americans came one day to look at our family bunker.
They think Viet Cong inside, make Papa go inside first.
No VC!
But he told them no one was inside.
They still throw grenade.
But it did not explode.
Two Americans went in.
No more.
They were very angry at Papa.
They beat him.
Put paper on his back:
''VC. ''
Took him to prison.
Bad, bad beating.
Come, Mama.
You're drinking now.
Stupid wizard came by the other day.
He said to me:
''I have nothing to tell you.'' Just like that. I have no future.
He didn't mean it.
If I stay in the village, I die.
You know wizards, they hate to give people bad news.
You're just imagining things. There's nothing to worry about.
Who's worried?
What's wrong with living forever with your ancestors?
I'm worried about you, but your mother is not the same.
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Hocus Pocus
Hole The
Hole in the Head A
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Hollow Man
Hollow The (2004)
Hollywood Ending CD1
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Hollywood Homicide 2003 CD1
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Holy Matrimony (1994)
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Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York
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Home At The End Of The World A
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Homem Que Copiava O 2003 CD1
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Homme-orchestre L (Serge Korber 1970)
Homolka a Tobolka
Honest 2000
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Honkytonk Man
Hororr hotline (2001)
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Horseman on the Roof The
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Hostile Waters 1997
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Hot Wheels World Race CD1
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Hour of the Wolf
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House With The Windows That Laugh
House of 1000 Corpses
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House of flying daggers
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House of the Flying Daggers
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How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
How to Beat the High Cost of Living
How to Keep My Love 2004
How to Murder Your Wife 1965
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How to deal
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Hum Kaun Hai
Hum Tum
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Hunchback of Notre Dame The
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