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Subtitles for Heaven Fell That Night (Roger Vadim 1957).

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Heaven Fell That Night (Roger Vadim 1957)

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[INFORMATION] [TITLE] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE]Subtitles captured by SubRip 1.14 [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [CD TRACK]0 [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:00.10 00:00:49.48,00:00:50.99 Seņorita Ursula Fontaine? 00:00:51.40,00:00:52.99 Your car is this way. 00:01:08.08,00:01:09.59 My aunt hasn't come? 00:01:09.76,00:01:11.75 No, Miss,[br]she had to stay at the house. 00:01:11.92,00:01:14.03 - My uncle?[br]- He's taking a siesta. 00:01:14.20,00:01:16.11 At least the car is here! 00:01:57.92,00:02:02.83 The Moon/ight Jewe//ers 00:03:02.96,00:03:06.23 In the past, bandits chased[br]by the police on the highways 00:03:06.44,00:03:09.79 referred to themselves as[br]"the moonlight jewellers". 00:03:49.48,00:03:50.95 Your sister... 00:03:51.20,00:03:53.07 your poor sister! 00:03:53.56,00:03:55.59 She drowned herself in the well. 00:04:00.68,00:04:04.95 Don't go there, I beg you.[br]One tragedy is enough for today. 00:04:05.96,00:04:07.51 Don't let him go! 00:04:51.36,00:04:53.74 Get down, otherwise they'll fire me. 00:04:53.96,00:04:55.75 - No.[br]- I'll show you. 00:05:38.84,00:05:42.38 Stop, you hear?[br]That's enough, slow down! 00:05:55.76,00:05:57.31 Get off, Lambert. 00:06:03.48,00:06:06.71 Give it to him twice a day,[br]it will be over in a week. 00:06:06.88,00:06:08.47 Excuse me a moment. 00:06:26.16,00:06:27.95 Who let you in? 00:06:28.60,00:06:29.43 Get out! 00:06:33.68,00:06:36.95 My sister drowned herself. 00:06:48.24,00:06:48.95 Alfonzo... 00:06:49.28,00:06:50.75 Alfonzo! 00:07:23.52,00:07:25.51 Lie him on a bed[br]and call the doctor. 00:07:25.68,00:07:27.15 Carlos, help me. 00:07:41.60,00:07:44.91 You see, everything was prepared[br]for your arrival. 00:07:45.48,00:07:48.27 Augusta, bring another[br]bottle of champagne. 00:07:49.40,00:07:53.95 Poor Ursula,[br]you picked a bad day. 00:07:55.40,00:07:57.70 It's quite different[br]from the convent! 00:08:02.04,00:08:04.63 A little music[br]will calm the atmosphere. 00:08:07.96,00:08:11.43 Do you intend to make[br]a long face all afternoon? 00:08:17.68,00:08:19.27 Saddle the horse. 00:08:19.56,00:08:20.99 What a louse. 00:08:21.68,00:08:22.82 He's your uncle! 00:08:23.00,00:08:27.75 You hate him too. When he was[br]on the floor, you smiled. 00:08:28.08,00:08:30.27 Shut up, you talk nonsense. 00:08:30.68,00:08:32.15 I don't like champagne. 00:08:45.76,00:08:48.51 Who is this boy[br]your husband half killed? 00:08:48.68,00:08:50.43 He's the innkeeper's son. 00:08:50.60,00:08:52.07 - Do you know him?[br]- Hardly. 00:08:52.40,00:08:56.95 The revolution ruined his family,[br]he went abroad. He's just back. 00:08:57.16,00:09:00.15 The girl they found in the well[br]was his sister? 00:09:00.40,00:09:02.78 - I don't know.[br]- He told your husband so. 00:09:02.96,00:09:04.59 I told you, I know nothing! 00:09:08.16,00:09:09.99 There is no reply at the doctor's. 00:09:10.16,00:09:12.15 Then have him[br]driven back home. 00:09:12.36,00:09:13.31 Tell the chauffeur. 00:09:13.88,00:09:16.87 This will cure him very quick... 00:09:17.04,00:09:19.11 Please come here a moment. 00:09:23.36,00:09:25.03 Don't worry, little horse. 00:09:29.56,00:09:31.63 Everything is all right. 00:09:32.04,00:09:33.91 Can he be moved? 00:09:34.28,00:09:36.79 I think his collarbone is broken. 00:09:38.24,00:09:40.27 But this leg worries me. 00:09:40.56,00:09:42.03 The knee is out of joint. 00:09:42.56,00:09:44.07 I probably can put it back. 00:09:50.92,00:09:53.48 Ask where your room is,[br]I'll join you. 00:10:00.24,00:10:03.11 I won't be able to do it[br]unless you hold him. 00:10:35.60,00:10:39.79 He's only slightly injured[br]but you'll have to get the doctor. 00:10:39.96,00:10:42.39 He is as strong as a horse. 00:11:09.68,00:11:11.43 What are you doing there? 00:11:11.60,00:11:13.15 Making myself at home! 00:11:14.44,00:11:17.03 The veterinary[br]thinks it's not serious. 00:11:17.60,00:11:19.51 Could you hand me the nails? 00:11:22.48,00:11:23.62 Thank you. 00:11:26.28,00:11:28.31 Do you believe in love[br]at first sight? 00:11:28.48,00:11:29.46 What do you mean? 00:11:29.64,00:11:32.71 After two brief meetings? 00:11:32.88,00:11:33.94 No. 00:11:34.32,00:11:36.35 It just happened to me, though. 00:11:36.60,00:11:37.74 Don't be foolish. 00:11:37.92,00:11:39.83 I'm not foolish, I'm in love. 00:11:40.16,00:11:42.46 You don't know what love means. 00:11:42.64,00:11:44.23 The later the better. 00:11:44.40,00:11:47.43 You were more fun before.[br]Do you remember Biarritz? 00:11:47.64,00:11:51.11 All the boys were after you.[br]You had a way with them. 00:11:51.28,00:11:54.63 I was as flat as a fish at the time[br]and full of admiration... 00:12:02.08,00:12:04.67 It's not funny,[br]I could have been hurt. 00:12:06.32,00:12:08.78 That will teach you! 00:12:54.76,00:12:56.11 Cool down, Miguel. 00:12:56.28,00:12:57.63 The hunt is over. 00:13:19.00,00:13:20.51 Good morning, Concha. 00:13:20.68,00:13:21.66 A cognac. 00:13:22.64,00:13:23.75 How do you feel? 00:13:23.92,00:13:26.35 I think I'll be all right[br]for the fiesta. 00:13:26.52,00:13:28.19 The doctor said so. 00:13:29.48,00:13:30.15 Another one. 00:13:30.52,00:13:34.91 Tell me what happened between you[br]and M. Esteban in detail. 00:13:35.08,00:13:38.03 Nothing.[br]We fought, that's all. 00:13:38.60,00:13:40.75 Somebody has to win... 00:13:41.64,00:13:44.99 I lost.[br]There's nothing more to it. 00:13:55.32,00:13:58.35 Let's drop the subject.[br]I'm here on another matter. 00:14:00.12,00:14:05.27 I need to know what happened[br]to you when you were living abroad. 00:14:06.36,00:14:09.83 You went to France in 45,[br]didn't you? 00:14:14.08,00:14:17.62 What's going on, you little rascal?[br]Look at that! 00:14:17.80,00:14:20.39 What a mess you've made! 00:14:24.76,00:14:27.06 You didn't come back[br]when your dad died. 00:14:27.24,00:14:29.35 I was in a disciplinary battalion. 00:14:30.56,00:14:33.47 For insulting a superior,[br]wasn't it? 00:14:36.00,00:14:38.35 Hold him a while,[br]he has wet my book. 00:14:42.00,00:14:45.51 Then, you worked on a cargo ship. 00:14:45.68,00:14:46.99 As an engineer. 00:14:47.16,00:14:48.35 - Pardon?[br]- Engineer. 00:14:48.52,00:14:50.27 Be quiet... 00:14:51.24,00:14:52.95 - Which ship?[br]- What? 00:14:53.12,00:14:57.19 Write it down yourself.[br]I can't hear a word. 00:14:57.36,00:15:00.31 Come on, don't cry... 00:15:00.80,00:15:02.39 Enrico, don't cry... 00:16:22.40,00:16:24.27 Leave me alone! 00:16:26.44,00:16:28.79 You should be seen to,[br]you old fool. 00:16:29.28,00:16:31.87 You can be sure[br]I will tell Florentine. 00:16:32.04,00:16:33.59 Disgusting old man! 00:16:36.48,00:16:37.23 Aren't you ashamed? 00:16:37.72,00:16:39.63 Taking advantage of your niece! 00:16:39.80,00:16:44.07 Now I know what a satyr looks like,[br]my aunt's husband is one! 00:16:47.44,00:16:50.47 She loves you.[br]What's more you are my tutor. 00:16:50.64,00:16:52.55 What a good protector I have! 00:16:52.84,00:16:56.03 Do you hear me?[br]Lambert should have killed you. 00:16:56.60,00:16:58.67 But he will come back.[br]He will! 00:17:07.88,00:17:11.83 You little bitch,[br]I'm going to show you. 00:17:54.48,00:17:56.51 Stop it, you'll make me fall. 00:18:05.96,00:18:07.27 Good afternoon, Count! 00:18:07.44,00:18:08.79 Good afternoon, Father. 00:18:11.76,00:18:14.27 Hello, Father.[br]We're playing "off-ground" tag. 00:18:14.84,00:18:16.59 "Off-ground" tag? 00:18:20.92,00:18:22.83 Can you take me to the castle? 00:18:23.00,00:18:24.79 Of course, my child. 00:18:26.28,00:18:28.95 Father, does the Count[br]go to confession? 00:18:31.00,00:18:32.59 Did you interrogate Lambert? 00:18:32.76,00:18:34.67 His past is vague. 00:18:34.88,00:18:37.07 - I thought so.[br]- But we have no proof. 00:18:37.28,00:18:41.31 What do you intend to do?[br]This man is dangerous. 00:18:41.52,00:18:43.43 You will hear from me! 00:18:53.60,00:18:54.95 May I help? 00:18:55.48,00:18:56.70 I want to see your boss. 00:18:56.88,00:18:58.39 Follow me. 00:19:05.48,00:19:07.15 Detective Sierra... 00:19:07.32,00:19:09.51 - My cousin Ribera.[br]- Delighted. 00:19:09.96,00:19:11.02 Me too. 00:19:11.20,00:19:12.91 Sit down.[br]What's going on? 00:19:14.20,00:19:16.07 Anything new about Lambert? 00:19:16.24,00:19:18.39 Yes, I think that I can... 00:19:19.60,00:19:22.63 I can easily enough take care[br]of your man. 00:19:22.80,00:19:23.83 How? 00:19:24.16,00:19:27.94 He bought tractors with[br]imported money without permission. 00:19:28.44,00:19:31.19 It's quite frequent[br]but it will be enough. 00:19:31.36,00:19:33.63 I just need a little more evidence. 00:19:33.80,00:19:35.11 Are you sure you can get it? 00:19:35.28,00:19:38.55 Don't worry.[br]Go home and forget about it. 00:19:38.72,00:19:41.23 - Enjoy life.[br]- You're a brother to me. 00:20:02.32,00:20:03.51 What's the matter? 00:20:03.68,00:20:05.98 Are you mad?[br]Somebody could come. 00:20:06.16,00:20:08.54 Everybody is taking a siesta! 00:20:08.84,00:20:11.14 A visitor could come. 00:20:12.60,00:20:14.75 That would give him a fond memory. 00:20:22.04,00:20:23.47 What are you doing there? 00:20:23.64,00:20:25.03 I'm having a shower. 00:20:25.52,00:20:28.67 - It's the servant's shower.[br]- As long as it works! 00:20:32.48,00:20:34.31 Give me an orangeade. 00:20:48.12,00:20:50.15 Is it nice to make love? 00:20:52.04,00:20:53.67 I'm talking to you! 00:20:54.84,00:20:57.91 Go back under your shower! 00:20:58.64,00:21:01.47 I was at school,[br]love was just a theory. 00:21:01.64,00:21:04.39 But now, maybe[br]because of the climate... 00:21:05.76,00:21:07.55 You're drinking my orangeade! 00:21:12.96,00:21:15.52 Florentine,[br]let's go to the fiesta... 00:21:15.80,00:21:17.47 I want to see Lambert again. 00:21:17.84,00:21:19.59 Is that what you call the climate? 00:21:21.28,00:21:24.15 I've been trying to forget him[br]for 3 weeks, in vain. 00:21:24.56,00:21:25.99 I only think of him. 00:21:26.52,00:21:28.11 I would like him to kiss me. 00:21:28.60,00:21:30.43 You must understand that... 00:21:30.84,00:21:32.71 I've only known Miguel. 00:21:32.88,00:21:34.55 It's been foolish of you. 00:21:34.72,00:21:35.86 You are impossible. 00:21:36.04,00:21:37.83 Because I see things as they are? 00:21:38.00,00:21:40.35 Lying to yourself[br]has ruined your life. 00:21:40.52,00:21:41.15 Maybe. 00:21:41.32,00:21:42.91 You can start again. 00:21:43.24,00:21:46.07 You forget my age,[br]I'm not very young any more. 00:21:46.24,00:21:48.31 I would like to have your beauty. 00:21:49.16,00:21:50.79 I avoid the mirrors. 00:21:50.96,00:21:52.51 Are you mad? 00:21:52.68,00:21:54.19 Look at you... 00:21:55.52,00:21:57.43 You're young, you are beautiful. 00:21:58.32,00:21:59.87 Look at your body... 00:22:01.00,00:22:02.63 It doesn't lie. 00:22:02.92,00:22:03.98 You are cruel. 00:22:04.16,00:22:06.99 Why? Because I force you[br]to admit the truth? 00:22:08.52,00:22:10.67 Do you think I'm made of wood? 00:22:11.00,00:22:13.75 That I don't think, at night,[br]in my bed? 00:22:14.96,00:22:16.59 You are entitled to be happy. 00:22:17.84,00:22:20.87 It's none of your business.[br]Leave me alone. 00:22:35.88,00:22:38.75 Get dressed.[br]I'll take you to the fiesta. 00:23:15.36,00:23:16.58 They won't kill him? 00:23:16.76,00:23:18.79 No, it's for fun. 00:23:46.48,00:23:48.15 In real corridas,[br]are the bulls bigger? 00:23:48.32,00:23:49.43 A lot bigger. 00:23:49.60,00:23:51.19 This is only a young cow. 00:23:51.36,00:23:52.83 She fights like a bull! 00:23:53.00,00:23:55.67 Young cows charge like bulls. 00:23:55.84,00:23:57.91 They can even be more dangerous. 00:23:58.08,00:24:00.46 Because they keep their eyes open. 00:24:37.04,00:24:40.31 He was lucky it wasn't a real bull. 00:24:41.32,00:24:43.95 I'm going to try.[br]It can't be very difficult. 00:24:47.80,00:24:49.43 I forbid you. 00:24:54.04,00:24:57.66 Ursula, what are you doing,[br]are you mad? Come back! 00:25:06.40,00:25:07.62 Baby... 00:25:08.96,00:25:10.23 Baby, baby... 00:25:36.48,00:25:37.51 Come back, Ursula. 00:25:38.00,00:25:39.11 Come back! 00:26:03.24,00:26:04.46 Thank you... 00:26:05.16,00:26:06.67 Now we are even. 00:26:10.80,00:26:12.43 You frightened me so much! 00:26:12.60,00:26:14.51 We have taken the cow away. 00:26:49.12,00:26:50.67 I have to talk to you. 00:26:51.24,00:26:52.67 Go ahead. 00:26:53.40,00:26:57.27 It's about my husband...[br]He is planning to harm you. 00:26:58.40,00:26:59.27 Come. 00:26:59.44,00:27:01.43 I can't... Not now. 00:27:03.92,00:27:06.15 I'll wait for you in the park,[br]tonight. 00:27:06.32,00:27:07.54 You must be joking. 00:27:07.72,00:27:09.99 Your husband's in Sevilla, so... 00:27:10.16,00:27:11.14 You are mad! 00:27:11.32,00:27:15.55 I might be, but I'll wait for you.[br]I will wait all night. 00:27:15.72,00:27:17.15 I forbid you... 00:27:39.40,00:27:40.71 Has he gone? 00:27:42.36,00:27:44.55 After all the trouble I went to! 00:27:46.32,00:27:47.99 I'll get my shoes. 00:28:20.20,00:28:23.71 The bitches![br]Happily I came back. 00:28:24.24,00:28:25.63 As soon as I turn my back! 00:29:45.76,00:29:47.15 What have you done? 00:30:32.96,00:30:34.71 You had no right to do that. 00:30:58.36,00:31:00.82 I thought we shut the gate,[br]earlier. 00:31:01.00,00:31:02.71 A servant must have come back. 00:31:03.20,00:31:08.03 See, you wouldn't go to the fiesta,[br]then you wouldn't come back! 00:31:14.00,00:31:16.91 Listen, Lambert,[br]we ran out of beer today. 00:31:17.08,00:31:18.83 And I had three barrels! 00:31:19.00,00:31:20.75 And wine, too. 00:31:20.92,00:31:22.06 Do you hear me? 00:31:22.64,00:31:25.47 The secretary[br]bought a whole salami. 00:31:27.00,00:31:30.11 Give me a hand to range all that. 00:31:32.44,00:31:35.95 Another day like this[br]and I can have the house fixed. 00:31:36.44,00:31:37.71 That would be nice. 00:31:41.12,00:31:43.58 Are you drunk? 00:31:49.44,00:31:51.59 Talk.[br]What's the matter with you? 00:31:52.80,00:31:54.79 I killed him. 00:31:56.92,00:31:58.35 In self-defence. 00:32:04.92,00:32:06.47 You don't believe me, mother? 00:32:08.56,00:32:10.11 You are my son. 00:32:12.48,00:32:14.39 If even you don't believe me... 00:32:17.64,00:32:19.27 I'm going to the toilet. 00:32:43.60,00:32:45.03 It's Miguel's horse... 00:32:46.44,00:32:48.15 Yes... What does that mean? 00:33:54.56,00:33:56.86 Do what your heart tells you to do. 00:33:57.04,00:34:00.15 Real faith has nothing to do[br]with customs. 00:34:09.24,00:34:13.91 Please forgive me for being late.[br]I have some important news. 00:34:14.48,00:34:19.11 We've identified the blade[br]that broke in Miguel's chest. 00:34:19.28,00:34:21.11 In a few hours, 00:34:21.28,00:34:24.31 we will know whose it was. 00:36:29.04,00:36:31.67 I didn't understand[br]you loved Lambert. 00:37:28.36,00:37:29.83 Lambert... 00:37:40.56,00:37:41.87 Don't open, I... 00:37:48.32,00:37:49.59 What is it? 00:37:49.80,00:37:51.23 I heard someone screaming. 00:37:51.40,00:37:55.23 You were dreaming.[br]Unless it was me... 00:37:55.40,00:37:56.54 Do you need anything? 00:37:56.72,00:37:59.63 No.[br]Go to bed, Ursula. 00:38:13.12,00:38:14.87 Shut the window... 00:38:41.32,00:38:42.11 I wanted to ask you... 00:38:42.28,00:38:44.79 Be quiet.[br]Don't look for excuses... 00:38:44.96,00:38:46.10 I don't. 00:38:46.28,00:38:47.83 Don't talk... 00:39:27.88,00:39:29.71 I should hate myself. 00:39:30.48,00:39:32.23 But I'm so happy... 00:39:33.68,00:39:35.87 I can only think of one thing, 00:39:36.04,00:39:39.58 that I'll have you every day,[br]all my life. 00:39:42.12,00:39:42.95 What's the matter? 00:39:44.28,00:39:46.95 Do you think the police[br]can separate us? No. 00:39:47.52,00:39:50.39 - I won't let them.[br]- The police is not all. 00:39:51.72,00:39:54.39 I never intended to live with you. 00:39:55.00,00:39:56.79 I came for something else. 00:39:56.96,00:40:01.15 If I'm arrested, I only have[br]one way to prove self-defence. 00:40:02.08,00:40:04.79 By admitting I came[br]to the castle to see you. 00:40:04.96,00:40:06.87 I need your word. 00:40:08.08,00:40:11.51 Is it all you wanted...[br]A testimony? 00:40:12.76,00:40:16.67 I wanted to avoid being hung.[br]It's important, for a man. 00:40:18.16,00:40:21.75 So that was it.[br]It was for that... 00:40:27.88,00:40:31.19 I'll never forget last night...[br]Never. 00:40:32.20,00:40:34.79 But I don't want[br]any misunderstanding. 00:41:21.00,00:41:22.55 Don't kiss me... 00:41:24.20,00:41:27.11 The grass is damp.[br]You will catch cold. 00:41:27.28,00:41:28.87 What is it to you? 00:41:31.76,00:41:33.75 Have you loved her long? 00:41:35.12,00:41:36.83 I don't love anybody, Ursula. 00:41:37.00,00:41:39.30 Why were you in her room, then? 00:41:42.72,00:41:47.19 Never judge someone[br]without knowing all the facts. 00:41:48.48,00:41:50.59 Do you care what I think? 00:41:51.40,00:41:52.38 I think so, yes. 00:42:20.52,00:42:24.03 I'm sorry, Lambert,[br]I must arrest you for murder. 00:42:24.28,00:42:25.63 Follow us. 00:42:49.40,00:42:51.19 You can't arrest me without proof. 00:42:55.08,00:42:56.67 You caught him, bravo. 00:42:56.84,00:43:01.31 We came to tell you he wasn't home.[br]We found him near the castle. 00:43:01.48,00:43:03.19 What did you come here for? 00:43:04.64,00:43:08.79 To make sure you didn't leave[br]any clues of your crime? 00:43:08.96,00:43:13.23 Pointless, Lambert. I've got[br]all I need to send you to Court. 00:43:13.40,00:43:15.51 The motive... and your knife. 00:43:15.68,00:43:18.75 And you don't have any alibi.[br]Or prove me wrong. 00:43:27.16,00:43:29.23 That evening, I had a date... 00:43:30.00,00:43:31.19 Who with? 00:43:32.20,00:43:33.39 Who with? 00:43:33.56,00:43:35.71 I hoped the other person[br]would talk. 00:43:35.88,00:43:38.71 She didn't say a word.[br]Hard luck. 00:43:39.12,00:43:41.68 Try to find out[br]why he was coming back. 00:43:42.08,00:43:43.30 I'll get dressed 00:43:43.48,00:43:45.63 and join you later. 00:43:51.08,00:43:53.23 This man is really too stupid. 00:43:53.56,00:43:57.23 Excuse me.[br]I've a busy day ahead of me. 00:43:59.32,00:44:01.39 He had a date with you! 00:44:03.00,00:44:03.98 Liar! 00:44:04.16,00:44:05.30 He's your lover. 00:44:06.04,00:44:08.07 I saw him leaving your bedroom. 00:44:08.24,00:44:10.03 He wanted an alibi. 00:44:10.20,00:44:12.07 Why didn't you give him one? 00:44:12.24,00:44:15.27 Lose my honour[br]for my husband's murderer? 00:44:15.60,00:44:17.79 Anything to save the man you love. 00:44:17.96,00:44:19.15 I don't love him. 00:44:19.32,00:44:20.79 You do, I know it. 00:44:21.56,00:44:22.87 Liar! 00:44:26.36,00:44:27.67 Halt. 00:44:46.20,00:44:47.95 Good afternoon, seņorita. 00:45:11.36,00:45:12.91 Don't be afraid, get in. 00:45:24.80,00:45:26.79 She took the car. 00:45:26.96,00:45:28.83 She will help him to escape. 00:45:29.00,00:45:30.99 Reach the road before she does. 00:45:31.16,00:45:33.03 It probably is too late already. 00:45:33.20,00:45:35.11 I'll call headquarters. 00:45:39.64,00:45:42.31 - Take the first one on the left.[br]- Where are we going? 00:45:42.48,00:45:44.55 To Quevas de Salinas.[br]I've got a friend there. 00:46:01.28,00:46:02.99 - Aren't you afraid?[br]- Yes. 00:46:04.16,00:46:06.46 Do you know the risks[br]you're taking? 00:46:08.44,00:46:09.99 You're starting to like me... 00:46:34.76,00:46:35.95 They'll catch us. 00:46:36.12,00:46:38.03 And I've no licence! 00:46:46.00,00:46:47.71 Accelerate! 00:46:49.28,00:46:51.27 If we make it to the Sierra... 00:46:53.68,00:46:55.19 - Why do you help me?[br]- You know why. 00:46:55.36,00:46:56.19 I promised nothing. 00:46:56.36,00:46:58.79 You're near me, that's all I want. 00:48:39.84,00:48:40.90 Are you all right? 00:48:41.28,00:48:45.35 My feet ache but I'm happy,[br]it reminds me of my first ball. 00:48:48.52,00:48:49.83 What's your job? 00:48:50.00,00:48:51.43 I've had plenty. 00:48:51.64,00:48:53.07 What was the last one? 00:48:53.32,00:48:54.46 Engineer. 00:48:54.64,00:48:55.91 On a locomotive? 00:48:56.08,00:48:57.47 On a ship. 00:48:57.68,00:48:58.71 Were you seasick? 00:48:58.88,00:49:00.31 Save your breath. 00:49:01.24,00:49:03.27 We don't even know each other. 00:49:03.52,00:49:04.91 How old are you? 00:49:05.08,00:49:06.22 33 years old. 00:49:48.88,00:49:52.58 If I could take my jacket off,[br]I'd make you a pillow. 00:49:56.36,00:49:58.19 One of these sacks... 00:50:08.84,00:50:11.35 These handcuffs[br]will drive me crazy! 00:50:12.52,00:50:14.87 How can I get them off? 00:50:15.76,00:50:18.19 Damn them! 00:50:19.08,00:50:20.27 What can I bloody do? 00:50:20.72,00:50:22.27 Leave me alone. 00:50:22.44,00:50:24.63 Can't you see they drive me mad? 00:50:38.28,00:50:39.91 Are you frightened of me? 00:51:38.32,00:51:39.43 What's happening? 00:51:39.60,00:51:40.71 Look! 00:51:50.56,00:51:53.31 Tonight, at Cuevas,[br]I'll have them filed off. 00:51:53.52,00:51:54.58 Is it far? 00:51:54.76,00:51:56.51 25 miles. 00:51:58.28,00:51:59.47 It's too far. 00:51:59.92,00:52:01.59 Too far for you, Ursula. 00:52:01.76,00:52:03.11 Must you go? 00:52:04.28,00:52:05.34 Why? 00:52:05.52,00:52:08.55 When I was a engineer,[br]my ship used to unload there. 00:52:08.72,00:52:09.78 Is she there now? 00:52:09.96,00:52:11.31 I don't think so. 00:52:11.48,00:52:13.23 But I'll learn where she is. 00:52:16.76,00:52:19.75 The highway is not too far,[br]that way. 00:52:20.20,00:52:22.76 At Cartama, you'll find a taxi. 00:52:38.44,00:52:41.00 This didn't feel[br]like a kiss goodbye. 00:52:47.16,00:52:48.43 Let's buy a donkey! 00:52:48.60,00:52:50.83 We haven't got enough money. 00:52:51.00,00:52:52.14 I will bargain for one. 00:52:52.60,00:52:55.91 I beg you, let me try, Lambert.[br]Let me try... 00:53:34.60,00:53:37.06 You like the donkey?[br]It's a very nice donkey. 00:53:38.16,00:53:40.27 - 4.000 pesetas.[br]- No... 00:53:41.92,00:53:43.06 Four thousand. 00:53:44.00,00:53:45.55 Listen, miss... 00:53:46.64,00:53:49.07 4.000 pesetas.[br]It's not expensive. 00:53:49.28,00:53:51.55 Not four... three. 00:54:00.36,00:54:01.91 No, these are not for sale. 00:54:02.08,00:54:04.43 Then never mind. 00:54:05.88,00:54:06.86 Listen... 00:54:16.40,00:54:21.42 Now if you take this one,[br]I can give you my house as well... 00:54:30.16,00:54:34.11 See, I have 100 pesetas left[br]to buy food on the way. 00:55:34.72,00:55:35.86 Good afternoon, Carmen. 00:55:38.60,00:55:40.11 Do you remember me? 00:55:42.92,00:55:45.87 You can trust her[br]as much as you trust me. 00:55:47.60,00:55:51.19 Where is your grandfather,[br]and your brother? 00:55:51.36,00:55:52.63 They are not here. 00:55:53.16,00:55:54.43 When will they be back? 00:55:55.56,00:55:56.59 I don't know. 00:55:56.76,00:55:59.32 Of course, you know.[br]Come on, talk. 00:55:59.64,00:56:01.07 They are in jail. 00:56:06.56,00:56:09.07 And Captain Lorca?[br]In jail too? 00:56:09.32,00:56:10.35 I don't know. 00:56:12.00,00:56:14.56 I need you to find his address. 00:56:14.88,00:56:16.99 It's not easy but I will find it. 00:56:19.16,00:56:20.71 Is there a file, here? 00:56:23.80,00:56:25.31 I want them off! 00:56:26.28,00:56:28.35 You'll use my room. 00:56:31.36,00:56:32.50 Where is she going? 00:56:42.88,00:56:44.07 Good afternoon. 00:56:49.72,00:56:51.35 Can you take them off me? 00:56:58.56,00:57:00.11 Don't get funny. 00:57:08.32,00:57:10.35 - What's the matter?[br]- The price. 00:57:10.52,00:57:12.03 How much will you pay me? 00:57:13.60,00:57:15.43 Do you want a good beating? 00:57:15.80,00:57:16.94 Open! 00:57:58.28,00:57:59.23 Why do you laugh? 00:57:59.40,00:58:02.91 I'm thinking of Florentine[br]and her servant's shower! 00:58:13.20,00:58:14.26 May I try it? 00:58:14.88,00:58:16.15 Yes, of course. 00:58:27.08,00:58:29.46 No, tuck the blouse inside. 00:58:29.64,00:58:30.83 Like that... 00:58:35.28,00:58:37.71 Lambert, come and look at me. 00:58:48.88,00:58:50.27 Look, look! 00:59:27.12,00:59:28.31 Are you afraid? 00:59:30.28,00:59:32.23 I'm afraid to disappoint you. 00:59:32.64,00:59:33.62 I'll take the chance... 00:59:33.80,00:59:35.87 I'm not what you think I am. 00:59:36.76,00:59:38.19 I don't think anything. 00:59:38.36,00:59:40.74 Yes... That I'm a woman. 00:59:42.04,00:59:43.15 Aren't you a woman? 00:59:43.32,00:59:45.35 Don't laugh. 00:59:45.52,00:59:48.63 I meant, I've never had a lover. 00:59:56.48,00:59:59.23 That doesn't mean[br]I don't want to have one. 01:01:36.52,01:01:39.27 Come, Lambert.[br]They want to talk with you. 01:01:51.80,01:01:52.78 Look... 01:01:54.08,01:01:55.30 What's written? 01:01:55.52,01:01:59.27 Florentine offers a reward[br]for news about you. 01:01:59.44,01:02:01.19 - They talk about you too?[br]- No. 01:02:01.36,01:02:03.23 She wants to avoid a scandal. 01:02:04.84,01:02:07.63 We have enough problems[br]with Justice as it is. 01:02:07.80,01:02:09.27 - Shall we leave?[br]- Yes. 01:02:09.44,01:02:10.75 - Right now?[br]- Yes. 01:02:19.88,01:02:22.15 Do you want[br]Captain Lorca's address? 01:02:22.32,01:02:23.91 Calle San Jose in Chorro. 01:02:24.20,01:02:25.23 Thank you. 01:02:25.72,01:02:27.35 I do that for her. 01:02:33.20,01:02:35.55 News wanted of this woman 01:02:48.36,01:02:50.31 Poor one, it's sad to sell him. 01:02:50.52,01:02:53.27 With your picture in the paper,[br]you need another dress. 01:02:53.44,01:02:54.91 I know. 01:03:22.00,01:03:24.27 It isn't honest, what we just did. 01:03:25.28,01:03:29.55 But as long as we know it's wrong,[br]we can change. 01:03:29.72,01:03:32.18 We must always know[br]when we act badly. 01:03:32.36,01:03:33.39 Come. 01:03:50.32,01:03:54.23 If you're not back in 15 minutes,[br]I'll come and get you. 01:04:24.16,01:04:26.62 - Is it your writing?[br]- Yes. 01:04:27.16,01:04:28.55 Where did you see them? 01:04:34.24,01:04:35.30 Come on, talk. 01:04:35.52,01:04:37.59 They came the day before yesterday. 01:04:38.80,01:04:39.99 Are they still here? 01:04:46.32,01:04:47.67 Did they sleep here? 01:04:49.40,01:04:50.31 Where are they now? 01:04:50.48,01:04:51.54 I don't know. 01:04:51.88,01:04:53.19 Yes, you do. 01:04:53.36,01:04:54.47 Where are they? 01:04:54.68,01:04:55.82 They haven't told me. 01:04:56.52,01:04:58.75 You're lying. 01:04:59.00,01:05:00.06 I told the truth! 01:05:00.28,01:05:02.15 Now you will tell me the truth. 01:05:02.32,01:05:03.91 You have to tell me! 01:05:13.60,01:05:14.91 All right... 01:05:16.80,01:05:19.26 We'll see if the police[br]can make you talk. 01:05:19.44,01:05:20.71 No, not that. 01:05:20.88,01:05:22.07 So...? 01:05:22.64,01:05:25.55 They went to Chorro[br]to find Captain Lorca. 01:07:19.56,01:07:20.59 What do you want? 01:07:21.56,01:07:23.07 I need you to help me. 01:07:23.24,01:07:25.07 I have to get out of Spain. 01:07:26.28,01:07:30.15 I'm sorry, deeply sorry.[br]I haven't got the ship any more. 01:07:31.28,01:07:32.99 Can you lend me some cash? 01:07:38.60,01:07:40.43 The Guardia Civil, quick! 01:07:46.44,01:07:47.95 You rat. 01:07:48.12,01:07:50.03 I'm a rat, you're a murderer. 01:07:50.52,01:07:53.15 We don't always do[br]what we want to do. 01:07:53.72,01:07:55.91 This is Lorca.[br]I have him there. 01:07:56.08,01:07:57.27 Hurry up. 01:07:58.32,01:08:00.43 I have been in trouble, recently. 01:08:01.32,01:08:02.83 This clears me. 01:08:04.40,01:08:06.43 I don't think you will shoot. 01:08:07.48,01:08:09.31 If you move, I will. 01:08:11.20,01:08:12.07 I'm going to shoot. 01:08:16.88,01:08:19.15 No, to your left. 01:09:58.76,01:10:00.75 How can you eat it? 01:10:18.04,01:10:19.31 That's enough! 01:10:20.40,01:10:22.03 Will you shut up! 01:10:22.44,01:10:23.79 You're the nice one. 01:11:04.80,01:11:05.83 Follow me. 01:11:06.76,01:11:08.43 It didn't work, did it? 01:11:08.84,01:11:10.35 I'm afraid. 01:11:11.16,01:11:12.35 Save your breath. 01:11:12.52,01:11:14.87 If I don't talk,[br]I have no courage. 01:11:15.12,01:11:16.59 Then ride. 01:11:27.76,01:11:29.83 - Where are we going?[br]- Nowhere. 01:11:30.20,01:11:32.39 With you it's always somewhere. 01:11:33.16,01:11:34.35 I love you. 01:12:05.32,01:12:07.07 We don't know where it ends. 01:12:07.24,01:12:08.83 If we go on, we'll drown. 01:12:09.00,01:12:10.99 - Let's stop.[br]- They'll catch us. 01:12:11.16,01:12:13.15 - I don't want to part.[br]- Now or tomorrow! 01:12:13.32,01:12:14.59 We can't leave Spain. 01:12:14.76,01:12:17.43 I beg you, Lambert,[br]let's go on. 01:12:17.72,01:12:19.91 - It's crazy.[br]- Yes, it is. 01:12:56.00,01:12:59.70 Spread out in pairs[br]and search every corner. 01:13:16.00,01:13:17.39 This is impossible to cross. 01:13:17.56,01:13:19.67 Keep on searching. 01:13:40.44,01:13:41.63 We made it, Lambert. 01:13:42.96,01:13:44.79 We got nowhere. 01:13:45.88,01:13:47.47 Nowhere... 01:13:50.28,01:13:51.50 Nowhere! 01:15:08.56,01:15:09.99 Did they find them? 01:15:11.28,01:15:13.15 You said it was a matter of hours. 01:15:13.32,01:15:15.27 They got through the Chorro. 01:15:15.64,01:15:17.07 You said it was impossible. 01:15:17.24,01:15:20.31 I usually deal with criminals,[br]not with lovers. 01:15:22.52,01:15:23.95 When will you arrest them? 01:15:24.12,01:15:26.50 They can hold their position[br]for weeks. 01:15:26.68,01:15:30.67 You should have stopped them.[br]And killed him. He's a murderer. 01:15:30.84,01:15:32.11 You have to kill him. 01:16:09.08,01:16:10.11 Nothing. 01:16:11.00,01:16:12.11 What about that? 01:16:12.48,01:16:14.35 We need wild game. 01:16:14.52,01:16:16.55 - You once caught a rabbit.[br]- That was 3 days ago. 01:16:16.72,01:16:18.11 And today I'm hungry! 01:16:18.28,01:16:20.35 Me too but I don't yell. 01:16:21.12,01:16:22.55 You're not on your feet all day. 01:16:22.72,01:16:24.55 Do you think I have fun? 01:16:32.16,01:16:33.38 Where are you going? 01:16:43.24,01:16:44.55 What are you going to do? 01:16:44.72,01:16:47.39 Kill the pig.[br]We'll have a few days food. 01:16:50.60,01:16:52.27 You won't do that, Lambert! 01:16:52.44,01:16:54.43 He'll starve to death, anyway. 01:16:54.96,01:16:57.11 Don't kill this little animal,[br]Lambert. 01:16:57.80,01:16:59.35 Don't kill my piglet... 01:16:59.76,01:17:00.79 I beg you. 01:17:00.96,01:17:03.55 He's our little companion,[br]I love him. 01:17:51.12,01:17:51.95 Murderer! 01:18:42.84,01:18:44.03 I love you... 01:18:46.16,01:18:48.59 I love you, my proud little animal. 01:18:57.64,01:18:59.15 I love your body... 01:19:01.24,01:19:02.87 I love your warmth... 01:19:04.68,01:19:06.47 Crazy little doe... 01:19:09.08,01:19:11.15 I love you to death... 01:19:13.64,01:19:16.23 I've longed so long[br]for those words. 01:19:18.24,01:19:19.67 We must part... 01:19:21.36,01:19:24.51 Yes, Ursula,[br]before we spoil it all. 01:19:24.96,01:19:27.34 No, Lambert, never! 01:19:31.24,01:19:34.51 I love you.[br]Never leave me. 01:19:59.80,01:20:03.63 And to you too, with God's help,[br]if you wish to... 01:20:09.52,01:20:10.55 Allo? 01:20:16.00,01:20:17.71 Yes, I can hear you. 01:20:20.04,01:20:21.83 Ursula can't go on any more. 01:20:22.72,01:20:26.67 I will be at Cerba tomorrow,[br]with her. Come and get her. 01:20:27.72,01:20:28.99 At noon, yes. 01:20:29.52,01:20:32.59 But why in a village?[br]It's dangerous, for you. 01:20:32.76,01:20:37.91 I'm going to give myself up. But[br]I want to make sure Ursula is safe. 01:20:38.24,01:20:41.43 Don't worry...[br]I'll take care of her. 01:20:42.40,01:20:44.15 Nothing will happen to her. 01:20:45.80,01:20:47.67 You don't need anything else? 01:20:49.96,01:20:51.75 Yes, I'll be there. 01:21:35.28,01:21:37.35 - A bad dream.[br]- Which one? 01:21:37.56,01:21:39.03 Always this dream. 01:21:40.36,01:21:41.91 Don't leave me! 01:21:42.08,01:21:43.30 I'm with you. 01:21:58.92,01:22:00.79 Tomorrow we leave. 01:22:02.20,01:22:05.74 I've phoned a friend.[br]Everything's going to be all right. 01:22:06.48,01:22:07.59 Really? 01:22:09.80,01:22:12.10 We will walk in the streets again. 01:22:13.36,01:22:15.19 I will be able to ask... 01:22:18.72,01:22:22.71 "Excuse me sir,[br]the path to the beach?" 01:22:24.32,01:22:25.87 Is it true, Lambert? 01:22:26.08,01:22:27.19 Is it? 01:22:29.80,01:22:31.47 I can't believe it. 01:22:36.28,01:22:38.58 If I dream again,[br]will you wake me up? 01:22:41.48,01:22:42.83 Yes, my darling. 01:23:39.32,01:23:40.79 Let's go back, Lambert. 01:23:40.96,01:23:43.15 - Why?[br]- I don't know, let's go back. 01:23:45.52,01:23:46.39 Come on. 01:23:49.12,01:23:50.83 It's Count Ribera's car. 01:23:51.00,01:23:52.79 That's strange. 01:23:52.96,01:23:57.19 They say Lambert went this way.[br]I'll tell the chief. 01:23:57.36,01:23:58.42 All right. 01:24:19.60,01:24:20.95 You warned her! 01:24:21.60,01:24:22.58 You'll go back with her. 01:24:22.76,01:24:24.59 - Never![br]- You have to. 01:24:24.76,01:24:26.27 You'll join me later. 01:24:26.44,01:24:28.79 - If you go, I won't see you again.[br]- You will. 01:24:28.96,01:24:30.18 Swear. 01:24:30.36,01:24:31.47 Calm down... 01:24:31.64,01:24:35.95 You can't swear.[br]It's over, I felt it! 01:24:41.52,01:24:43.90 Swear you'll never leave me. 01:24:44.40,01:24:45.62 Never... 01:24:46.32,01:24:48.62 Not even an hour,[br]not even a minute. 01:24:49.08,01:24:51.75 I don't want you to die,[br]my little doe... 01:24:53.04,01:24:54.39 You're too young... 01:24:55.84,01:24:57.06 And too pretty... 01:24:58.40,01:25:01.99 But if you leave me, Lambert,[br]I'll die. 01:25:02.40,01:25:03.87 I'll die... 01:25:18.60,01:25:19.79 Hold her back. 01:25:24.72,01:25:27.67 You can't leave me. It isn't true. 01:25:28.40,01:25:29.95 You can't leave me. 01:25:32.52,01:25:33.79 Run, Lambert! 01:25:34.52,01:25:35.27 Stop! 01:25:37.32,01:25:38.51 Escape! 01:25:39.04,01:25:40.02 Stop! 01:25:41.44,01:25:42.50 Halt! 01:25:46.00,01:25:47.22 Stop, Ursula. 01:25:48.24,01:25:49.43 Stop! 01:25:51.20,01:25:52.51 He's going to... 01:25:59.92,01:26:01.23 Where are you hurt? 01:26:01.48,01:26:03.39 It doesn't hurt, you know... 01:26:05.04,01:26:06.99 Tell me you'll never leave me. 01:26:09.04,01:26:12.39 Not for an hour, not for a minute. 01:26:12.88,01:26:14.10 Swear it. 01:26:14.28,01:26:15.75 I do. 01:26:17.08,01:26:18.43 Not for a minute... 01:27:23.68,01:27:26.11 Translation: Roselyne PARKER 01:27:26.32,01:27:28.83 Subtitling by TVS - TITRA
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