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Heavens Gate CD2

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Where is it?
Tell me, please!
- Tell me. l can't stand it. - Here.
No! l want to see.
l'm afraid to look.
- Silly, isn't it? - l'll bring it out to you.
How do you like 'em?
lt's so beautiful!
l can't stop crying. l don't know what the hell's the matter with me.
l feel l finally got somewhere.
- l'm so happy l could burst. - What's stoppin' ya?
/woman shouting')
What the fuck is goin' on? We just got to sleep around here.
Howdy, Nell. Ladies.
You just drag your tired old asses down here and come see for yourself!
Boy, you got everything under control here?
Well, it ain't easy, Mr Averill.
Come on!
D'you have any idea what one of these costs?
Come on, Bessie!
Watch out!
lf you can... lf you can see daylight between the trees, it's OK!
Slow down, Ella!
Turn off before you get to town. l don't want anybody to see me.
l want them to see me. What good is it if nobody sees me?
/speaks Polish')
l'll be damned. We're just in time!
Look! Even the mayor is here!
One more time!
/speaks Polish')
Ride that son of a bitch, Ella!
The water was real good.
Driving like that sure heats me up.
He's a man's horse. He is not timid.
James... am l really pretty?
You never answer anything personal.
How anyone can think so much is beyond me.
Now l'm doing it.
- What? - Thinking.
- How do you like it? - l don't.
You once said you liked me because l didn't.
- Didn't what? - Think so much. Jesus!
When did l say that?
l don't remember the time of day.
But you said it all right.
Well, what do you think?
About what?
- Leaving. - Here?
You son of a bitch. ls that what the present was for?
l think you ought to stop fucking me around and tell me what's on your mind.
The state's gonna declare war.
Would you go?
No, of course l won't.
What the hell would you think l would say?
Goddammit, it's different this time.
Maybe it ain't things are different, Jim.
Maybe it's you.
l'm gettin' old.
You think everything stops because you're getting old?
Maybe it does.
Two, three, four!
Barbed wire and women are the two greatest civilising agents in the world!
/Ella') Are you OK?
l can cut a steer, l can put my red-hot monogram on a maverick... the darkest night that ever blew, but l am poorly put up... paralyse a beautiful young thing like you with matchless eloquence.
Oh, Jesus!
/Ella') l don't understand you.
l never did.
/James') l'm askin' you to leave, Ella.
Late for local business, isn't it? Looks like Ella's been real busy.
/women chatting')
Come in.
Good evening.
You pay in advance here.
Cash or cattle.
- Dozen head of long twos enough? - You can stay a whole damn year on that!
/women giggle')
/speaks Polish')
ls that you, George?
Yeah. Howdy, Nate.
You boys pay your tally here in cash money?
- For sure, Nate. - Sure.
lt's getting cold in here.
Who's the photographer?
Just an ordinary photographer.
Passing through from St Louis.
lt's always the little skinny guys that surprise you.
- l might do a little surprisin' myself. - Oh, yes?
The situation out back's lookin' very prosperous.
You're gettin' too greedy, Ella.
You never waste time, do you?
l'd awfully appreciate it if you'd stop taking steers for pay from these people.
Just like that?
Yes, ma'am.
l saw the new rig out in the barn.
Nice, isn't it?
Jim back, is he?
This morning. l'll take you for a ride tomorrow,...
- ..if you want to. - He's here now, is he?
l knew.
l felt it.
Please... Nate.
You want to stay here tonight? So you have to take him back.
He has a claims court tomorrow.
Thank you, Nate.
You got style, Jim.
l'll give you that.
/woman whispers in German')
He ain't young any more.
l'll take care of him, Mr Champion. Thank you.
Mr Averill is lucky to have a friend like you.
/woman whispering')
/Ukrainian song')
Where are you goin' in such a rush, Nell?
l'm gonna have me picture taken.
These goddamn son of a bitchin' cows!
Jesus Christ!
You can't even take a shit around here without steppin' in it.
Look at this! l'm up to me ass in shit! Goddammit!
Don't get nervous, Nate. l'm goin' right back to watch the place now.
l like to watch you write figures.
l don't know.
lt just pleases me.
l thought you were gettin' to like me.
l do.
But l like money.
Why don't you quit this business?
l have enough money for both of us now.
That sounded close to a proposal.
Jim asked me to go away with him.
l said, Jim asked me to go away with him.
What did you say?
l said l would think about it.
There's another man been shot by the association's foreman Nate Champion.
- lt was him shot Mike Kovach. - l know that, George.
l don't think you wanna finish that, George.
l haven't had my coffee yet.
- Thank you. - Thank you, boys.
/women whispering')
You sure look like hell.
l really live it up when you're away.
You're a friend, Nate, so l'll come straight to it.
lt's gettin' dangerous here and l want Ella to leave.
Good morning to you, too.
What makes you think she wants to go?
- Let me put it this way. l'm not askin' her. - What about me?
What about you?
What do you want, Nate?
Want? How the hell do l know?
Get rich... like you.
- What am l supposed to want? - That's not a bad answer.
l don't understand you. l do not understand you.
There's a lot of things you don't understand.
You're beginnin' to sound like a man with a paper asshole, Jim.
l guess you've stretched your legs under my table long enough, Nate.
A man don't take on what he can't finish.
/man speaks Ukrainian')
Son of a bitch.
- Where are the others? - Nick's got 'em watched.
/man speaks Ukrainian')
l had a year of this.
Dusk till dawn. Dusk till dawn.
There's gettin' to be too many of 'em.
Too many people and not enough cattle.
/man speaks Ukrainian')
We break our backs out here.
And Ella breaks her back on these hunky mudfuckers.
- What the hell was that for? - You just shut your big mouth, shitpoke.
Well, kiss my ass.
Son of a bitch. You get on outta here.
Right now.
Ella ain't your friend. She ain't nobody's friend!
l got it! l got it! l got it!
Goddamn, you dumb-ass son of a bitch! What's the matter with you?
- Captain Menardi here, boy? - Goddamn ball went right in the swamp.
You see that disaster out there?
Private told me to tell you it was the swamp, Frank.
You dumb son of a bitch!
All he can do is shoot.
An army of mercenaries is about to invade Johnson County.
As president of the chamber of commerce, l demand you put...
- Mr Eggleston. - ..the National Guard on alert.
l have a standing order to resist all commands...
..other than those directly from the governor himself.
- How long you had that, Frank? - A week's time now.
- A week? - l've been expecting you.
You know, Frank, those men are gobblin' up the whole state.
l still can't help you, Jim.
lt's not me. You understand?
lt's the rules.
Do you have the death list?
lt seems balls are gettin' scarce as hens' teeth in the army.
You know what l really dislike about you, Jim?
You're a rich man, with a good name.
You only pretend to be poor.
This is damn near everyone in the county.
Ella Watson. What the hell's she doin' on this thing?
..says she takes stolen cattle in payment for carnal pleasures.
l guess some of these new citizens'd rather get laid than feed their families.
lt's all gonna be legalised, Jim.
What'll you do?
My job.
You knew what you were gettin' yourself into.
You can't... force salvation on people, Jim.
lt doesn't work.
l don't appreciate your job any more, kid.
Arręte! Arręte!
- Stop it! - Come on!
He doesn't give a damn about you. He didn't see fit to even tell you himself.
Tell me what?
The association's got a death list.
And your name's on it.
My father was killed that way.
Get up, Nate. l'm gonna whip your ass.
- Stop. - l ain't through with you yet.
Please, James, stop it.
- Nate, is it true? - l swear to Christ, Ella,...
..l don't even know what he's talkin' about.
What's going to happen to me, Nate?
l asked you to be my wife, Ella.
Where are you going?
You know, l'm not gonna let anythin' happen to you. l never have before.
You buy me things. He asked me to marry him.
Maybe it was always in my mind to.
That's not good enough.
/Ella') Hurting now?
/Champion') He's just lucky we stopped before he got into real trouble.
/Ella') Yes.
/Champion') When will you decide?
l don't know.
/Champion') l suppose if... if l were you, l'd say no.
- You know? - You would?
No question in my mind.
- Why? - l don't know. There just isn't any.
You could be very wrong, you know.
Jim ain't your friend, Ella. He ain't nobody's friend.
He'll quit anybody if it suits him.
/boy') Whoa!
/Ella') Tie him.
Hey, Nate. Hello, Ella.
That sure is a fine-looking rig you got here, ain't it?
An old boy huntin' wolves come by and l told him he could spend the night here.
Why don't you come in for a while?
You haven't been here for a long time. l fixed the place up inside.
What have you done to it?
- Wallpaper. - Wallpaper?
Where did you find wallpaper?
Everybody, that's Fred. Say howdy, Fred.
That's Ella Watson and... that's John DeCory hangin' in the back there.
- You ready? - Mm-hm.
Yeah, well, it...
..civilises the wilderness.
lf you know what l mean.
lt's beautiful.
That don't appear to be right at all.
Where in the hell are you goin'? What the hell do you think you're doin'?
lt can't have stopped.
lt can't have gone that far yet.
l never could stand this job anyways.
- You're late! - The governor came to see us off, Frank.
- How much time do you estimate here? - 40 minutes.
Have the proper warrants been issued?
The president himself asked for these men to go, Billy.
- Escort dismissed! - Columns of two!
/lrvine') Armour made the knight... a crown, a king.
What are we?
/theme music')
Good morning to ya.
You have a nice sleep out here?
Say, who's mindin' the train station?
How you doin'?
Another citizen.
Headin' over to Johnson County, are ya?
Yeah, l'm headin' over there meself.
D'you mind if l ride along?
You can... you can suit yourself, citizen.
What do you think of my new suit here? l paid $50 on credit for it.
More than likely pay it off real soon, though.
Jesus! They're comin'!
And ever since then...
..l have never been hit... by a bullet.
l've been shot at many times, but l've never been hit.
On the other hand, now,...
..catchin' wolves is babies' work.
l can catch wolves with my bare hands.
That's impossible.
- lt is? - Well, how do you do that?
..first of all... you let the critter attack you.
- You let him attack? - That's right.
You don't do a damn thing and you just stand there and... real calm.
Yeah, well, then what?
What do you mean, then what? Then,...
..when that son of a bitch opens his... opens his jaws, bites your head off,... reach your hand down like lightning and... whoo! You grab hold of his tongue.
What the hell good's that gonna do ya?
He can't bite you if you got a hold of his tongue.
l don't see that at all.
Well, try it.
Try it. Stick out your tongue.
Come on, Nick. Show us what you got in there.
Stick out your tongue.
Go on.
Hell. Here.
- Now bite me. - Bite him, Nick!
See that? He can't do a damn thing. Look at this, miss. l got a hold of him.
- He can't bite. - Bite him, Nick! Come on! Bite him!
What do you bet he bites? Maybe l oughta just cut it off.
- Cut it off. - Should l cut it out?
Son of a bitch! He was right.
- Now what happens when you let go? - He kills you.
You gotta hang on till help comes.
Why don't you stay for supper?
l have things to settle with Jim.
/hunter') You feel better?
Bye-bye, Nick. Keep your tongue in your head.
You know l will.
Will l be seein' you any more, then?
l'm glad l made up my mind, Nate.
Don't scratch that fancy paint none, Ella!
The captain said the National Guard can't do anything. l'm sure you already know.
Ruhe! Ruhe!
/speaks German')
Goddammit, quiet!
There's an armed mob of paid men about to... invade your county.
With the open threat to destroy the lives and property of your friends.
The Stockgrowers' Association...
..has the names of some of you people on a list.
/Averill') 125 names.
/speaks German')
/speaks Slavic language')
/speaks Serbo-Croat')
What are the names on the list?
Kormanik, V.
/speaks Slavic language')
Kormanik, l.
Kopestonsky, G.
Schultz, DB.
Kaiser, A.
Glover Junior, B.
Shermerhorn, WR.
Guthrie, W.
Watson, E.
Hastings, B!
Kurz, D.
/speaks Serbo-Croat')
Szarabajka, C.
Widman, T.
Fraleigh, T.
Koppelman, H.
Fritz, D.
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