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Subtitles for Heavy Metal - Gerald Potterton 1981.

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Heavy Metal - Gerald Potterton 1981

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A shadow shall fall over the universe. And evil will grow in its path.
And death will come from the skies.
- What did you bring me? - You will see.
Wait for me!
What is it?
Do not try to escape. You are in my control.
Look at me. I am the sum of all evils.
Look carefully.
My power infests all times, all galaxies, all dimensions.
But many still seek me out. A green jewel they must possess.
But see how I destroy their lives.
Right. Twelve degrees.
New York. Big deal. Scum centre of the world.
They are even talking about letting in low-lifes from other planets.
My name is Harry Canyon. I drive a cab.
- Are you free? - Yes. Get in.
- Where to, pal? - The UN Building.
The UN Building? What a joke. It is now low-rent housing, a dump.
Okay, sucker, hand over your cash! Now!
Stupid asshole. Nobody touches Harry Canyon.
He is dead. Get the girl!
Help me, please!
Normally I do not get involved, but somehow this dame got to me.
The wanted the Loc-Nar but my father would not tell them.
- Now I am the only one! - Relax. Up here is a cop station.
You can tell them ... Shit. Just what I needed.
- What do you want? - To report a murder.
What else is new?
- Are you going to let me in? - Yes. Hang on.
How are you, Harry?
Hello, Harry. She could not take it?
- Kiss my ass, will you? - I will do it for 20 bucks!
I am an American citizen. I have lost my papers.
Damn illegal aliens.
First I must tell you it is cash up front.
A thousand a day to investigate, another thousand if we catch the guy.
Here is a dollar.
Thank you for nothing.
Do you think you can do better? Punk.
So here I was, stuck with a beautiful girl.
I knew she would be trouble.
- Where am l? - My place.
They would have killed me had it not been for you.
What do they want to snuff you for?
The Loc-Nar. An ancient relic my father found in the desert.
It is worth a fortune to the Venutians. They think it has spiritual powers.
Does it?
Since we found it, people have been dying around us.
My father hid it here in New York. Now he is dead.
They will kill me next. I know where it is.
Nobody will find you here.
You can sleep on the couch. And there is beer in the fridge.
Help yourself, all right?
I did not know whether to believe her or not. It might be a sucker play.
Harry ...
Can I sleep with you?
Yes, sure.
Sucker play or not, I must have turned her on.
This dame was going for broke. Maybe I was her first New Yorker.
Anyway, nothing beats good old American know-how.
And I gave her the Stars and Stripes forever.
- Where is the girl? - What girl?
Do not play dumb.
You came to the station last night with a broad. Where is she?
What are you talking about?
If you hear from her, call us. If you do not, you are dead.
- Understand? - Do not hold your breath, pal.
- Where is the girl? - Come on, not again.
I would not do that if I were you.
I will get right to the point. My name is Rudnick.
I represent a group of investors from a nearby planet -
- who wish to purchase something from the young lady.
The price is fair, but they are getting very restless.
When you see her, tell her that time is running out.
Thank you, Mr. Canyon. Good day.
The burning smell reminded me not to get involved.
But I could not get her off my mind.
There was something about her. An element of danger. It turned me on.
Trans-Com Message Service. Message for Harry Canyon.
Meet female acquaintance at Statue of Liberty, four o'clock.
The girl. It had to be her.
But first, I had to ditch a couple of assholes.
- Is that what it is all about? - I want to get rid of it.
I want this to be over. I talked to Rudnick.
He would give me 300,000 dollars for it. But I am frightened.
- I do not trust him. - 300 grand is a lot of dough.
- Will you help me? - When she looked at me -
- I could not say no. - For 50 percent of the take.
You can have anything you want. Just stay with me.
There they are.
Okay. I will keep you covered.
Baby, we are rich. Let us take a trip, just the two of us.
I would like to, but I have other plans.
I am taking it all. Pull over.
- Are you sure about this? - Positive.
Pretty, but dumb.
Even though she would have killed me, I felt sorry. She was okay.
Just a little greedy.
I put it down as a two-day ride with one hell of a tip.
You have had your first lesson, young one.
My evil corrupts the most innocent.
I have chosen you because you possess powers you do not yet understand.
Look again. Look deep into me.
In some worlds I am worshipped as God.
It all started when I found the green meteorite.
I had read that smaller ones like this -
- burn up in the atmosphere. But for some reason this one did not.
I stuck it in my rock collection and forgot about it.
I experimented with electricity and with a storm coming, -
- I figured I would hit jackpot. I just needed a little juice.
It works.
No hair ... Big.
I was not going to walk around with my dork hanging out.
This looked like something out of the Ten Commandments.
By the powers of the glowing Loc-Nar in your idol's hand -
- I demand you come forth. Ullatec!
Grant me your strength in return for a living mortal sacrifice.
Come forth, Ullatec! I demand it!
Why did they do that?
Normally I would be dead by now. I thought I would run out ofair -
- but my new body worked great. Ijust hoped her body did, too.
Thank you.
She had beautiful eyes.
I wanted to make conversation, but I asked an old stupid question.
Are you from around here?
You may not believe this, but I am from another world called Earth.
I too am from Earth.
My name is Katherine Wells. I am from Gibraltar.
You saved my life. I have no reward for you, but ...
If any part of me pleases you, I would give it to you willingly.
This was great. I would never get a chick like this back on Earth.
There was only one problem.
Whoever these assholes were, theypicked a bad time to show up.
They split us up and took me to a weird castle.
I wanted to find out about Katherine, but none ofthem spoke English.
So, you are Den of Earth who dared to steal the Queen's female sacrifice.
He was a shrimp, so I played it tough. Where is the girl?
I am Ard, leader of the revolution and the next ruler of the world.
- The girl! - You are fierce.
Guards, castrate him.
I was pretty good at this.
Excellent. You are worthy to serve me.
- Give me the girl or die. - If I have a choice, I take death.
So be it.
You have to do better than that.
- I saw why he was the leader. - But if you really want the girl ...
I have had her encased in glass.
She is dead.
No, she is sleeping, but only I can wake her.
- What do you want of me? - To steal the sacred Loc-Nar.
- What is this Loc-Nar? - The Queen's glowing sphere.
The sacrifice to Ullatec can only be performed by its possessor.
This is Norl, my bravest warrior. You and he will steal the Loc-Nar.
- Then I give you the girl. - And if I refuse?
Then you die, she dies, everybody dies.
It sounded reasonable.
Guard post ahead. We must go underground.
Norl knew what he was doing. And for a gorilla his English was not bad.
We are beneath the castle moat.
What are they saying?
They talk of a savage beast who prowls these catacombs -
- with teeth six inches long.
Sorry. Sixteen inches long.
Now we separate. You and Korg take this door into the Queen's quarters.
The rest of us will enter from the other side.
Whoever gets the Loc-Nar will return it to Ard. Good luck, Den.
It wasjust like the ball I dug up in the yard.
As I saw the Loc-Nar, I had this funny feeling.
Then the lights came on. Embarrassing.
Kill them.
Can I slit his throat, your Majesty?
- Yes, slit his throat. - Thank you, your Majesty.
Stop! I have a better idea. Come with me.
- Not again. - This always happens.
- The Queen can do what she wants. - Yes, sure.
If you please me I may let you live.
- What must I do? - Satisfy my appetites.
18 years ofnothing and now twice in one day. What a place.
The rising moon climaxes our love, Den. It is a sign.
I had no idea what she was talking about.
Neverwhere is a troubled land. You have brought peace to my body.
You could bring peace to all the troubled people.
I knew I was good, but not that I was that good.
Your Majesty, the Loc-Nar has been stolen!
Fiend! You make love to me while your accomplice steals my sceptre!
Now Ard will perform the sacrifice. Guards! Take him!
Hold him still! I will kill him myself.
Boy, was she pissed off.
Prepare the flyers! I want his head!
By the power of the magic Loc-Nar placed in your hands -
- I command you. Come forth, Ullatec!
Here is your sacrifice. Ullatec, give me your power!
Throw her in.
- Katherine! - Den!
No! You will ruin everything.
Kill them both!
- The Loc-Nar is mine! - Stupid bitch! Get away from me!
- Give it to me! - The Loc-Nar is mine!
- Where did they go? - They are gone. Nothing else matters.
Theyprobably went back to Earth. Boy, will mum be surprised.
The Loc-Nar. You could have the power of Ullatec.
- You could rule all these people. - Forget it.
But Den, with the Loc-Nar you could return to Earth.
I like it better here.
On Earth, I am nobody. But here, I am Den.
Even when someone has the strength to discard me -
- mypower is not diminished.
Someone always finds me.
- Are you Captain Lincoln Sternn? - I am.
Lincoln Sternn, you stand accused of 12 counts of murder.
14 counts of armed theft of Federation property.
22 counts of piracy.
18 counts of fraud. 37 counts of rape.
And one moving violation.
How do you plead?
Not guilty.
- Not guilty? Are you nuts? - It is okay. I have an angle.
Call the first witness!
He has got you cold! You are as guilty as a cat in a goldfish bowl.
The prosecution calls Hanover Fiste!
Change the plea to guilty.
- Throw yourself on the court's mercy. - I told you, I have an angle.
We can only hope to bury you in secrecy so your grave is not violated.
- Plead guilty! - Shut up. I have a angle.
- What angle?! - Him.
- State your name for the record. - I am Hanover Fiste.
Do you know the defendant?
Yes, I know Captain Sternn. He is most kind and generous.
I promised him 35,000 zulaks to testify on my behalf.
He is a cup overflowing with the cream of human goodness.
I have never known him to do anything immoral.
Unless maybe the Preschooler's Prostitute Ring.
And he has never done anything illegal.
Unless you count all the times he sold dope disguised as a nun.
He has always been a good, law-abiding citizen ...
Give me a break!
... of the Federation ... Shut up! Shut up!
A community-conscious individual. Sternn?! He is just a low-down, -
- double-dealing, backstabbing, larcenous, perverted worm!
Hanging is too good for him! Burning is too good for him!
He should be torn into little pieces and buried alive!
I will kill him! Kill!!
Hanover, take it easy. I am sure we can talk this over.
Good. I lost him.
Okay, Hanover, you have had this coming.
Thirty-three, thirty-four, thirty-five thousand zulaks.
- Thank you, Hanover. - It was nothing, boss.
- And Hanover ... - Yes?
Very few escape my grasp.
Even in death, mypowers continue.
- I think we are hit pretty bad. - Go back and see how bad it is.
- Can you keep her in the air? - Sure.
Something is following us.
- What is it? - A green meteorite.
What? Where?
Holden, are you okay?
Yes. I am coming back.
What is happening?
From one war to another, my influence is always present.
The paltry armies ofthe universe are butplaythings to me.
Dr. Anrak, six more mutants have been sighted.
Do you still say it has nothing to do with the green radiation from space?
Did the President himself pull you off the Jupiter 6 Project -
- to investigate the mutations?
What is the Army doing?
My constituents are turning green. They are growing arms on their backs.
There is something up there in space and the voters have a right to know.
We have no proof that the mutations are generated from outer space.
Dr. Anrak has just come in. Let us hear from him.
There is no cause for alarm.
As for the theories of interference by aliens -
- it is my firm opinion that we on Earth -
- are the only intelligent, advanced civilisation in the universe.
And whatever is causing these mutations is not from outer space.
It is probably just an isolated, biological phenome...
Pretty. Pretty.
Nice job ... How will I fix this guy? He is fucked.
- I guess we turned it up too high. - Sorry, man.
You are sorry? What about me? I have to put this ass back together.
- Where am l? - Hey, who is the chick?
Look at my clothes. Who will pay the dry cleaning?
I demand you return me to my office!
Too late. Molecular instabilities all around the spacecraft.
- You cannot leave. - What? ls he kidding?
Instability zone. You are stuck here.
But I have dinner plans for tonight. And a gynaecologist appointment.
Not anymore. Would you like a drink? Come with me.
You will feel better after a glass of blo-aak.
Do you have diet soda?
Typical robot. The first Earth-chick we see in years and he tries to score.
Do we have any Plutonian Nyborg left?
Just one bag. It is in the transmitter compartment.
Is this enough?
- No. Go for broke. - Good thinking, man.
Nose dive!
Wow! Good Nyborg!
That was incredible. I have never felt anything like it.
I am programmed to be proficient in sexual activities. Want to go steady?
I do not know. I already have a boyfriend.
What he does not know will not hurt him.
But I would feel guilty.
Of course. Women who obtain sexual ecstasy with mechanical assistance -
- always tend to feel guilty. - Really?
I do not get it. We laugh. We care for each other. We have great sex.
- Why can we not get married? - We are different, okay?
What do you mean "different"?
Mixed marriages do not work.
I am afraid one day I will find you screwing the toaster.
You will have to trust me.
All right, I will marry you. But I want a Jewish wedding.
A Jewish wedding? Okay!
I forgot. Are you circumcised?
- Are you okay to land this thing? - No problem, man.
You are going a bit high.
It is okay, man. I know how to drive when I am stoned.
You perspective is fucked, so just let your hands work as if you are straight.
Wow. Good landing, man.
Mystories are almost over.
I have chosen you, because you are the future who could destroy me.
With your death I break the chain for all time.
Look into me one final time.
See my evil destroy your race.
Then prepare to die.
Death! Death to all who oppose us!
To the Council Chambers!
- They are killing everyone. - The city is burning.
Elder, we must arm ourselves and fight.
Silence! We are not warriors. We are statesmen and scientists.
It has been ordained -
- that the race of Taarak the Defender will aid us in times of need.
Taarak the Defender? His race is dead. They cannot defend anyone.
Some say the race is not dead, that one still lives.
- One? What good is one? - One of Taarak's blood can do much.
Elder! They are in the hall!
Who is this last Defender? How can he be summoned?
It is Taarna of the blood of Taarak. The last of the race.
And must be summoned as Taarak himself was summoned. From within.
But will he answer?
A Taarakian must answer. It is in their blood.
They are at the door! They are here!
Bar the door!
We will summon the Defender together.
Taarna ...
To defend, this is the Pact.
But when life loses its value and is taken for naught -
- the Pact is to avenge.
- Hey, look. A new one. - Where are you from, baby?
She does not talk much.
She does not have to talk for what I want to do with her.
Go on, baby. Let us see what is under there.
Hey, she is tough.
- Maybe she wants to fight. - Or maybe take us all on.
You will find them beyond the oasis. Towards the green glow.
We have captured a Taarakian!
Are you sure?
Yes, your Holiness.
- But the Taarakian race is extinct. - She has the marks. I saw them.
Have her bound and washed. Then -
- bring her to me.
What of the bird?
Kill it.
So this is the Taarakian.
Somehow I thought it would be more difficult to capture a Taarakian.
My whips.
Pull him down! I will put an arrow through his head!
Mount the bats! I want her dead!
This time you die, Taarakian bitch!
Taarna ...
Do not sacrifice yourself.
You cannot destroy me.
And the spirit of Taarna -
- is transferred across the universe to a new Defender.
And the power ofevil is contained for another generation.
And a new Taarakian is born to protect the next.
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