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Subtitles for Hellcats of the Navy - Nathan Juran 1957.

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Hellcats of the Navy - Nathan Juran 1957

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[INFORMATION] [TITLE] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE]Subtitles captured by SubRip 1.14 [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [CD TRACK]0 [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:00.10 00:00:16.75,00:00:22.95 In 1944, when Japan's island empire[br]was still an impregnable fortress... 00:00:23.12,00:00:27.05 ...I approved plans, as commander[br]in chief of the Pacific Fleet... 00:00:27.22,00:00:30.21 ...for one of the most daring[br]and formidable operations... 00:00:30.39,00:00:32.45 the history of naval warfare. 00:00:32.63,00:00:37.00 The problem was how to get past[br]the heavily-mined entrances... 00:00:37.17,00:00:38.76 ...into the Sea of Japan. 00:00:38.93,00:00:44.37 How to sever the link of supply between[br]Japan and the Asiatic mainland... 00:00:44.54,00:00:48.91 ...thereby breaking his will to fight[br]and ensuring his destruction. 00:00:49.08,00:00:52.14 My faith in this daring operation[br]was placed in men... 00:00:52.31,00:00:54.47 Vice Adm. Charles A. Lockwood... 00:00:54.65,00:00:57.62 ...commander of Submarine Force,[br]Pacific Fleet. 00:00:57.79,00:01:01.35 And his faith was placed in men[br]like Cmdr. Casey Abbott... 00:01:01.52,00:01:03.65 ...captain of the submarine Starfish. 00:01:16.67,00:01:19.61 This is the story[br]of the life-and-death struggle... 00:01:19.77,00:01:22.80 ...fought not only beneath[br]the surface of the sea... 00:01:22.98,00:01:26.78 ...but within the minds and hearts[br]of a valiant group of men... 00:01:26.95,00:01:28.88 ...the Hellcats of the Navy. 00:02:58.44,00:03:00.93 My favorite kind. 00:03:02.61,00:03:05.55 Hey, Freddy,[br]I made these special for you. 00:03:05.71,00:03:07.18 Thanks. 00:03:12.95,00:03:14.72 Cookie, sir? 00:03:15.42,00:03:17.48 We should be sitting[br]right off the Honshu coast. 00:03:18.96,00:03:21.55 - See if those frogmen are ready.[br]- Aye, aye, sir. 00:03:22.46,00:03:26.13 We close enough to pick up[br]a couple of geisha girls, Mr. Landon? 00:03:26.30,00:03:29.40 Yeah. Nice, fat ones[br]with horns on them. 00:03:31.24,00:03:32.30 Horns? 00:03:32.47,00:03:34.41 He means mines, dope! 00:03:37.25,00:03:41.01 They're right on the edge of the[br]minefield, according to the DRT. 00:03:41.48,00:03:44.21 - No sonar contact, Mr. Landon.[br]- Huh? 00:03:44.82,00:03:46.62 Where's the minefield? 00:03:46.79,00:03:48.48 It's there, all right. 00:03:50.23,00:03:51.49 What do you see, captain? 00:03:51.66,00:03:52.96 Nothing but fog. 00:03:53.13,00:03:55.62 - All ahead, one-third.[br]- All ahead, one-third. 00:03:59.77,00:04:02.20 We're right on the edge[br]of the Japanese shipping lanes. 00:04:02.37,00:04:05.43 Better take those frogmen out[br]through the escape trunk. 00:04:10.98,00:04:12.28 Where's Mr. Barton? 00:04:12.45,00:04:15.14 He moved into your bunk this morning[br]to get some sleep. 00:04:15.32,00:04:16.91 Too much acey-deucy, I guess. 00:04:17.09,00:04:19.11 - All right. See you at forward.[br]- Aye, aye. 00:04:21.66,00:04:23.52 Let's go, fellas. 00:04:33.07,00:04:35.19 Come on, Wes.[br]Come on, lover-boy. 00:04:35.37,00:04:37.27 The dream sequence is over. 00:04:37.44,00:04:41.37 You're on. You're the head man[br]in this act, so get into your gear. 00:04:41.84,00:04:43.00 What time is it? 00:04:43.18,00:04:46.08 Time for you to go out and get[br]a couple of those Japanese mines. 00:04:46.25,00:04:48.31 - Ain't I the lucky one?[br]- Yeah. 00:04:48.48,00:04:51.04 You're lucky it's me waking you up[br]and not Capt. Abbott. 00:04:51.22,00:04:54.45 - You think he's sore?[br]- No, no. He likes it. 00:04:54.62,00:04:57.32 His girl's going out with another[br]guy, especially a jg. 00:04:57.49,00:05:01.09 Was it my fault? She practically sat[br]down in my lap and demanded attention. 00:05:01.26,00:05:03.09 Yeah. I hear she's just that type. 00:05:03.26,00:05:05.99 Don't let the quiet ones fool you.[br]I've been telling you... 00:05:06.17,00:05:08.03 gotta open the oyster[br]to find the pearl. 00:05:08.20,00:05:11.80 Forget the oysters this trip, will you?[br]Just bring back two Japanese mines. 00:05:11.97,00:05:14.17 We gotta have them to make[br]this new sonar work. 00:05:14.34,00:05:17.44 The next thing you'll want is a TV[br]so you can see where you're going. 00:05:17.61,00:05:19.44 I wish I could see[br]where you were going. 00:05:19.61,00:05:22.64 The girl again?[br]Look, what's the big deal, Don? 00:05:22.98,00:05:25.82 Wes, I've seen you playing the field[br]ever since the academy. 00:05:25.99,00:05:29.15 This girl is different. She wouldn't[br]fit into a notch on your belt. 00:05:29.32,00:05:33.02 Don, may I never live[br]to borrow your Skivvies again... 00:05:33.19,00:05:35.99 ...if I'm telling a lie,[br]but I didn't break up this romance. 00:05:36.16,00:05:39.93 No, I got her on the rebound[br]from Abbott. Are you satisfied? 00:05:40.10,00:05:42.19 Where does it say[br]in Navy regulations...? 00:05:42.37,00:05:45.31 Come on, they're waiting[br]for you out there. 00:05:46.51,00:05:49.20 A few days from now,[br]we'll be sitting around Wing Joe's... 00:05:49.38,00:05:53.04 ...listening to Wes Barton telling us[br]all about how he won the war. 00:05:53.21,00:05:54.84 Single-handed. 00:05:55.15,00:05:57.12 Hey, tell us about it,[br]will you, Wes? 00:05:57.29,00:05:59.98 - Come on![br]- Come on, Wes, tell us about it. 00:06:00.15,00:06:01.88 All right, listen. 00:06:02.06,00:06:04.58 There I was, right in the middle[br]of the Sea of Japan... 00:06:04.76,00:06:07.25 ...surrounded by the entire[br]Japanese navy. 00:06:07.56,00:06:11.02 And all I had[br]was a pair of flippers. 00:06:11.20,00:06:14.00 - Pair of flippers, huh?[br]- Will you tell us how you did it? 00:06:14.17,00:06:16.73 Hey, Cinderella,[br]here's your magic slippers. 00:06:18.77,00:06:20.30 You men all ready? 00:06:21.71,00:06:23.07 We're all set, sir. 00:06:23.24,00:06:26.08 - How about time?[br]- Twenty minutes out, 20 minutes back. 00:06:26.25,00:06:27.94 No longer.[br]We'll surface in 40 minutes. 00:06:28.12,00:06:30.68 What's so special[br]about these particular mines? 00:06:30.85,00:06:34.62 The Japanese have done something[br]to them so our sonar won't pick them up. 00:06:34.79,00:06:36.31 We have to find out what it is. 00:06:36.49,00:06:39.36 We lost the Need/e Fin[br]trying to get through these straits. 00:06:39.76,00:06:41.70 All right, let's make it. 00:06:49.87,00:06:52.81 Wes, you'd better hurry back.[br]You got a pair of my shoes. 00:06:52.97,00:06:54.94 I'm getting a new pair of heels[br]put on them. 00:06:55.11,00:06:57.30 You know how it is,[br]being dragged out of bars. 00:10:22.12,00:10:25.45 - Just the thing for water polo, huh?[br]- You're not kidding. 00:10:36.23,00:10:39.32 - What happened to him?[br]- Too much, too long. 00:10:39.50,00:10:41.40 Get him below. 00:10:42.80,00:10:44.50 Where's Barton? 00:10:44.67,00:10:48.97 He was with Cordice and Smith.[br]Cordice, isn't Barton with you guys? 00:10:49.14,00:10:51.51 I thought he was with you. 00:10:51.95,00:10:55.18 Hey, Barton![br]Wes! 00:10:55.35,00:10:57.25 That guy couldn't drown. 00:10:57.42,00:10:58.94 We'll go back after him. 00:10:59.12,00:11:00.55 Barton! 00:11:00.72,00:11:02.55 - Lines secured, sir.[br]- Very well. 00:11:02.72,00:11:05.85 Radar contact on the starboard bow.[br]Bearing 0-2-5. 00:11:06.03,00:11:08.19 - How far?[br]- About 3000 yards. 00:11:08.36,00:11:11.26 Range closing fast.[br]Could be a destroyer. 00:11:12.57,00:11:14.40 - Hey, Barton?[br]- Landon! 00:11:14.57,00:11:15.73 We'll have to dive. 00:11:15.90,00:11:18.70 If you cut your engines,[br]they'll never find us in this fog. 00:11:18.87,00:11:20.84 They may have us[br]on their radar already. 00:11:21.01,00:11:22.34 We've got to bring him in! 00:11:22.51,00:11:24.71 What's the position[br]on that radar report now? 00:11:24.88,00:11:28.11 Twenty-five hundred yards.[br]Range closing fast! 00:11:28.52,00:11:29.51 Wes! 00:11:30.65,00:11:33.71 - Clear the deck.[br]- Captain, I see Wes! 00:11:33.89,00:11:36.12 - Where?[br]- About 100 yards out! 00:11:36.29,00:11:38.38 I see him, sir! 00:11:39.09,00:11:41.29 - I think.[br]- You, get below. 00:11:45.90,00:11:47.93 Barton! Wes! 00:11:48.97,00:11:51.80 Clear the bridge.[br]Lookouts below. 00:11:57.31,00:11:59.47 - What about Wes Barton?[br]- Two thousand yards! 00:11:59.65,00:12:01.98 We can't do anything for him now. 00:12:08.56,00:12:11.68 Hatch shut! Take her down fast,[br]5-7 feet. 00:12:12.43,00:12:14.72 Ready all tubes.[br]Stand by, forward and aft. 00:12:29.18,00:12:31.61 - Left, full rudder.[br]- Left, full rudder. 00:12:35.02,00:12:37.95 Green board, pressure in the boat,[br]main induction shut and locked. 00:12:38.12,00:12:39.92 She's heard our sounds. 00:12:40.09,00:12:41.82 Close the board. 00:12:44.56,00:12:48.12 - Battle stations, torpedo.[br]- Battle stations, torpedo. 00:12:48.66,00:12:53.03 Man battle stations, torpedo.[br]Man battle stations, torpedo. 00:12:54.27,00:12:55.26 Range opening. 00:12:56.44,00:12:58.03 Bearing. 00:13:06.01,00:13:07.24 Mark. 00:13:07.41,00:13:08.88 Bearing 2-5-0. 00:13:10.15,00:13:11.48 Final bearing and shoot. 00:13:12.52,00:13:13.82 Stand by, aft. 00:13:14.52,00:13:16.46 Tubes aft ready and standing by, sir. 00:13:16.62,00:13:17.78 Bearing. 00:13:17.96,00:13:19.15 Mark. 00:13:19.36,00:13:21.62 Bearing 2-5-0. 00:13:23.33,00:13:24.82 Fire seven. 00:13:27.30,00:13:29.93 - Seven fired electrically, sir.[br]- Fire eight. 00:13:31.04,00:13:33.20 Eight fired electrically, sir. 00:13:36.31,00:13:37.30 Got them! 00:13:37.48,00:13:40.21 High, fast cruise[br]coming in on us, captain. 00:13:41.72,00:13:44.18 - Stand by, forward.[br]- Stand by, forward. 00:13:44.35,00:13:45.84 Final bearing and shoot. 00:13:46.32,00:13:47.69 All tubes ready, sir. 00:13:49.46,00:13:50.95 Bearing. 00:13:51.29,00:13:53.56 - Mark.[br]- Bearing 3-5-8. 00:13:53.73,00:13:54.72 Fire one. 00:13:55.36,00:13:58.09 - One fired electrically, sir.[br]- Fire two. 00:13:59.37,00:14:01.46 Two fired electrically, sir. 00:14:03.20,00:14:04.76 - Missed them.[br]- Scope down. 00:14:04.94,00:14:06.53 Flood negative.[br]Take her down. 00:14:07.37,00:14:08.50 They're over us now, sir. 00:14:09.71,00:14:11.04 Rig for depth charge. 00:14:11.21,00:14:14.24 All compartments, rig ship[br]for depth charge. 00:14:43.31,00:14:46.61 - Fire in the forward engine room.[br]- Lay aft, Don. Check on the fire. 00:14:46.78,00:14:49.51 We've lost main control, sir.[br]Screws have stopped turning. 00:14:49.68,00:14:51.78 Take over, Paul,[br]I'm going to Control. 00:14:57.49,00:14:59.29 - What's our depth?[br]- Two hundred feet. 00:15:04.50,00:15:06.49 What's it look like?[br]Have we lost them? 00:15:07.27,00:15:10.07 Can't even hear them now, sir.[br]Sonar power's off. 00:15:17.18,00:15:19.11 Ask Maneuvering[br]about those shafts. 00:15:19.28,00:15:21.68 Maneuvering, Control.[br]What's the condition of those shafts? 00:15:21.85,00:15:23.58 Fire's out in the engine room. 00:15:23.75,00:15:26.08 Full power restored[br]in the maneuvering room. 00:15:29.32,00:15:31.09 About Barton... 00:15:31.26,00:15:33.39 ...there was nothing else to do. 00:15:58.55,00:16:01.35 Thanks, honey.[br]You pulled me through again. 00:16:02.36,00:16:03.95 How's that? 00:16:04.36,00:16:07.85 That's Mabel. It's my girl.[br]She brings me luck. 00:16:10.73,00:16:13.13 If she pulled you through,[br]she pulled me through. 00:16:13.30,00:16:16.50 She pulled us all through.[br]We all ought to kiss her. 00:16:19.74,00:16:22.30 Mon chérie, you are so beautiful. 00:16:22.48,00:16:24.03 I must kiss you. 00:16:24.21,00:16:26.44 At least if you kissed her[br]on the cheek... 00:16:26.61,00:16:29.05 Come on, Freddy, give her a kiss.[br]She won't bite you. 00:16:29.22,00:16:30.38 - Sure, Freddy.[br]- Come on. 00:16:30.55,00:16:32.75 - Never mind. You're my boyfriend.[br]- Hey! 00:16:32.92,00:16:33.91 Look out! 00:16:34.92,00:16:37.12 Come on, now.[br]Cookie, give me the picture. 00:16:37.29,00:16:39.09 - Oh, baby![br]- Oh, come... 00:16:39.53,00:16:41.79 Give me the picture, Cook! 00:16:59.11,00:17:01.84 Okay, Landon. Let's talk. 00:17:05.19,00:17:08.92 What I've got to say to you[br]can't be said to a commanding officer. 00:17:09.09,00:17:10.25 Spit it out. 00:17:10.42,00:17:12.32 You have my permission. 00:17:14.06,00:17:16.62 You haven't served with me before. 00:17:16.80,00:17:19.86 Do you think I enjoy[br]letting men drown? 00:17:25.84,00:17:27.36 No, captain. 00:17:27.57,00:17:30.81 But by now, I suppose[br]you've got yourself convinced... 00:17:30.98,00:17:33.14 ...that this hurts you[br]more than it did him. 00:17:34.55,00:17:37.61 I don't happen to think[br]you had to let him die. 00:17:38.25,00:17:41.19 Someday, you may have[br]a command of your own. 00:17:41.76,00:17:44.42 If you wanna take a chance[br]and risk an entire crew... 00:17:44.59,00:17:46.46 ...a ship and a mission[br]for one man... 00:17:46.63,00:17:48.49 ...that'll be your decision to make. 00:17:48.66,00:17:50.72 This one was mine. 00:17:51.43,00:17:54.96 If you'd cut your engines,[br]then they might not have found us. 00:17:55.14,00:17:56.50 Maybe not. 00:17:56.77,00:17:58.80 We'll never know, will we? 00:17:58.97,00:18:00.60 There was no time[br]to figure the odds. 00:18:00.77,00:18:03.24 I had to rely on experience[br]and instinct. 00:18:03.41,00:18:04.84 Right or wrong... 00:18:05.01,00:18:09.51 ...I decided to play it safe[br]for the 85 men on this sub. 00:18:10.08,00:18:11.61 Tell me... 00:18:12.29,00:18:14.52 ...what did your instinct[br]tell you about this? 00:18:15.36,00:18:19.66 In that split second,[br]did instinct remind you that Barton... 00:18:19.83,00:18:22.46 ...might be waltzing your girl[br]around the base? 00:18:22.63,00:18:25.79 I've had time to consider my decision.[br]I still think it was right. 00:18:26.30,00:18:29.17 If you were wrong,[br]could you admit it? 00:18:29.34,00:18:30.63 Even to yourself? 00:18:30.80,00:18:33.83 If you think I made a personal decision[br]that cost Barton's life... 00:18:34.01,00:18:37.57 have my permission to report it[br]to the squadron commander. 00:18:37.74,00:18:40.34 I can't do anything about it,[br]and you know it. 00:18:40.51,00:18:42.88 I can't prove a thing. 00:18:48.06,00:18:50.99 - About this girl...[br]- Leave her out of this. 00:18:51.59,00:18:53.92 I gave you permission[br]to speak, Mr. Landon... 00:18:54.09,00:18:56.82 I intend to forget[br]this conversation. 00:19:08.51,00:19:10.64 Come on, Freddy. Let's go.[br]Cut the cake. 00:19:10.81,00:19:13.44 - I said, leave me alone.[br]- Blow out the candles. 00:19:13.61,00:19:16.31 - I said, leave me alone.[br]- Blow out the candles. 00:19:16.48,00:19:19.51 - Go on, blow them out.[br]- I told you, leave me alone! 00:19:29.26,00:19:32.32 It was an accident, sir.[br]We planned a little party for Freddy. 00:19:32.50,00:19:34.76 He's 19 today,[br]and it's his first time out. 00:19:35.17,00:19:37.64 I had the cake already, sir. 00:19:37.80,00:19:40.14 We figured to go ahead[br]and try to cheer him up. 00:19:40.31,00:19:42.17 Only I didn't wanna[br]be cheered up, sir! 00:19:42.34,00:19:44.11 I figure that after[br]what happened today... 00:19:44.28,00:19:45.91 ...we shouldn't have a birthday party. 00:19:46.08,00:19:48.55 We should have a wake.[br]Back where I come from, that's... 00:19:48.72,00:19:50.65 He's kind of broken up, sir! 00:19:51.15,00:19:55.09 He was on deck, and he claims[br]he saw Lt. Barton just before we... 00:19:55.26,00:19:56.75 I did see him! 00:19:59.43,00:20:01.55 You probably did. 00:20:17.61,00:20:20.08 Port back, full.[br]Left, full rudder. 00:20:25.02,00:20:26.51 All stop. 00:20:36.03,00:20:41.76 I can only say that I feel the loss of[br]Lt. Barton as keenly as you both do. 00:20:42.04,00:20:44.97 But according to your report, Casey... 00:20:45.84,00:20:48.36 did the only thing possible. 00:20:49.18,00:20:51.64 Well, let's hope the mine[br]you brought back... 00:20:51.81,00:20:55.25 ...will give us a real clue to getting[br]through the Tsushima Straits. 00:20:55.42,00:20:57.14 We're covering a few dozen[br]dummy mines... 00:20:57.32,00:21:00.58 ...with the same rubber and acetate[br]coating on the Japanese mine. 00:21:00.75,00:21:02.55 When we get the report[br]from the lab... 00:21:02.72,00:21:05.42 ...we'll try to fix our sonar[br]to pick them up. 00:21:05.93,00:21:08.12 There's another way to do it, sir. 00:21:08.66,00:21:11.43 Japanese freighters are going[br]through those straits every day. 00:21:11.60,00:21:14.33 We could follow one and chart[br]a mine-free channel for ourselves. 00:21:14.50,00:21:17.13 We lost the Need/e Fin trying that. 00:21:17.30,00:21:20.30 We're not sure how we lost[br]the Need/e Fin, are we, sir? 00:21:20.71,00:21:25.47 Let's try it my way for now, Casey.[br]We'll see how the sonar tests go. 00:21:25.65,00:21:26.70 Aye, aye, sir. 00:21:26.88,00:21:27.97 Anything else? 00:21:28.15,00:21:32.61 I'd like to talk about my officer-personnel[br]situation, if I may, admiral? 00:21:33.89,00:21:35.48 Yes, sir. 00:21:42.06,00:21:43.65 Cmdr. Abbott. 00:21:45.07,00:21:46.79 Case! 00:21:48.94,00:21:51.06 I was afraid you wouldn't come. 00:21:51.41,00:21:54.57 - You've heard about Wes?[br]- Yes. 00:21:54.74,00:21:56.50 I talked to Landon. 00:21:57.34,00:22:00.11 Somehow, I feel it's all my fault. 00:22:00.75,00:22:03.38 Everything's such a mess, and l... 00:22:03.98,00:22:05.98 Let's get out of here.[br]I'll sign out. 00:22:06.65,00:22:08.35 I've got a jeep. 00:22:08.56,00:22:11.18 Take over for me,[br]will you, Frankie? 00:22:21.90,00:22:24.96 You knew I was fresh out[br]of a bad marriage when we met. 00:22:25.14,00:22:29.04 I wanted to be sure this time,[br]so I played it safe... 00:22:29.51,00:22:32.31 ...until I knew[br]that you were Mr. Right. 00:22:33.05,00:22:35.88 But then you gave me that line[br]about wartime marriages. 00:22:36.05,00:22:38.75 I wanted a wife and kids,[br]not a widow and orphans. 00:22:38.92,00:22:40.41 Sure. 00:22:40.82,00:22:44.09 Then I began to think maybe you were[br]playing the South Sea circuit. 00:22:44.26,00:22:47.12 - You knew better.[br]- How could I know? 00:22:47.29,00:22:50.20 Did you give me a postdated check? 00:22:51.53,00:22:53.56 So I got sore. 00:22:54.77,00:22:56.46 What really happened... 00:22:56.64,00:22:59.90 that I got scared, unsure. 00:23:00.14,00:23:03.44 I had to prove to myself[br]I could still circulate. 00:23:04.21,00:23:06.37 You proved it with Wes Barton. 00:23:06.55,00:23:10.64 Well, he was the guy[br]all the girls whistled at... 00:23:10.98,00:23:14.04 ...and just about the nicest guy[br]I ever knew. 00:23:14.39,00:23:16.45 But it wasn't love. 00:23:17.26,00:23:20.59 Not for him, or for me.[br]We both knew that. 00:23:20.89,00:23:22.56 I should have known it. 00:23:22.73,00:23:25.86 I should have come and found out[br]while I could do something about it. 00:23:26.03,00:23:27.80 That's what I'm trying to say. 00:23:27.97,00:23:31.06 What happened out there[br]had nothing to do with you and me. 00:23:33.61,00:23:35.47 It's Landon, isn't it? 00:23:39.41,00:23:43.54 He didn't come right out and say so,[br]but I knew what he thought. 00:23:44.99,00:23:46.82 It's crazy, Case. 00:23:46.99,00:23:50.82 Don't you see? He doesn't know you.[br]Don't you see how crazy it is? 00:23:51.83,00:23:53.95 He's right about one thing. 00:23:54.36,00:23:57.30 I can't take up[br]where Wes Barton left off. 00:23:57.46,00:23:59.43 I'd never feel right. 00:23:59.77,00:24:03.03 And if I forgot, there'd be[br]people and faces to remind me. 00:24:03.20,00:24:06.73 You? What about me?[br]What about us? 00:24:06.91,00:24:08.90 I don't care about people. 00:24:09.08,00:24:10.41 You have to live with people. 00:24:10.58,00:24:13.38 You have to work with them,[br]fight beside them. 00:24:13.55,00:24:15.41 It does matter. 00:24:18.69,00:24:21.55 I guess you'd better[br]take me back, Casey. 00:24:32.03,00:24:33.59 Take in two and three. 00:24:37.17,00:24:38.40 Take in four. 00:24:39.91,00:24:41.84 Leave her around. Easy on one. 00:24:42.81,00:24:44.47 All back, two-thirds. 00:24:52.39,00:24:55.65 How much longer are we gonna play tag[br]with these dummy mines, sir? 00:24:55.82,00:24:57.81 Until we get the bugs[br]out of that sonar gear. 00:24:57.99,00:25:01.43 - The Army may be in Tokyo by then.[br]- Try telling the admiral that. 00:25:01.60,00:25:03.43 Clear the bridge! 00:25:22.05,00:25:24.35 Can you interpret that hash? 00:25:24.52,00:25:25.85 No, sir. 00:25:26.02,00:25:28.58 Would you say[br]there were mines out there? 00:25:28.76,00:25:30.12 No, sir. 00:25:30.29,00:25:32.02 Well, there are. 00:25:32.19,00:25:35.68 It looks more like fish[br]or seaweed to me, sir. 00:25:54.05,00:25:56.41 Does that sound like seaweed? 00:25:56.78,00:25:58.55 - No, sir.[br]- All stop. 00:25:58.72,00:25:59.71 All stop. 00:26:01.66,00:26:03.68 Let's hope we're not hung up again. 00:26:03.89,00:26:06.09 - All back, full.[br]- All back, full. 00:26:12.83,00:26:15.06 - All stop.[br]- All stop. 00:26:15.24,00:26:17.86 - All ahead, one-third.[br]- All ahead, one-third. 00:26:18.04,00:26:20.97 - Right, full rudder.[br]- Right, full rudder. 00:26:21.17,00:26:24.34 - It's working, sir. It's working.[br]- What did you do to it? 00:26:25.78,00:26:30.01 I just remembered. I cut in[br]the new circuit the lab gave us. 00:26:31.28,00:26:34.08 If it keeps on working like this,[br]we've really got something. 00:26:36.06,00:26:38.65 Looks like a mine coming up,[br]starboard side. 00:26:38.83,00:26:41.09 - Rudder amidships.[br]- Rudder amidships. 00:26:41.26,00:26:43.86 - Steady as she goes.[br]- Steady as she goes. 00:26:44.13,00:26:46.53 Take over, Landon, and run the field. 00:26:46.73,00:26:48.29 Aye, aye, sir. 00:26:50.74,00:26:53.14 - Matches.[br]- He made it again. 00:26:53.31,00:26:56.00 - I'm telling you, he shaved the dice![br]- Stop him, somebody! 00:26:56.18,00:26:58.11 - I bet you five more it comes out.[br]- Come on, dice! 00:26:58.28,00:27:00.01 - Use the cup, Carroll.[br]- Come on. Blow. 00:27:00.18,00:27:02.24 What do you mean, "blow"?[br]Come on. 00:27:03.02,00:27:05.64 I got a six. How are we doing[br]on sixes, Freddy boy? 00:27:05.82,00:27:09.35 - Just a minute. I have to figure it.[br]- What's with this pencil-and-paper bit? 00:27:09.52,00:27:11.79 What do you mean,[br]"how are we doing on sixes"? 00:27:12.43,00:27:15.39 It's simple mathematics. It's... 00:27:16.06,00:27:19.23 - What do you call it, kid?[br]- Combinations and permutations. 00:27:19.53,00:27:22.00 What's with this[br]"combinations and permutations"? 00:27:22.17,00:27:25.37 Look, Freddy keeps tabs[br]on the numbers. We know the odds. 00:27:25.54,00:27:27.40 If it ain't come up much,[br]it's due to show. 00:27:27.57,00:27:30.84 Otherwise, it's a sucker bet. See?[br]Combinations and permutations. 00:27:31.01,00:27:33.64 I don't understand[br]combinations and permutations. 00:27:33.81,00:27:35.37 You're okay on sixes. 00:27:35.55,00:27:38.54 - How come he knows so much?[br]- Never mind. Carroll, shoot the dice. 00:27:38.72,00:27:43.09 He knows all about science too:[br]radar, electronics, sonar. 00:27:43.26,00:27:46.78 He knows more about these sonar[br]tests than all you put together. 00:27:46.96,00:27:48.83 He was explaining[br]about these mines... 00:27:49.00,00:27:51.26 Look, either you shoot the dice[br]or get off... 00:27:51.43,00:27:53.49 All right. Come on.[br]Fade me. Fade me. 00:27:53.67,00:27:55.66 All right, shoot already. 00:27:56.10,00:27:57.80 - Bets.[br]- Bets. 00:27:57.97,00:27:59.87 Six it is. 00:28:00.87,00:28:05.40 After we clean out the Japs, Freddy and I[br]are gonna take our system to Las Vegas. 00:28:05.58,00:28:07.17 - Ain't we, Freddy boy?[br]- Sure. 00:28:07.35,00:28:08.71 - Shoot the dice.[br]- Fade me. 00:28:08.88,00:28:10.11 - You got it.[br]- Here we go. 00:28:10.28,00:28:11.38 Five more, it comes. 00:28:22.53,00:28:25.23 Is that floating crap game[br]still going on? 00:28:26.13,00:28:27.76 Afraid it's chronic, sir. 00:28:27.93,00:28:30.13 - Who's winning?[br]- Carroll. 00:28:30.30,00:28:32.79 He claims he's using science. 00:28:33.51,00:28:37.24 Well, I have to break it up,[br]but I don't have to catch them at it. 00:28:37.41,00:28:38.84 I'm going forward, Charlie. 00:28:39.01,00:28:42.28 - Forward room.[br]- Yes, sir, captain. 00:28:45.85,00:28:48.45 Suppose we're going[br]through an enemy minefield... 00:28:48.62,00:28:50.59 into Tokyo Bay. 00:28:53.53,00:28:55.12 What's this?[br]A kind of crap game? 00:28:55.30,00:28:57.20 No, sir. 00:28:57.36,00:29:00.99 Freddy was just explaining to us[br]about the sonar tests. 00:29:01.17,00:29:03.90 Well, go on, Freddy.[br]I want to hear this too. 00:29:04.77,00:29:09.44 These nickels, dimes and quarters,[br]they're the mines in the bay. 00:29:10.04,00:29:11.81 But a clear channel has been left... 00:29:11.98,00:29:14.78 a Japanese harbor pilot,[br]having a chart... 00:29:14.95,00:29:18.11 ...can guide friendly shipping through[br]without running into the mines. 00:29:19.79,00:29:23.02 Only we don't have a chart,[br]so if we try to get through... 00:29:23.19,00:29:26.92 ...we run into the mines.[br]Then we all get killed. 00:29:27.36,00:29:28.35 Go on. 00:29:29.60,00:29:30.82 That's all, sir. 00:29:33.30,00:29:35.06 One thing... 00:29:35.47,00:29:37.77 ...if this is supposed[br]to be one of our ships... 00:29:37.94,00:29:39.73 turned up snake eyes. 00:29:40.61,00:29:42.51 Snake eyes are supposed[br]to be bad luck. 00:29:42.68,00:29:44.64 Isn't that right, Carroll? 00:29:45.61,00:29:48.08 If you say so, sir. 00:29:48.55,00:29:52.51 I'm glad to see you're all up on your[br]sonar lessons, but don't overdo it. 00:29:52.69,00:29:55.42 Commence reload drill.[br]That'll relax your minds. 00:30:04.53,00:30:07.30 Feels like we're riding up[br]on another cable. 00:30:09.50,00:30:11.20 Secure that fish! 00:30:12.64,00:30:14.40 - All stop.[br]- All stop. 00:30:23.22,00:30:24.91 Push it back, fellas! 00:30:25.08,00:30:27.58 Doc! Doc! Somebody! 00:30:29.36,00:30:31.79 Doc! Come on. 00:30:42.24,00:30:44.80 The skull is badly fractured.[br]There's no chance... 00:30:44.97,00:30:47.27 ...unless we get him[br]right back to base. 00:30:49.88,00:30:51.81 Ring the conning tower. 00:30:52.38,00:30:53.61 Paul? 00:30:53.78,00:30:55.25 Sonar and radar still out? 00:30:55.58,00:30:57.45 They will be for two or three hours. 00:30:57.85,00:30:59.28 What's our visibility? 00:30:59.75,00:31:01.69 What's visibility? 00:31:02.22,00:31:06.02 Tropical storm coming up.[br]Visibility less than 100 yards. 00:31:08.26,00:31:09.63 I'm coming up. 00:31:18.14,00:31:20.70 The boy can't live unless[br]we get him to base hospital. 00:31:20.87,00:31:22.47 Prepare to surface two main engines. 00:31:22.64,00:31:25.08 If we surface, we risk[br]a collision in this squall. 00:31:25.25,00:31:27.44 If we lay until that gear is fixed,[br]he'll be dead. 00:31:27.61,00:31:30.17 But there are four other destroyers,[br]three subs... 00:31:30.35,00:31:32.68 ...a minesweeper[br]and five PT boats up there. 00:31:32.85,00:31:34.18 It's a big ocean. 00:31:35.76,00:31:39.16 - What would you do, let the boy die?[br]- No, sir. I wouldn't. 00:31:39.33,00:31:41.12 I'd take a chance to save a life. 00:31:41.43,00:31:44.99 I think you made the right decision.[br]This time. 00:31:45.47,00:31:46.83 Ready to surface below. 00:31:47.83,00:31:49.03 Surface. 00:32:12.03,00:32:15.26 - How's that boy doing?[br]- Still in a coma, sir. 00:32:15.56,00:32:18.46 Casey, your dummy-mine tests[br]have helped us a lot... 00:32:18.63,00:32:21.12 ...but I'm taking you off them[br]for a special mission. 00:32:21.30,00:32:24.10 You'll have sealed orders[br]aboard the Starfish in an hour. 00:32:24.27,00:32:25.64 Yes, admiral. 00:32:25.81,00:32:28.67 About my exec, Lt. Cmdr. Landon? 00:32:30.41,00:32:32.78 - You say he is a good officer?[br]- Yes, sir. 00:32:32.95,00:32:35.01 Any reason why he shouldn't[br]go out with you? 00:32:35.18,00:32:36.61 No, sir. 00:32:36.98,00:32:37.97 Good. 00:32:38.15,00:32:42.02 Then hop to it,[br]and lots of good luck, Casey. 00:32:42.59,00:32:44.35 Thank you, sir. 00:32:52.77,00:32:56.06 The captain would like to see you[br]in the wardroom, sir. Right away. 00:32:57.47,00:33:01.13 Steering course 2-5-0. Going ahead[br]on standard, on four engines. 00:33:01.31,00:33:04.30 - You have the Con.[br]- Aye, aye, sir. 00:33:19.66,00:33:24.15 We're on a special nine-day assignment,[br]proceeding to the island of Saishu-to. 00:33:24.33,00:33:29.39 Let's see, that's almost 60 miles[br]southeast of Tsushima Strait. 00:33:29.57,00:33:33.47 That's right. We're to knock out[br]the island so it can't be used as a base... 00:33:33.64,00:33:36.63 ...when we make our breakthrough[br]into the Sea of Japan. 00:33:36.81,00:33:39.21 Arrange a small landing party,[br]one officer. 00:33:39.38,00:33:41.90 I'll take the party, captain. 00:33:42.22,00:33:43.98 I don't think that's a good idea. 00:33:44.15,00:33:46.88 As second-in-command,[br]it's right that I should lead the party. 00:33:47.45,00:33:49.75 In the event of trouble,[br]I might have to abandon... 00:33:49.92,00:33:52.72 ...the raiding party[br]in order to save this boat. 00:33:53.46,00:33:55.48 Yes, sir. 00:33:56.26,00:33:58.79 It's a question of your confidence[br]in my judgment. 00:33:59.47,00:34:03.90 I understand exactly[br]what you mean, sir. But it's my job. 00:34:04.07,00:34:07.67 I don't think I should[br]ask anyone else to take over. 00:34:09.28,00:34:11.44 Very well. Pick your men. 00:34:11.61,00:34:14.34 - No other orders.[br]- Yes, sir. 00:34:30.63,00:34:34.73 - Prepare to surface on battery.[br]- Prepare to surface on the battery. 00:34:36.74,00:34:41.30 - How does things look up there?[br]- No Japs, plenty of installation. 00:34:41.47,00:34:44.64 - Ready to surface below.[br]- Surface. 00:35:08.10,00:35:10.83 We'll surface for you at 2230. 00:35:11.00,00:35:12.56 Good luck. 00:37:23.74,00:37:26.76 Those explosions are going off[br]ahead of schedule. 00:37:27.77,00:37:30.21 Prepare to surface on the battery. 00:38:25.56,00:38:29.19 - One man's missing.[br]- They got Carroll. 00:38:36.21,00:38:39.20 There they are, captain.[br]Close aboard, starboard. 00:39:11.28,00:39:13.25 Clear the bridge! 00:39:27.19,00:39:30.36 - Air shut! Take her down, 6-0 feet![br]- Aye, aye, sir. 00:39:33.73,00:39:36.22 They've got us zeroed in. 00:39:54.02,00:39:55.71 We can't stay down here any longer. 00:39:55.89,00:39:58.36 Landon says the pumps[br]can't keep up with the water. 00:39:58.52,00:40:00.19 No sonar, no radar. 00:40:00.36,00:40:04.06 And only five miles from[br]the Sea of Japan and those minefields. 00:40:04.23,00:40:05.93 We'll just have[br]to take her up on guts. 00:40:06.10,00:40:08.76 Let's have a quick look around first. 00:40:18.81,00:40:21.75 Paul, have a look at this. 00:40:23.42,00:40:26.61 Landon, there's a Japanese[br]merchantman heading into the straits. 00:40:26.79,00:40:30.38 - Quite a temptation.[br]- We were supposed to avoid contact. 00:40:30.56,00:40:32.92 I'm not sinking her,[br]just following her through. 00:40:33.09,00:40:34.42 But our orders, captain. 00:40:34.83,00:40:37.42 My orders don't say anything[br]about a situation like this. 00:40:37.60,00:40:40.06 And we can't radio for new ones. 00:40:42.00,00:40:44.03 Here's our chance to log every inch... 00:40:44.20,00:40:46.67 ...of that channel,[br]right into the Sea of Japan. 00:40:48.41,00:40:51.31 Didn't Prentice tell you that there[br]was no suction in the bilges... 00:40:51.48,00:40:54.47 ...and the pump's burnt-out?[br]We can't get any speed... 00:40:54.65,00:40:56.51 ...because the battery's too low. 00:40:59.25,00:41:02.85 This tub I'm watching can only do[br]about 7 knots. We'll limp along behind. 00:41:03.02,00:41:05.05 C/ear the torpedo room.[br]Leave a vo/unteer there... 00:41:05.22,00:41:06.78 keep the /eak stoppers in p/ace. 00:41:06.96,00:41:09.33 Put on any air pressure you need[br]to keep the plugs in. 00:41:09.50,00:41:10.48 Aye, aye, sir. 00:41:10.66,00:41:12.69 We'll follow this baby all the way in. 00:41:12.87,00:41:16.39 - All ahead, two-thirds.[br]- All ahead, two-thirds. 00:41:18.24,00:41:20.71 Clear the torpedo room! 00:41:24.14,00:41:26.81 It gets rough in the straits.[br]You're needed up in the conning tower. 00:41:26.98,00:41:29.04 You mean it gets rough in here[br]if those plugs pop. 00:41:29.22,00:41:31.24 - I can handle that job.[br]- But I want you outside. 00:41:31.42,00:41:34.41 I'm gonna close this hatch.[br]Keep up the air pressure. 00:41:34.59,00:41:36.95 I'm going to need plenty of it. 00:42:00.85,00:42:03.14 Mark the time, Paul. 00:42:06.25,00:42:08.45 One hour, 14 minutes[br]since we started our transit. 00:42:08.62,00:42:12.22 - Another 15 minutes, we should be at...[br]- Captain. 00:42:12.56,00:42:15.89 Forward reducer just let go, captain.[br]Shut that valve! 00:42:16.40,00:42:18.26 All stations, put Mr. Landon on. 00:42:18.43,00:42:21.06 All stations, put Mr. Landon on. 00:42:21.23,00:42:24.40 This is Landon in the forward room.[br]The room's under pressure. 00:42:24.57,00:42:29.44 Landon, when I want you to volunteer,[br]I'll tell you. How are the plugs holding? 00:42:29.61,00:42:32.60 I can keep them in if Control[br]gives me back the air pressure. 00:42:34.21,00:42:36.15 One plug just let go! 00:42:40.25,00:42:42.41 Charlie, how are you coming[br]with the air? 00:42:42.59,00:42:45.46 We're working on it, but I can't hold it[br]at periscope depth much longer... 00:42:45.62,00:42:48.79 ...with that torpedo room flooding.[br]- How much further, Paul? 00:42:48.96,00:42:52.06 According to DRT, two minutes[br]and we're through, with no gravy. 00:42:52.23,00:42:56.67 Landon, you've got to hold on[br]for two more minutes. 00:42:57.70,00:43:00.40 Con, Forward Battery.[br]Forward torpedo room flooding fast. 00:43:04.24,00:43:06.51 We're losing the bubble, captain. 00:43:06.68,00:43:09.24 We'd better quit with what we've got. 00:43:09.42,00:43:12.28 Prepare to surface, four main engines. 00:43:12.45,00:43:15.42 - Ready to surface, four main engines.[br]- Surface. 00:43:33.87,00:43:36.27 We're out of the straits.[br]Here's the chart. 00:43:36.44,00:43:38.97 Talk about bringing home the bacon. 00:43:39.14,00:43:40.91 A clear channel[br]into the Sea of Japan. 00:43:41.08,00:43:43.48 Could change the whole course[br]of the war. 00:44:24.39,00:44:29.83 Right, full rudder. All ahead, flank![br]Battle stations, gun action! 00:44:45.88,00:44:49.08 Abandon ship! Open all deck hatches! 00:45:34.46,00:45:37.05 Over here! Come on! 00:45:40.03,00:45:43.97 Somebody give us a hand.[br]Bring that boat! 00:46:15.53,00:46:17.63 Hunter Seven,[br]calling Red Dog Two... 00:46:17.80,00:46:23.04 ...spotted life raft, picking up survivors.[br]Have ambulance ready. Over. 00:46:30.55,00:46:33.11 - I'll take over, Frankie.[br]- All right. 00:46:36.99,00:46:39.15 You have to get some rest. 00:46:40.26,00:46:43.92 I don't want to sleep,[br]dream or wake up. 00:46:44.93,00:46:49.39 Sixty men trapped below[br]with the sea rushing in. 00:46:49.57,00:46:53.16 And the lucky ones that escaped,[br]burning in the oil, riddled by bullets. 00:46:53.34,00:46:54.83 Oh, Case. 00:46:55.41,00:46:59.57 Those weren't just casualties.[br]I knew them. 00:46:59.75,00:47:03.55 I knew about their families,[br]their plans. 00:47:03.72,00:47:07.05 - Do you know what I feel?[br]- Yes, I do know, Case. 00:47:08.65,00:47:11.28 When you were overdue,[br]and I thought you weren't coming back... 00:47:11.46,00:47:16.42 ...I imagined every awful minute of it.[br]Don't you think I know? 00:47:18.90,00:47:22.06 How are the others?[br]Charlie, Landon, Chick? 00:47:22.23,00:47:24.03 They'll be all right. 00:47:24.20,00:47:28.70 You have a slight concussion.[br]You have to stay a little bit longer. 00:47:28.87,00:47:33.57 I have a slight concussion,[br]and 60 men are killed. 00:47:33.75,00:47:38.11 That ought to earn me a Purple Heart[br]with 60 clusters. 00:47:45.72,00:47:49.72 - An investigation, sir?[br]- An inquiry into the loss of the Starfish. 00:47:49.90,00:47:53.76 Naturally, I had to report that the captain[br]carried out the action against my advice. 00:47:53.93,00:47:57.23 - I understand, sir.[br]- But the charts you brought back... 00:47:57.40,00:47:59.93 a mighty welcome form[br]of insurance. 00:48:00.84,00:48:02.43 The hearing is set[br]for 10:00 tomorrow. 00:48:02.61,00:48:04.87 The doctor says Abbott should be[br]on his feet by then. 00:48:05.04,00:48:09.00 Adm. Lockwood,[br]I understood when I first shipped out... 00:48:09.18,00:48:12.62 Cmdr. Abbott's exec,[br]that it was a temporary assignment... 00:48:13.22,00:48:16.55 ...that I was in line[br]for a command of my own. 00:48:16.72,00:48:20.92 In fact, I thought when the Sea Ray[br]returned from the China Sea... 00:48:22.36,00:48:24.80 Your last commanding officer[br]turned in a report... 00:48:24.96,00:48:28.16 ...which makes it impossible for me[br]to recommend your assignment. 00:48:28.33,00:48:29.82 My last...? 00:48:30.00,00:48:32.73 Do you mean Capt. Abbott, sir? 00:48:34.17,00:48:37.90 But what was the nature[br]of the report? 00:48:38.71,00:48:41.58 Is the report subject to review, sir? 00:48:42.92,00:48:47.82 I'd prefer it, Landon, if you discuss[br]the matter with Capt. Abbott first. 00:48:48.09,00:48:49.58 Yes, sir. 00:48:54.16,00:48:56.39 Well, sir,[br]the admiral made it quite clear... 00:48:56.56,00:48:59.53 ...your report stands in the way[br]of my command. 00:48:59.70,00:49:02.17 Yes, I'm sorry, Landon. 00:49:02.33,00:49:06.36 Yes, sir. I was hoping[br]you'd tell me about it. 00:49:06.97,00:49:09.37 - Don't you know?[br]- No, sir, I don't. 00:49:09.98,00:49:13.47 If it's because of the way I talked to you[br]after Lt. Barton's death... 00:49:13.65,00:49:15.27 ...I'll admit it was improper. 00:49:15.45,00:49:20.04 But you asked me to "spit it out."[br]I recall your words. 00:49:20.22,00:49:22.74 My criticism had nothing[br]to do with that. 00:49:22.92,00:49:25.91 I reported that you[br]were an excellent executive officer. 00:49:26.09,00:49:29.46 - Courageous, alert, skillful and efficient.[br]- Yes, sir? 00:49:29.63,00:49:32.29 I also remarked you[br]were not equipped for command... 00:49:32.46,00:49:34.13 ...because you seemed[br]incapable of making... 00:49:34.30,00:49:38.96 ...the sometimes painful decisions[br]required in an emergency. 00:49:40.24,00:49:42.33 Now I understand, captain. 00:49:42.51,00:49:44.34 I doubt that, Mr. Landon. 00:49:44.51,00:49:47.34 I think you're a man who is ruled[br]by personal emotion... 00:49:47.51,00:49:50.14 ...and you attribute that behavior[br]to everyone around you. 00:49:50.32,00:49:54.15 Until you overcome that, you'll be unfit[br]for the responsibility of command. 00:49:54.85,00:49:56.08 Yes, sir. 00:49:57.09,00:49:58.99 Since you seem determined[br]to be proper today... 00:49:59.16,00:50:01.18 ...I might as well say the rest of it. 00:50:01.36,00:50:03.76 I know what you think[br]of the Wes Barton episode. 00:50:04.33,00:50:06.63 You think that out of remorse[br]and sentimentality... 00:50:06.80,00:50:12.60 ...I risked the Starfish and crew[br]in order to save Freddy Warren. 00:50:12.77,00:50:15.67 And now you think that for reasons[br]of personal ambition... 00:50:15.84,00:50:17.87 ...I risked the passage of the straits... 00:50:18.04,00:50:20.17 ...and lost my boat and men. 00:50:20.35,00:50:23.21 You said it, captain. I didn't. 00:50:23.38,00:50:26.78 But it's what you think, Landon.[br]And that's what I mean by your inability... 00:50:26.95,00:50:30.15 interpret the decision of command[br]in anything but personal terms. 00:50:30.32,00:50:32.29 And until you grow up... 00:50:39.73,00:50:42.67 There's an inquiry into the sinking[br]of the Starfish tomorrow morning. 00:50:42.83,00:50:44.96 If you still think[br]you have a case against me... 00:50:45.14,00:50:46.60 - I'm sorry.[br]- What is it? 00:50:46.77,00:50:51.40 Freddy Warren. He's conscious[br]and asking for you. He's very weak. 00:50:51.91,00:50:56.18 I'll see you tomorrow, captain,[br]at the inquiry. 00:51:13.10,00:51:15.16 Hi, Freddy. 00:51:24.61,00:51:27.34 I wondered where the fellas were. 00:51:28.18,00:51:31.24 Carroll and Jug... 00:51:31.42,00:51:32.91 ...Benny. 00:51:33.99,00:51:37.18 Well, we've been out[br]on a mission, Freddy. 00:51:37.96,00:51:40.19 But you're back now. 00:51:40.99,00:51:42.48 They'll come now? 00:51:46.43,00:51:49.66 Yeah. They'll be coming to see you. 00:51:54.07,00:51:57.13 I wanted to tell you[br]something, sir. It's... 00:51:57.31,00:52:00.07 It's about Lt. Barton. 00:52:01.15,00:52:03.61 That day, my birthday... 00:52:04.22,00:52:06.58 ...what I thought about you... 00:52:08.69,00:52:11.88 I wanted to tell you, sir,[br]I was wrong. 00:52:12.06,00:52:14.55 It's been on my mind a long time. 00:52:14.73,00:52:19.79 - I understand, Freddy.[br]- No, sir. I have to tell you. 00:52:20.43,00:52:25.93 I know what you did for me.[br]Risking the ship just for me. 00:52:26.10,00:52:29.10 That's how I know[br]I was wrong about you. 00:52:31.54,00:52:33.64 It's been on my mind. 00:52:34.41,00:52:36.28 It's very important... 00:52:36.45,00:52:38.14 Important... 00:52:41.72,00:52:43.65 Come on, Case. 00:52:54.10,00:52:57.36 - It's funny, in a way.[br]- How do you mean? 00:52:57.54,00:52:59.03 He said it. 00:52:59.20,00:53:03.77 I took a chance to save him.[br]I wouldn't take a chance to save Wes. 00:53:03.94,00:53:06.17 He didn't say that.[br]You're twisting it. 00:53:06.34,00:53:08.78 It's what Landon's[br]been believing all this time. 00:53:08.95,00:53:11.47 It's not the same.[br]When the boy was hurt... 00:53:11.65,00:53:14.95 didn't have the whole[br]Japanese navy bearing down on you. 00:53:15.12,00:53:19.65 Of course you took a chance[br]to save him. Anybody would have. 00:53:19.82,00:53:22.76 I don't know anymore. 00:53:23.43,00:53:25.73 I don't know how I'll ever know. 00:53:28.90,00:53:33.56 Previous testimony has established[br]that you were without radar or sonar. 00:53:33.74,00:53:37.00 And at this time,[br]you sighted a Japanese merchantman. 00:53:37.18,00:53:40.34 Are these facts correct, captain? 00:53:42.81,00:53:44.54 Capt. Abbott? 00:53:44.95,00:53:47.32 They are, sir. 00:53:47.49,00:53:50.11 Captain, your operation orders[br]said nothing... 00:53:50.29,00:53:54.32 ...about a mission through the straits.[br]- No, sir. Nor did they preclude it. 00:53:54.49,00:53:58.12 You are aware Adm. Lockwood[br]advised against any such attempt? 00:53:58.30,00:54:01.09 Yes, sir, but that advice[br]was based on other circumstances. 00:54:01.27,00:54:03.86 Tell us, then, what were[br]the circumstances that prompted... 00:54:04.04,00:54:06.73 ...your transit of the strait,[br]in the wake of this merchantman? 00:54:07.21,00:54:10.64 Yes, sir. Knowing that we planned[br]to invade the Sea of Japan... 00:54:10.81,00:54:14.01 ...and appreciating the value[br]of a chart through the minefield... 00:54:14.18,00:54:16.55 ...I decided that the weather,[br]the time of day... 00:54:16.72,00:54:21.15 ...and the evident lack of Japanese[br]surveillance all justified the attempt. 00:54:21.32,00:54:23.08 I considered it a target[br]of opportunity... 00:54:23.26,00:54:25.49 ...and within my discretion[br]as a commanding officer. 00:54:26.06,00:54:30.02 Did you take into consideration[br]that your vessel was already damaged? 00:54:30.20,00:54:32.25 I concluded the damage[br]was not so extensive... 00:54:32.43,00:54:34.80 to interfere with the mission. 00:54:34.97,00:54:36.46 As to the air-pressure failure... 00:54:36.64,00:54:40.09 ...that didn't enter the picture[br]until I was fully committed. 00:54:41.41,00:54:45.54 - Is there anything else, captain?[br]- I should point out that I lost my boat... 00:54:45.71,00:54:49.15 ...after maneuvering successfully[br]out of the strait, into the open sea. 00:54:49.31,00:54:53.65 I had no radar as a result of damage[br]on my original mission to Saishu-to. 00:54:53.82,00:54:55.31 It was just bad luck. 00:54:55.49,00:54:57.58 - Is that all, captain?[br]- No, sir. 00:54:57.76,00:54:59.72 I request it be entered[br]into the record... 00:54:59.89,00:55:03.66 ...that I was successful in bringing back[br]a chart of the minefield. 00:55:03.83,00:55:06.16 - Any other questions?[br]- No. 00:55:06.33,00:55:08.16 Thank you, captain. 00:55:08.33,00:55:11.00 Mr. Landon,[br]this is an informal inquiry... 00:55:11.17,00:55:13.90 ...but anything you say[br]will be entered into the record... 00:55:14.07,00:55:17.20 ...and may become, subsequently,[br]a foundation for a charge... 00:55:17.38,00:55:19.87 ...against Capt. Abbott.[br]- Yes, sir. 00:55:20.35,00:55:24.15 Did Capt. Abbott consult you,[br]as his executive officer... 00:55:24.32,00:55:26.91 ...before undertaking this foray? 00:55:27.09,00:55:29.68 I was in charge of damage control[br]at the time, sir. 00:55:29.85,00:55:32.58 The captain merely announced[br]his decision to me. 00:55:32.76,00:55:35.32 Did you express an opinion? 00:55:35.59,00:55:40.03 - Yes, sir. I tried to protest.[br]- On what grounds, Mr. Landon? 00:55:40.20,00:55:42.50 On the grounds[br]that a transit of the strait... 00:55:42.67,00:55:45.40 ...seemed to exceed the permissible[br]scope of our assignment. 00:55:45.57,00:55:47.63 But you are aware now[br]that Adm. Lockwood... 00:55:47.81,00:55:50.04 ...never expressly prohibited[br]such a mission... 00:55:50.21,00:55:53.18 ...and that Capt. Abbot[br]was unable to radio for instructions? 00:55:53.35,00:55:54.84 Yes, sir. I'm aware of that. 00:55:55.31,00:55:59.84 Mr. Landon, I know[br]this may be distasteful to you... 00:56:00.02,00:56:03.51 ...but as next ranking officer,[br]I must ask you... 00:56:03.69,00:56:07.25 you have any reason[br]to believe that Capt. Abbott... 00:56:07.43,00:56:10.72 ...was guilty of any negligence[br]or dereliction of duty? 00:56:16.33,00:56:20.20 Sir, that's a conclusion... 00:56:20.37,00:56:22.86 ...that you're asking of me,[br]not facts. 00:56:23.48,00:56:26.57 You may express a conclusion,[br]but I must ask you to be candid. 00:56:30.52,00:56:32.54 I'm sorry, sir. I cannot answer that. 00:56:32.85,00:56:35.75 Do you wish to bring forward any facts[br]which will assist this board... 00:56:35.92,00:56:38.65 reaching a conclusion[br]about Capt. Abbott's action? 00:56:38.82,00:56:40.48 Facts? 00:56:43.09,00:56:44.58 No, sir. 00:56:44.76,00:56:47.06 No other facts. 00:56:49.40,00:56:52.23 You know, Casey,[br]in conditions of war... 00:56:52.40,00:56:55.74 ...the line between initiative[br]and heroism on the one hand... 00:56:55.91,00:56:59.17 ...and recklessness[br]and dereliction on the other... 00:56:59.34,00:57:01.94 sometimes hard to draw. 00:57:02.91,00:57:07.28 There's the report of the Board of[br]Investigation in the loss of the Starfish. 00:57:07.45,00:57:09.55 They concluded[br]that your actions were justified... 00:57:09.72,00:57:12.12 ...and they've recommended[br]no further proceedings. 00:57:12.29,00:57:14.16 I'm glad, Casey. 00:57:14.33,00:57:17.26 I want you to know[br]that I agree with their conclusion. 00:57:17.43,00:57:19.33 Thank you, sir. 00:57:21.83,00:57:24.06 You don't seem very pleased. 00:57:24.24,00:57:27.30 I understand the final briefing[br]for the Sea of Japan takeoff... 00:57:27.47,00:57:29.91 scheduled[br]for sometime this afternoon. 00:57:30.07,00:57:32.63 Yes, and I want you to be there. 00:57:32.81,00:57:34.54 I have no command, sir. 00:57:34.71,00:57:38.48 Well, the Sea Ray is back[br]from the China Sea. 00:57:38.65,00:57:40.14 Yes, sir? 00:57:40.32,00:57:45.22 It was Adm. Nimitz's suggestion[br]that you take over its command. 00:57:45.39,00:57:50.45 The Sea Ray. That's the boat[br]Landon expected to get. 00:57:51.50,00:57:52.99 I'll have a talk with him. 00:57:53.16,00:57:58.53 You be at the briefing this afternoon.[br]If Landon is there, he's your exec. 00:57:58.74,00:58:00.50 Aye, aye, sir. 00:58:09.11,00:58:12.64 Gentlemen, the admirals are here.[br]Attention on deck. 00:58:13.28,00:58:16.34 Good evening, gentlemen. Carry on. 00:58:20.86,00:58:22.45 All right, Bill, go ahead. 00:58:22.63,00:58:25.65 You Hellcats are shoving off at dawn[br]in three groups, gentlemen: 00:58:25.83,00:58:28.80 Hepcats, Polecats and Bobcats. 00:58:28.97,00:58:33.46 Now, we have calculated your time[br]of departure to permit an ETA... 00:58:33.64,00:58:37.57 Tsushima Strait at zero hour,[br]based on a speed of 13 knots. 00:58:37.74,00:58:40.07 Rely on your new sonar. 00:58:40.25,00:58:44.05 In case of mechanical failure,[br]you have Capt. Abbott's chart... 00:58:44.22,00:58:46.34 ...on a clear channel[br]through the minefield. 00:58:46.52,00:58:48.61 Once in the Sea of Japan... 00:58:48.79,00:58:51.58 ...all Hellcats[br]are to reconnoiter their areas. 00:58:51.76,00:58:54.28 How have these areas[br]been assigned, Lockwood? 00:58:54.46,00:58:56.43 Bobcats will lay off Honshu... 00:58:56.59,00:58:59.96 ...the Polecats off Korea,[br]and the Hepcats off Hokkaido. 00:59:00.53,00:59:03.90 You are to remain unseen[br]until sunset of June 9. 00:59:04.07,00:59:05.93 Is that clear, gentlemen? 00:59:06.10,00:59:08.07 That will be the hour[br]for commence firing. 00:59:08.24,00:59:11.47 You mean from here on, admiral,[br]it's every cat for himself? 00:59:12.68,00:59:15.44 You're to torpedo or gun[br]everything in sight: 00:59:15.61,00:59:17.74 Freighters, trawlers, even sampans. 00:59:18.15,00:59:20.78 Why the wait until we start[br]popping them, admiral? 00:59:20.95,00:59:24.68 Intelligence figures the Japanese[br]know something is brewing. 00:59:24.86,00:59:26.72 We don't want any single unit[br]to be spotted... 00:59:26.89,00:59:30.66 ...until you're all in position[br]to go into action simultaneously. 00:59:30.83,00:59:32.89 You are to rendezvous on June 23... 00:59:33.06,00:59:36.43 ...west of La Pérouse Strait[br]and make your exit. 00:59:36.60,00:59:38.97 Any questions, gentlemen? 00:59:40.77,00:59:44.26 Now Adm. Nimitz would like[br]to say a few words. 00:59:45.38,00:59:48.81 With the help of the men in this room,[br]we have beaten the Japanese back... 00:59:48.98,00:59:52.92 ...from the very shores[br]of Hawaii and Australia. 00:59:53.08,00:59:56.32 From Guadalcanal,[br]from the Philippines, New Guinea... 00:59:56.49,01:00:00.48 ...the Gilberts, Solomons,[br]Carolines and the Marianas. 01:00:00.66,01:00:04.69 We have retrieved the vast empire[br]they sought to plunder. 01:00:04.86,01:00:07.16 But we cannot achieve victory... 01:00:07.33,01:00:09.96 ...until we isolate the home island[br]from their main source... 01:00:10.13,01:00:14.23 ...of coal, iron and food[br]on the continent of Asia. 01:00:14.47,01:00:18.50 It is your mission, gentlemen, to[br]demonstrate to the Japanese people... 01:00:18.68,01:00:21.65 ...that even their[br]warlord's private lake... 01:00:21.81,01:00:24.51 fair fishing for the American Navy. 01:00:25.65,01:00:28.35 So make it a big show.[br]And remember... 01:00:28.52,01:00:32.22 ...this time, we're reaching for victory. 01:00:32.39,01:00:34.12 Good hunting and Godspeed. 01:00:37.56,01:00:40.26 Well, sir, this is it. 01:00:47.07,01:00:48.37 - Hi, Helen.[br]- Hi. 01:00:48.54,01:00:52.31 - How's young Freddy doing?[br]- Well, he's doing much better, I think. 01:00:52.48,01:00:54.97 Case, how about[br]buying me a cigarette? 01:00:55.15,01:00:58.88 - Sure. I'll see you onboard.[br]- Aye, aye, sir. 01:01:00.02,01:01:04.48 - Hey, what about me?[br]- Well, take your pick. 01:01:17.54,01:01:22.56 - It must be a big push this time.[br]- The admiral told me not to tell. 01:01:23.14,01:01:25.87 The admiral should have[br]told me not to worry. 01:01:26.04,01:01:29.54 I thought we settled all that,[br]about you and me. 01:01:29.71,01:01:34.91 It won't stay settled, Case, not until[br]you tell me you've stopped caring. 01:01:38.36,01:01:41.62 Still beating your chest about Wes? 01:01:46.36,01:01:48.96 Well, I guess I didn't have[br]much to say after all. 01:01:59.01,01:02:02.31 What are you going to do[br]after the war, Case? 01:02:06.12,01:02:08.18 I've told you a hundred times. 01:02:08.35,01:02:11.29 I want to hear it once more. 01:02:15.16,01:02:17.53 I'm going into the surplus business. 01:02:17.70,01:02:21.43 I'm gonna buy up all the old mines[br]and sell them to the man in the moon. 01:02:21.60,01:02:24.47 There's no water on the moon. 01:02:24.64,01:02:26.93 How do you know so much[br]about the moon? 01:02:27.11,01:02:29.04 I know a lot about it. 01:02:29.21,01:02:33.04 I spend all my time[br]looking at it when you're away. 01:02:35.98,01:02:38.95 That's how it still is with me, Case. 01:02:50.53,01:02:52.29 It's time for me to go now. 01:03:01.37,01:03:04.57 It looked like the fountains[br]at a French palace. 01:03:04.74,01:03:09.77 We couldn't have picked a better place[br]to surface. It looked like we were in... 01:03:12.32,01:03:14.11 Did I interrupt something? 01:03:14.29,01:03:19.28 I was just telling them how we[br]lost the Starfish on your last patrol. 01:03:20.93,01:03:23.66 If you're done with your coffee[br]and done telling war stories... 01:03:23.83,01:03:27.06 ...would you mind[br]making up a position report? 01:03:29.40,01:03:31.16 Aye, aye, sir. 01:03:38.88,01:03:42.84 Mr. Landon probably didn't tell you[br]about his own part in that last patrol. 01:03:43.01,01:03:47.45 He preformed a great bravery.[br]He's a fine officer. 01:04:01.77,01:04:04.03 We're ready for[br]the transit of Tsushima, captain. 01:04:04.20,01:04:07.73 Can you give me a fix? What do we[br]hear from the other boats, Foley? 01:04:08.31,01:04:12.80 All communications are shut off[br]till H-Hour, June 9, sir. 01:04:16.15,01:04:19.08 Keiki-do bearing, mark! 01:04:21.85,01:04:25.31 Peak bearing, mark! 01:04:26.59,01:04:27.75 Charlie. 01:04:27.93,01:04:30.45 We'll make our transit by the chart.[br]Depth 1-2-0. 01:04:30.63,01:04:33.60 1-2-0 feet, captain. 01:04:46.21,01:04:49.04 We're at the halfway mark, captain. 01:04:49.61,01:04:50.95 Mines ahead, sir. 01:04:51.12,01:04:54.21 I thought this was too easy.[br]No mines or surface vessels. How far? 01:04:54.39,01:04:57.35 I can't tell, captain.[br]Blips are coming in all over the place. 01:04:57.52,01:05:00.55 - They must be packed solid.[br]- Rig for depth charge. 01:05:00.73,01:05:04.72 All compartments, rig ship[br]for depth charge. 01:05:16.41,01:05:18.57 - All stop.[br]- All stop. 01:05:18.74,01:05:21.64 - All back, two-thirds.[br]- All back, two-thirds. 01:05:28.02,01:05:30.61 - Rudder amidship.[br]- Rudder amidship, sir. 01:05:31.52,01:05:35.62 Mine cable scraping down the[br]portside of the after battery, captain. 01:05:51.78,01:05:55.84 - Left, full rudder. Port stop.[br]- Left, full rudder. Port stop, sir. 01:06:10.39,01:06:11.86 We're clear, sir. 01:06:12.03,01:06:14.46 The Japanese must have shifted[br]their minefield pattern. 01:06:14.63,01:06:20.09 - I hope the rest of our subs caught it.[br]- Destroyer screws coming in fast. 01:06:20.27,01:06:22.21 How deep can I go[br]under those mines? 01:06:22.37,01:06:23.93 Two hundred and fifty feet. 01:06:24.11,01:06:26.34 Rig for silent running.[br]Rig for depth charge. 01:06:26.51,01:06:28.34 Rig for silent running[br]and depth charge. 01:06:28.51,01:06:30.67 - 200 feet, Charlie.[br]- 200 feet. 01:06:57.98,01:07:00.44 Put her on the bottom. 01:08:05.94,01:08:07.88 When are they gonna give up? 01:08:08.05,01:08:11.45 I think they're gone, sir.[br]Can't be sure, sonar's out. 01:08:11.78,01:08:13.55 How long to fix it? 01:08:13.72,01:08:16.35 I don't know.[br]I don't know what's the matter yet. 01:08:18.69,01:08:23.72 No sonar, an unreliable chart,[br]and they know we're down here. 01:08:23.89,01:08:25.92 How long can we run at 200 feet? 01:08:26.10,01:08:27.53 All the way. 01:08:27.70,01:08:32.00 Take her up to 200 feet. Maybe[br]we can sneak in under that minefield. 01:08:32.34,01:08:36.17 Charlie, take her up,[br]200 feet. 01:08:46.38,01:08:48.44 Captain. 01:08:50.92,01:08:53.08 According to the DRT chart,[br]we're through. 01:08:53.26,01:08:56.16 Well, I'd better check it with AVICs. 01:08:58.40,01:09:02.16 - Bring her up smartly. All ahead, full.[br]- All ahead, full. 01:09:11.48,01:09:13.81 We're through, all right. 01:09:14.31,01:09:16.44 The pond's lousy with them! 01:09:16.61,01:09:18.71 I'd sure like to get one of them now. 01:09:18.88,01:09:21.55 When the time comes,[br]we'll get them all. 01:09:21.72,01:09:23.98 Down scope. 01:09:39.00,01:09:42.73 Japanese freighter[br]off the port bow heading north. 01:09:43.11,01:09:46.54 And it's sunset, June 9. 01:09:47.08,01:09:50.51 Now man battle stations, torpedo.[br]Man battle station, torpedo. 01:09:56.02,01:09:57.68 Range, mark. 01:09:57.86,01:09:59.72 1-2-0-0 yards. 01:09:59.89,01:10:02.32 - Gyro matched and ready.[br]- Heave! 01:10:04.26,01:10:05.89 Final bearing and shoot. 01:10:10.03,01:10:11.70 Fire one. 01:10:13.04,01:10:15.10 - One fired electrically.[br]- Fire two. 01:10:16.87,01:10:19.34 Two fired electrically. 01:10:21.15,01:10:23.74 - Bonsai![br]- Up their kilt! 01:10:39.10,01:10:41.89 Final bearing and shoot. 01:10:43.17,01:10:46.47 - Bearing, mark.[br]- Bearing 1-0-4. 01:10:46.67,01:10:47.93 Fire four. 01:10:57.72,01:11:00.55 - Range, mark.[br]- 900 yards. 01:11:00.72,01:11:03.52 - Angle on the bow, zero.[br]- Down-the-throat shot. 01:11:03.92,01:11:06.98 Final bearing and shoot.[br]Bearing, mark! 01:11:07.16,01:11:09.02 1-3-5. 01:11:09.19,01:11:10.18 Fire seven. 01:11:11.43,01:11:14.45 - Seven fired electrically.[br]- Fire eight. 01:11:14.63,01:11:15.93 Eight fired electrically. 01:11:21.74,01:11:23.33 Got them. 01:11:23.51,01:11:26.87 Sounds like another can astern[br]of us, captain. Coming in fast. 01:11:27.34,01:11:30.04 - Range, mark.[br]- 700 yards. 01:11:30.21,01:11:31.77 Final bearing and shoot. 01:11:31.95,01:11:34.68 - Bearing, mark.[br]- Bearing 1-8-2. 01:11:36.19,01:11:37.78 Fire nine. 01:11:37.96,01:11:40.72 - Nine fired electrically.[br]- Fire 10. 01:11:40.89,01:11:43.52 Ten fired electrically. 01:11:45.86,01:11:48.42 Missed. Take her down deep.[br]All ahead, full. 01:11:48.60,01:11:50.86 All ahead, full, sir. 01:11:51.90,01:11:54.80 She's above us now, captain. 01:12:08.35,01:12:10.41 - Fire in the IC board.[br]- What's our depth? 01:12:11.19,01:12:13.21 Approaching 250 feet, captain. 01:12:13.56,01:12:16.05 All ahead, one-third. 01:12:18.16,01:12:21.60 - Go below and secure everything.[br]- Aye, aye, sir. 01:12:24.07,01:12:26.70 - Course 0-1-0.[br]- Course 0-1-0, sir. 01:12:26.87,01:12:27.86 Charlie. 01:12:28.04,01:12:31.37 We're gonna hug the coast at[br]8000 yards and cut sonar detection. 01:12:31.61,01:12:33.37 Aye, aye, sir. 01:12:33.54,01:12:37.04 - Foley, go see how they're doing.[br]- Aye, aye, sir. 01:12:41.75,01:12:44.55 They'll do all right, captain. 01:12:49.39,01:12:52.66 Oh, brother. I'm so tired[br]I'm breathing from memory. 01:12:52.83,01:12:56.99 - What did we catch, Bob?[br]- About 15,000 tons. 01:12:57.17,01:13:00.47 - Five AKs. Two destroyers.[br]- Not bad for a few days' work. 01:13:00.64,01:13:04.94 Mr. A/tman to the conning tower.[br]Mr. A/tman to the conning tower. 01:13:06.28,01:13:11.41 Pardon me, captain. I broke these[br]dispatches from the other boats, sir. 01:13:13.05,01:13:17.68 Sea Tiger got three AKs, one[br]1500-ton destroyer and three luggers. 01:13:17.86,01:13:23.76 The rest bagged 22 vessels[br]and one submarine. 70,000 tons. 01:13:25.63,01:13:27.32 Captain. 01:13:27.50,01:13:29.49 Very well. 01:13:29.83,01:13:33.56 Landon's got something on the sonar.[br]He wants me to come up. 01:13:36.64,01:13:40.20 - No word from the Sandfish yet?[br]- No, sir. I'm afraid they got her... 01:13:40.38,01:13:43.44 ...otherwise, she would've[br]come up on the circuit. 01:13:48.55,01:13:49.95 What do you make of this? 01:13:50.12,01:13:52.82 Our charts don't show any[br]nets at La Pérouse. 01:13:52.99,01:13:56.98 Could be. If it is, it looks like there's[br]a beautiful hole 0-1-5 relative. 01:13:57.49,01:14:01.62 - Right, full rudder. All ahead, two-thirds.[br]- Right, full rudder. All ahead, two-thirds. 01:14:09.44,01:14:12.41 Looks like a bull's-eye, captain. 01:14:12.84,01:14:16.61 Con, Maneuvering. Something just[br]hit the starboard prop. 01:14:16.78,01:14:18.34 - All stop.[br]- All stop. 01:14:18.52,01:14:20.24 Stern planes is jammed. 01:14:20.42,01:14:23.85 Stern plane's jammed[br]and out of commission, captain. 01:14:26.22,01:14:29.95 - All back, two-thirds.[br]- All back, two-thirds. 01:14:36.93,01:14:41.20 Diving officer says we can't[br]hover here any longer, captain. 01:14:41.47,01:14:43.60 We'll have to surface to fix it. 01:14:43.77,01:14:47.34 That destroyer is still up there[br]looking for us. 01:14:49.11,01:14:52.60 - Prepare to surface, on battery.[br]- Prepare to surface, on the battery. 01:14:52.78,01:14:55.75 Well, there are only three of us[br]onboard to do the job. 01:14:55.92,01:15:01.05 You two are out. Send the diving gear[br]with the phone to my stateroom. 01:15:02.23,01:15:05.56 - Landon, take over.[br]- Aye, aye, sir. 01:15:05.73,01:15:08.53 Ready to surface below. 01:15:08.77,01:15:10.10 Surface. 01:15:31.15,01:15:32.92 Any luck, sir? 01:15:33.09,01:15:34.99 How /ong have I been down? 01:15:35.16,01:15:37.29 Twenty minutes. 01:15:38.00,01:15:39.43 Can't get it. 01:15:50.91,01:15:53.10 What was that, sir? 01:15:53.41,01:15:55.21 I'm caught in the wire. 01:16:00.28,01:16:01.55 Captain. 01:16:01.72,01:16:03.69 May I send a man down to help you? 01:16:03.85,01:16:05.75 No, I think I'm getting it. 01:16:15.77,01:16:18.56 Japanese destroyer coming in[br]from bearing 0-7-0. 01:16:18.74,01:16:20.29 Distance, 4000 yards. 01:16:20.74,01:16:22.60 Captain, destroyer. 4000 yards. 01:16:28.51,01:16:31.95 Take her down. I'm stuck.[br]I can't get loose. 01:16:32.12,01:16:33.98 No! Fulton, get into your gear. 01:16:34.15,01:16:35.31 Aye, aye, sir. 01:16:35.49,01:16:38.82 - I'm ordering you. Take her down![br]- No, sir! 01:16:39.39,01:16:41.58 Destroyer now at 2000 yards. 01:16:41.76,01:16:45.32 There are 81 men onboard this sub.[br]They're your responsibility. 01:16:52.60,01:16:54.90 Clear the deck! 01:16:56.17,01:16:58.14 Run! 01:17:20.16,01:17:22.69 - Hatch secured.[br]- 6-0 feet. 01:17:22.87,01:17:26.06 - Man battle stations, torpedo.[br]- Man battle stations, torpedo. 01:17:26.24,01:17:28.07 Stand by, forward.[br]Stand by, one and two. 01:17:28.24,01:17:31.67 Tubes full at Con. Stand by, forward.[br]Stand by, one and two. 01:17:31.84,01:17:34.00 One and two ready[br]and standing by, sir. 01:17:35.48,01:17:37.81 Final bearing and shoot. 01:17:37.98,01:17:40.04 Bearing, mark. 01:17:40.22,01:17:43.74 - Down scope.[br]- 3-0-0. 01:17:44.32,01:17:46.81 - All tubes ready, sir.[br]- Fire one. 01:17:50.69,01:17:52.72 One fired electrically. 01:17:52.90,01:17:56.06 - Fire two.[br]- Two fired electrically. 01:18:07.41,01:18:11.61 If he got free of the cable,[br]there should be a chance. 01:18:14.05,01:18:16.38 Aft to torpedo room, Con. 01:18:16.55,01:18:18.89 Aft to torpedo room, aye. 01:18:19.06,01:18:21.18 Any sound from the clearing cables? 01:18:21.36,01:18:24.49 No, sir, the cab/es are c/ear. 01:18:31.67,01:18:33.86 Up scope. 01:18:52.06,01:18:53.55 Wait a minute! 01:18:57.16,01:18:59.22 There he is. 01:18:59.40,01:19:02.59 - Prepare to surface on the battery.[br]- Prepare to surface on the battery. 01:19:02.77,01:19:06.00 - It's Abbott. He's out there.[br]- Ready to surface below, sir. 01:19:06.17,01:19:07.47 Surface. 01:19:25.72,01:19:27.82 Landon. 01:19:29.03,01:19:31.08 Are we through La Pérouse yet? 01:19:31.26,01:19:32.75 Yes, captain, we're through. 01:19:32.93,01:19:35.23 All boats accounted for[br]except the Sandfish. 01:19:35.40,01:19:39.60 Course 0-9-0.[br]We're headed home. 01:19:40.20,01:19:42.54 - About this morning...[br]- I'm just glad you surfaced. 01:19:43.21,01:19:46.94 - It was a long swim back to Guam.[br]- I think there's more to say than that... 01:19:47.18,01:19:49.24 ...about myself. 01:19:49.41,01:19:51.74 I've been wrong about a lot of things. 01:19:51.92,01:19:55.08 - We've both been wrong.[br]- No, sir, I want to say it. 01:19:55.25,01:19:58.09 Suddenly, I saw things[br]a lot differently... 01:19:58.26,01:20:00.75 ...when I had to take over. 01:20:01.69,01:20:03.85 You'll make[br]a good commander, Don. 01:20:04.83,01:20:06.42 Thank you, sir. 01:20:25.22,01:20:29.98 If you take command of the Sea Ray,[br]I'll need a new boat and a new exec. 01:20:30.32,01:20:32.91 Of course, I'm gonna need[br]a best man too. 01:20:33.52,01:20:35.99 That's a pretty personal thing, Don. 01:20:36.16,01:20:38.96 That's the way I'd like it, Case.
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