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Hells Kitchen

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Fuck it! Shut up, all right?
Listen, we gotta get in there,
roll up, surprise him!
You guys listening to me? Hit him up, just get my money back!
Get in and out in a couple fucking seconds. It'll be all cool!
- Nobody gets hurt, man! - Yeah, nobody's gonna get hurt!
You just gotta be cool...
We'll be in and out in two seconds!
- Boy, you fucking mind? - He's got his fucking hands up her seat.
We'll be back.
Let's go. Let's do this!
Come here, you be careful.
- And watch out for him! - What do you know? It's fine, sis!
Hayden, stay behind me and Johnny, okay?
- Give us the money, you bitch! - What do you want?
Give us the fucking cash! Get 'em up! Put 'em up!
Get the fuck out! Hayden, get out of the way!
Motherfucker! Fucker!
Don't say anything.
- Fuck you! - You shot him!
- I shot Hayden! - Fuck, Hayden.
- I'm sorry! - You shot him!
Fuck, is he dead? Is he dead?
He's dead.
He's dead, Johnny, we gotta get outta here!
Johnny, we gotta get outta here!
Johnny, come on, man!
Shit! Fuck!
- What's going on? - Where's Johnny?
- What happened? - Where's Hayden?
Where's Johnny?
Where's Johnny?
Is he listening to us? Where's Johnny?
Johnny shot Hayden, they're dead.
I'm sorry, they are dead!
- What the fuck is that? - Johnny shot Hayden...
- Wait here, I'm gonna go get Johnny! - You can't!
He's dead, you're gonna get yourself...
I got to go, I got to get Johnny!
- No, we got to go. - I'll do it myself.
Don't drive away! Go get Johnny! Don't go! Go get Johnny!
Sport? What are you doing here?
Supposed to be out in less than an hour?
You know what the old-timers say: "Can't stop diggin' a grave until you finish."
It's a respect thing.
These are the letters you sent to your brother Stevey!
They've come back for the past 3 months.
I thought it was best to wait till you go out.
You did the right thing.
This is Lou's address.
I talked to him, he's expecting you.
You gotta go slow with Lou...
He's real private.
Real to himself. You know what I'm saying?
I understand, it's no problem.
You ever need anything...
Anybody to talk to, whatever, you come see me.
I got your number.
You're gonna be all right.
You think digging graves for 5 years, settles your debt with my family?
The fuck you talking about "debt"?
Think you're just gonna walk free and not pay for what you took away from me?
I can't deal with this right now.
It'll have to wait.
You're dead, Johnny.
You're as dead as my brother.
- Lou Reilly? - Yes.
I'm Johnny Miles.
Come on, I'll show you your room.
This is it.
I know it's a little dirty. I just been using it as a storage place.
That's cool. Thanks.
Listen, you don't have to...
You don't have to get started right away. Take a couple of days, get settled in.
You know the fresh food market over on Ninth Avenue?
You know the neighborhood?
It's been a while, but I know it.
Do you need anything? A little advance?
No, I'm set, thanks.
All right, if you need anything, you let me know.
What's it like being a champ?
Those things, they ain't nothing.
They just there.
Did you win all your fights in the joint?
You look good.
Take it.
- What's that? - It's all the money, your money.
I don't want it, it's blood money.
You don't think I know how bad I fucked up?
I'm just trying to straighten things out.
This is yours, you deserve this.
Money don't take the 5 years away, Patty.
I ain't trying to take nothing away, just set things straight.
You did what you had to do and I appreciate it.
I think you should take this: it's all you.
I don't want it.
Your mom told me to give this to you.
She died peaceful.
I gave her a good burial.
Was Stevey there?
You should have been there for him, like I was there for you.
I tried, but he was blowing crack.
Who are you to talk about blowing crack?
What are you, a saint or something?
He was a kid, you were supposed to look after him like I looked after you.
Where is he?
I don't know.
My old man died and he left me the bar.
- Just take the money, it's clean. - Stop coming at me with money.
I don't need it.
But I'm sorry to hear about your pops.
The fuck you sorry for? Fuck him. He's dead.
Why you talking about him like that?
Why the fuck should I care? He didn't care about anybody but himself.
Why should I fucking care?
If you need anything, money, a job,
anything, will you come to me?
I'm good, man.
I'll set things straight with you and Gloria.
That would be nice.
You look good.
My dearest son Johnny,
there is so much I have to tell you.
I'm sorry I'm not well enough to come visit and talk with you in person.
I love you son. Jesus loves you, too.
He knows you didn't mean to kill that boy.
He forgives you, like he forgives all his children.
I pray to Him every day to shed his light on your heart,
so that you will see his way.
Remember to take care of your brother Stevey,
he needs you.
I'll always love you. Your loving mother.
I love you.
Why did you go see him?
What, are you spying me?
You got to kill him for me.
Who that? Who that calling me?
It's me, Johnny. Seen Stevey?
Can't you see I'm taking care of business? I'm busy.
- Watch out, kid. - I'm not a kid, motherfucker!
- Yo, man, chill. - You better step on back, bitch!
It's mine now.
My boss will get his shit back! You will pay, motherfucker!
Come here.
Your boss will get nothing back! You hear me?
I don't give a damn about your boss.
Jojo's going to kill me.
If I don't have his stuff, he's going to beat me again.
I ain't giving you no cracks back, little man.
How much is this shit worth anyway?
60 dollars.
You lucky, little man.
You do guns,
you do drugs, it'll kill you.
You hear what I'm saying? You will die!
This game ain't designed for you to win.
Get out of here, man.
- Do you know the stables on 37th and 11th? - Yes.
Come see me,
if you want to talk, have problems with your boss, whatever.
I'll show you the horses and everything. Just come see me.
All right.
I'm just trying to tell you
that I got a long memory for this nigger.
I loved your father, I love you.
This is our neighborhood.
If you need help, if you need something happy,
you don't have to say it.
It will be done.
- Come with me Monday night. - Okay, right.
- Okay. - A-A bullshit.
- I mean it, come with me or it's over. - I heard you.
You're a little tipsy, there.
Where you running off to?
I'm in a hurry. I've been waiting a long time.
- Yes? - Yes.
- What you been doing in there? - I may have you a little something.
- She's using you. - I know, I'm just...
She'll get her smack somewhere. She might as well get it from me.
She's your mother. I love you.
So therefore, I love her.
Fuck then, you got it under control.
What about Johnny, Patty? You gonna do what we talked about?
I spent 5 years fighting on the inside,
but it's done nothing for me here.
I work hard and I train hard.
I'm a good fighter.
I won 53 fights in the joint. I won 47 by knockout.
I got the skills.
If you decided that I wasn't right for you,
I'll pull back with respect.
You did time, but you came out and made something of yourself.
You became a champ again.
I want the same, I know I got it in me too.
I want to make something on myself.
Look, I ain't in the hurt business no more.
- We ain't that different... - You and me got nothing in common.
You understand that? Nothing.
Yo, man.
I saw the nigger
strolling down 9th this morning.
No respect, Patty,
no respect.
It was in your face, like that, man.
I got to go check on Liz.
She heard about Johnny getting out.
- Listen, this thing with Johnny... - What?
What do you want me to do, forget?
You saw what he did.
It's not right that he gets to live.
Come on.
That's all you got?
Come on, bitch, that's all you got?
That's all you got? Prison bitch!
Who's the bitch now, motherfucker?
What's going on?
Don't you wanna see what I got? I smashed that bum.
Ain't nothing I ain't seen before.
What are you talking about?
That kid, he's a punk.
A hothead. He drew you right into his game.
- Are you a punk? - No, I ain't no punk.
I got to tell you, Johnny.
God blessed you with good hands,
speed, power.
But in the humility department, you're in the shitter.
When you get caught up with bullshit,
it'll bring you down.
You know?
I know what you mean.
- This is your boy, Lou? - He ain't nobody's boy.
Why don't you give me a call sometime?
Right around the corner, 125th and Third.
I've been watching how Gloria's been treating you, Patty.
I don't think she's been that nice to you lately.
I don't want to talk about Gloria.
She's going through some shit right now.
She'll get over it.
You she'll ever get over Johnny?
Isn't that the shit she's going through?
What the fuck are you trying to do?
The fuck you saying? It's your daughter you're talking about.
I ain't trying to do nothing.
Just trying to get to the truth.
You like getting high?
It's all right.
You like me, Patty?
What do you mean?
I mean... you like me?
Do you like me?
I do.
I really do.
It don't matter which promoter you go with.
They're all scum. You don't trust them.
You don't befriend them, you use them.
But they could get us a title fight, right?
They all promise the title while they're raping your life.
I know some fighters. They got the belt, you know?
living out here on the streets, hustling, surviving.
They beat because they ain't nobody anymore.
Spent all their money. They ain't got nothing.
You beat your brain out for the man.
And he gets you up there.
By the time you get there, you're fucked.
Brain dead by the time you're 30.
You get hit a lot,
nothing matters.
You listening me?
- I hear you. - No, I mean, the way I talk.
You hear the way I talk?
Ain't no glory to be where I am.
Welcome to the world of professional boxing.
What's happening?
Good to see you, kid.
- Want a bite? - No, thanks, we've already eaten.
Care for a drink, Lou?
No, thanks.
5 years is a long time, ain't it, Johnny?
No question.
Smells good in here, don't it?
Why don't we cut the small talk and get down to business?
You and me know what we're dealing with.
The kid is bad, he ain't never been down.
If we're going to do business, you'll have to make this a sweet deal.
That's real fucking good, Lou,
if this kid was ranked, he ain't.
How you doing? Get you anything else?
No, I'm fine.
As I was saying,
sounds great.
Too bad you ain't ranked, kid.
Other than the money matters, I wanted to talk about training.
Now we do it my way, in the city, at the stables.
No training camps, no interference.
We stay in Hell's Kitchen.
I got the camp upstate. I got the best trainers.
- That's my deal, you know that. - Can't do it.
You're spending my money, Lou.
We won't tell you how to promote. Don't tell us how to fight.
I'm sending Jimmy along to make sure everything is on the up.
Can't do it. No offense to Jimmy, but that's a deal breaker.
I'd like our training money in advance so we can get started right away.
You're a hard motherfucker, Lou.
Come on, kid, let me show you the joint.
Jimmy, take care of this.
Look, I got 14 of these places.
Miami, L.A., Houston.
Two in Boca Raton.
I invest your money, you make money.
Money makes money.
That sounds good and everything,
but it ain't happening without Lou.
Relax, kid.
I ain't here to talk a whole lot of Hollywood bullshit.
I ask questions. I cover my ass. It's like a marriage.
You're 164 pounds of pure platinum futures, Johnny.
There ain't no future without the key.
I'm the one with the key, know what I'm saying?
Come here, lovey.
Baby, how are you?
You want this?
You can have it.
It's all part of the program.
cars, houses...
Flying around on jets, banging whoever you want, whenever you want.
You deliver
and I'll make your ass gold.
You like gold, Johnny?
Gold is nice.
Talk to me.
Nothing. It's me.
I got to deal with reality. And I got to stop taking from you.
I got to take care of myself now.
Why you talking like this?
- Is this about Johnny? - He killed my brother.
Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.
But deliver us from evil.
- What you doing? - Get away, motherfucker.
Calm down, stand up.
That horse attacked me!
- What happened to your eye? - I heard what you said.
I told Jojo I won't sell his shit anymore.
He thought he could fuck me up, but I'm hard.
I'll get a piece and blow that nigger away. That's what I'm going to do.
I'm proud of you, you did the right thing. But violence ain't always the answer, kid.
- I told you I wasn't no kid. - My bad.
- What's your name, little man? - Ricky. My name's Ricky.
It's nice to meet you. My name's Johnny.
Nice to meet you, Johnny.
What am I sitting here for? You got the piece or what?
Let me do him for you, Gloria.
Who? So I can owe you?
Patty won't do it. You asked him, right?
Patty and I are none of your business.
What am I gonna do?
You know, if you were my old lady, I'd take care of this
without you ever even knowing.
That nigger would've never set foot in the Kitchen.
He would gone bye-bye on his way to the city.
- Give me the gun, Sean. - Know what I'm saying?
- It's empty. - In the glove box.
- What? - I don't want your cash.
Sean, what are you doing?
You know what I feel about you.
Come on. Is this a joke? What are you fucking doing?
- We could have everything. - Get the fuck away from me.
What are you doing?
Here, go pay for some pussy.
It's better we keep this between us.
Nice girl.
Like you don't want it! Fucking bitch.
He got cut by these cats on 49th, right?
Got out of the hospital, then I see him hanging around hustling that shit.
Then he disappeared, 3 weeks later.
He wasn't looking very good, either.
Word up, B. Last time I seen that cat, he was smoking crack,
cleaning car windows, right over here. Port Authority, B.
- We're looking, baby. - All right, man.
One love man. If you see him, let me know.
- All right, B. - All right then.
- You want to get something to eat? - No doubt.
- Where you live, little man? - At home, sometimes.
Some punk moved in with my mama.
He don't like me, I don't fucking like him.
Better I'm not around that much.
You better slow down before you choke yourself.
I can eat more than a horse, I'm serious.
Well, not one of them big horses.
That's for you, man.
No, man, that's all right.
It's an advance, all right?
You'll work in my corner.
Lou will get you a job at the stables.
- With the horses? - That's right.
That's your money, you understand that?
Sure I do. Nobody is going to take my money, Johnny.
I never got a break from nobody. You the first one.
I appreciate this.
Ain't no thing, champ.
It's getting kinda late, you got somewhere to go?
Sure, I got a place to go. Thanks anyway.
- You got somewhere to go? - I'm fixed up real good.
All right.
Fuck off!
Fuck you, fucker.
Get the fuck off me.
- Jesus. - All right.
What's so funny?
Pretty girl. You look so beautiful.
- Fuck you doing here, Jingo? - Just chilling here, man.
I want to know what the fuck you're doing here.
Relax, she invited me here.
- What did I tell you? - Not to come here.
- No violence. - What did I tell you?
What did I say? "If I see you again, I'll kill you".
You hear me?
I fucked up.
I see Hayden's eyes sometimes when I look into yours.
I wish he wasn't gone.
He had the most beautiful smile.
So do you.
But I don't see it no more.
You got to try to stop using, Mom.
Come on.
Babe, going to hang out for a while?
Did you just score, Ma?
You are such a little punk.
You always accuse me of shit.
I'm your mother, I deserve a little respect.
Gloria, don't run away from me.
- You've gone soft. - What the fuck you talking about?
- You've gone soft, Patty. - Don't you run away from me.
Don't run...
Fuck you!
What the fuck you looking at?
Just looking at you, Patty.
Get you smart ass back to work, you bum.
"Bulldozer" Prince has everything to lose in this fight.
He is the number one contender.
Johnny "Tombstone" Miles,
somehow working his way into this fight.
He had been ranked in the lower echelon of the top ten.
Crafty management has gotten him this vital bout.
He's trying to take advantage of it
to maneuver his way into a title fight.
They continue to exchange punches in a lively first round.
Prince against the ropes. Miles trying to take advantage.
Miles with a good right hand, and back goes Prince on his heels.
He's shaken up and tries to recover. He moves to the center of the ring.
- Good first round. - Come on, there you go.
Good combination there by Miles.
Miles trying to get the advantage and he has the lead in this round.
An uppercut,
and Prince, once again...
It's a tough way to get a shot. But it is what it is.
This ain't the time for this.
I got a call from the commissioner.
You're ranked number one, kid.
We're one fight away from payday.
All we got to do is put it together.
I just put a man on his deathbed. And you talk about "put it together"?
- Get the fuck out of my face! - Relax!
The kid had a blood clot on the brain.
Neurosurgeon removed it.
He's critical, but he's stable.
Luck of the Irish, kid.
You got a clear conscience.
I'll catch you tomorrow.
Anything the kids wants, give it to him.
He ain't going to fight again.
- I don't... - Listen to me.
Listen to me, it ain't your fault.
This thing could've gone the other way.
Johnny, it ain't your fault.
Ain't your fault.
- What's up? - You're a good man.
God knows you didn't mean to hurt that fighter tonight.
Thanks a lot, little man.
I'm going to take a shower. Go in there with Lou, I'll be out soon.
All right.
What are you doing?
Hayden was the only good thing in my life.
Put down the gun. You don't know what you're doing.
Come on, put it down.
Put it down.
Come here.
I loved Hayden too.
He was like a brother to me.
They're in the back.
Can I get a fucking drink?
Did you just fucked my mother?
- You're a fucking whore. - Don't overreact.
- Gloria... - Get the fuck...
Why'd you fuck her? It's not good enough to fuck me?
God, I fucking love you.
Come on, baby. Does that hurt?
This is what you're good at. You're made for this.
This is all you can do, what about me?
This isn't good enough for you?
Don't you want me, Patty?
Want me?
You think we're gonna fuck? After you fucked my mother?
You think I'm ever going to fuck you?
Will you speak with me?
- I need to talk to you. - I don't want to talk to you.
I need to talk to you!
I got nothing to say to you anymore.
I have no excuse for the other night.
I love you so much.
I'm really sorry.
Sorry don't mean nothing to me. You fucked my mother.
I killed Hayden!
I killed Hayden!
I killed Hayden!
It was me!
What are you talking about?
- Patty, what did you just say? - I killed Hayden.
I didn't mean to, it was an accident.
I swear to God.
Fucking gook started shooting.
It got off and things went crazy, he shot Johnny
and I turned...
Are you fucking lying to me?
You fucking lying to me? You've been fucking me!
You've been fucking me!
And you've been fucking living with me.
I'm sorry.
I was afraid, I didn't want... I was afraid I'd lose you.
You know how much he meant.
You know what I've been going through.
You know what I've been going through and you fucking knew?
Why did you lie to me?
I didn't want to lose you.
Every day I fucking wanted to tell you. I wanted to tell you every day.
Every day when you look at me you were sad and I see you upset,
then it's like I couldn't do anything about it.
Only thing I could do is tell you and then lose you.
It's fucking selfish, I'm fucked up and I'm really sorry.
I'm fucking going crazy, see? I'm not working right.
I'm sorry, I love you.
You keep me sane.
I want you to marry me.
Will you please marry me?
I can't.
I want to be alone for a while.
I want to be alone.
I need your love, Gloria!
I need you!
I need you!
I fucking love you so much! I'm sorry!
How you doing? You okay?
- Let's go. - Right.
Have you been looking for Stevey?
Nobody's seen him.
I tried to help him, you know? I tried to talk to him.
He didn't want to talk to me.
I don't blame you.
Sorry about Hayden.
I'm sorry I brought him to a robbery.
I'm sorry we did a fucking robbery.
It was stupid. Stupid, you know.
You paid a big price for all of us,
five years.
I did time for something I was part of.
No more, no less.
Want me to fucking choke you?
Come here, you fucking punk. You fucking punk.
You are not holy, got it? You are not fucking holy!
Come here, you fuck, suck my tit.
Suck it.
Come on, you fuck.
Come on you fucking punk.
Be glad I fucked him.
Be glad I fucked him.
Liz, what are you talking about?
You're lucky.
- Where are you going? - What do you care, Mom?
- What do you mean, "What do I care?" - Mom, just...
I know I fucked up, so...
You really should be glad that I fucked him,
because I wish somebody had saved me from the misery of being with your old man.
Don't talk to me.
Gloria, honey.
- You're not going anywhere. - Shut the fuck up.
You're too busy banging that nigger to fucking return my calls or what?
- What's the matter? - Where do you think you're going?
Look at me.
What is that? I'm losing it here.
I love you so much.
Fuck you, it's me you fucked!
Stay away from my daughter, you fuck!
- Listen to me. Don't you go. - Don't you fucking hit me.
Don't you go!
Listen, stay out of my life. You stay out of my fucking life!
See, Gloria...
I didn't mean to hit you. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit you.
- I need you to listen to me. - I don't want you now!
Turn around and listen to me.
You don't love me?
You don't love me after 5 years?
After 5 years?
- You lived with me... - You killed my brother, you motherfucker!
You think I'm gonna touch you again?
You think I'm gonna fucking touch you again?
Let me go.
Fuck you both.
Don't you ever, ever fucking touch her again, you hear me?
Don't fucking do it, Sean.
Sean, don't fucking do it!
It's time, Patty, it's time.
Shoot that fucking nigger!
How they get here, Johnny?
The coroner stores them for 2 weeks.
If nobody claims them, they're tagged and sent up to Potter's Field.
These are the people you used to bury?
Yes but, I never saw their faces.
They were all just numbers to me up there.
Here go one ofJojo's boy.
He just a little country chicken from North Carolina.
Damn, he ain't never hurt nobody.
I guess I found my brother.
Don't drive away! Go get Johnny!
Don't go, get Johnny right now!
How's going, champ?
What's this bullshit I hear about the kid not fighting Hines?
What is this, some kind of fucking joke?
The kid's going through a difficult period right now.
He'll be all right, give him little time.
What the fuck are you talking about "time"?
I think we'd better take a little walk.
Let me tell you something.
I got a lot of money invested in this kid.
I don't want to hear any bullshit about this "difficult" time.
I want him to do what I say, when I say.
What the fuck do I got, some nigger prima donna on my hands?
This kid ain't no angel, we both know that.
I heard about his trouble the other night.
Without me backing him,
he's just another jungle bunny with a gun.
Get in his hear, Lou.
You make him think right.
He goes down.
By the way...
..I got some sweet odds on the kid.
Know what I'm saying, Lou?
I can't pass them up.
He's a good kid.
I know you like him, Lou.
That's why I want you to explain to him
that he fights,
or I'll send his black fucking ass back to prison.
And if he can't get down with that...
..I'll kill him.
Bob Papa along with Sal Marciano. The grudge match is finally here.
Bobby "The Razor" Hines, undefeated, defends his super middleweight championship
against Johnny "Tombstone" Miles.
You wonder about Miles' state of mind.
At the weigh in, Hines said:
"I'm sorry to hear about your dead brother".
This infuriated the challenger.
He threw a punch and knocked down Hines.
Hines had never been knocked down in a fight before.
What about Miles? He is clearly the underdog.
You wonder about his state of mind as we approach the opening bell.
The champion feeling out Miles in round one.
Pretty brisk pace, to start.
At this pace, we're gonna have problem with fatigue later.
You'd think they would be more strategic, but they're going at each other.
- Miles working the body. - He follows up with a good jab.
Good round one for Johnny "Tombstone" Miles.
Final seconds of round two. This ain't no disco.
Miles has really come on in this round.
Good body work by the challenger, "The Tombstone".
A big left hand by Hines and Miles is down.
- You all right Johnny? Get up, man. - Use your head!
..and he's up, he beat the count.
Miles finishes the round with a right hand! What a furious pace!
Johnny seems composed in his corner.
Hines continues to have that smug look.
There's no love lost.
The grudge match getting ready for round 5.
You sense it swaying in the favor of Miles.
Down goes Hines!
The first time in his career the champion has been down!
A 3 punch combination, a double left then a right to the head.
The referee's counting.
A right hand and down goes Hines!
Hines on his back! The champion is on his back, unbelievable.
Miles in a neutral corner, the referee moving in.
The count now is 6,
7, 8.
Can he get up? He's not going to get up!
10! Goodnight sweet prince, we have a new champion.
The new super middleweight champion of the world,
say it, is Johnny "The Tombstone" Miles.
Don't you listen, fucker? I'll fucking kill you!
You fucked me out of my money, you motherfucker.
I don't give a fuck about your money.
Ain't gonna let you do to him what you did to me.
I'll fucking kill you, I'll kill you.
It's all right.
Get him the fuck out of my stable.
I've been using since
I was in a stage accident.
That's when I got hooked on dope.
Because it took the pain away
and make me not think about
how fucked up it is to be a cripple.
Still is fucked up,
but it caused more pain than it was taking away,
because of all people around me,
I love and love me...
My daughter, Gloria,
I don't even know where she is.
She don't speak me anymore.
I lost my son.
He was 15 years old, his name was Hayden.
He got killed trying to rob someone.
He was a beautiful boy.
I'm a singer.
I sing.
I don't know if I'm really good at it,
but it's something
that comes from inside.
It's natural, it's something
that I must do.
It's part of who I am.
And I have to do it sober now.
So, I want to thank you all
for listening me.
And I want to thank God for keeping me sober today.
- I got something I got to tell you. - Shoot.
I'm pregnant, Johnny.
I took the test 3 days ago.
I feel alive again.
I know it sounds stupid,
but I don't want to lose this baby. I don't want to give it up.
I'm telling you because,
you know.
But you don't have to be the father.
I don't expect your life to change. I don't need anything from you.
Johnny, I want to keep the baby. I really want to keep the baby.
I don't want you to have an abortion.
I want this baby.
I want you.
Excuse me, Miss McNeary.
My name is Lou Reilly.
Do I know you?
No, you don't know me. I'm a friend ofJohnny Miles.
I don't mean to bother you or nothing.
But I been listening to you talk for the past month or so.
I was thinking maybe I could help you out with the situation with Gloria.
What is it you know about my daughter and I, what is it?
She's been living with Johnny
over at the stables that I work at, over on 37th Street.
I just wanted to invite you down.
Come down and maybe talk to her.
I don't think it would hurt.
So that's where she's been living all these months.
She's pregnant.
They're going to be married, did you know that?
No, I didn't know that.
Anyway, here's the address.
I just wanted you to know you're invited down anytime.
Anytime you want.
..but I don't know whether I can come or not.
Look, I appreciate what you did, it's nice.
I got to go.
- It was very nice meeting you. - Same here.
You don't want to hurt anybody.
I ain't going to hurt nobody no more.
- Don't fucking do it. - This is what you wanted, right?
- This is what you wanted. - It's not what I wanted, it's not!
Get the fuck off me!
- Johnny? - What the fuck?
You going to be all right.
Get an ambulance, hurry up!
You'll be all right.
What the fuck did you just do?
You're all right, you're doing all right.
- Help. - Just hang in there.
What the fuck did you just do?
You'll be all right.
It's gonna be all right.
I know I'm not welcome here, I'll just say what I gotta say and then leave.
I'm happy for both of yous.
You'll have a beautiful baby.
I've been straight now for 3 months.
I got a job... in retail.
These are poems Patty wrote for you.
This one's for you.
They got him locked in the nuthouse.
I went in there and I looked in on him.
He's not good.
He talked a couple times.
He told me his father used to beat him real bad.
I don't know if he'll pull through.
He's not talking now. Not to the doctors, nobody.
He's just sitting there.
I'm sorry, honey.
I'm sorry for all I did to you.
I read the poems you wrote me, Patty.
What can I say?
They're beautiful.
Your words, they just shine off the paper.
It's like I can feel your essence.
It's like I can feel the real you.
I didn't know about the beatings.
I didn't know your pop did that to you.
I swear to God, Patty, I didn't know shit back then.
You can talk to me.
I'm here for you.
Is the kid okay? Is he all right?
He's okay.
He's here.
- Really? - Yes.
I didn't know what I was doing.
I didn't meant to hurt... I would never hurt you, Johnny.
- I never want to hurt anybody. - I know, man.
I never want to hurt nobody.
I didn't mean to shoot Hayden.
- I didn't mean to shoot him. - I know it.
We all had a tough life. All of us.
It wasn't your fault Hayden died.
We were kids. We all took the same stupid chance.
we have to take Hayden and Stevey spirit.
And we have to keep living.
We can't stop. It won't be the same without you, brother.
I love you.
Come here, man.
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