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This story begins at a point in the river Jhelum...
...the river, whose waters originate in India...
...and then flow into Pakistan.
On the banks of its cool, blue waters...
a Pandit here, ritually salutes the rising sun...
...while a Maulvi there prepares to perform his namaaz.
As is nature's virtue...
...if this river does not discriminate between people...
...then why do humans create differences among each other?
HENNA unfolds a love story...
...not rooted in the soil of any nation.
Its fragrance belongs to mankind.
- Matoo! - Sir?
Have you sent the tender forms?
No, sir. Chander babu must sign them.
God knows what this boy is up to.
My brother-in-law bequeathed this huge business to him...
...and this good-for-nothing has destroyed it in just 2 years!
In two years Chander babu has tripled its prospects.
Nonsense! He has increased it thirteen times over.
He's "my" nephew after all!
You seem in high spirits, Uncle. Right, Matoo uncle?
- No, I'm furious. - Why?
Do you ever do work on time?
When will this tender go? After it expires?
In due course, I haven't read it yet. Uncle is so excitable.
Look, here comes the Captain. It's time for a chat now.
I'll deal with this later... Welcome Captain Surinder Singh!
- Bashira, fetch some tea! - Kashmiri tea please.
Kashmiri tea! So how are you?
One must always be hospitable to soldiers.
As a soldier, do advise your friend on discipline and time.
- Him? - Stop nagging, Uncle... sit down!
- What news? - Not much. Just paperwork.
We haven't been on a hunt in ages. How about today?
Aren't you meeting Chandni?
What's the time?
How are things?
I got delayed. I... Are you angry?
I'm overjoyed!
I don't mean to... but I do get late.
Wear a watch and solve the problem!
I'm not used to it!
A good thing too, because punctuality can be so boring.
You're some talker! So why are you late?
Would you believe, this car could develop a punctured tire?
- I got late fixing it! - Is that so?
Then spend your time on another tire.
Another? Meaning?
Chandni! Don't be childish! Wait!
Do listen!
I won't hear a word. That will be your punishment.
Why are you yelling?
If you heard the gossip about your daughter, you'd know why!
What has she done?
She pretends to go to college...
...and roams around instead with some loafer.
Untrue! Chander is a decent boy.
Mind your tongue!
Do decent men lead well-bred girls out, to show them forests?
Answer me!
Maybe I take the lead.
So it's gone that far!
I want to meet this boy.
But, remember, if I don't like him... can never see him again.
Want to know a secret?
I truly love you so much!
Will you always bother me so?
Have you decided to spend your life with me then?
I've never met a rogue like you!
And don't you dare try to either!
Don't get romantic. Hold out your hand.
- Do as I say. - Alright. But what's this about?
- What's this? - A watch.
I can see that! It makes me very uncomfortable you know.
I'm not used to wearing one.
- So get used to it! - Why?
Because you must be at my place tomorrow by 5 p.m. Sharp.
My parents want to meet you.
I'll be at the gate an hour earlier then!
I'll enter to music at five.
I'll touch your parents' feet then take your hand and ask...
Just be on time, mister. Thank you.
Which should I wear?
Since when have you consulted me on clothes or even your man?
- Tell me! - You're crazy.
Someone's at the door! See who it is.
So early!
If I'm late, you get mad. If I'm early, you get mad.
You said your father's a stickler.
So you turn up an hour ahead, do you?
I came early to make up for being late in the coming month.
Who is it? This salt is so soggy.
It happens after it rains.
Put blotting paper in the jar first, then the salt. It'll keep.
I'm Chander Prakash.
I see... you! You were expected at five.
The drawing room... I'll just be with you...
Don't worry.
I'm like your son. I'll come to the kitchen. What are you cooking?
This is like home to me. Spinach! Do you make patties often?
- Ever tried them with Spinach? - Spinach?
The trouble is, cooking is taken for granted, when it is an art.
True, but patties stuffed with spinach...
- Of course. Made with... - Spinach!
Delicious! You've excelled yourself this time, my dear.
- Made with Spinach... - Spinach?
Are we through discussing Spinach patties?
Or shall we discuss ginger puddings and onion sweets too?
It would bother you. You can't make a cup of tea even.
Of course I can.
But first promise me, you'll drink it if I do!
So dear chap!
You travel a good 2 hours daily from Baramullah to Srinagar...
...just to meet Chandni? - Yes... no... I mean...
I come here on work and so meet Chandni too.
- I see. - Yes!
Killing two birds with stone, so to speak?
Not exactly!
I meet Chandni and also get my work done.
Both objectives are met.
So you aren't that keen about your work?
I am! Work is work after all. For me...
Then Chandni comes second, after your work?
That's not it. Actually...
I follow.
You're trying to taunt me.
- What's that? - Nothing, sir.
I thought you spoke to me.
- Will you be staying on? - I'm ready to leave.
Enough now, Rajan!
The truth is, this ogre has already approved of you.
He's just leading you on. The decision has been taken.
- Won't you escort Chander out? - Of course.
- For what? - For letting me off the hook!
- How did it go? - Very well. Now fix the date.
You were perspiring in front of papa... and, nervous, too.
Do you want the truth?
To win your mother over, I went into cooking.
I played the same trick on your father.
I pretended to be scared, to lose. Do you think I was scared?
I was just acting!
- Oh come on! You're no actor. - Meaning?
This now is acting.
In front of papa you were tongue-tied
- What's this? - The truth is...
...for a second, I thought it was all over... I'd lost you.
I realized then how much I value you.
I never want to lose you or separate from you.
- I couldn't live without you. - Stop.
Truly! I can't exist without you.
Chander, I'm going ahead with the gifts for the engagement.
- You come with Mattoo. - Why can't I go with you, uncle?
How can the groom-to-be reach first?
Look, why don't you shave and bathe?
That will take only a minute. Come along, folks.
Uncle, take these too!
- I'll get ready soon, uncle. - Silence!
But don't get late... go and get ready.
The lights aren't up yet.
- Telephone them to get going. - Right away, sir.
Work hasn't begun here.
It'll get done. Go upstairs and check there.
- Why the siren? - A worker's been injured badly.
Go, fetch my car. Quick!
God protect her from the evil eye!
Our little lady looks a real "princess"!
How lucky that man is!
If you see him, you'll say that she's the lucky one.
- You needn't worry now. - Thank you.
Please go ahead. I'll manage here.
May I?
The lady is all ready and waiting. But where is Chander?
His uncle and Surinder are checking.
Why did you scream? Is anything wrong?
Something has happened. I'm sure.
Dear God! Please protect Chander!
Careful. The water is raging.
If you slip, you'll end up in Pakistan without even a passport.
"In Glory of the Almighty..."
"The Emperor of the World"
Ashraf! That's Henna; Come on!
Come on everyone!
- What is it, dear? - Father, look! In the water!
Take him out
He's still alive!
Tell Bibi Gul to hurry to my house. Come on.
What's happened to your healing powers?
The lad's been in a faint since morning.
What? Then do as I tell you!
Go to the big hospital, fetch a doctor. He'll revive him!
- I didn't mean that - Then what did you mean?
For one, he's soaked to the bone, the color of mud!
Even wet dough needs time to bake into bread. Right?
Yet you want him to open his eyes and stand up!
Your western doctors can do that, I can't. I'm off.
You have magic in your hands!
You think I'm a fool to be at your beck and call?
Ashraf, move! I'll hit you!
I forgot the powders
Mix the powder in milk and give it to him. Here girl, take!
If he lasts the night out, he'll be all right.
God forbid, should his body go cold... warm some oil...
...and ask your father to massage his palms with it.
It will circulate heat into his system.
- Yes auntie! - Teaching me, indeed!
God go with you!
Father, he's conscious!
Come soon!
Ask him why he was in the river if he couldn't swim.
How are you son?
He has fainted again!
- Go tell Bibi Gul about this. - Yes, father.
Noorie! There you are!
Auntie says he must drink milk. She says he's out of danger.
He's unconscious, but his pulse is strong and so is his breathing.
Isn't that good news?
How would you care!
You neither worry nor rejoice. It's all one to you.
We've been nursing him since yesterday morning.
Bibi Gul tried umpteen powders but none worked.
Yet when I rubbed oil on his palms, he recovered.
I was beside myself with joy.
My pretty, little doll...
...such tenderness wasted on a dumb animal.
Pass some onto this poor soul.
When did you come, Inspector? I didn't see you.
That's the trouble, my baby. You never look at me.
Dear God!
What infinite care He has taken in creating you.
What do you mean?
Meet me outside. I'll tell you what I mean.
I'll ask father first. Where should we meet?
Blast my luck!
Why so long to get the milk?
Greetings, Khan baba.
How are you?
God is good. How can we be of service to you?
Senior officers are here on a survey.
If I am given a small animal I can give them a feast.
Of course. But... surveys, officers... is all well?
You know that there was a terrible storm the day before?
Under its cover, our neighboring country...
...could send spies across the border.
Our spies must do the same?
I know that we share the joys and sorrows of our neighbors...
...sending sweets on festivals. But...
...I have never known this spying rituals.
You don't know our neighbors. They're brutes.
If we bow to them by mistake, they would behead us.
We know how to pay them back in the same coin.
If we catch their spies... we beat them to pulp...
make them confess, and then hang them.
Go quickly and give Bibu Gul the milk, my girl.
She wants to mix medicine with it for him to drink.
Yes, father.
What's this? Who is it?
Someone. In a tribe this big, there will be sickness.
You needn't worry.
Fetch a lamb from Zaman and put it in the jeep.
Something to think about...
Can a mere line on a map drawn by men...
be so powerful as to wipe out...
...age old bonds and love created between people by God...
...filling them with hate, anger and suspicion? It's so sad.
This is no emotional matter; it's politics.
- You won't understand. - You're right...
...those who are humanitarian will know little of politics.
I must go. God be with you.
God go with you.
You're still here, sir?
My wife has a meal waiting for you.
I can eat somewhere on my way out.
I stayed to tell you, that we deserve this uniform...
as we serve and protect people.
True, sir. I don't need to be told that.
It appears necessary.
I'm told that you are troubling innocent destitute without a cause.
Some ill-wisher has poisoned your thinking, sir. That's a lie.
- You may ask Nawabdin. - I only want to warn you...
Think it over.
Sir seems very angry.
To hell with the Superintendent of police!
What has he earned as an honest policeman?
He's been in one place fifteen years.
Find out who made this complaint!
If I don't skin his hide... name is not Shahbaaz Khan.
- He has revived! - God be praised.
Of course, didn't I say so? If Allah wills it, he'll be fine.
It's God's grace.
Under cover, our neighbors could send spies across.
What are you doing? You're badly hurt. Your leg is broken!
You can't walk in a day. Keep resting.
This is Bibi Gul. She nursed you.
- May you live long. - How do you feel?
Ask him about himself.
Tell us, son. Who are you and what is your name?
Where's your village?
What's your name?
- Name? - Yes. Name!
Just as he is Khan baba, I'm Ashraf...
you too must have a name. Tell us!
Don't be afraid, son. Your people must be worried too.
We must inform them.
If you don't tell us, how is it possible?
You must remember this - how did you fall into the river?
I don't remember!
Stop acting! He's lying! He remembers everything!
It's clear he's making a fool of us. Why don't you speak?
- He's an imposter! - Get out of here!
Why don't you understand?
I can't recall anything.
Bibi Gul, what do you think?
I feel the lad is telling the truth.
I think he has forgotten his past.
- How is it possible? - It's possible, Ashraf.
Just as a man loses sanity due to shock... goes crazy, right?
When a man's head is hit hard, he can lose his memory.
He could also be faking it.
That's possible too. Why not?
But you saw his state when we found him.
His wounds were not made up nor his half-dead state.
Bibi Gul is right.
It was Allah's wish to lead him to us... make us instrumental in his new life.
Can we shirk such a responsibility?
We shouldn't get emotional about it.
We'd better hand him over to the police.
Remember what Shahbaaz said, he may just be a spy.
What? Him, a spy? You took that idiot seriously?
Have you ever looked at a spy's face? Could it be so honest looking?
Even the devil appeared a saint. When his true colors were seen...
...he created a hell for us.
This lad may also upturn our lives.
If he's a spy, we will all be guilty of harboring him.
And if he's not a spy...
...and we hand him over to the police...
...who knows how they'll torture him...
...and beat him till he confesses.
And what will he say? He knows nothing. Then, in Allah's court...
...we will be judged, not by manmade laws...
...but by our actions alone.
Do you want that?
Do as you please then. What do we do?
Three of you... you, Razak and Zaman...
...go to the nearby villages and look for clues.
He could be from one of them.
The number plate is the same, Mr. Rajan.
And Chander?
If the car is in this condition...
...what could a frail human's fate be?
Don't say that, uncle! Nothing has happened to my Chander!
- Please find him. - I know how you feel.
But in so severe a storm, what could his fate be?
No... this can't be true!
Washed your face? Show me.
Good. Drink your milk. Here, it's hot.
- So much. - Auntie's orders.
How will you regain strength otherwise?
I've told Noorie about more milk as well.
- Bibi Gul's daughter? - Of course not. My goat!
And no ordinary one, one in a million...
...with a face as lovely as the moon!
Bibi Gul is alone in this world.
Her husband and child died in an accident.
She is a potter, uses clay to make vessels.
Her hands have magic in them.
All the villagers come to her to be cured.
That my massage helped your recovery is another story.
Why do you keep saying "Chand"?
- It sounds familiar. - Your memory must be returning.
- Think, concentrate. Is it a name? - Perhaps.
- Is it your name? - My name?
What could be more familiar to you?
My name?
I'm certain Chand is your name. It suits you too.
I'll tell everyone that you've remembered your name.
He remembers his name, father!
Girls! He remembers his name. His name is Chand!
Where are you off so early in the morning?
What brings you here? Have you consumed yesterday's chickens?
You are so naive.
I don't just come for chickens...
...that's just a pretext. - A pretext to eat chickens?
No, to look for you!
I've committed no crime!
You have a crime no other is guilty of.
Ask my heart. You've conquered it.
You really talk nonsense.
You never talk straight.
I'm going. The patient is alone at home.
Who is this patient?
Nursing is not for such delicate hands.
Who is he? A relative?
Yes, he is. Remember aunt Hasina?
The one who settled on the mountain?
Chand is her son.
He was up a tree cutting wood during the rian, and slipped...
He fell into the river, but was saved by Allah's mercy.
The river spared him, but he's doomed at home.
He'll be reduced to ashes by shock waves.
With this lovely face before him each day, how will he be cured?
Stricken by your charm, he'll fade away.
- Dear God! - Have you understood?
Yes, I'm going now. It's time for his medicine.
- Listen to me, little doll... - Some other time!
Attend to this patient once at least.
That time will come!
What are you doing in the doorway? What if you fell?
And didn't Bibi Gul say to walk without a stick?
Put it aside. If you don't try, how'll you recover?
What is it? Why hide your face?
I know now why you aren't getting well.
Seeing my face must be stopping your progress.
I don't understand.
You may become my prey then, what? How do I face my Judge?
Promise me that won't happen.
Coming, father!
Oh! My hand!
What's so funny? I won't speak to any one of you.
What happened to you?
- Why did you cover your face? - Because of that man!
- Who? Shahbaaz Khan? - Who else!
He was asking questions about the patient.
- Like? - Who is he? Anyone close to us...
- And your reply? - That he was Hasina aunt's son...
...he was cutting wood and so on.
What have you done? To cover this lie...
...we'll have to tell many more.
She's just a child. She could make mistakes.
Even Allah would forgive a lie told to save someone.
But not people like Shahbaaz Khan.
This fellow will get well and leave.
We'll be left to face punishment.
Wait... where are you off to?
Forgive me. You were scolded because of me.
It doesn't matter.
Don't mind Ashraf.
He talks tough, but he's good at heart.
Look who's here to see you.
God be praised. Come, sit.
His first time out, he wanted to meet you.
He walked all the way here without a stick.
Well done! May God keep and bless you, son.
You've given me a new life.
You're like a mother to me.
I am beholden to you.
One shouldn't go against the honor due to God.
Son, Allah is our mentor. We're mere puppets at His beck and call.
Today, instead of medicine, taste a sweet I've made.
It's truly a special day.
Listen to him sweet-talk me!
You cured him... and gave him a treat today!
- Now do him one more favor. - What favor?
Now that he's well, he wants to work.
You know he shouldn't leave the village till he's cured completely.
Think of some work to give him. Whatever you think suitable.
I'll teach him how to make clay pots. He'll soon be earning well.
He'll start today.
Very well. Now may I have another helping?
It's so good, I feel like kissing her hand in appreciation!
I've decided I won't do anything for him anymore.
I've slogged day and night for him, but does he care?
I won't cook from today even if it makes him starve.
Just hear about Chand. He went straight to Bibi Gul's place.
And says, "I owe my life to you and your loving care"
And what of Henna? Nothing.
You gave him so much milk...
...did he ever show his gratitude? Of course not!
I cook choice dishes for both his meals.
Yet he praises a sweet dishes only...
which Bibi Gul made for him. Even wanted to kiss her hand!
Has Henna ever deserved a kiss? Never! But Noorie...
How are you here to collect water without a water-pot?
Why are you so flushed? Are you feeling well?
Looks like our Henna has fallen ill while caring for the patient.
You must be ill, not me!
Such an illness doesn't show. It goes straight to the heart.
The heart?
First, the pain is bittersweet. Then come the dreams...
...then the day dawns, when you belong to someone else.
- Which sickness is this? - It's called love, dear.
Is love a sickness?
Only he who has given the sickness to you, can tell.
The one who came as a guest...
...and has stolen your heart.
Khan baba is nowhere around. Is he out?
It's the market day. Everyone is there.
- I'll get you a glass of milk. - Is that tea?
It's tiresome drinking milk daily. May I have some tea?
Of course. Go and sit. I'll fetch it.
- Is there enough for you, too? - What? Yes, plenty.
Nothing like tea after such an age, right?
Yes, true!
Do you know what love is?
Love is the gift of God which is in all hearts.
Not that love, I meant the real love...
...that pierces the heart! - Pierces?
Yes, then bitter sweet pain is aroused...
...and then all sorts of things happen...
...till one person belongs to the other.
O that love!
Such love comes when the other's need becomes one's own.
The other person matters so, so much...
...that one wants to sacrifice everything!
For instance...
...say, you just have one cup of tea which you are longing for.
Yet when he asks for it, you give it at once.
Though deprived, you remain content.
God Almighty!
What is it?
Please make them understand!
It's not so simple. I must think it over.
- Any news? - None.
We searched all the villages nearby; no youth is missing.
Every boy of that name is accounted for.
Now what?
I don't know. We did all we could.
Allah will guide us.
Don't be in a hurry. Slowly now!
Press too hard and it will go wrong.
- Najma! - Yes?
It's been half an hour! Can't you choose a pot you like?
I'm paying, aren't I? Let me satisfy myself.
Satisfy yourself then.
- What's this? - A pot. What else?
So crooked?
It's Chander's first. Take another.
Only someone crazy would buy it.
Don't mind her. Carry on.
- What brings you here? - My pot is broken. I need another.
I see. Go select one.
How much for this?
That one is free. Take it!
If you'd said so earlier, I would have taken it. It's not so bad.
I won't part with it for a million!
- What's that? - Just a pot that broke.
It's clay, after all. It fell and broke.
Never mind.
We must get another from Bibi Gul.
Alright, I'll tell her.
I'll go myself. We must choose carefully if we're paying, right?
- True. Go fetch it. - Very well, father.
So? Did another pot break today?
- How did you know? - I guessed.
Go choose one.
Alright then. I am off.
- Why this visit? - I wanted to tell you.
For days now Henna has been taking umpteen pots from me.
- Is this about payment? - Not at all.
This breaking and buying of pots will continue...
...unless you do something. - Let her come. We'll ask her...
What will you ask?
How without telling you has she become an adult?
- Meaning? - It's odd, isn't it?
When children reach adulthood, others know before parents do.
Welcome. Sit down.
Such finery so early in the mornings. What is it for?
I came to see you.
I need to talk about Henna.
Why? What has she done?
It's nothing like that. Your daughter is like a diamond.
A rare, auspicious diamond.
A diamond shows its value when embedded in a ring.
But try to swallow it... will tear your intestines out.
Had I wanted to do that, I wouldn't be here.
I came to ask for her hand in marriage.
Are you still a bachelor?
Of course not! I've married twice so far.
One wife's in the grave...
...I don't love the other.
I am allowed up to four wives though.
I'm prepared to divorce my present wife, if you say so.
Why? Is she sickly? Hasn't she borne you children?
God forbid, I'm blessed with seven children.
- Is she a loose woman, then? - Nonsense!
The fact is I don't love her.
I love only... Henna!
And when you tire of Henna?
Will you cast her aside and marry a fourth?
But I...
The Muslim law, "Shariat" wasn't made for the pleasure of men... make women playthings.
This law was made to give love, respect and honor to women.
Not to exploit them!
I just know that my intentions were honorable.
Don't decide hastily. Think it over.
I'll give every comfort to Henna.
All the clothes and jewels she wants.
Besides you'll find a man like me useful to have around.
Or else...
I'm off. I'll return from my rounds at night.
You were right.
Others know that your children are adults, before you do.
All I can say is get Henna married before this man harms her.
Yes, but to whom?
To Chand, of course.
He is a good man. Decent, hard-working...
...and most of all Henna loves him.
That's what I came to tell you.
We don't know anything about his family, his home.
- The poor fellow remembers nothing. - So then he can stay with us.
I'm only talking after thinking it over a lot.
Should they marry, not only will your daughter remain near...
...but you'll gain a son.
And Henna will be spared further danger from this policeman.
Nor will anyone ever doubt that Chand is not one of us. Well?
I must think about it.
I have good news!
Good news?
My Chander's back! You've found him!
I told you, he never lets you down as late as he is! I'm so happy!
Sweeten your tongue...
I forgot you, Papa. A sweet for you too! Chander is back!
That's not the news I've brought.
So why the sweets?
We heard that Sudha had passed today!
So enjoy yourselves. Let Chandni die for all you care!
Why can't you find him? Bring him back to me?
We have looked all over, dear.
How do we find someone who is no longer in this world?
What do you mean? What does "no longer around" mean?
Is he a ghost to disappear into thin air?
- Try to understand... - What must I understand? Tell me!
Where has he gone? Has he been swallowed up? Say something!
Stop this nonsense, I tell you! Stop it!
Throttle me, bury me anywhere. But don't talk of my Chand so.
Don't say anything wrong about him.
Now stop this nonsense! I've had enough!
- Chander is dead, dead, dead! - No, please father!
My Chander will return. I know for sure.
Help me, someone!
Henna, hurry!
Save my baby!
Zaman! Irfan! Come with me!
My son! My son is safe!
Dear God! A thousand thanks!
Look! They're returning.
Here's our son.
And thank God for Chand! He's risked his life for the child.
How true his aim was!
We are deeply indebted.
Don't embarrass me. As it is, I am beholden to you all.
No, son. Today you have repaid us beyond expectation.
So you are the Chand who fell in the river!
You can drive a jeep, and shoot a gun!
Where did you learn such skills?
There are many here who do both.
Why single him out for questioning?
It's our job to question every stranger.
But Chand is no stranger. He's my sister Hasina's son.
And soon will be Henna's husband.
Day after tomorrow we'll celebrate the engagement.
And the marriage, the next Friday. If you are free, please attend.
Many, many thanks.
God go with you.
What's this?
Will Henna marry Chand?
- If this lie is to appease... - This is no lie.
After much thought, I've decided...
...Henna will marry only Chand.
This isn't right. How can you give your daughter to a man...
...who doesn't know which way he's headed.
Just think, I have no background, no family...
...not even a home! - Who says so?
From now, you are Bibi Gul's son and my home is yours.
What's the problem? Don't you like Henna?
No, that's not it.
Henna is that joyous embodiment of love, whose fragrance alone...
can embellish life. I do not deserve her.
That's for her to say, son.
Look girls, the boy's clothes are here.
What a magnificent outfit for the groom!
Look how lovely this embroidered jacket is, isn't it?
And matching slippers too!
Those are not for the groom to wear...
...but throw at Henna after the marriage.
Shoes will be flung at "you"! That too old, torn ones.
What's this? A "fez"?
Our groom will look a sucker in this.
No, he'll look like a stingy man of the first order!
You must be talking about your own groom!
He'll look a prince and will want to be near such a one!
Did you hear? Our pomegranate wants to be near fez!
What's wrong?
What is it, son? Say something.
I had an accident.
I was to be engaged.
Not engaged. Today is the pre-nuptial celebration.
Tomorrow you marry Henna.
Who's she?
I'm not marrying any Henna...
I'm marrying Chand.
What are you saying? Chand is your name!
Not mine. It's my fiancee's name. "Chandni".
- I call her Chand for short. - What?
Looks like his memory has returned.
Yes, son. Now come, tell me your name.
- Chander Prakash. - Chander Prakash?
I don't understand.
I... I was in a car...
I... don't know how I'm here...
...but people are waiting for me. I must get to Srinagar.
Yes. That's where my Chand lives!
Dear God!
I can't understand anything of this...
So, you are an Indian?
So? Aren't we all Indians here?
No. We're Pakistanis. Right now you are in Pakistan.
In Pakistan?
- How can that be? - Stop! You treacherous outsider!
Tell me, why did you play with this innocent Henna's life?
Why did you win her with your tricks?
What's that? These are all lies!
Lies, are they? Are these decorations and celebrations lies?
This shocked man here is a lie?
Henna sitting there with wedding adornments is a lie? No!
If anyone here is lying, it is you!
You! Whose existence I will put an end to today!
- How dare you... - Let him go! What are you doing?
Don't you lift a finger on him!
Are you still protecting him?
I've said from the start, not to trust a stranger...
...that we must hand him over to the police...
...but you won't listen.
Look where your trust has landed you now!
It's been proved that he's an Indian today.
Tomorrow may show he's a spy
A spy? I am no spy.
I'm ready to tell the police the truth - this minute!
I'll break your legs if you try going anywhere.
Can't you see how cunning he is?
He has fooled us all.
He knows the police will question us, not him.
Shahbaaz Khan will question Henna.
You will be asked why you lied publicly that he's your nephew.
We'll all be asked why we sheltered him these many months.
- Many months? - Yes, months!
- How can that be? - As if you aren't aware of it!
All I know is that my name is Chanderprakash.
I live in Baramullah.
I love a girl Chandni and was to be engaged to her...
You've realized who you are so late, son. It's too late now.
- I still say... - Enough!
Just now decisions cannot be made in anger.
We must weigh this man's fate with great care.
We need time for that.
Take him home.
All of you... go home too!
We will decide this matter tomorrow.
Henna... my child.
How could I be so foolish?
Why did I nurture this dream?
After all Chand, the moon, belongs in the sky.
And Henna... rooted on this earth.
We didn't belong to each other.
So why cherish a dream?
Why did I, Noorie?
It's better to stem my tears now.
Because... the mistake is mine.
Why cry in front of him... and make him miserable?
This sorrow is mine alone.
No one else should feel it.
It's my fault.
Had I not urged Henna's marriage it wouldn't have come to this.
Nothing happens without Allah's consent.
Henna's fate was decreed.
Who'd have thought that such a move...
...would blot Henna's life in sorrow?
Stop Henna!
- Where are you off? - I'm taking milk for Chander.
No need for that. Zaman will do it.
Why Ashraf? No one has stopped me till now.
It was different then, Henna.
If the difference is today he is not Pakistani but Indian...
...not a Muslim but a Hindu...
...not Chand, but Chander... then it's a shame!
What are you saying?
Call that bright moon by any other name...
...will Allah lessen its brilliance?
Just because a man's name has changed from Chand to Chander...
...why have our attitudes to him also changed?
Is he no longer a human being?
No longer our guest?
Look at how he has repaid our hospitality!
That ingrate has played with our emotions. He has tricked us.
- He has ruined Henna's life. - No!
That's not so. He could have ruined my life further...
...took the marriage vows and then vanished forever in the night?
Henna's right. He could have done so...
...but he did not, because he is a decent man.
Be that so, I can't accept him.
Let him take this bag of decency and leave us to our own lives.
That's not simple as you think.
He's a stranger here. If he's questioned... could raise suspicion. He'll be caught by the police.
Then we'll all be danger. You know this.
So what do we do?
As quiet as he came here, we'll send him back to his country.
- I've a plan worked out! - What plan?
Today itself, all of us will pack up to go to Sikander Gul.
If we're questioned on the way, we'll say the boy's side insisted...
...that the wedding be held in their village.
On the way, you and Zaman, taking Chander with you, will deflect...
...and lead him across the border at night.
By then, we'll be out of Shahbaaz Khan's jurisdiction...
...and no one will be any wiser...
...that a man called Chand was once in our midst.
Now you deliberately want to endanger your people... increase their risk!
You even want Razak and myself to meet our deaths.
- I didn't mean... - Sorry!
I cannot be part of this at all!
Do as you please!
Don't be so hasty!
Don't worry.
I may have to go alone... but I'll lead Chander across the border.
You won't be alone!
I'll go with you. Yes, I will.
Well said, my sons!
Have you washed your face? Let me see... Here's your milk.
Forgive me, I've been scolding you like this for so many months...'s become a habit.
I know don't about those times...
...but to reproach me now seems just.
Yes. Do scold me... punish me!
It's my fault for doing you wrong.
But please understand, it's not been deliberate.
I've done it in ignorance... a deep trance.
And I saw a lovely dream while you slept.
Then how are "you" to blame? The fault was mine, entirely.
Why weep over dreams... they fade away.
Life is not made of dreams but of reality.
And your reality is Chandni.
Even now, she awaits you across there.
But she won't wait too long.
God willing, you'll be with your Chand very, very soon.
- May I enter? - You?
It's very important.
Alright. What is it?
Before I say anything...
- I need your promise. - What sort of promise?
That whatever I divulge to you will not affect my kinsmen.
You must promise...
...that Khan baba, Henna or any of my kinsmen won't be harassed... any way. Or this information will follow me to my grave.
- What nonsense is this? Quickly. - Nawabdin, silence!
I promise...
Henna's marriage has broken.
But... why?
That man... an Indian.
I cannot find words to thank you.
There's no need. Whatever we did was out of a sense of humanity.
Now go. Don't delay anymore. God bless!
Right Henna
I must go.
How can you leave Henna? It's going with you.
- What are you saying? - Why?
Did I scare you?
After he returns, Chander will be married.
Won't he decorate his bride's hands with henna?
Take these henna leaves.
- God protect you, Chander. - Good-bye.
- Thank you very much. - God protect you.
Confess that you are a deceitful and dangerous spy.
Why don't you believe me? I'm no spy.
You are a dangerous spy!
Henna, Khan baba and their kinsmen are your accomplices.
All of them are traitors.
Arrest that old man and his daughter and bring them here.
No, they are innocent! Have mercy!
For those who betray their country... I have no pity.
- Haven't you left yet? - No. Please wait.
I beg you, Inspector!
I've caused them untold sorrow already.
Don't let more sin be cast at them.
Punish me as you deem fit.
Hang me if you want... but let them go.
I'm ready to do as you say.
- Really? - Yes.
Then sign this paper at once and confess to your crime.
- What crime? - That you are a spy.
- But I... - Will you sign or...
Alright. I'll sign.
Chander in police custody? Where did you get this bad news?
How did this happen?
Shahbaaz Khan knew our plans beforehand.
- What? How? - Ashraf told him.
What Ashraf did was quite right.
Be grateful that the police kept their promise to him...
...and freed the two of us.
Or all of us would have been in jail as traitors of the country.
- Meaning? - Ashraf's doubts are justified.
Chander has turned out to be a spy.
- No! - What are you saying?
The whole world may tell me, but I won't believe it ever.
My heart too says otherwise.
We both read the confession ourselves...
...and saw secret documents and maps that he had on him!
Dear God!
How can I believe this?
How long will you be guided by your heart?
Even Allah has lodged the head above the heart.
Why can't you accept reason? Why?
You are right.
Chander can't be a spy.
Surely he's been wrongly accused. He has been duped.
It's we who have been duped.
Yes, dear.
He has taken such advantage of us that I've lost faith in mankind.
I don't want you to utter his name again.
Wait, father! He is innocent!
You explain to father. You know Chander well.
Why don't you all listen? Believe me, Chander is innocent.
He's no spy. He is innocent.
I know he's innocent, please believe me.
What shall I do now?
- What's this? - A watch.
- I'm not used to it. - So get used to it then.
You must be at my place tomorrow at 5 p.m. Sharp.
My parents want to meet you.
What? Terrific!
Just be on time, mister. Thank you!
I've looked everywhere for you and here you are!
Come, child.
The man's family is waiting to see you.
And what of my long wait?
- What do you want? - To see Chanderprakash.
Why here? How will I benefit if you can meet him?
Take it, sir. It's of silver.
- Be quick, before he comes! - Thank you, sir.
You will never change your ways!
Why are you here?
- You shouldn't have come - Why? Because you can't lie to me?
Lie? About what?
You've confessed that you're a spy and everyone believes it.
But I don't. How about that?
Any reason to disbelieve it?
I've signed the confession and admitted it.
Alright... then swear by me and repeat that confession now.
You're so concerned for Henna. Yet, what about that person...
...who is pining away for you?
I'm helpless.
If I didn't sign, Shahbhaaz Khan would've ruined all of you.
I can't be responsible for the ruin of those who saved my life.
- There was no way out then. - There is now.
Here, write to Chand quickly.
Her family can clear matters through government channels.
Justice will be done!
Why are you looking like that?
I've piled grief upon grief on you.
Yet, you're even taking on my sorrows.
"You" will carry my message to Chandni?
"You" will convey all the pain and longings of my heart to her?
I've managed just this much time. So don't waste it.
Write the letter. Here... hurry!
Please, hurry!
It's stamped, dear. Put it in the mailbox.
The letter will leave by this evening's clearance.
Did you note the address on that letter, that girl just posted?
Of course, I wrote it on the envelope myself.
I was to one Chandni in Srinagar.
We must live by the laws of the world we live in.
What of your younger sister Sudha?
If you remain a spinster, how will she marry?
...Surinder is no stranger.
We should be grateful to him.
Knowing how you feel, he as asked for your hand.
As Chander's best friend...
...he understands your sorrow.
If the mother who bore me doesn't understand my pain... will anyone else do so?
- Some more tea, Mr. Khanna? - No thanks. It's late! Now...
- Chandni has something to say. - Yes. What is it?
She wants to talk to Surinder.
Yes, here I am. Tell me.
As Chander's friend...
...aren't you mine also? - Of course!
- May I speak my mind to you? - Please do.
You want to marry me... see me happy, right? - It's not just you.
Your parents, your sister, all share your sorrow and so do I.
We want you to be happy, to be lively.
It is life's rule after all... to look at today...
...and then to look ahead at tomorrow.
As for the past...
...we must try and forget it.
For me, Chander does not belong to the past only.
He is my past and future.
I loved Chander, love him now, and always will until I die...
...whether he returns or not.
You tell me...
What bigger betrayal than this...
...that I love one man and marry another?
As for my parents, it's so shameful for me... envelop you and your family in trying to relieve their sorrow.
That will add more grief.
Is that what you want?
Not at all. This is not what I intended.
I know.
That's why...
...l'm fine as I am.
I have a store of priceless memories of my Chander.
They will help me drown my sorrows.
See how good my aim is?
So "you" shot it?
No one can beat your admirer=20 at killing flying birds.
Yes, this is a brave act. I'll try to treat its wounds with ointment.
Wounds inflicted by me...
...cannot heal. - You're wrong there!
- A savior is better than a killer. - I too read that in a book.
But life is no book, dear one.
You've tried hard to save that spy, right?
Chander is not a spy.
You're right.
For all the beating, the fool said nothing.
But when I threatened to arrest you all as traitors... save you...
...he signed a confession...
...and gave us the proof we needed.
The fool turned out a hero!
In your eyes, a fool and a hero are one!
True dear. Now watch... he'll be sentenced to death. While I...
...will be decorated for it.
Just watch, the truth about Chander will be revealed.
Is it? Who will proclaim it? You?
- Or this letter penned by Chander? - Letter!
In my territory, even a bird doesn't fly unless I order it. Understand?
If you are bent on saving Chander, there's just one way.
Tell your foolish father to himself come to me...
...and offer you in marriage.
What? You did this...
...just for this useless person?
You're such a person...
...who any honest man would lose his mind about.
Listen carefully.
Day after tomorrow is Chander's hearing.
I'll ask for a week's extension... produce evidence against him.
If we get married in that week...
...on our wedding night...
...l'll give you all the fake evidence that's with me...
...and Chander will be saved.
If that doesn't happen...
...l'll see that Chander is hanged until he's dead!
Think it over.
Chander's life and death now depend on you.
I won't allow it! Never!
Should I want to see you dragged into the jaws of death?
Have pity on me. I'm your father!
A father makes a daughter's marriage an occasion of joy...
...not one of doom!
For God's sake, don't punish me like this.
Very well, father. If this is your decision, then hear mine.
If you don't marry me to Shahbaaz Khan...
...l'll kill myself. I promise.
- What are you doing? - Shameless one!
Have you no care for my feelings? Is this why I lavished care on you?
- So that today, you become my... - Enough, stop it!
Ask the girl why she's bent on marrying the man, first.
Why this great sacrifice for someone...
...who will never be yours?
Tell me. Why?
Chander was never mine.
Nor will he ever be.
I always called him by the name...
...of the girl he belonged to.
To covet another's belongings a sin in Allah's eyes.
If love is God's greatest creation...
...then to join two, who love each other, is a truly blessed act.
If only ever human being had Henna's compassion!
I prayed to You for my daughter's happiness...
...for blessings on her...
...for You to strew flowers along her path, not thorns!
My Lord! If this is the fate You have decreed, please alter it!
Or else, dear God... faith in You will be lost forever.
My fate was sealed the day... named me Henna!
What's it Bibi Gul? Why're there tears in all your eyes?
You were wrong, Ashraf.
On just an uncleared doubt... have an innocent man face death.
Who are you talking of? That deceitful Chander?
Yes. I mean him.
You handed him over to Shahbaaz Khan... that the brute could take advantage and trap us all!
He could have trapped us if he wanted lawfully...
...but he didn't. Razak and Zaman's release is proof of that.
That was a clever move, just a trick.
Shahbaaz Khan himself said so to Henna.
To save us from being arrested... Chander sacrificed himself.
He paid us back for our kindness.
Now, the price that's being extracted to free Chander...
...will make your hand stand, if you hear it! Your heart will burst!
A price? What is it?
Henna will have to marry Shahbaaz Khan to save Chander's life.
You went to corner a spy, didn't you?
Saw where your suspicions have led?
Your little sister is the victim of your sentence.
Her life with that man...
...will be torture for her.
No. Never!
I will not let that happen.
I am human...
...not a messiah who doesn't err.
I will not let you suffer for my lapse.
I swear on your head...
...l'll free Chander and take him across the border...
...even if it costs me my life!
Why have you blocked the way?
The wheel has come off.
Lift the cart to one side. I'm getting late for court.
If it's so urgent, send your men to help us.
The cart is too heavy for the two of us.
Tell the men to clear the way.
Come out everyone!
Hurry up!
You guard here!
What are you all doing?
Move it aside!
Dear God!
Go that way, I'll go this way.
Arrest these two!
Take this. Give me your waistcoat.
Hurry! There's no time!
Bring Chander to the Peerawali hill point.
We'll dodge the police and be there by dusk. This way!
Stop Chanderprakash!
Chanderprakash fooled us and escaped!
Inform H.Q. For the special force to comb the area!
He must not be allowed to cross the border!
They are headed for the trolley in sector 7.
Look there!
Pull the car across
Help me!
What are you doing?
- I'm going to cross for the car. - It's dangerous.
There's no other way!
Hold tight!
They've crossed with the trolley.
Let's go.
Stop staring and jump!
We know you are hiding here.
All escape routes are covered.
Now you have just one choice.
To surrender to us.
- It's dangerous to shout here, sir. - Quiet!
Is this how you defy us?
And implicate innocent people?
Because of you, Khan baba has been arrested!
Ashraf has sacrificed his life to save you!
The same fate...
...awaits Khan baba...
...and Henna.
It's better...
...that you give yourself up.
If you do, I promise...
...Khan baba and Henna will be released.
You still have a chance.
I'm coming!
What're you doing? Stop!
Haven't I caused enough trouble?
- No more of that. - He'll shoot you.
It's worth it if he frees you both.
Don't trust him. He's a liar.
Maybe not this once. I've to risk it to save you both. Let me go.
Listen to me! Stop!
- Stop! Listen... - Move!
Halt where you are!
Stop! Jamal Khan!
- Fool! Who told you to fire? - I'm sorry!
Tell the men to clear the rubble.
- Where's Shahbaaz Khan? - He's just left.
We've located those absconders.
What? Are there others with that spy?
- Yes. A local tribal girl, Henna. - Who's she?
She's my daughter, sir.
You've come here as a savior. Please help her.
Her life is needlessly in danger.
- Needlessly? - Yes, sir.
She is absolutely innocent!
Stop your nonsense! Don't trust him, sir.
They plotted that traitor's escape, all of them together!
Well, old man?Your daughter is helping a traitor=20 and you call her innocent?
Chander is no traitor! Just a victim of circumstances!
That's the problem.
And it's all on account of that villain Shahbaaz Khan...
...who, just to satisfy his own whims...
You mean that... counter Shahbaaz Khan's threats to my life... accepted his proposal?
So that's why Khan baba and Ashraf helped me to escape... prevent you from marrying that man.
Why are you silent? Answer me.
I can't understand this.
Was it so important for you to free me?
To ruin your life by being his prisoner forever?
You did all this for me? Why? Answer me!
All questions in life need not be answered.
For God's sake...
...don't let Ashraf's death go in vain.
Don't belie father's belief in you.
Let Henna's fate be ground to a paste.
But her auspicious hues are in your hands.
Swear that, you'll escape from here... and go to your Chandni.
You have no choice. You will have to go!
If not... I will never forgive you. Never!
No Henna!
There are police there, too!
What do we do?
It's better we wait here till the nightfalls.
We've confirmed the facts from the Delhi embassy about Chanderprakash.
It's true he has disappeared after his car accident.
It's quite clear from this, that we can't suspect him as a spy.
Thanks a lot.
It appears that you were telling the truth.
With Allah's help, no harm will come to your children.
I'm going to the site myself.
The rubble's been cleared, sir. You can go in if you wish.
A call from the police station.
Yes, what is it?
Bad news, sir. The superintendent=20 has come to know everything.
He wants them alive!
Your voice is unclear.
I heard nothing of what you said, understood?
It's tragic.
The hands that were to be adorned are now covered in blood due to me.
If only people could see how noble Henna is... her self sacrifice for others.
You are the proof...
...that boundaries may separate lands...
...but not hearts.
Chand will be so happy to meet you!
I want to meet her, too.
Until I put henna on her hands... my work will not be done.
Chander, this...
Stop sir! The border's ahead. We can't go further.
Will that swine get away after fooling me? Never! Follow me!
Look! There's the border fence.
The Pakistani post is firing!
Firing has begun!
There's firing at your post.
Fetch Miss Chandni from the barracks.
Stop Shahbaaz Khan!
Get up Henna! Quickly!
Put me down. I'm in pain.
Why did you do all this?
I am going now.
You can't leave me here halfway through. You can't!
It's not halfway.
You've reached your destination.
My destiny has itself come for me.
Give my love to Chandni.
Tell her to forgive me.
If I had my way, I'd never have missed the chance to meet her.
Allah! I am yours!
What's all this? I don't understand.
I can't understand either what happened.
Why all this?
So many bullets...
Why were so many bullets shot into this young, innocent girl's body?
Whose bullets were they?
Whose was that one bullet...
...that killed this girl?
A bullet from India?
Or from Pakistan?
It was an act or terror and hatred...
...aimed at humanitarian hearts. It was a bullet of discontent...
...which wiped out all love and decency!
It's shameful, very shameful!
Why are bullets made, I ask?
They can only take lives... not give life to anyone!
Then why does man make them?
If we can live in peace and harmony...
...then why does man opt for a troubled world?
Stop it all! This setting of people against each other...
...this hatred, this fighting, these wars!
Please stop it!
Let Henna's fate be ground to a paste.
You destroyed yourself.
But you were not rewarded for your sacrifice.
You could never enjoy...
Your own happy, colorful perfume
You have changed
the destiny of others.
But your own destiny...
could not be your fellow traveler.
You are happy, colorful Henna.
Lovable, colorful Henna
Life is colorless without you
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