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Herbal Tea

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Hello,everybody,I am Linweizhu
I'm the most famous boss of cool tea store in the SuHao-District
June 16, 1769
I was born in NaDaSuThat hospital
which is at current No.80 on road LuoBianChen.
I am a lucky star
As soon as I was born, my parents appeared in newspaper
Because that year
they were 68 and 65 years old
Is it cool?
I get up on time 6:20 everyday
After washing my face and combing my hair,I make the breakfast for my parents
Is it strange enough
Because my parents were dead in this store doorway
That day, mother came back after buying vegetables
Father was crossing the street to greet her at the speed of 2km/hour
-Wife -Husband
A car at 73 km/hour
Knocked him down about 6.3 metresaway
Mama was so frightened that she increased her heart beats...
Every minute 223 times
Meet sudden death at there and then, two, three, four
The top is once, descending once
Five, six, seven, eight ¡­
Once left , once right
One, two, three, four ¡­
Once top, once descend, then back again
Five, six, seven, eight ¡­
Every morning after teaching sword
I spends at least 30 minutes handling neighbors' business
Dear Zhu... I'll play mahjong in the afternoon
Bothering you taking care of XiaoMing
Ok,no problem
My washing machine was out of order , please fix it for me
Is it OK tomorrow?
After the breakfast, return to cool tea store on time 9:30
10jin herb,please
It's a recipe for cool tea
11:00 runs business
The cool tea store business is quite good
Fortunately, I have two good assistants
Fourwei arrived
Big uncle, I want the silver chrysanthemum
Is it fourwei
Silver chrysanthemum
You said fourwei clearly
I said it was the silver chrysanthemum
Then it is ilver chrysanthemum
It is the uncle Cai who has no memory
Waiter has been here since age 20
He has given us much help
Lubi, I have a very important thing to tell you
We have no result together
I am just a common cool tea salesclerk
But you are different
You have studied abroad
There will be a classic work
You can idle away in seeking pleasure, having a holiday to travel the world
It is a little bit abstract to come to say
We live in two different worlds
But this a moment, I deplore greatly...
I love you very much, but permit I say
Let's break up
I Want you'll stay with me
This man who is dumping his seventh girl friend this month
Is Xiaoliang
His outward appearance looks likethe childe
In fact he has great ideal
He's now learning Japanese each evening at the night school
Preparing to be the Japan Sumo in the future
Elder sister, rent it to me
Are you so hungry
Having no money to rent will affect the neighbors
Out of the quwstion
See you later,take care
Fuck, why did you rent it to him
Call him to die, no hair combing, no a piece of an honest work
Asking several more is poor and bad, tortoise
DearZhu, how would you do that
Pick a rent guest the husband
Picking the husband won't be so headache, the Uncle Cai
I'll look at my husband alone
But we'll all look at a rent guest
But you have picked for half a year
It is best to ask Tangni
He often came here in the past
He is getting old to die
The person that he knows has no use
According to me, it is still the low technological method
Sticking the poster
Uncle Cai, you write it for me
It is ChaoShiChun for sure who should write the poster
Elder brother ShiChun
Do not call me that
You can call me Mr. Chao
Or DearChun,also OK call me ChaoShiChun
ShiChun,ShiChun,it makes me unpleasant
Call you big spring, Okay?
I am not so hard
Please do not call me ShiChun
Or I'll be angry
Seriously, what's the matter?
Dear Zhu is looking for you
Will you write a few words for me
We cannot rent that house out for half year
I'll prepare the paper and pen right away
Our most famous calligraphist
Everyday at 11:15
3:15 and 6:15
He will come to drink the cool tea on time
Our most allegiance guest
TangYi, the luxury repairs
Comfortable spacious matches the current fashion
Practical sunlight in partition foot
3008, the early to rent the better
The luxury repair?
Is it not proper
To the repair matter, each flower into each eye
But you are¡­ cheating the crowd
Advertise will have a little certainly inaccurate
But the company that do the repairing is
Really called "Luxury"
I will go out everynight at nine
As sweet articles after the meal
Make my everyday life more happy
Come on, please
Drink what?
Two cup wildplum juice
Why so much noise
Act the drama
Act the drama
Have any stars
Linda and some temporary actors
Who is Linda
Guard to spread
You notices, after a while that individual will come over here
You make an effort to hurtle before
-Big Ganxiang -Yes,director
Get dark quickly, are you OK?
Director, this camera
I put invulnerable
Meeting that silly antihero coming over here
Then a car bumps
He will be throw away for nine miles away
-Nine miles away -Yeah
-Have you calculated? -Just my feeling
So far, can the camera work it out
I compromise
I become blind
This time it is true...
Try and see?
Take a shot to show director, come
I like to see you act very much
I like to see you act very much
You play the servant girl very well
However the time¡­is a little short
I feel not enough
Not 5J
Not 5J
Not 5J
Can I help you
Can I help you
Although you are not very red now
But ¡­ I feel that you would be certainly red in the future
I support you
Are you clear now
I am ready, sir
Let's try and see
You cannot avoid it anyway
OK,I'll tell the director
We are ready for next play
Rare, say it to me
That villain corrects the mistakes to go to once, the leading role moves out of the way once
The parties offends again, leading role dodges again
Then¡­is it to offend and dodge
Is what you want, director
Maybe not, it is quickly black
Thinking a few months are all these
The r1 first
This slice walks a little longer
Big Paoxiang
Come here
5J is ready, prepare
Linda, come on
5J is ready, prepare
Are you OK
Are you OK
Have 7 any matter
I have no matter, teacher
Why does director ask me?
Director, what do you think now
Director, what do you think now
It is not so good
Play it again
Need not
Need not
Listen to me, next foucs is Huazai
Huazai died, the most audience will be sad
The audience would be harmed by Huazai's death
You die, nobody will realize
You die, nobody will realize
Uncle Cai, where is DearZhu
Mrs. Chen
Want you help taking care of small clear
All right
Remember to bring back the 630 yuan
You still remember that
Certainly.Help you to buy the vegetables
How could I? I'll go now
Wish your good luck
Good, do your homework
Give me a cup silver chrysanthemum
Wait a little while
Stretche out the tongue and let me see it, teacher
Fuck, why do you want to see my tongue, lady
Because your eyes tell me you are on the fire
Really last fire
You also see come out
The silver chrysanthemum can not help you, what about Fourwei
Any room to rent here
Can't you see it out
I'm just like the boss
She is the boss
Execuse me, any room to rent here
Yes. Are you an actor
Last time the man bumped someone else is you
That's right, it is you
Any room to rent here
Yes, follow me
Have a look first
See it literally
That advertisement is a little exaggeration
Can this wall dismantle
Of course no
How about it
I put the deposit first
Wait a monment
When you will soon become our new neighbors
Thinking for the sake of the old neighbors
I must ask your a few qusetions
Ask literally
-What is your name -ZhenZiDan
That is me
-How old are you -28
What is your job
Got married?
I've a Girl friend
Any problem
Sister's book which inside page is sometimes yellow
Sometimes pink says
Have a GF for one year or so will fight each other
I haven't asked over
Have a Girl friend for one year or so will fight each other
Affecting the neighbors
We are together for three years
-Have any case history -no
-Have the body scrathed -no
What is the last time drinking wine?
That will affect the neighbors
I seldom drink the wine
-Have any close relatives -no
Died, but missed them very much
Have any little difficult to vomit
-Have any meal to eat -Which meal
-It doesn't matter -You have too much questions
Yes, it is for the neighbors, I have no other way
Yes, it is for the neighbors, I have no other way
Where should I hang this
You have so much DVD, VCD and video tapes
You like to see the movies
It is for our job
It is nature to go to the cinema, just want to learn more
So that you have a lot of premieres ticket
Send my several pieces?
We are not stars again,
How can we we get so many premieres tickets
That is it, let me handle this.
Where is your girl friend?
She went to the South African, will just come back next week
Oh,that is so interesting.
You can go there too.
I am very busy
Ok, Let me do this.
It's true
I am going to for a ride.
I am going to for a ride.
On time rents, and be good to the neighbors.
Hurry, you are late.
Good morning.
You have got a little the cough,drinking this.
It do work, really?
One, two, three, four
Up, Down.
Five, six, seven, eight
Left, Right, and once more.
One, two, three, four
Up, Down.
Five, six, seven, eight
Left, Right, and once more.
One, two, three, four
Up, Down.
Five, six, seven, eight
Good morning.
Good morning.
-Runing -Yeah
Your medicine really works.
Of course.
-Does it? -Yeap
I will go.
Call my arzhu is fine.
You can call me ardan.
Good, take a break now
Everybody is tired, Please rest five minutes, drink some water.
Ardan, What is the matter?
Nothing important, I just move out
I need some money. so...
It is a snap.
I know this,
So I helped you take the money back this morning.
Isn't it 1500?
Why there is only 800?
You do not know something.
Originally that lens is mine own,
I know you are not busy.
I suggested the director to help you.
So you bumped by the car, who will drive?
Originally, it is me.
But I made a mistake.
The glass smashes, I flew out.
You think the teacher cheats you
I did not mean this
But in your age, that is crazy.
Why is this?
You are the teacher, should take more.
I am not this kind of person
Teacher, did you ask the leader,
When I can be an actor.
The enviroment is bad.
It is good enough to have something to do with.
You'd better do some practice at spare time.
Teacher, I practiced all day long.
Trust me, I am looking for you an opportunity.
Recently I have spent a lot of time with the directors.
Opportunity will be come soon.
You know, the social parties can't be disrespectful.
You have to spent a lot of money.
Every month the money is up to thousands.
Frankly to say, I still have no money to rent this month.
You mistaked me.
-Take it please. -No.
I invited the direct to chat, I will go first.
Do not be wager horse again.
Not wager, I turn the wager ball game now.
212 yuan.
I did not call for drink
But it is 212 yuan.
So expensive.
You smashed the thing
Come in to say.
I¡ªbroken this when I did exercises.
I will compensate
Did you see the "rulai shengzhang"
Longjianfei said it is better do not do exercise at home.
Things beat pulpy,
You do not play these,
Sit down please.
Show u something good.
Look at it, do not wink
You see it?
Looking, look what?
You see what
Hai brother
Right this side is his, and the other side is me.
-Sorry, I can't see it -Try again.
Still there is ¡­
Do not wink, Look at it.
The one which flying out is you.
The driver is.
I am hurt bye the safety belt.
Show you something more.
There, I have a performance and the movie that I liked.
There, I have a performance but the movie that I don't liked.
There, I have no performance but the movie that I liked it very much.
There, I have the performance with all backstages.
You are her fan.
I am too, She smiles so sweet.
Although she isn't famous, But I think she will.
-Tell you a secret. -What?
I am her boyfriend
The magazine reporter steals to clap is you.
So I just moved to here.
You know, I lives together with her
She is positive hot now.
To escape from the reporter, So I moved here.
You don't know we actors.
Please don't tell others.
I know.
I will keep the secret.
But I want to to take a photo with her, and...
Her signature
All right,
But she isn't in Hong Kong, she went to the south.
Feicui television.
-Do not forget. -All right.
See some movies that I have performance.
It is time to sleep.
Just two lenses.
It is time to sleep, Bye.
Will be quick, You go first.
I love you
Will we must be test write from memory tomorrow?
Reading and writing...
What is that?
That is whatever you read, Whatever I write.
That is ok, come on.
That is ok, come on.
What about xiaoming
What about xiaoming
What is the next sentence.
Do not wish to have a lesson every day.
Every day...
Do not wish to have a lesson.
Brother shichun, You close the door, I will do there.
That handed over to you
That handed over to you
Reading and Writing?
-Yes, -So we begain.
I go home after class.
Work with the computer ¡­ play the beloved electricity moves
Have fun...
You know all about this.
You can write "Xi"?
Arzhu, I will take xiaoming.
Ming, Mom is here.
Hurry, Pick up your schoolbag and go home.
Hurry, Pick up your schoolbag and go home.
Do more exercise at home.
When did you come back?
Why didn't tell me,
How about South African?
Wang-this place is pretty good.
How about South African?
I takes whole day, do not have time to play.
That is right, every day is very busy.
-Hungry? -How about have a meal?
I have to work at 12:00.
It is 7:00 now, You have plenty of time.
Very tired, did not want to eat
-I am tired. -Have a rest, Sit down please.
I have something to talkwith you.
I see your last boyfriend at South Africa.
Is not it?
-Beautiful? Huh? -He buy it for me.
So big diamond, certainly cost a lot.
We are together again.
That is good.
Send so big diamond to you.
He must love you very much.
How about our house?
I will help you with it.
Are you alright?
Of course, Should I have something bad?
I will be ok.
You have to work, You are going go late.
I work at 12:00, It is 7:00 now.
Happiness time... 7:00, heavy traffic.
Shall we have a meal together?
No, I will eat myself.
You return to the television station to eat, the food of there is delicious.
I am tired now, I do exercises.
I will call you later.
Be careful.
Wishing you two toghter forever.
Can you give me a signature?
Sorry, I am in a bad mood.
Come on, you are very beautiful.
I have said I am in a bad mood.
Let me help your with that.
Let me help your with that.
What is the matter...
Why are you so happy?
Lianda, I got her signature.
I am so lucky with such customer.
Let me approche to my idol, It is wonerful.
You do exercises once more.
What is the matter?
How about drinking with me?
Take it easy...
LamMavC an uH
Tell them what do you want to drink?
I don't know...
What can I help?
Whisky and green tea...
Tejianie, Gaili is fine.
Both is ok? Yeap.
Young lady, What do you want?
Do u have...
Is it enough for 24 bottles?
It is ok...
Do not drink so much. What is the matter.
Tell me...
Lianda left me alone...
Just cry.
Crying out, You would be more comfortable.
Is it more comfortable?
Crying a loud.
Lianda, Why you leave me alone!
You are so cruel.
Just for a diamond to left me.
Bitch diamond.
You are so cruel.
I buy you, I buy you a diamond.
Oh, crying here.
Who says it is bad thing?
You are a man, Let me crying with you.
What are you looking?
Don't cry.
Lianda, Lianda...
Lianda, Lianda...
Don't be silly.
Don't go away.
Do not sing.
You see how beautiful the moon is.
Why is square?
Yes, the square is very beautiful too.
Oh, My God!
Oh, My God!
Go to grass, Lianda!
That is what I said.
Doing exercise will keep fit round and smooth, fructify
That will do it.
How can you know that in trousers.
You see this.
Sure is not good thing.
That is enough.
Isn't is, The face is as ugly as a bag.
Stop it.
Bitch! What do you want?
Why don't you run away?
Stop! Where are you going?
Who teach you that?
Respond are all all mistake.
That isn't that, Let me show you with this.
Arzhu, Show them with that.
It is free to give you a lesson.
I will drink with you later.
Fire Maren, Yinxinglu.
twenty four favorite.
That is ok, I know you like it.
Look, do not wink.
Be careful with yourself.
You sleep
You are got drunk
Rola come to HongKong last time,
Sleep and sleep.
Look over it then sleep.
No, Let's see it tomorrow.
That director¡ªrequest hard.
20 times, He didn't say ok.
He didn't know we HongKong actors.
Yeap, You are the number one.
Do not say it with others.
Lianda, Lianda...
You are so cruel to left me.
Drink this.
Uncle cai.
Where is Arzhu?
A neighbor has problem, She went there to help.
She can help with that?
It isn't the body trouble.
It's the television antenna of Ms.zhou.
It's the television antenna.
You tell Arzhu, Her medicine is very helpful.
You tell Arzhu, Her medicine is very helpful.
I will go now.
Like this again.
Uncle Cai, Why Arzhu is so good to him?
She is good to us all.
She personally the cook medicine for him.
The cool tea that you drinked is also Arzhu cooked.
But I payed it.
The nobody wants the money, You want to give it.
Look, That one is Lianda's bf.
They have broken up, It is said that she is with a playboy now.
That isn't Lianda's mistake.
Why should she to be with him and suffer the poor.
What did you say?
Give me a cup of ice milk tea.
Ice milk tea?
Oh, No.
You still haven't pay the bill.
You three persons, eat up two overlord's rices
Did too much.
-How dare you say that? -Where are you from?
I am not saying that.
I just want to help.
I am a movie worker
Hi, Paul, He is the one...
Whom the little lady star abandoned.
A poor wushu teacher.
Attend to your meal first.
Want me help you to pay?
Say I am a pauper, I can suffer
Say I am a pauper teacher
I can beat you
Beat us?
Too bad!
Big snake, you come to make trouble again.
What if I make trouble?
Split the head.
Turn left and right to avoid.
Split the head.
Turn left and right to avoid.
Play the drama? Who comes to make trouble?
How can you still dare to do.
Hai, give me the money!
-Here you are, Is it enough? -So many!
Reduce weight, so many meat
someone is fighting there, And reading recruit type when fight.
You don't understand, this is the occupation disease.
Very painful
Return to rub.
It is hard to see that you have so many methods in your age.
Certainly, I am taking charge of the cool tea store when 14.
No such skill, how can Itake charge of it?
14 years old
My parents got me when they are60's.
When they die, I am just 14 years old.
More than 60 year olds they are still so healthy.
We have useful skill to do that.
73 years old grand.
And is not just so so.
Want to try?
You take care there after you are 14 years old.
Do not feel stuffy?
No, I am very busy.
You do not know of it.
I mean...
You stayed there all day long.
Do not feel stuffy
I go out to take the ride in the evening.
Do you have a trip?
I even din't take a plane.
Even a plane?
Why is that so?
Someone even didn't take a plane nowadays?
Where individual like go to
It is not equal to to see the store son helps the person
Your wishes should be the area the councilman, liking so to help the person
The somebody else is happy I open the JL
You the good regrets asked my nine problems, Sir
I just move to come, you can ask me 29 problems
I just ask your 18 problems
Still not to 100
When I inquire about your girl friend, you do not answer
Why did you tear Linda's picture
Nothing important, so as not to harm your feeling
What's more I like Lianda very much
What's the problem,if I keep them
Of course
I feel hungry
Dear Mei,I love you very much
But we are too different
You'll come to a bad result with me
But ¡­
You are an university student
Future goes to work inside the wreath, your dress is valuable
If you are on coming out of the doorway with left turning
I walk rightwards forever
But we¡­ can not see the other party forever
But ¡­do you understand
Dear Zhu
TDear Zhu is inside
What's the matter
Nothing important
You said that you want to see that movie made on the street last time
No premiere ticket, but two other
Want you to see it at 7:30 with me
You invite me to see movies at 7:30
There are too many things you do not understand about me
Tonight you need not take the last Japanese lesson, need you
I have to look after the small BJ
Just now elder brother's last feet
Many vigorouses
Do not you feel that feet
That person who was kicked was a little familiar
It's you certainly
I have a little research on Gongfu
I am not too weak
I like the Japanese country skill most
See why
Think it, a Chinese
Defeat the Japanese with the Japanese country skill
Still rob the champion glory title
The star is similar
Also can forget three years and eight months feeling
That is another matter
Why didn't you go
I've thought about it, that's why I'm learning Japanese
When will you go
Still not Ok
Because I have some thing that I cann't give up here
Loathe to give up
How are you, did not sleep good
Last night midnight field, saw your that movie
Is it good
Last time that the street field
Knock down that result originally and so vigorous
Certainly sheared and connected
This film's action aspect is Ok
This film's action aspect is Ok
Have a little felling that it didcheat us money
well done
oh, just so so
it's also painstaking to shoot modest film
it's you who are painstaking
how come the audience know how hard you work
master, what's wrong? wait
hold on. i need 100 dollar for the fare
sir, i am sorry
what the hell is wrong with your phone
it won't get through
i am sorry i just switched off the phone
Zhu, this is my master
hello, master
hello, Zhu
master, why you need me so badly?
we got work to do now
stuntman again?
no, this time you are the actor
with features?
you're the hero. you tell me
what sort of film?
action of course
when shall we start?
tomorrow morning
so soon
yep. the hero of original cast break the contract
you don't mind being a sub, do you?
i don't mean that
that guy really lacks professionalism
what about the screenplay?
you'll have it in time
i need 100 dollar more for a cab
i need to go back, hurry
my master is such a man
always tight
i mean tight in spending money
hero, I can be a hero
the hero, i am the hero today
we are almost there. i see you there since i don't have a car
i will be the hero at any cost
i need go back
to look after the shop
it's the first for me to act the hero today
cheers and boost
let me carry these for you
let me carry these for you
hurry up. you are keeping the director waiting
Dan, what kept you so late
the director is waiting for you
i have a role in the film
i am fooled
am not i the hero
it only takes two days to shoot the whole film
you are still the hero even if you are in for just one day
take on the costumes, keep silent
i bring about enough clothes
no need¡­all is prepared
now this is some work
you got the screenplay?
this is the screenplay?
almost finished
isn't it supposed to be an action?
right, all are acitions
what's my role then?
a madman
this role
is an unusual madman
you are oppressed by convention
and went mad cuz you cann't stand it any more
there is sufficient room for your elaboration
isn't it going to be big slush
no, tiny slush at most
master, i need time to study this role
you' re not going to quit, are you
i don't mean that
that award winning actor also plays trash roles
in trash films
off time now
hey, come over here. the director wants you
i' coming
old woman, takes costumes to Dan
ok, i am coming
director, all is ready when Dan has costumes on
what is it like for the next scene?
the madman enjoys standing here
that woman lying there is sad
the madman approaches the woman but she cann't escape
that's enough¡­
let's rehearse
all right
just go
became the award winning actor
director, i can do that
the work is over?
you said you are going back to look after the shop
no easy job. I am waiting for you
I got money
let's have a extravagant dinner
Dan¡­it's too late
it's OK. i am hungry
beef, fish
two goose livers, two bowls of lovster soup
a pig hoof plus
lobster nodle
and a bottle of red wine
right away
hurry up
excuse me
we two cann't eat them up
i don't care
you earned the money. How can you throw it away so carelessly?
the 2000 bucks earned by acting a madman
are no decent money
that I cann't accpet
how much does it cost for the dinner
2,560 bucks
but you only own 2,000
it's 560 more
let me
cancle the pig hoof
half for the livre
half for the livre
that makes 1,998 bucks
two for the tip
you are unhappy?
you master shouldn't make you take role in such trash films
don't talk about my master like such
i'm just talking
cann't i talk
ok,i won't talk
you know
my master took me over when i was 16
the first time i was hurt
he backed me to the hospital
on foot
without my master
there is no what I am now
i am just talking
cann't i just talk
ok, i won't talk
why are you shouting? I drive slowly
i don't mean that you drive fast
that'so. everytime i am sad
i will drive out
and it makes me relieved
you can have a try
to make yourself happy
of course, why not
the madman
the slush film
once again
you are grown up now
why leave, Lian
Lian, i am your big fan
are you uncomfortable?
are you unconfortable?
don't do this
i have to
i don't have much merit
but i remember anyone who is good to me
whenever i am sad i just take it out
the world isn't so simple as you think
then how complicated it is, Sir?
what do you wanna do most in your entire life?
look after the tea shop my dad left me
and then help others
you are happy cuz you are doing what you desire to do
i began this profession since i was 16
i don't wanna be a superstat but merely an actor instead
17 years passed without a slightest chance
don't you have the chance today
the madman
is some hero
you don't understand
once you are in a slush film, it's hard for you to jump boat
but there is possibility
be confident
i have outdone my confidence
can it be outdone?
don't be silly
you should be more optimistic
be optimistic
be opmtiistic
if only i get a chance
you will, sooner or later
come to the tea shop when you are blue
you are more upset staying at home all the time
i am upset? i cann't be busier
practise all day long and study performing
you are more upset than I
i am in no way upset
i prictise sword and look after my shop
i also wait Mrs Lee to bring Ming
then I feed her cat
what a coincidence
let me
don't bother, i can manage these
you bought much
we have many guests for dinner tonight
oh, i have to bye cabbage for soup
Dan also comes for dinner
cuz he makes a real actor yesterday
the hero
so the master and Xiao will also come
why not come together
good idea
do you get along well with Dan
merely neighbourhood
you always talk about him
i don't
good cabbage. Dan will like it
i want half a kilo, sweet
actually i love you
you will regret if you are with me
Sir, i want one more
no more or you will throw up
i'd rather die
one more
Dan, come here
i will cook when Mrs Lee brings Ming
how are you?
don't drink too much
Chun, don't stare at me like such
just drinking¡­something wrong with eyes
nothing wrong with eyes, souls instead
i won't get the chance without you
i shouldn't have disliked the slush film
the master won't blame you
toast to the master
and respect the master
in the past¡­Zhu's daddy
don't talk about the past during dinner
sounds like someway passed away
help yourself, DAn
i know you like cabbage most
i know you like it most
help yourself
Zhu, have drumsticks
i am full for both of them
hands off
this one is bigger
this one is bigger
welcome to the show
every Monday
recent rumors says that
young master splits up with Lian
for your information,
in the charity ball last Sunday
the mate of young master is Josephine
instead of Lian
When asked by reporters, the young master just laughed
yesterday, when Lian was in an emotional scene
lots of chances
there must be a chance, cheers
you have a copy of star track?
what star track?
the track of movie stars, there whereabouts
look for it, you moron
you jerk just read the adult section. help me check
where is the entertainment section?
hurry up Dan. i a waiting for you downstairs
that's it
get in the car
where to go
get in
don't be pretentious
the newspaper says it is nearby. where is it
where are you heading for
don't worry
aren't you going to sell me
no way
lights ahead
who is the director
i got it
got what?
the lottery
i am coming in a while
i don't know what to say
hurry, what are you gonna say
you just drop by
i'm gonna to¡­
what a coincidence to meet you here
yep, what a coincidence
still working?
it's over soon
a big production
yep, quite big
how about you and Lian
nothing changed
nothing. you go home so late
i entertained her at the pub after work
what did she say to you
did she talk about something special to you
did she talk about something special to you
she asked me to
celebrate her birthday this Friday
nothing, the plan to take Lian back
in on its half way to success
take back what
she asks me to celebrate her birthday every year
but this year you are different
so i feel
that she treated you the dinner
means that you are really somebody in her heart
don't be upset. I'll see to it
Lian will sure be back to you side
bye then
see yah
i knew it
to go to the party
and dressed up
you are like a star once dressed up
like in the past
no more passed please
take care of yourself
sure do
i'm leaving
how can you leave with hands empty
i did not give flowers for years
you are different this year
thanks, bye
how do you go there?
by bus
bus? it's off time now
flowers will be staved
that's enough
lend me 100 bucks
100 bucks more for retune
Jiufang Tang
can you
exxuse me
tidy them up
you want dessert?
will give you menu right away
hi fella¡­
you don't have much to say today
still mad about me
still mad about me
a little
a little
if you may
i really would like nothing happened
i make a phone call
Zhu, it's me
are you having dinner with Lian?
we are having dessert
enjoy, i am sleeping
see yah
interest and short hair
get more chances to fall in love
intonation and nail
i almost believed that
your world is too naive
really not enough methods
you go to the pagoda top
i am downstairs with hundreds of staircases
those prostitutes can get love
can i£¿
we can both guess
make fist
bend your waist
have a kiss
hear wind blowing
touch eyebeows
all is fairytale
the middle part is most attractive
two worlds
you go to the pagoda
i am downstairs with hundreds of staircases
those students can get love
can i?
we can both guess
make fist
bend your waist
have a kiss
just bought cabbage to make dinner
what's for diner?
you are either at home or in tea shop
what's so urgent
go shopping
you are not available
i will have dinner with Zhu, come
no, i have to wash dishes
wash glasses? you did not mention it before
you did not mention it just now
i have reservation
let's go
happy birthday
happy birthday
how do you know it's my birthday?
i am considerate
i did not take Japanese lesson today
to celebrate your birthday
why, are you unhappy?
don't know
your lover is with other people?
if it were me, I would also be unhappy
what did you say?
whenever you saw Dan is with Lian
you are perturbed
whenever you saw Dan is with Lian
you are worried
whenever you didn't see Dan
you feel lonely
this has nothing to do with Dan
you love Dan
how do you kno
whenever i saw Dan is with you
i am worried
whenever i saw Dan is with you
i am worried
whenever you didn't see Dan
i feel lonely
what are you talking about?
we are saying that
i love you
you are unhappy
don't fool yourself
your heart belongs to someone else
i understand you wanna show kindness to me
but your heart is elsewhere. Even if you manage to keep good terms with me
i wouldn't be happy
sorry for what
i made mistakes
go and find her, hurry
i will go by myself
hurry, go
may Dan can be
with her beloved
for what?
i wanna talk to you
What about Lian?
she is no longer important
what matters
what matters
today is the last day that you film about madman will be shown
at half past 7
will you come with me to the cinema?
i cann't face that film
but you have a role in it
but i never think that i will see it
oh please
no way
what about you shutting eyes and i watch movie
people will laugh at me
no one will laugh at you
there must be someone
come on¡­
keep silent and give me 100 bucks
taxi fare first
what's wrong with your phone?
i did't bring my cell
master, why do you need me so badly?
director Huang just finished watching your madman movie
and considered you good actor
you are going for the testing for a new moviw
and still are the hero
what kind of movie?
no more slush films
do you know the movie?
great musketeers
great musketeers
does great musketeers have anything to do with madman?
what do you know, a pitiful audience
how do you know the thoughts of a great director as Huang
mind you own business
mind you own business
i need 100 bucks for the taxi
hurry, i need to go back
great musketeers
you have read great musketeers many times yesterdy
also rehearsed. no need to worry
i can go by myself
let me help you
no need
i wanna know the result asap
it cann't be so quick. you will know either by mail or by phone
i will follow you up to wait mails or phones for you
no need
behave yourself
cann't i
next time
do i make it?
i have the screecplay of great musketeers
when will be the shooting?
we will go to Agentina next month for xin months
next month?
to shoot great musketeers in Argentina?
you got to be kidding
this is the idea of Huang
how come a commom person like you know the reason
he is a great director
not here
i know
what about the heroine
how many horoine¡­has he selected?
too common
look¡­the directos carefully makes his choice
he once mentioned Liu, Chang
oh, great
you won't understand
the director's selection
what's for meal?
head low
once more
head low
What's wrong?
i gotta something to tell yah
you practise by yourselves first
you help them
ok£¬come on
ok, one,two,start
head low
what's the matter Mrs Chen?
the sleeping portion is too strong
it cann't be
what's wrong?you don't lok well
why does my husband go up there
only husband, how long
3 weeks
not more than 3 weeks. when to return
he had a lover
Zhu, do me a favour
i will try¡­try this magic tea
see if you will be happy after drinking the tea
my husband won't havea lover after this
just in three weeks
head low
then what if six months
Yang, what are you doing over there?
we shall meet here in 16 years
couple's deep love, don't break promise
what's so funny?
the story of the scene is that little dragon maid gets lost
and leaves a message for her lover
to meet again in 16 years
is that so funny?
you cann't call him Chun
don't ever write him name here
he screwed up all the theatre, u know
he writes for the whole morning
and also, i feel there is something wrong
with your interpretation
my interpretation
but i followed the practice of a famous actor
too bad
too bad?
i don't care
you are merely a common audience
how could you possibly know the idea of Huang
i wanna go to Argentina
i wanna fly
it's my first time to be part ofa big hit. if i bring with me more people
peoplemay say i am pretentious
and cut my part. that's bad
then i will book hotels and afford my own air ticket
i won't cost you any money
i won't play around there
i don't have time to look after you
i can take care of myself
it's six months
i will be sad
but i won't interfere your work
not good
i don't get such opportunity often
please let me have a successful career
i'm going for rehearsal
we are in good terms
how can you left me alone
we are husband and wife
how can you left me alone for 16 years
we are husband and wife
help me with the rehearsal, Zhu
no wonder you won't allow to go to Argentina
Lian is the heroine in this movie
I just know
really? then why won't let me go with you?
i have to focus on my role
i will be distracted if you go there, understand
but i won't interfere you
and i can take care of myself
but i will worry about you
who will look after you when i am working
i can take care of myself
you don't need to do that
it's unlike Hongkong
and you have never taken a flight
yes, i never fly
i have never left my tea shop for my entire life
for more than 24 hours
i am willing to left the shop to go to Argentina with you
you won't let me go
i just need to be concentrative in the film
i'd rather say i will interfere you and Lian
how can you say that
if you really wanna stick with Lian
I won't come
how can i know you will be regretful
a bit
i will meet you again
i give you my word
i will be right back after the shooting
and then we will travel to Argentina
just months is a glimpse
you will face Lian everyday
and day after day
i promise
i will focus on the film
i won't be mad about you
i promise
help me with the dialogue
morning sweet
air ticket to Argentina with the name Zhu
did you make a mistake?
Miss Zhu
it must be
how come
how come
Zhu left
this morning
she asked me to paste this peice of paper this afternoon
i'm gonna paste it right away
did she say where she is heading for
no, just says she will take flight
oh, this is for you from Zhu
Dan, I thought for the whole night yesterday
it is not that i don't trust you
but rather that i don't trust myself
life after you finish the film
is beyond mine
i don't know how to face
life without you beside
maybe you are right
i have been in the tea shop all the time
too boring
since you refuse to let me go with you
i'd rather make use of this chance
to go out and see around the world
let's depart
and just like our relationship is to be testified
by the great musketeers
yet sixteen years is too long for me
i'd rather make it sixteen months
to see if we can meet again
or everything changes
i kept all your screens
recorded in a cassette
as a birthday gift for you
now i have to give it to you in advance
happy birthday
and make a good movie
don't be angry with neibhbourood
take care
Yours, Zhu
she is pretty and kind
the story is about she is too pretty
and they die as a couple
i don't care such spring
it would be pleasure for me to
be the grass behind your flower
friends admire my beloved
i would be willing to be your brother or sister
you shouldn't be a slave of flower
praise whatever is good
friends admire my beloved
like your brother or sister
gifts too precious and make it less
don't waste anything
where to go?
wanna be an attacker?
screw you
wanna go to Japan?
i already have nothing to lose
i wanna be an attacker
so be it
i drive and take you a lift
to get accustomed to a person
i have to work hard
work hard
work hard
is Zhu back?
look at that paper, it says in 16 months
i don't know either when she is back
what are you doing?
you tell me
you tell me
excuse me
sit down please
i am alone with no accompaniment
Xiao left me a photo
Xiao left me a photo
aren't you supposed to act the lover
while i act the little dragon maid
you deceived me and made me to go to Argentina for 16 years
what Lian did
she just acted as musketeers
not even saw a fly
what did you do in the 16 years
i know you have nothing to take care of
nothing worth remembering
all that you can do is looking at the musketeers
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