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Herencia (2001)

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The gnocchi are getting cold!
Can you give me some cream or olive oil?
-Don't get upset, Olinda, come on. -No.
Angel! Pass me some cream for the gnocchi.
-Thanks. -You're welcome.
I don't know why, I felt hungry again.
That was me fifteen years ago.
Oli, you're as lovely as ever.
How are you? I came to see you.
-I'll be right with you. -I'll wait for you.
Who's he?
A client. Give me this.
-No, I've finished. -Take this.
I'm off.
-Bye. -Bye. -See you tomorrow. Bye.
I can't believe it, Angel! Another plate?!
-What a fuss over a plate! -It's not the plate, you're distracted.
-It's not the last plate. -I don't have money for new plates.
I don't care about the money.
-But you're sleeping! -So get someone more awaken...
... and leave me alone!
I wonder if people can see the restaurant tomorrow.
-I can't tomorrow. -You can't? I'll come with them then...
-...and see your helper. What's his name? -Angel?
No, don't count on Angel.
Do you want to sell or not? We discussed it. The restaurant...
I can't believe it!
A lot to be fixed, humidity in the bathroom, kitchen,...
-...plenty of things... -What's wrong with the kitchen?
You said it yourself. They are paying for the area.
Yes, but I won't give it away.
I put great effort in this. My life is in here.
I know about it, dear. But these people think with their heads...
... and you think with your heart.
There's nothing to think!
Youngsters are really something these days...
-How much? -No, please.
-Thank you. -I'm sorry. I lost your card.
Here's another one. Di Paola.
-Thank you. -You're welcome.
Think it over. We can't lose it, Olinda, really.
-I'll see you out. -Thank you.
Call me, please.
What do you need?
-Good morning. I looking for Belén. -Who?
I'm Peter. I come from Germany this morning...
-Who are you looking for? -Peter... eh, Belén, Belén.
-There's nobody by this name here. -Belén, Belén, yes.
Belén... San Isidro... Bolívar.
This is Bolívar St., but not San Isidro. It's San Telmo.
-San Isidro. -San Telmo.
-It's not San Isidro... but it's near? -It's one hour from here.
-How far? -One hour.
-Anything else? -No, that's OK.
-Do you have ''Kechum''? -''Kechum''?
-''Kechum''. -Yes, I'll get it.
Or thousand islands. I can't eat it like this.
''Ketchup'', please.
Who asked for ketchup?
-I just gave you eggplants. -So, it's for the eggplants.
-They are served like that, without katchup. -I know that.
-But he wants ketchup or some dressing. -Tell him there's none.
-How can I tell him that if he wants some! -Listen!
We've already discussed it! People here eat as I say.
Eggplants are served this way, without ketchup. Go and tell him!
-I'm sorry, there's no ketchup. -You don't have ''kechum''? -No.
-Thousand islands either? -No.
-Mayonnaise? -We've run out of it.
Something? Mustard?
No more explanations. You want ketchup? Here, ketchup.
It's very simple. Measure the diameter and from there count...
... noodles. You know how many are there for the diameter?
I don't have to explain you anything.
It's my restaurant. If you don't like it, darling, there's the door.
I say nothing, but you make me lie and look like an asshole.
You bet I'll leave. I even have to tell people what they must eat.
Who are we?
All this over some eggplants?
Yes. And if he wants to add ketchup, let him.
-What do you think we are? -OK, stop this nonsense!
Why? Can't I say what I think? He might not like the food.
-It might have been too salty, too hot. -Shut up!Say something!
It's always the same.
Maybe it was tasteless, too tasty. Who knows?
-Stop it, Angel. -Or hot, too salty, too oily.
Or it was too dry or sour!
-You don't even know what your food tastes like! -Stop!
Bring me more icecubs, dear.
-What's he saying? -I don't know, I don't get it.
Down, please. Down.
-What language is he speaking? -I don't know. I think it's German.
Does anyone speak German? Do you speak Spanish, English?
Relax. Angelito went to get the doctor.
I'm very sorry. Where did he come from? We were closing.
Just a minute, Oli, calm down. Luz, you can go.
-I'll stay with Olinda until Angel comes back. -OK.
Ah, you dropped this.
And this.
The doctor wasn't at home, he'll be back soon.
No need a doctor.
-He says he's fine. -No, slowly.
-You give a menu? -We don't work at nights.
Quiet, Angel. Go and tell the doctor we won't need him.
Oli, do you have anythlng for dinner?
Do you like the food?
Take this, it's hot. When you're weak,...
... it helps you get your strength back.
I don't know if you understand.
Some more eggplants?
-Food is good. -You speak Spanish.
-I thought you only spoke English. -I'm German.
So that's why I didn't understand a word.
-You speak English? -No.
I speak Spanish. And Italian.
A little Spanish, and Italian... "nente".
-"Nente". -Niente!
Do you like to travel?
-You don't like Buenos Aires? -I arrive yesterday.
Some of this? Don't you like it?
You don't like it? I like... I have no money to eat.
I don't know how to apologize and you speak of money.
For God's sake! You're welcome here.
My house is your house.
Yes, my house, your house.
It's the 3rd. thing broken in 2 days. First Angel, now you.
If it breaks, it breaks. But don't say you can fix it!
It's no good, you see?!
Stop that!
-Good night then. -Good night, Miss.
Sorry, sorry for... plate.
Please. I get angry more often than I should, but it's OK now.
I've almost split your head open, so we're even.
Peter, Peter Müller.
-Peta. -Peter.
-I'm Olinda. -Oh... my pleasure.
-OK. Goodbye, Miss Linda. -Bye.
Hello, Mr. ...
What? Speak Spanish.
Money, money, stolen, robbed.
-You were stolen? -All.
Listen, it's very clear here. The hotel is not responsible...
-...for any burglary in the rooms. -You not have safe?
-Haven't? -No, you bring the money,...
...we put it in a bag and close it with some tape, you sign...
No, you have a name? Thief, thief, robbery,...
-... for police. -No, no police here. No police.
Don't speak German to me. I don't get it.
-Pity? Who is it? -No more money, little money... Nothing.
I need... a bed for two days.
Understand? Understand, Sir?
Tomorrow, looking for money... tomorrow.
OK, you'll stay tonight without paying.
-No, two, three days. -No, that's all. You'll stay today.
-Tomorrow you'll leave. Go away. -I need... I need...
-Tomorrow, you get lost, so long, ciao. -So long, ciao.
Anything wrong?
Nothing, why?
You've been acting a bit strange lately.
There's nothing wrong, really.
When you lie, your forehead wrinkles up.
-A little line appears here. -Well, I'm tired, Federico.
I just can't sleep,...
... for one reason or another.
Yesterday due to that foreigner. He left a notebook here.
It had been so long since I heard another language spoken.
Now tell me the truth. What's wrong?
The restaurant is up for sale.
For sale?
Just because.
-Hi. -Who is he? -A guy that came yesterday.
How are you?
-Where did this guy come from, Tito? -I don't know, buddy.
You're back. I kept it for you. Just a minute.
I'll give it to you.
Oh... I think in hotel...
-Thanks, Miss. -No, no. You're welcome.
I come to bring this for you.
For me?
You crazy thing!
What's that? A wrapped plate. In the old times, you...
-...gave chocolates, flowers at least. -They're the same.
-I can't imagine giving that to a woman. -Identical.
Your trip is over? I mean, you didn't like Buenos Aires?
No. I'm not return.
... I have no place to go.
I was stolen last night.
You're the only person I know in Buenos Aires.
I look for a person. I can't find her.
So I need a place to sleep.
Yes, of course.
Here. Please.
No, this is not a hotel.
No, anywhere... On floor... here.
I work here, we work. This is a restaurant.
I can't work too, I cook, clean. Once was barman in Heidelberg.
Barman? Yes... But I don't have money.
-I don't need another employee. -Need another employee?
No. I don't need anyone else!
Listen, please.
Don't want you pay me. No. Just sleep.
A contract for a couple of days.
-No, there's no contract. -One, two. -No!
Sure. OK.
Is this guy planning to stay there?
He doesn't bother anyone. He chats with Elsa.
Come on, he'll get bored and will leave soon.
He'd better go or I'll call the police. He's all we needed!
Stubborn foreigner!
Who are you talking about?
If you go on teasing me, take your plate and sit next to him.
And if you like him so much, let him sleep in your house.
No, I only like Italians.
Besides, who knows if it's true what he says?
And that about the restaurant? Is it true?
Yes, Federico, it's true. But I haven't told Angel yet.
But why the rush? Why?
No, it's no rush. There's a time for everything.
I don't get it, Oli. Do you forget... much you invested in this place? -How can I forget?
That's it. I can't go on. I'm tired.
We're getting old, Federico.
No, I'm not old, and you aren't either. What's old?
-See you. -See you.
-Hello. -Hello.
-Closing? -Yes, we're leaving.
What are you doing here?
-Nothing. Do you have a cigarette? -No.
Tell me one thing. Are you planning to stay here long?
-Excuse me? -You're planning to stay here long?
I don't know.
I like a lot.
You do? And what do you like?
I'll tell you something. Even though you stay for a year,...
... you'll get nothing because I don't need anybody, I have...
... no money to pay anybody and I have no place for anybody.
What do you think this is? A hotel, a boarding house?
It's not. The only thing I have is my restaurant.
If you don't want me to call the police, get out of here.
Not restaurant here.
-Tell me. Do you have a plane ticket? -Excuse me?
-Plane, ticket, return fare, do you have it? -I do.
Good. You have plane ticket, passport, you're young.
You were stolen or you don't have money. Go to the Embassy,...
-explain that to them and they'll send you back. -I can't go back.
I have nothing, nobody in Germany.
-This can happen to any tourist. -No. No tourist, no vacations.
I come to Argentina to look for a woman, understand?
How old are you?
You want a place? Here you are. If you don't find her, you go.
I don't care where.
It's a deal for a few days. OK?
Thanks, Miss. What should I do?
You find her. And take a shower,...
...because you won't conquer anyone looking like that.
I must clean the counter.
Counter. Clean.
Your bump is better.
The forehead.
-Just a minute. -Yes.
Good morning.
Yes. I'll be right with you.
Take this, I'll explain to you later.
Come on, Angel, move. Goodness!
You know the house where the girl lives?
German technology.
You drink wine and speak foolish things.
For you.
-Hi. I'm Loli. -Hi.
She lives here. I looking for her.
Belén García.
You must eat something.
Come here. I just made something.
So... did you find many Garcías?
All of them, almost.
Don't feel bad.
At the beginning Buenos Aires seems to eat you alive,...
... but then you get used to it. It's easier.
You don't have to lose your faith.
Do you have faith?
Now I think my father in Germany was right.
Says I'm crazy... Travel without know about her for so long,...
-... with, without money... -When did you see her last?
A year and a half or so...
Parents always say you're crazy when you're young.
Do you have a daughter?
No, that's not my daughter.
How old do you think I am?
She's an Italian who came here like you,...
... with no money.
With a suitcase, a name and an address.
-She also came here seeking someone. -A man?
-Yes. -And when she comes, she find him?
Yes. They met after a long time,...
... after some years.
-In a movie theater. -But the man...
... she looks for, waits for her?
Yes, well... Things were different at that time.
It was after the war. There were few telephones,...
... letters got lost...
The same happened with people.
People got lost too.
The irony was he was writing to her to a desert village...
... in Italy and she...
...she was desperately looking for him in Buenos Aires.
-What happened? -Nothing.
That's life, isn't it?
Sometimes things aren't the way we want.
She stayed in Buenos Aires...
...because her father also told her she was crazy.
She is pretty before.
Yes, she was pretty before.
And you know something?
She was happy...
-... because at that time she never lost hope. -Hope?
Of being happy.
Look, I cut this from the paper for you.
You can advertise there. It's not expensive...
... and it may be easier.
Good morning.
Hello. I thought you were Olinda.
-No, what is it? Is it leaking again? -Yes, broken.
-But I fix. -The pipes are bad.
Olinda told you to fix them?
She doesn't like anyone to be touching things in her kitchen.
Boys. What's going on? Why are you here so early?
-I had to come near here. -Near, what for?
-I took my girlfriend to the doctor. -Is something wrong?
No, no. Nothing's wrong.
-What's this mess? For God's sake! -Water.
-I can see that. What happened? -I told him you didn't like...
-...anyone working here, but he's a busybody! -Did you touch it?
A barman and a plumber! Very well!
Take this, honey! Learn something. Take the bucket.
-Looking for work? -Classified ads. I read to look for person.
Boys! If you remain like this, you'd better get out of here!
You seem two statues. And you look like a zombie.
You're always adding.
-What? -You're always adding.
We used to add. Now we only subtract, see?
This is the subtraction symbol, and it's worn out.
Money is never enough.
In your country, Germany, isn't it?
How much does a cook helper earn?
Somebody like me?
-Dollar... money... approximately. -I don't know.
Today there isn't much work. But there is unemployment...
... insurance, one can live, rent a small apartment,...
-... go out sometimes. -Everything we can't do here.
-You can't. -No, salary is not enough.
If I had money, big money,...
... I'd buy a car, those without roof,...
... and I would buy a lot of things.
I'd go out of here. I'd take a chick with me.
-An Argentine girl, I mean. -Argentine?
-Sure, they are the prettiest! -Argentine.-They're the prettiest.
-Oh, come on! -No kidding! I saw it in a magazine. I read it!
Argentine women? Look.
Angy, sweet as an Angel and hot.
But she's not the one you're looking for, isn't she?
-You've a girlfriend, don't you? -Yes. She's expecting a brat.
-What? -A brat, a baby.
-No! -Oh, yes, she's pregnant. -Good!
-Look at the fatty's tits. She has nice tits, right? -Tit?
No, no, not tit, no. Tits, two. One, two, understand?
Tits, sure.
Are you closing?
Yes. Need anything?
I came to see Martín but I lost track of time.
And Angel?
-He left earlier today. -Olinda?
Yes. Want to say something?
-To whom? -Olinda.
-OK, see you. -Luz!
Where are you going now?
That way. Home.
... do you like Buenos Aires?
I don't see much Buenos Aires.
-If you want, I can show you some places. -Yes, perfect.
-OK, tomorrow. -Tomorrow?
-Can you go tomorrow? -It's all right for me.
-For you? -Yes. Bye.
Hello. Yes, it's me.
Who? Oh, yes, sorry. How are you?
No, no. I was far from here.
Well, I need to think it over. No, no, no, I know.
But I want to be sure of that. Give me some days, Di Paola.
I'll call you. I have the number of the Real Estate Agency.
I'll call you. Bye.
My aunt makes these candles but their essences...
-...aren't from here. -Nice pefume. Where is it from?
From Paraguay.
-This candle causes an immediate... -Nice smell!
-... relaxing effect, immediate... -How pleasant.
This is green. It works on the areas with tension...
-Maybe... -And this one...
-If you smell this, another effect takes place. -Which effect?
-Love. -Come on, Elsita!
-Love, it's true. -Don't lie to me, Elsita.
-Hello. -Hello, dear.
-Hi, sweetheart. -How are you, Elsita? -Fine, fine.
-Ready? -Let's go.
-I forgot there was nothing. We can heat it in the micro? -No.
Your parents?
My father doesn't live here but with his wife and son.
My mother is travelling because she's a costume dresser...
...for movies. She's working. That's why I don't have food.
Do you like movies?
To watch them, not to work on them.
-And you? -Yes, I like them. In Germany I see...
... very, very movies, very docu...
-Documentary! -Documentary films, exactly!
My mother... always sees them, with my brothers and me,...
-... before leaving to Spain. -Did you live in Spain?
No, no. only she.
She left my father, us, when I was a child.
I was born in Venezuela, I lived in Mexico...
...and when Mum returned to Argentina, I came with her.
When I finish high-school,...
... I want to travel. I don't know with whom but...
... I want to go. Then I'll come back.
Why do you want to go and come back?
I don't know.
I feel that when you travel...
... distance makes you see things better,...
...what you want and don't want, what you like and don't like.
If you're near, you have no real dimension of what's going on.
Well, I'd like to leave and come back.
But I want to live here, in Buenos Aires.
You're the first Argentine who likes to live in Buenos Aires.
There are things I don't like.
What things don't you like of Germany?
Hello. Federico? No, don't fret. It's Olinda. Were you sleeping?
That's good.
No, nothing's wrong. It's Peter.
No, no, it's late and he hasn't arrived yet.
Well, it's 1 am, Federico.
Yes, he left early.
No, how could he? His stuff is here.
I know he's a grown up man, Federico, but...
...he's alone, he doesn't know anyone, he doesn't have money...
Yes, isn't it?
OK, OK, I won't worry then. Yes, thanks, Federico. Excuse me?
Yes, ravioli. See you tomorrow. See you tomorrow. Bye.
Today, noon. Martín looks for you.
-All right. -Sorry I don't remember tell you but...
-Don't worry. I'll call him later. -Good.
Why did you come to Buenos Aires?
You haven't found her yet.
It might not be so difficult to find somebody here, someone...
...must know her. Well, look at me, I'm telling you this and...
... I never find Martín.
Why do you look for him?
-Why do I look for him? -Yes.
I don't know.
I don't know either why we can't meet and so...
... but I look for him.
How is it with her?
With her? I don't know now.
Why didn't you come before?
It's complicated.
Me and my father, we fight, little money...
... and it's a big mess.
Do you have to go?
-No. No. -No?
-No. -What do you think?
What do you think?
-It's well said. -Yes.
I think... it's first nice day to me, in Buenos Aires.
Did you fall from bed, Angelito?
What's going on? Why this face?
I lied the other day when I said I went to the doctor...
... with Blanca for a check-up.
But why, is there anything wrong? Come, let's go inside.
-No, I don't want to go inside. -Why? What is it?
I was offered another job. The other day when I left earlier...
... I went there and lied again.
So what?
So I got the job and I'm working here and there,...
... and I don't sleep. I'm like a zombie, as you said. Remember?
What kind of job is it?
In a fast food restaurant: hot dogs, hamburgers, that stuff...
A Fast Food. What is it called?
''Rey Hamburger'', it means the king of the hamburger.
Do you like it?
Yes. So, so.
I thought I would be able, but now he is here and...
What are you saying, Angel? He's not staying here!
-He doesn't work here! And you know it! -Yes, I know.
Pick up the phone, will you?!
I'll come to see you, you know?
Do you want help with these boxes?
OK. Can I come to visit?
I must go now.
Olinda, the real estate agent called.
He'll come at 6 pm...
... with a client.
Stop it a minute.
And Angel?
He didn't come.
And you were afraid the German could have a problem...
No, please, Federico, I don't want to talk about it.
I'm fed up of understanding the problems of others.
What are you looking at? Do you think I didn't see you?
-You're always looking at this boy. -What do you mean?
-You're always doing the same to me! -Don't shout.
-Don't shout. -I shout! I've been looking for you all night.
-Hello, Elsa. How are you? -How are you?
-What are you drawing? -I'm going to draw life, Elsa.
-Excuse me? -Go on.
Are you having lunch or not, Federico?
I'm just asking.
Oh! You're beautiful, Oli! A real flower!
please, Federico. You're too old to be a latin lover, aren't you?
Why are you in such a good mood in this lovely day?
-Where are you going? -Downtown.I've got things to do.
Peter, if these people want to see my bedroom,...
-... show them. If not, keep it locked. -Yes.
-Who's coming? -People from the realtor.
-The ones of the counter offer. -Not them. They want... demolish the kitchen. -So? You want to sell it?
Have you seen the kitchen?
How is it? In perfect conditions. It was old stuff,...
...but good quality. Now things don't have the same quality...
... than in the past. For God's sake!
Oli and you, do you fight a lot?
No, Oli always argues with Angel, but now he's not here...
-... she argues with me. -I think when I saw you here,...
... you are married.
Yes, it's a matter of time we are not together.
Do you want to leave? Do it, because this is fucking finished!
How rude!
Finally you broke up with this beast, sweety.
One moment, please.
What would you like, Miss?
A combo... club.
Very juicy.
Guy! Where is this guy?
Here you are. Listen, tell Olinda to call me today,...
... or I'll ring her later. Here's my card. She always loses them.
This people want to buy it.
They'll build a video game place.There's a school near here.
Understand? Nice guy... Tell her to call me. Bye.
-Is the food in Germany so bad? -What?
OK. Olinda. Oli...
-Yes. -If you think better and want me leave,...
... I'll leave. I not look at time last night. Say sorry.
What's wrong?
-Siponto is vanishing. -What happened?
Siponto, an earthquake, my town in Italy.
I've been trying all afternoon...
... to remember the name of my school but...
A lot of things happened there but I couldn't remember it.
-What? -Like my father.
He couldn't remember name of the park when is a child,...
-... on other side. -What side were you?
East. My family lived in one side and the other...
... until wall... fall.
And what happened to your father?
When I was a child...
... he watch the wall in silence, next to me.
And when it fell, my father cried.
I never saw him cry before that day.
First thing he did,...
... come back to this park.
Did he recognize it?
It must have been very different.
Yes, but he found the same, like past.
Where do you live now?
My older sisters live in Berlin. Me and my father...
... moved to Koblenz...
... six years before. He say: Don't want live in big city.
Is Germany a nice country?
Yes, it's nice.
But here it's nicer.
In Germany there isn't this sun,...
... this blue sky,...
... loving people...
... and all this.
If robbed, like I, have nothing,... help there. You are broke, like you say here: ''in balls''.
-You learnt very quicky. -Angel is a good teacher.
-Yes, sure, Angel! -And you.
No, I don't say ''in balls''.
-It bothers you? -No.
Siponto, like Argentina, a nice place too?
Yes, very nice.
Or it was, I don't know now.
-You never came back? -No.
Are you coming back?
Can you keep my money? I don't have any pockets.
When you not sad, you are more beautiful.
Tell me that in German... How do you say it?
In German?
What's wrong with you?! Asshole!
-Belén! Belén! -Don't!
-Belén! -Stop!
How are you?
I don't know.
I don't understand.
It is the end of the trip for me.
Well, it's something.
Now your trip makes sense.
You came looking for her and you found her.
You left Germany because you wanted to do so, didn't you?
You say one day:
''You see better...
... at a distance.''
Yes, I think so.
Now, if you want,... you may come back.
Or stay.
Or go somewhere else.
Now you can choose.
-What? -I want tell something.
Yesterday, I met Belén.
Well, that's fine. Tell me, how was everything?
How did you find her? Where?
She is pregnant.
But could you speak with her?
-Did you tell Belén you searched for her? -No, no.
Olinda, it's not war anymore.
She doesn't think of me, never.
Did she tell you that? Did she?!
No, she didn't. I don't care. I don't care.
It's an end for me. Luckily, it's an end.
Luckily... luckily...
You say easily, luckily...
But luckily what? So our deal was useless?
No, no.
I met Linda here.
Olinda. This beautiful place, the people,...
... but I have to arrange my plane ticket now and...
Hello, Oli! How are you?
Can I speak with you?
Come in, please.
Don't tell me you're still surprised! Angel left...
... at least 3 times in the 6 years you worked together.
-Five! -Well, five, it's the same.
And the German was also going to leave.
Everybody has a life, Oli.
So I'm right. I have to sell the restaurant, everything.
No more Angels, no more Germans, no more anything!
To sell the restaurant is to finish with everything.
What'll you do, lock yourself up and wait for the time to come?
If you can't do it alone, you can ask for help.
-You don't need to prove anything. -That's my whole life.
-I can't give it to anybody. -That's why.
I've been thinking a lot, and it's true. We're a bit old...
... so let's enjoy what we have invested in...
... because we'll never forgive ourselves for not doing so.
Life passes by.
Your house is beautiful!
I've always liked this little garden.
You know what? I don't want to go back to the restaurant.
I think it's a good idea. Don't open.
Some days you don't feel like working.
Let's have lunch together.
I'm sorry, but to tell you the truth, I want to be alone.
I just want to walk...
... and think.
German, this looks very nice on you.
Don't you know how to fight, son of a bitch?!
-Hello. -Hello.
-Shall we make a toast? -To what?
To you.
We'll make a toast to us.
You know, sometimes in life...
... you don't know what you want...
... and it's been a long time since that had happened to me.
When I was young, I always knew what I wanted...
... and...
... when you arrived here, I hadn't heard...
... a foreigner speaking for a long time.
And I couldn't stop thinking I am a foreigner too.
I am Argentine now, but I was born in Italy.
And... wherever you are, you never forget this.
And Federico, you were right. In our lives,...
... mainly at our age, we have to do what we want...
... or we will never forgive ourselves for that.
So I made up my mind.
-I'm travelling to Italy. -To Italy? For how long?
I don't know! Until I have no more money.
But how much money? It's not the same 1 million pesos than...
I don't know, Federico. I'm leaving for a year, a month.
Look at Peter.
I've always dreamt of going back.
And that's all.
Going back.
I think it's great,...
... really great for her... her trip to Siponto...
-... for a while. -Yes! For a while. At this age, it's different.
-Federico... -What're you going to do with the restaurant?
Well, I've been thinking.
I don't know... If you stay in Buenos Aires...
... you may have a job, a house.
My house is your house.
My house...
Otherwise, I'll do as I told you.
I make a toast to you, Olinda, and your trip.
To you, Oli.
To the three of us?
To the three of us.
Hello. Thanks a lot. Come on.
You have to open it on the plane.
Are you happy?
-Yes. -Yes? -Yes. -Yes.
I think I'm falling in love with you.
-Why? -Why? Because I feel it here.
-Here? Very good. -''Very good''.
-Hello, hello, hello! -Hello!
Look, look, isn't he handsome? He's over there. He's cute!
-Come with me. I'll introduce him to you. -No, no.
Do you like the party?
-Yes, it's OK. -Yes.
A lot of people.
Federico,... are you all right?
Yes, I'm fine. A bit tired.
I'm leaving.
-Come. -Where?
What's that?
Thanks, thanks.
Federico, come here. I was looking for you.
Where were you?
Federico, why such a sad face?
I'm not leaving yet. I have some days left.
I'm not sad, a bit tired, that's all.
OK, so you're happy because I'm leaving. Perfect.
You're so beautiful tonight, Oli.
This dress suits you.
Your eyes are bright.
The same eyes I have everyday, Federico.
No, tonight they are brighter.
Oli, if I told you now...
... that the German was right,...
... that just to know the other exists is not enough,...
... that love is another thing, would you believe me?
But... you don't believe in marriage.
-You like women too much. -You know what it is, Oli?
I see that you're leaving, that you won't be here everyday...
... and I don't know for how long.
I can't imagine. I can't.
Maybe it's too late but I only ask you to think it over...
... and come back.
I'll be here, or wherever you want, waiting for you.
But we are too old.
No! We may have waited too long, but it's not late.
I only ask you to think it over, Oli.
We've already had our chance.
Think about it. Travel, enjoy it.
Don't be so hard.
Give yourself another chance.
-Angel! -How are you?
-I'm glad you came. -I heard you were going to live in Italy...
No, no. Not to live, Angel, just for a while, not to live!
I thought you were going to live there.
Look at you. You're thinner. Do you eat in that place?
-No, what do you think? -And this haircut? -You came! Great!
-Let's dance. -OK.
Here you are.
-Anything else? -No, nothing.
Letter for you.
Federico, this is Siponto.
Beautiful, isn't it?
The earthquake was not so serious.
There is still green, sea, new houses...
... and some old ones I can recognize.
My school is still standing. It's name is Scola Domus.
Please, tell this to Peter.
My house doesn't exist anymore and... you know what's there instead? A restaurant.
Siponto is still the same...
... but it's also different.
Sometimes I think the same happens to all of us...
... when we find what we are looking for.
What do you think?
I believe, that in life, everyone deserves a second chance.
Miss your company.
To my grandmother Ernesta.
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