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Hero The

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How do you feel to see the whole|world showering its love on you?
Very nice. Lucky are those|who find true love
In my heart, is love|only for you, my love...
on my lips is a song
May the scorpion get the one|who lies, my love
In the name of God|tell me the truth, my love
In my heart, is love|only for you, my love...
on my lips is a song
Dorji, what cruel games|does destiny play?
I've got love from|the whole world today...
but my own beloved...?
I know a spy has no personal life|and emotions and have no place
For two years, when I was|fighting for life in the hospital...
everytime I came to, Shaheen's|and Reshma's memories haunted me
Reshma's still a burden on my heart
Dorji, let me know what happened|about Reshma. Where is she?
Has the government aided her?|I'm reaching Kashmir. Reply my mail
Reshma alive, Arun...?|What's all this about?
This mission started on the day|Ishaq Khan, chief of Pakistan's ISI...
hatched a deadly plot
This is our new plan, Maulana
Plan, plan, plan!
What am I do with your plans,|Ishaq Khan-saheb?
Worship them? Or have them|displayed on the wall?
The hand of protection the government|of Pakistan had placed...
on the Kashmiris, is in turn|being slapped on our faces
If the General had not sold Pakistan|to the Americans...
the Taliban would not have|been routed today
Try to understand, Maulana-saheb
By going down on his knees to|America, the General has tried...
to save Pakistan from the throes|of poverty and unemployment
That's all right, Ishaq-saheb.|But we have laid down our lives...
to start a fire for freedom|in Kashmir
We're not letting that cool down|at any cost
There is no question|of letting that cool off
Unless we have Kashmir separated|from Hindustan...
we Pakistanis shall not|have our revenge
Mere words do not extract revenge,|Khan-saheb. You and we are no different
Just once, get us the nuclear bomb.|You will then see...
the Indian government|will be snuffed out
And Kashmir will belong to us
The government can't do that|even if it wants to
Why won't you gentlemen understand?
There are so many international|pressures on Pakistan today
But there are no pressures|on you militants
You can do whatever you want to.|- What do you mean?
If Pakistan does not openly|give you its Islamic bomb...
it can at least give you the|go ahead to steal the bomb
That's just what I have planned.|Operation Nishan
Under this plan, the ISI will find|ways of stealing the bomb
And the ones who steal it|will be your suicide squads
Under the supervision|of two of our heads
Control your excitement,|Maulana-saheb
You've just had a surgery|on your heart
Stop worrying about me
Long live Pakistan!
Long live Kashmir!
So you see Pakistan's|dangerous intentions!
To get hold of a copy|of this secret film...
many of our agents|laid down their lives
We are not going to let their|sacrifice go in vain
At any cost, we have|to expose Pakistan
On the one hand, it foments|terrorism in India...
and on the other, to improve its|image in the world...
Pakistan denounces terrorism
Gentlemen, we are not|going to let that happen
Which is why we have sent|a copy of this film...
and a file containing evidence|of Pakistan's nefarious deeds...
to the UNO, under the care of our|under-secretary Ajay Chakravarty
What is this, Mr Ishaq Khan?
One minute, please hold on
Mr Ajay Chakravarty...|call for you from your mother
Yes, mother?
There are some men here with passports,|visas and tickets for New York
They say you've sent it for me
My son, it's said you and I are|going to live in New York in future
Is it true?|- One moment, Mom
No need to be surprised,|Mr Ajay Chakravarty
Once you give us the files and|floppies of the evidence...
it's going to be difficult for you|and your family to live in India
So we've made all the|arrangements for you
Once a man belongs to us,|we give him a bountiful
Excellent! But these dollars are|going to be spent in a few days
If I've got to live|here with my family...
I'll have to do some|business, won't I?
And New York is so expensive!
We have several Pak-Indo cuisine|restaurants here in New York
We'll have a couple of them|transferred to your name
I now understand why poverty|in your country will never end
Whatever money you get from America|is blown up in these endeavours
Excellent! I don't want the poor|in your country to curse me
You'd rather think of satisfying their|hunger with this money. Understand?
One moment, Bengali gentleman...|Think of your own hunger
There are just a couple of years|to go for your retirement
So shake hand with us
This is the hand of the Chief|of Pakistan's ISI
Whoever shakes hands with me|finds his life changed
And this is the hand of|an ordinary Indian citizen
Once it strikes someone,|it ruins his fate. Understand?
Mr Ajay Chakravarty, I'd rather you|think of your mother's fate
Oh yes, this isn't my mother.|It's your mother
Talk to her
Mr Khan, the tables have turned
This woman is not|Chakravarty's mother
She turns out to be a bombshell.|She's an intelligence officer
Your sidekicks have been arrested.|Just worry about yourself now, okay?
I know that if the evidence|reaches the U. N...
it'll be the death of|our Mission Nishan
Should I kill you right here,|it'll be my death
But I'd like to kill you|before I die
But how will you kill me?
The bullets of your revolver|are with me
What rubbish...?
Who made the head of the ISI?|You don't even deserve to be its tail
Number one: You're an ass
Number two: This isn't your country.|It's the U.S. Of A
And in the U.S. Of A,|asses don't roam on the streets
What rubbish are you talking?
The captured ISI chief Ishaq Khan|issued a statement after his arrest...
alleging that the Indian|intelligence wing, RAW...
had concocted false evidence to|hatch a conspiracy against him
He said this when he was deported|from the U.S. A and brought to Pakistan
It isn't our conspiracy.|It's the conspiracy...
of the Indian government against us.|Until I expose the conspiracy...
I will not sit in peace
These chains and shackles|can't stop our sacred war
You did an amazing job as|under-secretary Ajay Chakravarty
That's just what you|must expect from RAW
I'm now sending you|on a new mission, Arun
This time, you will play|the role of Major Batra
You'll get a file with all|the details on Major Batra
Apart from being a spy, you are|also a brave officer in the army
The place you're going to will have|a great weather, lovely valleys...
and snow-capped mountains...|- You're not sending me to Kashmir?
Dorji and Idris Malik will|accompany you in this mission...
who have been on the border of Kashmir|since Major Tyagi was there
Sir, before I leave|on this new mission...
I'd like to complete my old mission.|- What does that mean?
I mean, I want to go to Kashmir|and set up a proper network...
and gather evidence so that news of the|evidence once again reaches the enemy
Sir, the news that reached Ishaq Khan|was a closely-guarded secret
Well, Arun... you know|there's an enquiry underway
There's no need for an inquiry, sir.|I know who carried the information
That man is one of us
The decision must therefore|be made in our presence
You are the man
You know what you're doing?
This is the cursed piece of news|I had to listen to!
Had Maroof not given me|wrong information...
that Ajay Chakravarty is|the under-secretary...
and had I known that he wasn't|an under-secretary...
but an under-cover agent of India,|I'd have handled him in another way
We would even have been successful
In any case, I'm not one|of those who give up
I have sent word to the General|with a request...
to give me another opportunity.|I swear it on God...
I'm sure, success will be at our feet
Congratulations, Khan-saheb. The|government has upheld your request
They're thinking of giving you|another opportunity
Here's a letter from the General
And these are pictures of Ajay|Chakravarty in different disguises
We've got it from the|Chinese secret agency
See Maulana-saheb?|My doubts were not unfounded
Ajay Chakravarty is|indeed an Indian spy
Send copies of these pictures to our|organisations in India. Ask them...
to let us know the whereabouts|of this Indian hero right now...
What is the name of your city?
Paradise, paradise
What do people here do?
Love, love
May I salute you then...?
You have the permission. Go ahead
In Paradise, there|are beautiful fairies
Yes, there are
There is joy all around
Yes, there is
There's all that talk too...
Yes, there is
Every dream comes true...
if it's destined
What do people here do?
Love, love
May I salute you then...?
You have the permission. Go ahead
Sir, please join us and have|fun with the boys
We've got to live and die with you.|So come on!
May I too live here?
Sure, you may
May I say that which|I have to say?
You may
May I let myself be carried away|in the waves of fun?
Do, please
With your hands in mine...
That takes courage
What do people here do?
Love, love
May I salute you then...?
You have the permission. Go ahead
What is the name of your city?
Paradise, paradise
Paradise, paradise
Love, love
Watch out everybody...|there could be terrorists around
They could be hiding among the sheep
Lord! They're soldiers!
Let's run away.|- How can we run away?
What do we do with the sheep?
Will you collect donation|from the soldiers?
Can't help it. We're out|collecting donations, aren't we?
But they're very wicked!|- Never mind. I'll collect it
They're girls from the village, sir.|- Stop playing hide-n-seek! Step out!
I wonder why they're here.|Ask them
They're hiding their faces|behind the sheep!
Sir, we're from Rishika...|Please give us a donation
We'll eat crackers,|burst vermicelli...
I mean, burst vermicelli|and eat crackers...
we're only collecting...
forgive us
Wait a minute
Give me my wallet
Here you are
Is that too little?
Clear out the sheep
What's your name?|- Reshma
Nice name
You were in the 10 Guards Batallion?
You've spent 3 years in Assam|and two years in Rajasthan
You've also been at the|commando wing at Belgaum
You've also got a gallantry award.|Very good
Major Batra, this is your|second posting in Kashmir
The area of Sopore shall henceforth|be in your command, Major Batra
Where was the need for you to|ask the soldier for a donation?
Mother, you're nagging me!
He's a soldier, no doubt.|But he's a kind-hearted man
Didn't you see what a big|donation he gave me?
How will I reason with her?|- How will she understand?
She's an innocent child.|- Father, I'm not a child
What else are you? Someone talks|politely and you take up for him
You know, this new soldier has come|as a replacement for Major Tyagi
How shabbily he treated us!
This chap will be even worse,|just you see
These Indian soldiers|come from the same stable
They're all alike!
Rations and fruits have arrived
Unload the stuff. Hurry up
Have the sweetmeats and fruits|arrived from India, sir?
D'you think you're standing|in Paris or London?
Isn't Kashmir not in India?
Your job is to guide us around|the local paths, not question us
Unload the stuff!
We've got to distribute the fruits|and sweets among the soldiers
Distribute the fruits and|sweetmeats among the villagers
What are you talking about, sir?
There were many untoward|incidents during Mr Tyagi's tenure
The villagers will eat the sweets|and spew venom
They live off us, are loyal to others.|- And they help them shoot at us
I'd say, keep them at your feet
Not at your feet,|trample them under your feet
Dorji, give them love|and you will be loved
Give them hatred and|you will get only hatred
3 years ago, the Indian army arrested|our friend Imam Kaader Gani...
from the marketplace|in broad daylight
And there is still no trace of him
Bashir Ahmed Bhatt, Muhammad|Sultan Khan, Fayyaz Ahmed...
and Gulam Ali Wali among others|have been victims...
of the Indian government's atrocities.|We want freedom!
Brothers, Major Ravi Batra|is here to meet you...
We have to drive these infidels|out from our land!
Do not listen to him!|He's a traitor!
Death to the Indian army!
We will have Kashmir liberated!
We want freedom!|Freedom!
Death to the Indian army!|We want freedom!
We will fight till we|have won our freedom!
We want freedom for Kashmir!|We want freedom!
We want...
The freedom to curse the army|in its very presence...
you can have only in this nation
Had you cursed the army across|the border in this manner...
they'd have pulled your tongue|out of your mouth
I can do it too,|but I won't
I'm here to share love,|not hatred
Here you are.|Sweeten your tongue
What am I worth after all?
It's but Your mercy and blessings
It's true, priest. The new major is|distributing sweets in villages...
he's giving books to children|in schools...
and he's even sending|medicines to the hospitals
I have seen it for myself|at Rawatpura
I'm sure this is a ploy|of the Indian government
You are right. It is indeed a ploy.|To win your friendship
Your sympathy and your humanity.|That there be peace and tranquility...
everywhere in Kashmir,|I have to come to pray to the Lord
My Lord, my Master,|my Allah...
where will I go|with my desires?
What am I worth after all?
It's but Your mercy and blessings
The desire to revere You|enthralls my heart
For the sake of peace, I have a|request to make to all of you
Keep me informed about|the infiltrators
With those wrong-doers, I don't want|any innocent man in this village...
to be penalized with them,|even by mistake
What happened?|- Nothing, sir
Why has your heart-beat quickened?|- Not at all, sir
Are you running a fever?|- No
Or are you carrying a weapon?
Which religion does this man|belong to? Yours... or mine?
No, priest. This man is|a blot on the name of religion
To bring a weapon to a sacred|place like this one...
is like hurting God
If anyone like him comes here again,|I want you to inform me
Go on!
You didn't offer me any sweets.|- Sweets? Well, I...
Subedar...|- Sir!
Call the shepherd girl here
Idris, is this the same point?|Take a look
The Tiger Point is right ahead, sir.|- I wonder why he has called us
I hope it isn't something bad
You've done nothing wrong, have you?|- No, father
Greetings, Sir...
Do you go over to the other side|to graze your cattle?
Yes, sometimes we go across|to the other side, sir
The animals don't understand|how nations are divided
Doesn't the army over there|say anything to you?
No, sir. We've been coming and going|for years. We know each other
Is that your daughter?|- Yes, Reshma
Say Salaam to the officer.|- Salaam
Salaam|- I must apologise, sir
She harassed you on the road the|other day for no rhyme or reason
That's all right
Does she also study, apart|from tending to the cattle?
Who won't speak highly|of his child, sir?
But my Reshma's very talented,|thanks to God
She's beyond compare in sewing|and embroidery
And since she has studied till Class|11, she even knows a bit of English
But then, I had to make her|give up her studies
Why?|- From across the border...
our village is always being|subjected to heavy shelling
So many houses are burnt down,|crops are destroyed
Our crop was set afire too.|My house was razed too
We were rendered homeless
For poor people like us to build|a house again is a difficult task
But we still went ahead and|built a house with courage
But I'm neck-deep in debt
Her fee at school is a hundred rupees.|But where will I pay it from?
Get me my wallet
No, sir...
The villager will fleece the major|and make him tend to the cattle!
Here's the fee for six months.|Collect more from me later
But, sir...|- You have a nice daughter...
if she gets good education,|she'll find a nice suitor
God bless you, sir.|- Go on now
Come on, Reshma
I wonder where they spring from!
Sir, please tell the major to pay|my grandchildren's fees too
It'll be very kind of him.|- Are you out of your mind?
Is he doling out charity? Are we|getting a largesse from America...
to distribute to you and everybody?|Get lost!
Even trains have stopped plying,|but his tongue goes on
And Reshma's robbing the Major
You have a nice daughter
If she gets good education,|she'll find a nice suitor
We've got to establish an outpost|at Kaluchak, come what may
And we will.|- Sir...
You? I'll break your head if|you ask for any money!
There's a letter from my village.|I want you to read it for me
I see. You want me to read it|for you and then write a reply
I'm the army's servant, not yours.|Get on with your work!
Why do you keep scolding him?
High fever! A burden on earth!|Where do you think you're going?
For the Major...|- What Major?
You think he's a cashier|you can take away money from?
No, sir, I...|- Listen...
I know smart girls|like you very well
You've squeezed out what money you|had to squeeze out from the officer
But sir...|- Cut the nonsense!
Your beauty isn't going to|cast a spell on our officer
Get lost! Go away!|Aren't you going away?
Why did Reshma leave like this?|- You see, sir...
you gave her a bit of respect,|and she went crazy
She came again for the money.|- Not only did we make her see reason
We gave her nice a dressing down, sir.|She'll remember it all her life!
The two of you...
What happened, Reshma...?
Why're you crying, my child?|Tell me
Welcome, sir
The officer is here... look
Welcome, sir
Reshma, come here
This is my wife, sir.
Reshma's being crying,|ever since she returned
I don't know what Idris|said to Reshma and I...
Reshma's a very sentimental girl.|She had made some porridge for you
I told her not to, I didn't know|whether you'd eat what we cooked...
Why must you say such a thing?|- It happens, you know
But I didn't finally stop her,|because Reshma's a Hindu
Her real name is Rashmi. Her father|used to teach at a Madrassa
It's true, sir.|They were our neighbours
We were like brothers
But one day, the terrorists struck.|They killed her parents
Who would have looked after her?
Ever since, we have accepted Reshma|as our daughter
Faith in humanity is greater|than any other religion
And you folks have proved that
Have you cooked this?|- Yes
Reshma! Come soon
Because of you, I can|return to my studies
That is why I made|this porridge for you
To say thank you to you
Very sweet...
the porridge
That is how I struck up a relationship|with Reshma and her family
I was once with my unit|on a picket and...
Reshma arrived there.|She had brought maize for me
Hidden in the maize was news of|terrorists, hiding in the village
I arrested those terrorists and|that arrest averted...
many mishaps that would befallen|the people in the valley
For that, I received a commendation|card from the army head-quarters
To make Reshma part of my success...
I used to bring new clothes|and ear-rings for her
She used to wear them|and come to me
She made excuses to|show them to me
I knew she was attracted to me
One day, when I was advancing|towards the Forward Platoon...
I met Reshma on my way
Sir, I've been looking for you.|- What happened?
I heard it at the shrine that some|infiltrators are coming in...
from that route up there.|Come with me, I'll show you
Sir! Sir!
I'd have been buried in the snow...
had Reshma not extricated me|and taken me to a cottage nearby
The chill had gotten to me
I could've stopped breathing at|any time, due to pulmonary odima
But Reshma wouldn't let that happen
She served me through|the day and the night
How are you feeling now?|- Have you been here all night?
How could I leave you in this state,|and go away?
Your folks must be worried
You could even be disgraced|in the village
My honour is not greater|than your life, sir
Those words from her|caused a stir in my heart
I knew she was in love with me
But now, even I was|being drawn towards her
However, the shackles of duty in|my feet stopped me. I was a spy...
and to me, she was just|a part of my network
One day, a man from|Major Tyagi's network...
Mohajir Karimuddin, came to|me from across the border
What? We won't get anymore information|from Colonel Hidayuttullah's office?
Kasim, the Colonel's attendant, who|passed on the information to us...
has been transferred.|- So?
There must be someone else in his place.|He can give you the information
No, sir. Kasim didn't give me|the information for the money
Like me, he hates Pakistan too
Because like me, he too|is called a Mohajir
(Mohajir: People who migrated|from pre-independence India)
After the partition, we|Muslims moved to Pakistan...
in the hope of having|a nation of our own
How were we to know that the people|of Pakistan would look down upon us?
That they wouldn't give us|a few yards to bury our dead!
Karimuddin, I sympathise with you
There's another thing, sir
Colonel Hidayuttullah needs|a maid-servant in his house
My niece was coming in from Peshawar.|But my brother took ill suddenly
So Rukhsar isn't coming anymore.|If we could find a girl here...
who's willing to perform this job,|we can easily know of Colonel's plans
I consented to Karimuddin to send|a maid to the Colonel's house...
with the intention of sending|sending Reshma across the border
But I grew restless|from that very moment
Because I too had|fallen in love with Reshma
I thought all night as to how I could|plunge Reshma into such a grave danger
But I was helpless, because not only|did Reshma know the way across...
her behaviour and way of life was|very much like the people there
And she was part of my network too.|Love had to bow down to duty
Goodness me, sir!|How can you say such things?
How can we send Reshma|across the border?
You know very well that the|situation on the border is
We want inside information
And we have no one better than Reshma|to help us at this moment
You needn't worry. We'll send|her there with army training
No, sir. I can't place Reshma|at such risk
In any case, she's not my daughter.|She's someone else's child
And the terrorists across the border|are worse than monsters
lf, God forbid, something happens|to her life or if she's molested...
who will marry her?
Your worries are justified. But|nothing of the sort will happen
We'll keep an eye on her.|- You don't understand, sir!
Reshma is an innocent child! On how|many people will you keep an eye?
Your job will be done, the job|of your country will be done...
but we'll be ruined if someone|outrages her modesty
Don't worry. If something like|that happens, I'll marry her
You're a very nice man, sir.|You have done us many favours
But we can't thrust|Reshma in the fires
To fulfill one's duties|towards the nation...
is not thrusting someone|in the fires, father
Reshma, you...|what are you saying?
Do you know what it means|to go across the border?
Father, when the officer|has done so much for us...
can't we do even this much for him?|- But my child...
Sir, I'm ready to leave
Please begin my training
You will not acknowledge it
Neither will I
But you know it...
as I do...
you're in love...
I'm in love...
that's what I feel|every moment
You will not acknowledge it
Neither will I
But you know it...
as I do...
you're in love...
I'm in love...
that's what I feel|every moment
Reshma, your name is Rukhsar
Your eyes speak|for your heart
Your silence gives away|everything
Whether you come close to me,|or drift away...
there's something|that ties us together
You're in love...
I'm in love...
that's what I feel|every moment
You will not acknowledge it
Neither will I
But you know it...
as I do...
you're in love...
I'm in love...
that's what I feel|every moment
That you touch me|for a moment...
you say everything,|without uttering a word
My breath is difficult,|my heart-beat...
is all getting very mysterious
You're in love...
I'm in love...
that's what I feel|every moment
You're one of those|fortunate few...
who get an opportunity|to serve their nation
A soldier's duty is to safeguard|his nation and its pride
After that comes your own|security and defence
The feelings of the heart|that were unexpressed...
now resonate in the surroundings
The air...
The ways...
speak of it,|nothing else
You're in love...
I'm in love...
that's what I feel|every moment
I don't get this, sir
How were you suddenly|released from prison?
The world thinks you're being held|in a jail in Islamabad
Strange games of politics,|Colonel Hidayuttullah
The truth is never very obvious.|And what is obvious is not the truth
My arrest was sheer helplessness|on the part of the General
And my release is the need|of the hour for Kashmir
I'm delighted with your show of loyalty|for your nation and your religion
I have therefore decided|to entrust to you...
two noble endeavours|in the name of Allah
My good fortune, sir.|I swear it on the Almighty
I will not protest, even if|I have to lay down my life
But these tasks are more important|than laying down your life
Take a look at these photographs
Because of this impostor we couldn't get|our hands on Pakistan's nuclear bomb
Or the whole of Kashmir would|have been in our clutches today
He's actually an Indian agent.|As Yakub Ali, Tarneja, Roshanlal...
or even as Chakravarty at times,|in several other disguises...
he has been indulging in espionage|activities against Pakistan
He has made life miserable for us
Our own organisation in India has|sent us information...
that nowadays he's been posted on|the border of Kashmir, as Major Batra
Don't worry, sir. We have|a number of men on the border
Where Major Batra is in Kashmir,|we'll get to know very soon
Who's that up there?
I've brought water, sir.|- We don't want any water
Arrange for some tea|and snacks, Rukhsar
We'll send for you,|when the need arises
It's very important|to find Major Batra
Unless we eliminate this thorn,|our mission cannot be successful
Colonel, the next important|job is this
To escape international surveillance,|you must make some secret bunkers...
in which we can set up|a very huge laboratory
What?|- Under the circumstances...
and the international pressure,|Pakistan cannot use its Islamic bomb...
against India, even if it wants to,|nor can it give it to us
All other means of getting our|hands on it are already closed
We have therefore decided that for|the independence of Kashmir...
we will build our own nuclear bomb
We need large amounts of money and|modern technology to produce the bomb
Since we're working|together in this mission...
we ought to share all the knowledge.|Zahir Miyan...
will you explain to him how we are|going to make this nuclear bomb?
It's very necessary|to find Major Batra
Unless we eliminate this thorn,|we can't succeed in our mission
First of all, we need material|to build this bomb
And the material is Uranium
We'll enrich it to 100 per cent
As far as I know, there are|few countries in the world...
who have these enrichment plants.|It'll take us years to build the bomb
You're right. Which is why we've found|another way of solving the problem
From every nuclear reactor,|we get spent fuel
We can take this spent fuel to|any pharmaceutical company...
and have it dissolved,|and thus extract materials...
like plutonium and SR90|from them
The most important being plutonium
We can mix it with a special|kind of chemical...
to make radio-active bars...
which can then be|smuggled out anywhere
This will solve our problem|of obtaining the material
Many wolves in the jungle today.|They're all baying for blood
They're crossing over. They know|the hunter in every guise
Be careful.|I'm sending you their pictures
After that we need trigger-mechanism,|safety device, implosion device...
and the controller
To make these four things we need|a blueprint of all of them...
How are you?|- Fine
What are you doing here?|- I'm washing the utensils
What was the hurry? Why did you|leave the tea on the oven?
We needed some plates|for the snacks
Why are you so scared?
I'm not scared
Where's the transmitter?
Whom have you been talking to?|- Believe me, I didn't talk to anyone
She won't come around like that.|Search her
Strip her of every shred|and take a look
God Almighty!|What insolence is this?
Mother...|- Shut up! Be quiet!
Perhaps you forget,|Islam gives women...
a very high and exalted status.|It's preserved behind a veil
And you were stripping|this innocent girl?
You ought to be ashamed!|Priest...
you claim to be a true Muslim,|don't you?
Merely sporting a beard|does not make you a Muslim!
Mother...|- Silence!
The Muslim who cannot give|respect to a woman...
deserves to be shamed!|I spit on him!
Let's go, my child
It's not true that we|can't respect a woman
But we suspect she's a spy.|She's a traitor
No, lady... I'm not a traitor
Search me... go on.|- It's all right
Go away
You're right, Rashmi
But the Major's anxiety|is justified
You suddenly broke contact|over the transmitter
I spoke to him twice today.|He was very worried
He mentioned some photographs too
Didn't you send the|photographs to him?
The situation was so bad that it was|impossible to send the photographs
In a hurry, I even|broke the transmitter
But I've brought this camera.|It has all the pictures
You've taken great risk|in coming here, Rashmi
I came because it was important to|send the pictures to the Major
Or else...
Saira, I'm going across the border.|Look after the children
At this hour?|- It's necessary for me to go
Take care
Reshma, return to the|Colonel's house immediately
And be careful now.|No one must get suspicious
Okay? Go on
Wretch! You make a fool out of me?
I had already understood
Ishaq Khan's eyes aren't eyes...|they're X-ray machines!
I wanted to catch you red-handed.|Give that to me
Watch out! It's dynamite!
Go away, Reshma... Run!
Don't worry about me.|Take the camera across. Go!
Wait there... or I'll kill him!
Stop there!
Traitor! Bastard!
Hold it!
Karimuddin, whatever we're doing|is for our Muslim brethren!
Bastards! You instigate Muslims|with your hollow claims!
You call them your brothers,|you bastards?
Never did you make the Muslim who|came from India, sit with you
You never embraced him till today!
What right have you talk about Muslims|all over the world, you bastards!
Follow the girl!|She's carrying a camera
Priest... are you all right?|- I'm okay
Charlie reporting, Major
Reshma's heading for|the Line of Control
She's carrying the camera
The Colonel's men are following her.|Her life is in danger
Why can't you trace her?|- The signal has broken off, sir
Her camera has a locator, too
I'm trying to establish connection|via the satellite, sir
I have found the location, sir.|- Where?
Oh no! What the hell...?|- Now what?
What was the last location?
Wasim! Kasim! Get her!|Don't let her escape
Let's see who comes to her rescue
Is there anyone else around...?|Is there?
Khan-saheb, the man who sent Reshma|here and subsequently rescued her...
our secret services have found out,|was Major Batra himself
I welcome you all to|the New Year Eve's party
Especially Reshma, who's our|guest of honour this evening
What is heartening is that this girl|has given the enemy a fitting reply...
and set a rare example in bravery
There's another good news.|My nephew is today...
going to get engaged|to the girl of his choice
That girl is none other|than our beautiful Reshma
What is the matter?|- Sir...
Sir, I wasn't subjected|to an outrage...
to compel you to marry me
In my heart, is love for you.|On my lips, is a song
May the scorpion|get me if I'm lying
Swear it on God|and tell me the truth, my love
May the scorpion get|the one who lies
The nightingale and the lark...
listen father,|says the nightingale
Send for a palanquin|for me, O father...
the one who loves me|is here
All birds fly away...
these visitors|go away some day
You will see what happens...
when hearts in love|come together
In my heart, is love for you.|On my lips, is a song
May the scorpion|get me if I'm lying
Swear it on God|and tell me the truth, my love
Do not be in haste.|Tread slowly...
your heart blocks my path
Why would anyone go to|a marketplace...
if he ever worried about costs
In my heart, is love for you.|On my lips, is a song
May the scorpion|get me if I'm lying
Swear it on God|and tell me the truth, my love
May the scorpion get|the one who lies
Send for a palanquin|for me, O father...
the one who loves me|is here
I hope you're happy?
My beloved has|brought the palanquin for me
Call for you, sir
Hello Mr Ajay Chakravarty.|Alias Taneja. Alias Batra
The count you abandoned earlier,|I'm completing today
Number three:|Congratulations on your engagement
Number four: Congratulations|on your death
What happened after that?
I jumped into the water|to save Reshma
But the currents were so strong,|it was impossible to do so
I did my best to find her,|but the waves swept me to the shores
I don't know how, but I found|one of Reshma's bangles
But there was no trace of her
More than a hundred people were killed.|Many bodies weren't even found
Reshma's name was on the|list of those not found
But I had a feeling that|Reshma was alive
I wanted to find her
But my duty wouldn't|give me the time
The camera Reshma had brought for me|at the risk of her own life...
had proved that the priest and Ishaq...
were locked in jails,|only for world's presumption
Whereas they were involved in a deadly|conspiracy against our country...
on the borders of Kashmir
It was necessary to find out|what the conspiracy was
So we made a plan and according|to the plans...
my funeral was telecast|on every news channel
Because Ishaq Khan wanted me dead
I had just one mission now,|so did the entire department
To avenge the deaths of|so many people...
and to expose Ishaq|Khan's grand plans
That's the Pakistani flag.|Throw it to the ground, sir!
Whichever country the flag|belongs to...
it's the honour of its people.|And our fight isn't against people
It's against the devils
Bastard! You're alive?
Where is Ishaq Khan?
He's collecting resources|for the death of India
You live, for as long as we live
The day we lose our minds,|you'll have only graveyards here
Sir, we've found this floppy which|has important information on the ISI
Take the floppy away.|It has nothing!
I wanted to sacrifice my life|in the name of God
And what better death|can I find?
You will never find Ishaq Khan again.|Never!
In this mission...|God's on our side
Chip? That must surely contain|information on Ishaq, sir
God is with those|who possess faith
This is amazing, sir.|We wanted dope on Ishaq...
and we get it on the whole group
There's a message for Ishaq, sir
It'll take some time, sir
Bravo, Arun. You have proved that man|can overcome trying circumstances
Despite facing a storm...
you are as steady as a rock|in your duties
Even after Reshma|has left you forever
Reshma has not left me, sir.|She's always close to me
With me
I was canoeing that day and I saw|a body lying among the rocks
I thought it must've been swept|here by the waves
I discovered it was a girl
I took her to a hospital where she|regained consciousness after 3 days
When I spoke to her, I got to|know that she was an Indian
From the border of Kashmir
Her name is Reshma.|The saddest part is that...
she was being engaged to an Indian|army officer on that very day
On that night of 31st of December,|at the party, when the blast occurred
Did she know that she had|landed in Pakistan?
No, but she was very scared|when she got to know
It was mother's affection|that gave her some hope
You haven't told the police|anything about this, have you?
No, father.|What will I tell the police?
It'll add to her problems|and create some for us
In any case, she's an Indian
I couldn't bear to see her plight...
when she read about her parents' and|her fiance's names among those dead
Because of the shock, she has|lost whatever little strength...
there was in her legs.|She's become paralyzed
I've spoken to Dr Shaheen in Canada|and he has even sent me a fax
Let's see what happens.|- May God have mercy
You've done a very|noble thing, my son
You're blessed by Allah that|He gave you the honour...
of serving Him in this|holy month of Ramzan
This is Salman's father. He has|arrived from Quetta only today
Salman has already|had a word with Canada...
That's wonderful.|Her legs will be all right there
Salman, complete this noble task|as soon as you can
Arrange for her departure to Canada
It isn't safe for her|to be in Pakistan
The message is getting decoded sir
So Ishaq is going to Canada|through Ukraine
Arun, you must go to Canada|to nail Ishaq
The call of the nightingale...
reminds me of my beloved
There awakens in my heart|a desire...
for I miss my beloved
Memories are like bullets...
my beloved...
I miss
The call of the nightingale...
reminds me of my beloved
There awakens in my heart|a desire...
for I miss my beloved
The nomads wind their way|through the lanes, singing...
that everyone in the world|suffers in love
and beloveds...
I miss her
It was where I had locked up|all my helplessness...
it was what I had preserved|my bangles and sorrows in...
now that I open|the case...
I miss my beloved
He will lead me to Ishaq
I'm not unfaithful...
nor has he been disloyal
Between us came...
Between us came...
Your decree, O Lord
That wasn't a nice thing You did...
That wasn't a nice thing You did...
I miss my beloved
Salman, he's alive!
This muffler!|It's the one I gave him!
No, Reshma. You're mistaken
There must be many such|mufflers in the world
I'm the one who knitted|this muffler for him!
Reshma, we're in Canada, not India...|- It's the same muffler, Salman!
Salman, sir's alive...
Salman, I'm so happy|you brought me here
I'll never forget your favour
Take me away...|I want to look for him
Sir... sir...!
If that's Reshma's illusion,|let the illusion remain
Haven't you noticed the improvement|in her legs in a single week?
Does love really have|so much of strength?
Where's your mind?|- Nothing
How are you feeling today?|- How many days must I stay here?
You don't understand, doctor. Ever|since I've got to know he's alive...
only I know how I've|been stopping myself
Please cure me soon, doctor
Once I can move around on my own,|I'll find him one way or the other
The monitor room is|right under you, sir
Give me the route|to their lab
Also if there's a|changing room nearby
Shaheen! What are you doing here?
The security harassed me so much|to bring my friends inside
Why?|- Didn't you leave our names...
in the appointment list?|- I'm so sorry
Actually they want to talk to you|about a cancer research centre...
they're setting up in India.|- Sure
India or Pakistan,|I'm always here
Ishaq Khan here
Call from Uncle Imtiaz.|I'll join you soon
Take them to the boardroom
Mr Zakaria, the trigger material...|- One moment, one moment
Well, Ishaq? Where are you?
The progress report?|- The trigger mechanism work is over
We're finding a way around to|make other parts of the nuke
But we have a very big problem
The two Persian nuclear|scientists you sent...
have turned out to be morons!|They've thrown up their hands
They aren't being able to obtain|the blue-prints. They are scared
Post 9/11, the situation has|changed considerably, Ishaq
Thing aren't very easy anymore
Easy or difficult,|the job has to be done
And remember one thing. If we|don't get the blue-prints...
it'll ruin all the efforts we have|put in till now. Our mission will fail
So what's the position|of the material?
The process is underway. We have|received another shipment of spent fuel
We'll be able to extract|the plutonium very soon
God protect you
Mr Fahim, I want to have|a word with you
Things are souring, Fahim
The two nuclear scientists|you put through to me...
have turned out to be useless
We must now find another|nuclear scientist
Try the AECL. It must surely have|a Pakistani nuclear scientist
It's very necessary to|obtain the blueprints
Sir, take a right turn,|two floors to the top
It'll be very risky to|enter the lab, sir
Just tell me at what time|they close the lab
Remember, Zakaria deals in|radio-active materials
That alone isn't enough to|keep him under surveillance
He has a license. He manufactures|radio-active isotope plates...
which help in the treatment|of cancer
Strange! No one will enter|anyone's premises...
he will not keep surveillance,|nor take photographs...!
But he'll still find Ishaq!|Very cooperative laws in Canada!
I have another way
One more step
So much of improvement|in just a month...
Love indeed has a|great healing effect
Looks like there's someone you love.|- Maybe
Tell me something.|In such a big city...
will you be able to find him|on your own?
Does anyone stay away|from his shadow, doctor?
Forget about me, at times I think...
he'll come here some day,|looking for me
At times I think he has|stepped into the hospital...
and is taking big strides|to get closer to me
As if the door will open|and he will step in
What brings you here?
Didn't you like it without me?|You missed me, didn't you?
That which draws me|to your door...
how will I describe the obsession?
I am slain by the silent killer...
what will I say|about my lover?
It seems as if it happened yesterday.|We met a month ago, became friends...
and today...
today you mean everything to me
Every moment, I feel as if|you are with me
I feel like laughing,|like kissing you
And some times, I feel like just|sitting down and looking at you
It's an obsession. An obsession|I've seen in Reshma
Reshma?|- Yes, my Pakistani patient
She's very cute.|Let me introduce you to her
The room's right ahead
She has left. Amazing girl
Ever since she has started|using the crutches...
she keeps looking for|an opportunity to walk
She believes that someone who has|lost her love...
can't afford to sit back and relax
Time forces you sit back, Shaheen
There are people who can't find the|time to look for their loved ones
Papa, you'll be very happy|to meet Wahid
What do you call that...?|Shayari (poetry)
Know another thing about him...
I get it. How can there be anything|wrong with a man my daughter loves?
What name did you say?|- Wahid
He's been with the AECL|for the last eight years
You mean he's a senior scientist with|the Atomic Energy Canada Limited?
Let's see what magic|this genius wields
That's wonderful! I'm bowled over|by you in just a little while
You sure are a charming young man.|And Shaheen was right
Despite being an Indonesian,|you have a great command over Urdu
I want Urdu to be|the language of the world...
and Islam, the religion.|Which is peace
As they say...|- Go on
Where will you find|the exquisiteness of Urdu...?
Or the worship|that love is?
If he can remain loyal|to his faith...
where else will you find|a man stronger than the Muslim?
Great! Let's have a drink|to celebrate that
I don't drink, sir.|Islam does not permit it
You are right
Because of the cold weather,|I sometimes...
it snows here, you see.|- Absolutely right, sir
As a poet has said snowing...|I'd like your attention, sir
It's snowing and I haven't|a drink in my hand...
give me the wine,|I have little else to do
Your secretary does make|a very profound observation
All said, living in a foreign land,|one does blend with its culture
No, that's not true, Papa
Living abroad actually brings a man|closer to his country and his religion
Wahid is the first example.|The second is Salman
Oh yes, I was about to leave
But I've got something important|to discuss with him
Don't worry, we'll have|lunch together
Remember, I told you about|my Pakistani patient Reshma?
Oh yes. How is she now?
She has been discharged|from the hospital...
and can now walk on|her own feet
Not my magic, it was|the magic of her love
I always thought love has to do|something with the hormonal imbalance
But having met her,|I felt as if love is divine
I wondered if there would ever be|a love of this nature in my life...
before I met you.|- And one more magic happened
Where is she?|- I wanted you to meet her
But in the hope of meeting|her lost fiance...
she went away to some place|with Salman's friends
To some gathering of|Asians over there
You must try to understand her|feelings. At the mall the other day...
Shaheen, look who's here to meet you
Imtiaz Uncle!
Come, let me introduce you|to the others
This is Uncle Imtiaz.|He lives in London
And that's Niyaz-saheb|who lives in Malaysia
And this is our VIP of the day,|Mr Wahid Khan
You're the one we've been|talking about for a few days
I'm so happy to meet you
I'm happy to meet you too
Not as happy as I am
Mr Wahid Khan, you are indeed|a very interesting man
But have we met before?|Your face...
Faces are often misleading, gentleman.|It's the mirror that speaks the truth
Wahid-miyan's poetry|is of a very high standard
Really? So let's have|a sizzling couplet
Yes, Wahid saheb.|Let's hear one
Let the party liven up.|You will then see what I recite
And the things you hear
What is it?
From your intoxicating eyes...
do not serve me wine...
do not make an infidel|out of a true Muslim
My eyes, in love...
speak for my heart
You're talking of someone,|but you think of someone else
Join us, my dear man.|Let's exchange niceties
Be they emperors|or empresses...
I salute none
Be it a beauty|or a bottle of wine...
I'm slave to none
Mister... say clearly|whatever you have to
I say, say clearly whatever you|have to. Why make excuses?
To beautiful women,|you bow your head too
That which the head|does not bow to...
what I will now say,|nobody has ever said...
nor has anyone ever heard
Please pay attention, sir
What will you do|with the blueprint?
That which the head|does not bow to...
is no exalted place
The head that bows|at every place...
is without pride
He'll tell us who he is|after he drinks this
They're lesser mortals who open|their mouths as soon as they drink
I drink it all up...
but I don't say a word|despite drinking
That which the head does not bow to|is no exalted place
The head that bows at every place|is without pride
From your intoxicating eyes|do not serve me wine...
do not make an infidel|out of a true Muslim
How will it be if you have the|designs and charts for the bomb?
I'm no enemy.|I'm a friend
Aren't you still convinced, Ishaq?|Still digging for information on Wahid?
Mr Zakaria, I have always had|a principle in life
Meet a man later,|but get the facts on him beforehand
That's what you've|been doing all night
He joined the AECL eight years,|four months and three days ago
His father is a Pakistani.|His mother was an Indonesian
His bio-data...|- Bio-datas can be fabricated
I don't know why, but I see traces|of Ajay Chakravarty in Wahid's face
God forbid! What are you|talking about, Ishaq-saheb?
It's months since|that Indian died
Even his bones must've been eaten up|by the fish in the Ganges
I believe that by sending|this gem called Wahid...
Allah has driven away our problem|of obtaining the blueprints
Priest, it isn't so easy.|The first question is...
why does he want to help us?|The second question is...
how does he know so many|of our secrets?
And the third question is:|If he knows our secrets...
why does he make it obvious to us,|instead of hiding the fact?
What does he want from us?
You were right, sir.|- What?
As you said, they'd be here before|the Sun rises. They're coming, sir
Good morning, son
You folks...?
It's nice to see you|at the work-outs
I've been fond of exercises, too.|What say, Maulana-saheb?
Absolutely, sir
I'm surprised how our habits and|hobbies are the same as Wahid saheb's
When there's everything for|the asking, get cracking
You'll get a work-out and also|have a word with Wahid saheb
Yes indeed
Be careful, Maulana saheb
Watch it... it's heavy
Wahid saheb, you've turned out|to be quite a revelation
You told us our own story|and we tried to...
Time for work-out is over.|Time now for jogging
He's very particular|about discipline
He won't give up routine,|whatever happens
We'll wait for him at the coffee shop|and talk after he finishes jogging
Sorry, sir. You can't talk today.|The company has a conference...
which will go on till the evening.|And this evening...
he has to attend a party for|nuclear scientists from New York
He's going out of town tomorrow.|You can meet him only on Wednesday
But listen...|- If you must wait, come with me
You can do it while you jog
Wahid, son... wait there
He has gone out in the snow
Let's go after him.|- I'm not wearing any warm clothes
But you've atleast got hair|on your head to protect you
I don't even have hair!|If we keep worrying about clothes...
we'll be stripped of|what little we wear! Come on!
Listen, son... Wahid!|Stop there
Listen... the Maulana has|already had a heart-surgery
Running is extremely|dangerous for him
Look at his condition.|- So who asked the Maulana to run?
For the heck of it...|for fun
Let's run again, Maulana saheb!|- One minute
I need to discuss something|very important with him
Wahid, tell us clearly, son.|How do you know so much about us?
It's the sacred mission of Kashmir|for which you are fighting
I'm a soldier for Kashmir's|independence too
By God! If you share|the same goal as ours...
let's swear to Allah that we will have|Kashmir liberated from the infidels
We can't give Kashmir its independence|with Ishaq Khan's hare-brained plans
What did you say?|- What do you think?
Even if two junior scientists at the|AECL gave you the blueprint...
you didn't worry about your plans|collapsing if they were caught...
nor about our dream of independence|being shattered
He's right.|- One moment
It's very easy to talk
But can you get us the blueprints|for the manufacture of the bomb?
That's child's play for me
But I don't want to encourage|novices like you
You mustn't say such things, son.|You can make all the future plans
He's right
Wahid, there's another|important thing
Shaheen's in love with you.|You love her too
Why don't we let our friendship|grow into a family relationship?
You will begin to trust us...
and trust is very important|in such a big mission
What? You're marrying|Zakaria's daughter?
I don't have a choice, sir
Where they are getting the|material to produce the bomb from...
what are their links|in foreign countries...
what are their plans...?
I'll have to marry Shaheen|to unearth all this
I won't be able to fool|these guys for very long
Because I know what havoc this|marriage will play on your heart
Sir, my heart has|gone away with Reshma
Nothing has an impact|on it anymore
Please come over immediately, sir.|I need the things I have sought...
from the Canadian government|at the earliest
The rose and the nightingale...
listen father,|says the nightingale
The rose and the nightingale...
listen father,|says the nightingale
In my heart, is love for you.|On my lips, is a song
May the scorpion|get me if I'm lying
Swear it on God|and tell me the truth, my love
May the scorpion get|the one who lies
In my heart, is love for you.|On my lips, is a song
The rose and the nightingale...
listen father,|says the nightingale
Send for a palanquin|for me, O father...
the one who loves me|is here
All birds fly away...
these visitors|go away some day
You will see what happens...
when hearts in love|come together
In my heart, is love for you.|On my lips, is a song
May the scorpion|get me if I'm lying
The nightingale and the lark...
listen father,|says the nightingale
May this marriage be|a blessing for you...
these celebrations|and this pomp
The bride and the bridegroom|will live together for a lifetime...
I'm but a guest
In my heart, is love for you.|On my lips, is a song
May the scorpion|get me if I'm lying
The rose and the nightingale...
listen father,|says the nightingale
Send for a palanquin|for me, O father...
the one who loves me|is here
In my heart, is love for you.|On my lips, is a song
May the scorpion|get me if I'm lying
I'd still ask you to stop
There's dawn after every night
Should you consider me|worthy of you...
I am willing to be|your companion in life
Salman, any girl would consider|herself fortunate to have you
But I'm helpless
Love happens only once.|And I've lost my love
I'll be back in a moment
I never imagined life would|bring us to this crossroad
You needn't wait for me.|Settle down with someone
I'm hurting you very much,|isn't it?
But one hurts only those he loves
In my heart, is love for you.|On my lips, is a song
May the scorpion|get me if I'm lying
Not a word!|You've betrayed me
Nuclear bomb can kill millions
Shaheen, you must support me
You don't become brave|by making puppets dance
By propagating falsehoods,|you do not become a prophet
No, my Papa can't be like that
In 24 hours, you'll know|what the truth is
I don't need 24 hours.|I'll go and ask Papa right now
You won't talk to anybody|for the next 24 hours
Wahid, my son...|is everything all right?
You ought to be home at|this hour, young man
Your wife Shaheen|must be waiting for you
Shaheen can wait,|but not our mission
Fantastic! You have a gem|of a son-in-law!
Didn't I tell you, Zakaria saheb?|- Just get us those blueprints, son
You are head of the ISI.|You must use your head some times
Even if we get the blueprints|to manufacture parts of the bomb...
we're talking about nuclear bombs,|nor firecrackers...
it'll take at least ten years|to build it
The way the world|is changing...
there's no saying what will|happen of Kashmir's independence
What will happen of you?|And you, Maulana saheb?
You're right, son.|But we don't have another option
We do have an option, sir. If we could|get readymade parts of the bomb...
the bomb will be ready as|soon as we assemble them
You say funny things, Wahid saheb
Parts of the bomb aren't readily|available on the streets, are they?
Those who are determined,|speak not of streets...
they reach out to the skies
What does that mean?
You've done a great job!|What say, Ishaq saheb?
Cheer up at least now, Ishaq saheb!|This is no less than Id for us!
That's all right, but these are|only half the parts of the bomb
You're a funny man. If I had|all the parts...
Kashmir would gained|independence by now
That's true.|- Anyway...
in a few months, I'll have|the rest of the parts too
Why don't we send these parts to|where the rest of our material is?
We're one, after all.|May we send it then?
That's what I want too
Is this the place, Zakaria saheb?|- Yes son
This is the skiing alley on|the highest point of the peak
It also has an underground|railway station
Because it's a tourist spot,|it makes no one suspicious
Our property is always|safe and sound
Ishaq saheb, in a few days you will|have all the parts of the bomb from us
But tell me something.|How are you going to launch it?
Where will you get a launcher from?
You do poke fun at us
We have friends in foreign countries|who have parts of the launching pad
We'll obtain the parts from them|and assemble them in Pakistan
That won't be difficult at all
Have you found out what the|rocket motor of the KVA is?
What is the payload area|and what is the fuel gauge?
It's necessary to know all that.|What if the configuration...
of the stuff I'm giving you does not|match that of the rocket launcher?
Wahid is right.|That's very sound advise
So tell him, Ishaq saheb
This is Abdullah speaking
Mr Ishaq, this is an emergency
The police have found|Wasim's body at the airport
They found a cell-phone on him|which had a message, sir
Mr Wahid is not a nuclear|scientist with the AECL
He's the Indian spy,|Ajay Chakravarty
I repeat, Wahid is not a nuclear|scientist with the AECL
He's Ajay Chakravarty,|the Indian spy
Mr Abdullah, our Mr Wahid wants|to know about the payload...
Bloody Indian spy!
He's gone to hell
Get the stuff of the nuclear bomb|out of this place
Load it on the helicopter
Where have they sprung from?
Let's take the train out!|- Move it!
Hurry up! Bring all the boxes!
Towards the platform!
Let me in, Papa!|I need to talk to you
C'mon, Dorji!
Separate the whites|from the Indians
Shaheen, how did you get here?
It's all Wahid's fault.|He's a traitor
He's an Indian spy.|He's our enemy!
He's not the enemy. You are|the enemy... of humanity
What are you saying, Shaheen?|- You're misunderstanding us, dear
This is our holy war for|the freedom of Kashmir
Against the fraudulent and unjust|rule of the Indian government
Rubbish! All rubbish! You ought to be|ashamed to call yourselves Muslims
Because of a handful|of Muslims like you...
Muslims the world over have|to bear humiliation
People abuse them,|look at them with suspicion!
I ask you, what kind of holy war|is it to kill innocent people?
When will you understand the true|meaning of jihad?
Jihad means to kill|the devil within
Stop this nonsense!
Zakaria, ask your daughter to shut up!|Else, I'll pull her tongue out!
Are you all right, sir?|- Yes Dorji. Tell me
They've hijacked the train, sir.|- They've taken all passengers hostage
What...? I'm coming
Papa, surrender when|there is still time
Zakaria, ask your daughter to shut up!|- She's just an innocent child...
I'll make her see reason
No, sir. It's not possible|to aim at them
They're taking cover|behind the hostages
Take a look around you
You are surrounded
Do you think you can escape?|Never!
You'll be crushed like a rat!
Just one of your guys is dead|and you're already anxious!
We can kill all your citizens
We are carrying isotope plates.|We can even spread radiation
Ishaq Khan, what do you want?
To save innocent people from|radiation, you must accept our demand
I'm trying to bring the situation|under control, Shaheen!
And then, a plane|for safe passage
God, help us
Shut the doors!|Don't let anyone out!
Step aside, Shaheen...|- What are you doing, Ishaq Khan?
Shaheen, my child
Is there someone who can|save my daughter's life?
Do tell Wahid, Papa...
that whatever he did,|was right
Don't leave me, my child...
Forgive me, Shaheen
So why don't you kill them?
You can only fund mercenaries|to kill the whites
But you can't touch them yourselves,|because your country...
is mortgaged to the whites.|And the stupid whites are scared!
They can't even see that everyone|you killed was an Indian
You are an Indian too!
Kill him!
Get out of the train!|Hurry up!
Where's the Maulana?
Forgive me...|- Forgive you, you scoundrel?
A man who errs for the first time|is a human being
A man who errs for the second time|is Satan
The man who errs and errs|is a Pakistani!
The one that forgives|every mistake is India!
But India has now stopped|forgiving you for your mistakes
Hail India...
You won't escape this time!
I'll die, no doubt.|But I'll kill you too!
You will sacrifice your life?|No, you won't
You can only con people in|the name of religion
You can tempt them with a place|in heaven to make sacrifices
But you will never|sacrifice your own life
Because you know, this is|not the way to attain heaven
Which religion asks you to kill|someone else for your own happiness?
Stop that nonsense! I've set out|with a shroud for myself!
I won't even let you|have a shroud
I'm going to wreck this!|You don't know...
I'm in the habit of|playing with storms!
You might have played with storms,|but storms have been my slaves
Those who are scared, die...
even in death,|I find life
Because Ishaq Khan was buried|in the snow...
the radiation did not|spread in the atmosphere
But I couldn't escape its effect
My life was saved because I was given|an antidote at the right time
But it took me a full two years in|hospital to return to normalcy
Zakaria not only surrendered...
but also revealed the whereabouts|of several other terrorists
That is how I won the battle...|for my country, as well as life
But I lost so much
I still have a feeling that|Reshma hasn't got married
She must still be living|with your memories
Stop the car
Why didn't you reply|to my email?
When I go to know that you were|taking this flight to Kashmir...
it was obvious to me that|you'd go to Reshma's house
I thought it would better to|give you the news on your way
What's the news?
News is that Reshma is|in Pakistan with Salman
When I got to Pakistan to|get a reply to your email...
she gave me a letter|addressed to you
I'm delighted that you have gained|so much of worldwide fame
God is kind to me
You have succeeded in your mission|and I have found happiness - Reshma
So how was that, sir?
I thought I'd show a spy|a bit of my own genius!
Take that
Nice joke
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