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Subtitles for Heroes Mountain 2002.

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Heroes Mountain 2002

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Mummy? Mummy?
- Mummy? - Oh, shit.
Oh, my God. It's all right, sweetheart.
I must've slept in. Forgot to set the alarm.
Are you all right? There's no temperature.
Some nice, warm porridge will fix you up.
Come and help Mummy set the table.
- Did Daddy have breakfast before he left? - Yep.
You're not putting Teddy on the table, are you?
You know how the porridge sticks to his fur.
Just put him on the lounge, love.
He can watch Bert Newton.
- Two seconds faster than yesterday. - Time for a new watch, is it, mate?
Keep this up, you'll be as good as Mike.
- Yeah, like in about 50 years. - This isn't the Winter Olympics.
- We're just having a bit of fun. - Excuse me, fun? Hello.
See what I put up with? She watches the footy...
...and wonders why they can't share the ball.
Call a man whatever you want.
Just don't make fun of his dog or his sport. Right, Stewie?
- Yeah, sorry, mate. Look at these guys. - Police?
They were talking about them at work. They're on some training exercise.
Just hope they don't bring a booze bus with them...
...otherwise we'll all be in strife. - And you would be the first to go, Diver.
Hey, wait for me.
The offender, who is armed, was last seen approaching Crackenback Chairlift.
Yesterday we took 18 minutes to reach to reach a homicidal maniac...
...because one of you decided to stop and admire the local scenery.
Don't want a repeat of that.
Today we'll be accompanied by Constable Woodward here.
Hopefully he'll know his way around.
Or at least know his ass from a hole in the snow.
Right, we're not here. Don't just stand there, move!
Clock is running! Let's go!
Come on, let's go!
- Hi, Dianne. - Hi.
- Another day at the office? - Yeah.
What was that?
Thredbo yeti strikes again.
I'm serious, Stewie, there was something out there.
I know. It's like that humongous rat you heard last week...
...when you woke me up at 3 a.m.
- I knew you'd bring that up. - And what did it turn out to be?
- A little cockroach, not hurting anyone. - Yeah. And I bet you didn't kill it either.
Knowing you, you probably fed it...
- Sorry. - What did we do?
Got us five minutes ago, didn't you, mate?
I don't suppose you know where the closest bistro is?
- Straight through there. - Special discount for you, boys.
- Really. - It's that obvious, is it?
We saw you on the mountain this morning. Have a good stay.
- We will. - See you.
- They're looking for that yeti. Hey! - Get him!
- Get him, Stu. - You can run, you can't hide.
Look out! Come on. Let's go!
They're very pretty trees, Lillie.
But they don't grow sideways, they grow upwards to the sky.
You forgot to wake me this morning.
Yeah, look, Lillie's been coughing again, Werner.
Could you stop by at the chemist and pick up her green cough syrup?
I know you want to go away, but I don't want Lillie to travel when she's sick.
Yeah, okay. We'll stay.
All right, bye.
Bet you can't do four of those. Go on.
You shouldn't encourage your brother. Remember last time?
Come on, Sal. Relax. They were eggs, these things don't break.
Yeah, right. Good one.
Sorry about that. Thanks, mate. You've been a real help.
- G'day, John. Welcome back. - How was Sydney?
- Never seen so much smog in my life. - There's 30 kids in your lodge.
I reckon every one had a ghetto blaster. It's not good.
- I'd better go and see what they've done. - See you, John.
- See you. - Bye.
- See you, guys. - See you later.
- Brodie! Where are you going? - Just gonna have a quick beer, sarge.
No booze. You're working tomorrow, I want you back before midnight.
- No women, either. - But, sarge...
Keep him away from the karaoke. He can clear a building faster than a bomb scare.
- Sorry we're late, our front door jammed. - Again?
Thought we'd have to climb out the window. I'll get Mike to shave the bottom.
- Yeah, yeah. So where is it? - Where's what?
Listen to her. The washing machine, we saw them delivering it last week.
- Mim is green with envy. - Yeah, told you. A man with taste, see?
Hey, guys.
- Oh, my God. - Oh, yeah.
- Got any laundry you need doing? - I do now.
Quick, give me one of those, will you?
Who'd have thought our Stewie was a born dancer?
He has great coordination. Don't you, Stewie?
Yeah, he didn't the first time we saw him.
- Are we gonna talk or dance? - Talk.
He was on a garbage truck in stinking overalls.
- You were a garbo? - It was the only job I could get.
So he picks up our rubbish bin and he says:
"I hear you're looking for a ski instructor. My name's Stuart Diver."
And he lifts up the bag, and the whole thing split wide open.
- He's covered in shit. - So of course we had to hire him.
- I don't believe it. Look, he's blushing. - It's true.
It's Fred and Ginger.
You're beautiful. I love you.
That guy you came in with, he's gorgeous.
- Can you introduce me to him, Woody? - Yeah, I'm sure you'll love him.
I bet you he can tell you what kind of perfume you're wearing.
- So he's gay? - Why do you think he's singing so well?
I'm sure you'll be beautiful friends.
I should've known he was too good to be true.
Never sung so well in my life, I was pumped.
What did you say to her, Woody?
- See you, mate. - Yeah, see you.
Women. Better off with greyhounds.
I don't hear any sawing.
I thought that was why they left early, so that Mike could fix the door.
Fix the door. You know as well as I do why they left early.
You've seen the way he looks at her after a couple of glasses of wine.
Hey, I don't know what you see in that.
It's the first thing we bought down here, you know?
The first thing we worked for together.
You're funny sometimes.
Hey, do you want them opened or closed?
Well, that all depends on what you have in mind before we go to sleep.
If that's the way it's going to be, I am happy to do my bit for tourism.
- That was for the yeti. - I'll give you a yeti you won't forget-i.
- No, I wouldn't! Yes, I would! - Come on, then!
Your feet are cold. You should wear bed socks.
Well, then you wouldn't warm me up.
Is that better?
Yeah, that's nice.
- Oh, damn. - What?
I forgot to call Mum.
Well, don't worry about it, call her tomorrow.
- Night, Sal. - Night.
Hey, Stu?
Did you remember to turn off the washing machine?
- Yeah. - Okay.
Right after I kissed it good night.
For chrissakes, why don't you stop fiddling around. Kick it to Longford.
Run the ball. Handball it.
Ball! Ball for chrissakes. Reward the tackler, umpire.
What the fuck?
Shit. Jesus Christ!
- Stewie, what's happening? - Shit.
Stewie, help me!
- Help! - Stewie!
Please, Stewie, help me!
Hey! Hey, Ron!
Hurry up, you guys. Get over here, now!
- I've found some people! - You smell that? That's gas.
Must've ruptured a pipe. No fucking smoking!
Mike, it's Davo!
Get out! Get out of my way!
- Shit! - Get off! Get off!
- Help us! Somebody... - Please help! Please!
It's okay, we'll get you out soon.
Mike! Say something!
- Sal! - Michael! Mike!
- Try this. - Get out of the way!
Shit, where are they?
- Mike! - Michael!
- Help! Sal, I'm here. I'm here, baby. - I can't move!
- The bed... - Get it off me!
All right, hold still. Hold still, all right?
- Just hang on. - Stuart!
- Baby, get it off! - It's too heavy, Sal.
It's got some other stuff on it, all right? Help!
- Stewie, what's that? - I don't know.
- Oh, God, what is it? - Babe, I don't know. Help!
Oh, shit!
- Stewie, help me! - Help!
- Stewie, help me! Stewie! - Help!
I can't move!
- Oh, God! Get this off of me! - Help!
- Jesus, no! - Please, Stewie, get me out of here!
Help us!
Stewie, it's freezing. Help me, baby. I'm going down!
Help us, anybody!
Oh, God, no!
Don't you do this to me!
Don't do this to us!
This is the police. Can anybody hear me?
- Can either of you see this torchlight? - Help us!
I need to know if you can see the torch!
I need to know where you are!
Get him up. Now!
Come on.
- We'll have to come back. - You mean leave them?
- This is one for the rescue guys. - I'm staying here!
- I'm ordering you both out, now! - You can't tell us what to do, mate!
You're just a bloody constable.
If we don't move our arses soon, we'll end up down there with them...
...and someone will have to come along and rescue us. Is that what you want?
Now, let's go! Everybody out! That includes you.
All of you, get off this site now!
- Euan Diver! Is there a Euan Diver here? - That's me.
Over here, mate.
They tell me you're an engineer, that you know about this place.
- I can't help you now. - We've got a bad gas leak.
We can't find the mains. Can you shut them off?
I'm looking for my brother, all right?
There's a real bad gas leak here, there's hundreds of people all over.
If one of them drops a cigarette anywhere near that gas, we are all gone. All right?
- I'll see what I can do for you. - Good man.
- Hey, you! I've told you... - My girlfriend's trapped, okay?
I understand that, but I've given you an order.
- Lf you don't move now... - Sarge.
- Not now! - I can't find any power poles.
- Who gives a shit? - I used to be an electrician, sarge.
- Where are the lines for these lodges? - They're underground, why?
If those lines are ripped, then they're exposed and they're soaking in water.
There's thousands of volts running through this place. The whole site's live.
We've got two people trapped, just up here.
We've gotta get some people. Give us a hand, dig them out.
Fellow here reckons he's got two people trapped, a male and a female.
It's Mike and Mim. I ski with them. You can hear them hollering for help.
- Where are they? - Just up here. We couldn't find them.
All right, let's set up the lights. Come on.
Come on, we've got to go.
Each lodge should have its own power board.
They shouldn't be too hard to disconnect.
Here we go.
Hello? Is there anybody there?
Got you, baby.
That's it.
Jesus, God in heaven.
It's big, sir, it's really big. I've never seen anything like it.
It's unstable, you can't go up there.
Andrew. Get those idiots out of there.
Mike and Mim, mate. Come on.
Looks like the water's turning to ice, sir. It's the only reason it hasn't collapsed.
I heard them in this area.
Around here.
Stay there.
Say something if you can hear me.
Come on!
This is Constable Stewart Woodward from Cooma Police Rescue.
Can anyone hear me?
This is Constable Stewart Woodward from Cooma Police Rescue.
Can anyone hear me?
This is Constable Woodward from Cooma Police Rescue.
Can anyone hear me?
Make a sound if you can hear me, just cough or breathe or do anything you can.
It's gonna take a few hours for help to arrive.
- What do we do about the injured? - What injured?
If anyone survived the slide, they're not alive there now.
- What are you talking about? - It's minus 12, for God's sake.
Face the facts. They would've frozen to death by now.
- Hey, you! Yeah, you. - Let me go, let me go!
He's gonna get himself killed and take a few coppers with him.
You know, that's it. I'm closing the site down.
- Come on, Col. You've got to be kidding. - Now, Woody, have a look up there.
The rest of this mountain could go any minute, so spread the word.
You've got to be kidding.
Enough people have been killed here tonight. No one else is gonna die.
The site is closed until it's safe for the rescuers.
I think it's a bullshit decision.
No one is allowed on the site, coppers included! Now, what did I say?
Spread the word!
The site is now closed!
- What? - I want everybody off the site now.
The site is now closed.
You firies, come on.
My name is Stuart Diver. My wife and l...
Don't do this!
Recapping this morning's top story: :
A landslide has buried two residential apartment blocks: : :
: : : In the New South Wales ski resort town of Thredbo:
At least 60 people are believed to be missing: : :
: : : From Carinya and Bimbadeen lodges:
- Yeah? - Margy Donald, Steve, sorry to wak e you:
- That's okay. What's up? - It's probably nothing.
You know how much I worry.
The name of the lodge that Stuart and Sally are staying in at Thredbo?
It's Bimbadeen. Why?
It's hard to describe the scale of the devastation:
The only structure which survived the landslide is an outdoor toilet: : :
: : : Near the upper lodge:
The site is still too unstable for any rescue attempt:
The frustration here amongst relatives and rescuers is enormous:
There's still no way of reaching those who are trapped: : :
: : : And their chances of survival diminish by the hour:
Thredbo itself is now without electricity or gas:
- And all roads in: : : : - They just closed the roads.
Well, we have to be there when they bring them out.
They'll just send us back, love.
Let them try.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
You've gotta be kidding.
They're skiing. People are still bloody skiing.
Good day, Col Langdon. Mark Powderly, he'll be running the show here.
- Karen Fitzsimmons, AFP. - Karen. See this slab up here?
Our job is to cut them up and shift them.
Some geologists are monitoring the hill. If it moves any more, a siren will warn us.
They assure us the site will be stable soon.
Yeah, but you know how geologists measure time.
When they say "soon," they mean a million years.
Police Rescue here.
Can anyone hear me?
Police Rescue here, can anyone hear me?
Just make a noise if you can hear me.
Sarge, it's like the bloody X- Files down here.
Sorry, mate, I didn't realise you were still down there.
It's a million-to-one chance, but if there's anybody down there...
...and they can reach a phone, they might be able to pick it up.
- So we're ringing all the mobile phones. - Thanks for telling me.
I just told you.
Sally will kill me for pissing in here.
Sorry, babe.
Oh, that's better.
That's much better.
Jesus Christ, it's fucking cold in here!
Sally hates me swearing. I'm sorry, babe.
Some lights went on in the rubble. A couple of my men were nearly fried.
One of the lodges hired an electrician to reconnect the power lines.
- Jesus Christ. - My sentiments exactly.
Go and see them. They'll listen to a local.
Tell them they're not to do anything without consulting with me.
- Sure. - Good man.
Dad. Mum.
- When did you get here? - A few minutes ago.
- Thank goodness we found you. - We've been trying to get through...
...but they won't let us near the site. What's going on?
Have you heard anything? Euan, what have you heard?
How bad is it, Euan?
The whole mountain's gone.
No, I won't allow it. The site will never hold that thing.
It will. It only weighs three and a half ton. Me and Phil take it everywhere.
- It's all in a day's work for us. Hey, Phil. - Yeah, no worries.
Just clear around here a bit, flatten it down so more of you blokes...
...can get down there in amongst it.
- Mr Butler... - Shane.
Shane, if you get into trouble, we can't get you out.
Well, we won't get into trouble, will we?
- Sorry, mate, thanks all the same. - Look, sergeant, sergeant, sergeant.
Hey, look, I've lived here half my life.
I used to live down there in Bimbadeen Lodge.
I know the mountain, I know that Bobcat and I know half those people down there.
I know we can do it.
Listen, mate, if anything happens, bury me with my dart board, will you?
Piss off. I want that.
Good luck, gorgeous.
Come on.
Come on, mate.
Come on. Give it a few herbs, mate.
Pick it up.
Come on.
He's right. Nearly, come on.
Steady as he goes.
Look, love, can I call you back in five?
I'm kind of in the middle of something now.
Fish fingers?
Okay, I'll pick some up.
Go on.
Swing it around, mate.
Don't do it!
That's why you always lose at darts. You never take a chance.
Cheeky bastard.
No, come on, love. No, I'm not joking. Look, I just...
Darling, just tell me the colour of the tiles in the old bathroom at Bimbadeen.
They were eau-de- nil, of course.
- Odour what? - Light green.
Light green, yeah? Hey, they were light green.
No, it's all right, love.
Sir, we've found level two of Bimbadeen. Over.
This is Constable Stewart Woodward from Cooma Police Rescue.
Can anyone hear me?
Can anyone hear me?
I keep thinking about the wedding day.
The bagpipes.
Stuart and the bagpipes. And Sally laughing.
He was teasing her.
Threatening to cut the wedding cake sideways, just like you carve a roast.
But you could tell, you knew...
...that in 50 years' time they'd still be together.
And I thought to myself, "I've done a good job.
My daughter is settled and happy."
You know that feeling, don't you?
And we'll have it again.
There's no one in the car: Ready for clearance:
Quiet, everyone! Quiet, please!
- Down tools, and stop all work. - Put your tools down.
Is anyone there?
I'm just down here.
I'm not dead yet.
Restart work! Start work again!
Those things aren't infallible, you know.
There's enough mud down there to muffle anything.
You might as well face it, mate. This isn't a rescue anymore.
From now on it's just body retrieval.
Oh, shit.
Police Rescue, anyone hear me?
Police Rescue, can anyone hear me?
How old was Stuart when we first brought him to Thredbo?
No, he was 5 then.
Remember a couple of days after that was taken, we crossed the river?
Each one of us hanging on to the other.
And then I looked around, and poor little Stewie was under the water.
He was almost drowning. He never said anything.
He trusted us.
Maybe we shouldn't have shown them the mountains.
Maybe we should've stayed at home and just...
Don't do this.
What have you people done to my lodge?
It's hard to keep the place clean. We don't have any water.
- The government's promised to pay you... - I've got 20 people booked next week.
- I'll never get this fixed in time! - The government will pay...
I want you gone. I want all of you out, now!
- We will freeze to death out there. - Get out of my lodge immediately.
You're trespassing, do you hear me? Just fuck off!
- Selfish bloody mongrel. - All right, everyone. Everybody out.
- What's going on? - We've got to leave.
- You don't mean now? - Sure do, mate.
Mother Teresa here wants his lodge back.
Would you like a cup of coffee?
Look, mate, you gotta stay warm around here.
You can get frostbite in five minutes. Not to mention haemorrhoids.
Yeah, well, thanks for the advice.
You're not a rescuer, are you?
A lot of the journos are stealing those and sneaking in to get photographs.
My daughter's in there.
I'm sorry.
Look, you blokes are good at...
Sally. Sally Diver, that's her name.
Do you think you could say something... him for me, please?
Sure, yeah. Of course I will.
Because it isn't hopeless.
Stewie, come in.
Stewie, come on.
Stewie, come on.
Sal? Sal?
That's it.
That's it, God.
Just kill me. Get it over with. Just kill me.
Oh, that's piss bloody weak, isn't it?
That's piss bloody weak. Goddamn you.
Let me die.
Just let me die, yeah.
More water.
More water.
More water.
It's the only place we can have a shower, so you boys better keep this place clean.
It's the last lodge left that'll take us. Hey, Woody, who won the football?
Woody, who won?
"It is believed that rescue police...
...prevented locals from reaching the injured...
...whose calls for help were never answered.
Instead they were left to die alone.
The horror of their final hours can only be imagined.
The so-called rescuers who abandoned these victims...
...can best be described as un-Australian."
This is New South Wales Police Rescue. Can anyone down there hear me?
Can anyone down there hear me?
This is the New South Wales Fire Brigade. Can anybody hear me?
Yes, I can.
I'm here.
Please listen.
Can anyone down there hear me?!
This is the New South Wales Fire Brigade. Can anybody hear me?
- Make a sound if you can. - Please.
I'm here.
Please listen.
A memorial service is being held for relatives and friends: : :
: : : Of those who died in Wednesday's landslide:
Rescuers say now, almost 48 hours after the landslide: : :
: : : There's little hope of finding any surviv ors:
I think maybe we should go to the service.
No, we won't be burying them before we have to.
Sally, don't go:
You're not supposed to go! Not without me!
I love you!
Sal, don't leave without me.
Jimbo, when do those two tunnelists start working?
It's Dave Brodie, and they don't start till 6. Why?
Hey, can you ask him to turn it off?
Hey, Woody, kill the chainsaw. Hey, hey, hey! Kill the chainsaw.
It's the rescue party overhead. Is there anyone there?
Rescue party overhead. Is there anyone there?
Rescue party overhead. Can you hear me?
Is there anyone there?
I'm down here.
Sorry, boys. My frigging brain's icing up.
Woody, cut it! Woody, cut it! Kill it!
It's a rescue party overhead. Is there anyone there?
- Can you hear me? - What are you doing?
Come here.
It's the rescue party overhead. Can you hear me?
Can you hear me, please?
Can you hear me?
Hello. Help!
This is the rescue party, mate. What's your name?
What's your name?
Stuart. Stuart Diver.
What's yours?
Wake up! We've found one alive!
We've finally got a survivor!
All right, all right.
- What is it? - Stuart's alive!
No one's awake over there, thank Christ.
- At least the media don't know. - Don't you want them told, sarge?
Do you want a million journalists stampeding onto this site?
No, his odds aren't good. We all know that.
And I don't want our miracle man dying live on national TV.
So stop using the radios, and confiscate all the mobile phones.
It's time for a bit of old-fashioned secrecy, mate.
G'day, Paul. How are you, mate?
We've got a 27-year-old male. Says his name's Stuart Diver.
He's been up there 54 hours since it happened.
Shit. Any idea of his injuries?
Well, he can't feel his legs, but he reckons no bones are broken.
What's kept him warm? What's he wearing?
- Jocks. - That's it, jocks?
What, he's been down there 54 hours in his undies?
The poor bastard's freezing to death, and we can't bloody well find him.
Mum! Dad!
Did you hear?
He's alive. Stuart's alive.
What about Sally?
Is Sally okay?
Sgt. Powderly speaking.
Good morning: It's CBS News here, calling from New York:
The Yanks know he's down there.
- They even know his bloody name! - What?
- Any journos been asking you questions? - No, sarge!
No one is over there. They're all asleep.
Someone must've used a mobile phone.
I took them all as soon as you told me. If there's been a leak, it's not from here.
It's gonna make things worse for him and us.
You don't suppose the Americans have got a satellite, do you?
Don't be stupid.
All right, Paul.
Stu, it's Paul Featherstone here, mate. People call me Feathers.
- Can you hear me? - Yeah.
Oh, shit.
Can you do us a bit of a favour, Stu, and just talk a bit, mate, just so we can... out where you are, exactly?
I don't know what to say.
Anything you want, mate, anything you want.
I didn't think I'd ever see anyone again.
Yeah, well, I'm worth the wait. I'm not sure about these two, though.
- That was a joke. I hope you're laughing. - Yeah.
- Does anything hurt? - Just my legs.
- Oh, it's a bloody dead end. - Did you guys say something?
Listen, Stu. Look, we've taken a wrong turn, mate.
You're one level lower than we thought.
- Jeez, I wanna sleep, mate. - No, come on, Stu.
Just stay with us. We're not going to be long, okay?
- Stu? - Yeah.
Nice and easy.
We're gonna do a bit of drilling here, just to cut through the slab to you.
It might be a bit noisy for a while, okay?
How do we know the whole bloody thing won't collapse?
Scientific principle, mate. Suck it and see.
Shut up!
Stop drilling, I'm trying to sleep!
For fuck's sake!
Oh, for fuck's sake. Piss off, Feathers. Jesus Christ.
Sorry about that, mate.
Got a search cam here, Stu.
Kind of like a sideways periscope, mate. It'll just help us locate you.
Can you see any light, mate?
Just keep it going. Keep it turning around.
Turn it around more.
Where the fuck is he?
- Can you see it now, Stu? - No, Feathers.
Gonna sleep, mate. I'm really tired.
I don't believe it. He's not down there.
- He's gonna die if we don't get to him. - So, what else can we do?
Just bring it around. Bringing it around.
Oh, yeah. Oh, that's pretty.
What's that, Stu?
That's pretty.
I'm in the snow now, Feathers. That's nice.
He's delirious. We're losing him.
You know how the moon moves when... It kind of moves?
Stu. Stay with me, mate. Talk to me about the moon.
Is it in front of you, mate? How far in front?
It's behind me.
It's behind me. I can see it when I turn my head.
It can't be. He's not on the bloody screen.
Oh, shit. Listen, Stu.
Just don't move at all, mate. We're gonna come to you, okay?
- He's on another level. - That's impossible.
Well, he bloody well has to be. He's not on the screen!
- I'm gonna go tell the boss. - Shit.
Feathers, give me the drill.
Stu, I know you hate the drill, mate, but it's kind of like this.
For fuck's sake, Feathers!
Oh, excuse me. I'm Stuart Diver's mother-in-law.
I'm Sally's mother, you understand. Did he say anything about my daughter?
I know Stuart very well, and I'm sure he would have said something.
- She's still alive, isn't she? - It's a complete mess down there.
- We won't give up until we find her. - But he must have said something.
- Lf you knew what I was going through... - I do. I understand, really.
They were separated, that's all I can say. The Salvation Army will look after you.
If you find anything of hers...'ll save it for me, please? - Yeah, I will. I promise.
I wouldn't stand there. That's sharper than a guillotine.
One little tremor, and it'll take your head off.
Stu, we're making real progress, mate, now we know where you are.
Bullshit. You can't even reach me.
- Stu, you're an athlete, aren't you, mate? - So?
Well, this is all about pace. Yeah? I'm gonna pace you.
It's like skiing. If you go too fast, you end up getting hurt.
Most injuries happen at slow speeds.
You would have to choose the one bloody sport I know nothing about.
Give it up, mate. I'm a lost cause.
You don't get rid of me that easy, mate.
We're gonna be friends, whether you like it or not.
When I'm finished with you, I'll be selling you Amway.
I think I lost my credit card.
- We're out of here. - No, I'm staying.
- We've gotta go. - I've gotta stay.
- Feathers, come on. - He's starting to trust me.
- I'm not gonna leave him alone. - Feathers, come on!
Feathers, come on!
- You gotta let me go back. - There's no way I'm gonna let you.
- The whole bloody hill could come down. - I won't let him die alone after all this.
I'm not gonna let you die. That's what will happen if it caves in.
Well, you got a million rescuers just sitting on their asses.
- It'll give them something to do. - Paul.
Stuart? Sorry we had to go like that, mate.
It was pretty damn rude.
But we're all back now. Mate, can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
You're a rotten bloody liar, Feathers. You're on your own, aren't you?
- Yeah, but I'm not leaving ever again. - Just piss off, Feathers.
- Did you hear me? Piss off. - Just breathe.
Stu, just breathe like I told you, okay? Just breathe nice and slow, mate.
Let me die. I want to die.
Why's that, Stu? You can tell me, mate.
The day I married Sal, I promised I'd look after her.
She was calling out, "Help me." The water just kept coming, and I wanted to run.
So, Feathers, do us a favour, if you're any sort of a mate.
Just let me die, all right? Just let me die.
Sure, Stu. If that's what you want, mate, I'm not gonna stop you.
Can't fight nature.
No one could've saved your wife.
You listening?
See, it's not a crime to be scared, mate. You know...
...l'm scared shitless just being here right now.
What you did, just staying with Sal...
...was braver than anything I've ever seen.
Can you hear me, mate?
I'm sorry.
- Okay, Feathers, we're ready for you. - Oh, yeah.
Hey, guys. I can see your torch.
- I'm over here. - Don't move, Stu. We'll come to you.
- Just breathe like I told you, mate. - We'll be down there in five, mate.
Throw the kit down.
- Where the bloody hell is he? - Don't panic, mate, just keep it down.
- Oh, fuck it! - Easy, mate. He'll hear you.
Stu, how are you doing there, mate?
Stu, if you can't talk, that's okay...
...but we just need to know if you can hear us, mate.
We're doing our best to find you.
We just need you to help us a little bit, okay?
Stu, if you can hear us, just cough or scratch or just make any noise.
Oh, shit, Feathers.
Oh, shit. Have a look at this.
We got you, mate.
We're here now. You're all right. We got you.
We bloody well got him!
Hey, we got him!
How soon till they bring him out, then?
We're very concerned. There's been a buildup of toxins in Stuart's blood.
- Toxins? - Poisons.
That happens sometimes to people who are trapped and can't move.
There's a big chance that when we go to get him out...
...just by moving him will cause those toxins to go to his heart.
And do what?
We'll do the best we can, but you really should prepare yourselves.
Stuart will survive this. He's strong and he's smart...
...and he didn't last that long down there just... No, he's not gonna die.
He's not gonna die. Because I won't let him.
Stuart, mate!
Sorry it's taking so long. It's just that you're two levels lower than we thought.
- Woody. - Woody. Woody!
Come on, Stu. Stay with us, mate. Stay with us.
Listen, mate, if you could have anything...
...anything in the whole world, what would you want?
What else?
Our mountains.
Then I want you to think of your mountains.
Because they're out there, Stu. They're waiting for you, mate.
There's snow right on the tips of them.
There's white, clean snow all on the peaks.
And the day is so clear...
...and the edges are so sharp, it's like God or someone's picked up a pen...
...and outlined every one of them.
You want to see your mountains, Stu?
Word just in that rescue crews have discovered another two bodies...
The painstaking search through the rubble continues tonight...
Heartache as rescue crews find a second body in the icy...
Stuart Diver was found this morning at about 5:35...
...and they're preparing now to pull him up out of the rubble.
But as you can understand, it's a very painstaking operation.
And with the extreme conditions here, the workers are doing their absolute best.
So we'll be bringing the information to you as it comes.
So, what's this plan of yours, mate?
We can't cut above him, because we'd hurt him.
So we're going to drill down there. So when we've built a hole there...
...we'll slide him down, sit him up and haul him out of there.
No. You know the second that you get him into a vertical position...
...if he's got any toxins in his system, they'll run straight to his heart.
- But it's just a risk we've gotta take, sir. - No, we don't.
We're not gonna let him die with his mother and father next door...
...the premier down the road and every camera in the world zoomed in on us.
It's not gonna happen. So has anyone got a plan B?
Well, we could find a virgin with big tits and sacrifice her to the mountain god.
- Bloody thing's frozen over. - Okay, let's get the search cam down.
Okay. Here we go.
Oh, shit. There's a bloody big slab there.
- We can't reach him through that. - Hang on.
Slabs don't have "Sealy" written on them. It's a mattress.
- We can just cut through it. - Oh, shit.
It's not his mattress. There's a man lying on it.
Looks like he's been dead for a while.
Better tell the boss to get a team down here and get him out.
- You guys want coffee? - Hey, thanks. That would be beaut.
You must feel pretty lousy after all the flack you've copped.
- What flack? - For leaving those people.
The ones crying out on the night this happened. It's all over the papers.
I guess you must regret it now.
- Do I know you? - I doubt it.
Yeah. You're no volunteer. You're that reporter on TV.
Well, this rescue site's off-limits, so I suggest...
- We haven't answered the lady's question. - She's a journo, mate.
- She's trying to set us up. - Listen here, lady.
If I'd heard so much as a whisper or a heartbeat...
...I would've stayed there and died with them.
When we got there, it was too late. They were gone.
You journos can sit there in your Gucci tracksuit...
...and you can slag us cops off as much as you want.
But if I had to do that night all over again, I wouldn't do a single thing different.
Thanks for the fucking coffee!
Yeah, good one, Woody.
Keep it going, keep it going.
Stu, this is the last bit of drilling, mate.
Just got to make the hole a bit bigger so we can get you through it. Okay?
It hurts. Guys, there's something on my leg!
Kill the drill! Kill the drill!
We've drilled him. We've bloody drilled him!
Oh, it's just water from the drill. It's just water.
Feathers, what are you doing? You can't take that off. You'll...
How else am I gonna get down there?
Is there a Stuart Diver here?
Hope I'm not interrupting, mate, but it's bloody good to see you.
We should do lunch.
Lillie, stop bothering that man. I'm terribly sorry.
It's fine, really.
I thought you two were living in the lodge.
We went away to Jindabyne.
At first we decided not to.
But then her temperature came down, we packed our bags and we left.
- Can I ask you a favour, lady? - Of course.
Can I give your little girl a hug?
Right. Dr. Morris here, he's looking for a vein in your leg.
So he can get you on a drip, mate.
Tell him to whack some bourbon into it, will you?
All right, now, just remember what I said, okay?
You're not to move a muscle, okay? Let us do all the work.
- Feathers? - Yeah, mate?
Jeez, you're a good mate.
Just wait till you get the bill, mate.
Eleven-hour house call plus double-time on Saturdays.
You'll be mowing my lawn till you're 80.
All right, let's do it.
- Hello? - Mr: Diver?
- Yes. - It's Paul Featherstone, the paramedic:
We're about to sit Stuart up. Thought you might like to say hello.
How you doing, son?
We're here:
We love you. You hear me, Stewie?
We love you:
I love you too.
I love you too.
Jeez, that's what you guys look like.
What a bunch of ugly bastards.
Alrighty, Stu.
You ready?
- Hey, hang on, hang on a sec, Feathers. - What?
What am I gonna do now?
I mean, what, what am I gonna do with the rest of my life? Without Sal?
Live it, mate. Fate didn't bring you this far for nothing.
There will be good... Good things. You'll see, mate.
You ready, Stu?
Yeah, yeah.
Okay, fellows.
Take this.
Right, on three. One, two, three.
Look, Stuart, the mountains. Like I promised, mate.
And they're yours.
They're yours, mate.
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