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Subtitles for Hidalgo (2004) CD2.

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Hidalgo (2004) CD2

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That's far enough, Aziz.
Kill her!
Jazira, run!
Jazira! Jazira!
- Give him his head! - I know what to do!
Let's keep moving, miss.
He pledged his life for me when I was born worthless.
I'm sorry.
We got to make that tent camp by sundown.
I wish you to look at me.
Why do I feel that you truly see me when others do not?
Well, my horse likes you.
Even a blind man could see that you're beautiful.
We must ride.
We will stay off the camel roads.
What does this mean?
Shunka Wakan.
Big dog.
There's no word in Sioux for horse.
When the Indians saw the first one the Spanish brought over,
they didn't know what the hell it was.
When they saw how it could run,
carry a man through battle,
become his friend for life,
well, they figured it had to be a sacred animal.
Did your mother teach you this wisdom?
I am sorry.
When this race is over, I will pray five times a day.
Being an infidel, as you are,
you cannot be expected to comprehend.
There are those who are chosen to be winners
and those chosen to be losers.
Allah chooses thus, and it is written.
You are summoned to the tent of the lady.
Right now.
You know, Yusef, I once had a three-legged colt.
Born that way.
Turned out to be one of the best roping horses I ever had.
Your mare's running a good race, ma'am.
She is rather lovely, isn't she?
Good legs on her.
Can you envision her offspring from an Al-Hattal cross?
Aziz was not a very admirable man.
But he was very adept in researching bloodlines.
You have blood from the red Indian race.
You hid it effectively all your life.
I'm not sure what you're getting at, ma'am.
There's no way for me to win rights to the Muniqi bloodline
other than to win this race.
You, on the other hand, you have another way to win.
Only one way to win.
Your little mustang has proven hardy.
But the chances of him crossing Iraq and Syria
before Al-Hattal and my mare are slim at best.
Your horse is weakening, Mr. Hopkins, and you know it.
You've taken him so very far from anything he's ever known.
All for the sake of money.
Are you willing to kill him for money?
The winner's purse is $100,000.
Pull out now, and I'll compensate you 30% in silver
for turning in a serious effort.
I've never taken money for quitting a race.
Well, then, Frank.
Just where are we, then?
In the last corner of Arabia.
When you're in a desert, the sight of green grass
and fresh water can be mighty tempting.
Sometimes you're just seeing things.
Indeed, Mr. Hopkins.
Good night, ma'am.
What of my offer?
I'll sleep on it.
And all alone.
He does not like the milk of the camel.
But it will keep his liver from failure.
Appreciate it.
You have visited the tent of the Christian lady.
I don't like the look of them front hooves.
That quarter crack is getting worse.
Another 400 miles can put him lame.
You must not give up.
It might be just time to live with what we got.
You will prove them right.
That blood is more important than will.
You will continue your life hiding who God made you.
Like me.
You done me proud, partner.
Frank Hopkins.
I am compelled to express gratitude.
Good luck, Mr. Hopkins.
Thank you, ma'am.
If I don't see you in Damascus,
I hope you find the stock you've been looking for.
Oh, I will.
You should have wagered on it.
The cowboy forgot his drink.
Do not react. Remain calm.
And only I speak. Atimi, no!
Call yourself a great Bedou raider for killing a camel boy.
For not being able to hold on to a little harem girl.
You will still pay me my riyals.
But I will exact it from you.
And perhaps much more, Lady english.
You will receive nothing
unless my horse reaches that finishing stone first.
They're six days across the Hammad.
You can intercept them by using the camel road.
Force the American into the Amal Samheem.
Capture Al-Hattal and keep him secure.
But my horse wins this race.
He made you look quite the fool, didn't he?
The cowboy.
He will beg me to cut his throat when...
Do not harm him, Katib.
Kill his horse and let him walk the desert.
There's much for him to think over.
Whatever feed was out ahead, it ain't there no more.
"A gift from above.
Not a plague. "
Once you get past the legs, it ain't too bad.
Here you go.
It goes down pretty smooth, don't it?
Come on. Eat up. We're back in business.
Let's see who's behind.
We are.
Jinni, no. Go away.
Do not assist me.
Just kill me, please.
Use your weapon.
It is Allah's will.
Tell you what.
You can do whatever you want after I get you out of there.
How you doin', partner?
Why you turn back for me?
Ain't no prize money worth a man's life, the way I see it.
It is written that God leads astray whom he wishes
and guides whom he wishes.
It was God's will that I die in this race.
Just as it is his will who shall win.
What about your will?
What about your horse's will?
Seems to me that's what will get you across a finish line.
Only then is it written.
Jinni has returned to carry me home.
My sword.
Get Al-Hattal.
Faster. He is escaping.
You heard the Christian woman.
We are not to kill him.
The rope!
Look. The trap.
Stop. Release the hunters.
Come on. Get up.
Look out!
Jinni! Jinni!
You and your horse have made enough trouble for me.
Nobody hurts my horse.
Settle down.
Trust me now.
Easy, son.
Don't do it, partner.
Don't you die on me now.
We're almost home.
We're almost home.
We had 'em, brother.
We had those boys.
You're all right.
My old man.
Remember that 500-mile in Missouri?
We had three days in the lead.
Sitting on that ranch looking at nothing but green.
That's it, partner.
If there's a heaven on earth, actually, we found it.
Well, I reckon if there's a heaven on earth,
there's gonna be a hell, too.
We just couldn't cross her.
Help me.
Blue child.
Can you see it, cowboy?
It is the ocean.
It is only Al-Hattal now, cowboy.
You were defeated before this race began.
You will not defeat me.
I am born of a great tribe.
People of the horse.
So am I.
Al-Hattal! Al-Hattal!
Camria, praise your stamina.
Cowboy! Cowboy!
Push her.
Let 'er buck!
Cowboy! Cowboy!
Good race, partner.
It is a magnificent horse.
Likewise, Prince.
It looks better on you.
For many miles, I did not understand
why Allah would wish this on me.
Now I understand his will.
Be a guest in my house for as long as you desire.
I've been too far from home for too long, sir.
I lost the race, Frank Hopkins.
But you won a friend.
It's a gift.
What about your ability to tell the future?
If I had the ability to foretell the future,
perhaps I would have bet on a painted horse.
Blessings be upon thee.
You too, partner.
Is it true, then, as in the Western stories?
The cowboy rides away into the setting of the sun?
But not the same cowboy.
We won't forget you.
Blue child.
Assemble on the rim.
30 paces to a stand.
Make every shot count.
What's this bloke doing? Bringing them in one at a time?
Lieutenant McNulty?
Who are you?
Frank Hopkins.
Hopkins? You bring a dispatch?
Yes, sir.
Paid in full?
Hold on! Pull back to the left!
- How, Kola. - How, Kola.
Is it true that the chief named Eagle Horn has returned to the reservation?
He has taken the journey.
But he knew you won, Far Rider, in the faraway sand.
Will you help me with something?
Easy, brother.
Let 'er buck.
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