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Subtitles for Hidden Fortress (Akira Kurosawa) CD2.

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Hidden Fortress (Akira Kurosawa) CD2

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There he is.
Boss, the other side is lined with Yamana soldiers.
What would you do?
What do l care?
What are you doing?
Wait and see at the fortress?
Shut up. Go away.
Please, take us with you.
We promise to behave.
What's that?
The Yamana's found it!
What will we do?
We're leaving.
Which way?
Straight ahead.
You're joking!
Leave it to me. l have a plan.
Your pass?
Your pass. What's your problem?
l picked up something.
What? lt's just a piece of wood.
l found it at Mt. Suribachi.
He found this.
The Akizuki crest!
You really found it at Mt. Suribachi?
Bring me my horse!
That gold is mine. Give it back.
Give me the gold or a reward.
Shut up. Get lost.
Give me a reward. l won't move!
A reward! Give me a reward!
Two or three loaded horses, several men and a girl.
lf you see such a group, arrest them immediately.
There are signs that Princess Yuki's party has been here.
But she was beheaded...
Using a double has been done before.
You also saw the smoke rise on the mountain across.
That was Akizuki's hidden fortress.
lt was guarded by an old soldier and two others.
They could have escaped. lnstead they burned the fortress
and fought 'til their end.
lt appears they wanted to signal and gain time for others to escape.
The Princess and a few men escaped with the gold for sure.
There are traces on the road.
Don't slack. Catch them and you will be rewarded.
Are you ok, boss?
Let's take a back road.
- Stop sneaking around. lt invites suspicion. - But...
What are you doing?
We're staying here tonight.
You've got to be kidding me. Let's hurry through the night.
lt's a long way. Let's not push it.
Then let's camp out.
Hide a stone among stones and a man among men.
Where will we hide the gold?
Leave it out in the open.
You're so slow. Get a clue and bring some water.
Always crying, but you refuse to take johns.
You were a lousy deal.
Where did you get her?
ln Akizuki. Lose a war and plenty of women go on sale.
How much?
Five silver pieces. Want her?
ldiot. l'm not a dog like you.
- You bluff. - No, sorry.
Now, look here.
Average looking, but excellent body. How about it?
For one silver piece, she's yours for the night.
What's the use of buying a woman who won't take customers?
How much is she?
She's a looker!
She's not one of yours?
l'll buy her. Who does she belong to?
Whose girl is she?
l'll buy her! l'll buy her for a piece of gold!
- She's a mute. - Mute?
That's too bad. l'll pass.
Who's the owner of the horse outside?
ls it yours?
Do you want to sell her to me?
l'll give you whatever you want.
But my load...
She's too good for a packhorse. 5 silver pieces. You can buy 5 horses.
Boss. What shall we do?
Two horses are not enough for everything.
lt's hard to find another one.
This sucks.
There is no time for girls.
Buy that girl back.
l cannot.
Why not? l am the Princess of Akizuki.
l can't bear to see one of our own in trouble.
No, you're in trouble...
Your kindness will harm you.
Whatever. Buy her back.
- No. - You cannot make my heart mute too!
A cart was a bad idea.
We're the horses now.
And we've even taken in that girl.
Stop following us. Go away.
Go back to Akizuki.
Don't stop. Continue.
Have you seen four people, three horses and a girl?
lf you do, report them immediately.
lt went well. We're lucky.
Who said a cart was a bad idea?
You were grumbling about the girl.
But those men are stupid. Why not check the wood?
What shall we do now?
Be calm!
Put it down.
Report them!
Run! Wait on the hill!
Why, if it isn't Rokurota Makabe!
Hey, Hyoe Tadokoro!
Stand aside! You're no match for him!
A rare meeting.
l regret not meeting you on the battlefields this time around.
l regret it, too.
How about a duel?
With pleasure!
With what? A spear?
Sounds good.
All of them are inferior, but choose one.
l lost!
We'll meet again.
- Firewood? - What about firewood?
Apparently gold is hidden in the wood.
They're hiding here with all that.
Four of them. One girl with three men.
She's Princess Yuki from Akizuki.
The reward is 200 pieces of gold for her.
Five pieces just for information.
Don't jump the gun. lt won't be easy.
A strong general, Rokurota Makabe, is with her.
lt's cold!
lt's been three days now.
- More rain. More rain. - What?
We can't move even if it stops.
We go out there and we'll get beheaded.
You madman. Are you glad to be beheaded?
Why not?
lt's better than putting up with this.
Then give up the gold and get lost.
Good idea.
l'll leave.
But l'm taking all l can carry.
l'll be set for life.
l'll leave too.
Great. What's left is all mine.
Take what you want and beat it.
But we're not getting anywhere.
Where are you going?
l'm going to find something to put the gold in.
The one with the shorter one disappears for a while.
He's late.
l'm sure he'll be back soon.
What's going on? Everyone is carrying wood...
l know! lt's the Fire Festival.
Haven't you heard of the Yamana Fire Festival where the villagers
dance around a bonfire?
We lucked out!
They're going in our direction. lf we join the crowd...
l don't get it. Why do we have to patrol a Fire Festival?
Look. There's a lot of wood at the Festival.
The Akizuki clan may hide here with their gold hidden in firewood.
What's this?
There is too much wood to check.
We'll inspect the suspicious ones who stray from the crowd.
Where is everyone?
To the Festival...
Marching with the crowd...
The life of a man
Burn it with the fire
The life of an insect
Throw it into the fire
Ponder and you'll see
The world is dark
And this floating world is a dream
Burn with abandon
Burn it! Throw the cart into the fire!
- Don't be stingy, fool. - No!
They're suspicious.
Move. Burn it!
That's enough. Let's pack it up.
But, Boss, there's more...
Don't be greedy!
There's no point in taking more than we can carry.
You two carry 30 kan each.
l carry 40...with the two women, that's 20...
What? l can carry 40 kan too.
l'll carry 50 kan.
Hurry up!
lt's such a shame to leave that gold.
Go back?
Where are you going?
No more.
What are you looking for?
Boss, help us!
lf you want to live, pick up your load.
Follow me!
Hurry up! We can cross the mountain overnight.
lt's hard. l'd rather be dead.
Then die.
Calm down!
Don't stand up!
Listen! l'll run and distract them. Escape while you can.
We're done for. Let's run.
Did you say something?
l'm not worth it. Leave me and go.
lt's the end.
lf we get caught, they'll kill us.
Not if we don't have any gold.
We'll turn them in.
You're right. Maybe we'll even get a reward.
ldiot! They'll shoot us if we're not careful.
l'm sure Yamana and Hayakawa are patrolling their border.
We can report them there.
Your Highness...Hayakawa.
Are you joking? We got them and their gold long ago.
Go home, fools.
Look carefully! You won't see 200 gold pieces again!
l'd rather see Princess Yuki!
She's a sight for sore eyes.
To think she'll be beheaded tomorrow...
Stay away!
Just a glance.
Let me through!
Tadokoro here to identify them.
Hyoe Tadokoro!
What happened to you?
Where did you get that scar?
You. You've changed.
Tell me what happened. We're on opposite sides,
but we're true friends.
Friends? Then why did you let me survive the shame of my defeat?
To defeat an enemy and to let him live appears to be a kind act,
but it is cruel.
Look at me!
My Lord shamed me before everyone.
See the scar left by the relentless beating?
l curse you!
Fool! Are you the great Hyoe Tadokoro?
What you make of another's kindness is up to you.
You and your Lord. Evidently you're both fools.
To punish you so for losing to an enemy...
Even l do not dare such a thing.
l'm the Princess. lt's me.
l appreciate your loyalty, but this is it.
l want to die with dignity.
Your Highness, this Rokurota cannot apologize enough.
You endured so much and it was all in vain.
You're wrong, Rokurota. l had a good time.
The happiness of these days l would have
never known living in the castle.
l saw people as they really are...
l saw their beauty and their ugliness with my own eyes.
Rokurota, l thank you.
- l can now die without regret. - Your Highness!
That Fire Festival was fun.
l like that song.
The life of a man
Burn it with the fire
The life of an insect
Throw it into the fire
Ponder and you'll see
The world is dark
And this floating world is a dream
The life of a man
Burn it with the fire
Let's burn it!
Turn the horses!
Turn them, l said!
He's mad! Get them!
Hurry, Rokurota! Take the Princess!
She is a great leader... serve her well.
Don't die in vain! lf you wish, follow us!
Forgive this traitor!
Damn. When l got to Hayakawa with the gold,
l imagined l'd be so happy.
We're lucky to have our heads.
Let's stay friends.
We risked death together, we'll stay friends back at the village.
Stray horses.
This is all mine.
What? Give me one of them.
l found them first.
You are greedy. You said we should split everything 50/50.
That was then, this is now.
You shithead.
You. Are you from the Akizuki clan?
No, we're just peasants.
l don't get it. Peasants with all this gold?
Arrest them!
Let's stay friends in heaven too.
Matashichi! Tahei! Look up!
What? lt's me.
No wonder. Even l didn't recognize you.
Your armor becomes you.
Rokurota Makabe.
You look even more handsome.
You don't recognize your Princess Yuki?
The mute. The mute girl.
Matashichi. Tahei.
You two went through a lot for us.
However, that gold is an indispensable fund to restore Akizuki.
Not l, not even the Princess can take it.
l hope you will be satisfied with this. Here.
Split it fairly. No fighting.
You keep this.
No you keep it.
Don't worry about it.
The end
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