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Hidden Heroes

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Dumbo calling circus
Only some tickets have been bought
If family wants to come see it...
better hurry up and get tickets
But I've read the critics
You either like it very much
or you hate it very much
Thank you
Do come early, there'll be lucky draw...
pretty girls. There's a $900 minimum
My wife is Japanese
She's lovely
You're so lucky
I'm nicer and more handsome
But you're the one with a Jap wife
Jap girls aren't as pretty as in VCDs
She's obedient, takes good care of me
and lets me do whatever I want
Then resists with inviting groans
It's boring to hear it often
The world is so boring
Let's go and have fun
Circus calling Dumbo. Report
Get a dope to reply!
Dope replying. Nothing to report
Ugh... Dope!
Sorry, Mister
Is this cigarette yours?
Yes... uh, I accidentally... I'm sorry...
Yeah... accidental?
I thought you did it on purpose
She's lost. Let me show her the bus stop
Wait a second...
Little girl, I don't know what you want
I know I'm yummy
Keep this mood for half an hour
Till I get off work, I'll take you to...
How did I do just now?
All right
Was I abrupt?
No, you weren't abrupt
You'll never believe this
1 1 p.m., Dragon Cafe Mongkok see you there
Then I'd better be there
Do you mind?
Hurry up, I'm on duty
Attention all units ransom collected by suspect
Block up the area! Go to work!
Police working, excuse me!
Police working, lights please!
Down! Don't move! On the ground!
Sorry, the cinema is sealed off
Everybody, please don't leave
Police! Males here, females over there
Too many people to be divided up
Males there, females there!
Short-sighted here, far-sighted there!
Year of the rat there, rams here!
Rams that are Pisces over there!
Those from the same year, down!
Males on the left, females right
Those under 1 0 at the back!
Good idea!
What's your name?
Yu First
Yoiji Ho
What's yours?
Yu First
I did, what's yours?
My name is Yu First!
Very funny!
Show me your lD card!
What do you do for living, Mr. Yu?
Singer, just recording, EP out soon
Hip Hop or R & Blues?
Hip Hop, of course
Madam, lD card please
Sir, when can I leave?
I gotta cook for my husband and son
Then don't come to the movies
Who is it?
Police! Come out! Come out!
Hands up! Come out! Come out!
Put down your gun!...
Run! Run!
Attacking the police?
Don't shoot!...
It's a toy gun. I'm holding for my son
Don't shoot
Don't run!
Lend me your shoulders
Why run so fast? Bullets can't reach so far
Thank you
Was my punch painful just now?
No, no
You're so lovely!
I'd better go now
Don't go yet, you left something
I left something?
Your lD card
Thank you
Forget it. It doesn't matter
Mail it back to me when you find it
Don't waste the $400 for replacement
Maybe it's hiding somewhere
Let me help you look for it
No, it's not there!
Maybe it is, let me look
No... Let me take a look!
It's your luck my eyes are on you...
You don't need to gamble all week
No... It's really not there...
Don't move! It's painful!
You're amazing. I tried my best
But you still see me through
I'm the Top Wanted for the last 5 years
Nickname Transformer the Kidnapper
MacGayfa, that's me!
Don't come near me!
Shoot if you dare
Help! Help!
Sorry, it's my fault
I really can't arrest you, leave
Thanks for being such a supporter
Okay, see you later
You bastard, I'll kill you!
Help... I have hostages
Don't move, this controls a bomb
If I press, it'll explode
Bro! You said I'm your supporter
You'll be my friend forever
Your hostage is only a lost girl
If you go to jail for it
You'll be laughed at, ignored...
Eat your chicken wings won't play with you!
No! Uncle! Don't hurt the innocent!
I'm pressing the button!
Be careful! There's a car!
Slowly... don't push!
Don't push...
Be careful!
So, found it yet?
CK and I are looking for it
I gotta be faster than the police
Yoiji Ho, people's hero, work hard!
Thank you, Sir!
I'll leave you alone
Good bye, Sir!
Why are you sweating so much?
I can fill the bath for you
I don't want to bath today
You're my girl, not my servant
Just tell me, why steal it?
Sorry, you just put it by your bed
I thought it was a gift from you
What a big misunderstanding
Then whose bracelet is this?
We'll be married soon, be honest
Do I really gotta tell? Yes
The girl last night, she came to me
And wait for me to get off work
I know she can't control herself
Though she's not as hot as you
She looks naive but is hot inside
It's fascinating, but...
She died last night
Isn't it a pity, Mayumi?
You said I can tell you anything
Hmm... I've kept something from you
Actually, I used to be a...
Don't worry, geishas aren't whores
We perform but don't sell ourselves
What do you perform?
Sexy dance
Sexy dance?
How much do you earn a month?
150,000 HK dollars
150,000 HK dollars?
Will you look down on me?
Can you... perform for me?
It's quite sexy, turn around...
With the mop... turn...
I can't accept myself like this!
What do you mean? I can!
Think it over before coming to me
Get up, bastard! You're having cramps now?
Yoiji, you didn't come to the cafe
Ghost in the daytime!
Ghosts... ghosts in the daytime!
Are you sure...
Why did you poke at my ass?
I didn't. I've put something inside
Put inside... A Chinese Ghost Story...
Be calm, I'm a robot from the future
The one who died is from the same series...
Mei Ling Chan series, serial no. 1872332
I'm the next: 1872333
You are a robot
You believe in me?
Of course I do, robots
Just like emails and mobile phones
With technology, anything's possible
China has its own astronaut
Let me clear my mind first
Since the time machine is invented in 2100
Sequence of events are messed up
1 Terracotta soldier is missing
John Lennon died 2 days later
My duty for this visit here is to...
ensure events happen like it should
Let me show you Year 2054
And so many lines too...
Wow Year 2054 A.D.
Father of Chips come up with HR815
You again?
Made the 1st Mei Ling Chan Robots
What's that gotta do with me?
On 15 Aug, his brother will die...
in the cemetery of Happy Valley
Because of this, love is roused
between his wife and him
To commemorate their love
he used his wife Mei Ling as a model
and made the Mei Ling Robots
And you're the famous Father of Chips'
... brother
Are you sure?
In order to keep history as is
I'll ensure your safety until 15 Aug
At the same time, I'll make sure...
you die on 15 Aug at the age of 33
No way!
You're wrong, I don't have a brother
My data is never wrong
You're crazy! Admit you're wrong
Sorry, I need to recharge
I beg you, I'm at the prime of youth
You're being unfair
You don't have to beg me
We robots have no emotions
Can't be coaxed, won't be angry
Never sad, never laugh
Sorry, I'm a little too excited
Don't think you can escape
I've put a tracer in your bottom
I can find you wherever you are
Why me?
Is it that bad?
Hello Mayumi, pack and wait for me
We gotta escape, things aren't good What did you say?
Yoiji Ho!
Yin, CK, Bo, good timing
A robot on earth! Take a look...
Yoiji Ho, policemen have been killed Police suspects you're involved
Take him away
Go How about the robot?
It's real. It's a female
Dressed to kill
What did you say?
We found this on your desk
Idiot, it's surprising you don't fail in my hands
Be pretentious, I hate it most
If I kill, I'll wear my own clothes
You're wrongly accusing me
Wrongly accusing you?
Change him!
Don't move!
Men desire face like trees do bark
I won't strip before your lustful eyes
Seeing you like this, I agree to obey
I'll strip
I said I've been wrongly accused!
Why do the clothes fit me so well?
Do you have a full length mirror?
There's a flaw...
Look, how would it fit so well?
We're talking homicide
Why would I imitate my idol Wai-man Chan?
How come? Would you?
I know...
The man you're looking for is Chan
Wai-man Chan? Go to hell!
Help! Stop!
Madam, help me...
Unjustly ruled!
Officer, he even kills his own men
Get off
Unless he's sentenced, he's a suspect
He's not ours if he's sentenced
What's the matter?
They're using violence it's breaking the rules
They don't know the rules give him to me
Yoiji, what happened to you?
I was wrongly accused
Don't worry, come
Please have some
I know you like Japanese cuisine
He wants to kill me
Ming Sir, try if it's been poisoned
You're crazy
Listen, just admit it, it'll be okay
I've been wrongly accused!
I know you didn't do it
Admit it, coz I treat you as my bro
You can't spell, don't know Mandarin
Born with bad luck, grown up weak
No brains for school, lazy at work
Lacks sincerity, no aspiration
IQ not high enough, EQ too high
Your mom's health become the subject of your lCQ chat
By the way, how's Auntie?
She recently... Forget it...
I just wanna ask you something
Can you tell between men and apes?
You're useless
Why don't you admit it?
Killing police, that's so cool
You'll be on the news, you're famous
They'll call you the Big One in jail
Write a memoir when you're out
Sell your rights to Hollywood
In the film, Brad Pitt will be you
Al Pacino will be me
Think, 10 years of youth...
in exchange for fame and wealth
The world will be yours by then
Sign it
I can't write my own memoir
Then find someone to, sign
I don't want Brad Pitt to be me
I like Wai-man Chan
Ok, Chan'll be you, Pacino'll be me
I'm more confident now
Then sign it
What now?
I can't breathe
The cigar has toxin...
I've been poisoned by ciguatoxin
Don't kid with me
Criminal is escaping!
Get out
I surrender... help...
If you run, you're a criminal
If you're innocent, face it with courage
I don't have courage, now what?
Okay, justice is fair
If you go back I'll help you find the truth
You believe in me?
No, I believe in proof
I won't let go unless file's closed
Everybody freeze!
Let your hostage go!
Ridiculous! Drop your weapons!
You're surrounded by so many of us
Put down your guns!
This posture is great, back 5 steps!
Okay, 5 more steps!
Now hug!
That's too much, bastard!
So embarrassing
Fondle, fondle each other...
You can't escape, I'll get you
Sorry, heroine
Yoiji Ho!
Yoiji Ho... bastard
Which department are you from?
Robbery department
Sorry, Sir!
I'll be in debt to your kindness
Has anyone seen Yoiji Ho?
Has anyone seen Yoiji Ho?
Licence! Licence!
What's the matter, officer?
Get the licence out, quick!
Owner's off to honeymoon?
Mom! Mom... open the door!
I'm Yoiji, Mom, open the door...
Bright is the moonlight on my bed Or is that frost?
3 X 2 is 2, 9 X 9 is 80 something
3 X 3 is 6...
Add $1 for a bar of chocolate?
I don't want it
Comes to $52.6, thanks
Toy gun, any discount for students?
Do you have a student pass?
You're kidding! Look at my uniform
Forget it...
Give me a pack of cigarettes
Hello, I can't come to the phone Please leave your message after the tone
Mayumi, I might die on Aug 15
All units, look out for suspect in officer uniform
Male, 1.75m tall
Moustache, weapon, very dangerous
Kiddo, why are you out so late?
Tuition for Chinese, English and Maths
What's wrong with your lips?
Pimples growing one after another
With pus oozing out
I squeezed and made my face bloody
Headmaster said I was wounded and gave me bandaid
The bloody pimples...
Tuition lessons so late?
Because of exams
Poor kids, never ending exams
Not that poor. Bye Mr. Police, bye
Lend me some water, bitch
You can't hide away like this
You're going to hide all your life?
What's wrong? Wanna fight so early?
I've killed so many, I'll kill you!
You? How?
You're just squatting here like me
Run and hide. That's a good boy
Run? How? Will you?
Teach me if you're so wise!
I will. Don't intimidate me
Go to Chung King No. 51, look for Ling
She has passports and transport
Why help me?
I'm not! I get my share!
Tell her Slooberbie sent you
Or else she won't pay me
When I save a billion we'll go live in the Netherlands
I'm looking for Ling
She's over there
Robot? Didn't I drain her already?
Sorry, Ling
Why did you lie to me?
Uncle Ray told me to come He said you have all his business
Don't let me see you again, get lost!
Sorry, Ling...
What do you want, kiddo?
Are you Ling or 1872333?
Can't lend you my phone
No... I want to get a fake passport
35K all in all. Come with me
Don't hang around my entrance!
Sorry, Ling...
Sit up
Look here
I give you 35K and you take 1 shot
You should let me change my look
We robots have no emotions can't be coaxed
Won't be angry, never sad, never happy
Choose for yourself
It's such a... hard choice
Everybody likes me
Doesn't even laugh at Doraemon? Suspicious
You're young, let me tell you a joke
I don't like jokes
No, you'll like this one
It's like this
A group of animals are on exile...
Not enough food. What should they do?
They come up with a contest telling jokes
Anyone who cannot make everyone laugh
will be thrown into the sea
The ox is first...
So, how was it?
Okay, I'll go on
The ox finished. It was very funny
Everybody laughed except a pig
So the ox was thrown into the sea
Now's the goat's turn
Nobody laughed at goat's joke
Suddenly, the pig laughed
Others ask him, what is so funny?
He said: Now I understand ox's joke!
So funny but she didn't laugh
She must be a robot
Where do you plan to go to?
Must it be SE Asia? I don't like it hot
Then hide in the fridge. So?
Sorry... hot is okay...
Maldives, thanks
Then Thailand
Those Sunday markets, Siam Square...
Buddha lion tiger croc and queers
Come on, let's fly parachute on a banana boat
What else is there?
Many activities, enough for a while
I know
But it'll be more than a while
I'll shoot at your mouth right now!
You're human?
What's your name?
Chan... Mei Ling Chan
To commemorate their love
He used his wife Mei Ling as a model
And made the Mei Ling Robots
So this is Father of Chips'...
Bitchy wife Mei Ling Chan!
If I kill her, he can't make the robots
Then no robots will come for me
But this woman has a gun
How can I kill her?
I love you
I did all this to get your attention
I've watched you for a long time
I took this chance to be near you
Watched me? How? I was here all the time
I don't watch with my eyes
I heard about you. That's enough
My godmother always talks about you
She told me to give you our treasure
Come with me, let's escape together
You're breathing hard Let me play with your gun
There's a boat leaving 9 p.m. Let's go
Mei Ling, when're you gonna relax?
Those investigating continue
Others enlarge searching area
Within 5 days, I want all villages...
in HK to receive this questionnaire
Don't leave out any single tip
Yes, Sir!
Any questions?
I went to where the explosion was
I found this unknown thing
Yoiji Ho said in his statement that...
he met a robot
I can't say whether he lied or not
But nothing should be missed
Never give up till file's closed
Let me handle the investigation
Officer Cheng
I want you to wait for news 24hrs
and arrest Yoiji Ho
But I'm just getting some ideas
Yoiji is extremely dangerous
I want to entrust this task
to the one I trust
Ling, we are couple
Iet me share your burden
Come on baby, come on
Is there any ghost in the car?
What are you doing?
Well, there's a slow leak in the tyre
I'll bump it for you
We'll stay forever
What's your name?
Yoiji Ho
Poor you
But I don't mind
Ling, you're here
Since you've seen it, don't go
Come here and let's BBQ
No more sausages, like pigeon?
On the same side? Tell us earlier
And we can get a suckling pig
Still raw?
I don't care. Just eat
Doesn't budge even if Tai Shan tumbles
You two must be experienced bandits
What did you do?
I'm angry just talking about it
My eyesight is bad, I went to ORBlS
threaten a doctor to do Lasik
But when I was there, I saw a guy
who looks like ER's George Clooney
I don't care. I told him to do it
It turned out he's really Clooney
He didn't know how to do it
He's shaking and eyes steaming
I'm furious. I stabbed him
He didn't dare call the police only told Pierce Brosnan
Suddenly, an army came to get me
Why is it not even hot?
Friend, what have you done?
It's my looks
Doesn't look like it, and reward?
Yes, I'm green
But if I do more interviews
Not picky on work...
Many people will like me
Yes, young man, be confident
Believe me. You can do what you want
Should be cooked by now
Pa, your sausage is not cooked yet
Why did you blow up my sausage?
Taran, Tino, giving up?
Hold it
This is the money you gave me Take tomorrow's boat
He and I have reserved tonight's
Take my car after you eat
Kiddo, are you kidding us?
Tomorrow is Thai Queen's birthday
The next boat is 2 weeks later
We've given you so much business
How do you treat us now?
Shut up
Just say it, do you want the money?
Son, don't take it, never be greedy
Pa, I'm over here
You can use it in hell
I'll burn the money for you
That's ridiculous!
Put down your gun! There's the boat. Let's go, pa!
Go after it!
Mei Ling, forgive me
Why are you so angry?
That bastard blew up our boat!
You want to ruin everything?
Over there, pa!
Don't you dare move!
Let my father go!
If you hurt him, I'll cut his ear
We've been in business for so long
Why give up because of an ear?
If you move again
I'll blow up his ear!
Just do it!
Maybe I'll turn blind and deaf
Just do it!
I didn't mean it!
Shut up!
I didn't want to blow up the boat
Shut up
Bullets don't have eyes
Just shut up!
Don't be afraid...
Over here, pa
Let him go!
So easy? I want money!
Bring me $50K in half an hour
Or else, I'll blow up his throat!
Take me as your hostage
Bring $50K to save me
Here's a bracelet, anything else?
Don't touch my bracelet!
Half an hour, $50K, quick!
Nothing stupid, or I'll kill her!
If I act stupid, you'll kill her?
This plank is inconspicuous
I can kill them with a smile
Acting stupid?
You think you can escape?
I can kill you even if I'm blind
Kill us with a smile? Sneaky!
That's what you said, bro!
Why is your ass flashing red light?
Why is my ass flashing red light?
Even ass is also acting stupid
It's dangerous. Get on the car, go
I thought I broke your legs
How can you walk again?
Charger on my right, battery left
You hit the battery last time
So the battery fell out
I was then immersed in water
Battery flowed in through water
So I can move again
Electricity through water Should have studied at school
I don't want to hit you, I was sad...
Do you mind taking me back?
I want to kill that gal
No, it's dangerous to walk around
I'm going to drain you under water
Let you out for your death on the 15th
You're back
Yes, I'm back
Don't worry. Our bracelet is still here
Officer Zhang Where is he?
On top
A boat exploded just now at 1 0
A taxi driver found a female body
20 years old, artificial limb lost
We arrived, found someone fainted
We're still not sure what happened
Only you know Yoiji's whereabouts?
Yes! I know who he is with
He is with Chung King No.51's Ling
And her twin sister together
They are twins. Go get them
Can I cut off your bra?
It's more convenient...
Why haven't you...
Don't start evil thoughts
I forgot to wear it today
Why did you cut out my clothes?
You're shot. I gotta remove the bullet
When did I tell you I was shot?
I was bumped by that bastard
And hurt my back here
Let me relax it for you
Lie up there
These flesh and blood life...
is really dangerous
I'm an orphan. Grew up in a home
To be aided, kept...
and loved is very lucky
Finally, someone paid for my living
He wrote to me. He is Uncle Longlegs
We corresponded regularly
He gave me confidence
I treat him as my real father
I'll write to tell him everything
Happy or unhappy
I'll tell Uncle Longlegs honestly
I left the home when I was 18
I saw Uncle Longlegs finally
Ling Ling, do you want curry?
Go to work
What kind of work?
So I make fake passports for him
And arrange for their escape
I've thought of leaving
But I don't have a home or family
My wish to make a family here...
is really difficult
Meet at Chung King's entrance
Wait for my orders
Officer Fong cancelled order meeting on 4/F now
Yes, Sir
Where are going now?
Rob someone. All the money's gone
We gotta get hold of some money
Who should we rob?
Take out all your valuables!
Why are we lugging bags of flour?
These are Taj Mahal curry powder
Worth $60,000 if sold
Why stop?
What's the matter?
Let's go
Yoiji Ho!
Yoiji Ho, don't go!
Yoiji Ho!
Yoiji Ho, stop
Yoiji Ho! Yoiji Ho!
Let's split. I'll get rid of her Meet you at the entrance
Oh no! I'm lost
Yoiji Ho! Don't move!
Leave me alone...
Answer me
I found on the spot
Something blue like a bulb
What's that for?
It's the charger of the robot girl
Forget it. You won't believe it
Go on
You believe there are robots?
Your statement wasn't unreliable
Like people before won't believe...
We have emails and mobile phones
With technology, anything's possible
China has her own astronaut
If you believe in me, let me go
I must leave HK on Aug 15
Or else the robot will kill me
How do they look like?
Like spies in the police station
You can't tell them apart
Unless you know the secret
Robot's secret is on the left leg
Hit it right at the middle will do
Come with me first!
Let her go
Sorry, heroine
You know we don't want to
Yoiji, let's go
Thailand, time, how much?
Which pier?
Any earlier?
Yes... told you to lie low
Why did you dress like this?
I'm trying to lie low
I'm afraid police will follow me
Then were you?
Someone is following me
Not sure whether it is the police
What are you looking at?
Give me $100,000 and go home
I need some more
How much more?
So little?
Sorry, too short notice
Hey, do you want to watch me dance?
Mayumi, stay calm
You can't accept my past!
Why won't I accept your past?
Settle a price before you start
You can accept me?
Look at the loafers, poorer than me
Borrow elsewhere. I'll be back tomorrow
No, I want to go with you... my hubby
When are we leaving?
Made arrangement so fast?
Who is she?
She is our lamp in the darkness
I'll go and get a space for you
Don't get it wrong, poor her
Just like you, an orphan
I've kept her since she was 7
She is just like a daughter to me
Sometimes we call each other honey
Only the senile'll misunderstand us
You hug your daughter like this?
Only a father hugging daughter
I have to, or else she can't sleep
Let her come. I'll help her cope
We'll let her go when she's grown
Why should I believe in you?
Because of my steadfast look
Get on the car
Yoiji, let's find a place to stay
I think I have a mom
It's mom's signal - ghosts around
So many police. What should we do?
Come back tomorrow
Officer, we gotta close early today
She said she has to close early
Close early?
Closing up?
Congratulations! Thank you...
After my mom?
Have fun
Getting married, please excuse us
Please excuse us...
Be careful
This way
This way, be careful
Oh, my mom said to follow her
Go after my mom...
Good afternoon, Auntie Son
Mom, I was framed
Beware of spies Talk at our headquarters
Go up!
Mom, what headquarters?
Dr. Lau planned it
For escaping from nuclear bombs
Please come inside
You must ask
why set up this headquarters?
Well, you never know what'll happen
There's so many disasters nowadays
Why wait? So I planned ahead
Just activate the safety measures
If a nuclear bomb explodes...
Is there air condition here?
8 persons can live here for half year
It's unexpected
Despite its size we have everything needed
25,000 cans of meat sauce and fish
For water, we don't have...
enough money to build a water tank
So we're using buckets
And cover it up with plastic wrap
Don't use it unless necessary
What'll happen during a nuclear war?
Is there enough water to bathe?
Don't underestimate what we have
Drinking water recycler distills...
human waste into clean water
About bathing...
In times like these, keep it simple
Ladies, wet it and just wipe
Change over there and take a rest
So, is it all right?
All right! All right!
It's only a start, but it's a dream
They are all Dr. Lau's hard work
Let me introduce myself...
Mom, you didn't say you got married
You were busy, I didn't bother you
We've signed the papers, married
Let's have dinner as a family
Do you and Dr. Lau have plans to...
give me a younger brother?
Have you stopped?
Stopped what?
Men... What?
Your menstruation
This is not shameful, I don't care
Yes, it's stopped last year
Everything's all right then
But I haven't told you
8 years ago... I had a son with him
Where's he now?
Doing experiments in the garden
Mini-man, this is your brother
Is he sick?
He's calculating
What is he calculating?
Sunspot activity west of equator
under influence of gamma rays
A moving object moving...
in a straight line at 16 m/min
will reflect a shadow of the sun...
can be changed into energy?
Mom! I don't know what he's saying
Everyone excels in his specialty
Maybe he inherited Dr. Lau's genes
Are you jealous of your brother?
I wanted to slap him on his face
But I have a feeling now...
I have such a terrific brother
I am most proud
Little brother
Big brother
What are your aspirations?
To become a scientist
What do you want to invent?
Probably robots
What kind?
Brother will sleep with you tonight
Good. I snore a lot, do you mind?
I don't mind
Bastard! Snores like thunder!
Too loud and woke you up?
I made a snoring machine
As there's noise, if I watch DVD
nobody will know
You're really... something
Who do you thank for your Nobel Prize?
Nobel, of course
Very good!
Mail him a thank you card, okay?
Who are you most in debt to?
Me, of course
Okay... Iet me ask you another question
What do you think of Ling?
The smiling one or the sad one?
The sad one
All right
If you go shopping with girls
don't choose bare backs...
They really don't like it
Also, don't let them down, okay?
Are you dying soon?
Then what's your death wish?
To watch DVD with you
Okay, let's watch now
It's even better with pants off
Really? You strip first
I've stripped, your turn now
Really? Yes!
Watch DVD
Shan, did you do this?
You saw Yoiji and Tino at the ferry yesterday?
Yes, I did this
Did he say Mei Ling has a bracelet?
Did he mention how it was like?
He said it's a nice one
There are buds of diamonds
On a rectangular, silver...
That's fine
How did they look like?
Like spies in the police station
You can't tell them apart
unless you know the secret
Did you see Yoiji Ho?
Sorry, he got away
Were you in contact with him, or...
Can you guess his whereabouts?
The secret is in their left leg
Hit the middle of his left shin
That will do
Officer Cheng, I bought new shoes
Can you take a look?
They are not very new
Yours are new, can I take a look?
Here? We are in the station
Take it slowly
There's no one in the storage room...
Don't move!
Officer Cheng, do you believe in robots?
Why do you wash Yoiji's undies?
I've washed it all along
The Jap gal is washing your undies. Why?
No. Only between father and daughter
Don't start evil thoughts
No way, I wanna wash too
Take off your undies
Want some softener?
And bleach?
What do you want?
You wash pretty well
You can be a professional washer
I don't know about others. But you can
Why should l?
Promise me, you can only live once
Leave your previous lifestyle behind
Start over a new leaf
You loathe me?
I know I'm not like the other girls
I'm seductive, I'm ungracious
And never had a boyfriend
Mei Ling, how would I loathe you?
I just want you to have a better life
Then... Iet's date
I want to too
But shopping, dinner, movies...
is difficult for us fugitives
Let's do something else
Good, let's play with guns
Let's throw a grenade
Calm down, there's lots to play
We can play hide and seek
Good, I'll hide first
you catch me, I'll do anything
Really anything?
Mei Ling...
I didn't knowyou are a ninja!
Mei Ling!
Mei Ling...
Mei Ling!
Mei Ling! Where are you? Mei Ling!
Mei Ling...
Where have you gone?
Mei Ling! Mei Ling...
I've made a big mistake
Mei Ling... did you fall? Say something, Mei Ling...
You found me
Honey, what are you doing?
This is how dating is like
She loves you more than a daughter
It's her problem, I don't mind
Explain to her
What were you doing with her?
Honey! What are you doing?
Put your love affairs aside first
Yoiji, go hide in a nylon bag
I'll ship you to south of Shanmei
I don't know anyone there. No way!
Don't worry, Mini-man'll go too!
You're willing?
Son, we're family!
Accept my good intentions!
What's the matter, Mei Ling?
Go inside!
Why, wash again?
What's the matter? Let me out!
You'll kill him!
Don't come near
I'll cut your hand!
Why put him in the washing machine?
Let him out first, if you wanna...
fight him face to face
Yes, you'll kill him
Why did you lie to me?
Why does everyone lie to me?
I didn't lie to you
You'll really kill him
Let him answer before you kill him
Yoiji... Honey...
My son...
Come on out How are you?
Hubby, look! He's dead...
Stop me
Yoiji... Hold on!
Pull the plug will do. Genius!
It's okay now
My son Yoiji...
Mei Ling, what did you ask me?
Come on out, don't speak
Police have just arrested Officer Zhang Kitt
suspected to have fallen for Yoiji Ho escaped for killing fellow officers
She is diagnosed with the Stockholm Syndrome
which is the reason why she helped Officer Yoiji Ho escape
Officer Zhang in love with me?
Let's talk to Senior lnspector Willmark Cheng
Just one: Zhang Kitt is the shame of the police
Officer Cheng... Give way
Officer Cheng, about the explosion
We found a female body with an artificial limb
Forensics decided it's a human model
It'll be in the exhibition room
Officer, can you go and receive it?
Sir Tom
This has been hand-delivered to you
Zhang Kitt is innocent
She didn't do it, please let her go
Secret Agent
You've used words in 30 newspapers
You've tried your best, let's go
It must have been Officer Cheng
Why does Old Tom still trust him?
Did you mention he's a bad guy?
Oh no! I didn't!
I'll do it. You deliver it for me
Sit down first...
It's not necessary
Why don't you call him directly?
Isn't that more convincing?
They can locate the line in 10 sec
It'll take 9 sec
Why don't you speak to him?
Be confident in yourself
Hello Sir Tom
Officer Cheng is the bad guy...
Did you dial 133?
Why dial 133?
Go now...
Bro, pull the gates!
Don't move!
Don't move! You're our hostages
Stay there, don't move
Tell the police, I want a helicopter
Inconsecutive nos., US $2M cash
Plus a PS2...
And holidays until Chinese New Year
Or else I'll kill a hostage per min
Go! Tell the police!
Little bro, are you a little too much?
Big bro, gentlemen should be cruel
Stab a worker, throw him out
Let them know we mean business
Bro, I'm not a man of big business
but you will be
Leave, I don't want you involved
Don't move
Now you're mine... Sir, don't
You know I'm systematic
Today, there're 3 steps
Last, you'll stay here till the court
Second, take you of my staff outside
But first, you gotta answer me
If you answer well, jump to step 3
If not...
step 2 can last for more than 3 hrs
Are you ready?
Don't pretend anymore
I know about your stuff
What do you know?
I know you must have a secret
I just don't know what it is
Now I ask you the first question
Day you got MacGayfa did you find a bracelet?
You did all this for a bracelet?
The diamonds are fake, I was tricked
I give you $2,000, let me go
Tell me where the bracelet is!
So there really is a bracelet
Now I understand
Understand what?
There's a secret behind the bracelet
I just don't know what it is
Did you give it to Mei Ling Chan?
You know that too?
Where's that woman?
I won't tell even if you kill me
Open the door...
I'll tell...
Where is she?
She escaped
She boarded a boat at Sai Kung this morning
She must be somewhere near SE Asia...
Thank you
Why can it be Maldives?
He admitted to it
I'm only asking
Run away?!
Later you'll know!
Officer, this is Yoiji Ho's lawyer
I'm Yoiji Ho's lawyer
Yoiji didn't make any calls here
How did he notify you?
My client told me this morning
If I don't hear from him in 8 hrs
I've to come to the police station
Do you think my client is retarded?
Wait, my people are busy
You're not tired at all?
Yoiji Ho is a serious criminal
We've the right not to permit bail
I know
I tell you now, he can't be bailed
As you say
Follow me!
I can't see but you don't tell me
Criminals are escaping, get them!
Calm down, pretend it's okay Yes!
Stop talking, don't go!
I'll tell you some more I don't want to listen!
What's so funny, tell me
I won't tell you
I don't want to listen... stomach ache
Officer Zhang... save her also
Yoiji Ho! Where is he?
Yoiji Ho!
I'm firing!
Sorry, I wanted to save you
Now I've to hold you hostage again
I really can't help you
Officer Cheng is the bad guy
Give you half min, let the hostage go
Police won't compromise with terrorists
Come here...
I'll draw their attention, you go
No! I'll do it, you go
Is today Aug 13? Yes!
Let me go!
It's so dangerous. I won't let you
You're mine. You can't die if I say so
Believe me, I won't die today
Bastard! Fight me man to man!
Come! Afraid? Even so many people?
Come! Hit me, come on...
Officer Zhang, go now...
Go now!
You go. I'm a Leo. I never escape
You guys go now
Good Leo!
We'll go now
Go... Go now!
I invented you?
Yes, Father of Chips
Do you have deadly rays and fire fists?
Can you crack the earth?
Useless! Why did I make this robot?
Yoiji, forgive mom...
That robot is useless
Kiddo! You're destroying your bro
Why don't you shut up!
Yoiji, forgive mom...
I shouldn't bring him to this world
Don't blame yourself. Mom...
you're sexy, who could resist you?
I wasn't loyal enough to science
We shouldn't have combined our DNA
Let me give Yoiji my life!
No! You can't!
I'll go with you...
Mom! Don't, put it down!
You're so unscientific
The more you pull, the weaker you are
Bro, you pull on this side
Sis, you pull on this side
Pull when I count to 3
1, 2, 3!
You kiddo! I've to teach you!
You wanna die, hit, cry and scream
Let me die in peace!
Why die? Honey, I don't understand
If I don't, bro won't be Father of Chips
Don't cry
Why must he be Father of Chips?
Honey, I don't know
If he's not, there won't be robots
Don't cry
Why must there be robots? They kill
They killed because of my death
Don't cry
Why do you have to die... I don't understand
Don't ask. You think I know why?
You're after me knowing I'm your bro's girl?
I thought I could handle the robot...
If I kill you, there won't be robots
You'll be dead on Aug 15
Why don't you lie to me longer?
You said you hate others lie to you
If you hate me, you can love my bro
Love your bro? Okay
I'll make love to your bro now!
Come here
Take off your clothes
Take off your clothes...
Take off your clothes...
How can you spend your life with her?
Take it off, good boy...
He's still young!
How can it be?
Heavens! The kid is innocent
How can it be?
It's true, he's still young...
You shouldn't take it out on him
Then take it out on you
I want to too
But from the ethics
we can't
I'll never come back
to see how history handles this
You can go
Give me back the bracelet
I'll learn to take care of myself
You can find someone better
I know. I thought I'll marry in September
Sorry, I'm dying so young
Don't waste time, date others
You'll have a bright future
I'm going. I'll be at your funeral
Come in Morning, Sir
This time you've to treat us dinner
With your rate of solving
you're now Outstanding Youth
ClA and FBl all want you
They're celebrating with you at the White House
Remember to mention my name there!
Thank you, Sir
Come on eat. You can eat the fish
Eat, Yoiji
It's the same to eat smiling or crying
Just eat all you want tonight
Mom, time's up
Tell me, what else do I have to do?
I wanted to... see you get married
But now...
Mom, find a girl for me
And finish the ceremony with a cock
No time to lose
Later, you can't buy live chickens
What about you?
Nothing? Nothing tomorrow
Say it
I think... nothing
You want this? Pa
Bro, what else do you want?
Can I hug you?
Hey, Yoiji...
Yoiji! They're here...
Yoiji Ho, your girl's with me
Mei Ling?!
Honey! It's me! Help...
It's Mayumi
Tomorrow 1 1 a.m., bring the bracelet
HappyValley cemetery
I got it!
Pa, I have a greater wish...
Rebuild me!
I want to be a Superhero for 1 day!
HK is so beautiful!
It's finished! It's finished!
It's finished, son, quick
Every top hero
has his individual weapon
Spiderman has spider webs
Bruce Lee has his 2-jointed bar
Harry Potter has his magic broom
Yoiji has the creation of a lifetime
Bang bang bang! A robot arm!
It really is bang bang bang!
This bang bang bang can read my mind
He can tell I want to pick up the cow
This bang bang bang...
Can control thought
Whatever you pick up, it's easy
So smooth like it's mine
Why not use your own hands?
Bro, put it this way
One loses because of looks
With bang bang bang's looks...
One can stun the bastards
Pa, Mom, Bro, I'm leaving
Bro, try your best! You can do it!
Mei Ling?
I don't care what will happen
I just know I can't let you die
If you step out of this door
I'll break your leg
Mayumi was taken by Officer Cheng
Though we're over
I can't let her die like this
I've decided to be a hero
to fight Officer Cheng!
Shut up. I won't let you die
I was going to say it cooly to you
It's obvious. Even if I lie to my body
I can't lie to my brain
30 years, my motto has been...
To be a coward
Today, it's my brightest day
I have to be a hero
Just let me go
You have a date?
Then go with me for the fight
Go Wait!
Did you want to squeeze marbles?
I've looked for so long. For you
Squeeze them
Squeeze them!
How does it feel? Squeeze...
Pa, I'm really touched
You found marbles for me to squeeze
Don't mention it...
Mei Ling, just stay here
I'll go over alone
Why would you need artificial limbs?
This is top technology
You won't understand it!
What are you doing?
This is swearing in future language
You're so ignorant
Nonsense! Where's the bracelet?
Didn't bring it!
I can't bring money and woman
I just wanna hear the truth
What kind of a person am l?
You're really quite nice
Am I cool with moustache or not?
Forget it
Why accuse me for what I didn't do?
Because you're stupid
You're not afraid I'll kill you
for Sundae?
You? I don't think so
That's true
You ran the casino and launder money together...
without me, I'm unhappy
We didn't run any casinos
It's their own business
Then you launder money
Not enough for 3. You should kill them
That's true
You should become rich
You was me - Wai Man Chan to kill them
But how could you fit in the clothes?
They were a different set, idiot
Okay, let me ask again
Why you like MacGayfa and to get the bracelet?
Everything has a reason
Are you a pair? Did you have sex?
You must have!
You bastard!
He's so fat. You might stroke
Year before last in Hawaii...
I was engaged to him already
Officer Cheng, you're on TV
No need to look. Camera's there
She's not Mei Ling Chan
She's Mei Ling Chan series 1872333
Our conversation just now
has been transmitted to all TVs in HK by her
and Times Square and all 3G phones
Run away?
After all I'm a Superintendent
What lnternal Affairs is doing
I should be notified
Sorry, Sir
Look separately! We must find Cheng
Rose Garden...
There really is Rose Garden
Don't go after him. Come with me
I promised robot. She helps me
I'll die as she said - under the rose
Come with me!
How can you hit me and tell me to go?
Mei Ling, let me go...
Why hit my leg? It's very painful
Yoiji, did you do as you promised?
I didn't promise you!
Yoiji Ho, let's go
Take care, Mei Ling
Yoiji Ho!
You idiot. The world is ruined!
So exaggerated?
You ruin me, I can't emigrate
There's no future for this world!
Not so exaggerated?
We're so strong so we think strong
Nothing is impossible!
Don't move! Put down your weapons!
I'll shoot if you resist
That woman has a gun!
Mei Ling...
Mei Ling!
Mei Ling...
How are you, Mei Ling?
You bastard! My leg!
I didn't do it on purpose
Why did I take the bullets for him?
You're now Yoiji's brother
Crazy! I'm so handsome...
Sorry, US Robot 18503
Mission failed
US history has been changed
Edison invented light bulb 3 days earlier
Edison invented light bulb 3 days earlier
What's that got to do with me?
This is the effect of history
Edison invented light bulb 3 days earlier...
so people bought bulbs 3 days earlier
match girl can't sell her matches
So match girl has time to write a love song to her pen pal
This pen pal's great grandson found it
was so touched he devoted his life to music...
Yoiji's father was so engrossed in dancing
He missed meeting Yoiji's mom by 5 min...
This 5 min made Willmark Cheng's father to meet her, fell in love
Why are you suddenly so fat?
All because of Cheng! Cheng?
It's been born. It's a boy!
Oh! Give the baby back to me!
Forget it! Let's make a brother for baby
That's good
History has changed
You died for saving your brother and become a hero
Are you alright?
He doesn't have to die?
Yoiji worked hard because of his wife's death
Now, he is Father of Chips
Father of Chips, mission accomplished
I'm leaving too
It's great
I said so...
Without my permission, you can't die
I did it
Work hard
At what?
At everything
To make me more beautiful
And also this
As pretty as angels
It's very warm
I finally have a family
Don't worry
I'm Mei Ling Chan's family forever
I'll never forget Mei Ling's words
Soon after, I returned to school
Who will answer this question?
I will...
Yoiji Ho, you answer
You'll know if you've paid attention
I didn't bring calculator so I can't answer
Who will answer?
I will...
Yoiji, you answer
Answer is C
Who will answer this one?
I will...
I will...
Yoiji Ho, you answer
The answer is C
Still wrong
B Right
I'm just studying. Why me?
I'm here to study, not in your way
You study at school and play soccer at the club!
Grandpa, aren't you ashamed?
Trying to be Newton? Go away
Good! Angry, you thought I'm afraid of you?
I like to run, so what?
Mei Ling?
I'm not Mei Ling Chan
I'm Mei Ling Chan Series No.1
The future you want me to come here
for a mission
What mission?
Go back to Aug 14 to save Mei Ling Chan
That's too great!
Where's the time machine?
Grab on tight Okay
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