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Subtitles for High Anxiety CD1.

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High Anxiety CD1

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[INFORMATION] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE] [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY] [CD TRACK] [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]no,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:39.05,00:00:42.25 STEWARDESS: The captain has turned on[br]the No Smoking sign. 00:00:42.33,00:00:44.40 Please extinguish all smoking materials. 00:00:44.49,00:00:46.84 Make sure your seats are[br]in the upright position... 00:00:47.13,00:00:51.25 ...and your seatbelts fastened[br]in preparation for our arrival in LA. 00:01:26.09,00:01:28.81 (Dramatic instrumental music) 00:02:32.73,00:02:34.48 Okay. Bye-bye, now. 00:02:35.85,00:02:37.17 Thank you. 00:02:37.53,00:02:40.12 Take care. Watch your step, there. 00:02:42.25,00:02:43.48 Goodbye. 00:02:57.17,00:02:59.52 (Woman snarling) 00:03:00.77,00:03:02.17 (Screaming) 00:03:06.89,00:03:07.96 THORNDYKE: No! 00:03:08.89,00:03:12.32 WOMAN: Harry! I'm so glad to see you! 00:03:12.45,00:03:14.01 (Woman laughing joyously) 00:03:16.29,00:03:17.44 (Clearing throat) 00:03:17.73,00:03:19.56 (Suspenseful instrumental music) 00:03:27.65,00:03:28.72 MAN: Sir? 00:03:29.33,00:03:31.40 MAN: Just a moment, please.[br]THORNDYKE: Yes? 00:03:31.65,00:03:33.13 MAN: Just come with me, please. 00:03:33.21,00:03:36.28 -What is this about?[br]-I'll explain in due time. Just follow me. 00:03:36.37,00:03:41.08 -You've obviously made a mistake.[br]-We can clear this up if you'll follow me. 00:03:44.73,00:03:47.24 THORNDYKE:[br]I hope there's an explanation for all this. 00:03:47.33,00:03:49.64 I'm in the dark.[br]There's no reason why you should... 00:03:49.73,00:03:51.53 MAN: This way, sir, please. 00:03:51.73,00:03:53.21 In the toilet? 00:03:56.57,00:03:59.80 THORNDYKE: I demand an explanation.[br]MAN: How about this? 00:04:01.01,00:04:03.73 -Oh, my God![br]-Do you find me attractive? 00:04:04.57,00:04:07.45 -You're not a cop![br]-They wouldn't take me! 00:04:07.69,00:04:09.92 Excuse me. I have to run now. 00:04:10.25,00:04:12.97 Why? Don't run away[br]from your feelings! Wait! 00:04:13.05,00:04:16.88 Where are you going?[br]Don't be so gauche. We're all doing it! 00:05:27.69,00:05:29.96 What a dramatic airport! 00:05:35.69,00:05:38.76 BROPHY: Dr. Thorndyke?[br]Dr. Richard H. Thorndyke? Hold it! 00:05:53.25,00:05:54.28 Who are you? 00:05:54.37,00:05:57.28 I'm Brophy. I work at the Institute.[br]I came to pick you up. 00:05:57.37,00:06:00.88 -I'm going to be your driver and sidekick.[br]-How do you do? 00:06:01.89,00:06:03.80 Why the picture-taking? 00:06:04.09,00:06:06.24 I love to take pictures.[br]I'm very photogenic. 00:06:06.33,00:06:08.76 I even develop them myself.[br]I have my own darkroom. 00:06:08.85,00:06:11.57 Please hold the camera, Doc.[br]I'll get the trunk. 00:06:11.65,00:06:12.92 THORNDYKE: Fabulous. 00:06:15.89,00:06:17.84 I got it. I got it... 00:06:19.57,00:06:21.08 I ain't got it! 00:06:21.41,00:06:22.76 I'll get it. 00:06:23.25,00:06:24.20 I got it... 00:06:25.97,00:06:26.96 I ain't got it. 00:06:27.05,00:06:28.04 (Loud thud) 00:06:28.13,00:06:29.16 I got it... 00:06:31.01,00:06:32.04 I ain't got it. 00:06:32.13,00:06:32.96 (Loud thud) 00:06:34.73,00:06:36.45 -Where's the car?[br]-Over there. 00:06:36.53,00:06:39.49 -Would you mind opening the trunk?[br]-I'll open the trunk. 00:06:39.57,00:06:41.56 THORNDYKE: I'll save us a little time. 00:06:42.93,00:06:44.92 You got it. You got it... 00:06:46.09,00:06:47.49 There we go. 00:06:51.17,00:06:54.84 BROPHY: Doc, I sure am glad you're[br]taking over as the new head of the asylum. 00:06:54.93,00:06:57.49 We haven't had a real chief[br]since Dr. Ashley died. 00:06:57.61,00:07:00.04 I just hope I do as good a job[br]as Ashley did. 00:07:00.13,00:07:04.25 -He was a brilliant psychiatric innovator.[br]-Yeah, innovator. 00:07:04.49,00:07:08.53 When it was announced that you would[br]take over, Dr. Montague blew his top. 00:07:08.61,00:07:10.52 Between me, you and the steering wheel... 00:07:10.61,00:07:14.44 ...I guess Montague figured he had the job[br]tucked away in his back pocket. 00:07:14.53,00:07:16.20 If you get my drift. 00:07:16.29,00:07:17.28 Is that so? 00:07:17.61,00:07:19.68 And then, from out of the blue... 00:07:19.81,00:07:23.69 ...they go and get you, a professor[br]from Harvard University. No offense. 00:07:23.77,00:07:25.17 None taken. 00:07:25.25,00:07:28.56 Boy, I tell you, it was a real shock[br]to everybody when Ashley died. 00:07:28.65,00:07:30.92 The guy was in tiptop shape! 00:07:32.09,00:07:33.97 One can never predict a heart attack. 00:07:34.21,00:07:37.33 Heart attack? Don't make me laugh. 00:07:37.89,00:07:39.84 Brophy, what are you saying? 00:07:40.09,00:07:43.64 If you ask me,[br]I think Dr. Ashley was the victim of... 00:07:44.13,00:07:45.69 ...foul play. 00:07:45.77,00:07:47.68 (Dramatic instrumental music) 00:08:09.85,00:08:12.84 Foul play? Brophy, your imagination[br]is getting the best of you. 00:08:12.93,00:08:16.28 Let's not forget that you are working[br]in a psychiatric institution... 00:08:16.37,00:08:18.56 ...which is conducive to fantasy. 00:08:18.65,00:08:21.08 Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm wrong. 00:08:22.85,00:08:24.49 I know I'm right. 00:08:38.89,00:08:40.16 (lntercom buzzes) 00:08:40.25,00:08:42.84 Brophy here with the new head shrink. 00:08:43.09,00:08:44.08 (Groans) 00:08:48.09,00:08:50.89 (Suspenseful instrumental music) 00:09:00.25,00:09:02.64 BROPHY: Well, Doc, here's your new home. 00:09:16.65,00:09:20.36 WENTWORTH: Dr. Thorndyke, I am simply[br]delighted to meet you in person. 00:09:20.45,00:09:23.33 I've read everything you've ever written[br]on psychiatry. 00:09:23.41,00:09:25.40 Your lectures, your monographs,[br]your books. 00:09:25.49,00:09:28.37 I'm absolutely thrilled[br]that you're taking over the Institute. 00:09:28.45,00:09:29.80 Thank you... 00:09:29.89,00:09:32.77 -Wentworth, Dr. Philip Wentworth.[br]-A pleasure. 00:09:32.85,00:09:34.96 I've been with the Institute for two years. 00:09:35.05,00:09:39.25 I just know that things are going to change[br]for the better now that you're here. 00:09:39.33,00:09:42.08 You see, ever since Dr. Ashley died... 00:09:42.17,00:09:44.00 ...strange things have been happening here. 00:09:44.09,00:09:45.41 MONTAGUE: Wentworth! 00:09:49.17,00:09:50.68 The eminent Dr. Thorndyke. 00:09:50.77,00:09:53.97 It's a great day here at the Institute[br]for the Very, Very Nervous. 00:09:54.05,00:09:57.80 May I say that we have been looking[br]forward with anticipation to your arrival. 00:09:57.89,00:10:00.77 Allow me to introduce myself.[br]I am Dr. Charles Montague. 00:10:00.89,00:10:01.88 I was in charge till now. 00:10:01.97,00:10:02.96 (Bones crunching) 00:10:03.05,00:10:04.40 (Diesel clears throat loudly) 00:10:05.97,00:10:09.64 Allow me to introduce Nurse Diesel,[br]my right-hand man. Woman. 00:10:10.01,00:10:13.36 DIESEL: Dr. Thorndyke. How do you do?[br]Charlotte Diesel. 00:10:13.45,00:10:17.00 I left a complete medical file of everyone[br]in the Institute in your room. 00:10:17.09,00:10:20.29 I'm sure you'll want to rest[br]before you meet the rest of the staff. 00:10:20.37,00:10:22.96 Dinner is served at 8:00[br]in the private dining room. 00:10:23.05,00:10:26.28 Those who are tardy do not get fruit cup.[br]Excuse me. 00:10:28.73,00:10:30.72 Dr. Thorndyke, may I say... 00:10:30.81,00:10:32.13 DIESEL: Charles.[br]MONTAGUE: Bye. 00:10:34.85,00:10:37.00 Do you see what I mean?[br]I'm trying to tell you... 00:10:37.09,00:10:38.84 DIESEL: Wentworth![br]WENTWORTH: Goodbye. 00:10:43.25,00:10:44.97 BROPHY: I got it. I got it... 00:10:45.73,00:10:46.72 (Loud thud) 00:10:46.81,00:10:48.29 I ain't got it. 00:11:01.49,00:11:02.48 (Knock on door) 00:11:02.57,00:11:03.80 THORNDYKE: Come in. 00:11:04.93,00:11:06.68 Thorndyke. My Richard! 00:11:07.25,00:11:09.00 Professor Little-old-man! 00:11:10.29,00:11:13.92 Lilloman. Lilloman. Nobody gets it right. 00:11:14.01,00:11:15.65 Little-old-man, Little-old-man... 00:11:15.73,00:11:16.92 Richard! 00:11:18.09,00:11:19.28 (Chuckling) 00:11:19.69,00:11:23.60 My best pupil.[br]My best student which I ever had. 00:11:24.37,00:11:27.68 A patient comes to you.[br]He is suffering from Belden's Hysteria. 00:11:27.77,00:11:30.73 He has a seizure right in your office.[br]What do you give him? 00:11:30.81,00:11:34.36 Two cc's of aqueous Thorazine[br]coupled with one cc of Somadiazine. 00:11:34.89,00:11:37.72 Good. And the most important thing? 00:11:38.13,00:11:40.20 Never take a personal check. 00:11:41.21,00:11:43.93 That's my boy. That's my good pupil. 00:11:44.29,00:11:47.49 Professor, it's so good to see you.[br]Please, sit down. Let's talk. 00:11:47.57,00:11:48.56 To sit? Ja. 00:11:49.53,00:11:53.28 Richard, I am so proud of you.[br]So proud, my boy. 00:11:54.85,00:11:57.12 Head of your class at Johns Hopkins. 00:11:57.21,00:12:00.44 Associate professor at Dartmouth.[br]Full professor at Harvard. 00:12:00.53,00:12:03.04 Winner of the Nobel Prize. And now... 00:12:03.17,00:12:07.88 ...the head of the most prestigious[br]psychiatric institute on the West Coast. 00:12:08.01,00:12:09.20 (Crying) 00:12:09.37,00:12:13.60 I'm sorry, excuse me.[br]When you get old, you get very emotional. 00:12:15.33,00:12:17.32 Oops. I blew too fast. 00:12:17.77,00:12:21.65 -Here, Professor, some tissues.[br]-Danke schön to you. 00:12:22.25,00:12:23.32 -Professor?[br]-Ja? 00:12:23.41,00:12:26.48 -I had no idea you were working here.[br]-Working? 00:12:28.97,00:12:32.17 Working is a big word. I'm a consultant. 00:12:32.25,00:12:33.44 (Snickering) 00:12:34.45,00:12:39.44 It's a fancy title for a part-time job.[br]I come in two hours a day. 00:12:39.57,00:12:42.37 I don't bother them. They don't bother me. 00:12:45.13,00:12:48.56 Your predecessor, Dr. Ashley, hired me. 00:12:49.53,00:12:53.36 It is a shame he died so all of a sudden. 00:12:54.69,00:12:57.84 He was going to make[br]some very big changes around here... 00:12:57.93,00:12:59.41 ...and then... 00:12:59.81,00:13:00.80 (Exhales) 00:13:01.45,00:13:03.01 (Eerie instrumental music) 00:13:04.25,00:13:08.04 Did you see your view outside?[br]Oh, it is spectacular. 00:13:10.49,00:13:14.32 I've been meaning to, but I've been[br]so busy unpacking I haven't had a chance. 00:13:14.69,00:13:15.96 Unpack another time. 00:13:16.05,00:13:19.01 Come, Richard, I insist.[br]You come and see right now! 00:13:19.81,00:13:21.24 If you insist. 00:13:23.37,00:13:26.44 LILLOMAN: Come, Richard, this will be[br]a treat for you. Come, Ja. 00:13:27.89,00:13:30.64 Is this not the perfect time[br]of the day? Look! 00:13:31.01,00:13:33.76 -Very nice.[br]-Come over here. Here you can see better. 00:13:33.85,00:13:35.73 -Come.[br]-lt's beautiful. 00:13:35.89,00:13:39.04 Come here to the edge[br]and you can look down. Look down! 00:13:40.09,00:13:42.16 (Dramatic instrumental music) 00:13:42.41,00:13:43.81 (Screaming) 00:13:47.13,00:13:48.61 (Shrieking) 00:13:50.09,00:13:51.24 LILLOMAN: Richard! 00:13:53.09,00:13:55.20 My boy, are you all right? 00:13:56.65,00:13:58.76 Come back inside, my goodness! 00:13:58.93,00:14:01.97 Come over here, sitzen Sie. Goodness me. 00:14:02.09,00:14:06.00 Thank you, Professor. I'm sorry.[br]I don't know what came over me. 00:14:06.09,00:14:10.56 I know what came over you.[br]High Anxiety, you've still got it. 00:14:12.09,00:14:16.40 It's probably the excitement and tension[br]of taking over this new post. I'm... 00:14:16.73,00:14:18.32 ...sure it will pass. 00:14:19.49,00:14:20.72 Bullshit! 00:14:22.25,00:14:27.20 These things do not let go.[br]High Anxiety can be a dangerous enemy. 00:14:27.81,00:14:31.56 If left unchecked,[br]it could cost you your life. 00:14:31.77,00:14:33.52 (Dramatic instrumental music blasts) 00:14:35.65,00:14:36.80 Tomorrow... 00:14:36.89,00:14:40.56 First thing tomorrow, we have[br]our first session of psychoanalysis. 00:14:40.73,00:14:44.24 My boy, I have not had you on the couch[br]for a long time. 00:14:44.41,00:14:47.84 My boy, I promise, we will beat this thing. 00:14:48.37,00:14:49.69 Goodbye. 00:14:50.85,00:14:52.73 But, Professor, it is really nece... 00:14:52.81,00:14:56.72 It is "nece." I know what is "nece."[br]Don't tell me what is "nece." 00:14:57.01,00:14:59.12 I tell you what is "nece." 00:15:03.89,00:15:04.88 (Door closes) 00:15:07.73,00:15:09.64 (Crickets chirping) 00:15:40.97,00:15:45.36 Yes, as I was saying,[br]it came to my attention that... 00:15:45.81,00:15:48.72 ...just before Dr. Ashley's untimely death... 00:15:49.25,00:15:52.64 ...he was planning to make some[br]very big changes here at the Institute. 00:15:52.89,00:15:56.28 Do any of you know specifically[br]what those changes might be? 00:15:56.41,00:15:59.16 Well, for one thing he wanted to change... 00:15:59.25,00:16:00.65 The drapes. 00:16:02.45,00:16:03.56 The drapes? 00:16:03.85,00:16:05.08 The drapes. 00:16:05.81,00:16:10.20 He wanted to change the drapes[br]in the psychotic game room. 00:16:14.21,00:16:18.00 That was the extent of the big change?[br]The drapes? 00:16:18.77,00:16:22.56 Yes, Dr. Ashley felt that color... 00:16:23.33,00:16:27.61 ...has a lot to do with the well-being[br]of the emotionally disturbed. 00:16:31.97,00:16:36.09 To some extent that is true, I imagine. 00:17:07.09,00:17:09.84 MONTAGUE: Only 30 seconds late.[br]You're so strict. 00:17:16.53,00:17:17.96 (Slurping) 00:17:28.61,00:17:29.84 Gentlemen... 00:17:31.41,00:17:33.29 ...and Nurse Diesel... 00:17:33.53,00:17:36.65 ...may I propose a toast?[br]To our new leader: 00:17:37.05,00:17:39.28 Dr. Richard H. Thorndyke. 00:17:39.65,00:17:41.32 Long may he reign. 00:17:42.25,00:17:43.68 I thank you. 00:17:44.61,00:17:47.68 (Mysterious instrumental music) 00:17:54.97,00:17:56.12 (Sighing appreciatively) 00:17:56.21,00:17:58.40 Yes, that's an excellent brandy. 00:17:58.85,00:18:01.41 You can tell by just sniffing the aroma. 00:18:02.89,00:18:05.45 It's much better[br]than the brandy we used to have. 00:18:06.33,00:18:08.32 Dr. Montague, I'm curious. 00:18:08.41,00:18:12.45 What exactly is the rate of patient recovery[br]here at the Institute? 00:18:12.69,00:18:16.40 Rate of patient recovery?[br]I'll have that for you in a moment. 00:18:22.53,00:18:24.25 Once in a blue moon. 00:18:26.41,00:18:28.08 Once in a blue moon. 00:18:29.73,00:18:31.32 Dr. Thorndyke. 00:18:32.25,00:18:33.89 Unfortunately... 00:18:34.25,00:18:36.81 ...the rate of recovery in the classroom... 00:18:37.33,00:18:40.60 much higher than it is in real life. 00:18:41.57,00:18:45.61 We're dealing with sick people here,[br]you understand. 00:18:46.49,00:18:48.84 Dangerously sick people! 00:18:55.53,00:18:57.41 (Montague grunting) 00:18:59.77,00:19:01.00 Dr. Thorndyke? 00:19:01.73,00:19:06.28 Will you be at the Annual Psychiatric[br]Convention in San Francisco next week? 00:19:07.37,00:19:09.09 Yes, I... 00:19:09.77,00:19:14.52 I think someone should attend, don't you?[br]I'd be delighted to have the honor. 00:19:15.57,00:19:17.68 I'm sure you'll have a nice time. 00:19:18.37,00:19:19.64 Thank you. 00:19:22.45,00:19:23.88 Up and down. 00:19:25.41,00:19:27.00 Side, side. 00:19:27.57,00:19:28.80 In and out. 00:19:29.69,00:19:31.04 Side, side. 00:19:31.21,00:19:32.20 Up and down. 00:19:32.97,00:19:34.29 Side, side. 00:19:34.37,00:19:35.93 In and out. 00:19:36.01,00:19:37.36 Side, side. 00:19:43.29,00:19:44.72 (Gargling) 00:19:49.17,00:19:50.16 Oh, my God! 00:20:00.25,00:20:02.68 "Welcome! The violent ward." 00:20:03.09,00:20:05.52 BROPHY: Doc! Is everything all right? 00:20:05.65,00:20:08.64 Somebody just threw[br]an enormous rock through my window. 00:20:08.73,00:20:09.92 BROPHY: Jeez! 00:20:13.01,00:20:16.21 A guy like that should be put away.[br]Look at the size of this thing! 00:20:16.33,00:20:19.16 Here, let me get rid of it for you. I got it! 00:20:20.05,00:20:21.20 I got it! 00:20:22.65,00:20:24.60 Brophy, get it tomorrow. 00:20:24.93,00:20:25.80 Yeah. 00:20:26.09,00:20:27.04 (Rock thuds) 00:20:27.13,00:20:28.61 (Distant screaming) 00:20:29.37,00:20:31.52 -What was that?[br]-I don't know. 00:20:32.05,00:20:33.04 Come on! 00:20:33.37,00:20:36.12 (Fast-paced suspenseful[br]instrumental music) 00:20:37.17,00:20:38.36 (Distant screaming) 00:20:38.45,00:20:41.17 BROPHY:[br]It's coming from Nurse Diesel's room. 00:20:42.77,00:20:47.36 Is everything all right in there?[br]Nurse Diesel! Are you all right? 00:20:50.41,00:20:51.44 Yes? 00:20:51.53,00:20:55.24 We heard some weird noises emanating[br]from your room. We were worried. 00:20:55.33,00:20:58.72 Weird noises? It was the TV. 00:20:59.29,00:21:02.52 Sorry it disturbed you. I've turned it down. 00:21:03.05,00:21:05.61 Is there anything else? It is rather late. 00:21:06.33,00:21:08.92 No, we were concerned. Good night. 00:21:09.05,00:21:11.44 -Good night.[br]-Good night. 00:21:14.73,00:21:18.00 -TV? Well, you could have fooled me.[br]-Yeah, the TV. 00:21:18.09,00:21:20.16 It was probably the TV. 00:21:20.25,00:21:22.64 -Good night.[br]-That was no TV. 00:21:32.05,00:21:35.17 (Military-style instrumental music) 00:21:43.37,00:21:45.36 -Who was it?[br]-lt was Thorndyke. 00:21:45.49,00:21:49.53 -You're making too much noise.[br]-I can't help it, you're hurting me. 00:21:49.65,00:21:52.12 -You're going too hard tonight.[br]-Get off it. 00:21:52.45,00:21:55.17 I know you better than you know yourself. 00:21:55.29,00:21:58.12 You live for bondage and discipline. 00:21:58.41,00:22:00.32 (Groaning) 00:22:00.41,00:22:02.76 Too much bondage. Not enough discipline! 00:22:02.93,00:22:06.05 DIESEL: You want discipline?[br]I'll give you discipline. 00:22:06.21,00:22:08.24 (Montague groaning) 00:22:08.49,00:22:09.60 Yes! 00:22:09.77,00:22:11.28 Yes. I'm sorry! 00:22:11.53,00:22:13.44 Yes! It feels so good! 00:22:16.77,00:22:18.44 (Birds chirping) 00:22:34.21,00:22:35.69 (lntercom buzzes) 00:22:36.17,00:22:37.20 Yes? 00:22:37.33,00:22:41.24 NASAL FEMALE VOICE: Dr. Thorndyke,[br]Dr. Montague is here to see you. 00:22:42.41,00:22:45.40 Please take your hand away[br]from your nose and say that again. 00:22:45.49,00:22:49.61 NORMAL VOICE: Dr. Montague is here.[br]THORNDYKE: Thank you. Send him in. 00:22:55.45,00:22:58.36 THORNDYKE: Thank you for coming.[br]MONTAGUE: I'm sorry I'm late. 00:22:58.45,00:23:01.25 It took longer than anticipated[br]for my rounds this morning. 00:23:01.33,00:23:03.52 THORNDYKE: Please have a seat.[br]MONTAGUE: Thanks. 00:23:04.13,00:23:05.85 (Montague winces) 00:23:06.41,00:23:10.48 THORNDYKE: I'm a little disturbed.[br]MONTAGUE: Yes, Dr. Thorndyke? 00:23:10.57,00:23:13.56 I've studied some of these case histories[br]and once in a while... 00:23:13.69,00:23:17.76 ...I come across a patient who behaves[br]in a rational and normal manner. 00:23:18.17,00:23:20.64 Zachary Cartwright IIl, for instance. 00:23:20.85,00:23:24.81 It seems his family is paying[br]$12,000 a month to the Institute. 00:23:25.29,00:23:28.56 According to this file[br]he should have been released months ago. 00:23:28.65,00:23:29.84 Well... 00:23:30.13,00:23:33.52 These case histories are really so sketchy. 00:23:33.61,00:23:36.96 They hardly draw a true picture[br]of the patient's psychosis. 00:23:37.13,00:23:38.80 Cartwright is a perfect example. 00:23:38.93,00:23:41.97 One moment he can be[br]perfectly rational and lucid... 00:23:42.13,00:23:45.17 ...the next he's a living loony tune. 00:23:46.77,00:23:50.52 Do you mind if we examine him together?[br]He is just outside my door. 00:23:50.97,00:23:55.17 Mind? Why should I mind?[br]After all, you're in charge here. 00:23:55.53,00:23:57.84 You can examine anyone you want. 00:23:59.61,00:24:02.20 THORNDYKE:[br]Please send Mr. Cartwright in. Thank you. 00:24:05.77,00:24:09.52 THORNDYKE: Mr. Cartwright, have a seat.[br]You know Dr. Montague, don't you? 00:24:10.05,00:24:12.77 -Hello, Dr. Montague.[br]-Hello, Zack. 00:24:19.93,00:24:23.00 Tell me, do you know[br]why you're here at the Institute? 00:24:23.25,00:24:27.88 Yes, I was brought in two years ago.[br]I was suffering from nervous exhaustion. 00:24:28.25,00:24:32.56 I used to get sharp pains in my neck[br]and dreamt about werewolves. 00:24:34.81,00:24:36.76 -Werewolves?[br]-Werewolves. 00:24:38.81,00:24:43.36 And in the two years you've been here,[br]do you feel you've made any progress? 00:24:44.01,00:24:46.28 I never get those pains anymore... 00:24:46.53,00:24:50.24 ...and it's been 6 months[br]since I had a dream about a werewolf. 00:24:50.33,00:24:53.53 6 months since you had[br]your last dream about a werewolf. 00:24:55.17,00:24:59.21 THORNDYKE: Tell me frankly. If you were[br]returned to the community today... 00:24:59.45,00:25:03.68 ...could you function in a happy,[br]healthy, normal and productive manner? 00:25:03.89,00:25:05.92 I think so. I feel pretty good. 00:25:06.21,00:25:07.48 (Screams) 00:25:07.57,00:25:10.29 -What's the matter?[br]-That pain just came back. 00:25:10.37,00:25:13.76 MONTAGUE: See how unpredictable he is?[br]THORNDYKE: Help him to the couch. 00:25:13.85,00:25:18.00 Sit right here. Put your head back.[br]Breathe deeply. Try to relax. 00:25:18.37,00:25:20.04 MONTAGUE: Easy.[br]CARTWRIGHT: I'll try. 00:25:20.13,00:25:23.09 This pain that you haven't experienced[br]in such a long time... 00:25:23.17,00:25:25.56 ...has suddenly reappeared for no reason? 00:25:25.65,00:25:29.80 -I don't know what it is.[br]-This is such a strange experience. 00:25:30.01,00:25:32.36 -The pain is going away.[br]-Good. Breathe deeply. 00:25:32.49,00:25:33.48 I feel perfectly fine. 00:25:33.57,00:25:34.84 (Screams) 00:25:34.93,00:25:36.12 What is it? 00:25:36.77,00:25:40.12 -Cartwright, is it that same pain?[br]-Yes! 00:25:40.77,00:25:42.65 -Let me examine you.[br]-No! 00:25:43.53,00:25:45.44 THORNDYKE: I just want to help you! 00:25:47.01,00:25:49.60 -I don't understand.[br]-I don't understand it, either. 00:25:49.69,00:25:51.52 Relax, take it easy. 00:25:52.01,00:25:53.41 (Cartwright screaming) 00:25:56.33,00:25:58.97 THORNDYKE: Take it easy![br]CARTWRIGHT: Go away! 00:25:59.09,00:26:02.92 -Montague, what are we going to do?[br]-I don't know! Take it easy, Zack. 00:26:03.13,00:26:04.77 (Screaming) 00:26:12.05,00:26:13.00 ORDERLY: Cartwright! 00:26:13.09,00:26:14.81 THORNDYKE: His feet.[br]ORDERLY: Got him. 00:26:14.93,00:26:16.65 (Cartwright gasping) 00:26:17.77,00:26:20.97 THORNDYKE: Take him back to his room.[br]Give him a sedative. 00:26:22.89,00:26:24.16 Make it a big one. 00:26:24.89,00:26:25.88 (Sighs) 00:26:26.37,00:26:29.20 Sad. I've never seen anything[br]quite like that. 00:26:31.13,00:26:33.32 -And he was doing so well.[br]-I know. 00:26:33.45,00:26:37.00 -lt is sad, tears your heart apart.[br]-Yes. 00:26:37.53,00:26:39.84 -There's that flashing again.[br]-Flashing? 00:26:39.97,00:26:44.36 It started this morning and here it is again.[br]It seems to be coming from somewhere... 00:26:44.49,00:26:47.72 -...up there.[br]-Yes, the North Wing. 00:26:48.21,00:26:50.20 Room 35, I'd say. 00:26:52.37,00:26:54.64 It stopped. Who's in that room? 00:26:54.93,00:26:58.05 MONTAGUE: A patient named Brisbane.[br]THORNDYKE: Brisbane. 00:26:58.97,00:27:03.01 -Arthur Brisbane? The industrialist?[br]-Yes, I think that's the one. 00:27:03.89,00:27:06.64 -How long has he been here?[br]-About 18 months. 00:27:06.73,00:27:10.00 18 months?[br]I didn't come across his name in the files. 00:27:10.53,00:27:12.36 It must be an oversight. 00:27:13.77,00:27:15.09 I'd like to meet him. 00:27:15.17,00:27:17.97 But he's hopeless.[br]You don't want to meet him. 00:27:18.25,00:27:20.68 I'd like to meet him right after lunch. 00:27:22.53,00:27:24.60 All right. As you wish. 00:27:25.89,00:27:28.36 -I'll arrange it for you.[br]-Thank you. 00:27:30.49,00:27:33.13 Nurse Diesel? Dr. Montague here. 00:27:33.41,00:27:37.32 Dr. Thorndyke would like to meet[br]Arthur Brisbane right after lunch. 00:27:38.33,00:27:39.44 Good. 00:27:39.85,00:27:42.84 Ou-yay ow-knay at-whay o-tay o-day. 00:27:43.85,00:27:45.17 Et it-gay? 00:27:47.25,00:27:49.60 MONTAGUE:[br]Everything will be taken care of. 00:27:50.21,00:27:51.96 There it goes again. 00:27:56.97,00:27:58.48 (Screaming) 00:27:58.93,00:28:01.52 (Dramatic instrumental music) 00:28:02.85,00:28:04.49 (Gasping) 00:28:04.73,00:28:05.96 Falling. 00:28:06.29,00:28:08.24 Mamma! Falling! 00:28:08.33,00:28:12.48 LILLOMAN: Fight it, Thorndyke. Fight it.[br]You must fight it, do you hear me? 00:28:12.57,00:28:14.13 Fight your fears. 00:28:14.25,00:28:18.72 The only way to overcome High Anxiety[br]is to fight it. 00:28:19.45,00:28:20.77 -Fight![br]-Fight! 00:28:21.13,00:28:23.69 THORNDYKE: Fight it.[br]LILLOMAN: Ja, fight it! 00:28:23.97,00:28:25.12 -Fight.[br]-Good. 00:28:25.25,00:28:27.48 LILLOMAN: Good. Fight it. 00:28:27.77,00:28:31.81 Good, fight it.[br]Ja, good, that's the way to fight it! 00:28:31.97,00:28:33.88 Fight it, ja. Good. 00:28:37.89,00:28:38.88 (Lilloman groans) 00:28:38.97,00:28:43.92 LILLOMAN: That's all right.[br]Get out that hostility. Good. 00:28:44.17,00:28:45.44 Fight. 00:28:46.69,00:28:48.04 (Lilloman groans) 00:28:49.45,00:28:52.88 You want to fight? All right.[br]Fight if you want. Fight. 00:28:52.97,00:28:57.17 I'll give you a fight you don't forget.[br]Come on, show me your stuff. 00:28:57.25,00:28:59.76 Show me your good stuff.[br]All right, I'll give you... 00:29:03.09,00:29:04.08 (Laughs) 00:29:04.17,00:29:07.40 Come on, get up, you little punk![br]Stand up and fight! Come on... 00:29:10.85,00:29:14.24 MONTAGUE: Professor! What are[br]you doing? This is unseemly behavior. 00:29:14.41,00:29:16.44 What are you doing? Stop! 00:29:26.25,00:29:30.48 MONTAGUE: Come on, boys. We came[br]to see a fight, not a dance. Let's go. 00:29:36.21,00:29:38.60 MONTAGUE:[br]Professor, what happened here? 00:29:40.25,00:29:43.64 I put him under hypnosis.[br]He will be out very soon. 00:29:43.77,00:29:47.60 You see, we have been running[br]a series of analytic sessions... 00:29:47.81,00:29:50.85 try to help him overcome[br]the very serious illness... 00:29:50.93,00:29:53.65 ...known as High Anxiety. 00:29:54.57,00:29:56.21 -High Anxiety?[br]-Ja. 00:29:56.49,00:29:58.44 (Montague stifles laughter) 00:29:58.89,00:30:01.16 Do you mean to say[br]that Dr. Richard Thorndyke... 00:30:01.25,00:30:04.05 of the world's[br]greatest psychiatric authorities... 00:30:04.13,00:30:06.08 suffering from High Anxiety? 00:30:06.17,00:30:09.88 Ja, but you would not breathe[br]a word of this to anyone, would you? 00:30:10.13,00:30:13.92 Professor, may I remind you[br]that I am also a professional? 00:30:14.05,00:30:17.48 I am shocked that you would think[br]I'd say a word about this. 00:30:23.81,00:30:28.01 Hey, everybody,[br]guess who has High Anxiety? 00:30:31.05,00:30:32.88 (Concerned sighing) 00:30:33.97,00:30:36.16 LILLOMAN: Richard?[br]THORNDYKE: Falling, Mamma. 00:30:36.25,00:30:37.68 Falling. Mamma. Falling. 00:30:37.77,00:30:39.96 Richard, I'm going to bring you out. 00:30:40.09,00:30:42.56 I'm going to bring you out. I bring you out! 00:30:42.65,00:30:46.64 -Richard, my boy, Richard![br]-Professor! 00:30:46.73,00:30:49.88 You'll never believe what I just[br]went through. It was horrible! 00:30:49.97,00:30:54.96 I would believe. But there will be[br]no more sessions for a while. 00:30:55.81,00:30:59.40 -So, go get yourself a little rest, my boy.[br]-Thank you. 00:30:59.89,00:31:02.53 -Thank you, Professor.[br]-Ja, auf Wiedersehen. 00:31:05.49,00:31:06.48 (Sighs) 00:31:09.09,00:31:10.65 Let us see, here. 00:31:12.29,00:31:15.68 "Mamma, I am falling." 00:31:18.01,00:31:19.49 (Sighs) 00:31:19.57,00:31:20.89 (Winces) 00:31:32.37,00:31:34.93 MONTAGUE: Norton, this is our new chief,[br]Dr. Thorndyke. 00:31:35.17,00:31:37.97 MONTAGUE: He'd like to see Mr. Brisbane.[br]NORTON: Certainly. 00:31:45.09,00:31:48.92 -lt's a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Thorndyke.[br]-Pleasure to meet you, Norton. 00:31:49.89,00:31:53.52 Forgive me for prying.[br]What happened to your mustache? 00:31:55.17,00:31:58.40 As you know, we get some very violent[br]patients in this wing. 00:31:58.61,00:32:00.92 Last week, I guess I wasn't on my toes... 00:32:01.13,00:32:05.04 ...and one of them reached out[br]and ripped off half of my mustache. 00:32:05.65,00:32:09.80 -That must have been awful.[br]-You'll never know the pain. 00:32:10.77,00:32:13.65 It can get quite dicey up here at times. 00:32:14.21,00:32:16.40 -Well, shall we go?[br]-Follow me. 00:32:18.09,00:32:20.32 Hey, Norton! You missing something? 00:32:20.41,00:32:21.40 (Cackles) 00:32:23.37,00:32:24.85 (Norton clears his throat) 00:32:33.77,00:32:35.33 (Snarling sounds) 00:32:38.89,00:32:39.88 (Barking) 00:32:42.53,00:32:43.76 (Whining) 00:32:45.13,00:32:47.44 That's Arthur Brisbane? The industrialist? 00:32:50.21,00:32:51.85 (Barking) 00:32:53.93,00:32:58.40 No. Down, Brisbane, down. Bad Brisbane. 00:32:58.89,00:33:01.32 Sit up. All right. 00:33:02.77,00:33:05.44 Don't worry, he won't bite.[br]Just let him smell you. 00:33:05.53,00:33:08.80 -He thinks he's a cocker spaniel.[br]-Cocker spaniel? 00:33:09.57,00:33:11.37 (Brisbane snarling) 00:33:15.69,00:33:17.04 THORNDYKE: Very good. 00:33:18.09,00:33:19.92 I've never seen anything like... 00:33:20.01,00:33:21.36 Down! Sit! 00:33:23.05,00:33:24.37 Stay! 00:33:27.25,00:33:31.04 THORNDYKE: Amazing! The most complex[br]psychic phenomenon I've ever witnessed. 00:33:31.13,00:33:35.04 I once read a paper when I was in college[br]about this, I think it was Otto Rank. 00:33:35.13,00:33:38.92 It might have been Kraft-Ebbing.[br]About a woman in Vienna... 00:33:39.01,00:33:42.08 ...who thought that she was an animal[br]of some kind, an antelope... 00:33:42.17,00:33:45.52 THORNDYKE: What the hell are you...[br]MONTAGUE: No! Stop that! 00:33:45.61,00:33:48.60 We don't do that with strangers. Bad dog! 00:33:48.73,00:33:50.16 (Montague shrieks) 00:33:50.25,00:33:52.08 Get his leash, Norton. 00:33:52.33,00:33:54.08 (Growling) 00:33:55.93,00:33:57.52 (Barking) 00:33:58.69,00:34:00.09 Extraordinary! 00:34:00.17,00:34:04.48 How could a creature have the wherewithal[br]to try to contact me by flashing a mirror? 00:34:04.61,00:34:07.17 Well, cockers are very bright, you know. 00:34:08.61,00:34:10.84 That's true. That's very true. 00:34:11.37,00:34:13.01 (Snarling) 00:34:18.73,00:34:20.76 WENTWORTH:[br]Please understand, I can't go on. 00:34:20.85,00:34:24.56 I swear to God, I won't say a word,[br]but I can't take it any longer. 00:34:24.65,00:34:28.44 DIESEL: You're just as much a part of this[br]as the rest of us. 00:34:28.69,00:34:33.13 No one is quitting. Do you hear me? 00:34:33.57,00:34:36.13 -No one.[br]-But I can't sleep at night! 00:34:36.45,00:34:39.84 What we're doing is wrong.[br]Don't you understand, it's wrong! 00:34:40.21,00:34:44.57 I've got to get out of here. I'm trapped![br]I feel like I'm caught in a web. 00:34:45.57,00:34:48.21 DIESEL:[br]Quiet, you fool! The window is open! 00:34:54.45,00:34:56.52 (Foreboding instrumental music) 00:34:58.53,00:34:59.80 All right. 00:35:01.37,00:35:02.69 Perhaps... 00:35:03.73,00:35:06.77 ...l've been too harsh. 00:35:07.93,00:35:11.52 You are free to leave the Institute[br]this evening. 00:35:12.81,00:35:15.32 Thank you, Nurse Diesel. 00:35:15.61,00:35:18.81 And I promise I won't say anything[br]to anybody. Thank you. 00:35:19.05,00:35:21.36 I know you won't. 00:35:21.45,00:35:22.72 (Wentworth whimpers) 00:35:25.73,00:35:29.40 I know you won't. 00:35:58.25,00:36:00.24 (Truck horn blares) 00:36:13.93,00:36:16.89 (Radio plays loud upbeat pop music) 00:36:31.57,00:36:32.92 (Tires screeching) 00:36:36.93,00:36:38.49 (Loud music continues) 00:36:53.73,00:36:55.00 (Screaming) 00:37:53.73,00:37:55.05 Busted eardrums? 00:37:55.17,00:37:58.32 That's a very strange symptom[br]for a cerebral hemorrhage. 00:37:58.45,00:38:02.57 According to the coroner's report,[br]he did suffer from a cerebral hemorrhage. 00:38:02.73,00:38:05.12 THORNDYKE:[br]I can't go to San Francisco now. 00:38:05.21,00:38:08.12 Dr. Thorndyke,[br]there's nothing you can do. 00:38:08.29,00:38:12.36 If we receive any additional information[br]about Wentworth, we'll call you. 00:38:12.65,00:38:16.04 It's important that you attend[br]the psychiatric convention. Remember... 00:38:16.13,00:38:19.25 are representing the Institute. 00:38:19.45,00:38:23.29 Yes, enjoy yourself, for God's sake.[br]Get your mind off the Wentworth murder. 00:38:23.37,00:38:24.33 (Thwacking) 00:38:24.41,00:38:27.08 Accident. Have a good time. 00:38:27.93,00:38:30.97 I did work long and hard on that speech. 00:38:31.05,00:38:32.37 (Murmur agreement) 00:38:33.21,00:38:35.41 I'm going. You've convinced me. Brophy! 00:38:35.53,00:38:38.25 I'm looking for my camera,[br]I want to get one last shot. 00:38:39.13,00:38:40.80 Please, Brophy, not now. 00:38:41.69,00:38:42.97 BROPHY: Hold it! 00:38:44.77,00:38:47.60 -Okay, let's hit the road.[br]-Well, see you in three days. 00:38:47.69,00:38:50.16 MONTAGUE: Bye-bye.[br]THORNDYKE: Bye-bye. 00:38:50.77,00:38:52.92 MONTAGUE: Enjoy yourself.[br]THORNDYKE: 'Bye. 00:38:55.85,00:38:58.65 I think you punctured something[br]with that last shot. 00:38:58.77,00:39:01.00 You do everything too hard. Too hard. 00:39:01.65,00:39:03.40 Come to my room right after dinner. 00:39:03.49,00:39:06.29 Not tonight. I'm too tired.[br]I'm going to turn in early. 00:39:06.41,00:39:09.37 -I'll let you wear my underwear.[br]-I'll be there. 00:39:46.45,00:39:48.57 BROPHY: Thorndyke and Brophy.[br]CLERK: Yes, sir. 00:39:49.29,00:39:50.28 PORTER: Thank you. 00:39:55.81,00:39:58.61 CLERK: Dr. Richard H. Thorndyke?[br]THORNDYKE: Yes. 00:39:58.77,00:40:00.97 Sir, very good. Here we go, you're all set. 00:40:01.09,00:40:02.84 Wow. Talk about modern. 00:40:02.97,00:40:05.80 You and Mr. Brophy are in 1702 and 1703. 00:40:07.05,00:40:10.93 Excuse me. I thought I'd specifically[br]requested a room on a lower floor. 00:40:11.01,00:40:15.24 -Nothing higher than three.[br]-We had 201 all set for you. 00:40:15.61,00:40:19.89 But a Mr. MacGuffin called[br]and told us to change it to the 17th floor. 00:40:20.93,00:40:24.21 I'm sorry, we can't do a thing[br]about it today. We're all booked up. 00:40:24.37,00:40:26.89 Come on, Doc.[br]It's only for a couple of nights. 00:40:28.37,00:40:31.04 I guess it'll be all right. It's just... 00:40:32.01,00:40:35.77 ...I really don't like high places. 00:40:38.81,00:40:42.41 Dennis, will you take Dr. Thorndyke[br]to his room, please? 00:40:42.89,00:40:44.29 DENNIS: Anything I can get you? 00:40:44.37,00:40:45.88 Yes. I'd like a newspaper. 00:40:45.97,00:40:48.57 I'll get you one and meet you[br]at the elevators. 00:40:48.65,00:40:52.09 -Please don't forget. It's rather important.[br]-All right, already. 00:40:54.57,00:40:57.64 I want to see if there's any mention[br]of Wentworth's death. 00:40:57.73,00:40:59.69 Doc, there are the elevators. 00:41:04.61,00:41:08.21 -Come on, Doc.[br]-I'm coming. 00:41:13.61,00:41:16.05 Here we go. Straight to the top. 00:41:19.85,00:41:20.89 (Thorndyke gasping) 00:41:24.41,00:41:25.84 DENNIS: Quite a view, isn't it? 00:41:34.33,00:41:38.45 Here we are. Top floor. Top of the hotel.[br]You can't get any higher. 00:41:38.53,00:41:41.33 -We're pretty high.[br]-We know it. We know we're high. 00:41:41.45,00:41:43.28 That we know. That part we know. 00:41:47.17,00:41:48.16 (Gasps) 00:41:48.45,00:41:50.84 (Eerie instrumental music) 00:41:51.09,00:41:54.24 DENNIS: Excuse me. This way. 00:41:59.49,00:42:01.80 This way, please. Right around the corner. 00:42:01.93,00:42:06.64 BROPHY: Hey, Doc, look at this.[br]What a view. This is spectacular. 00:42:08.53,00:42:13.05 I can see it from here.[br]It's very nice. Very nice indeed. 00:42:18.37,00:42:19.36 (Screams) 00:42:19.45,00:42:21.49 (Dramatic instrumental music) 00:42:22.37,00:42:23.36 (Gasping) 00:42:29.89,00:42:32.12 Are you all right, Doc? 00:42:33.33,00:42:35.29 I'm all right, Brophy. 00:42:36.73,00:42:40.52 ATTENDANT: I'm sorry, sir.[br]I didn't know anyone was there. 00:42:44.21,00:42:46.96 You fellas want to see your rooms or not? 00:42:49.17,00:42:51.08 BROPHY:[br](Whispering) Let's get out of here. 00:42:51.69,00:42:53.84 (Brophy sighing) 00:42:58.13,00:43:01.36 If you would have gone over[br]you'd be smashed like corned beef hash. 00:43:01.45,00:43:04.17 Your brains would have splattered[br]all over the lobby... 00:43:04.25,00:43:06.00 Brophy, please. 00:43:08.41,00:43:12.12 Right here is 1702. You're in 1703. 00:43:12.41,00:43:15.21 Here's your key.[br]I'll bring your bag in a minute. 00:43:15.49,00:43:17.08 THORNDYKE: See you later. Thank you. 00:43:26.57,00:43:29.13 -Here you go. Thank you very much.[br]-Thank you. 00:43:29.37,00:43:32.68 -Anything else I can get you, sir?[br]-What happened to my newspaper? 00:43:32.77,00:43:36.68 The newsstand didn't have any[br]and I didn't want to run around the corner. 00:43:36.77,00:43:39.21 I want that newspaper.[br]It's very important. 00:43:39.29,00:43:41.96 All right, I'll get your paper. 00:43:42.37,00:43:43.72 A hassle. 00:43:44.65,00:43:46.69 THORNDYKE: Don't forget.[br]DENNIS: All right! 00:43:46.77,00:43:50.13 What's so important about a lousy,[br]crummy newspaper?
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