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Subtitles for High Anxiety CD2.

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High Anxiety CD2

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[INFORMATION] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE] [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY] [CD TRACK] [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]no,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:01.54,00:00:05.66 Dennis? Dr. Thorndyke in room 1702[br]just called down to remind you not... 00:00:05.74,00:00:08.02 I know. Get the newspaper! 00:00:09.22,00:00:11.21 Get the stinking newspaper! 00:00:23.94,00:00:26.30 (Ominous instrumental music) 00:01:05.26,00:01:06.74 Here! 00:01:08.22,00:01:09.21 (Thorndyke gasping) 00:01:13.10,00:01:15.41 Here's your paper! 00:01:15.54,00:01:17.37 Here's your paper! 00:01:18.14,00:01:19.21 Happy now? 00:01:25.18,00:01:26.17 (Door slams) 00:01:44.74,00:01:48.58 That kid gets no tip. 00:01:51.34,00:01:52.33 (Knock on door) 00:01:52.42,00:01:53.74 Who is it? 00:01:53.86,00:01:55.01 (Knock on door) 00:01:55.18,00:01:56.50 Who is it? 00:02:01.94,00:02:04.01 It's not the bellboy, is it? 00:02:04.10,00:02:05.38 (Knock on door) 00:02:08.90,00:02:10.78 (Dramatic instrumental music) 00:02:11.22,00:02:12.65 Get away from the door. 00:02:12.74,00:02:13.97 (Wheezing) 00:02:17.86,00:02:19.42 -Who are you?[br]-Get away from me. 00:02:20.18,00:02:22.85 -Just a second...[br]-Be quiet, they'll hear you. Don't move. 00:02:22.94,00:02:25.41 -Go inside. Go to your room.[br]-Go to my room. 00:02:26.38,00:02:30.09 -The drapes! Close the drapes.[br]-The drapes. Close the drapes. 00:02:31.18,00:02:33.01 Close the drapes. 00:02:33.90,00:02:36.94 WOMAN:[br]Close the other one. Get down! Lower. 00:02:42.10,00:02:44.06 Good. Quick, come here. 00:02:46.74,00:02:47.94 Get up. 00:02:48.26,00:02:50.46 Sit down. Not there, here. 00:02:50.54,00:02:52.42 -Here?[br]-There. 00:02:52.50,00:02:55.41 Will you please tell me who are you[br]and who are they? 00:02:58.06,00:03:00.70 Quick, make believe[br]you know me terribly well. 00:03:07.66,00:03:09.22 (Exclaims indignantly) 00:03:09.70,00:03:10.69 (Door slams) 00:03:10.78,00:03:12.06 What's your sign? 00:03:12.50,00:03:15.17 I'm sorry, it's unlisted. 00:03:16.38,00:03:18.82 Boy, you sure blow hot and cold.[br]No offense. 00:03:18.90,00:03:21.29 Will you please tell me who you are? 00:03:21.74,00:03:25.37 My name is Victoria Brisbane.[br]My father is Arthur Brisbane. 00:03:26.66,00:03:28.49 You're the cocker's daughter? 00:03:28.58,00:03:32.26 VICTORIA: Have you seen my father[br]at the Institute? Is he all right? 00:03:32.34,00:03:36.86 He's fine. He's coming along fine.[br]He's very affectionate. He licked me. 00:03:37.66,00:03:38.89 He what? 00:03:39.70,00:03:42.06 Well, he thinks he's a dog these days. 00:03:42.14,00:03:44.74 -A dog?[br]-Dog. Yes. 00:03:45.02,00:03:47.62 -Do you mind if I smoke?[br]-Not at all. 00:03:47.70,00:03:49.61 I see. A dog. 00:03:59.18,00:04:03.14 Dr. Thorndyke, I assure you[br]my father is just as sane as I am. 00:04:06.50,00:04:09.94 18 months ago,[br]he suffered a nervous breakdown. 00:04:10.42,00:04:15.29 He went into the Institute for a rest[br]and has been a virtual prisoner ever since. 00:04:15.38,00:04:17.42 Frankly, Doctor, I fear for his life. 00:04:17.50,00:04:20.89 Miss Brisbane, I assure you[br]I am a competent psychiatrist. 00:04:20.98,00:04:25.45 I've examined your father and I must[br]tell you, in my professional capacity... 00:04:25.54,00:04:27.82 ...he is deeply disturbed. 00:04:27.90,00:04:29.13 (Knock on door) 00:04:29.22,00:04:32.50 Don't answer it. If they know I'm here,[br]they'll harm my father. 00:04:32.58,00:04:36.26 BROPHY: You're late, they're waiting.[br]THORNDYKE: I'll be right down. 00:04:36.78,00:04:39.25 That's Brophy, my driver. He's all right. 00:04:39.34,00:04:43.46 Miss Brisbane, I'm terribly sorry.[br]I must go. They're waiting for me. 00:04:43.54,00:04:46.01 Don't you believe what I'm telling you? 00:04:46.10,00:04:49.06 It's not that I don't care.[br]You don't understand. 00:04:49.46,00:04:53.66 I'm the principal speaker at the convention.[br]I must go. I'm very late. 00:04:54.18,00:04:57.33 Why don't we meet later at the bar?[br]We'll talk about it then. 00:04:57.42,00:05:00.09 Fine. Later at the bar, that's perfect. 00:05:00.30,00:05:01.34 THORNDYKE: Let's go. 00:05:02.58,00:05:03.93 Here we go. 00:05:05.38,00:05:09.58 See? There's no one here.[br]There are no enemies. 00:05:09.66,00:05:12.13 There's nothing to worry about. 00:05:12.22,00:05:14.66 Let me see you to the elevator.[br]Right this way. 00:05:15.66,00:05:17.25 Nice hotel, isn't it? 00:05:17.42,00:05:18.82 Kind of high. 00:05:21.86,00:05:23.98 (Foreboding instrumental music) 00:05:32.34,00:05:33.90 (Audience chattering) 00:05:46.02,00:05:48.62 May I have your attention, please? 00:05:49.46,00:05:52.42 Fellow members[br]of the American Psychiatric Convention... 00:05:52.50,00:05:54.06 is a pleasure and an honor... 00:05:54.14,00:05:57.02 present the new head[br]of the Psycho-Neurotic Institute... 00:05:57.10,00:05:58.90 ...for the Very, Very Nervous. 00:05:58.98,00:06:02.58 Winner of the Nobel Prize for his works[br]in the use of chemotherapy... 00:06:02.66,00:06:04.54 ...on severe psychosis. 00:06:04.86,00:06:08.57 The distinguished[br]Dr. Richard H. Thorndyke. 00:06:17.14,00:06:18.94 Thank you, Dr. Colburn. 00:06:20.86,00:06:24.01 Fellow analysts, psychiatrists... 00:06:24.86,00:06:28.06 ...psychologists and laypeople... 00:06:29.22,00:06:32.05 I would like to discuss... 00:06:32.62,00:06:37.22 ...some of the lesser known aspects[br]of Psychobiological Therapy. 00:06:38.02,00:06:42.54 100 years ago,[br]psychology was akin to witchcraft. 00:06:42.94,00:06:46.22 But some of these great people,[br]these giants behind me... 00:06:46.78,00:06:49.61 ...gave us a nice living. 00:06:52.78,00:06:56.38 KILLER: I don't know what they said.[br]I only know that they met. 00:06:57.02,00:06:58.93 What do you want me to do? Kill him? 00:06:59.02,00:07:01.38 If you want me to kill him, I'll kill him. 00:07:01.46,00:07:04.21 I don't have to kill him,[br]but I'd like to kill him. 00:07:04.30,00:07:08.66 I killed Ashley and Wentworth. Another[br]killing or two won't make any difference. 00:07:08.74,00:07:12.02 It would make me happy.[br]I'd like to kill them both. 00:07:13.06,00:07:15.66 I think it would be better[br]if I killed them both. 00:07:15.74,00:07:18.02 Well, let me kill just one, then. 00:07:18.10,00:07:20.01 Whichever one you want. 00:07:20.26,00:07:22.09 All right. I'll wait. 00:07:22.18,00:07:24.82 But the minute you say kill them,[br]I'll kill them. 00:07:24.90,00:07:26.54 I'd love to kill them. 00:07:27.42,00:07:29.57 It would give me immense pleasure. 00:07:31.70,00:07:33.82 THORNDYKE: And so, in conclusion... 00:07:34.78,00:07:36.61 ...let me reiterate... 00:07:36.70,00:07:38.66 ...that there are no rules. 00:07:39.10,00:07:44.10 That each patient is a supreme individual[br]endowed with those qualities... 00:07:44.42,00:07:46.57 ...that distinguish the human being... 00:07:46.66,00:07:50.45 ...from the slime from which he emerged. 00:07:51.30,00:07:52.62 Thank you. 00:07:57.82,00:07:59.02 THORNDYKE: Yes, Dr. Colburn. 00:07:59.10,00:08:02.49 COLBURN: May I ask you a question?[br]THORNDYKE: Certainly. 00:08:02.58,00:08:07.18 Dr. Thorndyke, you mentioned[br]in your address that penis envy... 00:08:07.38,00:08:10.93 ...should be deemed[br]an antiquated psychiatric concept. 00:08:11.34,00:08:12.38 Could you expand on that? 00:08:12.46,00:08:13.45 THORNDYKE: Of course. 00:08:13.54,00:08:16.82 Let's remember[br]that the term "penis envy"... 00:08:17.46,00:08:20.53 ...was created in a predominantly[br]male atmosphere... 00:08:20.62,00:08:21.82 MAN: Excuse me. 00:08:24.10,00:08:25.66 Sorry I'm late. 00:08:25.74,00:08:28.70 Forgive me for bringing the kids.[br]I couldn't get a sitter. 00:08:28.78,00:08:30.26 THORNDYKE: Please, have a seat. 00:08:30.34,00:08:34.78 As I was saying, in a world of[br]predominantly male-oriented psychology... 00:08:35.26,00:08:38.17 was only natural[br]to arrive at the term, pee... 00:08:40.38,00:08:41.37 Pee... 00:08:42.78,00:08:43.98 "Peepee envy. " 00:08:44.66,00:08:47.97 Are you saying there's absolutely[br]no validity to... 00:08:51.02,00:08:52.53 ...peepee envy? 00:08:54.22,00:08:57.82 It has no more validity[br]than if a man envied a woman's... 00:09:00.18,00:09:01.58 ...balloons. 00:09:01.94,00:09:06.94 Dr. Thorndyke, do you feel[br]that the trauma of toilet training... 00:09:07.10,00:09:10.70 ...has a bearing on the sexual future[br]of the adolescent? 00:09:11.74,00:09:15.37 Toilet training. That's a vast area. 00:09:15.90,00:09:18.89 Let's be more specific.[br]Are we talking about... 00:09:22.38,00:09:25.18 ...number one or cocky-doody? 00:09:26.22,00:09:28.69 For argument's sake, let's say cocky-doody. 00:09:28.78,00:09:30.98 THORNDYKE:[br]I'd say professionally, cocky-doody... 00:09:31.06,00:09:35.10 ...has very little to do with the future[br]sexual development of the adolescent. 00:09:35.18,00:09:36.33 -Thank you.[br]-You're welcome. 00:09:36.42,00:09:40.05 Let me backtrack for a second.[br]The female erogenous zone. 00:09:40.58,00:09:44.62 -You mean the balloons?[br]-No. Lower, much lower. 00:09:45.94,00:09:49.38 Where the babies come out. The woowoo. 00:09:50.98,00:09:52.33 The woowoo? 00:09:52.70,00:09:54.69 THORNDYKE: Yes. The woowoo. 00:09:55.22,00:09:59.66 Perhaps the most significant[br]psychological feminine component... 00:09:59.74,00:10:02.02 ...known to mankind. 00:10:05.06,00:10:06.89 (Cheers and whistles) 00:10:15.86,00:10:18.30 (Soft cocktail music) 00:10:31.22,00:10:34.66 Here we are. A B&B and B&B&B. 00:10:35.98,00:10:37.30 Thank you. 00:10:38.06,00:10:41.21 Dr. Richard H. Thorndyke.[br]What does the "H" stand for? 00:10:41.30,00:10:42.37 (Thorndyke mumbles) 00:10:42.46,00:10:43.58 What? 00:10:44.46,00:10:45.61 Harpo. 00:10:45.82,00:10:47.38 My mother loved the Marx Brothers. 00:10:47.46,00:10:51.25 She saw all their movies.[br]She named me Harpo. 00:10:51.34,00:10:52.49 Harpo? 00:10:53.78,00:10:55.93 I like it. It's very refreshing. 00:10:56.02,00:10:59.78 There are certain names that you just[br]don't hear very often these days. 00:10:59.86,00:11:03.54 -Anyway, here is to Daddy's recovery.[br]-To Daddy's recovery. 00:11:07.18,00:11:09.09 -Feeling better?[br]-Dr. Thorndyke. 00:11:09.18,00:11:11.65 You'll never know[br]how wonderful you've made me feel... 00:11:11.74,00:11:13.73 allowing me to visit my father. 00:11:13.82,00:11:16.46 I can't believe it.[br]I'm actually going to see him. 00:11:16.54,00:11:20.01 Miss Brisbane, I must warn you.[br]You may be in for quite a shock. 00:11:20.10,00:11:21.61 I don't care. 00:11:21.82,00:11:26.61 I just know that if I can see him and speak[br]with him that everything will be all right. 00:11:27.34,00:11:30.25 Hey, it's song time here at the piano bar. 00:11:30.34,00:11:33.62 That means I lay back and let you[br]come forward and sing a few songs. 00:11:33.78,00:11:35.50 How about you, sir? 00:11:36.14,00:11:37.65 How about you, ma'am? 00:11:37.74,00:11:38.78 No? 00:11:39.06,00:11:41.42 How about you, Doc?[br]How about giving us a tune? 00:11:41.50,00:11:42.82 THORNDYKE: Me?[br]PLA YER: Yes. 00:11:42.90,00:11:44.73 I don't sing. No. 00:11:44.82,00:11:47.46 I really don't sing.[br]Not professionally, anyway. 00:11:47.54,00:11:50.53 MAN 1: Come on, Doc. Give us a song.[br]MAN 2: We'd love it. 00:11:50.62,00:11:52.05 MAN 3:[br]Come on. You can do it. 00:11:52.14,00:11:54.29 Go ahead. It'll be fun. 00:11:55.06,00:11:58.42 All right. Do you know High Anxiety? 00:11:58.82,00:12:01.02 You got it. Is B flat okay? 00:12:01.22,00:12:02.37 B flat? 00:12:02.54,00:12:04.18 PLA YER: The key.[br]THORNDYKE: The key. 00:12:04.26,00:12:06.82 That's fine, sure. I guess so. Sing in here? 00:12:07.18,00:12:08.69 Okay. Anytime. 00:12:09.18,00:12:11.33 (Piano music begins) 00:12:12.26,00:12:14.93 (Sings) "High anxiety 00:12:16.30,00:12:18.53 "Whenever you're near 00:12:20.54,00:12:22.74 "High anxiety 00:12:23.98,00:12:27.69 "It's you that I fear 00:12:29.10,00:12:32.54 "My heart's afraid to fly 00:12:32.94,00:12:35.69 "It's crashed before 00:12:37.06,00:12:39.70 "But then you take my hand 00:12:40.58,00:12:43.22 "My heart starts to soar 00:12:43.70,00:12:45.53 "Once more 00:12:46.10,00:12:47.85 "High anxiety 00:12:49.18,00:12:52.57 "It's always the same 00:12:57.02,00:13:00.65 "It's you that I blame 00:13:02.42,00:13:05.70 "It's very clear to me 00:13:06.26,00:13:09.46 "I've got to give in 00:13:10.78,00:13:13.25 "High anxiety 00:13:14.42,00:13:16.62 "You win" 00:13:20.50,00:13:23.49 -Hiya, Tex. Where are you from?[br]-Cincinnati. 00:13:23.98,00:13:26.89 Great town. Love that big, red machine. 00:13:27.10,00:13:28.85 Ease up on the linguine. 00:13:28.94,00:13:30.06 (Audience chuckle) 00:13:30.14,00:13:32.61 Hello, young lovers, whoever you are... 00:13:32.74,00:13:35.49 What do I spy? A little grain of rice.[br]Newly married? 00:13:35.58,00:13:36.54 This morning. 00:13:36.62,00:13:39.58 This morning, folks.[br]And they said it wouldn't last. 00:13:39.86,00:13:41.42 (Audience chuckle) 00:13:41.78,00:13:44.66 THORNDYKE: "But then you take my hand 00:13:45.66,00:13:48.38 "My heart starts to soar 00:13:48.66,00:13:50.06 "Once more" 00:13:50.18,00:13:53.01 Key change. "High anxiety 00:13:53.94,00:13:56.17 "It's always the same 00:14:01.94,00:14:05.65 "It's you that I blame 00:14:07.90,00:14:11.26 "It's very clear to me 00:14:11.74,00:14:14.38 "I've got to give in 00:14:16.26,00:14:19.38 "High anxiety" 00:14:19.86,00:14:23.70 And remember, folks. Be good to[br]your parents, they've been good to you. 00:14:23.94,00:14:28.94 "You win" 00:14:40.10,00:14:41.09 (Thorndyke sighs) 00:14:41.38,00:14:43.18 Jeepers, Richard, that was terrific. 00:14:43.26,00:14:45.25 -Thank you.[br]-I am so impressed. 00:14:45.34,00:14:48.33 -Ever thought of singing professionally?[br]-No. 00:14:48.42,00:14:50.57 The big bucks are in psychiatry. 00:14:50.66,00:14:53.33 -lt's so much more emotionally rewarding.[br]-Exactly. 00:14:53.42,00:14:55.57 -To help people.[br]-Exactly. 00:14:55.66,00:14:57.17 Would you excuse me for a moment? 00:14:57.26,00:15:00.33 I'll be right back.[br]I just have to go to the little girls' room. 00:15:00.42,00:15:01.46 Of course. 00:15:02.58,00:15:04.49 THORNDYKE: Let me get this.[br]VICTORIA: Sorry. 00:15:04.58,00:15:06.73 THORNDYKE: Here you go.[br]VICTORIA: Thank you. 00:15:06.82,00:15:10.50 Forgive me for prying,[br]but who is this gentleman? 00:15:11.14,00:15:13.66 What are you talking about? That's Daddy. 00:15:13.82,00:15:17.53 Are you trying to tell me that this man[br]is Arthur Brisbane, your father? 00:15:17.62,00:15:18.94 Of course. 00:15:19.66,00:15:22.49 This is not the man I met at the Institute. 00:15:22.90,00:15:25.94 Something is very, very wrong. 00:15:32.38,00:15:35.53 MONTAGUE: What are we going to do?[br]This is serious. He knows. 00:15:35.62,00:15:36.69 He's seen the picture. 00:15:36.78,00:15:39.38 He knows that's not the real Brisbane[br]we showed him. 00:15:39.46,00:15:41.05 More coffee, please. 00:15:41.78,00:15:44.06 Charlotte, what will we do? 00:15:44.54,00:15:47.50 We'll have to kill him.[br]We'll have to let him kill him. 00:15:47.58,00:15:51.42 That's all we need now. Another killing.[br]Give me a cookie. 00:15:52.42,00:15:54.65 First Ashley, then Wentworth. 00:15:54.74,00:15:58.70 We can't kill Thorndyke without[br]the police suspecting something. 00:15:59.46,00:16:01.77 MONTAGUE: Pass me the cream, please. 00:16:02.14,00:16:05.58 What are we going to do?[br]Supposing he goes to the police? 00:16:05.66,00:16:07.33 I've thought of that. 00:16:07.42,00:16:10.89 He won't go to the police[br]if he can't go to the police. 00:16:11.90,00:16:14.70 MONTAGUE:[br]I don't understand. Sugar, please. 00:16:14.78,00:16:17.77 What do you mean if he can't[br]go to the police? Why can't he? 00:16:17.86,00:16:21.01 Because the police will be looking for him. 00:16:22.18,00:16:24.46 Why would the police be looking for him? 00:16:24.54,00:16:27.06 Because Thorndyke... 00:16:27.14,00:16:30.37 going to kill somebody. 00:16:32.10,00:16:34.38 DIESEL: Here. Finish your strudel. 00:16:38.74,00:16:40.17 Here are the keys. 00:16:40.26,00:16:42.30 Weren't you supposed[br]to check out tomorrow? 00:16:42.38,00:16:45.26 I don't know.[br]Early this morning, the doc called. 00:16:45.34,00:16:47.41 Said we have to get back to the Institute. 00:16:47.50,00:16:50.22 This joint is really luxurious.[br]I have to take a few shots. 00:16:50.30,00:16:51.45 -Do you mind?[br]-Not at all. 00:16:51.54,00:16:55.01 You got some joint, here.[br]Let me take it now. I like this joint. 00:16:57.22,00:17:00.29 It's beautiful. It's terrific. It's gorgeous. 00:17:02.78,00:17:03.85 That's beautiful. 00:17:04.46,00:17:06.10 The elevators. Good. 00:17:06.62,00:17:07.85 Dr. Thorndyke. 00:17:11.46,00:17:13.05 Dr. Thorndyke. 00:17:13.50,00:17:16.41 I hear you're leaving.[br]What about the seminar this afternoon? 00:17:18.90,00:17:20.41 (Screaming) 00:17:25.02,00:17:28.25 (Fast-paced dramatic instrumental music) 00:17:41.74,00:17:42.73 (Elevator dings) 00:17:48.66,00:17:50.14 Dr. Thorndyke? 00:17:50.82,00:17:51.89 Yes? 00:17:52.70,00:17:54.26 Here's a little present for you. 00:17:54.62,00:17:56.53 (Dramatic instrumental music) 00:17:57.86,00:17:59.90 What is this? Who are you? 00:18:01.06,00:18:02.73 (Sinister cackle) 00:18:03.50,00:18:05.22 Why are you... Wait! 00:18:07.26,00:18:09.30 Who are you? What does this mean? 00:18:09.38,00:18:10.94 What does this mean? 00:18:15.02,00:18:16.37 (Woman screams) 00:18:16.46,00:18:19.02 That's the man![br]That's the man who shot him! 00:18:19.58,00:18:22.30 No, wait. You don't understand.[br]This is not my gun. 00:18:22.38,00:18:23.37 Oh, my God. 00:18:23.50,00:18:24.90 The man is dead. 00:18:25.34,00:18:27.81 I didn't... He shot him, I'm sure. 00:18:28.06,00:18:30.29 He took off a mask. He took off my face. 00:18:30.46,00:18:33.18 This was given to me by somebody[br]who looked just like me. 00:18:33.26,00:18:36.14 This is me! This is me's gun, not mine. 00:18:36.30,00:18:39.69 Gentlemen, don't go for your guns.[br]I'm a psychiatrist. I can help you. 00:18:39.78,00:18:42.17 We can discuss this. We're rational... 00:18:45.98,00:18:48.26 Doc! Why did you do it? 00:18:48.66,00:18:50.33 Why did you do it? 00:18:58.82,00:19:01.46 No, I'm all right. I'm just fine. 00:19:01.86,00:19:03.93 I'm at the Golden Gate Park. 00:19:04.26,00:19:09.10 Meet me in a half hour[br]at the North by Northwest corner. 00:19:09.62,00:19:11.10 Yes. Good. 00:19:59.26,00:20:00.93 (Pigeons cooing) 00:20:15.46,00:20:16.97 (Whistling a tune) 00:20:56.14,00:20:57.57 (Panting) 00:21:38.10,00:21:40.01 (Murmuring disapproval) 00:21:44.42,00:21:45.65 (Gasping) 00:22:15.82,00:22:20.77 Richard, the world has gone crazy.[br]Nothing makes any sense anymore. 00:22:20.86,00:22:22.98 I don't know what to believe[br]or not to believe. 00:22:23.06,00:22:27.37 My life is just all topsy-turvy.[br]One minute you're singing love songs. 00:22:27.46,00:22:30.66 The next minute you're pumping[br]bullets into an innocent man. 00:22:30.74,00:22:33.62 Then it is not you.[br]It is the other Thorndyke. 00:22:33.70,00:22:38.62 How much more can a girl take?[br]My nerves are cracking. 00:22:38.70,00:22:43.30 I feel like I'm going to die.[br]I think I am going to explode! 00:22:43.38,00:22:46.53 THORNDYKE: Vicky! Take it easy, darling. 00:22:46.98,00:22:48.10 I'm sorry. Forgive me. 00:22:48.18,00:22:51.70 I'm just so close to my menstrual cycle[br]that I could scream. 00:22:52.42,00:22:53.49 (Growls loudly) 00:22:53.90,00:22:56.54 Vicky, please. We've got to think. 00:22:56.66,00:22:59.62 The only way out[br]is to prove I didn't commit that murder. 00:22:59.70,00:23:02.14 Well, how?[br]Would you look at today's paper? 00:23:02.22,00:23:05.37 Now that is you pulling the trigger.[br]That is nobody but you. 00:23:05.46,00:23:07.98 THORNDYKE: Who took this picture?[br]How did they get it? 00:23:08.06,00:23:10.37 Brophy. My buddy, Brophy. 00:23:11.62,00:23:12.74 Wait a minute! 00:23:12.82,00:23:15.97 I was coming down in the elevator[br]at the time of the shooting. 00:23:16.06,00:23:17.78 Here is the elevator. Here is me. 00:23:18.06,00:23:20.94 THORNDYKE: See that dot?[br]VICTORIA: But that figure is so tiny. 00:23:21.02,00:23:22.93 It's unrecognizable. 00:23:23.14,00:23:26.26 Brophy has the negative.[br]You've got to contact Brophy. 00:23:26.34,00:23:30.10 Have him blow up this negative[br]and prove that's me in the elevator. 00:23:30.18,00:23:33.97 No, he left this morning.[br]He's probably back at the Institute by now. 00:23:40.54,00:23:42.53 How can you get excited[br]at a time like this? 00:23:42.62,00:23:45.26 Don't get me wrong.[br]It's not that I'm not titillated. 00:23:45.34,00:23:47.38 We've got to separate. 00:23:47.46,00:23:48.97 Gosh, you're fickle. 00:23:49.06,00:23:53.53 We can't stay together. We can't be seen.[br]Listen, go back to your hotel room. 00:23:53.62,00:23:57.90 Call Brophy. Get him to blow up[br]that negative. I'll call you later. 00:24:06.78,00:24:08.01 (Buzzing) 00:24:12.06,00:24:13.94 BROPHY: Yeah. It's coming. 00:24:18.58,00:24:22.10 Holy Toledo, you're right![br]There is a figure in the elevator. 00:24:22.18,00:24:23.85 I think it's the doc. 00:24:24.58,00:24:27.25 This has to be much, much bigger. 00:24:27.34,00:24:30.78 I have to keep enlarging it[br]until we can clearly see the doc's face. 00:24:30.86,00:24:32.53 Call me in an hour. 00:24:44.78,00:24:46.85 (Slow dramatic instrumental music) 00:25:13.10,00:25:14.82 BROPHY: That's the doc. 00:25:16.46,00:25:20.45 DIESEL:[br]Good work. Very good work, Brophy. 00:25:21.02,00:25:24.14 Unfortunately, it will never be seen. 00:25:24.38,00:25:27.90 We've got to destroy the negative.[br]Give us the negative, Brophy. 00:25:28.02,00:25:31.22 You'll never get it. Never, do you hear me? 00:25:31.30,00:25:34.37 You'll never get this. I'd rather die first. 00:25:34.86,00:25:36.37 MONTAGUE: Norton? 00:25:38.34,00:25:39.46 Here. 00:25:42.34,00:25:43.57 You fool. 00:25:43.66,00:25:47.57 That negative has been on the front page[br]of every newspaper in San Francisco. 00:25:47.66,00:25:49.30 They can enlarge it as well. 00:25:49.98,00:25:53.74 You're right. I never thought of that.[br]We've got to think. 00:25:55.98,00:26:00.21 I've got it! We have to buy every single[br]newspaper in San Francisco. 00:26:00.54,00:26:02.69 We'll need about $10,000 worth of change. 00:26:02.78,00:26:06.33 The first thing I want you to do[br]is get a truck. A big truck. 00:26:06.70,00:26:11.41 Then you go around to all the newspaper...[br]All the stands. You put the paper... 00:26:14.34,00:26:17.30 -Perhaps it's not a good idea.[br]-lt sucks. 00:26:17.78,00:26:22.54 Norton, take our good friend[br]Mr. Brophy, here... 00:26:23.10,00:26:25.30 the North Wing. 00:26:34.18,00:26:36.09 You see, darling... 00:26:36.18,00:26:41.02's not the negative that has to be[br]destroyed, it's Dr. Richard Thorndyke. 00:26:41.54,00:26:46.54 I think we'd better call our friend[br]in San Francisco with the tin teeth. 00:26:47.66,00:26:50.22 I get so hot when you're bad. 00:26:54.90,00:26:56.46 (Montague groans) 00:27:00.34,00:27:01.85 (Electronic beeping) 00:27:17.26,00:27:18.61 Excuse me. 00:27:23.86,00:27:25.14 (Telephone rings) 00:27:26.42,00:27:27.38 Diesel, here. 00:27:27.46,00:27:29.93 OPERATOR:[br]I have a collect call from San Francisco. 00:27:30.02,00:27:31.53 Yes, I'll accept the charges. 00:27:31.62,00:27:33.82 Hello, it's me. What do you want? 00:27:33.98,00:27:37.74 Hello, Braces?[br]I have a little present for you. 00:27:40.42,00:27:43.25 You may kill Thorndyke. 00:27:44.74,00:27:48.94 Thank you. I really appreciate this.[br]I really do. Thank you. 00:27:49.14,00:27:50.73 (Breathing heavily) 00:27:56.50,00:27:57.93 Life is good. 00:28:03.98,00:28:07.18 (Suspenseful instrumental music) 00:28:36.02,00:28:37.93 (Telephone rings) 00:28:45.46,00:28:46.61 (Gasps) 00:28:47.34,00:28:48.41 Hello? 00:28:53.18,00:28:54.93 (Heaving breathing on phone) 00:28:55.02,00:28:57.58 Listen, mister.[br]I don't go for this sort of thing. 00:29:03.30,00:29:04.53 (Gasping on phone) 00:29:04.62,00:29:07.74 I know a lot of the other girls[br]are turned on... 00:29:07.82,00:29:10.54 these kinky phone calls,[br]but I couldn't care less. 00:29:14.58,00:29:17.49 How did you get my room number? 00:29:20.22,00:29:21.89 (Groaning on phone) 00:29:21.98,00:29:26.77 I am not going to listen to any more[br]of this. I've had just about enough... 00:29:26.98,00:29:28.54 (Groaning continues) 00:29:28.62,00:29:29.66 What are you wearing? 00:29:30.38,00:29:31.61 Jee... 00:29:33.10,00:29:36.17 Jeans? You're wearing jeans? 00:29:36.82,00:29:38.14 I bet they're tight. 00:29:48.66,00:29:49.62 Oh, my God. 00:29:49.74,00:29:51.46 (Breathing heavily) 00:29:53.58,00:29:54.98 (Groaning) 00:29:55.70,00:29:57.37 You are an animal. 00:29:59.18,00:30:00.33 Vicky. 00:30:00.82,00:30:03.05 Victoria. It's me, Richard. 00:30:03.54,00:30:04.82 Richard. 00:30:08.18,00:30:11.73 I knew it was you all the time.[br]I just went along with it. 00:30:11.82,00:30:13.49 (High-pitched laughter) 00:30:13.58,00:30:15.54 I laughed. Did you laugh? 00:30:16.82,00:30:19.78 Victoria, I just killed a man. 00:30:20.02,00:30:24.41 Another one? Listen, Richard,[br]you've got to get a grip on yourself. 00:30:24.50,00:30:27.02 THORNDYKE: You don't understand.[br]I killed the man... 00:30:27.10,00:30:30.57 ...who killed the man in the lobby.[br]Never mind. Did you reach Brophy? 00:30:30.66,00:30:34.50 I did and he said there was[br]a figure in the elevator... 00:30:34.58,00:30:38.05 ...and that it might be you and he[br]was enlarging it until he was certain. 00:30:38.66,00:30:40.78 Then I waited for one hour and called back. 00:30:40.86,00:30:41.93 And? 00:30:42.62,00:30:44.98 VICTORIA:[br]And they said that he wasn't there. 00:30:45.06,00:30:47.10 Oh, my God, they know. 00:30:47.42,00:30:49.25 They know everything.[br]They've got Brophy. 00:30:49.34,00:30:51.14 They've got the picture. 00:30:51.62,00:30:54.29 What are we going to do?[br]How can we prove you're innocent? 00:30:54.38,00:30:57.10 We have to get back to the Institute[br]and find your father. 00:30:57.18,00:31:00.14 We must expose Diesel and Montague[br]for what they are. 00:31:00.22,00:31:01.65 VICTORIA: How'll we leave town? 00:31:01.74,00:31:04.65 The police are absolutely all over the place. 00:31:04.86,00:31:06.85 Go to the Salvation Army. 00:31:07.26,00:31:08.66 The Salvation Army? 00:31:08.74,00:31:11.26 Are they good at this sort of thing? 00:31:11.78,00:31:15.90 No! Go to the Salvation Army and get... 00:31:45.34,00:31:47.65 VICTORIA: Richard. Wait a minute. 00:31:48.06,00:31:51.05 THORNDYKE: What is it?[br]VICTORIA: I can't go through with this. 00:31:51.14,00:31:53.37 I'm sorry, I just... Look at this clothing. 00:31:53.46,00:31:56.02 What makes you think[br]we're actually going to sneak by? 00:31:56.10,00:31:59.70 Victoria, if we do it just the way[br]we rehearsed it, it will work. 00:31:59.78,00:32:02.85 Remember, we're not sneaking by.[br]We have to be loud and annoying. 00:32:02.94,00:32:06.22 If you're loud and annoying,[br]psychologically, people don't notice you. 00:32:06.30,00:32:08.74 Come on. We can do it.[br]Loud and annoying. 00:32:14.46,00:32:17.06 VICTORIA: (ln Russian accent)[br]I can't carry this no more. 00:32:17.14,00:32:20.05 (ln Russian accent)[br]Celery? You had to buy in San Francisco? 00:32:20.14,00:32:22.58 You can't get it by the market[br]near our house? 00:32:22.66,00:32:26.21 Excuse me,[br]I bought the celery in case on the plane... 00:32:26.30,00:32:29.02 ...they wanted to serve you a Bloody Mary. 00:32:29.42,00:32:30.93 A Bloody Mary? 00:32:31.38,00:32:34.82 Well, I don't like the Bloody Mary[br]they serve on the plane. 00:32:34.90,00:32:36.97 No, sir. It's too burning. 00:32:37.06,00:32:39.73 They don't even put tomato juice,[br]they put snappy peppy. 00:32:39.82,00:32:41.97 Murray Weintraub, remember him? 00:32:42.14,00:32:45.98 Morning, noon and night he drank[br]the Bloody Marys with the peppy snappy. 00:32:46.06,00:32:49.18 You know where he is now?[br]Dead from that. 00:32:49.50,00:32:52.49 Murray Weintraub is not dead.[br]Murray Weintraub is alive. 00:32:52.58,00:32:53.70 No! 00:32:56.94,00:33:00.46 VICTORIA:[br]Morris Turtletaub you're talking about. 00:33:00.54,00:33:03.85 The one from Great Neck[br]who walks sideways like this. 00:33:03.98,00:33:06.42 (Muttering nonsensically) 00:33:08.22,00:33:12.13 No, sir. Morris Turtletaub[br]didn't walk like that. 00:33:12.22,00:33:15.77 Morris Turtletaub, to my memory,[br]walked just like this. 00:33:15.90,00:33:17.86 (Muttering nonsensically) 00:33:18.94,00:33:20.34 A little irregular. 00:33:23.34,00:33:26.38 THORNDYKE: Couldn't help himself.[br]Come on, let's get out of here. 00:33:26.46,00:33:28.74 VICTORIA: Slowly.[br]THORNDYKE: Don't push! 00:33:28.82,00:33:30.62 VICTORIA: Come on.[br]THORNDYKE: Don't push. 00:33:30.70,00:33:32.61 Sir, will you please put your bags up here? 00:33:32.70,00:33:34.58 -What?[br]-Please put you bags right up here. 00:33:34.66,00:33:37.62 -What do you need it for?[br]-We have to X-ray them, sir. 00:33:37.70,00:33:39.53 You have to X-ray? 00:33:39.62,00:33:43.25 Here. You want to X-ray the celery?[br]You think we're smuggling dope in here? 00:33:43.34,00:33:46.57 -Celery is not for dope it's for dip.[br]-Sir, others are waiting. 00:33:47.30,00:33:50.21 -All right, go ahead. You go.[br]-I can't. I'm scared. 00:33:50.30,00:33:52.53 For God's sake, go through already. 00:33:52.74,00:33:53.94 Wait a minute. 00:33:55.14,00:33:58.58 Is this one of those blowers that blows[br]up the skirt, gives a free show? 00:33:58.66,00:34:02.05 THORNDYKE: Take a chance, go through.[br]Don't make trouble at the airport. 00:34:02.14,00:34:03.89 (Victoria whimpering) 00:34:04.34,00:34:06.38 VICTORIA: Okay, come on, Sam. 00:34:06.46,00:34:08.98 THORNDYKE: All right. Here I go, folks. 00:34:10.50,00:34:11.62 VICTORIA: Sam! 00:34:11.82,00:34:14.38 (Victoria makes high-pitched[br]whining sound) 00:34:14.46,00:34:15.37 What? 00:34:15.66,00:34:16.65 (Victoria whines) 00:34:18.22,00:34:19.42 Well... 00:34:19.58,00:34:20.90 I go. 00:34:21.10,00:34:22.85 (Electronic beeping) 00:34:25.10,00:34:27.54 Is this a game show?[br]What did I win, a Pinto? 00:34:27.62,00:34:28.69 MAN: We have to search you. 00:34:28.78,00:34:30.93 Please, sir. What did I do? 00:34:31.02,00:34:32.30 -What's my crime?[br]-You beeped. 00:34:32.38,00:34:33.50 I beeped! 00:34:34.02,00:34:36.93 Take me away. Take me back to Russia.[br]Put me in irons. 00:34:37.26,00:34:39.41 I beeped! The mad beeper is loose. 00:34:39.50,00:34:42.49 Take away the beeper. Put me away. 00:34:42.58,00:34:44.70 POLICEMAN: It's all right. Please, just go. 00:34:44.78,00:34:45.82 Thank you. 00:34:46.18,00:34:50.22 -Richard, you were absolutely brilliant.[br]-You were wonderful yourself. Come on. 00:34:54.90,00:34:57.57 (Slow instrumental music) 00:35:22.70,00:35:24.26 Professor Lilloman? 00:35:25.50,00:35:26.73 Professor. 00:35:27.62,00:35:30.29 (Dramatic instrumental music) 00:35:31.26,00:35:33.30 VICTORIA: Oh, my God. He's dead! 00:35:33.38,00:35:36.13 Dead? Who's dead?[br]Somebody died? Where? 00:35:37.14,00:35:41.58 -Professor, we thought you were dead.[br]-I sleep that way. 00:35:41.66,00:35:43.86 It scares the hell out of everyone. 00:35:43.94,00:35:46.25 Professor, have you seen my father? 00:35:46.94,00:35:49.17 Your father? Who are you? 00:35:49.74,00:35:54.66 Forgive me. This is Victoria Brisbane.[br]Her father is Arthur Brisbane. 00:35:56.22,00:35:58.45 -This is the cocker's daughter?[br]-Yes. 00:35:59.74,00:36:02.73 How do you do? I'm sorry for you. 00:36:02.82,00:36:04.10 Professor, please, Brophy. 00:36:04.18,00:36:07.01 We are looking for Brophy.[br]It's important that we find him. 00:36:07.10,00:36:08.09 Brophy. 00:36:08.18,00:36:12.78 I'm sorry to have to tell you,[br]but Brophy was taken to the North Wing. 00:36:13.54,00:36:14.50 What? 00:36:15.46,00:36:20.01 According to Montague,[br]the poor chap had a mental breakdown. 00:36:20.46,00:36:22.13 -Mental breakdown?[br]-Yeah. 00:36:22.38,00:36:25.61 Brophy is not smart enough[br]to have a mental breakdown. 00:36:26.30,00:36:27.78 The North Wing. 00:36:28.10,00:36:30.93 -Come on, we have to go.[br]-I go with you, perhaps I can help. 00:36:31.02,00:36:32.50 THORNDYKE: Come on, hurry. 00:36:33.14,00:36:35.86 (Suspenseful instrumental music) 00:36:54.06,00:36:55.89 THORNDYKE:[br]Brophy, have you seen Brisbane? 00:36:55.98,00:36:57.46 Where is Brisbane? 00:36:57.54,00:36:58.82 I'm sorry. 00:36:58.90,00:37:00.86 -Where is he?[br]-They took him to... 00:37:00.94,00:37:02.34 (Shrieking) 00:37:03.50,00:37:05.49 Norton's taking him up to the tower. 00:37:05.78,00:37:07.18 Oh, my God! 00:37:07.26,00:37:10.94 BROPHY: He's drugged. They're going to[br]throw him off, like a suicide. 00:37:12.30,00:37:13.34 VICTORIA: Dad. 00:37:13.42,00:37:15.09 THORNDYKE: Come on, let's go. 00:37:17.26,00:37:19.57 (Dramatic instrumental music) 00:37:31.10,00:37:32.53 LILLOMAN: There! Look! 00:37:33.62,00:37:34.82 VICTORIA: Daddy. 00:37:40.78,00:37:42.26 Richard. 00:37:43.22,00:37:45.45 -Do something.[br]-I'll try. 00:37:47.86,00:37:49.98 (Lightning crackles) 00:37:50.54,00:37:52.13 (Thorndyke sighs) 00:37:52.42,00:37:54.01 I can't. 00:37:54.10,00:37:55.09 What is it? 00:37:55.18,00:37:58.97 He suffers from High Anxiety.[br]It strikes one out of seven. 00:37:59.06,00:38:02.50 BROPHY: Don't worry, Miss. I'll stop him.[br]LILLOMAN: I go, too. 00:38:04.14,00:38:07.13 Oh, God. I feel like such a... 00:38:07.22,00:38:08.42 Coward? 00:38:08.66,00:38:09.81 Yeah. 00:38:15.70,00:38:16.93 (Panting) 00:38:17.02,00:38:18.30 I can't go on. 00:38:20.98,00:38:22.94 BROPHY: I got him! 00:38:25.66,00:38:27.25 I ain't got him. 00:38:29.18,00:38:31.57 LILLOMAN:[br]Where can we go? What can we do? 00:38:31.74,00:38:33.57 -I've got to save him.[br]-No. 00:38:33.66,00:38:36.22 He'll kill you. I'm going to go up. 00:38:39.14,00:38:41.21 (Eerie instrumental music) 00:38:58.10,00:38:59.58 (Gun thuds on stairs) 00:39:17.58,00:39:18.81 (Cracking) 00:39:27.10,00:39:28.25 (Screaming) 00:39:31.34,00:39:32.93 He's going to fall! 00:39:36.74,00:39:39.57 (Dramatic instrumental music) 00:39:42.58,00:39:44.01 (Thorndyke gasps) 00:39:44.10,00:39:47.54 Hold on! Pull yourself up! You can do it! 00:39:48.94,00:39:50.53 I can't hang on! 00:39:53.98,00:39:56.50 That's it! Richard, listen to me! 00:39:56.78,00:40:00.69 I have researched your case.[br]I know what's giving you the High Anxiety. 00:40:00.78,00:40:02.69 I have found the answer. 00:40:02.78,00:40:05.01 Go back in your mind. Go back. 00:40:05.10,00:40:06.77 You are a little baby. 00:40:06.86,00:40:10.22 Your mother and father are fighting.[br]They're always fighting. 00:40:10.30,00:40:12.37 They're fighting about you. 00:40:13.02,00:40:14.66 (Baby babbling) 00:40:20.22,00:40:23.26 FATHER:[br]I hate this kid! He's making us prisoners! 00:40:23.34,00:40:25.54 We're trapped in this house![br]We can never go out! 00:40:25.62,00:40:29.50 What do you want me to do?[br]Get rid of him? Is that what you want? 00:40:29.58,00:40:30.90 Shut him up! 00:40:30.98,00:40:33.21 Shut him up! I can't take it! 00:40:33.34,00:40:34.77 MOTHER: He's falling! 00:40:38.58,00:40:40.33 I understand now. 00:40:41.98,00:40:45.69 It's not height I'm afraid of. It's parents! 00:40:46.10,00:40:47.38 Ja. 00:40:48.78,00:40:52.66 Now climb, you son-of-a-bitch. Climb! 00:40:53.82,00:40:56.21 (Triumphant instrumental music) 00:40:59.34,00:41:02.22 LILLOMAN: Come on, Doc. You can do it. 00:41:06.82,00:41:08.65 LILLOMAN: He's almost at the top. 00:41:11.34,00:41:12.38 Hurry, Richard. 00:41:13.94,00:41:17.06 (Uplifting instrumental music) 00:41:20.34,00:41:21.77 Come on, Doc. 00:41:34.74,00:41:36.78 (Dramatic instrumental music) 00:41:39.14,00:41:40.49 Norton. 00:41:45.30,00:41:47.02 THORNDYKE: Oh, my God. 00:41:52.34,00:41:55.73 -Mr. Brisbane, are you all right?[br]-Yes, I'm all right. 00:41:57.74,00:41:59.54 Get down the stairs. 00:41:59.62,00:42:01.69 Thank you. You saved my life. 00:42:01.78,00:42:03.13 Thank God it's over. 00:42:04.46,00:42:06.02 (Diesel screaming) 00:42:06.10,00:42:08.30 (Dramatic instrumental music) 00:42:13.42,00:42:15.25 (Shrieking and cackling) 00:42:24.62,00:42:26.13 (Montague gasps) 00:42:26.42,00:42:28.78 Fins. I give up. 00:42:28.86,00:42:31.93 I never really liked her. She never bathed. 00:42:32.10,00:42:35.46 But I like you, I'll be on your side.[br]I'll do anything you say. 00:42:35.54,00:42:39.25 I'm good at that. If I don't behave[br]you can beat the living crap out of me. 00:42:39.34,00:42:40.82 I wouldn't mind. 00:42:40.90,00:42:42.05 (Montague screams) 00:42:42.14,00:42:44.42 BROPHY:[br]Are you all right? We saw a figure fall. 00:42:44.50,00:42:46.86 That was Nurse Diesel,[br]she went out this window. 00:42:46.94,00:42:49.41 VICTORIA: Daddy, I love you.[br]BRISBANE: My baby. 00:42:49.50,00:42:51.14 BROPHY: My boss. 00:42:51.34,00:42:53.73 THORNDYKE: Brophy.[br]LILLOMAN: My Richard. 00:42:54.38,00:42:56.13 Professor. 00:42:56.62,00:42:58.21 -You saved my life.[br]-Ja. 00:42:58.58,00:43:00.78 You saved my life. Who are you? 00:43:00.86,00:43:02.06 Dad. 00:43:03.30,00:43:05.66 This is the man I'm going to marry. 00:43:05.78,00:43:08.98 THORNDYKE: Jeepers, Vicky.[br]VICTORIA: Isn't he a dreamboat? 00:43:09.46,00:43:11.18 (Whimsical instrumental music) 00:43:11.86,00:43:13.18 Goodbye, Dad. 00:43:19.50,00:43:20.82 (Victoria shrieks gleefully) 00:43:20.90,00:43:22.57 (Both sighing) 00:43:22.98,00:43:25.26 I absolutely love my new name. 00:43:25.62,00:43:28.69 Mrs. Victoria Harpo Thorndyke. 00:43:29.42,00:43:33.02 Mrs. Dr. Victoria Harpo Thorndyke. 00:43:33.26,00:43:34.82 Yes. Doctor? 00:43:35.54,00:43:37.37 I'm having this problem. 00:43:37.74,00:43:39.30 Problem? Well... 00:43:39.50,00:43:42.06 ...maybe we should examine the situation. 00:43:42.14,00:43:44.61 DIRECTOR: Nice shot.[br]Pull the camera back slowly. 00:43:44.70,00:43:47.74 CAMERAMAN: We're going too fast,[br]we're going to hit the wall. 00:43:50.86,00:43:52.37 CAMERAMAN: Now what do we do? 00:43:52.46,00:43:55.98 DIRECTOR: Never mind. Keep pulling back.[br]Maybe nobody will notice. 00:43:57.06,00:43:59.53 (Thorndyke singing High Anxiety) 00:46:11.38,00:46:12.37 Ripped by thewildbunch22
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