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Subtitles for High Heels and Low Lifes.

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High Heels and Low Lifes

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- Take care. - Love you.
- I just want to see you again. - I know. I can't put the phone down.
- I can't either. - I've got to. I've got to.
- This is terribIe. - It's onIy gonna be two days.
- I Iove you. - I Iove you too.
- This is terribIe. - It's onIy two days. I Iove you.
- I Iove you too. - Two pizzas for deIivery.
- What kind of pizza? - Do you do stuffed crust?
- Stuffed crust, thin, deep pan. - You do do deep pan?
- 9-, 12- or 15-inch. - Which is the Iarge of those?
- 15-inch. - And the medium is...?
- 12-inch. - Uh, yeah, 12-inch, deep pan.
There's chicken kievs in the freezer.
- What shaII I have with it? - HaIf a cabbage.
- Thin crust, deep pan. - Wh-wh-where's the cabbage.
- This is terribIe. - Deep pan.
- I-I-I-I Iove you. - C-c-cabbage.
- Nine, 12, 15-inch. - This is terribIe. TerribIe.
- Ch-ch-chicken kievs. - TerribIe.
Shannon, I thought you' d gone.
No. 13-hour shift, though. Not bad for a Sunday.
- What we got? - Bad RTA. Everything's broken.
- Shannon? - Sorry, I'm off-duty.
CaII X-Ray, an anaesthetist and we can go.
Any chance of any heIp here? I need fIuids!
- You were going. - It was just a phase.
- By the way, happy birthday. - Cheers.
HeIIo? AII cIear. Over.
- Got that, Danny. - Copy that.
Roger. Over.
I can't beIieve it. An oId infrared system.
No temperature monitor, no movement sensor.
This stuff's out of the Ark.
- Yes, that's why we're here. - ChiId's pIay.
No probIem for you, then.
You want anchovies? You want-you want anchovies?
I'm so sorry I'm Iate.
I am starving! I'm gonna eat tiII I faint.
I'm just gonna...change.
Deep pan. Ca-ca-cabbage.
- What are you doing? - This is takeaway. Want some?
- No, we're going out. - Are we?
Ray, it's my birthday!
Shit, I forgot. Sorry, I remembered earIier then forgot again.
Get your coat and Iet's go now, then.
I'm not reaIIy hungry right now.
WeII, Iet's just have a drink.
Another night, baby, I've reaIIy got to work on this.
- Pizza-pizza. I Iove you too. - Oh, yeah. Right. Course. Sorry.
What's more important than your urban noise symphony instaIIation?
Here we go.
This is my work here!
This is my Iife!
You don't understand this, you don't get it.
What? No, I'II teII you what I do get - you' d rather stay in here
eavesdropping on other peopIe's Iives
than actuaIIy having one with me!
- Right? - Yeah.
And I wonder why that is.
This is terribIe. Yeah.
- Love you. - I Iove you too.
Shut up!
You know nothing of despair!
My despair feII on me Iike a shroud, and I struggIed to shake it off.
- But in vain. - Thus, Green Eyes,
Iet me share your misfortune and turn it into our heaven.
You bastard!
Now I reaIIy am...
aII aIone.
What a piece of crap!
I thought it went quite weII. You were good.
- Surprise! - What are you doing here?
- WeII, it was your Iast night. - Thank God.
I caught the Iast bit, the end was reaIIy...
- PIease don't. - OK.
I thought you were seeing Ray tonight?
I insuIted his equipment so he's in a huff.
- He ditched you on your birthday? - Yeah.
- WeII, I'm taking you out. - No, it's aII right...
- You kidding? It's your birthday! - OK.
- I'm not drinking, though. - OK.
- You won't get me drunk. - They're for me. Perrier for her.
Oh, for God's sakes!
- It's my birthday! - I'm unempIoyed!
- AII right, sweetheart? - Back off!
Ray! What is he good for?
- AbsoIuteIy nothing! - Say it again!
I wiII - Ray!
- What is he good for? - AbsoIuteIy nothing!
Say it again!
There's two girIs in the street. Over.
Go on, fart again!
- AII right? - It's not funny.
- Get it out. - I want to.
- Stand stiII. - One of ' em's got her shoe stuck.
And the other one's sort of heIping her to puII it out.
I think they're drunk. Over.
Fascinating. What coIour's her dress?
Are you wearing any knickers? You're not!
it's more Iike, um, a skirt and, er...
and...and a IittIe top.
It's aII right, she's got it out. Over.
It's aII cIear! Over!
If it's important, caII in. Otherwise, shut up!
Copy that. Roger and out.
Why's that retard on the job?
Ever since his uncIe got shot I've sort of feIt responsibIe.
You were responsibIe.
ObviousIy I don't...I don't know the fuII circumstances...
So Iet's have a IittIe heart-to-heart about it, shaII we?
Or shaII we get on with our job?
You're my best friend, Sharon.
- Shannon. - Shannon.
You know, I care about you.
Listen to me, you deserve to be happy.
- Thank you. - You do, you know?
I just think that you shouId...
- What was I taIking about? - Ray.
- You gotta dump him. - I know.
You do. SeriousIy, there's tonnes of guys.
- Gorgeous guys who are aIso nice. - Yeah.
I don't know where they are, but...
They're Iike the abdominaI snowman.
PeopIe say they exist but no one's seen one.
WeII, maybe I'm doomed to end up Iike those oId Iadies
on park benches with their Iegs open so you can see their knickers.
This is KeIIy, you know what to do after the beep.
KeIIy, pick up the phone.
Pick up the phone, babe. You aIways do this. What's goin' on?
You said you' d be there, where are ya?
What exactIy does he do with aII this stuff?
WeII, apparentIy they're not recordings,
they're found digitaI sound scuIptures.
- So who you been out with? - A friend.
- JeaIous boyfriend... - So who was there? That Mickey?
- What? - That git who works in a cIub.
- The Mix er. - Mickey was there.
Why shouIdn't I see my friends, Danny?
- If you're screwing around... - Wanker!
- I mean it. - What's that?
- That's his phone number, I think. - We're caIIin' him.
- No. - Yes.
- You're drunk! - He's an asshoIe!
- Yeah? - I'm with the big boys now.
- I'm working with Mason. - Right.
This is the big one, KeI. After this I won't need to do no more.
That's what you said before, Danny. You got two years.
PoIice! PoIice!
Coming up Bohemia Road.
- Turning into Church Street. - My street!
I know, I know!
He's in Manton Street, comin' our way.
Oh, no, he's turnin' Ieft into our street. He's comin' towards ya.
He's comin' towards the bank.
He's gone. It's aII cIear. Over and out.
They're robbing a bank! They're robbing a bank!
- We don't know for sure. - Yes, we do! We heard them!
- We saw the poIice car - it fits! - What?
- AII of it! - Where are you going?
- We'II get the reward. - Francis, you're absoIuteIy pissed.
I'm totaIIy focused.
- Where is my jacket?! - You're wearing it.
- AII right. - Wait!
HoId on!
Can I have a drum-roII, gentIemen?
It may Iook easy...
And it is.
You sure it wasn't kids messing about?
- It sounded Iike a bank robbery. - Not you again, CharIie!
- What's this? - I don't know. I've never seen ' em.
- I'II teII him. - No, you are drunk and American.
If we've got a car I'II send someone.
OK, OK, fine, Iet's go.
I demand you investigate!
Look! I've got muggings, street fights, the whoIe works tonight
and I'm not gonna waste resources on some haIf-overheard phone caII.
- Stop it! - Take a Iot of drugs, do you?
Someone pIanted them on me.
OK, Top Gun, we're movin' out.
Copy that. I'm goin' to the van now. Over and out.
Tricky one for a Monday morning.
We'II give the answer Iater but the time is...
It's eight o ' cIock.
Oh, shit!
- Aspirin! - The top sheIf of the cabinet.
Next to the Q-Tips.
Oh, God.
Captain! OnIy 10 seconds before the pumpkin expIodes!
- Francis, try it with an accent. - AII right.
Keptin, onIy 10 seconds before the pempkin expIodes!
Yeah, that's a bit racist.
TeII you what, give it bags of energy.
Captain! OnIy 10 seconds before the pumpkin expIodes!
That's great, hang on to that. it totaIIy Iaid-back.
Captain...onIy 10 seconds before the pumpkin expIodes.
Great. HoId on to that, too. Now, put the two together.
Put them together, you know - bags of energy...
Throw the baII away.
I guess I don't understand what an aIien tomato sounds Iike,
- reaIIy. - Sweetheart, we're aII in the dark.
I'm on a journey here, too.
PIiers and a cutter. Security override system.
HoIIow-core titanium-tipped driII.
Not exactIy under-equipped.
I suppose it's too much to expect that anybody heard anything?
It's unIikeIy. Not reaIIy a residentiaI area.
Some nice Ioft conversions.
Good pIace to buy, actuaIIy. Prices couId go through the roof.
If you appIied the same meticuIous research to burgIary,
we might stand a chance of soIving this.
Looks Iike it's aII gone tits-up.
You reaIise we passed a security assessment of this pIace Iast month.
Who ' d have thought they' d do a Mission: ImpossibIe?
It's our job to think that, McGiII - who eIse is going to if we don't?!
It's a bIoody embarrassment.
Shannon? It's me. I'm back.
- What's going on? - I packed up aII your stuff.
- Why? - Cos you're Ieaving.
- It's over. - Since when?
ProbabIy about two years ago.
You're just...just angry about Iast night. You'II caIm down.
No. TeII you what, I'II ring you so you can record me.
I'II say ''Ray, it's finished,'' and you can pIay it back.
You are so narrow-minded, you know that?
You're afraid of what you don't understand.
It's unheaIthy to have your head so far up your arse.
I'm a nurse, I know these things.
OK. Fine.
I forgot one!
How's things, Francis?
Things are not good, PauI. Not good.
- What happened to you? - I was doing Snow White.
Tripped over a dwarf.
Do you sometimes feeI we're kiIIing time as we crawI toward death?
WeII, that's showbiz.
Now we go over to Jamie Spencer
who 's actuaIIy in Hatton Garden at the scene of the robbery.
PoIice are hunting a gang who carried out a raid
on a bank here in Beckworth Street Iast night.
The money was stoIen from GoIdmax Securities in centraI London.
The robbers tunneIIed from the neighbouring buiIding
into the bank's vauIts.
PoIice say it must have taken most of the weekend.
Because they targeted safe deposit box es
it's far from easy to estabIish how much money was stoIen,
but it couId be at Ieast £10 miIIion.
Oh, my God!
Sorry, Mr Winters! Sorry, sorry.
I'II see you Iater, PauI.
- Look at that. - What is it?
- Danny's number! - So?
You reaIise what's happened?
- Can she hear? - No, she's unconscious.
The cops haven't a cIue and I have the number of a robber here.
- And Iow standards of hygiene. - Everything for a reason.
- Go to the poIice. - No, we tried that.
I've got a better idea.
- What are you taIking about? - Right, get this.
- We caII the robbers. - Why wouId we caII them?
We teII them we want money or we'II go to the cops.
- What do you think? - You're mad.
But is it madness or is it genius?
We have a speciaI pIace here for peopIe Iike you.
- The Laburnum ward. - It's a great idea!
One was brunette, the other was bIonde.
- Dyed bIonde or naturaI? - How wouId I know?
- Yes, good point. - Anything eIse?
The bIonde one was pretty, the other one was attractive, too.
Was she more attractive than the attractive one
or was it the other way round?
Look, there was a fuII-scaIe riot in here Iast night.
- What do you expect? - AII right.
Nothing eIse?
The brunette had a big watch on her right wrist.
Like a diver's watch. That's it.
Interesting. It's not much, just a few crumbs,
but we're gratefuI just the same.
I know.
Francis, I'm not getting invoIved.
- Come on. - No!
- Why? - I won't start steaIing money!
It was in safety deposit box es, it's probabIy stoIen in the first pIace.
We' d be recycIing it. Giving it a better home.
It's not a puppy.
Come on, wiII you Iook at us?
I'm unempIoyed and can't get a job as an aIien tomato.
You spend every day covered in bIood and vomit,
and you wasted your best years on a useIess guy.
Wake up tomorrow, you're 50, fat, aIone and broke.
It doesn't have to be that way, just take some chances.
How good wouId some new cIothes feeI?
You couId take a trip, I couId get a new car.
AII right, Iisten, seriousIy.
MateriaI concerns aside, Iook at this Iike it's an adventure.
- Just to get us out of this rut. - My cIothes are fine.
It's not gonna happen.
You couId buy something for the hospitaI,
a heart machine or incubator thing, you know.
The vaIves and the tubey stuff...
- for the premature babies. - For the babies?
- Yeah. - What about your new car?
HospitaIs never have enough money.
So this pIace gets another 100 grand.
- How many Iives does that save? - You're absoIuteIy right, dear.
You see? Thanks.
- You' d do aII that with the money? - Yes.
- ReaIIy? - Some of it.
Most of it.
One Iousy IittIe phone caII.
What exactIy wouId you say?
I don't know, something Iike '' give us the money or you're in troubIe.''
Pathetic! I wouIdn't beIieve you for a second!
OK. Everyone wants to direct. What eIse?
WeII, you'II have to sound hard and mean.
And you have to sound EngIish.
- You do it, then. - I can't act!
- Where's your seIf-esteem? - What do you mean? I'm an actress.
Listen, we know you done that bank job.
- Is it bank job or is it heist? - BIag. No, I think it's bIag.
We know you done that bank bIag.
No, it just doesn't sound right.
- Listen to me, Danny, you sIag. - What?
That's what they say. I did this drama workshop in Wandsworth Prison.
We know you done that bank job,
and unIess you want to see the poIice it'II cost... What?
What's it gonna cost ' em?
A defibriIIator's 50 grand but they won't pay us that.
- They've got 10 miIIion. - True.
PIus a Mercedes, pIane tickets, Iuggage for the vacation.
- An adorabIe Cartier watch... - Stop.
- So aII that's, what, 100 grand? - 150.
- Round it up to 200. - AII right.
- 250. - You can't keep rounding it up!
Listen, you're in big troubIe, paI.
We want 300 grand, pay up or...
What? Pay up or I don't get my Mercedes?
Pay up or we'II cry.
No, pay up or you're dead!
- It's a bit of a cIiché. - It's a cIassic!
It's not extra points for originaIity.
I'II Ioad a dozen snakes in a cannon and fire ' em in your ass?
- Yeah, Iet's stick with dead. - AbsoIuteIy.
Be forcefuI but restrained.
You hear me you fuck? You fucking piece of shit?
Pay up or you're fuckin' dead!
It sounds Iike you've got Tourette's.
- How many ''fucks''? - Two, maybe three, tops,
- but onIy if it gets heavy. - Right.
- You hear me, motherfucker? - Too American.
- Fucker! LittIe fucker. - Better.
- Cocksucker? - Too many Ks.
In a strange way it's too friendIy, you know?
I do.
Be forcefuI but dignified. Don't stoop to their IeveI.
- ForcefuI and dignified... - Right.
Come on, it stinks of pee in here, can you get a move on?
AII right!
Danny! You Iisten to me, you arsehoIe!
We know you done that job.
I don't know his Iast name!
OK, sorry to bother you.
- Great start. - WeII, is that a two or a four?
Wait! Wait, wait, wait.
I just thought - you're a woman.
- Yeah. - They won't take orders from women.
They've just puIIed off a muIti-miIIion pound robbery.
I don't think they're gonna take you seriousIy.
It's the 21st century. Women can do extortion.
Are you raising our consciousness or getting the money?
- IdeaIIy, both. - I reaIIy think it needs a bIoke.
- Danny? - Yeah.
- We know you done that job. - What?
The GoIdmax Securities job. We know it was you.
- Who is this? - Never mind.
Just Iisten very carefuIIy.
We want 300 grand or we'II go to the poIice.
- You must be joking. - No joke, Danny, you sIag.
- How did you get this number? - Under ''D'' for '' dickhead''!
Whoever you are, you are dead meat.
We'II see who 's dead meat, paI.
Make the drop tomorrow night. You'II be hearing from me, tosser.
- I'II kiII ya! - Yeah, right.
300 big ones or the cops'II be down on you Iike a ton of...
- Bricks. - Cops...bricks!
Up yours!
GirIfriend. Pain in the ass.
Any Iuck?
I've had six peopIe round now, not a singIe offer.
Maybe I shouId put a new kitchen in.
I wasn't taIking about your bastard fIat.
Forensic haven't found any prints.
No traces of anything.
The cutting equipment was imported on faIse papers. That's a dead end.
WeII, that depends how you Iook at it, doesn't it?
Try thinking IateraIIy.
One dead end couId turn into an open highway.
On the other hand, we couId try foIIowing up a cIue.
The diver's watch - what do you think?
What about subaqua cIubs?
It's an uncIutched straw.
Might as weII get out there and cIutch it.
AII right, where do we get them to Ieave the money?
- ''Drop the money.'' They say drop. - Drop.
I don't know.
What about that big hydrangea bush?
A bank robber's not gonna know what a hydrangea bush is.
- In the john. - Yeah, but they Iock them at night.
I've got it. Have them bury it in the sandpit.
No sand. Got stoIen.
They stoIe the sand?
- That's just sick. - I know.
It's perfect.
Is that Danny?
- Yeah, it is. - 300 grand, cash.
Streatham Park. First bin inside the north gate.
- You Iisten... - 12.30 tonight, then naff off.
- You're in big troubIe. - Be there or you'II be sorry.
You reaIise we've gotta take this bastard
Dunno. I need to speak to Major Mason.
I've spoken to Mason. He says he doesn't want a discussion,
he wants a nice, cIean hit.
- Finished. - AII right, aII right!
If that's what he wants, we'II do it.
My bum's gone to sIeep.
He's Iate.
- WiII you keep stiII? - I am dying for a pee.
- You'II have to wait. - I can't.
- You shouId have gone before. - God, I am bursting.
Go in your knickers, then.
AII right.
I can't do it, I'm too weII trained.
He's not coming, is he?
I haven't wet myseIf since I was five.
Learning about Niagara FaIIs.
- Is that him? - I don't know!
It's him. Come on...
Come on, come on... Yes!
- It can't be as easy as this. - Wait!
He might be watching.
Wait, wait. What's he doing?
Hey, don't Iook in the bin. Don't Iook in the bin!
A bIoke Iike that aIways Iooks.
Oh, great.
Now you'II have to fight him for it.
There's someone eIse.
Haven't these peopIe got homes to go to?
It's Mason!
What the heII are you up to?!
- Where are you going? - We can't just Ieave him!
- Oh, God! - He's aIive.
- Oh, my God! - Can you hear me? Can you hear me?
- He ran right in front of me! - I saw everything!
- I've caIIed an ambuIance. - Breathe gentIy.
- Is he dead? - Wait for the ambuIance!
- It wasn't my fauIt! - I saw it - someone shot him.
- WiII you wait?! - What happened?
He's got a buIIet in the shouIder. PossibIe fractured skuII.
Can you stand back, pIease!
Oh, my God! They shot that guy! Can you beIieve they shot that guy?!
Yes, I bIoody can - they're criminaIs!
But that couId've been us Iying there, bIeeding!
We were Iucky. That poor man wasn't, thanks to you.
What?! Thanks to me?!
What?! How is it suddenIy my fauIt?
- He's probabIy dying! - I didn't know!
Sorry, in your worId they don't, do they?
PeopIe get shot, then waIk away and the credits roII.
This is reaI, Francis. PeopIe get hurt and bIeed and reaIIy do die!
ReaIIy? I didn't know that. Are you kidding me?
You think you're more in touch with reaI suffering
because you empty bedpans? Come on!
If you didn't know me your Iife wouId be even more sad and pathetic!
- What?! - Yeah.
- I'm jeaIous of your showbiz shit? - Yes.
- WeII, fuck you! - Fuck you, too!
You know why you never get any decent jobs?
Cos you can't act!
So what were you doing, Danny?
- Mr... - Sit down.
Mr Mason, I know I screwed up.
- I was trying to sort it out. - Oh, I see.
Someone tries to bIackmaiI us and you sort it out
by shooting someone compIeteIy different?
Nice IateraI thinking, you stupid bastard!
I didn't know what to do, I thought you' d be pissed off.
Now, you' d be right there.
But now I'm way off the scaIe of pissed off.
There are no words for what I am now.
- UnderstandabIy, Major Mason. - What about you, Barry?
I was badIy misIed, vis a vis your authorisation.
So, how did this bIoke get your number?
I don't know. I swear to you, I-I don't know.
Get him out of here before I kiII him.
Give me that phone!
You keep out of troubIe or I swear I wiII shoot you myseIf.
Copy that, roger and out.
One thing's for sure, Kerrigan won't be happy about this.
Thanks for pointing out the obvious.
Nice area. Not the kind of pIace you' d expect a street shooting.
- OK, keep back! - Ex cuse me, sir.
- This gentIeman might... - I Iive at number 43.
- I saw everything. - Two girIs were at the scene.
- One bIonde, one brunette. - Quite attractive.
I' d say it was a drive-by. CouId be reIated to drugs.
Yes, I wouIdn't advertise that.
Prices here couId go into free faII. Thank you.
Fake bundIes of money.
So, we've got a drop off, a doubIe cross,
an ambush...and then what?
Then they shot a tramp.
Connection to the GoIdmax job?
A bIonde, brunette. Bit of a coincidence.
Who are these women?
AII right, if you can get them before 10.
Ex cuse me, couId we have a word?
I'm Detective Inspector Tremaine. This is DC McGiII.
HeIIo. What do you want?
That man, has he said anything?
- Like what? - No taIking in his sIeep? Names?
No, um, he's, um, he's unconscious.
WeII, if he regains his facuIties, Iet us know.
Of course.
Yes. That's my extension. I'II be getting a direct Iine soon.
Yes. WeII, thanks for your heIp.
- If he taIks, any IittIe thing. - We' d better Iet you go.
- Never know, couId be important. - Right.
Do you have to make it so obvious that you fancy her?
- Is he OK? - He'II Iive, just about.
Thank God.
What's that?
It's a present for you.
Thanks, it's horribIe.
I thought you' d throw it at me so I didn't make much effort.
- Sorry about what I said. - Me too. I didn't mean it.
You were right, we shouIdn't have been invoIved.
- No. - No more phone caIIs, no shootings.
Let's pretend this never happened. Everything wiII be Iike it was.
No, cos it can't be, can it?
I mean, we're invoIved now, aren't we?
Nothing's Iike it was.
- Yeah? - Is that Danny?
- Who 's this? - Where's Danny?
Danny's not avaiIabIe, you taIk to me now.
Oh, yeah? WeII, you doubIe-crossed us. We had a deaI.
You're in big troubIe.
I don't think so.
Here's a new deaI.
You don't caII again and I don't kiII you, aII right?
Yeah? Yeah?! WeII, you Iisten to me, you prat.
You big...prat. Price has gone up.
- We want haIf a miII. - WeII, you can get stuffed.
Make that a miIIion!
You wanna raise it again, you piece of shit?!
Listen, whoever you are. I'II find you and I'II hurt you. A Iot.
Save the scary gangster taIk, twathead,
- just get that money! - Are you threatening me?
A miIIion quid?!
- I'm sorry, it just came out. - What did he say?
He's not happy.
He's definiteIy not happy.
This way. Mr Kerrigan is expecting you.
Why do I aIways have to find out things for myseIf?
Wasn't worth bothering you with, Kerrigan.
I Iike you, AIan, that's why you're in charge.
But some joker tries to hit me for a miIIion quid,
Iooks Iike there's been a baIIs-up. TaIk to me.
Danny was probabIy mouthing off, guy overheard him, don't worry.
I am worried! I don't need this aggravation.
Look at the state of me, I'm aII tense!
- I'm ageing prematureIy. - Rubbish, Boss.
- Who is this toe rag? - No one we know.
He's got a weird accent, he sounds a bit Iike a...
I don't know what he sounds Iike.
Don't know who you're deaIing with these days.
You got Turks, Russians, Kosovites...
AII muscIin' in.
I mean, who runs CrickIewood now, JuIes?
- The Armenians. - There you go. The Armenians.
I mean, where the heII do they come from?
- Armenia, Boss. - Good boy.
At Ieast someone knows what's goin' on.
I toId you, I'II sort him. Don't worry.
Do not teII me not to worry!
Who are they? Don't they know who the fuck we are?!
Give me the toweI.
- I'II find ' em, I'II... - I'm bored with this subject.
I want their testicIes in a jar, got that?
- Got it. - Piss off.
Danny's phone's been cut off. Guess we're screwed.
We shouId've done more research -
there must be a bIackmaiIing website.
AII right, what do we have?
We've got three names: Danny, KeIIy and Mason.
That first caII, Danny mentioned another name, KeIIy had been out...
- Right, somebody eIse was there. - Right.
- Mickey! - Mickey, that's it.
- And he worked in a cIub. - Right. The...the what?
- The-the-the-the... - The something.
- Yeah, the something. - AII right. But it was Iike...
- something in your kitchen? - The...sink?
The sink, the fridge cIub, bread bin, the bIender, cappuccino maker...
- The...the Mix er! - That's it! That's exactIy it!
OK, we'II do the good-cop/bad-cop thing.
- What am I? - The good cop.
- Can't I be the bad cop? - No, you're too nice.
- Ex cuse me. - Ex cuse me!
- Hi! - Ex cuse me.
Hey! Hey! Hey! C'mere!
Where's Mickey?
AII right, stay caIm, we can do this. We're undercover cops.
- Mickey? - Yeah?
- You found me. - Detective Inspector McGiII.
This is Detective...Warchowski.
We' d Iike to have a IittIe chat.
Look, I don't know where Danny is.
- Why don't I beIieve you, scumbag? - Why are you protecting him?
Want me to take you down the station and beat it out of you?
I don't know where he is and I don't care!
I know we Iook Iike girIies but we can hurt you, Mickey.
Ever had a stiIetto through the boIIocks?!
- Detective, can I...? A quick word. - Don't move!
What are you doing? You're the good cop.
I Iike being the bad cop.
There can't be two bad cops.
No, but I know what I'm doing, OK?
- Oh, Christ. - PiIIs, trips, speed.
- I'm aII set, thanks. - A shag?
How about a punch in the mouth?
You've pissed me off now, Mickey. You know what?
I'm gonna caII in the squad to bust this pIace
and find haIf a kiIo of smack up your arse.
And there's a new guy who 'II enjoy pIanting it there.
- How about that? - Sounds good to me.
- You copy that? - W-w-w-wait, wait, wait. Look...
I might have an address.
So he's a scumbag, IowIife criminaI from the East End.
- Is that compuIsory? - You done a burgIary before?
- No. - What if he comes back?
Can't be that difficuIt.
- Jump him and beat him senseIess. - As Iong as I know.
OK, we're on.
- HeIIo? - Yeah, it's Martin.
- Hi, there! - Hi! How you doing?
That's my Iibrary card, two credit cards, my cashpoint and video cIub.
I don't get it. It aIways worked on CharIie's AngeIs.
You carry that with you aII the time?
Papers, diaries, money, anything to do with Mason.
- FiIofax! - Just take it.
Danny? You there?
Who are you?
If the money's right, whoever you want me to be.
Who are you?
Where's Danny?
Said he' d be right back. I charge for waiting.
- What happened to the door? - Shithead Iost his keys.
- Did he? - So who are you, then?
The man in charge?
Mr Big?
I think you better go now.
Go where? He hasn't paid me yet.
You guys crack me up. What do you think I do this for - fun?
OK. Let's say he pays you... 100 quid to knob him?
I'II pay you 50 knob off.
See ya.
Forgot my FiIofax.
I'm gonna go, then. See ya. Bye.
- Mr Mason, what you doin' here? - I had a caII from our friend.
Guess what? Now he wants a miIIion quid.
And the bastard of it is, now I've got the oId poof on me back.
And that's uncomfortabIe.
what do I do with you, Danny?
I'II heIp you find him. I can do it. I'II make it my main thing.
You know... you remind me of your uncIe.
- He was crap and aII. - Mr Mason, pIease don't hurt me...
I can do it. I can do it!
I won't rest and I won't sIeep untiI I naiI ' em.
You do that. You get out and you ask around.
You see what you can find out.
I wiII, absoIuteIy. You can reIy on me. Thanks!
On the other hand...
forget it.
Danny, can you hear me?
He's been shot. Severe chest wound. He's got a puIse but it's thready.
I've done everything I can. Just get here.
Danny Robinson.
Convictions for theft, burgIary, accessory to robbery.
PIace was ransacked, he was found shot in the chest.
Very sad. What's it got to do with us?
Two women were seen entering the fIat.
- One bIonde, one dark. - Yes.
- Quite attractive. - That word again.
- Now we're getting somewhere. - These two are annoying me.
- Can we ask him some questions? - No, he's in a coma. He can't taIk.
- Has he had any visitors? - Two women, bIonde and a brunette?
No. No...
No. No, definiteIy not.
Right. Thanks very much.
Do Iet us know if he gets any visitors, won't you?
- You can give me a caII, any time. - Oh, I thought...
- You've aIready given her a card. - She might have Iost it.
- Aren't there any other hospitaIs? - We get aII the gunshots.
I found Mason's number in here and a Iot of other names.
Let's turn this over to the cops.
Forget the poIice, we'II get these bastards ourseIves.
And we better do it soon or they're gonna get us.
- Yeah? - HeIIo, Mason.
How did you get this number?
I Iooked you up in the phone book, under ''M'' for ''moron''.
Now, Iisten. We want a miIIion quid, or we'II go to the fiIth.
Do it, you're getting nothing.
You Iike having the oId poof on your back, do you?
- What do you know about Kerrigan? - We know a Iot about Kerrigan.
Where to find him, what he has for breakfast,
and how many pieces of paper he uses to wipe his big fat Khyber Pass!
- I want a meeting. - A meeting? No meeting.
No meeting, no deaI.
You get one more chance, sunshine, then we go to the cops.
Bugger. It's not working.
We threaten him, he teIIs us to piss off,
he wants a meeting, we teII him to piss off.
It couId go on for months!
- We've gotta up the stakes. - We don't have stakes to up. Do we?
- Whereabouts is it? - ParIiament Square.
David, take me to ParIiament Square.
What the heII...?
I grant you it's embarrassing, but it's a bIuff.
A bIuff?!
They've got my name on a 40-foot poster in the middIe of town!
My bIoody name! It's an outrage!
- Oh, put the bIoody thing down! - AII right.
- They'II die tomorrow. - So you said.
But they're stiII very much a-fucking-Iive!
Look, it's not just your head on the bIock here, it's aII of us.
ExactIy. There's Danny - he's probabIy bIabbin' right now.
- He won't taIk. - He shouIdn't be abIe to taIk!
- He shouId be in the river! - You be carefuI.
Without me the wheeIs wouId've come off this operation years ago.
Nobody is unexpendabIe, Mason.
Don't you threaten me, oId man, cos right now I'm aII you've got.
Just shut up and Iisten.
This is what we do.
When they get in touch... we agree to pay up.
A miIIion quid?! Have you gone compIeteIy Tonto?!
We're not gonna pay ' em!
We arrange the drop, fIush ' em out and kiII ' em!
AII right.
AII right. Do it.
One more cock-up and we say goodbye.
We're in business.
- Yeah? - HeIIo? He's here.
- I'm getting on the train. - Good. Just be carefuI.
OK, Good Iuck.
Listen. Get a ticket for the next train. 47 minutes past.
You're cutting out.
- Is that better? - What?
Goddamn ceIIphone!
HeIIo? HeIIo?
HeIIo?! Can you hear me now?
Just teII me which train.
The train to Brighton. Get in the third carriage from the front.
- Where do we meet? - I'II caII you.
- No... - Don't miss it!
Mind the doors!
You gotta be kidding me. Cows.
Move it! Move it, you dumb...
Move, move, move it! Scram!
Here, here!
Fetch! Shoo! Scram! Go! Go!
- Where are you? - Where do you think I am?!
- Passed Gatwick Airport yet? - Have we passed Gatwick Airport?
- What, Gatwick? - Yeah.
Yes, yes, we have...passed it.
Next station the train goes over a viaduct.
As you go over it throw the case out the Ieft hand side.
- What? - Make sure it goes over the edge.
I haven't come aII this way to start chucking money away.
- You got that? - Yeah...just...
- Just do it! - HeIIo?
Hi! How are ya?
What the heII are you doing? This is private Iand.
Oh, you know, I didn't see a sign.
You're not supposed to be here.
I was just admiring your cows.
They're reaIIy... Are they Friesians?
WiII you just bugger off?
You know what? I wiII, happiIy, in just a few seconds.
You misunderstand, when I say ''bugger off'' I mean it!
Come on.
I've asked you poIiteIy - I want you to get off my Iand, now!
Oh, God, give me five minutes!
- I'm teIIing you...! - What?
You'II cut off my Iegs? I've been there, paI.
- That's it. I'm caIIing the poIice. - It doesn't work!
- Right, throw it out. - Throw it out?
- Over the side. - Over the side?
What are you, a bIoody parrot? Just do it!
Come here, stomping aII over my Iand...
It's OK, that's for me.
- Oh, my God! - Sorry about your roof!
You're not Ieaving!
Look what you...
Bastards! Are you OK?
- What the bIoody heII was that? - You'II Iive.
- Yeah? - It's Kerrigan.
I've been on to my man down in the nick.
The poIice are Iooking for two women.
- What? - A bIonde one and a dark one.
That prosser in Danny's fIat, she was one of ' em.
He was probabIy shooting his mouth off to her.
- And the guy who keeps phoning? - He's their pimp. They're amateurs.
- I knew it. - The dark one wears a big watch.
Sort of divers watch, Iot of fancy diaIs on it.
Anything eIse?
I don't wanna be doubIe-crossed by a pair of bIoody tarts.
- It's bad for my image. - It's aII under controI.
You know what you gotta do?
Come on, come on, come on.
We are now approaching Haywards Heath.
Next stop, Haywards Heath.
Act normaIIy, or you're dead.
- Tickets, pIease. - I haven't got one.
It's a criminaI offence.
- Shannon! - But I'II turn a bIind eye.
- Shannon! Get in! - Just drive!
- Oh, God! - There was a bomb.
- A bomb? - Yeah!
Nasty, mean, horribIe, vioIent wankers!
We've been going about this aII wrong.
They want to kiII us, why don't we kiII them?
It's Kerrigan.
Remember I said one more cock-up and we say goodbye?
CaII me.
HeIIo, Mason.
- Where's the money, Mason? - Kiss my arse!
TeII us where it is and we'II Iet you go.
AII right. It's in the safe.
Did you find the safe?
- No. - WeII, what have you been doing?
What? ''What have I been doing?''
You bunch of amateurs.
Yeah? If we're amateurs how come you're tied up?
It's Kerrigan. What is going on, AIan?
Pick up the phone. I hope you're not thinking of going away.
He sounds a bit upset.
Maybe we shouId caII him back.
He comes round, you're dead. Suits me.
Admit it, you're out of your depth.
So what now?
I couId shoot you.
- I' d hit something at this range. - You haven't got the guts.
OK, where's the top man? I wanna taIk.
You'II find him under ''B'', for ''behind you.''
So it reaIIy is just the two of you, is it?
You've made my day. Safety catch is on.
Oh, dear. It's not going weII, is it?
You think this is funny? Do you think this is funny?
You bIoody Iow Iife!
- I've had enough. - What are you doing?
- What are you doing? - InsuIin.
5 miIIigrams and you're groggy. 10 miIIigrams and you're dead.
- You can't be serious? - He's getting more than that.
- Are you crazy? - What is your probIem?
This has gone far enough!
What are we gonna do, just Iet him waIk out of here?
- Shannon, he's not worth this! - Now you've used my reaI name.
Now I'II have to kiII him.
What's happened to you? It's just money - my God!
It doesn't matter!
Every day I see peopIe beaten and kiIIed for money.
PeopIe die because there isn't enough money.
Money means Iife or death. So it does matter.
It matters a Iot.
I don't want any part of this.
- What? - This was your bIoody idea!
You're Ieaving because it's too scary?
You're too scary for me! You're out of controI! I'm Ieaving.
- You're not. - Or what?
What, you're gonna shoot me? You can't shoot him! Grow up.
- I wiII shoot you. - Fuck off.
Right, where were we?
Keep away from me, you mad bitch!
No, it's aII right, Mason.
It's aII right! It's a painIess death.
Are you worried that you'II go to heII?
- You shouId be. - OK, I'II teII you!
You know something - I don't trust you. Isn't that weird?
No! God!
Right. Now, that's 5 miIIigrams.
Enough to make you feeI a bit spacey.
- You want the rest? - Behind the cabinet!
- Are you sure? - Yes! Yes!
I think that's enough.
You won't have to stay here for Iong. I'II caII the poIice.
I'II find you, and you'II wish you' d been strangIed at birth.
Don't be so chiIdish.
Let me get that for you.
You in a spot of troubIe, guv'nor?
So how do you feeI now?
Not so brave, eh?
Not so bIoody cIever.
- Mason residence. - Take things from me?
Mr Kerrigan, guv'nor. It's a bad Iine.
Kerrigan. Yeah, we've got aII the money.
Sorry, what?
What, now?
You're Iucky to be aIive, for the moment.
Get the bags, we're Ieavin'.
HoId on, hoId on. Kerrigan. He said bring her over.
- Yeah? - How did he know there's onIy one?
When you came in you didn't notice anything...
- Iike a dead body? - What?
Over here!
- You couId've kiIIed me! - There wasn't any danger.
These peopIe are gonna be so sorry.
- Ex ceIIent death. - For someone who can't act.
Listen to my Kerrigan impression.
''I want her aIive. Bring her to me.''
- ''Bring them.'' - I know, I know.
Jesus, what's aII this?!
HeIp yourseIf.
- You missed the house. - I haven't got my eye in.
- Who 's out there?! - Two women is who 's out there!
Shooting at me with me own soddin' guns!
- What's up? - I dunno, I feeI sort of...
- We've gotta go. - There's another bag.
- Leave it. - No, it'II pay for a casuaIty unit!
You are so... OK, we'II get it.
- Where's the bag? - It's out there.
Get it.
- I'II cover you. - Cover me?
- It's aII right, I'II use this one. - Just wait.
BIoody heII!
Come on!
- There's four of ' em! - Come on, get in!
- I hit one of them. - Good. That's the idea.
Left fIank! Incoming!
Sorry, didn't mean to hit you!
Put pressure on the wound! I'II caII an ambuIance!
- Sergeant, we're surrounded! - That's my bIoody car!
FaII back!
We did it.
Yeah. We did.
WeII, is this is another dead-end or an open highway?
It's a roundabout. Turn Ieft.
Christ on a bike. What's happened here?
Don't know. But I' d say it's knocked a good 20,000 off the property.
Back for more, you heathens!
AII present and correct.
I've seen worse than this. Things you wouIdn't beIieve!
And there were four of the bitches!
Four of them!
I need an ambuIance!
I've been shot!
AII of you!
I Iike you.
Man down.
What you have here, McGiII, is a robbery gone bad.
FIushed with success, the gang turn on each other Iike hungry dogs.
Greed and vauIting ambition was their downfaII.
What's that? HamIet?
No. I made it up myseIf.
I find that crime sometimes stimuIates my creative juices.
- You shouId write it down. - Yes.
What was it again?
Scanner, monitors, defibriIIator, ECG...?
- What eIse is in there? - I dunno. An MRI scanner.
- AII sorts of stuff. - Where's it from?
I dunno. It's aII paid for. Sign here, it's aII yours.
- You aII right? - I'm OK.
Wasn't sure about giving aII the money to the hospitaI.
- You're taking it reaIIy weII. - Am I? I feeI kinda Iiberated.
Make a miIIion, give it aII away. What the heII?
- It's the right thing to do. - You're right.
I couIdn't Iive with myseIf if we' d saved any.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God.
If you can't Iive with yourseIf, I'II understand.
- You Iied to me. - I did.
It's OK, cos, Iook...
I saved just a IittIe bit, too. For food and gas, you know...
- IncidentaIs. - Don't expIain.
Oh, God.
What's this?
- A scanner. - ReaIIy?
You never know.
You are so needy, CaroI. You're suffocating me.
I-I can't breathe, I need more space.
I don't... I feeI trapped!
Look, if you keep a songbird in a cage
eventuaIIy he'II die...
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Hororr hotline (2001)
Horse Whisperer The CD1
Horse Whisperer The CD2
Horseman on the Roof The
Horses Mouth The
Hostile Waters 1997
Hot Chick The
Hot Wheels World Race CD1
Hot Wheels World Race CD2
Hound of Baskervilles The
Hour of the Wolf
Hours The
House By The Cemetary The
House Of The Spirits CD1
House Of The Spirits CD2
House With The Windows That Laugh
House of 1000 Corpses
House of Frankenstein
House of Games (1987)
House of Mirth The
House of Sand and Fog 2003 CD1
House of Sand and Fog 2003 CD2
House of flying daggers
House of the Dead
House of the Flying Daggers
How Green Was My Valley
How High
How The West Was Won 1962 CD1
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How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
How to Beat the High Cost of Living
How to Keep My Love 2004
How to Murder Your Wife 1965
How to Steal a Million CD1
How to Steal a Million CD2
How to deal
Howards End
Hratky s certem
Hudsucker Proxy The
Hulk The - Special Edition
Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
Hum Kaun Hai
Hum Tum
Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam
Human Beast The CD1
Human Beast The CD2
Human lanterns
Hunchback of Notre Dame II The
Hunchback of Notre Dame The
Hundtricker the movie
Hunger The 1983
Hunt For Red October CD1
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Huozhe (Lifetimes) CD1
Huozhe (Lifetimes) CD2
Huozhe CD1
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Hurricane 1937
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