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High Noon

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# Do not forsake me, oh my darlin'
# On this, our weddin' day
# Do not forsake me, oh my darlin'
# Wait, wait along
# The noon day train will bring Frank Miller
# If I'm a man, I must be brave
# And I must face that deadly killer
# Orlie a coward a craven coward
# Orlie a coward in my grave
# Oh, to be torn 'tweenst love and duty S'pposin'I lose my fair-hairbeauty
# Look at that big hand move along Nearin' high noon
# He made a vow while in state prison That it would be my life or his
# I'm not afraid of death, but oh
# What will I do if you leave me
# Do not forsake me, oh my darlin'
# You made that promise when we wed
# Do not forsake me, oh my darlin'
# Although you're grievin', I can't be leavin'
# Unti'l I shoot Frank Miller dead
# Wait along, wait along
Did you see what I saw? Come on, open her up. We'll have a big day today.
- You're in a hurry? - Yeah, I sure am.
You're a fool Come on.
All right, ladies and gentlemen. Let us begin.
Would the bride and groom kindly step forward?
Will Kane and Amy Fowler,
you appear before me in my capacity as Justice of the Peace of this township
to be joined together in the bounds of holy matrimony.
- Man, it sure is hot - Hot? You call this hot?
Well, I'll be... I thouht I saw Ben Miller.
- He's down Texas somewhere. - I know.
Looked Like Pierce and Colby, too. Oh, it couldn't be.
My goodness gracious
- Noon train on time? - Yes, sir. That is, I think so, sir.
Don't know reason why it shouldn't be...Mr Pierce.
How're you, Mr Miller...Mr Pierce...Mr Colby?
Do you, Will Kane, take Amy to be your lawful wedded wife
to have and to hold from this day forward until death do you part?
I do.
Do you Amy take Will to be your lawful wedded husband
to have and to hold from this day forward until death do you part?
- I do. - The ring, please.
Then by the authority invested in me by the laws of this territory,
I pronounce you man and wife.
I can't speak for the rest of you, but I claim an ancient privilege.
Moving mighty fast for a Sunday.
- Will' - All those people...
Amy, people ought to be alone when they get married.
I know.
I'm gonna try, Amy. I'll do my best.
I will too.
Honeymoon is officially over. Come on, everybody.
- Don't look so shocked. - No privacy on his wedding day.
Well, one more ceremony, and Will's a free man, more or less.
Marshal, turn in your badge.
I hate to do this without your new marshal being here.
Fuller, Haland I are the entire board of selectmen in this community.
We're also your very good friends.
With the fine job you've done I feel free to say, and the judge will bail me out,
this town will be safe 'til tomorrow.
You win. But don't marry a Quaker, she'll have you running a store.
- I can't picture you doing that, Will - I can.
So can I, and a good thing, too.
Thank you.
You didn't talk that way when you wore a star.
All right, it's coming off. But I gotta to be paid first.
- Let me down! - Not until you kiss me.
Will, let me down, you fool!
- You should have been a lawyer. - I was meant to be a storekeeper.
Marshal, a telegram for you.
It's terrible, it's shocking.
- They've pardoned Frank Miller. - I don't believe it.
We could go too.
- Nice of them to let you know. - That ain't all.
Ben Miller is down the depot with Pierce and Colby.
- He asked about the noon train. - The noon train?
Well.. You get out of this town. Get out of this town this very minute.
- What is it? - Never mind that now.
- What is it, Mr Howe? - Just get out, and everything will be fine.
- We'll take care of everything. - I ought to stay.
Are you crazy? Think of Amy.
Goodbye, Amy. Don't worry, everything will be allright
Hm... That's funny.
- What? - Oh, you can't see now.
Kane and his new wife just took off in a big hurry.
- What's so funny? - I mean, a big hurry.
Hey, you don't suppose Kane's scared of those three gunnies?
I never saw him whip a horse that way.
- Sam? - Come in, Helen.
Ben Miller is in town. He has two of the old bunch with him.
I guess I'll take a look around.
- Why are you stopping? - It's no good. I've got go back, Amy.
- Why? - This is crazy. I haven't got any guns.
- Then let's go on. Hurry. - No.
That's what I've been thinking.
They're making me run. I've never run from anybody before.
- I don't understand any ofthis. - I don't have time to tell you.
- Then don't go back, Will - I've got to. That's the whole thing.
Kane's back!
- Don't believe it. - Just seen him!
- How many coffins have we got? - Two.
We'll need at least two more, no matter how you figure it.
You better get busy, Fred.
Please, Will, if you'd just tell me what this is all about.
I sent a man up five years ago for murder. He was supposed to hang.
But up north, they commuted it to life and now he's free.
I don't know how. It looks like he's coming back.
- I still don't understand. - He's a...
He was always wild and kind of crazy. He'll probably make trouble.
But that's no concern of yours. Not any more.
I'm the one who sent him up.
But that was part of your job. They've got a new marshal
He won't be here until tomorrow. Seems to me I've got to stay.
- I'm the same man with or without this. - That isn't so.
He'll come looking for me. Three of his old bunch are waiting for him.
- That's why we ought to go. - They'll just come after us.
Four of them... And we'd be all alone in the prairie.
- We've got an hour. - What's an hour?
We'd never be able to keep that store, Amy.
We'd have to run again as long as we live.
No, you wouldn't. Not, if they didn't know where to find us.
- I'm begging you, please, let's go. - I can't.
Don't try to be a hero. You don't have to be a hero, not for me.
I'm not not trying to be a hero. If you think I like this, you're crazy.
Look, Amy. This is my town. I've got friends here.
I'll swear in deputies, and with a posse behind me, maybe there won't be trouble.
- You know there'll be trouble. - Then, it's better to have it here.
I'm sorry, honey. I know how you feel about it.
- Do you? - Of course I do. It's against your religion.
- Sure I know how you feel - But you're doing it just the same.
Oh, Will.. We were married just a few minutes ago.
We've got our whole lives ahead of us. Doesn't that mean anything?
You know I've only got an hour, and I've got lots to do.
Stay at the hotel until it's over.
No, I won't be here when it's over.
You're asking me to wait an hour to find out if I'll be a wife or a widow.
- It's too long to wait. I won't do it. - Amy...
If you won't go with me now, I'll be on that train when it leaves here.
I've got to stay.
- Glad you got hero, Percy. - Are you?
Have you forgotten that I passed sentence on Frank Miller?
You shouldn't have come back, Will
I figured I had to. I figured I had to stay.
- You figured wrong. - I can deputise a posse, 10-12 guns.
- My intuition tells me otherwise. - Why?
No time for a lesson in civics, my boy.
In the 5th century BC the citizens of Athens,
having suffered under a tyrant, managed to banish him.
When he returned years later with an army of mercenary,
those same citizens not only opened their gates for him,
but stood by while he executed members of the League of Government.
Similar thing happened eight years ago in a town called Indian Falls.
I escaped death only through the intercess on of a lady of somewhat dubious reputation,
and the cost of a handsome ring which once belonged to my mother.
Unfortunately, I have no more rings.
- You're a judge. - Been a judge many times and many towns.
- I hope to live to be a judge again. - I can't tell you what to do.
Why must you be so stupid? Have you forgotten what he's done? That he's crazy?
Don't you rememher when he sat there and said:
''You'll never hang me. I'll come back I swear it. I'll kill you, Kane!''
Here you are, ma'am. This will take you to St. Louis.
Thank you.
Maybe you'd rather wait somewhere else. Like at the hotel, maybe.
- All right thank you. - I'm sorry about all this, Mrs Kane.
Don't you worry. The marshal'll take care of himself.
Thank you very much.
Hey, that wasn't here five years ago.
- So what? - Nothing...yet.
Harvey, don't you think Kane will be looking for you right now?
- You're really sore at him. - Wouldn't you be if you wore me?
I suppose...if I wore you.
I'll be back in a while.
- Goodbye, Will - Goodbye.
- You think I'm letting you down? - No.
Look, this is just a dirty little village in the middle of nowhere.
Nothing that happens here is really important. Get out.
There isn't time.
What a waste. Good luck.
- Why ain't you in church? - Why ain't you?
Will you do somethin' for me?
Go find Anderson, Howe and Fuller, and tell them I want them here.
- Then find Harv Pell! - Don't have to do that. I'm right here.
- Where have you been? - Busy.
You know what's doing? We've got lots to do.
Hold up a second. This ain't really your job, you know.
- That's what everybody keeps telling me. - Just listen a second.
- All right, I'm listening. - This is the way I see it.
If you'd gone with the new marshal not due till tomorrow, I'd be in charge, right?
If I'm good enough to hold down the job when there's trouble,
how come the city fathers didn't trust me with it permanently?
- I don't know. - Don't you?
- No. - I figure you carry a lot of weight.
Maybe they didn't ask me. Maybe they figured you were too young.
- You think I'm too young too? - You sure act like it sometimes. Come on.
It's very simple, Will You just tell the old boys that I'm the new marshal.
Tomorrow they can tell the other fellow that the job's filled.
- You really mean it, don't you? - Sure.
- But I can't do it. - Why not?
- If you don't know, it's no use me tellin' you. - You mean you won't do it?
- Have it your way. - All right
The truth is, you probably talked against me from the start.
You've been sore about me and Helen Ramirez right along, ain't you?
You and Helen Ramirez? I...
I didn't know and it doesn't mean anything to me, you ought to know that.
Yeah, you've been washed up for more than a year.
You get married, only, you can't stand anybody taking your place there...
- ...especially me. - You're...
- I haven't got time, Harv. - Okay, let's get down to business.
You want me to stick, you put a word in for me.
Sure I want you to stick, but I'm not buying it. It's gotta be up to you.
I thought you'd grown up by now.
I thought your disposition might've sweetened up a little down in Abeline.
I guess we're both wrong.
What's so funny?
Did you really think you could put that over on Kane?
- Why not? - When are you going to grow up?
- I'm getting tired of that kind of talk. - Then grow up.
Cut it out!
- All right - Why should he have gone for it?
He needs me plenty when Frank Miller gets here.
- That's possible. - He should've had me made marshal.
- He's just sore. Sore about you and me. - Is he?
- You told him? - Sure.
You're a fool.
Why? Didn't you want him to know?
Hey... Who did the walking out anyway, you or him?
Get out, Harvey.
- I might just do that. - Then do it!
- You don't mean that. - Try me.
You're gonna talk different when Frank gets here.
You might want somebody around, when you try to explain about Kane.
- I can take care of myself. - Sure.
I've heard that you might not be so pretty when he gets through with you.
- I won't be back. - Good.
Come in.
- I just saw Harvey. Is everything allright? - I think I have to talk with Mr Weaver.
- You're getting out? - Yes.
You want me to give Kane a hand?
- No. - All right
May I wait here for the noon train?
I said, may I wait in the lobby until noon?
- Sure, lady. - Thank you.
- You're Mrs Kane, ain't you? - Yes.
You're leaving on the noon train, but your husband ain't.
- No, why? - No reason, but it's mighty interesting.
Now me, I wouldn't leave this town at noon for all the tea in China.
No, sir. It's going to be quite a sight to see.
# My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord
#He's trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored
# He has loosed the fruitful lightening of His terrible swift sword
# His truth is marching home
# Glory, glory, halleluja Glory, glory, halleluja
# Glory, glory
#Halleluja His truth is marching home
# He has sonded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat
# He is shifting out the hearts of men before His judgement seat
- Will, I just heard... - Hello.
You can count on me, you know that, don't you?
- I was figuring I could. - You cleaned this town up.
You made it fit for women and kids to live in.
Miller or nobody else'll never drag it down again.
- I hoped people'd feel that way. - What other way is there?
- How many men you got Lined up? - None yet.
Well, you better get going, man. I'll be back in 10 minutes.
- Where is he? - He's coming up the back way. A careful man.
Come in, Mr Weaver. Hello. Sit down, please.
Is there anything wrong, Mrs Ramirez? Why did you send for me?
I'm leaving town. I want to sell the store.
- You want to buy me out? - How much did you want?
Two thousand. I think that's fair.
It's fair allright, but I couldn't raise that much now.
- How much can you raise? - Oh... 1000 dollars.
All right you can pay Sam the rest in six months.
- He'll get it to me. A deal? - Yes, ma'am.
All right, Mr Weaver. Thank you.
Mrs Ramirez, I want to thank you for everything, I mean...
When you first put the deal to me about staking me in the store,
and being a silent partner, you know, my wife thought..
Err... What I really mean to say is that you've been real decent to me right along,
and I want you to know that I've been honest with you.
I know you have, MrWeaver. Goodbye.
Goodbye, Mrs Ramirez. And good luck to you.
- Will.. - Amy. You've changed your mind.
I thought you'd changed yours.
No, Will, I have my ticket.
I see.
Clean number 19. Mrs Miller is very particular.
- Is Helen Ramirez in? - I guess so.
Think you can find it allright?
Come in.
What are you looking at? You think I have changed?
What do you want? You want me to help you?
You want me to ask Frank to let you go? Beg for you?
I would not do it. I would not lift a finger for you.
I came to tell you he was coming. I should've figured you know about it.
I know about it.
You ought to get out of town or I might not be able to...well..
- Anything can happen. - I'm not afraid of him.
I know you're not but know how he is.
I know how he is.
Maybe he doesn't know.
- He's probably got letters. - What about it?
Nothing in life is free. I'm getting out. I'm packing now.
That's good.
- Goodbye, Helen. - Kane...
If you're smart, you will get out, too.
- I can't. - I know.
- May I ask you something? - Sure.
- Who is Miss Ramirez? - Mrs Ramirez?
She used to be a friend of your husband's a while back.
Before that she was a friend of Frank Miller's.
I see. Thank you.
- You don't Like my husband, do you? - No.
- Why? - Lots of reasons.
This place was always busy when Frank Miller was around.
I'm not the only one.
A plenty of people think he's got a comeuppance coming.
You asked me, ma'am, so I'm telling you.
- I'll go and get some liquor. - You have to have it?
- Yeah. - If you're going after that...
- I said I was going for liquor. - Keep away from Kane.
Hello, Harv. Where's the tin star?
- I turned it in and quit. - Smart move.
I didn't ask for your opinion.
Hey, Ben! How are you?
Hey, look who's here!
- How are you, Ben? - Give me a bottle.
- It's been a long time, Ben. - Yeah.
Yes, sir. How's Frank?
- He's not complaining. - It'll be a hot time in the old town tonight, eh?
I wouldn't be surprised.
Kane's dead by minutes after Frank gets off the train.
- It's not much time. - That's all Frank'll need, because...
You carry a badge and a gun, marshal You ain't no call to do that.
You're right
I guess you all know why I am here.
I need deputies. I take all I can get.
You must be crazy comin' in here to raise a posse.
Frank's got friends in this room. You ought to know that.
Some of you wore special deputies when we broke this bunch. I need you
Things wore different then. You had six steady deputies to start off with.
Every one a top gun. You ain't got but two now.
You ain't got two. Harv Pell says he just quit. Why?
That's between the two of us.
You're asking an awful lot, considering the kind of man Frank is.
All right We all know what Miller's like.
That's why I'm here. How about it?
Mildred, he's coming. Now you do like I told you.
I'm not home. No matter what he says, I'm not home.
- Sam, he's your friend. - Don't argue with me. He'll be here soon.
He won't believe me. He'll know I'm lying.
You do like I tell you.
- Hello, Mrs Fuller. Is Sam in? - No, he isn't.
Do you know where he is? It's important to me, to find him.
I think... He's in church, Will. He's gone to church.
- Without you? - I'm gonna go as soon as I dress.
Thank you, Mrs Fuller. Goodbye.
What do you want? Do you want me to get killed?
- Do you want to be a widow? - No, Sam. No.
- What's the matter, Jimmy? - Nothin'. I've been lookin' for you.
I wanna a gun. I wanna be with you when that train comes in.
- Can...can you handle a gun? - Sure I can. I used to be good.
Honest. It ain't just gettin' even.
It's a chance. This is what I need. Please, let me get in on this.
All right, Jimmy. I'll call you if I need you.
Get yourself a drink meanwhile.
Come in, Sam.
You're leavin' town?
- Where are you going? - I don't know yet.
That doesn't make much sense.
- You're afraid, huh? Afraid of Miller. - No.
Sure you are. You wouldn't be runnin'.
You don't have to worry as long as I'm around, you know that.
- I'll take Milleron any time. - I believe you.
Then why are you goin'? You're cuttin' out with Kane.
- Oh, Harvey... - Why are you goin'?
- What difference does it make? - I know it's Kane!
It isn't Kane. I'm going to tell you something about you and your friend Kane.
You're a good-looking boy, you have big broad shoulders.
But he is a man.
It takes more than broad shoulders to make a man, Harvey,
and you have a long way to go.
You know something? I don't think you'll ever make it.
Let me tell you something. You're not goin' anywhere.
You're stayin' with me. It's gonna be just like it was before.
You want to know why I'm leaving? Then listen.
Kane will be dead in half an hour. And nobody's going to do anything about it.
And when he dies, this town dies too. I can feel it.
I'm all alone in the world, I have to make a living.
So I'm going someplace else, that's all.
And as for you, I don't like anybody to put his hands on me unless I want him to.
And I don't like you to...anymore.
Our text today is from Malachi, chapter four.
''For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all..''
I'm sorry, parson, I don't want to disturb the services...
You already have. You don't come to this church very often, marshal,
and today you didn't see fit to be married here.
What can be so important to bring you here now?
I need help.
It's true, I haven't been a churchgoing man, and maybe that's a bad thing.
I didn't get married here today because my wife is a Quaker,
but I came here for help because there are people here.
I'm sorry, marshal Say what you have to say.
Maybe some of you already know it but if you don't...
It looks like Frank Miller is coming back on a noon train.
I need all the specialdeputies I can get.
Well, what are we waiting for?
Let's go.
Hold it a minute, hold it!
Before we rush out into something that isn't so pleasant,
let's make sure we know what this is all about.
What I want to know is this: ain't it true that Kane ain't no longer a marshal?
And that there's personal trouble with Kane and Miller?
All right, allright! Quiet, everybody!
If there's a difference of opinion, let everybody have a say.
But let's do it like grown-up people, and get the kids out of the building.
- Anything on the train? - It's on time as far as I know, sir.
It don't really matter if there's anything personal between Miller and Kane.
We all know who Miller is, and what Miller is.
- We're wasting time. - All right Coy!
We all know who Miller is and we put him away once.
And who saved him from hanging? The politicians up north.
I say, this is their mess. Let them take care of it.
- Fryer? - Well, I say this:
We've been paying good money for a marshal and deputies.
The first time there's any trouble, we're supposed to take care of it ourselves.
What have we been paying for all this time?
We're not peace officers, and this ain't our job!
I've been saying right along, we ought to have more deputies.
If we did, we wouldn't be facing this now.
Just a minute, just a minute! Everybody, quiet!
Keep it orderly. You had your hand up.
I can't believe I've heard some of the things said here.
You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.
We paid this man, and he was the best marshal we ever had.
It ain't his trouble, it's ours.
If we don't do what's right, we're gonna have more trouble.
There ain't but one thing to do, and you all know what that is.
- Go ahead, Kibbee. - This thing has been handled wrong.
Those three killers walking the streets bold as brass...
Why didn't you put them in jail where they ought to be?
Then we'd only have Miller to worry about.
I haven't anything to arrest them for. They haven't done anything.
There's no law against them sitting on a bench at the depot.
I can't listen to any more of this. What's the matter with you people?
Remember when a decent woman couldn't walk down the street in broad daylight?
When this wasn't a fit place to bring up a child?
How can you sit and talk, and talk, and talk like this?
What are we getting so excited about? How do we know Miller's on that train?
We can be pretty sure he's on it. Time's getting short.
- Parson, you got anything to say? - I don't know.
The commandment says ''thou shalt not kill''
but we hire men to do it for us.
The right and the wrong seem pretty clear here,
but if I should tell my people to go out and kill,
and maybe get themselves killed, I'm sorry, I don't know what to say. I'm sorry.
All right, I'll say this.
What this town owes Will Kane, it can never pay with money. Don't forget it.
He's the best marshal we've ever had, and maybe the best we'll ever have.
So if Miller comes back here today, it's our problem, not his.
It's our problem because this is our town.
We made it with our own hands, out of nothing.
If we want to keep it decent we gotta think mighty clear today.
We gotta have the courage to do what is right, no matter how hard it is.
All right! There's gonna be fighting when Kane and Miller meet.
And somebody's going to get hurt, that's for sure.
Now... People up north are thinking about this town.
Thinking about sending money down here, to put up stores and factories.
It would mean a lot to this town, an awful lot,
but if they'll read about shooting in the streets, what are they going to think?
I'll tell you. They'll think this is just another wide-open town,
and everything we worked for will be wiped out.
In one day, this town will be sat back five years,
and I don't think we can let that happen.
Mind you, you all know how I feel about this man.
He's a mighty brave man, a good man. He didn't have to come back today.
And for his sake, and a sake of this town, I wish he hadn't.
Because if he's not here when Miller comes,
my hunch is, there won't be any trouble, not one bit.
Tomorrow we'll have a new marshal and if we offer him our services,
I think we can handle anything that comes along.
To me that makes sense. To me that's the only way out of this.
Will, I think you better go while there's still time.
It's better for you's better for us.
Why don't you put that thing away?
- Bang, bang, bang! - You're dead, Kane.
I just sent the kid to find you. Didn't he come?
He was here.
You've been my friend all my life. You got me this job.
You made them send for me.
Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be like you, Mart.
- You've been a law man all your life. - Yeah, all my life. It's a great life.
You risk your skin catching killers, and the juries turn them loose,
so they can come back and shoot at you again.
If you're honest, you're poor your whole life.
In the end you wind up dying all alone on some dirty street.
For what? For nothing. For a tin star.
The judge's left town, Harvey's quit, and I'm having trouble getting deputies.
It figures. It's all happened too sudden.
People got to talk themselves into law and order before they do anything.
Maybe because down deep they don't care. They just don't care.
What'll I do, Mart?
I was hopin' you wouldn't come back
- You know why I came back - But not to commit suicide.
Sometimes... Sometimes prison changes a man.
Not him. This is all planned, that's why they're all here.
Get out, Will! Get out.
Will you come down to that depot with me?
You know how I feel about you, but I ain't goin' with you.
Seems like a man with busted knuckles didn't need arthritis, don't it?
No, I couldn't do nothin' for you.
You'd get yourself killed worryin' about me.
It's too one-sided like it is.
- So long, Martin. - So long.
It's all for nothin', Will. It's all for nothin'.
Excuse me, what is Mrs Ramirez's room number?
- Three. - Thank you.
Come in.
- Yes? - Mrs Ramirez? I'm Mrs Kane.
I know.
- May I come in? - If you like.
- Sit down, Mrs Kane. - No, thank you.
- What do you want? - Please...
I'm afraid that if I sat down, I wouldn't be able to get up again.
- Why? - It wasn't easy for me to come here.
- Why? - Look, Mrs Ramirez...
Will and I were married an hour ago. We were ready to leave...
...then this thing happened and he wouldn't go.
I did everything. I pleaded, I threatened, I just couldn't reach him.
- And now? - That man downstairs, the clerk..
He said things about you and Will
I've tried to understand why he wouldn't go with me,
and it's got to be because of you.
- What do you want from me? - Let him go.
He still has a chance. Let him go.
- I can't help you. - Please.
He isn't staying for me.
I haven't spoken to him for a year, until today.
- I'm leaving on the same train you are. - Then why is he staying?
If you don't know, I can't explain it to you.
Thank you anyway. You've been very kind.
What kind of woman are you? How can you leave him like this?
Does the sound of guns frighten you that much?
No, Mrs Ramirez. I've heard guns.
My father and my brother were killed by guns.
They were on the right side, but that didn't help them when the shooting started..
My brother was 19. I watched him die.
That's when I became a Quaker. I don't care who's right or who's wrong.
There's got to be some better way for people to live.
Will knows how I feel about it.
Just a minute. Are you going to wait for the train downstairs?
- Yes. - Why don't you wait here?
I've got no use for Kane, but he's got guts.
You're mighty broadminded, Joe.
I always figured you had guts, but I never gave you credit for brains until now.
What does that mean?
It takes a smart man to know when to back away.
If I can't pick my company when I drink, I ain't coming in here anymore.
Okay... All right The boy with a tin star.
Put a saddle on him, Kane. Go on, saddle him up.
He'd go a long way before he tires.
- You were thinking that. - Kind of.
- You're scared? - I guess so.
Sure. Stands to reason.
Come on. Let me help you.
Seems like everybody wants to get me out of town.
Nobody wants to see you get killed.
- Where're you going? - Back to the office, I guess.
Oh, no. You're getting on that horse and getting out.
What's the matter with you? You were ready to do it yourself.
Look, Harv. I thought about it because I was tired.
You think about a lot of things when you're tired. I can't do it.
- Why? - I don't know.
Get on that horse, Will!
Why is this so important? You don't care if I live or die.
- Come on. - Don't shove me. I'm tired of being shoved.
I hate this town. I've always hated it.
To be a Mexican woman in a town Like this...
- I understand. - You do?
That's good. I don't understand you, no matter what you say.
If Kane was my man, I'd never leave him. I'd get a gun.
- I'd fight - Why don't you?
He's not my man. He's yours.
- You have some clean water? - Why, sure, marshal sit down.
- Running some kind of trouble? - No, not trouble.
- What're you building? - Just fixing things.
Now, take it easy. Settle back, that's it.
Fred, Fred! Hold it awhile. Stop 'til I tell you to start again.
- Thanks. - You're welcome, marshal
- Oh, no... - Tell your man he can go back to work now.
- Will! - I guess I forgot about you, Herb.
- I'm sure glad you're here. - Time's getting pretty short.
- Sure is. - When are the other boys coming?
- We gotta make plans. - The other boys?
There aren't any others It's just you and me.
- You're joking. - No, I couldn't get anybody.
I don't believe it! This town ain't that low.
- I couldn't get anybody. - Then it's just you and me.
- I guess so. - You and me against all of them?
- That's right. Do you want out, Hern? - Well..
It isn't that I want out, no. You see...
- I didn't figure on anything like this. - Neither did I.
I volunteered, you know I did. I was ready.
I...I'm ready now, but this ain't like what you said it was gonna be.
This is just committing suicide. I'm no law man.
I just live here. I got nothing personal against nobody.
- I got no stake in this. - I guess not.
There's a limit how much you can ask a man. What about my kids?
Go on home to your kids, Herb.
You get some of the other fellows, and I go through with it.
Go on home, Herb.
- What do you want? - I found them, all but Mr Henderson.
- I found him. Thanks. - You're welcome.
Marshal, let me fight with you. I ain't afraid.
- No. - Please, let me, marshal!
- You're a kid, you're a baby. - I'm 16!
- I can handle a gun, too. - You're 14. What do you wanna lie for?
I'm big for my ago. Please, marshal!
Well, you're big for your age, but no, go on, get out of here.
Hey, Charlie. You can go home now.
Thanks, marshal!
Sure appreciate it. Certainly do.
You don't happen to know if the saloon's open?
- I said, go home, Charlie. - Yes, sir.
- So long, Helen. - Goodbye, Sam.
Take care.
- Hello, Frank. - How are you, Frank?
- Everything ready? - Just the way you wanted.
- We've got your gun over here. - Let's get started then.
- Can't you wait? - Just wanna be ready.
Kane, come on out...or your friend will get it the way Pierce did.
I'll come out, let her go.
As you soon as you walk through that door. I'll hold my fire.
# Do not forsake me, oh my darlin'
# You made that promise when we wed
# Do not forsake me, oh my darlin'
# Although you''re grievin', I can't be leavin'
# Until I shoot Frank Miller dead
# Wait along, wait along
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