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Subtitles for High Wind In Jamaica A (1965).

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High Wind In Jamaica A (1965)

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[Thunderclap ]
[ Thunderclap ]
[ Girl]|Tabby!
T abby, where are you?
- Tabby!|- [ Woman ] Emily!
- [ Thunderclap ]|- Here, take it. Get it unloaded.
Emily, come back!
- Get them in!|- I'm trying to.
Emily's gone running afterTabby.
Please hurry. Over by the field!
Tabby! Tabby!
- [Thunderclap ]|- [ Screeching ]
Where areyou, Tabby?
Tabby! Tabby!
Emily, come down!
You little fool, come down!
I've got to save Tabby.
- Come down!|- Come down!
- [ Tabby Screeches ]|- Emily! Let go!
I can't! Come--|[ Screams ]
- Come back.|- Oh, let it go.
Oh, Edward,|come away from there!
Ohh! Ohh!
It's all right.|There's nothing to be afraid of.
- Lightning is just--|- Electricity.
Electricity. It's all right.|Sit over there.
"Prayer for rain."
Well, we hardlywant that.|Come here, Laura.
"Short prayers in respect|for the storm."
- [Thunder Continues ]|- Papa, let me go!
I must find Tabby!
- Come along!|- She'll be killed!
- [ Stammering ]|- My dolly!
Come along, children.
- Get inside!|- Frederick, what are we going to do?
- [ Whimpering ]|- [CrashingSounds ]
- [Wood Creaking]|- Come on. Over here. In the corner.
[ All Screaming ]
[Wind Howling]
Come on, all ofyou.
Through here.|Get down, all ofyou.
- Into the cellar.|- [ThunderContinues ]
[ Chicken Squawking]
Ooh, John, look.
- ## [Drumming]|- [People Chanting]
[ Rhythmic Chanting ]
[ Woman ]|Frederick!
Frederick, come here!|Stop them!
Frederick! Frederick.
Frederick, come here.|Quickly, come here.
- [ Woman ] Stop it! Stop it!|- Stop it!
- Make them stop, somebody!|- Get out of my way.
- Please stop that!|- [ Cl ucks ]
What do you think you're doing?
- They're casting a spell.|- A magic spell.
- What?|- Against stuppies.
Stuppies. Ghosts.
- Stuppies have their heads on|back to front.|- [Thunderclap ]
- [ Chanting Resumes ]|- Tell them to stop it!
- [ Shouts ] Will you be quiet?|- [ Chanting Stops ]
- [Woman ] Ohh!|- Here.
Emily, come on.
[Woman ]|Yes, come andsit down, Emily.
Sit down, Rachel, Edward.
Come on. Sit over here.
- ## [Drumming Resumes ]|- Ohh!
- Edward!|- Willyou have some too?
No, I couldn't, no. No, I--
- It'll help.|- Verywell.
[ Groans ]|Oh, Emily, you mustn't!
Can I have some too?
[ CreakingSound]
Oh, God! Please, God!
I love the Lord Jesus.|I love the Lord Jesus.
Lord, save us. Save us.
- [ Chanting ]|- [Woman Praying, Indistinct ]
- [ Chanting, Praying Continue ]|- [Braying]
[ Woman ]|Oh, suffer us not--
The donkey is tied up|under the house!
- The house is gonna fall on it!|- Sam! Come back!
[ Woman Shouting]|Come back!
Save us from this peril,|O Lord God. Oh, please.
Oh, it's Tabby!
[ Girls Screaming]
- [All Screaming]|- It'll kill her!
- [ Screaming Continues ]|- It's all right.
Keep calm!|Keep calm, everybody.
Tabby! She'll be killed!
- Tabby! Oh, Tabby! Save her!|- Emily.
Laura, bring your doll|and sit here.
Come-- Come along.
[ Quiet Crying]
[Thunderclap ]
[ Moaning Quietly]
[Emily]|Look, it's oldSam.
Mama, come and look!
Oh, God.
Billy, Robert, come here.|And you.
Offyou go. You too.
[ Moaning ]|I told him don't go out in the storm.
Told him don't go out in the storm.
I tell him not to go out in the storm.
You two, take care ofher.
##[Children Singing]
# In a shallow grave #
- # He stepped in a puddle|I got in the middle #|- Children, stop it!
- # And neverwent there again #|- Stop it at once!
# And neverwent there again ##
- John. John, take them awayfrom here.|- Come here. Come here.
- Haveyou seen Tabby?|- No.
You, uh, go and askJimmy.|Go on.
Jimmy! Jimmy,|haveyou seen Tabby?
He was out in the storm last night.
How could they?
They loved old Sam.
They've known him|since theywere tiny.
And in front of Mamie too.
They'reyoung.|You can't expect them--
I wasn't like that at their age.
They're not like English|children at all. They're like--
It's this place, Frederick!
It's turned them into savages!
I'm not the only mother|on the island who feels the same way.
- Mrs. Fernandez was saying to me only--|- Alice.
- Alice.|- Now, listen, Frederick.
We've been over this|again and again.
Now I'm going to|have my own way.
I want them to go back|to a decent school in England.
[Man Yelling]
[Bell Ringing]
Pack the head yards and headsails.
[Man ]|Pack the headyards and headsails!
Come on!|Get here and take in the slack!
[ Laura ] How long will it take|to get to England?
I t's not an "it." I t's a "she."
- You cal I a boat a "she," don't you?|- Of course you do.
Look! There's Harry and Margaret|Fernandez! They've got on before us.
Oh, dear.
Oh, Emily, the boat will be stopping|at the Grand Caymans.
You can post one ofthem there.
Just a little note|to sayyou're all right.
And, John, you're the eldest.
You've got to be father|and look after the littlest.
The Fernandez children have their nurse|with them, and she'll helpyou.
- Butyou've got to be responsible.|Understand?|- Yes, Mother.
- I'm first!|- No, you're not.
Oh, John, that's not fair!
- I was there first!|- Wait till I get on.
All right, then. I'm second.
[ Alice ]|Thereyou go, Laura.
Now here's someone eager to be off.
And now the little one.
Oh. [ Chuckling ]|Here we are, then.
Sorry, sir.|We're running short oftime.
We've got to be under sail|orwe'll miss the tide.
But can't we|come on with them?
Don't worry, madam.|Don't worry.
A ship is the finest nursery|in the world.
Here. You.
[John ]|It's a monkey.
Look out. Papa starts yelling.
[ Alice ]|I can't see any ofthe children.
- ! Adiós, Mamá!|- ! Adiós!
- Bye, Mama!|- ! Adiós, Mamá!
[Man ]|Anchors aweigh!
Will you come down from there!
Mama! Papa! Wait!
- ! Adiós, Mamá!|- Don't go!
[Alice ]|Good-bye, Emily!
Please write to us!|Don't forget to write to us.
- [Men Shouting]|- [Bell Ringing]
What are you going to do?
- Cut his tail off.|- Why?
- 'Cause he's got gangrene.|- Come on there.
Rotten through and through.
Ifwe don't cut it off, he'll die.
Won'tyou, me love?
- Won't it hurt?|- No, won't feel a thing.
Except maybe a headache|when he wakes up.
[Men Chuckling]
[ All Shouting ]
[ Screeching ]
- It was drunk.|- [Man ]Sail ho!
- Where away?|- Lying offthe starboard bow, sir.
Is she on the reef?
She's in distress.|Seems like a passenger ship.
- She's not flyi ng any colors.|- Watch on deck!
- Stand by to heave to!|- Watch on deck!
- What do you see?|- A lot of smoke!
Let's go and see the ship!
- Heave to!|- [ Excited Chattering ]
Flue up courses and row!
[ Whistling]
- Back the main yard!|- Back the mainyard!
[Edward]|I want to see the ship.
You there! Go aloft|and take in the main course.
- Come on. J ump to it.|- I s she on fire?
No. It's a signal.
She's making smoke at the stern.
- Means she's in distress.|- Hello!
- What ship are you?|- ? Qué?
- Where areyou from?|- No entiendo.
- What... ship areyou?|- What kind of distress?
- [ Shouting In Spanish ]|- I don't know.
I'll ask Mr. Curtis.
Excuse me, Mr. Curtis.|What sort of distress is it?
Be careful, man.|Steady, now.
- Give the ladies a handaboard.|- Careful.
- Here, give us your hand.|- Come on, lady. Up you go.
Next one.|Come on, lady. Careful, now.
[ Screams ]
Break out the arms!
- Pirates!|- Pirates aboard!
[ Yelling, Indistinct ]
[ Shouting I n Spanish ]
[ Man Screams ]
[ Man Speaking Spanish ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
- [ Muttering I n Spanish ]|- Be careful.
Oh, no!
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Spanish ]
[ Captain ] This is the captain!|Where the devil areyou?
[Man Shouts ]
Who are you?
I demand to know who you are, sir.
Answer me, man.|What are you doing here?
Stores. I need some stores|for my man-o'-war.
I'm an officer.
- Officer?|- Uh-huh. In the Colombian Navy.
[ Snickering ]
Colombian Navy?
Mister, I need some stores.|I will payyou.
I have a man who keeps|accounts ofeverything.
I will payyou... 500 pounds.
I will giveyou a note on the Colombian|government for 500 pounds.
All I need is some stores...|and some money.
I-- I have no money.
No money?
Mygovernment will have something|to sayabout this. It is an outrage!
You won't get away with it.
Mister, why you lock this box?
There's nothing in it.
Then why you lock it?|Give me the key.
- What'd you find?|- Nothing.
He says he has no money.
- Give me the key!|- I haven't got it.
I've been below. There's nothing there|but a lot of rubbish.
She's in ballast.
- Going back to England, Captain?|- England, yes.
But there's nothing on board,|nothing ofvalue.
"Long voyage.
Back in ballast. "
No profit?
[ Hammer Clicks ]
[ Clicks ]
Whyyou lock an empty box?
"Nine hundred pounds...
- Those are Rachel's sweets.|- for delivery of goods. "
She's been saving them.
Nine hundred pounds|for delivery of goods.
All right, Captain.|Where's the money?
Captain, you lie to me?
I tell you, I have no money.|None!
I think he needs|a little encouragement.
You mean the... firing squad?
Mm-hmm. That might do it.
Bring him upstairs.
Come on, Captain.
Come on, Captain!
Come on.
Get up there.
Alberto!|Head up the firingsquad!
[ Speaking Spanish ]
- [ Shouts I n Spanish ]|- [ Gasping ]
[ Shouts In Spanish ]
No! No!
Willyou please assist her?|I reallymust--
- Oh!|- [Laughing]
There is no money, huh?
But in the book...
there is money from a cargo|you delivered.
Where is it?
- [ Grunts ]|- Where is it?
- Where is it?|- Chavez.
- Hmm?|- Cut his throat, he won't be able to talk.
That's right.
Now, he knows it,|and he knows thatyou know it.
Here, give me one.|Hey, you eat them all?
No, no, no.|I saved you a couple.
[Rhythmic Chanting]
[ Mutters I n Spanish ]|! Ándale!
Bueno, bueno.
What-- What does he mean?
I -I think he wants us|to keep our heads down.
Why? What--|What are they going to do?
We want to come out!
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Shouts ]
[ Spanish Continues ]
[ Spanish ]|Now will you tell us?
Come on. Please.|Will you tell us?
- [ Shouts In Spanish ]|- [Gunfire ]
- [Children Whimpering]|- What kind of man areyou?
You are a butcher.
- Why don't you tell us|where the money is, huh?|- [ Spanish ]
[ Children Crying]
What you want me to do?|You want me to kill people?
Is that whatyou want?
[ Grunts ]
[ Spanish ]
[ Guffawing ]
Come out!|[ Speaks Spanish ]
Come out.
[ Panting ]|That's not funny!
We could have all been... killed!
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Margaret Sobbing ]
Zac... he won't talk.
[Man ]|! Arriba!
[ Crying, Shouts ]
[Man Shouting In Spanish ]
[ Shouting Continues ]
[Shouting Continues ]
[Spanish Continues ]
[ Men Shouting]
! Cuidado!
! Cuidado!
[ Spanish Continues ]
[ Man ]|! Arri ba!
[ Bell Ringing]
- I want to go down i n the hold!|- I t's my turn!
I want to go on the other ship!
[ All Laughing ]
Hey, Captain, you take snuff, no?
Well, this ain't no brown tobacco!
Where is the money?
Captain, I can't tell you what this|sort ofthing does to my friend.
His hands are sweaty,|and we haven't even started yet. Huh?
[ Grunts ]
[ Captain Coughing]
In my-- In my cabin.
Underneath--|Underneath the table.
- [ Coughing]|- [Man Shouting In Spanish ]
[ Chattering]
I n coin!
Nine hundred pounds in coin!
Yeah.|Now Rosa will be happy.
[ Chortling ]
[ All Chattering In Spanish ]
[ Edward ]|What's the matter?
They-- They tied up Captain Marpole.
They lit a fire around his legs...
and it fizzed up|and burnt his trousers.
- [Bell Rings ]|- Huh. Old Marpole?
- I don't like him very much.|- He smells.
Watch it.
[ Speaks Spanish ]
Cover these hatches.|Cut us loose. Make ready to sail.
[ All Shouting ]
Really?|They burned his trousers?
Gosh, I wish I had seen.
We'd better go back|to the other ship.
- Hey!|- They shut us in.
[ Cheering ]
Curtis! Curtis!
- Aye, aye, sir.|- Come here, you blockhead, and untie me!
Here! Cut me loose.
- Aye, aye, sir.|- No, no, no. The knife. The knife.
I was-- I was bound hand and foot,|Curtis. You'll remember that.
You saw them come aboard.|Thirty ofthem.
No, 40 ofthem.
How can I fight a whole broadside|ofartillery trained upon us?
Artillery, Captain?
You saw the gun ports, man.|At least 12 ofthem.
How can I tell the parents|ofthose unfortunate children?
[ Speaks Spanish ]
- Conpermiso, Capitán.|- [ Spanish ]
[ Speaks Spanish ]
- Everything's fine.|- Uh-oh.
- What's the matter?|- I don't know.
[ Arguing In Spanish ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
- What? What is it?|- [ Spanish Continues ]
- What?|- Listen.
The girl, the girl.|Somebody told him shewas in my cabin.
- What girl areyou talking about?|- I thought she--
[ Shouting, Laughing ]
- [ Speaks Spanish ]|- I thoughtyou said--
- Ay, loco.|- [ Screams, Cries ]
[ Spanish Continues ]
Ah, si, si.|[ Shouting In Spanish ]
- Wh-Wh--|- He brought her!
What's the matterwith you? You know|the rules. No prisoners. No witnesses.
And no women!
- Loco.! Estupido!|- No, my capitán! Captain!
[ Both Shouting In Spanish ]
- [Zac] Capitán.|- Huh?
[ Rattling ]
[ Speaks Spanish ]
- You shut us in.|- What--
[ Speaks Spanish ]
What's so funny?
What's the rules on children,|Captain?
- [Men Shouting]|- ## [Drumming]
[ Shouting Continues ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
- We'll put the kids ashore at Tampico.|- Yeah, sure, sure.
[Men Shouting]
[ Laughing ]
! Olé!|[ Speaks Spanish ]
Hey, yeah!|Hey, hey! Hey, hey!
- [ Speaks Spanish ]|- [ Chavez Continues Mooing]
Go on.
[ Squealing ]
- [ Speaks Spanish ]|- [ Screams ]
- ## [Drumming Continues ]|- [ Shouting Continues ]
## [Drumming Stops ]
[ Quiet Chattering]
[ Chuckling ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Whispering ]|Capitán. Capitán.
[Speaking Spanish ]
? Cómo están?
Venga, venga.
[ Spanish Continues ]
[ Angry Shouting ]
[ Spanish Continues ]
Oh, hombre.
[ Muttering ]
- Come on.|- What do you want?
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[ All Laughing ]
We're trying to sleep.
You're drunk, aren'tyou?
[ Speaks Spanish ]
Whatyou do?|[ Shouts In Spanish ]
Whyyou bite me?
[ AngryShouting ]
- Whee!|- [ AngryShouting In Spanish ]
What areyou doing?
[ Arguing In Spanish ]
- Whee!|- [ChavezShouting In Spanish ]
What doyou think this boat is?|This is a serious boat!
Hey, youstop it!
You!|You watch them drawers!
You shouldn't say... drawers.
- [ Children Laughing]|- Yeah?
When you tear holes in your drawers,|who you think is gonna sew them? Me?
[Man Shouting In Spanish ]
[Wood Creaking]
[ Chavez Shouts ]
Hey, you kids!|You kids get out ofthere!
That's myplace!
Well, nobody listens.
- [Speaking Spanish ]|- [ Speaks Spanish ]
- Can I have a look?|- No, no, let me.
- Please?|- I'll showyou in a minute.
Hey, look. I can see it.
Hey, who told you|to put on my hat?
[Laughing Continues ]
- You've got the coat on backwards.|- No, I have not.
My head's on backwards.|I'm a stuppy.
Listen, don't talk like that,|not on a ship.
It's badluck.
- Eat already?|- Si.
You kids eat already.|Come on. Come on.
Come on. Go--|Go play someplace else.
Come on, come on, come on.|Out, out. Come on.
- Let's go out the front end.|- You mean the bow.
All right. Come on. I'll raceyou.
I'm sorry.
Uh, it's all right.|But don't do it again.
And watch them drawers.
I mean, I'm sorry I bit--
And--And the wind came along|and blew theirhouse down.
So their mama said they'd better|go to England on a big ship...
to live with theirgrandmama.
So they got on this ship--
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Speaks Spanish ]
[ Spanish Continues ]
[ Chickens Clucking ]
Is this ship going to England?
It must be.
[Harry]|But how doyou know?
I mean, ifthe first one|was going to England...
and so is this one...
why did we have to change?
They never told us|we were going to be changed.
Grown-ups never do|tell you anything.
You have to guess.
[ Girl Giggling]
- What's that?|- A bowline.
- A what?|- A bowline.
A bowline.
Like this.
[Lookout Shouting In Spanish ]
- [Shouting Continues ]|- ? Dónde?
[Shouting In Spanish Continues ]
- [ Bell Ringing]|- [ Shouts I n Spanish ]
[ Excited Shouting I n Spanish ]
Look, British naval cutter.
What, has she seen us?
I don't know, but she might.|[ Shouts In Spanish ]
- Captain, what is it?|- Nothing.
Step aside.|[ Shouts In Spanish ]
Better get ready.
[ Shouting In Spanish ]
[Man Shouts ]
Are we running away|from that other ship?
- I think so.|- Why?
Thereyou go, cowboy.
can I askyou a question?
Are these people... pirates?
Of course not.
I-I was just wondering.
There was that time|on the other ship...
Margaret said she heard|one ofthe sailors call out.
He said that pirates|had come aboard.
No, you silly idiot.|She must have said "pilots."
[ Shouts In Spanish ]
- Look!|- [ Shouting In Spanish ]
- Si, si, si.|- [ Shouting Continues ]
She's going around the other side|ofthe island. She hasn't seen us.
When she comes up there and she sees us?|She's too fast for us.
[Man Shouting In Spanish ]
[Emily]|Laura, come awayfrom there!
[Speaking Spanish ]
[ Shouting I n Spanish ]
[ Chavez Shouting ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
! Capitán!|[ Yelling I n Spanish ]
! Estupido!
No, no, no. It was them!
[ Spanish Continues ]
[ Grunts ]
Hey, we're losing the wind.
Find the wind!
- What areyou gonna do?|- I'm going inside the reef.
Inside the reef?|I only got three fathoms here!
And we lost the anchor.|How areyou gonna hold her? Huh?
- With ropes.|- ? Qué?
Ropes! Ropes!|Go get some ropes!
[ Whispering ]
[ Whistling ]
[ Whistling ]
- [ Whistling ]|- No! That's wrong.
[ Resumes Whistling ]
[ Whispering ]|Arriba. Ándale.
[ Whispering In Spanish ]
- Here.|- Here, I'll hold it. Give it to me.
No. No, let go.
[ Grunts ]
Otherway, little girl.
What areyou gonna do?
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[Engine Chugging]
[Chickens Clucking]
Shh, shh, shh!
[Laughing Continues ]
[ Whistling ]
Well, uh...
shall we make for Tampico,|Captain?
- Uh, tomorrow.|- Tomorrow?
- What's the matterwith right now?|- We gotta pick up the anchor.
- The anchor? We--|- I'm not gonna sail without an anchor.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Zac Laughing ]
[ Laughing Continues ]
Go away!|You're not allowed in here!
- Why not?|- You'll fall over,|and the sharks will eatyou up.
Ifl was a pirate, a real pirate...
I wouldn't have girls on board.
- Wouldn'tyou?|- [ Wood Creaks ]
I'd maroon them.
[ Screams ]
Kids!|[ AngryShouting In Spanish ]
That's my dolly.
She felldown.
Give me my dolly.
Can't play anywhere.
[ Chuckling ]
[ Shouts In Spanish ]
- Huh?|- ? Qué pasó?
[ Spanish Continues ]
! No, Capitán, no!
What was he saying?
He says it's too deep.|It's only ten meters.
- [ Chuckling ]|- He's afraid.
He says the kids bring bad luck.
Yeah, well,|he may be right there.
You know, these kids are dangerous.|They scare me.
Kids are kids.
We better do something about keeping|the kids away from the men.
Last night we were lucky.|I don't know what'll happen next time.
Ifwe get caught with these kids|aboard this ship, it's our necks.
Now, the men all know that.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Both Panting ]
- [Man Shouts In Spanish ]|- [ Spanish ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
Hey, kids!
Get out ofthere!
You fall in, nobody's|gonna fish you out. Zac.
- "O Lord, save us from this peril.|- You kids, I told you to--
What's the matter?
- Kid, what's the matter?|- "Save us. Save us.
"We're having a burial at sea.
- Amen. "|- You're making fun of religion.
I don't like it.|It's-- It's not nice.
What are you, a heathen?
- Church of England.|- [Girls Giggling]
Go below.
Where'd you get my hat?|Who told you to take my hat?
Here. Come here.
Oh, you wanna play games, huh?
- [Boys Laughing]|- I'll get you.
Come here.
Come here, you--
[ Grunting ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Shouting In Spanish ]
- Come on, Harry. Catch!|- Stop it!
- Come on!|- Hey, stop it!
You can't catch us!
- Stop!|- Ohh!
Little monkey, I'll teach you|to play tricks. I'm gonna hang you.
- Leave him alone! Leave him alone!|- [Sobbing]
[ Panting, Grunting ]
[ Chuckling ]
- Wait--|- [ Grunting ]
You listen.
[ Groans ]
Hell! You're going to hell!
- [Men Laughing]|- You're a wicked pirate!
You're going to be hanged|and go to hell!
[Zac Laughs ]
Here's your hat, Captain.
[ Laughs ]
[Man Shouting In Spanish ]
[ Continues Shouting In Spanish ]
- [Man Responds In Spanish ]|- [ Continues In Spanish ]
[ Shouting In Spanish ]
- What is it now?|- Ah, these men are a bunch ofwomen.
- Well, what is it?|- [ Speaking Spanish ]
No, no, no.|English, English. What is it?
No, no, no! No, no, no, no!
No, no! No!
No, no! No, no!
[ Continues Shouting In Spanish ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
Now, wait, wait, wait, wait--|Wait!
Would you tell me, please,|what the panic is?
The kids turned the head around.|They're afraid. Theywon't touch it.
- [Man ]! No, Capitán!|- ! Idiota!
[ Shouts In Spanish ]
[ Men Continue Shouting ]
Ahh!|[ Chuckling ]
No, Zac! It's bad luck! I told you!
[ Shouting In Spanish ]
- [ Laughing ]|- Oh, what doyou--
[Zac Continues Laughing]
Stuppy. You're a stuppy.
Come on, get these kids below,|keep 'em there.
- [Zac]Alberto!|- [Alberto ] I'm not touching them.
- What?|- I'm not touching them!
Alberto!|[ Speaks Spanish ]
Hoist the foresail,|the mainsail, the flying jib.
! Pronto, hombres!|[ Continues In Spanish ]
Get out.
You're in the wrong place.
Get out. Go.
- Get out!|- [ Gasps ]
Well, as near as I can|figure it we have, uh...
approximately three days|and we'll be in Tampico.
Hey. Capitán.
[ Chuckling ]
[Man Shouting In Spanish ]
[ Man Speaking Spanish ]
[ Continues In Spanish ]
Why can't we go ashore?
No one goes ashore until|Captain Chavez gives the order.
Why are we gettin' all cleaned up?
You want to look presentable|forwhen you meet a lady, don'tyou?
- [ Spits ]|- What lady?
You'll soon see.|[ Spits ]
I want to post this.
You come back!
Come back here this minute!
- I've got to post my letter.|- Come back here!
[ Men Speaking Spanish ]
[ ChavezSpeakingSpanish ]
- [ Chavez Continues In Spanish ]|- [Zac Laughing]
[ Chavez Continues In Spanish ]
[ Conversing I n Spanish ]
Please, will you tell me|where I could post my letter?
- ? Qué?? Qué?|- I want to post this.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
I help you, eh?
- Oh! You speak English.|- Yes.
- You want to post this letter?|- Please.
Come with me.|Somebody interested in you, eh?
- I am supposed to go back to the ship.|- It won't take long.
I cleaned them up. The girl got away.|I don't know where she is.
I told you,|keep them on the ship.
- Go find her.|- Where?
How do I know?
- [ Whistles ]|- [ Purrs ]
[ Chuckling ]
Doyou like?
- May I take one for Rachel?|- But of course.
The pirates stole her sweets.
Oh. How terrible.
That's what pirates do.
Well, Rachel shall|have the whole box.
Here, take them.
And you and I|will have a little talk.
First you will tell meyour name.
- Emily.|- EmilyThornton?
How did you know?
Everyone knows. The whole|British Navy is looking foryou.
Perhaps they thinkyou are lost.
## [ Calypso ]
[ Laughing, Chattering ]
! Capitán!
Oh, no.
- ! Puerco!! Puerco!|- Oh, no. No, no. [ Speaking Spanish ]
- [ Speaking Spanish ]|- What are you doing?
- Oh, just--just one. One.|- One. One.
- [ Laughing ]|- [ Laughing ]
! Ay, Rosa!
[ Rosa, Chavez Conversing In Spanish ]
Ay, Rosa.
Your Rosa is so happy|thatyou come back to her.
- [ Chuckling ]|- Yaah! [ Laughing ]
And you, my pretty boy, when you|come backyou bring the sunshine.
All foryou, Rosa.
Ah, yes, the two finest...
most beautiful men|in all the world.
- [ Sighs ]|- "Beautiful." [ Chuckles ]
But what is this|terrible story I hear?
Wh-What terrible story?
They don't look like murderers,|do they?
[ Laughing ]|Murderers?
Uh-huh.|You stole seven children.
Cut their throats|and threw their bodies into the sea.
- [ Laughing ]|- We stole seven children?
- [ Laughing ] Why--|What areyou talking about?|- Who said that?
Uh... the English captain.
- Captain Marpole?|- Si. Si.
Ah! Captain Marpole.
- [ Continues Laughing ]|- Oh, that Captain Marpole.|Yes. [ Laughing ]
He told the English ambassador.
He told the governor.
He told the Guardia Civil.
[ Laughs ]
Well, we didn't murder anybody.
[ Giggling ]
Look. Hey, hey. Come here.
- [ Laughs ] I know. It was a big joke.|- Except one.
- She's aroundsomeplace.|Didyou see the girl?|- And you know what else?
You attacked with a great ship|with 60 cannons.
- No! [ Laughing ]|- Yes! Sixty big cannons!
- And a hundred men fighting and killing.|- Oh, sure!
Marpole defends himselfvery brave.
[ Giggles ]
But against the pirates,|so big, so strong, like mad, mad bulls.
[ All Laughing ]
[Rosa Continues, Faint]
He's been looking foryou...|everywhere.
The captain.
Are we sleeping here tonight?
- ## [ Continues ]|- [Laughing, Chattering Continue ]
[ Clucking, Squawking]
[ Shouting I n Spanish ]
[Shouting Continues ]
[ Squawking, Clucking Continue ]
- [ Thud]|- [Shouting Crowd Quiets ]
[ Speaks Spanish ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
- ! Aya!|- What?
- What is it?|- He's down on the stones!
He's dead.
[ Shouting, Chattering In Spanish ]
Come. Come.
[ Shouts In Spanish ]
Listen, fool!|The English sayyou are murderers.
A joke while all the children|were alive.
Nojoke now.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
Oh, Rosa, itwas an accident out there.|Itwas an accident.
- Will they believeyou or me?|- Well, I--
Out, now, before the children|know he's dead!
- Rosa, what are we gonna do with them?|- You will--
You two will-- will decide that.
But I will not have them|found here in Tampico.
- But, Rosa--|- Get out.
- Get out.|- All right, all right.
- I'm going to get my coat!|- Oh, Rosa.
- Get out.|- Rosa, you know--
- Go.|- Come on, Zac.
[ Shouting In Spanish ]
Where's John?
Isn't John coming?
Get aboard.
Capitán, no agua.
[ Responds In Spanish ]
[ Chavez, Cook Continue In Spanish ]
Hey, Chavez.
- Did you tell 'em?|- Yeah, sure, I told 'em.
- What'd you tell 'em?|- I told 'em.
- You told 'em he had an accident?|- That's what I told 'em.
Why aren't you sleeping?
IfJohn's not coming back--
What? Well, uh--
No, he's not coming back.|He had an accident.
Edward wants to know|ifhe can have his blanket.
Yeah, sure.|Tell him to take it.
- Why are we here?|- We're not allowed on the deck.
- Why?|- Because we've upset the crew.
They don't like us anymore.
I wish I was in England.
So do I.
[Edward] Whydoesn't Margaret|staywith us anymore?
[Emily]|She thinks she's too grown up.
[ Crewmen Muttering I n Spanish ]
- We're in the boat,|and they're in the water.|- They're not in the water.
They'd go under.
- [ Spanish Continues ]|- You're in the water, and you're drowning!
You're drowning!
? Qué, niño?
- You're drowning!|- They don't understand English.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
- [Children Shouting]|- ? Quépasa?
- Swim! The water!|- The water!
- Watch out!|- You'll drown!
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Shouting Continues ]
! Cállate!! állate!
Below! Come on! Down below!
We were only playing.|It was just in fun.
That's not funny on a ship.
[Crew Murmuring In Spanish ]
[EmilyScreams ]
- ! Ay!|- [Emily Continues Screaming]
[ Mutters I n Spanish ]
[ Whimpering ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
- Huh?|- ! Estupido!
[ Continues Screaming ]
[ Panting, Groaning ]
- Where you gonna put her?|- In my cabin.
- [ Resumes Screaming ]|- Easy, girl, easy.
[ChavezSpeakingSpanish ]
[ Whispering In Spanish ]
[Whispering Continues ]
The men wanted to talk to you.
We want to talk to you.
Well, go ahead. Talk.
About the children.
- [ Whimpering ]|- [ Speaking Spanish ]
- [ Whimpering, Screaming ]|- [ Continuing In Spanish ]
[Panting, Whimpering]
[Screaming Continues ]
we've got a superstitious crew|aboard this ship.
Theywant the children abandoned|on the first island we come to.
They say as long as they're aboard,|we're on a doomed ship.
I don't care what they say!
Well, they could mutiny, you know.
And there's a lot of...
blue water out there, Chavez.
We'll do something.
[Screaming Continues ]
Now, Chavez, I can talk to them,|but what it's gonna take--
Look, will you leave me alone?
Come on. You take this, huh?
- Come on.|- What is it?
It'll take away the pain.
Come on. Huh?
- [ Slurps ]|- [Crewmen Chattering In Spanish ]
- [ Mutters ] Tell 'em to be quiet.|- What?
Will you go out|and tell them to be quiet?
[ Chattering Continues ]
[Zac ]|Alberto! Tell them to be quiet!
- Hey. [ Speaks Spanish ]|- [ Responds I n Spanish ]
? Está bien?
[ Cook ]|Mejor.
[ Speaks Spanish ]
[Ship's Horn Blowing]
[ Crewmen Shouting In Spanish ]
[ Bell Ringing]
[Shouting Continues ]
Unlash that wheel.
[ Shouting I n Spanish ]
[ Continues I n Spanish ]
There's a paddle steamer|down the windward passage.
- A Dutchman, I think.|- Ay.
- [Alberto Continues In Spanish ]|- It's a Dutch paddle steamer. A big one!
This is what we've been|waitin'for, Chavez.
A rich prize, andshe looks like she's|comin'down the windward passage.
[Alberto ]|Get the key for the muskets, Zac!
Where's the key, Chavez?
But we're not going to attack.
We're going to take the kids, put 'em|on the other boat, and that is all.
And that is all?|What about the men?
Look, the girl needs help.|She needs medicine. Zac, she may die.
[ Whimpering ]
Hey, what's the matter?
Come on, don't cry.|You're a big girl.
Oh, Chavez.
[Whimpering Continues ]
[ Men Grunting ]
[ Grunting Continues ]
Down below, the long boat--|won't need it.
Why not?
We're not taking the ship.|We're just getting rid ofthe kids.
Uncover the hatch.|Bring the children up.
- [Ship's Horn Blowing]|- Did you hear me?
I said, lower the long boat!
What-- No! Para-- Para--|Bring it down!
Bring the long boat down!
Los niños--
Uh, bring the kids up.
Uh-- Uh--
The, uh, niños--|! Arriba!! Arriba!
Los niños. Huh?
They're not gonna do it, Chavez.|Theywon't put up with it.
Theywill do what I tell 'em.
[ Whispering In Spanish ]
- Let 'em take the ship and the cargo.|- No.
We can still|put the children on board.
- All theywant's the cargo.|Let 'em have it.|- I said no.
Don't be a fool, Chavez. You can still|get the girl to the doctor afterwards.
[ Chattering In Spanish ]
Alberto, tell them we don't attack.
[ Speaks Spanish ]
- ? Porque no?|- Porque--
- ? La llave, Capitán?|- What?
The muskets.
- Didn't you hear me?|- The key for the muskets.
Since when do you give orders?
! Capitán!|[ Speaks Spanish ]
[ Responds In Spanish ]
[ Muttering In Spanish ]
Don'tyou touch him.|Leave him to me.
Throw that man a line.|Get the long boat over.
Get the muskets.|Tell the men we're gonna take her.
Go on! Get the muskets!
Now, chain, rope--|Chain, huh? Chain!
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Panting ]
What the hell's the matterwith you, you|old fool? You wanna getyourselfkilled?
To hell with you.
Look, I might die foryou,|but I'm not gonna diewith you,|not for a bunch ofkids.
- I didn't askyou.|- [Ship's Horn Blows ]
[Shouting In Spanish,|Growing Louder]
[ Shouting Continues ]
[Zac]Alberto!|Put 'em in the long boat!
[Alberto Shouting In Spanish ]
My leg-- My leg hurts.
- J ust hold on, hold on.|- [Zac ] Lower away!
- [Loud Thump ]|- [ Yells ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Chavez Shouting In Spanish ]
[ Chuckling ]
- [Shouting In Spanish Continues ]|- [Ship's Horn Blowing]
- [ Yells, Whimpering ]|- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Now what's the matter?
Am I going to die?
Come on. Don't be silly.
Of course not.
Tabby got killed. She died.
[Ship's Horn Continues Blowing]
[Shouting Continues ]
- Take some more of this.|- I don't want it.
Sure, come on.|It's good foryou.
Come on, now.
Open your mouth.|Come on. Come on.
[ Crewmen Continue|SpeakingSpanish ]
[Ship's Horn Blows ]
It'll make you sleep.
I have bad dreams.
Awful, awful dreams.
[ Crewmen Continue|Speaking Spanish ]
Hold me.
Why have you got those chains on?
- [Ship's Horn Continues Blowing]|- I made one mistake.
[Man Shouts ]|Ship ahoy!
- What ship are you?|- [Alberto ]? Qué?
- What is the name ofyourship?|- No entiendo.
Where are you from?
- [ Whistle Blows ]|- [ Men Shouting]
[Zac ]|Gonna make a fight ofit. Open fire!
- [ Gunfire ]|- What's happening?
- [ Whistle Blows ]|- [ Shouting Continues ]
- [ Gunfire Continues ]|- They're fighting.
[ Dutch Captain Shouting In Dutch ]|Fire!
[ Gunfire Continues ]
Oh, yeah.
- Are we winning?|- I don't know.
- You should be out there.|- Huh.
You're the captain.
Go to sleep. Come on.
Close your eyes.
[Zac]|Get a crew up on deck.
Tell me a story.
I don't know no story.
Tell me aboutyou...
when you were a little boy at sea.
[Zac]|Standbyto bring heralongside.
When I was a little boy|there was no water.
Only hills and rocks.
[ Bell Clanging ]
- [Loud Crash ]|- [Man ] Hook fast the line!
What are they doing?
- They're having it on.|- What?
Dunce!|They're having a fight!
Are there any passengers?
Right! Get these Dutchmen|and put 'em in a boat!
Get him over there.|Open those hatches. Open the hatches.
[Zac]|Where's the engineer?
Chavez, we took the, uh,|Dutch paddle steamer.
She's-- She's loaded with loot.|Where's the handle?
Chavez? Chavez!
Don't yell! I can hearyou.
- How's your head?|- [ Grunts ]
Hmm.|I did that foryour own good.
[Shouting Continues ]
Come on back up on deck.
The men'll take you back. I'll talk|to 'em. You're still the captain.
- [Bell Clanging]|- [ Crewman Shouting In Spanish ]
- ? Capitán?|- Huh?
- ! Capitán!|- [ Chavez Responds In Spanish ]
- [ Continues I n Spanish ]|- The what? What is it?
- [ Repeats Phrase I n Spanish ]|- Wh-What is it?
- What's he talkin' about, Chavez?|- [ Chavez Laughing]
The British naval cutter|has come back.
- [Siren Wailing]|- You are too late!
Uh, o-open the-- open the door.|Let him-- Let him out.
- [Dutch Captain Shouting]|- [ Shouting I n Spanish ]
[Shouting Continues ]
[ Responds I n Spanish ]
Uh, uh-- Si. Si.
[Zac ]|Alberto, get 'em out at the stern!
[Alberto Shouting In Spanish ]
[ Horn Blowing]
Hurry! Hurry!|! Ándale!! Ándale!
When they finish,|get the men back on board here!
- [ Horn Blowing]|- Hoo-waah!
Come on, Chavez.|We got a faster ship.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
Come on, Chavez.|Here's the key. Come on!
You're going no place.
Come on, Chavez!
Hasta la vista, Capitán.
Go to hell, then!
I don't know why|I've stayed with you this long.
You're a half-wit!
- [Horn Blowing]|- [Zac ] Move along. Get some steam up.
Stand byto cast off.
[Alberto Shouting In Spanish ]
[ Grunting, Groaning ]
[ Speaking Dutch ]
[ Whimpering, Panting ]
[ Continues I n Dutch ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Screaming Intensifies ]
What areyou doing here?|Get out.
[Ship's Horn Blowing]
[Grunts, Gasps ]
[Man On Bullhorn ]|Brunhilde, ahoy!
Stand byto heave to!
[Alberto Shouting In Spanish ]
- [ Groaning ]|- [ Man On Bullhorn ]|Heave to, or I'll open fire!
[ Muttering ]
I commandyou to lay down your arms,|or I will open fire!
[ Gasps ]
[ Dutch Sailor]|Fire!
- [Alberto ]! Fuego!|- [ Gunfire Commences ]
[ Man ]|Now let us all think hard...
and see if we can remem ber|anything else.
When you were on board that ship,|did anybody do anything to frighten you?
Were you frightened?
- Who of?|- All those men.
Did they ever do anything|that you, uh...
you didn't like?
Well, you know what I mean.|Something nasty.
He talked about our... drawers.
- Who?|- The captain.
Why? What did he say|aboutyour drawers?
He said he wouldn't mend them.
He said not to slide|down the deck on them.
He shouldn't have talked|about drawers.
Margaret, did he ever make any...
He was totally brave.
- What did he do?|- He ate a whole spoonful of pepper.
- A big spoon.|- And he didn't cry.
Yes. I see.
Did you see any fighting...
any guns...
- No.|- Theywouldn't let us.
Not even when the Dutch ship|was captured?
- You know, the paddle steamer.|- No. We were shut up.
All except Emily.|She was in the cabin.
Captain's cabin?
With Chavez?
Now, John--
Your brother.
Have you any idea what happened?
Papa.|Papa, can I go home now?
They've had enough.
After all the experiences|ofthese last few weeks...
they're still suffering terribly|from shock.
- Mr. Thornton, a briefword.|- They've had enough.
[ All Chattering ]
Mr. Thornton.
Mr. Thornton,|a briefword with you.
You realize, without their help,|we may fail to get a conviction.
Is ityour opinion|that they really know nothing?
Or have they been terrorized|into hiding something?
No, I don't think|they've been terrorized...
but they may know something|they don't say.
Because they may have formed|an affection for this man Chavez.
An affection?
If they know anything,|I shall have to find it out.
You mean put them in the box?
Oh, not all ofthem,|certainly. Heaven forbid.
- We will have to produce at least one.|- Which one?
[Barrister] These men pleadguilty|on the count ofpiracy.
But since 1837 piracyhas ceased|to be a hanging offense...
unless accompanied by murder...
and in this case, either the murder|ofthe boy, John Thornton...
or Captain Vandervort.
Now, ifyou decide|that one ofthese men--
any one of these men--
is responsi ble for the deaths|of the boy and Dutch captain...
you are bound|to convict them all!
[Spectators Murmuring]
Now, Emily, I must continue|to askyou a few questions.
Remember that this morning you made|a solemn oath to tell the truth.
Becauseyou took that oath,|I know thatyou will tell the truth.
Now, please speak clearly, loudly...
so that we can all hear.
We've heard about this Dutch steamer.
Now, a terrible thing|has been suggested.
It is said that the captain,|after having his hands bound...
went on the schooner|with his crew...
- and the captain was murdered.|- [Spectators Shouting]
Did you see|any such thing happen?
I-- I-- I-- I was asleep.
Oh, well--|[ Chuckling ]
Emily, please.
But this morning|you said you were awake.
Yes, becauseyour leg|was hurting you so much.
He-- He gave me medicine|to make me sleep.
[ Gavel Pounding]
Ah, I see.
When the officers ofthe royal|naval cutter came aboard...
you were awake.
I had a dream.
B-Bad dream.
Y-You said I hada dream!
Emily, you're not having|a dream now.
The Dutch captain came on board.|He is disappeared.
Emily, doyou know how?
[Spectators Murmuring]
Your brother and sisters and the|Fernandez children were in the hold.
Only Chavez was on deck.
- You were in his cabin.|- [ Crowd Gasping]
I-- I was sick. My leg.
Your leg was hurt,|but the wound had been bandaged.
Yet in the cabin, nearto where|you were lying, there was blood.
- [Spectators Gasp ]|- There was also blood|at the foot of the stairs.
Was thatyour blood?
- No. No!|- Or was it the blood|ofCaptain Vandervort?
There was blood on Chavez's hands.
He-- He-- He had a knife.
Who had a knife?
Emily, was Captain Chavez|in the cabin?
Y-- Yes.
I don't remember!
Uh-- It was awful.
- You saw Captain Chavez?|- He made... an awful noise.
Then he died! He died!
[Spectators Clamoring]
- [ Gavel Pounding]|- Stop it! In God's name, stop it!
Can't you see what you're doing?
Milord, I will not permit my daughter|to be subjected to this.
[Zac]|What's she talking about?
Silence! Be silent! I agree.
We've heard enough.
Take the prisoners down|and clear the gallery!
[ Shouting In Spanish ]
What's she doing to us? Chavez!
- Your little friend is gonna hang us.|- They have to hang somebody.
I don't want to die innocent.
Zac, you must be guilty|of-- of something.
[Man ]|Hang them all!
[ Children Chattering]
Begging your pardon, sir.
- You ought to feel proud|of them children.|- Yes.
- Been reading all about it,|the wife and I.|- Yes, thankyou.
The way she stood up in the box--|Oh, thankyou, sir.
They deserved hanging.
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