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Highlander 1986 Directors Cut CD1

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Fasil. Wait.
All right.
Clan Macleod!
May this year of our Lord 1536...
bring victory to the Clan Macleod!
Victory to Macleod!
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Are you scared, Connor?
Ha ha ha!
No, Cousin Dugal. I'm not!
Don't talk nonsense, man.
I peed my kilt the first time I went into battle.
Oh, aye.
Angus pees his kilt all the time!
Connor, wait!
Take these flowers and think of me.
Remember, you fight with God on your side, Connor.
A girl like that can wound a soldier...
more than a Frazer sword, my friend.
Angus! You and Dugal keep him in one piece!
Aye, we all know what piece that is!
There is one called Connor among them.
Remember our agreement, Murdoch.
The boy is mine.
It's begun.
Death to the Macleods!
Death to the Macleods!
Yay! Yay!
Death to the Frazers!
Yay! Yah!
Come on!
Now you stay under.
- Forgive me... my son.
Fight me, damn you!
Fight me, cowards!
No, not him!
Castrate the heathens!
Nobody will fight me!
They all run away.
Here, laddie, stay by me.
Mother of God.
Fight me!
Come on, quick!
There can be only one!
Another time, Macleod!
Get out of the car!
Put your hands on the hood!
Watch it, freak! Just cool it!
Watch him! Watch him!
Move! Come on! Come on! Move!
Come on! Get up there!
Spread 'em! Spread 'em!
- Come on!
Let's see some I.D., pal.
Well, Mr. Nash.
Where were you going in such a hurry?
Give me it! Give me it!
Don't move, pal.
Don't even breathe!
In nomine patri et filii et spiritu sancti.
It is over.
Other men are dying this day.
I must attend them.
He's a highlander, by God!
The last sound he hears...
shouldn't be that of a wailing woman!
Hey, let me through.
Damn it, Frank. Forensics is supposed to be notified...
the same time as homicide.
Holy shit.
Yeah, this one came unassembled.
Did you make an arrest?
No. We're questioning some guy named Nash.
Antique dealer on Hudson Street.
- Hello, Brenda. - Hey, Walt.
You look pretty, Brenda.
What do you think's...
the cause of death, Lieutenant, huh?
You're a barrel of laughs, Garfield.
Get your hands off!
Try explaining this to my wife!
Get me a cherry-cheese danish too.
What time did he buy it?
About 10:00, 10:30.
Whatever cut him was razor sharp.
Get out of here with these cameras!
Frank! Frank!
Oh, my God.
A guy was killed like this in Jersey.
What the hell. That's Jersey.
I want out!
Hey, Frank. Come here.
Aw, shit!
Ooh, baby. Look at you.
Garfield, cover that head.
What the hell have you got?
A Toledo-Salamanca.
A what?
A sword, Frank. A very rare sword.
Is it worth much?
Only about a million bucks.
Any antique dealer on Hudson Street...
could tell you that.
You can't keep me here!
I know my rights!
Ever see this guy before, Nash?
His name's Vazilek, Polish national.
Had his head chopped off in New Jersey two nights ago.
You ever get over to New Jersey, Nash?
Not if I can help it.
You talk funny. Where you from?
Lots of different places.
- You're an antique dealer, right? - Mm-hmm.
Okay. What's that?
A sword?
Wise up, smart ass.
It's a Toledo-Salamanca broadsword worth about a million bucks.
So you want to hear a theory?
You went down that garage to buy this sword from that guy...
- What's his name? - I don't know. You tell me.
Okay, his name's lman Fasil.
You fought about the price and cut off his head.
Want to hear another theory?
This Fasil was so upset...
about the lousy wrestling tonight...
in a fit of depression, he cut off his own head.
That's not funny, Walt.
Are you a faggot, Nash?
Why? You cruising for a piece of ass?
I'll tell you what happened, Russell.
You went down to the garage for a blow job.
You just didn't want to pay for it.
Huh. You are sick.
Hey! Hey!
Hey, what are you doing?
- What, are you crazy? - Break it up, goddamn it!
That's enough! Now, cut it out!
Goddamn it, I said cut it out!
- Am I under arrest? - Not yet.
Then we're through.
Nash, we're just getting started. water from the sprinkler.
It also left a man's decapitated body...
next to his own severed head.
A head which at this time has no name.
I know his name.
* Here I am *
* I'm the master of your destiny *
* I am the one The only one *
* I am the god of kingdom come *
* Give me the prize *
* Just give me the prize *
Okay, Mr. Victor Kruger.
Room 315.
And I'll hit you for 20 in advance.
Uh, hey, uh.
If there's anything you need...
Broads, uh, blow. Just dial 0, huh?
That's right, Mr. Kruger.
Lucky Strike means fine tobacco.
Don't talk to the guests.
I didn't do nothing.
At last...
the gathering.
I'm Candy.
Of course you are.
Come on in.
Hiya. Got a present from the coroner.
Pieces of metal found on the dead guy under the Garden.
In the wound and on the clothes.
Real smooth shave.
That can't be right.
Son of a bitch.
Who's there?
Hey, Brenda. Usual?
Lots of it.
* Is better than a lifetime alone *
Say when.
* One sentimental moment in your arms *
* Is like a shooting star... *
Excuse me a minute, Brenda.
Double Glenmoran on the rocks.
Glenmoran. Right.
Go to the Garden often?
What did you say?
* I'm a prisoner of love inside you *
* I'm falling apart all around you *
What did you say?
Do you go there often?
The circus? Wrestling?
Why are you asking me?
Have you been following me?
I'd like to walk you home, Brenda.
I can take care of myself.
* It's always a rainy day without you *
* I'm a prisoner of love inside you *
* I'm falling apart *
* All around you *
Be quiet!
Here. Take this.
Ha ha ha!
Nice to see you again, Macleod.
Nice to see you...
- Ooh! - Stop!
There can be only one!
You, on the ground.
This is the police.
Put down your weapons.
Hands on your head.
Another time, Highlander! I will find you!
Hold it right there!
Come back here!
Who was that?
He called you Highlander.
"There can be only one"?
Only one what?
- I want to know! - Shut up!
Don't you ever follow me again.
You only have one life.
If you value it... go home.
Ha ha!
You saw the wound.
He should have died.
I say he's got the devil in him.
Drinking with us, are you?
What's the matter, Dugal?
You, talking and breathing...
and last night, all but a corpse.
How did you manage that?
You'd rather I was dead?
It's not natural.
He's in league with Lucifer.
Don't say that, Kate.
I'll say it.
You've the devil in you.
We've been kinsmen 20 years.
Connor Macleod was my kinsman.
I don't know who you are.
You better go, Connor.
I'm not going anywhere.
He's the devil! Kill him!
Burn the devil out of him!
All right. Get him down.
Burn him!
Leave him be!
He's your cousin, man!
No, Angus!
There'll be no burning here today!
We'll banish him!
No! Burn him!
Stop it, Kate!
Burn him!
Angus, burn him!
Can you walk?
I'll bloody well walk out of here.
Then go! While there's still time.
I'll not forget you, Angus.
That's a good dog.
Pie and ale. Do you want it?
Aye. Right now.
You filthy sod! You're all muck and muscle.
Aye, blossom. The way you like it.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha!
You can do that to me forever, my lord.
Will you, Connor?
Aye, blossom. I will.
I am Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez...
chief metallurgist to King Charles V of Spain...
and I'm at your service.
What do you want?
You're Connor Macleod.
Maybe I am and...
You're Connor Macleod, wounded in battle...
and driven from your village five years ago.
- Connor! - Ohh!
Heather, go in the house.
I'll stay right here.
Do as I say, woman!
The sensation you're feeling is the quickening.
Who are you?
We are the same, Macleod!
We are brothers!
I knew you guys were bottle-fed.
Well, there's not a lot I can do about it, pal.
See what I'm up against?
His Vietnamese neighbor ate his dog.
Uh... that's confidential.
How are things in forensics?
Dull. How about lunch?
Lunch? It's a good idea. Who pays?
You're on.
By the way, Frank...
the hairs in the Moretti case...
matched up.
Oh, I forgot my purse.
I'll meet you outside.
Garfield, Brenda and I are going to lunch.
Sometimes, Macleod...
the sharpest blade is not enough.
* B-A-L-A-N-C-E Balance *
I don't like boats! I don't like water!
I'm a man, not a fish.
Oh, you complain endlessly.
You look like a woman, you stupid haggis.
Haggis? What is haggis?
Sheep's stomach stuffed with meat and barley.
And what do you do with it?
You eat it.
How revolting.
Be still. You'll tip us over!
I cannot swim, you Spanish peacock.
I'm not Spanish. I'm Egyptian.
You said you were from Spain! Liar!
You have the manners of a goat...
and you smell like dung.
And you have no knowledge whatsoever of your potential.
Now, get out!
Help! Help!
Help me, I'm drowning!
You can't drown, you fool. You're immortal!
I'm drowning! Come help!
* We ask you... Heavenly Father *
I'm alive.
I can breathe.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha!
I'll slice you in half.
Crude and slow, clansman.
Your attack was no better than that of a clumsy child.
This cannot be. It's the devil's work.
You cannot die, Macleod. Accept it.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
I hate you.
That is a perfect way to start.
Tell me...
how did it happen, for God's sake?
Why does the sun come up, hmm?
Or are the stars just pinholes in the curtain of night?
Who knows?
What I do know is...
because you were born different...
men will fear you, try to drive you away...
Iike the people of your village.
You must learn to conceal your special gift...
and harness your power...
until the time of the gathering.
What gathering?
When only a few of us are left...
we will feel an irresistible pull...
towards a faraway land...
to fight for the prize.
Come on!
Never lose your temper.
If your head comes away from your neck...
it's over.
Ha ha ha!
Never overextend your thrust.
You're vulnerable and...
off balance.
Connor! Ha ha ha!
Heather, please.
If it came down to us two, would you take my head?
We must fight until only one remains.
You are safe only on holy ground.
None of us will violate that law.
It's tradition.
Now for the last.
Trust me.
Let yourself feel the stag.
His heart...
His blood...coursing.
Come on!
I feel him.
Macleod, come on!
I feel him!
Come on!
Ha ha ha!
I feel him!
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Come on, haggis!
This is the quickening.
Now, pendejo...
shall we see what sort of swordsman you've become?
En garde!
Very good.
Give me your hand, brother.
That one there.
How much is it?
Put him in.
But what I want is a family.
You cannot have a family.
We cannot have children.
That won't please Heather.
I'll tell you that for nothing.
He's full of life.
Here's dinner!
I'll be off now.
I fancy buying a new dress.
Oh, you little devils! Go on!
She's beautiful.
You must leave her, brother.
I was born 2,437 years ago.
In that time, I've had three wives.
The last was Shakiko, a Japanese princess.
Her father, Masamune, a genius...
made this for me...
in 593 B.C.
It is the only one of its kind...
Iike his daughter.
When Shakiko died, I was shattered.
I would save you that pain.
Please. Let Heather go.
When we first met, you felt ill, remember?
That wasn't the first time...
you felt that sensation, was it?
When the Macleods fought the Frazers...
and a black knight...
I felt it then.
Only it was more painful.
That black knight was the Kurgan.
It's because of him that I sought you out.
Who is the Kurgan?
Where does he come from?
The Kurgans were an ancient people...
from the steppes of Russia.
For amusement, they tossed children...
into pits with hungry dogs to fight for meat.
The Kurgan.
He is the strongest of the immortals.
He is the perfect warrior.
If he wins the prize...
mortal man would suffer an eternity of darkness.
How do you fight such a savage?
Hmm. With heart, faith, and steel.
In the end, there can be only one.
very dangerous for you.
Well, I was very much in love...
with her, my dear.
She was the only thing on my mind.
So, holding the rose in my teeth...
I climbed up on the rooftop, lowered a rope...
and swung in through the open window.
Unfortunately, the lady was no longer there.
What did you do?
I introduced myself...
to the lady that was there.
She was most helpful.
Would you like some more wine?
Yes, please.
Get out!
What's wrong?
Get out!
The Highlander, where is he?
You're too late.
I've prepared him for you.
You waste your time!
It hurts?
Now you die! Heh heh heh!
I am the strongest!
My cut has improved your voice.
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