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Subtitles for Hijo de la Novia El 2001.

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Hijo de la Novia El 2001

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Mommy! Mommy!
Get out of here! Go home!
Always getting in trouble...
l don't know if you brats deserve it but...
How about some butter cookies?
-Up again? lt's almost 5.00. -l'm watching TV. Go to sleep.
What are you doing?
Nothing. l was just passing by...
Tight lips.
No, don't leave me without wine.
l'll close and you won't see a dime.
Bring me the wine after 3.00 pm and l'll settle it.
-Did you find Rosales? -Can't find him anywhere.
-At home? -l didn't want to bother him.
-His office? -Don't know the number.
Where did you look, you moron?
200 boxes of ravioli aren't enough. lt doesn't cover what the workers steal.
-Thanks, man. -l'll get you a new check.
-What are you doing? -Try this.
This tiramisu is bitter than life.
lt needs Mascarpone. Cream cheese is shit.
-lt's expensive, try some sugar. -Try some decency.
Sandra, what do you want? l know it's Thursday.
l won't forget. l'll pick her up.
l won't forget! She's my daughter, too.
Sciacalli, forgive me. My ex. l wish l was a widower.
-l'm a widower. -Sorry.
No, l love it.
-Nacho, did you find Rosales? -Don't worry.
l appreciate your company's interest in my restaurant,
-but l'm not selling. -l understand you're proud of the restaurant,
but with this crisis you should give it a thought.
''This'' crisis? There's always been a crisis.
lf it's not inflation, it's recession, the lMF or the Popular Front.
They fuck us left and right. There's no way around it.
Buy the Buenos Aires Grill. They want to sell.
The one around the corner? They closed. At least you have a clientelle.
-''At least?'' -Tell me if l'm wrong.
ln the last two years your profit margin shrank 5 points.
Plus the tax pressure. You spend the day chasing suppliers, customers,
workers... Your life's like a marathon.
You remind me of a juggler, trying to keep the plates spinning.
Mom and Pop stores are over. We update businesses.
We know what we're doing. lt's time to sell.
lf you know what you're doing and you're buying,
it's time to buy.
No, l'll manage this restaurant on my own.
Sleep on it. Here's my card.
-Great cognac. -l'll send you a box.
Excuse me, we made a deposit two days ago and it's not credited.
-Give me someone who knows. -Nobody knows anything.
Open the glasses, the arms are for...
Hold it, l have a call.
-l know how glasses work, moron. -Then put them on.
-Who's the moron? -Juan Carlos?
l don't know you.
Hello, miss.
Hello! Hello!
Fuck you! Fuck Chase Manhattan Bank and fucking Rockefeller!
Commendatore! A coffee? -Stretto. -All right.
Hi, dad.
-Where to? -To see mom. Wanna come?
-l can't, l'm very busy. -You're always busy.
-You haven't seen her in a year. -No. When was the last time?
Last October. That was... a year ago.
And we all had a lousy time.
She didn't like before she likes even less now.
She doesn't even remember. Come on.
-She'll be happy. -No, l can't.
lt's her birthday.
There you are. Where were you?
The suppliers are on my back and l have no money.
-You don't know what... -No, YOU don't know!
You just lost your job.
-Get the money or else! -Don't you touch me!
-Rafa, stop! -Are you crazy?
l'll kill you! l'll kill you, you lazy bastard!
-Stop, Rafa! -l'll kill you!
See that coward run.
He's no match for Zorro!
-Here's my faithful Bernardo who poses as a moron. -Moron!
-Francesco! -What?
Buy Mascarpone. Today's special: Tiramisu ''Norma''.
Nacho's too slow, dad.
You gotta be... Or you're dead.
He's not up for it. Nobody else will give him a job.
-He's your cousin, give him a hand. -A brain would be better.
Funny thing is l was the bum and now l'm the Godfather.
-Who said you were a bum? -Dad...
-Did you say bye to Gavilan? -l sent Nacho to help him move.
Poor Gavilan. He lost everything.
lt's too tough on your own. The chains get wholesale prices.
lt's what you always fought for, an efficient world.
l never fought for an efficient world.
Hello. Who? l don't know any Juan Carlos.
Yes, l was talking on the phone. My wife is pregnant and l'm expecting...
-Can't we work this out? -How?
-l only have $50. -lt was for a better world...
-They're phony. -What?
They look great! This we're good at.
Do you have $20? One second.
-Hi. -How are you?
-What a shock. Long time no see. -A year.
-Norma? -There she is.
-l brought the henna. -Great.
Tomorrow l'll bring clean clothes.
Norma. Look who's here.
No. Don't cry. Don't cry, honey.
lt's all right.
-Dad. -Don't cry.
-l'm all right. -Look who l brought.
-Do you know him? -Hello.
-Come on. -Come on.
Do you mind? l'm going out for a while. l'll be right back.
This guy's a pervert.
-Hello, mom. -Hello.
-Happy birthday. -Whose birthday is it?
Yours. Look what dad brought.
Do you like them?
-How beautiful! -Happy birthday.
-Carmen! -Yes?
-Can you put them in water? -Norma! They're beautiful!
Let's see if you like this.
A teddy bear! Look at my teddy bear. He gives you kisses.
Careful with the step.
Sweetie, look at the teddy bear.
-Fuck you. -l'm sorry. Come, mom.
Everything's a mess.
-Everything's a mess. -My queen!
How are you?
-Hello. -My son, Rafael.
-Morning, honey. -What an asshole.
-Mom, you make me look bad. -Yeah, like an asshole.
Orange juice for you,
-coffee and sandwich for her... -Coffee for me.
-You don't look a day over 35! -35 what?
Years old. lt's your birthday.
What are you saying? Who cares? 35 years old. Look at this mess.
-lt's a pigsty. -What do you say?
Have you heard?
Look how he treats you. You're something...
-Leave that, it's dirty. -No, it's gorgeous.
A savings bank? l said an account.
Give me anybody who knows! Dammit!
-Well, let's see. A poem. -No, l don't feel like it.
60 balconies...
''70! there are in this house. 70 balconies, not a single bud.
What's wrong with its dwellers? What's wrong with their blood?
lf they don't love flowers, they mustn't love birds.
they won't know of music or soft-hearted words.
They'll never hear kissing,the song of a bard. 70 balconies, not a single bud.''
-lt's like saying:sons of bitches! -That's it! Very good!
''Nursing home.'' l'm not leaving your dad here.
No, first you have to catch him.
-Norma! -Hi, honey.
-Your food's waiting. -l already ate.
How are you? Such a nice day!
Such a nice teddy bear! Come, give me your hand.
-What a nice day. -Yes.
Careful, l'll close.
-You know what's for dinner? -What?
-Steak. -Good!
-lncredible. She doesn't notice she's not home. -She's better.
Quieter. You couldn't take it anymore.
-Did you see how she smiled at you? -Yeah...
-l'm serious. -She tells waiters l'm an asshole.
lt's not her, it's that illness.
She was always like that. But it used to be more intimate.
She wanted you to be a lawyer. What's so strange about that?
lt's a mother thing. ''My son, the lawyer.''
That's old fashioned. What if she lived today?
l'm better off than most lawyers.
She lives today.
We could bring Victoria some day.
You know kids. l'll tell her.
Hello? Sandra, what's up?
Calm down! l went to see my mom.
l'm two blocks away.
-l swear l'm there. l had an emergency. -l don't work?
There's more to life than your shitty restaurant.
-How's Victoria? -Delighted with her father.
Don't talk like that in front of her!
-How, then? -You know how.
Now you're offended! You should apologize, you ruined my day.
You ruined my life. You still owe me.
No, honey, you ruined your own life.
Victoria, come here!
-Give me a kiss. -Victoria!
What's wrong? Want to stay?
-Victoria, come on! -Now you wait!
-Dad's got my backpack. -She wants to stay.
lt's Thursday, she comes with me.
-lt's Thursday. -l know that. Do you want to go?
-lt doesn't matter. -lt's dad's day.
Okay, go.
Have fun. Are you all right?
Come on, honey.
Stop, Nacho. Don't get desperate!
He'll send the wine. Tell him to call me. l'm coming over.
These cutlets are greasy. Wrong paper.
Don't bust my balls, l can't get a divorce from you.
-Everyone in the school wrote a poem. -Take your braces off.
Guess who won?
-Who? -Me.
-Really? -Yes.
-l can't believe it. -Why not?
No, l mean, l believe you. What a surprise!
-Look at the poetess! -l'll say it in the school act.
-Will you come? -Of course l will.
Eat salad too. Hello?
Hi, Molina. What happened with the wine?
No, stop. Calm down.
No. That's way out of line.
Don't call me a crook. We made the deposit three days ago.
Haven't l always paid? Fuck you too!
Yes! Hold it, wait a sec.
l'm sorry. Send me the wine.
You'll get cash tomorrow.
l'm just a bit anxious, l'm sorry.
Yes. Send white also, there's always someone with bad taste.
All right, bye. And thanks.
Another school act? Wasn't it the other day that you dressed up as Gazpacho?
-Pikachu, dad. -Yes, the yellow sausage.
What did l do now?
Baby. Are you asleep?
-Hi, honey. ls Vicki home? -She's sleeping.
-How did it go? -Better.
l was only harassed in 3 interviews.
-Wait! Leave me! -No, no!
Hello. What's up?
Wait. What's wrong?
Can't you do anything on your own?
l'm with Vicki at home.
No, nothing. lt's nothing.
l'll be right there. l'm sorry, darling.
We send it in thermal boxes. Of course. Good bye.
And you play the gourmet! You'll get ''Fettuccini al Gelato.''
-Good evening. Smoking or non smoking? -Owner or host?
-Owner. Will you have dinner? -Corporal Reyes, Vice Squad.
-There's a complaint. -Against this restaurant?
-Excuse me, officer. Can l see your badge? -One moment.
One, two, three...
-Fourteen? l should call the Fraud Squad. -Officer.
Tell me what you're looking for, l'll help you.
-Freeze. Open your hand. -Which hand?
-The one you closed, Nacho. -Let's see the search warrant.
Open your hand.
Another fine mess...
l'm sorry, officer, he's had problems since he was a kid.
lt's like a syndrome. He's a moron.
He's being treated, but... Can't we solve this in a more civilized way?
Are you bribing me?
l don't need no stinkin' bribing!
You can't escape Lt. Gerard's implacable persecution.
-Juan Carlos Colombini? -State High General Artigas.
-l'll kill you. -No, you'll go to jail for real.
-What are you up to? -l always make you fall!
Give me back my joint.
-Remember your mom's cookies? -The cookies!
-How is she? -My mom?
More or less. She has Alzheimer's.
-ls that a new one? -They lose their memory.
No way, get out!
Tell me about you.
-What do you do? -l'm an actor.
-You don't say. -l do a lot of movies.
Did you see ''That Damned Rib''?
l don't watch Argentine movies. l work all day, you know how it is.
l don't watch Argentine reality.
Well... We should meet some other time.
-Now that we're in touch again, no? -Sure.
-Here's a magnet. My number's there. -My card.
-For your album. l've got this one twice. -Look at that.
Nice pictures. Nice family.
Dad! What's up?
-l brought you a present. -Come in.
What is it?
-We have tiramisu here. -You have a cream cheese and instant coffee jumble.
-lnedible! This is Mascarpone. -Yeah.
-For mom's birthday. -lt's true.
Drinks are on the house.
Let's see...
Happy birthday, mom.
lt's great.
There's no other way. lt's got to be Mascarpone.
lt's so expensive.
l've been thinking... This mom thing got to me...
l feel stuck at home. The days are so long...
-Anyway. l want to start a new cycle. -That's great, dad.
Go out, meet friends, bring them here. Pamper yourself.
-l always pampered your mom. -More than that.
All she had to say was ''what a cute dress'' and the dress was home.
l loved to make her happy. That smile of hers...
She also made sacrifices.
l never wanted a religious wedding. A matter of principle. What can l say?
l've given it a lot of thought.
lmagine, a simple girl. What's her dream? Marrying in white.
Flowers, the whole circus. We didn't do it for me.
You see, she also made sacrifices.
You loved each other. l think you should have no regrets.
Look, Rafa. l've got some savings, not much.
Mom and l always dreamt of going to ltaly, visit my town.
-And now, that money is... -Why don't you go?
You go to ltaly, come on.
l'll cover the nursing home. Make that trip.
Forget the trip.
l want that money to marry her in the church.
As a birthday present.
Better than a teddy bear.
That's your new cycle? What about your principles?
lt's crazy, dad. We can't make her go through that.
lt'll make her happy. The one thing l didn't give her.
She won't even notice. She won't even notice.
lt's a shitty disease, but that's what it is.
Soon she won't remember us.
She'll notice. Maybe just a bit, but she'll notice it.
For me that's enough.
You cranked yourself up. lt's because of her birthday.
l'm asking you for your help. Rafa.
-l can't do it alone. -lt won't do her any good.
Let her rest, dad. Make that trip.
You'll come back like a stallion.
This is awesome! Why don't you make it?
You can come over
and make Tiramisu ''Nino''. How about it?
What happened? Rafael.
Rafael, what happened? l'll call an ambulance.
Come on, wake up.
The water's warm. l'll go buy a bottle.
-You know what my dream is? -No.
l've only got one dream. Twenty years ago l had many. Now l have only one.
Hang tough, Belvedere!
Look, l'm 42 years old. With a dream a year l won't make it.
lt doesn't add up. So l have to negotiate.
Abandon my old dreams and keep only one.
-But it's got to happen. -What's your dream?
Drop the fuck out.
l can't go on. lt's all wrong.
Worrying about everyone... So much hassle...
to be somebody.
All l have is a restaurant no one cares about.
My mother was right. l want to drop the fuck out.
Don't know where, far away. Mexico.
l always dreamt of going to Mexico.
Being there. Just me and my soul.
Resting all day long.
No suppliers, no bills, no banks, no worries.
Nothing. Have time to read...
Cash in and drop out. No one on my back.
That's my dream.
And yours? What's yours?
My dream?
l don't know. Who knows? l don't know.
Look at the things l ask you now!
Go to sleep. l'm fine, don't worry.
Yes, l'd better go.
Are you Nati?
-Yes. -Hello.
-Juan Carlos, Rafael's friend. -How are you?
-ls Rafael OK? -He's fine, sleeping like a baby.
-Are you okay? -Yes.
-What are you doing here? -Visiting.
-lt's 2.00 am. -Yes, l ran a little late.
l was shooting and we were delayed...
-Sure you're okay? A coffee? -No, l'm okay. lt's just all this...
And tomorrow l have an early interview.
-Some other time. -l'd love that.
-All right, bye. -Bye.
Juan Carlos.
-What are you doing here? -l'm a patient, moron.
-What happened? -Off to your bed.
-What happened, doctor? -Baby's up. Help me.
l'm fine.
-This can't be. You must rest. -l'm fine.
Then why are you here?
-l'm fine. -Hush and get in bed.
-Dr. Maroy, he's in your hands. -McKoy.
Don't worry.
-l'll call you at breast-feeding time. -He's so naughty. Thank you, doctor.
-You're a doctor? -An actor. But if l don't lie, they won't let me stay.
-You stayed for me? -No, for my fiancé. lsn't she gorgeous?
Her grandchildren oppose it, but we'll fight back.
Sure l'm here for you.
-Your girl is gorgeous. -Yes she is.
And what a set of knockers!
Old fart, how did you get her?
-That's Nati. -So young and blind.
-Did you see my daughter? -No.
Poor Vicki.
l missed her act.
-Stay still. -Tell me about you.
-Are you married? -l married a great woman.
-And we had a daughter. -And?
They're my two little angels.
-Pretty? -No, dead.
But they're my two guardian angels, always by my side.
-Get out! -Really, they died two years ago.
-l'm sorry. -lt's okay.
Hello, darling.
-How are you? -Fine, my love. And you?
-l love you a lot. -Me too. A lot, a lot.
Nobody in?
We open in an hour. When the cat's away...
O cuore mio...
Do you feel bad?
-Are you okay? -Gotcha.
-Stay for lunch? -l don't know. You two wanted to talk.
-Yes... -lf it's a family matter, we can all talk.
Yeah, sure. lt's just that...
All this time l spent in lntensive Care l thought about a lot of things.
This is very stressful for me. l don't want more trouble.
You want to sell?
Well, l don't know...
-These companies handle things more... -Efficiently.
Sell, sell.
lt doesn't bother you?
l opened this restaurant with Norma.
l cooked, she was the hostess. Just us two.
We always argued why people came.
She said it was my cooking, l said it was her.
Norma was something... She sure was the house specialty.
With that smile she had... Brighter than a neon sign.
lmagine: people came in and saw that portrait.
Then the real Norma showed up,
happier, full of light.
Then they thought they were, who knows,
in Paradise at least.
Then she asked them to follow her,
that they'd have the best table, she told that to everyone:
you'll have the best table. And they bought it.
Because if she took you, it was the best table.
She made you feel... you were unique.
Francesco and l laughed because
when she went to the kitchen, everybody, l mean everybody:
women, children, men, everybody gazed at her
dumbstruck. Were they still on earth?
Was she a ghost? They feared she wouldn't come back.
And then, she surprised them again.
She took note of everything at the register,
standing there, like magic.
Like an angel.
My angel.
And if yours isn't here...
You must search somewhere else until you find it.
He wants to get married for himself.
-lt's none of your business. -He hates selling.
But he'll give you the restaurant if you help him.
Stop the café psychology! Don't analyze everything!
And you stop being so close-minded.
-Open up your heart. -lt's already open!
And this one, ironically, doesn't know about romance.
lt's easy to speak of love, angels and dragonflies.
-When l cope with everything! -All right, don't yell.
Let's yell together.
-''Oh, l love to cry at weddings...'' -l'm not saying it's easy.
-lf your dad wants... -That's it. He's MY dad.
-Yours abandoned you. -He didn't abandon me.
-We moved here on our own. -l don't care. lt's your family.
You don't care for fear of commitment.
No, stop, stop.
-Take me to bed, not the couch. -That's not even funny.
Natalia, l can't expose my mom to this.
lt'd be a problem for her and for all.
Okay, l'm sorry. l thought l was part of your family.
-Nati, we have to talk. -What are we doing?
lt's not that.
l'd like us to be more free.
-What do you mean? -Free.
Don't you know free?
-Free as in freedom. -Define freedom.
Come on! Everyone knows.
What if San Martin's soldiers had said: general, define freedom.
-Don't you get freedom? -lt's you l don't get.
Juan Carlos? What are you doing? No, come up.
The fuck does he want?
-They had something to fight for. -Freedom.
Aren't we worth fighting for?
Okay, it wasn't the best example.
But he was a hero. With his problems, okay.
He could take it. l don't want more problems.
What's up, gang?
Nati, l tawt a taw a tweety pie!
-How are you? -Fine.
l thought you met once. You're quite at ease.
We spent many lusty nights at the hospital.
-We went to dinner. She didn't tell you? -No, she didn't.
Looks like l was the only one having a rough time.
-ls this a bad moment? -l was leaving.
On time to avoid that tragedy.
-Let's get some pizza. -l've got to go.
Come on.
Okay, but l'll stay for you.
l know it's shorty's day.
-ls she here? -Yes, she's...
Where's the goddess?
-Juan Carlos? -Yes, my love!
How are you?
-Why did you grow a moustache? -My nose begs to be underlined.
-Want some pizza? -No anchovies.
Anchovies stink.
The ''half hour candy.''
They lasted that long. Once l timed it. 28 minutes.
Went back to the store, the guy gave me another.
-Try that today. -Half hour of kicks in the ass.
-They did get married. -They didn't, they just lived together.
Nati must know. Did Maxwell Smart marry Agent 99?
-Who cares? -She doesn't know.
-Getting married's a great idea. -You too? Stop it.
-l told him. -And forget romanticism?
-What are you saying? -You're not Zorro.
You're the evil Captain Monasterio.
My dad was with her until it was clear she needed medical attention.
Now he visits her every day.
Rain or shine,
-he's there, never gives up. -That's awesome. Awesome.
-l'm going to bed. -You are?
-Bye. -Sleep well.
-Does your dad remember me? -l doubt it.
-Can you manage? -Yes.
Let me do it. So you get a little privacy.
l know when l'm in the way.
l'll talk with him later. You know?
-Bye, honey. -Bye.
lt happened on highway 9. Coming from Rosario.
Thing is, you think you know the rest of your life,
a truck driver dozes off and you're left out in the cold.
You're left out freezing. l crashed, man.
l started drinking like crazy. Missed work.
My friends slowly...
-Are you okay? Rafael... -Yes.
Yes, l got a little dizzy.
Come on, let's walk. Doctor said ten blocks a day.
-Slowly? -Yes.
You were talking about friends...
Nothing, they got fed up. l don't blame them.
l sang a two year-long tango. And then, l don't know how,
one night totally plastered,
l woke up at 5.00 am in a puddle of vomit.
l got in the bathtub and, washing my legs...
l looked in the shaving mirror.
l love to shave in the shower because steam clears my...
-No, it opens the pores. -Sure.
Anyway... l sat there just looking at myself, at least half hour.
And l went: Ta-da!
That's it. The tango's over.
Stop the tears. Recover my life, find real friends and move on.
That's it? lf it had been me, l'd be...
Yeah, maybe l'm a lucky guy.
But the truth is... watch your step...
When nothing can be worse than what happened, you feel powerful.
l worry about nothing now. The house, the car, money...
-l don't worry. -Faggots!
Fuck you, asshole! You fascist motherfucker!
Calm down, don't worry.
-Did you hear that? -Don't worry.
For God's sake!
Sergeant Garcia! He's running away!
Soldiers, on horse! Watch out with his whip!
Stop it, moron.
What l can't figure out is why you fought with your mom.
She's great. Pass me that.
-Did you screw up? -No.
Normal stuff.
l was a little wild for a while, that's all.
When l dropped out of Law School, the war started.
l don't know what she had in mind but l didn't meet her standards.
lt was terrible. As if l had ruined her life.
As if l were responsible for...
l don't know what.
We didn't talk for a long time.
l jumped from job to job, everything was going wrong.
l took the restaurant, l had no choice.
And then... l started doing well.
l began something.
lt killed my marriage, but l did well. l did well.
l saved the place, it was going downhill. That felt good.
Really good.
And then... Just when l had something to show her,
to prove l could do something.
To shut her up and stop her telling me l was a nobody...
To make her happy...
ln comes this fucking disease and now she can't see it.
She can't see it.
Now she can't see it.
What happened?
Nothing, dad. lt's me, Rafael.
-Sleeping? -No, pissing. What do you want?
No, nothing... Regarding the wedding...
Well... l'll help you out.
Really? Tomorrow we'll tell mom.
-What for? -Well, l have to propose, haven't l?
-Yes. -Pick me up at ten. Okay?
-See you tomorrow. -See you.
Hey! Thank you, son.
-How do l look? -Like a movie star. Great.
-The female opinion? -Awesome, gran. Take the roses.
Hi, Nino. My, how spiffy.
-l must see Norma, urgent. -Go ahead.
Come on.
There she is, nice and quiet.
Mom. Mom.
Well, well. Look who's here.
-Look. -What a pretty girl.
A pretty girl. Give me a kiss.
-How pretty. What's your name? -Victoria.
Your granddaughter. See how she's grown? She's unrecognizable.
l recognized her immediately.
Do you know Vicki likes poetry?
-She writes poems. -So what?
Mom likes poems too, right?
Go ahead, say it.
-''Seventy balconies has...'' -Seventy assholes.
Sure, and no flowers.
Mom. Look who's here.
What a pretty girl.
-What a pretty girl. -lsn't she?
-What's your name? -Victoria.
What a pretty name. Come here, love.
Look, she's so cute...
with that hat.
Why don't you go for a walk?
Put on a sweater. She's so pretty.
-Let's go. -This is a mess.
-How are you? -And this.
Look at this mess.
-The kids look great, don't they? -No, they're beautiful.
This goes here. This doesn't go here.
-44 years. -Who? You?
You're not 44. You're nuts.
l say we've been together 44 years.
That's a lie. Look at this mess.
-Look at this. -What l mean is...
How do you feel about getting married?
You're nuts.
-Look at this. -Yeah.
Listen to me. Are you listening?
Do you want to marry me?
My boyfriend.
This vintage is spectacular.
Hi, Sanguinetti. lt's Nino speaking.
Nino Belvedere! How are you?
Fine, fine. l'm calling to tell you l'm getting married.
l'm getting married!
l'd like you to come to the wedding.
-Nacho! Take that pan off the stove! -Done!
We cook the pasta with no oil or butter. And its own heat melts the cheese.
Signore Marchioli, you don't get this in ltaly. My father created it.
-Looks interesting. -Problems with the menu?
l was looking at it. Seems quite ambitious.
Comendattore Marchioli!
-Francesco, our chef. -A pleasure.
-ltalian? -Completely!
-From what region? -The south. Lavallol, greater Buenos Aires.
-Customers love him. -We'll go over the contract to sign on Thursday.
-That soon? -Why wait?
-Strike while it's hot. -Of course.
l'll bring champagne. Take care of this.
Pirucha? lt's Nino Belvedere.
How are you? l have great news. Get your dad.
Do they allow visitors?
-What happened now? -My hand's on fire, it burns.
-You're a moron. -Dad, he's hurt.
l'm sorry!
Sergeant Garcia, how are you?
My dad doesn't remember you, l'll introduce you.
Take this to the table.
-l took all three pills. -Marta? Nino Belvedere.
How are you? And Julio?
Nobody told me.
l can't today. l'm with these people...
Maybe tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. What?
Yes, l'll hang up first.
Nino Belvedere.
Fine. Tell me, is Alberto alive?
-Hello? -Vicki, mom!
-Wait, l'll go up and say hello. -Okay.
-Hi. -Hi.
l didn't know you were coming.
-Sorry. -lt's okay.
ln time for a drink.
Come on!
He's Daniel.
-How are you? -Vicki's father.
-l've seen photos of you. -Of me?
There's only that one left but its before my facial.
-No, family albums. -You showed him all the albums?
-Sure, they're all okay. -l know.
Sandra, l'll go get the pastries, okay?
-Go. -Ham and cheese for me.
-You're staying? -No, l'm kidding.
Hey, it's fine with me.
-l'll take Vicki. -You want to go?
Take a sweater, it's cold. Your shoes, you're barefoot.
lt's cooler like this.
See you.
-Do you have money? -Yes.
-Buy me some chocolates. -No, because you don't eat.
-Why? -And there's one in the fridge.
-lt's been 3 years. -What did l say?
-l know you. -Not at all, l liked the youngster.
-Want coffee? -l prefer tea.
-Since? -Since l came out of the closet.
-Put your feet down. -l don't drink coffee.
l've changed a lot lately.
You don't say! Let me get my notebook.
Hey, listen, l was in death's arms.
15 days in the lCU makes you rethink things.
-What did you rethink? -l thought a lot about Vicki.
lt's not good for her to see us this way.
-Which way? -This way, estranged.
We should think more about her.
l think about her all the time, l don't know you.
She's very sensitive, she needs containment.
So do you. Get your hand off me.
-lt's a joke. -Don't touch.
-lt's a joke. -You were saying you'd changed.
-lt was a joke! -You haven't touched me in 3 years.
You meet my boyfriend and you touch me.
-You're a text book case. -lt was a joke.
-What was your point? -l'm selling the restaurant.
-No way! -l want to change my life.
Great! About time too. lt was not for you.
l think it's perfect. And now what?
-l'm just dreaming aloud... -What?
-l'm thinking Mexico. -What?
-Remember our honeymoon? -Yes. -The south of Mexico.
-What will you do there? -Who knows.
-Breed horses... -What?
-Breed horses. -Horses.
What do you know about horses? Apart from Mr. Ed.
-You're boycotting me again. -No l'm not, Rafael.
You make me laugh. You're 42 years old.
Whatever, l'm going to Mexico.
The thing is: what do we do about Vicki?
What about her? Nothing.
She'll visit you on vacations, you'll visit her.
She could study there.
No, no, no. l'm tired, it's late...
l've got my period, second day, l don't want to hear bullshit.
-Are you drunk? -No.
Are you drunk? Vicki going to school there?
Who'll teach her, Cisco Kid? Just listen to yourself.
-ls the kid going? -You won't let me!
-Your girlfriend. -lt got to you.
-What got to me? -lt got to you.
Nothing got to me. What got to me?
What gets to me is none of your business.
What if it is? lt can't be?
l open Freud's Complete Works
and the index describes you. Cut it out.
You'd think we've learned something. Getting married was a childish mistake.
But Victoria isn't. She exists, she has a life:
Her mother, sometimes her father,
and school. Mexico? Mexico? Poor Vicki.
Know what? Go there.
Be happy, grow, reproduce yourself, die, do what you want.
Leave me in my bubble that cost me years of therapy.
Don't come with your bullshit and your touching.
Go find yourself, honey. When you do l'll introduce you to your daughter:
''Vicki, this is your father. He's a MAN''.
-Sugar or sweet and low? -Nothing.
-There, always on time. -l got delayed.
-What? -Nothing, l put it on ''vibrator''.
Hello? Nacho. You scared the hell out of me.
-You're late. -Come on, l have to go back. Wait here.
The Church celebrates the marriage and doesn't charge.
But that's your basic wedding, only the priest, nothing else.
-Not the image one has. -How much for that image?
We fit every pocket. From simple to luxurious.
-We want simple. -No, no. Luxurious.
The basic fee is $600. Recorded or live music?
-Recorded organs sound awful. -$400.
-Altar boys? -How much each?
-$200. -Give me two.
-Want a choir, dad? -1 ,000 more.
-Must be angels. -All blue eyed. Angelic.
-Air-conditioned? -No, the church is cool, l'd bring a sweater.
-She should bring the beige one. -Yes, dad.
Dad... l love that, ''dad''.
lt'll be an honor to marry you.
Okay, so far it's 3,700. l'll add a few extras. Candles, carpets, flowers.
l'll give you a detailed budget. We're in the neighborhood of $5,000.
Let's see... ln three weeks l have a slot at 9.45 pm. ls that okay?
No, no. lmpossible, mom at night...
-How about daytime? -Maybe it's even cheaper.
No, no way. You can't haggle with God.
Bring the bride next week and we'll take a look. -Must she come?
-She has problems moving? -She walks better than you.
My mom has Alzheimer's, that's why.
-l'm sorry the Lord tests you this way. -Me too.
We'll need the Bishop's authorization.
-Why father? They've been married for ever. -44 years, 37 days ago.
l'll talk with our lawyers.
lt's a formality. Leave it to me. l'll see what can be done.
Thanks for coming.
-l had to see you. -What a circus!
Yes, it's intense. l've been at it for years and it always amazes me.
Come. My scene's coming.
What's up? Where do l go?
-Over there. -Here? Come.
-No, l'll stay here. -l haven't slept in days. Sit down.
-What's wrong? -l have to talk with you.
-l already ate. -lt's all right.
Listen, Rafael. We always had a great rapport, didn't we?
Yes. l haven't seen you in 20 years...
And it felt like a day. For me, at least.
Quiet on the set!
-What's wrong? -Sound!
-A relaxation technique. lt calms me down. -Mark it!
-Are you nervous? -Action!
What? Are we extras?
We're important. We give life to the scene.
-We're way back. -That's life.
-What? -Listen. lt's a parade back there.
They're moving. Bring on the cannons!
-Nobody moved, l swear. -You mean it's my fault?
No, of course not! Are you okay?
ls there any reason not to be? Movement affects every actor.
-lt's not me only. -l apologize.
-Shall we be quiet? -Sorry.
Shall we?
l'm fed up, he thinks he's Olivier.
Here. You see me a lot?
He doesn't see me a lot, we can talk.
Look... Rafael...
First of all, you're like a brother to me.
l thought a lot about this before saying it.
And l can't repress it anymore.
Anyway... lt's what l feel.
And one must be loyal to one's feelings.
-Can l trust you? -Sure you can.
Please don't think l'm betraying our friendship.
-l'll just say it. -Mark it!
-l'm deeply in love with Nati. -Action!
As the Bard said: to be or not to be, that's the thing.
Would it be cooler to be slapped by time
or fight until you're crushed like a butt?
Better to die. No? lt's like falling asleep.
You act as if nothing happened.
Die, sleep, dream... But...
Who knows what we dream in the pine box?
All quiet, in the nude. That's the enigma.
Who would stand the wrangle?
The bad luck, the delusions of power.
the invisible justice, the slaps of Government.
Are you nuts?
-She's mine! -l wish l was nuts.
l always was your Sergeant García and fate turns me into Captain Monasterio.
What are you babbling about? You're a son of a bitch!
-l tell you my life... -You can't give her what she wants.
-And l can. -Don't speak to her!
-You two aren't working. -That's not your business!
l don't even know you!
We shared our childhood. My thing with Nati just happened.
What happened? Nothing happened!
You're nuts! Nothing happened!
-She doesn't even like you! -You're my brother.
No! Nor Nati is your woman, nor Vicki your daughter!
lt's my family, not yours. lt's like that.
-You're a bitch! -Stop!
A bitch!
You're a bitch! l'm going to kill you!
Don't touch her!
-He's my dad! -What?
l'm so sorry. l'm sorry. l've been wanting to meet you.
-This is Rafael? -Sorry.
l thought you'd look more... fatherish, homely... Sorry.
-Are you okay? -Yes, honey, are you?
-l'm fine. -Fuck me.
Poor old man. Now he feels guilty.
Wants to spend time with me.
He asked me to go back to Spain.
He'll pay for my master's degree.
l always wanted to do Human Resources.
ls there future in that? Aren't those resources dying?
Nothing's happening here. l need a change of scenery.
-l guess l want to drop out to. -Yeah, sure. lt's normal.
Nati, when l talked... About freedom, ...
l didn't mean breaking up.
lt's just that l don't want us to feel tied up.
Understand? Look...
l don't want to play games.
-l want us to think about things. -Hold it.
l thought about it.
l'm not sure if l'm in love with you.
You don't have Einstein's brain, or Bill Gates' money.
Don't know.You're no... Dick Watson, either.
But l fell in love. l don't know why.
l even quit therapy 'cause l knew l'd stop loving you.
But l fell in love. Now l'm not so sure.
You're not the man l thought... you were.
Thanks for not playing games. But l wouldn't let you anyway.
Because l'm worth it.
You know? l'm worth it.
Who's Dick Watson?
-See? You don't listen. -l listen. Perfectly.
'' Being in love.''
We're grown ups, that's kid stuff.
Why is it kids stuff? Doesn't your dad love your mom?
That's what l want.
On May 13, 2001 , Rafael Belvedere,
Argentine, divorced, born on Oct. 1 1 , 1958,
son of Antonio and Norma.
And Mario Marchioli, born Nov. 7, 1945, as representative...
Having studied the contract, wishes to add...
Marchioli lnternazionale assumes all responsibilities.
This sale does not imply employees must keep their jobs.
The staff shall be replaced by people trained by Marchioli.
Marchioli will pay severance to... Francesco?
Francesco Negrete, lgnacio Ramallo... All clauses are accepted by the parties.
-You wanna give me another attack? -Sorry, l was looking at you.
-Why? What do you want? -Nothing.
l wanted... To thank you for all you did.
-Don't worry. -No...
As my cousin you have an obligation to help me,
but you were extra loyal. l appreciate it.
We'll miss you here.
lf you ever open another place... Fuck this Marchioli,
Garibaldi or whatever. l'm with you.
Okay. l don't think so. l don't want more troubles.
-Just say it, l'm with you. -All right.
Why do you stare at me like that?
-You could at least thank me, man! -Okay.
Thank you.
Don't be silly, you don't have to.
-Do you know Dick Watson? -Of course, he's the...
What was his name? Dick Watson,
come on, white hair, big guy. The president of USA.
Bill Clinton?
l don't know Dick Watson.
-Francesco! What are you doing? -Nothing.
l see you taking down the pictures and l feel...
-l don't know. Life goes on. -Yeah.
Now that we sold, is it time to pack up?
Look. The truth is l'm a bit tired.
l want to spend time with Julia, my grandchildren.
l'll ask for one last favor.
Tell these guys that with them... l'm not staying.
Nothing personal, but...
With people l don't know... Understand?
-What's up? -Hi.
-The ltalians are firing all? -Yes.
l preferred the Americans... This is like being fucked by your grandpa.
-They didn't warn you? -l was there already.
-You're a worse Zorro than Alain Delon. -Don't say that.
lt's the same old shit. The 14 year-olds beating up the 8 year-olds.
Well, now you got a bundle. What can l do for you?
l don't know...
About the other day... l'm sorry.
-No, l'm sorry. -l was harsh.
-l was out of line. -Yes.
Well, not that much.
-You were honest with me. -That l was.
You spoke with your heart.
You're the only one who knows me from childhood. You're like family.
l don't have a family, Rafael. You do.
Your backpack.
-How was school? -Look what l won.
-What's that? -Barney.
-Dad? -l came to pick you up.
-lt's not Thursday. -So what? Daniel won't mind.
-Want to go with dad? -Yes.
All right. l'll tell mom.
-Hi, dad. -Hi.
Look what l got.
-lt's the second contest l win. -That's great.
-lf l keep writing this well, l'll starve. -Then eat now.
Let's see. This is mine.
-And the rest is mine... -ls yours.
-Daniel picks you up often? -Yes.
-You want to hear my new poem? -Later. Eat.
You know? l couldn't pick you up because l was working all day.
-Now, l have all the time in the world. -Good.
-You want me to read the poem? -Okay.
-Here it is. You read it. -Are you sure?
-You won't read it? -No.
All right.
Let's see... Nice handwriting.
-''Seventy balconies...'' -Dad, no!
All right.
''My hair is full of lice The sight of them makes you wince.
My mother shampoos it twice And then she tells me ''go rinse''.
My dad likes to moan and whine About work and about money.
l laugh at him all the time Because l find him so funny.
l have a mom and a dad
Though they live in diff'rent places But l love them both the same
And they both paid my braces.
They worry about me all the time And help me with all my chores.
Though l always try to tell them l'm not a kid anymore.''
''l'll always take care of them
For as long as my life lasts.
That might seem a long time...
But grandpa says it goes fast.''
Teacher helped me with the rhyme.
-You don't like it? -Yes.
You look upset.
Why... didn't l read this before?
Got more?
Welcome, beloved brothers. Welcome, beloved brothers.
-Welcome, beloved brothers. -To the House of God.
l know, l know.
Belvedere! The new sound system.
-lt sounds really... omnipresent. -Yes, very nice.
-l came to talk about my dad. -Yes.
l spoke with the curia. Even got to the Court of Canonic Law.
-And? -They were all very moved by your story.
Even more, l'll quote what Doctor- slash-Bishop Monsignor Colombo said:
This man doesn't need God. This man is God.
-What do you say? -They rejected us.
With deep regret, l assure you.
Rafael, matrimony apart from being a Sacrament is a legal contract.
And it has three conditions:
Discernment, legal intention and freedom.
-And your mother has no discernment. -No, no. l can't say that to my dad.
He's an old man. God will understand. He's old too.
God is neither old nor young, man nor woman,
-black nor white. -That's Michael Jackson.
You should see him, he looks 20 years younger.
-l can talk to him. -You'll talk about discernment to a man
who's still in love after 44 years?
Do you think every couple you marry here has discernment?
Don't you feel like saying: Your couple isn't what you think.
He looks like a bum. She won't be that supporting.
You should've asked me for discernment when l married.
l was a victim of love, something you traffic with since 2.000 years.
l was received with open arms.
Ten years later my mind clears completely
l want a divorce and you say l can't. Now you have to reason to be a catholic?
You don't reason at baptism. But, hey, it was a new customer.
The first one is free, the second you sell.
That's not true.
-God is always with you. -But l'm always treating.
The house could pay for once.
You still have another option.
A form that considers the civil wedding the beginning of the union.
My dad doesn't want to fill a form.
Can't you see? He wants to fulfill my mom's dream.
A Church wedding. Why can't you see?
lt's an act of love which l could never do.
Look at the slogan you're missing! 44 years of love!
My father should be your poster boy.
l'll talk to your father, he'll understand.
You feel okay?
Relax. Lie down.
Gabriel! Call a doctor!
Don't stand there!
Mr. Belvedere, the EKG is okay, cardiac enzymes are normal,
...your heart works.
You took too much medication for your blood pressure.
-Want me to call anybody? -No, thanks.
You should rest. Sure you don't need anybody?
-Mom. -Hi, my love.
Look who's here. Hi, Nino.
Remember when l was a kid?
You do remember.
Remember Juan Carlos?
He practically lived at home.
You always saved us.
Try. Remember when l dropped out of college?
All the fights we had?
No, don't cry.
-Mom never calls me. -Grandma?
But grandma's...
-Don't cry. l'll tell her to call. -No. She doesn't love me.
Of course she does. Everybody loves you.
Bear, do you love her?
Bad boy. Bad boy!
-l don't want to die. -Mom, don't say that.
l know l'm not too well.
You won't die. And dad won't die, and l won't die.
Remember the restaurant?
Come on. lt was your place.
Remember the name? Belvedere.
-Like dad. -Yes, like dad.
Like dad.
l did well at the restaurant. Really well.
Now l sold it, because l did so well.
lf you could understand me...
l'm sure...
l know you weren't very happy with me. No?
But believe me, l don't want to be a loser.
l want you to be happy.
l want you to be proud of me.
l don't want to be a moron, l want to be someone.
l love you. l'll take care of you.
-Don't worry. -l'm sorry, mom.
l'm sorry.
My baby. Kiss my baby. Kiss my baby.
-Hold me. -Don't you dare touch me!
-No! -Osvaldo! Osvaldo, help me!
-A mugger! -Don't be afraid.
-Get lost or else! -No, please!
Nati, open! She's my girlfriend!
Let me talk.
You're talking to me!
-Osvaldo, leave him. -See?
She's my girlfriend. Open, hear me out.
-What do you want? -l want to talk to you.
-What do l do with him? -Stay if you want.
Get out of the way.
Listen, please. l need you to listen to me.
l did everything wrong. l never listened to you, ever.
But it seems l saw the problem. They say that's part of the solution.
Pity they don't say what part. 50%, 2%? l don't know.
But... Therapy worked for me.
lCU therapy, l mean.
And... Oh, yes. Well...
lt's not true l don't want any more problems.
l just don't want more bills, suppliers. But l want yours.
l want Vicki's, my parents'. l swear l do.
You're my family. l want to help you.
And... Look... l want...
To live by your side, full of problems, yours and mine.
Because those problems are real.
And not having those problems is the greatest problem of all.
Even though l'm not Bill Gates,
Einstein or Dick Watson,
l want to spend my life with you.
A life full of problems. l'll take care of you...
No matter how many problems you have.
l have. We have! And...
That's about it. Say something, please.
-She doesn't answer. -Chicks are a problem, brother.
-Who's ''Rick'' Watson? -No idea.
l think he's a nice boy, Natalia.
Nice day, isn't it?
-Yes. -Yes.
-This is delicious. -Leave that. Sorry.
-Are you hungry? -No.
Look. Look who's there.
See? Wait, wait. Here.
Look what l brought you.
-Like it? -Yes. -Yes?
You look so pretty. Let's go.
-Grandma. -Later.
l'm so glad you came.
Calm down, mom, it's all right.
-Let's go home. -ln a while, l have to talk with someone.
Sir! Sir!
Norma and Antonio, welcome to the House of the Lord.
-Hello, Norma. -Hi.
How about a butter cookie?
Don't cry. Behave. A kiss.
-Sure they sent this priest? -Yes, he's been recommended.
He's from the Eternal... Perpetual...
-Let's go home. -Yes.
l'll ask him and we'll go. Sir?
ln the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth.
Darkness covered the abyss.
The abyss... While God's spirit fluttered.
Fluttered above the water. God said: May there be light.
And there was light. God saw the light
and said: it's okay. Then He, God, separated light from darkness.
The light He called day. The darkness He called night.
lt went dark, then light again...
We could go on like this for ever and ever.
-Amen. -Amen.
The Lord, who watches our acts and thoughts,
allows us to celebrate the marriage of Norma and Antonio.
The Lord wanted all his creatures to be delicate and smart.
He gave flowers perfume, made them like a work of art.
But he gave more to the man, a heart.
He freed him from strife.
Gave him wine and marzipan, he gave movement, he gave life
to the Wild Orangutan. But he gave more to man, he gave him a wife.
For a poet l'd call Whitman.
-Let's go home. -Father, we have to go.
Antonio Belvedere, do you take Norma Pellegrini
as your wife and promise to love her
-until death do you part? -And afterwards too.
Father, cut it out. -Yes.
Norma Pellegrini, do you accept Antonio Belvedere
as your husband until death do you part?
-Let's go home. -Soon.
Make it easier, father.
Do you accept Antonio?
-Shut up! Who is he? -Mom, look at me.
Look at me. l love you very much.
Do you love me?
-Of course. -And dad?
Dad's right here. Do you want him?
As your husband?
Yes, l want you.
And in this simple but moving ceremony
l declare you husband and wife. You may kiss her.
Good, grandpa!
What are we doing here?
-No nostalgia. -Not one last look?
-Let's go somewhere else. -l couldn't find a place to rent,
so l bought one. Come, mom.
Let's go eat great things.
-You like this table? -No.
-Hello, grandma. -What a pretty girl.
-What's your name? -Victoria.
What a pretty name. Give me a kiss.
-So pretty! -l'll be right back.
She's ill, that's why she repeats everything.
-Dad, you told me 100 times! -Don't get angry.
-Okay? -Yes.
What a lousy cake. ls it your girlfriend's?
-lt's short on meringue. -lt's not meringue.
Thanks for coming.
-No, congratulations. -Thank you.
Cut it, here comes your...
-Hello, Sandra. -How are you?
You know each other?
-By phone. -Several times.
Lovely cake, yummy.
-You don't mind l brought Daniel? -Not at all, l love him.
-Don't laugh. -No.
He doesn't look it, but he's a real Dick Watson.
Your father needs you.
-We start all over again. -Not you.
This one is mine.
You can make the tiramisu whenever you like, l'll be delighted.
But this is mine. l want a new cycle too.
But please help me with the name.
-l've got one. -Go ahead.
The name of a woman.
The moment l saw her... she made me feel like a man.
A woman any man would want to hold in his arms.
-l like it. -Don't tell your mom.
You're aiming the cork at... Fucking moron.
He brought joy to millions and his own fans crucified him.
-l agree. -Excuse me, father.
The show's over.
-Cut the Christ talk. -l'm speaking of Maradona.
-Did l introduce you to my ex? -No.
That blonde. She likes you.
She said that if you weren't a priest, she'd send you to hell.
-She has a great smile. -l'd go for it.
Think so? She's a lot of woman.
Did you see that?
-Where to on our honeymoon? -Where to? To hell.
Always the same. But you can't fool me.
l know you're pulling our leg and you're always the same old Norma.
You won't get rid of me.
l'll always be by your side. Always.
-What a drag! -Yes.
When will you get married?
Never. Where will l get a princess like you?
Don't be silly.
lt's like watching Fred Astaire. lt seems so easy.
Get a little bit closer. Uncle, closer to auntie.
-Rafael, you're out of frame. -Come on.
-Come on, do it. -Come on.
-Say whisky. -Whisky.
Mom, smile. A little smile!
-Look, like this. -Whisky.
A smile! Come on, smile!
Come on!
That's it. Good!
-Wait! -What?
-Look what l've got. -Hurry up.
Look what l got. Look.
lt's a family thing. A family size, l mean.
-lt look likes a kid's leg. -Wait.
-Look at that! -lt gets bigger.
Look, look.
-What's that? -A thermal bottle?
Who is he, an extinct species?
No, Dick Watson.
Of course. Now l see.
-Want a peanut? -l already have one.
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Halloween 3 - Season of the Witch
Halloween 4 - The Return Of Michael Myers
Halloween 5 - The Revenge Of Michael Myers
Halloween 6 - The Curse Of Michael Myers
Halloween 6 producers cut
Halloween Resurrection
Halls of Montezuma (1950)
Hamam - The Turkish Bath (1997) 29
Hamilton CD1
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Hamlet 1990
Hamlet CD1
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Hamnstad - Port of Call (1948 Ingmar Bergman)
Hana-bi (Takeshi Kitano)
Hana bi (Fireworks 1997)
Hand That Rocks The Cradle The 1992 23976fps CD1
Hand That Rocks The Cradle The 1992 23976fps CD2
Hang Em High
Hanging Garden The
Hanging Offense 2003
Hanging Up
Hannah and her Sisters CD1
Hannah and her Sisters CD2
Hannibal CD1
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Hanover Street CD1
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Hans Staden (1999)
Happiness of the Katakuris 2001 CD1
Happiness of the Katakuris 2001 CD2
Happy Accidents 2000 CD1
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Happy Erotic Christmas (2003)
Happy Gilmore
Happy Times
Hard Boiled
Hard Days Night A
Hard Eight
Hard Rain (1998)
Hard Target
Hard Times
Hard Way The
Hard Word The (2002)
Hard to Kill
Harder They Come The
Harder They Fall The 1956
Harlem Nights
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle 2004
Harold and Maude CD1
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Harry Potter
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002)
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002) CD1
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Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone CD1
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Harte Jungs - Ants In The Pants 2000
Harts War (2002) CD1
Harts War (2002) CD2
Harts war CD1
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Hatuna Meuheret
Haunted Mansion The
Haunting The
Haute Tension
Hawaii Oslo (2004) CD1
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He Got Game CD1
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He Loves Me He Loves Me Not
He Walked By Night (1948)
He ni zai yi qi - Together - Kaige Chen 2002 - CD1
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Head Over Heels 2001
Head in the Clouds
Heart Of Me The (2002)
Heart of Glass
Heart of a Dog
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Heat Team 2004
Heaven 2002
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Heavy Metal - Gerald Potterton 1981
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Henry V
Henry and June (1990)
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Herencia (Inheritance) 2001 (23976)
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Hero The
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Heroic Duo (2003)
Heroic Trio The
Hi Mom 1970
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Higanbana - Equinox Flower - Yasujiro Ozu 1958
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High Plains Drifter
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Hijo de la Novia El
Hijo de la Novia El 2001
Hilary and Jackie
Hill The
Hillside Strangler The 2004
Himalaya - lenfance dun chef
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Hiroshima Mon Amour - Criterion Collection
Hiroshima Mon Amour 1959
Hiroyuki Sanada - Twilight Samurai 2002 CD1
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His Girl Friday
His Secret Life
His brother 2003
Histoire D O (1975)
Histoire de Pen
Historias Minimas (2002)
History of the World The - Part I
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Hollow The (2004)
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Holy Matrimony (1994)
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Homolka a Tobolka
Honest 2000
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Hostile Waters 1997
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House of the Dead
House of the Flying Daggers
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How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
How to Beat the High Cost of Living
How to Keep My Love 2004
How to Murder Your Wife 1965
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Hum Kaun Hai
Hum Tum
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