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Hilary and Jackie

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Yes. I'll get her.
Yes. I'll tell her.
All right. Bye.
I've got a message|for you.
A secret one.
When I was but 13 or so,
I went into a golden land.
Cimbarozo Cotopaxi|took me by the hand!
Over the Orinoco...
across the blazing|Kalahari desert...
through the untamed|grasslands of the veldt.
What is it?
What did she say?
What did|she say that for?
It's all right.
I don't mind.
Everything's going|to be all right.
Hils, wake up.
Mummy's made a new song|for us to play.
B-flat. Listen.
Big waves...|rolling in 3/4 time.
When you hear me change|to the major chord,
I want you to dive down|under the sea.
Dive down|under the waves.
You're just|silvery fishes
swimming in and out|of the seaweed
in 6/8 time.
And... watch out,
here comes the shark!
"Dear Mrs. Du Pré,
"we are planning
"to broadcast|a children's performance
"of the toy symphony by..."
Very good.
"We would be delighted|if you would conduct
"and if your daughter|Hilary
would agree to play|the flute part."
It's from the BBC.
Jolly good.|Jolly good.
Well done,|hullabaloo.
Ha ha.
What about me?
If you practice hard enough,|maybe next time.
But I want to come|this time.
I want to be|with Hilary.
Couldn't she just|come along for the ride?
It's an orchestra, Derek,|not a Clapham omnibus.
Jackie, that is quite|uncalled for!
You're spoiling|Hilary's special day.
If Jackie can't come,|I won't go.
Follow the score, girl.|Don't gawp at the soloist.
I really can't|apologize enough.
Oh, not at all.
Worth any amount|of trouble
to get|young Hilary.
She's really|very special.
Yes, I realize that.
Your sister's|a remarkable girl.
You must be|very proud.
Oh, we all are.|Terribly proud.
I am never going to go through|anything like that again.
If you want to be with Hilary,|you have to play as well as her.
If you want|to be together,
you've got to be|equally good.
Do you understand?
So I should think
we should leave some|money on the doorstep
for the burglar to take
so he wouldn't get in|anymore.
What do you think?
well, I think...
And the first prize|goes to the Du Pré sisters,
Jacqueline and Hilary.
Well done!
One for you.
One for you.
Shall I take that|for you?
In the woodwind category...
a very clear winner...
with the highest number|of points ever awarded
in this section|at this festival...
Hilary Du Pré.
Come along.
We had no difficulty at all
in choosing the winner|in the string section,
even though we were|a little unnerved
by the candidate's rather...
overemphatic|bodily movements.
I think this must be|the first time
that our winning soloists|have been sisters.
The judges were unanimous
in choosing|miss Jacqueline Du Pré.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we have many more awards,
so I beg for you all|to sit down just...
She does move about|a bit.
She looks like one of|these Bobby Soxer types.
I must say that's my fault.
They did a lot of music|and movement
when they were younger.
Excuse me. Can I have|a picture, please?
Yeah, you, too, sir.|That's lovely. Yeah.
Nice big smiles.
Hils! Hils!
Come over.
Is this one of yours?|Does she play?
Oh, yes.
Hilary won as well,|didn't you, dear?
We can have|a family portrait.
Could you hold your flute|up where I can see it?
Smile then.
Your sister's|a remarkable girl.
You must be very proud.
Oh, yes, we are.|Terribly proud.
Smile then!
Well, then...
be good.
We'll collect you|in an hour.
Be good.
let's see|what you can do.
An hour today,
and then|see how it goes.
Well, now,|this is nice.
Try that... that lifting,
that upbeat|before the 3 quavers
with an up bow.
Like... like so.
I like him.|He's my cello daddy.
I want to come every day.
Can I come every day?
Do you mind?
We shall have|to get a car.
That's it.
She's ready.
Mrs. Du Pré,|what do you think
of a debut recital|at the Wigmore Hall?
I've spoken|to Ibbs and Tillet...
they'll handle the publicity|and the tickets...
and to Ernest Lush.
He'll accompany her|on the piano.
She's playing flat.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm afraid that my "a" string|has come loose,
and I'm going to have|to restring my cello
and start again.
Well, at least|it wasn't my "g" string.
I do wish she'd keep|that head still.
Looks so flamboyant,
all that hair flying|about the place.
Oh. There she is.
They want me to play|at a wedding in Italy.
It's a princess' wedding.
You will come, won't you?|I'd be terrified alone.
Congratulations.|You were wonderful.
Oh, thank you.
Um, excuse me, everyone.
Attention, please.
Thank you.
Jackie's debut|went very well.
I'm sure you would agree.
And to mark the occasion,|a very generous friend
who wishes|to remain anonymous...
has offered her this.
It's one of the finest|cellos ever made.
It's called the Davidov.
The magic|is in the varnish.
So you must|keep it away
from the extremes|of temperature.
Another problem|is the insurance.
So don't let it|get out of your sight.
It will give you|the world, Jackie.
You must give it|yourself.
Fratello Othello.
Spaghetti Fra Gola.
Si. Fra Gola.
Uffici de ponte.
Uffici de Firenze.
Ah, Capri|bellisimo.
Si, bellisimo!
Si, bellisimo!
Si, fortesimo!
Shh. Shh.
The bubbles are so...
Here's to Hilary and Jackie
and all who've seen enough.
Hils, look.
We're in heaven.
Oh, put that|bloody light out.
Excuse me.
Have you seen|my sister?
Is your sister|Jacqueline Du Pré?
She'll be in Berlin|by now.
She's playing the Haydn|cello concerto in c.
You going back|to London?
Yes. I suppose so.
Oh. Stop, stop,|stop, stop, stop.
What is this blasted|jigging about?
Stand still, girl.
Stand still.
It is impossible|to produce a proper tone
without proper|deportment.
You have no technique.
That's all right.|Technique can be taught.
We just have to go back|to the beginning
and start again.
Cancel any concert dates|you may have outstanding.
Yes, Mr. Bentley.
Oh, Hilary...
how is your|marvelous sister?
I'm not sure.|She's away at the moment.
In Russia.
That's it,|old boy...
keep trying.
That's it!
Ooh.|I felt that.
Well done, boy.
What is it?
That is radio Moscow.
This is what Jackie|will be hearing
if she's listening|to the wireless.
Instead of rehearsing|this piece,
I just want you
to practice playing|b-flat.
Just the note b-flat?
The note.
Just the note.
Parcel from Jacks,|everybody!
Want help?
Well, open it!
Can't open it.
can't break it.
Here, Hil.|Let me.
It's her washing.
I suppose|it must be difficult
getting her washing done|in a foreign country.
Good afternoon,|ma'am.
My niece|is a student.
Miss Du Pré.|Yes?
I was wondering, could I|book you for a concert?
No, it's not me you want.|It's my sister.
But you're|Hilary Du Pré...
the flautist?
Yes, it's you I want.|The Bach b-minor.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm not allowed|to play concerts
until|after my exam.
Oh. Well,|when's your exam?
Right now,|as a matter of fact.
Oh, well, in that case,|I'll wait.
Would you like to try|that for us again,
please, Hilary?
Miss Du Pré.
Look, do I get my booking?
Oh, I'm terribly sorry.
You ran off.|I followed you home.
You don't mind,|do you?
as a matter of fact.
I'd ask you in, but, um...
it's a bit awkward.
My sister's just come home.
All right.
Best go in.
What do you think|you're doing?
Well, if you're not going|to invite me to tea,
I shall just have to make|a nuisance of myself.
You c...
Do you know...
I'm starving.
Come here.
Who's this?
Kiffer Finzi.
I'm in love|with Hilary.
And you're|Hilary's sister.
What do you do?
I'm a musician.
Oh, following in Hils'|footsteps, are you?
Are you any good?
Kiffer Finzi. Very|pleased to meet you.
You don't mind|if I start, do you?
Exams really do give|you an appetite.
Your exam!|How did it go?
Famously. She's been offered|professional bookings.
5 quid to do the Bach b-minor|next week in Newbury.
Isn't that right?
You must be very proud of her.
Yes, I am.
Mmm. These are delicious.
Absolutely throwing it|there outside.
I got soaked.
Shall I be mum?
Oh, a nice cup of tea.
I just screamed.|It was so embarrassing.
So, have you|been with him?
Of course not.
Why? Have you been|with somebody?
I'm thinking my answer,
and you're going to have|to read my mind.
All right.
Oh, my lord, you have.
You study in scarlet!
What about you,|Hils?
Been with anyone?
Now you'll have|to read my mind.
Oh, poor Hils.
Maybe one day.
Then again, maybe not.
"Hilary Du Pré is a flautist|of immense expressive
"as well as technical ability.
She obviously has|a great future ahead of her."
Does it mention|Jackie?
Why? She wasn't playing.
I wonder if I might ask you|to keep your voice down.
Jackie's asleep.
What, she's here?
Yes. You've met.
She should get up,|read the review!
No, you mustn't wake her.
Where's he going?
Come on!|Up, out of that bed!
Your friend is making|rather a lot of noise.
Up, up!
Look. Read.
Oh, we're off|to the pictures.
Can I come?
No, you can't come.|It's a date.
We're going to see|Jules et Jim.
Sounds French.|Where's it playing?
In France.
It's by François Truffaut.
It's playing at the Scala|on Wardour street.
That's in Soho.
Yes. I thought we could|go to Maison Bertaux,
seeing as we're|in a French mood.
You do realize there|are white slavers
working|in that area?
No self-respecting man
would ask a woman|to go to such a place.
It's out|of the question.
I'm sorry.
It's completely|out of the question.
no chance of a lift, then?
Come on.
Kiffer's asked me|to marry him.
Kiffer's asked me|to marry him.
Well, what do you think?
Well, that's just silly.
Look, Hils. You don't|have to marry him.
Do you know|what that is?
That, my dear,|is a Dutch cap.
It's a contraceptive.
Is it really?
Where did you get it?
Doc fitted me up.
Oh, come on, Hils.
Let's get a flat|together and go bonkers.
We could have all|the men we wanted to.
I'm going to Marry Kiffer.
I love him.
He loves me.
He does not love you.
He just wants to get|into your knickers.
You don't have|to get married
every time|you fancy a screw.
That's what these|are for.
I want to get married.
Well,|you can't marry him.
You can't just leave me.
I'm not leaving you.|You're not here anymore.
You never will be again.
Haven't you heard?|I'm giving up the cello.
Oh, don't be silly.
I can do what I want.
But you don't know anything|apart from the cello.
I don't know anything|apart from the flute.
We're babies, Jacks.
Kiffer laughs at me.
Then why are you|marrying him?
Because he makes me|feel special.
That's a big swizz,
because the truth is...
you're not special.
I thought you'd be|happy for me.
This is nice.
Good god.
What on earth|are you wearing?
It's fab, isn't it?|Danny bought it for me.
This is Danny,|by the way.
Danny,|this is daddy.
I thought he was|from Argentina.
Surely that must be|a German name.
I think it must|be Jewish.
Oh, dear.
I had a large breakfast|this morning.
He's a pig.
I have got plenty more.|Piers, dig in.
Anyway, mummy,
we're really desperate|to get married,
but lord knows when|we'll have the time.
Of course. It's best not|to rush these things.
I'm completely|booked up until may.
And Danny's|booked up...
He's such a show-off,|but he's very handsome.
Of course, we only|really meet in airports.
We're going to do more|joint bookings together.
Sort of a duo,|like the Beatles.
There are 4 Beatles,|actually.
Are there?
Anyway, when we do|get married,
we're going|to get married
somewhere|wildly romantic
like the wailing wall|in Jerusalem.
Don't you have to be Jewish|to be married there?
Yes, that's right.|I'm going to be Jewish.
I'm having lessons|already.
Instruction, not lessons.
So, what do you think?
Why are you talking funny?
Am I?
Nobody becomes Jewish.
I know for a fact you can't|just convert to Judaism.
Bye-bye now.
Leave it to me.
Honestly,|I can sort it out.
Oh, uh...
She can't possibly be|Jewish, for god's sake.
She's blond.
They call them|the Arthur and Guinevere
of music's Camelot.
The blossoming romance|between Jacqueline Du Pré
and the Argentinean pianist|Daniel Barenboim
has taken the world|by storm.
Up a bit higher.
That's it.
Oh, I can see them now.
Miss Du Pré astonished|the British public
with her brilliant rendition|of Elgar's cello concerto.
Fresh from a triumphant|series...
You've ruined it now.
The couple has just|announced their engagement.
Miss Du Pré is converting|to Judaism.
And they plan to wed
in Barenboim's adopted|home of Israel
in the golden city|of Jerusalem.
Both asleep.
Oh, they're freezing!
Cold fingers are|very stimulating.
No, they're|bloody well not.
Oh, ok.
Here we go.
Mind your head.
Your nose is cold, too!
Someone's coming.
They can't be.
Well, they are, you know.
Oh, darling.
Why didn't you tell us?
Do I have to walk|all the way down there?
Come on.
Ok, yes, please.
So, Hilary, listen.
Oh, no, I've forgotten|it now. Shit.
How does it go?
Oh, I know this,|I know this.
Oh, yes.
You two are telepathic.
It's true.|It's true.
Oh, rubbish.
Do another one.
All right.
You listening?
I know this. This|is dies Natalis
by Kiffer's father.
All right, go on.|Do another one.
Ok, um...
don't tap it.|Just think it.
All right.
You really got me|by the kinks.
You're just|saying that.
No, it's true.
We always know what|the other one is thinking.
You know what|I'm thinking now,
don't you, sis?
Not really.
Yes, you do.
No, I don't.
I'll tell you.
I mean, just tell me.
I want|to sleep with Kiffer.
You don't mind,|do you, sis?
We always did say
that we'd share|everything, remember?
What is it?
Nothing. I think|we should all go to bed.
I don't want|to go to bed.
I could stay up|all night.
Well, you have|to be very careful,
'cause it's very easy to|stand on one, isn't it?
Why don't you look|around there?
I think you might be|standing on one.
I'm just going over|to the Williams' place
for cheese, luv.
I'll come with you.
I thought you had jet lag.
The walk will help.
Why don't you two|go together,
and I can get on|with the gutters?
Actually I'd just|as soon stay here.
Me, too.|It's settled, then.
Kiffer goes off|for the cheese
and we stay here.
I'll get the fucking|cheese, all right?
I think you should|go with her.
'Cause she doesn't|know the way.
Get away from me!
You don't love me!
Don't fucking love me!
All I want is a fuck.
Come on.
All I want is a fucking fuck,|for fuck's sake!
It's ok.
It's all right.
We have to.
No, we don't have to.
Why would anyone have to?
Because she's my sister.
Yes, well,|I think you'll find
that this is not|the sort of thing
that sisters normally|ask one another.
Because I'm scared.
Yes, well,|she doesn't scare me.
I'm sure it would|just be the once.
Just the once, huh?
I wouldn't have asked.|Any particular position?
She just needs proof.
Proof of what,|for god's sake?
Proof that|somebody loves her.
She just went.
Didn't say a word.|Didn't...
cancel|her engagements.
How does she|seem to you?
Well, she has been acting|a little oddly.
It's beautiful.
I can see why|you wanted to come here
instead of Los Angeles.
Don't worry about|the cancellations, by the way.
I've seen to them.
Everyone was|very understanding.
No one wants to put|pressure on you,
so don't worry.
Which is the daddy?
Which one?
There's a slate mine
on the other side|of the mountain.
Kiffer,|look what Theresa's found.
Will you excuse me|a moment?
Is that the one|with that one?
I was thinking...
if Kiffer and Hilary|can do it, so can we.
We can buy a house|near here if you like.
It would cost|next to nothing.
We could have all we needed.
We could have a little studio,|rehearsal rooms,
We could have a helipad.
What do you say?
I try to give her|everything she wants.
I don't know|what she wants.
Do you know|what she wants?
Not really.
Look after her,|won't you, Kiffer?
That's better.|It's just us again.
You know you|can't have toast.
I don't know why|you keep asking.
Daddy, I want toast.
Toast? I want|toast, too.
Could we|have toast?
I haven't had a chance|to light the fire yet.
Well, we'll light|the fire, won't we?
Let's light the fire.
There.|Take some of these
and put them|on the fire.
I feel a million dollars|this morning.
That was exactly what|the doctor ordered.
Oh, thank you, Hils.
You don't mind, do you?
No, of course not.
Well, here we all are.
Wouldn't it be wonderful
if we could stay|like this forever?
Get this one.
You get that one.
Come on. Throw some more|logs on the fire.
Come on! Throw it!
Come on,|throw it, throw it,
throw it, throw it!|Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on, let's go.
Here, Kif.
Come on.
Come on, sweetie.
Kif, what are you doing?
I'm kissing you.
It's me... Hils.
I know.
You're my wife.
What about Jack?
What about her?
What if she wakes up?
Look, I don't care.
Oh, that's good.
Oh, shh, shh. Shh.|Kiffer, shh.
Oh, god.
Kiffer. Shh.
Stop. Get off me.|Get off me.
Get off me!
She'll never|talk to me again now.
You've got to start|saying no to her.
The more you give her,|the more she wants.
You've got to start|saying no to her.
I've given you|everything.
Ever since we were little,
everything you've asked for|I've said yes.
Jackie, listen.
I'm sorry.
Cimbarozo Cotopaxi|took me by the hand...
over the Orinoco...
across the blazing|Kalahari desert...
through the untamed|grasslands of the valley.
We're in heaven.
Oh, put that|bloody light out.
Come. We must go.|You have a plane.
Your plane to Germany|for your concert tonight.
What about my sister?
She will be taken|to her England plane.
It's all arranged.|You must hurry.
Very good.
We understand this.
I'm afraid I don't know|a bloody word, frankly.
Ich bin ein Hamburger.
Oh, um, I'm sorry,|I'm sorry. Wrong number.
Hello, mummy.|Is Hilary there? Can...
oh, sorry. Uh, sorry.
S-sorry, no, wrong number.|Sorry.
Fantastico,|fantastico, querida.
Casals was in|the audience tonight.
He was most impressed.
We would be honored|if you'd join us for supper.
Oh, I'd love to.
Only the problem is,|is that I stink.
Excuse me?
Um, well, the sweat|just runs off me
when I'm playing.|What about Pablo?
Does he have|the same problem? Look.
Idios mío!
Excuse me, um...
my clothes are dirty,|and I'd like to wash them.
Uh... wash, yes?
Um, dirty.|Washing?
S^. Lavadero.
Well, there's no plug,|and it's too small.
No. Lavadero.|Lávelo all.
Lo siento mucho, señora.
Look, look, is there|a washing machine?
Ay, esos ingleses...
Shut up!
The maestro's|pleased to see you.
He thinks you're going|to be a great cellist.
He wants to know|if all is well.
Do you have|happiness here?
Gosh. Yes. Heaps of it.|It's just, um...
it's just the cello.
Well, it's silly, really.
I just don't want|to be a cellist after all.
Well, I never asked|to be a cellist, you see?
It's all just a big cock-up.
One day, I was just playing,|and then the next day,
I was booked up|for the next 2 years.
I hate the cello,|if you want to know.
I think I understand|this wrong.
Thank you.
This is what my home|smells like.
Who's this?
Kiffer.|Kiffer Finzi.
I'm in love|with Hilary.
I shan't be very late.
I came back|to see you.
I shan't be long.
It was terribly funny.
I'm going to get a job,
and I'm going to be|an ordinary person like you.
You couldn't be|ordinary in a million years.
And you don't know anything|apart from the cello.
I don't know anything|apart from the flute.
Jackie, we're babies.
Kiffer laughs at me.
Then why are you|marrying him?
Because he makes me|feel special.
You don't understand|that because...
you don't have anybody|to make you feel special.
That's a big swizz.
Because the truth is|that you're not special.
If you think that being|an ordinary person
is any easier than being|an extraordinary one,
you're wrong.
If you didn't have|that cello to prop you up,
you'd be nothing.
Who's that?
Hey, Freud.
You like Freud?
Yes. He'd be a lot better|if he hadn't invented
the atom bomb, though,|wouldn't he?
Are you|Jacqueline Du Pré?
Yes, I am.
I've heard about you.|I'm Daniel Barenboim.
I've heard about you, too.
Really?|What have you heard?
I heard that you had|glandular fever.
That's right.
It's very infectious,|isn't it?
So you'd better|keep your distance.
Oh, it's not infectious.|It's contagious.
You have to have|bodily contact
with the other person.
So you can talk to me,|but you can't kiss me.
You left this|in the cab.
Silly girl.
Thank you.
So, you are a musician?
Yes, I am a musician.
You know very well|that I'm a musician.
A very famous musician,|actually.
Well, you don't look|like a musician.
So what are musicians|supposed to look like, then?
They're not|usually so blond.
Danny, we should go.
I have to go.
I'd love to talk to you|sometime
about glandular fever.
Paderewski medal.
Beethoven medal.
You name it.
I won a talent contest|in Camden.
And I won in Purley.
Where's Purley?
Oh, you wouldn't|know it.
I won in Moscow.
I made miss Mouncey cry.
Who is miss Mouncey?
Who is miss Mouncey?
Who is miss Mouncey?
She's my math teacher.
What about you?
Did you ever|make anyone cry?
Mmm... no. I never|made anyone cry.
Thank you.
I'm sorry I treated|you so badly.
I should've known
you'll never|let me down.
Now that, that's how|to play Beethoven.
It's too slow. You're|coming in too slow.
No, you're too fast.|You're throwing it away.
No, you have|to do it again.
I think I'll decide|the tempo.
Are you all right?
Yeah. I just got|cold hands.
Listen to that.
It sounds like|you're running for a bus.
I've never run|for a bus in my life.
To keep|your hands warm.
Oh, Danny.
She's very vigorous|with the bow, hmm.
So there has to be|an unusual amount of room
under the arm, here.
And, ha...
sweat, sweat|is the main problem.
So that the seams have to be|a lot stronger than normal.
I understand.
I'm sorry.
It's all right.|They'll love it.
How are we going|to do the thing
without|those 2 girls?
I called for them|3 or 4 times.
Danny, have you seen|my pills anywhere?
I've lost my pills.
I don't know|where your pills are.
Oh, come on.
Don't worry|about the pills.
I can't play|without the pills.
Of course you can play|without the pills.
The pills have no effect|on you whatsoever.
I found them.
Would you still love me|if I couldn't play?
Would you still love me|if I couldn't play?
You wouldn't be you|if you couldn't play.
No, I want to know.
Our bodies|sway to music.
Oh, brightening|glance...
how can we know...
the dancer|from the dance?
But don't you wish sometimes|that you couldn't play,
that you could|just be ordinary?
Like what?|Live in the country?
Making bread?
Feeding chickens?
Playing once a year with|a bunch of amateurs?
How dare you insult|my sister like that.
I wasn't insulting her.
Well, at least|she chose her life.
Not like you and me.|We're just trained freaks.
Look, let's just|get in the cab
and then talk about it.
I wasn't being rude.
Why didn't you tell us|you were coming?
Ha ha.
I can't get up.
I can't get up.
Give it to me.
I've got|a fatal illness.
But you mustn't worry,
'cause I've got it|very mildly.
Look, uh...
what if she|won't see you?
Of course she'll see me.
I'm her sister.
I'm so relieved|that it's only M.S.
I know it's serious,
but I thought I was|going mad.
Hello, Jacks.
It's good to see you.
Ha ha.
My sister here|will tell you.
This country bumpkin here|is my sister.
This is dame Margot Fonteyn.|She's a friend of mine.
It's an honor to meet you,|dame Margot.
Oh, please.
My sister will tell you
I was behaving|in the strangest way.
But, you know,|all that's happening
is that my nerve-endings|are damaged or something.
And I might have to go|into a wheelchair.
Oh, no.
But not for ages.|It takes years.
And it happens|in fits and starts.
And they're on the brink|of a cure anyway.
Well, who'll look|after you, then?
It's just Danny's so busy,|isn't he?
And, well,|the flat's all wrong.
Kif and I have|talked about it...
dame Margot has very kindly|offered to lend me her flat.
You see,|it's in Kensington.
I can't really be hidden|away in the country, can I?
Hilary keeps chickens.|She used to be a musician,
but now it's all chickens|and children, isn't it?
I would so like|to have had children.
Hilary's got heaps of them.
In fact, if you want to|get yourself impregnated,
you should ask her hubby.
He's extremely fertile,|and if you ask her nicely,
she'll lend him to you.
She's never been|quite right
since she went to|Russia. I think...
do be quiet, Derek.
You don't think this means|she'll have to stop playing?
No. Of course not.
Bye, daddy.
This is all frightful,
but it's better|than going bonkers.
I was sure|she was going bonkers.
Ok. Want to do|this one again?
Yeah.|Careful, careful.
Oh, my god.
And... very good.
Shut up.
That's good. It's good.|It is good.
I'm going|to fall off.
I got offered|a job today.
I thought you|already had a job.
Move over.
I can't move over.
All right.|I'll move you over.
Artistic director
of the orchestre de Paris.
In many ways,|it would be better than now.
You know I'd always|be in one place.
Not in Manchester one night|and Chicago the next, you know?
You're always|in the same place.
I know.
If it were London...
no, of course you should|do it. Of course.
Paris isn't that far.
You could come home|a lot.
We'll think about it.
It'll give me a chance|to practice my French.
I've been working|very hard
on my languages,|actually.
That's good.
Joder. Do you know|what that is?
I think so.
It's Spanish for fuck.
And putain,|that's French for fuck.
And fican, that's|German for fuck.
And quievare|is Italian for fuck.
And kamamayu...
do you know|what that is?
I just wondered how you|were getting on without him.
I'm not without him.|He comes home every weekend.
Anyway, it'll be easier once|I start playing properly again.
Besides,|I get heaps of visitors.
Look at all the flowers.
What's that?
Oh, that's|my new push chair.
But you don't need|a wheelchair yet.
Oh, I see. I suppose|if I ate differently
or I exercised more,|none of this would be happening.
It's all my fault,|is that it?
No. I was just surprised,|that's all.
Oh, it's all my fault.|It's all psychological.
If it's psychological,|it's your fault, mother.
I'm sure it's|nobody's fault.
Don't eat those cakes, daddy.|They're for my visitors.
Sorry, Jacks.
Am I a cello genius?
You know you are.
Danny, I just want|to play again.
I'll play|the fucking triangle.
I just want to make|music again.
Leave it with me.
Oh, my goodness,|it's me.
can be just as rewarding|as playing in its own way.
Don't you think?
I said teaching can be|as rewarding as playing
in its own way.
Where's Hilary?
She had to leave early.|It's a long drive.
I want Hilary.
I'll go and see|if the car's here.
Margaret, the flowers.
I think|my hearing's going.
Very brave of her|when you think about it.
Can't so much|as bang a drum
unless the whole world's|looking at her.
I'm sorry. I think we|ought to go and see her.
If we go back now,|it'll be quieter.
I'd like to see her.
I wish you would|go and see her.
You haven't been to see|her in such a long time.
She'll have|heaps of visitors,
and she doesn't|want to see me.
She seemed so unhappy.
Well, mother, that is|hardly surprising.
But she was happy.|And now she says she wasn't.
I thought if you could|show her this...
what for?
Well, as evidence.
It might remind her.
Mummy, everyone smiles|for photographs.
Hello, Danny?
Hi. How are you?
I'm missing you.
Listen, I won't be able|to get home this weekend.
I've always hated Mahler.|Now I hate him more.
Perhaps next week|I'll get home.
I hope so.
What was that?
I heard a noise.
What sort of noise?
It was nothing.
It's probably my hearing|playing up again.
It sounded like|a baby crying.
I see.
It must be my hearing|playing up again,
wasn't it?
I'll call you later.
You bastard.
Where's Hilary?
the children|have got a virus,
and they didn't want|you to catch it.
you play...
loves you.
When you stop...
you're alone.
I'm sure it's not quite|that bad, Jacks.
Unh. Look at this.
Music and movement.
oh, for heaven's sake,
stop crying.
I don't understand|what she wants.
I think she's in|some sort of pain.
There are things you want|to say. I can see that.
But you cannot say them.|We cannot understand them.
But there is someone|who hears your thoughts.
Do not worry.|God hears them all.
He hears|your every thought.
Uh, it's Hilary.|Jacqueline's sister.
Oh, I see.
This is|my brother Piers.
Isn't this|shocking weather?
Well,|where's she going?
We can't get|anything down her.
I've been trying|for days.
May I try?
Shh, shh, shh.|It's Hilary.
That's it.
Up we go.
Come on.
There. Good.
Thought you|weren't watching.
Come on.
Still in there|somewhere, Jacks?
Come on.
Still in there|somewhere?
Good girl.
Good girl.
When you love someone,
you find that pictures|of them stay with you
all the time|in your heart.
Pictures of the way|you think of them
when you think of them.
With mummy,|it's that day
you broke the drum|at the BBC.
Whenever you think|you've lost that person,
you start|with a picture
and then you|find them again.
You want to know|what I think of
when I think of you?
When people say|Jacqueline Du Pré to me,
I think of|a day on a beach
a long time ago.
Long before you|played the cello.
Before that|Jacqueline Du Pré
or this one.
And we were|playing a game.
When I was but...
13 or so...
I went into|a golden land.
Cimbarozo Cotopaxi|took me by the hand,
over the Orinoco...
across the blazing|Kalahari desert
through the untamed|grasslands of the veldt,
over the steppes...
and home.
Do you remember what you|said to me that day, Jackie?
You said that everything|was going to be all right.
And in the end, it was.
Hundreds|of roads are blocked,
and large parts of the rail|network are out of action.
The home secretary is chairing|an emergency meeting
to discuss ways of dealing|with the emergency.
The cellist Jacqueline Du Pré|has died at her London home.
She was 42.|Jacqueline Du Pré...
oh, god.
And won several awards
before rising to the top|of her profession.
She will be|particularly remembered
for her performances of|Elgar's cello concerto.
Stop the car, Piers.
Stop the car!
Oh, god!
Hil, where are you going?
When I was but 13 or so,
I went into a golden land.
Cimbarozo Cotopaxi|took me by the hand...
over the Orinoco...
across the blazing|Kalahari desert...
through the untamed|grasslands of the veldt...
over the steppes...
and home.
What do you want?
Nothing.|Just to see you.
I just wanted|to tell you
that everything is|going to be all right.
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