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Want me to tell you something?
Millions of celestial bodies are hurtling toward Earth as we speak.
Meteors and asteroids.
Heading for Earth.
Straight toward us. And they're dangerous.
Most of them burn up on their way through the atmosphere.
But meteorites don't burn up.
On the surface, everything might seem fine.
Then it happens.
Out of the blue.
If a meteorite the size of a house strikes us...
All life will be extinguished.
Birger Larsen?
It's happened before, and not very long ago.
Just think of the dinosaurs.
Bang! Game over.
-We said 20,000, right? -Sure they're legal?
Of course. These are the world's greatest fireworks.
They're about to send up a satellite that will spot dangerous meteorites.
If one's about to hit us, they can fire a nuclear missile.
That will divert the meteorite. And it will crash somewhere else.
Like Mars.
We can't save all the planets.
A couple, maybe.
Like Earth.
December 22
Hi, Juni.
This Christmas will be a lot better than last year's.
There'll be less wind.
There were less butterflies this year, -
- which means chances of a hurricane are minimal.
That's been scientifically proven.
Well, not quite proven, but almost.
Johannes said everyone's going home for Christmas.
And he knows what he's talking about.
I can't do it.
I can't stop thinking about work.
-Aren't you a little early? -What do you know?
-You can have my room. -Won't you be back after Christmas?
We're going to have so much fun, with Christmas carols and nuts.
And dad has bought me an expensive gift.
A car.
Because they love me more than the heavens and the Earth.
They'll be here soon.
Cab driver? This is only temporary. I'm attending the police academy.
Not bad, huh? To become a cop?
-Don't you think? -Whatever.
Do you have family up there at...?
A daughter.
It's important to show you care.
-Do they know about me? -Are you nuts?
Do they know where you got your passport?
They want to deport me!
-Get out of here! -I want my money back!
You'll have it tomorrow. I'll take care of it.
Let me borrow your scarf.
-Juni's going to hang herself again. -No, she isn't.
You're going home to sing Christmas carols.
"Silent Night," that's a classic. And that one about the tree...
-Give it to me. -No, Juni.
They're serving headcheese, tea and coffee.
-Faggot! -You're going to get a new used car.
You'll just stretch it. You'll ruin my scarf.
Forget it. Use something else.
My fault. My fault.
-That didn't hurt at all. -No one touches Juni!
Keep a minimum distance of 85 cm.
85 cm. I'll remember that.
-Preferably a full meter. -Maybe more.
Then you'd be sure.
"Tromso Doctor Thaws Dead People."
-Crazy. -Crazy.
"Medical science's latest discovery:. It's healthy to be happy."
"A drunk farmer killed an ostrich..."
-Crazy. -Let him finish.
-Faggot! -I'm not gay, I'm a manic-depressive.
You're a crazy faggot.
We are a gathering of rich people...
... with an alternative interpretation of reality.
Who are going home for Christmas.
-We just want you to be happy. -Want to sleep with me?
Everyone: Merry...
-Christmas. -Christmas.
Aren't you going to pay? I have a bill here!
You're betting 20,000?
-On a horse? -You betcha!
I thought you were broke.
You should make a poster:
"For sale: The world's greatest fireworks."
Then you'd get rich, too.
-Bye. -Bye.
Juni, you know what they're about to get?
-Who? -The scientists.
The entire blueprint.
Humans, genes, all that.
Know what that means?
That they can put us together so everything is right.
Is that far off?
No, I think it's right around the corner.
Want me to comfort you?
You know I don't let anyone touch me.
Never mind. It was just this other science project...
We need all the light we can get.
-They'll be here, Reidar. -You think so?
Don't you look wonderful! Grandma will be thrilled.
-Don't, Juni. -Is everyone OK?
Merry Christmas.
Hi, Juni.
Merry Christmas.
You too.
I just want to check that I have everything.
-Let's sit down. -No, I'm ready to go.
Remember last year?
How painful it was for everyone that you weren't happy?
Your hair looks nice.
I'm practically cured. Thought I'd apply to the university next spring.
-Physics or biochemistry. -We thought this year...
We're going away.
Where to?
-The Canary Islands. -Great.
I could use some sun.
I'm doing much better this year than the past two years.
Don't make this any harder.
This is for you.
From us.
It can be exchanged, if...
Are you going to screw?
We'll send you a postcard, Juni.
Merry Christmas.
I'll talk to her, Reidar.
-Crazy? -No.
You're just sad.
But tomorrow...
... everything will be much better.
-I'm heading home now. -The usual time?
-We'll keep an eye on Juni. -Thanks. She's in her room.
If you see her with a scarf...
Give your mother my best.
Mrs. Ruud, you promised we'd discuss the nursing home.
You can't stay here alone.
-But I'm fine. -Yes, you look good today.
You don't.
They'll take good care of you.
Take care? Of me?
I don't understand. I don't need taking care of.
-Fine. I'll be back tomorrow. -No, you won't.
-Hi, Reidar. -Hi.
Don't worry. We'll work something out for your mother.
-Talk to you later. -OK.
-Bye. -Bye.
Christmas present.
Coffee pot.
-Mom? -Potted plant.
Are you all right?
Do you think I can't take care of myself? That's what they think.
I'm going to bring charges against them. I take care of...
-Otto? -Everything.
-I take care of you, Reidar. -You aren't going to the home?
Reidar, you're the one who's in a home!
I know. That's my fault.
We'll work something out.
No problem. No problem.
You weren't really hungry, were you?
I just have to keep moving.
We'll work something out.
One step at a time.
-Horse number 4 is in the lead... -Come on! 200,000!
... but number 11 slips by to win by a nose!
No! Shit!
1.6 million goes to four lucky winners who picked number 11.
-Hi. -Hi.
I'm glad my dick isn't limp.
What happened to your husband?
Did it happen suddenly, or over time?
Stop it.
500 kroner? I guess that's money, too.
A letter from the police academy.
-Were you accepted? -Of course.
-You haven't even opened it. -I'm saving it for Christmas Eve.
That's not funny.
-Is this awkward for you? -Not at all.
Remember this?
Maybe we should move.
To a house. A house in the country.
With cows. And maybe a little dog.
There you go, Otto.
Wow! A naked Chinaman.
No, Otto!
Come on, baby. Did you get a little scratch?
Let's go home. One foot in front of the other.
There you go!
We just keep on moving.
Hi. Can't you sleep, either?
It isn't your fault.
1001... 1002...
It won't strike here.
1001... 1002... It's only 500 meters away.
Do you think we have to stay here till we die?
I assume so.
I don't know if I can stay that long.
Are you OK?
Good night.
Good night.
December 23
-Will you be late this evening? -No.
It's OK with me. You know that.
It's ruined.
Someone smashed Alf's flowers.
What were they? Tulips? Daisies?
What were they going to be?
Na... Na...
We can fix this.
And you had spent so much time on these. Made little plastic tents...
-It was Juni! -No way.
Did you see that beautiful white bird?
It wasn't her fault. It was mine!
Stand over there.
-Do you have a referral? -The hospital refused to take him.
No, no...
-Juni! -He wants to sleep with me.
No, I don't think he does.
He says he doesn't like girls.
Johannes, he's gay!
He says he's a homosexual.
-Crazy? -No. Just afraid.
-Bring him to the hospital. -They won't take him.
Usually in situations like this...
Does he have family?
If not, it's up to his doctor. That would be me.
-He should be deported. -We can't even understand him.
-He spoke Norwegian yesterday. -Shock is a good diagnosis.
-And if he really is ill? -Then he has to stay, right?
-It is Christmas, after all. -Yes. It is Christmas.
I'll be back in a minute.
She didn't mean anything by it. She was just afraid.
Sorry. My fault.
One day this ball will go through the wall.
Then everything will be in harmony.
And there will be nothing to be afraid of.
A huge meteor could crash right through here.
And nothing would happen.
No one would get hurt.
It's not very likely, but... you can always hope.
Maybe I should go in to her?
I agree.
It was my fault. I shouldn't have left you yesterday.
It's so hard to get rid of yourself.
Maybe you should wait. It's better during the summer.
More practical.
-Summer's so far off. -No.
Would you help me?
There's nothing to be afraid of.
Want me to comfort you?
I don't need to touch you.
Just comfort you with...
With words.
"Horses grazing at night..."
We have to do something, Mrs. Ruud.
He's fine. He just needs something to drink.
Let me call the nursing home. Then you won't have any worries.
Will they take Otto?
Your bed is waiting. The nurses are looking forward to your arrival.
-Is Reidar in on this? -I have spoken with him.
I see.
I'll be back tomorrow, and we can pack.
Here's your medicine.
He needs help. No doubt about that.
Thank you.
I think you should be manic-depressive.
Just make your face expressionless.
That's it.
If he's too normal, they'll send him back to Burma.
I'll be back soon.
Are you OK?
Sit on each side, and make sure that Juni doesn't get by you.
-No problem. -Not while I'm here.
-Faggot. -No, I'm not.
It's me.
You've been plotting against me.
You should be ashamed of yourself! Against your own mother?
I don't want to hear it! Not another word!
I often need to have things spelled out.
-Could you please do that now? -It's your Christmas present.
-That's two days off. -What?
I don't have time to wait. Best to get it over with.
-I'm sorry. -Oh, is it you?
Bye now!
What do you think his name is? Birger?
His name isn't Birger, you idiot!
-Birger? -His name isn't Birger!
-Birger. -Birger.
You said it was legal to sell fireworks from a gas station!
I want my money back!
That was my life savings.
I'll get it to you tomorrow.
-I need that money now. -I have it.
Then why don't I have it?
You'll get it. Consider it a long-term investment.
Hi. Going far?
Lucky it's my turn.
Going to a party?
I'm going to the Canary Islands.
My name's Thomas.
Are you all right?
Nice house.
Kind of art deco, isn't it?
Please don't touch anything.
Worried someone might come home?
They won't be home until Christmas Eve.
-Who? -Mom and dad.
I was worried you were married.
Mom's side. Dad's side.
Do you need help?
Aren't you going to take your clothes off?
You have to.
I'll just drop them on the floor.
It'll be over soon.
No one needs to know.
Say that.
Say it!
Say, "We don't have to tell anyone."
This is too weird.
Was your name Juni?
Is everything OK?
I got a new dress.
Because they love me more than the heavens and the Earth.
She was totally insane.
I just followed her inside to get paid.
-And she whacked me with a lamp. -You hadn't done anything?
Not a thing! And look at me now!
So what?
I can't do this today.
Are you spying on someone?
-Is that what you're up to? -No.
-How's your dog? -Fine. Do you have a problem?
-No. -Maybe you have a serious problem.
-I'll spare you the entire story. -Thank you.
-Is this your car? Are you drunk? -My dear Mrs. Ruud...
So, you know who I am. And I know who you are. A nurse.
-Psychiatrist. -Same difference.
Now I know how you get us committed. You spy on us!
Give me your keys, before I call the police!
Get him, Otto! Get him!
Damn peeping Tom. Get him, Otto!
I'll go with her to the hospital.
-They're all after me! -Everyone?
Hear that? Did you call for that ambulance?
Christmas Eve
-Merry Christmas. -Merry Christmas.
-Merry Christmas. -Merry Christmas.
He's gay.
Did you have a nice ambulance ride?
Good food?
What did you get?
-Rice porridge. -So did we.
With juice?
Were they angry?
Well, maybe the guy who had to clean up...
If I really want to...
If it's what I really want...
Don't you want to wait?
Will you help me?
Can't you just wait?
Smart doggy. Good doggy.
She thought we wanted to go to some nursing home.
But we don't want that, do we?
She thought she was so smart.
Mrs. Ruud?
That won't help.
It doesn't help to have an education.
Mrs. Ruud?
You rest here, and I'll get us some food.
No one will find us in here, Otto.
I may not be perfect, -
- but I know the difference between a manic-depressive and...
Sorry, my fault.
-Hi. -Hi.
Reidar's mom, Mrs. Ruud, is missing.
-Is she here? -No.
You didn't come home last night. I tried calling.
Will you be home soon?
You can't run this hospital on your own.
-It's Christmas Eve. -Yes.
But I have to stay in case something happens to Juni.
-How is she? -She's... fine, I guess.
Something bad happened.
-Something bad? -She had sex with a stranger.
You think you can handle it, but you can't.
Do you think it will work out?
If I said that...
... that nothing ever happened.
Maybe we could put it behind us?
No, we've...
It's gone too far.
This is what you wanted, wasn't it?
You should have stopped me, Johannes.
I love you.
It doesn't happen often. But we can always hope.
You just have to be in the right place at the right time.
When everything is just right.
It's simple: When the quarks in the ball match the quarks in the wall, -
- the quarks in the ball will sneak past the quarks in the wall.
Without colliding.
There will be a moment of harmony, when everything is in balance.
You just have to be there at the right moment. It might be right now.
Kierkegaard. Have you read any Kierkegaard?
I used to read him.
Obsessive behavior is not unusual.
Some people just get more out of it than others.
You'll find a solution.
But I can't stay here any longer.
I didn't realize how difficult it was to be insane.
Too bad. There's just something missing in your eyes.
It's good you have an umbrella.
She thinks of everything.
Merry... Christmas.
I want my money back, thank you.
You're welcome!
I know. The rent. You'll get it tomorrow.
Pedigree! That's it, Otto.
It may not look like it, but this is my money.
I don't trust the bank, and I had forgotten my key. It's mine.
I know who you are.
-Please. -I know where you live.
Please, don't...
Could you help me? I need some dog food.
Do you know where I live?
Good to have.
You can't do it here. This place is full of doctors.
-You aren't trying to stop me again? -No.
Are you sure?
Don't you dare try!
Out for a walk?
Going to your sister's?
I've always wanted to go somewhere. See other cultures.
A place like London. Penny Lane and those other streets.
-Stop! -No, please.
Those two people are nuts.
Hi. Recognize me?
We'd be happy to drive you home.
Hello? Juni?
You're freezing to death.
Come with me. Come on, we can drive you.
Sorry. My fault. I should have told you she's a hitter.
-It's pathological. -Ask her where she's going.
-Where are you going? -Home.
Fine. We'll drive you home.
Is everyone OK?
Want me to tell you something?
Millions of celestial bodies are hurtling towards Earth.
Straight toward us.
They're dangerous.
Some of them don't burn up in the atmosphere.
Some make it through, and strike us. It's happened before.
Those meteors don't care if it's Christmas Eve.
-They'll just make it worse for you. -I'll have to shut down.
I only have fire insurance, not burglary insurance.
Do you have a light?
They're about to send up a satellite that can spot incoming meteors.
If they spot one, they can fire a nuclear missile.
That will divert the meteorite.
Everyone lives somewhere.
Then it will crash somewhere else. Like Mars.
We can't save all the planets.
Maybe none.
I hope they send up that satellite soon. We may run out of time.
Watch out!
OK? Come on out.
Careful. Watch out, Reidar.
-Mom? -Otto?
I can't feel my legs!
Where are you, Otto?
That means someone just died.
No, it means you can make a wish.
He needs help.
Come on.
I've seen it on TV. This is how they do it. Then they are reborn.
I just wish someone had understood his final words.
Maybe he said something to his parents.
I understood some of it.
He was talking fast, and in a foreign language, but...
What did he say?
He said you shouldn't take those pills.
And that everything would be better now.
Things are going to get much better.
We should set him on fire.
-Maybe that's not necessary. -No.
I think maybe I'm a little cold.
May I touch you?
I'm a hitter.
That's all right.
No problem. I'm all right.
Is this where you've been hiding?
Let's sit here and rest for a while, Otto.
Life lasts but a brief second
One filled with both good and bad
I have fire insurance.
These are the world's greatest fireworks!
Are you OK?
Life lasts but a brief second
One filled with both good and bad
If you believe or hope You will be disappointed
Life's hands keep turning You meet and break apart
First a light and happy game
Then you part and go your opposite ways
I have left you now
Although I still love you
That's why I tell you
You may forget, But I remember every word
Everything broke, But no trace was left behind
At least I have the memories
They can never take them away from me
Remember the joys we found together?
Remember the thoughts which bound us together?
Every day, every hour I have counted
If you forget, I will remember it all
Subtitles: Nick Norris
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Hunt For Red October CD2
Hunted The
Hunter The
Huozhe (Lifetimes) CD1
Huozhe (Lifetimes) CD2
Huozhe CD1
Huozhe CD2
Hurricane 1937
Hurricane The CD1
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Hyojadongibalsa 2004
Hypnosis (Saimin 1999)
Hypnotic Doctor Sleep
Hypnotist The 1999
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Hypo-Chondri-Cat The (1950)