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His Secret Life

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TML Group presents:
The Ignorant Fairies.
Can I be your guide ?
So you'll never know the secrets of those sculptures.
I don't want to know them, please leave me alone.
- Go away, I've got a husband. - Perfectly! I've got a wife.
I'm waiting for him.
We're going on a party, concerning his work. We were supposed to meet here.
How can a husband leave such a wonderful woman alone ?
I've been wondering about it as well. In addition he does it quite often.
- That's unwise. - First of all careless.
I've been waiting for an hour. He'll probably be coming here in a minute.
So I kiss you right now, or I'll lose it forever ?
Stop it.
I've just picked you up, let me kiss you.
- Where did you park ? - And you ?
I came by taxi.
- My watch stopped working. - Nora, you were supposed to be back at 11pm.
- Others stayed for longer. - I don't care about the others.
- I didn't make it for a reason. - Indeed.
That's a second time.
A rule is a rule. We had set it up together.
You go out, when you want, if you're not needed..
..but you come back at a fixed time.
Next time I'll come back earlier.
I don't know, if that will happen.
Your aunt doesn't know you had left.
I've given her one more chance. The last one.
You love to make someone's life more difficult than it is already.
Leave her alone!
You don't have to fight with her aunt.
She's entrusted us with her. We're responsible for her.
Nora is mature, she doesn't have to reckon with her so much.
It is not you, who has to argue with her family.
- What time do you leave tomorrow ? - Right after the work.
You're going straight from the office ?
It'll be faster.
You won't be on the supper..
Is that all you have to say to a cute, and naked man ?
Bad news ?
Why have you been waiting so long with informing me about the results ?
That's the procedure. You are seropositive.
The virus exists in your organism, but it's inactive.
Keeping to an appropriate therapy..
you can ward off becoming sick.
Medicine has progressed.
We've got to the grips, one fax was enough.
Next supplies were delivered without problems.
We will avoid them in the future as well.
- Giulio, you're going with us ? - I'm waiting for a phone from Poland.
Your wife will have to make a test as well.
I don't think so.
We haven't been sleeping together for a long time.
It happened... Because of my friend's wife.
In Mediolan.
It's a worthy woman. How am I supposed to tell Elena about it ?
What will she think about me ?
You will have to support yourselves.
In a moment like this, you both will need help and support.
- We're having a lunch at 1:30pm. - It's almost 1pm.
I forgot about my mobile, coming right back.
We've got to go, we'll talk next time.
I'll give you the name..
...of a technical clinic.
I'll recomend you a doctor as well.
You'll refer on me. He'll recommend you adequate therapy.
It will be a struggle, but I'm sure you'll succeed.
- I'm sorry, but you've got a phone. - I can't right now.
It's important.
Excuse me.
Put them right there. No, there.
We cleaned the Massim's office
We brought all his things.
I'll help you to put it away. We'll do it together.
I couldn't cancel my trp to London.
But you can go with me. It would make you feel better.
When I'm back, I'll stay here for a couple of nights.
I won't leave you alone.
Nora, let's lay the table!
Mr Massimo was so nice.
I gathered his favorite things, so that he won't be alone on the way.
- I thought you were Catholic. - Not completely.
"For Massimo, in seventh anniversary of our matrimony.
For that part of yours I desire, and which I will never have.
For every yours: "I can't."
...for your every: "I'll be back".
Waiting eternally.
Can I call my patience love ?
Your Ignorant Fairy."
Your Ignorant Fairy ?
"For Massimo, in seventh anniversary of our matrimony..."
- Who gave this picture to Massimo ? - Antonia ?
Giulio, do you know who had given this to him ?
- Are you all right? - Tell me about this picture!
What picture ?
The one, which came along with Massim's stuff you sent me.
Simona was probably going into that.
I know you were hiding it, but I've to understand it right now.
I'll come if you want.
No, give me Simona's home phone number.
- Should I come ? - Give me the number!
Why would I store delivery receipt ?
Because you are pathologically scrupulous. Massimo always kept on saying that.
- Did he say anything more about me ? - Why are you asking ?
I work not only for the money.
Find the damned receipt...
...and I'll tell you what Massimo had been thinking about you.
I assure you, he didn't have a romance.
I assure you, that he had had!
I've found it!
Only the address. Home number, but there's no surname.
- Don't you know who lives thee ? - No.
Oh well, I'll find out myself.
Antonio, wait
So ?
He was saying: "I trust her immensely. She would have never betrayed me.
I thought the same about my husband.
Who told you, that that he'd want to leave me
What do you know about my life ?
I'll give you an advice concerning men.
What do you know about them ?
- Mara's worrying about you. - Don't interfere!
I'm not telling her, who she is supposed to fuck with.
- Luisella, you're funny. - He's waiting.
Right, in a caroca.
- Mara, were I asking you ? - Fuck off!
It's my cash, I'll do what I want to.
He won't leave his beloved woman for 800,000 liras!
He would sell you for ten!
I gave him the money in a moment affect, he wasn't asking for it.
- Don't go, save your face. - Not your business, fat cow.
Get out of my way, bitch !
She's always the same...
..when somebody breaks up with her, so it means she's always the same.
Are you all right ?
A little..
- I've to hand over this picture to 10. - They're sleeping right now at Mariani's.
Mrs Mariani is sleeping ?
- Mrs ? - Miss...
Miss Mariani works at the night market..
..and she sleep during the day.
- Are you a house keeper ? - I'd love to be.
I take care of the building.
Thank you.
- Beautiful "Ignorant Fairy"... - Do you know her ?
- Whom ? - That "fairy".
That's the title of the picture. It was painted by Joseph Lanti.
I didn't know that.
That's only a copy.
You can leave it, I'll hand it over to Miss Mariani.
I've got to deliver it personally.
If so,
please come back on sunday, in the lunch time.
Or go to the night market.
- Okay, good bye. - The glass ?
I'm sorry.
- Move it, we're waiting! - Which floor is it...
You've got the keys, why don't you use them ??
If you didn't bring the dessert, I'll kill you.
I'm sorry.
I thought it was Ricardo and...
- I'm looking for Miss Mariani. - Who ?
Miss Mariani, doesn't she live here ?
- I'm here because of the picture. - It depends...
Please, come in.
Serra, come here.
Talk with here, 'cos she's talkin' wit some kind of a code
Good morning.
- Don't you remember me ? - I don't think so...
Want some orange juice ?
- Maybe I didn't come on the right time? - You're always not on the right time here.
- I'm Mara, nice to meet you. - Antonia, nice to meet you too.
- Have a drink. - No, thanks.
Trust me.
I'm sorry, I'm always not on the right time.
I'd only like to talk with Miss Mariani.
That's a mistake.
That's my home, and there's no Mariani here.
That mistress was saying,
,that Miss Mariani had been living here, and that I should come on Sunday.
I've made a mistake, as usual.
She was living here some time ago. Didn't she, Michele ?
Yes, but she won't be coming back here any more.
Not for some time, at least.
She never says, where she goes - it's hard to bump on her.
- I just wanted to give her back this picture. - I'll give it to her.
I'd like to deliver it personally.
It will be hard.
She's never home. She travels a lot.
- Today here, tomorrow there. - She emerges, and disappears.
She lives like a gypsy.
It's nearly impossible to meet with her.
Now, excuse us, we're awaiting guests.
I'm sorry. We can't help you.
- Is it your sister ? - Yes, semisister.
Good bye.
You're such a bitch!
Did fat leak into your brain ?
She's already gone.
Take your fat ass out of here.
They took outside everything, and the table's still not laid.
We're not laying it ?
Don't change the topic.
If you stay, I'll stab you.
If she's back, you'll get stabbed first.
She won't be back. She has already guessed it.
She's already in the hospital and she's on a shock treatment!
Jesus Christ!
You've got keys to my flat. Please give them to me.
That's Ernesto. He's out of service right now.
I'm sorry.
Please leave.
I want to talk with Miss Mariani, who was a lover of my husband.
- I won't leave, until I'm able to talk to her. - Why are you insisting ?
I don't understand.
Whatever, I just want to talk to her.
That's impossible!
Who are you, her relative ?
I don't have relatives.
Only an aunt, but she's 70.
- Is it your wife ? - What ?!
- House without doors ? - Welcome!
- Isn't that the picture, which.. - You're slowly piecing together.
If he wanted you to know, he would have already told you about it.
O let you guess.
Oh please, not now!
- Why are you trying to make a mess ? - Go to the terrace.
What's with him ?
Please leave him alone.
- He's not with us any longer. - Do you know about everything ?
Please let me talk with her.
A cute woman doesn't exist! Don't you understand ?
You've already taken a look. Do you need a commentary ?
Why did my husband own keys to this house ?
That's a good question!
Whose house is it ?
- Yours. - So ?
2 + 2 = 4, doesn't it ?
You burst into here whenever you want,
and I couldn't come any closer to your ideal house,
so - please - don't make a sensation.
If anyone can be mad here, then it's rather me.
Seven years have I been behaving like I should have been.
Now it's your turn, to be polite - at least this one time.
What will you do, if I tell you, that I had been a lover of your husband ?
Indeed, for 7 years.
- And ? - Continue.
Shit, I feel guilty now.
I didn't steal him from her.
Massimo had a romance.
Really ? Good.
He was a human, after all.
Mum, it lasted 7 years!
- My dear. - Don't feel sorry for me!
I'm feeling sorry for her.
- You're not on my side ? - It's hard to be a lover.
Always in the shadow, you always grab the crumbs.
Stop quoting soap operas.
It's real life.
General Sperelli...
Remember that tall handsome guy..
...from the house on the square's corner?
Your father left me, but not his wife and kids.
It lasted nine years.
I didn't even get the hang of that.
You were never interested about life.
You married a friend from the secondary school. That's pretty banal.
- You never liked Massimo. - It's not about him.
I was worried, when you had left on the first stop.
That you had left everything for him..
Even medical studies, friends.
To satisfy him, you even didn't have a baby.
I didn't like it, that you were happy with what you have had..
Will you meet with her ?
- I've already done that. - And what ?
I smacked her.
- Has she got a husband? Does she live with somebody ? - I don't think so.
You're both alone, you could become good friends.
Mum, you're incredibly helpful!
I've lost my husband two times, and all you can say to me is...
...that I have wasted my life.
If I start having suicidal thoughts, I'll call.
If Curelli doesn't come up, call him, please.
He always delays with the delivery.
Pineapples are wet.
What do you want ?
I want to talk.
About what ?
I'd like to know everything.
He's no more, for none of us.
It's not that simple.
I want to know how you had met,
when you set out to be together.
When did you meet, how did you cheat me.
Marilena, I'll be back in a moment.
I have to know, what really connected both of you.
I've got to understand.
What's here to understand? We loved ourselves.
That's not true, I don't believe.
I bore your existance, when he was alive.
You had him during all holidays.
Now, when he's gone, I still have to bear you. No way!
You knew, that he had a wife!
Take a closer look! I'm a man
If he had also been with me, then he surely had a reason for that.
I'm not your rival.
I've never tried to steal him from you.
You have nothing in common with him.
With Massimo I knew.
Maybe you didn't know him well ?
What ?
15 years after marriage and I didn't know him ?
We ate from one plate, drank from one glass.
He read in my mind, and I read his.
He didn't have to ask questions.
And you're trying to say I didn't know him well ?
I couldn't even go to his funeral.
Do you know, what I still have, after his death ? A handful of photos.
He has been lying to me.
For years.
Don't you understand? Now I don't know who he had been.
I came the other day to your examinations, to your lab.
I wanted to see you.
I won't bear it...
- Do you know, what I thought, when I saw you ? - No.
Tighten and loosen your hand.
Don't move.
How long have you been having drips ?
You don't feel anything, do you ?
You're Massimo's wife, aren't you ?
I'm sorry for what has happened.
Now she's a slut!
Where should I send him ? To metro stop near Pyramid ?
No, let's send him to Eur.
Bet that he will eat lunch with us ?
I don't care.
Then why did you make me make that tearful phone ?
- For Ernesto! - Right!
Why are you bumming into that with your fat ass ?
Because, not like the others,
I use it only for sitting!
How was it? Redemption Army releases a lunch.
Will you eat with us ?
Thank you, but I can't.
You have to take that drip out after an hour anyways.
- Chop the onion. - You know Luiselle already.
She'd been cheated by an uncountable amount of men.
At least somebody wants to cheat me.
You choose only those hopelesses.
Chop it finely.
You elegant one.
When are you planning to make a sell-out ? I want to be like that too!
- You'd need a miracle for that, kitty. - Grace Kelly has called.
Antonio, meet boys.
- That's Riccardo. - My condolences.
That's Luciano.
Those both never part.
That's Sandro.
He's the only one, who doesn't live here.
But he'd love to, since Massim's gone.
Let's go to the table.
Mara decided to go to her family town.
She always says that, but she never does it.
- She doesn't have the courage. - She'll go, although she shouldn't.
I think she should, at this instance.
She would finally get rid of that nightmare.
What do you think, Antonio ? Should she go, or rather not ?
I don't get it.
I'll explain. I was brought up in Catanzaro.
She's got a real family, though it's hard to imagine.
She was born as a result of a failed genetic experiment.
And you are a daughter of a whale and a cactus ?
For God's sake!
Mara hasn't been in her city for 10 years.
Her beloved younger brother is getting married next week.
Mara wants to be there,
but nobody knows, that "he" is now "her".
I'd really like to see my grandma. She's 99 !
If she sees you, she won't celebrate her 100th anniversary for sure.
- I could go in men's clothes. - That's a marriage, not a Halloween.
A guy with such a bust ?
I'll flatten it.
And you'll hide your face like an invisible human ?
Good idea.
Why does he always have to be like that?
Bad guy.
Don't give her satisfaction.
Let's be silent, otherwise she'll never shut up.
That's the idiot, who was ringing.
It wasn't only Massimo, who used to ring like that.
I'm tired, but I found a few things.
You made a raid on a flea market ?
Angelo Pezza: saint patron of all flea markets.
Who's that ? Plays main part in your new acting ?
Stop it. It's lsraele.
- Hey, I'm lsraele. - From Neapol suburbs ?
- No, from the centre. - Get lost!
It doesn't matter where he's from, but how he looks!
- Come here. - At least he's not effeminate.
Nice smile.
- You're a dentist ? - No, I work at the bakery.
How is bread baked ?
You have probably already learnt that..
I've known him for 20 minutes. Who are you ?
- Is it really her? - Who else could she be ?
You're very photogenic.
- Tactful, as usual. - Said the turkish refugee.
You're irritable, because they always take away your men.
Stop it. Don't worry about them.
I don't worry about anything any more.
You still haven't answered.. What is Mara supposed to do ?
I really don't know what to say.
If she tells them truth, she'll risk getting thrown out
If she won't see them anymore, then maybe it'd be better...
...for her to go.
What if they don't want to see her any more ?
I always lie to those, whom I love.
It's dangerous to tell the truth.
But it's not right.
What? Lying to those, whom you love ?
If you tell the truth, they might stop loving you.
How could you love a person, who always lies to you ?
Let's make a toast for truth.
Thank you all
for the effort, not to mention his name.
That's senseless.
It's impossible to not to talk about him, not to think about him.
Provided we forgot about him, Massimo will still be here, with us.
Just like every sunday, when he pretended he had been going on a football match,
to the stadium outside the city.
How many times did he tell you about it?
What was he saying,
...when you asked him about the match ?
I'll tell you: everything, he had heard from Mary.
You're sitting on his place.
I'm making a toast for him.
Because he was one of us.
Won't you drink with us ?
Excuse me.
What is it?
Won't you get out of the car ?
Do you want to spend the whole day there ?
Milk, or lemon ?
That's not a hard queston. What do you want ?
A handkerchief.
Did you meet her again ?
Was it that bad ?
You don't understand what he saw in her.
What she's better at, than you.
Yes ?
I understand you perfectly.
Not only had Massimo lover, but even another world!
His real family was completely different.
What are you talking about? Let's go home.
I don't want to go there anymore.
Do you want to spend the rest of your life in a car ?
Okay, as you wish.
What time should I bring you the supper ?
I'm sorry, but you are too good for that.
You don't deserve that.
Mr Massimo shouldn't have.
Did you tell Nora about Massim's romance ?
She's got an obsession. Every time I mention her about him, she starts to cry.
She has put candles nearly everywhere, like in a temple.
Did you inform neighbours as well ?
To keep the secret quiet, you have to tell a chosen person about it.
We're all here in the lab.
Sooner or later every girl has to face it. You know what men are like.
- You have nothing to feel ashamed of. - You've told them as well!
It is you, who should be ashamed, I can't bear you any more!
Get back to your house!
I want to be alone. Don't you understand, what "alone" word means ?
I came to chop the onion.
I've already cooked it, but you can eat if you want to.
I'm not hungry.
- But I'm thirsty. - Come in.
Do you want water, lemonade, ice tea ?
Yoghurt, ice coffee, coffee with milk ?
Gin with tonic ? Ham sandwich ?
Glass of wine, if I can.
I'm sorry for Sunday. I behaved like an asshole.
The others were excited about your presence and completely lost control.
- We're sorry. - It's me, who's sorry.
I'm always not on the right time. Will you be eating ?
It's for Ernesto. I'm going to the market in an hour. I'll eat there.
I can chome here...
I left so suddenly, that you might have thought...
No way.
I can come here to put the drip.
Thanks, that would be great.
Hand over the parmesan.
Enough, thanks.
Were you his first boyfriend, or were there any others ?
I was the first.
And the only one. He didn't have anyone else. Neither man, nor woman.
Only me and him.
How do you know that ?
How do you ?
That's what he said.
He never lied to you ?
We were looking for the same book.
A rare one.
I found it first.
Shopkeeper said, that it was the last copy...
...and went for it.
While I was waiting, Massimo turned up.
Seeing me next to the computer, he took me for the seller.
He came up and asked about that book.
It amused me, because...
Well, it's funny, isn't it ?
When the seller came back with the book, everything clarified.
It was the last copy. And there were no renewals forecasted.
Massimo was very disappointed.
He really wanted it.
He offered mi double price.
He said: "I'll give everything you want."
The situation was pretty inconvenient,
because I was looking for that book all day.
It has already been the fifth bookshop.
I couldn't believe my eyes, that I had found it.
A book in a red cover ?
All works of Hikmet's.
I've had the other ones
but there were poems in that issue, which I have never read.
I thought: I could make a Xerox, and give him the book..
It was the first time I met somebody..
..who valued my favorite poet so much.
"From your mind,
...from your body,
...from your heart. your words did reach me.
Your words, filled with you
Your words, my dear mother.
Your words, my love.
Your words, my friend.
Were sad, bitter.
Full of luck and hope.
Were bold, heroic.
Your words were a human."
That book was for you.
Massimo didn't even know, who Hikmet was.
- Good day. - Hi.
I've been translating all night.
I fried meat balls to relax in the morning.
But something's wrong, you must tell me what's not right.
- Not so early. - His were different.
I added mashed apples and spicy paprika..
stewed with onion and orange juice.
Maybe I shouldn't have added the onion.
How can I know!
I thought, it was you who taught him the recipy.
- Massimo always had dressed them. - Massimo was cooking ?
Still sleeping.
- Coffe ? - I don't have time.
I've got to wash and change him.
If you need anything, just tell me.
Accountant, massagist...
They have friends everywhere, ready to help in everything.
She's exaggerating, but if you need anything - we're here.
I think I didn't understand correctly.. Massimo was cooking ?
Yes, those were one of the best moments we'd spent with him.
He inventing, creating new dishes!
Too sweet, huh ?
I don't know how they should taste.
Hey, Simone. Thanks.
- Try it. - I'm on a diet.
Mom won't know, it's only apples and oranges.
- And ? - Nice.
Michele said you could keep them.
I'll give you the recipy, if you'd like.
22 August, two years ago.
On the beach, beneath the bush.
Then at his place in the night.
And a few times during that night.
You remember the date.
Yes, I've made it for a reason.
I wanted him totally.
Even his disease.
Emanuele was everything for me.
He was with me one day, then he was leaving me next day - whenever he wanted to.
When he felt he was suffocating, he was ready to do everything to push me away.
But when I was leaving, he was taking me back.
Then the day had come, when I went down.
I was put in the hospital, and he has disappeared.
Don't you know, where he is ?
You haven't received any news from him ?
No, but I know my situation.
That's the only thing, that reminds me of him.
I know this place.
It's nearby.
We always used to meet there.
Maybe we're still together, it's only people who think different.
Because there was noone, who understood our love.
Or maybe it's me, who only thinks like that.
I know many people, who take this medicine.
Since they started the treatment, they have been feeling much better.
So they're probably doing a correct thing.
What about you ? Can't you do the same ?
I like you very much, Antonio.
We all like you very much.
We must find Michele's double for you.
- That girl has an obsession! - Stop it!
- That must be Michele! - Might be in the dark night.
- Why are you saying so ? - Never mind.
Try this one.
What are they laughing at ?
Antonio's cheering them up.
Show me.
I've burnt all my clothes from the previous incarnation.
You own a shop, but you don't have a suit.
I'm selling female wardrobe, you dope!
- Nice. - Too muscular.
How come they have such muscles ?
Too slim!
Curly hair, definitely not my type.
Too effeminate!
What countrymen!
If they knocked to the door, wouldn't you let them in ?
- For no sake, I swear. - You've had worse ones!
And who's saying that!
If it's supposed to be a dream man, I want him to be perfect.
We'll squeeze the bust, widen the jacket and it will be all right.
It hurts her!
It's prostate.
I squeeze your bust, and your prostate hurts ?
No, it's been hurting me for months.
They're still noticeable.
I could push them under the armhole.
No, they will be hurting you all the time.
I've always been suffering in men clothes.
- But you didn't have breasts before. - But I was feeling them.
Try this.
Is there e-mail of that guy ?
Yes, but personally I wouldn't mail him.
Kitty, while being desperate you'll clench your mouth around everything.
- And ? - Nightmare.
I chose. I'll go in this.
You look like Miss of Gay Alternative!
Good choice. Simple, conservatice, a little primitive.
You won't be standing out!
I've finished. Pretty nice, isn't it ?
Attention, please.
You won't believe it, but after another aimless, hopeless world tramp,
the best of the worst has visited us once again...
Mr "I promise to everyone, but I don't give to anyone"...
Prince Emir!
Be so kind, and sign in the "already awaiting people" list.
That's Serra's brother. I'd love to meet their parents.
Guess, what I brought for you ?
Unbelievable! They have released it!
I postponed the journey, waiting for the cd release.
Thank you.
That's my favorite vocalist.
- I'm Emir. - Antonia.
I've already seen you somewhere.
- On the photo ? - Haven't you been to Istambul ?
- No. - Fatally. You should go there someday.
Don't listen to him. Emir is a terrible bitch!
What does that mean ?
You'll drink today as well.
For Emir.
That's strange, somebody close to me have come.
And they say, that when you break a glass, somebody close to you is leaving.
For Emir.
You look so beautiful!
Is it for that guy from the park ?
And now Nora is spying me!
Is there anything out of ordinary here ?
I'm going on a party with 10 acquintances.
Don't get angry! I'm happy that you're dressing for someone.
I'm not dressing for somebody, but for myself.
Yeah, I was also saying that some time ago. Bullshit!
I should put on a necklace. I'm sorry!
Lend me yours.
It doesn't fit your dress.
Hipocrit! Just tell me, that you don't want to give it!
I never take it off.
It's a symbol of my freedom. Sounds stupid, but that's true.
I didn't know, that you were a slave. A present from general ?
From your aunt ?
How did you meet the company ?
Don't you know ?
Serra didn't tell me about anything.
I'm Massimo's wife.
The man, with whom Michele was.
Right! I didn't meet him.
Why are you always travelling?
I've got that in blood.
It must be domestic.
Serra left, because she had important reasons.
I can't sit in one place.
Soon I'll be going to Amsterdam, and then to Istambul.
Will you spend the night with me ?
- You're very candid! - That's my advantage, and disadvantage.
I'm much more older than you.
I find that pretty inadequate.
Drink, while it's still warm.
Will help your stomach.
You'll feel much better.
- What are you doing ? - You were coming to my bed.
I'm just returning the politeness.
I don't know what to do.
Just this one time, think about yourself.
There's no hurry.
If it will help you, come back to work, but we will manage to keep up without you.
Don't worry more, than you have to.
It's not a wonder that you're feeling badly. After what had happened..
I didn't know, that you started working once again.
I didn't, I don't feel well.
- Me too. - I'm talking about physical feeling.
- What's going on? - I don't know.
- What's going on ? - I don't know, I've made the tests.
Are you mad at me ?
It is you, who called. Tell me what is it.
You're angry because of what you had seen on the party ?
- Had anything strange happened there ? - Maybe for you.
I have more important worries, never mind.
It's really nothing important!
I went back home with 2 guys and I found the book.
How did I feel in your opinion ?
What does that book mean ? That everything has been forgiven ?
That we can still pretend ?
I had left you that book, before I went to the party.
How could I know, that you were planning an orgy ?
You could have guessed.
Yeah, that's usual for you! How many do you fuck throughout one night ?
Was it the same with Massimo ? Was it you, who was bringing them, or him ?
You're terrible, you don't even have respect for him!
What is it, that you respect ?
You're arogant, unconscious..
You don't care, you bump into somebody's life and destroy it!
It is not you, who is then deteroriating!
You keep on talking about love, but you don't even know what it means.
You can't love.
I loved Massim.
- Yes, I loved your husband! - Oh yes?
Because he was with me.
If he was alone, I would have left him after a week.
- That's not true! - Let's take Sandre.
He drinks every word from your mouth. He doesn't mean everything for you, he's too easy!
You can't love.
And you ?
You have been hiding beneath Massimo during your whole life.
Were you afraid of the world beneath his arms ?
Were he your guardian angel ?
Small, simple, arogant, and cold bore!
Enough! Do you want to know, who you are ?
Yes! Who am I ?
A queer ?
Yes, hey, Serra.
Okay, I'll be there in a second.
Ernesto's gone.
How come?
If you know anything, call me!
He often begged me to let him go.
I asked him to come with me, as rain will kill him.
I took him from there nearly using force.
He went there, as if he had hope he would meet that boy there.
When it started to rain, he agreed with me, that that guy won't come.
But he didn't want me to take him away from there.
Emanuele might have set a date with him, but eventually he didn't come.
That's impossible.
Emanuele died a year ago. We didn't tell him.
You kept that in a secret ?
Why ?
I was scared, that he might want to die as well.
Everyone had always been abandoning him, even his own parents.
That's why he didn't come and stopped looking for you.
He hasn't abandoned you.
Forgive me!
Oh, forgive!
I won!
Why didn't it come up to my mind earlier ?
I've had all the symptoms.
Are you dating with someone ?
That's Massim's child...
What are you going to do ?
That's great news!
I'm shocked, but...
That's wonderful.
I hate losing. I'm not playing anymore!
- You're wrong. - I don't understand.
Would you feel relief, if Antonia had a closer relationship with someone ?
That's what you'd like!
What are you talking about ? I'm not responsible for her life!
I have enough amount of my own problems.
You would become the only official widow by then.
You're such a bitch!
Does it really disturb you, that she's starting to live once again ?
He never stopped. He takes two guys to one bed!
He fucks everyone, but you!
So what? If I fuck, then does it mean I'm not suffering ?
How can you say, how much I'm missing Massin ?
Did you fall in love with Antonia ?
Serra, Lady Godiva is not a lesbian.
I'm talking about love!
Maybe you don't know what it means. Stop thinking with your dick!
Love is your obsession! Do you believe in fairy tales ?
We're witches!
- I'm fed up with it! - Michele, wait!
Discussion won't kill you, it looks like as if something was oppressing you.
You don't understand a thing.
I'm just feeling a nostalgy.
For ?
Maybe for banal, stupid, casual life.
That's the life you're having right now, don't be under the illusion.
Maybe you're right.
I'm going to Ernesto.
Since you came, you wanted to tell me about something.
They're going to destroy our house, in order to build a block.
Everything is changing.
They arrested a policeman a month ago, which had hurt you.
What was the accusation ?
Tortures and bad way of treating the pristoners.
How long was he sentenced to ?
He won't be released very fast. He has lost political support.
What's happened ?
Emir asked, if I wanted to go with him to Amsterdam.
What was your answer ?
I accepted the proposal.
Does Michele know ?
You're the first person I'm telling about it.
I went from Istambul to Rome, in order to change my life.
But my real journey had begun, as I stepped on the stair..
and eventually knocked at Michele's door.
I didn't know anybody here. I needed salt.
He had been the only one, who opened the door.
After he had noticed, that I tired myself with the stair climb,
he said: "If you don't sit, you will soon be needing sober salts!".
He let me in.
Aren't you in love with Emir ?
I don't know.
I'm thankful to the life,
that it had given so much to me.
It made me hear...
...clearly and loudly.
I've been listening to crickets and canaries...
...for days and nights.
To the turmoil, clattering of the hmmer,
to the howling of dogs...
and to the tender voice of my beloved one.
I'm thankful to the life,
that it had given me so much...
Do you want to go to sleep ?
It's cold.
I want to sit here for a while.
Leave it, I'll clean it later.
It's nothing for me.
I know, but I'd have to help you, and I'm too lazy for that.
That's not an obligation, besides you'll clean them later.
Leave everything, as it is right now.
I'm leaving.
Doctor says, that you're much better now.
If you continue the treatment,
you'll be able to chop the onion in a month.
You have to chop it very finely!
Where will you be next month ?
I don't know.
I might be back by then.
What is it ?
Everybody here wanted to sleep with Emir,
but noone succeeded.
- Until you have come, and... - Oh, stop.
I'm just going on a journey.
We all are so dumb!
So many rejected invitations...
So many unfinished conversations, unrepayed sights,
So many times life passes right beneath us, and we don't even notice it.
You've made a right decision. It will be a wonderful journey.
I wanted to tell you, that...
I left Ernest's magazines at Serra's.
If you want, I'll go for them.
No, I'll go.
Won't you tell anybody ?
It'll be our little secret ?
Are you sure you want to be alone ?
Sooner or later, we will meet.
Translation to English: TML Group ..
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