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His brother 2003

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His Brother
Have you read the newspaper " Time "?
Oh,no,i read local newspaper only.
There,beside my house,on the left.
There are the woods that can be used in the winter.
People never respect the rules of nature there.
The works before were real,because of the conditions.
It may be storm in the ocean sometimes,so is the sky.
There was a boy at that time,I didn't know his name.
He had gone school in many different places.
Yeah,just like dating.
Go to a place,wait,then have rest.
But he disappeared,got drawn
You know he didn't come out after jumping down.
He was a charming boy.
Yes,he disappeared like this.
Many people are like him,each of them may slip down,really.
The ocean is unbeatable,isn't it.
I just opened a window there.That's my standard of buying houses.
Two people,me too,I like that.
Like two people in the ship?
Yeah,especially you.
Yeah,I just wish
My brother,I like coming across
a ship,then across the ocean
That's terrible,like the shipwreck in '52
It's common that tens of people got wounded.
We are talking about Manatan.
The interesting thing is not the freedom
but the things left,it's crossing,above the water.
The feeling of breaking the ocean waves.
I've to go back.
Do you know him?
I don't know.
Let's go back.
Hello,hello,hello,I'm Luc.
What's up?
Where are you?
Yes,if you'd like to.
What's your address? ETOILE 2532
No,it's ETOILE 2532
Yes,it's ETOILE.
Can I close the door?
What happened at home?
Nothing,nothing happened.
Everything's okay?
I'm coming in,oh,it's okay.
How are you doing?
Not good.
Not good at all.
There's something in my body,not all,but a part of me
What kind of thing?
Is it just a kind of conceptions?
No,not conceptions,it needs to be studied.
Conception is a kind of,um,I don't know how to say it.
It's totally that kind of things you can see there.
Oh,no,listen,just like this,a beep.
It's a strange thing.
And about the works,just like being tired like most people are.
Last year,no,longer than that.
A mister sleeping in bed told me,there may be some chapped flecks.
He said that kind of flecks could drive man crazy.
Unless I took chemical treatment to drive the invaders away
and the blood platelet in my body would be killed at the same time.
I had been in hospital for 3 month,the situation became better and stable.
3 month? How was it going?
It was like,
They must know what it was.
So they just took my blood and tested it
At first they thought the serum of some of my friends may be positive.
Positive? So I was locked,do you know that?
At least the fact was clear,but it was not true.
It was serious too,wasn't it?
3 month,It was all for finding out the reason for bleeding.
And didn't know when. Sometimes I was good,sometimes I could work a little.
But didn't when it came,the bleeding.
Did nothing,but it just bleeded.
The blood platelet can stop bleeding,do you know that?
It's the mini nurse inside human body.
I didn't know it before.
Whenever,its level never stop falling.
It was not right at all,was it?
What about parents,do they know?
No,I don't want them to know.
You have someone else here?!
It's everywhere.
It's good to have someone here.
Try not get too close to men.
I don't ask you to take care of me,I don't.
I know.
How do you getting along?
Um,how's it without blood platelet?
How will it be withouth blood platelet? Is it like motor without gas?
I want to pee,where's the toilet?
In there on the left.
I'm scared. I don't know what it is,can you take a look at it?
Come on,come here and take a look.
Do you see it?
Can you go to the hospital with me tomorrow?
the level of blood platelet stops and starts to fall.
It's a little serious.
We let him stay in hospital and will check him soon
We don't have much time,so can you bring his clothes here?
No,I can only be here in the morning,I have work to do.
Did you go away just now?
Go away?No,she's here all along.
19000 blood platelets,a little less than last time.
It's still okay,not a big problem.
What do you still have to say about the last time?
In St. Tome
Do you remember it?
It's terrible when telling other's privacy.
I've went there once,in a party.
Tell me,I forget your job.
Can I drink coffee?
Yes,you can drink coffee
but can't drink too much.
You are still in the treatment,you should notice this.
Do you get it?
We'll see you later,bye,bye.
Do you want some coffee?
I don't know if I have time.
There's a vendor in the corner
Look,I bring the newspaper.
Good evening,good evening,sir,how do you feel?
How can you drink this!
Do you want to shave your beard? Or it'll grow longer.
I don't know.
Breathe with your mouth.
Don't do it too hard,but it's too quiet here.
There's a train tomorrow,we'll take your home.
As you said It's important that we are here.
The hospitals in Paris are too depressive.
I don't know if the things there can be found here too.
A doctor there told me it's stopped.
No,she said it's not moving.
But mom,not moving is same as stopped.
Is it corticosterone?
Yes,it's right.
I was busy.
I think I'll get scolded
I have no time.
No,I want you to stay.
No,I can't I'll come back at 18 o'clock
I have to go,let's look how is it later.
The train is at 16:05,there's no subway now.
Take good care of him.
Please work in
Hi,are you his brother? Yes
It's done,be careful.
It's wrong.
CLAUDINE,come and help me
Sir,please open your eyes
We need more people.
Look at me,open your eyes.
Stay with us,carry his legs
Come on,turn around
Put his legs on.
Sir,look at me.
Open your eyes,look at me.
Good,just like this,stay with us.
It's okay now.
Are you okay?Is it fierce?
I feel like I was gone.
I'm scared
Excuse me.
How's the result?
Oh,yes,it dissolved a little,but the problem is not serious.
Help me a little.
Do you need sex?
Don't you think it's shorter?
Okay,let's just go this far today.
What's the name of your boyfriend? The one in the hospital.
Are you sure you like boys?
Is it by chance or...?
I want to say who decided it?
Do you think it's interesting?
We haven't talk about this.
Even if we have,can you tell when and where we have?
If....if I can remember.
One day,I was thinking,my brother likes boys,that's all.
Don't talk like you are not interested in anyone. You don't care about anybody.
But it doesn't matter,you don't need to pretend to care about me because I'm taking care of you.
It's meaningless.
And,I do all these because you asked me to.
It's just like this, It's like this between people and people.
Someone told me he had something inside his body and I just help him,damn,that's all.
I'll do it for anybody.
I know.
I wish there's someone who really cares about me but there's none actually.
A brother A part of your life time,It's common.
We are just having some same stuff.
I can't be a part of your life just saying that I'm your brother.
Brothers are brothers.
You left me , when I needed you most you just left me.
Are you okay there?
But wait.
It was your message left, You are disappeared.
You've twisted all these.
You have to know it,so the people love you are so weird.
And it's not only you can disappear.
It's because we are all in Paris,so are you.
You were just disappeared suddenly,whoop
Luc,is that so?Is it? You dare to say no,then what am I?
One day,you will come to knock in my door, you will leave your bag
But don't wait for me to return because I'll never returen
Let's go
Vincent,over here.
Are you okay
I'm fine.
My brother is sick.
Brother?yeah,elder brother,here in Paris.
CHEPIN will come be with you.
How is he.
One thing suddenly appears in his blood.
Appears in one place,it cause the bleeding
My brother came and talke to me.
Do you know,I remember the scenes in the novel, he's very weak and thin.
I remembered it when I saw Thomas
Is he in that hospital?
Do you know someone in there?
No,oh,yes,someone taking care of him there.
Why should I know someone there?
For him to get better care of.
Yes,I think he has been taken good care of there.
Is it serious problem with his blood?
What's that?blood platelet?
Why do you ask this?
I had a boyfriend,he died long ago because of something in his blood.
The blood platelet is just like a bait. There may be no problem in 2 or 4 years,there are many in the blood.
But after a long time,there'll be many problems.
But if there's a cut.
That will cause the bleeding.
Do you know that?
My brother doesn't cares about me at all.
I have a brother,it's true.
Everyone wants a brother.
I'm not sure of this.
I don't want to
We still have chance,don't we?
You don't want to give me?
I may pass away soon.
Come in ,come in
Is the another part of you okay?
Another part of me?What?
Is he fine,Vincent?
That Vincent.
Your Vincent.
But do you know him?
Yes,he came here.
When Vincent and my brother comes to see me, I say they are two couples
I'm sensitive,I know.
But,but when did he come here?
I,I don't remember,yesterday,or the day before yesterday.
Anyway,he's not like you.
He talked more than you.
Yeah,Vincent talks more than me.
But we are not a couple
We are not like you and Claire.
Yes,we eat together,we talk together,we kiss together.
But we can't be compared with you.
It's not base on the relationship between you and Claire.
You have to know that the things I'm interested in are much different from Vincent.
He's just an extraversive boy,do you understand?
I understand.
I can only answer you this in 5 minutes thanks,Thomas
You are there,you are a so good person.
Oh,am I?
But I'm not a good person.
It's him who takes out everything,every good thing.
But I only have bad things.
I shouldn't go,I should leave him alone.
No,you comforted him well,you speaked so well.
There was no commerce here before,it was large and empty
Actually it's our second home.
I don't understand.
Two years ago,if he said that, we would sleep together tonight.
Now,everyone is here besides your parents
But one day,he'll die
It's normal,because the bad things will go away.
We will be called to come here,to me so will you,it's normal.
Thomas,what is he thinking about?
He's thinking that it's normal for everyone to give him time.
I still tell you this, it's enough to make you mad.
I think he only wants to get help.
If I understand correctly.
According to your understanding of him, you may think it's impossible for him to ask for help.
If my brother suddenly want to get help he must have some reasons.
Who told you that,he's sick like that.
Even if it was STD,he wouldn't be like that Even if we knew...
No,let's think he's normal, just like we are all crazy.
You are not crazy, it's just because of Thomas.
Is that so?
The reason of trying to approve something, is that the situation can't be changed.
When introduce to other people, he always said,Claire,my girlfriend.
He won't die.
He thought it was respectable
But his girlfriend has been taking care of the home for 2 years.
But him,he is always slack. It's the first time for him to ask for help.
I think it's hard but still worthy
I can
Bitch,what do you mean?
What on earth do you want me to do?
You are complaining all the day.
Do you want to throw me onto the moon?
Do I look like a psycho? Is it necessary to lock me up?
I know,but your blood platelet level is continuously falling
It's not meant to be so quiet
We will keep using corticosterone.
It needs time,but we have good reason, in order to let you avoid the surgery.
We still have to watch you,that's all.
Please wait,he's been here for 3 weeks. Everyone knows that.
Then the treatment is not working, what's he staying here for?Avoiding the bleeding or what?
It's painful when using corticosterone,isn't it?
Yes,especially when be used with other medicine. I think it's for him to avoid bleeding.
Tell me,how's the blood platelet this time?
I can't tell you this.
It needs something in the house.
It's painful when using corticosterone.
Do you know what corticosterone is?
It's made from those bad stuff.
Do you know?
I feel bad in the heart.
Do you know what's going on?
It's really painful.
What's the scene in surgery.
There are all knives,
forceps,hammers and other stuff
Nothing else.
You know his words may not be real.
Good evening.
Besides,she didn't tell me anything
You do what you like to do.
When you decide something, you need a kind of belief.
It's good
It's very good.
I ask you,why there's no one come to the seaside this year?
Some one said people questioned about the water quality here.
It's not a piece of news.
They are building some capital constructions there.
They are all german,do you know?
It's to make the groundsill firmer.
But the sands are bad.
So everthing is stopped.
It reminds me that
I brought something a ran to the seaside when I was a kid
Kid,kid is good.
left the footsteps on the beach.
wrote down the name and date in the sands.
wrote down the name.
It was so good sitting there,facing to the sea and having meals.
I haven't done that for a long time.
I'm like a flower
or like the water.
It's easy to see but hard to pick up.
And the birth and death,so beautiful.
It's so philosophic.
But the truth is not always the same.
There's birth and death,and we still have to live.
Sometimes it is so.
Life like this
Like what?
We live,and then die.
Okay,I've to go,I'll have a whisky
You two keep talking.
I'm Luc.
Are you sick too?
I've some problems with my gut.
I just knew it,they just took the money.
It's not long for me to be unhealthy. It's like a rotten fish.
But everytime I come,they'll cut off part of my gut.
I'm 19
It's the age of passion
What about you?
I'm 30.
If I don't do it now,when should I do!
I want to make love.
I'll have surgery soon.
I'll be very careful.
But my brother,he lies.
But I start to believe him.
I don't want surgery...
I don't want.
We want Luc to come in.
He can go home.
He told me you have a house in Bretagne.
But you can't go there.
But I think that's a nice place to go,isn't that?
He is in Paris. So he should stay at his home quietly.
But he's much better.
We wil still study on his case.
We still have to study on it,that's all.
But he has more freedom.
I don't believe it's disease,I don't.
It's just temporary. I'll recover later.
Whatever,you still need treatment.
I can take care of him at home.
I didn't know you were back.
I can't suffer anymore.
I just don't want to stay here.
I don't mean to tell you this.
I want to tell you that
it just happens
but that's why I want to fast.
I'm very angry.
And I didn't come out all the time.
It's because I don't want him be unhappy to see me.
I want to get rid of this.
I've done that.
The best way is to seperate,isn't it?
Anyway,it's not interesting when two get together.
I think you should let him know your thoughts.
Have you slept together?You and your brother.
We have touched each other.
That was about 12 or 13 years old.
That is the first ass i've touched.
You don't need to tell me so many details.
That's because you asked.
Actually that's the first boy i've touched
Is it ridiculous?
Is it troubled?
The medicine makes me feel bad,it's like burning.
It's so painful,the pain is written in my face.
I know.
I don't take corticosterone anymore
Yes,I know.
It's no good to me.
What are you doing there?
I'm waiting for you,we said take you brother to the hospital today.
When?I can't remember.
Are you okay?
We are sure about the falling of his blood platelet
In simple words
we have to change his treatment
What if it fail?
Which means all treatments are not working.
Is that means he will have to take chemical treatment all his life? Like an invalid,
avoid any chance to let it bleed,is that so?
It,it's an uneliminable posibility.
But,I can't answer you like this.
But what's that?
But why does your brother not get this disease?
Why can't it be Luc who gets this disease?
What are you talking about??!!
Because Luc is stronger,he can take the beat.
Please,what your son needs now is help.
Do you think he would let you come if he knew you are like this?
I didn't let anyone come except my brother.
Okay,it's enough.
Honey,you don't have reason to do this.
Look at him,he can be healed!!
What's it?It's shame. It's you who let him be like this.
What's disease? It depends on man's will.
Do you understand?If it was your brother. He will think the disease has nothing to do with him.
But you,can you be healed?
You have to know things will be changed only if you know this!!
I didn't think it would be this.
I think,I didn't think it would happen. What else can we do!!
Good evening sir.
We will help you shave the body hair
We are preparing for tomorrow,okay?
Okay,good,the other side.
Put your hands on your stomach
Do you feel too cold?
I lift my hands,very good,thanks.
Is it okay?Is it too hard?
It's okay.
The other side.
It's cold.
Take easy.
Lift your left leg.
The other leg.
It's enough
Where are you?
Where are you,ALBER?
Are you still there?
You have saved me many times in my life. Do you remember?
Once when I was 15
We were playing outside,happily.
think of nothing.
There was some gangsters there.
I was so small,like a satellite.
Time went fast that moment.
I was beaten down in the mud.
You ran out of the crowd.
said nothing but rushed into them.
You picked me up from the ground.
I ran fast home,very fast.
That was in late June.
I ran,ran across the field,ran back home.
You were following me.
You were behind me like a turtle
Then we got scolded.
But that has happened,it was too late.
Are you asleep?
Good morning, Mr. FOREST
I'll take you to the surgery.
Here's your information.
I lift your head higher,that'll make you feel better.
unpack the bed
get this on.
We can go now.
Good morning,sir,did you sleep well last night?
Be brave!
I don't know what Thomas is thinking now.
Does he feel it's too fast or too slow.
I feel like he's thinking that he's not scared.
Be brave,Thomas,that's what he's thinking.
But what you're thinking is his life and yours.
That's what you should share with him.
What's up?
Can I have a look?
I'm waiting for you,be fast.
Come on,we have to go.
How do you feel?
Do you want something to eat?
I saw I was with you.
That's good.
Very happy.
I'll be with you.
Is that a man? Yes
It's so strange,I fell down like this.
He didn't cry,he didn't.
There's blood all over me.
I was saved this time.
Maybe there's really a god watching me.
Did the doctor say that,mom?
Do you want to swim?
The sea is around here.
You better not,there are undercurrents there.
So next time.
I love you very much.
Me too,I love you very much.
The treatment doesn't work as we exept
The body system corrades the blood platelet in a way we don't understand.
But we can live well without blood platelet.
Just be more careful,that's all.
Don't get cut,don't collide.
Don't have too intensely sexual intercourse
We think it's because of the livers
But we can't take off the livers.
We will think over another kind of treatment
and new kind of medicine.
What we want to tell you is that you can live well.
You can choose to leave the hospital.
It depends on how you look on your state.
Man can live well without blood platelet.
I can't be healed.
Is it your decision,Thomas?
I don't have room inside, or you can still live here tonight.
Take care.
Hope I can see you again.
Thomas,he's sleeping.
Everything is fine.
Mom,don't worry
Ok,i'll tell him.
It will be better tomorrow, even if it is not bad today.
No,he's out for walk.
Me neither,I don't like walk.
Me too,me too,Claire 599 What are you going to do in the future
What are you waiting for?
The man we saw this morning
He lies on the road.
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Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York
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Homem Que Copiava O 2003 CD1
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Homme-orchestre L (Serge Korber 1970)
Homolka a Tobolka
Honest 2000
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