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Subtitles for Histoire de Pen.

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Histoire de Pen

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Hey! You!
I'm talking to you!
What d'you do to get here?
Pick a card.
Hey you scummy bastards...
You'll see how nice it is when the doors open...
on the obscure universe of the dregs of society!
Based on "Contes en coups de poing" by Léo Lévesque
Hey, you!
You! Big guy!
You better not take my place, you fucker!
Hey! Ma Dalton!
You got yourself a cute escort!
I'll finish up.
In here, don't talk to screws, and don't thank them.
You're ripe for the pickin'...
I seen too many end their misery at the end of a rope.
My beautiful Karine...
I don't know a damn soul in this Godforsaken joint!
I don't know where to look...
But I know I just can't lower my eyes and hide.
Can I play?
If you want.
What are you betting?
- There, on the table. - What's that?
Hot bananas.
- What? - Hot peppers, for Chrissake!
What do you do with them?
Tickle your tonsils.
Who ever loses eats them.
But we could bet our family jewels.
Sit down!
Let me go!
That's my place!
This is my territory!
He isn't mean, but...
I get real heavy if you push me.
If you want to play, take my place!
I said, nobody sits in my place!
You told me to take your place!
Take my place is not sit in my place!
My hair's aroused on the left.
You shut the fuck up!
Hands off!
Tarzan wants to see you.
I'll take your place.
Nice fuckin' hand.
Did she stack the deck?
What's the bet?
Yeah... peppers.
You lose... you suck me off.
I'm not sucking off anyone here.
Oh yeah?
We'll see about that...
Saved by the bell.
That's Tarzan's gazelle.
He tries to pump up his body, but only his head gets bigger.
Wanna subscribe?
No money!
Don't say it out loud...
you'll get gifts.
They can shove it!
- Careful, you'll turn them on. - Who?
You or the others?
Claude Levasseur... 10 years...
I got life cuz I killed a pig.
10 years is fuckin' heavy, kid.
If you got enough oxygen in your blood to make it...
we'll get along fine.
Oxygen... and sperm up the ass?
The noose is tightening.
How could they throw me in with such a bunch of sex driven freaks?
I've never felt so alone... with my fists clenched.
Waiting for time to pass,
we keep busy anyway we can.
I think so much about you.
You got your pass?
- No! What pass? - Fly!
Get away from there!
Who said you could touch that?
It's not for everybody?
Nothing's "everybody's".
That's cool.
Wanna see how I work it?
Who you tryin' to impress?
Rousseau, get lost.
Stay out of it, Piston!
I didn't forget you.
Follow me.
There's something you don't underst...
Your kid just shit on my turf.
This nightmare is gnawing at my insides.
something is changing...
Something is abandoning me.
"We are dead, no soul harries us;
But pray that God absolve us all!"
It's old French.
Villon was supposed to hang.
This poem saved his life.
What are you doing?
- Checkin' what? - You!
Eve was telling me, the rats're comin' out.
And you smell like cheese.
So I'm your bodyguard.
Finally, the protection I needed!
You Schizo,
get lost!
Don't step on their tails.
Move your ass. Zizi's waiting.
Who's Zizi?
We'll introduce you. Come on.
Did you know we organize fights?
Fighting for us would be good for your bones.
Not interested.
Not even if Tarzan's put a contract out...
on your head?
I'll think about it.
if you want us to cover your ass,
don't shit on our heads.
Somebody catch me that fuckin' freak,
and let him have it!
Why should I fight for you?
If you fight for us, you'll do more damage to them than with that.
We'll try and keep you alive until you fight...
We'll see what you're worth.
They didn't touch you!
They knew better.
- You gonna fight? - Yeah.
- Who for? - You know.
- No? - You putting me on?
- Who you gonna fight for? - Enough, Jacques!
Someone wants to see you.
Sit down.
You fuck!
Touch them and she'll tear your face off.
You saw Zizi?
They want you to fight for them?
They gamble on those fights.
The way you put Rousseau's jaw out of joint...
betting on you.
You made it?
I bought it off Zizi's gang.
it's all theirs.
That... the Grenier brothers too?
They wish.
Come, my little...
You bitch!
Coke and heroin are controlled by Tarzan.
So they're on my ass.
How can you pay for all that?
They can't do any more...
than kill me.
Until now...
I've saved my ass by tattooing.
But now...
I'm banking on you.
Code 4! Code 4! All prisoners...
must return to their cells.
All prisoners must...
What's "Code 4"?
Another one on his way to haunt the pipes.
You're gonna fight Spock?
Looks like it.
He cut his ears to look like a devil!
But the guys think he looks like Mister Spock!
He's got some fuckin' loose screws!
He's got a bat on crack stuck in his belfry!
Sick fucker!
Remember who you're fighting for, Claude!
Get your bets in! Let's go! How much?
2 to 3! OK, give it to him.
Wait. Let me fix it.
You got yourself into deep shit.
Don't you know Spock owes...
Tarzan a shit load? He's gotta win.
Don't worry:
I'll break all his teeth in,
Tarzan'll be happy?
It'll bring you luck...
it's from my G-string.
Spock! You ready?
- Karine,
- to hold the strings of this ordeal...
- requires a strength I'm not sure I have...
- for every move.
- Chaos could explode.
- KO...
- KO... -
Come on! Come on, man!
Hey, Goddammit!
You're not with civilians here! Don't wait...
'til they push you!
Get ready, kid, there'll be more.
A debt that pays big!
See you around!
Hey, Piston! You didn't lose your bag.
But it ain't over yet.
You bet your punching bag!
$200 of canteen! Now I'm loaded.
I'll fuck you up!
You'll spit your teeth out your ass!
You'll put your ass between their teeth!
See? Now, they'll all want to take you on.
Tarzan didn't expect that. - All prisoners in their cells
for the count.
- Lf I could no longer find...
- lights to dream about...
- lf I no longer knew how to invent you...
- lf I could no longer get beyond...
- beyond the sighs anymore...
- I would no longer hear my hand reach for the shadow of your back.
- And you could no longer see my eyes tell you how much...
- I have missed you...
- I have missed you...
- lf I no longer knew how to invent you...
- I would no longer be able to cross the universe, and get close to you...
- And I could no longer confide in you the words that tear my skin...
- lf I no longer knew how to invent you... I would go to a pauper's grave...
- Screaming to the world
- all of my pain...
- all of my pain...
- lf I no longer knew how to invent you...
- lf I no longer knew how to invent you...
How long you been doing this?
The street's in my blood.
Listen, Piston...
I won't fight for Zizi long.
So when I quit, will you still coach me?
I can even pay you with my canteen.
Seven uppercuts!
Come on, Champ! You can do it.
Come on! Come On! That's it!
What do they want?
They got a bench press!
To the body!
To the body!
Hey, Lucia!
Your elastic works!
It always does when I take off my G-string.
Get outta here. Now!
Keep your shit in your yard!
What's wrong, Piston?
Trying to impress me?
If you're shitting your pants, Piston,
go back to your hole!
Get it?
As for you, kid...
if you see the pigs in administration...
and they ask you...
make sure that asshole you call a mouth...
doesn't shit on us.
If you wanna play that game...
- Code 4! All prisoners are to go to their cells!
You know I never joke.
Don't you?
Make sure the kid doesn't get mixed up in that stuff.
Never turn your back on Tarzan.
He's nuts! He took a guy's eye out in broad daylight.
Write your report! You piece of shit!
Look! A shooting star!
Make a wish.
Wait! I have something better.
Pick a card...
Looks like a shower of stars!
Who's the lady?
The lady who comforts...
man burdened by life's struggles.
Or it's Pandora opening a chest filled with the world's sorrows.
What are you doing?
And you, where do you come from?
You gonna calm down?
You haven't had enough?
Hey, you there!
Hey you!
Hey! I'm talking to you!
Answer me, you sonofabitch!
Who are you?
I'm the one who's left trails of blood...
in every pen I've been in.
What d'you do to get here?
You? What d'you do?
You like horror stories?
You'll soon realize, kid...
and that your enemies are everybody.
But, at some point or another, we're all useful.
Who murdered two young lovers...
by throwing them off a bridge.
In here...
it's the angels who open the doors to hell.
Everyone knew this bastard...
bragged about how he had done them.
One night...
I realized the screws had disappeared...
and the doors leading to his cell were unlocked.
And all the angels knew how I longed to caress him.
I gave him a taste of...
whirling emptiness.
He didn't have far to go before tasting the steel.
Some guys had finally forgiven him.
I gave him my blessing.
After that...
the guys decided I had redeemed myself.
I reminded them of who I was.
It's 3 am, you bunch of maggots!
You're nothing but a pile of rotting meat!
You'll all be eaten by worms...
You low-life bastards!
When you come out of your rat hole, look around you...
I'm never far...
Better to be a king in hell...
than a servant in heaven, kid.
power tastes like raw meat...
Didn't take me long to understand...
that if you poke the fire...
you make the fireworks.
I never stopped making fireworks.
Oh yeah?
Come on...
Tell me your stuff.
I've been in orphanages since I'm 5.
I never let anyone push me around... Never!
Calm down!
I just wanted to make you feel good.
I realized, I had to fight and drive them crazy to be left alone.
Since then...
I never let anybody push me around.
Look at my willy!
Look at my dicky!
That's an old cunt's tale.
They must bug you a lot, huh?
There must be a few sniffing your ass?
If I were you...
I'd kill one as soon as possible.
That's the price to pay if you want to breathe, kid.
We'll change those spaghettis.
Yeah, fuck off.
Zizi says to be in the gym at one tomorrow.
Go to bed early.
Are you done?
Eve does that to me too sometimes.
It's cool, Jacques.
- You can take my place. - OK.
My territory now, right?
The rat who was after you lost his tail.
It's full of rats here. Eve said...
Does your Eve talk to you?
- Who's Eve? - Does she ever talk to you?
Yes, she does. Quite often.
What does she say?
Tell me about your Eve.
My Eve's name is Karine.
What hit you the first time you saw her?
Her hair! Like electrodes!
I wondered what asylum she escaped from.
Is that a reformatory?
No. It's a sexual pervert factory.
What brought you here?
I raped one like you.
I love flying in other people's cars.
Didn't you ever feel like running away?
Just like that?
You got cool hair!
Fuckin' idiot.
- When I met Karine, I became impossible.
- I got into trouble every day.
Are you going to rape me?
Come on. It was a stupid joke.
You look like you're good at that.
Don't push too hard.
Sometimes I feel like...
Just like that. Because I feel like it.
- I'm Karine. - Claude Levasseur.
You say it like you're talking to a cop.
They keep a close watch in that pervert factory.
Are you allowed visitors?
Only family can come and visit.
I've had it! What're you doing here?
- That night, Karine and I soared on the mountain.
- Above the city...
- As if we were masters of the world...
- And we walked until morning.
We need things for the prom.
- Until I had a brilliant idea.
You went from a Mr Hyde
into a Dr Jekyll!
The shoes don't fit?
Yeah, they're cool.
They're no good for running.
You little bastards!
- The princess' stagecoach appeared...
- in the wink of an eye.
- We were feeling pretty brave.
- Imagining the salesman kissing the cop's butt over the phone...
- gave us a hell of a buzz.
- She taught me the beauty of words...
- through a guy called François Villon.
- We found a little nest.
- I wanted her to enjoy our honeymoon.
- We didn't need anything,
- except a little more time.
- They threw a year in prison at me.
- I covered for Karine.
- I told the judge I was to blame.
- No sentence for her.
- Except her first heartbreak.
You like to play tricks.
That's why Eve loves you so.
- All prisoners in their cells for the count.
- All prisoners in their cells for the count.
Miss Lucia, Tarzan has had quite enough.
You better pay. Fast!
- My beautiful Karine...
- You should see my knuckles.
- The blood of violence shapes my bones.
- Claude, you noticed? - What?
- The hole in the chimney. - What?
He's got a hole in the chimney.
Who you fighting for?
The warden's fed up with these fights!
Ask your warden if he'd like a general strike?
Cells destroyed, hostages, that would bug him, right?
You hate it when your little necks bleed, huh?
If the warden pisses us off...
he'll end up with a headache.
So... leave us the fuck alone with our fights!
I'm not fighting anymore. We're even.
You'll be back begging soon.
Hey, Jacques!
Did you see Piston?
Come on! Let's go, coach!
Get your hands off!
What's wrong, Piston?
Give me a hand.
Can't even pick up a few rackets...
Move and I shaft you.
Hands off, you bastard!
You, goddam traitors!
Goddam fuckers...
This what you're afraid of?
Calm down, Claude. Relax...
You see...
If I wanted to fuck you,
it would be that easy.
In here, you better have the good eye...
watching over you.
I have a good one, don't worry.
Piston doesn't want to see your face?
He can't fight the pack anymore.
- The boxer's getting old. - He can go to hell!
Heart has no age.
You, why do you do all this?
Because you still got oxygen in your blood.
And I don't think that you'II...
win this game all by yourself.
I hope that boor didn't hurt you.
There, Phantom.
I know you have a sweet tooth.
Take a seat.
Zizi will never let you off the hook.
You understand what's goin' on here?
There were elections...
Zizi Grenier's gang won.
They want to take control of the pen.
And they are using you.
Your fights help them gain a lot of ground.
They never tried to recruit you?
To hell with the gang that's in power.
As long as they keep out.
Scared of getting killed?
Some poor bastard tried once...
I could've torn him apart, but I let him go...
After that, they respected me.
What about Tarzan?
That fat monkey is a two-faced bastard.
His business is doing so well... Thanks to some screws.
All sorts of doors open for him in here.
The Greniers try to do him in... It's useless.
He's due for his parole soon.
Come on, they can't let him out!
You don't get it!
He's always clean.
That pig never dirties his hands.
You mean, he buys everyone.
Only those who are afraid.
That's the driving force here...
Goddam fear!
I missed you.
Did you get a proposal?
No. My daughter's started writing to me again.
Hey, you!
Wanna party?
I have a little surprise for you guys.
Goddammit, Lucia.
Leave 'em alone with that!
Everything's cool. Go ahead.
Sit down
and shut the fuck up!
No, YOU shut the fuck up!
So you beat a few guys... don't push me!
You wanna be next?
I'll beat the shit outta you.
Hey, guys! Breathe through the nose!
You'll see that my name isn't Lucia.
Fuckin' prick!
Lucia! The rats're after her!
Next time it's in the throat.
Now, do my tattoo.
You, get the hell outta here, OK?
What're you doin' here?
Stay out of it!
What're you doin' here?
What're you doin' on my turf?
Y'know how it is...
She doesn't pay.
I don't need no passport for that.
- Why did you let them do that? - She owes them. That's the law.
You said we had to protect our corner.
She owes them! Christ! Get that through your head!
- Nobody wants to hear about the pen...
- It's a dump for all the sins.
- In the beggars' castle, the destitute are thrown in with monsters of depravation...
- and it all has to move in step.
- They call it ethics.
- All seems under control.
- All must be in impeccable order.
- As usual...
- we're all keeping busy.
How goes it?
I'll get some money soon.
How about a little tattoo here?
Come on. I'll do it for free.
A souvenir...
from the beautiful, fabulous Lucia.
What does she look like?
As beautiful as a stolen car.
When I got out of the community jail...
Karine had been waiting a whole year.
I knew I'd soon have to go back to the halfway house.
But I looked at the clock and said...
Fuck that!
That should hold you a while.
Cool, Bob. Right on time. I owe you.
Sooner than you think.
Bob was Karine's partner.
A little dealer who wanted to be part of the big gang.
He had pictures of the worst criminals.
There's a...
little problem.
I'm getting fed up with this, Goddammit!
You better make some dough soon, and get the hell outta here.
His dreams were as dark as his eyes.
I've been waiting for this...
Quite a piece.
I've already cased the job.
A Brink's truck, man! So easy!
I checked them out for 2 months.
We were two...
And had but one heart...
We were just kids.
Just kids with loaded guns...
Drop 'em or I'll blow your head off!
Come on! Back up, Goddammit!
Don't move!
Go, go, come on!
Come on, Bob! Let's go!
- Let's go! - You're nuts!
Let's go!
We cried over Bob all evening.
We had to hurry.
Karine had some dope stashed... enough to hold us for a while.
Wait here.
- Wanna drink? - No, thanks.
Christ! He's an undercover!
- Seen Bob lately? - No.
- You got a little quarter for me? - Wrong girl.
Oh yeah?
Bob said you're the dealer here.
Bob. Remember him?
Fuck you! Bastard! Let's go!
Where were you this afternoon?
- Buying you some suppositories! - I'm not talking to you!
You got nothing on me.
You bitch! Don't take me for an...
Run, Karine!
Then the doors of the pen opened with 10 years to do.
Karine's been in hiding ever since.
Christ! It's beautiful! It's fantastic!
Come back later.
Thanks, Lucia. You're a real artist.
It smells like shit!
On the side of your mouth...
It's the first letter to her in a long time.
Good, my friend.
Did I show you my new tattoo?
Great, huh?
Fuckin' nice! That's a Grand Prix?
You've been in a long time!
Tomorrow could be the day.
The day?
I'm going in front of the Parole Board.
- Code 4. All prisoners must return to their cells!
Not another goddam corpse!
OK, man.
Better get ready.
They're waiting for you with brass knuckles.
Get lost!
Who're you fighting for?
Who're you fighting for, Claude? Goddammit!
It's your 4th release on parole.
Would we be wrong to say you are a recidivist?
A dead weight on society?
I was brought back only on alcohol infractions.
Not because I committed crimes.
You've been imprisoned for 17 years, and still in maximum.
It might be a good idea for you to enrol...
in a program.
You must know that an alcohol problem doesn't go away just like that.
Not everyone fits in your programs.
There's alcohol inside... I don't even touch it.
Are these programs made for you or for us?
I've proven that I can deal with it, without your help.
Some of us can't handle...
these therapies, and once outside, we crash!
You want all prisoners to be the same,
to be fed with the same spoon,
but for some, you just make things worse.
Fuck you!
Over here, Claude!
You won't laugh at us for long now!
If I were you, I'd go under protection.
The letter... on the desk...
Your girl's growing tall and crazy...
I wrote a story almost true, then a true one.
I was happy to read in class, all the love I have for you...
and settle my score with my mom.
It was a blast, dad...
The teachers went wild...
my gang was screaming and applauding!
Even though you've been away...
and you never really were there...
Too busy drinking with your buddies.
Today, thanks to you, dad...
I got 10 out of 10.
Your daughter, Anais.
When I came out of the hearing...
I saw myself...
in front of that bald commissioner...
with a gun in my hand.
Fuckin' rat!
The other commissioner...
on her knees...
Iooking up...
My steel gun up her nose...
You, proper fuckin' bitch!
Today's the day you die, you bitch!
You're done feeding on poor people's blood,
showing off your Caddy...
on the backs of the humiliated. Christ!
You're gonna cry, you fuckin bitch.
Cry! Cry real good...
because it's true, you're gonna die!
It drives you crazy...
to suffer this way.
after getting a letter like that.
My love...
madness wins when life is confined...
within walls.
Too many, who've never been in jail, think...
that violence has nothing to do with them...
The same people who feel secure in systemised humiliation.
A volunteer worker wants to see you!
A volunteer worker?
She's fat, and ugly, and...
has a crucifix on her mounds.
Fuck it, Christ!
Don't be stupid. She's got news from Karine.
How come you're here?
I stole my friend's volunteer ID...
I'll be here often.
Don't start!
A bit of candle...
in my heart and coal in my eyes.
Be careful.
I hear sounds full of colour
and feverish silences...
A hand on my heart, the other in my hair.
On my lips, a sweetness,
then a passionate breath...
Oh, Woman...
You are so beautiful...
Shut up, you lunatic!
Go take your pills!
You always manage to...
- What happened? - It's OK. There's no time.
Did you see Claude?
He must be eating the fat lady's crucifix!
- The count! - The what?
They treat us like shit and count us like diamonds.
Stand to attention on the line!
You answer by: "Yes, Sir!" Or "No, Sir!".
You know I can send you to a "super maximum"?
No, I don't.
No, Sir!
You know this can jeopardise your chances for parole?
No, I don't.
Did you know one of the guards was shot last night...
and his life is hanging in the balance?
That Zizi Grenier's gang had threatened other guards?
That your goddam fights'are creating havoc in my pen?
That you're too stupid to see that Grenier's manipulating you?
Unless you want to climb his organisation's ladder...
Fuckin' idiot!
Can the show and give me what I have to do.
My show...
has just started,
but as for yours...
the curtain is coming down.
Goddam fuckin' dirty place!
The pen's poison is beginning to burn in your veins, hey, kid?
You didn't listen to a goddam thing I said.
You have to rise...
above the worms.
You see the weaknesses of your own sorry life in their eyes.
You're no better than them, Goddammit!
A worm.
A drop of water.
A drop of water.
Just a drop of water.
There's no chair here! I want my chair!
Get in or I'll break your head.
How come you're here?
The big cargo of steel is adrift.
What do you mean?
Eve told me...
We're safer in our rat hole.
The prison guard died at 4 a.m.
Consider it done.
What's happening?
There's no greater celebration than a screw's death.
What, Jacques?
The cathedral of the damned is finding its balance.
Zizi! What's going on?
Now do you understand?
Let go, kid.
Let go...
You didn't tell me, Eve.
You said nothing about that.
Let go, kid.
Let go...
In here, we are embraced by the fury of misery.
D'you feel tainted blood...
running through your veins?
listen, kid.
When you get out, make yourself a pick...
tape it to your hand...
corner your man...
Don't go for the throat right away. Hit the liver.
He'll be paralysed by pain.
Hit the heart twice...
He looks up to catch his breath.
to make sure you finish him good...
you hit the throat.
And you leave as if nothing happened.
Fuckin' hell!
D'you think if there wasn't a devil...
there'd be less cruelty?
Here I am, Tarzan's trophy...
the proof of his power.
Yeah, time goes by.
Everything's under control.
Everyone's keeping busy.
But I can...
feel the rage jamming my bearings.
My poor Karine,
I even feel cold tears rolling inside of me.
The serpent's venom is drawing me to live among the damned.
Where are you, Eve?
Why don't you answer me?
Answer me, Goddammit! Answer me!
She's here sucking me off.
Stop, dammit! Stop!
Something you must know, my friend.
Tarzan's gang didn't do Lucia in.
Zizi did it...
so you'd have a good reason to join them.
So what?
I know where you're going.
They're waiting for that.
They'll do you in, Claude.
I got something for you that'll drive them nuts.
I'll do even more. I'll kill him!
Listen to me, dammit!
Listen to me!
I got something better!
That bastard fucked up my guts!
You see what's written here?
It's your name now, Goddammit!
Lucia's legacy to you.
She put her whole heart into making this pass.
(Access - Place)
(Number - Name - Cell)
It means that all the doors...
will open for you and you won't be on the lists.
It's your turn to become a goddam Phantom.
My love, inside, our dreams are so strong...
they make our heads spin and our limbs go numb.
It seems our soul's looking at us...
Everything's spinning fast...
too fast.
Way too fast.
Why's a bungee jumper like a gay?
What's he been smoking? He's making jokes.
What're you so happy about?
Pictout, get your ass over here.
Goddam fuckin' idiot!
Don't drop it!
You're cool, man.
Come with me?
Too risky. And I still want to see my daughter...
What's going on?
Goddam stupid dolly!
That dolly's OK.
You think you're smart?
Come on, do it yourself!
Come on! You try and lift it!
Go on! Do your job!
Yeah. Let me do my job!
Eve, let me join you.
I want to join you.
Sometimes there are miracles...
that destroy you.
My beautiful Karine...
Even outside, I feel I'm still inside.
What're you saying? No cash?
Where did your cash go?
It's my cash you're blowing!
And you say you can't pay me?
I'm no Santa Claus!
Three weeks now you haven't paid. That stuff costs.
You're always late and I'm fed up!
Take it easy! I'll pay you.
You, outside!
Claude, cool it. He's a good customer.
We'll settle this in private. Don't worry.
You, outside.
Goddam noise!
- What the... - I'll get coffee at the corner.
- Wake up, you're not inside! - I am awake!
My eyes stay wide open all night.
You have a delivery tonight.
Your goddam pathetic bunch!
I'm fed up being your runner.
What're you doing with them?
So, you're the runner!
They're getting a shipment.
They're ready to deal.
They want to deal? They come here.
I'm not your messenger. I just deliver.
Next time, it won't be me.
You're interested? Tuesday...
This is the address.
Karine... Where am I?
I feel as if I'm diving into a dark lake.
Under water,
we only listen to the air left in our lungs.
I know I'm not a murderer.
But that time...
Hang in!
Hang in, kid!
Where's Jacques?
My friend...
Look, I told you you'd...
hear from Karine!
I'd like to tell you about a guy I knew.
He stormed out of my life.
He had to be very strong to retain such beauty without giving up...
or dying.
He bit into everything that was dazzling.
And bit himself until he drew blood.
He was as wild as fire.
His passion terrified him.
That's why he was alone...
like a forest without leaves...
burned by the north wind.
I can't stop loving him...
But I can no longer tell him: Come close to me.
Come and eat.
The doctor wants to see you this afternoon.
He got your blood results.
I asked that you be transferred.
It's a house in the country.
It'll be better for you there.
Dear Karine.
About five years ago,
I gave your last letter to Claude.
Even though I don't know you, I'm writing to say that the illness...
has put the commissioners at ease by making a peaceful man of him.
He's finally been transferred.
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