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Subtitles for Historias Minimas (2002).

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Historias Minimas (2002)

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This one?
This one?
It's a "B".
That one?
It's a "U".
It's an "O". No, no.
No. It's a "D".
- I'm sorry, old man. - But, Doc,...
...l never drive in highways, Doc.
I want the license just to drive in my town.
What can I do at this age?
Okay, let's try again.
Hush, the baby is sleeping.
- Did you send a letter to TV? - Me? - Yes.
- For a contest. - Yes!
Yes, yes!
- Yes, what? - I sent a letter, lots of letters.
- To "Colourful Casino"? - Yes, I think so.
I've just been to Turk's store and...
...and I've heard your name on TV.
- You won something. - Did l?
Yes, they said the town name and your name, María Flores.
- What should I do now? - I don't know.
But there was a pile of letters in a basket...
...and they got yours!
They read your name and sent... a kiss and everything.
You 'll go, right?
No, I can 't. Carlos is not here and I can 't leave the place.
Don 't be silly!
You can 't miss this chance.
I could go with you.
No, a few days ago Suly's nephew came with his family... stay here, I can 't leave, the place is not mine.
Where's Carlos?
He went to town, to look for a job.
- What did I win? - I don 't know.
But we can go to the store, call them and find out.
Okay, I'll be right back.
Baby! Let's go, darling. Come on, let's go.
Come, come here.
Come on, we're going to watch TV!
Come on, María, hurry up!
Come on, hurry up.
Move one ear.
- Move the other one. - The two of them.
Come on, kids, let's go.
Come on, hurry up!
Here she is, Mr. Enrique.
- Congratulations. - Thanks.
Do you know about the prize?
- The prize. - Very nice.
-Where must she go? -The channel is from San Julián, so...
- lsn't it from Río Gallegos? - No, it's from San Julián.
And when is the show on?
I don'know, ask Angela, she watches all the shows.
- I can't go, I can 't leave the house. - Quiet.
Congratulations, you are the luckiest person in town.
- Thanks. - We don 't know when or where she must go.
- Call channel 12. - Can we call now? - Where's the phone?
-Darling,... -We haven't got the number. -...where's the phone?
It's right here. What's the number?
We haven't got the number.
We can call the operator and ask her, if we're lucky...
We only know the channel is from San Julián.
- Let's see... - It's got a wheel or something.
- You talk to them. - To whom? - To the TV guys.
No, you're the winner, you must talk to them.
Hello, could you give me the number of San Julián?
I'm sorry, of channel 12 from San Julián.
There's a show where people win prizes,...
- There's a wheel. -...there's a wheel... - Two wheels.
-...a wheel with numbers. - There's a board with numbers.
Okay, okay, yes.
Okay, I'm sorry.
No, no, that must be another one.
Yes, that one. Give me a pencil, please.
Yes, yes, hurry up!
Yes. Okay, yes.
- 6, 7,... - I'll talk to them.
...7, 28,... 40, I've got it.
- What's up, Mr. Justo? How are you? - Fine, and you?
- Where did you go? - To San Julián, to pay my taxes.
- What? - To pay some taxes.
- Want a "mate"? - Okay, I'll have one, I think I have time.
Nice boots, Mr. Justo, are you planning to climb up the hill?
They're climber boots, 2 dutch tourists gave them to me.
- Guess who I saw. - Who? - Uglyface.
- Who's Uglyface? - Wasn't that you dog's name?
It was.
You lost it long ago, right?
- About 3 years ago. - He's in San Julián.
- In San Julián? - I saw him in a road service camp outside...
...the city, I recognized him at once.
Excuse me, Mr. Justo, I have to go now. See you, good luck!
Yes, yes, I'm here. When must she go there?
María Flores, from Fitz Roy.
From Fitz Roy.
When must she go there?
Yes, but, when must she go there?
Tomorrow. The monthly final!
What's the prize?
A food-processor?
I know what that is. It's a gadget that cuts,...
...grates, minces food, squeezes fruit.
The biggest prize is a trip to Brazil.
Yes, yes, we'll be there.
Yes, yes, we know that.
Thank you, bye, bye.
It seems you play for a trip to Brazil, to Camboriú,...
...for the three of you, for you, for the baby and for Carlos!
But I can 't go to San Julián.
- All the town 'll watch you. - We'll find a way to go.
- Come on, let's go. She's very shy. Bye. - See you.
- Now what? - No, I can 't see anything.
- It's worse than it was before. - Ana! Ana!
Bring me the spanner, it's in the tools drawer!
- The big one. - Okay.
How can I position it if I can 't see the satellite?
- What's wrong, dad? Want to go to the toilet? - No.
Then sit down and rest.
I'll go to San Julián.
- What? - I have to to go to San Julián.
- What for? - Gonzalez told me he saw Uglyface.
- That fucking dog? - Yes.
- So? - I must go get him.
Tell me, dad, are you nuts?
You can't go to San Julián, you can't even go pee alone.
Sit down and drink "mate".
- What's wrong with him? - With who?
With your dad.
He's odd.
He's been there for an hour.
He's not odd, he's nuts.
- Did he say anything? - Yes, he wants to go to San Julián.
- What for? - It seems somebody saw Uglyface.
- Uglyface, that dog! - That's a lie.
- What did you tell him? - Nothing. That he's nuts.
Well, well, here comes the best.
Move that.
- Look, dad, roast meat. - Well done, as you like it.
- Yes! - Cut the piece you like best.
Let me cut it.
No, I can cut it myself.
I'll just take a minute.
What's wrong with you, Justo?
You looked weird this evening.
Me weird?
- Yes, you. - No, I wasn't weird.
Come on, I know you, don't lie to me.
What's wrong?
Gonzalez stopped by and...
...he told me he saw Uglyface in San Julián.
Dad, I'm sure the dog is not Uglyface.
Probably you're right.
He's not worthwhile such a long trip.
I told Carlos I'd go get him.
I must be crazy.
I told you San Julián is too far away, dad.
I must be getting old.
- Who is it? - Your coat is ready, sir. - Coming.
- Sir,... - Yes? - We couldn 't get the same button.
- You couldn 't get the same one. - No, sir.
- Is it so hard to get a similar one? - It is, sir.
But... It's okay, okay.
- Good morning. - Good morning.
I want my breakfast, quick.
- Want some doughnuts? - No, bring me some toast.
-Today is a special day, at 6 l must be in San Julián. -Yes, sir.
- García, how are you? - Hi, Alberto.
- It seems we're meeting all the time. - It does.
- I saw you 2 days ago. - Yes, right.
- Did you go on holidays? - No, I can 't afford it.
In this business holidays have disppeared, García.
- That's true. - How's your company?
So so. When the owner of the company was in charge...
...he used to import many tools,...
- Yes. -...sales were huge,...
...but now his sons are in charge...
The old man left business?
Yes, sort of, his sons are...
What are you selling now?
Now his son import these things, elastic bands,...
-...these little stars... - New things.
- Yes. - Because nowadays everything is visual.
- Made in China. - I'll tell you something.
All this stuff...
Tell you something, García, let me tell you,...
...nowadays people who can't improvise, disappear.
What's your situation?
Now I don 't work on comission any more,...
...they don 't pay for my expenses,...
...they just pay for the gas, what can I do with that?
That's all I got.
That's what they did to me 5 years ago.
But they did me a favor.
Although they didn 't think so. I'll show you something.
This book, García, this book changed my life.
Because nowaydays selling is a science.
I've underlined a wonderful phrase here, listen to this,...
...listen carefully, "Never think of failure as failure,...
...think of it as an opportunity to change your course."
- What do you think? - It's okay, fine.
"Think of failure as an opportunity to apply... techniques". Do you follow?
- Very good. - This is wonferful. - It is.
"Remember Edison, who had to face more than a thousand...
..."no", before his light bulb was accepted."
- We're talking about Edison ! - He was an inventor.
We can 't get depressed.
Listen, listen, there's more.
This book changed my life.
Listen, listen to this.
"Learn the grammar of the human body,...
...if the prospect buyer who's before you...
...leans forward it means he's interested."
Lean forward. Lean forward.
- Yes, yes... - See?
- This shows interest. - It's a good thing.
- "lf he leans backwards... - You won 't sell anything. 're losing him".
Buying and selling.
Buying and selling, but with the body.
- See? - Clearly, clearly.
This is it, the world has changed.
I we don't move forward, we move backwards.
If we don 't update our methods we are lost.
Yeah, right. Hey, Fatty, Fatty, come here.
- Come here, please. - OK.
You 're a few lbs. overweight.
- Are you or not? - When you start asking questions...
No, listen, what if I told you can lose those pounds... a week? - You want to sell something.
You needn 't suffer, go on diet,...
-...what would you say? - You want to sell something.
Listen, would you like to lose 13 pounds in a week?
- Fuck off. - Would you?
- Nothing. - Fatty, l have something for you.
- It's on TV. - This time you won't sell anything to me.
Look. The add's on TV, they're plasters to lose weight,...
-..."Fat away". - No. - The add is on TV.
- Don 't you watch TV? - Very little.
With these plasters you can lose 10 pounds in a week.
Didn 't you say 4?
13, 10 pounds, 5, what's the difference?
Why don 't you trust me?
This was made in Sweeden, top quality.
Listen, today's the most important day in my life,...
...l can 't sell you this, you 're not the right person for this.
Ready. Now I just have to wait, in 10 minutes he'll be ready.
Good morning.
Hello. I'll go fetch your cake.
- Today'll be a wonderful day. - I hope so.
- Your husband? - He's asleep, he's very tired,...
...he worked all night in your cake, poor soul.
- He's a real pro. - He travels a lot.
He's always studying, now he's taking a course in the internet.
Here it is.
What do you think?
It's really...
...a work of art, really.
I didn 't expect it to be so nice, it's wonderful.
I'm glad you like it.
I'd really like to congratulate your husband myself.
He didn 't write "Rene".
He didn't write "Rene".
You see, I asked your husband... write here "Happy birthday, Rene",... you understand? But he only wrote...
..."Happy birthday".
Couldn 't you... add "Rene" there?
Me? If I touched of my husband's cakes he'd kill me.
I can wake him up, if you want.
No, no, it's okay, we can't wake up the cook...
...for such a stupid thing.
- No, it's great, it's great. - Okay. - It's great.
Do you want some candles?
- Yes, please. - How many? - I don 't know, really.
Don 't you know how old he's going to be?
He's a small boy, l think 9 will be okay.
I was sure he was your boy.
No, he's a widow's son.
I know her because I used to sell woods to her husband,...
...poor guy,... not long ago he was run over by car.
She owns a notions store in San Julián, it's on the...
-...main street. Do you know it? - No.
- I haven't been to San Julián lately. - I see.
- It's a long trip. - It is.
Don 't leave it in the sun, it'd spoil the cream.
I'm glad you told me.
Is the widow young?
Yes, she is. Poor woman.
I didn't stop visiting her because she's alone.
So she told me it was he son's birthday.
How nice.
I think it'll be a nice surprise.
-Of course it will. -She doesn't know I'm taking the cake.
lt'll be very nice.
These are the best. Thay are new.
After you blow them they...
...light again by themselves.
I think this one doesn 't work.
Yes, it works, but they are for kids,...
...they don 't blow as hard as adults.
- Good morning. - Is everything okay? - Yes.
Where are you going?
San Julián.
San Julián is over 170 miles from here.
I know, lady. I live around here. You may go now.
Have a nice trip.
Don't you want a ride?
I'm waiting for a friend, he's a truck driver.
Is he going to pick you up here?
Everyday at 3 he's here.
Come on, man, I'll drive you.
Get in, come on.
- Do you like music? - So so.
Give me a CD, they're in there.
- What kind of music do you like? - Any kind.
Let's see.
Were you planning to walk to San Julián?
Look, lady, I've lived here for 50 years.
I know every truck driver in this highway, I'm sure... of them would drive me.
So you were hitch-hiking.
I buy you breakfast.
No, thanks, lady.
- Are you sure? - I am.
Okay. Give me the thermos, I'll get water for your "mate".
Okay. That's fine.
I like that. You 're very kind.
- Shall I fill it up? - Yes, check the water and oil too. - OK.
- Do you know how to open the hood? - No.
Here it is.
How are you?
- Fine, and you? - Just fine. How's the store?
- Fine, thanks. - Where are you going?
To San Julián, to pay the taxes.
- Did you see the guy who was here? - There he is.
Trying to avoid me?
- I brought you hot water. - Thanks a lot.
I'm Julia.
Beneditti, Justo Beneditti, pleased to meet you.
- The same. Want a cookie? - No, thanks.
What are you doing here?
I work for the government.
For the government?
They hired me to pick up people walking by the road.
Don't laugh, it's a community job, and you refused to get in.
- Why are you going to San Julián? - No reason.
But are you going to visit someone?
Just killing time.
- Have you killed a lot? - Quite a lot.
Now seriously, I went on this trip to think.
- I'm a biologist. - A biologist?
Yes, I study molecular biology and I live in Argentina.
Two things that don't match.
Shall we go on?
What do biologists do?
They study life.
People's life?
People, animals, plants...
Animals, for example, dogs,...
...can they understand?
If dogs can understand?
What do you mean? Understand what?
- Things. - I don't get it.
If they understand things.
I don't get the question.
Does a dog understand if something is right or wrong?
Yes, animals can understand clearly what's right or wrong.
You mean a dog understands if something is wrong?
Yes, I think so, but...
...that's not my special field.
You often go to San Julián?
I never go there.
But Gonzalez told me he saw Uglyface, my dog, in San Julián.
When did he get lost?
He didn't get lost.
He left.
Are you OK?
I'm okay.
What's wrong?
I think you need fresh air.
We're near Tres Cerros, we'll stop and see if...
...they have a doctor there.
I'm feeling better.
Let's go see the doctor.
I'm all right, believe me.
- Never mind, he'll have a look at you. - It's not necessary.
Come on, grandpha. Do it for me.
Zip you jacket, it's very cold.
- Good morning. - Morning.
Yes, what is it?
This man is not feeling well,...
...he's a bit pale, I think.
I think it's his blood pressure, he's so pale.
Sit down, I'll fetch the doctor.'s an incredible machine...
...that will help you lose weight,...
...inches, fat, and mainly...'ll be doing the most effective aerobic excercise.
How do you feel it, Kimmy?
I'm having fun, I don 't want to stop.
I can feel how my muscles are working, it really is...
Your blood pressure is very low, you must stay... for a while. Norma? - I can 't stay.
- I must go. - No, you can 't. - Yes, doctor?
Bring him a glass of salty water and fill in the card.
I'd be very irresponsible...
...if I let you go like this.
- I have to go. - You can 't go.
You stay here for a while calm down and when... feel better you may go.
Well, I must... leave,...
...l must go on the road again.
I can 't stay.
Good luck.
Take care.
What's your name?
- John. - What else?
- Dough. - Dough.
Where are you from?
- Aguada Cecilio. - Aguada Cecilio?
That's right.
- See who's arrived. - Okay.
- Here. - Who was it, Norma?
- The guy who comes for treatment. - Let him in.
Come in.
- Hello! - How are you? How's your ankle?
Better, better, it hurts a little when I walk but...'s better, a lot better.
- I'll have a look at it. - OK.
How are you? Why are you here?
-What's wrong? -You know him?
Of course, I've known him for 20 years, he owns...
...Fitz Roy general store.
Remember me? I'm Roberto.
You 're wrong about me.
I'm from Aguada Cecilio.
You move your ears, don 't you?
I don 't move anything.
Let me see your ankle.
-I think she's ready, contractions take longer. - OK, I'm coming.
Could you put this cake in the fridge, please?
Norma, put it in the fridge.
Thanks. Be careful, please.
- Where can I have a cake decorated? - Decorated? - Yes.
I had the cake made but they didn 't write the kid's name so...
Here bakeries are no good, I tell you.
It seems I bought any cake, but I had the cake made...
...specially for this kid.
- First aid ward? - Yes, come in.
A man came here looking for his father,... elderly man who got lost in this area.
- Where is the man from? - He's from Fitz Roy.
There's an old man here, but he's not from Fitz Roy.
He said the old man might be going to San Julián...
Your son is coming, you must wait for him.
- See you. - See you, man.
How much are these ones?
- 3 for $1. - Give me 3.
- Thank you. - You 're welcome.
Is that a red van?
No, it's a car.
Fill it.
- Good morning. - Good morning.
What are you up to?
Would you like a "mate"?
Your ankle is better,isn't it?
Where are you going?
San Julián.
Want a ride?
I'd be grateful, Roberto.
Now you remember me.
My memory never fails me.
-Don 't go, I'll be right back. -Okay. -Use hot water.
Hello? How are you?
You recognized me.
No, no, I'm in... Catamarca.
No, I don 't think I'll go there until next month.
Yes. But you never know.
No, I just called to... say... say happy birthday to Rene.
Yes. What?
You told me.
Okay. Because I never forget those things.
Okay. Okay, the same to you.
I send you my regards.
And a kiss for Rene.
Another one for you.
Okay, see you, see you.
- Are you in a hurry? - No, I'm not.
I'll be back in 10 minutes, I just want to see...
...if they can correct something here.
- Okay, I'll wait. - Okay.
Listen, if you see my son don 't tell him I'm here.
- I won 't, don 't worry. - He drives a red van.
Don 't worry.
Take one if you want.
- May l? - Yes, of course. - They look nice.
You 've got many trophees.
My husband is a wrestling instructor.
- You don 't say. - He is.
That's his weakness.
Okay, okay,...
...let's see if you like it.
I think we have a small problem.
What's wrong?
...they're different.
I mean, it's obvious the kid's name was added later on.
The style of "Happy birthday" is different from...
...the style in "Rene".
It is.
It looks like a graft there.
My handwriting is different.
Excuse me, what's your name?
- People call me Vaucha. - Vaucha, do you know...
...what Charles Wilson said?
This man who became a millionaire selling things...
...said that creativity, the ability to improvise...
...and spontaniety make the difference.
What I mean is this, lady,...
...let's be creative and find solution for this,...
...I'm sure we can solve this.
Come on, Vaucha,...
...l know you can do it.
- We can do something. - What can we do? Tell me.
We could take off the first letter in "birthday"...
...and then I could write it with my handwriting.
I can write it again. I think it'll be okay.
- Perfect. - What do you think? - Perfect.
That's the solution.
How long will you take to do it?
- 10 or 15 minutes. - Okay, I'll wait for you.
- Today you didn 't call me. - I didn 't.
- I went shopping. - When ? - In the morning.
How do you know I called if the phone didn 't ring?
- I just know. - It didn 't ring in the morning.
- Just once. - Who was it? - Fonseca.
Fonseca? What did Fonseca want?
He knew you're coming today.
- You love Fonseca! - No, Alberto! - Lier!
- Let me go! - Bitch !
You 're crazy, you 're out of your mind, Alberto!
I'm sorry. Forgive me.
Jealousy is a horrible illness.
It destroys everything, it destroys people,...
...feelings, everything.
I'm telling you because...
...l know about that.
Because of that illness I lost my wife.
Poor Ana.
At first she was happy.
The thing is I used to travel a lot, I've always traveled.
When I got home I wanted to know where she had been,...
...what she had done, everything.
- I tired her. - Like on TV.
- What? - Like on TV. - Yes.
Can I have another one?
Yes, please, have all you want.
A jealous salesman.
Oil and water, right?
As time goes by you see things in a different way.
Live and learn.
How old will Rene be?
Frankly, I don 't know him.
I don 't know, but he's a small boy.
He's a client's son, but I've never met him.
My niece's name is Rene too, but she's 15 already.
Okay, okay. Let's see if you like it now.
It's great, yes, excellent.
Give me the check, and I'll take some cookies too.
Don 't you have a nicer wraping?
Don 't you want a box?
- That'd better. - Yes, I'll tie a ribbon, it'll be very nice.
- May I ask you a question? - Yes, of course.
For you, Rene is a boy or a girl? What do you think?
I had a great-aunt whose name was Rene.
She wieghed 280 pounds.
When she died they made a special box for her.
If somebody, anybody says Rene,...
...what's the first thing that comes into your head?
A boy, a girl, what?
I knew a football player, Rene Pontoni, an excelent player.
He scored a great goal.
He headed the ball downwards, it was a tricky play.
The goal keeper run to catch...
...the ball, it bounced and jumped over his head...
...and went into the goal.
Rene Pontoni.
I'm so stupid. I'm really stupid.
What if Rene is a girl?
The cake is a ball.
What if I get there, ring the bell and...
...Rene is a girl with curls?
What will I do with the cake?
Maybe she likes football.
Now I remember she told me... no, I asked her,...
..."who takes care of Rene?"
And she said: "He's with his granny now."
"He's with his granny"?
Or did she say: "She's with her granny"?
"He's with his..." "She's with her..."
Do me a favor, Mr. Justo,... me favor, see the box in the back?
- Yes. - Take que lid off.
I've got it. Nowadays only those can improvise survive.
Tell me what you think.
See the cake is ball?
We change its color,...
...we add a little head and 4 little legs.
...what do we get?
A turtle! Don't you see it's a turtle?
A head, four legs, that's it.
It's okay either for a boy or for a girl.
- Good morning, officer. - Good morning, sir.
I'm looking for a bakery here in town, do you know...?
No, there are no bakeries here,...
...bread comes from Deseado.
I need to have a cake decorated, it's here...
- Have a cake decorated? - Yes. - No, not here.
- No. - No.
And who makes birthday cakes around here?
Well, my mother in law makes excellent cakes.
- Does she? - Yes, very good.
Where does she live?
- You enter the town,... - Yes.
-...four blocks to the right,... - Yes., two, three houses,...
...a white house with curtains, that's her house.
- What's your mother in law's name? - Haydee.
- And your name? - Morales. Sabino.
Let's forget this is a ball.
- We'll only use the shape. - Only the shape.
So if I add... if a add a little head here,...
- Yes. -...and I add four little legs,...
...two legs here, two legs here and a small tail,...
...what... what would l have? What do you see?
A cat?
No. No, it's not a cat.
- A bunny. - No, not a bunny.
- It's not a bunny. - Haydee,...
...think, think carefully,...
...what could it be?
So I think it could be a...
-...a turtle. - Perfect.
...Just perfect, a turtle.
Could you do it?
- Yes. - Great. - I can do it.
I'm leaving now, l leave you alone so you...
-...focus on the cake. - Okay.
I see you like palm trees.
My husband liked them.
That's why he decided to grow them.
He used to say the Patagonia would be like Brazil.
- Like Brazil. - And Brazil would be a desert.
Okay, now you can see it.
Let's see if you like it or...
-...if you don 't like it at all. - Geat, let's see.
What can I say?
She'll love it.
- Nice. - Honestly, what can I say? It's a...
She'll love it. How much do I owe you?
It's on the house.
No, no, I can 't,... you worked so hard..., I want to... - Next time I'll cook the cake.
You 're an angel.
A few days ago I calculated...
...I've worked for 20 years...
...and in these 20 years I've driven about 1.6 million miles.
Do you think I'll get a medal for that?
- Have we arrived? - We're near.
Where sall I drop you?
At the road service camp.
At the road service camp?
-There at the entrance? -Yes.
Good evening.
Hi. What can I do for you?
I'm looking for a dog.
- A dog? - It's short, light brown hair, long tail, very smart.
That's the only dog we have here, and he's quite fierce.
- You were told it's here? - Yes, it's brown.
Let me see.
It must be Losa's dog.
He takes care of the warehouses on weekends.
His place is 10 miles from here, there, on the bay.
It's hard to get there, you won 't get there at night.
Okay, thanks a lot then.
Listen, old man,...
Where are you going?
Don 't you want to come in?
Me and the guys are singing.
Come on, get in, man, where can you go now?
Okay, thanks a lot.
- I'm Fermín Maldonado. - I'm Justo Beneditti.
Come in. I'll introduce you to my friends,...
...we're from Corrientes, we've been working here for 2 years.
Hey, guys, silence, please.
lsmael, Rolando, Silvio,...
-...he is Justo. - Hello, Justo. - How are you?
- Hi, Justo. - Good evening everyone.
Sit down, Justo.
That's it. Let's sin a "Chamamé" for Justo.
Thank you.
So you 're looking for Losa's dog, tell me about it.
I was told that dog is mine.
- I came to get him. - Where are you from? - Fitz Roy.
You come from Fitz Roy?
Looking for a dog?
- Yes. - Have one.
- Thank you very much. - Go ahead.
What are these, lace boots?
To climb up mountains?
They are climber boots, you can anywhere with them.
Lace boots? Lace boots?
I got them from two Dutch guys who stopped at the store.
Do you work in a store?
- You 've neve been to Fitz Roy? - Once ot twice.
I own "California", the general store on the road.
I had lunch there. Yes, I had lunch there once.
- My son is there now. - No, thanks. - I started it.
I think somebody is coming.
Fermín ! Come.
Yes, tell me.
- If it's my son, I'm not here. - No problem.
-Who was it? -Nobody, nobody, some letters for the boss.
Are you running away or what?
No, my son didn 't want me to come fetch the dog.
- Don 't worry about him. Cheers. - Cheers.
- Cheers. - Cheers.
It's cold already, if you want I may heat it.
- No, no. - lsmael! See if there's a hot rib for the man.
- No, it's okay. - Okay, here you are.
Why is the dog so special? You 've come such a long way.
- I've got it for a long time. - Did he get lost?
- He left. - He left?
- Yes. - On his own? - On his own.
Let's see, tell me the whole story, come on.
Come on, man.
About 3 years ago...
...a new sheriff came... Fitz Roy, Chief Cifuentes.
He had nothing better to do in Fitz Roy... he decided to call all the people who drove cars...
...and ask them for their driving license.
So I had to go to Deseado... get it. It was a long trip, so I took Uglyface with me,... keep me company.
When I got there, I had to read... small letters.
I could hardly see them.
When I was going back...
...the sun was on my face,...
...l couldn 't see anything,... blinded me.
Suddenly I run a guy over.
Didn 't see him.
Sometimes it's fate.
I couldn't think clearly.
So I left him there,...
...on the road.
That was when Uglyface... mad at me.
He howled all night long.
In the morning he was gone.
- Don't you want to lie down? - No.
- Have you got a place to stay? - No, but don 't worry.
There's a shack here, sometimes I sleep there.
Go to bed now,... Bye, lsmael,...
...tomorrow morning we'll go see Losa.
- I'll call you... bye... when it's ready. - Thanks, Fermín.
See you tomorrow.
The dog left because of what I did.
I saw the way he looked at me.
lmpossible, he's just a dog.
He's the only one who knows who I am.
Go to sleep now, tomorrow morning we'll go see Losa.
Maybe the dog will forgive you.
I'll turn the TV on, so you don't get bored.
- See you tomorrow. - See you.
Now we're going to play with the 3 finalists of the month...
...who are here to win the wonderful prices of...
Raul Store, the truth in comodities.
They are Gladis Fontenla de Barnabar Gregores,...
Dora Almoracid, from San Julián.
And María Flores from Fitz Roy.
Okay, are you ready?
Okay, after this short break we'll come back...
...with "Colorful Casino".
Ruben, make th e break lon ger, I h ave to pee.
Let's see, baby, come here, this doesn 't work.
-Say something, come on. -What?
- Anything, say "hello". - Hello. - Louder. - Hello.
- No, this is no good. - On TV you must speak louder.
- Say "hello". - Hello. - No, louder. - Hello.
I know because I've been to 4 of these shows...
...and I used to do the same.
Okay, we are ready.
Everybody ready, on the air.
Yes, here we are again in "Colorful Casino"...
...and the wonderful prices of...
Raul Store, the truth in comodities.
Remember all the contestants play for a trip to Camboriú,...
...a week, all expenses payed, in a comfortable 5 star bus of...
Southern Buses, lnc.
Now yes, the first contestant, Gladis.
This way. Spin it.
That's all, folks.
What's the letter?
One letter here, one there.
We have an "A" here,...
...and an "L" there.
This is the right square, let's see what the prize is... 've won... nothing, lady.
But don't lose hope, because Raul Store...
...always gives you another chance.
- And now... - Shall I leave?
...Dora from San Julián is going to play.
This way.
Okay... now spin the wheel, please.
That's all, folks. Let's see what letter we get now,...
...let's see, let's see...
...the letters are "R" and "S".
Let's see, let's see...
You won something here, you won something.
Let's see, let's see...
...if Dora from San Julián is a lucky woman.
Let's see, let's see...
Let's see, let's see...
...the... pay attention, it can be the food-processor.
The... the...
...the electric razor!
Very good, Dora, from San Julián !
You have won an electric razor!
Very good!
Now it's your turn, María Flores, from Fitz Roy.
Come on, María.
Spin the wheel, come on, spin the wheel.
Very good! No va más.
Let's see, let's see...
I'm sorry, María, I'm sorry.
And now we'll play the return game...
...the end will be thrilling!
As you know, a hunch and not fate decides...
...the end of this contest.
Dora, what's your hunch?
What letters? Say the first ones that come into your mind.
- "U". - "U".
- "C". - "C".
I'm sorry, Dora.
Now it's Gladis turn, let's see.
- "A, S". - "A, S", let's see.
Yes, you won a prize!
Let's see, let's see...
It's a make-up set brought to us by...
Raul Store, the truth in comodities.
Very good! Now let's see María, María from Fitz Roy,...
...what's your hunch, María?
Look at the camera.
- "A". - "A".
- "A". - "A, A"?
Let's see.
There's a prize here too!
Yes, ladies and gentlemen !
Fitz Roy, pay attention !
The food-processor, María Flores has won...
...the food-processor!
María Flores, from Fitz Roy has won the food-processor!
The biggest prize of...
Tomorrow you take the paper to the store and get the prize.
I can 't stay, I must take the bus at 10 pm.
Don 't know, ask the producers.
Excuse me, what can I do to get the prize?
I must take the bus back to Fitz Roy at 10 pm.
Talk to the people in administration, I'm exhausted.
Hey, girl! Do you have power in Fitz Roy?
No, we don 't, because we live in a borrowed house.
Why don 't we exchange the make-up set for...
...the food-processor? You don 't have power,...'s no use to you.
No, we were told we could get power very soon.
I'll give you the make-up set and $10 por the machine.
A make-up set it's useless for me, but you are so young.
The make-up set and $20.
The make-up set and $25, you could go to a hotel.
The make-up set and $30.
You 'll be able to go to a hotel, to eat in a restaurant!
I can offer you roasted chicken legs,...
...meat brawn with creole sauce,...
...pork sirloin, pork chops with potatoes, Maryland chicken,...
...roasted pork with apple sauce.
And the girl could have some meat and French fries.
- Okay. - Fine, and for you? - The same.
There's a buffet over there, you can help yourself.
- Okay, thanks. - It's okay.
- Hello. - Hi. - How are you? - Fine, thanks.
- Do you remember the cake...? - I'll get it, wait here, please.
- Here you are. - Thanks.
- Is it okay? - Perfect.
-See you soon. -Bye, good luck.
...among these latest treatment techiniques we're verifying...
...the use of techniques that combine micro videocameras,...
...robotics and the use of new artificial fibres...
...designed for space exploration...
...that will transform cardiovascular surgery,... surgery period and the reinsertion of the patient...
...into his normal life, in images of the past.
Dr. Francisto Azatto, an ltalian doctor who is a member of...
...the comittee that controls new medical techniques...
...for illness diagnosis and treatment...
Yes. I want to make a phone call.
Yes, local.
Hello? Hello?
Who is it?
- It seems he's not here. - He must be sleeping.
Come on, let's wake him up, lazy bastard!
Come on.
It's me.
It's me, Uglyface.
Come, Uglyface, come.
Here, here.
How are you ?
How are you ?
What do you want?
Ah, Fermín, I'm coming.
- How are you ? - Fine, Losa.
- What brings you here? - That guy came here to fetch...
...that dog, he says it's his.
He's mine, his name is Uglyface.
You must be wrong, that dog was born here, his name is Rat.
This is my dog.
Hey, old man, are you nuts or what?
Rat, go away!
Come on, obey, fucker!
Calm down, guys. Listen to me,...
Justo, wait for me in the van,...
...wait for me, I'll talk to Losa.
How much for the dog?
The dog is not for sale.
I give you $20 for the dog.
Fermín, don 't do this to me.
I don 't want to sell the dog.
30, I'll give you $30.
Why do you want the dog?
That animal is useless.
I'll give you $50.
- Fifty? - Okay.
The man admits the dog is not his,...
...he says he found it in the street, but he...
...wants $50 for having fed it.
- $50? - Yes. Have you got them?
I have.
Good morning.
What are you doing here?
No, because you called me from Catamarca.
No, no, I was joking.
- You were joking. - Yes.
- This isn't a notions store any more. - No, no,... I sell hand-made articles,...
...because people say we'll have lots of tourists around here.
I still have some articles, but...
...I'm chaging...
...a little.
...what have you brought?
I am... I'm representing...
...a new firm, plasters to lose weight.
Frankly, now you've changed lines I don 't know...
...if they fit in here. You closed the drugstore, didn't you?
Yes, yes, I did.
I don't know, if you want I can leave you a couple of boxes.
Yes, leave me some, I'm thinking some friends...
...of mine could use them.
Right, so I'll leave you a couple of boxes so you can see them.
- Okay, I'll have a look at them. - I'll get them.
I'll leave you four, You pay them when you sell them.
- Fine. Here they are. See? It says "Fat Away". - Yes.
- I also have some booklets... - Careful... - I'm sorry.
Here they are, the instructions are here,...
..."Lose weight in only 2 weeks..."
Everything is there, the instructions, everything.
- Okay. - Yes.
How was Rene's birthday?
Nice, we celebrated with my family.
- With your family. - Right.
My brother came to visit and he took us out for dinner.
We had a wonderful time, l hadn 't seen him for a while.
- Right. - We had lots of fun.
- That's nice, that's good. - It is.
When... are you coming back?
Well... never know, in 40, 60 days maybe, it...
-...depends on the work. - Right.
-Good luck with that. -Thanks.
- A kiss for Rene. - Thanks, I'll give it to him.
- Okay. - Okay. - See you. - See you.
I'm sorry.
I'm so stupid, sometimes l...
I'm so sorry.
- I'm sorry. - It's okay.
I don 't know how I can forget...
- See you. - See you.
Wait, Roberto, don 't forget my birthday.
It's on June 14th.
No... no, I won 't forget it.
Besides, I never forget such things.
- Bye. - See you.
- Good morning. - Morning. - Fitz Roy. - $7.
- Here. Does the baby pay? - No, she doesn 't.
Okay, thank you.
- Daddy. - Daddy.
- Daddy. - Daddy.
Where's daddy?
Daddy. Daddy.
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