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Subtitles for Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy The - Episode 3.

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Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy The - Episode 3

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Ripped with SubRip 1.14 and Verified by CdinT|(
I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
'Far back|in the mists of ancient time,
'in the great and glorious days|of the former Galactic Empire,
'life was wild, rich|and, on the whole, tax-free.
'Mighty starships plied their way
'between exotic suns,|seeking adventure and reward
'amongst the furthest reaches|of Galactic space.
'In those days, spirits were brave,|stakes were high, men were real men,
'women were real women,
'and small furry creatures|from Alpha Centauri
'were real small furry creatures|from Alpha Centauri.
'All dared to brave unknown terrors,|to do mighty deeds,
'to boldly split infinitives|that no man had split before.
'And thus was the Empire forged.
'Many men, of course,|became extremely rich,
'but this was perfectly natural|and nothing to be ashamed of,
'because no one was really poor -|at least no one worth speaking of.
'And for these|extremely rich merchants,
'life eventually became rather dull,
'and it seemed that none|of the worlds they settled on
'was entirely satisfactory.
'Either the climate wasn't quite right
'in the later part|of the afternoon...
'or the day|was half an hour too long...
'... or the sea|was just the wrong shade of pink.'
'And thus were created the conditions
'for a staggering new form|of industry -
'custom-made luxury planet building.
'The home of this industry|was the planet Magrathea,
'where vast hyperspatial|engineering works were constructed
'to suck matter|through white holes in space
'and form it into dream planets,
'lovingly made|to meet the exacting standards
'of the Galaxy's richest men.
'And so successful was this venture
'that very soon Magrathea itself|became the richest planet of all time
'and the rest of the Galaxy|was reduced to abject poverty.
'And so the system broke down.
'The Empire collapsed
'and a long, sullen silence|settled over the Galaxy...
'Magrathea itself disappeared
'and its memory soon passed|into the obscurity of legend.
'In these enlightened days,|no one believes a word of it.'
I don't believe a word of it.
Listen to me, Ford, I've found it.|I swear I've found it!
- Magrathea?|- Yeah!
- A non-existent planet.|- Yeah, er, no... Listen... it's...
Myth. Magrathea's a fairy story.
What you tell kids if you want them|to grow up to become economists.
We are currently in orbit around it!
YOU may be in orbit around it!
- Computer!|- Oh, no!
{y:i}Hi, there, this is Eddie, |{y:i}your shipboard computer,
{y:i}and I'm feeling just great, guys.
{y:i}I'll get a bundle of kicks out|{y:i}of any program you care to run!
- Is this necessary?|- Computer, what is our trajectory?
{y:i}A real pleasure, fella!
{y:i}We are currently in orbit|{y:i}at an altitude of 300 miles
{y:i}around the legendary planet|{y:i}Magrathea. Golly!
Proving nothing. I wouldn't trust|that computer to speak my weight!
{y:i}- I can do that!|- No, thank you
{y:i}I can even work out your personality|{y:i}problems to ten decimal places.
Take us down, Computer.|Take us down nice and low.
What's going on?
According to Zaphod,|Magrathea is this legendary planet,
which no one seriously believes in.
And now we're going to land on it.
Oh? Is there any tea|on this spaceship?
That is the planet|we're orbiting around
and that is Magrathea!|They're the same!
- Check, check, check!|- Check, check, check (!)
Can we see it at all, Computer?
{y:i}- Hi, there.|- Can we see it
{y:i}From up here? No way! |{y:i}You wouldn't want to anyway.
{y:i}It's just cold and grey|{y:i}and a whole bunch of no fun.
Great! For this,|I got my ears pierced!
With half the Empire's wealth stored|on it, it can afford to look frumpy!
- I don't believe you.|- Why not?
You tend to lie a lot. I think|it's just any old dead planet.
The suspense is killing me (!)
'Stress and nervous tension|are now serious social problems
'in all parts of the Galaxy,
'and it is in order|that this situation
'should not be in any way exacerbated
'that the following facts|will now be revealed in advance.
'The planet in question is,|in fact, Magrathea.
'The missile attack|shortly to be launched
'by an ancient|automatic defence system
'will merely result|in the breakage of three coffee cups
'and a mouse cage,|the bruising of someone's upper arm
'and the untimely creation|and demise of a bowl of petunias...
'and an innocent sperm whale.
'In order that some sense of mystery|should still be preserved,
'no revelation will yet be made
'concerning whose upper arm|has been bruised.
'This fact may safely be made|the subject of suspense
'since it is|of no significance whatsoever.
'Arthur's next question|is very complex and difficult
'and Zaphod's answer is wrong|in every important respect.'
Is it safe?
Of course! It's been dead|for five million years.
{y:i}Greetings to you.
Computer, what's this?
{y:i}A five-million-year-old holotape|{y:i}being broadcast at us.
{y:i}This is a recorded announcement
{y:i}as I'm afraid we're all out|{y:i}at the moment.
{y:i}The Commercial Council|{y:i}of Magrathea...
- A voice from ancient Magrathea!|- OK, OK!
{y:i}... regrets that the entire planet|{y:i}is temporarily closed for business.
{y:i}Thank you.
{y:i}Leave your name
{y:i}and the address of the planet|{y:i}where you can be contacted
{y:i}when you hear the tone.
They want us to leave.|What do we do?
- We keep going. Got that, Computer|{y:i}- Got it!
{y:i}It is most gratifying
{y:i}that your enthusiasm for our planet|{y:i}continues unabated...
{y:i}and so we would like to assure you|{y:i}that the guided missiles
{y:i}currently converging with your ship
{y:i}are part of a special service
{y:i}we extend to all|{y:i}of our most enthusiastic clients,
{y:i}and the fully-armed nuclear warheads
{y:i}are, of course, |{y:i}merely a courtesy detail.
{y:i}We look forward to your custom|{y:i}in future lives. Thank you.
If that's their sales pitch,|what's the complaints department like?
Listen, you semi-evolved simian!|Will you crowbar this into your cranium?
We just triggered off|an ancient recording device.
- It doesn't apply to us.|- And the missiles?
Missiles? You want to make me laugh?|Show me some missiles!
I think they're going to have|a very good try at applying to us.
Terrific! They're trying to kill us!|You know what that means?
- Yes, we're going to die.|- Yeah... no... maybe...
It means there's something down|there they don't want us to have,
and if they don't want us|to have it that badly,
- I want to have it even worse.|- So there is someone down there?
No. It's automatic defence systems.
- What are we going to do?|- Just keep cool.
Is that all?
Er, no, we're also going|to take evasive action.
Computer,|what evasive action can we take?
{y:i}- Er, none, I'm afraid, guys.|- Or something...
{y:i}There's something|{y:i}jamming my guidance systems.
{y:i}Impact minus 150 seconds.
{y:i}Sorry. I didn't mean that.
{y:i}Please call me Eddie|{y:i}if it will help you relax.
Right, Computer, I want full|manual control of this ship now!
{y:i}- You got it.|- But can you fly her?
- No. Can you?|- No.
- Ford?|- No.
Fine. We'll do it together.
- I can't either.|- I'd guessed.
Computer,|activate the manual consoles.
{y:i}Sure thing. Good luck, guys. |{y:i}Impact minus 125 seconds.
Here goes!
- We're veering too far.|- She's going into a spin!
Then, dive her out of it! Dive! Dive!
'It is, of course,|more or less at this point
'that one of our heroes sustains|a slight bruise to the upper arm.
'This should be emphasised because,|as has already been revealed,
'they escape|otherwise completely unharmed,
'and the deadly nuclear missiles|do not eventually hit the ship.
'Our heroes' safety|is absolutely assured. '
{y:i}Impact minus 88 seconds, guys.
You can't shake them!|We're going to die!
{y:i}# When you walk through the storm
{y:i}# Hold your head up high... #
Shut that bloody computer up!
Zaph, do you think|we can stabilise at X00 547
if we split our flight path
tangentially across the vector|of 9 GX 78
with a 5-degree inertial correction?
What? Yes, I expect so. Just do it!|Do you think she's bluffing?
Here goes!
Hey, where'd you learn|a stunt like that?
Going round Hyde Park Corner|on a moped.
- What?|- I'll tell you later. Hold tight.
{y:i}# And you'll never walk alone... #
The missiles are gaining on us!|We are quite definitely going to die!
Hey! Why don't we use|the Improbability Drive?
Are you crazy? Without programming,|anything could happen.
Whereas, at the moment,|we just definitely die. Is that it?
Does anyone have a good reason for|not using the Improbability Drive?
{y:i}It's been great getting to know|{y:i}all you guys. God bless.
Does anyone have a good reason|for not using the Improb...?
- What the photon happened?|- Well, there's this switch here...
- Where are we?|- Exactly where we were, I think.
What about the missiles?
Well, according to this, they have|turned into a bowl of petunias
and a very surprised-looking whale.
{y:i}At an Improbability Level|{y:i}of 8,767,128 to 1 against.
- Did you think of that, Earthman?|- Well, all I did was...
That's a pretty hoopy piece|of thinking, you know that?
- It was nothing, really...|- Was it? Oh, well, forget it.
OK, Computer, take us in to land.
I say it was nothing...|Obviously, it was something.
I was just trying to say
that it's not worth making|too much of a fuss about...
saving everybody's lives...
'Another thing|that nobody made too much fuss about
'was that, against all probability,
'a sperm whale had suddenly|been called into existence
'some miles above|the surface of an alien planet.
'And since this is not a naturally|tenable position for a whale,
'this innocent creature|had very little time
'to come to terms|with its identity as a whale
'before it had to come to terms with|suddenly not being a whale any more.'
Ah! What's happening? Er, excuse me?
Who am I? Why am I here?|What's my purpose in life?
What do I mean by, "Who am I"?
Calm down! Get a grip now!
Oh, this is an interesting sensation.
It's a sort of yawning,|tingling sensation in my... my...
Well, I better start finding names|for things...
So let's call it my stomach.
So, a yawning, tingling sensation|in my stomach.
And that whistling, roaring sound?
That can be wind.
Perhaps I can find a better name|for it later...
Hey, what's this thing?
Let's call it a tail! Yeah, tail.
Hey, I can really thrash it about|pretty good, can't I? Wow! Wow! Hey!
Doesn't seem to achieve much,
but I'll probably figure out|what it's for later on.
Oh, hey, this is really exciting!
So much to find out about,|so much to look forward to,
I'm dizzy with anticipation...
What's this thing|suddenly coming towards me very fast?
Very, very fast...
so big and flat and wide,|it needs a big, wide-sounding word...
like round... round... ground!
That's it-ground! I wonder|if it will be friends with me?
'Curiously enough,
'the only thing that went through|the mind of the bowl of petunias was:
'Many people have speculated
'that if we knew exactly why the bowl|of petunias had thought that,
'we should know a lot more|about the Universe than we do now.
'Meanwhile,|Trillian is about to announce
'a discovery of huge importance,
'though this is not immediately|recognised by her companions.'
- Hey, my white mice have escaped!|- Nuts to your white mice!
- Are we taking the Paranoid Android?|- Yeah, we'll take him.
Don't feel you have to notice me (!)
What are you supposed to do|with a manically depressed robot?
You think you've got problems?
What are you supposed to do if|you ARE a manically depressed robot?
No, don't try to answer that.
I'm 50,000 times as intelligent as you|and even I don't know the answer.
It gives me a headache just trying|to think down to your level!
{y:i}Good afternoon, boys.
- What's that?|- The computer.
It's an emergency back-up personality|that I thought might work out better.
{y:i}Now, this is going to be|{y:i}your first day on a strange planet,
{y:i}so wrap up warm|{y:i}and no playing with any monsters.
- A slide rule might be better (!)|{y:i}- Who said that?
Open up that exit hatch, please.
{y:i}Not until whoever said that owns up.
Oh, God!
{y:i}I'm waiting. |{y:i}I can wait all day if necessary!
Computer, if you don't open|that exit hatch pretty damn pronto,
I shall go straight to your major|data banks with a very large axe
and give you a reprogramming|you'll never forget.
OK, get the axe.
{y:i}Please enjoy your day|{y:i}on this planet.
{y:i}I can see this relationship|{y:i}is something we'll have to work at.
OK, come on, you guys. Let's go!
It's fantastic!
Desolate hole!
It's so stark and dreary!
It's absolutely fantastic!|It's only just getting through to me.
A whole new alien world, thousands|of light years away from home...
Pity it's such a dump!
I could have a better time|in a cat litter.
What's this?
- Whalemeat.|- Eugh!
Come on, you guys,|we've got to get into this planet!
I'm not into it!
- INTO it!|- INTO it?
Would you stay out here|in a dump like this?
The Magratheans|all lived underground, you know.
Why-was the surface polluted|or over-populated?
No, they just didn't|like it very much.
There's an opening in the ground.
Looks like a tunnel.
OK, guys, here we go!
Let's get on in there!
Into the interior of the planet!
That is where we have to go!
Down into the very depths|of time itself,
where no man has trod|these five million years!
We are not going to be great,|we are not going to be amazing -
we are going to be amazingly amazing!
- Sounds awful!|- Can it, Marvin!
Life, loathe it or ignore it -|you can't like it!
Are you sure|you know what you're doing?
We've been attacked once already!
Look, kid, I promise you,
the live population of this planet|is nil plus the five of us.
Let's get on in there, OK?
Hey, Earthman...
- Earthman...|- Arthur.
Yeah, could you just sort of keep|the robot with you
and guard this end of the passage?
Guard? What from?|You said there was no one here!
Yeah, well, just for safety, OK?
Whose? Yours or mine?
Good lad. OK, here we go!
Well, I hope|you all have a really miserable time!
- Don't worry! They will.|- Come on!
- Hey, spooky, eh?|- And dark.
You've still got your sunglasses on.
Too right!
Look at this!
Any idea what those strange symbols|on the walls are, Zaphod?
Yeah! They're strange symbols|of some kind.
It's hard to tell with my shades on!
I wish I had heads like you, Zaphod.
I could have endless fun|bashing them against walls!
Hey, don't bug me, Ford!
- Yeah!|- Yeah?
Yeah! These are the greatest shades|in the known sky! Look at the copy.
"Joo Janta 200 SuperChromatic|Peril-Sensitive sunglasses.
"To help you develop|a relaxed attitude to danger.
"At the first hint of trouble,|they turn black
"and thus prevent you from seeing|anything that might alarm you."
You're mad!
I thought I just saw a movement|down at the end of the corridor!
No... it's just shadows...|There's no one here.
Trust me.
Zaphod, mate, I'd trust you as far|as I could comfortably spit a rat!
This is a dead planet, man!
There's definitely something there.
Night's falling. Look, Robot,|the stars are coming out.
- I know. Wretched, isn't it?|- But that sunset...!
I've never seen anything like it|in my wildest dreams!
The two suns... It was like...
mountains of fire,|boiling into space!
I've seen it. It's rubbish.
We only had the one sun at home.
I came from a planet called Earth.
I know. You keep going on about it.|It sounds awful.
Ah, no! It was a beautiful place.
Did it have oceans?
Oh, yes, great, big, wide, rolling,|blue oceans.
Can't bear oceans.
Tell me, do you get on well|with other robots?
Hate them. Where are you going?
I think I'll take a short walk.
Don't blame you.
You choose a cold night|to visit our dead planet.
Who are you?
My name is not important.
You startled me.
Do not be alarmed.|I will not harm you.
But you shot at us. The missiles...
An automatic system.
Ancient computers|ranged in the long caves
deep in the bowels of the planet|tick away the dark millennia,
and the ages hang heavy|on their dusty databanks.
They take the occasional potshot|to relieve the monotony.
I'm a great fan of science, you know.
Oh, yes.
You seem ill at ease.
OH! Yes, well, actually, I don't think we|expected anyone to be about, in fact.
No disrespect,|but I gathered you were all dead.
Dead? No, we have but slept|for five million years.
Nothing much seems to have changed.
Yes, through the economic recession.
Economic recession?
Five million years ago,|the Galactic economy collapsed,
and seeing that custom-built planets|are something of a luxury commodity...
- You know we built planets?|- Well, I had sort of gathered that.
Fascinating trade. Doing the|coastlines was always my favourite...
Used to have endless fun doing all|the little fiddly bits round fjords.
Well, anyway, the recession came,
and we thought it would save a lot|of bother if we just slept through it.
So we programmed the computers|to revive us when it was all over.
They were index-linked|to the Galactic stock market prices,
so that we'd all be revived
when everybody else|had rebuilt the economy enough
to be able to afford our services.
Isn't that rather unethical?
Is it? I'm a bit out of touch.
Is that your robot?
No, I'm mine.
If you'd call it a robot-it's more|like an electronic sulking machine.
Bring it.
"Bring it"!
On second thoughts, leave it here.
Bring it! Leave it!|I think I'll turn myself off!
You must come with me.|Great things are afoot.
Come. Come now or you will be late.
Late? What for?
What is your name, human?
Dent, Arthur Dent.
Late, as in the late Dentarthurdent.
It's a sort of threat, you see.
Never been terribly good|at them myself,
but I'm told|they can be terribly effective.
What an extraordinary person!
Er... nothing. Where are we going?
We are going deep|into the bowels of the planet,
where our race is being revived from|its five-million-year-old slumber.
Magrathea awakes!
Excuse me,|what is your name, by the way?
My name?
My name is Slartibartfast.
I beg your pardon?
I said it wasn't important.
'It is an important and popular fact
'that things|are not always what they seem.
'For instance...
'on the planet Earth,
'man had always assumed he was more|intelligent than the dolphins,
'because he had achieved so much -
'the wheel...
'New York...
'wars, and so on...
'whilst all the dolphins|had ever done
'was muck about in the water|having a good time.
'The dolphins believed they were|more intelligent than man
'for precisely the same reasons.
'Curiously enough,
'the dolphins had long known|of the impending demolition of Earth,
'and made many attempts|to alert mankind of the danger...
'but most of their communications|were misinterpreted
'as amusing attempts to punch|footballs or whistle for titbits,
'so they eventually gave up and left|the Earth by their own means,
'shortly before the Vogons arrived.
'The last-ever dolphin message
'was misinterpreted as|a surprisingly sophisticated attempt
'to do a double-backward somersault|through a hoop
'whilst whistling|the Star-Spangled Banner...
'but, in fact, the message was this:
'In fact, there was only one species|on the planet
'more intelligent than dolphins,
'and they spent a lot of their time
'in behavioural research laboratories
'conducting frighteningly elegant|and subtle experiments on man.
'The fact that man once again
'completely misinterpreted|this relationship
'was entirely according|to these creatures' plans,
'as Arthur Dent|will shortly discover.'
Earthman, we are now|deep in the heart of Magrathea.
How d'you know I'm an Earthman?
These things will become clear -|clearer than they are at the moment.
I should warn you
the chamber we are about to enter
does not literally exist|within our planet.
It is the gateway into a vast tract|of hyperspace. It may disturb you.
It scares the willies out of me.|Hold tight!
Welcome to our factory floor.
This is where we make|most of our planets, you see.
You're starting up again now?
Good heavens, no!
No, the Galaxy isn't nearly|rich enough to afford us yet.
We've been awakened to perform|just one extraordinary function
for very... special clients
from another dimension.
It may interest you.
There-in front of us.
The Earth!
Well, the Earth Mark i, in fact.
We're making a copy|from our original blueprints.
Are you telling me|you originally made the Earth?
Oh, yes.|Did you ever go to a place...?
I think it was called Norway.
No, I didn't.
Pity. That was one of mine.
Won an award, you know.
Lovely crinkly edges.
I was most upset|to hear of its destruction.
YOU were upset?!
Five minutes later,|it wouldn't have mattered.
- Big cock-up. The mice were furious.|- Mice?
Earthman, the planet you inhabited
was commissioned,|paid for and run by the mice.
It was destroyed five minutes|before the completion of the purpose
for which it was built.|We have to build another one.
'ARTHUR bruised his upper arm.'
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I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
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Hidden Fortress (Akira Kurosawa) CD2
Hidden Fortress - Criterion Collection
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Hidden The
Hide And Seek
Higanbana - Equinox Flower - Yasujiro Ozu 1958
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High Fidelity
High Heels and Low Lifes
High Noon
High Plains Drifter
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High Wind In Jamaica A (1965)
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Hijo de la Novia El
Hijo de la Novia El 2001
Hilary and Jackie
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Hillside Strangler The 2004
Himalaya - lenfance dun chef
Hip Hip Hora! (Hip Hip Whore)
Hiroshima Mon Amour - Criterion Collection
Hiroshima Mon Amour 1959
Hiroyuki Sanada - Twilight Samurai 2002 CD1
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His brother 2003
Histoire D O (1975)
Histoire de Pen
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History of the World The - Part I
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Hitlerjunge Salomon - Europa Europa
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Hollow The (2004)
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Homolka a Tobolka
Honest 2000
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House of the Flying Daggers
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How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
How to Beat the High Cost of Living
How to Keep My Love 2004
How to Murder Your Wife 1965
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How to Steal a Million CD2
How to deal
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Hum Kaun Hai
Hum Tum
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Hunchback of Notre Dame The
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