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Subtitles for Hitokiri Tenchu 1969 CD2.

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Hitokiri Tenchu 1969 CD2

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I'm Okada Izo!
Okada Izo is here!
It's Okada Izo!
I am Okada Izo!
Where is Okawara?
Are you Okawara?
I killed Watanabe Genzaburo!
I'm a dedicated Loyalist!
My name is Okada Izo!
Okada Izo has killed them!
Tenchu, that's all.
You yelled out your clan's name and your own name, too!
You know that you must never reveal that even under torture.
But, Leader...
Why did you leave me out?
I, Takechi Hanpei so ordered!
You will follow my orders,
or I'll send you back home!
Be more discreet.
What about my pay?
You dare ask for money? What unbelievable gall?
Welcome. Okada-san. You're earlier than usual.
You look depressed, Izo. What's wrong?
Listen, I want you to do me a favor.
That aristocrat?
No, thanks to you.
I can visit him anyway.
The problem is you.
What's that?
At Ishibe, you and Tanaka Shinbei killed so many.
You made the other clans look bad, the show you two put on.
Now they are are trying to kill me.
That's not my problem.
Look, I don't care who is after me.
But there is someone else who must not be killed.
I have to go to Hyogo tonight, leaving him alone.
Will you be his hodyguard for me just for tonight?
Who is he?
It's Katsu.
Give me a break!
He's a Shogunate supporter with Masamoto.
Leader Takechi is mad at me.
Why's Takechi mad at you?
Never mind. It's none of your business.
- Hey! Waitress! - Yes!
Let's go outside.
Izo, why do you kiss Takechi's rear end all the time?
Takechi Hanpei this Takechi Hanpei that. Okada lzo delivers.
Guarding Katsu will benefit Takechi Hanpei, too.
Leader Takechi will benefit?
That's right, he will.
Thanks for your trouble. Am I really in such big danger?
I don't see any monsters or wolves around.
Let's go.
The Choshu Clan is furious!
They went for Katsu last night but his hodyguard killed 2 of them!
One fellow that got away said the Yojimbo looked exactly like Izo!
I told him that he is surely mistaken.
Izo, was it really you?
Yes, it was.
Why did you do such a thing?
Because Sakamoto asked me.
Sakamoto asked you?
You did it just because that traitor asked you to?
He said guarding Katsu would benefit Leader Takechi.
What exactly did Sakamoto say?
Takechi is plotting to overthrow the Shogunate
and restore the Emperor to power, in order to become a Daimyo Lord.
- Good, I'll rise with him. - No, you won't.
Why not?
There will be no Daimyō in the New Age.
Farmers, merchants and samurai...
...All will be equal.
Nonsense! You're dreaming.
It will never happen.
If it does happen, the Loyalists will only end up
replacing the Shogun with the Emperor.
What good will that do?
Absurd! And you believed him?
No, I didn't.
For some unknown reason Leader Takechi is mad at me about Ishibe.
He didn't even pay me.
I thought I was doing good.
I'll do anything to regain his favor.
And I do like one thing you said...
What's that?
If the world changes like you said,
then we'll be equal with aristocrat's daughters.
It's none of your business, though.
I like the idea.
I've killed so many for our nation.
It might be fun for a change...
not to kill anyone!
Izo, you don't understand a thing!
You fool!
You God-damn idiot!
It's okay if you just do what I tell you to do,
and don't do what I don't tell you to do!
Do you have a problem with that?
I guess...
Dissatisfied? You are? Then go home to Tosa!
At once if you don't want to do what I order you to!
I'm not your dog! Don't talk big!
'Do what I tell you, and don't do what I don't tell you to do!'
Who do you think you are?
I'm a true Loyalist!
Go home!
Screw you!
I won't go to Tosa!
There are plenty of people who would love to hire me.
From now on, you're no longer my Leader.
I'm leaving you!
He can't talk to me like that!
He's nothing without me!
I am Okada lzo. I'm trying to find work as an assassin.
If you want to hire me, make an offer.
Speaking for Choshu Clan, I'd like to hire you righ1 now,
but I have to check with my supervisor.
Let me get back to you.
We checked with Tosa.
They said they decided to send you home
because you caused such a ruckus.
That's absurd!
Bottom line, if we hire you now, it might cause trouble between
us and Takechi, and we don't want that.
Tanaka Shinbei, and Okada Izo. We'd be the strongest clan.
Are you sure you've left Takechi?
Yes. Takechi Hanpei and I had a clean break.
Tosa Clan is nothing to me. Nothing.
Takechi was very clear. He's not letting you go.
He's just blowing smoke. He doesn't own me.
Look, I want you here, but we don't want any trouble.
Especially not with the famous Takechi Hanpei.
Like I told you, the Kumamoto Clan must avoid
any trouble with Takechi.
Please don't take it personally.
Of course, I can't afford to hire you, but I'm a noble man.
I don't need your services.
You should put away your sword.
The best thing for you is to go home and farm.
With Okada Izo gone, Kyoto will probably quiet down a bit.
But you can never leave Takechi.
I can! I'll never go back to him! Never!
Sake! Bring more sake!
Okada Izo is here.
Bring more sake!!
Mr. Okada You better stop drinking.
Takechi of Tosa came a few days ago.
He said that Okada Izo's bill won't be paid by the Tosa Clan anymore.
You have to pay for your sake yourself.
What! Sit down. Shinbei! Drink.
I won't say anything.
Takechi won't pay your tab anymore?
What a jerk!
We should help each other.
I'll pay for your drinks anytime.
Shinbei, oh, you're a great guy.
I know. I know.
Don't say anything.
Let me talk.
Let me speak.
Let me get it off my chest!
I am such a fool! Damn.
Takechi told me, 'Kill that one for the sake of the nation'.
He'd say, 'Spare him'.
Every time, Izo go right, Izo go left...
What should I do now? What am I? A damn fool!
What is Okada Izo? A giant-size fool!
It's your own fault.
My fault, why?
There are some things you just can't change.
Do you know how much I owe?
Thirty ryo!
Thirty ryo?
No matter how hard I work, I'll never get out of debt!
Once you're bound by money...
No, you're wrong.
You and I are the same.
I'm tied to money.
You're tied to the Tosa Clan and Takechi.
We're both tied down, unable to move.
There's nothing we can do about it.
But, I owe so much.
Let's go to bed.
No, damn you!
Tomorrow you apologize to Takechi.
If you apologize...
No way! I can't do that, unless...
If you really have changed your mind, that's very good.
For me as well as for all the Tosa Loyalists.
I'll never oppose you again.
That's enough. You don't have to beg.
By the way,
there's a very undesirable person I want you to take care of.
This job is top secret.
I want you to do it alone.
Leader, it's not Sakamoto, is it?
Izo, you impress me.
You have a sixth sense.
Don't worry. It's not Sakamoto.
I'd never ask you to kill Sakamoto.
Leader. You're mean! You made me sweat.
Tell me who it is. I'll kill him at once.
What's wrong?
Why so shocked?
But, Anenokoji-sama is our strongest ally.
Izo, didn't you just swear to do exactly as I ordered from now on?
Now, listen...
There's a trick to this job. Don't use your own sword.
Use this.
After you're done, leave it near the body.
This design, It's a Satsuma sword.
I've seen this before.
Tanaka Shinbei of Satsuma.
How did we get Shinbei's sword?
No one will ever know.
Hundreds of years from now people will still wonder what happened?
It will be an unsolvable mystery.
But Leader...
Why must I use Shinbei's sword to kill Anenokoji-sama?
I won't tell you.
You wouldn't understand anyway.
You swore you'd do exactly as ordered!
So do it!
It's you...?
Okada-san! Okada-san!
Anenokoji was assassinated! Okada-san!
Leader Takechi went to see what happened!
Okada-san, please!
Anenokoji has heen assassinated! That Nobleman has been killed!
Okada-san get up!
Who did this?
This is a great setback for our nation.
Who did it?
Who could have done such a thing?
I'm sorry about the other day.
It was Tosa Clan's orders. I had no choice.
Forgive me.
Apparently Anenokoji was killed by Tanaka Shinbei of Satsuma.
Shinbei's been summoned to the Magistrate.
If I, Tanaka Shinbei did it, I'd say so.
That Nobleman Anenokoji was a Loyalist. He was one of us.
Why would I kill him?
So you deny the charges?
Whose sword is that?
It's mine.
It was found next to the body of Nobleman Anenokoji!
Next to the body?
That's right.
The Emperor wasted no time in expelling the Satsuma Clan.
We got rid of Anenokoji, that Nobleman was starting to go soft,
and banished the Satsuma Clan from Kyoto all in one stroke.
What a brilliant plan!
But what happened to Izo?
He fled without finishing Anenokoji off.
And he hasn't even come for his pay.
He's only human. I suppose his work gets to him sometimes.
Pay him double this time.
Izo, wake up!
Izo wake up! This isn't like you.
You fell asleep the moment you came in.
You look like a crying child.
You're making me sad, too.
We're coming in!
Who's here?
Okada is.
Which clan?
State your name!
Wake up!
He's drunk and asleep. Please leave him alone.
Shut up and let me do my job! Wake up!
What's going on?
Ronin Patrol. State your name and clan!
Ronin Patrol?
Leave me alone, dogs!
What's that?
Go away!
Why must I tell you my name and clan?
Get up!
What are you in for?
What are you in for?
Hey, can't you hear me? What are you in for?
Tell us! Tell us!
You look like a samurai.
Ronin Patrol get you?
I'm no ronin!
You are aware you can't be arrogant in here.
Are you an arrogant samurai?
This damn splinter.
We don't like samurai in here!
They are too arrogant!
Tell us now, arson? Robbery? What?
He looks stupid! Maybe he's a petty thief?
Pay your respects to the Boss or we'll beat you up!
Sounds good!
Try and get me, all of you!
I'm Okada Izo of Tosa!
My clan will get me out of here!
It's dark and it's stinky! Hey!
Let me wait in the Magistrate's room!
I explained everything to the Aizu Inspectors.
I'm Tosa man, Okada Izo!
If you mess with me, my Tosa brothers will come
and chop off your heads!
They say they'll release Okada Izo, if it's really him.
That's what the Aizu Clan messenger said.
Damn fool!
Shall we send someone for him?
No, wait. I'll go myself.
Aizu Clan is up to something fishy.
I'll bring Okada Izo back.
I'm impressed!
This is my turn now.
You pour me some.
Huh, thanks.
Now I can brag that I shared a cup with a big Tosa samurai!
Anything you need, just ask.
Stay as long as you like!
It won't be too much longer!
Ah, here they come.
Here I am!
Okada Izo is over here!
Is this man Okada Izo?
Hey! What's the matter with you guys?
It's me! Okada Izo!
Well, is he Okada Izo or isn't he?
Hey, Amano...
Hey! It's me! It's Okada Izo! Hey! Hey!
Leader Takechi!
...Even knows my face and name.
He's a good actor.
Takechi Hanpei, I'll ask again.
Is this man Izo?
No, that is not Okada Izo.
This man is not Okada Izo.
He is not from Tosa Clan.
Okada Izo is a famous swordsman.
He would not get drunk,
or go to brothels,
or fight officials and get thrown in jail!
He's not like that!
I've never seen this man before now.
He's only pretending to be Okada Izo. An imposter!
Leader! Get me out of here!
Takechi certainly lives up to his reputation.
He thought we'd picked up Okada Izo on a routine Ronin Patrol.
I wondered if we should torture him to make him talk.
But, there's no need for that.
He's not Okada Izo from Tosa
He's just nobody from nowhere.
But, he at least needs a name. How about...
...'Torazo'... (Tiger)?
It sounds stronger.
From now on, you're just a vagrant called Torazo!
Tosa Country-1865
Did 8 months in jail teach you a lesson?
You're free.
You were granted a special pardon on the condition that
you stay out of Kyoto forever.
Hey, Okada. Izo!
I tried to get you out sooner,
but there were problems.
The world has changed a lot since you were put away.
Takechi and the other Loyalists were recalled to Tosa.
And that's not all.
The Lord still wants to know who killed Yoshida Toyo.
Takechi and Matsuda are being interrogated at the castle.
There's no point in going home now.
Seems stupid to struggle amongst ourselves when we're
surrounded by English and Dutch warships.
I'm determined to unite Satsuma and Choshu.
Hey, Izo...
Why don't you come with me to Kyushu?
Come and see me when you get out.
I'm in Sanjo.
All right?
Okada! Hey, Okada!
Have you decided?
This is the third time. I want an answer today.
Tosa chiefs have nothing to punish Takechi for. He'II get out soon,
and the Loyalists will come back to power.
But the chiefs are sure to send people after you,
They're still looking for evidence against Takechi.
If you're caught, they'll keep you.
Matsuda and Takechi are in jail during the investigation.
The longer it takes, the more our plans unravel.
It's not just for Matsuda, Takechi, and the Loyalists.
It's for your sake, too.
We'll pay your expenses.
Just stay out of Tosa for six, no, three months.
Please, please. I beg you!
I'm not Okada Izo.
I'm Torazo the Vagrant.
That fool!
He still bears a grudge against us!
He's left us no choice.
I'll take care of him.
We could have used him again after our release.
You no longer need a dog like him.
From this point on, the real killing begins.
...Rising Flames...
...Swirling Smoke...
...Rivers Of Blood...
One dog like Okada Izo isn't enough!
We'll need thousands of mad dogs!
From small destruction to the final complete destruction!
It's been some time.
Tomorrow is the Spring Festival.
It's good to see you.
My family runs a brewery. They make good sake.
Have some.
You drink it.
You drink it first.
I don't trust Takechi.
See, it's not poison.
Now do you trust me?
No. One more cup.
It seems all right.
You're paranoid. You suspect even me.
Anybody would be paranoid after what I've been through.
What will you do now?
After what happened in Kyoto, I've severed my ties there.
Nothing to do with you.
Anyway, I'm leaving Tosa after the festival.
Sakamoto is coming here.
I'm going to Kyushu with him.
You never know what could happen.
I'm going to be his bodyguard.
But I won't be his dog.
I'm no longer Okada Izo.
I'm Torazo the Vagrant, and I'll stay that way.
Minakawa, that's because in Kyushu everybody is free!
From now on, I'll live as I wish.
What's wrong?
Do you feel okay?
That's odd...
What's wrong?
The sake is poisoned.
Takechi told me.
Wait a minute!
It's a lie!
It's not poison.
He told me I had to convince you, no matter what.
It's a trick.
He said it just to encourage me.
No, Takechi is inhumane.
No he's not! He will save Tosa, and renew Japan.
Yoshida Toyo's assassination!
Are you saying that you know who planned and carried it out?
Who was it?
I won't tell you for free.
Give me a reward.
Reward? What are you talking about?
Money. Thirty ryo.
Done. Now tell me who did it.
I won't breathe a word until I get paid.
Thirty ryo to be sent to O-mine at the Yamashiro Inn. Right?
Yes, at the yamashiro House. Make sure it gets there.
We'll send it off at once.
Okay. Write a letter, too. A short one.
'O-mine, use this money to free yourself.'
'I, too will free myself...
...from the one who tied me down.'
Sir Yoshida Toyo was assassinated on the orders of Takechi Hanpei?
Izo, these are the names of the assassins, is that correct?
And the one who strangled Inspector Inouye Seiichiro...
was me.
Those were Takechi's orders, too.
There were more, many, many more.
Detectives Bunkishi, Muru, and Tada.
Classical scholar Kuyo,
Honma of Echigo,
Watanabe Genzaburo and Okawara,
and don't be surprised...
Anenokoji the Nobleman,
Tanaka Shinbei of Satsuma.
I killed them all on Takechi's orders with this sword!
Okada Izo, you've killed
so many people for no reason.
For that you shall be crucified!
Today's the Spring Festival. I have plans to see someone.
Execute me after I say good-bye to him.
Izo! Okada!
Izo! Okada!
Any last words?
One question. Will Takechi and I be executed for the same charge?
His are political crimes.
Yours are a ruffian's crimes.
Different deaths to differentiate them.
He will be alloWed to commit seppuku (Hara Kiri).
You are to be crucified like this.
I see. It went better than I thought.
I'm free at last!
I cut my ties with Takechi in this world.
So he will be nothing to me in the next world.
Do it!
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Hypnotic Doctor Sleep
Hypnotist The 1999
Hypnotized The
Hypo-Chondri-Cat The (1950)