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Hole The

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(heavy thud)
(thud, creaking)
(metallic squeaking)
(air rushes)
(ragged breathing)
(ragged breathing continues)
(flies buzz)
(flies buzz)
Emergency. Which serice do you require, please?
(whimpers) Help...
(sirens wail)
Behind me is Brabourne School,...
..where news is just in that the missing teenagers have been found after 18 days.
Now the waiting is finally over.
The four teenagers attend Brabourne School,...
..where fees are in excess of $30,000 a year.
Unconfirmed reports say they have been taken to a local hospital,...
..where their families have been anxiously waiting.
- (shouting) - (horn toots)
(horn toots)
Michael Steel, son of rock guitarist Stevie Steel, was one of the missing.
(radios crackle)
(trolley clatters)
(gasps, gives strangled shriek)
- Liz! - (menacing) See you inside.
He's going to kill us!
- No! - Liz...
- No! Stop! - (laughter echoes)
Hi. I'm Dr Horwood. I'm here to help you.
Don't put me on Prozac or lithium. I'm not crazy.
It's just my mum, she won't listen.
I'll listen.
Do I have to talk about it today?
You make it sound so terrible.
If you trust me and you work with me,...
..l really think I can help you feel better.
So we do this at your speed, yeah? We can stop at any time.
I won't lie to you: this is going to be difficult,...
..but I know that you're brave enough to get through it.
Let's try a breathing exercise.
It might seem really... stupid, but let's just give it a bash, OK?
Take a nice deep breath.
(inhales) Feel your lungs fill up with air. Good. Drop your shoulders.
And when you exhale, tell all the muscles in your body to relax.
And whenever you feel ready, just start to speak. OK?
(distorted chatter)
This is how it works at Brabourne.
If you want to exist, you have to be pretty. You have to be thin.
( techno)
Everyone else is wallpaper.
Foryears I was a nobody.
I watched the world from the edges and learned not to dream.
- Oh, is he? - (wolf-whistles)
My best friend, Martin, didn't care.
His philosophy was: "Take everything you can from them."
He said that theirgreed makes them easy to control. It made him powerful.
But then the world changed.
Get ready, girls. Mike Steel is single again.
(friends shriek) Oh, my God!
Mike Steel. American. The son ofa rock star.
The missing part ofmy soul.
- (girls cheer) - (players roar)
- (grunts) - (whistle blows)
- (boys shout and jeer) - (girl) Get up!
Please get up.
Please, please be OK. Get up.
Sorry, mate. I see why this lot need to wear body armour.
(whistle blows)
It's a homoerotic thing.
All that aggression out here,...
..then all that steam and soap in the showers.
That's disgusting.
- Right, you two! Off! - (cheering)
(snorts) Maybe Geoff will be Mike's new bride.
For your information, Martin, he's dating a supermodel called Amber.
For yours, he's not.
- You lie. - Don't you live here?
Haven't you noticed that suddenly everyone's a blonde with cherry lip gloss?
There's been an invasion of Amber clones. It's passed you by, thank God.
You're the last woman with a brain in Brabourne.
- He's single? - Half a brain. Yes.
(snorts) Oh, not you, too, Liz. Please don't lose it.
I didn't know.
But he's just a guy like me. You wouldn't think he was so perfect if you knew him.
He shits and farts like the rest of us. He's just a fuck of a lot less interesting!
I can't help it. It's an egg thing.
When I look at Mike, I see the face of an angel...
..and the soul of a poet. I need him.
(laughs) No, no, no. No, you love me. It's a Martin Taylor fact.
Has there been a day in the last five years that we haven't talked?
But you're more like a gay friend than a boyfriend.
- But I'm not gay! - (players) Yeah, right(!)
It's the end of term, I've got some grateful exes to call...
..and most importantly, I am out of here.
Hello(!) There is the small matter of the geography field trip.
Mm. Bentley, school gates, Friday. Off to LA. Bye! Nice time.
Oh, you are such a jockey. Stevie will have a shitfit if you don't go.
You think I'm gonna tell him? I'm gonna lie low in a hotel. He'll never know.
My arse. Tabloids are gagging for you.
You are having a wet weekend in Wales...
with no hot water, fish paste sandwiches and ten-mile tabs, like it or not.
Hm. That's awful dark, Geoffrey.
Shit, I don't want to go either.
We have to ditch. I'm serious. This could kill me.
Frankie's not going. She saw wellies on the kit list and nearly had a seizure.
- How'd she get out of it? - Well, she saw Martin Taylor.
(stereo) You know what I want Show me the money
I need to talk to you.
What's she done this time?
My hair. It's all gone wrong.
I've messed up.
Let me see.
- What, did your mobile give you a tumour? - (others giggle)
Do you mind? My coursework doesn't write itself, you know.
- What is it? - Intensive conditioner.
It should have you sorted in 20 minutes.
- What did you use? - Peroxide.
- Where from? - The lab.
Oh, Lizzie.
I just thought if I was a blonde like Amber, then...
I don't mean to be rude, but I don't think doing stuff to yourself...
..will make any difference to Mike.
No,... I know.
Oh, don't worry about it. Trust me, he's not that wonderful.
(Frankie sighs)
I know you don't have to be nice to me.
Don't worry about it.
(muted chatter)
(girls chatter)
(girls chatter excitedly)
My life has no meaning.
Come in, sit down. Make yourself at home.
I love him and he doesn't even know I exist.
I hate seeing you like this.
Hey, I can cheer you up. I've got chocolate.
Martin, you don't understand. You've never been in love.
You've never had the pain.
God, I feel like I'm dying.
I can help you.
- Really? - Really.
Welcome to my office.
Now, this is a need-to-know operation.
- Can you do it or not? - No field trip,... parents, no paparazzi? I can do anything.
And, er...
..l'm adding one to your number.
A kindred spirit.
Martin knew that the school and ourparents always believed each other.
He called it the unholy alliance.
If ourparents thought we were in Wales and the school thought we were at home,...
..they'd never question it.
See me
Call, baby
You seem cold, oh
I fall
- ln love - Bye!
Come, please
Hold me Goodbye
Aye, aye, here come the troops. (chuckles)
(Martin) Jesus, you're late! Did anyone see you?
(pots jingle)
- Just back from the Himalayas(?) - (Geoff laughs)
(pots jingle)
Liz. Frankie you know, Geoff I'm sure you've heard of.
- None of it is true. - Except that one about the butter.
And Mike.
Well, call me a muppet, mate, but there's nothing here.
I'm not spending all weekend sitting on a tree trunk.
- You can't see the wood for the trees. - Is he taking the piss?
Are you taking the piss, Martin? I could snap your neck like that, mate.
It's right here. Can't you see it?
You have ten seconds to get interesting.
It's right beneath your feet.
(keys jingle)
(hinges creak)
- Oh, yes. - Oh, no.
Oh, yes! Martin!
Watch out, ladies.
Whoa, dude! Whoa! You all right? Hey, I'm coming down. Hang on.
Oh, my God, how cool.
- Hello! - (whooping)
- Yeeehaaa! Whooo! Oh, man. - Shit, how deep is it?
- Oh, my God. - Look at this fucking thing.
- Man, where'd you get the key? - Wouldn't you like to know?
- And what is this? - You know the old war bunker over there?
This is the escape hatch.
(chuckles) You're so weird, dude.
Will you have to close it?
I need fresh air to keep my skin clear.
- Oh, right. It looks beautiful. - Stop it.
- You don't want to be found, do you? - No, we certainly don't.
Nice one. See you later.
- You're going in there? - Course I'm going in there!
See you inside.
- The power's on the left. - Yeah.
Oh, man. What is that smell? (sniffs)
It looks like a tomb.
- And? - And I ain't goin' in there.
- Oh, like I care what you think? - (chuckles)
Can't be any worse than Wales, right?
- Me next! - (Martin) That's practical, Frankie(!)
- Did you get that smell? What is that? - Jesus, man.
- You all right? - What?
You all right? Watch out for that bit.
Oh, man.
Mikey, look at this, man. Check this out! This is huge!
Look at that! What is that stuff?
(chuckles) Whoa!
Ladies, you are going to love it down here!
I'll get them to send it up to your room, Frankie!
- Oh, shut up! Just be careful with it. - This way.
- Jesus, it's so dark! - Right, I'm going first.
- Are you going down? - Yeah.
- The ladder stops, mate. - What?
Oh, no, it's cool. It's just...
Do you need a light?
- Yeah. Shine it down here. - What is that smell? It's disgusting!
- (sighs) - Enjoy the Mike Steel experience.
Do you think he'll fall in love with me?
Just be careful.
- Liz, watch the step. - Mate, look at the pit!
Here, pass the rucksack. Mind the ledge, it's really narrow.
- (Mike) You guys all right? - (Liz) Yeah, we're cool, cheers.
- Close the door! - (Geoff) Bye-bye, Martin! Bye-bye!
- (colossal thud) - (squeals) Put the lights on!
- Frankie, calm down! - Can you put the lights on?
I don't like it! Oh, God, can't you find the light switch?
Calm down!
- Yeeeehaaa! - Whoooo!
- Would you look at this? - Lights!
What do you think, girls? Pretty damn good!
- ( Grand Theft Auto: We Luv You) - Aaaaaaaaaah!
I shot you in the back like six times, dude! You're dead!
We love you
Got no brakes butyou know we got a radio
You're in the way!
You've gotta move when we're rockin' on yourstereo
Die, scum! Get out of the way!
Get out of the way! Get out of the way of the woman!
- Get out of the way of the lady! - (shouts)
- You're dead! - You're gonna die!
- No, man! - You're the only one to die!
We love...
Love We love you
Love We love you
Love We love you...
Would you mind if I boiled water for my pasta?
No, not at all. D'you want to go first?
Yeah. Sure. Cheers, I'll...
It's great stuff. It's got this hole down the middle so it cooks quickly.
Have you got a pan I can borrow?
- There you go. - Cheers.
- What are you having on that? - Er... nothing.
You can't have pasta and nothing.
- That's nice. That's really nice. - I've got salt. Do you want some?
Pasta and salt? No! Thanks, though.
- What are you having, then? - I'm not hungry.
- You've got to have something. - Didn't really bring anything.
- You didn't bring any food? - Not food food. A bit of gum.
How will you survive on gum for three days?
It slipped my mind. It didn't occur to me.
- OK, so food slipped your mind. - I've got food.
I've got sausages and beans and noodles.
Plenty for everyone. You can have as much as you want.
You have sausages?
Do you have tomato sauce?
- Some. - You enjoy your pasta, OK?
I'm having sausages...
..with Liz... tonight.
No... no, thanks. I'm on a diet. I've got fibre pills to stop me feeling hungry.
OK, it's my turn.
My friend was driving his girlfriend in his Ferrari...
Who do you know with a Ferrari?
- (Geoff chuckles) - Bob and Sally. You don't know them.
Bob and who?
- Mike, don't! - Fuck off. Really, relax.
Bob and Sally went for a drive, but they ran out of petrol in the middle of nowhere.
So Bob went to find some. Sally was left in the car. She switched on the radio...
..and they said there was like this crazy madman on the loose.
- But she was really tired... - Man with a hook.
- On the roof of the car. - With Bob's head on a stick.
- On a hook! - No, this really happened!
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, Frankie(!)
OK, I've got one for you. Make you cack your pants.
- (laughs) What?! - Shut up, man.
Something happens to Martin. Doesn't come back for us.
Told you.
That's sick.
Don't be stupid.
Geoff, you shouldn't say that. What if you make it happen?
How can I make anything happen when I'm here with you?
- You'll jinx us. - How?
- It's tempting fate! - Oh, please(!) How does that work?
- Lizzie? - I'm a scientist. I don't believe in fate.
- Mike? - I'm a Scientologist. I'm with Liz.
- Oh, yes! - Fine!
But if anything happens to Martin, it's Geoff's fault, OK?
If that's what it takes to get you to shut up about it, fine.
- Fine. Fine. - Is my story the best, or what?
- Ole, ole ole ole! - Liz.
- Bingham, Bingham - Liz.
- What happened on the third day? - Don't you want to know what we did?
Martin was supposed to let you out, wasn't he? Liz?
- Liz. - I don't know!
- What don't you know? - I don't know what happened.
Come on, you're quite safe here. Deep breaths. Look at me.
It's the third day. You're packed and ready to go.
What's the time now?
Same as when you asked two minutes ago.
Well, it can't be the same time if two minutes have passed, can it?
It's 3.32, then.
So where is he? The field trip's supposed to be back in 30 minutes.
I have a driver waiting. This is so...
What if he's been hit by a bus, is in a coma and can't tell anyone where we are?
- Oh, please. - Oh, my God. What if he's dead?
He's not dead!
I'll call him. What's his number?
- They don't work down here! - Here, give me your phone. Let me try.
You get anything?
No, nothing.
Maybe give it a shot up by the door.
- Does it work? - No, nothing.
- You've jinxed us. I knew you would. - This is a wind-up.
No, this is your fault! You never should have said those things!
Hey! You guys! Have you thought that maybe the traffic's heavy?
It's cool, I'm not worried.
(all scream) Help! Help!
- Geoff! Open the door! - Everyone just calm...
- He's just trying to help! - What do you think I'm trying to do?
Please! Shut up and let me get on with it!
- You're stinking mad. - Hey! Hey.
- (Geoff) We're nowhere closer! - Hit it with the pipe, then.
I'll tell you what. Why don't you have a go, darling? Go on!
(drops pipe)
(metallic rumble)
OK, so they know we never went to Wales.
As far as they know, we have a three-day head start,...
..which means they could be covering a three-day radius of the school.
That covers..., the whole world.
So what do we do?
We're being held to ransom until Martin says so. We can't do anything.
Don't say that! I mean, he could just be ill.
Isn't that right, Lizzie?
I don't know.
Why would he do this? We're his friends!
Are we?
Is he really your friend, Frankie? He's not mine.
Think about it. I don't know a thing about him.
He has no morals, no ethics. Everything's just a game to him.
Oh, so this is a game? Oh, that's great!
That's fucking wonderful(!) Oh, my God, I paid for this.
Yeah, but he's careful.
Nothing's left to chance.
Right now, we're trapped because he wants us trapped.
Well, I guess we're gonna find out.
Liz. Look at me.
He didn't come back.
Martin didn't come back.
You've cracked it! I knew you would.
I told the lads. This fucking great cheer went up.
A bloody schoolboy, I said. Little Lord bloody Fauntleroy!
- Good job, Doctor. - Thanks, Detective.
The hunt for the kidnapper of the Brabourne teenagers...
..took an unexpected turn today,... it was announced that police have arrested a pupil from the school.
The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons,...
..was located in the Dominican Republic,...
..where it is believed he was on holiday with his family.
I've put together a rough character sketch based on the information we have.
Locking the children in suggests a sociopathic personality.
He doesn't think what he's done is wrong. He probably thinks he's above the law.
Right now he's probably creating a very strong alibi.
So the longer he has to conjure up this fiction, the harder it'll be to crack.
If you want a confession, you'll have to act quickly.
(Liz) So,...
..when the police arrest Martin, will they put him in a cell?
I presume so.
Good. I hope they do.
Let's see how he likes it.
- All right, let's start. - Er... hang on.
- (bleep) - OK, I'm ready.
(wind moans)
- (whispers) Can we talk? - Sure. Shall I come over there?
(whispers) OK.
Can I get in?
What's up? Can't sleep?
It... it's about Martin.
I think he's watching us.
I saw... a shadow pass the slat. It could be nothing, l... I could be wrong...
..but I think it might have been him checking up on us.
It probably is him.
(snorts) It's so funny.
Y'know, Stevie sent me here to protect me from the nut jobs at home.
(laughs wryly)
I think I know what Martin's doing.
Go on.
Martin wants me to see that... was stupid of me to like you when I don't even know you.
He wants me to hate you.
We're still down here because he was wrong. He hates being wrong,... we're stuck down here till he's right.
Hold on. You knew this would happen even before we came down here?
No, of course not.
But it's the only explanation I can think of.
But what difference does it make?
He likes you, doesn't he?
Yeah. Since we were eleven.
(snorts) One of those.
But you... me?
Don't worry about it.
But... how does he know you don't hate me?
I mean... I don't...
How could he work that out from a split second at the door?
I don't know.
What is it?
- Is that what I think it is? - Yeah.
Are there more?
Try that one over there.
- Which one? - This one.
- (both gasp) - He's covered the whole place.
- (clatter) - Jesus Christ!
- What's going on? What is it? - Liz, it's the middle of the night! What?
(retches and coughs)
I'm really worried about her. She needs a doctor.
That's obvious(!) I thought you were supposed to be smart.
I bet it's that dirty toilet water that's making her ill.
- It's not my fault! - (wooden) Yes, it is!
- (stifles laugh, retches) - This is shit!
This is the worst time I've ever had! I hope I never see you again.
- It's not that bad! - No! Things are very bad!
I mean, am I the only one who can smell the toilet?
Who left the monster log that we can't fucking flush?
(Geoff stifles laugh)
We're fucked, and it's all your fucking fault!
Why me?
- Because he's your best friend! - Yeah!
I should've never came down here. As soon as I saw you,... fucking geeky little fucking bitch,...
..l should've turned the other fucking way!
Just stay the fuck away from me, you fucking loser!
You're not so great yourself, you know. You're full of shit!
What are you, anyway? You're just a face... and hair!
Oh, shut up, you...
(Liz) We waited and waited, and nothing happened.
- (metallic thump) - But it worked.
The next morning Mike woke me up and the door was open.
(faint birdsong)
We were so happy.
We were out.
We all grabbed each other andjust stood in the light.
It was over. We'd beaten him.
We'd won.
What Martin didn't realise was that I'd even won Mike.
We ran up as quickly as we could.
Mike gave me a great big hug and he said "You saved us."
- "You saved us all." - You saved us all.
Here we are.
Well done. I told you you'd get through it. How do you feel?
Last night I even closed the door all the way and I didn't panic.
Excellent. You've made a lot of progress.
- We've still got a lot of work to do. - Oh?
Yeah, but you'll get there. It's... it's really good.
I'll see you later.
OK? Bye.
Yeah, Tom here.
- Tom, it's Philippa. - What can I do foryou?
Listen, she thinks she spent the last week in fucking Disneyland!
- Oh, yeah? - I'm sorry. I didn't see it coming.
Doesn't matter, I'll get a confession out ofMartin, no problem.
I mean, how delusional can she be?
So I suppose you've got fingerprints?
CCTV footage of me creeping around or a stack of witnesses with 20/20(?)
Do you even have a motive?
A bloody good reason why I should lock up a bunch of socialites...
..and throw away the key, however tempting that might be?
- What did you do on the last day of term? - Is she deaf?
Is she thick? I mean, can they really keep asking the same question hour after hour?
Please. Just so we're clear.
I got up at 7am as usual.
I cleaned my teeth and had a shit.
I was down at breakfast by 7.20am, as usual.
The matron ticked me off the list,...
..l had two slices of cold toast with warm butter and sweet tea as usual.
I returned to my study and carried my bags to the school minibus at 8am...
..and was sat on the minibus by 8.05.
I sat beside the driver because I wanted to sit on my own.
We left for the station at 8.30am and arrived at a not unreasonable 8.45am.
I bought a Telegraph and a Kit Kat...
..and then caught my train promptly at 9.05 from platform two.
I was alone until Charing Cross, where I was met by my mother,...
..who parked the car in the wrong area and got a ticket as usual.
Martin. We know why you did it, how you did it, the whole fucking lot.
Elizabeth has told us everything. Hey?
(laughs wryly)
Well, I knew she was fucked in the head, but I didn't realise she was this vicious.
Well, you... you know Liz hates me. You do know that, don't you?
Thanks for taking me home. I can't wait to get into my own bed.
You'll feel better once you get back into your old routine.
Now, if you need anything, day or night, just call me, all right?
You can go back any time you want.
I have to get back to the real world. You said so yourself.
You really don't know anything, do you?
Liz and Frankie are best friends! They're thick as thieves!
You're sure?
They're practically the same person! Boring, vain, shallow enough to paddle in.
But Liz is the really nasty one.
Do you have a pen?
This is how it is at Brabourne.
To exist, you eitherhave to be a bitch ora complete slut.
What is it?
Amber dumped Mike half an hour ago.
Oh, fuck.
- (girls giggle) - Come on.
(giggle and squeal)
It's the big chance you've been waiting for!
Oh, my God, I'm going to be sick.
Move quick, girl, or you'll be auditioning with every peekaboo slut from London up.
I don't just want him.
I really want him, Frankie.
- I've got a plan. - Let's hear it.
We go to the beach again like last year. But this time we camp out.
It'll be perfect. The sea air, the stars...
I hate beaches. All that sand up your crack and nowhere to pee apart from the ocean.
And it dries out the complexion.
I'll look 40 after ten minutes and you want me to go for a week?
Remember that place we found and said it'd be great for a party?
The S&M dungeon Martin tried to take you to?
Precisely. What if we did that?
I could get Mike pretty much on his own for a few days...
..and we could even ask Geoff... for you.
- The four of us? - Yeah.
A private party, the end of term. Me, you, Mike and Geoff.
(rowdy shouting)
(raucous singing)
Oi, oi, Frankie!
(boys) ..up his arse with a rampant penis
- (whooping) - Dangerous place for a lady.
- If you say so. - (others) Whooo!
- Out. Neil, out! She's not here for you. - See you, Geoff.
Couldn't have come at a better time. I'm ready if you are.
How would you like to go to the best private party of your life?
- Are you going? - It's my party.
- How private? - You, me,...
..Mike and Liz.
- Mike never mentioned it. - That's cos you're inviting him.
- I don't know if I could do that. - It's for three days.
Absolutely extracurricular.
Your parents don't know and the school doesn't know.
What we do would be our own business.
But if you're too pussy, then I'll ask someone else.
- I never said I wasn't interested. - In or out?
- In. - But you have to bring Mike.
I'll have a word with His Highness. Anything else?
Put your knob away.
- (Liz) Did you do it? - Yeah. Done.
(whispers) It will be great.
(whispers) Oh, please(!)
Man, I'm telling you, this is different. This is ten out of ten.
Frankie and Liz. Real ten out of ten(!)
So you're going home to an empty house and fuck the maid again?
You haven't seen the maid.
..Amber won't know where you are.
Won't be able to find you.
She'll assume you're having a more exciting time with more famous people.
It'll drive her nuts.
All right. I'm in.
(Martin) When you're convinced ofyoursuperiority,... don't need help from mere mortals like me.
You can fuck things up all byyourself. So there you have it.
- I thank you. - What time did you lock them in the hole?
Because I know you did it.
How dare you be this wrong and this fucking pig-headed!
How dare you put my mother through this! How do you know it was me?
I'm dying to know! Come on!
One of them is lying. I have to talk to her.
- She can tell me what I need to know. - (Philippa) I understand.
But if you start demanding things,...
..she could go back to that stony silence bullshit.
That's a risk I have to take. I've nothing on Martin. In 12 hours, he walks.
Tom, if you say one word to her, I will fucking kill you!
Just let me go. I'll get the answers.
He's going to get away with it, isn't he?
No. You mustn't think like that.
Did he ever keep a diary or journal, or anything like that?
I don't think so.
Did he have a secret hiding place?
No, I don't know.
What's wrong?
You're not going to let him out, are you?
I'm afraid that's not my decision.
- He's going to come after me! - He won't, Liz. You're perfectly safe.
- Is he out now? - No, but he will be in a couple of hours.
- Hours?! - That's why I really need you to remember.
- You said I'd be safe. - You are safe.
I trusted you! I thought we were friends! I told you everything!
You've been pretending the whole time because you're paid to!
- That's not true. - Leave me alone!
(wind chimes tinkle)
- (Martin, echoing) I can help you. - (heavy thud)
Nice one.
You don't want to be found, do you?
- (Liz whoops) - (stereo plays Rico: Shave YourHead)
- Sweeties! - (girls shriek)
Geoff, pass it up! Give it here!
- You want it, you got it, baby! - (laughter)
( Porn Kings: We're Watching You)
We're watching you
So... who do you want first?
(laughs) What are you talking about, Mikey? I'm dancing.
Wrong approach, mate. Frankie, I've got something for you.
- (kisses) - Oh, fuck off, Geoffrey!
- Stop being such a fucking tourist. - I am not.
- Jesus. - Is there sex or not?
Not. And especially not with you.
And especially not in here. Have you seen how dirty it is?
Yeah, I have.
And why would there be sex? I mean, what have you done for me?
No, I don't think so.
Look, Frankie, y'know, we've had a lot of anticipation.
And it's medically proven that teasing (laughs) can ruin a young man's nuts.
Fuck off, I've heard this all before!
So you have to.
Oh, shit! (giggles)
Hello! (giggles)
(Geoff, laughing) Are you all right?
I need some more!
Whoa, whoa, whoa! I'm goin' first!
- (Geoff) Come on, get it off. Come on! - (Frankie giggles)
Ooh, careful! It's expensive! (giggles)
Now I've wanted to see this for the last four years.
(Geoff) Frankie.
(Mike) I've had this. It's OK.
What, seven? Eight out of ten?
- Mm... four. - Oh, thank you(!)
- Frankie! - We were, what, 13?
I mean, it was a one-night stand. It wasn't exactly memorable.
It was a long time ago and I'm a lot better now.
- (Mike croons) But you liked it. - Uh-huh.
- (gasps) - (boys snigger)
(laughter and shouts)
Ow! What the fuck is wrong with you?
- (laughter) - You fuckin' nut job!
Yes, oh, yes! Lizzie!
Thank you! (laughs)
(Geoff, laughing) How does it go?
That's it, no more free feels.
You must be joking. What am I meant to do with the old man?
- Suck it off, big boy. - (Mike snickers)
- Whoa! Ten out of ten! Ten out of ten. - What? What did she do?
- (chuckles) - Oh, go on, give us a look, Franks.
- What did she do? - Nothing.
- Oh, come on, do it again! - Forget it, it's supposed to be a party.
It's a shit party, but it's a party nonetheless.
You always get to see everything.
Why's it always you? I never get to see the good bits.
- Can't we have the light on? - (Mike) No! I can't sleep if it's light.
- Well, it's too dark to sleep! - (Liz) How can it be? Shut your eyes.
Well, I can't tell when my eyes are open or closed, it's so fucking dark!
- Oh, shit! - Shh! (chuckles)
- It's only me. - (both giggle)
- Never fear, Geoff's here. - What? (squeals and giggles)
- Can we get some sleep, please! - Will you shut up!
(giggles) What are you doing?
(Geoff) Mm...
(Frankie murmurs and giggles)
Turn the light off.
(gasping and moaning)
(Tom) She must have spent days picking the lock, but she did it.
She beat him and I'll beat him too. Little shit ofa schoolboy.
His website, "Disciples of Chaos,"... anarchist bullshit about disrupting stock exchanges, air traffic control,...
..the Web itself.
I'm gonna nail him.
I don't think he's angry enough to have done it.
- Thanks for meeting me. - No problem. Shall we go straight there?
- Sure. - It's not far, it's just up the hill.
- I'm not great with small spaces. - Neither am l. I can't stand them.
But that will be the least of your worries when you get down there.
- What were they doing here? - Trying to have a good time.
They had plenty of booze, they'd wired up some party lights.
(TV) The prime suspect has been released without charge.
The police have yet to make any formal statement...
..and it is understood that investigations are proceeding satisfactorily.
The families have requested that the press res...
(turns TV off)
(sighs) God.
You can't go! The trip doesn't get back for two days!
- Mate, you said you'd do this. - Fuck the trip.
OK, yeah, fuck things up for the rest of us.
- Do something! Get him to stay! - I don't know what to do!
- I won't tell anyone, OK? - Please don't go. You'll ruin everything.
Look, I'm not gonna stay down here and listen to you fuck each other's brains out.
I'm trying.
(whisper angrily)
- I'm leaving too! - Not you as well(!)
I'm not playing gooseberry.
(Frankie) I'm not staying down here.
Are you going straight home?
We could stop by the station and get a pizza. I'm starving.
- No. Thanks, though. - C'mon, trains go to London all the time.
Yeah, no. I... I know.
I'm gonna go by Amber's, see if we can patch things up. Things have been awful.
Amber? But she humiliated you.
How the fuck would you know anything about that?
Enjoy yourselves. I'm outta here.
Hey, Mikey? Your weed, mate.
- Mate, you said you'd do this. - You said it'd be fun.
- It is! - For you. You'll have a great weekend.
- We could have fun. Please. - You're gonna get laid. Enjoy this.
Come on, Mike. Please. Stay.
You're gonna have a great time.
You'll be here completely by yourselves. Enjoy it, all right?
- I hate him. - (sighs)
- What's up, Liz? - Something's wrong! I can't open the door!
Can you move out of the way?
(whispers) Watch this.
Fuck! It won't open.
- Well, push it, you twat. - The handle's stuck.
You are such a donkey, mate. Oi, Liz! Down. Let me sort it out.
- You are such a cretin. - Look, I'm not fucking retarded, OK?
- The fucking door won't open! - Get out of the way!
- Who was the last one down? - It was Geoff.
- How fucking hard did you slam it? - It wasn't me, it was Liz!
- It's a heavy door! It slammed itself. - Doors don't just slam themselves locked.
(Geoff) Hello!
Sorry! I didn't know we'd get stuck, did l?
- This is bullshit! - You're sorry?! That's just fucking great(!)
What do we do? Do we just fucking rot?
I guess... we just wait to be found.
In two days, my parents are going to be up there waiting for me.
If I'm not there, they'll know I told a pack of lies and I'll be up to my arse in shit!
Good point. My parents'll go berserk!
Good fucking job, asshole!
- How long before we're found? - I don't know!
Shit! I am in so much trouble!
(pounds on door) Help! Anyone! Help!
- (pipes clatter) - Somebody try the glass.
We have to do something that might open the fucking door!
(Mike shouts)
- Well, what'll we fucking do? - (pipe clatters)
(boys argue)
(Mike, echoing) Fucking bitch! You fucking bitch!
You all right? Why don't we sit down?
It's been a nightmare for forensics. They can barely lift a usable print.
It'll take us six months to sift through all the hair and fibre we lifted.
What about the listening devices?
The kids probably mistook the small air vents for microphones.
Lack of food and water would have made them confused and paranoid.
So do you have anything to tie Martin Taylor to the scene?
Not yet.
But he will have left something somewhere.
And we'll find it.
(softly) Right. Thanks.
(car engine starts)
(car drives off)
Open the door! You bitch! Open the door!
Liz! Liz!
- (shrieks) Sorry! Sorry! I'm sorry! - Bullshit!
- Bullshit! - I'm sorry!
How could you do this to me, Lizzie? You fucking betrayed me!
No! They let you go! I knew they would!
They've tapped my phone, they tried to follow me here!
- They want me for the whole thing! - They can't prove anything!
- If they could, they would have by now! - You grassed me up, you bitch!
(muffled sobbing)
What happened?
You've got to get me out of here! Please. I don't feel safe.
(sobs) I don't want to be alone. I don't feel safe.
- All right. All right. Liz... - Please. Please!
Liz, come on. Calm down. Take a deep breath. Come on. Calm down.
Listen, I can help you, but you've got to stop playing games.
Some people need to know what happened.
They don't care how terrible your story is. They want to know the truth.
I want to know the truth too!
I want to go back to the hole.
Absolutely not! No way.
I keep getting glimpses of what happened.
I'll be doing something like tying my laces and I'll turn around... and I'll see Frankie.
But when I try to remember, I can't. There's nothing.
Nothing at all.
(sobs) And I don't know what happened.
I want to know, but I can't remember.
Do you want to be re-admitted? And we can work through this.
I need to go back to the hole.
(engine starts)
There's no escape, Tom.
Mrs Dunn called again,...
..pissing and moaning Dr Horwood's run away with her child.
Saying she'll call the press, the Complaints Commission, if we don't find her!
All right. But I bet you they're having a bloody pizza somewhere.
- D'you want the rest? - Go on. Amaze me.
I will. It's about Martin Taylor.
(sirens wail, tyres screech)
Come on.
Come on!
(thud, hinges creak)
Looks different.
I don't even feel like I've been here before.
(sighs) Liz.
Hey, Mikey? Your weed, mate.
You are the cretin.
Dude, you're getting laid. It's gonna be a great time.
(Geoff) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
We weren't locked in from the outside.
Shit! I am in so much trouble!
Fuck! Shit, I don't believe it! The stupid...
Did you try the glass?
(Liz) What could I do?
I couldn't let him leave.
Carry on.
- Guys, guys! The water's gone off. - Are you sure?
- I just went for a drink. There's no water. - What?
What? What? What's happened?
After you start to feel thirsty,... find yourself feeling impatient.
Maybe even a little sick.
Then your pulse starts to go up.
Then there's the headaches, dizziness...
(sniffs) When it gets bad, your vision will blur and you'll find it hard to walk and talk.
Your tongue swells up.
Your skin shrivels.
You twitch.
You go deaf.
And then you die.
How long does this take?
From when we run out of water, about three or four days.
- How do you know all this? - Army cadets.
Liz! Lizzie!
Lizzie, it's gonna be fine! It's gonna be OK, Liz!
We're bound to get rescued!
They'll find us. They will! Next week we'll be down the pub having a laugh.
- (sobs) - I promise you.
And I'm buying, all right? It's gonna be all right.
We'll go out and buy lots of new things.
And there's all those exciting exams to look forward to.
Can we look on the positive side?
No, I've got a hard-on for those exams. They're great.
- You've got a hard-on for everything. - Not for you, mate.
I'm OK.
- (crackling) - (gasps)
(fuses crackle)
Have you ever loved someone so much... didn't care what happened to yourself?
You just had to be with them.
If they look atyou,...
..yourheart stops.
Ifyou feel theirbreath on yourskin,...
..youjust ache.
Have you ever craved someone so much...
..that you didn't exist any more?
Well, I have.
( Recoil: Jezebel)
(Liz chuckles)
Hey, guys! Liz!
Guys! Liz!
- (turns music off) - Frankie's sick.
Look, I'm serious. She's very, very sick. It just keeps coming out of her.
So you're fucking her now?
He really doesn't kiss the way I thought he would.
I always thought he'd kiss me really soft,....
- ..but he kisses really hard. - (spits)
You know, you could have told me about you and Mike.
But I suppose it doesn't matter any more.
(yelps happily) We're getting on so well!
It's like we've been together for ages.
- (gasps) - I think he's falling in love with me.
- (coughs and retches) - He is. Yeah, he is, I can feel it.
- (spits and gasps) - We'll probably sleep together tonight.
(retches and gasps)
- (gasps) - I bet we'll get out tomorrow.
I have a really strong feeling we'll get out. Like... Iike someone will find us, right?
- (gives sobbing gasp) - Do you think you can hang on that long?
(gasping and grunting)
(gasping continues)
(rhythmic thumping)
(whispers) Frankie?
(whispers) Franks? Frankie?
(whispers) Frankie!
- Frankie! - Get away from her!
- (shrieks) - Frankie, wake up!
- Frankie, speak to me! - (Mike) Oh, my God!
What's wrong?
Oh, shit! What have you done to her?
Frankie, what's wrong? Wake up!
What's wrong?
- (Liz) Frankie... - (Mike) Geoff. Oh, my God. Fuck.
You fucking killed her!
What have you done? What have you done to her?.
- I didn't... - What did she do to you?
(Mike) Geoff.
(crying) Geoff, it's fucking horrible. Please stop touching her. Please, Geoff.
She's fucking dead! Stop fucking touching her!
(Liz whispers) I'm so sorry, Frankie. Frankie, I'm so sorry.
What... what... what happened, what did I do?
You were my best friend.
What am I going to do? I'm sorry, Frankie...
Don't fucking look at me like that! I hate it when people look at me like that.
It's not my fault if you don't like what I have to say.
Frances was bulimic. We know that from the lack of enamel on her teeth.
The dramatic bleeding came from a tear in her oesophagus.
She died on the tenth day from heart failure.
Carry on.
Do you think she'll haunt us?
(flies buzz)
She'll haunt you.
Why me?
Why you? Why you?!
You fucking bitch! Because it's your mistake!
Your idea, your fault! You!
- Does that help at all(?) It's shit in here. - You!
She's sorry! lsn't it obvious? She didn't do it on purpose! Just fucking leave it!
You didn't care about fucking Frankie!
You're right. I didn't give a fuck about Frankie. We're just a pair of assholes.
(Liz) I keep thinking about her mum and her dad...
..and how they're going to feel when they find out.
I've killed all of you! I killed...
- No, you didn't. - (sobs) I did, it's my fault! I'm sorry!
Look, OK? It's not your fault, OK? It's not your fault.
I don't know what happened to Frankie, but it wasn't you, OK?
- Really? - Really. OK?
So what we've got to do is try our best to keep strong.
I don't really blame you, Liz. I'm just going nuts.
I keep thinking I can smell the body.
I think I'd rather tear my face off...
..than smell her rot.
(softly) I've got such a terrible headache.
Everything's blurry.
I know what that means.
It's all right, Geoff. Don't think about it.
Take it.
(whispers) Take it.
(whispers) Thank you.
(Liz retches)
- You OK? - (gasps)
- I'm sorry... Mike... - What are you talking about?
- I'm sorry. - You're not well, you should lie down.
I have to tell you something.
- Lizzie, it's the dehydration. - No. Mike... No, Mike.
No. Mike, listen.
Please stop torturing yourself, OK?
Please. It's not important any more, OK? It's not your fault.
No, I have to tell you something.
- (pops) - What?
- You fucker! - No, Mikey! I was going to share!
- No, stop! - (grunts)
(laughs and sobs)
Geoffrey Bingham. Severe head injuries.
This one was murdered.
(Mike sobs) Oh, my God.
(flies buzz)
Look. We could go together.
Fuck, no.
I can't do this any more.
This food will keep us going a little longer. We could still be found.
We're not going to be found. They would have found us by now.
Look. Mike, it'd be really quick, right?
- We'll just fade away and it'll be over... - You're stronger than that!
We've kept going this long, we can hold out. Please!
It's worth it.
Lizzie, I can't do this without you.
You've kept me going. If you go, I'll have nothing.
I need you.
I love you, Liz.
(whispers) l... I love you.
(Mike sobs)
(hinges creak)
- (exhales) - (birdsong)
How the fuck did you do that?
(wavering) The key.
I always had it.
But I couldn't tell you. How could l?
But it... it was all for you.
For me?
Because I love you.
All this was for you.
For me?
I killed my best friend.
(sobs) You let me think I was going to die, and you watched me kill my best friend.
I killed him for a fucking Coke!
You let Frankie die! You fucking held her hand...
..and you let her die, you fucking bitch!
Fuckin' whore!
- No, Mike... - You fucking bitch! (snarls)
- You don't understand! I didn't mean... - (shouts incoherently)
Mike, no! What are you doing? You don't understand!
What are you doing? Stop it! No, Mike!
- (screams) - No!
- (gurgles) - (sobs)
- (chokes) - (sobs)
(sobs bitterly)
He was the reason I breathed.
I stayed there,...
..felt my heart die,... soul wither.
(sighs) I wanted to be with him so much...
..that I couldjust feel myself stepping into the air.
Then I thought, at least this way,...
..he never grows old, he never cheats on me.
He never leaves.
This way hejust... stays perfect.
You need to say what you've just said to me on tape,...
..with a solicitor and your parents present.
Your statement needs to be official.
- I'm not making a statement. - You have to.
That's what the families and everybody - the police - have been waiting for.
I just told you: they're not going to understand.
Look, even you don't understand.
I don't see why I should be punished. It was an accident!
- You're still responsible. - I'm not ruining my life for this!
It's out of your hands. Martin will corroborate what you've told me.
Everyone is dead, and you told them that I locked you in!
I was away! I had no idea you couldn't get out! (sobs)
It's too late.
(screams) No!
- Philippa! What the fuck are you doing? - Help! Help!
- (softly) Thank God. Thank God. - What's wrong?
- Help! Help! - It's OK.
- I thought she was going to hurt me. - It's over. We have Martin.
You're in deep shit.
- You have Martin? - Yeah.
Guilty as hell.
(metal door slams)
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Huozhe (Lifetimes) CD1
Huozhe (Lifetimes) CD2
Huozhe CD1
Huozhe CD2
Hurricane 1937
Hurricane The CD1
Hurricane The CD2
Hyojadongibalsa 2004
Hypnosis (Saimin 1999)
Hypnotic Doctor Sleep
Hypnotist The 1999
Hypnotized The
Hypo-Chondri-Cat The (1950)