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Hollow Man

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Damn it!
Damn it.
I am a goddamn genius.
Oh, my God.
Sebastian, do you have any idea|what time it is?
Da Vinci never slept.|Said it was a waste of time.
Who's that?
Not your business.
Not anymore.
...l cracked the reversion.
You cracked it?
Look at this.
Eleven months and you suddenly come up|with it out of the blue? How?
The usual. Coffee and Twinkies.
I hate you.
Can you find Matt and get to the lab?|I want lsabelle for a live test.
I think I can find him.
When will you be in?
Well, it should be daylight|in Sweden now.
So I should call the Nobel committee|and tell them to get our prize ready.
I'll see you in a few.
Sebastian called.|We gotta get to the lab.
What's the rush?
He cracked reversion.
You're kidding.
-When?|-While we were sleeping.
You want a ride?
Maybe we should take our own cars.
I'm tired of this|sneaking around, Lin.
You're gonna have to tell him|eventually.
I will, eventually.
I'm just waiting for the right time.
With Sebastian, there's never|gonna be a right time.
But you were meant to die
'Cause I was made to fly
Morning, Dr. Caine.
-Have a nice day, sir.|-Thank you.
-Good morning, sir.|-Hi, Ed.
Your team's in early today.|Something special?
Sorry, Ed. You know the rules.
-Authorization, please.|-Caine, 0027.
Come on, lsabelle.
Calm down, baby.
Good girl.
It's okay.
I'm not going to hurt you.
Hold still.
She's more aggressive these days.
That's what tranquillizers are for.|I'll get her.
She's been gone too long.|It's starting to affect her brain.
-You take care of that bite.|-I'll manage.
Ten bucks says I nail her first.
You're on.
Daddy's got a surprise for you.
You missed.
Maybe because I don't spend|my lunch hours practising.
You owe me ten.
Put it on my tab.
You know, someday I may actually|make you pay up.
Sarah's on the warpath,|so you play nice.
-This is bullshit, Sebastian.|-And good morning to you too.
Get the monkey on the table.
How can you justify injecting lsabelle|with the serum without even testing it?
Because it'll save time.
Then you can mop up afterwards.
You think I'm trying to kill lsabelle?
-Kill? More like liquefy.|-Lab's prepped.
Well, your objections are duly noted|and summarily overruled.
Yes, sir.
How come when you say, "Yes, sir,"|it sounds like " Fuck you"?
How'd you convince me to hire her?
You wanted the best vet in the U.S.
-She cares more about the animals.|-And maybe that's why she's so good.
So this guy you're seeing,|what's he like?
He's everything you're not.
He must be dull.
-Ready in 40.|-Okay.
All normal.
Using the word " normal" loosely,|of course.
-Emergency medical, standing by.|-Tech, status?
This is God.
You are disturbing the natural|order of things...
...and will be severely punished|for all eternity.
God has spoken.
How many times must|I tell you, Frank...'re not God.
I am.
Sorry, chief. Forgot.
You guys ready to roll yet?
Like those sorry-ass M.D.s|have ever had to wait for us.
Tell His Highness|Mary was hot two hours ago.
Yeah, I'll tell him that.
-Ready up here, chief.|-Roll and record.
Subject, lsabelle Two.|Currently in phase-shift, 126 hours.
Testing D-phase protocol...
...Serial lrradiated Protein Caine 125.
Stop naming them after yourself,|you'd have better luck.
Thank you, Dr. Kensington,|for that keen observation.
I'll include it in my memoirs.
I'll make sure to put you in mine.
Would you guys be serious, please?
-You think she'll make it?|-I don't know, I just work here.
Quantum signatures are calibrated.
Okay, Sarah, get us a vein.
Vein's prepped.
All right.
Here goes nothing.
Bad form, Matthew. The honour is mine.
Injection occurred at 0847.
Elevated heartbeat.
-We're still in the green.|-Confirmed.
Bioelectric energy and quantum|shift indicators are stable.
We're getting cellular reaction.
It's working. It's actually working.
-Of course it is.|-Don't get cocky.
Heart rate's up. She's scared.|It's okay.
Subject began manifesting immediately.|Protocol's acting quickly.
Goddamn it, blood pressure crashing.|Pulse high.
It's her heart.
I got erratic heartbeat|and brain activity.
-She's going into cardiac arrest.|-Defib!
Prep an intracardiac.
-Flatline. We're losing her.|-No, we're not. Hit her!
-Come on.|-Again!
Fuck! lntracardiac.
Wait! No, we got something.
Still erratic...
...and stabilizing.
Oh, man.
Brain activity returning to normal.|Quantum signatures are stable.
Welcome back, lsabelle.
Yeah, baby!
-We did it.|-Good work, everyone.
Yeah! That's the way it's done, man.
So how's she doing, doc?
Well, I think she's going to be okay.
-Come on. Right in there.|-Come on, lsabelle.
Go ahead. Good girl.
Look how peaceful she is.
It seems like nothing happened to her.
Schedule a vivisection for Monday.|I want to check her neuropathways.
You just brought her back|and you're gonna slice up her brain?
I'm not running a goddamn zoo!
-You're a fucking unethical bastard.|-Tell her you're kidding.
I won't cut her for another week.
Don't be such an asshole.
We finally have something|to celebrate.
-Cool. I'm hungry, let's go.|-Me too.
We should cut you up.
Ladies and gentlemen,|a moment of your time, please.
Here it comes.
To the finest research team|I have ever known.
There was a big explosion,|and afterward she said:
" lf you're so smart, how come|you're still in the second grade?"
-She grew her eyebrows back?|-In a month.
-How long were you suspended?|-A month.
I thought you'd gone.
There's nowhere to go.
Did I miss something?
Aren't you supposed to be happy?
Reversion was the last breakthrough.|Feels like the beginning of the end.
That's not true.|We've got a lifetime of data.
Matt has the patience to crunch|the numbers, but you know me...
...l need this grandeur|and the spectacle.
I can't concern myself|with the details.
Yeah, I know. I was one of them.
I thought we were great together.
You were great.
I was just standing next to you.
Come on. We had some good times.
Yeah, we had some good times.
Have you ever wanted to|turn the clock back?
Go back and try again?
I'd say that kind of time travel|doesn't exist.
Well, maybe we should invent it.
Or not.
What's it like?
Four years ago, this committee|gave me...
...a very specific|and challenging task... phase-shift a human being|out of quantum sync...
...with the visible universe...
...and return him safely|with no aftereffects.
We found that sending them|to never-never land was easy.
It's the getting them back|that's hard.
Primary DNA strands decaying on you?
Along with cellular bond instability.
How have you solved the problem?
I haven't.
But we're close.
We just need more time.
Ever since you walked in my class|your freshman year...
...l knew you were different.
Over the years, your genius|has been most impressive.
Thank you, Dr. Kramer.
Well, don't thank me yet.
This committee has given you|remarkable leeway.
We've tolerated your eccentricities,|as well as your need for privacy.
And I assure you,|our patience is running out.
If we don't get results|and get them soon...
...your genius will cease|to impress me.
And if you can't make it work...
...l'll find another|Sebastian Caine who can.
-What just happened in there?|-This better be good.
-I wasn't ready for them to know.|-You weren't ready?
Being ready's not it.|You have results, you report them.
-Can I explain?|-You just lied to the Pentagon!
Once they know we've completed it...
...what's to stop them from|taking over the project?
-Why would they?|-Because they won't need us.
But it's their project.|It's gonna happen sometime.
It may be their project,|but it's my dream, my vision.
-What are you proposing?|-That we go to Phase Three ourselves.
Phase Three? Are you nuts?
You can't jump into human testing.|There's rules, procedures.
You don't make history with rules.|You make it by seizing the moment.
You want to be the first one.|That's what this is about.
This is not about me, it's about us.|We said we would change the world.
Now is our chance.
How did you get clearance|for Phase Three?
-I volunteered. They approved.|-No way.
You're kidding.
You volunteered? Are you insane?
Jonas Salk tested the polio vaccine|on himself. Was he insane?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure he was.
In the past four weeks, we have|brought back seven primates.
-The results speak for themselves.|-Or do you want to believe that?
Sarah, I thought you'd be happy.|We are giving the animals a break.
Moving this fast is bad science,|no matter who the guinea pig is.
-I can't believe they approved this.|-I think it's fucking cool.
You would.
If we're to move forward,|this is the next logical step.
I'll stay shifted for 3 days and then|we'll perform a quantum reversion.
Fuck, yes.
Can I count on your best work?
How did we let him talk us into this?
Can we talk about it later?
I'm trying to make love to you.
We're risking our professional|lives here.
Yes, Matt, I realize.
Then why did we agree to it?
Because maybe we both know that|Sebastian can pull it off.
-Let me ask another question.|-Is it about who's gonna be on top?
Ever miss being with him?
Why do you ask that?
Because he sets the bar pretty high.
Let me tell you a little secret.
The concept of Sebastian|is much more appealing...
...than Sebastian himself.
We're ready for you.
See you later.
-It's not too late to stop.|-I thought I was the nervous one.
-We have a lot riding on this.|-Hear about Superman and Wonder Woman?
-Stop clowning around.|-It's a good one.
Superman is flying over Metropolis.
He's horny and checking out|the rooftops.
He sees Wonder Woman sunning herself|on the roof of the Justice League.
She's lying there buck-naked, spread-|eagle, wanting to be fucked, right?
Superman says to himself:
" I gotta get myself|some Wonder pussy."
Then he realizes that he could|fly down, do a little fast pumping...
...and be gone before she knew,|since he's Superman.
Faster than a speeding bullet.
He swoops down, he fucks her so quick,|she doesn't even see him.
Wonder Woman sits up, says,|"What the fuck was that?"
And the lnvisible Man says,|" I don't know...
...but my asshole is killing me."
That's funny, right?|Come on, guys. That's funny.
Ladies, please. This is science.
Starting IV drip.
-Okay, how are you feeling?|-I'm a little tense.
Pulse 88. BP 1 40l95.|It's a bit elevated.
I wonder why.
Are you sure?
-We ready up in heaven?|-Ready.
Mary's rolling.
I just hope we're not making|a snuff film. Rolling.
If it is, I got dibs on his Porsche.
Janice, how can you say that?
Porsche is mine.
Subject male, age 38,|weight 166 pounds.
Serum's irradiated.
-This better work.|-It will.
-Oh, yeah?|-You want to bet on it?
If I win, you won't be around|to pay off, so, no.
Are you ready?
I'll do it. So if anything|goes wrong, you can't be blamed.
All right.
Any last words?
Yeah. If I die, pretend I said|something deep and clever.
Injection administered at 1 823.
-Are you feeling anything?|-Nothing so far.
-Vitals are stable.|-Nothing's happening.
Human DNA structure|may take more time.
-You pulsed it right?|-Yes.
Recheck the radiation.|It can't be non-reactive.
No change in bioelectric activity.
Goddamn it!
-I'll repeat the protocol, okay?|-Wait.
I'm starting to feel something.
It's my arm. It's....
It's getting warm.
Okay, it's starting to tingle.
Yeah, it's moving down into my back.
Here we go.
Shit! It hurts.
It's tearing me.
Heartbeat's elevated.|Pulse at 1 1 0. 1 30.
Christ, didn't think it|would hurt so much.
Frank, readouts!
Brain waves are spiking.|He's on the verge of a seizure.
Pulse is 1 65, 1 70.|Blood pressure 1 80 over 1 1 0.
Sebastian, can you hear me?
-His heart'll blow out!|-Standby paddles!
Coming in.
Subcellular quantum. He's shifting.
Bioelectric in the red.
He's going.
Pulse is 1 80.
Holding stable.
Holy shit.
Pulse is dropping. 1 70, 1 60, 1 50.
Bio-quantum phase-shift|occurred at 1826.
Is he okay?
Yeah, he's in bioelectric shock.|Passed out from the trauma.
Vitals returning to normal?
Pulse 1 1 0, dropping.|Blood pressure's 1 30l75.
-Quantum readings normal.|-Electrical activity is stabilizing.
Something to tell the grandkids.
Pulse steady at 85.
You did it. You're the first.
It's okay.
You nodded off.
-His breathing's hypnotic.|-Yeah.
How long has it been?
Seventeen hours.
And we already have enough data|for two lifetimes of research.
It's a brave new world, Lin.
I keep looking at that hole,|wondering if he's really there.
-Did you see that?|-Sebastian, can you hear me?
Christ! The lights!|Turn off the goddamn lights!
I can't close my eyes.
You can, but your eyelids|are transparent.
It's weird. I feel the same,|but I'm not here.
You're here.
I'm right here.
-Where?|-At the mirror.
Looking at myself.
Or, rather, not looking at myself.
Hey, how's he doing?
Why don't you ask Sebastian?
-How do you feel?|-Oh, not too bad, considering.
Just want to set the mood.
It's the light.|His eyelids are transparent.
So, what's it like being a ghost?
Ghosts are dead. I'm very much alive.
Come on, don't be a dick.
Sorry. I couldn't resist.
Okay, now I feel like|we're playing Marco Polo.
I wonder where he is now.
Well, I see the procedure's|not changed your personality.
-He just brushed by me.|-No worries, I'm on it.
-Do you see anything?|-Where is he?
You got him?
Got you, chief.
You guys have no sense of fun.
Shit. Oh, my God.
I've arranged for one of us to be|here 24l7, if you need anything.
The team's gonna be on alpha-call|alert, so we can be here within--
30 minutes. I know.|I wrote the procedure, remember?
I was reassuring you. There's|a thermal camera for observation.
-She likes this, doesn't she?|-What?
-Being in charge.|-Oh, yeah. She loves it.
It's about time the shoe|was on the other foot.
Well, just remember.
It's still my project.
-You okay taking the late shift?|-It's not like I have a social life.
I know. The workaholic's curse.
Carter's gonna be in by 6|to spell you.
I'm here at 8.|Call me if you need to.
I'll be fine. Get some sleep.
-Okay. Bye.|-Bye.
Are you awake?
Are you in here?
I know you're in here.
-So how was your first night?|-Restless.
Hard to sleep without|closing your eyes.
What'd you do?
Got up a couple of times.|Walked around.
Sarah mentioned you weren't|in your room.
I got a cup of coffee.
In the future, you want to tell|the on-call where you're going...
...just in case something|happens to you.
I'm touched by your concern,|but it's not a problem.
We don't want it to become one.
Everything's normal.
All right, let's get these off.
You okay?
Yeah. Why?
You seem a little nervous.
No, I'm fine.
Are you looking at me?
No reason.
-What was the clientele like?|-This guy comes up to me and he says:
" I like my women like my coffee."|People still use that line?
-Maybe he meant cold and bitter.|-Very funny.
I gotta take a leak.|Keep Carter away from my food.
-I'll try, but I can't promise.|-All right.
It'd be freaky, but it'd settle down.
No, what would you do if you knew|you couldn't be seen?
It gives me the creeps. I can't take|a piss without wearing my thermals.
-Like anyone wants to see that.|-How do I know?
Are you asking what we'd do|or what Sebastian would do?
The difference?
There's human nature,|then there's Sebastian.
He's always joking that he's God.
Imagine what he'd do if|left to his own devices.
Scary thought.
-Thankfully, it's almost over.|-Hallelujah.
It's just beginning.|You think Sebastian's bad?
Imagine if the military|gets their hands on this.
Better our military than|someone else's.
Sebastian, goddamn it.
You have no idea how much fun this is.|You should try it.
I'm sure I'll have my chance.
Hey, relax.
It's my last night, so I thought|we'd try one more experiment.
Can you guess what this is?
How did it feel?
A little too familiar.
Want to know what it's like|to make love to an invisible man?
-It'd just be like old times.|-What do you mean?
You were never there.
Well, I'm here now.
We talked about this once, remember?
You wondered if you'd know|the difference.
Sebastian, I do know the difference.
It's not what I don't see.|It's what I don't feel.
Get some rest.
Got a big day tomorrow.
Subject. Dr. Sebastian Caine.
Currently in phase-shift|86 hours, 23 minutes.
D-phase protocol. Injecting|Serial Protein Caine 1 27.
Irradiation complete.
-Are you ready?|-Not really.
I was starting to enjoy myself.
Well, tough.
We'll see you in a minute, my friend.
Injection occurred at 0928.
What are you feeling?
Something's not right.
Heartbeat elevated. Frank.
Shift indicators are erratic.
-Bioelectric's jumping.|-Check radiation. Crash cart.
What's happening?
I can't breathe.
-Check his airway.|-His lungs are seized. Intubate.
Tube him!
-He's going into phase-shift.|-Get him on the table.
We lost our signals.
-Get me an IV of AG-7.|-I'm on it.
No pulse.
I've got no pulse!
Starting CPR.
Don't you die on me.
-Don't you fucking die on me.|-I'm getting a pulse.
-Sebastian, can you hear me?|-He's going into shock.
So I guess it didn't work.
You look worried. Must've been bad.
You almost died.
Whatever doesn't kill me|makes me stronger.
Yeah, and ends our careers.|What are we gonna tell Kramer?
He doesn't need to know yet.
-We can't keep lying to the others.|-We don't have a choice.
If I'm gonna be stuck|like this for a while...
...we'll have to make|a few adjustments.
Okay, lift.
Carter, get the fan.
Okay, don't move.
Don't move.
Thanks. That's better.
Here you go.
-It's an improvement.|-You'd almost pass for human.
-He couldn't before.|-You have a face you can talk to now.
We can all work in normal light again.
Let's see if we can't try|to figure out what went wrong.
Before he starts biting people too.
-Goddamn it!|-What?
I lost cohesion again.
-Are you any closer?|-No.
You know, I can't figure out|the B and C of it.
The B and C?
My 5th grade teacher told me that|genius is getting from A to D...
...without having to go|through B and C.
Sebastian can do that.
But me, I gotta have the B and C.
Hold on, Sebastian.|We're almost there.
Come on, guys. Out of the way!
I can't take much more testing.
I know how hard it is.
Bullshit. You don't know anything.
This isn't easy for any of us.
Fuck you, Matt! It is easy for you.
I was to be in phase-shift|for three days.
It's been 1 0 fucking days, all right?!
Ten days of tissue tests, radiation|tests and your fucking needles!
I can't fucking take it anymore.
-What I meant was--|-Fuck what you meant!
And don't ever--
Don't ever tell me|how hard you have it.
There she is.
I'd suck the tits right off of you.
Dr. Caine, what's going on?
Just stopped by to let you know|I'm going out for a while.
Wait. Going out?|Hold it a second. Dr. Caine.
Dr. Caine.
What do you mean?
If I don't get out, I'll go nuts.
-You can't leave the compound.|-Why not?
-It's the rule.|-It's my rule, I just changed it.
-Authorization.|-Caine 0027.
-Confirmed.|-You can't just change it.
I'm not gonna spend my life|in this godforsaken dump!
I'm going out! Be back|in a couple of hours!
Oh, shit!
-Hello?|-It's Carter. We got a problem.
-How's it going, Ed?|-Hey, doc.
-I haven't seen you in a while.|-You know how it is sometimes.
Work, work, work.
I was beginning to worry because|your car hadn't moved.
Thanks a lot, Ed.
But everything's cool.
Hey, look. Look.
-Look at that.|-Man, he's weird.
-Oh, my God.|-Mommy! Mommy!
-Mommy! Mommy!|-What?
-What?|-Look, it's a ghost.
-Don't be ridiculous.|-Mom, it's a ghost.
I'll meet you at the lab.|I'll go by his place just in case.
I'll see you there.
He could be here.
He could be anywhere.
Don't even think about it.
Who's gonna know?
Oh, shit.
Matt, it's me. He was here.
No, he took his mask off.
He must be outside somewhere.|I don't know where he went.
I'm coming back to the lab.
How? How am I supposed to do that?|I can't fucking see him.
You say you want us to shoot him?|I'm in.
It's not a monkey, it's Dr. Caine.|Aren't we overreacting here?
I don't give a rat's ass if we are.|Out there, he's at risk.
If someone finds out what he is,|the whole program is destroyed.
Jeez, relax.|Nobody's gonna find out.
-Can I still shoot him?|-Where have you been?
I told Carter.
I was getting stir-crazy.|I went home to pick up stuff.
I went to your apartment.
You did more than " pick up stuff."
-What are you talking about?|-You, of all people. How could you?
What did you see in my apartment?
I saw your face, your clothes.
Sebastian, in public.|Why'd you have to go out in public?
I'm still project leader.|It's my decision to make.
You're right. It's your decision.
But if you leave again, I swear|I'll go straight to the committee.
Throw your career away?
Not likely.
Try me.
So that's it, huh?
I'm officially a lab rat.
You volunteered.|You knew the consequences.
Next time you do inventory,|get me an exercise wheel.
Yeah, sure.
Let's pack it up and go home.
-Exercise wheel? Was he serious?|-What do you think?
The committee knows what we've done,|don't they?
-Shit, Lin!|-Won't matter if we can get him back.
-I can't believe you did that!|-You have deniability, you didn't know.
All I ask is please,|please don't fuck us.
-Think she'll say anything?|-No, she's in too far.
-She doesn't worry me.|-Sebastian.
He's gone longer than the animals.|It might affect his mind.
What if it already has?
Hold still.
-So what was it like?|-What do you mean?
-When you were out in the world.|-I just walked around. You know.
You just walked around.|Come on, there's more, right?
Like what?
Man, if it was me...
...l'd be fucking with people,|whispering in ears.
I'd be hanging out at Victoria's|Secret. I'd be the king.
Childish, don't you think?
Well, it was late.|I wasn't out for very long.
Did you see anybody?
There was this one girl.
-Did you mess with her?|-No.
Well, maybe I scared her a little.
How'd that feel?
I liked it.
Lin, remember the B and C?|I think I found it.
55 percent reversion.|That's the best we've gotten yet.
Protein structure was a dead end. Key|was to manipulate radiation signature.
75 percent. 80 percent.
-82.|-Come on.
We've got it.
No, it's slowing.
-Be an optimist.|-It's slowing down.
88. 92 percent.
93 percent.
94 percent.
95 percent.
-Cellular bonds are collapsing.|-Full quantum cascade at 95 percent.
Some breakthrough.
If I were on a table right now,|I'd be a steaming pile of flesh.
Don't tempt me.
We're closer, which counts.
Closer! He just traded quantum|energy for stability!
-It's ludicrous.|-Come on.
-You're pissed you didn't think of it.|-Really, Matt?
95 percent?|That's not even worth my time!
You're a moron. What is your problem?
Matt is onto something and|he could use your help.
Yeah, he's onto something, all right.
He's on my coattails.|He's been riding them for years.
Get off your fucking pedestal.|He's trying like hell to fix you.
Or kill me.
And you know what the sad part is?
I have this gift and|I can't even use it.
So now it's a gift.
Damn right it's a gift.
If you weren't so shortsighted, you'd|let me out of this cage to explore it.
If you weren't so shortsighted, you'd|be with us trying to save your life.
My life?
I have no fucking life.
I'm a prisoner.
-No, you're not a prisoner.|-Oh, yeah?
Is that what you think when|you leave here at night?
Is that how you alleviate|your guilt...
...when I'm stuck in this shithole|and you're at home...
...fucking your boyfriend?
What bothers you most?
That you don't have a life...
...or that I do?
Frank, I'm coming down to the lab.
Don't you sleep?
-Da Vinci never slept.|-Okay. I'm here if you need me.
I know Virginio
Virginio I know
No, no, no, no.
If you were any later,|I would have started without you.
I don't see anything.
No, he's here.
Yes, I'm sure. I'm staring at him.
Is something wrong?
-You want me to wake him?|-No, I was just checking.
Who the fuck does she think she is?
I'm not good enough for her?|I'm not good enough?
I'll show them both how good I am.
You want to fuck with me, bitch?
You know what happens when|you fuck with me?!
Don't worry.|Nobody's going to hurt you. No one.
It's really pretty clever.|All it does is loop the same image.
What do we do now? Go after him?
No. We're going to the committee.
Shouldn't we wait and talk to him?
He killed a dog with his bare hands.
-You were there?|-He went out every night...
...with absolute disregard|for his safety and ours.
-What's he done?|-I don't want to know.
-Are we in trouble?|-You didn't mislead the committee.
We'll take responsibility.
-What do we do when he comes back?|-Nothing.
The committee will bring security.
We'll brief you tomorrow morning.
I had a lot of faith in you,|thinking you'd take care of this.
I know what we did was wrong.
Wrong doesn't even begin|to describe it.
Let's leave it here.
I'll call General Caster and|convene the committee.
You go back to the lab.|We'll handle him.
Is there anything we can do?
You might think about|clearing out your offices.
For what it's worth,|we're both very sorry.
A little late for apologies.
What was that about?
-Just a screwup at work.|-How bad?
Bad enough to wake a few generals.
Hi, boss.
Help! Help!
-Why so jumpy?|-You just surprised me.
No "good morning" for me today?
You don't love me anymore.
-Just in a hurry.|-Well, that's okay.
It's going to be a busy day.
When did he get back?
Three a.m. He's been wandering|around the lab ever since.
Kramer called yet?
He's probably still meeting|with the committee.
We should have heard something.|I'm calling.
Hello, is Dr. Kramer there?
Oh, my God.
-What's wrong?|-He's dead.
-What?|-He drowned in his pool last night.
General Caster, please.
There's no dial tone.
-There's no outside line here either.|-We'd better alert security.
-Authorization, please.|-McKay 1 -Delta-835.
Authorization invalid.|Request denied.
That's a first. McKay 1 -Delta-835.
Authorization invalid.|Request denied.
Let me try mine.
Kensington 2-Romeo-1 59.
Authorization invalid.|Request denied.
We've got a problem.
I don't believe this.
-When will they start looking for us?|-It could take a couple of days.
-Can you hack into the system?|-Already in.
-Some security system.|-It's just he's extraordinary.
Someone's more extraordinary than me.
-What is it?|-The system's fine.
Our access codes have been removed.|There's only one left.
-So we're trapped?|-We'll get him.
Let me have one.
He's not in here.
Okay, Sebastian, fun's over.|Tell us where you are.
Sorry, Linda, but I can't|let you turn me in.
Sebastian, where are you?
You have no idea what it's like.
The power of it, the freedom.|I can't let that go.
Whatever you're planning,|the phones, the elevator...'s not gonna work.|They know about you.
No, they don't.
Kramer died before|he could tell a soul.
I saw to that.
-You realize what you're saying?|-It's amazing what you can do...
... when you don't have to look|at yourself in the mirror anymore.
-Sebastian.|-Goodbye, Linda.
Where's Janice?
She was right behind us.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck. Oh, my God!
In there.
-Darts.|-Is it Sebastian?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
She was right behind us.
How could he do this?
He snapped. He fucking snapped.
It's worse.
-He's thought this through.|-What?
He knew we were going to turn him in.
He knew that his career would be|over and his only way out... to make sure no one knows|what he is or what he's done.
-Which means he'll get rid of us.|-Goddamn you!
-You could've stopped this!|-Back off.
-You risked our lives!|-Shut up!
Don't tell her to shut up!|She's right!
I don't care if she's right!|I don't care whose fault this is!
I just want to know,|what do we do now?
Frank, can you restore the codes?
-I'll try.|-We can't afford to sit here and wait.
We are not gonna wait.|We are gonna take him down.
Ever use this thing before?
We designed it to help find|the rats we kept dropping.
Too small for thermal scans.
-Connecting.|-Powering up.
Activating motion detectors.
We've got movement.
-Corridor six.|-There he is.
Got it.
-Matt, be careful.|-Just watch our backs.
-Ready?|-Let's do it.
Take a left at the next corridor.
Could we trap him in corridor eight?
-If he keeps heading that way.|-I'm on five.
-Anything?|-I think we can climb out.
There's a ladder in|the elevator shaft.
Shit, I lost him.
-I lost him.|-He stopped moving.
It's me. It's me.
-You have anything?|-Nothing.
How did he get by us?
He couldn't have.
There. Behind the pipes.
Dr. Caine?
-Can you hear me?|-I'm taking him down.
Cover me.
It's just a vent.|It's just a goddamn vent.
Let him go! Let him fucking go!
Matt, what's happening?
Carter's down! He's hurt bad!
Get out of there.
Where the fuck is Sebastian?!
Shit. He's right on top of you!
-Where's he headed?!|-He's coming this way, to the lab.
The doors are closing!|He's shutting me in!
-You have him?|-I do.
He's still there.|He's on your side of the door.
-Where?|-He's right in front of you.
He's coming at you!
I got thermals all over the place.|Five or six.
I'm losing resolution!
He's pumping out heat.|You won't be able to see him.
The air's the same temperature|as his body.
-He's trapped.|-I'm going.
-It's not safe.|-Get Carter! Meet at the lab.
-We shouldn't separate!|-Get Carter.
Marco. Polo.
You missed.
-Now'd be a good time to pay that tab.|-Come on! You think you can take me?!
Come on!
What happened to you?
Was it the serum that fucked you up,|or the power?
Aren't you the fucked up one?!|Dining on my leftovers... life except the one|you borrowed from me!
-Even with Linda.|-She left you, remember?
Jesus Christ, I can't imagine what|the fuck she sees in a loser like you!
I'm not a deranged asshole!
No, but you're weak!
I thought killing you would be hard!|But I kind of like it.
Oh, my God. Fuck! His pulse|is weak! His breathing's shallow!
-He'll be okay!|-No, it's severe!
-He's gonna be okay!|-Get down here!
Keep applying pressure|until I get back!
-Where you going?|-He needs blood.
-Wait for the others!|-If I wait, he'll die!
God, I told them to meet us here.
Oh, God.
Come on. Give me one step,|Sebastian. One fucking step.
Quite a mess.
Fuck! You motherfuck--
Get off!
-We had so much fun the last time.|-No, please don't. Please.
Sweet dreams.
You know...
...l've always admired|your feistiness.
Goddamn it, Carter!|Don't die on me now!
Sarah, I'm losing him!
-Where is she?|-He needed blood.
-She went alone?|-He would've died!
He's dead.
Come on.
Keep spraying.
Oh, no.
What's happening?!
She's dead, isn't she? Motherfucker!
I got it. I got it.
Oh, God!
-Fuck.|-Bye-bye, Linda.
Have fun with your boyfriend.
We're locked in.
How bad?
You're losing blood,|but he didn't hit any organs.
I gotta find something|to close the wound.
Talk to me.
Everything is spinning.
-Are you still with me?|-I can't feel anything.
Can you feel this?
A little.
Come on.
I need you to fight this.
-I need you to stay awake.|-I'm trying.
Come on. Talk to me.
Talk to me!
Hello, face.
We are not gonna die in here.
I'll be back with help. I promise.
-Authorization, please.|-Caine 0027.
-Confirmed.|-Thank you.
-I can't let you leave.|-Sorry, you don't have a choice.
Oh, yes, I do.
You think you're God?|I'll show you God!
I always knew you were a bitch!
No wonder it didn't work out|between us!
Stay the fuck away from her!
Thought I'd save you for a change.
Come on. I heard an explosion!
-Don't touch it!|-What?
-It's nitro.|-We gotta stop it.
No, we can't! Come on!
There's a ladder in the elevator.
-Can you climb?|-Do I have a choice?
You go first.
Oh, shit.
Stick to the side!
It's coming back down!
Down! Go down!
Holy shit.
We better go before it slips.
Get off of me! Get off of me!
-Let go of me!|-One last kiss.
For old times' sake.
Go to hell.
Come on.
Oh, my God.
Not God. Not anymore.
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