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Subtitles for Hollywood Ending CD2.

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Hollywood Ending CD2

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[INFORMATION] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE] [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY] [CD TRACK] [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]no,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:02.20,00:00:03.20 Hey,[br]everything okay? 00:00:04.20,00:00:06.20 So far our conspiracy[br]has gone undetected. 00:00:06.20,00:00:08.20 Perfect. I'm taking you[br]to your shrink right now. 00:00:08.20,00:00:10.16 Listen. Same drill[br]tomorrow, Chou. 00:00:10.16,00:00:12.16 Don't worry.[br]I'll practice casual banter. 00:00:12.16,00:00:14.17 Very good. Good.[br]Nice to see you. 00:00:15.17,00:00:18.17 [Andrea's Voice][br]To observe Val Waxman directing... 00:00:18.17,00:00:21.17 one would think he has[br]no idea what he's doing. 00:00:21.17,00:00:24.18 I wonder if he is one[br]of those cinema geniuses... 00:00:24.18,00:00:27.18 who thrive on chaos,[br]like Fellini. 00:00:27.18,00:00:30.18 He always seems distracted. 00:00:30.18,00:00:32.18 He never looks anyone[br]in the eye... 00:00:32.18,00:00:36.19 and must be juggling[br]a million things[br]in his mind at once. 00:00:36.19,00:00:40.19 It's easy to see[br]why his reputation[br]is one of an eccentric. 00:00:40.19,00:00:43.19 I notice, too,[br]as the weeks go by... 00:00:43.19,00:00:46.20 what a great interest[br]he has in the photography... 00:00:50.12,00:00:52.04 How were they?[br]How were the dailies. 00:00:52.12,00:00:55.62 You forget, sir.[br]I'm not a film student,[br]hence, a poor judge. 00:00:55.71,00:00:58.54 I study business,[br]and as an investment, sir,[br]I wouldn't invest... 00:00:58.63,00:01:02.71 [Speaking Chinese] 00:01:02.80,00:01:05.63 He says he cannot[br]understand what it is[br]you're trying to do, sir. 00:01:05.72,00:01:08.43 - He thinks it's very odd.[br]- Well, how were[br]the performances? 00:01:08.47,00:01:11.10 I wouldn't know, sir.[br]But you could[br]hear them, right? 00:01:11.18,00:01:13.47 Or is your hearing faculty[br]breaking down as well? 00:01:13.56,00:01:17.85 My hearing is fine.[br]But are they making[br]too many faces or... 00:01:17.94,00:01:20.52 What about the scenes[br]where there's no dialogue?[br]how's the action? 00:01:20.61,00:01:23.82 Well, I understand[br]the actions, but that's[br]because I've read the script. 00:01:23.90,00:01:26.32 But, sir, I must confess...[br]Be careful. The steps. 00:01:26.40,00:01:30.16 There is a strong sense[br]of, um, incoherence. 00:01:30.24,00:01:32.12 - Incoherence?[br]That's great.[br]- Incoherence. 00:01:32.16,00:01:34.12 That's exactly[br]what I'm going for,[br]is incoherence. 00:01:34.16,00:01:37.96 - Well, how were they?[br]- I'm happy. They were great. 00:01:38.00,00:01:39.96 Which take was best[br]of the robbery scene? 00:01:40.00,00:01:41.96 - The last one.[br]- The first one. 00:01:42.00,00:01:43.96 The first part[br]of the last one... 00:01:44.01,00:01:46.05 is better than[br]the last part of the first... 00:01:46.13,00:01:49.51 but the middle take's[br]probably the most overall. 00:01:49.59,00:01:51.80 I-I smell magic here. 00:01:51.85,00:01:54.52 - How's it going?[br]- It seems to be going all right? 00:01:54.60,00:01:57.69 He spends a lot of time[br]conferring with his cameraman[br]through the translator... 00:01:57.77,00:02:00.81 and that takes time,[br]but I got my foot[br]on the pedal. 00:02:00.86,00:02:04.19 - Pedal to the metal.[br]- Well, put him on,[br]will you? 00:02:04.28,00:02:07.95 - Oh, yeah. I'll find him.[br]- Hey, Carol. 00:02:08.03,00:02:10.91 Send some flowers[br]to Haley Joel Osment[br]with a card. 00:02:10.99,00:02:14.49 You know,[br]"Congratulations on your[br]Lifetime AchievementAward." 00:02:14.54,00:02:17.16 It's Ellie.[br]She wants[br]to talk to you. 00:02:17.25,00:02:19.21 Oh, El... Mm-hmm. 00:02:19.25,00:02:21.96 Oh, oh. Uh... Hello? 00:02:22.04,00:02:24.46 Hi. I hear[br]it's going pretty well. 00:02:24.55,00:02:28.30 Oh, yes,[br]as far as I can see. 00:02:28.38,00:02:30.72 Well, good. Listen.[br]I'm gonna come in[br]next week... 00:02:30.76,00:02:33.30 maybe take a look[br]at some dailies? 00:02:33.39,00:02:37.27 - No, I wouldn't do that.[br]- I've stayed away for[br]the first half of the film. 00:02:37.35,00:02:39.27 I sort of... 00:02:39.35,00:02:42.73 Well, nobody sees[br]my dailies except myself[br]and the cameraman. 00:02:42.81,00:02:48.11 - That's our deal.[br]- Well, you used to always ask[br]my opinion on the dailies. 00:02:48.19,00:02:52.37 Those days are over, honey.[br]That was when you were[br]a sharp New Yorker. 00:02:52.41,00:02:55.45 You know,[br]anyone with an herbalist[br]doesn't see my dailies. 00:02:55.91,00:02:58.12 [Andrea's Voice][br]As filming reaches[br]the halfway mark... 00:02:58.20,00:03:01.62 rumor has it[br]that Sharon Bates,[br]the leading lady... 00:03:01.71,00:03:04.63 has developed a crush[br]on Val Waxman. 00:03:04.71,00:03:07.84 He seems to resist[br]personal contact with anyone... 00:03:07.92,00:03:13.05 - [Knocking At Door][br]- but today she insisted[br]he visit her dressing room. 00:03:13.14,00:03:16.76 Excuse me.[br]Uh, I'll see you later.[br]We'll discuss it, okay? 00:03:16.85,00:03:20.52 - Yes. Don't go far.[br]- Okay. I'll be right here. 00:03:20.60,00:03:25.06 So, I understand[br]that you wanted to talk[br]about something with me. 00:03:25.15,00:03:27.11 Can I be frank? 00:03:27.15,00:03:29.74 Oh, yes. Of course. 00:03:29.78,00:03:33.49 I'm having a real problem[br]working with you. 00:03:33.57,00:03:35.95 Problem working[br]with me? Why? 00:03:36.03,00:03:38.74 Well, uh,[br]I feel something... 00:03:38.83,00:03:41.21 unspoken has, um... 00:03:41.29,00:03:43.37 has developed[br]between us. 00:03:43.46,00:03:47.46 Something[br]developed between us?[br]Like... Like what? 00:03:47.55,00:03:50.55 Well, it might be[br]my imagination, but... 00:03:50.63,00:03:55.26 the way you look at me,[br]it's like you're making love[br]to me with your eyes. 00:03:55.30,00:03:57.64 My eyes? 00:03:57.72,00:03:59.64 Look, I'm a very[br]direct person. 00:03:59.72,00:04:03.85 When I start having[br]feelings about someone,[br]I don't hold back. 00:04:03.94,00:04:08.69 You know,[br]I thought we were...[br]gonna discuss the character. 00:04:08.77,00:04:11.90 I thought maybe you[br]were having trouble getting[br]into the role or something. 00:04:11.99,00:04:15.28 Am I...[br]Am I making you nervous? 00:04:15.32,00:04:17.78 Ah... 00:04:17.83,00:04:20.54 N-No. You know, I've had[br]a tough day out there. 00:04:20.62,00:04:22.79 A lot of tough decisions,[br]and... and so... 00:04:22.87,00:04:26.79 I'm, you know,[br]a little frazzled maybe,[br]but I'm fine. 00:04:26.83,00:04:30.13 - Come here.[br]- Just,you know... 00:04:30.17,00:04:33.63 Come here.[br]Why don't you sit[br]on the sofa with me. 00:04:33.72,00:04:35.68 - The-The sofa?[br]-Just for a minute. Yeah. 00:04:35.72,00:04:38.01 - [Thud, Clatter][br]- Oh, oh, really? 00:04:38.10,00:04:41.02 Oh, uh, the sofa.[br]The sofa. Yes, okay. 00:04:41.10,00:04:43.02 The sofa. I just... 00:04:43.10,00:04:45.52 I really want[br]your full attention. 00:04:45.56,00:04:47.52 The sofa's fine. 00:04:47.56,00:04:49.52 So, so... 00:04:49.57,00:04:53.49 Oh, I don't need[br]a throw pillow.[br]I'm comfortable. 00:04:53.53,00:04:57.53 If I trust a director[br]to direct me... 00:04:57.62,00:05:00.54 I trust him[br]to make love to me. 00:05:00.62,00:05:03.37 Oh, well,[br]just let me say this. 00:05:03.45,00:05:07.75 I'm a big believer[br]in that, but... but[br]not while I'm working... 00:05:07.83,00:05:10.71 because I never like to mix[br]business with pleasure. 00:05:10.75,00:05:12.71 Because I'm, you know...[br]I'm a dedicated artist... 00:05:12.76,00:05:16.55 and like a Trappist monk,[br]I feel the best way to do[br]a good picture... 00:05:16.63,00:05:19.68 is to abstain[br]till the shooting is over... 00:05:19.76,00:05:23.81 because, you know, I-I-I-I...[br]it's my adoration[br]of the cinema. 00:05:23.89,00:05:26.39 Cinema is a...[br]is a jealous mistress... 00:05:26.48,00:05:29.40 and-and-and so I'm...[br]I, you know, I'm... 00:05:29.44,00:05:31.77 That's just the way I am.[br]But we can table our... 00:05:31.86,00:05:34.86 - We can wait till after[br]the shooting's over...[br]- What are you doing? 00:05:34.94,00:05:36.99 Me? Oh, oh, oh,[br]when I... when I... 00:05:37.07,00:05:39.91 when I feel emotionally[br]moved in some way... 00:05:39.95,00:05:42.79 some people smoke...[br]I fondle walls. 00:05:42.87,00:05:44.79 - I understand completely.[br]- It's just a crazy... 00:05:44.87,00:05:47.46 - I'm sorry. I didn't[br]mean to upset you.[br]- No, I'm not upset. 00:05:47.54,00:05:50.21 - This happens on the set.[br]- I just... If I act... 00:05:50.29,00:05:53.25 If I act with[br]a fine director[br]like yourself... 00:05:53.30,00:05:56.88 there's nothing[br]I wouldn't do[br]sexually for him. 00:05:56.92,00:06:01.55 Oh, well, you should take[br]a full-page ad in the D.G.A.[br]magazine stating that... 00:06:01.60,00:06:03.76 because you'll never[br]stop working then. 00:06:03.85,00:06:07.06 Um, is it possible[br]to open the door for me? 00:06:07.10,00:06:11.48 All the heavy breathing[br]has steamed my glasses[br]and I'm-I'm-I'm... 00:06:11.56,00:06:13.48 Am I close?[br][Chuckles][br]Yes. 00:06:13.57,00:06:16.03 So we'll talk again[br]like this. Thank you. 00:06:16.11,00:06:18.03 Al? Al? 00:06:31.92,00:06:33.84 [Man][br]This time is different. 00:06:33.92,00:06:35.84 [Woman][br]What do you mean? 00:06:35.92,00:06:38.09 This time it's my father. 00:06:38.17,00:06:41.14 Johnny! Your father! 00:06:41.22,00:06:44.31 - You can't kill your father![br]- They want him dead![br]What am I supposed to do? 00:06:44.39,00:06:46.31 - But he's your father![br]- I'm doing my job. 00:06:46.39,00:06:48.31 - Aah![br]- You get ahold of yourself. 00:06:48.39,00:06:51.31 - He's got it coming[br]like anybody else.[br]- This is great. This is great. 00:06:51.35,00:06:53.31 That's exactly[br]where it should be. 00:06:53.36,00:06:56.36 No. If you put[br]the camera there,[br]it's the wrong direction. 00:06:56.44,00:06:59.86 The audience will think[br]she's looking at the wall,[br]not her lover. 00:06:59.95,00:07:02.32 I know[br]screen geography. 00:07:02.37,00:07:06.41 - Chan, am I right?[br]Is that where it should be?[br]- [Speaking Chinese] 00:07:06.49,00:07:10.00 [Chinese] 00:07:10.08,00:07:12.63 He never understands[br]what the hell you're[br]trying to do, sir. 00:07:12.71,00:07:16.63 Uh, believe me, I know.[br]But leave the camera[br]where it is. 00:07:16.67,00:07:18.76 [Andrea][br]He's a genius. 00:07:18.84,00:07:20.76 Yes. 00:07:20.84,00:07:22.76 His style. 00:07:22.84,00:07:25.60 The way he shoots.[br]It's so... 00:07:25.68,00:07:27.60 unconventional. 00:07:27.68,00:07:29.60 Really? 00:07:29.68,00:07:31.94 Was he difficult[br]to live with? 00:07:32.02,00:07:33.98 Sometimes. 00:07:34.02,00:07:36.52 As the second missus... 00:07:36.57,00:07:39.11 did you consider yourself[br]a young trophy wife? 00:07:39.19,00:07:41.99 Andrea, I thought this[br]wasn't a gossip piece. 00:07:42.03,00:07:44.82 Oh, no. I'm just curious[br]how you two met. 00:07:44.91,00:07:46.87 - At the Golden Globes.[br]- Oh. 00:07:46.91,00:07:49.66 I was there with a date,[br]and I thought it[br]was interesting... 00:07:49.75,00:07:52.46 that when he won[br]he thanked his urologist. 00:07:54.00,00:07:55.92 Next time,[br]try and warn me before I fall. 00:07:56.00,00:07:57.92 I was trying to tell you, but[br]the journalist was around... 00:07:58.00,00:08:00.38 Hey. Gosh,[br]are you okay?[br]That was something. 00:08:00.46,00:08:02.38 It's nothing.[br]Just a fractured skull. 00:08:02.47,00:08:04.84 Listen.[br]You wanna grab a bite? 00:08:04.89,00:08:08.51 I can't. Al's meeting me.[br]I got a very important[br]business meeting. 00:08:08.60,00:08:11.06 But I told you[br]I wanted you[br]to set aside some time... 00:08:11.14,00:08:13.60 - so that we could[br]discuss things...[br]- It's not easy for me. 00:08:13.69,00:08:17.02 I got a lot of meetings[br]and important things to do. 00:08:17.06,00:08:19.03 How about[br]a drink later then? 00:08:19.07,00:08:21.03 I can't... Maybe[br]after the shooting. 00:08:21.07,00:08:23.03 I don't know.[br]It's tough for me. 00:08:23.07,00:08:26.91 Could you... I'm sorry.[br]Could I just get[br]a moment with him alone? 00:08:26.95,00:08:28.91 Thanks very much. 00:08:28.95,00:08:31.16 You've been avoiding me[br]since I got in. Why? 00:08:31.25,00:08:34.00 How am I avoiding you?[br]I let you see the dailies. 00:08:34.08,00:08:37.13 You saw some of them.[br]You made no comment whatsoever. 00:08:37.21,00:08:39.38 Well, you know. I mean,[br]I'm not a director. 00:08:39.46,00:08:41.84 I mean, I, um... 00:08:41.92,00:08:46.55 personally, I had[br]some... difficulty[br]making sense out of'em. 00:08:46.59,00:08:50.10 But I assume that once[br]they're all cut together...[br]You know what you want. 00:08:50.18,00:08:52.89 They'lljust be great.[br]They're fi... I like them. 00:08:52.93,00:08:54.89 So then why are[br]you avoiding me? 00:08:54.94,00:08:57.06 I'm not avoiding you,[br]for God's sakes. 00:08:57.15,00:09:00.32 I-I, you know... I'm busy.[br]I got, you know... I got[br]a lot on my mind. 00:09:00.40,00:09:02.32 Is it about the ring? 00:09:02.40,00:09:05.20 The ring? The ring? 00:09:05.28,00:09:07.74 Don't pretend that[br]you don't see it. 00:09:07.78,00:09:10.24 - I know how you are[br]on the subject of Hal and me.[br]- No, no. 00:09:10.28,00:09:12.25 Hey, your ring[br]is beautiful. 00:09:12.29,00:09:14.54 I-I-I love[br]the shape of it... 00:09:14.62,00:09:17.54 and I think[br]it's probably expensive,[br]knowing Hal. 00:09:17.63,00:09:20.46 - I'm not wearing it.[br]- I know you're not wear... 00:09:20.55,00:09:22.96 - You know, because...[br]- I knew you weren't wearing it... 00:09:23.01,00:09:26.22 I thought it might[br]be what's accounting[br]for your strange behavior. 00:09:26.30,00:09:30.68 My behavior's fine.[br]Everybody's commenting[br]on my behavior. 00:09:30.76,00:09:34.93 Remember when we got married[br]and we didn't have time[br]to get a ring... 00:09:34.98,00:09:38.73 and I had to go[br]get that thing[br]in the novelty shop? 00:09:38.81,00:09:43.19 I got that ring[br]that squirted water[br]as a practicaljoke. 00:09:43.28,00:09:48.03 Well, little did I know that[br]our marriage would turn out[br]to be God's practicaljoke. 00:09:48.11,00:09:50.58 Well, you certainly[br]stayed in it long enough. 00:09:50.66,00:09:54.62 Hey, inertia accounts for[br]two-thirds of the marriages[br]in America. 00:09:54.66,00:09:57.33 Yeah, but[br]the other third is love. 00:09:57.42,00:09:59.33 You know, I think[br]we should just stick... 00:09:59.42,00:10:02.75 to talking about the filming[br]the last couple of weeks[br]and post-production. 00:10:02.84,00:10:06.47 I got nothing to talk about.[br]I'm waiting for Al.[br]This guy is always late. 00:10:06.51,00:10:08.47 - He is invariably late.[br]- Lunch. Lunch. 00:10:08.51,00:10:11.47 - He's here. Al's here.[br]- He's so funny.[br]He's so tense. 00:10:11.51,00:10:13.81 I kid him[br]about being late. 00:10:13.85,00:10:16.31 - He's great. I love him.[br]- What's that? 00:10:16.73,00:10:18.81 [Chinese] 00:10:23.44,00:10:25.36 Uh, wh-wh-what[br]is his problem? 00:10:25.44,00:10:29.16 - He's firing me.[br]- He's firing you?[br]Wh-Wh-Wh-Why? 00:10:29.20,00:10:32.37 He says he cannot[br]work with me anymore.[br]He wants to find somebody else. 00:10:32.45,00:10:34.37 I don't understand.[br]What's the problem? 00:10:34.45,00:10:37.25 He thinks that something[br]must be getting lost[br]in his translation... 00:10:37.33,00:10:39.92 and that his work[br]is coming out irrationally. 00:10:40.00,00:10:41.92 Well, tell him[br]that I love the dailies. 00:10:42.00,00:10:45.09 But, sir, to be honest,[br]they're not very lucid. 00:10:45.17,00:10:47.09 Just tell him what[br]I tell you to tell him. 00:10:47.17,00:10:49.55 [Chinese] 00:10:49.63,00:10:52.05 [Chinese] 00:10:57.31,00:10:59.23 He wants me off the set.[br]Otherwise, he won't work. 00:10:59.31,00:11:01.56 With all[br]due respect to Mr. Chan,[br]we're on the clock here. 00:11:01.65,00:11:05.02 It costs the studio[br]approximately $150,000[br]a day to shoot. 00:11:05.07,00:11:07.03 Explain that to him, nicely. 00:11:12.41,00:11:14.83 Wait. I got[br]a great idea. 00:11:14.91,00:11:18.16 Why don't[br]we fire the cameraman[br]but keep the translator? 00:11:18.25,00:11:20.71 Now, wait, wait.[br]Hold on a second, Val. 00:11:20.79,00:11:23.54 Now, Ed's right,[br]and that's how it's gonna be. 00:11:23.58,00:11:25.55 - I can't fire the translator.[br]- Why not? 00:11:25.59,00:11:28.17 - Because I can't.[br]- [Chinese] 00:11:35.26,00:11:37.89 - Oh! Ching.[br]- It's Chou. 00:11:37.97,00:11:40.27 Chou, listen.[br]Who are we gonna get[br]to replace you? 00:11:40.35,00:11:43.06 You have no idea who[br]the new translator will be... 00:11:43.15,00:11:45.11 or even how long[br]before they find one. 00:11:45.15,00:11:47.40 On the way over,[br]I was thinking about...[br]What about the caterer? 00:11:47.44,00:11:50.19 Oh, no. He has no reason[br]to be on the set all the time. 00:11:50.28,00:11:52.20 And you said[br]you wanted someone... 00:11:52.28,00:11:54.20 who wouldn't be ruined[br]in the business[br]when they're caught. 00:11:54.28,00:11:56.41 - If. I said "if."[br]- There really is no one. 00:11:56.45,00:11:58.58 I was quite perfect[br]for the assignment. 00:11:58.62,00:12:01.96 Ellie is gonna[br]be around here[br]till the end of the... 00:12:02.04,00:12:05.21 And she does suspect[br]something. I th... 00:12:07.13,00:12:09.05 Wait a minute. 00:12:15.51,00:12:18.60 I just need you[br]for a private minute. Oh. 00:12:18.68,00:12:21.93 Al, listen. If this[br]is about being on the set... 00:12:21.98,00:12:24.77 you know, even if Galaxie[br]made an exception... 00:12:24.81,00:12:27.32 both of these actors,[br]they're not gonna[br]allow it, so... 00:12:27.36,00:12:29.44 No, uh... 00:12:29.53,00:12:32.24 Come here.[br]Sit down. Sit down. 00:12:32.32,00:12:34.53 - Why?[br]- Well, I need your help. 00:12:34.61,00:12:36.78 Okay. All right.[br]What can I do for you? 00:12:36.82,00:12:41.79 Well, you know this is the end[br]of the line for Val if he[br]doesn't have a hit here. 00:12:41.87,00:12:45.21 He will. He can[br]do this material[br]with his eyes closed. 00:12:45.29,00:12:47.21 Yeah. Right. 00:12:47.29,00:12:51.01 But if for any reason[br]he strikes out here... 00:12:51.09,00:12:54.22 his last hopes[br]for a career, they're over. 00:12:54.30,00:12:57.01 Listen, Al.[br]I wanna put[br]your mind at ease. 00:12:57.09,00:12:59.01 - Yes.[br]- While I've seen the dailies... 00:12:59.10,00:13:02.52 and they're not[br]what I expected,[br]I'm sure he has a vision. 00:13:02.56,00:13:04.52 - Don't worry about it.[br]- Ah. 00:13:04.56,00:13:08.02 Look, if-if-if, um...[br]if a problem came up... 00:13:08.06,00:13:10.82 a little problem[br]where he needed[br]a little support... 00:13:10.86,00:13:13.49 a little[br]behind-the-scenes support[br]just for the last several weeks... 00:13:13.57,00:13:15.53 - Sure. Yeah.[br]-you'd-you'd-you'd... 00:13:15.57,00:13:17.53 Okay. 00:13:17.57,00:13:21.58 I'm starting to get[br]that Val Waxman chill. 00:13:21.66,00:13:23.58 What's going on? 00:13:23.66,00:13:26.75 - Could I level with you?[br]- Yeah. 00:13:26.83,00:13:29.00 No, I mean... I mean,[br]really level. 00:13:29.04,00:13:31.84 I mean,[br]pull no punches. 00:13:31.88,00:13:35.51 - What is it, Al?[br]- Well, it's nothing[br]that can't be dealt with. 00:13:35.59,00:13:38.09 He's just, uh...[br]He's blind. 00:13:39.97,00:13:41.89 You wanna be serious? 00:13:41.97,00:13:44.56 We're already[br]behind schedule.[br]This has been crazy. 00:13:44.64,00:13:47.56 The cameraman threw[br]his little fit and I'm[br]losing my sense of humor... 00:13:47.60,00:13:49.56 - because things[br]are going crazy now.[br]- He's blind. 00:13:49.61,00:13:51.90 He can't...[br]He can't see at all. 00:13:51.98,00:13:55.86 But don't panic.[br]It's-It's-It's-It's-It's...[br]It's not a tumor. 00:13:55.90,00:13:58.07 It's not a disease[br]of the optic nerve. 00:13:58.16,00:14:00.32 It's not permanent.[br]It's-It's-It's... 00:14:00.41,00:14:03.83 - What is it?[br]- It's a psychological disorder. 00:14:03.91,00:14:06.50 - It's psychosomatic.[br]Sometimes that happens.[br]- Oh, God. 00:14:06.58,00:14:10.17 - People get paralyzed or they[br]can't speak because of a trauma.[br]- This is not happening. 00:14:10.25,00:14:12.84 He is on the set[br]right now faking it... 00:14:12.92,00:14:16.76 but he's gonna need someone[br]to help him get through[br]the rest of the picture. 00:14:16.84,00:14:18.76 - The rest of the picture?[br]- Yeah. 00:14:18.84,00:14:21.10 How long has this[br]been going on? 00:14:21.18,00:14:23.10 - Since day one.[br]- Oh! 00:14:23.18,00:14:25.18 You know[br]the Chinese translator? 00:14:25.27,00:14:27.44 He's been[br]the secret agent[br]up till now. 00:14:27.52,00:14:30.98 But now he's gone,[br]and we're gonna need somebody[br]that he can trust... 00:14:31.06,00:14:33.40 who'll stay close to him[br]and won't look suspicious. 00:14:33.44,00:14:36.07 Wait a second.[br]You're telling me that he[br]has directed everything... 00:14:36.15,00:14:39.20 - up to this point blind?[br]- Shh. 00:14:39.28,00:14:41.41 No one has any idea. 00:14:41.45,00:14:43.41 He didn't want his career[br]destroyed forever... 00:14:43.45,00:14:46.04 by another disaster story[br]about his work problems. 00:14:46.12,00:14:50.42 No one knows and that's[br]because of the translator[br]and because of me. 00:14:50.46,00:14:53.34 Okay. And no one[br]must find out. 00:14:53.42,00:14:55.55 I mean,[br]I'm serious, Al.[br]Nobody. 00:14:55.63,00:14:58.01 Not anybody[br]on the crew... 00:14:58.09,00:15:00.51 - not the drivers,[br]not the actors,[br]- No. 00:15:00.59,00:15:02.51 Not anyone[br]from Galaxie pictures. 00:15:02.60,00:15:04.93 Yes. I knew you'd[br]understand this problem. 00:15:04.97,00:15:09.19 Oh, God. May the day[br]June 19 rot in hell[br]for all eternity. 00:15:09.27,00:15:11.19 Well, is that[br]the day you married Val? 00:15:11.27,00:15:13.31 No, it's the day[br]he was born. 00:15:13.40,00:15:16.28 Don't get upset.[br]Don't get upset. Please. 00:15:16.32,00:15:20.45 No wonder he's[br]been avoiding me[br]and acting so strange. 00:15:20.53,00:15:22.49 He didn't want[br]anybody to know. 00:15:22.53,00:15:24.70 That self-destructive... 00:15:24.78,00:15:26.79 psychosomatically[br]blind. 00:15:26.87,00:15:28.83 - That hypochondriacal neurotic.[br]- You... You... 00:15:28.87,00:15:31.08 And I say that really[br]with all due respect. 00:15:31.17,00:15:34.71 You campaigned[br]for him to get this job. 00:15:34.79,00:15:37.42 - No one must know.[br]- I understand that. 00:15:37.51,00:15:42.55 But what you have to do[br]is you have to be his eyes[br]for these last couple of weeks. 00:15:43.01,00:15:47.68 "Mellowed, you've grown up,[br]no more impossible[br]neurotic symptoms." 00:15:47.77,00:15:50.23 You know what?[br]I should have had[br]my head examined. 00:15:50.31,00:15:52.48 Ellie, I thought[br]I had a brain tumor. 00:15:52.56,00:15:54.52 For God's sakes,[br]be sympathetic. 00:15:54.56,00:15:57.40 You couldn't get[br]a tumor if you tried.[br]You're not mature enough. 00:15:57.48,00:16:00.86 What do you want me to do?[br]If the picture fails,[br]I go down the drain. 00:16:00.95,00:16:04.41 - If Hal ever finds out...[br]- Hal won't find out.[br]We're in the homestretch. 00:16:04.49,00:16:06.78 Well, what exactly[br]is making you go blind? 00:16:06.87,00:16:08.79 I mean,[br]when is it gonna stop? 00:16:08.87,00:16:12.04 Did you talk to your analyst?[br]What did your analyst say? Sit. 00:16:12.12,00:16:14.04 - He doesn't have a clue.[br]- No. Down. 00:16:14.13,00:16:16.04 He just doesn't know. 00:16:16.13,00:16:18.38 Well, that's great.[br]That's just... 00:16:18.46,00:16:21.51 What are you gonna do?[br]Are you gonna edit it blind too? 00:16:21.59,00:16:25.55 Put in the music blind?[br]Go to the premiere blind? 00:16:25.64,00:16:27.85 At least you won't be[br]able to read the reviews. 00:16:27.89,00:16:31.56 Ellie, what if it[br]doesn't leave me?[br]What if I stay blind? 00:16:31.64,00:16:35.06 I don't know.[br]I'll be in California[br]at my swimming pool. 00:16:35.10,00:16:37.19 You'll probably have[br]to learn Braille... 00:16:37.27,00:16:39.86 get a dog,[br]work the subway. 00:16:39.94,00:16:43.03 - Aren't you gonna[br]put me to bed?[br]- Put you to bed? 00:16:43.11,00:16:45.45 I can't do it[br]by myself. 00:16:45.53,00:16:47.70 Al always[br]puts me to bed. 00:16:47.74,00:16:52.62 Oh, God. Val,[br]is this project[br]headed for disaster? 00:16:52.71,00:16:54.71 Relax.[br]I can handle it. 00:16:54.75,00:16:58.54 For God's sakes, Beethoven[br]did his symphonies[br]while he was deaf. 00:16:58.59,00:17:01.38 You comparing yourself[br]to Beethoven? 00:17:01.46,00:17:04.13 Hey, look,[br]could we not get in[br]a musical discussion now? 00:17:04.22,00:17:06.39 I just don't understand[br]how you could do this... 00:17:06.47,00:17:08.43 and not be thinking[br]about anybody else. 00:17:08.47,00:17:11.97 That's the thing.[br]After all,[br]this is my movie. 00:17:12.06,00:17:14.23 And everybody's giving[br]their life's blood. 00:17:14.27,00:17:18.02 Oh, give me a break.[br]For God's sakes, everyone's[br]getting paid top dollar. 00:17:18.11,00:17:20.02 You're gonna marry[br]a billionaire. 00:17:20.11,00:17:22.44 I'm the only one[br]that goes into the toilet[br]if things fail. 00:17:22.53,00:17:25.28 It's funny.[br]I just don't think that[br]Hal's gonna see it that way. 00:17:25.36,00:17:28.07 Hal's not gonna know[br]unless you tell him... 00:17:28.12,00:17:30.41 you know, during[br]pillow talk or something. 00:17:30.49,00:17:32.45 You guys probably[br]don't have pillow talk. 00:17:32.50,00:17:34.54 He probably has sex[br]with you while he's[br]on the cellular phone. 00:17:34.62,00:17:36.54 Okay, you know what?[br]You're fine.[br]I'll see you tomorrow. 00:17:36.62,00:17:40.42 Hey, Ellie, don't go.[br]Ellie, for God's sakes,[br]you gotta put me to bed. 00:17:40.46,00:17:42.59 You know,[br]Al always tucks me in. 00:17:42.67,00:17:45.72 Well, he's your agent.[br]There's no limit[br]to what they do. 00:17:45.80,00:17:47.72 - [Sighs][br]- Ellie, come on. 00:17:59.69,00:18:01.77 You used to be[br]very maternal toward me. 00:18:01.86,00:18:04.28 You were infantile.[br]You needed it. 00:18:04.32,00:18:07.99 Except in bed.[br]Then you were a hot number. 00:18:08.07,00:18:12.16 I was a small-town girl and you[br]were on the cutting edge[br]of everything. 00:18:12.24,00:18:15.04 So how did I go[br]from the cutting edge[br]to the buttering edge? 00:18:15.12,00:18:17.75 How did I end up[br]in a mess like this? 00:18:17.83,00:18:21.25 Hey, this is[br]not the first time[br]we've been in trouble. 00:18:21.34,00:18:24.71 We've had some[br]pretty sticky situations. 00:18:24.80,00:18:27.72 - Not... No. Not like this.[br]- Yes, 'cause I can recall them. 00:18:27.80,00:18:30.09 We... There...[br]You know, it wasn't all... 00:18:30.18,00:18:33.60 We've had our... our[br]share of situations... 00:18:33.68,00:18:35.60 no question about it. 00:18:35.68,00:18:38.06 Like losing our car[br]in a crap game? 00:18:38.14,00:18:40.06 Absolutely.[br]That was a disaster. 00:18:40.15,00:18:43.98 I told you at the time,[br]never trust a male[br]with a fixed nose. 00:18:44.03,00:18:47.99 But you didn't listen.[br]You know, it was humiliating for us. 00:18:48.03,00:18:51.78 Do you remember staying up[br]all night in paris[br]listening to jazz... 00:18:51.87,00:18:53.78 and ending up[br]in jail somehow? 00:18:53.87,00:18:57.46 Hey, to this day[br]I can't figure out[br]how you got us into jail. 00:18:57.54,00:18:59.46 - How I...[br]- It was the only time[br]in my life. 00:18:59.54,00:19:01.46 As I recall,[br]it was your shoplifting. 00:19:01.54,00:19:03.46 'Cause you had to have[br]chocolate croissants... 00:19:03.54,00:19:05.88 and I'd left my wallet[br]back at the hotel. 00:19:05.96,00:19:08.55 You know.[br]You were so demanding[br]all the time. 00:19:08.63,00:19:10.55 No, it was your command[br]of the language. 00:19:10.64,00:19:14.10 Never use the familiar[br]with a policeman. 00:19:14.18,00:19:18.14 It's funny 'cause[br]my unfulfilled life dream... 00:19:18.23,00:19:22.94 is that you and I would[br]live in paris together. 00:19:23.02,00:19:24.94 You know, I was willing... 00:19:25.02,00:19:28.03 and you were the one[br]who always lost your nerve. 00:19:29.65,00:19:34.12 [Sighs][br]It's funny, though. It[br]seems like so long ago now. 00:19:34.20,00:19:37.70 It's amazing how things[br]change, isn't it? 00:19:37.79,00:19:41.83 Yep, they do.[br]And those days are over. 00:19:41.92,00:19:44.42 I'll see you tomorrow.[br]Your agent will be over[br]in the morning... 00:19:44.50,00:19:46.42 to take you[br]to the bathroom. 00:19:52.76,00:19:55.35 [Andrea's Voice][br]The movie is in its last two weeks. 00:19:55.43,00:20:00.31 Val Waxman's ex-wife,[br]who was very hands-off[br]when shooting began... 00:20:00.39,00:20:02.60 is nowvery much involved. 00:20:02.69,00:20:06.69 I notice that Val[br]relies a lot on her. 00:20:06.77,00:20:08.99 They are[br]in constant conference. 00:20:09.07,00:20:14.45 They lunch together[br]every day and, I suppose,[br]discuss the work. 00:20:14.49,00:20:19.12 She is the only one[br]besides the cameraman[br]and the newtranslator... 00:20:19.20,00:20:22.16 who Val allows[br]to see the dailies. 00:20:23.25,00:20:25.67 [Speaking Chinese] 00:20:27.25,00:20:31.09 - How were they?[br]- Really great.[br]Really great. 00:20:31.13,00:20:33.09 Great. Great. 00:20:35.43,00:20:37.14 [Ellie][br]No, everything's going fine. 00:20:37.22,00:20:39.56 The, uh... The dailies[br]are really great... 00:20:39.64,00:20:42.56 and, uh, we seem to be[br]pretty much on schedule, you know? 00:20:42.64,00:20:45.77 Well, I must say,[br]I had my doubts,[br]but you proved me wrong. 00:20:45.81,00:20:49.65 - Maybe he is a new man.[br]- Great. Really. Right. 00:20:49.73,00:20:52.90 By the way, I'm coming in[br]for the last few days.[br]I've got some business. 00:20:52.99,00:20:55.41 Uh... Uh... Um... 00:20:55.49,00:20:58.62 I wanna make the wrap party,[br]and I have to be honored[br]at a dinner... 00:20:58.70,00:21:04.21 and probably Val and I should[br]have a private talk about[br]post-production, the editing... 00:21:04.29,00:21:06.21 and have our picture[br]taken together... 00:21:06.29,00:21:08.50 to dispel all those rumors[br]that we couldn't get along. 00:21:08.59,00:21:12.13 Yeah, that's right.[br]Okay. All right.[br]Take care. 00:21:12.22,00:21:14.51 Can't wait to see you. 00:21:14.59,00:21:16.51 Quick union question, Hal. 00:21:16.59,00:21:19.51 Can a hyphenate marry[br]a below-the-line person? 00:21:19.56,00:21:22.27 That's for legal. 00:21:30.32,00:21:33.11 I gotta tell you[br]my nightmare. 00:21:33.19,00:21:38.03 I... I dreamt[br]last night that Hal... 00:21:38.07,00:21:40.03 found out everything... 00:21:40.08,00:21:43.54 that he somehow[br]just knew... 00:21:43.62,00:21:45.54 that I was... blind... 00:21:45.62,00:21:48.50 and that I had been blind[br]from the beginning... 00:21:48.54,00:21:51.05 and that I was directing[br]the picture blind... 00:21:51.13,00:21:56.72 with-with-with[br]the translator's help[br]and with your help, and I-I... 00:21:56.80,00:21:59.14 And in the dream,[br]I spoke to my shrink... 00:21:59.22,00:22:03.89 and I asked him[br]how long it would last,[br]and he said indefinitely. 00:22:03.98,00:22:07.81 And-And Hal[br]got furious with me... 00:22:07.90,00:22:09.81 and furious with you[br]for helping me. 00:22:09.90,00:22:12.53 And I, you know, I was...[br]It was just terrible. 00:22:12.57,00:22:17.78 I was just screaming[br]and-and, you know...[br]God, it... 00:22:17.86,00:22:21.83 I... You know.[br]I haven't really had[br]a good night's sleep... 00:22:21.91,00:22:23.83 in I don't know[br]how long. 00:22:23.91,00:22:26.46 The anxiety's terrible. 00:22:27.67,00:22:29.58 All right. 00:22:29.67,00:22:33.09 Thanks for getting me back.[br]Al should be here any minute. 00:22:33.17,00:22:35.59 - Are you sure you're[br]gonna be okay?[br]- I'm fine. 00:22:35.67,00:22:37.59 We had some[br]close calls today. 00:22:37.68,00:22:41.72 Listen. I have to tell you,[br]I am very worried[br]about Hal finding out. 00:22:41.76,00:22:44.77 - I told you my nightmare.[br]- No, you didn't. 00:22:44.81,00:22:46.85 Yeah, I told you before.[br]Remember? 00:22:46.93,00:22:49.60 No, you didn't.[br]What did you dream? 00:22:49.69,00:22:52.15 I told you.[br]I went into great detail. 00:22:52.23,00:22:54.32 You didn't. You didn't[br]tell me a thing.[br]What are you... 00:22:54.40,00:22:57.65 I... I...[br]Well, it smelled like you. 00:22:57.74,00:23:00.66 It smelled like me?[br]What are you talking about? 00:23:00.74,00:23:03.41 I-I-I told you[br]my nightmare. 00:23:03.45,00:23:06.45 I-I told you, didn't I? 00:23:06.54,00:23:09.46 - Did I?[br]- No, you didn't.[br]What... Did you? 00:23:09.50,00:23:11.46 - No.[br]- I don't know. Did I? 00:23:11.50,00:23:13.84 No, you didn't tell me.[br]What are you talking about? 00:23:13.92,00:23:16.84 Well, before[br]when I was saying[br]my nightmare in detail. 00:23:16.92,00:23:18.84 - [Gasps] Oh, God![br]- I said my nightmare. 00:23:18.93,00:23:22.43 No, the journalist,[br]Andrea Ford... 00:23:22.51,00:23:24.60 we wear[br]the same perfume. 00:23:24.64,00:23:26.60 You didn't?[br]Oh, God. 00:23:26.64,00:23:28.89 - What are you saying?[br]I told her?[br]- Did you? 00:23:28.98,00:23:30.90 Did I? I don't know. 00:23:30.98,00:23:33.86 If you told her, that's it.[br]We're so... 00:23:33.94,00:23:36.53 [KnockingAt Door,[br]Doorbell Rings] 00:23:36.61,00:23:38.53 Oh, my God. 00:23:42.41,00:23:44.33 - Lori. Lori.[br]- Ellie! 00:23:44.41,00:23:47.62 Val, it's... it's Lori. 00:23:47.70,00:23:49.66 - Hi, Val.[br]- Lori? 00:23:49.71,00:23:51.96 Yes, oh,[br]I know it's Lori. 00:23:52.04,00:23:54.88 I... Wh-What are you...[br]You're home unexpectedly. 00:23:54.96,00:23:58.21 - What...[br]You're a week early.[br]- I got bored. 00:23:58.30,00:24:00.72 But I'm almost ready[br]to shoot my part. I'm so excited. 00:24:00.80,00:24:02.72 I'm so excited. 00:24:02.80,00:24:06.31 Yes, but-but-but-but[br]this is just[br]so-so completely unexpected. 00:24:06.39,00:24:08.81 I didn't call 'cause[br]I was so busy working out. 00:24:08.85,00:24:11.98 My God,[br]how they drive you.[br]But look at me. 00:24:12.06,00:24:14.77 Don't I look great?[br]Look, look. It's really hard. 00:24:14.86,00:24:16.77 - Oh![br]- You can hit it. 00:24:16.86,00:24:19.32 - Val, help me with my bags.[br]- The bags? 00:24:19.36,00:24:22.15 Yeah. Doesn't[br]it look good?[br]Yeah, that one. 00:24:22.24,00:24:24.20 No. Val, come on. 00:24:24.24,00:24:26.20 You're not gonna[br]let your producer[br]lug my bags for me. 00:24:26.24,00:24:29.20 No, it's fine.[br]I forgot she existed. My God. 00:24:29.29,00:24:32.08 You-You can't[br]stay here, Lori. 00:24:32.16,00:24:37.34 No, you can't stay here[br]because Ellie and I[br]have gotten back together. 00:24:37.38,00:24:39.34 - What?[br]- What? 00:24:39.38,00:24:42.84 Yes, we-we-we have.[br]We thought about it a little bit... 00:24:42.93,00:24:46.10 and we felt that, uh,[br]we had made a mistake... 00:24:46.18,00:24:51.02 - Val...[br]- No, no, no,[br]I can't lie to her, Ellie. 00:24:51.06,00:24:53.02 You know,[br]it's not fair. 00:24:53.06,00:24:55.35 She can't come[br]with the two of us.[br]Three's a crowd. 00:24:55.44,00:24:57.90 I'm speechless. 00:24:57.94,00:25:00.15 I-I-I... I'm sorry. 00:25:00.23,00:25:04.57 I-I... You know, the heart[br]is very unpredictable. 00:25:04.66,00:25:07.37 It's not like the liver[br]or the spleen or anything,[br]where you... 00:25:07.45,00:25:09.41 Am I still[br]in the movie? 00:25:09.45,00:25:12.08 - You are. Definitely.[br]Definitely.[br]- Definitely. 00:25:12.16,00:25:14.08 I-I-I... For sure. 00:25:14.17,00:25:17.71 Okay. Okay. Okay.[br]Okay. It's okay. 00:25:17.79,00:25:20.55 I'm fine with[br]the personal rejection.[br]I'm really okay with it. 00:25:20.59,00:25:22.55 Thank God I kept[br]that other apartment. 00:25:22.59,00:25:25.34 Well, I...[br]Try and understand.[br]I-I-I, uh... uh... 00:25:25.43,00:25:29.68 Oh, no, no, no.[br]It's fine. I do.[br]I totally understand. 00:25:29.76,00:25:31.60 - I'm still in the movie, right?[br]- Yeah. 00:25:31.68,00:25:34.06 You're in the movie.[br]Yes, you're in the movie. 00:25:34.10,00:25:36.06 - Help me with this. Take it.[br]- You're in the movie. 00:25:36.10,00:25:38.06 - [Clatters][br]- Val, come on. 00:25:38.11,00:25:41.53 - My incense burner's[br]in there. Be careful.[br]- [Muttering] 00:25:42.11,00:25:43.53 We were[br]at my apartment... 00:25:43.61,00:25:45.53 and we're in[br]the bedroom together... 00:25:45.61,00:25:47.53 and, you know,[br]we were reminiscing. 00:25:47.62,00:25:51.08 It was great, and I wanted[br]so much to kiss her... 00:25:51.16,00:25:53.66 but-but I can't see. 00:25:53.75,00:25:57.08 What makes you think[br]you could have kissed her?[br]She's engaged. 00:25:57.17,00:26:00.17 Look, I gotta get[br]this blindness... 00:26:00.25,00:26:02.17 I gotta get[br]finished with it... 00:26:02.26,00:26:04.88 because, you know, this is crazy,[br]not just for my work... 00:26:04.97,00:26:07.89 but I wanna lead[br]a normal life. 00:26:07.97,00:26:11.10 Tell me about the movie. 00:26:11.14,00:26:13.10 There's nothing[br]to tell about the movie. 00:26:13.14,00:26:17.44 It's a little remake[br]of a 1940s movie... 00:26:17.52,00:26:20.94 about a father and son[br]who don't get along... 00:26:20.98,00:26:23.15 and the kid grows up[br]to be a gangster... 00:26:23.23,00:26:25.82 and some people hire him[br]to kill his father. 00:26:25.90,00:26:28.11 You have a son,[br]don't you? 00:26:28.16,00:26:30.99 Yeah, from[br]a prior marriage. 00:26:31.08,00:26:36.08 It's interesting.[br]It's very interesting[br]how you never bring him up. 00:26:36.16,00:26:39.25 - Well, we don't speak.[br]- Why not? 00:26:41.46,00:26:44.96 Because he's got,[br]you know, orange hair... 00:26:45.05,00:26:48.97 with nose rings[br]and nipple rings and lip rings... 00:26:49.01,00:26:53.93 and-and-and-he-he-he,[br]you know, he plays drums loud... 00:26:54.02,00:26:55.93 Is that any reason? 00:26:56.02,00:27:00.56 No, but he gave a concert[br]and he ate a live rat[br]at the concert... 00:27:00.65,00:27:03.11 and he's got tattoos[br]all over his body, and... 00:27:03.19,00:27:05.57 and we once had[br]a discussion about music... 00:27:05.65,00:27:08.32 and he threatened to push[br]me down a flight of stairs. 00:27:08.36,00:27:10.32 What happened? 00:27:10.36,00:27:12.78 It worked. He pushed me[br]down a flight of stairs. 00:27:12.87,00:27:16.58 And how were you[br]as a father to him? 00:27:18.04,00:27:21.08 I was fine.[br]I was very nice to him.[br]I loved him. 00:27:21.17,00:27:26.05 I took him to sporting events[br]and to the ballet and opera. 00:27:26.09,00:27:30.97 I encouraged his friends[br]and I, you know,[br]let him play music... 00:27:31.05,00:27:33.22 and stood behind him. 00:27:33.30,00:27:35.85 - And?[br]- And we had[br]a discussion one day... 00:27:35.93,00:27:39.39 and he shoved me down[br]a flight of stairs. 00:27:39.48,00:27:41.40 Where's his mother? 00:27:41.48,00:27:44.19 She's married to[br]a millionaire in Brazil. 00:27:44.27,00:27:46.73 Very nice lady. 00:27:46.82,00:27:51.20 So when you live with the plot[br]of this movie every day... 00:27:51.24,00:27:56.37 and it parallels[br]the situation with your son,[br]how does that make you feel? 00:27:56.41,00:27:59.71 Well, you know,[br]I feel angry... 00:27:59.75,00:28:02.42 because, uh, I'm angry. 00:28:02.50,00:28:05.00 You know. I always thought[br]that when he got older... 00:28:05.09,00:28:07.00 we would be[br]very friendly... 00:28:07.09,00:28:09.01 and he would have[br]a family... 00:28:09.09,00:28:11.72 and I'd-I'd be part of it. 00:28:11.76,00:28:14.85 - You must miss him.[br]- We never speak. 00:28:14.93,00:28:18.27 Well, you've blinded[br]yourself to the situation. 00:28:18.35,00:28:21.89 Hey, listen.[br]Can we not digress? 00:28:21.98,00:28:25.94 I'm here to discuss[br]my psychological loss of vision. 00:28:25.98,00:28:30.90 Meanwhile, Hal Yeager's[br]coming in a week and I[br]don't want him to catch me. 00:28:30.95,00:28:35.58 No, no, no.[br]He'll be staying[br]at this suite, as usual. 00:28:35.66,00:28:38.70 Now, he's gonna have you up[br]for one of his man-to-man talks... 00:28:38.79,00:28:43.04 which means that you'll[br]be alone with him[br]for about half an hour. 00:28:43.12,00:28:45.84 - All right, straight ahead.[br]- What if it's more[br]than a half an hour? 00:28:45.92,00:28:48.80 It never is.[br]His concentration's[br]only good for about... 00:28:48.84,00:28:50.80 - [Thud][br]- Sorry about that. 00:28:50.84,00:28:52.93 His concentration's[br]only good for about[br]half an hour. 00:28:53.01,00:28:56.60 - He's a busy guy.[br]- I'm never gonna[br]get down the hallway. 00:28:56.68,00:28:58.64 Don't worry about it.[br]I'm gonna meet you[br]at the door. 00:28:58.68,00:29:00.64 Al will get you[br]to the front door... 00:29:00.68,00:29:03.81 and then I'll get you[br]through the front door[br]down to here to the suite. 00:29:03.90,00:29:05.81 We should just...[br]We should start. 00:29:05.90,00:29:09.48 Okay, you go[br]straight ahead.[br]One, two, three, four. 00:29:09.57,00:29:11.78 That puts the first chair[br]just to your right.[br]Hal's there. 00:29:11.82,00:29:14.32 - I'm lost.[br]Where should I be?[br]- You can't be lost yet. 00:29:14.41,00:29:16.32 You just... Hold on. 00:29:16.41,00:29:19.54 If Hal's there,[br]you come forward[br]another two paces. 00:29:19.62,00:29:21.54 That'll be to the right[br]of the first chair. 00:29:21.62,00:29:25.29 No, the desk is to your left,[br]from the first chair, four paces. 00:29:25.37,00:29:27.79 - And then...[br]- Four paces to[br]the desk or the left... 00:29:27.84,00:29:30.13 But I think you should[br]start from the first chair. 00:29:30.17,00:29:33.22 - And the first chair...[br]- I can't find the first chair. 00:29:33.30,00:29:35.22 - No. Wait.[br]That... That's the desk.[br]- Where am I now? 00:29:35.30,00:29:37.72 - That's the desk.[br]That's the desk.[br]- The desk. 00:29:37.80,00:29:40.64 - Let's see. The desk is[br]one, two, three paces...[br]- So where should I be? 00:29:40.68,00:29:42.64 to the left[br]of the first chair. 00:29:42.68,00:29:44.64 Well, Hal will be[br]in the first chair. 00:29:44.69,00:29:47.48 So I think the second sofa[br]over here would be right.[br]So you continue on. 00:29:47.56,00:29:50.02 - I'm getting confused.[br]- That was three...[br]two, three, four, five. 00:29:50.07,00:29:52.03 Two paces left[br]of the first chair... 00:29:52.07,00:29:55.32 of the... of the right of the sofa[br]or the right of the desk? 00:29:55.36,00:29:58.28 - To the left... right...[br]of the first chair.[br]- The left of the desk. 00:29:58.37,00:30:00.83 So I'll remember[br]there's a chair[br]on this side, right? 00:30:00.87,00:30:03.37 - Yes, that'd be[br]the second chair.[br]- There's a chair over here. 00:30:03.41,00:30:06.87 One, two, three.[br][Muttering] 00:30:08.92,00:30:11.25 - [Shatters][br]- Did I get it?[br]Did I get the chair? 00:30:11.34,00:30:13.76 If I'm standing[br]facing the first chair... 00:30:13.84,00:30:18.18 - is it eight paces to the left[br]of the second sofa or eight paces...[br]- Yes. 00:30:18.22,00:30:20.18 It's eight paces[br]to the desk... 00:30:29.06,00:30:32.57 If they give you 50 years,[br]I'll be waiting. 00:30:35.07,00:30:38.70 If they give you two[br]consecutive life sentences... 00:30:38.78,00:30:40.74 I'll be waiting. 00:30:42.58,00:30:44.79 - [Val] Cut.[br]- What did you think? 00:30:44.87,00:30:48.29 Uh, I knew you could do it.[br]I think you were great. 00:30:48.37,00:30:52.30 - Did you like what I did[br]with my cigarette?[br]- With your cigarette? 00:30:52.38,00:30:54.92 That was something.[br]That was really something. 00:30:55.01,00:30:57.22 That's just me,[br]but I thought it was... 00:30:57.30,00:30:59.43 Yeah. No, no.[br]I thought so too. 00:30:59.51,00:31:01.93 - I thought the cigarette[br]was great too.[br]- Oh, good. 00:31:02.01,00:31:04.47 I rehearsed it[br]all last night. 00:31:04.56,00:31:07.73 - Oh, it's great.[br]- It shows. 00:31:07.81,00:31:09.77 Wow. 00:31:09.81,00:31:11.77 It's still so hard[br]for me to believe... 00:31:11.81,00:31:13.77 that you two are[br]back together again. 00:31:13.82,00:31:16.44 You know what?[br]We sort of like[br]to keep that quiet. 00:31:16.53,00:31:19.61 - Oh, don't be silly.[br]- That's just our thing... 00:31:19.70,00:31:23.74 You know, let... We...[br]She's knows our secret.[br]What's with the... 00:31:26.08,00:31:28.00 Well, you know. 00:31:28.08,00:31:30.46 We-We-We-We let[br]the world know. 00:31:30.54,00:31:33.38 We-We-We-We...[br]You know, we should[br]do this again... 00:31:33.46,00:31:37.17 because it's gonna be a while[br]before I get a chance to-to... 00:31:37.26,00:31:41.43 Gosh, it's like two dogs in heat.[br]My God. 00:31:41.47,00:31:43.89 - We gotta go to that meeting.[br]- No, no, no, no. 00:31:43.97,00:31:48.23 - It's good. Let's...[br]- I was... I was just...[br]I was just getting started. 00:31:48.31,00:31:50.27 - Where are you...[br]- [Ellie][br]That was great. 00:31:50.31,00:31:52.27 Thank you. 00:31:52.65,00:31:57.36 - Two paces past the clock[br]is the first sofa.[br]- Right. 00:31:57.44,00:32:00.40 No, no, wait. Two pace...[br]Three paces is the first... 00:32:00.49,00:32:02.95 'Cause the bureau[br]is past the clock. 00:32:03.03,00:32:05.37 Two paces past[br]the first clock is the... 00:32:05.45,00:32:07.54 - Here. Here.[br]Wait, wait, wait.[br]- Oh, God. This... 00:32:07.62,00:32:09.54 You're gonna do it.[br]Don't worry. Four steps. 00:32:09.62,00:32:11.54 Courage. Have courage. 00:32:14.17,00:32:17.55 - Let's go. I got him.[br]- I'll wait in the lobby. 00:32:30.06,00:32:32.52 - Hal.[br]- Hi. 00:32:32.56,00:32:35.94 Ellie, would you excuse us?[br]I wanna have a little chat[br]with Val, man-to-man. 00:32:36.02,00:32:38.65 Okay. Sure.[br]I'll go make a few phone calls. 00:32:38.73,00:32:41.49 I'll see you boys later. 00:32:41.57,00:32:45.53 So, Ellie says[br]things are going very smoothly. 00:32:48.45,00:32:50.75 I said I hear things[br]are going smoothly. 00:32:50.83,00:32:52.75 Yes, I... 00:32:52.83,00:32:55.54 - Two, three, four.[br]- Are things going smoothly? 00:32:55.63,00:32:58.63 Yes, yes.[br]No, things are...[br]things are fine. 00:32:58.71,00:33:01.13 Good, good.[br]Sit down. 00:33:01.22,00:33:04.34 - No, no, not there.[br]Over here.[br]- [Muttering] 00:33:04.39,00:33:06.35 - Where?[br]- Here. 00:33:06.39,00:33:09.18 On the... On the...[br]the sofa? 00:33:09.22,00:33:12.27 The sofa is[br]to the... to the... 00:33:12.35,00:33:14.27 uh... 00:33:17.90,00:33:20.15 -Jesus. Are you okay?[br]- Yeah, uh... 00:33:20.23,00:33:22.15 - My God.[br]Are you all right?[br]- I stumbled. 00:33:22.24,00:33:24.16 - I came up short.[br]- That's all right. 00:33:24.24,00:33:26.70 Today was[br]a rough day filming. 00:33:26.78,00:33:29.79 Okay, listen. Let me just[br]get you a drink, okay? 00:33:29.87,00:33:31.70 You'll be fine. 00:33:31.79,00:33:34.42 I got some terrific[br]Irish whiskey over here.[br]It was a gift. 00:33:34.50,00:33:37.75 - No, no. I don't[br]want anything to drink.[br]- No, I'll tell you what. 00:33:37.84,00:33:41.30 This is gonna[br]help you to relax after a rough day. 00:33:41.38,00:33:43.30 I insist. 00:33:43.38,00:33:46.39 - I'll be all right.[br]- Here you go. 00:33:46.47,00:33:51.47 Jesus. You really are overworked.[br]My goodness. 00:33:51.56,00:33:53.81 So... 00:33:53.89,00:33:56.19 you're happy[br]with the dailies? 00:33:56.27,00:33:58.98 Uh, happy. You know,[br]what can I say? 00:33:59.07,00:34:02.40 Everything[br]I've seen so far has been great. 00:34:02.49,00:34:05.95 Great. And you definitely[br]don't want me to see them? 00:34:06.03,00:34:09.28 You know,[br]I get so embarrassed[br]when-when-when... 00:34:09.37,00:34:11.70 I just thought[br]that maybe you'd[br]like an outside opinion. 00:34:11.79,00:34:14.91 Sometimes somebody[br]with a little distance can be[br]very, very objective, you know. 00:34:14.96,00:34:19.96 Ellie saw the dailies[br]and she... I think she liked them. 00:34:20.04,00:34:21.96 - At least she said she liked them.[br]- Yes, I understand. 00:34:22.05,00:34:25.55 You know, I see[br]a great deal of rough cuts. 00:34:25.63,00:34:28.76 We're not anywheres[br]near the rough cut stage. 00:34:28.80,00:34:30.76 I don't cut the picture[br]as I go along. 00:34:30.81,00:34:32.68 - I'm not one[br]of those directors.[br]- Val? 00:34:32.77,00:34:36.23 When the picture's over,[br]then I cut the whole[br]thing together... Yes? 00:34:36.31,00:34:39.56 - You seem distracted.[br]- [Coughing][br]Distracted? No. 00:34:39.65,00:34:43.07 Well, I mean, I did have[br]a difficult day today,[br]but it ended happily. 00:34:43.15,00:34:46.78 Okay, all right.[br]No, no, you're right.[br]A deal's a deal. 00:34:46.82,00:34:49.62 You know, I promised[br]I wouldn't peek.[br]I know it makes you nervous... 00:34:49.66,00:34:52.99 and Ellie made it[br]very clear to me[br]the way you like to work. 00:34:53.08,00:34:55.79 A lot of people think[br]we studio heads[br]have no sensitivity... 00:34:55.83,00:34:59.04 but I wanna assure you[br]that we wanna make[br]a good picture... 00:34:59.13,00:35:01.04 every bit[br]as much as you do. 00:35:01.13,00:35:04.17 It's just that we have to be[br]concerned with the realities[br]of the marketplace. 00:35:04.26,00:35:06.97 Would you stop moving[br]your head like that?[br]It's very distracting. 00:35:07.05,00:35:10.30 - Oh, no. I'm-I'm sorry.[br]I was just...[br]- Thank you. 00:35:10.34,00:35:13.06 just feeling a little,[br]you know... I'm okay. 00:35:13.14,00:35:15.89 Okay. As long[br]as you're satisfied. 00:35:15.98,00:35:18.69 I'm satisfied. I am.[br]And I know you will be. 00:35:18.77,00:35:22.32 Good. Listen.[br]I wanna show you what[br]we have in mind for the poster. 00:35:22.40,00:35:25.74 - The poster?[br]- Yeah. Come here. 00:35:25.82,00:35:27.90 Come here? Me? 00:35:27.99,00:35:31.20 Uh, yes.[br]Well... No, I'm coming. 00:35:33.03,00:35:35.33 - [Shatters][br]- The desk. 00:35:35.37,00:35:37.33 Come here.[br]Come on. Come on. 00:35:37.37,00:35:39.33 Listen.[br]You are overworked. 00:35:39.37,00:35:42.50 - I'm nervous.[br]- I'm impressed.[br]You have been working hard. 00:35:48.22,00:35:51.01 What are you doing?[br]Have you developed some[br]kind of nervous disorder? 00:35:51.05,00:35:53.01 I-I... 00:35:53.05,00:35:56.18 Yes, I have a little arthritis[br]that sometimes kicks in. 00:35:56.27,00:35:59.35 Oh. So, you like 'em? 00:35:59.44,00:36:02.06 - Like what?[br]- The posters. 00:36:02.15,00:36:04.15 Yes. Yes.[br]They're great. 00:36:04.23,00:36:07.24 - Which one?[br]- They're all... They're all great. 00:36:07.32,00:36:10.03 My favorite: number two. 00:36:11.61,00:36:14.99 Oh, this is...[br]It's just great. 00:36:15.08,00:36:18.33 - It's a strong graphic.[br]- Yeah, I knew you'd love 'em. 00:36:18.41,00:36:21.21 So if I did see 'em,[br]I'd never tell anybody. 00:36:21.29,00:36:24.46 - S-S-S-See what?[br]- The dailies. 00:36:24.54,00:36:27.00 No, no, I'm...[br]The problem is, I said before... 00:36:27.09,00:36:29.22 - I get embarrassed when anyone...[br]- No, you're right. 00:36:29.26,00:36:31.22 A deal's a deal. 00:36:31.26,00:36:33.76 You know, soon we're[br]gonna wrap the picture... 00:36:33.80,00:36:37.72 so, um, you know,[br]we'll cut it together and then-then... 00:36:37.77,00:36:39.73 Am I barred[br]from that too? 00:36:39.77,00:36:42.94 No, I'd just like to present[br]the best possible thing I can to you. 00:36:43.02,00:36:45.94 You know, because this[br]is a $60 million movie... 00:36:45.98,00:36:49.28 and I'm just not used to being kept[br]in the background like this. 00:36:49.36,00:36:52.91 Between you and me,[br]this is my valentine to Ellie. 00:36:52.99,00:36:56.78 - [phone Rings][br]- A lot of people didn't think[br]you and I could work together. 00:36:56.87,00:36:59.33 Personality clashes and[br]all that personal history. 00:36:59.41,00:37:02.67 But I think if two people[br]are really mature... Yeah. 00:37:02.75,00:37:04.67 I'll let myself out. 00:37:04.75,00:37:06.84 It's okay.[br]Don't worry. I-I... 00:37:06.92,00:37:09.51 Hi. Yeah.[br]Is the yacht available? 00:37:09.59,00:37:12.09 'Cause I wanna do[br]the whole honeymoon up[br]and down the Amalficoast. 00:37:12.17,00:37:14.59 But it's gotta be[br]that yacht. 00:37:14.64,00:37:16.76 But... Because that's[br]the only yacht... 00:37:16.85,00:37:19.47 that I think[br]is romantic enough[br]for my honeymoon. 00:37:19.56,00:37:21.81 All right.[br]Okay. Good. 00:37:24.44,00:37:26.36 - You okay?[br]- Yes. 00:37:26.44,00:37:28.27 - Yes, I'm...[br]- Come on. I'll show you out. 00:37:28.32,00:37:30.28 [Nervous Chuckling] 00:37:30.32,00:37:33.65 - I know you've had a rough day.[br]- Oh, the front door. 00:37:34.91,00:37:38.45 [Gunshots,[br]Footsteps] 00:37:38.53,00:37:41.70 [Gunshots Continue] 00:37:41.79,00:37:44.21 [Val's Voice][br]Cut! 00:37:48.17,00:37:50.59 There's more,[br]Mr. Yeager... 00:37:50.67,00:37:54.55 but those few hours[br]is a good selection. 00:37:54.63,00:37:57.72 Okay, Wally. Thanks.[br]Listen. Um... 00:37:57.80,00:38:00.10 this is our[br]little secret, okay? 00:38:00.18,00:38:03.27 Yes, sir. 00:38:03.35,00:38:05.77 [Man][br]Ladies and gentlemen,[br]the National Society... 00:38:05.85,00:38:09.19 of Video Sales[br]is proud to honor... 00:38:09.27,00:38:11.61 the movie industry's[br]man of the year... 00:38:11.69,00:38:13.99 the incomparable[br]Hal Yeager. 00:38:24.71,00:38:28.88 Time was we made more money[br]at the box office than video sales. 00:38:28.96,00:38:32.34 Now the big push we give a film[br]for theatrical release... 00:38:32.38,00:38:36.05 is really just a prelude[br]to making it a large hit... 00:38:36.13,00:38:38.18 in your[br]over-the-counter sales. 00:38:38.26,00:38:40.22 [Cheering] 00:38:44.73,00:38:46.64 Boy, did they love you,[br]you know. 00:38:46.73,00:38:51.40 I thought they[br]were gonna lift you up[br]on their shoulders... 00:38:51.48,00:38:54.24 and carry you[br]around the room. 00:38:54.32,00:38:56.53 I just told[br]the truth. 00:38:57.95,00:38:59.91 Hi. 00:38:59.95,00:39:02.20 - You're drunk.[br]- Oh, a little. 00:39:02.24,00:39:04.91 - A little?[br]- Okay, a lot. 00:39:05.00,00:39:06.91 Definitely. 00:39:07.00,00:39:11.09 You know, it's not easy[br]sitting through three hours[br]of pure adulation. 00:39:11.17,00:39:14.30 Frankly, I'm telling you,[br]I don't know how you can do it. 00:39:14.38,00:39:17.34 Well,you don't wanna[br]rob 'em of the opportunity[br]of,you know... 00:39:17.43,00:39:19.34 demonstrating[br]their gratitude. 00:39:19.43,00:39:22.93 Well, no wonder we both[br]have to drink so much[br]at these affairs. 00:39:24.68,00:39:28.27 You know,[br]if I wasn't a little drunk,[br]I wouldn't bring this up. 00:39:28.35,00:39:31.06 - Bring what up?[br]- The dailies. 00:39:31.11,00:39:33.40 - What dailies?[br]- Val's dailies. 00:39:33.44,00:39:37.78 - The City That Never Sleeps.[br]- Well, I'm hopeful,you know? 00:39:37.86,00:39:40.07 You can't ever judge[br]a film by the dailies. 00:39:40.16,00:39:43.91 It's just a bunch[br]of little bits and pieces[br]out of sequence. 00:39:43.99,00:39:45.95 You really have to wait[br]until the whole thing's cut... 00:39:46.00,00:39:47.96 Well, I was[br]very disappointed. 00:39:48.00,00:39:50.29 - You sawthem?[br]- That's just between us? 00:39:50.37,00:39:52.29 - How?[br]- I was somewhat disappointed. 00:39:52.38,00:39:56.17 I can't believe you.[br]I can't... He trusted you. 00:39:56.26,00:39:58.17 Honey, I didn't get[br]to run a studio... 00:39:58.26,00:40:00.18 by kowtowing to[br]the temperamental demands... 00:40:00.26,00:40:02.68 of every director[br]who thinks he's Orson Welles. 00:40:02.76,00:40:06.27 But you gave him your word[br]that you were not gonna do that. 00:40:06.35,00:40:10.85 Honey, unless this guy has[br]some vision of how to cut[br]this thing in his head... 00:40:10.94,00:40:13.40 - we're on some very[br]shaky ground here.[br]- Well, I disagree. 00:40:13.48,00:40:16.36 I disagree. I-I-I...[br]You know what? 00:40:16.44,00:40:18.69 - I think that the dallies are...[br]- The dailies are what? 00:40:18.78,00:40:20.70 Nothing makes sense. 00:40:20.78,00:40:22.87 The angles,[br]the performances, the coverage. 00:40:22.95,00:40:25.37 - There is no coverage.[br]- Well, I trust his instinct. 00:40:25.45,00:40:29.91 Honey, this was supposed to be[br]a nice, middle-of-the-road,[br]commercial picture. That's it. 00:40:30.00,00:40:32.88 And the deal was also[br]that you were not gonna[br]look at his work... 00:40:32.96,00:40:36.50 - until he was ready to show it to you.[br]- I gave in to those demands[br]to please you. 00:40:36.59,00:40:40.13 I mean, he could've come in[br]and begged for the job... 00:40:40.22,00:40:42.43 and he wouldn't[br]have gotten it, for Christ's sakes. 00:40:42.51,00:40:45.10 The point of this is[br]that you said... 00:40:45.18,00:40:48.14 you said one thing[br]to his face and then[br]you go right around... 00:40:48.22,00:40:50.18 and do something else[br]behind his back. 00:40:50.23,00:40:54.19 You make it sound sinister.[br]I'm responsible for a very[br]huge chunk of money. 00:40:54.23,00:40:56.19 - I know.[br]- I have a studio to run. 00:40:56.23,00:40:58.99 Yes, I know.[br]I know. Okay. 00:40:59.03,00:41:03.16 If you're disappointed,[br]then I guess it's me that[br]you should be disappointed in. 00:41:03.20,00:41:05.16 What's that[br]supposed to mean? 00:41:05.20,00:41:09.66 Because, well, I saw[br]some of the footage.[br]You know. 00:41:09.75,00:41:12.83 And I was a little[br]baffled, okay? 00:41:12.87,00:41:15.33 But you know what? 00:41:15.38,00:41:18.34 But, look, maybe I should[br]have told you ab... 00:41:18.38,00:41:20.34 Maybe I should have told you.[br]I don't know. 00:41:20.38,00:41:22.80 But half of it was[br]in the can anyway, and... 00:41:22.88,00:41:26.68 Look. Listen.[br]He's the genuine[br]talent here, okay? 00:41:26.76,00:41:28.72 You know, who says[br]that we're right?[br]The guy's a genius. 00:41:28.76,00:41:32.02 Let's just hope he has[br]some vision in his head[br]of cutting this thing together... 00:41:32.10,00:41:34.06 for all our sakes. 00:41:34.10,00:41:38.19 And he never has to know[br]I saw the dailies. I'm not tampering. 00:41:38.27,00:41:41.53 And you[br]should've warned me. 00:41:41.61,00:41:46.41 I mean, I don't[br]ever wanna wonder[br]about your loyalties. 00:41:46.49,00:41:50.20 - Well...[br]- Oh, look, I'm... I'm sorry. 00:41:50.24,00:41:53.00 I'm sorry. I'm drunk.[br]Let's just... 00:41:53.08,00:41:55.00 - Let's just call it a night.[br]- Okay. 00:42:13.52,00:42:15.44 Cut! 00:42:15.52,00:42:17.44 Val, check the gate? 00:42:17.52,00:42:20.32 Check the gate.[br]Thank you, everyone. 00:42:20.40,00:42:22.32 See you tonight[br]at the wrap party. 00:42:22.40,00:42:24.32 That was a tremendous job[br]you've all done. 00:42:24.40,00:42:26.53 Please use taxis[br]or designated drivers. 00:42:26.61,00:42:28.53 Whoo! 00:42:29.95,00:42:32.87 ####[Salsa Jazz] 00:42:39.54,00:42:43.26 So I know you're happy[br]to be leaving New York. 00:42:43.34,00:42:48.14 What is the thing[br]you miss most about L.A.? 00:42:48.22,00:42:50.81 Miss most about L.A.? 00:42:50.89,00:42:53.18 I miss my support group. 00:42:53.27,00:42:55.18 They're really[br]helping emotionally. 00:42:55.27,00:42:57.94 I'm a member[br]of a support group[br]of film executives... 00:42:58.02,00:43:00.61 who can't afford[br]their own G-5s. 00:43:02.48,00:43:05.49 - Have you seen Val?[br]- Uh, I don't think he's here. 00:43:05.57,00:43:08.28 Great. A director[br]who doesn't come[br]to his own wrap party. 00:43:08.32,00:43:11.70 I called him at home.[br]He's not there. I'm worried. 00:43:11.78,00:43:14.83 Hi! Hi, Ellie![br]Over here! 00:43:14.91,00:43:17.83 Oh, you have to meet them.[br]Excuse me. Excuse me. 00:43:17.92,00:43:20.21 - Hi. This is Sandor.[br]- How do you do? 00:43:20.29,00:43:23.05 - Where's Val?[br]- Uh, he didn't come. 00:43:23.13,00:43:26.22 Ooh. Oh. Oh. Hmm. 00:43:26.30,00:43:29.14 Oh, my goodness.[br]Everybody's so sophisticated. 00:43:29.18,00:43:33.06 [Snorts][br]I love it.[br][Giggling] 00:43:34.27,00:43:37.18 ####[Rock] 00:43:37.27,00:43:39.48 Uh, I have[br]your father here. 00:43:39.52,00:43:41.48 - You're joking.[br]- Tony? 00:43:41.52,00:43:44.15 - Be careful.[br]Don't bump into anything.[br]- Tony? 00:43:44.23,00:43:46.19 - No.[br]- I'll wait outside. 00:43:46.24,00:43:48.20 - Tony?[br]- What's wrong with you?[br]You blind? 00:43:48.28,00:43:51.24 - Me? Yeah.[br]- Psychosomatic. 00:43:51.32,00:43:54.54 - How do you know?[br]- You never get any real things. 00:43:55.87,00:43:58.00 - Here.[br]- [Muttering] 00:43:58.04,00:44:02.34 I'll take you to the couch.[br]Keep walking. 00:44:02.42,00:44:04.96 All right, turn around. 00:44:05.05,00:44:07.97 There you go.[br]Sit down. 00:44:10.05,00:44:12.18 - Don't ask me why I came.[br]- ####[Turns Off] 00:44:12.26,00:44:14.22 I didn't. 00:44:14.26,00:44:17.68 Aren't you curious[br]After the last couple of years? 00:44:17.73,00:44:21.02 Well, are you gonna[br]officially disown me? 00:44:21.06,00:44:23.40 No. I came for the exact[br]opposite reason. 00:44:23.48,00:44:27.36 - I-I wanna make friends.[br]- I was never mad at you. 00:44:27.40,00:44:30.03 Oh,Je...[br]How can you say that? 00:44:30.11,00:44:32.41 You pushed me down[br]a flight of stairs. 00:44:32.49,00:44:35.37 I was high.[br]In those years I did drugs. 00:44:35.41,00:44:37.37 I did acid[br]and peyote. 00:44:37.41,00:44:40.46 Where did you learn[br]to do drugs? 00:44:40.54,00:44:44.21 From you. You took[br]all those tranquilizers[br]and mood elevators. 00:44:44.29,00:44:47.38 There's a big difference[br]between that and breaking[br]into a drugstore... 00:44:47.46,00:44:49.84 so you can buy hashish. 00:44:49.92,00:44:52.05 Those days are over.[br]They were very stupid. 00:44:52.09,00:44:55.22 [Exhales][br]I-I... You know,[br]what happened to us? 00:44:55.26,00:44:57.22 How did we grow[br]so far apart? 00:44:57.27,00:45:00.18 I... You know, we used[br]to do things together. 00:45:00.27,00:45:03.06 We were... We were...[br]God, you know,[br]I played with you. 00:45:03.10,00:45:05.15 I took you fishing. 00:45:05.23,00:45:09.40 - I didn't wanna go fishing.[br]- I didn't take you[br]against your will. 00:45:09.44,00:45:11.40 Then, you wanted[br]to go fishing. 00:45:11.45,00:45:14.91 You wanted[br]to learn the violin.[br]I got you a violin. 00:45:14.95,00:45:17.49 That led me to the drums. 00:45:17.58,00:45:20.54 Yes, but how did[br]violin go to the drums? 00:45:20.62,00:45:23.42 - That I've never understood.[br]- It's music. 00:45:23.46,00:45:27.63 Hey, an electronic band[br]where you rip off your shirt... 00:45:27.71,00:45:29.92 and eat a live rat[br]is not music. 00:45:29.96,00:45:32.05 We sold out that concert. 00:45:32.13,00:45:34.18 And don't call it[br]a concert. 00:45:34.26,00:45:36.89 Heifetz at Carnegie Hall[br]is a concert. 00:45:36.97,00:45:39.18 If there's a brownout,[br]Heifetzwill still be on key... 00:45:39.27,00:45:41.18 but your guitar player[br]won't be. 00:45:41.27,00:45:43.52 You come here to knock me? 00:45:43.60,00:45:46.27 I came to... 00:45:46.36,00:45:48.69 hold out[br]an olive branch. 00:45:48.77,00:45:50.69 An olive branch? 00:45:50.78,00:45:53.74 What is this,[br]the Israeli parliament?[br]I'm your son. 00:45:53.82,00:45:56.57 I know you're my son.[br]That's what I'm saying. 00:45:56.66,00:46:00.41 I want us to-to, you know...[br]to get back together again... 00:46:00.49,00:46:04.08 to-to-to, you know...[br]to go fishing. 00:46:04.17,00:46:07.75 - I hate fishing.[br]- I don't mean literally[br]go fishing in water. 00:46:07.84,00:46:10.09 I-I-I-I, you know... 00:46:10.17,00:46:13.72 I'm saying that I love you[br]despite the orange hair... 00:46:13.80,00:46:18.35 and the nose rings[br]and the nipple rings and the tattoos. 00:46:18.43,00:46:20.43 It's no wonder[br]I went blind. 00:46:20.51,00:46:23.94 Can I help it[br]if I took a quantum leap[br]from your values? 00:46:24.02,00:46:27.23 What's wrong with my values?[br]I don't understand. 00:46:27.31,00:46:29.23 I was nice[br]to your mother. 00:46:29.32,00:46:32.03 I-I-I-I-I didn't[br]steal anything. 00:46:32.11,00:46:34.78 I never consumed[br]any rodents. 00:46:34.86,00:46:37.11 How is your mother,[br]incidentally? 00:46:37.20,00:46:39.41 She's great.[br]They're in Rio. 00:46:39.49,00:46:41.41 She has no trouble[br]accepting me. 00:46:41.49,00:46:43.87 Yeah, of course she has no trouble[br]'cause you're here... 00:46:43.96,00:46:46.12 and she moved[br]to the equator. 00:46:46.21,00:46:48.13 I wanna be friends[br]with you. 00:46:49.84,00:46:53.26 I respect what you've tried to do.[br]You have to respect my goals. 00:46:53.34,00:46:57.09 I did some dopey things.[br]I apologize. 00:46:57.18,00:46:59.10 Let's not make a big deal. 00:46:59.18,00:47:02.27 We don't have to go fishing,[br]but we really have a lot in common. 00:47:02.35,00:47:04.85 We're both trying[br]to do something original... 00:47:04.93,00:47:08.02 you with film[br]and me with a live rat. 00:47:10.23,00:47:13.07 Oh, Tony.[br]Tony, Tony. 00:47:13.15,00:47:16.24 By the way, I changed my name.[br]It's not Tony anymore. 00:47:16.32,00:47:18.99 It's not?[br]What is it? 00:47:19.07,00:47:20.99 Scumbag X. 00:47:21.08,00:47:24.00 Oh, that's nice.[br][Clears Throat] 00:47:24.08,00:47:26.71 It's much better[br]than Tony Waxman. 00:47:31.54,00:47:35.09 I love you, Scumbag. 00:47:35.59,00:47:38.84 [Andrea's Voice][br]Events moved pretty rapidly[br]once the movie wrapped. 00:47:38.93,00:47:43.35 Ellie stayed in New York[br]and helped Val fake his way[br]through the editing. 00:47:43.43,00:47:46.06 They spent[br]a lot of time together... 00:47:46.14,00:47:50.10 and then, suddenly one day... 00:47:50.19,00:47:52.11 I can see. 00:47:52.19,00:47:55.03 Ellie. Ellie. Ellie. 00:47:55.11,00:47:57.03 - I can see.[br]- What? 00:47:57.11,00:47:59.03 I-I can see. 00:47:59.11,00:48:01.03 I can see. 00:48:01.12,00:48:03.03 I can see. 00:48:03.12,00:48:06.70 I... Everything looks[br]so beautiful to me. 00:48:06.79,00:48:09.37 The city looks[br]so... incredible. 00:48:09.46,00:48:11.83 - I can... I can see.[br]- Val, are you... 00:48:11.92,00:48:13.84 - I can...[br]- Are you sure? 00:48:13.92,00:48:16.92 - You look so beautiful.[br]You look so great.[br]- Oh, well... 00:48:17.01,00:48:19.26 - You look so beautiful.[br]- Come on. 00:48:19.34,00:48:22.43 I swear. You're like[br]a different person. 00:48:22.47,00:48:25.18 - You mean I was never pretty?[br]- You were always pretty. 00:48:25.26,00:48:27.18 - But now you're beautiful.[br]- Come on. 00:48:27.27,00:48:30.85 I can see.[br]I... I can't believe this. 00:48:30.94,00:48:33.19 I... I, uh... 00:48:33.27,00:48:36.53 I can see.[br]You look so beautiful. 00:48:36.61,00:48:38.57 I... I'm overwhelmed. 00:48:38.65,00:48:41.78 Well, that's how it is[br]when you go blind[br]for a while, you know. 00:48:41.82,00:48:44.41 I... I... 00:48:44.49,00:48:48.12 - Oh, Val! Oh, my God![br]- Come on! 00:48:48.16,00:48:51.75 [Footsteps,[br]Door Shuts] 00:48:52.96,00:48:56.05 Call Dr. Kevorkian. 00:48:56.13,00:48:58.97 - Val...[br]- This is the worst... 00:48:59.01,00:49:02.64 This looks... like[br]the work of a blind man. 00:49:02.72,00:49:04.93 Come on. You're...[br]You're scaring me. 00:49:05.01,00:49:07.64 I mean, I... Hal means[br]to preview this in two weeks... 00:49:07.68,00:49:09.64 to get some[br]audience reaction and... 00:49:09.68,00:49:13.90 The audience will... rush[br]into the projection booth... 00:49:13.98,00:49:17.65 and grab the print[br]and hurl it into the sea. 00:49:22.49,00:49:26.16 Here are the rest of the cards[br]the audience filled out. 00:49:26.24,00:49:28.20 Well, you know, they're[br]practically unanimous. 00:49:28.24,00:49:31.00 "An incoherent, stupid[br]waste of celluloid." 00:49:31.08,00:49:33.50 "Would you recommend[br]this film to a friend?" 00:49:33.58,00:49:35.54 "Only if I was[br]friendly with Hitler." 00:49:35.59,00:49:37.67 - These are alljust terrible.[br]- "Just stop. Stop already." 00:49:37.71,00:49:39.76 "How would you improve[br]this movie?" "Arson." 00:49:39.84,00:49:42.17 - "What would you say was the[br]best moment in the film?"[br]- That's the audience. 00:49:42.26,00:49:46.35 It's not the critics,[br]and the reviews will be good,[br]and the publicwill get with it. 00:49:46.43,00:49:50.68 Oh, yeah. "How would you[br]characterize the genre?"[br]"Early American Garbage." 00:49:56.40,00:49:59.82 Well, I'm crushed[br]over the reception[br]the movie's gotten. 00:49:59.90,00:50:03.28 I thought some of the reviews[br]were particularly scathing. 00:50:04.91,00:50:08.62 - I hope Val's okay.[br]- That's not what[br]I wanna talk about. 00:50:08.70,00:50:10.62 Okay. 00:50:10.70,00:50:13.62 I got an advance copy[br]of the story that[br]Andrea Ford wrote... 00:50:13.71,00:50:15.63 on the making[br]of the picture. 00:50:15.71,00:50:17.63 She hasn't even[br]turned it in yet. 00:50:17.71,00:50:19.63 She wanted[br]some comments from me. 00:50:19.71,00:50:21.63 I tried to talk her[br]out of it. 00:50:21.71,00:50:26.18 Look, Andrea Ford is[br]a cheap tabloid gossipmonger. 00:50:26.26,00:50:28.18 I never thought[br]it was a good idea... 00:50:28.26,00:50:30.18 having her hang around[br]on the set all the time. 00:50:30.26,00:50:32.89 She said that Val Waxman[br]directed the picture blind... 00:50:32.98,00:50:36.06 that all throughout[br]the picture he was a victim[br]of psychosomatic blindness. 00:50:36.10,00:50:38.56 - Did I do wrong to deny that?[br]- Huh. 00:50:38.61,00:50:41.57 He shot the whole picture[br]without ever seeing it? 00:50:43.32,00:50:46.24 Otherwise, you would have[br]gotten the movie you wanted. 00:50:46.32,00:50:49.20 She wrote that you knew about this[br]and you helped him hide it. 00:50:49.28,00:50:51.20 Only the last few weeks. 00:50:51.29,00:50:55.83 - I found out pretty much[br]after that boat had sailed.[br]- And you didn't tell me. 00:50:55.92,00:50:59.42 I knew you'd be apoplectic[br]and Val couldn't afford[br]to lose another job... 00:50:59.50,00:51:03.42 and under[br]those circumstances, I... 00:51:03.46,00:51:06.97 You cared more about him[br]than you did about Galaxie, huh? 00:51:08.64,00:51:11.60 I truly believed[br]he could pull it off. 00:51:11.64,00:51:14.73 And the two of you were[br]seen kissing passionately[br]on several occasions... 00:51:14.81,00:51:17.35 - around the set.[br]- We were faking it. 00:51:17.44,00:51:19.90 We told his roommate[br]that we had gotten back together... 00:51:19.98,00:51:21.90 so she wouldn't move[br]back in with him... 00:51:21.98,00:51:23.90 because she'd figure out[br]that he was blind... 00:51:23.99,00:51:26.49 Did you fall back in love[br]with your ex-husband? 00:51:26.57,00:51:29.28 No. 00:51:29.32,00:51:34.04 You can tell me the truth[br]'cause it really doesn't[br]much matter now. 00:51:36.79,00:51:39.46 I think I never[br]stopped loving him. 00:51:42.92,00:51:46.38 You knowthat when this story hits,[br]he'll never be employable again. 00:51:48.01,00:51:49.93 Well, you don't[br]need the story. 00:51:50.01,00:51:52.47 I think the reviews[br]pretty much took care of that. 00:51:56.18,00:51:59.02 I wouldn't spend 30 seconds[br]on what those critics said. 00:51:59.10,00:52:01.36 They represent[br]the lowest level of the culture. 00:52:01.44,00:52:05.36 No, this time they're right.[br]The movie is incoherent. 00:52:05.44,00:52:07.99 The performances[br]are all over the place... 00:52:08.07,00:52:10.16 and the camera work[br]is unfocused. 00:52:10.24,00:52:13.70 Worse has been[br]said about my work.[br]I just eat another rat. 00:52:13.78,00:52:18.21 - Oh,Jesus. I hope Ellie is okay.[br]- I always liked Ellie. 00:52:18.29,00:52:22.38 Didn't I read that she was[br]marrying that quintessential[br]Neanderthal, Yeager? 00:52:22.46,00:52:24.38 Talk about blindness. 00:52:24.46,00:52:27.97 She was right under[br]my nose for so long,[br]and I didn't appreciate her. 00:52:28.05,00:52:30.47 - [Doorbell Rings][br]- Blindness as metaphor. 00:52:30.55,00:52:32.47 That's great. 00:52:36.81,00:52:38.73 Guess what? 00:52:38.81,00:52:41.40 - Guess what? What?[br]- The movie. Your movie. 00:52:41.48,00:52:43.90 The French have seen[br]your movie in paris... 00:52:43.98,00:52:47.74 and they say it's the greatest[br]American film in 50 years. 00:52:47.82,00:52:51.07 - You're kidding.[br]- No. You're being hailed[br]as a true artist. 00:52:51.16,00:52:55.37 A great genius.[br]And France sets the tone[br]for the rest of Europe, right? 00:52:55.45,00:52:58.87 Right? And I have offers[br]for you already to make[br]a movie in paris. 00:52:58.91,00:53:01.21 A love story in paris.[br]paris, France. 00:53:01.25,00:53:03.25 Where they talk...[br]they talk French, you know. 00:53:03.33,00:53:05.38 - They...[br]- It's like New York. 00:53:05.46,00:53:07.76 This is the best news I...[br]This is unbelievable. 00:53:07.84,00:53:09.76 - I love it.[br]- Because here I'm a bum... 00:53:09.84,00:53:11.76 - but there... a genius.[br]- A genius. 00:53:11.84,00:53:14.47 Oh, thank God[br]the French exist. 00:53:17.60,00:53:20.98 This is my life's dream...[br]that we're gonna live in paris. 00:53:21.06,00:53:23.48 I can't tell you[br]how thrilled I am. 00:53:23.56,00:53:25.90 - I can't believe it.[br]- Are you sure? 00:53:25.98,00:53:28.11 - I mean, it's a really big step.[br]- I'm absol... 00:53:28.19,00:53:30.57 You know,[br]you look so beautiful. 00:53:30.61,00:53:34.87 I-I... Every husband[br]should go blind[br]for a little while. 00:53:34.95,00:53:36.87 I-I... 00:53:55.30,00:53:57.47 You didn't forget[br]the Dramamine, did you?
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