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Subtitles for Hollywood Homicide 2003 CD2.

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Hollywood Homicide 2003 CD2

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I ain't did shit, cop!
Why you come to my mama house?|I ain't been to your mama house!
Jesus Christ, man!
- Get out of the water!|- Wait.
- Don't make me come in.|- I'm knee-deep in duck shit.
- There's two feet of duck shit.|- That's fine.
- Get out of the water!|- What you gonna do, shoot me?
He wants to shoot an unarmed nigger.
- Get out, man. You're under arrest.|- I didn't do nothing!
Get out of the water!
Too slow, cop!
Right or left?|Pick a way, I'm gonna catch you.
Never gonna catch me, cop!
Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha.
Stay right! Stay... Sorry,|your right! Your right, please!
All right!
Police brutality!
Don't swear!|It's not nice.
Settle down!
You got him.|See where that got you!
You're still caught and you got shit|all over you! How do you like that?
- Center yourself.|- I'm calm, okay?
- All right.|- I'm calm!
Get up!
You young-ass brat.
If it wasn't for this old man,|you wouldn't have caught nothing!
Even if you had roller skates. I can't|believe I let your old ass catch me.
- Talk to us.|- L.A.P. D:
- Lame-ass, punk-ass dickheads.|- Settle down, son.
- L.A.P.D.|- Settle down.
I ain't no snitch and I ain't no bitch.|I ain't got to tell you shit.
You are just talking yourself|into a hole.
- Take my cuffs off. I'll kick your ass!|- Really...?
Will you shut up? Shut up!
I ain't did shit, man.
All right, that's it! That's it!
Let's take this sucker|to the station, partner, huh?
Harbor Division Substation.
Crooked-ass police.
I'm gonna call Johnnie Cochran,|Chemical Ali, Robert Shapiro.
One of them.|Wait till I call my mama.
It's gonna be whack, man...|What is this, man?
This is Harbor Division, son.
Nice, quiet place.|We can reason together.
Here we are.
Harbor Division.
This don't look like|no police station.
- Get him out of the car!|- My pleasure.
- Get him out.|- This don't look like no...
- Get out.|- This ain't no police station.
Yeah, this is a special station|for special assholes.
Hey! Not again.
- Come back here. Come on.|- Goddamn!
You okay?
Yeah, I'm okay. You?
Any opportunity, right?
Somebody doesn't like you.|You're no fun to be around!
- You all right?|- Somebody wants you dead.
- He okay?|- He's okay, he just pissed his pants.
- I wanna talk to my mama.|- You're the man.
You got nothing on my boy.
We've got a puddle of piss|at the crime scene...
...and your son has a weak bladder.|- And what does that mean?
That means we take your son to the|station, we ask him what he saw.
He answers,|we book him into custody, he lives.
He doesn't, we let him go, he dies!
He didn't do it.|And he ain't getting involved.
All right, uncuff him.|Let the jackals hunt him down.
- Man, what I'm talking about...|- Hey, stop, stop.
The young men that got shot...
...all were rappers since they were|little boys on the street corner.
And they all wanted to be with|Antoine Sartain and Sartain Records.
That was their Motown.
- I don't get the music.|- You ain't supposed to.
After a few albums,|they want to go out on their own.
They find out the producer's|keeping all the money.
The way it's always gonna be|in the music business.
Sartain goes to the joint|for a while.
Klepto, the first to rebel,|tells Sartain:
"I'm gonna hire a lawyer... get out of my contract|I signed in high school."
Sartain get out of jail.
You know what happened next.
You telling me Sartain|had his own groups killed...
...because they wanted|to go on their own?
Makes a powerful statement... anybody thinking|about breaking a contract.
Don't it?
I told you what the picture|looks like.
You have to put the pieces together|your own self.
We'll take care of your son|for you, ma'am.
Antoine Sartain. He was a busy guy|in the gangster network.
Had a lot of contacts on the outside.|The music guy, right?
Big time.
He was smooth,|but he was a psycho.
The guy was wired.
He had this attitude, like|he could get anything he wanted.
Any contacts, friends?
A white dude came to visit him|every week he was here.
For a whole year without fail.
- Got a name?|- Yeah.
What was the name|of the white dude?
He came to visit Sartain every week.
Wasley. Leroy Wasley.
Leroy Wasley?
"Officer Calden and his partner,|Officer Leroy Wasley...
...working undercover cocaine buy.|A standoff developed.
Suspect demanded to see the cash.|Calden demanded to see the cocaine.
Officer Calden was shot twice|in the chest.
Suspect got away with $100,000.
Some suspicion that Officer Wasley...
...may be involved|with the drug dealers."
If the feds thought|Wasley was dirty...
...why would they let him back up|my dad on a deal?
Because they couldn't prove it,|I guess.
"After an exhaustive|four-month investigation...
...the case against Officer Wasley|was dropped...
...due to a lack of evidence."
Joe, I want to kill him.
Easy. Easy.
There's a real can of worms here.
"Wasley wasn't the only backup.
There were three uniformed officers|in the alley.
Two of them took off|after the suspect.
One of them...
...came into the room to find out..."|Oh, my God!
Look at this name.
Bernard Macko.
- Bennie Macko?|- Bennie Macko.
Wasley and Macko.|Macko and Wasley.
Something's going on here.
Oh, God. I gotta be somewhere.|You okay?
Yeah, I'm good. Go ahead.
Take it easy.
Hey, Rubes.|Look, IA's on my ass.
Grab some takeout,|meet me at Mt. Olympus.
I don't want to go to the house.
Ruby, where are you?
Oh, dear.|Detective, you found me.
You're under arrest, young lady.
Please don't put the cuffs on me.
You have the right to remain silent.|You understand?
Gavilan with Marty Wheeler, attorney|from the music business. Sleazeball.
Here's Gavilan drinking on duty.|We've got photos, date, time-stamped.
This is not criminal.
I need criminal shit.
Well, boss, this may not be|criminal shit, but...
- What is this?|- "Nice house."
You think so?
That's Gavilan's house.
That's his front porch.
It's a classic...
...whose time hasn't come.
And her car was there all night.
Where is he now?
We lost him.
Where's she?
This is a very romantic idea.
- You're a stud.|- No.
My partner's a stud.
But I've got a few...
...veteran moves.
If I take my ginkgo...
...I can still remember|where I put the Viagra.
You really like this house?
I'll offer you 675|and not a penny more.
You're looking at it.
Sgt. Gavilan,|we're taking you downtown.
What a night.
Just one question, asshole.
Why me?|You got no probable cause.
- I'm a good cop.|- Yeah.
You have the right to remain silent.
You have the right to remain silent.
Here we go, Joe.
You have the right to have an|attorney during questioning.
- You understand?|- Yes.
I do understand the rights|you've explained to me.
But you know what,|I'm not gonna remain silent...
...and I do not need an attorney|because this is all bullshit!
And you can put that on the record!
There's absolutely no need|to take your tie off...
...during questioning, Mr. Calden.
Why's he taking his shoes off?
- I've got questions for you.|- Questions for me.
I got questions for you.|My first is:
How does a lightweight, needle-dick|pencil pusher get assigned to IA?
Oh, he's up on the table.
- What is he doing?|- He's on the table.
This conversation's being recorded.|This will reflect very badly...
Excuse me.|Gavilan.
What, he's got a phone?
Jerry! Slow down, Jerry.
- Excuse me!|- I'm busy here.
Okay. He's "oming."
There are some discrepancies|with your income and your spending.
You mean, like, I'm spending|more than I'm making?
Is that news?
Keep talking.
I think he's centering.|He's finding his center.
What the...? What is this?
Julius, calm down, Julius.|It's not over.
Julius, it's never over.
Get him off the phone!
Gavilan. Cleo.
- Police business.|- "Joe?"
I can't talk.|I'll call you back later, all right?
Hey, Ruby.
What is going on in...?
Muscles, man. I mean, that's...
Make him talk!
I have got the most intense|compression of the L4 and L5.
We have allegations|of commingling of funds.
I've been told that some yoga|and some massage is really...
Oh, yoga, yoga, yoga.|That's great.
You can't hold out for 7.|Jerry, 7...
That's great!|I think that's enough. I'm sorry.
We're that close, Jerry.
That looks really hard.
His position.|His position looks really hard...
He's not even...|He's not even talking, is he? do.
A tree?
Now he's a tree?
This is a setup.|And it will not hold up!
I'm sure Gavilan is|next door right now...
...maintaining complete|professional integrity.
And you know it!
What the hell is going on?|Did you say anything in there?
- Of course not. You?|- My phone wouldn't stop ringing.
Joe, K.C.!
This is insane.|Can you figure this out?
But I played my last card buying you|a couple of hours, so you figure it out!
What did you want|to talk to me about?
- I like you, Joe.|- Don't bullshit me.
You didn't talk to Vice,|so I made a deal with them.
- What are you talking about?|- They agreed to back off...
...if I agree to testify.
- Testify against whom?|- You.
I was approached by Lt. Macko.
Said he heard that you and I|were involved sexually.
And maybe you and some of my girls|had, you know, relationships.
The kid too.
I don't know what you did|to piss Macko off...
...but he cut me a deal|and I took it.
And you're telling me this|because you like me, huh?
Yeah, Joe.
I thought you should know.
Fuck! Bitch!
- Gavilan.|- "Joe, listen".
Bennie's going to the DA right now,|not even waiting.
{y:i}And the stakeout at Sartain's house|{y:i}says he hasn't been seen in 24 hours.
And he hasn't been|at Sartain Records.
- What?|- This guy, Sartain.
I don't even know where to find him.
Wait a second.
I got one idea.
Hey, Rube.
You ever done any psychic work|for the police?
You gonna be home|for the next half-hour? Great.
What are you laughing at?
- It's gonna work.|- This is ridiculous.
Joe, be quiet, please.
What are you doing?
I'm getting centered,|and if you don't leave me alone...
Leave her alone for a second.
Flip a coin, make some shit up.|I don't care.
Continue, please.
There's a house on Sunset Plaza.
But nobody's there.
We must move quickly.
Move quickly.
- Turn right.|- Right?
I see Rodeo Drive.
- What happened to Sunset Plaza?|- Give her a break, Joe.
We're getting close.
Hold on, hold on. We're here.
- Here?|- Here, yeah.
- Okay.|- Here?
We're here.
- Thank you.|- Thank you.
- In here.|- You sure?
Shut up.
- Welcome to Beverly Hills...|- I am not in the mood.
That would look so great on me.
Ruby! How nice to see you!
I love that. How much is it?
- Don't worry.|- That is cute.
She's shopping.
Let her shop.
We have it in black and purple.
I'm out of here.
Goddamn it, Joe!
- Do you have that in size 2?|- Yes, we do. But we also have...
This is ridiculous.
You gotta give her some space.|We got nothing else to go on.
- Sartain! Right there in the black SUV!|- Get the car!
Move it!
- Keys.|- Yeah, they're in there.
Hey! Hey!
- Come on!|- Hey, stop!
Stop, damn it!
- You owe me $10.|- I'll give it to you later.
Hey, stop!
Stop, goddamn it!
- Go! Go!|- You good?
I'm going!
Don't speed. You're in Beverly Hills.
Goddamn it, I don't want a ticket!
- Here we are.|- There he is!
- Jesus. Don't do this.|- Out of the way!
- This is...|- Out of the way!
Okay. Get out of the way!
That's him, Danny.
Right here. Turn!
- Out of the car!|- Easy, boss.
- Get out of the car!|- Hey, I quit!
Damn it!
Joe, you all right?
Son of a bitch!|Come on! Go! Go!
Stay with him.
I am not going back to prison|on this bullshit!
- Get out of the way!|- Jesus Christ. Stop!
- Police! Get out! Move the truck!|- Get out of the way!
Move it!
- God.|- Jesus Christ!
If it's not one thing,|it's another.
This is Gavilan.
In pursuit of possible 187 suspects.|Black Escalade, eastbound on Sunset.
{y:i}While flying over the Hollywood|{y:i}Freeway, we hear about a chase...
{y:i}... on Sunset Boulevard.
If you're driving in Hollywood|heading to Mid-Wilshire...
{y:i}... and Beverly Hills,|{y:i}I suggest you stay away.
{y:i}The police need you|{y:i}out of the area.
- Get down!|- Watch!
- Gavilan.|- Are you okay?
{y:i}Yeah. Honey, we had to go.
That guy showed up across the street.|There...
I know.
- Look, I gotta go. I'll talk to you soon.|- Take care.
{y:i}We got two more black|{y:i}and whites on the chase.
In pursuit of a silver Mustang,|black Escalade, Sunset Boulevard.
{y:i}Doing about 50 miles an hour.
Who are they chasing,|me or them?
Both of us now!|You just committed three felonies!
Gavilan. Yeah, Jerry.
No, I can talk.
Six... You'll take 6.9 now?
I don't know, it might be too late.|I'll make a call.
No. Go, go! Cut over!
Get out of the way!
Let me know when you're back|on the street.
Don't worry.
{y:i}Air Six, be advised,|{y:i}we're getting crowded up here.
A lot of choppers in the sky.
It is not just crazy in the streets.|It is crazy up in the air.
We have one, two, three.|I see Vera, Jennifer, York.
I see Lauren, Vera.
- Get a deal on that house yet?|- Dicking me around, but I'm on it.
Get out of the way!
- Get out...|- Watch!
I'm watching! I'm watching!
Julius, he says he'll take 6.9 now.
That's what he says.
Let me make a call. Bye.
- Get out!|- Watch! Get off Sunset!
- Go! Go!|- I got them.
Is that Joe Gavilan?
They'll try to travel|up to Hollywood Boulevard...
...where a huge crowd is in front of|Grauman's Chinese Theatre.
{y:i}I don't know what's going on there,|{y:i}but this is a very dangerous situation.
We'll honor him in one of the most|famous traditions here in Hollywood.
Watch it!
Goddamn it! Idiot!
That's it! I'm driving! That's it!
All right. Fine!|You think you can do better?
Go ahead. Be my guest!
- Damn it! You're trying to kill me! Idiot!|- Come on! Go!
- Kill me.|- Go ahead.
This is a tradition|that started back in 1927...
...when a little dog named Zorro...
Yeah, this is much better. Thank you.
...jumped out of Mary Pickford's car...
...into wet cement.
- Nice driving.|- Sorry.
The Mustang was hit by the Escalade|and this chase came to a halt...
{y:i}... in front of Grauman's Theatre...
{y:i}... where someone was getting|{y:i}their star.
I got Wasley!
Get out of the way!
Get down! Get out of the way!
Police! Police! Stay down!
Mayhem is breaking out,|resulting in a foot pursuit.
{y:i}They're running|{y:i}down Hollywood Blvd.
{y:i}They've got their weapons drawn.|"We've"...
People are scrambling out of the way.|Everyone's running. It's a mess.
Excuse me. Sorry. Excuse me.
Look out down there!
Holy shit!
Oh, God!
That was not the way I planned it.
I'm a cop. Help me up.
Thank you.
I'm okay. I'm all right. Thank you.
Hey, move, move. Move!
Hey! Get out of the way! Police!
- Get out!|- Hey, stop!
Shit! Hey, police.|Get out of your car.
- What the hell?|- I need your car.
- I'll get it back to you.|- My family's...
Hey, come on!|Police! Somebody help me!
Watch out! Police!
Get out of the way!|Watch out! Police!
You need to slow down.
I can't slow down, ma'am. I'm sorry.|I'm chasing this guy here.
- It's kind of fun, huh?|- No, it's not!
We're gonna die.|I know we're going to die.
Yes, actually. We will die.
- No, you're not gonna die.|- I don't mean right now.
Hey! Get out of the car! Police!
Police! Get out... Hey!
- Hey, look! Come on!|- Get out of here!
- Hey! That's mine!|- Give me that!
- Bitch!|- Asshole!
Move! Police! Move!
Move over!
Goddamn it! You all right?
Watch out! Move! Move! Move!
Hey, kids,|Hindus say that life is a rebirth.
Ganesh had his head chopped off.
They put an elephant's head|on and he lived forever.
- You're crazy!|- Kids, listen to me.
It's not a bad thing|if we do die, all right?
- Get out of the cab!|- This is my cab!
My cab! My cab!
No, man, it's my cab. It's my cab!
- Get in the car!|- Police! Police!
I am the police!
For chrissake, get in the cab!|Move! Move!
If you wreck my cab, the city...
Don't worry. Sit back.|I'm a very good driver.
I don't want to die!
We're not gonna die, all right?
Shut up, okay? Please!
Oh, my God!
Wait a minute, man.|Where's my fare?
- How much?|- Ten dollars.
Ten dollars. Ten dollars.|There's a tip!
Move! Move! Move!
Hey! Hey!
Hey, cop. What about 6.75?
- I don't think that'll do it!|- Not a penny more!
Get down! Get down!|Get the hell down!
Get up! In front of the door!
Get in front of the frigging door!
Come on, come on,|come on, come on!
What are you doing?
Jerry, I've just been with Julius.|I've twisted his arm.
I have a firm offer for 6.75.
Yes, sir, 6.75. Firm.
- You will? You will?|- Oh, God.
You will?
That's fantastic.
I'll start the paperwork in the morning,|soon as I get to the office, okay?
I've gotta run now.|Thank you very much.
I'm a real-estate broker.
Yeah, he needs a pop-out trailer,|cook, driver...
...trainer with a gym that travels,|dog walker, hair and makeup guys.
I'll fax you the rest of the perks.
- Don't shoot me, man.|- Don't shoot?
Don't shoot me.|Don't shoot, Wasley.
- Please, don't shoot me.|- Please?
Are you shitting me? Please?|You're not going to beg.
- I'm begging. Please!|- Jesus Christ.
H2O didn't beg. They screamed|and hollered. They didn't beg.
And fat-ass Klepto ran a couple yards.|You can run.
I don't even want to be a cop anymore.|I want to quit.
I won't tell anybody about this,|I swear to God. Please, don't kill me!
I don't want to die, okay?
But my father...|My father was your partner!
Just please, God, don't shoot me!|Please!
Shut up.
Don't talk about your father.
Your daddy didn't beg|when he got shot.
- He was a good cop.|- Please, don't shoot.
Don't do it!
Don't do it, Wasley. Don't!
That was a great performance.
Good enough to be|at least a Golden Globe.
I don't know about an Academy Award,|but a Golden Globe.
I believed it myself.
I mean, all the, "Don't kill me, man.|Don't freaking kill me."
I liked where you talked|about killing my father.
But it's okay.
'Cause I got it all right here.|See that?
Your confession and my performance,|all on one tape.
That will sell great.
Air Six, suspects are on the roof|of the old Broadway Building.
{y:i}Shots have been fired.
Air Six, get on the horn and get|these news choppers out of here.
{y:i}I can't work, I need orbit room.|{y:i}Move them back.
He's telling us to get out of the way.
But we're not moving.|We're not.
L.A.P.D. Is trying to kick us|out of here.
{y:i}We don't know who the good guy,|{y:i}who the bad guy is.
{y:i}I've never seen such drama|{y:i}in Hollywood before.
We're on the roof.
Where is he?
- You want me to get him out?|- Leave him for the coroner.
- Where's the kid?|- Down that way.
You okay?
- Yeah. You?|- Don't I look okay?
Where's Sartain?
And Wasley?
Good job.
Good thing you didn't kill him.
You know me.|I don't like dead bodies.
I got arrest warrants|for Gavilan and Calden.
Hey, separate them!
I don't want them talking to anybody|until they get downtown.
Shut up and turn around, Bennie.
- What?|- Cuff him. Take him downtown.
What are you talking about?
Get your hands off me, son of a bitch!|You're making a big mistake, pal.
- You can kiss your career goodbye.|- Good.
Call my lawyer.
Great job.
You don't have to come tomorrow|if you don't feel up to it.
I said I would be there tomorrow night.|I'll be there, all right?
All right.
Damn it!
Drunk, drunk, animal thing, you!
Will all of you please|get out of here?
If you lay one hand on me...
- My sister's having a baby.|- This is so wrong. Get him out of here.
Let go of me, you sons of bitches!
Get him in bed,|put a cold towel on his head.
Some coffee would do him good|right now.
- Let's get him into the shower.|- Let go of me, you sons of bitches!
Take it easy.
- Let's get out of here.|- Poker should not be played... a house with women!
Eunice, I want my baby girl down here.
I'm just going to keep on calling,|if you...
Quit howling out there.|Go back to bed!
Eunice, send my baby girl down here!
She ain't coming down till you quit|or they'll set the law on you.
- Come here.|- You can't beat up a girl...
...and expect her to come back!|- You suck.
Sit down.
Have some respect|or I'll kick your ass.
Stella, come down here, baby.
- Like they did last time.|- Eunice, send my baby girl down here.
Yeah. It's Calden.
- Gavilan.|- Yeah. I'll be there in 15.
West of Coldwater?
I can be there in 10.
Stella. Oh, baby,|don't ever leave me again.
- Hey, officer, help me out?|- Yeah.
- What's going on?|- Looks like you got a 187.
- Possible 927D.|- Thanks a lot.
He says we have a body and a half|with some pieces missing.
An Easter egg hunt.
You were pretty good in that play.|You really were.
You think so?
I don't know if I'm much of an actor.
- I think I'm just a cop.|- What do you mean, just a cop?
You really thought I was good?
Hey, I already said you were good.|Don't go begging me.
Looks like we'll be here a while.
Let's get going on some chow, huh?
Cheeseburger, well-done,|onion, pickle, no mayo.
- No rabbit food, okay?|- I'll have the same.
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