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Home Alone 4

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Viv, I know that only three days stay|to do buys, but they called...
and they want to see your house|in an hour.
Mom! Bundle that Buzz extinguishes the music.
- There is no problem.|- Mom!
- " Mom ".|- Waiting, Viv.
- It allows your sister to test.|- As little it will serve him.
- And it cleans the kitchen.|- But...
Right now. Good, Viv.|I see you in a little bit.
I said to you that you should clean the kitchen.
I already cleaned it.|Can I go to the cinema with my friends?
Not, not. I am going to show a house.|Take care of me, Kevin.
- Let Megan take care of it.|- She has to go to
- You do not have to go to the cinema.|- Yes, if I want an own life.
You are going to take care of Kevin.|And where is it, certainly? Kevin.
- What is? What is?|- A car.!
- Go.!|- Wait. It was...
Fondness, that one was mine.
It is fantastic.|It has antenna and everything.
- Happy Christmas, mom.|- Happy Christmas.
Happy Christmas.
- What did they give me?|- What is?
- Thank you.|- Approach for the photo.
- They bring all over.|- Yes.
- Ready. Happy Christmas.|- Happy Christmas.
- Happy Christmas.|- What funny man are you, Buzz.
- The past Christmas: eh?|- Yes.
This Christmas will not be entertaining.
It is clear that yes it it will be.
Fondness, we are going to do the same things|that we have always done.
We will sing songs of praise,|we will be with family and friends...
we will leave to him milk and cookies|to Saint Claus.
- It will be exactly equal.|- Unless this year...
dad will not be.
Skylight. Of course it will be different.
Why cannot they become reconciled?
Fondness, it is necessary to forget it.
The response is not: truth?
The response is that things exist|out of our with
I know that you miss your dad.
And he loves me very much.
Both love me,|and this has not anything in common with me.
- Did he say it to you?|- I am 9 years old. I see television great.
Did it go away for my fault?
Not. Surely not.
It already knew it.|It was for Buzz and Megan.
It was not for anybody especially,|not for a specific problem.
Then: what was?
It is not easy to explain.
But, sometimes, when...
the partners take time married,|they stagnate in the routine.
- Do you know what is the routine?|- Yes.
Yes, when the people do not amuse herself...
and it is very boring.
Yes, something like that.
Are you already going to go down?
When you are ready.
A moment.
- Kevin, they see here.|- Apace, you have to see this!
- You always fall down in the pitfall.|- Suéltame, face of grain!
- Tarado. When are you going to learn?|- Leave his brother.
You should be testing: not?
- How will you go to the center for young people?|- The mom of Ashley will happen for me.
- Can I go to the cinema?|- Not. I said already to you. You are going to take care of Kevin.
- Allow it to go. I will remain alone.|- Not.
- I have already remained alone.|- Do not remind it to me.
You ruined me the night.
But if I am going to suffer,|you also.
- Hello. I am.|- Dad!
- Dad!|- Hello, grandulón.
It did not know that you would come.
- I wanted to give them the surprise.|- Hello, dad.
Hello, Buzz.
Oh, Kate. Golly, the house shines|very pretty.
What nice adornments.
- Like every year.|- Y...
why did you come this night, dad?
In fact, I want to speak|with his mom.
- Do you believe that it wants to return to house?|- Sigh, Kev.
- What?|- Not at all of " Hello, how is "?
Pardon. I have a business appointment.|What do you want?
Good. He was not thinking to go|directly to the grain, but...
You already know that Natalie and I|we live united, and...
when they pronounce the sentence of divorce,|I go away to marry her.
Ah, yes?
You go away to marry again.
Golly. It is... It is...
Golly.|Only we go eight separated months.
Yes, I... It happened suddenly,|and... Listening, Kate...
I want that the children are with me|during the holidays.
Do you love the children for Christmas?
For a pair of days.|I want that they know better Natalie.
Skylight, since it is going to be|his stepmother.
So, you will have to ask them.
I already know it.
- And how will I see my friends?|- It is only a pair of days.
Yes, the sufficient time|I still have out of the move.
You cannot hope that we should resign|to our vacation.
And you, Kevin?|The real family will come from visit.
They have a son of your age.
Probably be able to play|with the crown prince.
- The crown prince?|- Would not it be brilliant?
- Yes, super brilliant.|- And they do not imagine the room...
that Natalie prepared for them.
What do they say?
I believe that I happen.
To stop would not be well|to the family in Christmas.
- Surely, you understand.|- Yes. Yes I understand.
Good, it stays ... it remains open|the invitation: eh?
I will not return late.
Since you are in house,|you might do your duties.
Yes, lady.|I will make sure that should be carried out.
Clean it, face of cheese.
It was my fault.
Hello, already I came.
- How did you spend it?|- Terrible.
I hate Buzz. I do not want to remain again|only with him never.
Sigh, my love.|I know that it is hard with you.
Do I last with me?|It humiliates me, tortures me.
I am fed up with being the mockery of all.
Yes. It is the youngest difficult being.
I hate Buzz. I hope it did not have|neither brothers nor sisters.
- You do not say it seriously.|- Skylight that yes!
I would like to be the only son!
Lamentation that you are so unhappy.
Go to your quarter to think|in what you have...
instead of in what you do not have.
The only children do not know|it lucky that are.
The life would be perfect|if Buzz and Megan did not exist.
Frankly: it is too much to ask|a family that loves me?
It would be capable of escaping of the house.
If it knew to where going.
But yes I know!
I have an open invitation.
I cannot unbutton the belt.
Thank you, Alan.
Thank you.
Sigh, what so incredible party.
And also it gave good fruits.
We assembled more than two millions|for the infantile charity.
To open door.
And I am on the verge of obtaining two|of the best clients of Chicago.
Because you are the best publicist|of the world. To close doors.
I already gave to you thank you|for saying it it to all?
To ignite chimney.|Not, this night not.
It should demonstrate you|my gratitude.
To ignite music.
To close curtains.
Sigh, crikey. I joust when the things|they were starting putting oneself well.
- What pretty house: not, bonbon?|- Yes, Marv.
Is it sure that you do not want to steal it?
Not. Not, I want to steal it.|My days of thief stayed behind.
Fondness, now we will go after|the great booty.
Easy money.|Without intermediaries.
Pure profit.|It will be an operation with many class.
Three words, Edge.|... cues ... tro.
I believe that it is the only one word.
We will hope that it should come|the real family...
and then we are going to kidnap|to the prince.
" Sigh, do not kidnap me.|I am very elegant ".
Insurance of which we will achieve it?
Now when Harry will not design the plan.
But time is not.|Because this time, I am the chief.
- Who is the chief?|- You are the chief.
I am charmed with being married.
- This is my girl.|- Hear me!
Oh! It seems that they have visits.
Is this the correct domicile?
Yes, this is the house.|Thank you very much.
Remain with the change.
They are only coins.
Who are you?
- Forgive, lady.|- Yes, Prescott?
Mr. McCallister has visits.|The young man affirms that he is his son.
So, that happens.
- Kevin!|- Dad!
Hello! I believed that you had said|that you would not come.
I started thinking that it was not just|that mom had all for Christmas.
- What is the Christmas without children?|- Not at all. Hello, Kevin.
Hello, Natalie. I hope that it should not bother you|that falls down to them this way...
but my dad invited me.
- Yes, already I know it.|- Does it continue in foot the invitation?
Surely yes.|Molly: do you come, please?
It had many desires|of coexisting with you.
Your dad speaks very much|about you.
Buzz is the troublemaker.|I am the magician.
This is Kevin McCallister.|It will remain with us a few days.
You prepare the room|for special visits?
Ah, that of special visits.
Right now, lady.
- Prescott, give to Kevin a key.|- If you say it, lady.
- What class of key is this one?|- It is the key for the whole house.
This is an intelligent house, Kevin.|It obeys your orders.
To extinguish chimney.
To open curtains.
Golly! I believe that it is going to like me|to be here.
Forward. Try it.
To open door.
Golly! All that is fantastic.
Sigh, God!|Sigh, God!
What fantastic things!
Sigh! Look at this game!
This chair is of remote control!
Fantastic what!
- Do you believe that you will be comfortable here?|- And in what form! Thank you, Natalie.
This will be the best Christmas|of my life!
It already extinguishes the light, Kev.
How many times am I going to lose|to this child?
- Hello.|- Kate...
I wanted to warn you that Kevin came already.
Ah, thanks to God...
that came ... well.
- It was going to call you, but...|- Are you well?
Yes. Yes, I am well.
Thank you for allowing it to come.
- Thank you for calling.|- Happy Christmas.
Happy Christmas.
Good morning, Kevin.
Good morning.
- Who walks there?|- Here, wanted.
Ah. Hello.
It is time of the breakfast.|Is there anything that you take a fancy?
Any thing?
Any thing.
I did not support the waiting|for Saint Claus...
so I ended for going shopping.
- Do you want to open one?|- Not, you it go to malcriar.
Dad, is his house. If he loves me malcriar,|it leaves that me malcríe.
It is well, in agreement.|But only one.
And not ... the biggest.
- Does it fly indeed?|- Yes, but in the garden.
- Do not be going to break anything.|- Golly! Thank you, Natalie!
Why do you have to go out?|Already almost it is a Christmas.
Yes, but the real family comes|to a work of Natalie's charity...
and it corresponds to me to assure me|of the coverage...
of the press and the photographers.
I will not be late very much...
and I will not have to work|the rest of your vacation.
If you need something, ask Prescott for it|ÉI will attend to you.
It is a fantastic plane: not?
I believe that he wants to buy my affection.
What?|I do not say that I am slightly bad.
It makes me happy that you are here.
Mr. Prescott,|can I rise to him a question?
- Yes.|- Can it do batters?
Does it have chocolate?
What raisin? Natalie said|that what I needed.
- And do you need a batter?|- Of chocolate.
- Does he believe that it will be a white Christmas?|- It is very slightly probable...
judging by the recent ones|hot temperatures.
What is this?|A mini elevator?
It is called montaplatos.
- Why is it called this way?|- Because it transports the plates.
- And can the plates mount?|- The plates do not speak...
they do not even do|innumerable idiotic questions.
Cannot you read?
The door.|" Prohibited the step ".
- Was it referring to me?|- Especially to you.
This is the center of control|from where I administer the whole house...
and also they are my rooms.
Miss. Natalie said to you|that you are in your house...
but this are my domains|and they remain strictly prohibited.
Is it clear?
Some another question?
Very well.
It hears, Molly.|What bundles?
To clean the house.
- What evil.|- Not, not. Not in this house.
He observes. To ignite vacuum cleaner.
- To extinguish vacuum cleaner.|- This house is cleaned alone!
Do you want to see anything brilliant?
Expose, sesame.
Golly! This place is fantastic.
Yes, yes it it is.
To extinguish music?
To extinguish music.
I go to the shop.|I return in an hour approximately.
Do not be strict with the poor child.
To open door.
It went out already of the house.
Well. There are no Moors on the coast.
- We go.|- He waits. Insurance of which it is not dangerous?
Bonbon: it would take you|if it was dangerous?
The prince does not come|up to tomorrow...
why are we going to enter now?
To recognize the area.|What did you believe, Will It See?
That we were going to enter this way nothing more|for the children?
" All, rise to the van ". Not.
We have to plan where, when|and how to extract it hence.
You know the secret|of the criminal success?
That do not catch you.
To glide. To be prepared.|The preparation.
To be prepared.|To perpetrate with preparation.
Eh? This is my motto,|and that's why I am...
- An exploratory child.|- Not. The chief.
- Who is the chief?|- You are the chief!
- Where is the chief?|- Here.
- Hear, chief, table for one.|- Here same.
Very well.|We go so, my life.
Not. Do not be able to be!
Yes it is! It is Marv!
Mr. Prescott?|Mr. Prescott: is it there?
Mr. Prescott! I help!
Marv, the alarm is burning.
Sigh, not.|What are we going to do?
He observes this.
To extinguish alarm.
To open door.
- What so useful device.|- Yes: what is my motto?
Are you the chief?
- To be prepared. Yes.|- Skylight.
I married a genius.
What is it?|A ball of turkey?
- Leave it. You seem cleptómana.|- Good.
The prince will be|in one of these quarters.
This is the elevator.
- Not... You provoke Me headache.|- You, to me.
- You, to me.|- You, to me.
- Do not push me.|- To close door.
- You are driving crazy me.|- You, to me.
- You, to me...|- Sigh, already keep silent about you.
To open door.
- To close door.|- I am charmed with this thing.
One was the door ... closing.
What goes on to him to this thing?|To open door.
I believe that there is someone here.
Is there anybody here?
- There is already nobody. Be quiet!|- Be quiet you!
- You be quiet!|- You be quiet!
Probably the prince came earlier.
What devils...
It was ended. Vámonos.
Of foot!
We go.
- You are!|- Hello, Marv.
We had time without meeting.
- Not, child?|- Is this the prince?
Not, this is Kevin. Kevin, Edge.|Edge, Kevin.
Vámonos of here|before they see us.
Yes. I believe that we recognized already|the area.
I will return!
- Vámonos!|- I go already!
House, clean you misma.
Good, at least I tried it.
Good, probably do not get angry too much.
As soon as I explained to them what happened,|probably do not bother very much.
- Or probably not.|- What... What...
I know that it seems very bad, but...
My love: what...
Kevin: what ... what...|what have you done?
- It does not work. I already tried it.|- Yes, lady?
They see here at once!
- It was not working.|- What happened, Kevin?
I was not.|They were the thieves.
- The thieves?|- Yes. I recognized the guy. Marv.
Did I already tell them of him?|This is another history.
The thing is that they were going to steal your house.
- And did you prefer destroying her?|- Not. It wanted to protect her.
- To destroy her?|- For all...
Hear: why did not it come|when did I call him?
Does any thief dress hereabouts?
Not, lad. all the alarms|they were burning.
Probably they extinguished them.|They were bringing one of these.
I did not see intruders, and except for...|forgive, lady...
a brief trip to the bath,|I did not lose of sight the monitors.
How did a child can do so much damage|in the time that took me...
- I cannot understand it.|- I was not!
Here there was nobody any more.
- Lie!|- I do not lie!
- Yes lie!|- I do not lie!
- Skylight that yes!|- With all respect, gentleman...
I saw the young man Kevin|to play with the devices...
as if the house was|a great toy.
The Vandal only one here|he is his son.
Allow us.
- Sit down, Kevin.|- Dad...
- What is happening?|- The thieves got.
Kevin, I can excuse you|any thing fewer lies.
Ah, then, you would not get angry|if it had destroyed the house...
any time it was admitting|that I did it...
though it has not done it.
Good, already I thought it well, and...
I understand that this is an adjustment|difficult for you.
It is natural that you behave yourself badly.|You need attention.
- I do not need it.|- Kevin!
In end...
In end,|what so much damage is?
I have the insured house.
Do you have anything that to say?
Thank you.
- And?|- Pardon for the damages to your house.
The safety cameras have to|of having recorded everything.
Prescott extinguished the cameras.
It is incredible.
It is not to believe itself!
I cannot believe it!
He is this terrible child again.
In all the places|to where I begin to steal!
It is as if he me was|chasing.
Please, Marv.|He is only a child.
Yes, but I have scars|thanks to small that one...
Forget it.
But I will say something to you:
This time, it will not ruin me.
This time everything will go out|to asking of mouth.
Because in this occasion...
I have an accomplice in.
Hear, please!|Look at the way! For safety.
What bundles here?
- Say to me.|- I... I...
Not at all. I swear it.
The devices seem to me to be brilliant|and I wanted to see them.
One does not come without invitation|to house of nobody...
it does not even touch his things.
I did not warn you what would happen|if he was finding you here?
Not specifically.
He trusts in me.|It will not be agreeable.
- What do you want?|- I was thinking about hearing the voice of the child. Ah!
And I was not wrong.
I do not want that it bothers you more,|I will take it from you of above.
We go, Kevin.
From now on,|I will become a person in charge for him.
Thank you for rescuing me, Molly.
The best thing with Prescott|it is to move away from him.
I realized already.|ÉI is one of the villains...
of that they got to the house.
Though, technically, they entered|with his own remote control.
- Who do you believe that it gave it to him?|- Prescott?
It seems to me to be a bit crazy.
Yes. Surely you think|that I have a loose imagination.
The majority of the people thinks it.|But you have to believe me.
Kevin, Prescott is a solitary man.|This work is the only thing that it has.
Here between us, I will say to you|that detests his work.
- But what you insinuate...|- It is very logical.
He detests his work, and for the same thing,|he plans the armed robbery to be able to resign.
- I do not believe it.|- He listens.
He said to my dad that I lied|and it was not true.
ÉI extinguished the safety cameras.|Only there is a conclusion.
- Which?|- Marv and his new friend...
they have an accomplice...
- Prescott.|- I believe that you are right.
- Seriously?|- Yes.
Yes you have a loose imagination.
But this is what I adore|of the children.
My son was like you|to your age ... very naughty.
Surely, you were|an excellent mom, Molly.
It tries to support your imagination|under control: yes?
You have been very comprehensive|with the events.
Kevin is happening|for a difficult stage.
It is not easy when the dads|they divorce.
Believe me, I know it well.
We will overcome it.
You are going to be an excellent stepmother.
We have to find the form|of making it feel in his house.
Probably to do the things of Christmas|that it is usual for us to do, to adorn the tree.
- Do you himself adorn it?|- Yes, skylight.
It is entertaining. We are going to do it.|We are going to put the tree.
It will fill us with the spirit of the epoch,|it will join us as family.
Nothing of friends,|nothing of diversion, nothing of snow.
Undoubtedly, this one is going to be|the worst Christmas of my life.
Hello, Kev.|How are you?
How is if we forget of today|and do we begin again?
- Do you say it seriously?|- Yes.
Natalie is an excellent person.|You have to know her more.
I believe that it is time|of starting amusing oneself.
- I would like it.|- Yes?
Do we adorn the tree?
- Right now?|- Insurance. Why not?
I do not hear you.|Can you lower him to the music?
To extinguish music.
What were you saying?
Skylight, there we will be.|We would not get lost it.
Now I call you.
Evangelist is in the city.
Margaret organized a dinner|improvised...
but we should not go: truth?
Why do not you go without me?|Kevin and I will finish with this.
Seriously? Would not it bother you?
Not. Of any form,|they are your friends.
You are an angel.|I will not return late to house.
In what were we?
- You do not have to remain for me.|- I want to remain. Seriously.
Say to me: does Natalie go out every night?
Almost all. His life is very exciting...|the one much more of that we know.
You would say that you are not stagnant|in the routine?
Not, I am not stagnant. Why?
I thought that probably because of it|you had left.
Kevin. Kevin, you know...
I did not leave your mom|to be with Natalie: is it clear?
- This happened later.|- Do you want to tell me?
The relations of the adults|they are complicated.
Sometimes, when the partner marries|very young, as your mom and me...
one ends up by feeling that...
- It was necessary to you to live through some things.|- Yes.
Only because you grow externally...
it does not mean that you want to stop|of amusing yourself.
I know everything about the internal child, dad.
- Ah. Yes do you know?|- The old men have sports cars.
Surely, you are right.
The bad of the sports cars|the fact is that there is no space for anybody any more.
Probably for a person. But|if you want to do a trip indeed...
with baggage and quite,|there is no space for a friend.
They are brilliant and fast...
but: who wants to go in a nice car|if it goes completely only?
I believe that it seems already perfect.
Only it needs|to place the star.
Kevin always places the star.
You are right. ÉI places it.
I always raise it|and then I pull the trousers.
It does a scandal.|We all laugh.
I suppose that we will have to use|the stairs this year.
Good, dad, you can already lower me.
Go. It illuminates enough good.
It seems to me that it seems magnificent.
I believe that it is the best tree|that we have adorned.
Happy Christmas, mom.|Happy Christmas.
Happy Christmas.
Oh.! It looks at it.!
I did that they were installing to him his mom|a chip of computer.
We will do that I prepared us|the breakfast.
- Good morning.|- Good morning.
Good morning, sleepy-heads.|To the end they woke up.
What did you do to him|to our tree?
Sigh, it was my fault.
The decorators come|every year.
With so many emotion,|I forgot to cancel the appointment.
Are you going to excuse me any day?
Did you remove our tree?
Sooner or later,|it would have had to remove it.
They see, Kev.|It looks at how many gifts.
He waits. Here there is the big one.|I believe that it has...
Yes, it has your name.
It walks. Open it.|It is on behalf of Natalie and mine.
It would not be better than it it was opening|tomorrow, in Christmas?
Tomorrow you will have many to open.|It walks. One does not damage.
It walks.
The device Super Spy|to hear.
- Is not it brilliant?|- Yes. Thank you, dad. Thank you, Natalie.
Good what that you like.
- Adónde do you go, mom?|- To taking a few things to Kevin.
- Adónde do you go, mom?|- It does not have clean clothes...
and surely it has no toys|neither.
It is going to see the fiancée of dad.|Do you want to go?
To his orders?
- Go!|- I come for Kevin McCallister.
- Golly!|- Buzz.
- Does it come to take it to him to house?|- Not, I brought to him something.
Pass for here.
You should be able to hear it.
- How do you hear me?|- Children, do not separate.
- Mom!|- Hello!
Yes they remember Natalie,|truth?
- Buzz, Megan.|- Hello, Natalie.
Ah, and Kate, this is Natalie.
Do they go away to stay?
- Not, I brought to you your things.|- They have to see this house.
- Does it can, Natalie?|- Certainly. Forward.
- What a more fantastic tree!|- It was better.
What rides in the head?
A device of spying that gave me|Natalie before Christmas.
Seriously?|Nice what of your part.
I have fondness great|to your children.
I have to show them the plane|that gave me.
Do you please a coffee?
Not, thank you.
It did not know that it had so many toys.
Sigh, God. Give me it.
I believed that he might not sleep without him.
I cannot believe|that has not asked for him.
We can buy him|another animal of plush.
This one is called Teddy.
Teddy is his toy for the transition.
Yes. Toy for the transition.
It is something very special that the child|ride I obtain to all sides.
You must have one extra,|for if something happens to him.
- Only we had one: do you remember?|- Sigh! How to forget it?
We were going in the car for the highway,|we were taking hurry.
It happened to Kevin that Teddy wanted|fresh air.
So it opened the window,|and Teddy went out flying.
It became hysterical.|It was not stopping crying.
It was... Sigh, not...
Peter was parked,|I bent to gathering the toy bear.
Still I cannot believe that you did it.
It was the rail of low speed|and there were few cars.
I do not know what the child would have done|if it had lost it.
Kevin goes away to entertain so much|with the prince...
that is not going to strange|to the animal of plush.
It will be wonderful to have the house|children's flood. I die already for seeing them.
Children, care with the sculpture!
Good, it will be ... better than me go.
Before they break something.
We go to the airport|for the real family.
They already know the important thing that is.
Those of the catering|they are already not late in coming.
The guests will come an hour earlier|of that you. And the nobles...
- do his triumphal entry.|- It does not worry.
Everything will be in order.
- I want that everything goes out well.|- We go or we will come late.
I do not want that anything goes out badly.|To open door.
And nothing will go out badly.
Ah, what good.|To the end they come.
- Mr. Prescott! They are they!|- Watch silenced.
- I will extract it of here.|- Thank you.
They are the thieves! They are the thieves!|Mr. Prescott!
It is Marv!|But skylight, you already knew it.
Hear me well.|I got fed up already with you and your melodrama!
This night is very important.|If I have to enclose you...
- do not believe that I will not do it.|- Look!
Do not play with me,|demon's fetus!
What bad place to hide itself.
I already take one, I lack two.
Allow me to go out!|Allow me to go out!
I go away to freeze!|Allow me to go out!
Kevin: have you seen Prescott?
- Lately, not.|- Ah, it is typical of him.
It spends it to him being smelly|when you do not want it...
and when you need it,|it does not drop by any side.
Ah! Did the guests already come?|What was of coming elegantly late?
I do not like presuming, but...
yes it will be the holiday of the period.
It is entering another call.|Good, there we meet.
Say.|Carmelina: how are you?
What? Oh, not!
His flight was cancelled|for the snowfall.
Sigh, I also. Destroyed.
Yes, very well.|We will see them tomorrow.
Happy Christmas.
What are we going to do?|It will be only a common holiday.
The Christmas night in your house|it does not seem to me to be common at all.
But it will not be|the holiday of the period.
And if we announce|our commitment today?
This night?
I know that we were going to wait|to that your divorce was official...
but only weeks are absent,|your children are already well-informed...
and it will do that this night it is|very special.
Good, if it makes you happy.
Where are these types?
- Marv, I have to go to the bath.|- Edge, you will go to the bath in one week.
Always with hurries.
To open door.
Well.|Do you remember the plan?
- What plan? That of Harry?|- What... Not! Harry's plan not!
- That of the rope and the costal!|- Why do you shout me?
I you am not they shout...
- Do you remember the plan?|- Yes.
- When the prince rises to sleeping...|- AI costal!
- We kidnap the asleep child.|- You are a genius, Marv.
This way it is.|To open door.
The prince will go in the costal.
- The costal will go out for the window.|- Yes.
We go down for the rope.|To close door.
All to the van.
And we will go away|before they realize nothing.
What beautiful plan, Marv.|It is elegant for his simplicity.
Very well. We are going to prove it.|Get to the costal.
I? Why do not you get?
Because I am the chief.|Get to the costal, Edge.
- I do not want to get to the costal.|- Edge, get already! Please!
You did not say to me that it would have|that to get to the costal.
- I wanted to give you the surprise. It will be entertaining.|- I am in the costal!
Well. Very well.
To open window.
Do not worry, fondness.|I hold you.
Marv! Allow me to fall down carefully.
As always, my love.
I should not have eaten|this slice of cake.
- Perfect.|- To open door.
He is careless.
Everything is under control.
It was easy, but extremely brilliant.
Thank you for muffling my fall,|bonbon.
- Like always.|- Out of here and do not return!
- I already know what they plan.|- Ah, yes, know-it-all? What?
They want to kidnap the prince.
Keep silent about you, small idiot!
- I am going to kill it.|- Good.
Edge, fondness.|A hand?
Yes, fondness. It would be wonderful.|I would like the help.
I recorded all his words.
Welcome.|Where is the real family?
His flight was cancelled by snow.|Where is Prescott?
- I do not find it.|- Rare what.
Molly, take charge|of that they all have champagne.
We are going to do a special reporting.
Yes, lady.
- How is life?|- How is life? I am desirable to see them.
- Fondness?|- Do they allow me his attention?
I am going to kill that one...
This is always a special night,|but today it it is even more.
Catch it!
Peter and I are awkward!
This might not go out worse.
Marv, flames are going out for you.
Thank you, baby.|You also are nice.
Not, my life.|They are flames indeed.
You know already, I do exercise.|You know...
I am not lying.|The villains have returned.
We are not advancing.
Kevin, I spoke with those of the catering|and with Molly.
Nobody saw anything, only you.|How do you explain it to yourself?
I do not know. But I heard that they are going to kidnap|to the prince.
- The oíste to say it?|- Yes, with my device to spy.
And Prescott also is involved.
This is absurd.|I am going to call to asking...
if the flight of the real family|it is for tomorrow.
- Kevin, I know what is happening here.|- Yes?
Yes. You are determined to destroy...
- my relation with Natalie.|- What?
You knew the important thing|that was today for her...
and it happened to you to do this madness.
- It is not true.|- I have given you freedom...
because I know the difficult thing|that has been for you the divorce.
But this night you came|too much distant view.
Go to your room|and he thinks what you did.
When you are ready to apologize|with Natalie, we will speak.
To close door.
Here you are, George.!|Happy Christmas.!
Ah, Kevin.|I am made happy by much that you have been called.
Are you well?
Yes, yes. I see|Beautiful what is to live.!
- Yes?|- You already know how it affects me.
- In what channel is it?|- In eight.
The fact is that I am charmed with|the happy ends.
How does the holiday go?|Are you amusing yourself?
It is well. And you?|Are you spending well the Christmas night?
Yes. Very well.
- I love you very much, Kevin.|- I also, mom.
- Happy Christmas.|- Happy Christmas.
Good. Farewell.
- Kevin: are you awake?|- Yes.
Your father and I were hard with you.|Are you well?
- Yes.|- Good what.
Because if you do again|something equal...
I will put you of legs in the street.
What your father goes away to get divorced?|All the parents divorce.
This way it is the life. It will happen already to you.
But do not interfere|between your father and me.
ÉI wants that they are a part of his life,|and it seems to me to be admirable.
But if you want that it is a part|of your life, do not get with me.
Understood? What good.
I will do that they arrange this window|in the first hour tomorrow. Sweet sleep.
For my biggest brother George,|the richest man of the city.
I have just had a nice conversation|with Kevin.
I believe that we start understanding each other.|What you see?
Beautiful what is to live.!|They have spent it the whole night.
- They see. Look at her with me.|- I already saw her.
- And what?|- So...
I do not understand the persons who see|the movies again and again.
I saw her. I cried.|With once it is enough to me.
You are joking. Kate and I see her|with the children every year.
It is a familiar tradition.
But ... now when you are going to have|a new family...
probably it is the moment|of having new traditions.
They are going to return.|And if nobody believes me...
alone I will have to catch them.
Keep silent about you, small idiot.
Keep silent about you, idiot.
Well, for.
It turns more rapid.
Get to the costal.|Keep silent about you, body of costal.!
- It is a Christmas.|- Happy Christmas, Kevin.
- Happy Christmas, dad!|- They see here!
- Are you ready to go out, Peter?|- To go out? Adónde?
Kevin, Natalie and I go|for the real family.
Right now?|Are not we going to open the gifts?
They will have to wait|to our return.
But it is a Christmas.|Why do the two have to go?
In occasions, you have to do|things that you do not want to do.
This is one of these occasions.|We will return very soon: yes?
And nothing will happen in our absence.|Truth?
- Yes.|- Good what.
It lasts. We are not late.
To open door.
Happy Christmas, Kevin.
Happy Christmas.
- Not, already we are awake.|- I was not!
In agreement.|We go for there.
It makes me nervous.
Vámonos, my life.
It knew it. There they come.
The first step ... to eliminate the accomplice.|Oh: Mr. Prescott?
Mr. Prescott: is it there?
- Can it help me?|- With what?
- Another batter?|- Not. A bottle of wine.
- How?|- Natalie said that we had...
that to bring came from the cellar,|for the real family.
If it is obligatory.
I suppose that you were right.
We are no going to have snow|this Christmas.
It is always better not to wait for anything.
Mr. Prescott, has been wonderful|to be with you. These days.
The time flies|when you amuse yourself.
I know that we begin badly,|but the things can improve ... very much.
Because you are there below,|and I here, above.
Jovencito, opens the door!|Allow me to go out!
- Oh!|- You do not know what taste it gives me to see you!
The abductors come already.|But this time, I went forward them.
I enclosed his accomplice in the cellar.|It is the perfect plan: not?
It it would be, wanted,|except for a detail...
Prescott is not his accomplice.
I am.
You are... Are you the accomplice?
- I am afraid that yes.|- Hello, mom.
We come already.|Ah, yes, I understand.
- Mom? Is ÉI your son?|- I said to you that it was very naughty.
- Hear me! Suéltame!|- Walking!
There is no a trap-door|or a little?
Not. It is not usual for them to be|in the cellars where one guards the wine.
It is right.
Does any idea happen to him?
But I bring my cell phone.
- Perfect! Does it allow it to me?|- Insurance.
Thank you.
- Hello: Buzz?|- Are you, Kevin?
- Yes. I am calling of the cellular one.|- Ah, of the cellular one.
Congratulations, idiot. Also|did she give it to you? What boaster.
I will try again.
Buzz, before you hang, needed|to say something to you. I need to speak with mom.
Well. You already said it to me.
I will try again later.
Why did you think that I was|the accomplice?
If he had not behaved so rarely,|I would not have thought that I was...
so rare.
Where was the first time|what did they put?
Why did not he answer the intercom?|Why did it extinguish the cameras?
I was not. If these hooligans used|Molly's remote control...
they extinguished|the safety system.
- Why did it accuse me of lying?|- Because I believed that you were lying.
Besides, he did not want that Miss. Natalie|it knew that...
I there was ... taken a siesta|in the skilful hours.
This woman. If I could make to work|24 hours a day, it would do it.
It is completely inhuman.|So, when she is not, I...
- He takes advantage.|- I take a rest.
A pretty and well-deserved rest.
Since the cameras were extinguished,|I did not realize anything.
- So...|- It wanted to save the bottom.
- It calls your mom again.|- Yes.
- He waits. Kevin, I do not hear you.|- I am enclosed in a cellar.
Not... My love, I do not hear you.|There is too many interference.
I am enclosed in the cellar|of Natalie!
- Do you call to wishing me happy Christmas?|- Are you there?
- Fondness?|- Are you there, mom?
Mom? Mom?
Sigh, what marvel!
The battery became exhausted.
Mansion Kalban.
Hello, I am Kate McCallister,|the mom of Kevin. Can I speak with him?
- Kevin is not for the time being.|- Rare what. It has just called me.
Ah, yes? It went out with his father|and Miss. Natalie.
Ah. Surely it called me|of the cellular one of his dad.
By it the call was cut.|Well. Thank you.
The small devil|it called his mother.
- Am I going to prove to be to him the one who is the chief?|- Sit down, Marv.
- You are not the chief. The chief I am.|- Good.
But his cellular one is dead.|It will not give us any more problems.
A cookie.
Peter, I am.|I cut the call with Kevin.
Kevin is not with me.|It is in Natalie's house.
Seriously? They have just said to me|that was with you.
So... Do not worry, Kate.|Surely, everything is well.
Rare what. Someone said to Kate|that Kevin is with us.
- It should go I hope it is well.|- Not.
This is exactly what he wants.|Peter, it is manipulating you.
Have not you noticed the pattern?|Whenever we go out, it does something.
Only it wants to call your attention|and to sabotage me.
Hello!|Is there anybody there? Hello!
There has to be something that we could do|to go out of here.
And yes there is.
- Help me to move the boxes.|- Insurance. But: what is there behind?
You will not have to mount astride.
- The montaplatos!|- Lottery.
- I hope and still work.|- Lamentation to have misjudged it, gentleman.
I will never forget the reaction|of Miss. Natalie...
when it came and saw|what you had done to him to his house.
I am charmed with seeing|when it gives him the dizzy spell!
It is one of few pleasures|of this work.
If so much he hates the work,|why does not he resign?
It is not easy to obtain an employment.
Besides, it might end up by working|with worse someone.
It should not of remaining|only because it is afraid.
The life is too short.
It froze there.
Let's see if you fit. It rises.
- Care with the head.|- As soon as rise, I will open to him the door.
Look after very much: yes?
I say to you that I heard something.
Well.|It is necessary to be very alert, Edge.
Look: why do not you go down|to checking the cellar?
Yes. It walks, sees.
Here below!
It will be better than...
- What? Sigh!|- Press the button!
- Last, my love!|- Not, not! Press the button!
- What? I do not hear you.|- Press the button!
Not, not! That one not!|Other!
That one is!
Here I am!
Hello, mom.
We meet. To open door.
Natalie, you sees for the real family.|I go I hope Kevin is well.
- Right now?|- Some raisin. I anticipate it.
- It will be that you are not a mother.|- It is not just. I love the children.
How much do you want to my child?
Are you well?
Mom: you believe that you might diminish|the speed? Kevin is well.
You warn me if you see the police,|yes?
Good, Edge. Go to check the room.|I hope it is there: in agreement?
For God! I cannot believe it.
He had studied some career|skill, as assistant of dentist.
Marv! Be in the room!
- Mom?|- Catch it!
To open door.
I caught you.
To close door.
- Hello, Molly!|- Enter there!
Marv, fondness. Are you there?
- Keep silent about you, It will see.!|- It is well. I only wanted...
- Keep silent about you, idiot.|- I am not any idiot, stupid.
- Keep silent about you, body of costal.!|- To open door!
- What happens to you?|- What happens to you?
I am not any costal. And do you know what?|You are not any genius!
- Edge, fondness...|- Not! Do not say to me " fondness "!
- Fondness...|- The child is more intelligent than you...
and if you have not realized,|it is defeating us.
From now on,|I will be my own chief!
- Edge. Edge, fondness...|- That you do not say to me " fondness "!
Bonbon. Bonbon.
Marv, forget her, go for the child!|I will go out in a few minutes.
Expose, sesame.
- Go, it looks at nothing more.|- Saint cachucha!
We go, It will see!
Very well! Go out hence, child!
To open bar. To open shelf.
To open... To open bar - shelf.|To open shelf - bar.
- To open... To open shelf with bar.|- Expose, sesame.
What stupidity.|Crikey!
- Who is the idiot, idiot?|- Leave me alone: yes?
I will take charge of everything.
Bar, it turns sesame.
It looks. It opened it for both sides.
- Bar to stop.|- It goes more rapid!
I already know it, fondness.|I know that it goes more rapid.
- It turns more rapid, sesame.|- My wife does not feel...
More rapid, sesame!
At the maximum speed, sesame.
For, sesame.
Good jump, Marv.
Happy Christmas to all,|and that they all have good night.
Good night.
- Mr. Prescott!|- To your orders.
What taste does it give me to see it.
- Probably we should call the police.|- Good idea, Mr. Prescott.
You me can tutear.
- You said that you did not worry.|- I do not know, I anticipated something.
- Who are?|- Sigh, not!
- Vámonos of here!|- For behind!
- Walking!|- Kevin!
- Brave! This way it does, boys!|- Kevin!
Fondness! You do not know how much makes me happy|that you are well.
- I am already well!|- Excuse me for not having believed yourself.
I already gave notice to the police.
I have them planned|many entertaining activities.
Can we go to the stadium Wrigley Field?|AI aquarium? Do you have children?
But I promise you that we will spend it|very well.
- Please. The jail is not so bad.|- Ah, not?
- Every Thursday they serve well of eating.|- Yes I know the jail.
- There I met you.|- It abates. It abates.
- Calm down you.|- Sound like that the women: not?
Hear, do not touch itself.
- Peter! What did this time?|- This time, it saved the situation.
You should give to him thank you.
Molly? What is happening,|for God?
They were going to kidnap the prince.|It seems that she was the chief.
She is my servant.|I am his chief!
It seems that you will have to look for yourself|another servant.
And to another butler,|also.
- I resign.|- Do you resign?
But ... why?
Because, as a wise young man said:|" The life is too short ".
Do something, Peter.
Very well. I will speak.
Natalie...|I believe that I confused...
the infatuation and the emotion|with the love.
Look, this one ... this is your world,|not mine.
The time through that I lived here|I spent it missing my family.
I am in love with my wife|and of my children...
and my place is with them.
I want to return to house. I will be able to understand|if you need to think it.
- I love you.|- I love you.
Jovencito: how are we going to do|to demonstrate our gratitude?
They want to spend the Christmas|with my family?
It is heard brilliantly.
- Does it can?|- Yes.
Are you going to happen the day with them?
Today? In Christmas?
Thank you.
To ignite music.
To fall down snow.
It knew that this one would be|the best Christmas of all!
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