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Home from the Sea

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Shochiku Co., Ltd. Presents
You are back.
"Very good." Well done
Hello, everybody
This is Matsushita's
We have tones of fresh fish for you
Mullets, saurels...
And the shrimps, shells,
and fishcake
Is this the Mackerel?
How much is it?
Here you are
This one? Do you want one more?
Here you are. Thanks
Well... That comes to 25 yen
You want it roasted?
No, I want to eat it raw
Got it
Going to the pier?
She can recognize her father's boat
by the sound of the engine?
Yes. Children are smart
To me, every engine sounds the same
Even dogs can hear the difference
I see
Give me a dish
We're back
Welcome home
Hi there
It's still hot today
Are you behaved?
We're back, grandpa
Welcome home
Welcome back
Hi, Matsushita
I have a yellowtail.
I'll prepare it for you
That's great indeed
I've been wondering what to have for supper
The price is low too
Thank you
You're very kind
Skipper, where did you go today?
Reclamation at Ujina?
That's far
The engine's old.
We can't go to Hiroshima twice a day
But it's nice to have a regular job
Nothing's left after paying for the fuel
Maybe it's even better to stay at home and sleep
I've got to go, Grandpa
Take care
All right
Well, I've to go
Let's eat with us
No thanks
Wait, I haven't paid you
Never mind
Mayumi! Take a bath
Come and take a bath with Papa
No, I'll bathe with Mom
Hey come over here
No! With Mom!
Alright, Alright.
Mom, Mom
Grandpa, tell Chiaki,
there is some snack in the cabinet
Where do you work now?
In Hiroshima
Do you unload here or there?
I see. It's better to unload here
What's wrong?
The rear engine doesn't work
Water has gone inside?
Probably not. Otherwise it's too bad
Maybe the jets
Probably so
Father, Seiichi's boat is at the port.
No job today?
Again? What a wreck!
Shizuo invited me to go
and join the celebration of his new boat
These are the vegetables I brought back.
Let's eat
It's a 500-ton steel ship!
That's the only way to survive now
You can't earn a living even if you work as hard as my brother
Compared with Shizuo's ship,
Seiichi's is a toy
She has already gone out
Read this and you'll know how to use propane gas
Hot, isn't it?
Well, propane gas?
Go! Go! Go!
Go! Chiaki
The first, the second and the third...
It's the silver of the wet wing
You're back
Yeah, I'm back
Give me a ride to Kure
All right, come in
Good morning
Good morning
Where are you going?
Hiroshima. To visit Kenji
Your husband's brother?
How is he?
He's injured
but will probably recover in a month
That's good. How come he got hurt?
His fingers are caught in a lathe
Could have been worse
There are a lot of fish!
How much are they?
Are you tired?
It's good to be an engineer.
It's good to be like this all the time
I see
I haven't got rest for a long time
I slept all day long.
I've gained some weight probably
He stays in the house all day
Sometime's be newspaper and tea!
giving me orders to keep me busy
I'm glad you're now better. Un...
when Yasuko called me that night
I was shocked
I'm sorry.
I thought he'd lost his arm at that time
You're exaggerating
My man once got his hand
caught in the derrick on a boat
Then what?
Somehow, she got him out of,
taking his hand out of it
I see
Without sister in law not there,
he'd have been crippled now.
It's dangerous to work on boat
Yes, it's never an easy task
Can't work there forever
You work very hard too,
though you're thin
Now, I go back to boat
I couldn't work as hard as you do now
You're stronger than me
You're kidding
When I worked with Brother, we had a lot of work
They are reclaiming land for industrial use
We earned 5500 yen a trip
What about now?
5000, I think
And the price of gas has gone up
Maintenance cost too,
but our pay has gone down
Brother now uses a dump truck to save time
He want to win
That won't help him forever
Is that so?
when I went home
I saw Ishida's steel boat last time and I know
A 300-ton ship
Ten times as big as yours
A bulldozer unloads the rock quickly
It saves on labor.
A wooden boat can't compare with it
So I heard
They use many trucks recently
Lots of them
Although the cost is higher
They carry rock directly from mountains to sea
The cost can then be minimized
Now the traffic is also better
That's right
Now that working in a factory,
like what I do, is easy
It's... - shall I say... - the time?
You can't beat the "The Big"
This is a century.
Well, thanks.
Sister Kazue told me about a job in Onomichi
Her husband's friend
is working at a dockyard
On an island called Mukaijima
like our island
It's a nice place
We can get work there
So she wrote on the letter
In Onomichi?
And what's Brother's opinion?
He didn't quite mention it
and it's hard for me to raise that matter
Brother's stubborn
when I decided to take my present job
We quarreled
Yes, that's true
Is Father doing Ok?
Yes, he's fine
Tell him I'm alright
I will.
Visit us when you have time
Fresh air is good for your children
I will
It should be this bus
Sorry, sister in law,
Thank you for coming and for the gift
Thank you
Give my blessing to Yasuko
I hope Brother will take the job
I hope he'll take the job
So do I
Take care, thank you very much!
It's hard to make a living now
The cost of fuel...
Yes, keeps going up
We can't afford to let the children go to school
That's right. We can't live on like this
I'm really worried
We'll have to find
another job some day
How much do you have?
Thirty thousand
Thirty hundred thousand?
We could finance you sixty hundred thousand
Sixty hundred thousand?
The largest loan we've ever made is 700,000 yen
But you have to raise your contribution according
In order to get a loan of 700,000yen...
Your contribution has to be 35,000yen
You'll need about 10000 yen more
It is maximum
I warned a man not to build a ship
If he wanted his child to go to school
he'd better find a job in Hiroshima
You can make a living easier that way
But he was stubborn
and said he didn't want to be an employee
I said, "In that case, go ahead and build the ship"
But his boat was so small
The cost was high; income was low
Finally he sold the boat
We get to work by mini-bus now.
He's working in a dockyard everyday
Don't you understand that?
We can't beat the "Big"
Seichi... Seichi...
You look blue
Dig in
Have some soup first
What a storm!
Are they at the sea? Yes
Sardines for you
Thank you
Peddlers can't work
An old seaman like you must have
Many adventures in your life
Of course
Have you seen hell?
Yes, many times
Struck by a storm? Lost in fog?
Engine trouble too?
Yes. There was a time when the screw was broken
Screw? What did you do then?
Dived in and checked it
Even in midwinter?
The seawater isn't in winter
I see.
How was it at last?
I waited for a boat to tow me
How did you draw their attention?
Take off my shirt and wave it
If the ship was in a hurry,
she might ignore your signal
That'd never happen.
She'd give me a tow
Maybe that's the code of the sea
I see
In order to see Grandma,
She lit the matches
She saw a woman in the glow
"Grandmother!" The little girl cried
She lit her matches one by one
If she can't see her grandma,
she'll be very sad
"Oh, Grandma
please take me with you."
The old woman held her gently in her arms
and went up to the heaven
She's holding the girl in this way
Supper's ready Thanks
They're late
Are they all right?
The rock-carrier is tough
It rarely capsizes
Many years ago
I was struck by Typhoon Jane in Tokyo
Are you born in Tokyo?
I was born in Korea
I was a repatriate
How about your parents?
They died on their way to Japan
I'm sorry...
I heard you had lost your wife, too
I've lived in many places, but...
no place is like this village
This is a nice island
You think so?
Cool in summer; warm in winter
Fish taste good. It's the best place in Japan
Then why do people leave?
Why don't they stay here?
They can get better wages in town!
That's true, but...
We're back
Welcome home
Damn it!
What's wrong?
Damn that engine!
Welcome, Ma'am.
You don't have many fish today
Today, because of the storm
No catch!
What can I do? .
That's 150 yen a piece
That's too expensive
Too expensive? Name your price
How much is that yellow fish?
Yellow fish?
Well, 150 as well
Thank you
When did I build your boat?
How old is she?
19 years old
19 years. That boat is so long lasting
A rock-carrier usually lasts only 10 years
Your brother worked with you.
When did you get an engineer's license, Ma'am?
Six years ago
You did use the boat carefully
One of the best boats I've ever built
Try it, ma'am
You too!
What do you say, carpenter?
How much is the repairing cost?
I know it's about time to buy a new one, but...
Nobody will buy this boat, and...
I can't afford a new one
So I have to fix the old one...
It's hard to repair it
I can't say how much it'll cost
A rough estimate is enough
The price of lumber has gone up
lt'll cost more than a million yen
I'm a carpenter. I can repair it if you insist
But in a year or so...
It'll need repairing again
It's now the age of steel boats
Shipbuilding has been my family business
But it won't last long
The other day one of the boats
I built was burned
I didn't like seeing that
You want it repaired?
Discuss that with your wife
It's me.
I'm now talking with them
Just leave the boat there at the moment
Good evening, Mrs. Ishizaki
What happened?
Just my luck!
My truck has engine trouble
I thought the storm
I thinking of he had locked
So I have only little catch
Thank you.
Great help
I saw your ship
at the dockyard today
For repairing?
It cost so much that we gave up at last
I see
When a boat needs repairing,
it's time to change your job
It's true except to the rich who have a number of boats
Small boats mark little profit
"The Big" gets it all
Nobody markets from house,
to money loan for a new rock-carrier today
Who said a new boat?
A second-hand one will do.
Still it costs four million.
Where can we get the money?
To sell the house?
Why not?
You don't want me
to work here taking care of the old man?
Who said that?
We wish you'd take over Father's job
That'll be great
But the fact is that you can't
We don't want to see you go bankrupt
Tamiko, the work is tough, right?
What did Kenji say?
You discussed that with him last time, right?
About the job in Onomichi?
He agreed.
Shut up!
He's a born loser
Who'd listen to him?
But... He's worried about you
You visited him?
And talked of things like that?
You said working on a boat is hard,
to make me quit, right?
Did you complain to everyone?
Stop it!
You can't say something like that
That's right, it's too much
Shut up!
Remember, this is my business
I'm to decide what we'll live on
I'm the Skipper!
That's right. You're the skipper
But your wife is the engineer
That's none of your business!
Go away!
Mr. Matsushita... the money...
Thanks for the ride
We'll arrive Onomichi in three minutes
The platform is on the left
If you are transferring to Seto Inland sea
The shuttle boat will leave at 31 minutes
Tamiko What?
Will you go? Where to?
You know
Onomichi? Yes
Don't ask about that.
I just want to know if you'll go
If you won't go, say so
Yes or no?
Well, I'm not so sure...
Mayumi Yes?
Be honest, girl Yes
Hurry up!
Hello, I'm Yamaguchi
I'm Ishizaki
Have you heard about me?
Glad to meet you
Sorry for the troubles that I caused
No problem
Thanks, let's go
OK, thanks
Wait here
Father, give me that
Put this on Thanks
So, you two came from the same place
Here's the first assembly What is it?
The first assembly Yes
We cut the originals here
The originals
Here comes the next
Here's dangerous, you've got to be careful
Boats need scrubbing once a year
I do it once a month.
I see
These are jobs for our subcontractors
The third floor is the restaurant
Do all part timers come here too?
Yes, everyone will come
How's the factory?
What did you discuss?
Working conditions and the wages
The job pays 2400 yen a day
On day basis?
Yes, they'll work out the monthly salary basing on that
What did you say to him?
I'll talk to my family first
Stupid. You!
It's good
It's good
Have mine, too
Is it a hard job?
Is it hard to work on a boat?
It's never easy
Physical endurance I've got, but...
I have to think about the children
I have to leave them every time.
They are so poor
If it isn't the skipper!
What brought you here?
I heard you're ill
I had to visit Kure today, so I dropped in
I, m sorry!
I'll come down in a moment
What a pool!
Mr. Matsushita
I'm sorry
What for?
I was upset the other night,
so I spoke nonsense
I've forgotten it
I caught a cold that night
I haven't eaten for days
I couldn't work
Let's take a walk
Shall we?
No problem, no problem
What have you been eating?
Only bread
You should have told me
I'm your pal
I couldn't even stand up.
How could I go out?
Is that so?
It's good
Just eating bread is not enough
How's the discussion.
Will you keep your job?
I think I'll quit
So you've given up being a skipper
You're going to be a laborer
It doesn't make much difference
It does
A lot.
The wages are different
A skipper gets less
And labor too
A skipper works harder
A skipper is still a skipper
You work hard from morning till night
and you've done nothing wrong
Why is it like that?
Why is it that I have to leave this beautiful island
where my ancestors once lived?
We have no other choice.
We can't make a living
Is that so?
Will this island turn into a factory some day?
I don't like it!
Take care of yourself
No problem
Say hi to your wife for me
I'll visit you someday
What did the company manager say?
He wanted me to do the job again tomorrow
He even praised me for my decision to quit
That's good!
So you won't be an engineer any more
You'll have no regrets?
Thank you
Our work here will end tomorrow
Yes, we'll move to Onomichi next month
I see.
You are leaving anyway
Leaving so early?
We have to go and say good-bye to many people today
The last voyage?
Take care
Maybe the boat knows it's her last job
The engine's fine, that's rare
I hope it'll work
What are you doing, Tamiko?
Pulling it up
Thank you Good-bye
Take care
Ok, Say hi to your brother
Ok, thanks
"Rising from the inland Sea
Roving to the south with the glee
Over the waves of cobalt blue
The stinging is passing through
Though the terraced farms are gay
With the flowers that bloom in May,
I stand alone in the wind and cry, looking up into the sky.
As I've said many times
the Bosch fuel pump revolves...
to push up the roller
Then it pushes up the plunger
to give pressure to the oil
Usually about 300 kilograms
It helps to increase pressure
or combustion
You there!
What's the pressure?
300 kilograms
Combustion depends
on the timing of air suction
Look at this
Suction of air brings carburetion
Look at that.
Suction of air...
Wake up, Tamiko
You're wrong. It's carburetion
Papa, did you take your lunch?
Yes, it's here
Suction, pressure, carburetion
How's the result?
You made it?
So you failed?
Try next year
Come on
Don't cry, Tamiko
I was only kidding. I got the license
I made it!
Chiaki, I pass the exam!
You fool!
Don't worry about me when you're in Onomichi
I'm fine.
I can work in the field
My daughter lives near here.
Don't worry about me
Thank you
I'm glad to hear that. It makes me feel better
Don't worry
But if Chiaki is away, you'll be lonely
No. Living alone isn't so bad after all
Mayumi, Mayumi
Tamiko, are you ready?
Chiaki, take a good look at it
This is the island where you were born
The island where your dad, grandpa
and great grandpa were born and lived
Once you're away, you can't come back all the time.
Memorize how it looks like. Don't forget.
This is our island!
Wine, Wine
Give me some wine, Brother.
Oops, Papa
The wine!
You see he's crying
The wine
It's leaning. Fix it
It's ok
I know
Take it, Kenji.
Kenji, what are you doing?
Another deserted boat is burning
Whose is it?
The Taisei
Is that the fate of this boat too?
What's the "Big"?
They say it's the time
"when you can't beat the Big"
What does that mean?
What do they mean by "the Big"?
Why can't we beat "the Big"?
You and me...
the job on the boat...
Why can't we like keep our job?
To be continued?
Ayako, the color streamer
Forget it
Thanks for taking care of Chiaki
Chiaki, we've got to go
Mr. Principle, Thanks for taking care of Chiaki
Take care
Farewell ribbon, one for each of you
Give me your hand
Take care when you are there
Tell grandpa that
I thank him for his care these years
Tamiko... Tamiko...
Sorry, excuse me
The farewell speech!!
Thank you for coming to see us off
Thank you everybody!
We'll never forget your kindness
Wherever we go
We hope you'll always keep well.
My father will be staying here
Please take care of him
Thank you
Goodbye, everybody.
Chiaki, say goodbye to everyone
Ok, everyone, we'll all go ahead
Thanks, Goodbye
Grab the circle, you see?
Are you ready?
How careless they are!
To leave their daughter there
Get into the boat
Chiaki, it's time. Let's go
Come on
You always stay with Grandpa
It's hard to leave him, right?
Chiaki, take this
Say goodbye to Grandpa
Come, grandpa
Ok, Thanks
Set sail!!
Take care, sister
Work hard!
Hooray for the Ishizaki family!
Take care!
When the terraced farms are gay
With the flowers that bloom in May
I stand alone in the wind
and cry, looking up into the sky
The fire in the pot
is calling the person who won't be back
With the flowers that bloom in May
You can hear the wave from the further place
It's like the boat, blown by the wind
With the flowers that bloom in May
The light you lit will go off eventually
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