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Subtitles for Homolka a Tobolka.

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Homolka a Tobolka

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Homolka and his pocket-book
Story and screenplay by:
Childrenīs parts
Music by:
Played by the Film Symphony Orchestra
Lyrics: Song sung by:
Film Editor
Head of Production Team
Director of Photography
Directed by
Made at the Barrandov Film Studios
Look here, weīd better ask
where this Joy is, hadnīt we?
All right, then ask. - Thatīs right, yes.
Wait...could you please tell us,
where weīd find the recreation chalet ,,Joy?īī - ,,Joy?īī
Well, look here... ...itīs that big building up there, see?
A bit high up, isnīt it? - Yeah.
The one with the green roof, is it? - Yeah, the one with the green roof.
līll be dammed. - Quite a palace, isnīt it?
l should say, granny, they canīt push us into some hut for that much.
Thatīs right, līll get a postcard right away.
That Suchankova is going to stare, what? - Yeah, she is!
From the outside itīs certainly worth the bucks weīve paid for it.. - Yeah.
And if itīs that grand inside too, then,...
Heavens, leave it standing here,... ...or youīll go and break it.
You must keep an eye on him. - You can go and settle in.
Comrade, you with the skis, come down.
You canīt do this, really you canīt.
Thereīs a ski-shed outside, on your left. then, Mervin dear... - Can you please come here?!
Well, what about it? - Yes, what do l do with you?
l really donīt know what to do about it. - ltīs eleven oīclock already...
l donīt know, l really donīt. - Ouch...
līm sorry... - Look here, you carry those skis
like a pitch-fork, thatīs not the way to carry them,
you must hold them closer, like this! -Will you please do something about us?!
Dear friends, there is nothing for you to do but wait and hope
that those Homolka people arenīt coming, or if they do come, to persuade them to.
Yes, but how long do we...
Jesus Christ, if only God were good to us and they didnīt arrive...
Well, Granddad... - Come on, get a bit of a move on.
Some climbing, this. - Thatīs right.
This is awful, what a steep slope.
Well of course, remember weīre up in the mountains,
nothing but hills here... mountains, see.
Come along, Granddad, come along. - Come on, get a move on.
Wait a moment, Louie dear, put those suitcases down and listen.
Well, what is it now? - Come on, dad, wait...
...listen, come on, dad.
Look here, letīs promise each other that weīll be nice to each other, shall we?
But we are nice to each other, arenīt we?
Well - well now, wait, children, l really mean it.
l think we should really try and enjoy this week here as best we can, see?!
We keep being horror to each other all the time,
so letīs be nice to each other here, considering it costs such a lot of money, see?
līm in favour, well, what do you say? - What do you say, dad?
līve been saying this for thirty-five years, and without the money too.
l was always in favour. - līm in favour too. Do you know what?
Weīll all be in favour, shall we? Sort of? - But l really am in favour.
But seriously. - And when somebody starts forgetting to be good...
Well, what? - Heīll pay fine - a bottle.
Not a bottle, dad - a box of chocolates, surely!
l suggest that when one of us starts being horrid to anyone...
Well, he or sheīll go and kneel down in some corner as punishment.
Look here, līm really wondering whoīll be kneeling first.
You donīt know whoīll be kneeling first? Granddad will.
Sit still and be a good boy, Mervin.
Wow, look at that... - Wouldnīt this make a lovely photo.
This is what l call air for a breather, what.
What do you say, dad?
The money this cost, they could have taken us up, thatīs what l think.
Lovely, isnīt it.
Hey there, Joey, just the person l want.
My nameīs Joe. - Look here, wait, wait, look here,
youīve got a sledge,
līve got a suitcase, letīs join forces - well?
Goodness, isnīt this nice... - lsnīt it just...
... now then, wait. Now then, put it down! - līm in favour.
... letīs have a breather - at least we can enjoy it and inspect these panoramas.
You should never start smoking, Joe, or have you started already?
līd end up like Batka, no indeed... - How did he end up?
He jumps onto a drum. - A drum?
Yeah, and he a gymnast.
Well - well then, you see, Joe.
Ooh - catch that ski for me!
... just look, great, isnīt it? - Yes, thatīs right.
Whatīs this...
...what on earth are you doing?
Silly rascals. - Leave that, leave it alone,
l have some valuables in there. What are you doing?
You could have crippled me. - This is going to cost you a lot of money.
Whatīs all this silly talk about money? There are children here and the road...
Couldnīt you have been more careful?!
Do you realise what could have happened?
You know what, give me a break...
lt hurts, right...
Youīre gonna pay for this, you know?
Mind out!
Listen, līve had enough... stop mocking around...
līm sick of you.... Jesus, this is as busy as Wenceslas Square!
You bitches, canīt you even drive...
so why get onto them?!
Didnīt l say so - please - youīre in the right clothes.
Look here, donīt say that, this is a child, heīll get wet and catch cold
and what are we gonna do then - common...
Look here, that gentleman over there threw the sledge down, see?
Look here, this is your sledge, is it? Will you lend it to us?
But līve already lent it to that man over there.
Never mind him.
Now then, this is great. Listen, donīt you you think your behaviour is rather odd?
ltīs your behaviour thatīs odd, my man. - And can you tell me why?
Look here...hey there - lend us our sleigh...
weīll take our suitcases up - come on - līll give you a crown.
Hey there, boy, lend us that sleigh of yours...
...l lent it to that gentleman over there. -Joeīs a real character, not as you.
Oh all right, we only need it for your cases, thatīs all...
Damn, drop it... - ... donīt start getting hysterical...
Dad, donīt behave like a kid... Surely we canīt start pulling at it like children!
Mind out, take that suitcase away, mind...
Donīt crash into my suitcase, please no...
līve got some valuables in it!
Lend us a handkerchief, dear. - All right.
All this...
Mind out, do take care,
slowly now, mind.
Good day to you. Do you happen to be the Homolkas, please?
You are the Homolkas - Christ - good day to you...līm Mrs. Burda.
We are the Novaks.
Yes, but what...
Such an unpleasant thing happened to us...we are two families,
donīt know each other at all, naturally - we have only just met and we have one room.
We canīt share one room - and weīre to alive in one room, all together...
Really, and we had no idea that we should have specified some requirements
Well and now - here they are, we donīt know them...
they donīt know us - the children are here...
Mrs. Burda, permit me... - You tell them, Hugo dear.
Well, youīre all one family, arenīt you...
That we are. - Yes...
And you have two rooms. ...and youīre one family...
Yes. And weīre two families who are absolute strangers...
Well and whatīs all this about? - We have one room, with a screen.
And we have children too... - Two strange families in one room?
Surely not. - Dreadful, isnīt it.
We thought that maybe you could...
Now l understand, l see, l really do... Look...
They are two families and they have one room, and theyīd like to swop with us,
because weīre sort of one family.
Howīs that, excuse me...
Oh no indeed...
Surely you wouldnīt like to be all squeezed up like sardines...
after all the money this has cost us... - Certainly not - look here,
if weīve once got the chance of living separately when weīre on holiday,
well then weīll jolly well live separately.
Oh l see, are you an artist? Do you know that l felt it, right away?
l really have a nose for such things.
l knew right away you were something extra.
Look here, Mr. Homolka,
please try and imagine our situation,
We are ... ehm ... ... we are on a honeymoon.
all that money we paid out of our own pockets.
We paid too. - Now really, Mrs. Homolka,
after paying all that money, weīve got a right to have a room to ourselves!
Oh, these arenīt your children? - What...yes, they are our children.
And weīve got children this age too and we left them with their grandmother...
Please change rooms with us... - Please be a bit reasonable...
Wait, wait, look here, thereīs something wrong somewhere, madam -
are you on a honeymoon or do you have children?
Well, really... - Come on, answer me.
Yes, no ... well, Bohousek and l donīt have any children yet.
Those are our children from earlier marriages...
The little girlīs mine and the boy ... - Wait, dear...
Theyīre ours, both of them ... - Oh l see, former children...
And now weīre on our honeymoon, see...
Good heavens, and you still find it fun going on a honeymoon?
Look here, in that case ... do you know where l īd go?
līd go south. - South.
And who were those people who shouted at you, Sir?
Trashy sort - ugh!
Well, friends, what sort of an agreement have you arrived at?
Weīre talking about the sea. - How can we come to an agreement.
l didnīt mean the sea, my man,
l meant our lakes and ponds, itīs just plain beautiful down there.
The Pisek lake for example... l come from Pisek. Have you ever been to Pisek?
No, l havenīt.
Jesus, what a pity, you must be sorry, thatīs a great pity,
itīs so beautiful down there - when you go down ...
Letīs keep to the problem at hand. - ... when you walk round that lake ...
itīs just beautiful...
Mum, please... - ... in the early morning mists ...
ltīs just so beautiful down there, youīve missed quite an experience.
What are you on about, l wasnīt talking about the Pisek lake at all.
What were you talking about, then? - l was talking about the Trebon ponds,
thatīs where itīs really fine. Do you know the Trebon pond ...
l donīt know that, we donīt go there... - Youīve never seen anything in that case.
ltīs so lovely down there ...
Yeah - grandadīs right, take Bezdrev pond for example...
Yeah, Bezdrev. Look here, thatīs a pond so enormous
that you can actually see that the globe is round.
Come on, donīt get mad. - Have you ever seen such a ...
Mind out!
Mind out!
Everybody thinks thereīs only the sea - the sea,
and they havenīt even seen this motherland of ours... - What sea?
Yeah, youīre ... līm such a fool to... Just look.
Can we please keep to the subject.
But look here, this is my first time in the mountains too...
This is a Cedok travel bureau lecture.
And you think, look here, you want to change rooms with us...
Yes, none of you are on honeymoon.
Wait, wait, look here,
when we should have gone on our honeymoon, we didnīt go at all.
ln spite of the fact that my husband had worked overtime before, see.
And old man Boruvka
did me out of three hoursīovertime, anyway.
Howīs that - four hours. - No, it was three.
But look here, Louie, l happen to remember it was four.
Now then, children, how many was it. - l write them down, after all.
But Mum, l know how many that was, l remember this sort of thing all right.
What does it matter, stop quarrelling. But weīre not quarrelling, this is a matter
of principle, līm not quarrelling at all, why should l quarrel...
You go and take your children with you on your honeymoon and you bother about
three or four hours, excuse me...
Four hours, l know it was four hours.
Will you please stop making my head go round... three hours, four hours...
What is this youīre saying about us? Look here, do we want any favour from you?
You want a favour from us... So you can be more polite.
Can you please tell me where you put me? What sort of a room is that supposed to be?
līm in with four young girls
and theyīre all singing and smoking away.
Why donīt you sing with them, maīm, everybody feels like singing in this place.
l donīt, l certainly donīt. - You donīt - l canīt believe that.
Well you can believe me, believe me.
Good day to you.- Good day. - līd like to speak to the manager.
Thatīs me. - Sorry, l was here before you.
Well, look here, līve been on fourteen holidays of this type in recreation chalets
and l know how things are run, you canīt play any tricks on me.
l canīt let you have any other room, everythingīs full.
Really. We were trying to decide on this here and didnīt manage to decide either.
l havenīt got anywhere else to put you. Lots of people have arrived,
children - the winter holidays... - So that you cannot do anything for me...
līd very much like to, very much - but l canīt, really l canīt...
All right then, youīll see what happens, that līm not a person to play around with.
Christ. - What are you doing,
līve got some valuable things in there. - Help me, please help me.
Help her. Try stepping on it.
Jesus Christ, l really do have some valuable things in there.
Well, what do you say, dad?
Let me tell you that such a pretty dressing gown, that isnīt bad at all.
Thatīs right.
Listen here, thatīs not the way to go about it - hold tight -
līll take you on my back, come along ... - Do you think so?
Come on, climb onto my back, there ...
Great heavens, what are you doing?
But thatīs what you said l should do.
Yeah ... hop ...
Just a moment, where do you live?
Up there. - Gee... What number?
A hundred and eighty-seven ...
a hundred and eighty-eight ... Jesus Christ, l really donīt know.
Now then, isnīt that great, like a horror film.
Jesus ... sorry - so it is a hundred and eighty-seven, thatīs my room.
Thatīs all right. - Sorry, līm so sorry ...
l really must have a rest.
But this isnīt my room - you see,
l have four young girls in my room - sorry ...
Excuse me, līm sorry ...
Do leave off, sill you.
Havenīt you seen my cigarette? - l havenīt, līve got my own.
You havenīt seen it either?
Girls, where did you put it? - Thereīs one down there, it must be yours.
Cripes, Mrs. Bernacek, what happened to you?
My nameīs not Bernacek, itīs Dernacek.
For heavenīs sake get down, woman, or...
What happened... l fell, girls, onto a suitcase.
Surely you wonīt start gossiping up on my back!
You canīt imagine what it was all about. - Where are you, where is your ...
Over in that corner ... l slid down on my back - it was just ...
Oh. - Jesus Christ.
Now then - please stand still -
now the really, damn it, whatīs this supposed to be - whatīs this...
What are you doing - l donīt like this at all, that l donīt.
l donīt like it either, l donīt like it a bit either...
Your predecessor had such crew-cut, like this.
But he was a somebody, that he was. This hedgehog he had.
This is just great... Horror of horrors.
Well, what am l to do, according to you?
līm telling you quite plainly what youīre to do, arenīt l?
l canīt introduce you to our guests with curls like this.
Daddy, youīre to go into the kitchen, the chef wants to see you.
Yes. Hanna, see to it that Mr. Bradacek is settled in his room in the meantime.
No, no, you canīt do that. - ls it worse? ls this worse still?
Where does it hurt most? - lt hurts from the back here, right through.
Well then do you know what? līve got an idea. Like this, yes, thatīs the way.
Oh, it hurts - no, donīt do that either, Jesus. - ls it worse?
Does it still hurt a lot? - What if we put him down, ladies?
Come and lie down! Thatīs a great idea. Come and lie down! Why donīt you lie down?
līll try.
Lie down, carefully now -
and now some massage. Does this hurt a lot?
Further down - down - not up there! - Wait - down here -
heīs ticklish - down here.
Further down - further still - there, yes, there.
ltīs better now. - ls it better now? ltīll be all right.
Good morning. - Good morning.
Granny, Granddad, Granny, Granddad.
They must be cleaning the room or something. - Thatīs possible.
Well, girls, this is a bit of all right, līll be telling you -
now letīs give the old machine a test.
What sort of test? - Donīt worry, kitten - hop -
letīs have a waltz.
Granny, Granddad! No boys, granny is getting things straight,
but sheīll be seeing you anyway... Come on then, come on.
Letīs be off.
Not this way, we wouldnīt get out
of it like this at all, itīs good job granny wasnīt looking, because ...
When you bring some chit of a girl in you can take her away again too, see?
Where are you - dad - dammit!
Come on - what is it - come along! - Jesus Christ...
And youīll kneel as punishment, līll show you!
Are you mad, l donīt even know what ...
There, and stay on your knees. - Mum, please, donīt be mad...
l said kneel. - And l say donīt be crazy!
Look here, we had decided that when one of us is horrid to the other,
he or sheīll kneel in a corner. - But that was just a bit of fun!
You were horrid to me, so youīll go down on you knees!
Good heavens, please be sensible!
Listen l was nice to you but if you like l wonīt anymore...
... all right, līll go down on my knees...
līll go on my knees, so what...
Oh, good day - you havenīt taken your things off yet... - No.
Well, now that līm here - in the first place my name is Paula Chadimova,
in the second place līm the sports officer, and thirdly ... Christ, mind out!
līm ever so sorry ... l ... forgive me.
No, thatīs quite all right. - Didnīt it break?
Letīs hope not - no, itīs all right - itīs ok.
And what is it supposed to be, anyway? - Oh, just.
A cage? And is it firm? - Sort of ...
lt should be ... right, well, l wonder about this one - all right.
l say, l like this, did you make it?
līll go and see what the childrenīs room is like.
You must be doing this on purpose. - What am l doing on purpose?
You know well enough, usually youīd be standing, donīt say you wouldnīt be.
But līm not saying.
They must have really turned your head, those girls.
Mum, l think itīll be your turn to go down on your knees...
You were quite nasty to me thatīs certainly bad enough to kneel for.
Ha, līd first have to be carried about in some handsome chapīs arms.
Goodness me, hereīs your handsome man, what... Come on.
Leave me alone, will you... Just ignore me, will you.
Come on, but, but ... - You old fogey, what on earthīs got into you head now...
You must have gone out of your mind! - Come - if you want to be carried about...
And what is this? - What a mess, right?
This is normal in this place, l donīt even take it in any more.
Howīs that? - Youīll get used to it too in a few daysītime.
Think so? - Yes, of course, itīs the change of environment.
People really relax here. - You donīt say.
Oh yeah, everybodyīs changed once they get here.
You ainīt seen nothing yet, līll show you...
Dad, donīt be a so-and-so fool.
Donīt worry, līve got my barberīs diploma. - Oh, thatīs great.
You wait and see if itīs that great. - Thisīll be some horror.
lf you care about you curls, why donīt you take a firm stand with the manager?
But itīs the principle that counts. Exactly, if itīs the principle
youīre worried about, līd do something and not stand about sighing and moaning.
līm not moaning. - But youīre willing to have a hair-cut.
līve got four crowns eighty in my pocket and debts in Prague.
Mind out!
There are many artists in Prague. - Artists ... no, l donīt - how many?
Three thousand. - Three thousand - is that possible?
Yeah, it is. - līd never have guessed that.
And two thousand of them are painters, do you know what that means?
Painters galore, like rabbits. - A horror, that is.
Yes, it is, but cutting you hair... will you please hold your head down...
thereīll be notches all over the place and then youīll be complaining.
Never mind. What can a few notches matter.
So l said to myself - chum, youīll just have to find a job and earn a bit
of money, get a few decent meals and are you going to do anything about the front?
Of course l will, all this has to go,
it would go falling into you soup otherwise.
Whatīs the food like in this place? - Excellent. Thatīs what everybody says.
Well, bon appetit my friends. Well girls, did you enjoy your lunch?
Yes, we did. - Thank you. Bon appettit ...
Well, my stalwart warrior, enjoying it? What about another helping?
ls your daddy satisfied and happy? - What? Yeah, O.K.
Thank you - well, l hope you all enjoy your meal.
Bon appetit...bon appetit to all of you... Are you enjoying your dish,
if l may ask? - Well thanks, but l donīt
particularly care for schnitzel. - Weīll do better next time, then.
Next time youīll sure enjoy your lunch... Bon appetit.
Bon appetit. Are you enjoying your lunch, friends?
Thanks. Thank you.
Not bad, but youīll have to do something about changing our rooms, really you will.
Really līd be most happy to oblige, but l really canīt.
ltīs absolutely impossible as it is. - Weīre absolutely squashed up in there.
līll try...
Will you please not carry those skis upstairs, līve caught you again...
Can you please tell me - when do l get my lunch?
Yes, yes, right away - just a moment, youīll be served immediately...
Could l please... - Yes.
Weīve come. We were here first, werenīt we, the children are starving
and we havenīt been served at all. - One day we start serving
from the left-hand side, the next day from the right-hand side,
youīll be first to be served then, so youīll be quite happy.
Girls, get a move on, our old pet...bow low!
Oh, these girls - these are the girls l ...
the girls l was with. - Which girls?
Thatīs the girl l had in my arms, the one over there...
Where? - Over there.
Oh, you had her in you arms, did you? - l had to kneel to make up for it.
Jesus, l say, līd be willing to kneel too if l could hold her in my arms.
And would you know, it didnīt even hurt!
l sure believe you. l say, what a girl - and the other one...
Beautiful - beautiful - a beauty.
Mervin dear. - Weīll have to go and see him about it again.
Letīs go again and tell him that.
Maybe theyīve changed their minds.
Just look at them, coming up with wagging tails.
Dammit, is it him or isnīt it him?
Who? - That hooligan.
Christ, just look at him, heīs had a hair-cut, what?
Yeah, looks like a new-born babe.
What do you reckon? - But it suits him.
Whose hair was cut? - Look, over there.
The chap in the corner?
Well, here l am. - Listen, where have you been?
You leave me standing about like this. - Good heavens, surely you arenīt scared?
What are all those people staring at? - ltīs just normal.
Come on, letīs get away. - But we canīt - after all ...
We have to wait for the manager. - He has to introduce us.
He has to introduce you and me and we have to welcome this new lot of holiday-makers.
We do? - Well, you in particular - as the culture officer...
Thatīs a cultural event, isnīt it? - This is going to be some horror...
Donīt be so scared all the time. - Fine - thatīs what it wanted!
Sure, this was really necessary - you must admit, Mr. Bradacek.
Now we wonīt be worried about presenting you to our guests...
Listen, Sir, really, itīs no good ...
Heīs got stage-fright, my dear colleague. - Youīre sure helping me.
Thatīs just why one must jump straight into the cold water - of we go.
Dear friends... why isnīt this working again -
Whoīs been playing about with it...
l knew right away that heīs some scoundrel or something.
Damnation, whoīs been playing about with it,
this is terrible - hellīs bells -
whoīs been messing about - līm going mad -
this is impossible - dammit, līd like to pull somebody apart -
like a herring!
līm the only one in this place to keep an eye on things and when līm not here...
Listen, dad, we canīt sleep too long, it would be an awful waste.
Goodness me, what do you mean, a waste? - Well, a waste.
We can sleep for free, here we must get out moneyīs worth, what?
Listen, shouldnīt we send the boys outside?
Boys, switch the radio on. - When are we going ski-ing?
Weīll go ski-ing when weīve hired some skis. Switch it on.
But we have skis. - Didnīt you hear me?
Switch the radio on!
Boys, didnīt you hear - youīre to switch that radio on! - When are we going ski-ing?
Of course weīre going ski-ing, but right now ...
When are we going ski-ing? - Right now you two get out, go and see
granny and granddad. - When are we going ski-ing?
Weīll be going ski-ing a bit later on, weīll go tomorrow. Be good boys, now.
Louie, come and undo this zip for me.
... l donīt care, l got bored anyway.
Me too, but do you know what? - What?
That granddadīs got relatively clean feet.
Come in.
Good morning. - Hello.
Mr. Bradacek, līm going to jump, come and join me.
Where? - To the ski-jumps.
You do that? - Yes.
How many metres? - Twenty-seven and a half.
Youīre kidding again, arenīt you.
l donīt believe you - youīd be flying like a bird, man.
Well, now, not quite like a bird,
but līm to try the fifty soon
and there l think l could fly like a bird.
Well look here, birdie, līll finish these here cages l want to fix,
and then līll come and watch you, satisfied?
Come on, now.
Dad always says heīll come and he never does.
But l really will come, honest! Joe - līll be there in an hourīs time.
līll come too, but when you start bringing home better report cards. Otherwise līm
not interested in this here jumping, l donīt believe you can achieve in this
either, those bad marks of yours will be reflected in everything you do.
l donīt think so, anyway - and anyway, what bad marks, only one l brought home.
When you bring your first A home, līll come and watch, not before.
Yeah, so you wonīt be coming again. - Oh yes l will, līll come.
Either līll come or youīll stop this ski-jumping business anyway. - No l wonīt.
Wait, that supposed to be a bit of cheek, or a promise that youīll do better?
l want to fly like a bird. - And thatīs why you want to keep
your bird-sized brain too, l suppose. - l havenīt got a bird-sized brain.
Yes, you have, such a little bird-sized brain, thatīs what youīve got.
Damn it - Joe...
such a little bird-sized brain, thatīs what youīve got.
Boys... - Hi.
... letīs try the thirty-metre jump. - You must be mad, no?
Weīve got practically to the fifty, and you want us to go back to the thirty.
And we havenīt had a single jump yet. - Come on, boys.
Nothing we can do about it. - līll be here alone then...
Train a bit harder, so you can try the fifty too,
and you wonīt have to stick to the thirty on your own. - Yeah.
līve been knocking on this wall for half an hour and you just havenīt noticed.
Such blows, whoīs supposed to sleep in such a row?
l donīt know. - l am, dammit, l am, but l canīt.
Why shout at me, then?
Call that intelligent behaviour? - My good chap, youīd start
shouting too, if somebody were to bang you wall the way you did mine.
Donīt pretend you wouldnīt. - Just a moment, wait!
And why would l shout at you? - Damn it all, man, donīt pretend
you donīt know what this is about. - And what is it about?
Surely every civilized guy would knot that when heīs banging away and somebody
comes to bang at his room heīs banging because he wants him to stop banging.
Yeah, but at night.
By day or by night,
every normal person knows that when he hears such a banging
on a wall that it means silence.
Surely any idiot would know what such a banging means, wouldnīt he?
And so līm telling you, as a special idiot, specially, see?
And for the last time, understand? - Count up to ten, will you?
What do you want, dad?
A cigarette.
l think it was a great idea to come here.
Yes, l banged on the room, but not at you - at him.
That was before - but now you banged.
Great heavens, l did bang ...
l did bang now, but at his room too. - And how am l to have known that?
Because līm telling you. -Youīre telling me now but l couldnīt have
known, considering l was next room, that youīre banging at his room
and not mine. - Jesus Christ.
līm full of such a calm feeling.
Mind, boys, it would need a couple of shovelfulls at that spot.
Thatīs O.K.,
līll make it further, look.
Well, that wasnīt all that much further, was it, chum.
Listen boys, honestly, take care, it would need a few shovelfull, honestly.
Sort of birdies.
Hm, weīve got a canary at home, and what sort are these?
l donīt know, theyīre just birds - made up birds.
l see, and this one is sort of supposed to sing, what?
Yeah. - l see.
You can see, canīt you, that there are music notes here...
Wait - listen - what is it singing - what is it singing?
l donīt know - l canīt read music. - All right.
Yeah, but youīre sure an expert in waking people up, Sir.
Donīt keep on, do you know what? - No.
līll bring my son in, shall l? - Why?
He plays the violin and he can read music. - Thatīs great.
And līll bring the boys in too, they can recite a poem for you.
Thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety,
a hundred - nobodyīs to stand beyond this point
or l refuse to play, līm coming!
Have you got a boy-friend? - No.
Ten - twenty - thirty - you ...
So what? - l said, do you like it here?
The mountains? - Yes.
Look, thereīs my sister with your brother.
Where? - Over there!
The two of them? Together? - Yeah.
Ten - twenty - thirty ... Pete with a girl.
Whatīs your name?
Peter, and yours? - Magdalen.
Ten - twenty - thirty ... Pete with a girl.
Get out! Youīre out!
Come on, climb out - we know about you, anyway.
Children, what a noise - anyway, what are you up to in here?
Where are your parents? - Theyīre dancing.
l say, look, a horsie. - Fine.
You tell this gentleman that pretty poem.
Come on, Mathew, start reciting. About that merry little coloured bird.
Come on, take a bow and begin. - Why?
We havenīt been ski-ing yet. - Youīll be going all right.
Come on, do recite that poem, nicely, now.
Well, what is it? Look here, if you recite you pretty poem for him,
maybe heīll give you one of his merry little coloured birds here in the cage.
This isnīt for presents, madam -
this is for sale.
For sale? This here? - For sale? All these?
All of them. - Jesus.
Well, can you please tell me what this would cost, this little cage?
Oh, you mean this one, do you? - This one - this - this little one.
About five hundred and fifty. - Dear God, is this possible?
Five hundred and fifty for a cage this size? - Thatīs art, maīam.
Great Scott, if this is art, līm Joan of Arc.
But then - on the other hand - it is pretty.
Good heavens, Hedda, this is a bit of rag from a night-shirt.
ltīs the idea that costs the money.
But donīt you think it really is a bit expensive?
... a little bit of wood ... - Every picture is expensive.
How much does that one cost ... the one thatīs got ...
those two with the roses. - What do you think?
Eight hundred and fifty. - Jesus Christ, dad, do you hear that?
Surely this isnīt possible. You must be mad!
But look here, this must be looked at from a certain distance ...
thatīs a real pleasure for the person looking.
You donīt understand this sort of thing, l do, you see l know what l do
and why l do it, donīt l.
Hang on, we understand it too, donīt we?
Maybe you do understand such matters, but l understand them better -
this sort of thing must be looked at from a certain distance.
As you like, l donīt mind stepping back.
... when oneīs relaxed, sitting ...
Weīre not buying anything anyway. - līm not trying to sell you any of this.
Come along. - Mummy, mummy, come and letīs ski.
l think that that artist is right. From afar it looks quite different.
Look here, this one seems to me to be a bit damaged.
What, why should it be damaged, what are you babbling about...
Donīt touch it, youīll mess it up! - Why would l mess it up - līve had a bath.
ltīll last for centuries, didnīt you see what went on in the suitcase.
Look here, what - how much would you want for such a damaged one?
Come on out, Mummy - līm getting fed up! - l donīt know how much.
A hundred. - How much?
A hundred.
A hundred? līll faint.
l say, what a piece! - Oh, isnīt it beautiful!
We should borrow it and set it at the Homolka lot,
that would serve them right. Hold on guys, letīs talk to him, ok?
Why not? Look here, Barry,
donīt you feel like having - the Homolka family - go and get them.
Up into the Clondyke - this is it.
Listen, do you know what līm dying to see...
These here panoramas, see, dad.
Just look at this.
Thatīs just it, thatīs why līm looking forward to getting further up still.
Well, what do you say now, dad? - What?
l said, what do you say to this here panorama.
This is sure a mouthful.
Wait till we get up at the top, what a scenery itīs gonna be then.
Bedrich, Bedrich...
this is wrong,
you donīt belong here, my boy...
Thisīll be some horror, thisīll be a true mountain horror story.
By the mirror? O.K., isnīt it?
līve brought you what you need for this job. - What?
Table games and things.
And over-there-over-there the panoramas.
Oh come on now, Louie dear, līm getting tired of this,
l imagined it all different. - l like it.
Well, my girl, youīre in the mountains.
... and actually, when you realize
that this isnīt any ordinary, stupid fog, that this is a cloud, then...
Well, yes, there isnīt much of a view, is there, thatīs for sure.
And in this here soup they could give us a free ride.
Thatīs right - and līm bone frozen - boys, arenīt you frozen stiff?
We are. - But then, we all are, chaps.
Arenīt we just. - Listen boys, swing your legs about
so that you get your circulation up, but not like that, youīd fall.
Oh, we wonīt fall off.
No, boys, donīt swing them about as much as that,
or actually youīd better stop swinging them about at all - do you hear, boys!
Oh we arenīt swinging them about.
No, donīt, weīll just have to stick it somehow until we get down, boys.
Look here, at home weīll get into our warm beds and weīll be as happy as angels.
So that this is - this is the way have to - because
līd say that considering heīs the culture officer,
he should also see to it that we live here in a cultural way.
Thatīs part of his job. He must arrange it! - Weīll tell him that out living quarters
- arenīt a bit... - ln good taste. - No taste at all in fact.
Sorry. - Asleep, isnīt he...
Who? Damn it, this ... this is stupid.
ltīs a shame that heīs asleep... - Weīll come some other time after all.
There isnīt that much of a hurry, is there?
Let me have a look too.
Thatīs an old rule, he who jumps the fifty jump has first go.
līm not saying not, but you neednīt bragg about that fifty of yours all the time.
Jump then, and shut up.
You shut up - here l go.
There - līve done. Now itīs your turn.
Oh, thatīs not true, Mrs. Novak,
youīre making mountains out of molehills. l opened the - but there wasnīt any - oh.
This is great, this is, fun and games, this is just great, youīve managed to!
Damnation, that guy must be having some wild party in there.
Go and tell him off, this is impossible, one comes home from an excursion and...
This is O.K. it wonīt burn again.
Excellent really - youīve turned it upside down, look at the state itīs all in...
Whatīs so terrible, man, you should be glad that... Can you image
the mess thereīd be if you used this... You just canīt imagine.
Youīll be sorry for this, youīll be sorry you were ever born - you scoundrels!
This is good, heīs doing it right, donīt push.
Get out of here with that.
līll show them.
l told you to get out! No! No! No!
Please, l have some terribly valuable things in there.
Jesus, you too, you too ... Look here, the main thing is ...
You donīt open your eyes! lt burns like the devil! The scoundrels!
What are you doing?! Dammit, the scoundrels!
This is going to cost you dear, you bastards!
Jes ... Dear God...
Jesus - this burns! My eyes!
You keep calm, donīt shout at us, all this only happened because of you!
ltīs your job to see that people here live decently and culturally.
You live here like a Sheik and you give a damn about how we live here!
Yeah, and if we hadnīt come in time, youīd have been burnt to a cinder, see...
So this is actually all your fault. - We happened to notice that ...
Youīd do better to see to having our rooms changed.
Now then, this is what l like, yes indeed, this is great!
Letīs go sir...
Yeah, līll break my leg... and whoīs then gonna look after you...
No way, līve got to stay in shape...
Yeah, weīre gonna enjoy ourselves tonight.
What a lot of happiness, what a joy to watch all this happiness...
Come on dad, come over here. - Dad, donīt be foolish, youīre the only person
with a bit of sense in this family, so you could at least once
act accordingly. - Come on, man, youīre grown up...
līm telling you ... - Calm down.
Look here, we promised to be nice to each other.
Go and stuff yourself, then. - Boys, come here, do you hear me, hop!
Whereīs that gang of yours? - Who?
All those bastards in here, chumsy.
Will you please not call me chumsy, l donīt like, honestly!
Whoīs calling you your name...
But whereīs that gang of yours then?
Who? - Come on, where are they?
Donīt you keep apologizing, Mrs. Homolka,
itīs quite natural to offer a bit of neighbourly help, isnīt it. - Of course.
l help you out today, tomorrow you help us out.
Of course, hardly worth mentioning. - Mr. Novak.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
We have to help each other. - Mind you donīt get your feet wet...
Ah, hereīs just the person we want... Just look what you did - you...
You forgot to turn it off! - We did it have to be me?
ltīs a good job there are good people left in the world who are willing to help.
Oh, thatīs all right, as we said, look here,
today we help you and tomorrow you help us.
Flood. - So itīs a flood, so what.
Tonight. - ... donīt go and get your feet wet.
Tonight ... well, weīve got our problems too.
Oh no, l understand what all this is about, weīre not changing rooms with you,
weīll rather mop up our floor ourselves in that case! Give me that floor-rag!
Hang on, Jesus Christ.
Look here, madam, do listen,
it wasnīt like this at all, it was like this, it was like this.
Out, out - right away!
lf you werenīt a woman līd give you such a shaking your teeth would rattle.
Fine, great.
You neednīt laugh, youīd do better to tell me if youīre coming to the party!
l really canīt, Paula.
Do you know that we have an academy painter at our place now?
So what? - Nothing.
Except that heīs after me like mad, and he wants to paint me.
Cripes - what a mess...
You bounder - l keep waiting for you to come and ask me all about the job,
līd give you some advice -such a greenhorn- about what youīll be going tonight.
ltīs a party tonight, they all have to meet and make friends, and thatīs your job.
l have been meeting people, actually. - līm not interested in that.
līm interested to know what youīve arranged for tonight.
līd like to know that too, Sir, because līm beginning to think
that my kingdom is not of this world at all.
What kingdom, oh my goodness, kingdom - l too wanted to be an actor
at the National Theatre - and now ... līm manager at a recreation chalet...
Anyway, donīt you worry, you have to get things going tonight.
lf you canīt manage, when things get too bad, līll help you out,
līve got a bit of talent left in me yet.
Gosh, thisīll be some ... some horror, this.
This is good, isnīt it?
Off we go ... hop ... oh, mind out!
Well, this is what l call a sense of humour.
Eagle one speaking, eagle one speaking - līm in my place - everythingīs all right -
all right - there, man -
līm lifting my glass to the success of your party - Cheers.
Where are you - look here - please - look here. Well, shall l ...
l donīt know if l should put my hair up - or shall l do this?
Well, leave it as it is. Come on, not that.
Will you please not look, līm undressed - what do you think youīre doing...
You know how many līve seen before... Hurry up, so that weīre not late.
Hurry up... Should l do my hair ...
Oh, itīs nice as it is. - Mineīs nice - soīs yours.
This is really ... - How can you say that this is nice, when ...
Will you please get out, līm quite naked!
līm getting just about sick of this - all this dressing up!
Hush - please, the children are here!
Just a golden fly ...
and now weīve arrived at the fruit market - lovely cherries -
here līve got a nice cherry, the last one...
but - l say - isnīt she shaking all over ...
līve been to fourteen holidays of this sort, but ...
And now that we seem to have had enough of these sweeties - permit me
to invite you onto
the dance floor.
Weīve got to change rooms with that stupid Homolka lot.
But one has to know how to set about it. ... and to treat them accordingly...
rather than pouring out a bucket full of water all over their floor to get them mad.
Oh donīt keep on about it, will you. So we did pour out
a bucket full of water onto their floor, all right, so what.
Weīll have to come to an arrangement about what to do now, see?
But youīre undressed, good heavens - will you please... - She doesnīt care.
Look here, cover up! - l am covered up.
What do you mean, come to arrangement, weīll go down
and our men will ask those women of theirs to dance
and will make up to them a bit.
Me ... and make up to ... that old hag - you must be mad!
Look here, Mr. Novak, youīre the right one to stick your nose in the air...
Youīre the last one to be choosy... You should have ...
You should have thought of that when you poured out that bucket in their room...
You go down yourself - you... and settle it with them in one way or another - you kno
l know ... l know what... - Wipe the floor.
Well, what do you reckon, a great party, right.
You were right, it needed a jester.
l should say! People want to be made to laugh. They have enough worries at home,
we have to offer them a real bit of entertainment,
even though it may cost us our lifeīs blood, man.
Go and put that lath a bit lower, so we have some fun...
Put it a bit lower - but only just a bit.
Mr. Bradacek. - Hello there.
Come and watch me tomorrow. - Watch you, where?
Watch me jump. l was expecting you.
l see. Well, you know l couldnīt get away, l had a fire to quench in my room, mate.
l decided to try the fifty tomorrow, l want to start flying like a bird.
Thatīs great, līll come and watch. - Oh.
Howīs that ... - Whatīs wrong?
ltīs locked. - Havenīt you got the key?
No, l havenīt. - This is great. līll throw you ...
līll throw you down in my place.
Yes, but what would people be saying? - Who cares, l canīt any more.
This is so embarrassing for me.
So embarrassing. - Thatīs all right.
You are so ... nice.
Mr. culture officer, youīre such a man of culture and taste, līm sure youīd really
understand me, you know... Every time līve been on
l found a sympathetic ear.
Well, l do understand you, but līll have to be going now.
Music - let the band start playing!
Thatīs great, great!
You donīt have to. - l do have to.
Excellent, now then, gentlemen go and ask the ladies for a dance and
the ladies ask the gentlemen to dance... ... Please donīt forget this fact!
Who hasnīt got a balloon yet...
Who still hasnīt a balloon, please say so.
Come and join us, friends, this is a party for you all to get to know each other...
Hereīs a balloon - there now. Who still hasnīt got a balloon...
Listen ...
shouldnīt we go and ask those Homolka men to dance?
What? - Well, l donīt know.
You donīt much feel like it, do you? - And you do?
Well, shall we go? - Yes.
Come on then, letīs go.
Hold the string between foreheads and thereīs no holding it any other way.
May l have the pleasure? - May l have the pleasure?
What about having a little dance. - May l have the pleasure?
Considering you wives have our husbands, well ...
The gentlemen ask ladies to dance, the ladies ask gentlemen.
Do you know what this reminds me of, the St. Matthew fair.
Youīve got a nice tie.
Who still hasnīt got a balloon?
Donīt hold it with your hands, not with your hands!
l say, isnīt that nice.
Who hasnīt got a balloon yet - out he goes. This is nice, now, real nice.
Where have you been, man? - Where did you take the woman
All the way to heaven, Sir.
What a happy place this house is, so much joy - everybodyīs happy...
Thatīs as it should be, thatīs really nice,
and now then, letīs going, letīs really get going,
letīs dance till our heads go round,
and l want to see nothing but smiles! - And now to the right.
... and merrily ... yours has flown away,
yours has flown away, thank you...
Oh, the balloonīs gone off - weīll have to leave the dance floor, Mrs. Homolka.
Come on, letīs have another go. - l hope you arenīt cross with me?
No. - On your honour?
No, on my honour.
Now then, dear friends, letīs keep to the rules, the couples who have lost
their balloon must leave the dance-floor.
l havenīt had such a good dance for ages.
l shall repeat, those couples who lose their balloon must leave the floor.
Youīre dancing without a balloon, we must keep to the rules, please.
Come on man, come and try saying something.
No, thatīs no good. -You canīt get the hang of things like that.
Donīt be afraid, weīve got lots of other games in store.
Heīs rather a rough, but otherwise l think heīs quite a decent chap.
Well, if you think so... You see, and itīs gone now.
Youīre a marvellous dancer, Mr. Homolka. - līm not, but youīre some dancer!
All that was only a misunderstanding, wasnīt it?
Of course, you know how it is, one does sometimes get mad,
but one canīt be angry at you for long.
Thanks a lot - you know, līm terribly glad that you ... Ouch!
Letīs go on dancing, l only hope you donīt go
and fly out of my arms - youīre as light as a feather.
Come and try saying something into the mike. - What?
That they should leave the dance floor.
Would dancing couples who have lost their balloon kindly leave the dance-floor.
You mumble, you must talk distinctly...
Would dancing couples who have lost their balloon kindly leave the dance-floor.
Thatīs the way, thatīs it, man.
Thatīs the way l like it, thatīs great. Thatīs a great couple...
Every game has its rules...
Every game - thank you. Thatīs right, thatīs the way.
Come and try some more, youīre saying it quite well now.
Come along, come on, itīs quite nice the way you say it now, come on.
Good evening. - Well, what do you say?
līve got the impression that the beginning is one hundred and ten percent success.
Watch out, youīre not there yet. dear.
Donīt you worry. Donīt you worry, if it goes as smoothly as this,
weīll be moving this very night. - We must, we must arrange it.
They ... theīre not that firm in their standpoint, l bet.
Mrs. Novak, Mrs. Novak, that old codger ...
That old codger told me līm like a feather.
Look here, listen to me - l think ... l think ...
... well, that the old croneīs a cracked nut, too.
Listen, thatīs quite a toff, that man ...
Novak. Sheīs quite a woman, too.
You canīt imagine how he started apologizing. Heīd be that polite.
Who? - Mrs. Novak.
ln my opinion Mr. Burda is the most decent of that lot.
Heīs such a tall chap, but really charming.
līll have another beer to drink that down...
Miss, come over here... come on... - One beer.
Will you come and look after us, young lady, we have ... - There you go.
Youīre a beer-drinker?
Of course, when l donīt get my beer, līm a very cross man.
Really, dear. - You donīt know what līm like when l canīt have my beer.
Just see, what a lovely room we have, anyway, itīs jut great here, isnīt it...
Thatīs why, because we have such a rooms, and because weīve never really had...
... such a great time before as here, they could persuade us to change those rooms.
Good heavens, what are you saying - over my dead body.
Yes, thatīs right, Hugo dear. - Red, right?
To help us along, see. - Miss ...
And give me a puff. - Miss, Miss, a bottle of red wine.
Weīll be needing more,
līm thinking they wonīt be falling into our trap that easy.
Louie here - but then dad, when l saw you dance that woman around,
you didnīt remind me of dead body at all,
you seemed to be all over her, if you ask me.
l ... l wasnīt all over her at all. - l was watching you.
l didnīt say that! l remember what l said and what l didnīt!
līll tell you something, weīre having such a fine time here,
and l donīt remember
anything having ever worked out so well for us before.
Yes, thatīs a fact. Weīve never had such a good time before.
Wonderful, isnīt it? Thatīs true.
l think itīs going to be worth it, for the money we paid - what?
Thatīs certain. Of course.
And stop waving that bottle about, youīll spill it.
līm not waving this bottle about at all, līm saying that l never said such a thing.
l donīt know, but l feel like a cheat rather than a culture officer.
Howīs that, why?
Because līm quite a different person to what līm pretending to be here.
Well really, in that case l must tell you the wisest thing
līve ever heard: Everything is different.
l just donīt happen to be the right man in the right place.
Just you wait, in a few daysītime.
līm afraid itīll be no different in a few daysītime.
Damn it man, didnīt you know yourself earlier?
You answered my advertisement, and now what? Huh?
Well, l did know myself, but l needed a bit of dough, and then l thought
there canīt be much to playing culture officer.
Well my man, looking after peopleīs no joke,
nowadays itīs quite ...
Well, itīs damn well no joke.
Yes, do sit down at our table, thank you.
Now itīs right.
Dear friends, to the winning couple for their excellent performance,
letīs give them some spontaneous applause please.
Thatīs it, thatīs just the thing, thatīs excellent.
And now, because you all danced so well,
would you please fill our dance floor to the last inch,
l want to see nobody sitting out.
A ladies and gentlemenīs choice, right ...
Thank you - ladies and gentlemen make you choice, take your partners.
Thatīs nice ...
Thatīs how l like it.
There now, weīve done with the theory, and l showed you in practise.
Now itīs your turn to take over.
l must point out once again, that your knees must be bent,
toes together, heels apart ...
... a relaxed position, then we take off ...
Dear friends, līll repeat once again. Try to ...
... stand on those skis absolutely relaxed,
toes together, knees relaxed, heels apart, and off we go.
The first to try, please. - Oh deary me, no, l canīt do that.
Thatīs nothing. - Excellent! This comrade will go first.
No, this is the right mood, l know this feeling from our basketball matches,
people really make friends fast this way, see? - Really.
Look here, mum, itīs not hard, just look at me. Mind out.
We havenīt managed to bring them round in 24 hours.
lt isnīt twenty-four hours yet,
Ten then, but even if it were a hundred we wouldnīt bring them round.
You know what would do it, some money would do it. - Jesus ...
Mrs. Novak, you must be mad, expecting us to go and stuff money into those...
But ... no, darling. - Wait, wait, thatīs not ...
For a bit of money people are willing to... - Thatīs not such a bad idea, look here, ...
There, bend your knees, excellent, next ...
līll try and offer them a hundred crowns.
A hundred - yeah, letīs scare the shit out of them a hundred, letīs go, come on.
Come on, come on, donīt keep us. - Have you robbed a bank
or what... Wait, dear.
ltīs me,
you havenīt forgotten about our excursion, have you?
līve had ten thousand boils... - Boils, boils... You could end up much worse
in this fog, my boy, you canīt see the tip of you nose,
how can you think of jumping? - The fogīll clear.
No jumping. - l say, do you know that ...
... the culture officer lied to me... He should be ashamed of himself,
he can tell such tales to young girls but no to a lady...
But surely thatīs impossible, comrade.
Why be so very strict without even? Actually, what happened?
What happened? He slipped away on that excursion and left me sitting here.
Jesus ... Joe ... there now, and the boy slipped away too.
All right then, three, and if you say no, then l really donīt know.
Dad, what do you say, dad.
Exactly, we really wouldnīt know in that case, none of us, thatīs a lot of money...
Donīt be afraid of these skis - come and join us. - Weīll be along.
Leave us in peace, with these skis, heavens! - Leave us alone, now you.
Weīll be right there! We just ...
She wonīt leave us alone, the silly goose. - līm going to fetch them.
Hand it over. - Thatīs right, hand it over.
Put it away carefully, dad. - Three hundred.
Damn it, whatīs this ...
Toes together, heels apart.
Hell ... toes together dad, heels apart!
Slow down, dad!
Co ... co ... comrade...
... stop me!
Mind, boss, mind out, thereīs a forest down there.
Help, mum ...
Damn it, silly me
why did l get onto this thing, such a piece of crap
līll never put the things on again - bullshit.
Where are you, boss? - Mr. Homolka ...
Joe ... - All right, līm coming.
Our managerīs boy was to have jumped off this bridge
and so l brought you here because l thought it might be
interesting for you to see
how such a little boy ski-jumps from such a height.
Good heavens, such a little boy, thatīs impossible, such a titchie boy.
He said that his daddy didnīt believe in him and so l thought it would be good for him
if he saw that somebody does believe in him, because l know what thatīs like,
when people donīt believe in you... - And you believed such a silly thing...
Only men jump off this bridge. - Donīt be silly.
Such a little kid could kill himself, on this.
After all, youīre the culture officer, arenīt you?
Oh no līm not. Why do you keep on? līm really not!
Howīs that, you arenīt? Howīs that? - l can throw it all overboard
without having to talk about the whys and wherefores, see! Go and stuff yourself.
Mr. Bradacek!
Come down at once! - Right.
Down. - līm coming.
Jesus Christ.
l really think youīre exaggerating a bit, seriously.
l donīt see why l should be exaggerating. - Well, līm sorry for having to say so,
but l really donīt see what you have to rush off for in such a hurry.
līm fleeing... līm just walking away, līm leaving, see, and līm leaving because
līm absolutely the wrong chap for this sort of work.
Good heavens, arenīt you even wrapping them up in paper?
... theyīll break, for use. - līm not going to support losers.
Whatīs worst about it is that l even ... l havenīt even got the bus fare.
See, this is your fault. - Water, water, water.
All right, līll go and get some. - Please calm down, nothingīs happened.
ltīll be all right.
Hereīs the water. - You gave me a fright.
ltīll be all right. - You gave me a fright, you brat.
Well - so what... - And heīs laughing, the kid...
līm not laughing. - līll show you, - you are laughing at us!
Well, daddy, sorry, but you never believed that there is something l can do.
And thatīs a fat lot you did.
Well, l managed - to jump the fifty ... No - here.
Look boys, back off, or youīll bring this place to a shambles...
You women, get a move on, weīve got to go and have lunch, calm down, go and sit down.
Wonīt be a minute, but actually this drapery will come in quite handy,
weīll be sort of alone again here. - Separated, hm, l wouldnīt call it that,
itīll never be as good as it was. - Think not?
No, surely, thatīs clear that it wonīt be the same,
but nobodyīll give you three hundred for nothing, will they?
īCourse not. -You take it, surely you donīt mean to let
three hundred slip through our fingers. - Well, l know, but the question is,
if weīd waited till evening we could have got much more out of them.
Oh no, Hedda, donīt you believe that, no. - Yeah, my clever boy.
This is a great bit of business, see? - For the three hundred you can have
a bottle of Gamza lunch-time and again in the evening and all week long.
Jesus Christ, old man. - And thereīll be some left over.
Surely you donīt want to drink up three hundredīs worth?
Damn it all, līm on a holiday, arenīt l, so why canīt l enjoy myself?
Yes, of course, why shouldnīt he enjoy himself, arenīt l right, boys?
Youīd better hand over that three hundred. - Just a minute, what three hundred,
surely half of it is ours, isnīt it... Well, Louie, say so.
Hand over the three hundred! - Whatīs wrong with you, gran?
Mind you donīt have to kneel. -Mind you donīt both of you have to kneel.
Three hundred. - And why should we have to go down on our knees?
Excuse me for disturbing you, you see ...
l want to go away and l havenīt got enough money for the bus fare,
and you asked me yesterday whether līd let you have a damaged one
for a hundred crowns, and līll let you have this one for a hundred crowns,
what do you say? - Go and jump in the river with that thing.
l should say.
Darling. - What is it?
Weīre alone.
Thereīs a telegram for you.
What is it, what is it ... well, what is it?
Johnny swallowed a spool... Come home! Granny.
Another beer, please, Miss.
No, no more. - Yes, l want another one.
No more then? - Why not?
No, no more.
And why not? - We must economize, darling.
Economize - on our honeymoon?
We must save - we overpaid them.
Quiet! līll tell you how weīll do it -
we each get seventy-five crowns, and we do what we like with it.
Thatīs a sensible idea. - Yes, but hand it over immediately.
Donīt you dare, dad, donīt you dare!
Jesus Christ. - What is it ... well?
līve lost my pocket-book. - Jesus Christ.
līm sorry to intrude, excuse me,
but l know that the other one
was bad, bud this one is absolutely perfect - and līll let
you have it for a hundred too... This one is perfect, this one is.
Great heavens, thisīll be great, youīll be getting it practically for free.
Well, itīs gone. - Are you crazy? What did you do?
ltīs gone, thatīs it. -You really arenīt worth a damn any more,
you old... Damn and blast it! You always spoil fun for me.
And you think itīs only you who feels itīs a spoilt holiday?
We all have a spoilt holiday.
Well, thatīs great. Now we can go off. - All right then, yes. Come on! Look!
Canīt you leave those cigarettes alone?
Hello there.
Jesus Christ, are you sure you lost it here?
Thatīs clear that it must have been here, had it been over there
someone would have swiped it at once.
Thatīs just it, it may have been swiped ages ago.
Yes, but granddad says this is where he flapped about the most, so it should be
here somewhere, right? - But where?
Granny, when are we going to go and see those panoramas?
Panoramas indeed, leave me alone! - Donīt stare and start digging!
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