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Honest 2000

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Give us the keys!
Hurry up!
Come on, then!
What are you lookin' at?
Come on!
Fancy her do you Dad?
Having a quiet wank on the job, eh?
Crawl back into its shell, did it?
Oi, Mandy!|Who's the lucky lad tonight?
- Not you, mate!|- Don't know what you're missing, doll.
- I'd rather use one of these.|- Charming as ever, your sister!
What's a mother to do?
Weird. Give me fucking weird.
Ah, beautiful. Far out! Look at... Sweet.
Come on.
Look to me.
But, erm...
- ..lose her shirt.|- Can you take your shirt off, darling?
Evening Standard!
Nice to see ya.
Let's have a look.
Oh, look!|"Masked Gang Raid Warehouse!"
Blah, blah, blah... "Three men..."
Oh! "Raymond Purvis...|He said he was terrified!"
- Ha-ha-ha!|- "One threatened me with a crowbar."
- Load of bollocks! I never touched him!|- You're a nutter, Mandy.
Deprived childhood, Your Honour.
Look to me. Good stuff.
Yeah, that's it. Nice and...
Give me a bit more.
That's great, yeah.
Look to me.
Hey, whaddaya think of this?
Oh, Daniel, you are|the only person l know...
..who can watch a film at 10am|and then write about it.
- l get free coffee. Shut up.|- Baz!
It's our satirical take|on superheroes, Andrew.
Buzzman doesn't save the world.
Buzzman doesn't save anything.|He's too cool for that.
- So what does he do?|- Smokes pot. Gets laid.
l thought we were|going for weird, Andrew.
At zero,...
..we denigrate, decimate, debunk,...
..defile, demolish.
How did you hear about this place?
Terry Waring told me. He was gonna|do it himself, only he got nicked.
He'll be a bit pissed off|when he hears we blagged it!
- Is that it, then?|- Yeah.
Give us a couple of minutes.
Why don't you go|buy something nice for Rose?
Can l help you?
I'll handle her.
..Venus in leather!
And what can l do for you?
I'm looking for a job, actually.
That's good.
Have you worked for a magazine before?
l used to work for this one.
- In Glasgow?|- Glasgow... Right.
Well, that's a very agitprop little rag.|Are you a Communist?
Used to be. Got sick of it.
- What does zero stand for?|- Nothing. Or...
It's a kind of Zen thing, you see.
Nothing and... everything.
Why don't you, er...|come over here tomorrow night?
A couple of faces are dropping by|for drinks and shit.
I'm Andrew, by the way.|Andrew Pryce-Stevens.
What's a double-barrelled nob|doing leading the revolution?
Feisty little tart!
- Hi.|- Hi.
- l was looking for the toilet.|- It's... right there.
Um... I'm Daniel, by the way.
- Do you work in there?|- Yeah. Yeah, I'm... I'm a writer. Freelance.
- Bit of a poser, your boss.|- l can't argue with that.
But, uh, you should come tomorrow night.|It could be a blast.
You never know. I'll check my diary.
Hey! The bathroom's right here!
I've gone off the idea.
l said "l ain't got...|l ain't got change for that."
- That was a 1964 Morris starting handle.|- l don't give a shit.
I'd never wear something like this|in a million years!
Wow! Far out, man!
Mr Ord is here with some of the chaps...
..and he would like a word.
Hello, Happy.
- Have a good holiday, Duggie?|- How did you know I'd been on one?
A suntan's a bit of a rarity|around these parts.
Majorca. With the family.
l learned to scuba dive.|How about yourself?
Southend with me sisters. A plate of|winkles and a knees-up on the bus back.
These... three lads|doing all these robberies.
- I'd like to know who they are.|- Why would l know?
You girls must have a lot of admirers.
Any lads come knocking around your|door recently, flashing a bit of extra cash?
Last bloke took me for a Chinese|and left me with the bill.
Friday night. Talk Of The Town.|Liza Minnelli. What d'you say?
I'm always with my dad|Friday nights, Cedric.
Good boxer, her old man. In his day.
Haringey Arena. After the war.
l was there the night|he took out Tommy Bruce.
Give him my regards, Gerry. And here,...
..tell him l said hello.
He don't need charity.
Christmas stocking, then.
- Don't you tell your old man about this.
l don't prance around|in the nude in front of him!
- Everyone else, though, from what l hear.|- Vicious rumours, Uncle Sid.
Bleedin' hell!
Your idea, Mandy, not mine.
Matthew and Billy O'Reilly|have come to the studio... demonstrate them.
This is Matthew.|He's got the glowcoat on.
We're going to try an experiment.|Can we have the lights out, please?
I've got a spotlight over here. You can see|Matthew is standing well out there...
..with his glowcoat on.
You can hardly see Billy at all,|except for just his white face.
Very generous of Mr Ord.|Hope you was polite.
l ain't afraid of that villain, Dad.
You ain't afraid of anything,|that's your problem.
I'm afraid of one thing.|Living and dying in this place.
We'll get out one day. Go somewhere|Mum would have liked us to live.
Well, l think these glowcoats|are a very good idea.
- What do you think, Matthew?|- You'd look a right charlie in the street!
It's Rose.
All right, Rose?
Bloody hell!
- He's whacked you again, ain't he?|- Not really.
What was it, then?|You fell off your pony at the polo ring
- Leave it out, Mandy.|- What's his excuse this time?
It was when he come home last night.
He gets depressed, you know?|Not finding work.
He ain't worked since he left school!|Idle tosser!
- He's turned this house into a garage!
Fucking oil's everywhere!|Why don't you just get rid of it?
- Useless piece of shit!|- Keep your voice down, Mandy.
Why don't you just do him|while he's asleep?
Save yourself a lot of grief in the long run.
Mandy, please.
Why don't you just change the locks?
You're not married to the bastard!
All right!
Ah, come on, Andrew, you've never had|a conviction in your overprivileged life,... hypocritical old fart!
The only reason you're putting out|a "Legalise Pot" issue... to pump up your bloody circulation!
No one in this room...
- ..can doubt my commitment to the weed.|- And these pot rallies.
All these pathetic, painted people|thinking they're being daring!
l mean, what a load of horseshit!
Legalising it wouldn't help|this magazine, Andrew.
lf it were legal, it would just|neutralise your own basis for dissent.
Magazines like Zero exist on dissent.
Actually, it exists|because of my father's allowance.
Till the bastard cut me off.
- Anyway, to hell with it!|- l don't think we've met.
I'm Loretta.
Oh, l know who you are.
l mean, I'm very familiar with your work.
The study of the sexual psyche...
..and doom to the aesthetic quality|of human relationships. Fascinating.
You must come to|my retrospective next week.
Or l could give you a private view|in my studio tonight.
Well, uh... l actually have to|write a review tonight.
But, uh... I'd love to write|a piece on you sometime.
I'm not looking for a critic, sweetie.
l thought you might fancy a fuck.
Oh, my God, Mandy,|what have you done now?!
Then, when he really gets to know me...
Oh, yeah, right!
That is so 'orrible.|No, you know what? That's disgusting!
It's a work of art!
No one ain't gonna marry you|with that on your back.
Who wants to get|bloody married anyway?
"Yesterday, a raggle-taggle|bunch of radicals and hippies...
..occupied an empty house a stone's|throw from London's Hilton hotel."
"The gutter press called them|hippy freeloaders."
"l prefer to see them as|secret agents of a future society,... from the degradation of work."
Might be a cleaner.
Keep an eye.
Belongs in a museum.|People like this deserve to get blagged.
Come away from the window|and give me some light.
Oh! Yes!
Oh! Shit!
I'm going back up.
- Mandy!
Come on, girl, we gotta leg it!
Fuck me!
Fan-fuckin'-tastic, man!
Oh, shit!
You're that girl!
- Come on, do it to me again.|- All right.
Come on!
Come on. Harder!
- Like that?|- No! Not in the face!
- Give it to me.
- Like this. Give me some...
Good Samaritans' hot line.
Andrew! Andrew, listen to this.
Something freaky's happening|at the office!
Oh, Daniel.
- Like what?|- There's a girl...
There's a guy... No, a girl.|She's dressed like a guy.
She's got her breasts taped down and|she... she punched me in the face, man!
You're having a better time than l am.
No... No, there's been a break-in.
What?! What? Wha...?
- What's missing?|- Nothing.
- What's that noise?|- It's the alarm downstairs.
Daniel, listen to me.
Clean up, lock up|and do not fuck up! OK?
- What?|- No boys in blue! Understand?
l don't want the law|snooping round the office, OK?
They'd just love to close down|the magazine! Just do it, Daniel!
For fuck's sake!
Oh, shit!
What are you doing? Spring-cleaning?
- The cops are coming.|- I'm not thrilled about it!
l get arrested... l go to jail.
- I'm gonna get you outta here. Come on.
Get up. Come on.
Get off me!
- I'm trying to help you.|- l don't need your help! Ow!
- Are you an 'ippy?|- I'm not a hippy.
l borrowed it from a hippy. He owed me|some money, so... Will you just get in?
What made you think the office|was worth robbing?
- What makes you think I'm a thief?|- Why else were you there?
- Your boss invited me. l was a bit late.|- So you came through the window?
- You didn't hear me knock.|- Sounds like a load of bullshit to me.
It makes perfect sense to me.
What brought you to England, then?|Wanna be a pop star?
No, l don't wanna be a pop star.
I'm doing postgrad law at Oxford.
So what are you doing|in that magazine place?
- Writing for them.|- What about?
The way it is.
Popular culture, social change...
Where are we, anyway?
East End. Won't find|much social change around 'ere.
More like fish and chips and bingo halls.
And women with bad feet pushing prams.
Keep driving!
Is she all right, love?
- What was that about?|- They must have collared my sisters.
My dad's gonna do his nut!
- Bollocks!|- Was that your mom talking to the fuzz?
- My mum's dead.|- Sorry.
- So, where to now?|- Dunno. Let me think.
Could you get me a cigarette?
- l don't have any.|- In my inside pocket.
So what did your sisters do?
They were thieving with me, you berk!
OK, so there's three of you. And you steal.
That's cool. It's like, what, uh... anti-Establishment movement against|the unfair distribution of wealth?
No... we steal to get money.
At least that's honest!
Do you have a place l could stay?
She'll never press charges, that Rose.
She'll be a punch bag all her life.
Silly cow.
That Chopper deserves a good hiding.
Have a word with your pal, Duggie Ord.
- He might send a couple of frighteners.|- He ain't my pal.
- Wotcha doin' with that Scotch?|- It's for Jo. She's got a cold coming on.
l thought they'd come for us.|They will do one day.
- Bollocks!|- Where's Gerry?
What's happened to her?
Well, she's not nicked,|or we'd have heard.
- l wish l didn't have to do this.|- Do what?
The thieving.
l wish there was another way.
Well, what do you wanna do?|Work in a shop? Or the dry-cleaners?
Or that factory, like our cousins,|making poxy vacuum-cleaner bags?
Come on, Jo.
Do me a favour!
This is cosy.|Your mum pick out the cushions?
Listen, this place isn't me, OK?
l borrowed it from the same guy|who owns the van.
l went to school with him in the States.|He went to Kathmandu. To find himself.
What happens if he goes all that way|and finds he's not there?
He'll join his father's law practice.
Let me take that off you.
No, it's a bit chilly in here.
OK, I'll um... I'll put the heat on.
- You want a... a drink?|- Cup of tea?
Don't think much of your music.
- You don't like the psychedelic scene?|- No, l don't.
What about Moby Grape?|The Chocolate Watch? Vanilla Fudge?
Sound like puddings!
You're weird, you Yanks.
You come over here,|listen to The Beatles, Traffic and Cream...
And look what's on your own doorstep.
The Supremes.
Marvin Gaye. Sam and Dave.
Martha Reeves and the Vandellas.
Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.
OK. Maybe you'll like this.
So, uh... what's your name, anyway?
- Gerry.|- Is that with an "ie" or a "y"?
Much better.
Are you worried about your sisters?
A bit. But there's no evidence.
- Where is it?|- Stashed.
- Where?|- You don't need to know.
Can you take these off?
My feet are killing me.
It's OK, I'm a girl!
What's that supposed to mean?
You don't look as if|you'd do it for a bloke.
l wouldn't.
The kettle's boiling.
You bitch!
Come on! Oh, thank God.
Thank God!
Oh, Christ!
- Morning.
"It's only a £2 cab ride|from Carnaby Street to Bethnal Green,...
..but it's another world. "
"The streets are still scarred|by the Blitz 25 years ago,
filled with women with bad feet|pushing prams."
- l said that.|- Yeah, l know.
It was good. It stuck in my head.
l don't get this, Danny boy.
Why do you wanna be a writer|when you're studying law at Oxford?
It's a question of choice, really.
l mean, most of my life, choices|were made for me: school, college,...
-|- Lawyers make big money.
Defending people like you?
l couldn't afford you!
Got any girlfriends?
In the building?
I'll never get home|with my arse hangin' out.
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, there's a girl|across the hall - Nadja.
She's a gypsy. Well, sort of a witch.
- What?|- A white witch: into ley lines, tarot cards.
Makes potions.
Hey, she fixed my flu!
All right, then.
I'll go ask her.
Thanks for last night. lf it wasn't for you,|I'd have been banged up.
- Excuse me?!|- ln the nick.
I'm sorry. Where I'm from,|that means something different.
Listen, uh... l wanna see you again.
l wanna meet your sisters.
- Why?|- l wanna write your story.
l mean, I'll change names, obviously.
Three girls who dress up like men|and rob from the rich?
That's pretty intense, man!
We don't give to the poor.
We're not Robin Hood|and his merry fuckin' men, man.
- Can l call you?|- l don't have a phone.
Then call me at the magazine!
Maybe. lf l need a lawyer.
- God, what happened, Gerry?|- l came home, saw the cops and took off.
- l thought you two had been collared!|- It was just next door.
Where you been?
What are you|dressed like that for?
l stayed at this bloke's flat.|l borrowed it.
- That's a bloke's gear? Perv, is he?|- No.
- Shagged him, did you?|- No!
Jesus, man! He's an OK guy.|There are a few of 'em!
- And l stashed the jewels there.|- What?
I'll get 'em later.
- When later?|- Tomorrow.
- When tomorrow?!|- When he's not there!
Now get out of my face, Mandy!
I'm gonna check on Rose.
- Are you OK, love?
That bastard!
He thought l called the police.
l didn't.
It was the neighbours.|They're gonna ta-...
He's gonna get it this time, Rose.
I'm not sure about this.|Shooters are grown-up toys.
l am grown-up. Or you wouldn't|look at my legs the way you do.
l do no such thing!
On your knees, you snivelling Irish git!
l can see it's gonna be in safe hands.|It'll cost you fifty quid.
..l don't have fifty quid.
Go on, get outta here, you little bollocks.
How about l give you twenty quid?
And l go down on ya?
You're a dirty wee slut, Mandy Chase,|so you really are.
OK, then.
Come on!
Fuck off!
Rose ain't here.
She's gone. Away.
What the fuck are you doing with that?
l might blow your balls off with it.
l ain't decided.
I'm mad enough to do it.
Everyone says I'm mad.
They said l was mad at school.
And l ain't done nothing|to prove 'em wrong.
Now turn around.
"She Came In Through|The Bathroom Window. "
By Daniel... J... Wheaton.
Well, to be strictly accurate,|it wasn't the bathroom window.
It was the window in my office.
The first moment l saw her,|she knocked me off my feet.
l won't be around tomorrow.|But you'll be all right - Jo's in and out.
You didn't come home at all last night.
I'm a big girl, Dad.
- What you up to?|- Why are you asking now?
You didn't ask when we got the 17" TV.
Or had the house painted.
Just don't get caught.
Things are gonna be all right soon.
I'm gonna get us out of this place.
l swear.
- What's going on next door?
Dunno. It started|when you was in the kitchen.
- That's for Rose!
No... No...
- No! What you doing?!|- And this is for me, you oily pig!
- What are you doing here?|- l brought the witch's clothes back.
Well, how did you get in?
Stupid question.|You're a professional thief.
- That's why you wanted to see me again.|- Yeah. Sure. Next time, just knock.
It's me! Can l come in?
The police said you stole|£10000-worth of jewels.
Ten thou?!|They bumped it up a bit for insurance!
- What did you tell the Old Bill?|- Old Bill?
- The police.|- Nothing.
So how'd it work out|with your sisters?
OK. False alarm.
- So can l meet them?|- They're very shy.
I've withheld evidence|and harboured a fugitive!
Don't you think you can trust me?
l can't ever trust a man in a bath towel.
Make some coffee. I'll, uh... right there.
Nadja. Right?
- Do l know you?|- No. I'm psychic.
- I'm psychic!|- Then you should know who l am.
You are the one|that borrowed my clothes!
l like you!
Do you like... women?
In that way?
Never mind. We can still be friends.
And you bring them back so soon.|How kind!
- Nadja!
- l see you guys met.|- Yes. l love this girl!
Let me guess.
A Scorpio?
Very good.
l can read your future, too,|if you've got a minute.
lf it's that short,|I'm not sure l wanna know.
The party has arrived.
- Darling!|- Nadja, darling. How are you?
Hello, my...
Oh, it's you!
You didn't waste much time there,|did you?
Is she coming with us?
- Coming where?|- The Tripps Festival.
I've tarted up my old man's country pile.
The bastard's in Montevideo|with his manicurist. So come on.
Don't think so. Things to do.
We... we made other plans. Sorry.
Oh, yes, l keep forgetting, Wheaton.
You're a bourgeois little prick|from Harvard.
ln point of fact, I'm a bourgeois|little prick from Princeton.
Oh, come on, you two!
The Tripps will... blow your mind.
Change your life.
Join the seekers... of mystic bliss.
l need a pee.
What's her name?
Gerry. She says.
Why would she lie?
Lotsa reasons.
Where's Venus?
Oh, Venus!
Your parents are in Paris, by the way.
- What?! How do you know?|- They rang the office. Next stop, London.
They are rich, aren't they? We can expect|some posh dinners, l hope?
Heh-heh! Andrew.
Look, uh... if my parents call the office,...
- don't know where l am, OK?|- Fine!
I'll tell 'em you took a trip.
Oh, Venus!
My special recipe.
Before we all go.
That is the, er...|that's the bastard's pad.
The beauty is that one day|all this will be mine.
Marianne, darling,...
..where are the tasty treats?
Have one.
Go on!
- What's in them?|- Oh, you know, just... it's just a little hash.
Don't give any to Gerry, OK?
l wouldn't dream of it, dear heart.
In my hallucination,|l saw my beloved's flower garden.
In my vertigo,... my dizziness, in my drunken haze...
- What's that smell?|- Patchouli.
Ha-ha! Patchouli!
There's this clarity,|this freaking hyperreality, man.
You understand. From space,|there's no countries, there's no borders.
Earth's just land and water.
And you're fenced in. I'm fenced in.
We're all fenced in.
Look at that!
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen,|for dancing the quickstep.
Now please take your partners|for your next dance, the waltz.
You should come back tonight -|disco tonight.
- Are you a good dancer?|- Not bad.
- l might come, then.|- Another orange juice? On me.
You know how to treat a girl,|don't you?
l knew I'd find you here!
lt reminds me of when Mum and Dad|used to come here.
What dance is that, then? The foxtrot?
No. It's the waltz.
Looks easy enough. Come on.
Couple number seven,|Mandy and Josephine Chase.
The girls, former hairdressers,|hail from Poplar.
Their hobbies include|needlepoint and burglary.
Daniel. Daniel.
Got a job tonight. A club up west.
- Does Gerry know?|- Bollocks to Gerry!
She's probably with that bloke|and the rest of them fucking trendies!
Mandy, this is too dodgy.|We're in the middle of Mayfair.
- It's full of toffs and nobs.|- That's the point. Places like this,...
..they have their guard down.
- Where did you get that?!|- Woolworths!
Where do you think?
Don't move!
Fill that with money. Now!
You're making a big mistake, fellas.|D'you know who owns this place?
Duke of fuckin' Edinburgh!|Who gives a toss?!
Hard men.
- They'll track you down.
- Hurry up!|- It's not police you have to worry about.
Let go!
Fuck! Jo! Jo!
No! No! Shit!
- You shot me!|- Oh, my God!
Fuck! Oh, God!
Come on.
- l can't make it, Mandy.|- You're doing fine.
Get away from the car! Move out the way!
- Get out the fuckin' way! Move it!|- Roger!
- Get back!|- OK. OK.
- OK, cool it.|- Stay there! Stay away from the car!
- Where did you learn to drive?|- Dodgems, Battersea funfair.
Oh, my God!
I've got blood all over the car!
What you got in the bag,|Little Red Riding Hood?
I'm a jewel thief.
Get yourself... into hospital.
- You need one yourself!|- No, l don't!
- I'll get rid of the car.|- You need to get rid of the bloody gun!
That's the first time l heard you swear.
How do you feel?
Dunno yet.
Last night was amazing.
Was it?
You don't remember?
l remember a lot of stuff.
All of it strange.
Someone gave me something that|messed with my head. Was it you?
But l only remember good things.
You and me.
l don't know you, Daniel.
And l don't usually sleep|with people l don't know.
So we'll get to know each other.|Starting from now, OK?
..I'm not like you.
And I'm not like all your hippy friends|who believe in free love.
Nothing's free in this world.
Things have to be earned.
..last night, it was us.
There wasn't anybody else.
- Oh, that's nice.|- Sorry. The door stuck, Mom.
What are you doing here?|l thought you were in Paris.
Oh, no. We left Paris.|There were these riots. It was terrifying.
- Look at the length of your hair!|- l said this wasn't a good idea.
We called your college.
They said you're working in London.
They gave us the address where they|forward your mail. What is this place?
- A friend's apartment.|- But you're at Oxford.
On a Rhodes scholarship.
What's the story here, son?
Uh... this is, uh...
- ..uh...|- Gerry.
Gerry, these are my parents.
Does, um... Gerry live here, too?
No, I'm just passing through.
I'm sorry about that, OK?
l don't care what they think about us.
There is no "us", Daniel!
We were off our heads.|We can't remember what happened.
So let's pretend nothing did.
Look, uh... why don't l|make you guys some coffee?
l think we'd rather take you someplace.
Do you wanna change?
Duggie wants to see you, Gerry.
Bloody hell!
When we spoke to your roommate|at Oxford,...
..that nice young man from Arkansas,...
..he said he'd hardly seen you|this whole semester.
- Thanks, Bill.|- I'll take care of that.
Do you really think a job on a subversive|magazine will look good on your résumé?
Dad... writing is|what l wanna do right now.
l don't know if l can,|but that's what this year is about: figuring out who l am, what l want.
l see! So it's not just you|avoiding the draft for another year?
lf it was, it'd be|a pretty damn good reason, Dad!
l mean, not getting my leg shot off|is more important to me than a PhD.
- Or do you want me to go to Vietnam?|- Of course not.
It's not a question of what we want,|Birdie. It's a question...
..of him doing his duty for his country.
- Ah. Great!
Thank you very much.
- There's a good-looker!
This isn't the war you fought.
l mean, back then, the issues were clear.
The lobsters had to be defeated.
The... lobsters?!
The Nazis.
What are we doing in Southeast Asia|bombing rice farmers?
We are making a stand against|the spread of worldwide Communism.
How much of a stand are you|prepared to make, Daniel?
How much of a stand are you|prepared to make, Daniel?
Are you going to Canada|with the other draft dodgers?
He couldn't possibly|live in Canada.
Are you all right, Daniel?
Whoa! Yeah.
Right, hop it.
What do you think of all this, then, hm?
- Very nice, Duggie.|- Yeah. That'll be the swimming pool.
And my wife June wants a Jacuzzi.
What's a Jacuzzi?
l dunno. But she wants one.
Know why you're here?
No idea.
Last night, two cowboys|robbed a club in the West End.
Only, one of 'em was called Mandy.
Cedric was there. Tell her why, Cedric.
- l get free drinks.|- Ask him why he gets free drinks.
Why do ya get free drinks, Cedric?
Duggie owns the club.
- Fuck!|- Yeah, well... major stake.
My partners pay me to make sure|things like this don't happen.
How do ya think|this makes me look, then?
- l didn't know about it.|- You should. You're the eldest.
You've been doing all these jobs, ain't ya?
Shows a bit of bottle|in this day and age of women's lib.
But... you do not piss on my turf.
l know, Duggie.
I'll square it.
- Honest.|- I'll have that money they took.
And just for sweeteners,...
..I'll have them sparklers|from that job you did in Soho.
l like you, Gerry.
But if you don't sort this out,...
..I'll fucking hurt you!
By tomorrow.
Fuck! Come on, then. Come on.
Come on, then.
What the fuck are you doing?!
Mandy! Get rid of him!
- Hello, Gerry.|- Come here!
- What happened?|- l shot off the end of my thumb.
- They cleaned it up at the chemist's.|- You're disfigured for life!
- l used to bite that nail anyway.|- Where's Jo?
Same bullet that did this|caught her on the leg. She's in hospital.
- What?!|- She's all right. I've seen her.
- Don't go cos the police are in and out.|- Christ, Mandy!
What a mess! And you don't know|the half of it. Duggie...
..owns the place you knocked off.
He wants the money back|and he wants the jewels as a bonus!
What? We went through all that|to end up with sod all?
- What was that for?|- Where's the money?
- It's safe!|- Well, get it!
- And get off the street. Go to Uncle Sid's.|- Fuck off!
l was kinda surprised that you called.
l got the impression|you didn't wanna see me any more.
Are you sure this is|where we were last night?
l thought it was.|l remember the lions. Why?
The jewels l nicked - l threw 'em away|in one of these fountains.
- l don't remember that.|- They must have gone down the drain!
- l was off my head, wasn't l?|- It was Andrew. He spiked both of us.
Maybe it's for the best. Now there's|no evidence. The insurance will pay up.
- It doesn't help.|- So let me help.
You're a nice bloke.
- That's why l want you to go away.|- That doesn't make sense!
I've got the police on my back,|villains after my arse,... sister in hospital|with a gunshot wound...
This is serious, grown-up shit!|And l don't want you involved.
Sometimes l feel like|she sees right through me.
Past my pretences.
My defences.
- Jesus!|- How did you get in?
Baz let me in.|He was doing some layout work.
What?! Why are you here?
My parents are in town. l don't wanna|go home - they'll try and change my life.
- What are you doing here?|- What am l doing here?
Er... it's my fucking office!
- l have business!|- It's Sunday.
Sunday you're usually|at some stately home, having an orgy.
Hi. I'm Daniel.
Go away. Now.
OK. OK, I'm gone.
Thank you.
A snatch full of dollars, dear boy!
Sorry, sorry.
- That's for you.|- Yes.
And this is for you.|Both - one each nostril.
- All of it?|- One each nostril.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
That is fucking satisfaction!|That is fucking satisfaction!
Welcome to fucking England, baby!
Oh, baby!
l love it.
This wasn't hash, man.
Coke's starting to come to London now.|Everything's getting heavier.
You know that girl l met?
You meet a lot of girls, Daniel.
You're passably good-looking.
You can afford Scotch, American teeth...
The one l took to the Tripps Festival.
- She's a thief.|- Stole your heart, did she?
She steals anything, man.|She's a criminal.
A member of the criminal fraternity.
l think I'm in love with her.
- Walk away.|- l can't.
She just...
She might just be the one thing|that makes sense to me right now.
Think about who she is.|Think about who you are.
l mean... you might see yourself as this|"hippy-trippy digger of the scene, man."
But basically...|when the party's over, Daniel,...'ll go back home to a nice, safe life.
Fuck you. Maybe l don't want|a nice, safe life.
l do. I'll swap with you.
Maybe your parents'll adopt me.
They're at The Dorchester.|Room 318. Good luck.
I'll get a taxi.
On the left, their darts player,|who is Morris Barker.
In the centre is Richard Whitecross, and...
How bad is it?
As bad as it can be.
Jo's in hospital...
..and the police are looking for Mandy.
Well... if you square away Duggie Ord...|he'll get the police off your back.
l can't pay him, Dad.
We've gotta get out of here. All of us.|Out of here for keeps.
l wanna tell you...|about the night your mum died.
- You remember Sammy Keane?|- Yeah.
He used to live next door in Rose's house.
..he crossed Duggie Ord once...
..and er... he sent his boys round... firebomb his house.
Only, they came to the wrong place.
What are you sayin'?
It wasn't no gas explosion, Gerry.
Your mum... was right behind the window.
Thank God you girls were upstairs.
You mean...
..our mum...
..was murdered?!
Why didn't you ever tell me?
Why didn't you ever tell anyone?
Cos l thought... it would stand me|in good stead with Duggie Ord...
..if l didn't grass him up.
And the truth is...
..l was gutless.
We can't tell my sisters.
We can't tell my sisters.
It's not too late to shop 'em.
Get them off the street for a few hours.
You're not getting involved.|This is my mess.
No, I've sat in this fuckin' chair|for ten years.
It's about time l got involved.
Lovely place you got here, June.
He's not up yet.|He had a late one last night.
- Oh.|- Whaddaya want?
We've got a warrant.
Wake him up.
What the fuck's all this about, Cedric?
Non omne quod licet...
..honestum est.
"Not everything which is lawful... honourable."
Paul, Chapter 62.
Law is a major instrument|of social control.
It is distinguished from mere custom... the nature of its sanctions|and by the status...
..of the persons who may apply them.
- Are you all right?|- Yeah. Well, they said it missed the bone.
- What did you tell the law?|- Shot came from a passing car.
- Did they buy it?|- They went.
- They'll be back.|- This is all down to you, Mandy.
From the moment you pulled that gun|out of your bag. What's wrong with ya?
- What makes you so angry?|- Me?!
We are family. What gives you the right|to be more pissed off...
- ..than the rest of us?|- l don't know.
- Maybe they should look inside my head!|- Maybe someone should.
l wish l hadn't brought you these now.
Excuse me.
Uh... I'm trying to find a girl.
- Aren't we all?
No. No, she...
Her name is Gerry.|She lives in this neighbourhood.
l don't remember the street exactly, but|l recognise this pub. She has two sisters.
Three sisters - like the Chekhov play.
Well, maybe not.
Sounds like the Chase girls|from Deptford Street.
Yeah. Yeah.
It could be. She never told me|her last name. Do... Do you know them?
Never fuckin' heard of 'em!
lf she comes in,|could you please give her my number?
It's important that l get in touch with her.
Do you have a pen?
Do you have... a pen?
A lot of people wanna know|about the Chase girls.
- Especially after this morning.|- What happened this morning?
- They pulled Duggie.|- Duggie?
Mr... Ord... to you.
Mr Ord. Got it. Right.
lf you find her, tell her...
..the whole fuckin' family's gonna pay.
- Got it?|- I'll be sure to.
Lunchtime -|when one of 'em goes for his grub.
Yeah. Got anything for my nerves?
We should have done this at night.
It's gotta be done now, Uncle Sid.|Duggie's lawyers will have him out soon.
Hi. I'm looking for a Josephine Chase.
Josephine Chase.
Nightingale Ward, fourth floor.
Thank you.
- Are you Josephine?|- Jo.
Gerry's sister?
I'm... I'm a friend of hers.
- Are you, er... part of this?|- Part of what?
Getting me out.
Why? Is it not a good hospital?
Who's he?
Do you know him?
- What are you doing here?|- You said Jo was shot.
- l checked the hospitals.|- Stay out of my life.
- l can't.|- Well, try.
- Who's this?|- I'm Daniel.
- Get her in the chair, for God's sake.|- Let me help.
Is he with us?
- No.|- Yes.
You'd better put this on, then.
Where are you taking her?
- X-ray.|- l thought she had an x-ray yesterday.
Smudge on the negative.
Have you any idea|what you've walked into?
I'd say you're trying to sneak your sister|out of here without the cops noticing.
This ain't a bloody college prank!|I've got other people after me.
- I met them. I have messages.
Don't take him back, Rose. Please?
- Take care.|- l will.
Who's this?
- I'm Daniel, sir.|- Oh. Lover boy!
- Shut up, Mandy!|- I'm Mandy, Gerry's evil twin!
You three slags!
l should warn you,|l used to box for my school.
- You animal!|- Got that right, girl.
- Dad!
l used to box for money.
How much we got?
Should be enough|to get us to France.
Don't paint the headlight!
Bollocks to this!
l ain't doing it on my own.
That Daniel's walking away|from a lot for you.
- College. Career.|- l didn't ask him to.
l know you're a thief, Gerry, but... you've|always been straight with everyone.
- Are you being straight with him?|- How do ya mean?
l just don't think he should get hurt.|He don't deserve that.
- What are you thinking?
- It's a privilege to be in a place like this.|- It's all right.
Dunno what you was|hoping to find in London.
l found you.
Yeah. And cos of that,|you might end up in jail.
Dostoevsky went to jail.|It's a good place to write.
Still gonna write about us?
Well... why not? It gets better all the time.
Is that why you hung in with us?
What other reason could there be?
I'm coming to France with you.
Get real, Daniel.
It's easy for us to starve.|You're used to rich.
No one will starve.|We'll have plenty of cash.
- How?|- Andrew's got cash in his office.
- What? Petty cash in a tin box?|- No. Dirty money.
Money he won't report.
- Mind her feet!
Take it easy, Sidney!
Did you clear this with Andrew, Loretta?
- He's out of town and my show's tonight.
- Careful, you bloody idiot!
It's a work of art, not bloody timber!
He's got nothing in the fridge!|l haven't eaten all day!
No, there's no sign they've been here.
No lipstick or... Tampax.
Chopper said they went off with him.
Fuckin' Chopper.
Hey, look at the state of that.|Needs watering!
Yeah, it needs something.
- Isn't this how we met?|- Come on.
- Shit. Shit!|- What?
She's gone. The money -|it was in a statue - it's gone.
It must have went to the art gallery.|The opening is today.
- What are we gonna do?|- Break in. Isn't that what you guys do?
Fuckin' hell! Hendrix.
Fuckin' rubbish.
There. Now, that's more like it.
Cliff. Live at The Talk Of The Town.
l was there.
- Class.|- Fuckin' is, mate.
- What day is it?|- Tuesday, you bollock!
They might be at this.
Let's go.
I'm not going like this.
- It looks good.|- It looks great. Come on.
No, no, no, no, no, no...
Let's split up. Come on.
Mandy, go that way.
I'm Loretta. Welcome to my... work.
- Where did he stash it?|- It's in there.
- Where?|- It's in her...
What's a woo-woo?
Private part.
Some of Loretta's early works|remind me of RB Kitaj.
In her power of colour,|if not the coherence of ideas.
Give me some of that.
Now... where's that Australian cow?
There's a storeroom. l can hide in there...
- ..and let you in.|- Jesus Christ, Loretta!
- You might have bloody asked me!|- l was a couple of pieces short.
- Short?|- Oh, don't go spastic.
- You'll get it back at the end of the week.
Excuse me.
Do you have an invitation?
- You owe me for the two kilos, man!|- Look, man. Relax.
- The money's there. It's fine.|- Man!
- What do you look like?|- It's all the latest fab gear, Cedric.
It's diabolical.|We're taking you to see Duggie.
They're not going anywhere.
Need another slap in the face, sonny Jim?
Have you seen these prices?|They want 500 quid for some of this crap!
On your knees, shorty.
l said on your fuckin' knees!
Jesus! Where'd you get that?
l got one for each of us.
Everyone! Hit the fuckin' floor!
Not you, Daniel.
You bloody Philistine.
Jo! Bag!
- Keep down!|- Get on the floor!
- Move it, Daniel.|- On the floor!
- Move!|- l told you to walk away.
- Get down!|- Get down!
Stay on the floor!
Hurry up, Daniel!
- Keep your hands on the floor!|- What's going on?
You wouldn't believe it.
Stay down!
- Don't move!|- He's gonna put my money in his bag!
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
Don't fuckin' move!
This is one of those "happenings,"|isn't it? Are you from The Living Theatre?
- Piss off!|- No, you piss off!
They want to provoke us - to shock us|out of our bourgeois complacency.
- I've read about them.|- That's right.
l saw them at the Roundhouse|when they guillotined a chicken.
- Very good.|- Bravo!
Gimme the money!
They've got my fucking money!
My fucking money!
The money!
- Out of the way, bitch!|- I'm only doing my job!
Suck my cock, you fucking lesbian!
Not the Jag as well, you bastard!
Keep going straight.
Get rid of the gun!
Give me yours!
- Bet you wish you had a gun now.|- Look out!
Hang on!
- Which way?|- Down there!
- Can't open the bloody door!
Out the back!
Where you go?
No! Stop!
Rule Britannia
Last time l was in France,|l had a rifle in my hand.
It was the war.
Rule Britannia|Marmalade and jam
Five Chinese crackers up your arsehole
Bang, bang, bang, bang
These bugs are everywhere!
What's wrong?
We've never made love.
Yes, we have.
No, we haven't.
We didn't know where|or who we were that night.
l don't get this.
After all we've been through, after what|he's done, how can you run out on him?
Cos l love him, Dad.
Yeah, well, you lost me there, girl.
She thinks she'll mess up his life, Dad.
- What's up?|- It's a flat tyre.
Have a look, Gerry.
What are you doing?
Stop messing about!
Let him make up his own mind! You|don't have to look out for us any more.
Get your own life, girl!
Come on!
Calm down!
- Where's my fuckin' money?|- l don't know... l don't know.
Now listen, pretty boy.
Think I'm a Colombian peasant? l ain't.|Tell me where my money is or I'll kill you!
Look, man, l don't have it!
They... Fuck! They ripped me off, too,|man. What do you think I'm hitching for?!
One false move...
- Understand?|- Yes.
Pull over. Stop.
Fucking stop!
Here, here, here!
Not a fucking word!
Drive. Come on, come on.
Where are the others?|They rip you off too, huh?
No. l was looking for him.
Really? Then why did you|walk out on me in the first place?
Cos it's not too late for you|to rescue your life.
"Rescue my life?"
Gerry, without you, l don't have a life.
Do l have to listen to this?|Where's my fucking money?
They've long gone by now!
Pull over, man. Pull over.|l want my fucking money.
You know...?
Nice car, Gerry! Where'd you nick it?
- We've gotta give him the money.|- No way.
No, no! l think you should|listen to your sister, Mandy.
- Go get the money.|- No way!
Move it!
OK. Bring it over here! Now!
Move it! Put it on there.
Open it.
It's all there.|Except what we paid for the car.
Monsieur. Slice this.
- Chop this.|- Go away, loco.
It's big, huh?
Go away, loco.
No, no. Chop this. Please?
No, honey
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