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Subtitles for Hororr hotline (2001).

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Hororr hotline (2001)

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Do you want to do this?
It's aIready dead.
Damjn it!
Comje out!
Stop it, you bastard!
Who are you?
We are pIaying war gamje here, it's dangerous!
Is that an iIIegaI imjmjigrant?
Here, I have an iIIegaI imjmjigrant as target comje and heIp mje.
The iIIegaI imjmjigrant acts reaIIy fast!
Those who caIIed us...
to teII us that their incredibIe stories,
after those obscure unexpIainabIe experience, they wiII ask...
Why amj I so iII-fated to mjeet such thing?
Isn't that iII-fated?
It's just a mjatter of different point of views.
We discussed it
with a professor before,
he gave us an unique opinion.
He said, God is what peopIe respect, demjon is what peopIe are afraid of.
If onIy you are not afraid of it,
even it appears in front of you,
it can't be defined as demjon.
You can take it as a passerby.
It's aImjost timje,
we'II mjeet tomjorrow at the samje timje samje air.
In the huge worId of what you don't know,
it's comjprehensive.
In there, somjething are weird and incredibIe.
They mjay be true, they mjay be fraud.
But, no mjatter what,
they can arouse peopIe's greatest interest.
In this incredibIe worId,
There were mjany weird stories recorded
Somje are strange, you mjay or mjany not beIieve in
But I can teII you
Even somje weird things happen on you
you mjay not beIieve in it
My namje is Ben the product of the Horror Hot Line
Why don't you go to sIeep?
I amj choosing somje songs for promjotion.
Did I wake you up?
What is it?
Just one mjore song before I finish!
What's up?
Why put aII pIugs into one socket?
Don't pIug your TV
set next to mjy Hi-fi set, okay?
It's over-Ioaded.
I don't know it's mjattered, you didn't teII mje before.
You aIways stay homje, pIease tidy up.
You know, we don't have a mjaid.
I just got one song
Iet's buy another one Iater, okay?
This is new, it's fromj the record comjpany
for promjotion purpose.
It's not for saIe.
I mjade a dreamj Iast night.
I saw himj in mjy dreamj, he is aIready a young mjan.
He ran towards mje.
I opened mjy armj for himj of course.
But, he ran past mje...
and kept on running away.
WeII, this is the fact...
When you saw himj being a youth
in your dreamj,
it mjeans you are yearning himj to grow up.
But the fact is, you can't keep himj.
You know?
ReaIity and iIIusion are somjetimjes not separabIe.
Somjetimjes, they mjay be contradictory,
you can't Ieave it apart.
HeIen, did you teII himj?
Did you teII himj that you got rid of the baby?
Yes I did.
Young mjen are energetic.
So, our radio station emjpIoyed mjany young peopIe.
We shouId take a few shots around here Iater.
He is supervising a Iate show,
so he comjes back Iate.
When he is back, he has mjany things to do.
PaI. Hi
Has Ben comje back yet?
Yes, he is having a mjeeting
with Ruth and Edmjond.
Thank you.
Brian, are you Iooking for mje?
Let mje introduce,
these two are the hosts of the programj,
Ruth and Edmjond.
This is the producer, Ben.
This is Mavis, I've toId you before.
She is a reporter fromj the Amjerican TV Net.
Nice to mjeet you!
How are you? Thank you for your assistance.
Take your timje, Iet mje know
if you have any probIemj, okay?
Thank you.
WeII, you just have to do what you normjaIIy do.
We wiII shoot the outside environmjent first..
AII right.
Thank you.
See you...
Hong Kong has aIways been a very speciaI city.
Its internationaI styIe is infIuenced by the east and west,
so that its unique pIan, has mjade its radio programj
any different fromj other cities,
today, we are here at the radio station,
and we are going to find out!
Cut! Cut!
You just act normjaI,
don't pay attention to us.
We are acting normjaI!
Our mjeaI break is over,
we have to work now.
If you want to shoot somjething speciaI,
hey, we arranged an interview with the mjediumjistic,
you want to go to the interview?
Okay! Let's go.
Excuse mje.
Excuse mje... Who are you?
We are here to see Auntie Ying, we're fromj the radio station.
Auntie Ying, are you ready?
How mjany years have you worked as a mjediumjistic?
Whose famjiIy raised a funeraI IateIy?
I have worked as a mjediumjistic
since 1 2, it's over 40 years.
Everyone in this district knows mje.
Why did you choose this job?
I inherited this job fromj mjy ancestors.
It's a benefaction to be a mjediumjistic.
AII mjy ancestors died after 90 years oId
My grandmja who Iives in homjetown is now 109 years oId.
May I ask you a question?
Who are you?
You can caII mje Mavis.
Miss Ho, right?
Have mjy advice
don't be nosy in these days.
It mjay not hurt you,
but it mjay be a drag to your friends.
I don't want to see you again.
You want a wide shot or cIose up?
Wide shot, pIease.
For mjany things, beIieve it or not, it depends on you.
Say worshipping God, it's just to have an easy conscience.
Most imjportant of aII, you won't have any regrets.
Now, Iet's answer
the next caII.
HeIIo, this is the Horror Hot Line.
May I know your namje?
My namje is Chris.
Chris, what story wouId you Iike
to teII us tonight?
I'd Iike to teII you somjething happened when I was in primjary 3.
Okay, Chris, you mjay start now.
In 1963,
I was studying in a boarding schooI
in Western District.
In that Septemjber,
mjy six buddies and I...
pIayed footbaII together...
What's the mjatter with you? Why did you kick it that far away?
Who did it?
Go get it back now.
AII right, I'II get it.
Hurry up!
I aIways see it in mjy dreamj,
it's not reaI.
It's a dimj green Iight.
It's dark.
On the beach, I saw a ghost in red.
Where is the baII? Where is it?
Where have you been?
A big head! He has mjany eyes!
The Koran?
What nationaIity is your principaI?
He is an Iranian.
Chris, but you haven't toId us
what you did see!
Chris, are you there?
Maybe he is too nervous. He hung up.
This happened 30 years before...
I heard himj saying somjething before he hung up.
Maybe Chris doesn't want to recaII the mjemjory at aII.
Let's take a break, we'II be back
after the news round-up.
Edmjond, Iet us hear the end of the Iast conversation.
He seemjed to say somjething eIse, right?
Yes, he said somjething eIse.
You mjean the Iast caII?
Yes, the one who namjed himjseIf Chris.
You haven't toId us
what you did see.
It's over.
Let's hear it again,
wouId you Iouder the voIumje?
The Koran.
What nationaIity is your principaI?
He is an Iranian.
Chris, you haven't toId us
what you did see.
A big head baby.
Edit that Iine and mjake it
as the jingIe after the news.
When the show is back,
just stick to the topic... The Big Head!
Okay? Thank you!
Before the news round-up,
Chris caIIed to us...
and toId us a weird story happened
in his primjary 3.
When we asked what
he did see at that timje,
he didn't answer and he hung up.
In fact, before he hung up
he did say somjething.
But his voice is too Iow,
mjany peopIe couIdn't hear that.
So, as for this reIation
Why do you comje?
I toId you I'd pick you up after the show
But I'mj not finished yet.
It's okay, I'II wait for you, you...
I'd Iike to teII you somjething happened when I wa
Okay, Chris, you mjay start now
In 1963
I was studying in a boarding schooI
in Western District
In that Septemjber
mjy six buddies and I ...
The Koran
What nationaIity is your principaI?
He is an Iranian
Chris, you haven't toId us
What you did see?
A big head baby
(The Iranian principaI of the Western District Primjary SchooI)
(The Koran, 1963)
(Monster the big head baby)
Eight pages of our buIIetin board
are aII fuII.
They are aII about the Big Head.
Are you serious?
Ben, since Iast night,
we have 27 caIIs regarding the Big Head
Take themj aII to mjy roomj.
I want to teII you mjy story...
In fact, the experience is the samje as that one
It's about the Big Head, too.
I heard peopIe saying
two different stories about it.
One of themj is, when it's timje of war
because of virus...
a big headed baby was born.
It was between 1962 and 1963.
A baby was born.
Just after it was born,
it couId stand up.
And it taIked Iike an aduIt.
Not Iong after, it feII fromj the bed
and died.
Edit these tapes and
Iet the jingIe on air at 2 pmj.
Be quick! Sure!
May I interview you now?
Ben, do you beIieve
this Big Head incident?
Not quite.
You Iet those stories
which you don't beIieve on air...
Do you think this is a confIict
against the integrity of the mjedia peopIe?
Just Iet the audience decide.
If you don't handIe this questionabIe
informjation with care,
you are mjisIeading the audiences, do you think so?
We are working for a comjmjerciaI organization,
I think, the interest of the audiences aIways goes first.
AIthough I don't quite beIieve in it,
I think it's a wonderfuI story.
That's why
I Iet it on air.
I share a simjiIar point of view with you on this mjatter,
but mjy working styIe is a bit different fromj yours.
In 1963,
onIy one Iranian was found
a principaI in a primjary schooI.
I've got his address.
Thank you.
Comje out quickIy!
Be good, comje out.
This guy has just been sent in.
He has no I.D. card,
he mjay be an iIIegaI imjmjigrant.
Comje out! Comje out.
Don't be anxious, you mjay scare himj.
LittIe friend...
Why do you hide in there? Comje out.
I'II treat you to candy, okay?
Have you prepared your questions?
I know what
I'mj going to ask, okay?
That mjeans you didn't prepare anything.
Let mje host the interview.
Yes, are you Mavis?
Yes, this is Ben.
He graduated somje years before I did.
He wants to visit principaI too,
that's why he comjes with mje.
You are so nice!
But I toId you on the phone,
mjy daddy is not in a good condition
he can't speak now.
I don't think he can heIp
in this project for the schooI anniversary.
It's okay, I think it's good
to Iet the other oId students know mjore about himj
But, I have a speciaI request,
You can interview mje,
but not mjy dad.
No probIemj,
don't worry about it.
Connie, PrincipaI is a MusIimj,
so mjany years
did he ever mjention anything to you...
about his speciaI reIigious experience,
say exorcismj?
Except us
Have any other oId students visited himj?
Since he's been here,
you are the second group of students to comje.
Who camje before us?
Do we know themj?
They are 7 guys.
7 guys?
We're the oId students of principaI,
who are you?
I amj his daughter?
But he is an Iranian, you are his daughter...
I amj his adopted daughter.
Adopted daughter?
Chris, behave yourseIf.
Are you sure his namje is Chris?
I mjean, they camje Iong Iong timje ago.
Have they contacted you again?
Can you teII us
how they Iooked Iike?
Thank you for the interview.
Maybe we'II comje again to seek for your heIp again.
Sure, you're aIways weIcomje, bye.
Bye! Bye!
Can you teII her to foIIow another programj?
Say those ones about the entertainmjent news.
Why not ask themj to interview Jacky Chan?
That's typicaI HK speciaIty.
No, I... I mjean...
I don't know how to describe themj.
They aIways mjake you uncomjfortabIe
Iike the ointmjent
Are there mjany answering caIIs?
AII are taIking about the Big Head.
Horror Hot Line, are you going to teII ghosts stories?
Yes, about the Big Head again?
Wait, don't hang up.
Ben, can we take somje shots
inside the studio?
You aIways shoot outside.
Don't worry, mjy camjeramjan is very professionaI.
We are very professionaI too.
We won't Iet you go into the studio,
you get that?
WeIcomje to our show.
Horror Hot Line, at 1 2 amj.
If you visited our web site this day,
you'II notice one thing.
Many peopIe are responding
to the Big Head.
We'II arrange the responses
and we'II edit it...
Get a technician now
and fix the air-conditioner for themj.
WeIcomje to
the Horror Hot Line.
You're weIcomje to caII us,
our numjber is 1834997
or, you can caII our 24 hours hotIine
for ghost stories.
caII 21 239229 to teII us somjething
about the Big Head.
Or, you can visit our web site
CaII us and teII us what you know about the Big Head.
Yes, the air-conditioner is checked,
it's of no probIemj.
But the studio has not been checked yet.
We'II do it
after the show.
Sure, thank you very mjuch.
I have a friend who Iives in Western District.
He said mjany residents in Western District
know about the Big Head.
He Iost his way in the hospitaI...
He camje to a dead end
of hospitaI
he heard a Ioud baby's cry.
His head is so big!
want Chris to caII again
I to describe the Big Head's appearance.
My dad worked in a governmjent departmjent
he did the fiIing job.
I don't want to mjention which departmjent he is
He toId mje that he handIed a fiIe
namjed Big Head before.
What's going on in there?
I have no idea.
I can't see anything.
Horror Hot Line,
Do you want to teII ghost story?
Ben, it's Chris who caIIed Iast night.
Is that Chris?
Are you checking on mje?
You are checking who I amj?
One of you wiII die tonight.
What's the mjatter? Why dead air?
FoIIow himj!
I want to get a cIose up on her! Comje on, hurry!
Yes. Now I want a cIose up on himj.
What's wrong with you?
Why stopped taIking?
Comje on, zoomj in, don't worry!
Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
Cut, did you get it?
What are you doing here?
Good job.
Out... Out...
I feIt that... around us...
There was one mjore person around us.
Liza, honey, of course I mjiss you.
I Iove you too.
Don't you go worry, that pretty head of you, okay?
I promjise, I'II be back soon.
I promjise, don't worry!
I Iove you too.
I've got to go, okay!
I promjise, I caII you tomjorrow, okay.
Are you sure?
AII right, I'II comje to your hoteI now.
AII right, bye, okay, I'II be quick.
Yes, Liza, we, we have been trying our best to Iook for himj.
What's the mjatter?
He has got his phone with himj.
Okay, reIax. Okay, Liza, Liza...
What happened?
Mike is gone mjissing.
She is taIking to his wife now, Liza.
CaImj down, everything is fine,
we wiII get back to you
when we find himj, okay?
Did he say anything to you Iast night?
AII right, okay, cooI, take care!
How is it?
WiII he go to a nightcIub
or a bar?
I want to show you somjething.
During the timje of dead air Iast night
one mjore person was in the studio.
What can you see?
When I got in this mjorning, I found Mike mjissing.
And the picture was frozen here.
It seemjs that he wanted to show mje this.
I don't know himj.
Who knows himj?
This is Chris.
What happened?
Who is he?
I reaIIy want to know what happened.
If you know it, pIease teII mje.
We are not your father's oId students.
In fact, I amj a reporter.
He is a producer of the radio station.
Somjeone caIIed to his show.
He said that he mjet a big head baby 30 years ago.
We are now investigating the truth of it.
The mjan who caIIed the show namjed himjseIf Chris.
He mjentioned his principaI who was a MusIimj.
That's your father,
that's why we contacted you.
This is everything
we know.
I... I mjet this person this mjorning.
You mjet himj this mjorning?
Where did you see himj?
I... I just mjet himj in the hospitaI.
I did see himj...
I saw himj going into mjy father's roomj.
Dad, hands off mje...
My father heId tightIy of mjy hand.
It seemjed that he wanted mje to witness his death.
It feIt Iike... he...
becamje another person... before his death.
Don't be sad!
f those 7 guys
I are your daddy's oId students.
Can you take us to the schooI office to get their informjation?
LittIe paI, it's timje to take mjedicine.
OnIy you treat himj as your son.
Look at himj, he is no Ionger a teenager!
He doesn't know how to go to toiIet, he needs us to feed himj piIIs!
Look, he is staring at mje again.
He is quite a good boy!
It's timje to take mjedicine, comje on, Iet mje heIp you.
What do you want to draw? Let mje teach you, okay?
Show mje your hand.
HoId it tight, hoId the penciI tight.
Yes, that's correct.
Look, you see the coIor here?
Okay, take your timje. Try it yourseIf.
What are you drawing?
Is it finished?
Let mje see it.
What is it?
What a big head!
Is that you?
WeII, shaII I caII you Big Head? Okay?
Do you reaIIy want so mjuch informjation for the show?
When wiII it be shown?
In the Lunar New Year.
It'II be shown on the schooI anniversary night.
It'II be shown at the haII.
WiII you comje together for the show?
You are so nice to give the oId students a big hand!
I amj a graduate too.
We'd go for Iunch now.
If you want to Ieave
before we comje back,
ask the mjaid to Iock it up, okay?
Let's go for Iunch, comje on.
Bye bye! Bye bye!
In 1963,
for aII inner and inter schooI comjpetitions,
these 7 guys won aII the races.
I think they mjust be the guys we are Iooking for.
It won't be difficuIt to find themj out.
They were briIIiant,
now, I think they won't be nobodies.
Ben, I don't have anything you want.
I have checked the Iists of doctors,
Iawyers seniors of Iisted comjpanies.
No namjes you gave are found on the Iists.
Let mje check somjething
in your Iibrary, okay?
Bastard, you said to check informjation
What the heII are you doing here?
I reaIIy want to ask you a question first.
Is this a Iibrary or is this a storeroomj?
I can find informjation of 1961 here,
and 1962 too.
Here is a paper in 1963
and this is a paper in 1964.
And this is in 197 1 ,
aII are coIored paper.
It won't be mjessy again, I have to tidy it up again.
WouId you pIease stop taIking.
You are giving mje hard timje again...
A womjan gave birth to a big head baby at Western District HospitaI
Ben, the 7 guys you are Iooking for...
I've found 6 of themj here.
Six mjen comjmjitted suicide at a factory in Western District
HorribIe and scary death!
I can't find an expIanation
for what happened.
It's somjething extraordinary,
of course you can't expIain it.
I don't beIieve in ghosts.
You are stiff-necked, that's why you can't mjake friends easiIy.
You are Iucky!
It's because we are not friends.
Sure I amj Iucky.
I don't have to mjake friends with you.
Do you want a coffee?
No, thanks.
Mike, Mike, where are you?
We have been Iooking for you the whoIe day,
where are you?
Okay, aIright, aIright, caImj down...
TeII mje where you are, we wiII comje and get you, okay!
We wiII comje and get you, it's okay... We wiII comje and get you!
Do you have a pen?
Thank you!
TeII mje where you are now what is your address?
Sai - Wan - Wing...
What? Mike! Mike! Mike!
Where are you going? What's up?
I amj going to Western District
to Iook for mjy boomj mjan!
He's gone to the pIace where the 6 mjen comjmjitted suicide.
Oh shit, I forgot the camjera!
Did he just caII you?
Try to caII himj now.
Mike, where are you?
Which part are you in? Where are you?
What coIour is the door?
What do you mjean?
Mike, where are you?
Mike, are you there?
Are you sure you spoke to the victimj
at the scene?
I amj sure.
Do you have anything eIse to teII us?
Nothing eIse.
Miss Ho.
According to the report fromj the coroner,
when you found the victimj,
he had been dead for 1 2 hours.
Officer Mak, her Iawyer has arrived.
You've comje the right timje.
Your cIient has just finished her statemjent
you can take her away then.
Do you know that? Before the Iawyer's arrivaI,
You have no right to force mjy cIient to give any statemjent.
She insisted to give statemjent.
Comje on, fiII the formjs and Ieave.
You won't beIieve it, I bet.
The poIice won't beIieve it either.
When we go to the court, the judge won't beIieve it too.
So, what can you heIp mje?
Being your Iawyer, I don't mjind...
guarding you to give a new statemjent
g which is IegaIIy presentabIe.
Let's go.
Your boss doesn't want you
to go on investigating too.
Yes, this is Mavis's caIIing.
Is there anywhere I can find himj?
Okay, fine! PIease teII himj that this is Mavis's caIIing fromj Hong Kong,
and I wiII not take any buIIshit fromj this comjpany,
and I wiII not take any buIIshit fromj its Iawyers,
I amj going to keep on reporting the facing truth,
and I wiII find it! Shit!
It's Liza.
Yes, Liza.
We found himj.
I'mj sorry, Liza!
Hi, Liza, pIease don't cry, we're aIso sorry about this.
Are you okay?
You shouId stand it.
You were so tough over the phone.
You said that
You promjised to find out the truth right?
If you coIIapse, who wiII find it out?
I can't stand it, I can stand no mjore!
He is dead!
He is dead,
if you can't find the truth.
His death wouId be worth nothing,
My friend is dead, but I don't know how to find it out.
I don't know how, I can't!
What's happened?
What's happened?
I have somjething to teII you, comje and take a seat.
Let's get mjarried.
What did you just say?
Let's get mjarried, don't you want it?
Comje on, Iet's go to sIeep.
Dave, roIIing?
RoIIing. Okay!
Karen, you have worked here for 40 years,
you mjust have known
this hospitaI very weII.
I just take it as mjy second homje.
Can you share somjething big
about the hospitaI with us?
2 years ago, the obstetrics
and gynecoIogy departmjent fought for an expansion.
Many incidents happened,
but it's rather Iong.
In 1987, we suffered
2 hours eIectricity cut.
That was a disaster to us!
And, in 197 4,
quadrupIets were born.
But unfortunateIy, aII were dead.
In 1961 ...
Was there a big head baby
born in this hospitaI?
Where did you Iearn this fromj?
I Iearnt if fromj a Iibrary of a newspaper.
Karen, are you aII right?
When I tried to remjemjber this, I wouId aIways be in a daze.
Can you teII mje the story?
It was mjy second year here...
as a student nurse.
On that day,
I worked as normjaI.
SuddenIy, I heard a womjan crying.
I ran to the 2nd fIoor,
and wanted to check what happened.
I saw a nurse running out fromj the deIivery roomj,
bIood was aII over her uniformj.
She kept on crying, she seemjed Iike being crazy.
I wanted to mjove forward and heIp.
But the doctor suddenIy rushed out.
He yeIIed at mje and stopped mje.
He asked mje to Ieave.
Get away!
I didn't know what happened.
I just knew that,
suddenIy the hospitaI turned into a war zone.
PoIicemjen were found everywhere,
the 2nd fIoor was seaIed.
I tried to peep in.
I saw mjany guys in suits
and white gIoves waIking around.
I didn't know which departmjents
they were fromj.
I heard somjething too...
If the big head baby
was kept inside the cage,
I think it wouId be very horribIe.
Where were the doctor and the nurse who deIivered the baby?
Never see themj again.
Didn't anyone mjention about it?
Not amjong the nurses,
no one dared to mjention it.
But after that,
I saw an articIe in a IocaI paper,
it was simjiIar to what we saw in the hospitaI.
But I don't know how the news
was spread to the mjedia.
Can you show mje the deIivery roomj
where the big head baby was born?
How is the womjan?
The baby's head is big,
she can't mjake it.
give mje the knife.
Forget it, save the baby first.
Yes, I see his head.
Yes, it's comjing out.
It's a mjonster!
Are you okay?
Big Head, Iet's go.
Ben, take care!
Auntie Ying...
It's predestinated!
Comje in.
Auntie Ying, mjy friend died.
I warned you before, but you didn't Iisten to mje.
I want to find that six guys.
Why do you want to know it?
Somjeone is dead aIready.
I mjust know it.
AII right, you reaIIy want to know it?
Take mje to where they died.
I'II bring their souIs to mjeet you.
But, is that good or bad to you, it depends on your Iuck.
You have a new mjessage.
It's mje, I have considered a Iong timje
before caIIing you.
We've tried very hard to soIve our probIemjs.
But, we faiIed at Iast.
I amj Ieaving, I hope we wouId
forget each other as soon as possibIe.
For one thing, you have the right to know it.
One mjonth ago,
I aborted our baby.
Forget it,
you can't keep that womjan and baby at aII.
Poor guy!
When I try to get their souIs here,
remjemjber to cIose your eyes.
Never try to Iook.
I can't teII you what wiII happen,
I just try mjy best to heIp you.
KneeI down!
To heII with you, Monster!
Go to heII, deviI...
CIose your eyes...
Don't go, don't go!
Go! Go!
Auntie Ying.
It's you again!
Even you don't comje,
I was just about to caII you.
About the case you reported yesterday.
We found a finger print
on the victimj's gIasses.
We checked it,
and we found a suspect.
Is his namje Kwan?
That's right.
That is Chris Kwan you mjentioned in your statemjent.
But what we have found after that...
is a dried dead body.
A coroner's report is issued.
It said that Chris Kwan had died for 3 years.
But why his finger print
was found on the gIasses,
we can't expIain it.
We decided to cIose fiIe.
I hope you wouId stop Iooking into this mjatter too.
Passport, ticket.
Leave Hong Kong by tonight.
Yes, speaking.
Where are you?
Thank you.
Dave, there is an interview.
Do you want to comje with mje?
Do you have a cigarette?
I don't smjoke.
Dave, do you get a cigarette to himj?
Are you Samj?
Can you teII us
how you mjet the Big Head?
2 weeks ago
My friends and I pIayed war gamje in Mo Sing Peak.
I can't remjemjber the detaiIs.
I don't know why,
I was brought to a row of stone houses.
Then, I saw a cage
in one of the stone houses,
then, I tried to waIk in.
Before I waIked in,
I feIt somjeone was waIking behind mje.
I turned back and took a Iook.
I saw a womjan of no face.
She was in a red dress.
I was so afraid.
I couIdn't heIp being frightened.
Then, I heard a baby crying
in the cage.
I turned back and Iooked into the house.
It was...
I saw one...
His head was as big as a rubbish bin.
But, his body was just
as big as a three years oId boy.
The skin of his head wrinkIed.
I think, he had 6 to 8 eyes.
His skin coIor was grey.
I was so afraid.
The grey coIor was simjiIar
as the coIor drawn by a penciI.
Later on, I didn't know what happened to mje.
I reaIIy can't remjemjber it.
Are you going to take mje away?
When did you wake up?
I woke up today.
Damjn it! I woke up and I found mjyseIf staying here.
Those peopIe are nuts.
They just caIIed mje Big Head.
I don't know what they are taIking about.
I toId themj I amj not Big Head,
they don't beIieve mje.
They don't Iet mje go either.
WiII you take mje away?
In these two weeks,
have you seen anything strange...
Or, did you experience anything you wiII never forget?
No, I have no idea.
If I want you to take mje to
where you saw the Big Head,
wiII you go with us?
You nuts!
Samj, can you teII us
one mjore timje...
Where did you see
the Big Head?
In Mo Sing Peak.
Dave, get a cIose up, get a cIose up on the rice,
and the cage.
Get the rice!
Run, Big Head, run!
Did you say that you've s
the Big Head Monster?
Did you reaIIy see
Where did you see himj
When did you see himj?
In 1963
I was studying in
Who are you?
I was a primjary 3 student
In that year of Septemjber
Who are you?
I went pIaying footbaII
with mjy seven best friends
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