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Hot Wheels World Race CD1

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I don't know why we keep failing.
I've built a new kind of car... the fastest in the world.
Maybe you should build a new kind of driver.
A new kind of driver.
Next time you wanna lose to me, Alec, try surfin'.
Water's a lot softer.
We oughta get up a team, Vert.
Surf or skateboards... either one. We could get sponsored.
Haven't you heard? I'm a team of one.
What's up, Dad?
My squadron's shipping out. High alert.
But you were gonna take me to get my driver's license.
I can drop you off, Vert, but I don't have time to wait for you.
But I've been waiting 16 years.
Anyway, what's the point of having a license without a car?
Look, I'm sorry I have to go...
especially on your birthday.
But I've got a responsibility to my squadron.
We're a team. And as a team...
You said as soon as I was 16 I could drive the car.
Skateboards, surfing. Now cars.
Someday you'll find out what's really important.
You mean more important than what I want.
You can't always do what you want.
You have to think about other people.
I'm gonna be the best driver in the world.
I don't have time for this. Do you want me to drop you off or not?
You made a perfect score on the written test and the driving test.
Your father must be very proud.
Yeah. Thanks.
Check it out.
Because of your extraordinary abilities...
you have been chosen to take part in the World Race.
Drivers with unique skills have been recruited from all over the world.
Some with experience at the highest levels of professional racing.
And others whose full talents have not yet been discovered.
I'm looking for the greatest driver in the world.
If that's you, then follow the map on the GPS screen.
Welcome to the Handler Proving Ground.
I see that you've all found your driving suits.
My name is Peter Tezla. I'm the founder and president of the Scrim Corporation.
I've invented the most advanced racing technology the world has ever seen.
In the World Race, you will take this technology to its limits...
and beyond.
The driver who wins will be declared the fastest racer in the world...
and will receive fiive million dollars.
Way cool.
What would you do if you had that kind of money?
I do, and I've done it.
The cars are equipped with special Nitrox 2 boosters.
Grand prix wasn't this fast.
And each car has special equipment...
to handle a different type of terrain.
The cars I call "Desert Rats"...
can operate in the deepest sand.
While a Scorcher's car can drive through the heart of a volcano.
Hey, Vert. Since we've both got Wave Ripper cars...
maybe we should be a team.
Forget it, Lani. I'm a team of one.
Check it out!
Hey, you're Taro Kitano, right?
Somebody told me you skied down Mount Everest once.
Twice. I'm gonna pass you.
That's what you think.
Oh, man. Wrong switch.
This isn't a game, kid.
You're a driver now, not a surf rat.
Who are you callin' "kid"?
I call the track Highway 35...
because that's where it begins.
But it's older than our roads... older than human history.
It was built eons ago by technologically advanced beings...
perhaps from another world.
Beings whom I call the Accelerons.
The track exists in a different dimension from our own...
a dimension you won't see until the race begins.
When you reach 300 miles per hour...
the portal between the dimensions will open.
Another portal at the end of the track will return you to this dimension.
Taro, you think Tezla knows what he's talking about, or is he just loco?
It took a genius to build these cars, Banjee.
He could be a genius and still be insane.
Check it out!
Where are we?
Tezla was right. It is another dimension.
- Check out these rocks. - Forget the rocks, Banjee.
Check out that sky.
But it's still a track. And that's my world.
Hey, watch it, Kurt!
A wipeout like that...
and I hardly got dinged.
Man, these cars can really take punishment.
This is what I call a loop!
Oh, yeah!
I'm gonna make it!
I'm gonna make it!
Not gonna make it.
I'm goin' for it.
You don't have enough speed for that jump.
You think you can take that loop? You better think again.
What's the matter, Banjee? Didn't you ever grind a half-pipe?
He's doing it to pick up speed.
Nobody beats Kurt Wylde.
Come on. Come on.
Eat my dust.
No skateboard tricks now, kid. Just driving.
Who are you calling "kid"?
Kadeem, when you've ridden motocross...
through the mountains of El Yunque like me...
this is nothin'.
Can't see!
When you have driven in a sandstorm in the Sahara, Banjee, this is nothing.
Yeah! Shoot the curl!
Tezla said this car could handle volcanoes.
If he can do it, I can.
I'm losing it.
I can still win this race.
Can anybody hear me? I need help.
If you can hear me, I'm at the...
Lani, this is Taro. I'm coming to help you.
Yeah. Taro will help her.
But... what if he can't?
This is an interesting problem.
Heads up, Lani!
It's too heavy.
Lani, grab the grappling line.
On the count of three, Taro and I will unhook our lines.
The boulder goes over, and I'll pull you up.
- You're crazy, kid. - Do it, Taro.
One, two...
That was good drivin'... for a kid.
Well, you might make a pretty good surf rat yourself.
There's the portal. Finish line!
Wait. How do l...
What happened? Did I win?
Welcome back.
This is not the end of the World Race.
It's only the beginning.
From now on, you will race as teams.
As the winner of the fiirst leg of the race...
Kurt Wylde will have fiirst choice...
of six new drivers for his Street Breed team.
The other teams will be recruited and led by Brian Kadeem...
Banjee Castillo, Taro Kitano...
and Vert Wheeler.
Do you have the courage to continue the World Race...
into a world that's totally unknown?
I'm in.
Yeah. Me too.
Do we still win five million dollars?
Five million... for every member of the winning team.
And the knowledge that you're the fastest racer in the world.
Yeah, I'll lead one of your teams...
if that's what it takes to win the race.
Now that you've decided to continue...
I can tell you what really waits for you at the end of Highway 3 5.
This Highway 3 5's insane.
That's why you need a practice run, Skeet.
Nothing's gonna stop the Roadbeasts from winning the World Race.
You said it, Banjee.
Hey, Skeet, Esmerelda, last one to the portal buys the guava juice.
Hey, Skeet...
I like my guava juice imported.
In your dreams.
- They're coming. - I know.
Yes! Better than Kurt Wylde's time.
Care to explain yourself, Banjee?
I was just getting my team some practice.
You mean you were risking your cars on a section of Highway 3 5...
that's already been explored.
The risk is sending new drivers into a race without practice.
No one enters Highway 3 5 unless I approve it.
Those are the rules.
Yeah, but, Doc, rules are made to be broken.
Not my rules.
I take it this is one of our new recruits.
Lani Tam, meet Alec Wood.
Wheels or waves, I'm the best.
The humble type, huh?
I know this is basic math, Vert, but we're still one driver short.
Hey, I just turned 16, okay? Half the people I know can't drive yet.
- Who's the tool? - Kurt Wylde.
He won the first leg of the World Race.
Kurt's a major chafe, but that's not him driving.
Who's driving my car?
Whoever it is, he's sure having fun.
Get out of my car! Now!
Hey, bro. Nice wheels.
- Who is this guy? - My kid brother... Markie.
Hey, it's Mark. And I'm not a kid.
He's a punk, like some others around here.
So, Dan Dresden told me...
you were recruiting drivers for a race.
- How did you get here? - That's not important.
But what is important is I want to be on your team.
Forget it, Markie.
I'm a good driver, Kurt.
- My team's full. - All I want is a chance.
Let me prove what I can do.
You had some pretty cool moves in that car.
And I do still need one more driver for my team.
Welcome to the Wave Rippers.
The Accelerons built the track we call Highway 3 5...
because they loved racing.
I believe that only the challenge and spirit of competition...
can take a driver through to the end.
But why is it important to reach the end of the track?
This ancient inscription describes a Wheel of Power...
that will be found at the end of Highway 3 5.
I believe it will be the greatest source of energy the world has ever known.
Work with your teams and win the World Race.
Prove you're the best drivers in the world...
and bring me the Wheel of Power.
Tezla's told the new drivers about the Wheel of Power.
We start racing again tomorrow.
Will it be at the end of the next track?
I don't know. Even Tezla doesn't know.
Perhaps, Zed-36, he isn't telling you all he knows.
I know you say he can't be trusted...
No one can be trusted with the Wheel of Power.
That's why I'm paying you to drive in this race.
- And to spy. - To follow orders.
If you can't get the Wheel for us, we'll fiind someone who can.
All drivers, check safety harnesses.
Taro, check your dash cam. There seems to be a malfunction.
That's got it. Activating starting drone.
Good luck, racers.
I never get tired of this.
Watch that first turn, amigos. Unless you've got wings.
Hey, Markie. You ever drive a car at 300 miles an hour?
Only in my dreams.
Excuse me. Coming through.
Pardon me.
Yo, back off, jack. We're on the same team.
The name is Mark Wylde, and when I race, I race.
Nice work, Markie.
Give me some road, Kurt. You're not winning this race.
With my eyes closed, Banjee.
With your mouth closed would be better.
Actions speak louder than words.
Easy for you to say.
Smooth move! You did that on purpose.
Yeah, right. Like I'm tryin' to come in last.
You won't have to try to do that.
Hey, Roadbeasts, I got an idea.
- What's up, Banjee? - I think I scope a shortcut.
Aren't we supposed to stay on the track?
We're supposed to win the race.
And that's what I'm gonna do.
Now, you can be with me or be last.
We're with ya, Banjee.
You see that, Vert?
The Roadbeasts are taking another road.
- Could be a big mistake, Lani. - They could end up lost.
Yeah, or in fiirst place.
You gotta take chances to win.
Come on. What have we got to lose, Vert?
Guys, we're supposed to be a team.
We can still catch these guys, Vert.
You catch 'em, Alec. Markie and Lani may need my help.
We have the lead, Taro. The two of us.
One too many.
This shortcut's looking good, Es.
Better than good, Banjee. It's beautiful in here.
Man, I thought we had some big trees back home in Puerto Rico.
A shortcut cut short.
It didn't fall?
Who's that?
- I see the Roadbeasts up ahead. - I can catch 'em.
Careful, Markie. There could be trouble ahead.
We got this race in the bag, Roadbeasts!
- What's that up ahead, Banjee? - I don't know what it is...
but it looks like we just hit a red light.
What do we now, Banjee?
- I'm working on it. - Maybe we should turn around.
- There's no going back, Roadbeasts. - Vert?
That bridge we crossed, it collapsed.
Why? Is there a problem with going forward?
Yeah. A big problem.
Hey, Taro, you think maybe one of us is on the wrong track?
Taro. Can you hear me, Taro?
Are you gonna talk through this entire race?
It's a challenge, all right.
"The greatest challenge."
You ever tried something like this?
Not since the last time I played miniature golf.
I know how we can do it.
I used my computer to calculate the timing configuration of the rotation...
and coordinate it with the distance of the jump.
- Can you put that in English? - Or at least Spanish?
The computer gives you a green light...
and five seconds later you hit the ramp at 163 miles per hour.
Do that, and you make it through.
Is she loco, or what?
- You ready, Es? - Ready as I'll ever be, boss.
Starting the timer now. Good luck, everybody.
Three, two, one. Go!
Made it!
You're next, Skeet.
Did anybody get the license number of that truck?
We've got trouble, Vert. It's turning at a different speed.
I can't time the rotation.
I can't tell you when to start.
What do you think, Banjee?
I came here to race. I say we go for it.
Let's do it.
- Can they make it? - I don't know.
We've got a race to finish.
I hope Alec is making better time than we are.
Hey, how about giving a new guy a shot at first place?
- I'm gonna pass you. - You're going to try.
There's the portal.
What was that you said, Taro?
Was it "I'm going to pass you," or "I'm going to tie you"?
Next time.
Here's Mr. Shortcut.
You here to apologize for putting us all in last place?
Hey. Chill out, Markie. Nobody made us follow the Roadbeasts.
If Banjee owes an apology to anybody, it's his own team.
I already squared it with them.
They want me to tell you we're gonna kick your bumper next time...
but we're gonna do it on the real track.
You're on.
You shouldn't have come here in person. It's dangerous.
For you perhaps.
- Why did you want to see me? - What went wrong today?
It's not working for me... sabotaging other drivers.
CLYP went to a great deal of trouble...
to give you this car, this disguise.
I'm a good driver... the best.
I don't have to cheat to win this race.
Keeping the Wheel of Power from Tezla is too important to leave to chance.
You will win the race...
even if you have to eliminate the other drivers to do it.
- Eliminate? - You know what I mean.
The second leg of the World Race...
ended in a tie between Taro Kitano and Brian Kadeem.
So tomorrow they will share the pole position...
for the next leg of the World Race.
Perhaps the fiinal leg.
Tomorrow you may reach the end of Highway 35...
and fiind the Wheel of Power...
and fiive million dollars for every member of your team.
Get some rest. You'll need it.
- What are you doing? - Just checking out my car.
You need some help?
Why is that surf rat prowling around?
Will you let the city of your fathers become a ruin?
For a hundred years the desert has grown around it.
The people are leaving it.
- The sand moves in. - Haziz?
What are you doing here...
when your city needs you?
I need to win this race. With the prize money, I can...
I see danger waiting for you on the road you travel.
What danger, Haziz?
I speak of the greatest danger of all.
How will I recognize it?
How should I know? I'm blind.
Start the race.
This could be the day I finally get the Wheel of Power.
This time no tie.
No tie indeed.
When I win.
No traction.
Dune Ratz, switch to sand tires.
Get some spikes, man.
Let's make tracks.
Mind if I tag along?
Feels kind of heavy.
How are we supposed to drive through this?
Not drive it... surf it.
Wave Rippers, transfer power from your wheels to the turbojets...
and aim them down at the sand.
A dune's nothing but a big wave of sand.
We'll ride it outta here.
Wave Rippers, steer with your turbos.
I'm going back to normal tires.
The old man was right.
The greatest danger lies on the road I travel.
It's a statue...
built by the Accelerons.
Headlights, Chuvo.
Let's tame this beast.
Hang on to your helmet, Rakkas.
It may be tame, but it's still got some teeth.
Too short!
Did you make it, Chuvo?
Guess not.
There's only one way out of here.
Hear that, Chuvo?
Who's that?
Whoever it is, he's ahead of us.
Now what?
That thing on top of the pyramid.
The Wheel of Power!
I can feel the energy.
It has to be the Wheel of Power.
This should hold it.
That must be the Wheel.
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