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How The West Was Won 1962 CD1

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This land has a name today and is marked on maps.
But the names and the marks and the land all had to be won.
Won from nature and from primitive man.
Five generations ago, a mere 125 years back...
...this land was known only as the West...
...known only to a handful of white men...
...lonely trappers wandering its vastness in search of beaver.
They were known as "mountain men", a new breed.
Men like Jim Bridger, Linus Rawlings...
...more Indian than the Indians in all but blood.
They held to no law but their own...
...drifted free as the clouds, settled nowhere, kept forever on the move.
Their mocassined feet and unshod horses left no trace on the land.
Like the Indians, with whom they were at peace...
...they wanted nothing beyond what they found and little of that.
The mountains, the forests, the harsh country...
...were as unchanging to them as the stars...
...and just as unyielding.
Far behind the mountains, beyond the rolling plains...
...they had left the people of the East...
...people who were restless in another way.
The kind who would look at the mountain and see a watershed...
...look at the forest and see lumber for houses...
...look at a stony field and see a farm.
Their faces and their instincts had been turned to the West...
...ever since Plymouth Rock and James Town.
The trapper`s road was the trade of the wolf or the bend of the canyon.
But for whole families following the sun, there had to be broader ways.
There were no roads into the woodlands, only rivers...
...and they flowed in the wrong direction, north or south.
Or else they stopped at the Alleghanys.
Until one day...
...a new river took source in the mind of a man named DeWitt Clinton.
He conceived of a river that would go west.
And in the way Americans have of acting out their dreams, it came to be.
The Erie Canal left the Hudson above Albany...
...and carried clear across to the Great Lakes.
People who yearned for virgin land and the new life... had a highway to take them. And they moved along.
Pride of Utica now loading.
All aboard for the Pride of Utica.
The Ramsey family, Peter Smith...
...the Skoga family...
...all eight of 'em.
All aboard for the Pride of Utica.
Is the laddie's health the reason you're heading west?
Only partly. Mostly our trouble East was rocks.
I had me a farm where some years I'd raise 100 bushels of rocks a year.
Zebulon, you hadn't oughta lie to the man like that.
Wife, I'm a God-fearing soul, and I tell the truth as I see it.
I never used a plow. I'd blast out the furrows with gunpowder.
Then one mornin'...
...I hauled the bucket up out of the well and... help me, the bucket was full of rocks.
I just stood there right still trying not to blaspheme...
...and said to myself: "You've got a son that's ailin'.
"You've got a 20-year-old daughter who won't take a husband."
There she sits, moonin' as usual.
"You've got another daughter, just don't seem quite right in the head."
Yes, Pa?
I remind you, sir.
I'm still standing there holding a bucket full of rocks...
...and staring into a bleak old age.
So I made me a vow right then and there. I said:
"If I can find a man with $500 who likes rocks...
"...then there's gonna be another fool ownin' this farm."
Well, sir, the Lord provided such a man...
...and here I am.
He ain't told you one word of truth, Mr. Harvey.
We had the best farm in the township.
Yeah, Rockville Township it was. Stone County.
Oh, it was not.
It was his itchin' foot that brought us here.
Heaven knows where we'll end up.
Oh, these are my laddies. Angus, Brutus and Colin.
-How do you do? -Hello.
I think they're already acquainted with your daughters.
Be they single?
Aye, single so far.
Well, this Illinois country's beginning to sound better to me.
Lilith, strike up a little tune for these handsome lads.
I ain't in no mood, Pa.
Lilith, there's a time for coaxin'. This ain't the time.
All right.
"A captain bold in Halifax
"Who lived in country quarters
"Betrayed a maid who hanged herself
-"One morning in her daughter's--" -Lilith!
Now, you know better than to sing a song like that.
-What ones do you know? -We know "Yankee Doodle".
-"Yankee Doodle"? -Their mother's dead.
They haven't had much learnin' in the social graces since we left Scotland.
All right, give 'em "A Home in the Meadow".
"Away, away, come away with me
Eve, you, too.
-"Where the grass grows wild -That's it.
-"And the winds blow free -Come on, join in.
-"Away, away, come away with me -That's it, that's it.
"And I'll make you a home in the meadow
"Come, come, there's a wondrous land
"For the hopeful heart
"For the willing hand
"Come, come, there's a wondrous land
"Where I'll build you a home In the meadow"
Loading for the Flying Arrow.
All aboard for the Flying Arrow.
The Prescott family.
Here we be. Come on.
Alex Harvey and three sons.
Jeffrey Rose and family.
"I've got an old mule and her name is Belle
"Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal
"She's a mighty slow worker But a good ole pal
"Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal
"We've pulled some barges in our day
"Filled with people callin' 'hey'
"Fifteen miles
"On the Erie Canal! "
But the canal was only the first step toward the promised land.
The next steps were longer and harder.
Those who could raise the fare went by steamboat to the end of the line.
Others found a cheaper way to head for Ohio, Illinois...
...and the open spaces beyond.
Lilith...listen to this:
"Theirs was a poignant parting in the forest.
"The handsome young backwoodsman carved two hearts on a tree trunk...
"...then from ten paces, hurled a knife at the junction of the two hearts."
Junction, what's that?
Well, that's where the two hearts meet. Now, listen:
"His marksmanship was uncanny.
"Three times he hurled the knife on target.
"'That was for luck', he said the first time.
"'That was for love, deep, divine love', he said the second.
"And the third time, 'That was a prayer...
"'...a plea for love undying."'
Isn't that beautiful?
I reckon. If anybody ever talks like that.
Well, it's the sentiments, not the talk.
There ain't no sense to you, Eve.
You want to be a farm wife but you don't want to marry a farmer.
Neither do you.
Of course not.
I don't want to have nothin' to do with farms.
I want silk dresses and fine carriages...
...and a man to smell good.
What I want's back East, not West...
...and I'll get there yet. You watch.
You don't know what you want yet.
It's the man that counts, not where he lives.
-Ready, man? -Ready.
Daddy, somethin' comin' up river.
Hostile Indians, I expect.
-Could it be river pirates, Zebulon? -Don't know.
They say no honest man travels this river at night.
I can only see one man, Pa.
I hear that's a favorite pirate trick. They hide in the bottom of the boat...
...till they're ready to jump you.
-Get my gun, Colin. -All right, Pa.
Just come in slow and easy, stranger.
And keep your hands where we can see 'em.
Name's Linus Rawlings.
I'm hungrier than sin and real peaceful like.
-What've you got in the craft? -Beaver pelts.
I said beaver pelts.
I never had a chance to see a beaver pelt, Mr. Rawlings.
Well, in that case, ma'am, I'll show you one.
There you are.
Oh, that's real soft.
It's a fine pelt, ma'am.
Now, my apologies, sir.
We was afraid you might be a pirate.
I ain't no pirate.
Come on, let's have supper and get acquainted.
No, no. That's yours. You keep that.
Well, you sure set your cap in a hurry.
Is he the backwoodsman you've been waiting for?
More than likely he's got a wife and six kids waiting for him.
"When I was single
"Went dressed up so fine
"Now I am married
"Go ragged all the time."
Thank you, ma'am, that was right tasty.
You've only ate four plates. I was beginning to think you didn't like it.
Well, it don't pay to eat too much on an empty stomach, ma'am.
How come you to be travelin' so late at night?
Well, I'm kinda anxious to get to Pittsburgh.
I ain't seen a city for a long time. I aim to whoop it up a little.
We've never seen a mountain man before.
Tell me, them Rocky Mountains as high as they say?
Well, now, I just don't rightly know. I never climbed one.
I've, well...that just ain't exactly true.
Jim Bridger and me, we started up one of them little biddy...
...Rocky Mountain foothills, you know.
And then, one day, we see this fella...
...and he has a great big pair of white wings...
...and a harp in his hand.
And I said to Jim...
...I said, "Jim, I don't like the way that fella's lookin' at us."
And Jim said he didn't care too much for it either... we both skidaddled down out of there...
...and to this day I ain't never had a good look at the Rocky Mountains.
-I remember one time-- -Zebulon.
One liar at a time is enough.
Well, then, I reckon it's about bedtime.
Gotta get an early start in the mornin'.
We'll be expectin' you for breakfast.
Well, that's mighty hospitable, Mr. Prescott...
...but sometimes I wake up and get the urge to move.
I might be long gone by sunup, but I want to thank you.
I want to thank all of you. Good night.
Good night.
Strange fellas, these mountain men.
Yeah, kind of like a wisp of smoke.
By golly, that looks like my blanket.
It is.
Well, then, I'm a might confused, ma'am. Whose bed would it be?
I ain't never saw a bed like that since last time I come East.
Why'd you do it?
It ain't polite to ask a girl why she done something for a man.
No. Well, I reckon my manners ain't much at that.
Anyway, I sure thank you. Good night, ma'am.
Are them Indian girls pretty?
Well, now, I reckon that all depends on just how long a man's gone...
...without seein' one.
How long's it been since you seen a white girl?
I ain't quite sure why you asked that.
How pretty do I look to you?
Ain't you just bein' a little bit forward?
You're headed upriver and I'm headed down.
There's no time to get these questions answered.
You dead sure you want 'em answered?
Oh, glory be!
Ma'am, it seems like you've been kissed before.
I've never been kissed permanent before.
By golly, you sure use surprising words.
I never heard permanent mixed up with a thing like a kiss before.
I can still feel that kiss.
Can you?
You said somethin' before we hadn't oughta forget:
I'm headin' upstream and you're headed downstream.
Lovers have parted before and come together again.
Eve, I, I'm a sinful man.
I'm deep, dark, sinful.
I'm on my way to Pittsburgh to be sinful again.
Likely I'll stay drunk for a month.
I won't even remember the fancy gals I dally with...
...or the men I carve up just out of pure cussedness...
...any more than I'll remember you.
Linus, I'm askin' you. Can you still feel that kiss?
Eve, you make me feel like a man standing on a narrow ledge...
...comin' face to face with a grizzly bear.
There just ain't no ignorin' the situation.
Eve! Where is she?
Anyways, you're here. I thought you'd gone with him.
-Gone? -Yes, gone.
I knowed you were settin' with him...
...but I kept tellin' myself at least she's lookin' at a man.
Even a wisp of smoke like that is better than--
Are you cryin'? Cryin' for him? Now, what does that mean?
Now, tell me what that means.
Nothin', Pa.
What time did you come to bed?
It was early, Pa.
It wasn't. It was late.
Daughter, I'm only gonna ask you once.
Is there anything for your ma and pa to worry about?
No, Pa, there ain't.
He'll be back.
I'll see him again.
But you expected to see him this morning. You know you did.
I don't care. I'll see him again.
You got a growed man to do that?
I did, just like in the book.
Did you get him to say them crazy words?
I told you before, it ain't the words, it's the sentiment.
You mean he didn't even giggle or nothin' at such foolishness?
He said it was a real solemn occasion... shootin' the rapids without a paddle.
No matter what he said, he did it just to get rid of you so as he could clear out.
You know that's so.
And you're lucky he did. Do you want to live like a squaw all your life?
Go on, say anything you like...
...but I'll see him again. I know I will.
And he ain't got a wife and six kids.
He ain't got a wife at all yet.
Pierre, someone's comin' upriver.
Trapper, seems like. See how that cover bellies up?
Could be furs.
Thirsty, mister?
Drier than a grasshopper on a hot griddle.
Well, welcome to our little inn, sir.
My name is Jeb Hawkins, late colonel of the Alabama militia.
-Where you bound for? -Pittsburgh.
Looks like he's got a whole canoe of furs, Pop.
-A sure enough mountain man. -Indeed.
One of our brave explorers gonna extend our domain to the far shores of the Pacific.
Nothin' but the finest for you, sir. Whiskey?
No pepper or rattlesnake heads in this.
Nothin' but the pure grain and the sweet kiss of the malt.
Never mind the cup, I'll just take the jug.
A real mountain man, eh?
I trust you'll toast our noble banner, sir.
I sure will.
Golly, you're right. That's real sippin' liquor.
Pa, him being a trapper... you suppose he might know what that varmint is we got?
Well, say, now, he might. Yes, sir, he just might.
Sir, we catched us a cave-dwellin' critter...
...that no man in these parts has ever seen before.
And, you know, it'd be right satisfyin' havin' you tell us what it is.
Well, I don't know too much about cave-dwellin' varmints.
Just yonder, take your jug.
I don't know....
It's right over here.
You know any sweet-talkin' girls in Pittsburgh?
No, nary a one, yet.
Pop and I are hopin' we'll vacation there.
I'll be at the Duquesne House if it ain't burned down.
Hey there, now....
You pretty girl, you sure you got a varmint in here?
Do you hear him?
He breathes loud and fierce.
-We keep him in this hole just yonder. -You keep him in there?
You gotta look a little closer.
Well, he seed the varmint, Pa.
Well done, daughter.
I ain't so sure.
He was hard-muscled. I could feel the blade just kinda skitter along his ribs.
You just need more practice, that's all.
It's a pity you ain't got the knack your ma had...
...Lord rest her soul.
All right, men....
Lay into it, men.
Come on, we've got a lot of fish to fry.
Down to the island.
Tell Pa them settlers' rafts are comin'.
Can't I have this toilet water, Pa?
-Genuine Parisian Accent, it says. -How much is it?
It's only 15 cents.
Fifteen cents! Put it back.
You're right, sir. Absolutely right. You save the pennies and dollars will grow.
Likely you've growed many a dollar, ain't you?
Mr. Peddler, all my life I've been strivin' to avoid becomin' a millionaire...
...and I think I've succeeded right well.
I've got a little put away in the sock and it'll stay right there.
Well, now, them's my sentiments exactly.
Now, you, sir-- You look like a man of property.
Now, if I was to bet, I'd say you was worth a $1,000.
Pretty close to the mark?
Well, close, maybe.
Colin, how much powder we got left?
Don't be afeerd, now, don't be afeerd.
Now, there's women and children here.
You gents wouldn't want us to have to start shootin', now, would you?
Be of good cheer, folks.
Why, it's in our noble tradition to conquer the wilderness...
...with nothin' but our bare hands and stout hearts.
You can build new rafts and sally forth in the spirit of your forefathers.
Why, you pious old scoundrel.
I'll see you burn.
Americans can't be whipped.
It's him.
I knew he'd come back. It's him.
Now, let us pray.
Oh, Lord...
...we thank Thee for our salvation.
We commit the souls of our dead to Thy gentle keepin'.
We pray for a speedy recovery of our wounded.
And, now, another matter.
Oh, Lord...
...without consulting with Thee...
...we have sent Thy way some souls whose evil ways passeth all understanding.
We ask Thee humbly to receive them...
...whether You want 'em or not.
It'll be a job.
But I guess I can patch her up good enough to get to Pittsburgh.
-Linus. -Now, Eve...
...let's just not talk any more about it.
Linus, I'm tellin' you, you don't know your own mind.
Maybe so, maybe not.
I know I ain't sayin' that you haven't been on my mind some.
I ain't sayin' that.
But I still went to see the varmint with that pirate girl.
I'll always be goin' to see the varmint, Eve.
I, I just ain't cut out to be a farmer or a husband.
Linus, I ain't never bringing up the subject again...
...whether ever I see you or not.
Now, it's for the best.
I wish you Godspeed, Eve.
And I ain't said that to anybody for a long time.
I can see rapids ahead, Pa. White water.
Look. Look.
Oh, we must've taken the wrong fork.
Let's beach her on this side.
Rapids ahead! Beach her!
Beach her!
Hold her steady.
Pa, we're in the current.
Get inside, Zeke.
No, I don't wanna.
Straighten her, Pa.
Hold it steady!
I can't!
Go on. Go on and help Pa.
I'll get it.
Lilith! Lilith!
Lie down!
Lie down!
What happened?
They took the wrong fork of the river and they went over the falls.
Did you happen to hear the name of the family?
Prescott, I think. Something like that.
As soon as they're buried decent...
...I'm heading back East on the first boat that comes along.
And if you were in your right mind, you would, too.
Oh, Linus.
"Rock of ages, cleft for me
"Let me hide myself in thee
"Let the water and the blood
"From thy side, a healing flood
"Be of sin the double cure
"Cleanse me from its guilt and power."
Would you walk with me a piece, Eve?
Eve, I....
Eve, all the time I was paddlin' down here I was thinkin'...
...if I found you alive, I'd--
Would you come to Pittsburgh with me, Eve?
I'm stayin' right here.
I ain't movin' a foot one way or the other.
Now would you explain that a little?
Ma and Pa, they wanted a farm in the West...
...and this is as far as they got.
Seems to me this is where the Lord wanted the farm to be.
But your brother, Sam, he's bad hurt, and winter's comin'--
There's no sense talkin' about it. I'm gonna do it.
Eve, you just ain't makin' much sense.
Half the people that come West don't make much sense, I reckon.
All right.
All right.
By golly, you're a strong-minded woman.
I reckon I seen that varmint for the last time.
The westward course was no smoother than that of true love.
Not only the hard hand of nature was against it, but the impediment of war.
Trouble over land smoldered along the Mexican border.
Not all Americans were for war, including Congressman Abe Lincoln of Illinois.
But a war did break out...
...and in the end vast new territories came into the Union...
...along with their rich Spanish names:
Rio Grande, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, El Paso...
...and most glittering of all, California...
...named after a mythical island of pearls and gold in a 15th century novel.
Here, in 1848... Sutter`s Mill, a man found something he wasn`t even looking for... the bottom of a ditch.
And the cry of his discovery was heard clear across the continent... Boston, New York, Savannah, and across the oceans... London, Paris, Berlin.
But nowhere was the clamor of gold...
...heard more eagerly than in St. Louis...
...the busiest fur trading center in the world...
...and the noisiest, bawdiest, most uppity town west of New York.
"Boys, hold your hosses
"We're still the bosses
"Please hold your hosses
"Till we get...
" the dance! "
I say there's no more than three.
Six? It's all that lace that fooled you. I still say three.
Watch him. I hear Cleve's an expert on petticoats.
Anyway, you can never prove it.
Gentlemen, we're going to be late for that poker game.
I've just stuck you for the most expensive dinner in St. Louis...
...and I don't mind sticking you a little bit deeper.
I'll lay you $100 if it's no less than six.
-How will you prove it? -Go backstage and find out.
If I go back and check with you.
Fair enough.
Second girl.
-Miss Prescott? -Later.
It's rather important.
It's always important.
The older they are, the more important it gets.
Miss Prescott, please. I'm Hylan Seabury... in the matter of Jonathan Brooks.
He means nothing to you?
That old goat?
You must've meant something to him, Miss Prescott.
-Why? -You're included in his will.
Of course, you'll have to make the trip to California to claim the bequest.
Well, now, I wouldn't go to California...
...if John Jacob Astor left me San Francisco.
I don't think Mr. Astor had holdings there.
However, the yield from Mr. Brooks' property is not to be scorned.
Yield of what?
Gold, Miss Prescott. Gold.
-Gold? -Precisely.
You own a gold mine, Miss Prescott.
It yielded $3,500 the very first week.
Gold mine?
That sweet old goat!
This is an unexpected pleasure.
Where's the money?
Oh, yes. You're referring, of course, to our little agreement.
One hundred to start you off...
...and my share of the winnings.
Well, I'm somewhat embarrassed to report that the $100 no longer exists.
That $100, I assure you...
...will turn out to be the best investment you have ever made.
I have plans, gentlemen...
...beyond your wildest dreams.
I'm gonna earn you a piece of a gold mine.
Gold mine!
You ain't gonna earn nothin'!
You ain't gonna be nothin', you ain't gonna do nothin'...
...unless we get that $100 back by the morning.
Grimes, you don't mean that.
You're gonna kill off the golden goose.
Call it what you want, mister.
We'll be waitin'.
Independence, Missouri, was the jump-off point for emigrants from everywhere.
Solid, God-fearing families bound for the farmlands of Oregon...
...and get-rich-quick adventurers raced for the gold of California.
Try it.
You got a wagon, I suppose?
I can get one.
And a team to pull it?
I can get everything I need.
You got a husband?
I'm single, Mr. Morgan.
No travelin' companion?
No, I'm travelin' alone.
Not on my wagon train.
Alone and single brings out the deviltry in a man.
Gets 'em all worked up and they're wild enough already.
I intend to keep to myself, Mr. Morgan.
A woman of your sort?
One day you'd find yourself in trouble and there'd be hell to pay just figurin' out who.
What did you say, Mr. Morgan?
Well, now, ain't you the feisty one! I like spirit in a woman.
You got a pretty face under that powder, too.
And a fine, sturdy body under them clothes, I wager.
There's a woman named Clegg, Aggie Clegg.
Why don't you go see her?
I told you, no.
I was hoping to make this trip with a husband.
Nearly got one last week.
Look, I hear there's 40 men to every woman in California.
Miss Clegg, I'd be willing to pay you.
I don't need money, I need a man.
Any man.
Mornin', ladies.
Beautiful mornin'.
Would you, by any chance, happen to be Miss Lily Prescott?
Not unless you got a big imagination.
Then, you must be the lady in question.
Cleve van Valen, Miss Prescott, at your service.
At your every command from here to California.
Well, thank you, but whatever you're offering, I don't need.
Perhaps you don't understand.
Yes, I do. I know a tinhorn when I see one.
Miss Prescott!
I'm offerin' you an honest days' work for an honest days' pay.
Goodbye, Mr. van Valen. Goodbye.
Well, it's been a pleasure to meet you, Miss Clegg.
May I say I have never seen a woman with more beautiful hair.
What a prize catch it will make...
...hanging from the waist of an Indian.
Beauty, alone in the wilderness...
...and who's to protect you?
No one.
Not one person won't be looking after himself.
Good day, ladies.
Good day.
Nobody ever said that to me before.
That I had such...such beautiful hair.
You know something?
I got a hunch you're gonna draw men like fish to the bait.
Maybe I can catch one of them while they swim by.
You got yourself a partner.
Thank you.
How's it, Ben?
It's all clear up through here. Look for a little mudhole up through the next pocket.
-How far? -Maybe half or a quarter.
-Well, thanks. -Looks a little higher up on that ridge.
There's a water hole up there about half a mile. Let's head for it.
Water hole about a half a mile ahead.
Hey, you're drivin'.
I was raised on a farm.
Water hole about a half a mile ahead.
Hey, Aggie....
Can you use these?
Yeah, sure. Thanks.
At your service.
I thought we'd gotten rid of you.
Well, I just couldn't bear to think of you two makin' this trip without my help.
If I was to hear later on that somethin' happened to you...
...I'd never forgive myself.
You came 100 miles alone?
Well, I had no way of countin' the miles, Mr. Morgan, but I'll take your word for it.
You've got another 100, mister. Goin' back.
I told ya, when a wagon breaks down, I want men who can fix it...
...not bet how long it'll take.
You don't mean you'll turn me out?
Pass me adrift at the mercy of savage lndians?
If you don't get movin', I'll cast you adrift--
I appeal to your sportin' instinct, sir.
I'm prepared to wager you that I stay with this train.
Well, you got a wager.
Wait a minute.
The fact is, I hired this man.
We'll put up his stake.
Is that right, Miss Prescott?
If Miss Clegg says so.
...I'll be forever grateful.
Now, I'll unpack my gear.
Agatha, have you gone crazy?
He says he's a man wantin' to do an honest days work.
And he'll do it. I can promise you that.
Hey, you men on that last wagon, keep up that slack.
Keep it up.
Get that team movin'. Keep 'em movin' there.
Don't let those lines sag.
Keep 'em up. Keep 'em up.
Keep those teams movin'.
Keep 'em movin'.
Don't let those lines sag.
You on that middle team, keep 'em movin'.
Get in there.
Get in there, mule.
I'm just overwhelmed by all this attention, Miss Prescott.
I want to confess...
...I have lied about why I wanted to work for you.
I know.
The real reason is, of course, that I'm in love with you.
Now, it's the truth.
From the first moment I saw you...
...I've known that I couldn't live without you.
I'd hate to be the cause of your death, Mr. van Valen.
I don't speak lightly, Miss Prescott.
I'm prepared to assume the responsibilities of a faithful husband.
Oh, and are you ready to assume the responsibilities...
...of my property, too, Mr. van Valen?
Really? What, what kind of property?
Gold, Mr. van Valen.
Gold by the ton from what I understand.
Bright, yellow, shiny gold.
I had no idea.
I'm sure you hadn't.
Miss Prescott, I really mean--
Here comes Agatha.
If you must propose to somebody...
...I suggest you get on your knees to her.
Besides, she has beautiful hair.
Look at 'em.
You'd think they was gettin' ready to bury somebody.
Ain't we worn down enough as it is?
Well, let's wake 'em up.
Listen, everybody.
"Come on along, everybody come along
"While that moon am shinin' bright
"Come on along And raise your voice in song
"We're gonna raise a ruckus tonight
"It ain't no time to sit 'n brood Raise a ruckus tonight
"It's time to strike a lively mood Raise a ruckus tonight
"Go and get that old banjo Raise a ruckus tonight
"Just pat your foot and tap your toe Raise a ruckus tonight
"Do ya hear me? Come on along, little children, come along
"While that moon am shinin' bright
"Come along now and tune up that string And let that banjo ring
"We're gonna raise a ruckus tonight! "
Sing it out, now!
That's the spirit. That's the way to feel.
Oh, hiya, Mr. Morgan!
Aggie, for lunch.
Thanks. Nice not to fish.
What is it, Mr. Morgan?
Miss Prescott, I've been thinking.
Wet or dry, you're the handsomest woman I ever did see.
Spirit and a fine sturdy body.
It's a noble combination, Miss Prescott.
Why, for you, child-bearin' would come as easy as rolling off a log.
Well, I think I'd rather roll off a log, Mr. Morgan.
Ma'am, I'm tellin' you, you got the build for it.
I want you for my wife.
I've got a cattle ranch just below the Merced.
I'll be settlin' down there, fit and proper.
I'm sure you're very fit and proper, Mr. Morgan.
Well, then... just couldn't do no better than marryin' me.
Why, we'd have ourselves a fine family in no time at all.
I believe that.
I'm sorry, Mr. Morgan, but...
...I can't accept your proposal.
Why not?
A woman likes to hear something a little more inviting.
Well, ain't that what I've been doin'? Invitin' you?
Invitin' you to share my life, Miss Prescott.
I'm sorry, Mr. Morgan.
It's somethin' else, ain't it?
Must be somethin' else naggin' at you.
I don't aim to let it stop me, Miss Prescott.
You can count on that.
What did he want?
Well, I'll be--
Why didn't he come shopping at the right store?
I'll take a look.
Gentlemen, are we pikers?
I'm gonna see and I'm gonna raise this fine pistol.
London-made and loaded for bear.
I'll take part of that bet.
I told you I wouldn't stand for you fleecin' any--
There's too many. We'll have to make a run for it.
You can't outrun them with the wagons.
The minute you get movin' cut your lead teams loose.
Have you gone crazy?
Chances are they want our stock more than us.
You're a gambler, ain't you? All right, let's get movin'.
Keep 'em closed up there.
I don't know how to unhook them.
Cleve, watch out!
Joe, pick me up.
We'll be movin' at daybreak.
I'll take a few men and see if we can find him.
Give him a decent, Christian burial.
Someone's comin'! Someone's comin'!
I can let you have this rig for $1 a day and I'll give you a good team.
-Pick it up in the morning. -Fine.
Could you tell me the way to the Brook's claim?
Well, the claims are down by the river.
Which road should I take?
Only one road, along the river.
-Thank you. -Sure welcome.
We're looking for a Mr. Huggins.
You found him.
This is Miss Lilith Prescott.
I figured.
They told me you was a real looker.
It's all here for you. Just the way Mr. Brooks staked it out.
Must have had 20 men workin' on it.
Where are they now? Who's digging the gold?
Gold? I ain't never seen a better grade since I come here with Millie.
But just a pocket, though.
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