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How The West Was Won 1962 CD2

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But just a pocket, though.
The whole shebang, nothin' but a pocket.
Oh, we cleared $4,200 before it played out.
Now, about that $4,200....
Mr. Brooks, he spent three before his heart give out.
I put up $600 for a brass-handled casket.
I figure the rest you owe me for sittin' on your claim.
Oh, miss, I mean, that's only fair, ain't it?
I mean, wouldn't you...?
Funny pair, all right.
How about you boys over here?
Come and see the brand new attraction.
It's exciting and sensational. Step right in, gentlemen.
"Are you wanted for life 'Cause you left your poor wife
"When she caught you sniffin' a cork, My friend
"Hey, what was your name in New York
"Oh, what was your name in the East
"And how recently was you released
"Are you ridin' the rails 'Cause you held up the mails
"Or was it the females you held, you beast
"Oh, what was your name in the East
"Oh, what was your name in the states
"Though you suffered the cruelest of fates
"Way out here in the West
"Everybody's a guest
"So line up and fill up your plates, My friend
"Whoever you was in the states! "
Miss Prescott.
Hello, Mr. Morgan.
I'd invite you in, but it's a little cramped.
This is no life for a fine woman like you.
I heard your mine was played out.
But, where's your fancy friend?
The last I heard, he was in Hangtown.
You mean that no-good went off and left you?
He went off and left me...
...but I don't agree that he's no good.
Cleve is Cleve, that's all.
You're a perplexin' woman, Miss Prescott.
When a skunk needs killin'... ain't enough just to say a skunk's a skunk.
All my life I wanted to marry a rich husband.
Can I blame Cleve for wantin' to marry a rich wife?
Both of us may have been born for the poor house...
...but we're not the kind to like it.
You believe all this you've been sayin', or is it just words? Now, tell me the truth.
The truth is...
...Cleve and I couldn't live alone just on love...
...not for five minutes.
Then you've answered the question I've been asking for better than 2,000 miles.
I've got the biggest ranch you ever did see.
You can't ride across it in a day.
That land's gonna mean money sooner than you think.
You want a rich husband...'re lookin' at him.
There ain't a blessed thing you have to do except mind the kids.
I'm sorry.
Not now.
Not ever.
What a waste.
Someone put together, like you.
Those who struck it rich wanted all the pleasures that money could buy...
...and there were plenty to sell to them.
Even the Sacramento riverboats took on luxury goods.
I'll see it.
It's up to you.
What's the matter with you?
-I'm checkin' out. -Checkin' out?
What's the matter with him?
"Come, come
"There's a wondrous land
"Where I'll build you a home
"In the meadow
"The stars, the stars
"Oh, how bright they'll shine
"On a world the Lord
"Must have helped design
"The stars, the stars
"Oh, how bright they'll shine
"On that home we will build
"In the meadow
"Come, come
"There's a wondrous land
"For the hopeful heart
"For the willing hand
"Come, come
"There's a wondrous land
"Where I'll build you a home
"In the meadow! "
Lily, I got to talk to you.
I found myself throwing in a winning hand.
I just never thought I'd do that for any girl.
How would you like to hook up with a no-good gambler?
Oh, Hon, we are on our way. I got $1,200 right here.
-What'll we do, open a gambling house? -No.
A married man should spend his evenings at home.
Well, then we'll open a music hall in San Francisco.
-I can still sing and dance. -No.
A married woman should spend her evenings at home.
But we can't sit at home on $1,200 forever.
Have you seen San Francisco?
It's ugly, and it's small, and it's full of fleas.
It burns down about every five minutes...
...but each time they keep on rebuilding it a little bigger and better than before.
It's alive and kicking and nothin' can stop it.
And it makes you want to build somethin', too.
A railroad.
A steamship line.
Somethin' to help the baby grow.
Cleve, on $1,200?
But we could start out with a wagon or a rowboat.
With the help of the devil, I bet we'll make it.
Young America was not only a union of East and West.
There were North and South, too.
And between them the bonds were weakening.
Mr. Lincoln, now retired from Congress and practicing law...
...realized that the South would fight... mold the new and uncommitted territories to its own image.
Still, two years from the presidency...
...he pleaded that the free West be allowed to remain free...
...and warned of the hazards of a house divided against itself.
But the South...
...seeing it`s power and influence wane...
...struggled against the inevitable in dozens of Western towns.
And slowly, the bitter seeds of civil war took root.
Howdy, Mrs. Rawlings.
Whoa, Rosebud.
Hey, Mr. Peterson.
What's that suit you got on?
Uniform, Mrs. Rawlings.
A uniform.
Our militia company was sworn in.
I'm Corporal Peterson now, Ohio Volunteers.
You won't be seein' me for a spell.
Hey, I got a letter for you, from way out in California.
It must be from my sister, Lilith.
"Dear Eve...."
Mr. Peterson, could you wait a minute?
I wanna answer this right away.
Zeb, come on down here.
We was hopin' Zeb might be goin' with us.
Pa went when the first bugle blew.
Ain't one enough?
Hi, Corporal.
Jeremiah, give Mr. Peterson some buttermilk.
It's from your Aunt Lilith.
Says there ain't no war out in California and they don't expect there'll be one.
"Business is brisk.
"Many opportunities for an energetic young man."
There's talk of building a railroad east.
"Cleve has hopes of gettin' in on the ground floor.
"We would welcome Zeb if he wants to come."
Ma, did you write her about me?
Not exactly--
Now, did you?
I told her you didn't like farmin' any better than your pa did.
Ma, you got the wrong idea about this war.
It ain't gonna be so bad, is it, Corporal?
You know, Pa's havin' the time of his life.
Now, Mrs. Rawlings, I got it from the captain himself...
...that we ain't gonna be gone no time at all.
Pa left it up to you whether I go or not. But you know what he really felt.
Mrs. Rawlings, there ain't much glory in trompin' behind a plow.
I reckon there's no hurry in answerin' this letter.
Thank you for waitin'.
You mean I can go?
Well, there'll be things to do.
I've gotta get your underwear washed and your socks darned.
Do they give you one of them suits?
One of them uniforms?
I reckon.
They might not give you no shirts though.
Take that one off. I'll wash it for you.
I got the others washed but they aren't ironed yet.
Mother, I....
Why'd you call me that?
It's always been Ma before.
I don't know.
All of a sudden...
...Ma didn't seem enough somehow.
Yahoo. Hey, cowpoke!
Go on back, dog.
Go on!
What could I do, Pa?
He's Linus' boy.
Always was more Linus' blood.
I guess that's why I love him so much.
But you've got to help me pray, Pa.
Help me pray.
Battery "B", Ohio.
-Let's go! -On the double. Come on.
Anybody here from the Twelfth Michigan?
Thirty-sixth Indiana.
Evening of April Sixth, 1862.
The guns that had roared all day fell silent...
...around a little church called the Shiloh Meeting House.
Many a man had met his God that Sunday...
...but not in church.
You wasted your time, men. He's dead.
But, Doc, this here is Captain Rawlings!
Captain Linus Rawlings.
-Take him out. -Keep movin', men.
Why can't you look where you're goin'?
I'm sorry, soldier.
Watch it.
Saw. Brandy.
Get it all down.
Come on, all of it!
Come on. We're just in the way here.
It had been the bloodiest day of the war on the Western front.
In the morning, it had looked like a Confederate victory...
...but by nightfall... man cared to use the words "win" or "lose".
After Shiloh...
...the South never smiled.
You tasted that water yet?
-No. -Well, try it.
-Tastes funny, huh? -Yeah.
I seen it before sundown. It was pink.
Pinker than sassafras tea.
You mean...?
It don't seem fittin' a man should have to drink water like that.
Don't seem fittin' a man should have to do any of the things we've done today.
Did you kill anybody?
I don't think so.
I got knocked dizzy right off.
Then when I come to and found my rifle, it was busted.
Then some more soldiers come along and tried to stick me in the arm.
All the rest is, is mixed up after that.
I ain't killed nobody, neither. And I don't want to.
-Hey, where you from? -Ohio.
This fool war started in the East. What's us Westerners doin' in it?
I don't rightly know any more!
It ain't quite what I expected.
There ain't much glory in lookin' at a man with his guts hangin' out.
-Where you from? -Texas.
You ain't a Reb, are you?
Well, I was this mornin'. Tonight, I ain't so sure.
It seems like, I oughta be shootin' you.
Well, you got anything to shoot with?
All I got's this bayonet.
I got a pistol.
I took it off a dead officer.
Hey, why don't we skedaddle out of here?
-You mean desert? -I mean, why don't--
Just leave this here war to the folks who want it.
They say there ain't no war out in California.
Stragglers, join your regiment.
Stragglers! Hey, you!
I'm planning to move Rousseau's brigade into this area.
Hidden battery, placed well before dawn. Do you approve?
I'll approve any dispositions you want to make.
If you hadn't held the flank today, we'd have been whipped for fair.
Sherman, let's sit down a minute. There's somethin' I wanna say to you.
You may find yourself in command here.
I've seen some of the dispatches the newspaper correspondents...
...have filed today.
They're sayin' I was taken by surprise this morning.
You weren't taken by surprise.
I was.
No matter.
They're sayin'...
...I was drunk again last night.
Were you?
But you can't fight front and rear.
Win or lose, tomorrow...
...I intend to resign.
Because of the newspapers?
Because of the general lack of confidence in me.
Don't you think I've ever felt like that?
A month ago they were sayin' I was crazy. Insane.
And now they're callin' me a hero. Hero or crazy, I'm the same man.
It doesn't matter what the people think.
It's what you think, Grant.
You mean that's Grant?
I reckon.
General Grant.
You know this war is gonna be won in the West and how to win it.
Everything you've done proves it.
And I say that a man has the right to resign only if he's wrong.
Not if he's right.
I guess I never thought of it that way.
I'll think it over.
What is there to think about?
The Army's better off with you than without you. That's the test.
All right.
There's a lot to do before morning, Sherman?
What are you doin'?
Why'd you make me do that?
"When Johnny comes marching home again Hurrah, hurrah
"We'll give him a hearty welcome and Hurrah, hurrah
"The men will cheer, the boys will shout The ladies they will all turn out
"And we'll all feel gay When Johnny comes marching home
"Get ready to join the jubilee Hurrah, hurrah
"We'll drink up a toast, or two, or three Hurrah, hurrah
"The band will play and we'll sing for joy And all the ladies will kiss the boys
"And we'll all feel gay When Johnny comes marching home
"The men will cheer, the boys will shout"
Hey, Zeb.
Didn't you get my letter?
I wrote more than four months ago.
She never was...
...quite the same after she got the news about Pa.
I don't think she minded goin', Zeb, except...
...she wanted to see you again.
'Course Pa ain't really there.
I put up a stone anyway.
I'd better be on my way.
Way? Where?
I need you, Zeb.
Only one thing brought me back...
...and she's....
Well, this farm is half yours.
I'm thinkin' we'd finally clear away that patch of woods down by the river....
You're twice the farmer I am. You don't need me.
That farm's all yours. That's only fair.
I sure don't feel right about this.
What are you gonna do?
I haven't mustered out yet.
I can still transfer to the regulars.
The cavalry, maybe. And go West.
And have to fight Indians?
You sure are hard to make out, Zeb.
Now, what do you wanna do that for? Do you like fightin'?
Do you remember the story Pa used to tell us about fightin' that grizzly bear?
And I asked him. I said: "Now, why'd you get in such a fix?
"Do you like fightin' grizzlies?"
He said:
"Well, not 'specially.
"I just wanted to go somewhere and the bear was there first."
I guess I just wanna go somewhere, too.
-So long. -So long, Zeb.
Even while North and South were being torn apart...
...East and West had been drawn together by the Pony Express...
...the most daring mail route in history.
Eighty riders were in the saddle at all times, night and day, in all weather.
Half of them riding east, half riding west...
...between Missouri and Sacramento...
...carrying mail cross-country in days instead of months.
Unarmed, they rode to save weight.
Five dollars a letter, the mail cost, and on thin paper, too.
It was courage, skill and speed...
...against hostile Indians, bandits, hell and occasional high water.
Even as they rode, men were already building a faster...
...message carrier across the country, the Overland Telegraph.
And the Indians found a new amusement...
...listening to the level tune of the singing wires.
But far less amusing to the Indians...
...was the coming of the steel roadway of the Iron Horse.
The surveyors` route lay through immense natural barriers, the Rocky Mountains...
...and the equally discouraging High Sierras.
But range upon range could never stop the titanic contest...
...between two corporate giants racing to put down...
...the greatest mileage of track before they met:
The Central Pacific eastward from Sacramento through the Sierras.
And the Union Pacific, forging westward across the plains...
...with the Rockies still to come.
The prize in the race was free land, vast parcels for every mile of track laid.
Land that would one day be worth millions.
Hold it!
Set it down!
Where'd you find 'em?
'Bout a mile back yonder.
That's Johnny Hormatz. And Jack Perkins.
What the hell is this? A picnic?
The Indians got a couple of our men--
Mister, you were the foreman here. Now you're a tracklayer.
Now get back to work, all of you!
Move it!
-You. -Yes, sir?
You're the new foreman, till I find somebody better. Now get 'em at it!
-Wait a minute. -Move it!
Is your name Jethro Stuart?
Mr. Jethro Stuart, you're hired to hunt buffalo to feed these men...
...not to stop their work. Why'd you bring these bodies here?
They're railroaders. I thought somebody on the railroad might be interested.
I'm the railroad, and I'm not interested.
You should've buried 'em, then tracked down the Indians who did it.
Mr. King, like you said, I was hired to hunt, not to dig graves or fight Indians.
Those fellas are mostly old soldiers. Two dead men shouldn't bother 'em much.
I don't want anything in their thick skulls but their work. Do you understand?
Now get rid of those bodies and start trackin' those Indians.
You keep forgettin', Mr. King, my job's buffalo.
It was buffalo.
Go to the paymaster and draw your time.
That foreman fella, you didn't fire him.
You just took him down a peg 'cause you needed him.
Who's gonna shoot buffalo? You?
-What the devil is that? -Milk.
The Army must've changed since I was in it.
-I just rode in. I'm hungry. -You are, huh?
But you'd rather watch them than eat.
-Is that it? -That's it.
I wish you were as eager to protect this railroad.
Did you get any word about the two men who where killed today?
I tracked the Arapahoes and talked to the chief.
They were a mile off the right-of-way where they had no business...
...drunk and chasin' squaws.
It was as much their fault as it was the Indians'.
Well, soldier boy, your job is to fight Indians, not to agree with 'em.
Mr. King, there were 200 Arapahoes and I had 20 men.
Now, to me...
...agreein' seemed wiser than fightin'.
To you, huh?
You know, I might just send off a wire to the colonel.
He may not agree.
I already reported it. He does agree.
Acknowledged and understood. Sergeant.
Trouble, sir?
I don't know.
Hey, Lieutenant.
I just got a message the Indians are up to something.
Do you know anything about it?
The chief says the railroad's busted the agreement.
They've changed the route and are comin' through the Arapahoe huntin' grounds.
-You sure the chief's right? -Plenty sure.
They're getting the warpaint ready.
Can you stand there and tell me...
...that one little change is gonna cost the Arapahoes one buffalo.
-Or even one jackrabbit? -Mr. King!
They can be made to see it differently. Who's hurting 'em?
What's a railroad anyway? Two tracks and a whistle.
It's not the tracks they're afraid of. It's what the tracks bring.
The buffalo hunters slaughtering off their herds.
And then the settlers coming in.
And when will that be? Twenty, 30 years, maybe?
By then, we'll all be dead.
Right now we're just crossing the land.
That's all. Land that's safe to the Arapahoes for our lifetime.
Now, you go talk to 'em. Smoke a peacepipe with 'em.
Just get 'em to make a new agreement.
That's your job, isn't it? Keeping the peace?
I'll keep the peace, Mr. King...
...if you keep your promise.
Hear your name's Rawlings and you're from Ohio.
Your pa's name couldn't be Linus Rawlings, could it?
-Could be. -Knew him.
Jethro Stuart.
-He used to speak of you. -Used to?
Pa was killed at Shiloh.
Sit down, Mr. Stuart.
Well, better than dyin' behind a plow.
I tried it. Settled down for a year once.
It took ten years off my life.
Your ma....
She must've been somethin' real special gettin' old Linus to stay put.
She was, Mr. Stuart. Very special.
Old Linus.
Two years runnin' once, your pa and me trapped together. Up along the Wannakee.
We got ourselves so many beaver...
...we had to tie 'em tail-to-tail just to drag 'em down the mountain.
Over a mile long it was, that line of beaver pelts.
Mr. Stuart, my father could take the truth and stretch it about six ways.
You sound just like him.
I'll take it you meant that kindly.
Well, I'd think twice before I called you a liar.
Tell me somethin', talkin' about liars:
Why would a son of old Linus get mixed up with a man like Mike King?
I know what you mean.
But Mike King isn't the railroad.
I don't think he knows that.
He's changin' the route back, is he?
I know.
But he'd do anything to gain a day on the Central Pacific.
But he's not a fool. He doesn't want a war.
And neither do the Arapahoes.
I think I could get them to agree to this change in route if...
...I could just sit down and talk with them for a while.
-How're you gonna get 'em to do it? -That's just it.
I need somebody that knows the language and that they trust.
You wouldn't happen to know someone like that, would you, Mr. Stuart?
Your pa could set a trap like no man I ever come across.
Just coax 'em on, and wham!
You'd better do somethin', so he'll know you're pledgin' your word.
That blame whistle's like the crack of doom from all that's natural.
My ma felt a man oughta make his scratch on the land...
...and leave it a little different than when he come.
Anyway, thanks for fixin' things with the chief.
Me? I fixed nothin'.
You put the words in my mouth but that won't make 'em come true.
I said what I had to, to keep the peace. I know there's a risk.
Risks? Maybe you don't understand.
You pledged your word back there. Not mine, not the Army's...
...not the railroad's.
It was your word that told 'em they'd keep their huntin' grounds.
I think they will.
I think you've got your neck stuck out like a prairie chicken...
...waitin' for one side or the other to chop it off.
Your pa and me got kicked out of one territory after another...
...with people pourin' in, killin' off game, puttin' up towns....
It ain't gonna stop.
Your treaty's gonna get broken and I don't wanna be around to see it happen.
Look me up when you get your bellyful.
-Where you goin'? -Back to the mountains.
To the high lonesome where there ain't no people at all yet.
So long.
By now the Central Pacific had broken through the wall of the High Sierras...
...and was straining eastward across the flatlands of Nevada.
While the Union Pacific, thanks to its long peace with the Indians...
...was able to keep up pressure just as avidly in the opposite direction.
The competition was exciting, but also costly...
...and both companies were itching to earn money from tracks already laid.
-Did the horses ride all right, Jake? -No better than I did.
We'll have to rest 'em a day before we can start huntin' rabbits, much less buffalo.
Let's get 'em to water right away.
You say no buffalo hunter come.
White man, liar.
We scout for you no more!
Not in our lifetime, you said.
And there they are. The buffalo slaughterers and the settlers.
All right, it's sooner than I figured.
But the railroad's broke. They need money to keep movin' on.
No people, no money. No money, no railroad.
-It's as simple as that, Lieutenant. -What about the Arapahoes?
Take a look at those people. Half of 'em straight from Europe.
They'll have a rough time but they'll make it.
And do you wanna know why they'll make it?
Because they're willing to change their ways.
The Arapahoes will have to change, too. If they don't, they're finished.
I know they have to change and some day the land'll be taken over... these farmers with their towns and their cattle.
But, not like this.
They don't have to be double-crossed, and I don't have to be a part of it!
You don't, Lieutenant?
Aren't you forgetting that uniform?
That's right, Mr. King, I'm forgetting it!
If the Army hasn't got any authority out here, I'm resigning. And, now!
I don't see how that's gonna help the Arapahoes.
Nothing'll help 'em.
But nothing's gonna stop 'em.
Indian attack!
Take a good look!
You wanted a war, and you got one. I hope you're the first man killed in it.
Turn those wagons over!
Shoot for the lead horses. Sergeant, take over.
Rawlings, try that.
The Indians are stampeding the buffalo.
Dirty skunks! Come on!
I told you there'd be no war.
Look at 'em.
They've quit.
They'll be back.
They just sent a bunch of animals to kill an animal they call the "Iron Horse".
Well, it's still standin', isn't it?
And nothin's gonna stop it.
You think you can live with that?
I can live with it, or I can die with it.
Just listen!
You can live with that?
That ain't cryin'.
That's just new life goin' on.
Pick up this woman and put the rest of the engine in the shed.
The rest of you, back to work. We've got a railroad to build.
It looks like you finally got your bellyful.
Hello, Jethro.
Appears you're doin' well.
Can't complain.
Creek's loaded with beavers, fightin' their way into the trap.
Ain't no white men lookin' over my shoulder...
...and the Indians are plumb cordial.
Toss your stuff in there. Plenty of room for two.
You'll be bunkin' yonder.
Better take your bearin's now, so you can find it when you need it.
If you don't like my snorin' you can build your own cabin tomorrow.
I'll furnish the axe.
Thanks. I'm just passin' through.
Through to where?
Anywhere you go is like where you've been.
Ain't you lost enough tail feathers back there?
I've been plucked some.
But that's what I like about this country.
There's always greener grass over the next hill.
Not no more. Not since that damn railroad come.
All the grass is bein' staked out now, with a lock on it.
Maybe I'll just have to climb a little higher hill to find it.
How about comin' along?
Are you crazy?
Like the Indians say, "These rocks and trees around here feel no call to move.
"Why should I?"
Guess I'm not an Indian, Jethro.
And I'm sure not a rock nor a tree.
A man belongs with his own kind, like him or not.
The coming of railroads brought changes in the land through which they passed.
Now, immense herds of cattle were driven hundreds of miles to meet the lines...
...bound for markets in the East.
Fences went up, cattle trails were barred...
...and a long and bloody wrangle began between cattlemen and homesteaders.
The law was in the hands of whoever could shoot fast and straight...
...except where there was somebody determined to stand for law.
Others might look on sheep and a shepherd as a pastoral scene.
But not the cattleman.
To him, sheep destroyed grass, and grass came dear.
And if a man`s life were held cheaper than grass... was considered a casualty of war, not a crime.
And, in all this...
...the man with the star was only one against many.
But time was running out for the reckless ones...
...the desperadoes, the gallop-and-gunshot boys... more and more citizens demanded respect for the law...
...and showed themselves ready to fight to uphold it.
And the raw new towns that sprung up in the West began to dream...
...of becoming as refined as that one-time hooligan city by the Golden Gate.
San Francisco was now respectable.
So sophisticated, in fact, it even had mansions up for auction.
Is that your last bid?
Ladies and gentlemen, this trophy is solid gold and fully inscribed.
"Mr. Cleve van Valen, President of the San Francisco--Kansas City Railroad."
It's a treasure he held dear to his heart.
Do I hear $3,000 for this priceless possession?
Priceless, my foot.
We used it for a doorstop.
Sold. $2,500.
It's a sad day, Lilith.
We made and spent three fortunes together.
What's so sad about that?
If he'd lived a little longer we would've made and spent another.
-I beg your pardon, Mrs. van Valen. -What?
The chair, it's been sold. I'm sorry.
Well then, take it. Quit apologizin' and take it.
Thank you, madam.
If there had been some other way to pay off the debts....
It doesn't matter.
I've got two things no one can ever take from me:
This, and my land in Arizona.
Lilith, I don't want to dash any hopes...
...but that ranch is nearly worthless.
Well, it's there, isn't it?
Yes, but most of the cattle have been sold off or stolen.
I'll get cattle.
You'll need someone to work it and manage it for you.
-I'll get that, too. -Who?
My nephew. He's a marshal out there somewhere.
Lilith, at your age it might be kind of rough.
My ma and pa were killed goin' down the river just lookin' for land.
I guess I got a little of that Prescott blood in me after all.
Is Aunt Lilith's house on Nob Hill as high as that?
I don't know, son.
On our way home you ask your Aunt Lilith. She'll tell you.
Honey? Do you think you'll know her?
Your Aunt Lilith. Do you think you'll recognize her?
Zeb? What's the matter?
Come on.
Ma'am, are you our Great Aunt Lilith?
If you're Zeb's children, I am.
Zeb Rawlings.
Oh, goodness.
I swore up and down I wasn't gonna cry.
You're just as pretty as Ma said you was.
I'd like you to meet my wife, Julie.
Pleased to meet you.
And I'm pleased to meet you, too.
I just can't tell you how pleased.
This here's Eve, underneath all the jam.
-Come on and meet Sam now. -Sam?
Sam's our horse. He could pull two wagons if he wanted.
Well, if you'll excuse me, I have my orders to meet Sam.
Come on.
Just a minute now, boys.
But he's on the other side. Come on.
I think this means a whole lot to her.
You have no idea how much it means to me... be able to settle down to a life of peace and quiet.
I'll get the luggage.
Zeb, let's go.
Don't tell me you come all the way to Gold City just to meet me?
I hardly expected it.
And the beautiful Mrs. Rawlings?
What a pleasure.
I envy you, Marshal, a well-favored, bright-eyed wife...
...just as dazzlin' as that sun up there.
It makes you almost thankful, don't it?
It makes a person wanna live.
That's Charlie Gant.
I thought you said he was in Montana?
I'm just gonna get the luggage, that's all.
See to the rooms, will you, Julie?
-Prescott, take care of the horses. -Yes, sir.
-Linus, help your mother. -Yes, sir.
Anything wrong, Julie?
No. No, nothing.
Come on, Eve.
Got a minute?
Of course, I got a minute.
-Cigar? -No, thanks.
Well, what can I do for you?
Go ahead, name it.
I saw Gant get off the train this morning.
There were three men waiting for him.
That's why you're here, huh?
That's it.
Look, there ain't a thing we can do... keep Charlie Gant from goin' where he wants to in this territory.
I know. I know what he was...
...but that's over now.
It was over the day his brother got--
You should've killed 'em both that day, but....
Well, you didn't and there ain't a thing I can do about it now.
What's he doin' here, Lou? Ain't you even curious?
What do you want me to do? Run him out of town at the point of a gun?
Do you think it will put the law inside a holster here?
Look over there, Zeb. There's the law.
With all its writs and decrees and....
We abide by that circuit judge, now.
How many get killed meantime?
Nobody's got killed. Nobody's goin' to. Doc Halliday, the Clantons, the Youngers....
They're all gone now.
Charlie Gant ain't gone.
You get me a warrant. I'll get you Gant.
Lou, they want three guards in the wagon with the gold shipment tomorrow.
This is a big one. Over $100,000 worth.
I'll take Clayton and Sims with me. All right?
Well what?
Doesn't that mean anything to you?
-It means we put on a three-man guard. -To the train.
What happens then?
You know there's gold goin' out of here every month or so.
There hasn't been a train robbery since Jesse James was killed.
I don't want any trouble here, now.
We've been friends a long time.
As a friend...
...I'd like you to leave town.
Boys, get back from there!
Look down there, son.
Do you know how deep that shaft is?
That's 1,000 foot deep.
Do you know how deep 1,000 foot is?
If you had 200 brothers, all standin' on your shoulders... wouldn't be able to see over the top.
I'd be squished.
Come on. I'll show you boys the donkey engine.
You boys go ahead. I'll be along in a minute.
I hear you've been talkin' to the local marshal about me.
Would you call that friendly?
I never considered us exactly friendly.
I don't like you, Marshal.
I don't like what you and your kind are doin' to this country.
I don't want any trouble.
You wanna put things on the old basis, just you and me?
That's fine.
I'm not gonna get in a fight with you, Gant.
It's peace you want, Marshal?
There's only one kind I know of.
That's the kind my brother's got.
What happened to your brother didn't teach you very much, did it?
Easy, Marshal.
Floyd never made mistakes...
...except the one time he trusted you.
And you're the one that got away.
One of these days I'm likely to pay you Rawlings' a little visit.
Lou Ramsey's here.
-I warned you, Zeb. -What is it?
Gant came to see me last night.
He said you tried to start some trouble with him.
You believe him?
I'm tellin' you, Zeb, you take your trouble to your own territory.
I don't want any more of it here.
There won't be any more trouble, Lou. Gant's gone.
He rode out of here early this mornin'.
With who?
His gang.
They should be somewhere between here and Kingman...
...waitin' on that train.
You don't fool me for a minute, Zeb.
You're not lookin' for a robbery, you're lookin' for Gant.
You still carry lead where he shot you. That was Texas.
And Oklahoma, where you killed Floyd. And now this.
I'm sorry, Julie...
...but I don't want my office to be any part of this.
The boys have got the team hitched.
I know.
It's almost time to go.
No one's askin' you to face Gant.
No one's makin' you.
We could ride out of here right now. We could forget it.
Maybe there's somethin' you haven't told me.
Is there, Zeb?
I'm askin' you not to go.
Don't go.
Sorry, Julie.
I guess there's nothin' more pigheaded in a man than his sense of honor.
They're all the same, every one of 'em.
You take my Cleve now.
Never could turn down a poker game.
He felt duty bound to go.
Three nights runnin' sometimes, but he wouldn't quit, not if his life depended on it.
I guess it isn't very funny.
Where's Pa?
-Out. That's where he is. -What's the matter with Mom?
Nothin's the matter. Come on, now, in the other room.
Come on, darlin', we're gonna play.
That's a good girl. That's better.
-What's the matter with Mama? -Nothin's the matter.
You know any games?
-We know tag. -Musical chairs.
I know hide and seek.
-Do you know how to play poker? -Poker?
You're in luck. Get down right there. Now come on, sit down. That's it.
But we don't know how to play poker.
Well, it's time you learned.
First, we'll start off with a little five-card stud.
I'll take that rifle, Zeb.
Your pistol, too.
Sorry, Lou.
I just can't oblige.
I thought the law wouldn't let you use that any more.
I'll use it if I have to.
I'm goin' out of here, Lou, and I'm takin' this with me.
To kill Gant.
That's what you think, isn't it?
It's somethin' personal between him and me.
Well, Lou, it could be...
...if I settle down with my family and wait for him to come.
And he'll come, if I don't stop him here and now.
I'm gonna catch Gant red-handed, breakin' the law...
...and then I'm gonna use the law to put him away once and for all.
The law, Lou.
I'm gonna use the law...
...but I haven't got much chance without your help.
How many men in the caboose?
Just one brakeman.
Is he armed?
No, never has been.
I'll be in the express car.
There's some riders up ahead.
I'll take a look.
Engineer, there's a barricade ahead!
Open her up, wide open.
Come on. Come on.
Everybody make it?
Frenchy's horse fell. I don't think he made it.
Well, let's move. It's a long way from here to that gold.
There's no danger. Just keep goin'.
It's Rawlings!
Back this train up!
And fast!
How come we're leavin' so early, Pa?
We got a long way to go, son.
Auntie, when are we going to your house?
Your daddy will decide when we get to your home.
Honest? Can we take Sam with us?
I think Sam is taking us.
Pa, how much further is it to Aunt Lilith's ranch?
Well, son, it's around the next bend, and the next bend...
...and the valley beyond.
Aunt Lilith, do you know that song?
That's our song!
Your song?
I sang that song long before your pa was ever born.
"Away, away, come away with me
"Where the grass grows wild
"Where the winds blow free
"Away, away--" Zeb!
"Come away with me
"Where I'll build you a home In the meadow
"Come, come, there`s a wondrous land
"For the hopeful heart
"For the willing hand
"Come, come, there`s a wondrous land
"And I'll build you a home in the meadow."
The West that was won by its pioneers, settlers, adventurers is long gone now.
Yet, it is theirs forever.
For they left tracks in history that will never be eroded by wind or rain...
...never plowed under by tractors, never buried in the compost of events.
Out of the hard simplicity of their lives, out of their vitality...
...their hopes and their sorrows...
...grew legends of courage and pride... inspire their children and their children`s children.
From soil enriched by their blood...
...out of their fever to explore and build...
...came lakes where once were burning deserts...
...came the goods of the earth, mines and wheat fields...
...orchards and great lumber mills...
...all the sinews of a growing country.
Out of their rude settlements, their trading posts, came cities... rank among the great ones of the world.
All the heritage of a people free to dream... to act... to mold their own destiny.
"The promised land, promised land
"Promised land The land of plenty, rich with gold
"Here came dreamers With Bible, fist and gun
"Bound for land Across the plains their wagons rode
"Hell bent for leather
"That`s how the West was won
"Side by side They tamed the savage prairie land
"Nothing stopped them Nor wind, nor rain, nor sun
"Side by side Each pioneer from every land
"All pulled together
"That`s how the West was won
"And they sang of the day When they would rest their boots
"In a land where the still waters flowed
"There were dreams of man and wife Who`d put down roots
"And their love and the seeds of love Would grow
"And grow, and grow!"
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