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Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

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Begin the Turban Race!
Can't l worship with my uncovered American head?
No, a turban is an essential part of the ceremony.
You don't know anything!
Why don't you find yourself an lndian bride to help you tie your pants?
They are noisy like children.
They have a right to enjoy today.
There's no use in restricting their fun.
l'm talking about discipline.
You should be disciplined too. What do you mean?
You're going to a music concert during the Diwali festival.
How is the turban?
Amrita, when you fix my turban my music becomes strong.
l'd be an average singer without you.
Come home early today.
You should be here to talk to your ltalian student.
Don't worry he knows many languages including Hindi.
Did Nandini vacate her room for the guest?
l had told her to, but she became mad and left.
What's there to be mad about? That's between you and your daughter.
l'll call her.
Where were you Nandini?
Are you still angry?
l went out to buy this decoration.
But where will you put it? You must vacate your room.
l'll never vacate my room!
lt's takes time to decorate my room and l don't like strangers staying in it.
Why are you all after my room?
Because you have the best room. We'll help you move out.
There's not much in your room, flowers, a chandelier, a diary and...
lf you tease me l'll destroy your floor decoration.
Where were you Nandini? You know l don't go to any
concerts without seeing you. Oh are you a statue? But you
can talk with your eyes.
Did you vacate your room?
You are still angry.
The visitor is our guest. And a guest is like God to us.
Vacate your room before my return.
The decoration is very pretty.
Let ltalian come, l'll make him leave within two days.
l'm going to a big house dad. No, l've not left mom like you.
No, l don't need your help. l'll find my way.
The sand will show me the way.
You're happy to see your son in distress.
But listen. l will succeed and learn my music.
l'll live in lndia and call mom in ltaly.
Do you realize you've slapped me for the first time.
l am still going.
Why shouldn't l? What's there?
Oh ltalian! Get lost, suffer hunger, never reach my room.
What a jump! From ltaly into the pool. How do you do?
Meet all of us. My brother Neelesh. My wife Pushpa.
She is Parul, Shilpa, Anapoorna, Haresh.
And he is my brother,recently returned from America, Tarun.
Look at this boy's behaviour!
Oh don't worry. His arrival has brought us laughter.
His departure will bring us tears.
And l'm Bhairav
What have you done to the guest?
Forgive us. Let me take you to your room.
Very jolly fellow. We will have good time.
After eating Pushpa's dishes he'll learn to speak Gujarati.
What's the purpose in inviting him in this house?
What if he starts having an affair with our young girls?
Auntie Kamna! Can't you talk well about anybody?
Vithal Singh, who's that lady?
She is the mistress of the house.
Everybody listens to her judgment. She has a very good heart.
You've come on very auspicious day. Today is Diwali.
How was your journey. Have you been swimming?
l just fell into the pool.
Vithal, show him to his room, and give him breakfast.
l'm going to the temple.
l know, my husband says the same thing.
What did you say?
The ltalian is here!
How are you? Are you okay?
My name is Sameer. You may call me Sam, out of love.
What's your name?
Can l call you Nandu?
Only Nandini.
Your name is different Does it mean Nandita Ben?
A name need not have a meaning.
And you need not light every candle while looking at me.
You move your eyes, first.
How can l? Your eyes have hypnotized me.
Why would they do that?
Careful, you might burn your hand.
You were affected by evil eyes.
Must be yours, my eyes are not like that.
What are your eyes like?
They can look into your soul.
So, what do you see?
Lemon! Sour lemon.
Move your eyes Nandu, you might lose the rope.
Let it be.
The chandelier will fall.
Let it fall.
Glass will break.
Let it break.
And if the glass breaks your eyes will blink.
Let's see who blinks first.
lf you continue looking at me you will fall in love.
Listen. Did you fall in love?
His stuff is showing.
Move from here.
Come on girls. Tell me what're you whispering about?
Won't you tell me?
Nothing. That boy from ltaly. They were looking at him.
So tell me. How does he look?
You have come here too.
l heard you laughing.
This is a home, not a park that you just stroll through.
Grandma, l'm Sameer, l've come from ltaly. How do you do?
Sameer - a cold gust of wind.
He is a hailstorm. He'll infect us all with running noses.
You have no manners. Bathing in the open, entering girls' room.
lf you want to live here you must follow our rules.
Why are you so angry Mandakini?
My name is Nandini
You took my room, now you're enticing me with your sweet talk.
Tomorrow you will become my father's favorite.
Have you come to learn music or mischief?
You call yourself a singer, but you look like a rogue.
He has made a mess of my room. So disorganized.
Oh God! When will he go back?
What are you doing in my room?
This is my room you idiot.
Now this is my room and l can walk naked like this.
l've come to pick up my diary. You put on your clothes.
Oh diary. Get lost in desert so you never reach my room...
Don't read my diary, stop now.
What have you done to my room?
Don't you think this room looks livelier than before?
Nandini Ben, Darbar Sahib wants to meet him.
Go, go quickly.
Have you come to eat or bathe?
Go and put on your clothes.
Oh. l went there in the towel.
We were coming to stop you, but you did not hear.
Never mind, now to please father, go and salute him like this...
She is not misguiding me?
No l will punish her for doing that to our guest.
What are you doing?
Just saluting you sir.
Who told you to do this?
Go and sit there.
Hold on. Let him sing first.
Let him eat first. He's hungry.
No. l'll decide right now.
He has come from ltaly. Let me see if he is worth teaching.
Very good. You know music and you also have a good soul.
By teaching you l might learn something from you.
May l teach you now sir?
My music is everything to me.
Music is great like God. You need purity of soul.
An insincere person sings from the throat.
A hungry person from the stomach.
But a truthful person sings from his heart.
l will teach you because you sing from your heart.
What about your fees sir?
My music is not for sale.
l will ask for compensation at a proper time.
Or maybe l won't.
My father is very happy.
No l can't eat any more.
You've not eaten enough until you belch like me.
You're young you must eat more than 10-12 pooris...
This secret should remain between us, please...
Grandma was right... Sameer -like a gust of wind...
Why are you after me?
Are you thinking about me? - Yes.
No, you're thinking about me.
No. Why should l?
Then, who's in your thoughts?
l was thinking about myself.
What difference does it make.
Don't get involved in wishful thinking. You'll get hurt.
What are you doing on the roof so late in the night?
l often come here to hear father's music with the stars.
Grandma says by changing their paths, the stars change our destiny.
For me, the stars are my friends.
What if they went against you?
l would fight till they wrote my destiny as l aspire.
Do you believe in destiny.
Sure. l can even read destiny.
Really? Read mine.
Palm reading is lndian style. ltalians read the feet.
Your feet are very beautiful.
And they will soon take you aboard...
Are you ticklish? So am l.
They will take you aboard to the love of your life.
A falling star!
What did you ask for?
My mother says never ask anything from a broken star.
You miss your mother?
Because she is very far.
And your father?
He is very near to me.
And your girl friend?
l don't have a girl friend.
Will you be my friend?
Women can't compete with men. - No, both are equal.
What's the matter?
Tell them how men are superior to women.
They're superior in many ways.
Tell us what men can do but women can't do.
There are many things but l'll give you one example.
Can you do this?
What're you doing here? This is a women's only function.
l was attracted by the music.
Do you see any other man here? - Yes Vithal...
Vithal has looked after us childhood.
lf you are spotted, women will beat you up. So go away.
You've songs for all occasion? - Yes... from birth to death.
For all seasons, love songs marriage songs, folk songs..
You have not seen Bhavai? Let me show you...
What's that clapping song.
That song is called Garbha.
What else? - Bhangra
Now you're joking.
May l tell you something? - Yes.
l love your voice.
Only voice?
Your hair. - And?
Your smile. - And?
Your style of describing falling stars.
And? Say it quickly.
Your mom, your father, this food, flowers, furniture.
You are just a lemon.
Even till the end, l didn't say it.
Why are you laughing. You don't know!
The marriage procession has arrived and you are not ready!
Get ready and check on Anu.
Sour Lemon!
l look better than you do.
Just see when l get dressed.
As if she is Miss World.
Are you ready Anu?
Give me a few minutes.
You must go with me Anu. l can't live without you.
You don't know how l spent last the six months without you.
l left to become capable of asking your hand in marriage.
Now leave everything and elope with me.
The procession is at the door, and you want me to elope with you!
My parents will commit suicide out of shame...
it's too late now. Go away.
What happened Anu? - Nothing, l dropped a vase.
Some day we'll meet again Anu.
Thank God you opened the door. What were you doing.
How do l look Nandini?
lt takes time to be a first time bride.
Are you afraid? - Little bit.
l am so happy for you Anu.
You get ready... l want to see grandma.
You have no shame.
Nandini please listen. - l don't want to hear you.
Why do you punish me? l was just joking.
Do you want to hear what l wanted to say last night?
l don't want to hear with so many people around.
Leave me alone. - Please let me tell you.
Open the door. How many times should l ask your forgiveness.
l was mad for what you did in front of so many people.
The ceremonies are starting. Don't spoil the fun please.
Tell me what was in your mind. l'm ready to listen now.
l was going to say that you do not deserve my love.
Really? With so many guests someone will approve of me.
And when he asks for my hand, you'll repent Sour Lemon.
l arranged a meeting with Nandini but l couldn't find you.
l'd be tongue-tied in front of such a beautiful girl.
You could have told her certain things with your eyes.
You must meet her.
What if she doesn't approve of me.
She is fair you're dark, she has blue eyes you've black,
she is popular and you can't even sing in your bathroom.
But you have something special. - What?
Your beautiful heart.
There's one thing more. - What's that?
You're changing the topic. Do you like Nandini or not?
l like her.
Then touch a hand for Nandini.
Touch one more time.
Sanyukta, no matter which hand l touch, Nandini will be mine.
Anu got married. Nandini has grown up.
Have you thought about Nandini? - What's there to think about?
Touch one of my hands.
What's this childishness.
l knew you'd touch this hand.
There's a very good marriage proposal for Nandini.
Vikramjit the lawyer, has sought Nandini's hand for Vanraj.
Boy and family are good. On Holi we'll go their town,
visit their home and give our consent.
What do you say?
A daughter has to leave one day.
Does he sing?
You never think about anything except music...
yes he sings, but he is not melodious.
Look at Nandini's picture. She spoiled the family portrait.
All are looking at the camera, she seems to have a bad cold.
Sameer why do ltalians eat pizza?
Because we don't have grandma's favorite Gujarati dishes.
Sameer you always say something very sweet.
Because he's a sweet boy.
What happened? Don't like the food. Nandini cooked it.
lt's hot.
Hot food is for hot girls - not for sweet stupid boys.
Well said Nandini.
What an insane thing to do. Stop Sameer. Leave it.
Why do you torture him?
What happened?
Sameer ate lot of chilies.
His mouth must be burning. Give him some honey.
Go and ask his forgiveness.
He has eaten chilies. He will see its reaction in morning.
lt's the prize of love... and my deserved punishment.
Mommy! Wouldn't it be wonderful to fly like a kite in the sky.
A daughter is like a kite. She flies freely above the roof before marriage,
and then gives control to someone else after her marriage.
As happened to Anu, and now it is Nandini's turn.
Not so soon.
No use pretending...
you're so fond of flying, why don't you get married sooner?
What's it to you, Auntie? l'll get married when l want to.
Will you decide about your own marriage?
Yes it will be my decision.
You are behaving as if l don't know anything...
l keep my eyes open on all your flights.
You have to live with your own destiny. Some kites fly high
in the sky, others don't leave the ground... like you.
Nandini, don't talk to your elders like this.
Seek her forgiveness
Forgive her Kamna. - lt's okay. She is a child.
We are talking to a very good family about her marriage...
lf the horoscopes match we'll soon finalize her marriage.
Her mother's matching her horoscope and she is romancing in sky.
Wouldn't it be fun if her kite was lost in the sky?
Leave it Kamna.
Nandini, l defeated your father in the kite flying race.
lt would have been fun if you were holding my thread-wheel.
l neither like paper toys nor holding wheels for your kites.
One day someone will steal me from you right under your nose
and you won't do anything except stare at the sky.
l'll do everything!
l will break him, beat him, destroy him.
Do you have any idea how much ridicule l've suffered.
Break him, beat him... always joking, always immature
They are after my marriage. People will come to see me..
ask me to demonstrate how l walk... how l sit, sing, laugh and...
l'll have to do it, but you won't do anything.
You'll just keep looking from a corner.
You won't care if they approve and take me away from you,
you won't care... if l go to someone else...
if l am married to someone else...
...if l die.
l'll talk to your father.
How can you tell to my father what you have not told me so far?
Don't Sameer. lt's a sin.
lt's not a sin.
What if something happened?
Like what?
A child.
A child won't come like this.
lt's not right Sameer. Father will never agree.
Why won't he agree?
lsn't this sinful?
No, it's not sinful.
You won't leave me? - Never.
There is someone here.
Where are you going? - l must leave.
Where is the bloody book.
Why are you here Kamna auntie?
l wanted to read a book.
Which one? What're you doing here?
Didn't you go kite flying? lt was so enjoyable.
l was arranging my books. - First arrange your dress.
Keep to your affairs, Auntie. Don't interfere in my life.
l've given you a long rope, you'll fall flat if l pull it.
Found it? How is this book.
lt's in English
So what. l'm even ready to learn ltalian.
The horoscopes match completely.
Congratulations Darbar.
Did the horoscopes match? - Yes. All 36 qualities match.
l knew it. - Give the sweets to everyone.
Wait! Let me give one to the man whose marriage has been arranged.
Hold on. You can't be our son- in-law by matching horoscopes.
You are marrying a musician's daughter. We want to make sure
you would be in tune with her. We want to hear you sing.
You want me to sing?
He must pass this test.
Let him hear. We will test Nandini's courtroom skills.
Enough. You lack melody and rhythm. Nandini will fix that.
Your voice has sincerity. You'll make my daughter happy.
Sky is full of stars, grandma.
Looks like a thousand lovers are holding lights in their hands.
Light is within the lovers.
How do you know this grandma? - Love told me.
You too have been in love?
Love colors everybody. Doesn't spare anybody.
Did you have a love marriage?
First marriage, then love.
How did it happen grandma?
l married at age 1 4. l was combing my hair on the roof.
Your grandpa was flying a kite on the adjacent roof.
He slipped from the roof.
l ran to his rescue.
He was hanging from the balcony.
l gave him my hand.
As he touched it, currents passed through my body.
Then? - Our eyes met. Love sprang.
He kissed, my first kiss.
Then you became a mother.
You stupid girl. Kissing doesn't make you a mother.
Then? - Then life began with kids.
Then? - Home filled with happiness.
Then? - Our children got married...
dancing, singing, functions. - Then?
You came, and came laughter and lullabies for you kids
your quarrels and friendships
Then? - Then nothing.
Then? - Then after 60 years, two
lovers met on this same roof
and then grandma caught them red-handed.
Your father has always desired a musician husband for you.
You would have the same dream. l want to discuss it with you.
l too want to tell you something. May l tell you?
Okay, you tell me first.
First you promise you won't be angry after hearing me.
Angry? But why? What's the matter?
ln fact l wanted to tell you...
Anu has come from her in-laws home. She is very distressed.
Come quickly!
Listen Anu, you must return to your in-laws' home.
No father, l'll never go back to that house.
Anu you must forget Bharat and go back to your in-laws.
l'll kill myself but l'll never go back to that house...
l'll never spend another night as a corpse in that man's bed.
A daughter's marriage takes place by her father's will.
Traditionally, her husband is her God after her marriage...
Anu must return to her home after the Holi festival..
No! Turn back this shameless girl today. l can't stand her.
Beating a grown up daughter is against our tradition.
By Holi things will cool down.
Fatherdy, Anu will never be happy in that house.
See how badly she was beaten.
Don't interfere in the decisions of your elders.
At least ask the person whose life is at stake.
How can she live with a man she doesn't even love?
Sameer has arranged everything and Bharat is waiting for you.
Why are you giving me all this?
ls this right? Family disgrace?
What if something happens to Bharat? - What you're doing is right.
You must live your own life.
ls everything arranged. - Yes Bharat is waiting.
Hi. You are not afraid? l am afraid. l am afraid of Nandini's father.
Anu will be happy. We've done a great job of uniting them.
lt was so romantic. May we marry by eloping to ltaly?
Why should we elope? You will ask for my hand from my father.
Who is responsible for this. Where's Anu?
Tell me. l'll kill you.
Why are you beating him?
You're responsible for this. - What are you talking about?
l asked you to return her quickly, you didn't agree...
Anu has eloped with someone else. See the mangalsutra and this note.
She spitted on us and stains have fallen on your face too.
Keep your voice down.
Because you are the elder you can't bear it when others speak.
By what right you do force your decision on us.
Why should we suffer for your mistakes?
lt's your fault. You did not teach our family's traditions
to your children and now you are insulting me.
l'm not insulting you.
You'll know my suffering when Nandini elopes with someone.
Stop, you have said enough.
Before blaming others you must take care of your own home.
When you find out what your daughter has been doing,
your head will fall in shame. - Shut up!
l'll not tolerate any nonsense spoken about Nandini.
She is my faith, she is my teacher, she is as pure as my music.
My music will die if she is found to be impure...
l'll never sing thereafter.
lf you have that much faith call her. See what's truth.
Nandini ... Nandini ...!
How can she hear you if she is not home?
Go out and hear her tunes.
With the first step we'll vow to share happiness and pain.
With the second you'll vow to protect my life and honor,
and you will give me love and respect.
During the fourth step, l will ask to go ahead of you.
Why? - So if death comes l can
embrace it before you do. We'll embrace death together.
l did not expect it from you. What have you done to us?
lt has been going on for eight months and nobody knew it?
You did not confide in me!
l will hate you for that. - People become mad in love
Never thought he will do this. - Now l feel that madness...
can't remember the moment when l started loving him...
Nobody has the choice to love in this household.
There are certain traditions of our dynasty...
people respect your father you bowed his head in shame.
How do you think he will tolerate this pain.
We lifted our heads to look at the stars...
that brief moment turned into such deep relationship...
Sameer says father loves him. He'll surely agree mom
How will he agree to a relationship with a foreigner
about whom we know nothing?
Your marriage to Vanraj has been decided.
We have matched your horoscopes.
While explaining Hindu marriage rites when we took seven steps
it appeared whole universe was celebrating our union.
Seven steps? Marriage rites? Have you crossed boundaries?
Have you done something for which we should be ashamed?
Tell me Nandini... has he touched you anywhere?
and here...
and here mom...
Stop Nandini... l can't bear.
he has touched my soul, his eyes watch me from inside..
don't break me in two parts, l will be dead without him...
l only belong to him... l love him too much mom...
make father agree to our marriage.
Control your emotions and listen Nandini... l will try
to persuade your father, don't move until l come back.
l have abandoned my music, l've nothing more to teach you.
Why are you punishing yourself for our mistakes?
l've done nothing wrong. l've come to seek Nandini's hand.
lt is time for compensation.
On the oath of the knowledge l've given you, you will promise
to neither meet Nandini nor keep any relation with her.
This is my compensation.
Can l see Nandini one last time?
Sameer is going Nandini!
Your father didn't agree... he won't listen to me.
Your father didn't agree... he won't listen to me.
He has permitted you to see Sameer's departure.
Get up Nandini, get up. Sameer is leaving forever.
Go see him, because you won't see him again in this life.
They have come.
Bring them in.
Greetings. Come on in. How was the journey.
There has been no news from you after the engagement.
We have been busy in preparing for the marriage.
We too were busy. Here is
the first invitation card for you.
Look at the card, it is very attractive.
lt is really good. Thank you.
You can thank me afterwards, first talk about the dowry.
You're a reputable singer, so we must ask for some dowry.
Whatever you demand.
Our demand is that you kindly sing in the marriage.
l won't be able to sing.
l think Vanraj will sing. He must have learnt by now.
Vanraj will now sing for Nandini.
Where is Nandini? My brother's eyes are searching for her.
She is not well. She is resting in her room.
What happened?
Nothing, she slipped from stairs.
My dear Nandu. Living without you is almost impossible.
lt's time to fight the stars, let me write my own destiny.
My love will bring you to me.
l am waiting for you. Your Sour Lemon.
l can't believe you have not come, but l'm still hopeful.
l left my heart with you. Bring it with you. Your Sameer.
Today we begin a new life Let's start it with truth.
Truth is the foundation of all relationships.
l think it is wrong of me to say such things on our first night.
You are so beautiful that l don't have words to describe you.
You're thinking: l'm full of life...
and here is my husband who is quiet and reserved...
or perhaps he is trying to show off his intellect.
Although l'm an important lawyer's son, l often lose my cases.
The reason is that l can't support lies.
l can tolerate anything except lies.
l have to wake up early for worship... may l sleep now.
What happened? Did l do something inappropriate?
We are married. A husband and wife's relationship depends on...
lf this is a relationship, then take me.
What nonsense are you talking about? Have you gone mad?
No it's not a relationship of bodies, it's of two minds.
Since our marriage l feel you aren't the one l saw before.
Were you forced to marry me, don't you like me?
Or is it something else? Tell me Nandini.
Tell me before it's too late and becomes a burden for life.
l told you before that l can't tolerate falsehood.
Tell me truthfully. l will help. Tell me Nandini!
Nothing will be gained by silence.
Brother, open the door brother
Sister-in-law, turn off the alarm, the neighbors will wake up.
And if he bothers you again tell him it is worship time.
Take a shower and come for worship.
l will be with you sooner than you can think.
By fasting on 'Karvachauth' a woman remains married.
ls there a greater pleasure than being with your husband?
That's true but why doesn't the moon show up. l'm hungry.
Perhaps moon wants us to wait. lt is hiding in the clouds.
Last year it went into hiding and never wanted to come out.
Oh look! The moon is showing!
You have brought many gifts. - these are nothing.
There was no need to bring these.
l've been missing Nandini so found this excuse for coming.
Ever since she has come here our home has brightened up.
Look! Who has come to see you.
Perhaps your mother is worried that we do not take care of you.
No, that's not the reason.
Okay, you two have chat, l'll return very soon.
How are you? Our house is dark and gloomy without you.
Your father asked me to see you.
What did he want to see... am l alive or dead?
You're still in the same mood. Come with me...
What have you made of yourself? No make-up, your hair's a mess.
Don't forget you're the bride of this house.
You have a good husband... what else do you want?
Don't destroy everything by being obstinate.
l'll destroy myself...Sameer will also destroy himself.
You should not utter his name.
Do you know what you're doing? Holding the past in your fist.
Let it go. lf you don't you will have nothing left inside of it.
Life is ever changing. Accept Vanraj. He's your husband.
l can never accept him as my husband.
You will have to accept him.
And where's your 'mangalsutra' the symbol of your marriage?
These are black beads to you. When you realize their worth
you will feel their power too.
There is tremendous power in 'mangalsutra'.
lt is power for you mom, but it is a burden for me.
Why don't you try to understand?
And after that Kaushalya...
Oh what's going on between mother and daughter.
Just usual, it has always been like this. Okay l'll leave now.
Without eating anything?
l won't take even water from my daughter's home.
After finishing his court case Vanraj will go for honeymoon.
After their return please send Nandini to our home.
These are some letters for you from Sameer.
Sameer's letters? When did they come?
Some before marriage, and some after marriage.
That means Sameer was in town. You should have told me before.
But l didn't get the chance. Then it was too late.
lt is never too late when it's love. Perhaps we could have met.
Your Father had taken a vow from him that he would never see you.
lt was Sameer's vow, but l was free to see him.
Take my advice, burn all those letters.
l'm going to the temple. Are you coming?
No, please go ahead.h
l was going to tell you the truth.
l told you before, l can't tolerate lies.
You have no right to shame my family like this.
You have to leave.h
Where are you taking me?o
Have you gone mad? Taking your wife to her ltalian lover?
People will laugh at you.s
Think about me, your mother, your sister...
What will people say to us? Why did you make this decision?
Nandini loves some one else. She is not mine.
Do you want your one to remain unhappily married?
You're a man of Rajput dynasty. Can't you control a woman?
What happened to your manhood?
ls it manhood to control a weak woman's happiness?
ls manhood another name for hiding from the truth in life?
ls it manhood to own a woman's
body whose soul belongs to someone else?
Please answer.
Manhood is in facing the reality of life and its problems.
Just lofty words. l hear them in courtrooms everyday.
lt's easier said than done.
How can you bear giving your beloved to another man.
Love is not selfish. Love is not in your own happiness.
lt's in the happiness of those you love.
l know that moment will be very troublesome for me...
but one smile will wash away all my pain.
At that time l'll need your support and blessings.
Vanraj, the world considers me a better lawyer than you...
but you are a far better human being than me.
You'll definitely win this case.
lt's going to be difficult to find Sameer without
his address or photo.l
But we'll find him. Get ready. We've got to start somewhere.
Some music school or record shop might know him.
Let me get some addresses from the hotel manager.
Forgot the combination? Let me open it. You get ready.
Here comes the tram. Let's go.
Do we go now?
You wait here.
What happened?
Nandini. He has come.
You find it difficult to find Sameer in such a big city.
You want his picture. This is how he looked to me.
Now you can laugh more.
lt has become a joke for you. l'm also a joke to you.
l was not laughing at you lt was that musician.
He is asking for your order.
Here eat the sandwich.
Drink some water.
ls this Sameer?
You didn't see the big tram! - Yes l'm mad.
l lost Sameer because of you. - Because of me?
Thank God you're alive. - What if l had died?
What am l to you?
Until you reach your destination, protecting you is my job.
Who gave you this job? Who told you to bring me here?
And what kind of relationship is this?
lt has no name... No identity.
Why are you trying to be God?
Are you playing a game by helping me find Sameer?
Just to show off what a big hearted, godly person you are?
l'm not trying to be God.
l'm suffering more than you.
l'm going to lose either way in this ''game''.
Why? Because l...
What do you know about love?
May l say something? - Say it.
l'm sorry for my behavior yesterday.
May l tell you something? - Yes.
You're holding your magazine upside down.
May l tell one more thing? - Yes.
You were right. Our relation has no name or identity.
Let us give it a name. Let's be friends.
May l say one thing? - Yes
You're very good person. l know.
You have a very sweet smile. Always keep smiling.
l thought l had forgotten how to smile.
lf you want to laugh, come with me to my court.
We ask stupid questions during cross-examination.
Once a lawyer said l can see you in this picture...
but how can you prove that you were there when
this picture was taken?
l too asked a stupid question. - What?
You proved these stairs come down to the basement, but
how can you prove they go up?
Then what happened? As usual, l lost the case.
May l say something? - Say it.
And then came the kite flying season. l defeated everybody.
Then she taught me havai. Actually it is called Bhavai.
And their food was fantastic.
Once the family made me eat so much that l lost control.
l ran to the roof, looked around, and released the wind.
When l turned back l saw Nandini! She was laughing.
Do you know what she said? Sameer - a gust of wind.
And then, her bloody aunt interfered.
l offered money to her father. He said music was not for sale.
He said he might ask for compensation at a proper time.
Do you know what he asked for? What my son?
My life... my Nandini.
When Nandini came to see me, l signaled her to be statue.
She didn't move but her tears kept moving out of her eyes.
My father says Nandini will come back to me.
l'll get Nandini someday.
Are you Nandini?
Sameer was sure you'll come... and you're really here.
He always talks about you.
Just today he was telling me about his big show.
He has been composing music day in day out.
He thinks about you very much He always talks about you.
l just keep talking. And you are?
Where's Sameer? - Just now left for the city.
Follow him quickly. Where are you staying...
What'll happen of these two?
They married and now she is going to have a child.
He is after another girl.
Do you understand Hindi?
You speak Hindi very well.
l speak ltalian very well too. Didn't you hear my ltalian?
lf you have trust in your love this will not happen.
How many people come here because they fear God?
And how many come because they love God.
l come here as l love God and he is my dad's friend.
l say God is everywhere. He is present between us.
God is not between us. He is within us.
lf He is within us then why does He cause so much pain.
We remember Him in pain and forget Him in happiness.
God gives pain so that we may learn to love.
And unselfish love brings us nearer to God.
Have you loved anybody like this?
Yes. But at this time she is in great pain.
l can't see her in pain.
Come on. God gets busy when so many people pray.
My dad is God's good friend. Talk to him.
Dad, please give him whatever he wants.
What do you do for a living?
Nothing. l prayed for you that's enough work for me.
But why have you come here?
To find someone. - You found him.
Good to see you here. l was so lonely.
Perhaps you can help me.
Do you like music? l like music very much.
Do you sing? You can't l can see it from your face.
l don't sing these days.
But l've a favorite song which we will sing together.
How did you know that l like these flowers?
These are not from me He sent them for you.
l met a very good man in the church.
We prayed for you together and when l came here
Doctor said you can go home. Get ready now.
What happened? -Where did you hear this song?
Tomorrow we'll go there. - How? We don't have money.
We'll go even if we don't have tickets.
The ticket checker is coming.
Remember those lovers on the train.
ls he coming here? - He's coming.
Sameer may come, we will have to wait.
May l tell you something? - What?
Do you know that you dance well? l too danced well. Didn't l?
But may l say something? - Yes.
l met him. He is very good. He'll make you happy.
Perhaps more than me. No perhaps. Surely.
But may l say something? Nothing.
When you will be gone...o
l'll come to visit you. l'll be happy to meet you.
l'll call you from that bridge.
Would you recognize my voice?
You'll surely recognize it.
Select a hand.u
lf you had selected other hand Sameer would have still been yours.
May l say one thing?
Last night l talked nonsense.
l can't remember what l was saying.
You did not say anything.
Sometime we convey without saying anything.
Whatever l said last night was not true.
Were you lying yesterday or covering the truth today?
There is much difference in desiring and getting it.
Love is not in getting. Love is in giving.
Love! lt's only now l understand its meaning.
l'm Sameer's mother. - Did you find Sameer?
Yes. Today is his life's greatest performance.
He will pick me up. l've not told him about Nandini.
l'll tell him when l meet him.
My son will be thrilled. You bring Nandini so that
they can meet before the show. Don't be late.
Yes, we'll be there on time.
Nandini can you... - Nandini you have come...
Sameer's waiting for you. Let's go.
l knew you'd come, because my dad is more powerful than
your dad and my dad said Nandini will come to ltaly.
l told you that you would come to ltaly.
You fought with your stars and changed your destiny.
After the show we'll go to a small lndian temple.
l'll marry you in presence of your goddess and my mother.
What happened? Did l say something wrong?
You're not happy to see me. Look in my eyes Nandini.
The love l used to see in your eyes is not there.
You have changed. - Yes l've changed.
Circumstances have changed. You gave a lot of love to me.
l crossed seven seas on the strength of your love.
But now l can't cross the seven step distance between us.
You showed me how to love.
But l learn to give love from my husband.
Husband? - Sameer, l'm married.
By keeping your promise to my father you performed your duty.
But when my husband found out that my happiness was with you,
do you know what he did? Without caring for the world,
or for his own happiness, he brought me to you.
He did this, for my happiness.
l realized that sacrifice is the foundation of true love.
Now l must perform my duty. l must go back to him.
Forgive me if you can.
Let me to go Sameer. Please permit me to go.
l permit you. You may go. You have my permission.
But can l see him? Who is this fortunate person?
l met him recently. He's a very simple fellow.
l taught him a song. Sings very badly.
But he loves you very much. We both prayed for you.
l put him in touch with dad.
l told dad to give him what ever he wants.
Normally dad doesn't agree with me. This time he did.
Wait dad l'll talk to you later.
People say one crossed seven seas for the other.
Big deal! ln this jet set age. You can get into a plane and
you can cross seven seas in seven hours.
Now you have to spend seven lives with him.
But no more than that.i
ln the eighth life, you will be mine. Only mine.
Don't look at me like this Nandu.
You will start loving me again.
Please go. Because l look very ugly when l cry.
She's gone. Now you listen to me. From childhood till today
l've been talking to you.n
People said you have died.
But l kept you alive in my heart. Never asked for anything.
Except Nandu. Now she's gone too. Vanaraj had a right by marriage.
But l've a right too. Don't deny it.
Take me in your arms father.
What happened son? - Nothing. Chatting with dad.
First he left. Now Nandini. After you leave l'll...
Let him take me too. l don't want to live by myself in ltaly.
May l ask something? - What?
Must you go?a
May l also say something? - What?
l can't live without you.
Touch one of my hands!
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