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Subtitles for Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam.

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Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam

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Children, what are you doing?"
Grandpa, this is my palace."
I am the king of this palace.
Radha is the queen of this palace.
All right. That is fine.
And where am I in your palace?
You too are here. You are the minister.
"I'm the minister, you're the king and Radha, the queen."
"Your Royal Highnesses, please come for dinner."
"No, let Mummy return from the hospital. Then we'll eat together."
Mummy is home!
Later, kids..."
What's the matter? Need something again?
Father, my husband is serious."
The doctor says if he isn't operated upon immediately...
he won't survive.
What is the point in that drunk gambler's living?
Save him for now.
Then I'll never ask you for help.
I've helped you so many times.
"Anyway, all that you see does not belong to me."
It's kept with me in trust by my late friend.
It's the right of these children.
I can't help you.
- What are you saying? - That's right.
"Even if I could, I wouldn't spare a penny for that drunk!"
Your heart has turned to stone.
"Yes, my dear. Seeing you in this state has made me stone hearted."
All right. Then keep your wealth.
Henceforth we share no relation.
Radha, get up."
"- Prashant, let's go. - Lakshmi..."
The kids...
- Yes. - Dev Narain here.
My son-in-law Shekhar is admitted in your hospital.
Please begin the operation. I'll be there with the cash.
He passed away a while ago.
"I belong to you"
Come here.
Are you hungry?
Son, you didn't tell us your name."
I don't have a name.
Don't you have parents?
I have nobody.
No, dear. Don't say that."
Henceforth you're not alone. All of us are with you.
I'll call you Suraj.
Would you like that?
My name... Suraj?
"Yes, dear. Now on you'll live with us."
"Bathe with ice cold water"
"Sing even if you are tone deaf"
You sing so well.
Your voice is so sweet.
Really? But everyone says I'm stupid and can't sing.
They are mad. You'll see someday you'll be world famous!
Radha is right.
Someday you'll be a famous singer.
But you'll have to work hard.
"- Will you? - Yes, I will."
"Bathe with ice cold water"
"Sing even if you are tone deaf"
"Mother Goddess, today Suraj begins a new life."
"For the first time, he's got a chance to sing on stage."
Bless him.
Help him spread joy through his voice.
Let fame kiss his feet.
His honour is in your hands.
Mother, bless him..."
"I have come"
"I have come"
"I have come"
"I have come"
"I have come to steal your heart"
"I have come to steal your heart"
"Life is lovable"
"Love isn't for sale"
"Love isn't for sale"
"My heart is available for you"
"I have come..."
"To steal your heart"
"It's a new song with a new tune"
"A new beat and a new note"
"It's a new song with a new tune"
"A new beat and a new note"
"Dance with me"
"Look into my eyes and kiss me"
"I have come to set the mood and make the party swing"
"To steal your love with the gift of love"
"We are young and so is the night"
"We meet with love in our hearts"
"We are young and so is the night"
"We meet with love in our hearts"
"Everyone is eager"
"Every beautiful girl loves me"
"I'll knock them out and haunt their dreams"
"I'll make them forget their sorrows and have a blast with me"
"I have come"
Mother is hopping mad. Don't tell her where I am.
- Prashant! Where is he? - Run off.
Earlier he'd vanish from the house.
These days he also makes money disappear.
"Mother, why are you screaming so early in the morning?"
He stole his own money not from the neighbours.
Tell me, where he is."
Must have gone to see an Amitabh film.
He hasn't gone to see any film. He's right here!
No, mother. I swear by you... on me..."
You're taking a false promise for that rascal!
No, mother. I..."
Wait. I know how to get him out.
- Mother! - What? - Nothing.
She's also losing her head.
Mother! I don't mind if you throw me out of the house!
But you did wrong by throwing Mr. Amit out!
- I did. - Yes.
Just you wait. I'll show you what's right!
- I wonít spare you! - Mother!
You stay out of this!
You've spoilt him by always supporting him!
He will regret this once you get married!
That won't happen because I'll take him along when I get married.
Who wants to live with you? Both of us will stay with sis.
Wants to stay with his sister!
You'll know when your husband beats both of you.
"If he beats me up, I too will hammer him."
But I won't leave my brother.
I'll keep him close to my heart.
Can't argue with you guys.
You can never change!
Mom... I love you very much.
Do you know why?
Because you gave birth to my sister.
- Isn't that right? - You're crazy.
I have to remove the spell from Suraj. You made me forget.
Let's go.
What are you doing?
- What are you doing? - Protecting you from evil.
Do it well.
Protect me too.
Who will cast a spell on you that I must protect you from?
Help yourself.
Phone again?
A star is bound to get calls.
On the phone all the time!
Fan calls. On the phone all day.
Have breakfast. It's turning cold.
- How is the bread? - Beautiful.
- And the vegetable? - Terrific.
Has to be good. I made it.
Your fan following and singing is thanks to me.
You can't sing without my food.
"- What's the matter? - Sir, what's wrong?"
- What? - Too spicy!
What? You were just praising my cooking.
NO. I was praising my fan.
Who was praising me. Do you mind?
I can't cook any better.
"If you want good food, marry a nice girl."
"Yes, I'm looking out for a beautiful girl."
Why don't you marry him?
"I said, I'm looking for a beautiful girl. Beautiful!"
Okay. As if I am interested in you!
My husband will have a big moustache! Like this.
Yes, he will have huge moustache."
And he will stammer.
He'll stammer out your name.
Look at him...
No, there's no Suraj here."
- Ask the name... - He's busy...
What's your name?
- He's busy. - Give me the phone.
Why don't you speak?
I've cut her off.
Do you know I already feel sorry for your future husband.
- This... - For me?
It's not for you. What is it?
I know that it's a letter. But what is this?
You sent my letter back to me!
Now on, all the letters that come..."
And the sale deeds and tins of Amul Spray... send them to my house.
I'll drink it mixed in milk at night and you sing me a lullaby!
Sir, you said lullaby..."
Where is your head?
What do you keep thinking?
- Yes sir? - Take this and leave.
It's very hot inside.
The air conditioner in this office doesn't work.
You feel terribly hot.
Why do you display your body?
I've started wearing long skirts after that day...
I meant the top not the bottom.
I'll have to make you a uniform.
Something with buttons all the way to the top.
"- Brother, it's me Neeta. - Yes?"
"All of a sudden, uncle took a turn for the worse."
He keeps asking for Lakshmi Aunty.
I've sent a message for her.
She must be on her way.
Will father get well? Will he be all right?
"Don't worry, mother He'll be all right."
"- God, what have you done? - No, father..."
After so many years my daughter is coming to see me!
And you snatched her away!
You should have taken me away.
I am coming.
We can't record today.
"No, not even tomorrow. Or the day after."
I don't know when
And I can't comment on when we can record.
Please hang up. Or I'll hang up.
Want to record... Nobody understands.
At least eat something.
How can I eat?
Radha hasn't eaten for 3 days.
You don't know...
"When I was little, I'd wander around without food or water."
Radha herself would feed me.
She supported me.
Today she has no support.
"Sir, I know at such a time one shouldn't' say this."
Why don't you marry her?
I never gave it thought.
I've had dreams for her.
"A handsome husband, a famous family."
My Radha finds happiness wherever she goes.
That's a nice dream but where will you find this husband?
We'll find him. He will be found.
Uncle Ramu!
See... who has come.
Why are you standing out? Come in.
Now all this is yours.
Both of you will stay here with me.
- Prashant and Radha... - Good day.
- How are you? - Fine. - And how are you?
Chat later. First get their bags.
In a flash.
Sis... Iíve only seen such big houses in Amitabh's films.
"Grandpa, may I go upstairs to see the house?"
Why just upstairs? See the whole house.
It's all yours.
Today I have a house, car..."
What do you...?
It's my fault.
I was reciting Amit's dialogues so we crashed.
"Watching you play, I feel your youth has returned."
"Not just my youth, my joys have returned."
I don't follow.
I promised my friend...
I mean Gopal's father
He left both his children with me.
I'd promised my friend that I'd raise them.
I've kept my word.
Gopal and Neeta can now look after themselves.
Now I will look after the children of my daughter.
The love that they were deprived of as children...
I'll give them that love.
Only one job remains...
Of taking his medication.
That you must not have done.
You've been so unwell and now you're playing like a kid!
Even you didn't stop him. In fact you joined him!
Leave the game and go take your medicines.
The pills and medication... no more.
- What do you mean? - I'm absolutely fit. Happy
I'm getting you married.
You want me to get married because you are happy.
- I don't want to get married. - Why not?
I've even found you a bride!
"You should have asked me, without asking me..."
- Why do I need to ask you? - Who is getting married? You or me?
- I don't want to marry... - Why?
There's a girl in my heart since I was a kid.
I will only marry her
"Actually as a kid, there's been a girl in my heart too."
So I'll marry you off to her.
If you like her since childhood she's as old as you so you marry her.
No. I know her since she was a kid.
- Why are you arguing? - I'm not arguing. I won't marry!
- You are arguing. - There's no argument.
"- You are small, obey me... - I don't want to marry!"
- Uncle tell him... - Grandpa...
- Why are you telling him? - Grandpa...
Let him marry the girl in his heart.
You don't interfere...
- Don't force him... - When did you come?
A while ago.
Forget the small talk. The girl I chose for you is none other than her.
I said... the girl in my heart...
"Keep quiet. I said, you are marrying Radha."
Yes but the girl I mentioned...
Don't butt in.
I was telling him I like a girl...
- Why are you asking her? - All right.
"Once you get married, I'll go on a pilgrimage."
As you wish.
Coming, grandpa!"
Let go...
Do you know who is the girl in my heart?
- I don't know. - How come?
- You should know. - I don't.
Uncle didn't give me any time to speak...
- You should know. - I don't.
And I don't even want to know about that chump.
You should know about the chimp.
- Why? - What does that mean?
Have you forgotten everything? When we were kids...
Under the umbrella... when it was pouring...
- Can't recall? - No.
And that little house... the king and queen game...
Don't you remember anything?
"What are you muttering? Game of king, under the umbrella..."
All right. Where is she?
- Here. - That even I know.
But how can I peer into your heart?
You can peep into my bedroom.
Is she in the bedroom?
There's a dressing table behind my bed. Near it.
- Go and take a look. - No.
- Grandpa sent me for a job... - Send grandpa to blazes!
He created all the confusion.
- Go and take a look. - I don't want to go.
Our marriage... We're getting married.
I want you to know everything.
I don't want to see her...
You're forcing me!
Go and take a look!
Reached the bedroom!
Peep into my heart.
Is she pretty?
Must be a chump.
Could she be in the bathroom?
Anybody in?
Where? There's nobody here. Not even a photograph.
I never said there's a photo.
I said near the dressing table.
See for yourself There's nothing but a brush.
Not the brush.
Come here.
Look at this.
Look here.
That's me!
It is you.
You are lying.
I am not lying. I never lie.
"Honestly, you are the only one in my heart."
Grandpa is calling me.
Am I the one in your heart too?
When will he come?
Come on.
All of them are fans of Suraj.
All the girls are crazy about Suraj.
- Where is he? - Upstairs. - Lets go.
Throw away the cigarette.
- Let's go. - Right.
He's Hansmukh. I mentioned him.
Suraj's secretary.
- what happened to Suraj? - He had an accident.
Yes. He lost his voice but by God's grace he's fine.
Where is he?
He's just been discharged from the hospital. He's resting.
What happened to you?
How did the accident occur?
Why don't you speak?
Making me a fool!
- I won't ever talk to you! - But why?
- You almost killed me! - So did you.
You went away to your grandpa. What about that?
Did you think of what would happen to Suraj?
Do you know one another?
You may not tell me.
But I have the birth certificate of the man who will marry Radha.
"Where does he live, what business he runs..."
"What are his likes and dislikes, what does he eat and drink..."
How much he loves you and you're getting married on the 21st of July.
I also know that.
Radha is full of praise for you.
- Come in. - We must leave.
- You must come 2 days early. - Are you leaving?
We have to distribute lots of cards. Do come for the wedding.
I'll be there 4 days before.
Else how will Radha get married?
Take care of my Radha.
Don't worry, Suraj."
I'll take good care of your Radha.
"An ornament shiny with stars"
"An ornament shiny with stars"
"And a valley fragrant with flowers"
"May the home prosper..."
"...Where you get married"
"An ornament shiny with stars"
"And a valley fragrant with flowers"
"May the home prosper..."
"...Where you get married"
"These flowers are your ornaments"
"The moon is your reward"
"When you blush..."
"The heart of the groom beats faster"
"Every looking glass looks at you"
"You're a beautiful princess"
"My sister is a pretty flower she is the crown in the jewels"
"There's no sister like her"
"I won't stay without her"
"Like the moon amongst the stars my sister is one in a million"
"The world belongs to innocents like us"
"The world belongs to lovers"
"The world belongs to lovers"
"An ornament shiny with stars"
"May you reign over the palace of joys"
"Never may sorrows come near you"
"May age never touch you"
"May the blessing from my heart be true"
"May there always be a smile on your lips"
"You are accustomed to smiling"
Will you answer my question?
Whom do you love the most in this wide world?
My mother.
One should love mother.
She gives us birth. Raises us
So the mother is the dearest.
"After your mother, whom do you love the most in the world?"
My brother.
Yes. Do you know why?
He has nobody but me in this world.
I am his mother.
Why do I feel as if today is Mother's Day?
It would be better if you didn't ask any more.
- You'll get the same answer. - What's the matter?
"Mother, then the step mother then the grandmother..."
Maternal grandmother...
Paternal grandmother...
Who is Hema?
Nobody. You said mother...
- Do you like apples? - No.
Neither do I like them.
You didn't ask further.
If you had, I'd have said..."
I love you the most.
"From this day, you're most important to me."
In 5 minutes.
I'll help you.
What happened??
You burnt your finger.
Is it burning a lot?
Is it hurting? What do I do?
What are you doing?
Just 5 minutes.
What are you doing? Nobody touches a hot pan.
See, it got burnt."
You act like a child. Go sit on the dining table.
I'll get the breakfast.
I'll eat right here.
- Sit there. - Why should I eat there?
I'll sit here and eat while I watch my wife.
Turn around.
Turn a little... please
Why don't you wear blouses with net at the back?
I don't like them.
They look nice.
Why do you tie your sari so high?
You can tie it a little lower.
Move away. It doesn't look good.
Of course it does. Everyone wears them.
Girls who have no waist wear them.
And you have such a lovely waist.
Go and sit there quietly.
Shut your mouth and eat this hot paratha.
How can I eat with my mouth shut?
- Like my joke? - I'd laugh if it were funny.
Yes Dinesh?
Not tonight.
No way.
"I've just got married. I'll spend time, talk to my wife."
I'll romance her.
"No, is it more important than my wife?"
Explain to him, I can't come."
Who said that? Nana?
Take him.
My road will be clear if you take Nana.
- Sis... - What is it?
I want some money.
Money... how much?
- Only Rs. 5000. - 5000?
I want a second hand motor cycle like the one Amit rides.
- So... - I don't have that much.
But I'll talk to grandpa...
- Brother-in-law... - What's up?
Sis will talk to grandpa.
I see...
What are you doing?
- Nothing. - Then do something.
There's a new video on Amitabh.
Right. Sis, grandpa..."
- What grandpa? Go on. - Okay.
Watch the complete thing. Don't come back halfway.
- Where are you going? - To cook for grandpa.
Everyone only talks of grandpa!
- What are you doing? - Nothing.
You start off anywhere.
All day you're in the kitchen and I'm in the office.
Today I've cancelled all meetings and come home.
- Come here. - What...? Grandpa might come...
To blazes with grand...
What's wrong with Radha?
Nothing. She felt faint.
- Now she's fine. - Yes.
I got worried. What...?
No... don't worry. I'll handle everything.
Sis, what happened?"
Nothing is wrong with your sis.
Nothing is wrong. He'll handle it.
Are you well?
- Go and watch video. - Come on.
What's wrong with sis...
Why are you giggling?
Come on.
It must be here...
"- Did uncle come here? - Who? Yes, he's gone in."
What are you doing?
I'm trying but can't get anywhere. Nothing. I'm looking for something.
- What are you looking for? - You want uncle. Go in.
Go in.
I like to see you mad.
I'll first settle the matter of grandpa.
Did you call?
Yes, please sit here."
I've booked you for tomorrow morning to Benares.
"You'll go there, visit the 4 places of worship."
Everything has been arranged.
I have to first see the faces of my grand kids.
"If you want to see your grand kids, you have to go."
You'd taken a pledge. That has to be fulfilled.
- That can be done here. - Yes.
No, she knows nothing."
It will be more effective if you go there and ask.
Don't you always say it?
So will you go tomorrow morning?
- Definite? - Yes.
Then go and finish packing.
"- Help me, dear. - All right."
Sent one packing.
Uncle just doesn't understand.
Now if anyone disturbs one by one...
I'll send everyone packing.
What happened?
Are you talking to yourself?
Nothing. I was spraying perfume.
- Milk. - Thanks. Wear some.
Packed uncle's bags?
Packed some food too?
Did you check, nothing left?"
All done.
- Sure he'll leave in the morning? - Yes.
So now nobody will interrupt us.
What are you doing?
I'm thinking of playing some football with you.
Or let's play volleyball
First switch off the light.
The lights won't be switched off.
Check the phone.
"Whoever it is, tell him I'm busy. Playing football."
"Not football. Say, I'm fast asleep."
Not to disturb me.
- Ask them to call in the morning - Morning?
What are you doing?
What am I doing? Nothing.
Did I disturb you?
- No... didn't disturb. - Cover up and talk.
- Is there a medicine to stop? - Stop what?
How... You must have eaten something.
- What did you eat? - Little gravy at a party.
I ate just once and went to the loo 15 times!
Why didn't you take some medicine?
"Since you got married, I don't know what's where in this house!"
So you need me?
Okay. Where are you?
- At home. Where else? - I know that.
- But where? - In the hall.
Go up to the bedroom.
What is it? He's got loose motions!
Loose motions
- Tell him to consume Tik 20 - No... - No?
- He had to call now! - Have you reached?
I can't walk any faster.
I'm in bad shape and you're laughing!
That is why I say, eat in limits."
And you jump into the pot on seeing curry!
But it didn't say...
- What? - Shall I talk?
Look at your hair.
Not you... reached?
Yes, almost there."
- I'm there. - See the cupboard?
Yes... one minute!
"- What's up? - Hold on, I'm coming."
"- Line got cut? - No, he's gone to the toilet."
Does he go alone?
- Stop joking. - Wonderful.
- Yes? - Open the cupboard.
- Opened. - See the books?
The medicine is behind the books.
Yes, found it."
Take 2 pills.
- Water... - Drink lots of water.
- Listen... - Switch off the light? - One minute.
If your condition worsens, call me."
I'll come there with him.
- Don't hesitate. - Shall we go now?
- Let's go. - No.
What a pain!
There's nobody to look after him.
Poor Suraj.
Why doesn't he get married?
You tell him.
I will tell him when we meet next.
What game?
Now let me see how he calls!
Son, you appear worried."
- Why? - Just asked.
You know our neighbour, Shyamlal?"
You know his son, Mahesh well"
The poor man was always worried after his marriage.
- Why? - He has a big family.
As a result neither could the couple talk not be together.
He came to me.
Fell at my feet and begged...
I solved his problem in 2 minutes.
What did you advise him?
Forget about what I said.
- Tell me. - If you insist.
I told him to take his wife far away.
To another city. Stay together for 24 hours.
Have a great time.
That ended their problems.
- Really? - Yes.
They still acknowledge me.
Why are you telling me this?
Do I look like a fool? Go.
What's the matter?
You're looking great today.
Wasn't I looking good yesterday?
Yes but today you're looking even better.
- Why? - Because we're going to Switzerland
That's very far!
That is why we're going.
- No! I won't go. - Why?
- It's very cold out there. - So we'll take some woolens.
If I still feel cold?
I am with you.
Will we fly?
I might feel nausea in the plane
So... nothing.
I'll carry lots of lemons.
I'll make you lime juice.
Who will look after Prashant and Neeta?
I'd forgotten about them.
- We'll take them along - Really?
- We'll take the neighbours too. - That will be nice.
Our honeymoon...
You... me. Me and you...
And nobody else between.
- Forget it. - It's ringing.
I'll take it. You put this away.
Yes, it's me."
"- I too am me. - Sir, Suraj here."
Yes Suraj?
- Can I talk with Radha? - Why? Don't like talking to me?
- How are you? - Great.
- Ask me why - Why?
- Because I'm going abroad. - Where?
- When? - In 2 days.
Let's go together! We're also going then!
- What's it? - Not to you.
Carry woolens. It's very cold there.
And also carry the sweater I knitted for you.
- Don't forget! - How can I forget it?
You knitted a sweater for Suraj?
"Listen, Suraj is also going to Switzerland."
But... I was thinking maybe you were right.
- We won't go. - Why?
You said it will be cold...
But you said we'll carry woolens.
"But it's a long journey and you say, you'll feel sick."
Yes... but you said you'll make me lime juice.
- Yes. - Then we'll go?
But where are you going now?
To buy limes.
"- Get 3... - Yes, one for Suraj."
Our honeymoon and Suraj accompanies us.
I'll see...
I'd bought a ticket to Switzerland but I don't want to go there.
Can you please change it?
But a while ago you were pressing for Switzerland.
In fact you were fighting.
"But now I'm saying, I don't want to go there."
I want to go anywhere else. Give me tickets to Scotland.
Not available.
What's this land?
Yes, give me tickets to Thailand."
"Why do you keep saying sorry? I said, any land will do for me."
Except for Switzerland.
- Talk sense to her. - Go to the international airport.
They'll solve your problem.
Give me back the ticket.
Did I ask you?
First wear decent clothes Then give out advice.
Give her a ticket to Switzerland.
"I am yours, my love"
"My love, I belong to you"
"I swear by everything I love"
"Never shall we part"
"I am yours, my love"
"My love, I belong to you"
"I swear by everything I hold dear"
"Never shall we part"
"These beautiful moments..."
"When we meet"
"We won't ever forget the promises of love"
"It is difficult to pass the day or the night"
"I'm restless every moment"
"Never will our love decrease"
"I belong to you"
"I want you to live in every heart beat of mine"
"I want to hide you from the world in my eyes"
"Every time I open my eyes I want to see only you"
"Never should we stay apart"
"I swear by everything that I love so dearly"
"Never shall we part"
"- This is Radha's house, right? - Radha's upstairs."
Upstairs? All right.
Suraj, come on in."
Don't talk to me. I went mad looking for you in Switzerland.
Know what? He said something was wrong with the tickets...
so we didn't go to Switzerland. - Where did you go then?
I don't know where we went either. But whichever place it was...
it was very beautiful. There were so many flowers...
greenery and cold... it was great fun.
"I had even telephoned you, but couldn't get through to you."
You're still a kid.
What have you brought for me. - For you? Here is it.
This shirt.
I like this even more. - This? All right.
"I got it for my husband, but you may keep it."
I'll give him this one.
Want me to wear it? - Sure.
What are you up to? What?
What are you doing? - I'm trying this shirt.
Aren't you ashamed to strip before another man's wife?
Ill-mannered man!
Don't you dare take off your shirt before anyone else again!
"Bloody body-builder. - Yes, I'm a body-builder."
"My body, I take off the shirt. Take off yours, if you have a body."
"Don't touch me! She's my wife, this is my bedroom."
I'll do what I please and you can't!
She's your wife now. - Was she yours earlier?
"What happened, sir? - Nothing."
"You were saying "No"? - Actually..."
"someone was getting a wrong number of the mobile, so I said "no"."
"Don't give your number to anyone, you'll get a lot of wrong calls."
"Actually, one mustnít even give the residence number to anyone."
He's right.
How was your tour?
And you didn't go to Switzerland.
What do you think of this shirt? - Very nice...
Looks like it was bought for you. - I wore it for the heck of it
Why are you taking off your shirt? Don't take it off.
I don't use things people have already used. That's my policy.
"I have a policy too, sir. - What?"
My policy is that I use anything belonging to others.
I know that.
"Tell me something, Suraj. Why don't you get married?"
"Yes, Suraj. You must tell him. He keeps asking me all the time."
"Now that the two of you're married, I think I've got married."
"Whenever I'm hungry, I come here for a meal."
"When I'm bored, I come here. When I'm in the need for mischief..."
I come here. And when I need some kids...
What? - I'll tell the two of you...
"to have some children, so I can play with them."
So you want the two of us to do everything for you?
I'm leaving. - So soon?
I've got work to do. Lots of it. And Sir's here anyway.
I don't mind leaving either.
Now what was I saying? What? - Mischief.
Before that? - Children?
After that... I remember. Sir...
Lay off. This is men-talk.
You made me forget it! - Go on.
Oh yes, I remember."
I'll tell you later. - Tell me now.
No greater fun than suspense, sir."
You're still a kid.
Looks good. I'll go and cook.
The kid...? And the body-builder?
Body-builder...? No.
It's okay.
I won't ask you today what I've been asking you everyday in three years.
"It isn't about how you are, what you ate and drank..."
about when you went to sleep and woke up. No way.
I'm going to discuss something very important with you today.
It's that...
the world is making such great progress.
"In every department, progress is the catchword."
"People have a cell-phone in one hand, and a girlfriend in the other."
But the tragedy about my life is that...
I'm still where I was three years ago.
I sure do have a mobile-phone. But the girlfriend is missing.
You get what I'm saying? No...? I'll explain.
My life can also make progress provided you say just one thing.
You must tell me... that you love me.
"Should you say that, I'll think where man has reached the moon..."
I've gone far beyond. I'll wait for 10 seconds then...
for your response.
I love you too.
I'll give Radha the good news and call you back.
Let me go there. The phone's ringing.
"Forget it, Radha. There are people in the hall, someone will pick it up."
Help me with this tie. - I don't know how to tie it.
How don't you? I'll show you.
Very simple. Put this one on that.
Pull it now.
Stand straight. How'll I tie it? - That's just the way. Pull it.
What are you doing? Let me go. - What is it?
But this is the way. Pull it!
Someone might see us... - No one will see us.
You start this anywhere. - I'm with my wife.
But we're in the hall! - Must I find another one for the hall?
Radha dear... it's a call from Suraj.
One moment, okay?"
Now look. I have something very important to tell you.
Not now. He's preparing to leave for the office.
At what time will your husband set out for the office?
In another 10 or 15 minutes. - I'll call you in 10 minutes then.
"No, I'll give you a call after he has left for the office."
Let me tie it for you.
It's okay. I'm getting late for the office.
"When you find time from the telephone, learn to tie this."
What are you doing...? It's very tight!
He gets angry because I can't help him with the tie!
"I've done it, sis! - Why are you yelling?"
"I got a call through to the programme "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"
They asked me a question and I gave them the right answer.
"When I'm on the show, sis, I'll call you for help."
You must help me with the answer and we'll make 10 million rupees.
"Let's give your husband some. Some to Kaka, Nana, Suraj..."
"and lots of it to Neeta. She spends a lot, right?"
Big deal! You look like a monkey right now.
What's that on your forehead?
Like you have this tie around your neck... your husband-style.
No style at all. He forced it around my neck.
I've been trying to take it off. But it won't.
"How do you take it off? - This is a small problem, sis."
"When I win 10 million, I'll solve all your problems."
But I have a problem right now. - What problem?
I have nice clothes to wear. But I have no money.
Your problem will be solved tomorrow.
Coming, brother-in-law."
Why did you need 5000 rupees?
I saw this motorcycle. And so... - So you took it?
What are you talking about?
I swear, I haven't..."
Now listen. I hate liars and thieves.
And button up this shirt.
"You're making a mistake, brother-in-law. I haven't stolen anything."
Please believe me... I haven't stolen anything.
"But, brother-in-law... I haven't stolen anything."
What's up? You didn't hand the glass to me.
Radha... what happened?
How could you call my brother a thief?
It's nothing of the sort. Let's sit down and talk it over.
Sit down.
All I told Prashant is that if he ever needs something...
he must ask me for it. - No. You called him a thief.
"He must've been so hurt. - Sit down, Radha."
Don't be silly. Whatever I told him was in his own welfare.
There has never been a theft in this house.
"Really? Now that we've arrived, thefts are taking place?"
Did I say that? - You've always been insulting him.
And you accuse him of theft today? What do you think he is?
"We're not vagabonds either. We have imbibed good values, too."
"If you don't like him staying here, just throw him out."
"Enough. That I'm quiet, doesn't mean you can say anything to me."
Such a thing...
"I was late for college yesterday, brother."
I had to pay my fees. So I took 5000 rupees from your wallet.
Why didn't you ask me for the money? You could have asked me for it!
"You ought to have asked me. Isn't it, Neeta?"
"I told you, my brother is not a thief. - Enough! Enough!"
Prashant asked you for money yesterday. Didn't he...?
Did you ask me for it...? Did you?
So what will I think if I find money missing at home?
And nobody asks me for anything. What am I anyway...?
What am I in this house? - No...
No! You and your brother are right! We're the ones who make mistakes!
I didn't say anything of the sort.
What are you doing...? - I'm sorry... okay?
I said I'm sorry, didn't I?"
"You shouldn't have taken money from my wallet, without asking me for it."
It's wrong.
See what problems it has caused?
"I'd never mind it, no matter how much you hit me."
What I feel sad about is that you hit me in the presence of your wife.
Where did it hurt you...? Here?
Here...? Of was it here?
"Prashant, switch off the TV. It's time for my husband to return."
Change the bulb in the bathroom; it has fused.
Neeta, wait..."
"Listen to me, Neeta. You're making a mistake."
"Wait, Neeta... - Don't touch me!"
Listen to me... - Don't talk to me.
I didn't know you'd come to the bathroom.
"Go away! - Believe me, Neeta."
I wasn't in the bathroom on purpose. My sister told me to...
Your sister asked you to go and watch me bathing?
How can you say such a thing? Why'd my sister say that?
It's just that...
How was I to know that you'd suddenly land in that bathroom?
This is my house! And I will bathe in any bathroom I wish!
And I couldn't even imagine you'd be such a creep!
"If I tell my brother, he'll give you a thrashing."
I didn't watch you bathing. I swear.
"If my sister gets to know about this, I won't be able to face her."
Sister... believe me...
"Listen to me, sister... believe me, I did nothing wrong."
"I swear it on you, sister. I don't care what they think."
But you mustn't misunderstand me. And you told me to go there...
"Yes, I did. Could you walk out, when she went in there?"
You say you didn't see anything. But who will believe you? Who?
"When she came there, didn't you have the sense to...?"
How could you do this...? What can I do about it now?
Open the door, Neeta."
"Gopal... - What happened, Radha?"
"Why are you crying? - Nothing has happened, son."
Nothing. - Is that why she's crying?
What is the matter?
What is it? Why's she crying?
"Nothing has happened. - One minute, Kaka. I'm talking."
Did you say something to her...? Will someone tell me what happened?
What happened, Neeta?"
I'll explain... please! - One minute. Enough!
"Prashant, your brother-in-law is terribly angry right now."
You can come back when he has cooled down.
Sister... - Don't talk to me.
"Go on, son. Come back later. Go now."
Neeta is making a mistake...
What the hell have you done?
How could you do this?
Let go of my hand! You don't know how he...
How dare you!
I always knew what a cheapskate he is!
Let go of my hand!
This has happened only because you spoke up for him.
See what he has done? Pamper him some more!
"You're misunderstanding me, brother-in-law..."
Let go of me!
Tell him not to show me his cursed face again!
Else, I'll..."
Sister... - Go away from here!
"Everything will be all right, sister. I'll set everything right."
"If you're really my brother, you won't stay here another moment!"
You will go away. - But where will I go?
Anywhere! - Sister...
you said you'd keep me with you till you died.
So think I'm dead now!
Why must you say such things?
I can't bear to see you being insulted.
It's okay if he beat me. I'll bear it.
But I cannot bear it. I can't see it happening.
I can't live without you. - You're a grown up man now.
"You can go anywhere, take up some work and make a living."
"Go away, and don't step in this house ever again."
"Go away! - Please don't cry, sister."
I'll go away.
Just don't cry.
This fool's going to regret it when you marry and go away!
"That's won't happen. When I get married, I'll take my brother with me."
Who wants to live with you? We're staying with my sister.
My foot! You'll get to know when your husband beats the two of you!
"If my husband beats us, we'll beat him back in return."
But I won't leave my brother.
Radha? What happened to you?
Why are you crying?
I threw Prashant out of the house today.
What for? - My husband beat him today.
Nobody wants him to stay here. Nobody likes him.
I couldn't bear to see that... and I asked him to go away.
"Every family has its share of fights, Radha. You mustn't worry."
I wonder where he has gone.
I know where he will be. I'll bring him here and keep him with me...
and I'll look after him. Okay? - You're the only one I trust.
You are the one who understands my joys and sorrows.
Go to sleep now. Okay? And stop crying.
My sister threw me out of the house.
There you go again! As if she's happy to have thrown you out of the house.
"Hasmukh, get a Thums Up for him."
"She asked you to leave, so you wouldn't have to bear any insults."
So you'd stand on your own two feet. Get that?
"Not like this. It's by working hard, by doing something for a living."
"No, Suraj. I can't live without my sister."
I feel like ending my life.
"You can eat without her, can't you? Sit down and eat."
What's wrong with him? - Amitji's doing an emotional scene.
He won't be eating.
"Eat up quickly, Amitji. Once I show you something..."
you'll forget to eat and drink. Look at this.
Keys! Basanti!
Amitji drove a cab in all these films! - Right! This is the key to that cab!
"Can I meet him? - No, you can't. He's very busy."
If you wish to meet him...
there's a lot of catching up you'll have to do!
Amitji will personally come to meet you.
You'll have to work hard for that. Will you?
Of course, I will."
Has Amitji really given these keys for me?
So what do you think...? Are we liars?
So eat your dinner quickly and go into the bedroom.
Stand before the mirror and pose like Shahenshah...
but you aren't an orphan. So don't play one.
"When we're around, just eat it up and don't think of brother-in-law."
I'm missing my sister so much.
There she goes again. This is one house where Suraj (sun) never sets.
What a rotten tune made. You'll go mad if you listen to it.
"But of course. Who will listen to your tune, if not me?"
I'll come over tomorrow.
Go today.
I won't be in town tomorrow and the day after. So...
come over today itself. I'm getting bored in any case.
That's right. I'm bored too.
She's bored in her own house. And there's no one to sing for her.
"I'm sorry, I can't sing. What can I do?"
"Do you want me to send the driver? - No, I have a driver."
I'm coming over. - Go. And don't come back.
Who invented the telephone?
If I met the guy... I'd kill him.
Wait here. You can't go in. - Tell him that Radha's here.
"Whoever you are, you can't go in. - Tell Suraj, Radha is here!"
"Suraj, is this a new guy? - Are you crazy, guy?"
Don't you know Radha?
Why are you late? - I'm not. He wouldn't let me in.
The recording is about to begin. - Really? Let's go.
How are you? I didn't even expect you. - I wasn't going to come...
but Radha didn't have a driver. And so...
What a joke! Come on in, please."
This number will be picturised on Aamir Khan.
"A red tie around his neck, we're on bed at home"
"One pillow between the two of us"
"And there's just a blanket for us to share"
"How will we drive the chill away? How will we go to sleep?"
"A red tie around my neck, we're in bed at home"
"Don't worry about pillows, I'll be your blanket"
"I'll hold you to my bosom... I'll treat you to some coffee"
"The whole world sleeps peacefully, while we're engrossed in a chat"
"I'm scared of you. Don't you try your tricks"
"I have a condition. You must do no mischief"
"Why are you sweating, my love?"
"Don't think evil, and don't make me think of it"
"I think there's a bedbug"
"It keeps biting me"
"Even the bedbug loves you"
"He can go anywhere... what a lucky dog"
"I'll find him in a moment and punish him severely"
"A red tie around his neck, we're on bed at home"
"One pillow between the two of us"
"And there's just a blanket for us to share"
"How will we drive the chill away? How will we go to sleep?"
"I'll hold you to my bosom... I'll treat you to some coffee"
"I'll drop the curtains"
"I'll switch off the light, if you wish"
"No, don't switch off the lights"
"One never knows what might happen"
"I swear it on you, I won't harass you"
"For my decency, I'll only kiss you"
"Woe betide! Whom have I taken for a lover?"
"Why did I fall in love with such an impatient man?"
"You're helpless in this situation"
"Sleep together, we must. There's but one bed"
"I'll never betray your trust"
"A red tie around his neck, we're on bed at home"
"One pillow between the two of us"
"And there's just a blanket for us to share"
"How will we drive the chill away? How will we go to sleep?"
"I'll hold you to my bosom... I'll treat you to some coffee"
"Even if you cannot sing, you must sing"
"In cold water, you must bathe"
What's happening here?
I couldn't go to sleep. So I thought I'd sing a song.
A song? You?
Can't I sing? - Why must you even try?
You can never sing as well as Suraj does.
He has magic in his voice. It goes straight to the heart.
Come, let's go to bed."
So Suraj is good? - Very good. I love his singing.
Now let's go to bed before the neighbours come gunning for me.
Come on. - One minute.
What's that? - Sleeping pills.
I can't go to sleep tonight.
I haven't been able to sleep for some nights too. Give me a pill.
"One day, I'm going to make you swallow all the pills."
Give me one. - You don't need it. Come on.
You swallow sleeping pills and sing in the middle of the night!
Hold this.
"Have you gone to sleep? - No, I'm playing games! Big deal!"
What is it? - What does one pill do?
It gives you a night's sleep.
"And two pills? - Two nights sleep, what else?"
"What do three pills do? - One pill, for a night's sleep."
"Two, for two nights sleep. And all the pills for eternal sleep."
May I sleep now?
Football...? - No. My feet hurt.
"I've taken a pill, right? I'm feeling very sleepy."
It's all because of you! Bloody pills.
Sleep on your side of the bed. - This is my side!
"Kaka, this is Prashant here. - How are you, son?"
"I'm missing my sister very much. May I talk to her, please?"
"She's taking a bath upstairs, son. - What's all this, Kaka?"
"Whenever I call, you say she's doing something or the other."
I badly want to talk to her today. Please call her. I'll hold on.
"Are you Mona? I know you're Dinesh. You aren't Mona, aren't you?"
Mona's on leave today. - I know. Did I ask?
Go away.
Get me Suraj's telephone number. - Suraj who?
That chap who dances on the stage.
I see. The one who dances like Michael Jackson?
"Introduce me to him, sir. I'm a great..."
"Go and get the number. - Very well, sir."
Michael Jackson, my foot!"
Suraj's number is 3619860.
Suman, Radha liked the song."
But Gopal really loved it. He was all praise for me.
You told me that you call Suraj when I go away to the office.
So go ahead. And talk. And what are you saying?
"This is Radha here"
I've made an omelet today. - Of what?
Of eggs! - Idiot!
We make omelets only out of eggs! You talk to other people's wives!
Aren't you ashamed to be talking to people like this?
But you told me, didn't you?"
Go ahead and talk... I'm sorry I disturbed you.
What is the matter? Have you never seen me before?
Am I performing a dance here?
"Sir, this is Mona. - Go on, Mona."
"Please come to my house, sir. - To your house? What for?"
It's office hours. I can't come.
What problem? I have problems too!
Does she have more problems than I have?
What will you have?
"Know what? Man loves what another has, more than he loves what he has."
Who are you talking about? - About everyone and everything.
"Other people's houses, cars and more than anything else... their wives."
"What are you getting at? You're not talking about me, are you?"
"No, not you. It happens to everyone. - Enough of your philosophy."
And there's that thing which every human being does.
Let's go to the room. We're getting late. Come on.
You think your husband will turn up? Let him... he'll get to know too.
What's the problem? - Problem is when the girl...
speaks the truth. No man can bear to hear the truth from a girl.
"Truth is that I have got only money from my husband, not any happiness."
You are the one in whose arms I have found happiness.
Aren't you ashamed to be talking such rubbish here?
Who are you? - I...?
A husband who slogs all day without knowing where his wife is!
I'm not like him to have a nice time with other people's wives!
"I'm not here with your wife, am I? - You talk about my wife!"
Is she your wife...? - What are you doing?
What's your problem if I sit with someone's wife?
"So you like flirting with other's wives, do you...?"
Let go of my hand! He likes to flirt with other people's wives.
Will you like it if he goes around with your wife?
He's mad.
I'll kill you! Let go of me!
Don't go around with him! You're doing wrong.
Let go of me!
Please come with me, sir."
"You, sir? Over here...? What's the matter?"
Nothing. I was going out.
And what are you doing here? - I was here at the beauty parlor.
I saw you the moment I stepped out.
You look worried. look worried.
"No, I'm not worried. I was only going away."
So let's go. - Why?
"I told you, I had something important to discuss with you."
"Oh yes... over the phone, right? Well?"
"Let's go, sir. Please come... - Let's go."
"Give that to me, sir. Please give it to me."
Come on, sir."
"What's the problem? - Please sit down, sir."
I won't be sitting down. Now tell me what's your problem.
"This is the first time you're here, sir. Please come in, I'll tell you."
Please sit down, sir."
I've been asking you and you haven't told me.
"Where's your husband? - He's away in Delhi, sir."
What's the problem?
Do you want to talk or cry? Must I go away?
"See these burn-marks, sir... this is what my husband gave me."
"Why are you telling me all this? - Why don't you understand, sir?"
I understand everything. But I don't like all this.
"You're a married woman, Mona. And all men and women have fights."
That doesn't mean you must tell an outsider about your personal fights.
I'm not talking to an outsider. I'm talking to someone I love...
"It's not right to talk to another about love, after you're married."
Maybe you don't know... but it hurts very much.
I know.
And why? Are a woman's feelings killed after her marriage?
Don't her desires and wishes exist anymore?
If a woman does not love her husband...
can't she even talk to the one she loves? Is her love dead?
I love you very much.
No. You can't. Because you're a wife.
"And no matter how your husband is, good or bad..."
he's still your husband.
It's okay if you can handle him the way you want to.
But if you can't...
"that which your husband wants, must happen."
This is the norm of a marriage. If you don't adhere to that...
"society will ostracize you, heap slander on you."
Know what they will call you? A whore.
I don't need a society which men have built to their convenience.
I can't live like this. Let me ask you...
how many men do you know who walk only the right path?
You can call women whores. But what will you call men who go astray?
Stop this rubbish! Marriage between man and woman...
has been happening forever. You can't call it wrong to prove you're right!
"And whatever it is, a husband is like God to a wife."
In fact, he's even greater."
"When a woman falls in love, no matter what a cheapskate the man might be..."
he means everything to her. And when she hates someone...
"no matter how great the man is, he means nothing to her."
I don't like you. Absolutely not.
You don't have any dress sense. And I hate this habit of smoking.
You can't even sing well. I like Suraj.
I like everything about him. Although I'm living with you...
Suraj lives in my heart.
Are you blind? Have you gone mad? Bloody dreamer!
What if something had happened to me? Who'd answer my wife?
I've been married only recently. - Married recently?
Will you kill anyone just because you're a rich man?
You knock me over and say sorry! That's it!
Stop there... where are you going? He wrecked my bike!
These small awards don't make me happy. I have a dream...
"you ought to win theĒ Singer of the Millenium"award."
I want to personally give it away to you.
It's just as well that I've got it. But will you really give it to me?
"How are you, sir? Please come."
"You're very busy, I'm told? You don't have a recording today?"
I had one. I either record in the morning or the evening.
Radha told me my voice would break up if I overdid it.
"If you sing in the morning, you'll be here in the afternoon."
"If you sing in the afternoon, you'll be here in the morning."
"But be here, you surely will. - You're thinking about something?"
No. - You are thinking about something.
You sure are. What is it...? - It's just that I have a headache.
I'll make some coffee for you. - I'll take it on my own.
Sit down and chat. Sit down.
Take an Aspro and go to sleep, sir."
You are my headache.
Does he have an allergy to Aspro? - I don't know.
"Take a Saridon, sir. You'll get very good sleep."
You just go away... and everything will be all right.
Know what? Make some tea for your husband and I'll make a move.
Sit down. I'll make a glass of Horlicks for you.
You still remember I like Horlicks?
She hasn't forgotten you. How would she forget Horlicks?
"Suraj, you said you wanted to tell me something important."
Later. That's not important. Look after your husband first.
At what time is the recording tomorrow?
He's going to telephone anyway. So where's the need to ask?
It's time I did something.
What is the matter? Haven't you gone to sleep?
Where are you going?
Listen... what is it? Aren't you feeling well?
What is it...? Aren't you well?
My heart's on fire. - Why? What happened?
What happened!
What does a husband ever want? What does a man ever want?
Just that his wife loves him more than anyone else in the world.
"More than a mother, more than a father, more than her brother..."
more than even God. If this is what I think...
am I wrong? - Don't say such things.
Quiet. Let me talk.
Radha, you have changed."
You aren't the Radha I knew. You have forgotten everything.
But I remember our childhood...
"the palace of our dreams... I was King, you were Queen..."
Watch it!
The dreams I dreamt. And you shattered everything.
"I had so many dreams... you've changed, Radha."
"Don't say such things, please. - Let me say how I feel."
"I didn't consider you to be only my wife, Radha."
"I saw in you a mother, a friend and a companion."
I saw you in every which way I could.
But you never made the effort to understand me.
Actually, you even told me..."
"on our nuptial night, when I asked you whom you loved most..."
"you said, ĄMy mother, my brother and..."
I'm glad I didn't ask any further.
"You might have perhaps have said "Suraj"."
Wait here... what are you talking about?
Don't shout... don't!
Have you ever tried to find out my likes and dislikes?
Do I like tea? Coffee...?
"But what you do know is that he loves "Horlicks"
You tell him over the phone to call you after I have left the house.
Do you think I can't see that? Am I a fool?
Am I a fool?
"I come home tired after a day's work, and forget something loving..."
I even have to ask you to give me a glass of water.
It isn't a wife's duty to only share the husband's bed.
They've got to be one at heart.
You're the only one in my heart. But do I have a place in your heart?
I don't know.
God has given every man talent at something or the other.
"If someone sings well, someone is good at..."
But you think only about Suraj...
Do you suspect me? - Yes. I suspect you.
I suspect whether you love me or not.
You will call an outsider in the middle of the night and tell him...
"you are the only one who can understand my sorrow..."
so what must I think?
"It isn't just the woman who steps out of the house who is wayward, Radha."
A woman who discusses her family affairs with outsiders is wayward too.
Leave me and go away.
Go away...? - Yes.
Leave me and go away.
Where will I go? - Anywhere.
"For a few days, please leave me alone and go away."
Please don't say that. I can't a live for a moment without you.
When I feel that I cannot spend a moment without you...
I'll call you back. Go away now.
No... I'm not going. - Please go away.
Go away! - I'm not going.
What's the matter? - Nothing. Come on.
"Radha dear... how are you? You're fine, I hope?"
"Prashant, look who's here. Your sister is here."
"Radha! How are you, dear? Hasn't Gopal come with you?"
He had to leave on some important work... where's Prashant?
Sister! How are you? When did you arrive?
Just now. How are you? - I thought you had forgotten me.
"Silly, I was always worried about you. - Know something, sis?"
"Even after mother died, I never felt I was without a mother."
"But when I was separated from you, I felt as if I were orphaned..."
No. You mustnít say such things. You mustn't. I'm here now.
You must stay for some days this time.
I'll stay for a lot of days this time.
Radha... you play maidservant the moment you arrive.
Does Amit ever do something? And I'm such an idiot.
"Here you are, and I've been telephoning that place for you."
Did you call? - Yes.
Who took the call?
How's your guy without the whiskers? - He's good.
Has to be. He has wife like you.
"I think I must get married too, Radha..."
and have about 60 kids in a couple of months.
It's Suman... the one I talk to. - So marry her.
"How can I marry her, until you have met her and approved of her?"
Have I ever done something against your wishes?
You are the one who's getting married. So you must take the decision too.
There surely is some tension here. You seem upset today.
It's nothing. - You're so rotten today.
"I have a headache, that's all. - So pop an aspirin and go to sleep."
I'm okay. - You aren't. Get up.
Ask Prashant to massage your head. Or I'll strangle him.
I have a lot of work to do. - I'll do the work.
Where's Gopal? He sent you here all alone?
"Yes, I sent her all alone. So what? - That's the wrong did you did, sir."
What's wrong with that?
The two of them on the telephone made you worry so much...
and you sent your wife to him? - I know what I've done.
"A man gets married to have happiness in life, right?"
But when a relationship becomes a burden in life...
it's better to severe it. - What do you mean?
"I'm a well-wisher, sir. I'm your friend too."
I know a lawyer who fights only divorce cases.
He's the one who got me a divorce too.
That was a favour he did to your wife.
You're my friend? - Yes.
My well-wisher? - Yes.
You ought to suggest ways to bring us together. Not divorce!
Go away.
And listen... don't ever suggest such a thing to anyone else again.
Sister-in-law...? - I know what you wish to say.
Don't worry. Everything will be all right.
I'm okay.
"Go on now... and prepare for your exams, okay?"
- Sister! - I'm here.
Do you know what Suraj has done?
I had no idea he'd change so much once he became rich.
- What? - He'd forget you and me!
What's the matter? Why are you yelling? What's he done?
What he's done? Fixed his marriage to a stranger.
He neither told us nor did we see the girl.
To top it, he's marrying today."
- Marriage... - Yes.
He's sent Hansmukh his secretary to invite us.
We're not coming. Tell him that.
Prashant's anger is justified.
But what can I do? Everything happened suddenly.
There was no time to tell anyone.
I will come. Nothing else can give me more happiness.
Hasn't he invited my husband?
I'm going straight to get him.
We'll get dressed and come.
Forgot your friend on the day of your marriage.
Our love dragged us here.
But this is no way. First you fix your wedding then tell us.
- He's now a big star. - Don't say that.
This news has made me so happy...
He hasn't got married as yet but he will.
Your sister is so intelligent. Learn from her.
Forget that. Where is Suman?
Want to see Suman?
But first see this.
Show some reaction!
What's this? Why did you do it?
You might forget your birthday but I can never forget it.
Quickly cut the cake.
Let my husband come.
He is coming, isn't he?"
Sorry I'm not with you.
But you be happy wherever you are.
Datewale? Yes?
I've come to invite you.
Birthday... Suraj...
Strange co-incidence. Toady is also Suraj's birthday.
"No, it's Radha's birthday Suraj is celebrating it."
My wife's birthday.
And Suraj is celebrating it.
I've come to take you.
What will I do there?
You are there so is Suraj and Radha and the cake.
Should I wear a cap and act the clown?
How will Radha's birthday be celebrated without you?
It will be celebrated.
Now please leave. Enjoy the party.
- Everyone is waiting for you. - I won't come.
- Did you hear...? - I'm leaving.
He's making us wait so long. They're playing the violin for so long
- When will he come? - You be quiet.
He will definitely come.
Cut a small piece. He won't know.
"- I said, he's coming. - He's not coming."
Is there a problem?
"- Is it a letter? - No, registered letter for Radha."
Radha, my dear!"
- What is it? - No idea.
Don't you see we're recording?
Gopal has sent Radha notice for divorce.
- What? - Yes and Radha didn't come on her own
Gopal threw her out.
So much happened that I'm unaware of!
What have you done that matters reached divorce!
Tell me!
Why don't you speak?
I'm fed up of asking.
She won't answer. Just keeps crying!
I had a doubt when she left home alone.
What is the problem?
What can I say to him unless you tell me the problem?
All right. I'll go and ask him!
No, you won't go there."
Don't talk like a kid!
If I don't go, who else will ask him?"
I don't know. But you won't go there.
She won't tell and Suraj can't go there.
How will we know what's wrong?
"Let me tell you, if he's playing with your life..."
I won't spare him!
Keep quiet. I really don't know why he did this.
Why did he send the divorce notice?
If Suraj goes there and says something improper...
Matters will get worse.
My life will be ruined.
Do you want my life to be ruined?
Do you think we like to see you cry?
Who is talking of ruining life?
I don't know anything but you won't go there!
Why not?
Tell me why not!
Why not?
"I forged a relation with you and you forged my relation..."
"...with sorrows"
"Other than loyalty..."
"What crime did I commit?"
"Forging relations"
"Walking away"
"Sometimes you forge relations"
"Sometimes you walk away"
"My partner..."
"How did you pay me back for my loyalty?"
"Your promises and intentions..."
"Your promises and intentions..."
"You forgot everything What did I get for being loyal?"
"You are in my memories"
"You live in my breath"
"But I wonder why you are lost in misunderstanding"
"I considered your home a temple and worshipped you as my God"
"I worshipped you as God"
"Your promises and intentions..."
"All my life, I won't be able to sleep"
"I can't love anyone else"
"You'll become a stranger"
"I can't become a stranger"
"You forgot your own for outsiders"
"You forgot your own for outsiders"
"You forgot your own"
Horse, what are you looking at?"
Am I looking funny?
Do you know why I am drunk?
Don't know? Then why are you looking?
Why...? I'll tell you.
My wife isn't good.
My wife isn't virtuous.
Do you know when somebody's wife is not virtuous...
Then he's... absolutely finished.
Like this.
Are you married?
No marriage.
Radha is very stubborn headed.
She's hot tempered.
I came home. I was a little mad.
I was a little angry.
So I scolded her a little. And what did she do?
Packed her bags and left home.
"I was angry, so was she. We're even, no problem."
But she should have returned the next day.
She should have returned to apologize to me.
She should have given me a chance to apologize.
But no... No.
She coolly went to her brother's house and rested.
But she should have made one call.
She should have made one call to her husband.
We're in the same house. She knows the number.
But Suraj...
"But my wife calls Suraj 4, even 5 times a day."
She calls him 5 times!
Don't tell anyone.
But she doesn't call her husband once.
Not even one call.
She writes out me. Letter!
I am in Delhi. I am here.
Are we sitting in Calcutta and talking?
Are you listening to me?
You must be.
You have such long ears!
You hear everything.
Pal, you don't have legs."
Pal, you don't have legs."
"If you had legs, you could have told Radha all this."
But no legs...
Will you please say it on the phone?
No hands either.
No hands or legs, just ears."
- Son... - What did you say?
Gopal... - Tell me.
"Gopal, son... - What is it?"
I'm Kaka. Shall I go and tell Radha how you feel?
What for?
Because you can walk?
"Listen horsy, he says he'll walk up to Radha and tell her everything..."
because he got legs.
So you got legs? - Yes.
But you aren't horsy.
"No need to advice me, nor do I need any sympathies."
"If you have legs, go to bed, spread your legs and sleep."
Son... - Enough! That's it.
This is Suraj here.
Go on.
I want to meet you. - No.
"I can't meet you right now. - Only for two minutes, sir."
I told you. I'm busy. I can't meet you at the moment.
"Please hang up. - You must meet me, sir."
What for? - I...
"I need to talk to you, sir. - I need not. Please disconnect."
"No matter where you call me, sir... I've got to meet you."
Where are you right now?
Wait here.
Radha, you...? Welcome."
Is he okay, Kaka?"
He's absolutely all right and he went out just now.
"But why are you so worried? - It's nothing, Kaka..."
So come on in. - I will Kaka.
When he comes to fetch me.
"How are you, sir? - Who are you?"
Suraj... haven't you recognized me? - No. Who are you?
No one. But why did you do this to Radha?
This is it. Who the hell are you to ask me this question?
"After you, I'm the only one who can ask about Radha, sir."
"Tell me, sir... what wrong did she do?"
She did no wrong. You did it. - I...?
You're talking like a madman. - I'm mad...?
Such silly things. - I'm silly?
What do you mean to my wife? How are you related to her?
Are you her brother? A cousin? What is your relation with her?
Are those the only relations in life? - Oh yes. What else?
"You're just a neighbour, so why do you barge into my house all the time?"
"Don't you know, I hate it when you come to my house?"
How many times will you telephone someone's wife in a day?
4 times? 8 times? 10...? Do you know how much it hurts me?
"Right there in my house, in my presence, you tell my wife..."
that you want a kid for yourself? For you?
So I'm a criminal.
And who are you?
You're her husband, right?"
You're the one she sleeps and wakes up with.
"Don't you trust her? - No, I don't."
"I don't trust her. More than me, she loves you and praises you."
I'm the husband only in name. You ought to have really married her.
I've taken enough of your nonsense! Enough!
You have a complex. You're weird. - I'm weird...? I am...?
"Stay here, one minute. You say I have a complex!"
Take this. I have a complex right? So take this.
I die every moment of the day... only because of you.
I'd rather you finish me off forever. Here you are. Shoot me.
Shoot me!
You say I'm complexed!
When you're married and your wife talks to someone...
"on the sly, in the middle of the night..."
tell me what a complex means. - On the sly...?
Oh yes. On the sly. - Not in front of you?
You say I have a complex? - You do have a complex.
I'm weird? - You are a weirdo!
You call me weird! You'll realize it when you're married!
"You don't trust your wife, that angelic woman!"
You're a bloody weirdo!
I'm not going to spare you!
The suspicious nut!
Such a big man and what a petty mind!
The nonsense he spoke about Radha and me.
"I was quiet only because of Radha, or I'd have killed him."
I'll call him up. - Before suspecting you...
he should've known that Radha and you have been childhood friends.
What...? - Friends. That's all.
So it's all my mistake. - How come?
Because my behavior with Radha was the same as it was before she married.
Before...? - I joked and had fun. As usual.
So? You're a childhood friend. - You know Radha and I are friends.
"I know it, so does Amit. But how would he know?"
He'd obviously think that Radha and I are having an affair.
What's there to suspect? - If your wife met another man...
"how would you feel? Had my wife done it, I'd have killed her."
And he did nothing at all. - Is that how it is?
He ought to have told Radha and you that he didn't approve of you meeting.
"How would he tell us? He wouldn't even say "hello" with a smile!"
"Because of his suspicion, he has ruined Radha's life."
You don't understand.
It isn't him... I'm the one who has ruined Radha's life.
With my thoughtlessness.
"If I have turned her home into hell, I'll turn it into heaven too."
I'm here to meet Gopal. Is he there?
My brother's not in.
Listen... I didn't even know that Gopal hates me...
and that he doesn't approve of my meeting up with Radha.
But Radha and I have been friends since we were kids.
We are like brother and sister. That's what I wanted to say to Gopal.
But he refused to listen. Please reason with him...
or the two of them will ruin their lives.
And I'll never be able to forgive myself.
Maybe I don't mean anything in your lives...
but you folks do mean a lot to me.
For Gopal's sake... and for your sister-in-law's?
The award for this year's best singer goes to Suraj.
Suraj is the first recipient of this award instituted in Mumbai.
We want to ask you some questions now that you've won this award.
Had you hoped to win this award?
"No. I had no hopes, but my fans were sure I'd get the award."
When do you plan to get married?
"Strange. Everybody has called, but not Radha."
Who's calling? - This is Radha here. Mrs. Gopal.
Please give the telephone to Mr. Gopal. - He's leading a quiet...
and peaceful life. Why are you disturbing him?
But... - Please disconnect.
"Radha, the whole world called to congratulate me..."
you're the only one who didn't call me.
I've won the best singer of the millennium award.
I want you to be present when I receive this award.
I understand your grief, Radha."
But I'm with you. Am I not? I'll set everything right.
"You must accompany me to the show, okay?"
I must make a move now.
I won't come. - What are you saying?
It was my mistake anyway... I could never understand him.
"I was a good daughter, a good sister, and a good friend."
But I could never be a good wife.
Had I known he didn't even like me talking to you...
I'd never have spoken to you.
"If you really wish me well, please leave and don't come back ever again."
Go away.
All right. Don't cry. I'm leaving.
"What's up, Suraj? Why weren't you taking any calls?"
What's wrong?
"I'm sorry, but I haven't recognized you."
"You don't know me, but I do know you."
I'm Suman.
Please sit down. - I'm not here to sit down.
You are not a nice human being.
You are not even a good husband. - What are you getting at?
Do you any have respect for others? Do you care for their feelings?
Have you understood your wife's feelings?
I shouldn't be interfering in your family affairs.
For whatever reason you threw Radha out of the house...
why did you blame my Suraj for it?
When you couldn't understand your own wife...
how could you understand Suraj?
"If you didn't like Suraj and Radha talking to each other..."
you ought to have told them.
If Suraj calls me 10 times during a day...
he talks about Radha at least a hundred times.
But I never found anything wrong with that.
Because I know how he feels. I'm in love with Suraj.
"His voice, his happiness and his songs are enough for me."
But you couldn't understand Radha despite being her husband.
I'm blind.
I can't tell black from white. I can't even see how someone looks.
But I sure can recognize a man for what he is.
And I have known my Suraj very well. In heart and in soul.
And you can see everything. Despite that...
"and having spent so many days with Radha..."
you couldn't see your wife for what she really is?
I really pity you.
"After marriage, the husband means everything to a wife."
He's like God... Radha is blameless. And chaste.
These things happen in every man's life.
Relationships are often strained.
But we must overcome our weaknesses.
Forsake the arrogance of being a man and husband for a while...
and do some soul-searching... you will see the truth.
"I belong to you, my love"
I've got to meet Radha.
I'm beginning to hate myself.
"Am I a bad man, or am I good...? I don't know."
What I do know is that the people around me are all very nice.
"Suraj, Prashant... they're all very large-hearted."
I'm the only one who's self-centered.
Everyone has problems.
We must face them.
But I couldn't.
But I now understand and I must tell Radha...
I've got to meet her immediately. Right now.
"One pill, for a night's sleep. And two for two nightís sleep."
All these pills for eternal sleep.
"To everyone at this gathering, I offer my salutations"
"Listen to me, ye with a heart"
"I tell you the story of my heart..."
"I tell you how I feel at heart"
"It has to do with my heart, and I know not..."
"what must I tell you? And what must I hide?"
"I don't know where I've left my heart"
"I've broken a heart... I don't know where"
"Love is fire..."
"love is devotion"
"love is sacred... Love is God"
"You are the voice of my heart"
"Yours is the music I am singing to"
"May the night not arrive..."
"let the moon not appear"
"May you never change... even if the climes do"
"Don't ever change, my friend..."
"walk with me always"
"I've left my heart... I don't know where"
"My friend..."
"come to me now"
"Heed the call of my heart"
What's this?
I know what it is.
You left home. And you're now leaving the world?
You didn't even think what would happen of me without you?
You needn't say anything. I've come to take you.
I know it's all my mistake.
"No, don't say it... just come with me. That's all."
I... - All right. What do you want to say?
Or you'll say I didn't let you talk. Go on.
Forgive me. - Me too.
"I belong to you, my love"
"I belong to you, my love"
"I belong to you, my love"
Where's Suraj?
I want to give you some more good news.
What will I say, Suraj?"
I'm very happy today. And I'd sure like to say something.
It's said that behind every successful man is a woman.
"Behind Suraj's success, however... is someone else, not me."
I wanted her to give my Suraj this award.
"I regret, she isn't amongst us today..."
and I've been given the good fortune of doing the honours.
Thank you.
What Suman said just now is absolutely right.
Behind every successful man is a woman.
That doesn't mean she has to be his girlfriend or his wife.
"It can be any woman. His wife, his daughter..."
"his sister, his teacher... a friend."
I wouldn't like to take this award from Radha.
"In fact, I'd like to give it to her. Because this was Radha's dream."
"Suman, Radha's coming... with Gopal."
My friends... here's Radha.
The girl I wanted to give the award to is coming to the stage.
How are you? - I'm okay.
Won't you forgive me, Suraj?"
I'm the one who must ask for forgiveness.
"Some of it was your mistake, some mine and some, of all of us"
I had only heard that...
you're very beautiful. - You're very nice too.
"Could you do me a small favour, Suraj? - What?"
Could you train me in singing?
That isn't a small favour. It's a big one.
There's no chance... it's next to impossible.
"I belong to you, my love"
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Homolka a Tobolka
Honest 2000
Honeymoon Killers The
Honkytonk Man
Hororr hotline (2001)
Horse Whisperer The CD1
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Horseman on the Roof The
Horses Mouth The
Hostile Waters 1997
Hot Chick The
Hot Wheels World Race CD1
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Hound of Baskervilles The
Hour of the Wolf
Hours The
House By The Cemetary The
House Of The Spirits CD1
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House With The Windows That Laugh
House of 1000 Corpses
House of Frankenstein
House of Games (1987)
House of Mirth The
House of Sand and Fog 2003 CD1
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House of flying daggers
House of the Dead
House of the Flying Daggers
How Green Was My Valley
How High
How The West Was Won 1962 CD1
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How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
How to Beat the High Cost of Living
How to Keep My Love 2004
How to Murder Your Wife 1965
How to Steal a Million CD1
How to Steal a Million CD2
How to deal
Howards End
Hratky s certem
Hudsucker Proxy The
Hulk The - Special Edition
Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
Hum Kaun Hai
Hum Tum
Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam
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Human lanterns
Hunchback of Notre Dame II The
Hunchback of Notre Dame The
Hundtricker the movie
Hunger The 1983
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Huozhe (Lifetimes) CD1
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Huozhe CD1
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Hurricane 1937
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