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Human lanterns

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It is time to go. Sedan is ready.
Send Madam here.
Master Tan always dislikes you.
You have to be careful.
No worry
He only wants to show off.
Anyway, let's go.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I have two announcements.
the lantern in front ofyou
is made by a famous craftsman in town.
He spent half a year to finish it.
The Lunar yearlantern festival
is still several months away.
But I would like everyone to see it first.
So that you can decide.
I really wonder why
Master Tan has such low taste.
And have a special preference
on this kind of cheap lantern.
Master Tan, don't start rejoicing yet.
I will be the champion this year.
Don't believe? You'll see.
I know.
You will be beaten by me soon.
Master Lung and Master Tan are funny.
They never stop quarreling
We want to hear the second announcement.
Tell us now.
Okay, sister.
Ask the housekeeperto light up.
The second announcement:
I have to introduce someone.
Everybody is here. Who else?
Master Lung, pay attention.
Do you know who she is?
Madam Lung, do you know who she is?
She is a whore.
She has an affair with Master Lung...
Master Tan, how can I come up?
I will pick you up.
Master Tan
Ms. Yen-chu. Itis my honor
to have you here.
I have a bad habit.
I always get what I want.
Those who dislike me
will be conquered by me.
Master Lung. We are reputable people.
Show us your manner.
I know.
Your arrangement tonight
is designed to make me lose face.
You mean if I have gained great face,
I should thank youforit.
You argue with him in front of the public.
Do you want to make a scene here?
What is this for?
Let's go.
Madam Lung
Master Tan
The argument we justhad
is really no big deal.
Please don'tmind.
Let me apologize to Master Lung.
Let me pour.
Master Lung, your turn.
This tasty wine
is polluted by your filthy hands.
What do you mean?
You are one of a pair.
Only you should drink it.
Only you can appreciate its stink.
Show them, go.
Let me give you a toast.
Please wait.
Master, listen to me.
I have to meet Old Tsui in Lantern Street.
Housekeeper, escort Madam home.
Master! Master!
Sergeant Poon.
Nice to meetyou.
Me too.
Master Tan has a banquet at his place.
How come you are here in Lantern Street?
I've been there.
I have business to discuss with Old Tsui.
Go aheadthen.
Grandpa, don't drink. MasterLung is here.
Master Lung
Master Lung
Old Tsui, listen.
I will pay whatever price you askfor,
as long as I can win in the Lantern Festival.
Master Lung, it is still months away
from the Lantern Festival. Let's talk later.
Master Lung, to be honest,
I can't make a good lantern.
Then who make it for you?
I can't tell. I can't.
Are you giving me a hard time?
This is not appropriate.
Don't tell him is me who told you.
Come with me
It's you!
I can't image you are the one who made
all the lanterns for me inthe past two years.
Chun Fang, you made me a champion.
We fought for Chin seven years ago.
You forced me to fight and wounded me.
The wound took away my spirit.
You are my worst enemy.
I will take everything from you one day.
You must have given Old Tsui money,
or you wouldn't be able to find me.
I will give you a chance.
Your craftsmanship will be famous in town.
I also want you to move out of this terrible place
and have luxurious life.
Chun Fang, listen to me.
I need you to make me a fabulous lantern.
I must beat Master Tan this year.
I live here because I want to forget the past.
I make lanterns as a living.
Chun Fang...
Wealth can neither change my mind,
nor be used as a weapon.
Chun Fang, you understand me.
I understandthe temper of Master Tan better.
You will lose.
You're kidding! With my wealth and your skill,
how can we lose?
Chun Fang, forget the past.
Have a new beginning from now on.
After you make the lantern,
We both will be rich and famous.
What do you think?
Alright. I promise to try.
But under one condition.
Before I finish this lantern,
You can't come here again.
I will let you know when it is finished.
Okay. It is easy. I promise you.
Chun Fang, let's celebrate our reunion
and go to the whorehouse.
I don't want to go there.
No, you must go. Let's go.
Master Lung, welcome. Meiyuk, Chunhong.
Come ladies, he is my good friend.
You treat him nicely and will be rewarded.
Go inside
Chun Fang, come on.
I have been waiting for you, MasterLung.
Master Lung.
You must be delighted. Come back until now.
Yen-chu, let me tell you. Don'tbe like this.
Yen-chu, you should realize.
Reputation is very important to me.
And you lost my face in front of everyone.
It's none of your business.
Kidding. Why it is not my business?
I have spent a lot of money on you.
My friends who come here
know that you belong to me.
Belong to you? No problem.
Are you willing to have me as your concubine?
What do you say?
If you can't, don't interfere with my business.
Master Tan is different from you.
He said I would be his concubine.
No way. This is impossible!
I warn you. You follow with anyone you like,
except Master Tan.
I will make you suffered if you do this to me.
Miss Tan,
are you hunting alone?
The water is clean and cool.
Let's bath together. Don't be shy.
Miss Tan!
I really don't understand men,
who always jealous and fight for women.
Jealous? Jealous ofwhat?
You're not? Is it because oflove?
There is no love in any affairs.
No matter what,
I must be the winner.
How can I be beaten by Master Tan?
Because of Yen-chu,
who is only a whore
You fought for her.
I couldn't let Master Tan
take away my pride.
Otherwise how can I stay on top of the others.
You concern too much on your pride.
Don't you think it is very stupid?
No. Itis a matter of right orwrong.
It is meaningless.
It is not!
Alright, I suppose you are right,
but if you both go on like this,
the hatred betweenyou and Master Tan
when will it end?
When he admits that I'm better
in front of everyone.
What if you were the one who lost?
It's very simple. I will kill myself.
I beg you. Please don'tkill me.
I will do what ever you want.
Where am I?
Why have you kidnapped me here?
I know.
You want to be close to me and kiss me.
Isn't it? Come on, let go of me.
How can we do it like this?
Come on, hurry up.
Untie me.
I must have what ever Master Lung has.
And destroy everything he owns.
It was here.
Master Lung was very angry.
He even said...
If Yen-chu had done anything against him,
he would kill herone day.
Why does he have to kill her?
What is the reason?
It is because of Master Tan.
I shouldn't have said it.
You all stay here.
Master, Sergeant Poon is here.
Let him come in.
Sergeant Poon, come here.
Master Tan
The missing of Yen-chu...
My housekeeper has already informed me.
Master Tan,
please be seated.
I know why you are here.
I am related to her missing.
You're right. There is a rumor that
You argued with Master Lung before,
It is not a rumor but a fact!
It is all because of Yen-chu, Master Tan
You must be careful when you arresthim.
He is a kung fu master.
Master Tan, it is too early to say this.
We are not arrest him. Besides,
We don'thave any proof.
How can we say Master Lung has done it?
Then you have to serve Master Lung.
Of course.
This is really weird and ridiculous.
I used to receive three to four invitations daily.
Now, I don't even have one.
Since they don't send me any,
then I will send invitations to them.
I don't think they will come.
Why? Are they all dead?
Don't be mad. They don't want to botheryou.
Chin, tell me what you know.
Say it. What have you heard?
Everybody said that you are related to
the missing of Yen-chu.
Housekeeper said that Sergeant Poon
and his people are near our house
watching yourevery move. Think about it.
Who will send you invitations?
What a joke. I have to clarify this.
Please don't go.
I'm afraid it will only make things worse.
I know whatl'm doing.
Master Lung
Sergeant Poon
The case of Yen-chu...
is related to me.
I did it.
MasterLung, are you serious?
Sergeant Poon, if it wasn't me,
Why do you have to bring so many people
to watch me?
After this incident, someone said to me that...
They were right. I did it.
But I must let you know that
I am only part of it, not the mastermind.
Then who is it?
Listen carefully. It's Master Tan.
It is?
Ask him if you don't believe me.
If he confesses, then you come to arrest me.
I will be waiting for you at home.
Go home.
Who is it?
Are you human orghost?
Chun Fang.
Chun Fang.
Chun Fang.
Chun Fang.
Chun Fang.
You shout!
Help! Please help!
You are a slut.
You're stronger than your brother.
Why did you kidnap me?
Because you are Tan's family.
You are the sister of Master Tan.
How can I let you go?
Don't be too stubborn.
Maybe you will die quickly without pain.
I will pour this poison on you
if you struggle.
Your beautiful face.
And your nice figure
will be destroyed slowly.
Think about it. How painful it is?
Why don't you treat me nicely?
You have beautiful and soft skin.
If you listen to me
and let me have some fun,
maybe I will let you go home.
Come on, time is precious.
I am not so bad, am I?
Attention, let's search everywhere.
You two follow me.
Tsui Yee, Lau Pui.
You both search in the south hill.
Then gatherin here. Search carefully.
I know...
Master Tan
How's the search? Did you find her?
No, we have searched everywhere.
Master Tan, you're here.
Is Sergeant Poon here?
He's upstairs.
Master Tan, are you looking for me?
My sister hasn't come home since this afternoon.
She is missing.
Damn. Another disappearance!
SergeantPoon, let me tellyou.
Someone set me up this time.
If you can't find out the truth,
Master Tan, we certainly will.
Master Lung!
It is not very high. No big deal.
Master Lung, have you ever heard that
a person always has worries?
You're already a reputable person in town.
But you are not satisfied,
and making troubles everywhere.
You're the one who set things up.
The fact is that Yen-chu has disappeared.
My sister also disappeared this afternoon.
Don't you think this is a coincidence?
It is. So what?
I know he is my enemy,
and he set me up secretly.
Don't stare at me. It is not related to me.
Let go of me!
If you don't stop,
then I have to arrest you both.
Sergeant Poon, it is legal to do this here.
You don't have to be so nervous.
But here is a restaurant.
It is not appropriate
I will pay for all the bills.
Everyone is my guest tonight.
I will pay fo rall damages.
Very high...
Stop! Stop! Please stop!
You both are famous people in town.
It is shameful to fight in public.
Alright. Sergeant Poon.
I agree with you.
Send me the bill.
My sister disappeared suddenly.
I will go after you.
I'll give out fifty thousand dollars reward.
I must find the killer. Never give up.
Please stay and let me report first.
Get out of my way!
Chun Fang
Let her go or you will be in trouble.
You can only give me one more scar.
I will do it if it is necessary.
Chun Fang, you came here
without permission. What does that mean?
That means I am justlike you.
How could you come in like this?
You came here because of this?
Frankly speaking, how is the lantern?
Since I paid for it, I should know the progress.
No way! I'll let you know when it is finished.
Alright. It's my fault. I won't go there again.
Now you can release her.
I thought you said he was dead.
Why's he here? He looks horrible.
You can leave now.
It's him.
Stay. If you don't have a reason
for dashing into Lung's home, I'll arrestyou.
You can't arrest me that easily.
The problem between me and Master Lung
can't be resolved by you.
Arrest him!
Wait, Sergeant Poon.
Let him go.
Alright. Release him.
MasterLung, are you okay?
I'm fine.
How come Chun Fang came here
and argued with you in the morning?
Craftsmen always have strange temper.
He was upset because I went to his place
without his permission.
Is that all?
Believe or not, it is.
This is same as I'm not related to
the disappearance of Yen-chu and Miss Tan.
Sergeant Poon
When will you stop watching me?
It is my duty. Please forgive me.
You should know that my patience has limits.
Please come in and talk.
Sir, please sit here...
Wait a minute.
Chun Fang,
you are hiding here.
No wonder I haven't seen you for years.
How can you live in this terrible place?
You've changed too much.
What are you doing here?
What else I can do besides killing?
But this time is a big business.
If you know who hired me,
you would be surprised. Come!
Let's have a drink and talk.
Tell me all of your sadness.
I am worried about...
My friend, you are a kung fu master.
Move quickly, but not precisely.
Tell me, are you my enemy?
I won't killyou. I just have a bet with others
if I can leave a scar on your handsome face.
Surely you can't. The scar will be onyours.
What is your name? Related to whom?
You can force me to tell you.
Chin! Chin!
Master Lung, you...
All of your people are useless.
They are worthless too.
Master Lung!
You're not worth our money.
Master Lung, you came here at midnight
to tell me all this?
Master Lung, although you're rich,
you can't be so rude to us.
I'm already very kind to you.
You watch me at my front door everyday.
It is no use at all!
The hitman came into my garden.
And you still didn'tknow.
A hitman?
Not only one.
While one of them was fighting with me,
the other kidnapped my wife.
Madam Lung...
What does the hitman look like?
I'm tellingyou
I left a scar on the hitman's forehead.
It is easy to recognize, Sergeant Poon.
You have to find my wife as soon as possible.
Hitman? Who is he?
Don't be scared. The mask is fake.
Chin, sorry to scare you.
It's you.
Yes, I've been waiting for seven years.
Why did you bring me here?
Because you're Madam Lung.
What ever you want,
Master Lung will it give to you.
He will promise everything.
I beg you let me go.
Please let me go.
I've to see Master Tan.
He has refused.
I'm impressed. You're really a top killer.
My people of course can't beatyou.
Master Tan, I'm here to reportyou.
What do you mean by having them here?
Let me ask you.
What have you promised me?
I would have killed Master Lung.
But then? You have failed.
And got me into great trouble.
You are the one who hired me.
I can't let anybody know
this secret.
Especially Master Lung.
So you want to kill me as well?
With all these people here,
you still can't understand?
In this situation,
you will only lose.
I will kill you before the third round.
Probably not!
I must praise you before you die.
You kidnapped Master Lung's wife
is even better than killing him.
Tell me, where did you hide Madam Lung?
You're using me to distract Master Lung.
Kidnapped his wife and said it was done by me.
You are really something.
The second round!
Listen, this is the third round!
Bury him far away from here.
Come on, hurry up...
What's the noise? Up there... Run...
Good morning, Boss...
Heads... there are lot of heads...
Human head...
Human head...
Give way...
I can't imagine murders would happen
in this quiet city.
Sergeant Poon, you will soon be fired.
Master Tan, you can't say this.
Nobody has any clue.
They are unsolved mysteries.
Don'tbe so contented.
I recognize him.
He was the hitman.
His partner kidnapped Chin.
But the mastermind is someone else.
The hitman was killed afterward.
You're right.
I agree with you.
Sergeant Poon, please find out the truth.
I shouldn'thave killed him.
He was definitely not killed by Master Lung.
The killeris someone else.
This circumstance benefits me.
Maybe I helped the killer before?
Who is giving me a hand secretly?
Look, there are many heads.
Who did it?
There are so many heads.
Chun Fang,
don't come closer.
I ask you not to come any closer.
Chun Fang.
I've told you that when the lantern is finished,
I will send it to you.
I'm not asking for the lantern.
You have seen what happened on the street.
The killeris a cold-blooded person.
I have sworn thatin mylife,
I will only care about my own business.
You act strangely.
You should tell me what you know.
We are friends. You must tell me.
Alright. He is called Kwai Sze Yin,
who is an unskillful killer.
I met him a few days ago in Lantern Street.
We even had along talk at the restaurant.
He said the person who hired him
is a very famous person in town.
He was asked to kill a guy named Lung.
He had a whole lot of money.
Believe it or not. He told me everything.
Master Tan hired someone to kill me.
Master Chao, where are you?
Master Chao
How come there is a basement?
I was looking for you everywhere.
What do you want from me?
I couldn't sleep. Let's drink.
What are you doing down there?
I'm making lanterns.
Making lanterns?
A very beautiful lantern.
Want to come and take alook?
This is really a pretty lantern.
How come there is blood?
What kind of material is this?
Look carefully. It is not human skin.
Old Tsui.
You told me the legend of human lanterns,
but I won't follow this legend
but I won't follow this legend
to use the human skin.
You thought I was crazy?
Chun Fang.
This is only a silly story.
How can you take it seriously?
Of course I won't. Human skin is too fragile.
How can it be used for making lanterns?
But that blood and meat?
You must be wondering...
If I tell you,
you won'tlike to hear.
Chun Fang, forgive me.
Everyone has his secrets.
You know too many of my secrets.
I won't tell.
You won'ttell?
You are already saying too much.
I didn't nvite you.
You should not come here
and hurt people.
This matter is getting serious.
Neither one of us must die.
Master Tan, you are very mean.
You even killed the hitman
after he has done the job.
But you have forgotten one thing
The truth will be disclosed eventually.
Are you going to release my wife or not?
Only if you release Yen-chu and my sister first.
Otherwise don't even think aboutit.
I already told you thatl'm not related.
Since we are not releasing anybody,
then we can only have a fight.
Finish the enmity between us.
Master Lung, you must remember
I am the last person who call you Master Lung.
I will help you to find Madam Lung
so that she can arrange your funeral.
Now we should understand.
We are being fooled by someone else.
Madam Lung.
I don't want any money from Master Lung.
Actually you should know
Master Lung took you away from me.
He forced me to fight and wounded me.
I couldn't imagine you have changed so much.
And married Master Lung.
These years I endure all the pains.
Hide myself here.
All because I want revenge,
and get what I deserve.
Do you think I will let you go?
Shut up!
You want revenge. No wonder
You acted strangely when you're in my house.
You didn't forget the enmity.
You are right!
He made me suffered.
I lost my place in society.
I want him...
You want him lose everything.
Right! He will lose everything.
What should I do? I'm so worried.
Sergeant Poon...
Don't cry.
What happened? Tell me all aboutit.
My grandpa disappeared.
Your grandpa?
Sergeant Poon, Old Tsui is a drunkard
He often gets drunk and sleeps in the forest.
It's not surprising that he disappears one day.
Uncle Chin
He was like that before but not now.
My grandpa is getting old.
I cut bamboo in the mountain by myself.
Grandpa only drinks with Uncle Chun Fang.
Chao Chun Fang?
That's right.
Who is going to like your grandpa?
What do you mean?
This is only a joke from the lantern street.
Recently there are women missing.
People rumored they're used to make lantern
Human lantern?
Master Lung,
can you make a lantern with human skin?
This is a legend.
About using the human skin to make lanterns.
I have heard ofit too.
Grandpa told Uncle Chiu before.
I have heard aboutit.
Is it true?
Master Lung
What a beautiful mole.
Master Lung, let me tellyou honestly,
you are digging your own grave.
What do you mean?
Don't you think Chun Fang is a suspect?
Don't you think Chun Fang is a suspect?
Think carefully. I have to go.
I go to visit Master Tan. Let's go.
Is that really him?
Miss Li, Uncle Tsui, Chun Fang
Alright. Let's find him.
Chun Fang...
Chun Fang!
Avery delicate lantern.
Chun Fang...
Chun Fang...
Chun Fang, don't pretend anymore.
I know it's you.
The mask can't hide your evil.
You killed Ms. Chin.
I have to kill you today.
Iwas dead seven years ago.
The person who is standing in front ofyou
is only a body without a soul.
There is no love but hatred only.
I don'thave feelings and happiness.
I am different from you
who build happiness on people's misfortunes.
People praise you.
And you ignore me.
The pain thatl've been bearing all these years
makes me become stronger.
I must kill you today.
I must let you know.
Youwill neverget what you want orlove.
I understand now.
You stopped practicing sword.
And secretly learnt this kind of
wicked kungfu.
Use it as arevenge.
Chun Fang, go to hell.
Sergeant Poon, he is Chun Fang
He killed Old Tsui.
I killed not only him.
But also Yen-chu and Ms. Tan.
Chun Fang, you're the killer.
Catch him!
I bear you no grudge
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you do this to me?
Because you're his rival.
I have to make things worse.
I want all these great heroes
to kill each other!
What are the benefits of doing this?
There are plenty. Atleast they will be like me
No more heroes, belles and wealth.
Everything will be gone.
Master Tan
Tan Fu
Catch him
Catch him
Master Lung...
Master Lung
Master Lung, everything was done by me.
I had a great time with Chin before she died.
Keep digging. Hurry up. Master Lung
Master Lung...
All the debt are here
Good. Burn them.
They are no use anymore.
Sergeant Poon.
Master Lung. Good morning. How are you?
Nothing. I'm fine.
Master Lung. It's over now.
Don't think about it anymore.
All my wealth is gone.
If I wasn't that flaunting,
Chin wouldn't have died like this.
I have to travel tomorrow.
I will travel around and calm my soul.
All my wealth here...
I hope you can give it out for me.
Donate to the poor.
This money will benefit the others.
Sergeant, please do this for me.
That's alright.
Thank you!
Sergeant Poon, farewell.
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Herencia (Inheritance) 2001 (23976)
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Hijo de la Novia El 2001
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His brother 2003
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