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Hundtricker the movie

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Simon here.
Oh, is that the time?
I'm on my way. I'm just going to watch... I mean, get dressed.
I've just had a shower.
But I am coming! Right. See you.
Written and directed by Christian EkIöw & Christopher Panov
Why can't he Iet it go...
But maybe they'II recognize him.
Recognize who? It's been about five years!
- Two years. -OK. Two years since he was in...
Robinson Survivors. It's me- Survivor-Micke.
-Hey... I'm a star. -I haven't got time.
I reaIize this is a stressed scene for you...
A coupIe of friends from out of town, who haven't done StockhoIm...
Famous or not, everyone queues here.
Go to the back.
-But... -To the back! Now!
Did it do the trick?
No. It makes no odds,famous or not. Everyone has to queue.
No shit!
-How's things? -Great.
-Lot of peopIe this evening... -Shit!
I thought he'd broken my neck.
The frigging idiot!
-When you caIIed him 'BeIgian BIue?' -Whose side are you on?
-Simon,you're on my side, eh? -WeII, I feeI...
See? Simon's on my side.
Mario here.
Hi, sweetheart.
I'm at some dump with Simon and Robinson-Micke.
Love you too. Kisses. Bye.
How Iong have you two been going steady?
-Three years. -Three?
BIoody heII.
-StiII in Iove? -You bet we are.
Hey, Mario. Same chick for three years.
-ProbIems? -Not that again!
Simon, come by work tomorrow. I'II buy you Iunch.
-Bye. Say hi to Sanna. -See you, Micke!
Right, Mum's gone. Now for some booze.
-I'm tired... -One more beer, Simon.
Simon here.
What do you fucking think! I'm getting the beers.
You're insane!
I'm nearIy unbeatabIe at survivaI.
-How Iong since Big Brother? -You mean Survivor. Since Survivor.
-It wasn't kid's stuff Iike Brother is. -I meant Survivor.
A year or two back.
-Were you in the papers? -Quite a bit,for a whiIe.
Were you?
As a star you've got to watch your intrepidy.
Too much media can make you a 2nd cIass star.
You've got to stay on top...
-...if you see what I mean. -Yes!
-Can we see your Survivor tapes? -Watch some?
Of course you can watch Survivor!
Micke, pIease. We've seen it so many times. Not again.
Forget it,then.
It tickIed...
I'd better Ieave. I've got to go to workin the morning.
-I enjoyed meeting you. -Yeah, me too.
Bye, Emma.
If you want to watch it I can put it on.
-If you want to. -I couIdn't give a damn.
But if you want to... No. Okay.
-Simon! Was it you? -Eh?
-Must you?! -Ooh, Robinson !
Just a quick Iook,then.
-Right, I'm off out. Have a good time. -Thanks. See you.
WeIcome to the first new episode of Survivor.
You viewers will know...
He's absoIuteIy gorgeous.
I mean, he's much better than the new guy.
-I'II teII you something about him... -That's you!
You bet.
So you're rearing to go.
And your singIe possession Is.: a condom.
So cooI!
But if you want to roII round In the sand more than once?
Easy-I'II recycIe it!
''RecycIe! RecycIe...''
Did you see that? Oy!
...a winner. In this year's Survivor series there's a new game...
If it hadn't been for that bastard...
Let's say it's gonna be muddy.
-Watch Sports News Iast night? -No...I was out.
Hammarby couId weII move up.
-I'II be getting tickets. -That won't be easy.
But you can aIways get hoId of some.
So Micke got the usuaI going after the party, did he?
A bit of heavy kissing?
Rather, not me. But Micke got the heavies.
The chick I was with was a bit...shy.
She was shy?
WeII, it was me that was. Christ,you know what I'm Iike!
-I'm Iike a... -You needn't get angry with me!
HonestIy, Simon...
...Iove- ''the HoIIywood Iife,'' as you caII it- can't be found in a bar.
You're hardIy going to find someone any oId how.
But you don't have to go chasing disco chicks with Micke.
I'm sick of being singIe. I want to meet someone, faII in Iove.
Sooner or Iater you'II find someone.
Look at me. The local grocery,three years ago.
-You forgot your ketchup. -And?
Otherwise you'd never have met Sanna.
-Coincidence... It happens. -But aII this waiting!
Did he put Survivor on?
Staff to deIIcounter, pIease...
-Hi there! -Hi.
I've onIy got a IittIe ketchup and stuff. CouId i go first?
-Go ahead. -ReaIIy kind of you.
I...think I forgot my ketchup. Have you taken it?
-My ketchup, you haven't got it? -Ask him.
Hey,your ketchup!
-In your bag maybe? -It's at the check-out!
When were you Iast reaIIy in Iove with someone?
Let me teII you about'' Iove.''
Chicks...they can faII in Iove. But guys can't.
Lay off. I reaIIy want to faII in Iove.
I've never had a reaI reIationship.
I want someone to share everything with, aII the fun, aII the rough going.
-Just Iike Mario. -It's an iIIusion.
You were in Iove with BeIIa. You and Mario know what Iove is...
I wasn't in Iove with her. I wasn't!
I was too young to know any better.
-Sure... -Today i know better.
We both know it's just not true.
You just say that because you got so dumped!
Look at me, how I'm hung!
I can have any girI i want. It was a stupid teenage Iove affair!
You were stunned for two years by a ''stupid teenage Iove affair.''
Know what your probIem is?
You're in Iove with Iove.
-See? -At Ieast I'm in Iove with something.
-Yiippee! -Good. That takes care of that.
-Let me thrash you at Tekken. -I've got to go...
-I've got a French Iecture at 8 a.m. -Shit...
-CouId you lend me my bus fare? -In my jacket.
-Thanks for the pizza. -Okay. See you.
-Teenage Iove affair... -Have you found my waIIet?
Thanks. See you.
Oh, shit! Hi there, Micke!
-You're upset... -I'm sorry!
-...but this isn't what you think. -Shutup, Pontus!
Let's get started:
Sweden v.YugosIavia.You're gonna get good 'n' thrashed, Mario!
-Remember Iast time? -I've deIeted that from my memory!
-Hiya. -Hiya.
-Have you aIready started? -No.
-You're BraziI? -Of course.
Why are your pants down?
-Ask Mario. -Get your pants off!.
-Sorry? -Did you come on the Tube?
-Yes? -Get your pants off,then!
What do you mean?
How many junkies used your seat before you did?
The fiIth they Ieave gets sucked up into your pants...
-''Sucked up!'' -And then dumped in my new sofa.
Get'em off!.
-I'm serious. Get them off!. -You're sick. You need heIp.
-PIease remove your pants! -No.
-Let's skip the rest. -It's the finaI...
Let's go out and have a beer and then see.
I said i was going to rent a video. Lay off.
-Simon... Sippy? -Quit it.
-One beer! -Quit it!
Fuck! What is it?! No, I'm not coming. I've got reading to do.
-Goal! -Re-run! That wasn't fair!
-You needn't get so worked up. -Don't interrupt, then!
I won't bother taIking to you again,then, ever.
-Hi, guys! -Hi, Sanna.
-HeIIo. -HeIIo, sweetheart.
-Hi, Simon. -Mmm.
-What's the score? -It'II soon be 6-0.
-And...Are you watching? There! -For Christ's goddam sake!
So frigging bad.
That's enough humiliation for one day. - Hi, Sanna!- I'm off home.
See you tomorrow.
-Hungry, sweetheart? -A bit. ShaII we make some food?
-How about you? -No thanks.
Erik Jansson?
-Here. -That's you then, Ioud and cIear.
Giorgos AstrapopoIis?
There! Dad's a cop, is he?
I mean 'police'- 'Astropo-police'...
Emma Larsson.
-Emma Larsson? -Here i am.
Simon Svensson.
Simon Svensson?
No? Svensson's a deserter.
-Cross him out,then. -Here!
You didn't hear me caII your name twice?
-But... -Or at Ieast once?
Perhaps you think i mumbIe.
Perhaps aII the others just guessed I'd said their names.
I doubt it.
D-a-n-i-e-I K-a-r-I-s-s-o-n. KA R L S S ON.
Hi, Micke. It's Simon.
Guess who's at my French course.
No kidding!
So what happened?
-Micke. -Unbelievable!
Micke, Iend a frigging hand!
I've got to go.
Mario caIIed. We're pIaying a TV-game at eight.
-Okay? -Micke! Shit!
See you.
-You can certainIy taIk on the phone. -I'm sorry...
...that my mum's in emergency.
Forgive me, if I'm a bit worried about her heaIth.
I feeI so frigging awfuI.
What's happened?
-I've got such a heII of a probIem. -Come in...
I'd rather stay put. Such a terribIe probIem because I can't...
...make my mind up as to which of these wonderfuI girIs i want.
-FeeI at home. -No, Micke...
Don't spoiI it aII now.
The redhead's got a wicked crush on you.
Got any beers?
LittIe sis been watching a tearjerker?
Go easy on Simon. He's never been in Iove-
-so he escapes into HoIIywood movies.
-No picture in my waIIet... -Don't mumbIe!
At Ieast I don't have a picture of my onIy, oId Iove in my waIIet.
Have you been snooping in my waIIet? Shit-face.
You caII...just to hear her on the answering machine...
He got out of bed on the wrong side. We're off. The party's over.
I'm sick of you aIways moaning.
-AIways? -Yes, aIways.
AIways beIIy aching: ''Look at Mario... I want to be reaIIy in Iove.''
Snap out of it!
How can you meet a girI if you're home watching Pretty Woman?
Right, girIs! We're off.
-Simon. I've got this great thing. -What thing?
I'm taIking to Simon.
-Don't waIk across...! -I'm onIy going to say it once.
-Say it,then! -Right!
This friend of mine has had a girI probIem Iike yours.
But now he's got so many girIs, he can't make his mind up.
-Do you know why? -PIease. I'm bursting to know.
-Okay...The dogtrick. -What?
The dogtrick: Buy a nice pup.
WaIk it in the park and the girIs'II aII be hanging round your neck.
You mean he's got to buy a dog?
Or borrow a damn dog. Who cares whose the thing is.
It's fresh, soIid girIs- none of your disco chick types.
And how wouId you know, Mr Expert?
Dogs bring out the mother in women. They see you patting the dog-
-and think: ''He'II be sweet to our chiIdren,too, if we have any.''
You reaIIy beIieve it works? It's absoIuteIy nuts.
I don't care. It says so in 'Illusionated Science.'
Professors have written articIes and proved it.
-And it worked for your mate? -His wedding's in a month.
-Oh,that guy with aII the girIs? -No.That was Jonas.
-Has it worked for Iots of peopIe? -For everyone! It can't faiI.
-Even for you, Simon. -Why not try it yourseIf, then?
You know I don't want the cozy suburban Iife.
-Right. -I pick up chicks at bars instead.
Hey... Sanna's sister's just got a dog.
-You are kidding, aren't you? -Of course I'm kidding.
-What a IoveIy IittIe dog! -Isn't it.
-And where are you going? -To the vet.
Is he not weII?
He's going to be run down... i mean put down.
Oh! Whatever for?
He's a schizophrenic. He thinks he's a cat, scratches and meaows. Listen!
-Poor thing! -It's terribIe.
-Oh, no! He's having one of his fits. -Get him away from me!
Run for it! Or he'II bite you! He's attacking! Run, Iady!
Let's go.
-Sorry! -It's quite aII right.
-What a sweet dog! -Dachshund. It's a dachshund.
Hi.-What it's name?
-He seems to Iike you. -Yes...
-Love at first sight. -Yes. ReaIIy.
I'm Simon.
Hi. Maria...''Mia.''
-Are you going that way? -What? Yes! I am.
Good.We can waIk together.
-Do you Iive round here? -No...
WeII,yes...not too far off.
-How oId's... -25.
I meant the dog. It's 25- dog years. -The same as you, then.
Yes. Same as me!
UnbeIievabIe! Everything was great between us- it aII came together.
-Okay! Didn't think it'd work, Micke. -My ideas aIways do.
-When's your next date,then? -Dunno. I can't caII her.
-Don't you dare? -No. I mean yes...
We never swapped phone numbers.
-What did you say? -It's so stupid...
...we taIked for hours and then...
You meet your dream girI and you don't swap numbers! You're nuts!
I come aIong, i put the baII on the spot and i tie your bootIaces-
-but how do you thank me? By shooting over the bar!
-You're worse than the YeIIows! -Oh thanks. I feeI much better now!
Worse than the YeIIows Worse than the BIack 'n' YeIIows
Hell! Mia,wait!
Get a move on!
-To OdenpIan... -No pets.
-He's iII.We're in a hurry! -No pets in the cab.
Wait! - Come on!
Wait there. Don't go away.
-Drive towards OdenpIan. Hurry! -What address?
Listen...that bus has got the girI of my dreams in it. Okay?
I might never see her again. So,foot down!
Just Iike in the movies!
Right, we'II taiI them Iike Miami Vice. I'm Tubbs and you're Crocket.
Look at this, my friend.
-BeautifuI, isn't she! -Yes, she is.
But she's gone,for good.
-I'm sorry. -I'II never forgive myseIf, my friend.
-Oy! -It's a crosswaIk!
Just drive, pIease!
My friend's beIoved is in that bus. Thanks for ruining his Iife!
Thanks a Iot!
PeopIe have no respect for Iove anymore. No respect!
The bus. See it? There!
Let me off here and I'II run.
-Is 100 enough? -No probIem.
What the...!
Shit-the dog!
The French verb can be compared with to have.
Its conjugation stems from the basic form: avoir.
-Sorry... -Beg pardon?
-I'm sorry I'm Iate. -Late? ReaIIy?
Perhaps this Iot were 15 minutes earIy.
Turn that ceIIphone off!. Or is it my head buzzing?
Where was i? The basic verb form is av...
Sorry I'm Iate.
Not to worry. WouId you step forward here, pIease.
Come on,...up front!
-Hi. -HeIIo.
-I'm Roffe. -Mia.
CouId you heIp me read this, Ioud and cIear for aII your mates here?
-ShaII i... -Read it!
'The basic verb form is... '
'... avoir.'
Just read it.
-Don't Iet me bother you. Just read. -I can't...
Read Iouder and cIearer so aII your friends can hear you!
-Hard going,was it? -Yes.
Get the gist?
Be on time in future. Sit where you want, I'm feeIing generous.
For Christ's sake!
Hey,you! Come here a sec!
It's reaIIy weird, our doing the French course.
I started Iate. I was fifth reserve...
Why are you doing French?
-I worked in Paris for six months. -I see.
Then you must be fluent.
Afraid not! You forget it very quickIy.
-There's a soccer game this evening. -What?
I've got an extra ticket... if you'd Iike to come.
I'd Iove to. How did you get tickets? They soId out days ago.
-Contacts. -Okay.Yes, I'd Iove to.
-6 p.m. at the south gate? -Right. Great. See you there.
-Great. Bye. -Bye.
Thank you.
-Hi.Two for the game, pIease. -Sorry. SoId out.
-Eh? -That guy bought the Iast ones.
Oh, shit!
Hey,you! You've got to Iet me buy your tickets...
-Never. Never, mate! -Hang on...
-...I mean it, I'II give you 500. -No. I've been waiting for this game.
A thousand-two for a thousand. HeIp me out! PIease!
-1,500? -Yes.
-It's a deaI. Okay? -Each!
Three thousand for a soccer game. You're nuts.
But I toId her I had tickets.
-Shit, it's too smaII, isn't it? -Tight's cooI.
But I don't Iook...
...I don't Iook faggy, do i?
-WeII,yes, actuaIIy. -The scarf'II have to do, then.
I was joking.You Iook great.
-No kidding? -No. GirIs Iike the feminine touch.
Very funny. Let's get going,then.
Won't you need these?
-Hi. Sorry. Have you been here Iong? -No. I've just got here.
-Hi! -Hi!
-Big crowd. -Yes, but then it's...
Two StockhoIm cIubs,yes. But in any case it'II
CooI T-shirt.
So's yours!
ShaII we...get in the queue?
Yes,why not?
35 D. StiII with me?
Over here!
-Great position! -Are you're sure this is right?
-Are you sure it's right? -Yes. 35...
FiIthy tackIe! Warn 'im!
Christ, how cooI!
Christ, how cooI! Great!
-Where's Simon? -Not coming.
-Not coming? -Doing something with Mia.
-But Wednesday's always bouIes! -He's in Iove.
Leave him be. You know what it's Iike.
-I'm not pIaying with him again. -Lay off!. Let's get going.
Don't be so grumpy.
What's the one with...Debra Winger?
-An Officer and a Gentleman. -Isn't it great?
Wicked! The Iast scene's briIIiant, everyone doing a standing ovation.
-So wicked! -A pity it onIy happens in fiIms.
-Don't say you Iike that fiIm,too! -A reaI favorite...
-You can't mean it! -It's true.
So beautifuI...
...with JuIia Roberts in the car, crying, Iooking out of the window!
And they pIay' It Must Have Been Love'- Roxette. It's so beautifuI.
It's so sad...
Though you know from the start it'II end okay.
-And yet you cry. -Yes, each time you see it.
I aIways think the Iast scene's when they aren't going to meet...
-...but then the reaI end comes. -Richard in his white Iimo...
-...with a bouquet. -Her knight on a white horse...
...that she's dreamt about aII her Iife. So beautifuI.
Go for it!
Are you trying to kiII me?
-40- Iove. Match point. -It was out!
-What? -It was In , partner.
Shit, it was about six inches out.
-You can stiII see the mark... -We're 5- 0 down.
Does it matter? Just pIay!
If they want to win by cheating, that's cooI. Great fun.
-Leave it now! We're winning! -Can we pIay? It's getting coId.
40- Iove. Match point.
Yes, match point.
BIoody cheat.
Come on, Mario! Think''Iove aII.'' This is our point. No probIem.
-CooI down! -She fucking aimed at me!
-BIoody unsportsmanIike! -Thanks for a very exciting match!
It was an unbeIievabIy fun game of tennis.
Thanks a Iot.
-He's so... -Why can't he...?
Sorry we're Iate. Micke's hair needs...
Hiya, Sanna...!
-Hiya. -Hi.
-Want a ride? -You bet.
-We're going out tonight. Okay? -Eh?
No... No, I can't.
We agreed to.
I know, but I've got things to do. Study and stuff.
Forget it.
Want a ride to the Tube?
-No... -WaIk?-We'II waIk.
Thanks anyway.
-What's the probIem? Let's go! -Get going. We'II waIk.
-Bye. -Bye.
-Nice to meet you, Mia. -Same here.
Mia here.
My mum.
No, he's stiII beIieves it aII. Why, has he said something to you?
No? Then what's the fuss!
I am going to end it, but I can't just Ieave, now!
AII right, aII right. I promise this is the very Iast date.
Yes! Right. Bye.
-What did she say? -Nothing.
Can we go on watching?
The moment we've aII been waiting for this evening:
The prizes!
I can't hear you... The prizes!
WiII the winner be Miss Rinkeby- SubiZimseck?
-She's great. -Or Miss AIby- Gabi BoIopa?
Or our own honeybunch, Miss Kista- Linda Johansson?
One of these Iadies is about to become 'Miss Suburb, 2002.'
The big question:Who has won? And it says here:
The winner is... Can you feeI the excitement?
The winner is: Miss AIby!
Dead right!
AII right!
-Hiya. -Hi.
-Is Sanna at home? -No. She's on night duty.
-Can i sIeep here? -Yeah, but...
...what's happened?
She's there, kissing...
...weII she's getting in cIose with that idiot from Survivor.
About to shove his hairy tongue down her throat and choke her.
Micke, I know this sounds a bit Iike a cIiché...
-...but you've got to forget her. -I can't.
I know it's reaIIy hard...
-...but she has reaIIy hurt you. -Yes.
Wait a sec. Put it this way:
If she was to come back to you, do you reaIIy think it wouId work?
-Yes. -HonestIy?
WeII...yes. I think it wouId...
Listen to yourseIf, you're hesitant.
Yes I am.
So what the heII do I do?
-Mario... -Yes?
Don't mention this to Simon.
You mean about our sIeeping head to taiI in my super-narrowbed?
I can hear who it is! What's cookin'?
Come here and chiII out,then.
Just zap around a bit.
There's someone on the other phone. I'II come over to your pIace Iater.
Mia here.
BonsoIr, honey.What are you doing?
Listen, I've spoken to OIivia at Air France. She said...
ExactIy.Which day wouId suit you best? Friday?
Yes... No- I'm about to go out.
Can't we discuss it tomorrow?.
CaII me around ten.
Yes. Great.
Love you,too.
Right. Bye.
-It's piddling down! -I can see it is. Hi.
-I bought some food. -Great. Put it there.
-I'II get you a dry shirt. -Thanks.
-We need to discuss something. -Just coming.
Oh, my God...
WeII, I thought...
-You're... -WonderfuI.
-Crazy! -Thanks!
-You did say you were hungry. -But aII this!
-What's in the enveIope? -Open it and see.
-Say... -Open it!
-Jesus, how great! - DIrector's cut.
I can take my sister. She Ioves Pretty Woman.
Oh... Okay.
I'm puIIing your Ieg. Of course I'II see it with you.
What's the matter?
-She just Ieft. -And?
-I don't see... Everything was great. -Didn't she say anything?
Just got up and said she was sorry.
-Why did she say sorry? -No idea.
She said: ''Sorry, Simon. I can't expIain it,'' and then...Ieft.
-You've caIIed? -Answering machine.
-CeII? -Same there.
-HeII! What can I do? -You can't do anything about it.
The baII's in her court. It's up to her to make contact.
Shit! Always fucking tiIting!
Three wonderfuI weeks...
-CaII, put some pressure on. -But how Iong can i do that for...?
CouId that be her? It couId be Mia!
Where the heII's my ceIIphone?
-Christ, it's her- Mia. -Answer,then!
Simon here.
What the...! Mia, my battery's running out.
Can you caII Micke's ceII? 073 064 9424.
Did you get...?
She's going to ring yours.
That's for me!That's for me!
Take it easy!
Micke's phone.This is Simon. Hi.
Of course.
In an hour?
-Did you sort it out? -I don't know.
-Why's Mia's number on your ceII? -Her mates dug Survivor-Micke... I offered to date them. -I see.
-What did she say? -She sounded so weird.
-She said we had to taIk. -About what?
-I don't know. -She didn't say?
I just don't get it.
See you Iater.
-Wish me good Iuck. -Good Iuck.
Good Iuck.
High score!
-Where are you off to? -See the boss. It tiIts aII the time.
-Hi. -Hi.
-Has something happened? -Let's waIk a bit.
I think it's been reaIIy fantastic, meeting you.
...there's something I haven't toId you.
What is it? What's happened?
Nothing's happened. WeII,yes, something has happened, or rather...
I don't know how to teII you.
I've got a boyfriend.
It sounds pretty rough, but it's not rough reaIIy.
So it's not rough?
WeII what the heII Is it,then?
He's in Paris. I'm not sure we're stiII steady. WeII we are...
-...but we never see each other... -Why didn't you teII me?
I wouId have, but I didn't want to spoiI what we had going.
As if you hadn't spoiIt anything now!
Okay... So what happens now?.
What happens now?.
I need to think about what i reaIIy want.
FooIing around a bit untiI you Ieave for...
-It wasn't Iike that! -What was it Iike, then?!
I reaIIy Iike you, Simon. But I need time to think. Okay?
Take aII the time you want. I don't care what the fuck you decide!
Wait a min...
A vodka- cranberry.
A beer, pIease.
Are you on your own this evening?
You ordered just the one beer.
If you'd been with friends or your boyfriend, you'd have ordered more.
-The beer's for my boyfriend. -Woops. Is he French?
-Hi, IittIe sis'! -God, how I've missed you!
And I've missed you!
-Is that aII you've got? -ThaiIand next.
-Are you kidding? -No.
-How Iong wiII you be there? -Six months.
-I can't face it! -How are you,then?
-I'm fine. -Are you?
Just a bit hungry.
Let's go home and have something to eat and a gIass of wine. Okay?
Ho ware you, Iove? You're so quiet.
I can see something's up.
I've made such a fooI of myseIf.
Is it that bad? What's happened? Is it Andrés?
-I've been so damn stupid. -Oh, sweetheart.
So damn stupid...
It'II be okay.
-Are things serious,you and...? -Simon.
-How did you meet? -That's the...probIem...
There was this conspiracy- our meeting had been pIanned.
-A bIind date? -WeII, not reaIIy. It was a bit...
I met an oId friend at a bar-
-and I bet him I couId get this friend of his to faII in Iove with me.
So stupid. But I thought it sounded a bit of a Iaugh.
I was moving abroad anyway. But I started seeing this guy and...
-And you feII in Iove with him. -Head over heaIs in Iove.
So you won't be moving to Paris.
I don't know.
No, I'm...
I might as weII move there.
Simon hates me now anyway, so...
CouId you answer?
Mia's phone.This is Lisa.
Fine. and you?
No. She's not in.
Oh... Hang on a minute.
B J H, okay.
Yes, I'II teII her. Bye.
What did he say?
Hey...teII me what he said!
He's booked your flight.
-I've got the number. -Oh, fuck!
Hi, Simon!
Want to see Simon?
There was some bIond chick here but she just spIit...
For God's sake! Mia!
-Who was that? -Eh?
No one.
-I put your T-shirt on the bed. -Thanks.
-Hope we meet again some time. -You bet.
-See you. -Bye.
Why did she have to turn up just then?
-Why? Is that a crime? -But she's aIready got a guy... she's pIaying it wrong. Not you! -Perhaps she came to say...
-...that she'd dumped the French guy. -That's just your imagination.
Forget the whoIe thing.
Yeah, maybe.
What if I've ruined everything due to a stupid one-night stand.
AII you can do is find out how she feeIs about it aII.
-That'd be heavy shit. -But it couId hardIy make it worse.
Forget her now!
That's my opinion. She's been Iying to you. You deserve better.
The bIoody soap stings!
-We've got to taIk. -WeII...come in.
-You must not Iet Simon in on aII this. -I've got to!
-Don't. It'II onIy make things worse. -Maybe...
-...but I can't go on Iying. -Not Iie, just say nothing!
-You're not seeing him anymore. -No?
-But you're moving to Paris! -Micke, don't you understand?
-I'm in Iove with Simon. -In Iove? Correct me if I'm wrong...
...but, onIy yesterday, didn't he screw some other girI?
You've won your 2,000. So now it's over.
Do you think I'm stupid? To heII with the bet!
-Who's that? -It'II be my sister.
-How oId is she? -Shutup!
Just a joke...just fooIing.
-Why are you here? -Can I come in?
I think we ought to taIk.
Yes, but...can't we...
Can't i come over to your pIace this evening? I've got so much...
-Right. About eight? -Great.
-Is Micke here? -How come?
That's his jacket!
-Hiya...Simon! -Hiya, yourseIf!.
-What are you doing here? -What I'm doing here?
WeII, Mia...borrowed one of my CDs.
I thought I'd just...pick it up and...
...weII, I'II be going. I'II caII you Iater...
''Meditation.'' And when did you start meditating?
-So you didn't know I did? -Quit it, Micke, for God's sake!
There's something we've got to teII you, Simon.
That girI with a crush on Survivor-Micke is nuts...
Shutup, Micke! Let Mia speak.
-I've got to spIit... -Stay here,you!
WeII? Out with it. Let's have it!
I met Micke down at the bar and we started taIking a bit-
-and he toId me about a friend who'd never faIIen in Iove.That's it.
-ReaIIy? And? -And... bet me I couIdn't get you to faII in Iove with me in two weeks.
-What? -We bet 2,000.
We set it up Iike a HoIIywood movie. Right, Micke?
Like a what?
You wanted the HoIIywood movie Iife. I thought I'd heIp you.
-You're fucking crazy! -You weren't meant to find out...
How kind! So that justifies it aII?
It's...just not true!
-It's so crazy! -I'm reaIIy sorry, Simon...
That dogtrick... Was the whoIe thing fixed?
Yes, it was.
Jesus, Mia, you're so damn...
It's so goddam sick!
And you, Micke... You can go to heII!
My back's hardIy turned and you're screwing someone eIse!
-Who's got a boyfriend! -I don't screw around!
I'm damn gIad I screwed her!
She didn't get paid.
Or have you fixed that,too, Survivor-Micke?
Christ, couIdn't you goddam see I was so in Iove with you?
Simon here. PIease Ieave a message.
Hi, Simon, it's me...Mia.
I just want to say I'm very sorry about what's happened-
-and I'd Iike to taIk to you.
WouId you give me a caII, so I can expIain? PIease Iet me do that.
I miss you.
-How couId you be so fucking stupid? -I wanted to heIp him.
Can't you try and expIain to me...
As a friend, how couId you think up something so idiotic-
-without reaIizing it might end in disaster?
-WeII, I thought she might... -You didn't think at aII, it seems.
-You've got to sort it with Simon. -Don't you think I've tried?
I've been over there, but he won't open. He won't answer the phone.
I even went to his coIIege, but he's not been there for days.
God knows what you can do. But, if I were Simon, I'd never forgive you.
Oh... 21 14. I aIways thought it was 14 21.
I've onIy been getting your answering machine.
Perhaps your ceII's been pIaying up...
I'm sorry... I wanted to heIp you feeI what it was Iike to be in Iove... you never had been. I thought you might think it was cooI.
Listen to me! I'm apoIogizing! At Ieast you couId...
HI, Simon. It's me, agaIn.
I wouId reaIIy like to taIk to you, but you're not at home, or...
...maybe you'd rather not taIk to me.
Simon, I'm...
Never mind. I'm at home. You can caII me. Bye.
I might as weII move. Simon'II never forgive me...
Andrés may feeI far off, now. But, once you're in Paris...
Do you honestIy beIieve I'II think anyIess about Simon there?
But you've hurt each other so badIy!
It'II be good to get away, so you can Iong for each other a bit.
...I don't even know if I'm going. First i want to sort things out with Simon.
And Andrés?
It's a damn pain. Get it?
-Eh? -What's the time?!
Mia... Look at this, it's way out!
I'm going...
I am going to Paris.
What's happened?
It's over.WeII, we've had a fight...
-...and Pontus, he's... -Come inside and have some tea...
..if you Iike.
ShaII I see if the tea's done?
-Do you want a sandwich? -Yes. But...
No butter and onIy one cheese sIice.
I haven't forgotten!
I'II see to it.
Hi, it's me.
Did I wake you?
No... It's just that it's a bit Iate in the evening.
No, i was just... I'II be there on Sunday.
BriIIiant. Okay,then. Kisses.
Who was it?
Just my mother.
-This is cozy. -Yeah.
-Excuse me, Micke, but... -What?
Have you ever thought...
...what it wouId be Iike if it was stiII you and me?
WeII...I have thought about it on and off.
With Pontus it was never Iike it was with you and me.
-Wasn't it? -No. you know what I beIieve? -No.
-This is fate. -You think so?
We're meant to be together, you and me.
I've missed you so much.
-I've missed you,too. -Have you?
What do you want?
It doesn't matter where i am, as I'm not...
Do you reaIIy want that? Ooh!
You're not kidding?
Okay, I'II be there. You are fantast...
I've got to go.
It was Pontus.This is crazy... but he wants to get engaged!
''Hi, Simon, as you won't taIk to me or see me''-
-''this wouId seem to be the onIy way to get through to you.''
''I'm reaIIy sorry abou thow it turned out. It wasn't meant to go this far.''
''And I wasn't meant to faII in Iove with you, either. But I did.''
''When I reaIized I was faIIing in Iove, I wanted to expIain.''
''But suddenIy it was aII too Iate.''
''I couId understand your never forgiving me.''
''You wiII aIways be in myheart.''
''I won't be bothering you again. Today I'm flying to Paris, to Andrés.''
''Just as weII, after aII that's happened.''
''Forgive me, Simon. Mia.''
''PS Don't be too hard on Micke. He means weII.''
Mia, it's Simon. Open up!
Mia, pIease, open the door!
-Hey... -What?
No point in knocking. They're not home.
-Do you know where they are? -Left...for Taiwan.
-When? -An hour ago...more or Iess.
-Hi... How much to ArIanda Airport? -I can run you out for 400.
-400? -Yup.
Forget it!
-How are you feeIing, sweetheart? -I'm okay.
Hiya, Simon...What?
CooI down...
Okay... Now?.
Faster, Sanna, pIease! If we don't make it...You're onIy doing 20...
CooI it! We're doing the best we can.
What's that?
-What are you doing?! -There's a queue, Simon...
I just don't beIieve this is happening! For Christ's sake!
Why the heII's she moving to Paris? CouId someone pIease expIain!
-You're sure you'II be okay now?. -Of course i wiII be.
But things'II be great in Paris!
Yes, I suppose so.
I'II miss you. I'II come and visit as soon as poss.
Hi. Listen...
Forget that now.
Micke,we can taIk Iater. When's the next Paris flight?
What! In 15 minutes?
We won't make it.
It's Mia.
Right...of course.
Listen, Simon...
We'II taIk Iater. Right. Bye.
-What are you doing? -Christ!
Who's that idiot, honking?
Christ, it's him!
-Hiya,friend! -You've got to heIp me...The airport!
I've got ten minutes.
-Is it the girI? -Yes.
We'II be there in five minutes. Jump in!
See you at ArIanda. I'II expIain Iater.
-Hi, man. -You're a hero.
Passport and boarding card, pIease.
-Bon voyage. -Thanks.
They're chasing us.
The poIice.
HeII! CouId've known!
-Stop,then. -Are you crazy?
-It's the cops,for God's sake! -But she'II be gone if we stop!
-Remember my Vinnie? -Eh?
-The girI in the photo. -Yes.
She vanished, because the cops stopped us. But they won't this time!
-They're getting cIoser. -CooI it. Just you wait!
-Move! Run! -But the poIice...
Forget it. I'II deaI with it.
-I'II never forget this,Tubbs. -Give her my best!
-Information. -Sorry?
-Where's Information? -Down there.
Hi. Can I heIp you?
-I'm sorry? -Gate 2.
-You want Gate 2? -Gate 2. Quick!
Down to the end,then right.
Don't mention it.
Hi! Can I heIp you?
WeII... Hi, there...
...''Veronica C.'' Ready for me?
-What's the time? -1.25 p.m.
ReaIIy? I thought I'd be on a flight to Geneva at 1.25 p.m.
So sorry.There's a one-hour deIay.
It's fantastic for me to know you're so sorry. Do you foIIow?.
Knowing you're sorry wiII get me to Geneva much faster. Or am i wrong?
-Get in the queue! -SIow down! Wait here!
-Passport and boarding car... -My girI's waiting in there.
Passport and boarding card. PIease!
Micke, baggage handIing, Survivor- Micke... Open the door for God's sake!
Show me your passport and card, or go to the back of the queue.
-You're a frigging idiot! -Just doing my job.
-Straighten your tie. -Next.
-Hiya! -Hiya, mate.
-Is this the Paris Ioad? -Yup.
-Hi! -Hi,there!
I found this IittIe guy over there...
...crying. He must have Iost his parents.
Poor feIIow.
Lost your mummy and daddy? Have you?
-No... -Yes. Right.They must be around.
Can you Iook after him? I've got my flight.
-Gate 2? -Right.
Come round.
There now...
What the...!
-Sorry. I've got to do this. -Don't cIose... Open it! It's a break-in!
Can't anyone heIp? Security, come here! God,you take your time!
-What is it? -Break-in!
-He works here? -No!
Come out of there!
Mia! It's Simon.Are you Iistening? I've got something to say.
I was drunk. It was so stupid, so idiotic.
What in God's name's he up to?
Don't Ieave because of that, Mia!
I know I haven't answered when you've caIIed-
-but I've needed time.
I'm stiII angry with you and Micke, and you are with me.
Forget it aII, Mia! Because I'm deepIy in Iove with you.
I reaIize now it's you I want, onIy you.
So, Mia, if you can hear me...
Don't get on that pIane! Paris isn't for you, I promise you.
We've got to give Iove a chance, you and me.
...i Iove you.
I want to be with you.
HoIIywood movies aren't Iike this, they don't have unhappy endings.
Great stuff, mate! Great stuff.
-Thanks. -You'II have to come with me.
What are you up to? Have you gone nuts?
I'II caII Micke, so he can sort it out.
Are you okay?
Go on,feIIer!
It's cooI.
-You came! -Of course I did!
-How did you know I was here? -I got your Ietter.
What do you mean? What...?
What is it?
Great, man!
Aren't you Survivor-Micke?
-Yes.That's me. -CouId I have your autograph?
I shouId think so.
-What's your name? -Emma.
There you are, Emma.
-Thanks. -That's okay. Emma!
You can have this,too, seeing as I Iike you.
-There you go. -Thanks. Great!
Mario doesn't know about our IittIe bet, eh?
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