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Hunt For Red October CD2

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Torpedo impact now 15 seconds.
Sound collision.
Sound collision.
We're out of the lane!
You're relieved.
Right full rudder!
Reverse starboard engine!
Right full rudder.
All back starboard shaft.
All back starboard shaft!
Torpedo impact 12 seconds...
10... 9... 8...
7... 6... 5...
Captain, they're really shooting at us!
Pull yourself together!
Boy! Easy, boy.
If they were really shooting at us,
we'd be dead by now.
Give me some line.
I found out what happened to the caterpillar.
The buffer circuit has been torn out.
It was only a matter of time
before an overload shut it down.
What are you saying?
Whoever did this knew how to cripple the caterpillar
in a way not easy to find.
Captain, we have a saboteur on board.
It can't be any of the officers.
They had plenty of time before we embarked.
Must be a crew member.
Go to Putin's cabin.
Check his files for information on the crew.
We may have to put them off before we planned.
The average Russky, son, don't take a dump
without a plan.
Wait a minute.
We don't have to get the crew off the sub.
He would have had to do that.
We just have to figure out what he's going to do.
How is he going to get them off the sub?
They'd have to want to get off.
How do you get a crew
to want to get off a submarine?
How do you get them to want to get off
a nuclear sub...
I know how he's going to evacuate the sub.
Not now, Jack.
Yankee One star base, say again status.
Declare an emergency.
Declare an emergency.
Yankee One, requesting vectors.
Vector 2-7-0 speed is buster.
Yankee One's losing hydraulic pressure.
Say again, Yankee One.
Bear Foxtrot got too close to the group.
One of the F-14s crowded him, and they bumped.
He's losing hydraulic fluid.
They're trying to get him back aboard now.
Busy morning.
Russian attack subs are now stationed off every East Coast port.
We're up here.
The New Jersey is moving up the coast
while the Russians, aside from over 100 bear foxtrots,
have a row of subs and several surface groups.
That's a lot of firepower.
For a rescue team, yes.
There's something else strange.
They're using sonar as if they're looking for something,
but nobody's listening.
What do you mean?
At their speed they could run over my daughter's stereo
and not hear it.
They're not searching for Ramius.
They're driving him.
Driving him where?
The hounds to the hunters.
Your sub captain's going to make it to America.
He's going to die within sight of it.
His wing man kept requesting permission to fire.
Somebody messes up, we'll be in the biggest naval battle
since the Jutland. Jesus!
Water's too cold to eject him.
Air boss will try to bring him aboard.
Sir, what's this sub off by herself?
Bart Mancuso's boat.
He's going to the bottom of Red Route One.
He's had intermittent contact
with a magma displacement. He's got this...
Magma displacement?
Is that like a seismic anomaly?
I suppose so. Why?
Is there a way you could get me onboard the Dallas?
What for?
I think Mancuso's found the Red October.
He hasn't found anything, Jack.
He's just waiting.
Sir, this silent propulsion system
could easily be mistaken for something...
The only way to get you that far north
is to use a chopper turned into a flying gas can.
Admiral, Yankee One is on final.
Rescue personnel are in place.
Pick up your left wing.
You're drifting left.
Power, power!
Wave off, wave off!
Eject, eject, eject!
Fire, fire!
Fire on the flight deck!
This business will get out of control,
and we'll be lucky to live through it.
Fire on the flight deck.
All hands lend assistance.
The bird's loaded down with enough fuel to get you there,
but Dallas may not be there.
We're trying to reach her.
If she's gone deep, it's dodgey.
If you have to ditch...
If you have to ditch,
don't think about anything but the survival gear.
At this water's temperature,
you'll have about four minutes.
I'll try to remember that.
Next time, Jack, write a goddamn memo.
Diving Officer, make your depth 6-5-0 feet.
Make my depth 6-5-0 feet.
Sonar, Conn preceding below the thermal layer.
The captain's sacked out?
Auxiliaries proceed 5,000 pounds.
What about him?
He won't leave.
Conn. Sonar, hold.
No contacts on bearing 2-9-5.
You know...
I seen me a mermaid once.
I've even seen me a shark eat a octopus,
but I ain't never seen no phantom Russian submarine.
We're emerging from the route, Captain.
I've ordered a routine clearing of the baffles.
We'll be making the first turn in a few minutes.
The caterpillar is operational
and appears to be running normally.
The crew know about the saboteur.
They are afraid.
Well, that could be useful when the time comes.
You know, we could make the Labrador Coast in 16 hours.
Half of them would freeze before they were rescued.
No, it's Massachusetts or Maine...
in 48 hours.
Two days.
Do you think they will let me live in Montana?
I would think they'll let you live wherever you want.
Then I will live in Montana,
and I will marry a round American woman
and raise rabbits,
and she will cook them for me,
and I will have a pickup truck...
or a...
possibly even a recreational vehicle
and drive from state to state.
Do they let you do that?
No papers?
No papers.
State to state.
All right. Commence your turn.
Well, then...
in winter I will live in Arizona.
Actually, I think I will need two wives.
Oh, at least.
Possible aspect change on target.
Sonar, Conn. Aye.
Concur possible target zig based on bearing rate.
Conn! Sonar! Crazy lvan!
All stop! Quick quiet!
All stop, aye.
Engine's all stopped.
What's going on, Jonesy?
Russian captains sometimes turn suddenly
to see if anyone's behind them.
We call it Crazy lvan.
The only thing you can do is go dead,
shut everything down, and make like a hole in the water.
So what's the catch?
Catch is a boat this big
doesn't exactly stop on a dime.
If we're too close,
we'll drift right into the back of him.
What about you? What do you look forward to?
I have no such appetites.
Now, let's see if he can hear us.
Well, there must be something.
What is it?
I miss... the peace of fishing
Iike when I was a boy.
40 years I have been at sea.
A war at sea.
A war with no battles.
No monuments.
Only casualties.
I widowed her the day I married her.
My wife died while I was at sea, you know.
Post guards in the engineering spaces.
If he can get to the caterpillar,
he can get to somewhere more vital.
Where is he, Jonesy?
Conn, Sonar.
Target is now coming out of our starboard baffles.
My read is that he is returning to base course.
Concur. He's returning to course 2-1-0.
He went right around us.
We'll give him another 30 seconds,
then secure from silent running.
Here's what we got on the E.L.F.
Aye, sir.
What is it?
You're not going to believe this.
Commander, we are approaching no return.
Dallas apparently hasn't gotten the message.
We have to turn back for the carrier.
Give it a couple more minutes.
Negative. Fuel status says we turn around now.
Fuel status? You got a reserve, don't you?
I've got a 10-minute reserve,
but I'm not allowed to invade that except during war.
If you don't get me on that submarine,
you might have it.
You got 10 minutes worth of fuel.
We stay here 10 more minutes.
Yo! Mount up!
Yo, I got a submarine at around 3:00.
About 2 miles.
OK, Tony, hook him up.
I'll be lowering you down to the submarine now.
Give me eight minutes.
Let's hope this thing runs on fumes.
Very well. Surface the ship.
Whoever this guy is,
he's in for one hell of a ride.
OK, Commander, go ahead and sit down.
You ever do this before?
Once. On a calm day... off Hawaii.
The pilot will have a difficult time keeping steady.
Don't take chances getting grounded.
Keep that rod in front of you.
In air like this,
the rotors will put out enough static electricity
to light up Chicago.
That's why I joined the Navy.
A diver's in the escape trunk
in case this guy goes in the drink.
Someone must have a burr up his ass
to go for a stunt like this.
All right. Ready! Ready!
Get your hook up!
Commander, if I got to bring you back up,
I'm going to shake the wire.
I'll give you a thumbs up, like this.
Remember to cross your arms.
Got it? OK. Out you go. Passenger's out the door.
Passenger's halfway down, drifting forward.
Start forward.
All right, Tommy. Get the hook on his cable.
On his cable. Now, watch it.
Don't touch him. OK, here he comes.
Oh, no!
It would be easier without that bloody crosswind.
Where is he? I can't see him.
Don't touch him!
Jack! Jack! Jack!
This is never going to work.
OK, reel him back in.
Tony, what's going on back...
What happened? Dallas, have you got a swimmer standing?
Emergency stop! Man overboard!
Port side! Send out the diver!
Very well, Dallas. We are history.
Get the doc down here!
I'll be in the escape trunk.
Down ladder! Down ladder! Make a hole!
Watch his head. Watch his head.
How do you do, Captain?
It's a pleasure to be aboard.
I have to talk to the President.
Of course. May I inquire as to the subject?
It seems that the initial reports
that one of our submarines was missing
were not completely accurate.
The submarine in question
is commanded by Captain Marko Ramius.
Apparently, he has suffered
a kind of mental nervous breakdown.
Just before he sailed,
he posted a letter to Admiral Yuri Padorin
in which he announced his intention to...
to fire his missiles on the United States.
Why didn't you tell me this the last time we met?
In my position I'm sometimes compromised
by the fact Moscow doesn't always tell me everything.
So one of your submarine captains has gone insane?
What do you want from us?
You offered your assistance.
That was a rescue mission.
Now you want us to help you
hunt him down and kill him.
I have been instructed
to ask your President for precisely that.
Find him? We already found him.
We had to break off to pick you up.
Captain, excuse me. Coffee?
Thank you.
Don't smoke.
Assuming we can find him,
just what exactly am I supposed to do about it?
Captain, radio.
We're receiving flash traffic
on the V.L.F. emergency circuit.
Very well. Bring it down.
Well, Mr. Ryan?
Chief, excuse us for a second.
Leonard, come on out of there.
The sub we're after is called the Red October.
She's under the command of a man named Ramius.
Now, there's the possibility
that he and a good portion of his crew
are attempting to defect.
Excuse me.
You say the boat's called the Red October?
That's right.
Skipper's Ramius?
It seems the circumstances
have changed somewhat, Mr. Ryan.
Get this man some dry clothes.
I'll be in the conn.
Aye, aye, sir.
"National Command Authority
informed Soviet typhoon class submarine Red October
is potential renegade
and threatens independent missile launch.
You are authorized to use any necessary force
to prevent said submarine
from approaching
the coast of the United States".
Left 10 degrees rudder steady on course 2-6-5.
Left 10 degrees rudder secure course of 2-6-5.
Make turns for 14 knots.
Chief of the watch, rig for red.
Time Quartermasters and Navigator
on the deck in the conn.
What's going on?
Battle stations are manned and ready.
Very well.
Captain, I have to talk to you.
Not now.
Make your depth 1,200 feet,
20 degrees down angle.
Diving officer, make your depth 1,200 feet, 20 degree down.
Full dive on fair water planes.
Full dive on stern planes.
20 degree down.
Passing 450 feet, going to 1,200.
Did you get a good fix?
Yes, Captain.
Very well.
At ordered depth, 1,200 feet.
Sonar, Conn. You got him, yet, Jonesy?
Very faint, sir. Hold on.
Yes, sir. Contact typhoon seven on bearing 2-5-0.
Right where he's supposed to be.
Any sign he's alerted to our presence?
No. Operating as before.
Come left 2-6-5.
Bring us up behind him quietly, Tommy.
Aye, aye, Captain.
Diving officer, make your depth 500 feet.
Captain, please listen to me.
Two minutes, that's all.
Plot, time to intercept his track.
Four minutes, Captain.
Very well, Mr. Ryan.
Two minutes.
It makes perfect sense. Look at the situation...
Ramius intends to defect. The Russians know this,
which is why they've tried to sink him,
but they haven't been able to.
I have a firing solution.
The Russians will stop at nothing
to prevent Ramius from defecting.
They've invented this story that he's crazy
because they need us to sink him
before he can contact us.
Weapons control, I want full safeties.
I don't want this fish coming back.
Full safety.
Captain, I know this man.
Has he made any Crazy lvans?
What difference does that make?
- The next one will be to starboard. - 'Cause his last was to port?
Because he goes to starboard in the bottom half of the hour.
Flood tubes one and two. Warm up the weapons.
Find a way to establish contact without violating orders.
He wants to defect!
Mr. Thompson, call Chief Watson
to the conn with his sidearm.
Conn, Sonar. Signal to noise ratio's dropping.
Possible aspect change in target.
Possible target zig based on bearing rate.
Conn, Sonar. Crazy lvan!
Captain, he's turning.
Which way is he turning?
To the starboard, sir.
Give the man a chance.
All back full.
Captain, say again.
I said all back full!
Back full. Aye, sir.
Engines back full.
We're cavitating. He can hear us!
Conn, aye. All stop.
All stop, aye.
All right. We just unzipped our fly.
Mr. Thompson, open the outer doors.
Firing point procedures.
Now, if that bastard so much as twitches,
I'm going to blow him right to Mars.
All stop rudder amid ship.
What's going on?
Can you identify the contact?
American Los Angeles-class attack submarine
bearing 0-1-5...
Captain, sharp metallic transients.
He may be trying to open his torpedo tube doors.
Outer doors are open on tubes one and two.
We're ready to shoot.
Very well. My orders are specific, Mr. Ryan.
He's opened his outer doors.
He's preparing to fire.
Flood tubes three and four and plot a solution.
Captain, flood tubes three and four. Plot solution.
Shall I open the torpedo tube door, sir?
Captain, shall I open outer doors?
Lock the firing solution into the computer.
Do not open the doors.
Aye, Captain.
Lock solution into computer.
Conn, Sonar. Target's flooded his tubes.
Has he opened his outer doors?
Negative, Captain. He's just sitting there.
Hold on.
Hull popping. Target's coming shallow.
What's that mean?
That means he's a very cool customer,
your Russian.
He knows we're here and ready to shoot.
He's not provoking us.
He's heading to periscope depth
to see what's on the surface.
His course is 2-0-7, due west.
Bring us alongside him.
Aye, aye, Captain.
Sonar, Conn. Report all contacts.
Conn, Sonar.
My only contact is typhoon seven, bearing 1-9-5.
Very well. Fire control, range to target?
Range is 300 yards.
Make your depth 65 feet.
Diving Officer, make your depth 65 feet.
He wants to go up and take a peek.
We'll play along.
Going to 45.
Going to 45.
Weapons status?
Weapons are on.
Tubes three and four are flooded.
Outer doors are closed.
25 meters.
Depth 25 meters.
Mark this bearing.
You wanted to talk to him, Mr. Ryan.
There he is.
What do you want to say?
Is he the only one looking?
We'll have to chance that.
"U.S. told you intend missile launch". Break.
"Do not approach U.S. coast
or you will be attacked". Break.
"If intention is other...
will you discuss option?"
Can he acknowledge with a single ping?
Yeah, he can.
The question is, will he?
Verify our range to target.
One ping only.
Aye, captain.
I'll be damned.
Now what?
All right.
"If defection..."
You plot course toward..."
The chart.
I need a chart.
No. No.
OK. Where the hell are we?
Someplace deep. Someplace deep.
Send them this!
You out of your mind?
Just send it.
Tell me one thing.
How did you know he was going to go to starboard?
I didn't.
I had a 50/50 chance. I needed a break. Sorry.
That's all right, Mr. Ryan.
My Morse is so rusty
I may be sending dimensions
on Playmate of the Month.
Reverify our range to target.
One ping only.
Captain, I... I... I just...
Give me a ping, Vasily.
One ping only, please.
Aye, Captain.
What the hell is this about?
The Russians want us to sink her.
We might have to do that.
We must give this American a wide berth.
Let us turn south.
Mr. Kamarov.
Plot a new course due south.
Yes, sir.
New course 1-8-0.
It's the reactor!
Shut down the reactor!
Seal the ventilation system!
The ventilation controls have failed!
Everybody out.
Clear the compartment!
Ventilation system, shut it down now.
They don't respond.
The controls don't respond!
Bypass it. Seal it manually!
Move! Shut it off.
Melekhin, say again.
Suffered a leak in the primary coolant tube,
so shut down the reactor,
but the ventilation circuits have been disabled.
The coolant appears highly contaminated.
I knew there was damage
when the caterpillar went down.
Radiation alarms activating in all compartments.
Engineering is heavily contaminated,
and radiation's moving forward.
Get to periscope depth.
Ventilate with outside air.
Aye, Captain. Periscope depth!
Prepare to ventilate!
Ventilating won't do anything.
We've got to get them off.
What's the battery condition?
Four hours. Six, if we're cautious.
Engage battery system.
We've got a level one radiation leak.
Every surface of this ship's contaminated.
We've got to get the men off.
Sir, we have been sabotaged!
Who said anything about sabotage?
Sir, I'm afraid the doctor is right.
Very well.
Surface. We'll evacuate the men to the deck.
Aye, Captain.
Surface the ship!
Prepare to muster all personnel to escape hatches.
Break out the rafts.
Lash them to the deck.
We'll use them as shelters until the fleet arrives.
Make sure the count is accurate, Doctor.
We must get the entire crew out.
Yes, sir.
Master-At-Arms reports rafts secure and evacuation proceeding.
Very good.
We'll rotate through the conn.
No officer will spend more than 20 minutes below deck.
Will that be satisfactory?
Completely, Captain.
Surface contact!
6 miles and closing fast.
It's a warship.
What? Here?
Can you identify it?
It's a frigate,
U.S., probably,
Perry class. He's signaling.
"Red October. Red October.
Halt and stay where you are.
Do not attempt to submerge,
or you will be fired upon".
Captain, I think he means to board us.
You will go with the crew.
The officers and I will submerge beneath you
and scuttle the ship.
You'll receive the order of Lenin for this, Captain.
We're going to cast off.
The captain's going to scuttle the ship.
He's going down, sir.
Put a shot across his bow.
Come right at 1-8-0.
Seahawk One, this is Bravo Command.
She's ready.
Seahawk One, release on my command.
Range to target... 900 yards.
800 yards.
700 yards.
600 yards.
500 yards.
400 yards.
300 yards.
The torpedo is detonated.
Now, understand, Commander,
that torpedo did not self-destruct.
You heard it hit the hull.
And I...was never here.
Contact Dallas. Give them the go.
Advise Dallas. Get the DSRV moving.
Dallas, this is Rueben James.
There are about two million things
that can still go wrong with this stunt.
Central lntelligence Agency.
Now, there's a contradiction in terms.
How's the coffee, Ryan?
Dallas, this is the Mystic.
Request clearance for launch.
Mystic, Dallas. You're cleared for launch.
Hatch is secured.
Life support, normal. Prelaunch checks complete.
We're ready to launch.
Flood the skirt.
Flood the skirt. Aye.
Skirt's filled and equalized.
Soft seal. Ready to lift off.
OK. Let's do it.
We're off.
Thrusting port.
600 yards and closing.
Steer right to course 0-7-5.
200 yards.
100 yards.
Hit the lights.
Jesus, that's a big sucker.
OK, we're in position.
You can open the hatch.
Hold it a second.
Mr. Ryan.
He's defecting.
And he can't change his mind?
He's not going to change his mind.
You willing to bet your life on that?
Uh, sir, could you hand me that hammer?
What's so funny?
Well, the captain seems to think
you're some sort of cowboy.
It is.
I doubt you'd remember,
but we met once at the consulate in Leningrad.
Along with your wife.
I'm very sorry.
What gives you the right to fire on my ship?
Your signal said nothing of a torpedo.
It was necessary to maintain the illusion for your crew.
My crew are being rescued, yes?
As we speak.
You sent the signal.
That's correct, sir.
Then how did you know our reactor accident was false?
Well, that was a guess, but it seemed logical.
Very well.
I present you
the ballistic missile submarine Red October.
My officers and I request asylum...
in the United States of America.
It's a pleasure, sir.
Bart Mancuso, USS Dallas.
Torpedo. The Americans are shooting at us again.
The pitch is too high.
The torpedo's Russian.
Where the hell did it come from?
Conn, Sonar. New contact. Sierra 4-1.
Alfa class Soviet submarine.
Why don't I have a detonation?
The weapon enabled on the far side of the target.
It passed Red October before arming.
Fire again with the right settings and reload both tubes.
Get me power. Get that damn thing off my boat.
It's off.
I think somebody shot a torpedo at us.
No shit, Buckwheat. Get out of here.
Where am I...
Borodin, fire control.
Uh, Ryan.
Sit here.
I'm not a naval officer. I'm with the CIA.
I'm not an agent.
I just write books for the CIA.
Whatever. Sit down.
And do exactly what I tell you.
DSRVs away.
There's a Russian alfa 8,000 yards to starboard.
I think it's the Konovalov.
Increase the flank.
Increase the flank.
That knob. Turn right full.
All ahead flank. Right full rudder.
He's shooting again, sir.
Go to battle stations.
Battle stations.
Chief of Watch, man battle stations.
Torpedo in the water.
Bearing 3-1-5.
Make range 7,000 yards.
Steer right 3-1-5.
That's heading into the torpedo.
Steady, bearing still 3-1-5.
Estimated range... 6,000 yards.
Still 3-1-5.
Steer right till this reads 3-1-5.
No, that's wrong. Ryan, don't turn that goddamn wheel.
You're heading straight into that torpedo.
Doing what?
He's turned into the torpedo's path.
Red October's turned directly into the torpedo's path, sir.
Mother of God.
Torpedo steady, bearing 3-1-5.
Range...5,000 yards.
Melekhin, more speed.
Estimate range 3,000 yards.
Closing awfully fast.
What's he trying to do, kill himself?
We have a firing solution on the Russian alfa.
Can we shoot back?
They didn't shoot at us.
I can't attack a Soviet submarine without authorization.
Torpedo bearing steady at 3-1-5.
Best range... 900 yards.
Torpedo impact... 20 seconds.
What books?
Pardon me.
What books did you write?
I wrote a biography on Admiral Halsey called The Fighting Sailor,
about naval combat tactics.
I know this book.
Torpedo impact...
Your conclusions were all wrong, Ryan.
10 seconds.
Halsey acted stupidly.
Torpedo impact...
I'll be damned.
What happened?
Combat tactics, Mr. Ryan.
By turning into the torpedo,
the captain closed the distance
before it could arm itself.
So that's it?
Not quite.
Right now, Captain Tupolev
is removing the safety features on all his weapons.
He won't make the same mistake twice.
Vasily, have you plotted a solution yet?
Aye, Captain. It's a little rough, but I...
That's what it sounded like, sir.
Won't change his mind?
It's one of the crew.
Well, whoever he is, he's having second thoughts.
I would like to have seen Montana.
Captain, he stumbled forward into the missile bay.
There's a silo hatch warning...
port side, number 20.
He can't launch a missile.
No, but he can blow one up.
Captain, take the conn.
Fire control's blasted to hell.
Then get behind him and stay there.
Captain, wait.
You may need this, sir.
Thank you.
Don't just stand there, Ryan. Go with him!
You, you speak English?
Yes, sir.
Get your butt over here.
Captain, torpedo broke off on impact.
Set the safety ranges for zero.
I cannot go any faster.
We must get him
before he gets to the ignition circuits.
What happens if he gets to that ignition circuitry?
He can incinerate the ship.
Is that door the only way out of here?
Don't let him get past you.
Hey, Ryan.
Be careful what you shoot at, hmm?
Most things in here
don't react too well to bullets.
I have to be careful what I shoot at?
Safety ranges set to zero.
Sonar, give me the bearing for Red October.
She's positioned behind us.
Right full rudder!
I'll shake the man loose.
He's going deep.
30 degree down angle!
All the countermeasures were over there, right?
Very well.
Admiral, the alfa's too quick.
It's only a matter of time.
"Ryan, some things in here
don't react well to bullets".
Like me.
I don't react well to bullets.
Where's he now?
Close, sir.
900 meters, directly ahead.
Got him.
Match bearings and fire.
We are too close!
Don't argue. Launch the weapon.
The torpedoes are armed in the tubes! You cannot...
Do it now!
Another torpedo. It went active the moment it was launched.
Left full rudder. Ease off on your bow planes.
I think he's got us.
Way to go, Dallas!
Torpedo is in acquisition.
Range 500 yards and closing.
You've done it, Mr. Thompson!
I hope this works.
Chief, put us on the roof.
Countermeasure station, on my mark. 5, 4...
1. Release countermeasures.
Emergency blow!
Full rise. Fair water plane.
600 feet.
500 feet.
Come on, big D. Fly.
That torpedo's still active.
It's searching for another target.
A goddamn cook!
How close is that alfa, Jonesy?
1,000 yards, going to port.
Reverse your turn.
We're turning straight at him.
Torpedo's still on our tail.
The hard part about playing chicken
is knowing when to flinch.
Collision in 400 yards.
Right full rudder, 30 degree down angle.
Aye, sir.
This one's going to be close.
Torpedo dead ahead!
You arrogant ass. You've killed us. 911 00:59:00,847 --> 01:00:-57,307 We have ascertained the Red October's 912 01:00:-57,391 --> 01:00:-55,476 final position, but... 913 01:00:-55,560 --> 01:00:-53,645 given the depth of the water 914 01:00:-53,687 --> 01:00:-51,647 and the fact that the wreckage 915 01:00:-51,689 --> 01:00:-49,691 spreads across a wide area, 916 01:00:-49,774 --> 01:00:-46,652 it'll be some time before anything's recovered. 917 01:00:-46,694 --> 01:00:-43,655 However, your people are interviewing the crew now 918 01:00:-43,697 --> 01:00:-40,199 and making arrangements for their return. 919 01:00:-40,283 --> 01:00:-37,202 This has been a terrible tragedy, Mr. Ambassador. 920 01:00:-37,244 --> 01:00:-35,204 And I can only stress 921 01:00:-35,246 --> 01:00:-32,207 that if you'd come to us earlier 922 01:00:-32,249 --> 01:00:-30,209 it might have been avoided. 923 01:00:-30,251 --> 01:00:-27,212 I appreciate your candor in the matter. 924 01:00:-27,254 --> 01:00:-25,756 And I yours, Andrei. 925 01:00:-21,302 --> 01:00:-20,720 Perhaps in the future 926 01:00:-20,761 --> 01:00:-17,848 technology will allow a more thorough investigation 927 01:00:-17,890 --> 01:00:-15,183 of the wreckage. 928 01:00:-15,224 --> 01:00:-13,226 Perhaps. 929 01:00:-7,191 --> 01:00:-5,318 There is another matter... 930 01:00:-5,401 --> 01:00:-3,487 one that I'm reluctant to... 931 01:00:-3,570 --> 01:00:-1,739 Please.
One of our submarines... an alfa...
was last reported in the area of the Grand Banks.
We have not heard from her for some time.
You've lost another submarine?
All this way to hide a submarine in a river.
We're 100 miles from the nearest naval base,
the last place that satellites will ever look.
I grew up around here.
My grandfather taught me to fish
off that island right over there.
There's one question
you haven't asked me yet.
Well, I figured you would tell me when you were ready.
Now, there are those who believe
we should attack the United States first,
settle everything in one moment.
Red October was built for that purpose.
When the dust settles from this,
there's going to be hell to pay in Moscow.
Well, perhaps.
Maybe something good will come from it.
A little revolution, now and then,
is a healthy thing, don't you think?
Do you still like to fish, Ryan?
There's a river, not unlike this one,
near Vilnius,
where my grandfather taught me to fish.
"And the sea will grant each man new hope
as sleep brings dreams of home".
Christopher Columbus.
Welcome to the New World, sir.
Everything all right, sir?
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