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Subtitles for Hunter The.

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Hunter The

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X1:252 X2:461 Y1:036 Y2:062 Look out there!
X1:186 X2:527 Y1:467 Y2:499 He ought to be in prison.
X1:118 X2:596 Y1:467 Y2:499 Maybe he thinks it's a bumper car.
X1:135 X2:577 Y1:467 Y2:499 What are you trying to do, fool?
X1:254 X2:460 Y1:467 Y2:499 Parking. Sorry.
X1:123 X2:590 Y1:467 Y2:499 Park on the street, not on my car!
X1:138 X2:576 Y1:467 Y2:498 Man, that don't make no sense.
X1:191 X2:521 Y1:425 Y2:499 I'm not touching anything already stolen.
X1:210 X2:503 Y1:425 Y2:493 - What do you want? - Beer.
X1:232 X2:478 Y1:467 Y2:493 That'll be a dollar.
X1:158 X2:554 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Anything else? - Tell Tommy Price I'm here.
X1:249 X2:463 Y1:425 Y2:499 - What? - Tommy Price.
X1:230 X2:481 Y1:425 Y2:493 - It's almost there. - Make tracks.
X1:107 X2:604 Y1:425 Y2:499 - You see, it's your service system. - A crack's out front looking for you.
X1:240 X2:472 Y1:425 Y2:493 - A cop? - I don't think so.
X1:094 X2:620 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Who is he? - Should I ask for his driver's licence?
X1:215 X2:496 Y1:467 Y2:498 Take care, Momma.
X1:186 X2:528 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Are you Tommy Price? - Yeah.
X1:092 X2:624 Y1:425 Y2:499 My name's Ralph Thorson. My friends call me Papa. Call me Mr Thorson.
X1:143 X2:572 Y1:425 Y2:499 You won't complain if I put this gun away, will you?
X1:211 X2:502 Y1:425 Y2:499 Frankly, Mr Thorson, I'd be tickled pink.
X1:180 X2:534 Y1:425 Y2:499 You won't run, will you? I don't want to chase you.
X1:115 X2:596 Y1:425 Y2:493 And I don't want to shoot anybody. Understand?
X1:298 X2:413 Y1:467 Y2:498 Yes, sir.
X1:299 X2:414 Y1:467 Y2:499 Let's go.
X1:145 X2:567 Y1:425 Y2:499 - What do you want me for? - You jumped bail on the 16th.
X1:103 X2:609 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Well, kind of. - I've got to take you to Los Angeles.
X1:241 X2:473 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Are you a cop? - No.
X1:171 X2:539 Y1:467 Y2:499 This shit's got to be illegal.
X1:288 X2:426 Y1:467 Y2:499 Not really.
X1:316 X2:396 Y1:467 Y2:493 Punk!
X1:194 X2:516 Y1:425 Y2:493 Are you crazy? That's a 1970 Cadillac!
X1:140 X2:575 Y1:425 Y2:499 Hey, man, what are you doing? Are you crazy?
X1:219 X2:490 Y1:467 Y2:499 You... you shithead!
X1:134 X2:580 Y1:467 Y2:499 Don't. I don't want you to bust it.
X1:103 X2:610 Y1:425 Y2:499 I know a kidnapping when I see one. And I'm seeing one now.
X1:137 X2:574 Y1:425 Y2:499 Here, read it. Supreme Court decision, 1872.
X1:212 X2:501 Y1:467 Y2:499 "When bail is given,"
X1:174 X2:539 Y1:425 Y2:499 "the person putting up bail may exercise their rights"
X1:193 X2:520 Y1:467 Y2:499 "in person or by agent."
X1:199 X2:514 Y1:425 Y2:498 "They may pursue him into another state,"
X1:130 X2:581 Y1:425 Y2:499 "may arrest him on the Sabbath, may break into his home."
X1:181 X2:531 Y1:425 Y2:498 - Man, that's chickenshit. - Man, that's the law.
X1:140 X2:571 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Your heads need adjustment. - Don't fool around.
X1:116 X2:598 Y1:425 Y2:499 - I fix this stuff all the time. - You an electrician or something?
X1:246 X2:467 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Can you fix it? - I can fix it.
X1:125 X2:588 Y1:467 Y2:499 "I fix this stuff all the time," right?
X1:192 X2:522 Y1:425 Y2:499 - "I'm very mechanical." - I'll fix it, Pappy.
X1:090 X2:621 Y1:425 Y2:499 - How did you find me? - Someone put their house up for you.
X1:162 X2:553 Y1:467 Y2:499 Pearly? Did she turn me in?
X1:138 X2:573 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Didn't want to lose her house. - What a rip-off.
X1:229 X2:484 Y1:467 Y2:498 That's life, ain't it?
X1:187 X2:527 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Will I go to jail, Pappy? - I don't know.
X1:146 X2:567 Y1:425 Y2:499 Who taught you how to drive? Leon Spinks?
X1:130 X2:586 Y1:467 Y2:499 Hey, what's the matter with you?
X1:084 X2:630 Y1:467 Y2:499 Sure you know how to drive that thing?
X1:100 X2:610 Y1:425 Y2:499 They didn't leave enough room here. Not enough room. Shit!
X1:274 X2:438 Y1:467 Y2:493 Come here.
X1:243 X2:468 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Don't go away. - No shit!
X1:235 X2:478 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Billie Joe Face? - Yeah.
X1:121 X2:591 Y1:425 Y2:499 - On what charge? - Assault, auto theft. Jumped bail.
X1:134 X2:578 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Got any papers? - Certified copy of the bail bond.
X1:122 X2:589 Y1:425 Y2:493 You'd better talk to Sheriff Strong about this.
X1:136 X2:575 Y1:425 Y2:499 Give me a man, I'll pick him up. I've got the address.
X1:247 X2:464 Y1:467 Y2:499 Wait right here.
X1:298 X2:413 Y1:467 Y2:498 Yes, sir.
X1:100 X2:611 Y1:425 Y2:493 - The Sheriff wants to see you. Now. - Thanks.
X1:114 X2:600 Y1:425 Y2:493 Heard a lot about you, Mr Thorson. It's all bad!
X1:096 X2:618 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Did they tell you I have a glass eye? - No.
X1:175 X2:540 Y1:425 Y2:499 It's the one with the gleam of intelligence. This one.
X1:112 X2:598 Y1:425 Y2:499 Just look at the two of us. An old sheriff and a bounty hunter.
X1:143 X2:571 Y1:467 Y2:493 Here in all this modern turmoil.
X1:127 X2:584 Y1:425 Y2:499 We were born a century too late, that's our problem.
X1:152 X2:560 Y1:425 Y2:499 Nothing's changed. Good guys and the bad guys.
X1:111 X2:603 Y1:425 Y2:493 Maybe. Now, what can I do for you, Mr Thorson?
X1:132 X2:583 Y1:425 Y2:499 I came to pick up Billie Joe Face and take him to Los Angeles.
X1:288 X2:424 Y1:467 Y2:493 So I hear.
X1:168 X2:546 Y1:425 Y2:499 My recommendation to you is to get out of town.
X1:213 X2:498 Y1:467 Y2:499 Yeah, I will. Tonight.
X1:133 X2:580 Y1:467 Y2:499 I don't think you understand me.
X1:174 X2:537 Y1:425 Y2:493 I want you out now, and without this Billie Joe.
X1:097 X2:617 Y1:425 Y2:499 I can't do that, I've come a long ways. I'm going to take him back with me.
X1:255 X2:457 Y1:425 Y2:493 - No, you ain't. - I am.
X1:111 X2:601 Y1:425 Y2:498 - Don't argue with me, Mr Thorson. - Look, I've come over 1,500...
X1:189 X2:523 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Goodbye, Mr Thorson. - Goodbye, Sheriff.
X1:175 X2:539 Y1:425 Y2:493 Because he's my nephew, Mr Thorson.
X1:135 X2:576 Y1:425 Y2:499 You're greedy. You got me and you have to go for a bonus.
X1:252 X2:461 Y1:425 Y2:499 - What is that? - A stun gun.
X1:227 X2:486 Y1:425 Y2:499 - What does it do? - Ruins their day.
X1:247 X2:466 Y1:425 Y2:493 - What do I do? - Sit.
X1:145 X2:565 Y1:467 Y2:493 Wait a minute. Wait a minute!
X1:223 X2:487 Y1:467 Y2:498 Get him, Billie Joe!
X1:295 X2:416 Y1:467 Y2:493 Get him!
X1:202 X2:510 Y1:467 Y2:493 Hit him where it hurts!
X1:253 X2:458 Y1:467 Y2:493 Wait a minute.
X1:253 X2:460 Y1:467 Y2:493 Hit him harder!
X1:295 X2:416 Y1:467 Y2:493 Get him!
X1:231 X2:483 Y1:467 Y2:499 Hey, that ain't fair.
X1:257 X2:453 Y1:467 Y2:499 You pudhead!
X1:144 X2:566 Y1:425 Y2:499 Wake up, Billie Joe. Wake up. Billie Joe, wake up!
X1:154 X2:556 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Yes. - Ralph Thorson on line one.
X1:145 X2:569 Y1:425 Y2:499 Damn well better be long distance. Hello?
X1:107 X2:608 Y1:425 Y2:499 It's me again. I wanted you to know I took your advice and left town.
X1:170 X2:541 Y1:425 Y2:499 Good for you, Mr Thorson. I figured you would.
X1:161 X2:552 Y1:425 Y2:499 Except for one thing, I took your nephew with me.
X1:225 X2:488 Y1:467 Y2:499 Want to say hello?
X1:128 X2:582 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Uncle John? - Seems like you're in hot water.
X1:172 X2:539 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Yes, sir, I am. - Put Mr Thorson back on.
X1:119 X2:591 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Yes? - You did a pretty damn good job.
X1:160 X2:551 Y1:425 Y2:499 You've done your duty, and I was protecting my kin.
X1:104 X2:610 Y1:425 Y2:499 Next time you're down Houston way, stop in and say hello.
X1:183 X2:528 Y1:467 Y2:499 Yes, sure I will. Bye-bye.
X1:281 X2:430 Y1:467 Y2:499 Crazy guy!
X1:124 X2:586 Y1:467 Y2:499 The big guy. Here's the keys. Sit!
X1:231 X2:479 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Hey, gunslinger! - Hello, Spota.
X1:171 X2:543 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Two for the price of one? - I need the money.
X1:155 X2:556 Y1:425 Y2:498 - He's as big as a house. - Listen, he almost killed me.
X1:100 X2:612 Y1:425 Y2:499 - When you want a respectable job... - I know what you mean.
X1:171 X2:540 Y1:425 Y2:499 You've got to stop wearing those pants!
X1:269 X2:445 Y1:467 Y2:499 Here you go.
X1:110 X2:604 Y1:425 Y2:498 - You ever been in the joint before? - No, I haven't.
X1:117 X2:595 Y1:425 Y2:499 Whatever you do, when you get in front of that judge, don't smart off.
X1:161 X2:549 Y1:467 Y2:499 Tommy Price. On your feet.
X1:254 X2:460 Y1:467 Y2:499 Here's the key.
X1:099 X2:612 Y1:425 Y2:499 When he asks, say you've got a job working for me. There's the address.
X1:212 X2:500 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Here you go, Papa. - Thanks.
X1:245 X2:465 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Hey, hey, hey! - Hey, Papa!
X1:185 X2:530 Y1:467 Y2:499 How are you doing, boy?
X1:163 X2:548 Y1:425 Y2:493 - With an eight, with a nine. - Two tens.
X1:236 X2:476 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Pair of queens. - Five dollars left.
X1:207 X2:507 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Hey, Papa! - How are you doing?
X1:198 X2:515 Y1:425 Y2:493 - How are you feeling? - Tired.
X1:223 X2:490 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Hi. Who are you? - I live here.
X1:182 X2:530 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Make yourself at home. - Thanks.
X1:262 X2:452 Y1:467 Y2:499 It's you again.
X1:117 X2:597 Y1:425 Y2:499 Pair of eights. Five bucks into that possible flush.
X1:244 X2:467 Y1:425 Y2:493 - I'll see that. - And I see that.
X1:106 X2:608 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Francis, you been boosting again? - I scored at the track.
X1:108 X2:603 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Papa, come on in. Plenty of room. - We need another sucker.
X1:215 X2:499 Y1:467 Y2:499 Dotty wouldn't like it.
X1:158 X2:553 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Come on, Papa, one hand. - Sit down and play!
X1:273 X2:438 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Better not. - Better not.
X1:208 X2:506 Y1:467 Y2:498 Five-card stud, fellas.
X1:242 X2:470 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Good morning. - Hi, baby.
X1:234 X2:478 Y1:425 Y2:493 - You smell good. - You don't.
X1:239 X2:473 Y1:467 Y2:499 Are you hungry?
X1:312 X2:402 Y1:467 Y2:499 Horny.
X1:170 X2:540 Y1:467 Y2:493 The doctor said it was OK.
X1:126 X2:588 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Brought you a present. - You did? What did you get me?
X1:324 X2:387 Y1:467 Y2:493 Shit.
X1:138 X2:574 Y1:425 Y2:499 That's an original Buck Rogers rocket patrol. And it's very rare.
X1:101 X2:612 Y1:467 Y2:499 I don't know why I love you so much.
X1:299 X2:412 Y1:467 Y2:493 Thanks.
X1:104 X2:612 Y1:467 Y2:499 No wonder you're horny. No school?
X1:137 X2:573 Y1:425 Y2:493 Helen Ryan's taken my class to the museum. Poor museum.
X1:123 X2:591 Y1:425 Y2:499 - How long will they let you work? - Another couple of weeks.
X1:230 X2:480 Y1:467 Y2:499 As long as I want.
X1:120 X2:592 Y1:425 Y2:499 - There's a La Maze class tonight. - Don't start that again.
X1:114 X2:598 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Ignoring it won't make it go away. - It might. It's worth a try.
X1:284 X2:428 Y1:467 Y2:499 Not funny!
X1:139 X2:571 Y1:425 Y2:499 Pregnant ladies are supposed to crave ice cream and pickles.
X1:157 X2:554 Y1:425 Y2:493 - It's important to me, Ralph. - But mushrooms?
X1:235 X2:479 Y1:467 Y2:493 Natural childbirth.
X1:100 X2:610 Y1:425 Y2:499 Listen, I'm thinking maybe I'll have to move in with my sister for a while.
X1:178 X2:535 Y1:425 Y2:499 Wait a minute. If you go to your sister's...
X1:096 X2:615 Y1:425 Y2:499 She's done La Maze with all her kids. She's a pro.
X1:245 X2:469 Y1:467 Y2:499 I need you here.
X1:109 X2:605 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Do you have to leave right away? - Got to pick up Winston Blue.
X1:135 X2:580 Y1:425 Y2:499 - That's three times this month! - "Crazy Winston".
X1:195 X2:518 Y1:425 Y2:499 Clear the street here. It's for your own safety.
X1:141 X2:573 Y1:425 Y2:493 Please, get up on the sidewalk. You have to clear the street.
X1:232 X2:481 Y1:467 Y2:498 Move that car, sir.
X1:212 X2:500 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Who's in charge? - Sergeant Werblow.
X1:204 X2:508 Y1:467 Y2:499 Hey, come back here!
X1:087 X2:625 Y1:425 Y2:499 W-20 Adam. The parameter's secured and the suspect is inside the building.
X1:209 X2:501 Y1:425 Y2:493 - W-20 Adam, roger. - Yes. W-20 Adam...
X1:108 X2:605 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Are you Werber? - Sergeant Werblow. Who are you?
X1:133 X2:578 Y1:467 Y2:499 Thorson. And that's my pick-up.
X1:090 X2:623 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Who the hell do you think's in there? - We've got an armed fugitive.
X1:271 X2:440 Y1:467 Y2:498 Oh, bullshit!
X1:176 X2:535 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Hey, Winston! It's Papa. - What the...? Listen!
X1:112 X2:602 Y1:425 Y2:499 I don't know who you think you are, but this is police business.
X1:125 X2:587 Y1:425 Y2:499 Don't make such a fuss, for heaven's sake. He's dressing.
X1:287 X2:429 Y1:467 Y2:499 Dressing?
X1:132 X2:580 Y1:425 Y2:499 1 A- 11. 1 A- 11. See the man, 459 investigation.
X1:204 X2:507 Y1:467 Y2:499 659 South Broadway.
X1:270 X2:442 Y1:467 Y2:493 Look at that!
X1:314 X2:396 Y1:467 Y2:493 Wow!
X1:127 X2:584 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Here he comes. - He's coming down the elevator.
X1:102 X2:611 Y1:425 Y2:499 Hey, where are the flashbulbs? I want to see the flashbulbs popping.
X1:196 X2:514 Y1:467 Y2:499 There you go. All right!
X1:152 X2:559 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Hands high! - I know the procedure, baby.
X1:237 X2:474 Y1:467 Y2:493 Walk toward me.
X1:273 X2:441 Y1:467 Y2:499 Far enough.
X1:183 X2:531 Y1:467 Y2:499 Hands behind your head.
X1:265 X2:447 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Beautiful. - I know that.
X1:093 X2:619 Y1:425 Y2:499 ...until your boyfriend shows in court. - But I need my car!
X1:178 X2:533 Y1:425 Y2:499 - I need it for collateral. - I'll give you my pink slip.
X1:129 X2:585 Y1:425 Y2:499 I don't want your underwear, I want your car. No car, no bond.
X1:118 X2:596 Y1:425 Y2:499 My son, Anthony, he's a good boy. Maybe he's a little mixed-up, but...
X1:182 X2:531 Y1:467 Y2:499 He's going to come back.
X1:195 X2:517 Y1:425 Y2:493 - He means well. - This is the first time...
X1:116 X2:597 Y1:425 Y2:499 No, no. The first time he took a hostage in a liquor store.
X1:099 X2:616 Y1:467 Y2:498 Mr Bernardo, Mrs Bernardo, can I...?
X1:160 X2:553 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Can I talk honestly to you? - Of course.
X1:087 X2:624 Y1:425 Y2:499 Your son is a rat. He's holed up somewhere and he's not coming back.
X1:092 X2:622 Y1:467 Y2:499 If he does, he knows he's going to jail.
X1:115 X2:597 Y1:425 Y2:493 And he's been there enough times to know he doesn't like it.
X1:120 X2:593 Y1:425 Y2:499 Now, you and me, the three of us, we have a problem,
X1:157 X2:557 Y1:425 Y2:493 which is that if your Anthony doesn't show in...
X1:236 X2:478 Y1:467 Y2:499 ...18 more days...
X1:112 X2:600 Y1:425 Y2:499 ...then I'm out 100,000, and your restaurant belongs to me.
X1:104 X2:607 Y1:425 Y2:499 And I don't want another restaurant. I've already got two.
X1:105 X2:607 Y1:467 Y2:493 You mean... we lose the restaurant?
X1:155 X2:560 Y1:425 Y2:493 If the son were only as smart as the mother.
X1:165 X2:550 Y1:425 Y2:499 I worked 26 years of my life to build up that restaurant.
X1:173 X2:541 Y1:467 Y2:499 I can't lose that place now.
X1:128 X2:588 Y1:467 Y2:498 Mr Blumenthal, what can we do?
X1:095 X2:617 Y1:425 Y2:499 We've got to get somebody to go out and find Anthony and bring him back.
X1:269 X2:443 Y1:467 Y2:493 A detective?
X1:125 X2:587 Y1:425 Y2:499 No. The man I have in mind is more of a specialist in this line.
X1:142 X2:572 Y1:467 Y2:499 Mr Thorson is a bounty hunter.
X1:298 X2:415 Y1:467 Y2:499 My God!
X1:129 X2:584 Y1:425 Y2:499 I'm sorry. It's either that or your restaurant.
X1:108 X2:606 Y1:425 Y2:493 So you two put your heads together and decide.
X1:116 X2:598 Y1:425 Y2:499 See what you started? I told you to keep your mouth shut.
X1:172 X2:540 Y1:425 Y2:498 You owe me 800 for Price and 1,000 for Billie Joe.
X1:145 X2:569 Y1:425 Y2:493 Papa, please. Enough already. Coffee.
X1:107 X2:604 Y1:467 Y2:499 You did a good job. You're the best.
X1:156 X2:556 Y1:425 Y2:493 - That's a dollar seventy-five. - 1800.
X1:277 X2:433 Y1:467 Y2:499 Thank you.
X1:182 X2:532 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Papa, can I talk to you? - No. Get out of here.
X1:268 X2:444 Y1:425 Y2:493 - What is it? - An assault.
X1:154 X2:561 Y1:425 Y2:499 He's heading down to Mexico and I'm making a loss.
X1:100 X2:610 Y1:425 Y2:493 Great! Now, take a walk, you gonnif! We ain't interested.
X1:259 X2:454 Y1:467 Y2:493 I'm interested.
X1:171 X2:543 Y1:467 Y2:499 So, when is the baby due?
X1:315 X2:396 Y1:467 Y2:493 Soon.
X1:098 X2:613 Y1:425 Y2:499 You should marry the schoolteacher. Eight years is enough already.
X1:096 X2:618 Y1:425 Y2:499 - She doesn't like it. - Eight years, she don't trust you yet?
X1:188 X2:527 Y1:425 Y2:499 Mind your own business and pay your debt.
X1:162 X2:551 Y1:467 Y2:499 Please, not while I'm eating.
X1:126 X2:585 Y1:425 Y2:499 - What's this? - A baby present from me to you.
X1:212 X2:500 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Tony Bernardo. - It's a piece of cake.
X1:133 X2:579 Y1:425 Y2:499 "Assault, attempted murder, armed robbery." A very bad boy.
X1:218 X2:495 Y1:425 Y2:499 He's a good boy but a little mixed up.
X1:222 X2:491 Y1:467 Y2:498 He's a shooter, too.
X1:097 X2:619 Y1:425 Y2:499 He really wants to come in. You'll see how happy he'll be to see you.
X1:163 X2:549 Y1:425 Y2:499 If he's so easy, why don't you bring him in?
X1:109 X2:604 Y1:425 Y2:499 I would, but at my age I'm not supposed to eat airline food.
X1:130 X2:584 Y1:425 Y2:499 I'm into this for a hundred grand. I'll make it worth your while.
X1:161 X2:552 Y1:425 Y2:493 Bernardo's too dangerous. I'll take the Branch brothers.
X1:091 X2:622 Y1:467 Y2:499 My cocker spaniel can bring me them!
X1:178 X2:538 Y1:425 Y2:499 Ralph, you're with the last of the big spenders!
X1:107 X2:605 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Captain Spota. Always a pleasure. - See you later at the house.
X1:107 X2:609 Y1:467 Y2:499 Have you heard any talk about him?
X1:228 X2:485 Y1:467 Y2:493 What kind of talk?
X1:299 X2:414 Y1:467 Y2:499 Nothing.
X1:239 X2:473 Y1:467 Y2:499 Papa, telephone!
X1:152 X2:561 Y1:425 Y2:493 Thorson. My name is Mason. Remember me?
X1:105 X2:605 Y1:425 Y2:499 - No. - Well, you will. I'm going to kill you.
X1:122 X2:589 Y1:425 Y2:499 I've been watching you, Thorson. I'm going to kill you.
X1:086 X2:627 Y1:425 Y2:499 I don't know what you're using, Mason, but it's no good for you.
X1:096 X2:614 Y1:467 Y2:499 All right, I'll take the Branch brothers.
X1:256 X2:455 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Three grand. - Forget it!
X1:108 X2:604 Y1:424 Y2:499 - Three Branch brothers, $3,000. - There's two. One blew himself up.
X1:153 X2:560 Y1:467 Y2:498 It's still 3,000, and that's that.
X1:109 X2:601 Y1:425 Y2:499 They're children. They're little boys. They don't even shave yet.
X1:187 X2:524 Y1:467 Y2:499 They're the Wild Bunch.
X1:163 X2:551 Y1:425 Y2:499 Everybody takes advantage, so why shouldn't you?
X1:248 X2:462 Y1:467 Y2:499 All right. 3,000.
X1:147 X2:564 Y1:425 Y2:499 Papa, the judge let me off when I mentioned your name.
X1:092 X2:622 Y1:425 Y2:499 - What are you doing with my TV set? - Your picture's no good, man.
X1:128 X2:583 Y1:425 Y2:499 - That picture was perfect. - The colour was off. I'm fixing it.
X1:304 X2:410 Y1:467 Y2:493 Names.
X1:161 X2:552 Y1:425 Y2:499 What do you know about a guy named Mason?
X1:133 X2:579 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Let's see. Tiny Mason, a pimp. - No.
X1:183 X2:529 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Billy Mason, the dealer. - Dead.
X1:241 X2:469 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Rocco Mason. - That's the one!
X1:113 X2:599 Y1:425 Y2:499 Speed freak. In San Quentin they had to submerge him in Thorazine.
X1:100 X2:616 Y1:467 Y2:499 He got out about a month ago. Why?
X1:100 X2:610 Y1:425 Y2:493 The name just popped into my head. Thanks.
X1:104 X2:610 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Can we watch TV in the bedroom? - No!
X1:287 X2:426 Y1:467 Y2:499 Hi, honey.
X1:197 X2:514 Y1:425 Y2:499 I've got to catch a red-eye to Nebraska.
X1:303 X2:408 Y1:467 Y2:498 Oh, no!
X1:243 X2:470 Y1:467 Y2:499 Bucks. It's a job.
X1:134 X2:578 Y1:425 Y2:493 - You said you'd go to the class. - I will.
X1:124 X2:590 Y1:425 Y2:499 - You take me to the airport, OK? - All right.
X1:280 X2:434 Y1:467 Y2:499 Hey, look...
X1:140 X2:574 Y1:425 Y2:499 ...I got a weird phone call. It may be nothing, I don't know.
X1:189 X2:525 Y1:425 Y2:499 But you remember how to shoot this, right?
X1:241 X2:472 Y1:467 Y2:499 It's got a full clip.
X1:138 X2:575 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Bang, bang, bang, bang. OK? - I'll be OK.
X1:207 X2:507 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Hi, Ralph. - How are you doing?
X1:129 X2:584 Y1:425 Y2:493 - How long have you been here? - A few minutes.
X1:164 X2:546 Y1:467 Y2:499 God, that perfume, I love it!
X1:084 X2:627 Y1:425 Y2:499 When will you make an honest woman out of this girl?
X1:146 X2:567 Y1:467 Y2:499 Why ruin a good relationship?
X1:156 X2:557 Y1:425 Y2:499 - When are you due, honey? - Pretty soon.
X1:161 X2:554 Y1:425 Y2:493 It'll be different in this house with a kid around.
X1:119 X2:595 Y1:425 Y2:493 I'm already running an orphanage. What's one more?
X1:222 X2:490 Y1:425 Y2:499 - You'll see. - Dotty! Telephone.
X1:136 X2:578 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Are you a troublemaker? - Are you scared or something?
X1:097 X2:619 Y1:425 Y2:499 I'm scared. What happens to Dorothy and the kid if I get popped?
X1:099 X2:613 Y1:425 Y2:499 A house full of toys, a mean dog and a '51 Chevy. I'm too old for this.
X1:087 X2:624 Y1:425 Y2:499 That's a lousy excuse and you know it. She's terrific and she loves you.
X1:116 X2:595 Y1:425 Y2:499 It's going to be wonderful. You're going to be a father, Ralph.
X1:148 X2:563 Y1:467 Y2:499 You think you've got troubles.
X1:196 X2:518 Y1:467 Y2:499 Ralph, we're in a hurry.
X1:210 X2:501 Y1:425 Y2:499 - I'll talk to you, Pete. - Bye-bye, Pete.
X1:201 X2:511 Y1:425 Y2:499 You'll love La Maze if you give it a chance.
X1:176 X2:534 Y1:425 Y2:499 A lot of the guys were as hesitant as you...
X1:145 X2:565 Y1:425 Y2:499 Why are you riding behind this slowpoke? Just pass him.
X1:163 X2:552 Y1:425 Y2:499 Every guy has come around a hundred per cent.
X1:125 X2:587 Y1:425 Y2:499 - There's a faster car behind you. - Will you let me drive?
X1:176 X2:535 Y1:425 Y2:499 Are you going to sit there, or are you coming in?
X1:206 X2:506 Y1:467 Y2:499 Don't be so squirrelly!
X1:124 X2:588 Y1:425 Y2:499 Squeeze her leg firmly, building in intensity like a real contraction.
X1:229 X2:484 Y1:467 Y2:499 Building to a peak.
X1:255 X2:459 Y1:467 Y2:499 Forty seconds.
X1:169 X2:543 Y1:467 Y2:499 Only fifteen seconds to go.
X1:131 X2:586 Y1:425 Y2:499 Easing off a little now. Check for relaxation. Five seconds to go.
X1:202 X2:508 Y1:467 Y2:493 And contraction ends.
X1:285 X2:425 Y1:467 Y2:493 And relax.
X1:104 X2:608 Y1:425 Y2:493 I'm so pleased you're here. It's a lot harder for a woman to do this alone.
X1:123 X2:589 Y1:425 Y2:499 - I've got a bad back. - It's always difficult the first time.
X1:099 X2:614 Y1:467 Y2:499 If you can squeeze, it'll help her a lot.
X1:126 X2:588 Y1:425 Y2:499 If she can practise relaxing, she'll be more secure handling labour.
X1:120 X2:591 Y1:425 Y2:499 Having a baby is one of the most beautiful experiences.
X1:118 X2:593 Y1:467 Y2:493 You wouldn't want to be excluded.
X1:310 X2:403 Y1:467 Y2:493 Mister.
X1:182 X2:529 Y1:467 Y2:493 Thanks. Come to Mama.
X1:150 X2:563 Y1:467 Y2:499 Hi, you guys. Nice to see you.
X1:132 X2:581 Y1:425 Y2:499 - It's brand-new. 78 miles. - Don't you have an older car...?
X1:274 X2:440 Y1:467 Y2:499 Hey, Teach.
X1:117 X2:595 Y1:467 Y2:499 Who is that? Howard, is that you?
X1:141 X2:569 Y1:467 Y2:498 Violets are blue, roses are red.
X1:176 X2:535 Y1:467 Y2:499 There's no school today...
X1:136 X2:574 Y1:467 Y2:499 Whoever you are, you're a jerk!
X1:204 X2:509 Y1:467 Y2:493 ...because teacher's...
X1:306 X2:407 Y1:467 Y2:493 ...dead.
X1:243 X2:466 Y1:467 Y2:499 This isn't funny!
X1:157 X2:556 Y1:467 Y2:499 I could kill you. I really could!
X1:102 X2:610 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Teacher thinks I'm going to kill her. - Go away, please!
X1:140 X2:574 Y1:425 Y2:499 I'm not going to kill the teacher. I'm going to kill Papa!
X1:256 X2:456 Y1:467 Y2:499 Who are you?
X1:128 X2:583 Y1:425 Y2:499 Open up the door and see who's going to kill Papa.
X1:146 X2:564 Y1:467 Y2:499 Tell Papa, Mason said "soon".
X1:283 X2:430 Y1:467 Y2:493 Real soon.
X1:194 X2:520 Y1:467 Y2:493 Branch brothers? Sure.
X1:186 X2:527 Y1:425 Y2:493 Crazy bastards. Dumb as shit and mean.
X1:097 X2:614 Y1:425 Y2:493 Went to school with John, the bigger one. We was on the basketball team.
X1:162 X2:550 Y1:425 Y2:498 - All I need is the directions. - All in the Lord's time, son.
X1:234 X2:480 Y1:467 Y2:493 I made a mistake.
X1:172 X2:541 Y1:425 Y2:493 John Branch put dynamite in the locker room urinals.
X1:172 X2:541 Y1:425 Y2:499 Blew the gym halfway across to Canada.
X1:200 X2:515 Y1:425 Y2:493 I'll take these two guys back to LA with me.
X1:135 X2:578 Y1:425 Y2:499 I need directions and a few of your guys to help, OK?
X1:121 X2:592 Y1:425 Y2:499 I'll give you directions but no men, not with those crazy bastards.
X1:170 X2:542 Y1:425 Y2:499 And you're a crazy bastard for going after them.
X1:087 X2:627 Y1:425 Y2:499 We'll check the neighbourhood. If anything turns up, we'll let you know.
X1:277 X2:433 Y1:467 Y2:499 Thank you.
X1:141 X2:571 Y1:425 Y2:499 - I'm sure it was just some nut. - Thank you.
X1:149 X2:561 Y1:425 Y2:499 I'll get a substitute to take your class for the day.
X1:149 X2:561 Y1:425 Y2:499 I'm OK. I don't want to make a big deal out of this.
X1:161 X2:553 Y1:425 Y2:493 God knows what Ralph'd do if he found out.
X1:115 X2:596 Y1:425 Y2:493 We can't handle any more trouble, not now.
X1:189 X2:525 Y1:425 Y2:499 Have it your way, but try to relax, all right?
X1:295 X2:415 Y1:467 Y2:498 Oh, shit!
X1:106 X2:607 Y1:467 Y2:498 Oh, damn! Where'd he come from?
X1:145 X2:567 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Get in front of him, Matthew. - Don't tell me how to drive!
X1:177 X2:535 Y1:467 Y2:499 He's trying to run us over!
X1:170 X2:541 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Here, Matthew. - Keep that away from me!
X1:269 X2:441 Y1:467 Y2:499 We got him!
X1:099 X2:612 Y1:467 Y2:499 Son of a bitch! We got him this time!
X1:122 X2:592 Y1:467 Y2:493 I'd like to see the look on his face.
X1:125 X2:588 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Look out! - Shit! Where did he come from?
X1:255 X2:455 Y1:467 Y2:499 The dynamite!
X1:231 X2:482 Y1:425 Y2:493 - What dynamite? - Back there!
X1:287 X2:424 Y1:467 Y2:493 Come on!
X1:280 X2:433 Y1:467 Y2:499 Hey, Dotty!
X1:248 X2:462 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Hey, Romero! - Dotty!
X1:212 X2:502 Y1:425 Y2:493 - ? Cuando te alivia? - Dos semanas.
X1:275 X2:436 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Hi, baby. - Hi, honey.
X1:244 X2:470 Y1:467 Y2:499 I'll get the water.
X1:281 X2:430 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Ralph...! - I'm sorry.
X1:104 X2:610 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Had another La Maze class today? - Yeah.
X1:179 X2:533 Y1:425 Y2:493 - How did it go? - You don't want to know.
X1:328 X2:386 Y1:467 Y2:493 I do.
X1:250 X2:462 Y1:425 Y2:499 - No, you don't. - I really do.
X1:141 X2:570 Y1:467 Y2:498 OK, we talked about transition.
X1:184 X2:528 Y1:425 Y2:499 And about the coach, and how important he is.
X1:264 X2:450 Y1:425 Y2:493 - The coach? - Yeah.
X1:124 X2:592 Y1:425 Y2:498 Birth is like a game. The mother's the team, the father's the coach.
X1:163 X2:548 Y1:425 Y2:499 How the game turns out depends a lot on the coach.
X1:133 X2:579 Y1:425 Y2:493 There's this woman in our class named Edith.
X1:149 X2:562 Y1:425 Y2:499 With her first baby she started pushing too soon.
X1:148 X2:565 Y1:425 Y2:499 You shouldn't push until you're completely dilated.
X1:143 X2:568 Y1:467 Y2:499 The baby's head's down there.
X1:157 X2:556 Y1:425 Y2:499 But you feel like you have to, so you blow instead.
X1:131 X2:581 Y1:425 Y2:499 Like that. Edith wasn't dilated, but she started pushing anyway.
X1:120 X2:595 Y1:425 Y2:498 Her husband took her face in his hands, and he said, "Blow, Edith!"
X1:115 X2:600 Y1:425 Y2:499 He started blowing himself, right to her, willing her to do it with him.
X1:251 X2:460 Y1:467 Y2:498 Yeah, like that.
X1:087 X2:626 Y1:425 Y2:493 She was able to stop pushing because he did that. Isn't that beautiful?
X1:174 X2:537 Y1:425 Y2:499 I'm such a sucker for inspirational moments.
X1:109 X2:601 Y1:425 Y2:499 You ought to let your hair grow out. It looked better when it was longer.
X1:227 X2:486 Y1:467 Y2:493 I'm too old for that.
X1:206 X2:508 Y1:425 Y2:499 You like old things. It's all you care about.
X1:108 X2:603 Y1:425 Y2:499 - You don't like anything that's new. - New things are no good.
X1:211 X2:500 Y1:425 Y2:499 Give them a chance to prove themselves.
X1:165 X2:546 Y1:467 Y2:499 You know they will, in time.
X1:287 X2:426 Y1:467 Y2:499 I love you.
X1:323 X2:387 Y1:467 Y2:493 Shit!
X1:260 X2:451 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Hello, Pete. - Come on in!
X1:172 X2:539 Y1:467 Y2:499 Just the guy I want to see.
X1:176 X2:534 Y1:467 Y2:499 What you need is a drink.
X1:264 X2:447 Y1:467 Y2:499 There we go.
X1:176 X2:537 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Why don't you let me...? - Come on!
X1:131 X2:583 Y1:467 Y2:499 Bang! Bang! Bang! You're dead.
X1:202 X2:508 Y1:425 Y2:499 You see that house? That's Hyatt, Frank B.
X1:142 X2:572 Y1:425 Y2:499 Male Caucasian, five foot nine, 180 pounds.
X1:108 X2:603 Y1:467 Y2:499 Come on, Pete. Hand over the gun.
X1:104 X2:606 Y1:425 Y2:499 Good, Ralph, very good. Talk to the subject. Calm him down.
X1:113 X2:599 Y1:425 Y2:493 That bastard sells dope to school children and he lives in that house.
X1:118 X2:595 Y1:425 Y2:499 He looks up here and he sees me, and he laughs his head off.
X1:100 X2:613 Y1:425 Y2:499 He throws pebbles up. I swear, he throws pebbles up at me.
X1:103 X2:613 Y1:425 Y2:499 I find them on the deck when I come home at night. Is that right?
X1:270 X2:445 Y1:467 Y2:499 Is that right?
X1:156 X2:554 Y1:425 Y2:493 Well, that's the way it is, pal. That's what I am.
X1:290 X2:421 Y1:467 Y2:499 A pebble.
X1:166 X2:546 Y1:425 Y2:499 Guess what the pebble did. I took a little for myself.
X1:184 X2:527 Y1:425 Y2:499 Just a couple of bags from the inventory room.
X1:164 X2:549 Y1:467 Y2:499 I got tired of being a pebble.
X1:126 X2:585 Y1:425 Y2:499 And I sold some and somebody got busted and somebody talked.
X1:100 X2:611 Y1:467 Y2:499 And guess who they're coming after.
X1:129 X2:582 Y1:425 Y2:499 Come on, Ralph. Be a pal. Guess who they're coming after.
X1:250 X2:463 Y1:467 Y2:499 Would you go?
X1:101 X2:613 Y1:467 Y2:499 No. So I figured I'd do the right thing.
X1:170 X2:543 Y1:425 Y2:499 I'm going to blow Hyatt, Frank B's head off...
X1:159 X2:555 Y1:467 Y2:499 ...then I'm going to do me in.
X1:119 X2:593 Y1:425 Y2:493 Come on, that's the booze talking. You're drunk.
X1:131 X2:584 Y1:425 Y2:499 Sure I'm drunk. Do you think I could kill myself if I was sober?
X1:108 X2:603 Y1:425 Y2:493 Come on, Ralph, there's another bottle on the couch.
X1:228 X2:482 Y1:425 Y2:499 Let's finish it off, then you go away.
X1:116 X2:595 Y1:467 Y2:499 Please, Ralph, you know I'm right.
X1:181 X2:532 Y1:467 Y2:499 I can't go in the slammer.
X1:133 X2:578 Y1:425 Y2:499 You know what they do to cops. I put half of them in there.
X1:180 X2:530 Y1:425 Y2:499 Let's get shitfaced, then you leave me alone.
X1:220 X2:492 Y1:425 Y2:499 - A pair of jacks. - I've got ten bucks.
X1:224 X2:486 Y1:467 Y2:499 All right, with a six.
X1:140 X2:571 Y1:425 Y2:499 - All right, this is the dead lead. - Dead lead, right.
X1:294 X2:420 Y1:467 Y2:499 Hi, Papa.
X1:261 X2:451 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Hey, Pop! - Come on in.
X1:172 X2:541 Y1:425 Y2:499 Room for one more, Papa. Come and join us.
X1:128 X2:582 Y1:467 Y2:499 We haven't got all night, let's go!
X1:207 X2:503 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Please leave. - Hey, it's early, man!
X1:235 X2:477 Y1:467 Y2:499 Just go on home.
X1:299 X2:412 Y1:467 Y2:493 Get out!
X1:167 X2:546 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Can I get a ride with you? - Goodnight, Dotty.
X1:183 X2:530 Y1:467 Y2:499 I almost got the set fixed.
X1:224 X2:488 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Goodnight, Dotty. - Night.
X1:175 X2:539 Y1:425 Y2:499 What the hell's the matter with you, Ralph?
X1:224 X2:489 Y1:467 Y2:493 Make some coffee.
X1:131 X2:581 Y1:467 Y2:499 Are you OK? Is it a contraction?
X1:179 X2:534 Y1:467 Y2:499 It's just a cramp. It's over.
X1:312 X2:399 Y1:467 Y2:493 Great.
X1:086 X2:626 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Get used to the idea. It's almost time. - Don't you think I know that?
X1:180 X2:533 Y1:425 Y2:499 I think you know it. I don't think you accept it.
X1:096 X2:617 Y1:425 Y2:493 It's crazy to bring a kid into this world. You should have had it aborted.
X1:192 X2:519 Y1:425 Y2:499 - I begged and pleaded. - It was my decision.
X1:100 X2:612 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Both of us should've been involved. - Both of us don't get an abortion!
X1:129 X2:586 Y1:425 Y2:493 Both of us don't have to climb up on that table.
X1:181 X2:530 Y1:425 Y2:499 Yeah, all right. Go ahead, have your kid.
X1:301 X2:411 Y1:467 Y2:493 Our kid!
X1:314 X2:396 Y1:467 Y2:493 Yeah.
X1:319 X2:391 Y1:467 Y2:493 Tom.
X1:087 X2:626 Y1:425 Y2:499 She just told me it came over the radio upstairs. Spota just killed himself.
X1:136 X2:577 Y1:425 Y2:498 Look, Tommy, I came here to drink, not to talk.
X1:294 X2:420 Y1:467 Y2:499 I got you.
X1:274 X2:440 Y1:467 Y2:499 Hey, Pappy.
X1:094 X2:618 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Why are you here? I kicked you out. - I knew you didn't mean it.
X1:104 X2:610 Y1:425 Y2:499 - What are you doing to the toaster? - Fixing it.
X1:123 X2:588 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Fix the TV set first. - Did you see it? It's almost done.
X1:247 X2:466 Y1:467 Y2:499 Where's Dotty?
X1:203 X2:508 Y1:467 Y2:493 She's in the bedroom.
X1:084 X2:627 Y1:467 Y2:499 All right, look. I know you're mad, but...
X1:251 X2:462 Y1:467 Y2:499 ...let's not fight.
X1:094 X2:617 Y1:425 Y2:499 I heard about Spota. That doesn't make what you said OK.
X1:243 X2:470 Y1:467 Y2:493 I was out of line.
X1:101 X2:614 Y1:425 Y2:499 I'm tired of your crap. You don't want me or the baby. We don't want you!
X1:287 X2:423 Y1:467 Y2:499 Wake up!
X1:146 X2:565 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Who is it? - Ritchie. Open the front door!
X1:239 X2:475 Y1:467 Y2:499 Ritchie, go away.
X1:109 X2:601 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Get out of bed and open the door! - Shit.
X1:236 X2:477 Y1:425 Y2:499 - What time is it? - It's two twenty.
X1:215 X2:496 Y1:425 Y2:499 - What day is it? - It's a beautiful day.
X1:115 X2:596 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Up and at them, Papa. Come on! - I'm tired.
X1:118 X2:592 Y1:425 Y2:499 I don't know why I try to help you. You've got a kid coming, and bills.
X1:178 X2:535 Y1:425 Y2:499 - She's gone. - What did you do to her?
X1:299 X2:414 Y1:467 Y2:499 Nothing.
X1:169 X2:541 Y1:425 Y2:499 She's the best thing that ever happened to you.
X1:183 X2:528 Y1:425 Y2:499 - She's a pain in the ass. - I'm coming in.
X1:183 X2:527 Y1:467 Y2:499 That's a nice way to talk.
X1:266 X2:448 Y1:467 Y2:499 Look, Papa...
X1:151 X2:563 Y1:467 Y2:499 ...a Chinese philosopher said,
X1:093 X2:618 Y1:425 Y2:499 "With money, the world goes round. Without it, it goes flat." He also said...
X1:239 X2:474 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Who said that? - He was a cook.
X1:120 X2:591 Y1:425 Y2:499 Look, it takes a lot of money to get a woman back. Believe me.
X1:182 X2:530 Y1:425 Y2:499 And I'm here to offer you a lot of money.
X1:151 X2:559 Y1:425 Y2:499 Anthony Bernardo. You met his parents. $8,000.
X1:208 X2:505 Y1:467 Y2:493 I don't want her back.
X1:164 X2:547 Y1:425 Y2:499 You don't want to hear this, but you're going to.
X1:172 X2:540 Y1:425 Y2:499 A grown man is no more than his family.
X1:102 X2:610 Y1:425 Y2:499 Your kids, your old lady... headaches maybe, but they're who you are!
X1:121 X2:594 Y1:425 Y2:493 Maybe you have a job. What does it matter? Who does it matter to?
X1:195 X2:519 Y1:425 Y2:493 Tell me! Nobody. Like litter in the streets.
X1:313 X2:396 Y1:467 Y2:493 Yeah!
X1:113 X2:600 Y1:425 Y2:499 Dotty made this place make sense. She made you make sense.
X1:210 X2:502 Y1:467 Y2:493 You don't need that?
X1:244 X2:469 Y1:467 Y2:499 I'll get Bernardo.
X1:204 X2:510 Y1:467 Y2:499 He's living in Chicago.
X1:243 X2:467 Y1:467 Y2:499 A toddling town.
X1:173 X2:541 Y1:425 Y2:499 OK, how would you define a great man?
X1:096 X2:616 Y1:425 Y2:499 Would you say that Napoleon was as great as Lincoln, for instance? Kelly?
X1:112 X2:599 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Lincoln was a much greater man. - Why?
X1:165 X2:548 Y1:425 Y2:499 Lincoln freed the slaves. He kept the Union together.
X1:123 X2:590 Y1:425 Y2:499 Did Napoleon do some good things for Europe?
X1:098 X2:614 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Yes, but he made himself dictator... - Don't go crazy. I'll be right back.
X1:319 X2:393 Y1:467 Y2:493 Yes?
X1:174 X2:538 Y1:425 Y2:493 - I've got to go to Chicago. - So?
X1:168 X2:544 Y1:425 Y2:499 - I did the shopping. - You interrupted my class.
X1:172 X2:540 Y1:425 Y2:499 - I'll be back in a few days. - Well, I may not be there.
X1:175 X2:538 Y1:425 Y2:499 All right, all right. Will you give me a break?
X1:141 X2:570 Y1:425 Y2:499 When I tell you to come home, I want you home!
X1:124 X2:588 Y1:425 Y2:499 Look at that shit. Can you believe that shit? I don't.
X1:206 X2:504 Y1:467 Y2:498 Oh, come on, Jackie!
X1:210 X2:500 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Hey, watch it, man! - Sorry.
X1:195 X2:518 Y1:425 Y2:493 All right, Bernardo, it's time to come home.
X1:183 X2:529 Y1:467 Y2:499 He's going to kill himself!
X1:233 X2:480 Y1:467 Y2:499 What's going on?
X1:216 X2:496 Y1:467 Y2:499 I'm going to get you!
X1:269 X2:443 Y1:467 Y2:499 Hey, sucker!
X1:322 X2:390 Y1:467 Y2:493 Fool!
X1:277 X2:432 Y1:467 Y2:493 Watch out!
X1:277 X2:432 Y1:467 Y2:493 Watch out!
X1:234 X2:479 Y1:467 Y2:493 For Christ's sake!
X1:091 X2:625 Y1:425 Y2:498 Don't stop, man! Don't stop at stations and don't slow down, or I'll kill the kid!
X1:246 X2:465 Y1:467 Y2:499 Open that door!
X1:296 X2:416 Y1:467 Y2:499 Mommy!
X1:138 X2:572 Y1:467 Y2:499 You stay there. You stay there!
X1:141 X2:571 Y1:467 Y2:499 Mom! Mom, come and get me!
X1:309 X2:403 Y1:467 Y2:499 Let go!
X1:317 X2:395 Y1:467 Y2:493 Mom!
X1:317 X2:395 Y1:467 Y2:493 Mom!
X1:128 X2:585 Y1:425 Y2:499 Back up, man! Back up, or I'll blow her head off!
X1:127 X2:586 Y1:467 Y2:499 Oh, God! Is it ever going to end?
X1:317 X2:395 Y1:467 Y2:493 Mom!
X1:317 X2:395 Y1:467 Y2:493 Mom!
X1:209 X2:503 Y1:467 Y2:499 What are you doing?
X1:086 X2:623 Y1:036 Y2:068 You son of a bitch! Bring back my car!
X1:103 X2:610 Y1:467 Y2:499 You damn fool, what are you doing?
X1:234 X2:476 Y1:467 Y2:499 That was my car!
X1:213 X2:497 Y1:467 Y2:493 Come on back here!
X1:196 X2:516 Y1:425 Y2:499 - How much? - Thirteen seventy-five.
X1:161 X2:551 Y1:425 Y2:493 - How much? There you go. - Thanks.
X1:195 X2:516 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Goodnight. - Have a good evening.
X1:313 X2:403 Y1:467 Y2:499 Dotty?
X1:320 X2:394 Y1:467 Y2:493 Here.
X1:285 X2:426 Y1:467 Y2:499 Oh, Papa.
X1:104 X2:607 Y1:425 Y2:493 - What happened? - I don't know. He hit me with a rifle.
X1:230 X2:482 Y1:425 Y2:499 - Who? - Some crazy guy.
X1:091 X2:622 Y1:425 Y2:499 He took Dotty. He said "school". I'm sorry, Papa, but I tried to stop him.
X1:097 X2:613 Y1:467 Y2:499 You did good. You did good, Tommy.
X1:212 X2:501 Y1:467 Y2:499 Keep away from her!
X1:173 X2:540 Y1:425 Y2:499 Up against the wall. Move! Move against the wall!
X1:205 X2:506 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Throw out your gun. - I'm clean.
X1:152 X2:558 Y1:425 Y2:493 Turn your pockets inside out. Come on!
X1:105 X2:607 Y1:467 Y2:499 Inside pockets. Stuff your hand in it!
X1:162 X2:548 Y1:467 Y2:498 The other side. Now, move!
X1:193 X2:518 Y1:425 Y2:498 Take your coat off. Come on, move. Move!
X1:147 X2:562 Y1:425 Y2:499 Turn around. Hands up! All the way around. Come on!
X1:199 X2:515 Y1:425 Y2:499 Pick up your pants leg. Come on, pick it up!
X1:133 X2:577 Y1:425 Y2:499 Shut up, Teach. Come on, pick up the pants leg!
X1:211 X2:499 Y1:467 Y2:499 Other one. Get it up!
X1:180 X2:529 Y1:425 Y2:499 Throw it against the wall. Throw it against the wall!
X1:176 X2:536 Y1:467 Y2:499 Why don't you let her go?
X1:087 X2:624 Y1:425 Y2:499 - I'm going to kill you, and she'll watch. - I didn't send you to prison, pal.
X1:219 X2:493 Y1:467 Y2:499 What's going on...?
X1:173 X2:539 Y1:467 Y2:499 Papa! I'm going to kill you!
X1:317 X2:396 Y1:467 Y2:499 Papa!
X1:163 X2:550 Y1:467 Y2:499 It's all right, honey. It's over.
X1:260 X2:455 Y1:467 Y2:499 Is it the baby?
X1:194 X2:517 Y1:467 Y2:499 Take it easy. Come on.
X1:288 X2:424 Y1:467 Y2:493 Come on.
X1:211 X2:499 Y1:467 Y2:499 We've got to get out.
X1:166 X2:545 Y1:425 Y2:493 - Oh, God, I've got to push! - Blow! Blow!
X1:168 X2:544 Y1:425 Y2:498 - Breathe through the pain. - Oh, Jesus!
X1:266 X2:445 Y1:425 Y2:493 - It's coming. - No!
X1:111 X2:601 Y1:425 Y2:493 - We're almost there. Almost there. - It's too late.
X1:094 X2:619 Y1:425 Y2:499 No, it's not. Now, this is your coach. Relax. Relax!
X1:276 X2:438 Y1:467 Y2:499 Easy. Easy.
X1:319 X2:394 Y1:467 Y2:499 Easy.
X1:262 X2:452 Y1:467 Y2:498 Now, hold on.
X1:155 X2:558 Y1:425 Y2:499 I need a doctor! My girlfriend's having a baby.
X1:106 X2:605 Y1:425 Y2:499 - You'll have to fill out this card first. - She's having it out in the car!
X1:156 X2:556 Y1:467 Y2:499 Oh, my God. I'll get a doctor.
X1:254 X2:462 Y1:467 Y2:493 Doctor Martin?
X1:102 X2:609 Y1:425 Y2:499 - A woman in a car is having a baby. - Nurse, bring the BOA kit.
X1:172 X2:542 Y1:425 Y2:493 You take care of him. I'll take care of the mother.
X1:237 X2:476 Y1:467 Y2:499 Are you all right?
X1:215 X2:495 Y1:467 Y2:499 The baby's just fine.
X1:220 X2:492 Y1:467 Y2:499 Are you the father?
X1:252 X2:460 Y1:467 Y2:499 God bless you.
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