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Hurricane The CD1

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And just a reminder,|ladies and gentlemen...
this fine young fighter|will be right here in Pittsburgh...
on the boxing card|this Monday night.
Time now for the main event|of the evening!
In this corner,|from Paterson, New Jersey...
wearing the white trunks|with the black stripe...
the winner of 18|of his last 21 fights...
Rubin "Hurricane" Carter!
And in the left corner...
in the dark trunks|with the white stripe...
from St Thomas, Virgin Islands...
the welterweight champion|of the world, Emile Griffith!
Fighters, let's go.
All right.
All right. Keep your punches up.|It's gonna be a good, clean fight...
all right?
All right. Let's touch gloves.|Good luck. Okay, go to your corners.
Hurricane, blow yourself|outta here!
Go get him, Rubin.
Let's get him.
Come on and get me!|I'm in here!
I'll tell you what. First one|through that door is gonna die!
And the second one, and the third one|after that! So come on!
Room in here for everybody.
Collins! Becker!|Klein on the platform!
- Kelly, lock everything down!|- Go!
It's Carter, tier one!
Got room in here for everybody!|So come on!
Three times life!|That's what I got! Three times life!
And for what?|For murders I didn't even commit?
I ain't got nothin' but time,|so come on! I'm ready forya!
Come on in and get me!
Y'all wanna know who's talking?|Hurricane is talking!
You wanna see The Hurricane?|Come on up in here and see him!
Come on up in here and see him!
Did you see that punch?
Oh, no!
Lucky punch!
You got him, Rubin boy!
Three, four...
five, six--
- You all right?|- Yeah, I'm all right.
All right. Let's go.
Knock him out! Come on!
He's in your corner!|Get out of the corner!
Another left to the body.|Another right to the head.
- A vicious combination!|- Yeah! Yeah!|- Yeah! Yeah!
And he looks like he's going down!|He hits the canvas.
Four, five--
It doesn't look like|he's gonna get up.
- Five--|- He's up!
- You all right?|- The referee is checking him.
And that's it!|It's over!
At two minutes and 13 seconds|of the first round...
Rubin "Huricane" Carter|has defeated...
the welterweight champion|of the world.
Come on, come on, come on!|Come on!
- Come on! Who wants some?|- Where's the key?
- Who's first?|- Shut up!
- Relax there, Carter!|- What the hell's goin' on?
- I'm goin' in there.|- Are you nuts?|You wanna get yourself killed?
Everybody stand down!|Stand down!
- Come on in here.|- Back off!
- Talk to 'em,Jimmy.|- Rubin--|- Talk to them!
- Talk to them!|- Rubin.
- Tell me what's goin' on.|- I ain't takin' no shit!
- Rubin, calm down! It's me,Jimmy.|Come here and talk to me.|- You can talk to 'em!|I ain't no animal!
- I ain't takin' no shit in here!|- Rubin, calm down! Calm down!
Take it easy, champ.|Now, tell me what's goin' on.
Tell me what's happenin'.|Come on!
- Hurricane done killed 'em!|- Clear-- Clear the-- Clear the tier!
Get outta here! Everybody!
They wanna toss my cell,Jimmy.|They're gonna find my manuscript.
That book is the only thing|I got left in here.
You understand me? That's the only|chance I got to get out of here.
I lose that, they gonna lose too.
Rubin, who do you think the first man|through this door has gotta be now?
It's me.
-Listen--|-All right. Tell 'em to come on in here.
- And line 'em up.|- What if--|- Line 'em up,Jimmy.
Rubin, listen to me now.|What if that manuscript...
wasn't in this cell|when we tossed it?
What if it was stuffed|down your pants or something...
stuffed in your crotch,|and we couldn't see it?
I can make sure|you weren't strip-searched, okay?
Don't bullshit me.
No bullshit.|You have my word.
Ain't nobody putting|their hands on me,Jimmy.
Ain't nobody gonna touch me.
All right.
Nobody touches you.
You think I killed them people?
I don't know, Rubin.
I don't know.
Shit. Motherfuckers.
1-10. Suspect at 1059--
-John, you been drinkin'?|- No. No.
All right. All right.|Just relax. Let me handle this.
- Licence and registration.|- It's on the steering post.
What's goin' on?
Aw, shit, Hurricane.|Didn't realize it was you.
Yeah, it's me.|What's goin' on, Theo?
We're lookin' for two negroes|in a white car.
- Any two will do?|- No--
Oh, sh--
Okay, get out.
All right. Let's go.
Come on.
- Check his vitals.|- It's clear.
- Air passage.|- Heart rate has changed.
Keep the chin up.|Keep the passage open.
Can he talk, Doc?
-Just for a moment.|- Would you raise his head?
Can you make out these two men?|Are these the two men who shot you?
Look carefully, sir.|Are these the two men who did it?
- He said no.|- Move closer.
- He said no.|- Move closer!
Take another look, sir.
Son of a bitch.
Sir, look closer.
You sure these aren't the men?
- Dirty son of a bitch.|- Watch your mouth!
- Same old shit, huh, Della Pesca?|- Shut up!
Ask him again.
You been after me|my whole life, Della Pesca.
Now you're trying to pin|a murderjacket on me, huh?
Well, I got news foryou.|It don't fit.
I'm gonna take your black ass down...
Mr Fuckin' Champion of the World.
I got your black fuckin' champion|right between my legs...
you short punk bitch.
You try me.
That'sjust what I'm gonna do.
Pistol shots ring out|in the bar room night
Enter Patty Valentine|from the upper hall
She sees the bartender|in a pool of blood
Cries out, My god|they've killed them all
Here comes the story|of The Hurricane
The man the authorities|came to blame
For something that he never done
Put in a prison cell|but one time
He could've been|the champion of the world
Now all the criminals|in their coats and their ties
Are free to drink martinis|and watch thesun rise
While Rubin sits like Buddha|in a ten-foot cell
An innocent man in a living hell
Yes, that's the story|of The Hurricane
But it won't be over|till they clear his name
And give him back|the time he's done
Put in a prison cell|but one time
He could've been|the champion of the world
Hey, man, it's cold out here.
What are you talkin' about?|It's like summer for us.
Yeah, well, I like the summers|in Brooklyn better.
Is all these people out here|freezing their butts off to buy books?
- That's right.|- Lined up like this...
not for a movie|or a ball game or somethin'?
- Ain't it great?|- No, "isn't it." "Isn't it great?"
Very good.|I stand corrected, Les.
Used books,|books nobody wants any more.
Aw, that's the great thing|about books, you know.
Once you use 'em, you can pass 'em|along to somebody else like a torch...
or a football,|you know, something you pass.
Okay, bring it on in.
Put it down.|Good, good. Down.
Okay, young man,|that'll be 25 cents.
-Jesus.|- Twenty-five cent?
Mustn't be much of a book.
- Ah, listen, everybody|- Everybody
Especiallyyou, girl
So, Lesra, what'd you get?
Uh, this.
- What is it?|- I don't know. It's about a boxer.
It's got like 337 pages,|though, you know.
Well, it probably takes a lot ofwords|to tell someone's life story, eh?
- Don't you think?|- Yeah, well, this guy must be...
like 150 years old, you know,|if he gon' use all these words.
You know what, Les? Sometimes|we don't pick the books we read.
- They pick us.|- Somebody, somewhere
- ltellyou, it's unfair|- Can lgetsome whisky
Can lgetsome whisky|Yeah
Mr Broden, we've been home schooling|this young man for eight months.
That's how it applies to us.
No, I'm not married.|Mr Swinton, who you spoke with...
is one of the two men I live with.
No, Sam Chaiton is|the other man I live with.
No, I don't think you do see,|Mr Broden.
They are my business partners|and my roommates.
And you're the Department|of Education...
and you're telling me you're prepared|to stop this young man's education...
because you can't find|some goddam high school records?
Yep, that's exactly|what I'm doing, Mr Broden.
No, no, I'm not asking you|to make an exception.
I'm asking you to do yourjob,|which is qualitatively different...
but I thank you for it anyway.
- Shit.|- Political Science 101 ,|the art of gentle persuasion.
Never mind 101.|I need a smoke.
- So how was the book sale?|- Great.
- There.|- Did you get The OtherAmerica?
Uh, I couldn't find The OtherAmerica,|but I got you, uh--
Sam Robertson Davies, R.D. Laing.
- You don't want to piss me off today.|- It's a book sale, Lisa, not a library.
- Whatever.|- Hey, look, Lisa.
Got this one right here for 25 cent.|TheSixteenth Round.
- Oh, your first book, huh?|- Yeah.
"Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter."
Hurricane is the professional name|that I acquired later on in life.
Carter is the slave name|that was given to my forefathers...
who worked in the cotton fields|of Alabama and, and Georgia...
and was passed on to me.
The kindest thing I can say|about my childhood...
is that I survived it.
Paterson was a run-down town,|a poor and violent place.
The only way to survive|was to know how to handle yourself...
and I learned fast.
Come on! Hurry up!
- Let's get out of here!|- Come on! Let's go! Hurry up!|Let's get out of here!
Take this out.
Hey, Donnique, go for a swim!
Hello, boys.
Wanna see something?
Huh? Isn't that pretty?
You like that?
- What's your name?|- Donnique.
That's a pretty name, Donnique.
You wanna be good to me, sugar?
H-H-Hey, mister!|Leave him alone!
I wouldn't hurt your friend.|Would I?
You don't need|to be afraid, Donnique.
You're pretty.|How old are you?
- Ten.|- Ten?
I said, leave him alone!
Run! Run! Come on!
- Get outta here!|- Run!
You little bastard.
Let's get outta here!
You black bastard, you!|Goddam it!
Please, mister! Put me down!
- Shut up, you son of a bitch!|- Put me down!
- I didn't-- didn't do nothin'!|- Come on! Let's go!
- I didn't-- I didn't--|- Shut up.
I didn't do nothin'.
- Come on, you--|- No!
- Get in there.|- I-It wasn't me.
I-- I-- didn't do nothin'!
Sit down, kid.
What have we got here?
It's a juvenile case.
He's a kid, Sarge.|He's only 11 years old.
It's a nigger with a knife.
I don't care how old he is.
Take care of him.
We know you were at the falls last week,|and we know what happened.
So you're gonna talk,|you little son of a bitch.
You'll be makin' speeches|when I get through with your black ass.
Ralph. Ralph.
I'm Sergeant Detective Della Pesca.
You wanna tell me what happened?
What is it, you were trying to rob|this man's gold watch...
and he fought back,|and so you stabbed him?
Is that pretty much it?
I-I-- didn't do nothin'.
Let me tell you something, sunshine.
The man you stabbed...
is a very important member|of this community...
and you are goin' down.
Do you see?|And I am going to see to it personally.
As foryou, Rubin Carter,|you're a menace to society.
If something isn't done|about you soon...
you'll become a dangerous man|in later life.
I only wish you were old enough|I could send you to state prison.
I therefore sentence you...
to the state home for boys|in Jamesburg...
from this day till you're|21 years of age.
- So be it.|- It's okay, son.
Jamesburg was a place of horror|that I would be forever sorry...
to have known existed.
It was there that I spent the next|eight years learning how to maim...
butcher and fight for my survival.
I don't get what's goin' on here.|I'm the boy's father.
I take care of him.|I don't know what you people--
I mean, what's it to you?
M-Mr Martin, we've gotten to know|Lesra over the past few weeks.
And I gotta tell you, he's got|more natural ability and enthusiasm...
than just about any kid|I've ever worked with.
So, when he told us|he wanted to go to college...
wejust fi gured|that's the way it was gonna be.
Well, I know he's smart.
There's no doubt about that,|but, uh...
he can't read, Mrs Martin.
But we think that we could teach him.|I mean, within...
probably two years, with a lot ofwork,|we could get him ready for college.
- Yeah, well, that school|sure not doin' it.|- Now waitjust a second.
- I am that boy's father--|- But if they can give him more--
They're talkin' to me, Alma!
Uh, Mr Martin, you know,|we got plenty of room.
And if Lesra wants to learn,|then we can teach him.
Ifyou don't want that, that's fine.|That's up to you.
But no one here is trying|to replace you, sir.
- This what you want, boy?|- I wanna go to college.
And if that's what it's gonna take,|then, yeah.
It don't seem right.
Why you gotta go, Lesra?
- Don't you want me to go, El?|- You should be here backin' me up.
Leave the boy, Elston.|Lesra goin' to Toronto now.
Got a job to do.|Wants to go to college.
After eight years atJamesburg,|I escaped.
I was angry,|embittered with life.
I ran as ifon a cloud...
unaware of how high I was stepping|or of anything else around me.
There was room in my head|for only one word...
one thought:
I ran straight into the U.S. Army|and a pair of paratrooper wings...
and my whole life changed.
I learned that|knowledge of self and kind...
is the only true means|to the liberation of the black man.
I could do anything.|I overcame my stutter.
I became a prizefighter.|I came back to Paterson...
the all-Army European|welterweight champ.
Let me have a soda, please.
Judy, who's that fine soldier|standing over there at the bar?
Oh, he's a local boy.|Rubin Carter, I think.
Make it two.
- He's comin' over here.|- Uh-oh. Stay cool.
I'm back. I'm back.
- Mmm, so you missed me, did you?|- So tell me--
- Well, what do you want to know?|- You're in my seat.
Uh, you know, I'm from Georgia.
And I was thinkin'|that afterwards you and me--
You're in my seat, country.
I don't see your name anywhere.
That's 'cause you're blinded by|the ass-kickin' I'm about to put on you.
Now get up out of my seat.
- Hey, come on now. Take it easy.|- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Calm down. Calm down.|- Let that motherfucker go.|-Just stop it. Listen.
- Not here.|- You know what? I wanna dance. You|wanna come over here and dance with me?
- Not here.|- Hey, I'm talkin' to you.|- Hmm?
Oh, you wanna fight,|or you wanna dance?
- He ain't worth it.|- Yeah, you wanna dance. Come on.
- Brother got a lot|of hostility up in him.|- Should I let myself go
ln his direction
- Come on, sweet thing. Let's dance.|- Is his love strong enough
For my heart's protection
- I don't know|- I don't know, I don't know
- I don't know|- I don't know, I don't know
- You dance nice.|- But he loves mesogood
- Till I think I should|- Thank you.
If I gave him my heart
- These hands were meant|for more than just fighting.|- Would he refuse it
Wouldhe tearit apart
- Or tenderly use it|- Her name was Mae Thelma.
- I don't know|- And she was the prettiest woman|I had ever seen.
- I don't know|- I don't know, I don't know
But he hugs me so tight
Till I think I might
You got a girl around?
No. I ain't got no girl.
Well, I had a good time|with you tonight.
- Mae Thelma, is that you?|- Yeah. Mama, I'll be right up.
- You gon' call me tomorrow?|- I'm gon' call you tonight.
- No, you can't call me tonight now.|- I'll call you tomorrow then.
You'll call me tomorr--
- Is that your father?|- No. My father's asleep.
- Your name Rubin Carter?|- Yeah.
- You're comin' with us.|- For what?
You heard the man.
What'd you think,|we weren't gonna find you?
You still owe me time.
104, meet Vice officers|at GloryPark.
All right. Get out.
- This way now.|- Okay.
From that moment on...
I decided to take control|of my life.
I made up my mind|to turn my body into a weapon.
I would be a warrior-scholar.
I boxed. I went to school.
I began reading|W.E.B DuBois, Richard Wright.
Move, tier one! Move it!
So I gave up|all the worthless luxuries...
that most inmates crave--
the girlie books, fags,|cigarettes, the movies.
I hated them.
In fact, I hated everyone.|I didn't even speak English.
I spoke hate,|and its verbs were fists.
I made up my mind|to turn my body...
into a weapon that would|eventually set me free...
or kill anyone who sought|to keep me in prison.
On September 21 , 1961...
I was released,|and I vowed upon everything holy...
never to come back to prison again.
I had spent almost half my time|on this Earth...
in jail.
Hey, come on, Lesra.|Time to get up. Breakfast, buddy.
Yeah. Yeah, all right.|Yeah, I'm up. I'm up.
Did you get any sleep?|Your light's been on all night.
I just can't stop reading, man.|This book's about my life.
Jeez, Lisa, you gotta smoke|for breakfast?
- Do you know when we met in Brooklyn?|- Yeah.
Why'd you take me home?
Well, you know, you--|you met my folks, man...
and you brought me up here,|you did all this stuff for me.
No, I mean, why?
Why'd you do all that?
'Cause you were smart and funny.
And short. You know, we fi gured|it'd be good foryou to...
spend a little time|with some tall white people.
- Yeah, absolutely.|- Yeah.|- What, did you do it 'cause I'm black?
And you thought|I couldn't do it myself?
'Cause Rubin-- Rubin did it|all himself, you know.
Hey, Les, we didn't feel|sorry foryou.
We met you and got to know you|and realized you could accomplish|some things...
and, like a lot of us,|you could use some help.
I'm sure that Hurricane Carter|had some help along the way.
- None of us does it alone.|- Hey.
As far as doin' it foryourself goes,|nobody can learn anything foryou.
Trust me. Everything you're doing now,|you're doing for yourself.
I'll get it.
- You know, I been thinkin'.|- Yeah?
- How're you doing?|- About what?
No, no, no, he's here. Hejust--
Think I wanna put up a heavy bag.|You know, like a big punching bag.
Uh, those renovations?|Probably the end of the month.
- Oh, any special reason?|- No. No, man.
I just feel like punchin'|something, you know?
That's it. It's set.
- A little low. A little low.|- Keep your hand up. Keep the left down.
Straight out of prison,|I was a fighting machine.
One thing I could do,|and the only thing, was box.
I had tasted my own blood...
and I loved it.
This is your ringside commentator.
Tonight's fight brings together...
Rubin "Huricane" Carter|from Paterson, New Jersey...
and Joey Cooper,|who is currently undefeated.
Yeah! Way to go, Hurricane!
Hit him!
And the champion,Joey Cooper,|seems to be helpless...
against Rubin Carter,|the challenger.
And I'll tell ya, folks,|things are taking a surprising turn...
in this middleweight fight tonight.
Joey Cooper in big trouble.|Rubin Carter pourin' it on.
Left hook, right hook, uppercut-- Oh!
He's down.|Oh, look at this.
What a disaster for Cooper.
Carter is punishing him.|He's gonna-- Oh, he is down, folks.
He is down for the count,|and he is not getting up.
- Four, five, six...|- I'll tell you that right now.
- Get up!|- seven...|- Get up now!
Right now!
You're out!
Unbelievable! Rubin Carter|comes on like a hurricane...
and defeats|the undefeated Joey Cooper...
in round one of|this middleweight fight.
- I don't believe it! Oh!|- Unbelievable upset tonight.
Have you ever seen anything like it?
- And the crowd is goin' wild here|in Reading, Pennsylvania.|- You all right, Cooper?
- And Rubin Carter took this fight|right away from him here this evening.|- I'm okay.
Mrs Carter, what do you think|it's gonna be like being married|to such a ferocious fighter?
- Well, uh--|- Well, it's gonna be a little scary,|but I'll try my best. All right.
Can you believe|that black son of a bitch?
He thinks he's champion of the world.|Fighter of the year, my ass.
A low-life criminal.
My mother told me
'Fore she passed away
Said, son, when l'm gone
Don't forget topray|'cause there'llbe hard times
- What the hell do they expect?|Ofcourse a riot broke out.|- Hard times
Every time we try to stand up|and defend our own neighbourhoods...
they send the cops in|to bust us in our heads.
Ifyou feel so strongly about all this,|Hurricane, why aren't you out there...
instead of sittin' in here drinkin'?
I'm drinkin' club soda,|first of all, and I'm in here|because you asked me to be here.
But you're right.|Maybe I should go down there.
Yeah, maybe I should go grab my gun,|shoot me a half a dozen...
of them nigger-hatin' cops, huh?
What you think, Bucky? I know I can get|me about five of'em before they get me.
Ed? Huh?
How about you?|You wanna come?
Shit. That's off the record,|by the way.
Oh, he knows that.|Don't you?
Sure, champ. Sure.
You betcha.
- Take that, champ!|- Get down.
- Right here.|- Rubin, what is this?
- Get down, get down! Stay down!|- Oh, Lord, what is--|- Let's get outta here!
- You all right, T.?|- Shh, it's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
Shh. It's okay.
All right, all right,|all right, all right, all right.
- You all right?|- You know why they did this.
Shh. All right. Come on,|come on, come on, come on.
- I told you it was off the record.|- Nothin' with you is off the record!
- Look, I don't want|to go into it right now.|- You ain't had no business|talkin' to them people.
- You know everything that you say...|- All right, all right,|all right, all right.
- they gon' make up something different.|- Mae, what you want me to do, huh?
- What you want me to do?|- Why do you say these things?
- I know what they doin'.|I know exactly what they doin'.|- Are you trying to get us killed?
So what you want me to do, huh?
You want me to roll over|and just lay dead?
- Pride. It ain't nothin' but pride!|- You're damn right it's pride.
- I'm guilty.|- Give me my baby.
You will not be able|to stay home, brother
You will not be able toplug in|turn on and drop out
You will not be able|to lose yourself on skag and skip out|for beer during commercials
Because the revolution|willnot be televised
The revolution will not be televised
The revolution will not be brought|to you by Xerox and ballparks
Without commercial interruptions
The revolution will not be right back|after a message about a white tornado|white lightning or white people
You will not have to worry about a dove|in your bedroom, the tiger in your tank|or the giant in your toilet bowl
The revolution|will not go better with Coke
The revolution will not fightgerms|that may cause badbreath
- The revolution will put you|in the driver's seat|- Break it up! Break it up!
The revolution will not be televised|Will not be televised
Will not be televised|Will not be televised
The revolution|won't be no rerun, brothers|The revolution will be live
Champion of the world!|Champion of the world!
Yeah, they're still out.
I've seen a lot of things in my time,|but it's taken 35 minutes...
for these judges to tell us|what this home town crowd already knows.
Joey Giardello|is about to the lose the crown...
to Rubin "Huricane" Carter.
Ladies and gentlemen...
it's a unanimous decision.
The winner|and still champion of the world...
Joey Giardello!
No. No, no. No. No.
Hey. What?
- You've stolen it!|- Aw, shit!
- This is bullshit!|- What's goin' on here?
- Yes, yes!|- Boo!
Well, all I can say|is these Phillyjudges...
must have been watching|a different fight...
because in the one wejust saw,|Hurricane Carter took the title.
Oh, nowtellme|where canyouparty, child
-Allnight long|- ln the basement
Down in the basement, yeah
Oh, where can you go|when your money gets low
ln the basement|Whoa, down in the basement
And if a storm is takin 'place|you can jam and still be safe
- ln the basement, down in the basement|- I got somethin' special foryou.
- Hey, Hurricane, how you doin'?|- Hey, champ.
In the basement|Down in the basement
- Oh, yougot the comforts ofhome|- Anybody call a cab?
-A nightclub too|- ln the basement
- Oh, down in the basement|- Anybody call a cab?
I did, unless Rubin's|taking me home.
Yeah, if I take you,|it ain't gonna be home.
Mr Carter. M-Mr Carter.
- Headed 'cross town, Mr Carter?|- Yeah. Why? You need a ride?
- Wo-- Would you mind?|- No, I wouldn't mind.
- All right! Okay.|- Come on.
- You drive.|- Drive your car?
- Come on.|- Oh, shit!
My friends are never gonna believe|I was cruising with The Hurricane.
- You know, what we wanna know is,|can we get his autograph?|- No. No, no.
Oh, shit.
-John, you been drinkin'?|- No.|- All right.
All right, just relax.|Let me handle this.
All right.
Licence and registration.
It's okay. I got it.|You guys come with me.
B-E-L-L-O. Bello.
Bradley. B-R-A-D-L-E-Y.
Are those the guys?
Okay, let's go.
So what are you doing|around here at that hour?
Well, we wasjust out, you know,|takin' a walk, right?
- Yeah.Just gettin' a pack|ofcigarettes. That's it.|- Yeah.
Both ofyou are in big trouble.
You're in violation|ofyour parole.
But I don't wanna talk|about the burglary.
We'll talk about|your parole problem later, Bello.
As far as I'm concerned...
no proof a burglary|really took place.
See what I mean?
Yeah, I see what you mean.
I'm only interested|in the facts in this case...
and you and Bradley here are the only|two people that can really help me out.
Do you follow?
- Yeah, I follow.|- Good.
Now, is there any scenario|that you can imagine...
in which you could be sure...
really, positively sure...
that the man you saw that night...
was Rubin Carter?
Yeah, Rubin Carter. Yeah.
Wanna tell me again what happened?|You were there having a drink?|What was that?
No, no, it was, uh--
- I was goin' out|for a pack ofcigarettes.|- Yeah.
I heard a couple of shots,|then I saw these two coloured guys,|they come out of the bar.
And one of them was?
- One of them was Rubin Carter.|- Rubin Carter?
- Right, Rubin Carter, the fighter.|- Yeah, sure.
All rise.
The court will come to order.|The HonourableJudge Larner presiding.
Be seated.
The defendants will rise.
Rubin Carter...
although you still contend|you are not guilty of the crimes|charged against you...
you were afforded a full and fair trial|by a jury ofyour peers.
Have you reached a verdict?
Yes, we have, Your Honour.
We, thejury, find the defendants,|Rubin Carter...
and John Artis,|guilty on all counts.
Oh, no!
- No!|- That ain't right! He's innocent!
- Order.|- No!
- Order in the court.|- No!
- Order! Bailiff will see to it|that order prevails.|- No! No!
This ain't right. Railroaded!
- No.|- Rubin Carter...
John Artis...
for the murder ofJames Oliver,|it is the court's sentence...
that you be imprisoned|for the remainder ofyour natural life.
On the second count,|the murder of Fred Nauyaks...
you are sentenced to be imprisoned|for the remainder ofyour natural life.
No, God, no!
As to the third count involving|the murder of Hazel Tanis...
it is the sentence of this court|that you be imprisoned...
for the remainder|ofyour natural life.
Okay, Carter, let's go.
Take it easy.
You're a tough guy.
He thinks he's gonna stay in a room,|and that's it.
Put your clothes, your shoes,|your ring, your watch and whatever|else you've got in that bag.
You are being issued a standard inmate|uniform with your number sewn on it...
so that we can identify you|immediately.
And you'll go to have your facial hair|shaved. You know the rules.
No, I can't do it, Warden.
I beg your pardon?
I cannot do it.
Look, you have legal custody|over my body...
but I'm innocent.
I've committed no crime.|The crime's been committed against me.
And I will not wear the clothes|of a guilty man.
Now, I'll go anywhere you want me to go|in this penitentiary, Warden...
but you let it be known|in no uncertain terms...
that any man who tries|to put his hands on me--
This place is where we|tell you the rules.
You hear that?
Do you understand me?
Do you?
Because ifyou do,|you had better strip right now...
and put on that fucking uniform.
I can't do that.
Put this man in the hole.
Give him sufficient time|to reflect...
on how he intends to behave|in this institution.
Ninety days.
Hey, Bobby,|we've got another one forya.
I like your suit.
Three, two...
You see?
"Though I walk through the valley of the|shadow ofdeath, I will fear no evil."
There's doubt.
The shadow is doubt.|The shadow is doubt.
But you're not gonna get me.|You're not gonna get me.
What the fuck|are you talkin' about?
You can't break me|'cause you didn't make me.
You understand? Huh?
You fucked everything up for everybody,|Rubin. It's all fucked-up.
Who's that?
Y'all ain't got no speakers in here.|Who is that?
I put us into this situation|any goddam way...
I done fucked everything up|for everybody. You know, that shit|that's all fucked up.
What the fuck they expect us|to do now, huh? Motherfucker.
I'm s-- I'm s-- I'm scared.
Just shut up. Shut the fuck up,|you little skinny motherfucker.
You think your father used to beat|your little stuttering ass?
Don't make me|jump over there on ya.
No, you shut up.|Just shut the fuck up, talkin' to me.
Fuck you talkin' to? You ain't--|You ain't telling me what to say.
I'm running shit around here.|Fuck is wrong?
Ain't nobody runnin' shit.|I'm runnin' shit.
Shut the fuck up!
What you say?
No. No.
What are we gonna do now?
I don't know what.
Shit, ain't nobody touchin' me.|No goddam soul touchin' me.
Put your hands on me not twice. You|better not put your fuckin' hands on me.
- I got--|- Shut up!
Oh, yeah. There's our man.|I can feel the hate. Can you feel it?
You can feel the hate, Rubin.|Don't you wanna just hurt somebody?
I feel like|I wanna kill somebody...
'cept there ain't nobody|in here to kill.
'Cept you, boy.
How 'bout it, Rube?
Get away from me!
All right, Carter. Time's up.
Jesus Christ.
You could really use a shower.
You smell awful, Mr Carter.|Why don't you take a shower?
Get you a decent cell|with a bed and some food.
- You'll feel a lot better.|- At what price do I, uh...
take this shower?
- What do you mean?|- I mean, what do I put on...
after I take this shower|that's gonna make me feel so good?
What everyone else puts on.|That's the rules.
Yeah, well, you can just take me|on back down to the hole.
You could die down there.
I could die up here too.
Look, what if I got you a pair|of pyjamas from the prison hospital?
As far as I'm concerned,|you'd be wearing prison-issued clothing.
They got stripes?
- No stripes.|- What 'bout numbers?
- No numbers.|- What colour are they?
They're white.
Okay, I can live with those.
- Thank you, Mr Carter.|- You're welcome, Mr Williams.
Shower's all yours.
Thank you.
It came to me as kind of a revelation|that my own freedom...
lay in not wanting or needing anything|of which they could deprive me.
If punishment consisted|of being locked in your cell...
then by simply choosing|to never leave my cell...
I deprived them of that weapon.
I would not work in their shops.|I would not eat their food.
I began to study. I dissected|my entire case piece by piece...
beginning with my initial arrest|through the trial itself...
and finally to the awful verdict.
I didn't get a trial|free from constitutional error|and racial prejudice.
He knows that. You know it.
That's not helpin' me|in here, Myron.
Look. Look, I'm innocent,|that's why.
Seven years! You're goddam right|it's seven years!
Just get me outta here.|I want a new trial. Okay?
The people united|will never be defeated.
The people united|will never be defeated.
The people united|will never be defeated.
The people united--
It shows that there's still hope.
There is hope for change|in America.
I believe in law and order,|and I believe that everybody...
has a right to,|uh, get another trial.
Here comes the story|of The Hurricane
The man the authorities|came to blame
- For something that he never done|- Give a hand for Miss Ellen Burstyn.
Put in aprison cell|but one time
He could have been|the champion of the world
They ain't givin' up. They said|they're gonna demonstrate again.
Muhammad Ali and-- and Ellen Burstyn.|Bob Dylan.
- Everybody.|- That's good, Mae.
Look, Mae, uh...
we've already lost two trials,|and now they've turned down|my request for an appeal.
I'm sorry. It, uh-- It's over.
It's finished.
I'm gonna die in here,|Mae, so--
- Baby, listen, there is still a chance.|- Listen to me now.
- Now, all we have to do is hang on.|- There's nothin' to hang on to.
I want you to divorce me,|understand?
And I don't want you|to come back down here.
- No. No, now you listen to me.|- Mae, don't make-- don't make this--
There-- There are still things|that we can do.
- Wejust gotta get you out of here.|- I am not gonna be a weight|hanging around your neck.
-You are no weight around my neck!|-Well, then you're a weight around mine.
Now, I can't do all the years|I gotta do in here...
knowin' that they can take|your beautiful face away from me|anytime they want to.
- You understand?|- Rubin.
I ain't walkin' away from you.
I'm dead.
- Rubin.|-Just bury me, please.
Rubin, we're-- we're in this together|now. We just gotta hang on.
Wejust gotta hang on.
Wejust gotta hang on.
I will bend time to my own clock.
When the prisoners awake,|I will sleep.
When they sleep, I will wake.
I will live neither in their cell...
nor in my own heart...
only in my mind...
and my spirit.
"Once I reached my hand out for help.
It came down and then withered...
as dry grass blown away into dust|leaving nothin'.
Now I wait for nothin'.|I need nothin'.
Not tomorrow, not freedom,|not justice.
In the end,|the prison will vanish...
and there'll be no more Rubin...
no more Carter...
only The Hurricane.
And after him...
there is no more."
Man, what are we gonna do?
- About what?|- About The Hurricane, that's what.
Well, there's not much|we can do, Lesra.
B-But the man's innocent, yet he's been|in jail 15, 16 years. That's not right.
- I know that's what his book says.|- Uh, twojuries found him guilty, Les.
- Yeah, two whitejuries.|- Hey, hey, not all white people|are racists.
Not all black people are murderers.
Look, I just-- I just want|to write him a letter...
and tell him how much his book|meant to me, that's all.
lknowyou toldme
- Such a long time ago|- Dear...
- Mr Hurricane.|- Thatyou want me
- You don't love me no more|- No, that's really stupid.
- l wanna know|- What's that?
- It's ten dollars, U.S.|- Oh, what you mean to me
- I thought he might need|some money for stamps...|- Believe me, darlin '
ifyou want him|to write you back.
Oh-oh, no
Yeah. Yeah, write me back.
- That's cool. Thanks, Lisa.|- I know you told me
No problem.
- Dear Mr Rubin Carter.|-And I know
I read your book...
and I really felt sad|about what happened to you.
I want you to know|how much your book meant to me.
Little baby, child|move you
It's here! Hey, he wrote us back!|It's here!
It's here! He wrote us back!|Home of the brave!
Land of the free!|He wrote us back!
- Can you stand it?|- Well, open it already.
I don't know.|You think I should?
"Dear Lesra...
please forgive|the seemingly tardy reply...
but he who bemoans|the lack ofopportunity...
forgets that small doors|many times open up into large rooms.
It was not only thoughtful,|but insightful on your part.
Stamps, paper and envelopes...
were exactly what was needed|to complete this transmission.
Your letter, feelings,|concerns, desires and warmth...
literally|jumped off the page at me...
when reading|your heartfelt message.
It is as ifyou heard|my thoughts...
and reached out|to share yours with me...
at a moment when I can hear you.
So thank you once again.
your friend and brother...
Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter."
You got your answer.
Dear Rubin...
I've been thinking about my life|compared to yours.
I come from Bushwick in Brooklyn.
My parents are alcoholics|and my brother's in prison.
I was third in my class,|and I couldn't even read.
I couldn't write you this letter|just a year ago...
but then I met these friends from Canada|when I had a summerjob at the EPA.
They offered to educate me|and they got me out.
Sometimes I feel guilty about my family|'cause I left 'em behind.
Now that I know you,|I know it isn't right.
I shouldn't cry|about my own feelings...
not ifyou can do what you've done.
I've been thinkin' though.
I would like to come and visit you,|if that will be all right.
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